Newspaper of Evening Star, December 24, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 24, 1861 Page 4
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THE EVKMW. STAR. miom iLrautT. BT !?0*VAL W H?G, WASBIlfOTOR, ? 1. A Stands for Andervra. , Tbe noble and brave i B For bold B??ur^ard, Ambition ? fell slave. N 4* t CUodi for CbnileatoD, Doomed city of treason, D For tba D-rr.^go^ur*, Or men loot to reaaun C Btanda for K'.lawortk, P 8rcood Warren in atory, q F Foe tbe starry Fla? t Of American irlorv ? Stands for the Glbbrf, 11 traitors to swing; f II For th?? Hangman, * Their bi?e neeks to wring I I Stands fcr Infantry. t Great arm In our cause; J For stern Jackson, Maintained of laws. ? K Stand* for vile Keitt, * W bose dooui now U waled; t L For street Lynn, t Hero of Sprlngfl-'id Ill Stand* for McClellan. , Bright atar of the brave, For the Nation, From disgrace he's to save O Stand* for Oligarchy. Or tyrants' reign dark; P For black Piracy, Vuder 1 utters of marque. Q Stands for Quarter, To true soldiers due; R For the arch Rebel*. Jeff. Davis's crew. S Stands for Sumter. By traitors bombarded; T Por treacherous Twlirgs, Who duty discarded. V Stmds for the I'nion, We are all pledged to save; V For the Victory, O'er secession's grave. W Stands for Washington, Mighty shade oftbe free, J X For the Xfnia. i Or Heaven's gift to thee. I V Stands for Yankees, To their colors prove true; Z For the Zcuaves. With the red, white, and blue. t DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLES. Da 9ieKR?0> the War ?Oq Friday evening the second of tb? course of Association lecture* was delivered at theSmithsonian by I>r Richard H Storra, Jr , to a large audience Previouato tha lecture, the band of Cot Stocaton's independent Michigan regiment performed several airs, and the " Star Spjnglcd Banner*' waa sung bv Mr Hutchtna,<or the " Hutchlnacn Family,") with a melodeon accompaniment Af^ong those upon the platform waa Mr N F. WilJSe. The aubjf-ct?"A Just War: its relations to a nttlon * higher development." wai treated upon With eloquence, frequently eliciting enthuaiastlc ayplauae A lost war tujergctlcally but not vindictively waged, becooctl Tent educational power. rr rent and shattered by febelHolf, a Its might and. not by diplomacy but Jho force of tm. Ve?en down Its opprte-or or crito.^ rebellious, then It is not murder but ). ??*. Such a war is now being maintained tn the u ;* ft of course, wutei immensely and Incessant*, ? and We are astounded in out peaceful calculations at the amount already involved. yet this was nothing compared to the 1 jrdess of debt Incurred European nations in the prosecution of hostilities We liff 1 It a burden anda tax, pressing down upon all conditions of society, and em bar rarttag all classes of th* peopJe; but tbe sums drawn from the Treasury are aasi* distributed . among t&e people, and that whlcn we <-oo*idered lost returns JO ft*again, equaling if not exceeding oar original ouQay The devastation of ceoatry: faflbs laid waste, fct?cts prostrated, cities Masted and blackened by bombardment. and fields left to neglect and barrenness >s fc!t by tte whole nation, and all together sutler, Jboogb tba blow fall open a remote section. The wasting of Virginia is felt Jn ,\dw York, and tbe blow that humbles Richmond ctaecks tbe prosperity of Philadelphia The live* c?t short, and tbe productive vitality of a bUt<5 des troyed la the strong and vigorous men wbo fxil U? war. prove* an unrequited loss to a nation h always lmpoverisnes if it does not ruin Dot .th<*re are brighter sides to the picture, and whsn a' Vwtr> ust In Its purpose, magnanimous lu lis ( rosta u* I tVoo and successful la the end. befalla a nation.^ 1 results are of the moat ennobling and beneflcia 1 I character It tescbes a Venlficent economy, in- I cite* among the debased a splrft of enterprise. aad brlnga out all (he noble force* of man's character, before hidden and obscure. It tend* forth successful adventurers in the pursuit ' oi new schemes and more promising field' of enterprise, while those impoverished by Mi Infiuaee often eventually spring into the wealthiest and most prosperous class. It teaches ladustry, arouses Invention, and that which we waste In war is reaped by our children in the abundance of future peace It invigorates and uplifts the manlv spirit t>f a people as it summons ' their power* to a more extended sphere; soften* and civilizes the savage natures of the unrestrained. and tribes are seen to drop tbeir skim with their javelins as they merge into the dignity of an empire It teacbe* the beauty of obedience and the barmony ot discipline, and inculcates la?ens of submission to rightful authority, self. 1 restraint and endurance, not t? be received in any ether school. It stirs and purifies the lukewarm etarlotlsm of the people until It becomes fervent iraiag fire; intensities the religious spirit, aud Impresses upon all the grand and noble charaOr teristi -* of those its necessities call to the front, rtevaUng and ennobling the spirit of the nation f Before concluding, the lecturer paid an eloquent I tribute to the memorv of the