Newspaper of Evening Star, December 26, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 26, 1861 Page 1
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w= YSieevf?ng 8tar rUBLlS^RrEVERT AFTB&NOON, <?lv.t>AY nOBPTBDj AT THX STAB, MJlUNirai, fci mtr of Ptnmtflvmnim mmmm mmd Mjtvtntk it. rr W. T>. WALLAOH. Papm w?tid la packages Vy oarrlon it Kl jmi, or 37 oenti par nmtb. To nail rabcerlben Ifce price to S3 JO ? yew, to idrwn; SS for ?U Mtbi; tl for three month*; ul for tas ttu V (tree nontba at tbe rate of IS *nta a week. Sl>gla ooplee, owi ciht; ta wrappers, two cum. CT adtx*ranrm aboaM be ant to the eAce before IS o'clock a.; otherwise tbey may ae? appear until tbe next lay. ????a?? i THE IHRUTMAX TREE. a germ a* stout. rendkrxo fuom ilehort. The poet Bombard sat in hU little dwellingroom in tbe fifth story of a pictareegue old house in a cloeely bnilt street or a certain ducal capital. Near him played his three roey boyr; while Ermingarde, his sweet, blonde wife, plied her household tasks, enly pausing now < and then to tarn a cheerful glance toward the dormer window nook where Bernhard was writing, or softly to leave a kiss on his broad, white Crew, as she ps?ad to and fro behind his ehair. It was the week before Christmas; and the three boys, gathered in a knot before thebl??.iIng lire, were reoounting the last Tear's gifts of the good Christ-kindchen, and Innocently wondering what they would receive this year "I know what I would like !" exclaimed Paul, earnestly clasping his little hands, 'if bat the dear Christ-kindchen will find me worth of it?a book of fairy talee, filled wi'h beautiful oolored pictures, like the one we saw in tbe bookseller'a windaw." "And T," aaid Hertzian, "can think of nothing I would like so well as a rocking b >rs?. n very little larger than that of our neighbor's mi Heinrich, dewn in the third story. "As for me," lisped little Pertl, ' I would oboose a basket of sugar plums, wrapped in golden and silver paper, and??" "Oh, I bar* it! joyfully interrupted Hermann. "Lotus write the dear Christ-kindcbeu a letter asking for these very jrifts!" "Papa, papa!" and the children sprang to his side?"will you be so kind as to write a little letter for us?" "And to whom my little men ?" asked the father, lookiog up in smiling surprise. 'To Christ-iindcben, papa; we will tell yon what to say." And Bernhard prepared to write, at his boys' dictation: " Dear good Cknst-tindeH$n?Do please, bring us a rocking horse, a book of fairy tales, with lovely pictures, and a basket of sugar I plums, this Christmas; and do not forget, dear, dear. Christ-kindchen, that we live in room No 20, fifth story, of bouse No. 340, Linden ^ Strasse. Your "Paul, Herm an*, asd Little Pibtl." When the letter was written, neatly folded a * ni *_ _ ? aau luareBDca -io vansi-Kinaccen," tneboys persuaded Bernhard to open his window, and oast it far oat on the ro?f, confident that those heavenly eyes would look down and see It, all in good time. That night there arose a great storm of wind and snow, and the little white messenger was lifted np and borne over the high roofs of more than one street to the splendid Government Square, where it rested at last on the ledge of one of the upper casement* of the palaee of the Grand Duke. Long after the next morning'* son had risen over the snow covered city, a blue-eyed lady stood at this easement; and looki&gout on the bright winter picture, beheld the tiny letter where it had lodged without?the address "To ChriU-kindchen, 1 in full view. Hastily summoning her maid, the Counteas Victoire directed the window to be opened, and the folded paper handed to her. She lost no time in reading it. "D?ar children !" and as the fair lady finished the little petition, tears stood in her beautiful ayes, "God has guided their simple words to me, perhaps that I may take the place of their dear Christ-ktndehen"" ? * Christmas-day dawned brightly on the little group of eager expectants : and as Bernhard and Ermingarde washed their happv faces and listened to their impatient longing for night to aob??thia nivkt whan u th? nkiMwm drml? believed, Chrut-kindohen would answer their letter with the so-desired gifts?the food paresU had very often to turn away to conceal their emotion. Alas! their slender parse would not allow them the luxury of procuring these little presents for their children. After their early dinner, in preparing which Ermiacarde had exerted all her skill/o^ides expending the best part of her last florin in a Christmas cake, to which Bernhard and the boys did full justice, the dear little woman prepared them all for a walk in the brilliant Christmas streets, trusting that the children would beoome absorbed in the gay scene without, and so forget their expected visit frem Christ-kindchen. .With this hope aha and Bernhard permitted them to liager at