late Henatnr R.,k? I Dsatbs or PoLDiia* ?The following Midlers died lac our last rer-ort: 1 Valentine PITaferman, sergeant of company B, 31at regiment Pennsylvania volunteers. John Burroughs, Reagln's Artllierv, 56th regiment New York volunteers, at EruptiveUcapital. Alooio B. Pattle, company 1, 11th Maine regl eat, at Clrcie Hospital James M alone, company U, 1st regiment New Jersey volunteers, at Camp Custis John Quirk, company D, 83d regiment Pennsylvania volunteers at Columbian College. George Richards, company 1>, 4th regiment Pennsylvania reserve corps, at Cauip I'terpont. Geo Lawreaceson, 5th regiment Pennsylvania itssi ?a corps, at Camp Plerpout. | Avery Randal, company E 4th reglmeut Mich oiunrrcn. in t oner division, ai Minor Mill Jacob Kenncy, company K, Utb regiment New York voluntaca Corporal Ethan Allen,company C. lat Michigan cavalry, at Eruptive Hospital! Corporal Cfaaa. A. Dart company M, tth FennrylvanU cavalry, at ?? Ellubeth Hospital Geo loote, company K, Ntb New York cavalry, at* EUtabcthHoapltal John Ingle, company I, Utb Pennsylvania Rf ?rre Corps, at Camp Plerpant. Wm Oetnpaev, company A, 11th Fennaylvanla Bbssmu Corpa, at Camp Pier pout Chaa Kress, company U, 8th New York volunteers, at a friend'a houae, Washington Then. Van Horn, 33d New York volunteers. Private Hinckley, company I, 20th New York, at camp, near Upton's Hill. Inawa I'hlilM HaIIm Miaav K fith Nm York, at camp, o?ar Uptou'a Hill. John HI?1m. company D, 11th Indiana volunleafa. at Patau: Offlc*. Arthur Foster, company I. jfith New York vol- ] nateera. ai fc#up*l v? Hoapital Iaaac Dv Baka, 3?tb New York volunteer*, at Eruptive Hoapital. W1 ltam T. iJrcrtnore, company'A, V. 3. Engineer Oocpa, ai Union Hoapital. HUatn Thorp, company D, 30th Naw York voiuateara, at camp. Sargeaat John H.Qrave*,company H, 5th New Hampshire volunteer*, at General Hoapital 1 Philtp Wllfclaa, company C, Sth New flunp sklra vetuateara, at camp Humphrey Cbaae company H 11th Maine, at camp on Meridian H111 T R Smith, company C 104th Pennsylvania, I ? it Eruptive Hoepttaf. Andrew J Mead, company D 11* Michigan, at Eruptive Hoepttal * -a t< Rufua M. Cbitaon, company C 2d CJ ft. Sharpabootera, at Camp Inatmcuon ' mte? ?a?a?dte?? ^2 **nmT*jrr*xvr. gfa EMY OTPlCEJgAN^gJpTRACTORS J * arrived ? Wladova ?f Sttlr. of ait aim. A* ant fur Northern M*?af*otur*ca? I 1*9. iW TMitjVM- CnKtf JtmrktmU ihik* r??r ?. ***'j, VU8T EKCEIVED TEN BBL* MURINE'S fcirK^n^o^Nnr?pb; ?**riNq. |"?r K^CMVRl) AND H.?H "A' E U^W. f It* b'jla- Will T'fci ONIONS ep3 |va ?u* H . VAN A Ok 4 .GHS, b? : 7 l f T ~ r rrr rp> -> -r . A U U v - . X? 1 t j i 9. IV. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. ir. / . In preventing thi? delicious beverage to the lubllc, it ia not our Intention to herald it as a uack mcdlckie, that will cure all diaea^ and ffectious that human nature ta heir to, but that t ia purely a combination of moat delicioui ruita, diatiiled undo- our own personal auner rla1on, having no deleterious or Injurious admixurw so common with many compounds forced ipon the Public in the shape of Tonics, Ac. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL will become one if the most useful and at the same time healthful averages that has ever been offered. We take nueh pleasure In thus presenting It, particularly o Soldiers, who are exposed to change of weath*, climate and bardablp, as the best Invigorator hat ran be found. SAM'L. N. PIKE A CO. SOLE AGENT IN WASHINGTON, D. C., EMILE Dl'PRE, 32? PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Ci.mcin.iati, Ocfflber 29, lfetil. 1 hereby rertlfv that, in accordance with the aw regulating the sale of Alcoholic Llquora la he State of Ohio, L have Inspected S. N. PIKE'S VRMY CORDlALi, and And It free from polkwous impurities, i also believe it to possess ligh medicinal properties, of a tonic and astrlnrent character. Irr testimony whareof. witness mv signature I hi* day of Octoto?r, 1661. DAVID O'CONNELL, W D , CheiOlcal Inspector of Alcoholic Liquor* for Hamlltoa county. S N. PIKE i> ARMY CORDIAL! ISy Houfehould ?Uould be without It r> ?. FlKb fc? AH MY CORDIAL! The Leeltbful and useful Tunic extant. Is. Jf. PIKJi b A.RMY CORDIAL! Uav? (be delicious Beverage at home. s. N. PIKE 8 AJ*MY CORDIAL! UdUULlvd from dettcloiit Fruits and Brrrlci. S. N. PIKE S ARMY CORDIAL! Sutler* In tbe Annv auppliMl on reasonable term*. 3. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! ivery 0?e? and Soldier la the Army should uk the Invigorating Cordial. S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Mot only Otloers and Soldiers, but the moat delicate Uady, will find thU Cordial a useful TONIC. S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! li not a quack medicine, bat tbe moit healthful and pleasant Beverage in use. S. N. PIKE S ARMY CORDIAL! Better tbnn Frcnch Brandy, Wblsky, or any Btrpiitf 1-lquor. S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! If yon wUh to keep in good health and spirits, uk thla Cordial. FOR BALE AT THE PRINCIPAL DEl'UGISTS IN THIS CITY, OR BY 8. N. PIKE & CO.. IS ud 3d SYCAMORE STREET. tUICIFINATI, OHIO. A UH i? J . ) } ; 1*1 i j M)LE AGENT IN WASHINGTON. D C., BNILE DVTPRE, > re*MVl.VA.*l\ WRll l <w jj ; T* - - I. P. liRTHOLOW, WHOU ALI AMV &STA.1L DtALU in HtNvare 1Ag rlc?lt?r*I dipltMiti, 113 Bitirti fcxixiT, 2M?t0 Fa. avm**, < orrc, Eut tnd Centre Market,) WA&BINOTON, D. C. Mv itoch ewt**oe? man? artio for Armr purpocee .amort which are the following Canal Barrow*, I Rope, Wheel Harrow*, Axe*. Trnek??heavy ami light,! Piolc?, f?nnd'toije?j [Hawhets, urindatone r ixturea, mui. p;ck Handle*, Blacksmith Toola, I as Haad ea. t'ortable Forgea, | Kattan or atanle brooms, Camp Stoves. i Forka Letter Pr eases, Shovel a, Powder ud Burglar Spadea. ?roof Wrought iron Log Chain*. oxea, Halter Chains, Fire and Burglar Prool 5th Chaina, Safea, Traoe Chaina, EHorae Powers, Swlngletreee, ortable Ov-ns, Hamea, orae Bucket*, Curry Comb*. Water Bucketa, Carda. Meaaure?, Hand Carta., FjJrbank*'8calea-Hay, Cut Naiia, PlaJform^rd Counter, W rou?ht Nail*. Bulch^ra Scales, Horee-thoe Naila, Butcher Knivet, Wrenchea, Hooa Iroon. Wavnn Jacka, Strap Iron, Ac , fto., Pj . . Portable Miha for Grind Large Flow*, Ac., Sto., ing Horae Feed, Hav and Staw Cuiteta, Machinery of? ! kicda. Corn Shellac, de 13 eofrr SMITH St BROTHER'S PALE CKKAM ALK, VirDl'P t/\ D a -kmi> L'u ji r i* KS A n uivim n ?vx>, PORTER and NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. Tie above CELEBRA TED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARLEY MALT ami HOPS, and hiihly esteemed by those vho have used them. Purohaeers are requested to oaU and oxamiue our superior stook, assured that they will find the BEST and SUREST artiolee. We have at all times a large stook ready fur delivery. in wh?le, half and quarter casks, suitable for the TRADE, HOTELS, and FAMILY USE. which w? offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. fMITH k RROTHER. Brewers, No. 158 k 100 West 11th at., New York City. Orders by Mai or Expose promptly executed. ce 9-6m ?3 HRIIltl CI f'I'u SILVER 9KRVICES. SILVER URN'S. blLVER TUREENS SILVER BOW LS. M.f'vV'iK SPOON,. ..LvKn^pircH^ WA.-tkrs, Wttk a great collf tion of rmnll r articlts. swtabit for Bridal Gifts rh??? irood* are all of oar own insnofaoture, of the moit elegant workmanship ana fi - i?h, and ?e 4o not believe. for variety *nd qnantity. are ?uroftMea v.j any other collection in the oountry. EPERHNES ni4MOND JEWELRY, FINE watches, 4-e., te. *or?aloby SAM'L KIRK * SONS, ?.? . 11 i . Baltimore st., Baltimore. Md. hitabhahed 1817. ,|e u-12t* 502 ELEVENTH STREET. E. FISHER BROTHERS, "" j FR F VCH RTF 4 Vf fs/'rtrru cc ?. Baltimore, Mo. The only place this side of New York, where I you can get a <m!k Dress oleaned. rrvtorlnc the lustre eauol to new, M?>, Detatnea. and all kinds" of L.vlies Drosses cleaned without taken j apart. Cra?? and other Shawls, Table Cover*, ami I Gentleman's C.othing, cleaned in tho best manner, j Leaving no snbstanoe in the cloth to injure it or j make it more e&silj to soil. N- B Good* will be tent to Baltimore twioo a I week, and return with like promptness. deU ':w WH. P. SHE UP, Aner.t. i r>H!LADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, i. 119 PgNJitTltVAfllA AVKNCB, Betutten l!J<A and JOth ft;> The undor?uned, having iooa'ed himself ? t %tx>vft. takes this method ol informing the cm jeno | "f the First Ward that he has opened a first-ola^n frovinun Store, conducted similar to those for irhioh Philadelphia is famous. Here oau bo fc.uiv* at ail time* a large and frefh I supply of POULTRY, GAME. vKKF. MUT- , l'Aw.Ao. FRUITS and VEGETABLES in sea ion. Particular attention is called to his stock an-l noes of BU1 I KK, CHKESE. 4.0. # INulaJelphia Print Butter. Goshen and Western Reserve. Being determined to Rive the strictest attention I to the wants of his customer*, and to keep every i arttoie in his line of the best quality, and sell at the lowest niarkei piioes, he hopes to merit a share of public patronage. Families wili t>? waited upon daily for orders, if required. _ THOMAS R WILi*??N. CiovcrnmwH liOaoH^fur), Or?ir? or LEWIS JOHNSON A. CO., BANKERS. Cobmer or Pa. Avim-i and Tknth St. l-KWia JOHNSON, of our firm, having b*en appointed a Subscription Agent tor the National Voan authorized by the act of Congress of 57th uly, 1861, we are prepared to furnish, to eartir.a uenroua <>( making investment, any amount ol 7 3-10 Treasury Wot?, of convenient sizes. no ffl tt LKWIf JOHNSON A CO. pANCY ? O O D 3 AUCTIG/FpR ICES' STEVENS'S stock of Ffcnoy Goods?Pa. avenue, between 8 h and ?th eta., opposite Center Market? i must be closed out by tae list of January. The took is large and of (rapt variety, and is now offered to the puMio M loss than o?s?. The ladies ; e?p-oailv are invitod to avail themselves of this opportunity to purtiiMO trft class roods at very law rs'es. AiJZt. ELLIOTT, Jr., de 9 2w _ Assignee. -Alt MILITARY HOOTS, SSI At Whulham. Mi W Ml At ManufaeturrrM' Priest. w Hv * V^No. 16 Market space. Pei.n av.," I between nth and 9th ?tr. J ROSENTHAL, J Ladiee'. Misses' and Children's Boots and snoee , of every description, lower than ever. de 13 eo DK DUPONT'S SUGAR-COATED FEMALE REGULATING PiLLS A Read the following