pleasure before the beautifully arranged shop windows, and before the lottery boo'hs, where Bernhard was tempted to risk a few kreutiers for his little people, and won, to their delight, aoomet of the most delicious bon bons. When night oame on, and the lamps began to twinkle along the crowded street, the little party found themselvee at some distance from the Linden Strasee, whereupon the careful mother prevailed upon them to turn their footsteps homeward. But now, to her sorrow, the ehiidren'a thoughts again reverted to Christkiadehen and the expected gifts. "We will find them awaiting us; nieJu so. r\*bt mutt**?me/it to, h*6tr papa r" was the question of eaob little heart. Impatience lent win^s to their feet, and springing through the great door opening upon the atone stairway leading up to their eitio home , the three boys reached the narrow fifth etory landing, in ad ranee of their weary he <*yhearted parents. A joyous shout from the boys, and a flood of light falling in ware* over the wiudia$ stairway, now startled Bernhard and Ermiog^rde Hastily mounting to side of their enildrm? what a sight met their eyee! The door lending into thair litUe room was vide open, and iii the oentre of the tidy room rose a beautiful CArijfiwat- Tret?a tapering, dark-green fir? ia whoee graceful branches biased innumerable waxen tapers, between whioh hung the loveliest toys that ever were seen, golden and silTer-ooTered fruits, nuts and sugar plums; on a little round table beneath lay three prettily-bound books, and near by stood a fine rocking horn, just as if be were awaiting a rider. Let the eurtain fall on the transports of the ika k il^inai ant ftf tka narants VUIHIVH, WV WIIMI u<m v> ,uw pmwvvs, their gratitude to tb? generous unknown, as they watched their darling boys around the radiaat table. There were happy, flowing hearts in the little attic home tuat Christma* night. The next day two Utters were brought to Bernherd. The first announced to him that the volume of poems submitted by him to the eourtbookseller a few weeks before, had been received, accepted, and would "be published at th? earlieat possible day." Good news; but the other letter, whieh"bore a government aeal raised the happiness of the little family to a height still greater. It was Bombard's appointment to as office under the Grand Duke, the duties of which were little more than nominal, but whose salary would at ooee plaoe his family la a position of oom para tire ew. Tears later, whea Bernhardt name as a peat had beoome knowa and honored throughout his fatherland, the still lovely Oountesa Vie tot re eonfeseed to him and Ermingarde the part she had takea ia answering the letter of > 1, Hermann, and Parti?aow grown to M manly yoatba?to Chrlet-kindohen; and alao the fact of her having MirUd her influanca with the Grand Duke ud Daeheas (after learning that the father of the boys, and Barnard, the riaiag pott war* ona and the aae pereon,) in obtaining tor bin tbe governBeat appointment ?Horn* Journal. RsmroaciMBXTa aea t?b Pbostibb Foara.? Oa Friday night a traia arrived at Biftls from tfee Wm vita fve buodred aoidltra bcloeglng to theSeeaath Infantry, and commanded byCapt Matthew B Stmoeoi Four com pealearm bark 1 In mediately, twe Maf deetined for takett'a hubor, oo? for Fert Ontario, Oswego, and on? I t Roue*-a Point Tar remaining <-omp%r.y b. 1 9li'?*(i?i|i| KilM <? P4iuii'.[ iiii r? i | Tbrae tvttm ?fr lotmM m I Mwl(?rrtMe ?o fee for* eaawd. x I ~ <" . . r .... - ^ 0 <&b mitifl f . . .-' SJ * v^ Will. WASHINGTON, D. C , THURSDAY* DECEMBER 26, 1861. N-. 2.760. PROCEEDINGS OF THE CEOROETOWN CITY COl !?C LS. [Corrtupoi d**c? / Tkt Star J Gbodsitown, Dec 43 1981 At a meeting of the Cltv CoutIIs laet evening there was a quorum preaent In both board* The Boira of Alderme t paeiH a resolution In relation to Aqueduct street, (noticed below;) also, resolution* to pay several accounts; and the rPaolo tl on from the lower board in relation to a nev svatem in licensing carta, drmva wagons, Ac They also adopted tbe amendment of *he otber board to tbe t-s >lutto:i authorising tbe Mayor t*? employ medial ?id In smallpox 'ases la the luwer beard meoinr^ls from Lewis VVhi?eaian ( he bHcki- ij man" of your cl y) pray^"5f for remission cf a fine rt fZ and coets ! n(' a d vr>en bin for aHlIna bl'ckic? without all era*-; from H?ory Weave', preying the board to r Uevr b'n? from payment of the g** tex on 1 is proi-er'v a' the u per part of High aire*'; from n>'taiiuuo ui ''t pilklQK IOf rclHIM <K1 OT ' floe laipu?-H) upon Dim for nuisance; from John M Mav. and from Wm Wb'lan, for remission nf fliea irapo?e<l upon them for obstructing the sldrwalk; and f*om cititens and tai-payers of Vail s'r?-it, praying for gas llgbt in the lamp In ?< nt f K ? !' a'ab e; also, accounts of W illlati' Ki-trt- r of v\>n<a'f C >anr;berla1n. and of VV11IV m \Vbe1a->. w?