unsolicited enoomi [K urns: MT "1 cannot com mend ?hein too highly." ^ tJ "They are the best h ornate Pilis extant." "1 have used them with oomple'e success." "Would not be without them upon any oonsideratioc." "They operate speedily and efleotively." Price Si Sent by mail Sold bt 8 C. UPHAM, SiOChrsnut street, Philadelphra,and in Wash- ! in* ton by 8. C. FORD, corner 11th street and Pa. ! avenue. no 3ft- eol? in.uuuMlKY'if ANTIDOTE WILL CUHE 1" GONORKHOSA in ijx dart. 1*0 oliangeof diet required. It ia an En|-fl|^ hah (Specific of aixty-five year* etauc 1 w MBm*. and will not harm the moatdelioate oonnutation It oontai' ? no minerals, Prioe fl. Sold by 8. C. UPHAM.310 chaanut atreat, Philadelphia, and in \Va*hin*ton br 8. C. Ft>RD, pernor Uth rtreet and Pa. a?? no 2ft eoly JTEA8?TEA*?TEA8! U8T Re?eive<i a prime lot new T?m- For sale low at BROWNING A KEATING'8, d? 4 3tavtf _ 383 Pa.aveuue. near 6th at. JU6T KBCEIV'ED A LOT OF THAT VERY auperior OLD CABINET BRANDY, at BROWNING A KEAT1NG'8, da 4 "Itawtf 3A3 Pa avenue, near 6th al. DUPONT'8 GUNPOWDER, For aale at ui&i.aiacturera prioea, by JOH-N J. BOG HE, GaoBarrown, D. C? Sol* Atnuy for ikt District of CWimMa, A, larje anpp.y, embraoinc ever* nn?i. *!?* eq nana, *n<l delivered free'to a!T parta of "t triet. Order? oan alap be left at theofioeef A tenia Mirw n?w?4r? W?aMnrtn? H C. PATAW BA GRAI'KS' ~ V> CATAWBA GRAPES!! Freeh Catawba Grape* in exoellent order and delioiona iu flavor. Try them. KING * BURCHELL. de II corner I Hh at. and Vermont a*. F[? JOB PRINTING. llVERY Deaoription of JOB FKJNTING required by any body?oitiiena, oivtl fcnptionariea, arnit ana navy offioera, autlera, Ae.?ex ecu tea at the STAR OFFICE, in aatiaflbatory style,at low for f?aah. tf THE SUBSCRIBERS be? leave to inform their patrnna and the aabiio Renerally of he- ?? lqi tmili auapUed with a anaerior ate ok of^H FA 1.Land WINTER GOODS WK The* alao reaaeotful y invite attention of mm their Army and Navy cuatoinera, and thoae*"** requirinj outfit* in that line, to their tuperior aualittoa of gworda, Epaaleta. Shou der H?it? ctutpeaua. Hata, Cape, Saahee. and tiofd Laoea! constantly on hand, whioh are warranted aa repre tendering thank* for the liberal patronage enjoyed, they will endeavor to merit a oontinuauM. V. J. REIBF.RGKR k. CO. (Bnooesaora to M. F. Loud'ji? Co CITIZEN. HlLlTARYtmd NAVAL TAILORS, 368 Fennaylvania A venae. oo 18 gjjg HCRSES FOR SALE, Of every deeonption. fv Conatantly on hand? Loutaiana avenue. "L.JI n*ar the Center Maik?t de U t>tn* ^/ * CHEK9E, r H E E8K '-New Vurk Cream CUeean; NVilUUire do.; Hamburgh do., *ap Kagodo ; Grnyeredo.; Paiuie*an do.: Fine Apple do fclNG k BL'RCHJfcLL, de 19 corner Fifteenth at. Verroout av. POBKWOOD CHlCRBfJNG One 7oota?e four round oorner Hal!et|E3B| 4_l>\via Pi*no for |<10. ill 1T1 fir rale upon euy terra, at jof O VER f LODY 6t>Ett TO *ftUTH'8, No 4b0 fe?wri3d5fcu"" cto- *nffir % / Om Monday, December 9, 1*1. pm enrex Tr*(na between WASHINGTON and Baltimore wtii ran m fotlov* . TRAINS MOTINO NORTH. MorniniExpreM leave WMhinttoa ?*? a. m. Arrive M Baltimore 7>> a. ?.; PhilaaelpniA lU^ F. M.? New York r. m Hfcrnebare 1.1* p a. Morning Aooojnmodatlon litre Wta&infton 1M a.m. ArjTY#ftt Baltimore mo a. tt.No oonneo New York Mail Trtift?leare WaefcjnitooAt II a. arrive a* Q&lUmore llau r. 1 ailadefphla I.Sf jr. N?w York 101. tf. Afternoon Aooommo<!aUn*?leire Waahmt ton M ' ? ArrlT? at Baltimore 4 9) p. v.; Pbiladai?b?lWW*. J. / Krenia* Extreaa?leare Waahinrton p. M. Xrn reat Baltimore U5F. PhuadPiphia 10JB f. New York 4t. *4 Hsrnabvrg 1 a.U. On Snn^aya at 3 05 and 5 pm. only. 1 he 5 p. m train from Waahmjton oonneota through to New York every day daring the week. l?? JSVSE Stl'tRmkp u*?. K., Baltimore 4.00 p. * Juri*# at Washington KB r<L?aTe New York at 6 p. Philadelphia lojo p. M.; Baltimore 430 a. h. Arrive at Waekmgton ISO a. E. beare Nrw York at 1' r. Philadelphia IJ a. m ; Baltimore 7 3i a.m. Arrive at Washington 9ft A.M. Aooommodation Traina leave Baltimore at I a and I p. , for WaahincUm, arrive there a< U a.m.and7 p.m. On aundars at 4 9' and 7.35 a. m only. PuMcier Train* leaving Wasninrton at 7.40 a, m. and 3j? p. m., and Baltimore at 7M a. m and p. m , make direct oonneotlous for Annapolia atthi J u notion. Train* leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Waldington at >> a. m. and 3 40 p. m. Paaaenger Trains leaving Washington at 6.00 a, m., 11 a. m.. and 5 p. k.. and Baltimore at 4JP and 7.35 a. m., and 3.50 p. m.. will stop onlu at Annapoiu

Junction and Washington (Ke/ay) Junction Way Passengers most take the Accommodation Trains only Trains vill leave Wasmnjcton and Baltimore promptly upon can ttmt. W. P. SMITH, de 17 Master of Transportation, BaJt. /KkVirnNUIi'MT niun?Tnn ft VIDI rtlVHl FAST FKK1GHT LINK N K W VORK A SBi N G T O N eui HAHUBBVKtiH. A Special Mo* *ac?rwili be sent through with each Train, in order to mot re safety and dispatch, A I.I. R A 11.. WITROii? nutiunu n? "??? on and after MONDAY. Nov. 18th, this Company will receive and transport Munition* of War, ?overnmect Store*, Sutlers' Sup piles for the Armj and all Miscelianeoas Freight, at Ijov Rate*. without break or bclk. Sncil Contract' for Wood/, in Lam QuantitUM, At HMuc'A Kattt. lE^Freiglit reoeived only at the Depot of the C-ntral Railroad of New Jersey, Pisr No. 8, North River. FW further information, or special oor.traots, enquire at the (Jffitt of the Company, 4*1 Broadway, N. Y, Or 54S Pennsylvamu ???., Washmittirn Ciiy, fC^Mark Goods. "tf?yernin*iit Dissatch."-/"T? Freight received Crow 8 a. m. to 8 r in. A. D. HOPE, at Ul Nope Express Co.. no 3K-lin Superintendent. NOTICE. " ADAMS' E1PRKSS I'UMFAUT * This Company cffer# tn the public" Lnequalled Advantage*" for ttie SMeann Quick Oispatch ol Heavy Freights Paoxr-ges, Valuables, Money, to. to., to all parts of the United Stat**. Expresses to and from the North and West depart from and arrive m Washington twioe dally. All Expresses are in charge of tzriritncid and rthabit Messengers. Ail Packages for The Soldiers carried at "o!?? hai.v" our usual rates. All (?ooas lor thtfso called "CcnJWerstjb States" una an Arttoies " UortrAbahd of War" will b? Onr K*i>r*ife? leave New York at I.1, and I P. vwig in Washington at 6 A. M. and *.9C 'Expresses leave Philadelphia at RJO A. M. and 11 P M., arriving in Washington at i ft1 P. M. and A.fd. Expresses leave Ha timore at 4J0 A. M. and 3 P, M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A.M. and 6 3T P. M. hxpreaea for all points North and Wert leave Was hint ton at 7.3> A. M. and 23fi p. M. dail?. Special Contracts for large quantities of p reighl can be made ol application to this All Good* oaileo for and uabvreti _rrn of Extra ohargee. E. W, PaR&ONS, Sup't Adams' ExpreM Company. Washington, August 23. IS61. ana-tl II. 1. IH-ASILLlfr, OPTICIAN TO THE PRESIDENT AND MILITARY STAFFS. 944 I'enn'aav.,! aid?() Let. 12th and lJth it* 3PKCTACX.KS. provided with cenwine Rool Cryauy or P*neooplo mounted in gold liter or item. m,J anited with utmost oare foi every age and eyeeight. first ^" rr class MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Mioroaoopee, Compwiei, and Mathematical la fumenta. at the lowent mwi. OO ?+-tr ' BILLIARDS! TTTm The loT?r? ' ^ ~ of the 6AME OP BILLIARDS will find in EMRIOH'B FINE HALL. Corner o Pennsylvania avenue and 11 Ui street, (couth aide,) two of the most admirable TABLES in the United wi?h ???? W>w OTVI J WUUVI t MM oonraimoa 4n t-tf for the plarera. VI/E OKFKH TO MILITARY MEN a .ar?? assortment of GREY and BLUE FLANNEL OVER-SHIRTS, WHITE SHIRT'S DRAWERS. CAMP BLANKETS, HALF-HOSE, tco., whior. wo invito all tuuh purchaaera to euuuse before making their eeleoUona. WALL, STEPHENS tc CO., 33*4 Pa av., between 9th and 10th rta. tnC (Inte'iigenoer and R?nh'ioan.l W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have received within th? li?t day or tvo a large aaaortraent of BOYTi' SPRING CLOTH IN6, embraoinc ail at/lea of low-prioed, medium, and fine ?nalities, wnich we are Mlinc a t very low yrioea for oacti. WALL. STEPHENS ft CO., .VJtf Pa. av.. between 9th and 10th au. in B Mntelligwneer and R wpwblioan.> 'P TO OFFICERS.X HE CAMPAIGN ?A Campaigning Wagon on the Pruaaian principle, arranged for alee?- jev in* or to act aa anAmbuianoe in oaae "f") aicknes* or wonnda. with ample room for tor's ami provisiona; lUht, water-proof, and perfectly new, having been juat *iiilt to order by one <>f the flrat makers iu New York, ia offered for aale at coat pTioe. Alao, a handaoine, ptrong, sound, dark-brown HORSE, either lor saddle or harneaa. Both may be aeen on application to JAMES BROWN, at Mr. lrvine*a Stablea. Corooran'a Lane, behind the Chain Houae, between 1 and H atrwatia ? <n 1CASH NOTICE. N Conae^uenoe of onr having to pay oaah for every article of gooda we aorohaae. we are foroed to reduoe onr bueineee to Caah eaolnaively, for the preeent. W e hav^iji store a v?j large aaeorttneal r* nunui-raAua tburnin? lor men and 3*9 P*. no*. bjtVND tth and loth at . iQ * Mntol + Pnnh QUNBOATS ros TU WESTERN RIVERS, Qiiimiiimi Sirau'i Ornci, i ?rate;y'2ltS,.'<S'?^SlM!.ere2S?4S Cincinnati. Pittsburgh, and at this offioe. *nd "? ? ?S55W5Sr,~4l& 'i|i I*** Uwteromtor 8en?r*i lnitod?t?t? A RMV GLOVES! Al U|? Glove Depot of A?*,v 6LOVEB!! |i0LD ^^p|gH^iail. 8WI8B !sStaiio?r;^.ra JfcWKLR* on bacxt; til n?w *yl? r?ited m? eoon m naannlMtttr?d, Md offer*J it the lo*Mt r?tM. Silver w?re manufactured la my ova thop. 11 tondaof MIiITAJIY OOO08on hiad,.uch M Eevolvwt, 8wuro?, 0??kM, Bi'ti, Bowie Krnvee. Poeket CompMwe,*o?