*e read aod referred I h? comn.1ttt-? on aire*'* were d'acbarged from fnr'cer r- jald." t - n of ti e m> stage of the Mayor ;n ' IM.on * Aqueduct street. R ^oluti.?na :or h<* payment of several account*; f ' raisin* tfc salary cf the raarket-mastpr to SilOO pi i- for the extinguishment of tbe gasI'ght* at 12 o'clock at night; and appropriating 30U for tbe purcbaac of ru?l for the poor, were pa*<wd. Tb? resoiuMon for tbe r*peai of the resolution au'horlxing tbt* Major t> transfer the stock of tbe corporation ?ln the Metropolitan railroad. wa.? taken up. when the Mayor's rnesxage in relation to (hat suhjtct wa* rf&d, stating at length bis reasons for req tiding tbe board to repeal thereaohition > utuorttlr.g the tranMrf. Mr Bangs asked bow it was tbat tbe minds of membera here bad undergone such a change since they voted for tbe resolution. They must have known tbe reaaons stated by tbe Mayor be fore be announced th*-m It la a wlae movement on the part of this Corporation to get rid of the st>ck by a transfer to Individual ready to build the road, and the town will be the better for It If thia ttock, which we all admit to be woithleta, la given away to auch Individual! If thereby the rond Is built. Mr. Marbury thought thin Corporation could get as much aid from Congress for tbe road aa the Individual seeking to purchase the at>>ck. ><r Bang* said the Mayor signed the resolution, knowing tbe matter wa? in his own hands, and he could make the tranafer or not, aa he might -hose; and although be (the Mayor) aaya be will yield to the wish of a majority of the board after tbey have maturely conaldered the matter, he (Mr B.) doubted if tbe Mayor would naake tbe transfer if required to do ao by the boards. He hoped tbe matter would be permitted to rest where it is. Mr. Tenney said the resolution was brought In by ord?r of the bonrd. and he Voted fot it because h>* thought Individuals would urge the matter of tbe road bef >fe Congress as a corporation would not He (Mr Tencey) called attention to what the Mayor sava about the Corporation belnir still responsible for the amount of their subscription if they dispose of the stock to an Irresponsible person We may give up the control of ths road to an irresponsible person and be still held accountable for the subscription of a quarter of a million dollars, and be made to pay it. On that point he would vote for the repeal. Mr Plckrell was a friend of the Metropolitan railroad He asked why the Mayor did not veto the resolution: and In answer to the point made in the Mayors message, he (Mr P ) referred to a former message of that officer, in which he (Mayor Addison I tcok the ground that the town was not responsible for tbesubecrlptlon He(Mr Plckrell) believed the road was now in a fairway to be built, and thought we should not beg Couxresi first for bread and tbsn to put It in our mouths, but that we should help ourselves. Mr Bangs said he Watt not argota^ for the tramfer, but only Wanted the matter to rest where It now II, and asked gentlemen urging the repeal if tkey were willing to trust the Mayer. The resolution was laid on the table by the following vote* Ayes?Messrs. Bangs, Barrett, Clements, and Pickreil, 4; nays?Messrs Marbury. Tenny, and Hyde, 3. A rMnlntiAfi In e -m - -.WM .M . * H.UIU iV ?uc vvuipciIUII U1 Aqueduct it reel by authority of Congrets was debated and pawrd. Tbe resolution d recting the committee before Congress to ask for certain amendments to tbe , charter, was advocated bv Mr Tenney, who spoke warmly on tbe subject of Universal suffrage, and said ibat the present rebellion bad given him an enlarged experience of tee matter Tb? traitor* and rebels were not found amo?* tne bard-lifted mechanics and laboring m*n, aud he (Mr. T.) believed thai ?r universal suffrage bad prevailed la South Carolina, that State would not have attained tbe bad eminence she b-s done Mr Msrbury announced himself as against universal s-iffVa^e In a communltv like this, although be was in favor of It In the State* He would not g ve way to his friend (Tenney) in Unionism or opposition to serr-A'.nnism, bit th?t bad nothing to do w'th t, and h* was B"rry that matter was urought ?n bee He thought we oot;ht not 10 thr w av.ay the tei or twelve hundred dolla'S ' rough' Into tb<> reisury by the scho 1 tax *lr. P'.rkr^il spok* of the advantage* of tbe p ?il tax v> the o fund, hut he was In favc ?1 an u?4re< l-ted vo'e of ?'-e people, snd w iul'' herjf?te v(.t.' I r! resolution Mr. Tenny pll-d to ti^e remarks of \lr M ir ou-v aooat smmiKirg lua ma w ?>r MMton In faer? It w?a brou^ot in here la?t January t?v blmaelf, vMr T ) and be th/>nk?t ?Vod tb?t a dlfer-nt ?tite of ibtnv* pre vat ed h* e now than did toen, wm1 , ? repot d ii 'he .Sfir, o -e m di??er ?.?- i* ?al 1 h < in 'fa* event of a rtlwolqu 't :h' L* i! ? L? wni w la lb- M uth, a..d 0 h r uieiftber: a. I a a d I," " 1 " ? d t > iujt wii addrti ("applaute In tbe lob> e# ") T?