*e. Aleortroi^ Ar mr Trunk* Mkd B<*d Comfctn?i;MJ( fcny other ttunga vmIuT md oraMMftUl mt 9)9 Peuejlvin;* >Twiwi xO tr H. A^HfKH) W# inet received* tut/air oUhfSortAf, vtuok w r**ununend tob*?ff Twr np*rtor ?tuUitr. Pemecs viftunf to mftiiDc rnt(Mdlsie ?M MfCrmihad, ARM V A &H1NN. K>t (++0<VWts>WB. V ^CiMK 6NF~AP4b All, trThe f^'e " Ulotniaf Store. No. 4bt> 7th ?Q. iM your Ooods at MtounUua* low prioM. d?uu* (! ?.) I I MM?. I ? OAS FITTING, kc. AlLE Nov rajLJ'toMUMto SS'mr4m? vttt rnr tHor? oo ?tu tiet. %nw doom norti tf Pi He ia prepared to intro juoe Wfcter Bed. 0u mm U? ttoitJkror%bi* term*, tad imArt^MMor* J[j6? ??' hlDd a lot of COOK INS uxl okher BTU VKS. which h? will Mil Iwa tk*A Mft, M to Wialitw to rid of them. ne 11 WO A S PIXTIKK8, K IUt? ib store. Mid are dai y reoemui, HIT ORES of entirely New Patterns tad Dmidi and Finish, superior is style to sxythinj heretofore flei <1 in this market. We invite oifcsecsmmiiI It to Mil aud ex Maine onr stock of 6u isi WtM F :i tresTreWin* oonfidect that we here U* bMt e 9oted (took id Wuhmi'on. All Work in the ebore T.nn mtrvated tonr Mr* nil W> ?.? ?, Mo# 1LA *i i ..TIB """ OTl* , 0' ? %#ijriffsB?i.vD Jajt II, UN, I If OTIC a IB JiMRUBT tflTBtf. Th%t, acre* t ably to the provisions c( the orilinanM of the Corporation approved M?y IS, IMp, tbe nixlertii ned is l dow prepMed. " whenerer recnired is writing. m I en pre perraent of the fee of fifty oenta, to inspMt. lumicr, test, prove, Mki ucrrUi n the eeenreor of registration or uiy (M meter la mm It this eify." Every meter, tf.cur". lAOorreet, Will to ootMeianed t and another, Ma.eJ tod marked m trae.wili be set idi's p *oc. if proved to be aoearaJe id its oewii ?=mer.t of cm, it will be m*1m aoeo-ding ly, ' an?< arai? lit in position for as*. IliM Vn Ml h A. < t HB^A^^^"rcSrS^faAM i vllAllbtiO VT? v>L>iil^ir VKIAn t It tf-tf ln??*wu?r >ad fleaier of > * Meter*. DENTISTRY. ^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHE0PLAST1 BOWS TEETH, Withoot Mital Plati os Clajm. DR. 8. B STOKSMOND, 910 Broe<twat. 2T?w York?'260 Ptnn.fylv+*%* A MM, b*t%MM 12ti and 13t* sis , Washttu torn, aklla the attention of the pubho to the lollowun antacM of hi* improved irrtem : i 1. The Teeth of hie muuiaotiire vi.wflBpV never oorode nor oh&nfe ooior by itj'**1"' Mid), bei&c three fourths lighter than ut other, 2. No teeth or root# neeo be extracted, m Um WtiOQinl one# oar. be inserted oT?r them. S The roots wiii be made inoffensive, an never o Kill. \ i No temporary teeth are needed. & permanent ones can be made i m.'r.adiateljr, thereby preserving the natural expseenon of the noe. whioh under the old system is frequently disfigured t This work h%* been fully uwted over fire ysars by many of the first ohemiets and physicians of uus oonntrv. Dr. 8. has also invented a white undestruotive metal filling. with which the most sensitive teeth oan be filled without pain, and oan beild up a feet, sound tooth on any side roots, whioh will last i through lifetime. The t>e?t of referenoes riven?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr. Doremu*, Professor ofChemistry. N. Hon. Judge VV&yae, of the Supreme Court of Washing, ton, and thousands of others Cat! and examine for yourself. no B fm Mtkkth. LOOM1S, M. D.. the inventor and patentee efths MINK.KAL PLATE TKKTH, at ^ tends personally et hia offoe .n this city NaflBasjl Many perton oan veer these teeth who^<B=' annot wear otjeis, a ad no person oen wear others who oannot we&r these. ?J.VT""" V ;""1 RW>?MoomnoaMN with any style and >nce of T*eth they may desire; but to those wno are particular and wish the puraat, cleanest, strongest, acd most serfact dentura tut artoan produse, tha MiNKKAL PLATE will ba mora fully warr&^t*d. Rooms in this oitr-No. 33*Pa. arena a.betweaa ' ?th and loth sts. Also, 90T Aroa street. Phi ad el hi*. oo U-?f JMPOR1ANT TO MILITARY WEN^ Army Refutation Hats, Model Ian Fat if tie Caps, i ? Chasseurs de Parrs Cats. Staff Caps niKle to order, with Appropriate da. *'oo?. o,cd B. H. STlNEMETZ, ? . near comer 13th st, .^if?iwe*n Willards' ana Kirkwoods' Hotels i . Anenoy f"r Gitteu's Cork Cap Havelock, buhly recommended for (he use of our rank and fi e by Lieut ?cn. Winfield Scott. de 11-lm SOMETHING NKW : ^ ; vital""-:..":1.?.-' At iiSl C rtreet, Cfpo-'il* . l*? Tk*?ter. . . OYSTERS STEAMED , in the Shell and Tnoroughly Cooked far superior to a roast) tn i?n minus* t, tkt fasust . U?i* on rteetd. Call and see. The undersigned r e* pec tfally informs hi* friend* m the Dietriot, and visitor* to the city, that he ha* re&tt*<i hi* old aod wkll-knowh *?t a slishmbnt in a most thorough manner. and ha* made complete arrangement* to furnish OYSTERS in any style and in any quantity. to fine ?a lou* shuokea per day. 2 OW) to a ooi can* of Sprond and Freeh at up daily?oat.s hermetically *?-4iCd. Famished in the shell by the feuihe or barrel. ' Person* wishing to have Oysters furnished regolariv througn the winter, at Baltimore prise*, without fear of failure, should ca. and mace arrangements at onoe. Freight, time, and money saved by puronasicg of me. a* I furnish an article equal to tne oelebrated Baltimore establish meets, at prioea Just a* low. 1 TO SUTLERS, ' Canned Meat*, Lobatera, Sardinea, Clams, Strawberries, T<?matoe?, Pigs' F?-et, Tripe, to. *c..A.c. Also, Pickles, Catsup, Sajoes, Brandy Peachea, Ao Also, 6ame and Fre*h Fl*h. Turles, Terrapins, Freeh Lnbatera. Cod, Halibut, Ao. In faot. every thing for sale in the Northt rn markets a.?m? on hand, at reaaonahia ru?? Hotels and Kmi iw supplied with Orators, delivered without rje t? *cy part of the District, in season, if the money is ser.t with the order. Mr establishment is open from 6 a. m. to 12 at night, every day, exoept Sunday, when 1 olose it 10 o'olock s. m. ? 87 T M HARVKY. History of ands, by ioha Lothrop Motley ; J vols.; f^M b? mail, f 4. The Rise of the Diteti RepuSlie, a history. by John LoUirop Motley; S m i :OiOth; free by mail, SilM Mamer, th* Wsaver of Rsreiol, by tbe auitior of "AaAm Dwt , oloUi rijoenu ; paper *> ocnu. Life and Career sf Major Andre, by Wlntrop Sargeaat: #1J0. After Icebergs wife a Painter, a Summer Voyage to Labrador and Newfoundland; by Rev. Louis L. Nobeifljo. ^ The Manufacture of Photojeme or Hydro-Car iwn viib. py 1 uomti ADuMIl, M. II.: 1.1S. Any of the above free by mail . ? FRENCH ft R1CH8TEIN, ??* Penna. aven J?. S9.V9iKR?uNKIVf,,NU DKV GOODS for th? i"1" at home" are aolicitad to inspect our v*st stock, now oomplete in all departments. One pnoe only, the actual cash standard value, marked in plain figure*. Am examination of atook incurs no obligation to purchase. Al! parcel* carefully racked, for eiyreu or other conveyai.oe, free of ohaige PERRY ft BRO., . ,. l*enn. avenue aed Ninth at.. de 14-aOt "*'Perry Building." Wk TRUNKS. this City, complain* beat Sole L?in?rlH Ladies' Dreu and Packing Trunks, iioeu, Ovy?t B&CI. to., whioh we axe now MlUnf %t^7 'OW fUOt% lik STEPHENS FRENCH i^C^JS^TE^nS^tiMt reoehred a Large an(l eomplef aseortmeot of Military Boota of all kinJs. whiob thay off?r from ton to fifty per cent, below the regular retail pnoes. laeluding: A new edition of Bardee'a la&atry aad Rifle T&ctioa, oonftete, $136 For^ea' Volunteer*' Manual. 1 rely, t) Alleu'e Compendium of Hardee*a Taouoa, M 6 roa?'? Military Surgery, TSo Mahan'i Fie d Forti&oauonaad Outpost, wok 71 Hardee's Tfcotio*. cheap Wlition, tbo The 8oldi?r'? Onin? ???1 ~ ?* drill book for the dm of the VoTanUer MS88l Hid I he?Hl^Bwk^or the U. B, Soldier, oeinx first book of metrsotion to th? U. B. Innatry taotioe, 860 Also, Military Ma?e, Mm of the Beat of War, OharU, Guide*, ie. Flats. B*d<ee and Medal* of every deeenpQoa. 1 mi? ara PeBnerTwawia avaee U? fen. ? . ? >?. U4 ui Boot form; also, separate K^WrXvssssassst ciiht ate trolook. K fresh niflr of Books for nantr reading. diicx'unt lt Q V M BOAT! "T PtAm AJfo Sf cmcaTiam ibr hui of #ilb wieatyMnoB at eeo ^^uartenpae 'eTftecerai of tti? U nited^telae A.rmy, at WaskTa?'on, by let Aeiut. at m>o?t. l- Bnf. 0t> I and Una^tormintwr &r. 1. ^JOUSHS, ^U>>^OAMENK?J, Ac. Sf;.' iSVKsrijpi'is: K^ss-ar .. %??? goirim, ?m <uXGLL'^rj?TS.?rt~ ~* FU? ALL DISEASES OF IMPftVDKNCE. Ln * ?KK*,S?i'JAa.'i*r*w A VWRE WARRANTED, OR NQ CMARBB, in from out rb two ijfiT f tJcum at ? fcd itftotarta. iflitei at tfca tu HIM IkSir fllUUI*, IxpMKT.AMajaJ DaMlju, *aa?a?aaeet, fWeaepM, Ujin, Crtwi M Imu, U* tpinu, fiiftauak af lit iHn. 1W4it;, Tnaklup, Dhmm ? fefai a* OtMMa, Pfcaaaa W ih* ad, niw, Haaa m Sfcia, ilKIMM af tka Lan, luaick ar Bevel*?tkeee TtmWi Dieorden uwui Uitary ItMu af T Ntk?(km Dn*4hl m4 Diwmiti hitmm vtuek raodar Hirnui l?i jeatkli. u4 tninr M MyaOM. 70r>? Jf** Bepepiall/ wke ktn kKai Ue kuw tt Mtwry Tu,> that dreadfal aad 4eetracu*e kabii vkict uaaa.ll; la u Mtiatl; frave tkoaeacda W Tmt| Mh rf tke mm ataxed ulwu ui bnlltaai iatalleet. wke Mfkt atfierviee kin eatraaced laua>| liw viU tke Ito4tn af el?. anxi ar iUa4 ta etatacy Ua li*utf 1/ra, May tall ?>lfe i iwkaix a. MARRIAGE HaillD run", er Trar.j Man Mlaapuurf Marrkp, ??!>( a vara af Dkrateai vaakieea. arfaata fektlit;. iaMMHiM, Ac., ipaadib cared a vhe rtaeee hiiaaaK aadar Ua eare af Da. J. aa; ratifl Mel? aaatda la kla iaawr aa a jaiuaaai aad aaaMaaOr rely a par bia a kill aa a pkyeiciee OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FKEDERICE ST. lad band aid* ramg fran Baltimore auaat a N* daa*a fraa U* earner, rail nat ta obaar?a uaa aa4 aaatei. beueie M ka paid aad aaataia a etaa*. n d rnnvcaviM ???. ??niioivn| Ml af tba Ollafa of hmm, Iw4m, pti ill tr*m act of tba raeai amfaiant Cotlafaa ta tba lartad Bum*, and lb* rmir pan af whoa* lifa baa t>aaa apaat ia IkaMWiuliof Loodoa,. Faria, Pbiiadaipbia aad alaavkara, baa afactad aac.a af tba moat aatoniablaf aaraa tbat vara i?ar koavn; maoy troaflad witb nnfir.f la tba baa4 a?d am arbaa aalaap, (Taal narraaaa aaa. t araf alartrad at atddao aaaada, baabMnaaa vltb fraqaaat btaabu g. *ua?dad aaoatimaa with daraitf aaatit af mind, wara c?i?4 aaa iUiilj. T^JT* PARTICULAR NOTICE TaWkf Mai and attar* who ba?a ir(arad tbai-aai?aa by a nam pracuca mdalfad u> whan alaaa?a babit fraqaauti? laaraad from aril ca?p.iaiaa?, of at acbaal, tba affacu af wbicn ara niybOy fait a?ar. vbaa aaiaap, and if aat carat, raadara mumfa lapoaaibia, ud daatraya b?U Mad aaa Mr, aboald apply imBadiataly. Tnaaa ara aooia of tba aad aad anaiaaabaiy aVacta pradaead by aarlr habata af yoatb, a?: Waakaaaa a# tba Bach aad Uibba, Paina in tba flaad, Dimnaaa af Btfbt, Laaa of Maaca?ar Paw at, Palpi tattoo of tna Ha an, Dyapapay, Nar?oaa uratakjlttt, Oaranfamant af lb? Dijaau?a Kaoeuaaa, Qaaarai DaMlity, Symptom of Cooaaraptiou. 4?. MlNTiLLI.-ni faarfal afacta aai tba mod ara Meb u ba draadad?Loaa of Matuory, Coi.faaiaa af ftdaaa, Dapaaaaur af Spanta, Snl rorabodmga, Aaaraua af *aciaty, alf-Daatraat. Lo*a af Mltada, Timidity, ate, ara aaoa af tba aaila mi?it Hlltvl'l DlllLITT.-nnau4i?M tb? COM! af tbair dachniaf laainf tbair vifar, k?M? Isf whI, paia, tinni u4 totcMuI, ba?u.f a iiufWti ?pp?