>e r\ -uae for the *>>roj{Mlon of tbe ?ebool-tax qi-1 #'?r n w>? withdrawn?to be rV-red a? a e;>Ari'e r+tn, otton -i?ud tbe 'eso! lion waa tben >n?"?d [Tu cUasfi are, to aik Con. fi?? (>'t j' vr r In r !?>;?.? tne < olln tlon of tbe ?i e tax h * *o Table the tax ro!Wtor to sell the r~nl t?wte ' ??ellrqu- jt tux p--y?-ra (aa in 1 witiiou. flnt exhanatlDg t?elr personal pfperty.J CHKK?*K! CUE?8K!t PHklTHF " L.1Q OR8, TOBACCO, OlOARS, Ni rs, raisins, chackkrs. All oa band and for aal? ob??p by K. li HA8 TuNGS k CO., SSI* I) ?t., lacing Pa. avenue, noV-tf Ptulharmoaio Building. Juoi nO^DI ? c.u i en onuo. o. aumilb D auperior </LD KYK \VBI*KY, aicht tatra old warranted A >o. prune Mononjahela wluekiae for a*le >t 3*3 P* krooas, b? d? 4 Sit if BROWNING * KEATING. JUST KECKIVRD AND F(^?Al.E LOW, twatf five bble WHITK ONIONS and fire bbla. HAVANA (>iANGE3, br BROWNING * KEATING, _de i-3Uirtf 3*3 Pa. avenna. r>e\r at a at. pENSlON OP PICK, itm Oth, 1M1. TO XLL WHOM IT MAT CONCERN. Application having bam maaa under tee aot of Od Jane. 1ND, for tha rataaaa of tha Lani W?rruti deacribad herein, whioh are aliased to have bien loat or daatroTed.notioaia hereby giveu, tii&t at tha data following the daaonption of aaoh war rant, a new Cartifiaata, of lika tenor, will be ta ujkI. if no r* id objection ahaJi them appear No. for MM, leaned a nder the act of Marob, m tee mm of Han nab, widow of Jamea Wiif-">n, *sd (rantad on the twh day of Pabraary. U67 ? OaoamSir to, 1481 No. MJSO. for ISO aeraa, i?au?d under tha %et of Mtroh.TS?. m tha Muaa of Martha, widow ofiivdraw Sleilot, and g raued on tM 1Mb day of April, No. M? for arm. !??uod aad?r tha aot of Marah, 18.56, in the nam* of BmbioTR. Jiokvt; ftnil graaUd on tSolst d?r of AufB?t. 1866 ?2Sb! Sf; ? tod^ruM OB IM 1SU d*r of JbTj, UM?Doomd 7j??, teSs^hafeessi mju?i ni U( M Of oi ftrftmbar, 'W.-Jucmnud oe Ua l?t dcy of Br, tM.-/aeaarr R, * JOSEPH a, BAREitrr, ? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. . The War In Missoarl. Sr. Louis, Dec 23?Gen Halleckbaslssued an order. In which he sayi that any one caught In the act of burning bridges, destroying railroads or telegraphs. will be Immediately shot, and any one accu?ed of this crime will be examined bv a military commission, and If found guilty ? offer death. Where Injuries are done to railroads snd 'elegraph lines, the commanding officer nearest the post will Immediately impress Into service f-r epalring damages the s'.a.esof all secssionls's In the vicinity, and If neces?a?y, the secessionists them?e)ve*, and their property;and an* pretend -u l ninn mm aaving in?ornjauoii or ma intended atteir pt to destroy aucb roads and If dm, cr of the guilty parties, who does not communicate ?ncta intention to lb* proper *"thorlMes and give aid and ansistanc* in arrratinz and ponlahing hem, will be regarded as particips criminit, and treated accordingly. Hereafter the town and countlea In wblcb auch destruction of public property takes place will be made to pay the expenses of all repairs, unless It be abown tbat tbe peonls of such towns or counties could n' t have prevented It on account of the auperlor ftfrce of tbe *nemy VVabbkstows, Mo , Dec 27 ?Tbe destruction of the North Misaouri railroad 'acomplete, as was it first stated At short distances all tbe way ffnm here to Hudson the track 1s torn up. tbe-tles burned, and tbe rails broken or bent so as to be useless Well?burg station was burned, with all Its contents The large bridge over Davis' Fork, on Salt river, west of the town of Mexico, and the bridge crossing Quiver river, were burned, and all the culverts either burned or torn down, and cars of all kinds destroyed Who the parties were thatengaeed In this work of wholesale destruction is not known, but it is stated tbat tbe Inhabitants along the line say no repairs can be made except where the road ia guarded by Federal troops. An extra from the Army Argua office has been in circulation for iwo days, which aays " The day of retribution iaat bend," and that 9,000 men. Wbo have been under Price's command, are new north of tne Missouri river,and more are coming. tbi pxisonxx* captvxxd bt ox!?. pops,*tc. Ottxrvillb, Mo , Dec 23 ? Part of the prisoner# captured by Gen Pope at Black Water, laat Thursday, passed down on a special train Among those aent down are Col Magoffin, brother of Gov. Magoffin, of Kentucky: Ool Robtnaon, wbo bad command of the rebel force at Black Water, and wbo was In the battles of Dug Springs, Wilson's Creek, and Lexington; Col. Alexander, wbo says he fought in all the battles; Lieut. Col RobInson, Major Haina, Dr Smith, one of the wealthiest men and largest slaveholders in Missouri; McKeon, sheriff of Benton county, Who. it la aald, by misrepresentation gained admittance into one of our campa, made a diagram of it. and left that night, (the rebels made an attack and killed sixteen or seventeen of our men.) Dr. Mere, of Syracuae, is among the prisoners alao, and many others wbo have gained notoriety by their zeal and labors in the secession army. Many of the DrlsonerS wore a kind of uniform. mad have served with General Price for several month* Tbey all say tbey have been well treated bv the Federal*, aod seem to think they will toon be released by Gen Price. The wagons, homes and mules were turned over to the quartermaster at Sedalla. Fr?m Oregea. Francisco, Dec 19 ?Tbe steamship Forest Queen arrived to day from Valparaiso. Tbe steamer Pacific brings Oregon dates to tbe 13th, and advices from Victoria to the?th instant; also, f 180,00 in gold. The recent freshets were terribly destructive to property In the vallevs bordering on tbe rivers of Oregon Nearly all the flouring mills of tbe State and large quantities of grain were destroyed. Most of the frame warehouses in Oregon city were washed away and the town flooded, the water being four ffeet deep. But two houwa were left standing in Lftui citv. The Slidell aid Maion Case. Nrw Yogi, Dec 24 ?The Express this afternoon publishes a dispatch from Washington giving a rumor that In an interview which Lord Lyons had with Mr. Seward to-day, the latter read to him a letter he bad written Minister Adams ten days ago, in which he said that if the British Government should claim Messrs Slidell and Mason, on the ground of illegal capture, and aa contrary to the law of nations, and would consider the surrender of them aa settling the principle for both Governments, they would b* given up on request Kebtocky Legislator*. Cincinnati, Dec 2g.?A dispatch to the Commercial, of this city, from Frankfort, Ky., says that the following members have been expelled from the Kentucky House of Assembly for aiding the rebellion John M. Elliott, Daniel Mathewson, A R Boone, G H. SUvertooth. G R Morrill. G W Ewlng, J C. Gilbert and J . A King. In the Kentucky ttenate a committee had recommended the expulsion of J . M. Johnson for the same cause The Ccaling ! the Sanater at nuahin? Denini.d si tlia ster Webb. NfcW Yoik, Dec 23?The London Times nays that (> v-t- advi es from Rio Janeiro state that ' ?-n v\ ebb, toe American Minister, baa sent a dTYiand to the Brazilian government that the Governor of Mtranhan be superseded for having n.lowed col to be supplied at that port to the privateer Sum er From Cair*. Cairo, Dec. 23 Special Order No 78 piacea 0<*n Oron In Command of tbe military district of Cairo, which comprises Southern Illinois, to*t portion of Kentucky west of tbe Cumberland ' ver, and tb- rou'ittc* In Mtaaonrt lou'h or Cape Girardeau Gen Paine will be transferred from Paducah to Cairo Lat? r from Kentarky. Piahkfobt, Dec 13?Wehave notldlngafrom Somerart ?f the expected army movementa Win C Anderson, ex member of Congrea*, d1<?d vesterdav, at Frankfort Gov Mayoffln baa signed all the bills p<isaed by the Leglalature Caitou lr?m South t are ina. Philadxlphia, Dec. 24 ?The brig Ellen P. Stewart arrived here to day from Port Royal, with two hundred and nlnety-oue biles of Sea Island cotton belonging ta the government. HAVE YOU SUBSCRIBED POR THE WEEK LY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE ? IT 18 TJIE BEST DOLLAR WEHKLY IN THE WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS 18 UNEQUALLED! ITS GENERAL NEWS IS UNSURPASSED BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAR WEEKLY! 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Cook ' Krtvea, Bre* i H t/lK V\ M Ml VAa VH ? ?? taa Fork*, CfataWM PatentJoe Pttahert, Oa?? r'l la rot*. Waffle "roue, >;- Fat?nttfrdl'<>a?, Kltoliru ?|?cotta. and welf hte, UoffSe Hilia. Bltkinf Tnhe, Sanoepana, Table Mita. tfae Stovee, Foot Tobe, Chamber Bucket*, Toilet Seta, Willow ftaakete. Wooden Ware, Sievee. Dtfvocahire Cha.ra, Oritur Diahee, Coffee Blffinga, OAS FIXTURES, ? 1- rencii, kngiieh, and American m&nufaoture. Prenoh, DtMdNi aad East India CHINA, in treat variety. Old Hon*eke*p?ra an<t new beginners will find it to their advantace to oall and examine oar atook when wanting aiy of the above description of good?. COKTLAN A CO.. Nm, 916 and 919 Baltimore street. B*twa?n Charlea and St. Paul streets, Importers, Mamtaoturers and Dealers in Honsekeeplng artiolee gene rally. de 14-eo3w J^EW AND B E A U T I F U L! 46> NINTH STREET. I have just received from New York a very choioe selection of the tallowing goods. The attention of thoie in want is solicited. PAPER HANGINGS fOR Parlors. Bed Rooms, Vestibules, Dining Rooms, and Ceilings. Gold Band an? other style* of WINDOW SHADES. Shade Lines and Trimmings, Picture Loops, T&saela and Cords, tiKaHa I an/1 'I"aaaala uuauu "luo ouu MATTRESSES AND CUSHIONS Of ali descriptions, made to order. UrHOLSllET WOXK A.JID PaFKKHOGIJW, In aU