*r*ut? ikMi lb* i;h. Mifk ac ?ynif! a< MMtnfDISEASES OF IMPh UDEIfCE Wban tba D?nMi4 a?4 mpradtM votary af plaaaara to4* b? ku imtiba4 ui? h?it? of tbia Mtafal iimim, ii in i(in bappaoa that Mt ill-Umtd HtN of ibaaa ar 4raa4 af dM?i*ir? 4aiara hio fraan tppi* uif i? tSoaa who, trora a4a?auaa tM raapacubtlit?. cu unci* bafrtao4 him fall* tat* :t? hand* ot ifnoraat and datifninf pratao4ara, wba, bia a# (inu, tick bit pacmniary aabataaca, Imp Ma tntwf Malt anar awlh, at a* lac* aa toa anajlaft faa caa bt ab laioad, u>4 i& 4aapatr laata hut vttb raia?4 baahb la tifk mi at* nllicg 4iaappatuUB*t>i; ar by U* aa? af (bat 4*?4 7 pataao- V n; irr?b&atai. tba c? jutauaoti aymrnan* af tbia tarrtbia diaaaaa, rach aa Afacoaniaf tba aart.nraai, Baad, kta, le., prwraaainf *nb Mfktftl rapidity, till 4amtk piu a garwd la bia OraadfaT aafartu|i by aaodinf bant a tbat ar guwMm iMntn tran vkaaa kaart>* uirilti riwikt. dr. johnson's remedy kclfi o roan 10 weakness and impotency ' m I; tku (TMt u4 inMruii remedy lukcmil ia< MIUI k?? tp?*dily ud fkij ?i^ar rtnartd T>ww?4? w tkt HI nHrna and dtkililaiad, vhi kid mi mil k?f?, k*?k Nik tnnkdiaialy r?k??ad. All tapadlmtou ta Mirni/t.niiMt ar Mnul DtaqaaiIIuimm, Um ( p**?rMtl<#Prvkr. ? ? lmtaMliit, | tr*ak;mr and wiUlm at IuihUn ml Ifct ? ! *rf?. IM ?f??dtly c?r*d endorsement ov 1 he press. TBS Mart n?n*?l)Hin< at Um imuiiuw ttkia Ik* laai M?eawao ? ?, kftd <k? ?iniirwi impartart litr a) tftnOMt ^mn>i4 t? Ui. Jrtuta, viuiiim4 ky U?a Mpanart < iht pt^iti u< but atbai Mrttx, mucm H whlkh h*?t kkkktrtd kfun u< kftm kafark ik? caklK, k? r.dkt ku (UaSlkf u k potltBu af tknttit ui r**paa*lMllty, I* k Mtlltai gmraata* ta tfct kSittkd Bar lilt TRIESBMAR. Proteeted by Royal Letters Patent of England, and seemrtd fry the Seals of ike Erolt dt Pkarmacie dt Paris, and the imperial Coileg' of Medicine, Vienna. TRIE8KMAR No. 1 l? the rtfoctu*! ren *jt (or Rklaxatiqh, Sramituirudi and kxHArtno* oitbi ftstk*. . . TRJfcfEM AR No. 2, Completely and entirely eradiostes all tiaoes of those disorders, for which Copaiva and Cube!* have eeueraly been thought an antidote, to the nun of the health of a vast portion of the popuia too. . t TRIE8EMAR No 3. Is the treat and sor? remedy of tnc oivilixed w?r d for all impurities of the system, as well as second ajy symptoms, obviating the destructive use of Meroury, a* well as oth?r dHet??rious iniredientu, aiid whioh all the Sarsapanlla in the wHd cannot realty TiiniKiiNm. 1. 2 and 3are ahke devoid of taste or smell, and of aii nauseating sua i ties. They are in the form of a Ioihi*, ana may lie on the toilet table without their use beins sus ftottt. Mold in tin own at fs eaoh, or fonr S3 oa*ee in one for $3, tnd in #.7 ou'i, tout eavinc t< admir i?tered by Viipeau, LaJiemand. Kou. Ac.. fco. Whoieaale and retail h? DR. H. A. BAKROW. 194 Bleeoker i^r??t, (4 doora from Mao ougaJ atreet). New \ ork. Immedu'ely on r* ceipt of remittanoe, Dr. Billow will forward Tnee?mar to any ?art of tne world, aeoureiy packed .and add rawed aooording to the inatruotiona of the writer. Publi?h?d alao by DR RARROW, that popular and beautifully ill net rated medioal wo-k, Uintc Frai.ty. Pnoe25oenta. aod bn?? be obtained by ep?oiai authority from 8. C. FORD, Washington. D. C de IS sin LEA * PERRIffl' ciunum Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounced by E EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Jf of a Letter from a ak? VI Mtduai &m.tlsmmn at MfcdrM -ONLY GOO Hu Brotlur SAUCE." it WoraMtr> EiKi^ii<?bi.u> - rxi fZlfpv-vitD v r*?J thAJ their Saurr EVERY is ht?My Sarg- id 1 Ldift, *ad u. in VARIETY 2T33ZV mj opinion, the?o?t p% iubx, m wei: t* op niqD IKLJ^r n? moat wboieeoir.e ?h D1SH> ^??Ps?t?<ih&tram?ae." The ?bore SAUCE la not only the hit ?nd boii popular COSDIMKHT known, but the meet Ece?<*" teal, M * tow drop* in Samp, Orarp. or Witt Fi*4. hot and oold Jotmu, B**J St*mk, Gam**, *-. import m exqunite seat, whioh wmwrvuxpUd Swoe idm afaeturera have in rain ecdeerored to rmumt*. On the Brtakfw, LwmtKtom. pimmtr, or Siw TnbU, a cruet ountaiainc " LEA k. PERKINS* WABPVaTL'DAmnn ? - -- J' ? " vrnvooi bAsninii uviifi" u ur&i?pen?bit. To appreciate the ncMlmu fMiwtM of this dtit cm?u preparation it ie only to puroba?? a ?m*il bottle of the twwi, of a reep?table t rnoor or or, m many Hmui and Rtstmmrmmt pro prietoae seldom place the Pmr* Sauoe before their guest*. bat rabetitvte a (en Bine BottU tiled with a .'rimrai mixture. For eale by Crooera and Fruiterers every where. JOHN DUNCAN A 00*8. On torn Siman mmd 14tk x ]irm Ye?*. (Me Wholesale Agent* for the United state*. A 8took always is etora?Aleo orders reoeired lor direct shipment* from Bagland. CySwrt Cnmtnfmu mmd iwimiwi Jal wpHy^o BB Topiuurir M K M J V M TM.WMK WBCL sswsawr vpr^^T?#^^ | ^Sujenor Latum ud Dran Trufca nad* M f?T*wl %"* TW?L * ?hort uhM JAMEf R.TOPBAM. UWf?0?ff^WSS&LZAZ I K*S2 ->r oc?dollar- 8r%y,r*<? orruMMUtM git J tti> jg!SSSA|{gB8ft r. I \ FWH W? PotM B?cV? of f-?r? ??' . * ?. * ' "T" Manrtmort (fCMnifri !H-? . ,! t'M?? -cr- ? hi M U uf U? OofciiUj. .

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