it? var ?aB 8ty>?. exeottted jjromplJf, at the CILowest Possible Pritts ? STORiS 8HADLS Ma:eand Lei.ered C7" Terrrs oash. qe21-3\?3gf L. J. ROTHROCK L.WM. COR WIN RURfJ Y. ATE With the old and well known house of WM. S COKWIN Jt CO , Nkw York, Dialer in cKoite Prandies, Wmts Citar*, fc.. and Importer of Teas and Ckm**e Fin^y Goods, NO. 357 PgNSKTIO'ANlA AVKSP*. (t?ntr&r>oc fixth 8tre?t,> Washxnrton, D. C. The attention of oonnoiyeurs and the pablio f ene-aliy is invited io in r stock of hue Brarcies.W ines Cigars. Tea*. *c , cimpri?in? Hennessey Otard Ann W a r h 'AmH i AS Vv < rl/? ar nnt \l / in VWU UVJOI u> a?iuiuD| VV iVI'' ? VJ IIV<{ U"fc, i?lVUk 0> j Chandon, M'?m'?, Heidsick * Co , and Associates Verz uer, Cba?up?na?e; Prrmartins, Amunt:!ado anJ v rfarte She'rie*; Wanderer, Reserve and South Side Marfeiiae; H?rmony ?nd Burmerster I'mU; the oeiebrated " WSO" Club Houae Gin; Irish Scotch, Bourbon and Monoi gahola Whiskiea; Jamaica ai d St. Croix Rums; Cabara, Figaro. LaKoaade Santiago. a Lspanola an<i various brands ol Ciiaraaud very &ue \iuin?jino?. u?- i son. Imperial and English TTreaKfastTiiis in oatty bo*?? imported by myself expressly for family use. de 13 1m N| NEW MILLINERY. OW On hand and oonstuitly receiving new applies of WINTKR BONNETS, oompru-^^A inctherewMt and most desirable s?yie? of^KJ the at HUTCHINSON * MUNRO'8^^ Fancy Store, 310 Penn. avenue, between 9th and loth street*, wf.ere Miss Thompson is prepared to exeoutw promptly ah orders left with her. Also, just reoeived, a new supply of Head Dr?sses, Artinoial Flowers, Feathers, &o., to whioh we invite the attention of the ladies. de 1? SEALED PROPOSALS, until the 90'h December, 1*61, are invited for furnishing the U. S. Snbeistenoe Dep*rtm?nt wiih FLOUR. About 12.i>uo barrels will ba required, of a high grade of extra Flour, ?o be delivered in Washington, at the Railroad D^?ot. orat Warehouses in Washington or Georgstown, sometime between the 1st and lOtn of January, 18*2 Each barrel of the Flour to be inspected just before it is reoeived. The Flour must i>e equal in u&uty 10 the ?*mplea to b* obtained at the >. apitol Bakery, Washington ?'itj Bide ?o be directed to Major A BECKWITR, C. 8.. U 8. * ,anfl endoraed "Prop-> *!?' dels CAMP STOVES, in e?ery va is'*, iuatreaeived at J *ME8 SKI * VINO'S Waahtrgtrn Stove.Tin and Sheet Iron Mann aotoryrNo u67, comer of 11th ?t, 8out* aide Penn. avenue. de IT 6t ( R*pnb A Chron.] L? AIR BANKS'S r STANDARD SCALES, For aale by J P. BARTHOl.OW, Sole Aaant, Hardware and Agrieultaral Warehotue, 05S Seyenth atreet. batween Penn. and Can?l ppo ?ite oaat end of Canter Market. de 17-tf A*UTLER*. NO Thoae engaged in tmppiyinr the Sold<?ra, ill find on eianuni"! our it<>ok many artiolea antable for Weir aa ea, at inch prioea aa oancot nil (m p'eM?. A oareful examination of stock and prioea eoliOited. Libra) dieoonnt mad* to Satlsra and tlioa* en ; caged inaapp ytng the Army. O oda oareinlly packed to go ont the oitj, fret of Of rAarnt. _ p U7 D/vrcr co ?nw V- f* *iv k ciur/i\ a BVi, de W Pt 31% Iron HalL COLUMBIA MARKET, Pa arsnut. comtr Tktrtftnth ?f. Th? subseriber wou'd rao?t respeotlnliy infirm tbe oitiaens of Was.n^gton t a be has returned to hi* old ouirter, wnwe tie intends ke'pint a first rate i*?'iet in all its nranohes, & in times (tor e, he wiil be happy to greet his old friends and customers. N. B ?Goods sent free cf oharge to any part of th? city. de 13 C. MALLARD. IMPORTED MEATS. FISH, FRUITS, 4o.Pati rtefoi bras. Truffles, Conserve <ilnge'. Canton Ginger, Ris de Veao, Truffled Sausage, O ive Faroies, Sardines, Anobovie* in oil, Petite Pois, Champignons. Yarmouth Herring, Anoi.ovy Paste, Asparagus, to. KING A RURCHELL. de 19 eorner Fifteenth at. and Vermont a v. L?RGE LOTS OF BED BLANKETS, noM fo U, Marseilles Quilts, i>heetiugat Pillow Cottons. Taole Linens, Napkms, Doflies, Ao., the whole at our proverbially low pnoe, marked in plain fi cares Carpets. Curtains, Oiloloths, Rugs, Window Shades, Piano and Table Covers, Ao., upper floors. An inspeotton of stock liwurs no obligation to purchase. PFRRV A URO.( Penn. avenue &"rt Ninth street, da 14-lot "P Try Bui diag." FURS! FURS!! F U R 8 ! ! ! MINK SABLE. ?TCH, WA I bK Ml * K, FRENCH SABLE. Id great variety, and oheas, at del Im SEYMOUR'S, Georgetown. ^TTKNTION.^T^ERS. OFFICERS AND A largeitookofCAMP STOVES, manufactured and for sale at 391 Pennsylvania avenue, near Center Market. de 11-tf H. J. GREGORY. ?XPREtB N 0_T I C K. Orrtei or th* A*mt Expmpss Company, 394 Ptnnsyivani* avmut All goods now in oar warehouse, on Louisiana arenne, and hareafter wareho?a?d, will baoh&nM with storage, if allowed to renuM" ova- six days, an 1 an addition*! oharge if remaining^over^twoutf /e IT lw Superintendent of'the Company. ....... I 2*^*25/ *?S???^gg/ Center Market, ii tM ro*r. deft <*? I ? AMERICAS WATCHES For American*. THE AMERICAN WATCH CO. be* to call the attention of the citizen* of Washington ted vicinity to the eopartonty of their W atone* over all imported, whether Swim or Eng lahThe Company nnhecttntingly gnarantea their Watcoee to be aosorpaeeed by taoee of any country for durability and fiae tune keeping e nauUee. CAUTION. The Company would oautius bayereto beware o' the che&p Eaf liab and Hwtaa Watohea now Mt| aent among aoliiera ta and aroanU Waah.nftoa. Fbeae watoaea are of tae jooreet deaortpuoa of foreign mannfaotnre, and utterly worthieea aa Dine keeper a, aa the maker* well knew when ?b?y Ben I UiPm Vo tUia onntry. LADIES' WATCH BS. The Company would invite eapeca. attaaUoo to their lateat atyla o 1 Watoh for Ladiea. twrj one will* have the aame guarantee that aooompanlaa the moat ooatiy Chronometer of their manufacture. Theatyleaof Oaaea are varied aod auit different taatea. and the lntrodaotiin of a Watoh for ladiae. that wiLi go and keep time, has met with uc iversa! inr. ESPECIAL ATTtJITION la LnvitAd by the Company to the fact that every Watch, ot whatever prioe, macufootared at their Wonaat Waltham, Msu .is aooompamed by a certificate not only to warrant it, bat to prevent imposition from a cheap and worthies* mutation that is palmed off upon buyers as the cocaine artioie. All our Watohee have upon the plate the trade mark " Waltham. Mm.," and without that mark no Watoh ia tannine. Momm. M. W. GALT & BROTHER havethe Watches of our manufacture for sals at Waahintton, and bnyera oaa depend upon finding the rifht sty lee and qualitiea at their eatabhahment, No. 304 Peanaylvania avenne. RODB1NS ft. APPLETON, General Agenta, No-199 Broadway, no29-lm .Maw York. FOR HOLIDAY PRESKNTi?-''ioake,Shaw a, Si'ts, filk Rohea " " " fine Dr*<i Goods ** M M Lace 8et?. fine " " " Kmhro iderie-. " " ' E f?i h r a i d e r e<1 ? *? M Collar*. EmbrofM 44 " dered Badker * ' " ohiefs. Men in n i " ' " I>re*? Goods, low ** " ;n?e Dtmi M ** * Goods, all other " " kinds Dry Go ds at car'proTerbi&lly lov prioes, marked in plain figures. 2ne price only. a inspection of stock implies no ob'igation to purchase. PERKY * WRO., Pean.avenne and Ninth ?t., de 14 2?t v'9rrj Balding SOMETHING HEW?SUPERIOR HV1.LKD CORN.?The subscriber, having got the <mency to supply Washington and Georgetown witn this delicate preparation of Corn, would respectfully ask of his friends, and the public at large, to cits it a trial. Also,. Popped Corn, plain and sugared. WM. BRADLY, Agent. Pa. avenue, between 18th and 19th sts. ments, Table Tops, Ac. A large assortment a ways on hand. r*>, 13-3m Orstcrs-Oysleri. THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Is now prepared to fnrnish Restaurants, Hotels, futiers, ana Private haaiuee wnn/?s FRE?H OYSTKHS, by the gallon orlC34 I mJ ib o?n? or all siec. The Oyster* arrive daily fyeah from the waters of the Chesapeake Bay, and ae of the bestQua'ity. The company invitee the patronage of the dealera and the pub'.io in geaeral, and g uaraatees a prompt attention to ail ordora. Offioe?IS Market Spaoe, lAveru? Honse,) between 7th and 8th at* no 30-lm . [Repnbiioan-1 ^HRISTMAS?CHRISTMAS?CHRISTMAS! TOYS! TOYSTTOY^! TOYS COMBS, BRUSHES and PERFUMERY ! FANCY BOXES! CHI\A ORNAMEN TS! DOLLS. DOLLS, 1HJL.L* ! tall kibda.) RIBANDS FLOWERS, HOBIKRV ANl> SLOVKC ! And all kinda of rood* suitable 'or the rea?on delS 1* -At SHKDD'S. E eventn at. J TO THE LA DIE**I ULES JOLi-iVt-T, Laiie*' HMrdr?*M.lroi?i Paria, mat arrive', inform* the iadi^a of Wa-lii I ton that he ha?o?eiia>a larteias i?ri<?i#nt oi F- llx Hea ' Dre**es, Wr ath a d*rde-'Wreat ?. the m at ap etdid oi.o ot o( Fluwerafor ?.rea-<a: also Go d and Chenille Nets al ?u?d? of Hair W< rk ; an I attend to d essrng ad Ma'hair. SS'J D atreei, between 9th and Ntn. d? 8 lm* PIANOS! PIAMtrtl!! PIANOS ' l Auumbar 11 iew ? Ost. Pi *.NvjS ElW rrgo TW iroa inn ? * * taotory <>f Win Kn&tM 4 Co.. ainuo* them a ver? Mi.d'oroe otrvia P?an >, which obtained tae ? ufl- ' eat premium f'Om the late Baltiip >te I.xhi^itioa. and wiioh i offer for sale (a* a fine New Y*?vr'? present ion Moommodatliig Min?. and at prioea to suit the UmM TO KKJiT-l will hare several Piano* a. wayi on han.1. thouib ( vat unable last wmI to serve some of my eu*toinsr*. Arcateuri are fovitod tc examine. F. C. Kb ICH ? N BACH, n"v37 lm> *o <98 llth street. T CARRIAGES. HE Hubvmber having made addit*ns to hu factory, making it now one of the In the lusiriot, where hi* faoiiitiefMQH{ for iranulaoturing CARRIAGES au<iXE==HE? LIGHT WAGONS ol all kinds oa.not be sor parted, and from hi a long experience ;n the bnsineea, he hopes to give general saticfaction. AJ! kinds of Carnages and Light Waioni kept on hand. All REPAIRS neatly done, and all orders promptly attended to. Second-hand Carnages taken la exchange for new OCAS. AMDRK'W J. JOYCE, d 18 tf corner of Fourteenth and E its. FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY OT WASHINGTON AN1> GEORGETOWN. Capital. 717.'.. ?#00,000. Q0m Mra?r O it rut mmd Lmntimmm M., ?mt Mt tf WmjAinflom. IN8..E HO^AN^OTHERPEOFEmTrY 8?o. ShoenmkeT, cvalm u el Redfera, Samuel Cropiey, William Wilaon, Riohard Jonea. John D. Ha-car, Jacob Gideon, Aodrrr Ro-.??eu, X'nos. Park!"*. RiahardBarry. B. B. FrrDoh, D*.C. W. Dan*. No oharc Tor Po. ;oiM. J AM KB ADAMS, PrMldMl. AlB6.0iTli,8Mrearr. uMota V WOOD AND COAL." _ aSHrftt'SlLEg'SSi^V? %tT a' S??Muk t*r?t mmd Ommmi, (6l07PAlK? Af ML) Th? Mil obea#*r nd ?* bettar muid than any othm In tha aitr-aat, a?lit. ud aaliT rod Km of {bug*. If to* doc 11 alter* , i y tb?Pioneor btntuM ? Mw \VALL.8TEPHKR14k GO., 38* PinmfiHii A rmj, "'HIJAIMMMZT*'' AND READY-MADE CLOTHIKKB, goon AMD >o ww m "SHffir| ** l v THE WEEKLY STAR. ?mill |lf KMf mt 1* tamttag ? *>M tku eu be ft>a?d l> nmj 0tbm It M PrMftf BKTtllm "****? Tea ?opl<i.t,tt??tltl.t<M< ?????? I ? rwfnty-lfB eopftaa,? ? ? 19 It lavarlahly oobMbi the "Trtlifii Mm' Mat has mod* Tk* Dm*p Mmmtmg 5Mr iIimMi aa generally throughout the ooutry Lysiagle eoplee (la wrap pan) aaa ha pa* cared at the ooantar, Immediately altar tha ton* of the paper Pr!r?-TUREE CRNTB. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HIOHLY COttCMtmuTED* Compound Fluid Extract Bnchu, A P?Um mmd RpecVk *??*? Tot Diaaaeee of tta BLADDER, E1DNEVB, GRAVEL, ui DROPSICAL DWELLINGS. ^ Thfe Mwdtoina Increase* tha K?w of IMgeetooe, a- d th? iHuiii5Ti fnto baa^thy aetioa. by ?hio? tS? wtriti < a c.Lcaaoa* dopoomaaa* and & cis.irtAL i>l utH.mi are redaeai. m w?tl ? rai* i!*rx-k*KiTio*s tad ta so?a 01 NUN, WvME.N, OR CHILDREN. _____ helatbqld a rjltract mucmd For WultEH n Analnc frn?i f Habtta at DieetpMna, Early I d>a?r-tj?B or AkiN Atitndtd wuA tk> fW4?wm| Sfmptmu: lodiipoi'Moo to LxerUon, Lo*f of Pi??t (raffesT- ?'?z?Si: H jror of W?kefi^o?aa? L>tmn??* ot Vuion, Paia id th* BmI, UaiT?*r?* Laantaafl of tfas VtURL Mat Bauda, KluahiBf of ti.a ftfJr, Dryaoaa of the Skin, E'?pt]oas ob th? Pm*, riuifD ccTMMinci. ThAM aympt'm*. 1; a o*?i to (o on, vht?h UM mad! nine invarnl ly remove*, boob folowt impotency,fatuity epileptic pits* /* oiu 0/ viuA tk* PatUrnt may ftytn. Who mb u? t*iat they ?r? not |m?jy b*-, lowed by tho?* "pinsrfL DiiBXKa." *' insanity and CONSUMPTION." Many are ?*&r* of tto? naoae of thair tuftrlac, but horb will coupes*. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE A8YLCMB iai ?A? Mtlmukti* Dtatki fry Conwmfriw. BEA* mm WIWIM TO T*1 TftVTI OF Ttl' UUITIOR. THE SvtT*^ K*<oirN the aid of medioine to strrartbon nod Icngortte the ftystMB vbiob HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHL im+mrimt * 4m? A TB1AL WILL CONTI MCI TBI IO?T UlTTlCAi* FEMA LES- FEMALES- PEMA LBS. OLD gS^WLAm'St AWWS?- ?? In Manjr AJfectioni Ptctdtar la Ft malt* the Kxtraot BuoQii it ?ne?oall<-d by My ntber n? ixty, m in CiiJoroMi or Retention, Irr gu ?niji Punfu UM?, or Suppression o? Cuitomsr; krMuitioLi L\o*r?tou or Scbirron* ?t?te of th? l't?rn?. Lenoorrhca or Whites, 8t?rilit). at*d for all oompi&trta inoideut t. the wx. whether arista* from Indisoretiou, Habit* of Diaaipatym, or ib tM DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE I ell ITMPTOIM ABUVI. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no rnort Balsam, Mtrarf, or Pnfitasmmi Mtdirin* for Unpleasant and Dangerous i>in?u. HELMBOLD S EITKAV'I BUCHV CTBBI SKIAKT DISEASES In all their Stages; At uttle Lit*.i* or no oLmno in Ui9t; No luoonvenionoe; And no AJ-poitm*. Itoaunes & fre^u nt ileaire a J give? atrength to Jrinat<, theiebj Rem vtrn i -L?t. ucuon, Preventing and Curing f'notnre* oi the Urethra, .Allaying fain and lcfi?,n, eo frequent in the o)\?? of dueatea, a?-i rip* iu?g mU Fv\iu+.qu! , Dxstated, and out Alatter. *aov?4SM crow THorusDi IWHO HAWS BEEy THE VICTIMS OF Q UACKS, ud who tiftre paid luary j?t to be nrN ia a short tune, tixre found they were deceived, ud tfaat the Toieos" has, by the nee of "pewr/atI p.'trtmttnft been dried up in tho ?j?tem, to break oat ia aa ac> iravated form, and PERHAPS APTMM MARR1AHM. Ur H ELMB'H D'B EXTRACT BUCHO all atiaoUona aa' t Ueae of the CaiAAKT OUAM, whether exiatiDg ia MALE Oil ntliLK, from whaterer hum wif mattac and ao matt? o4 HOW LONG STAKU1K?. Diibmw of Lb Me Organ' r *40 ire tae aid of e Innmr. HELMliOLD'8 BZTRACl BUCHO . 18 THE GKEa r OIL RtTIC. and it i> oertair to a* re the retired effect la Dieeaeee 'or uiiet *1 i< naaaca or tbi voir mrciiiiiii aid as* UASLI CBABACTKB will; u-ooicpexy tie medicmae. CERTIFICATES OF CUtOk From 6 to g) ;< arc' ewaAlBf -rtmiciAxr please "trorrcM.WE uakm "wo ?acnar" or 'WM.ssuurra." HfcLMHOLl/B EXTRACT BUCHU eompotad of ttacbu, Cn"*6? aad J*o>p?r Bern?, ieeted with rr?*t o4J? by a oemy?tMt d. acfiat. PHBPAREL IN WACOO, BY H. T. HCLS1BO LD, Ptm(ImI and AcAirOoal Obomut. aad Boi? onotmr^r of HSLMBOLD'S GEilTBTE PEKPA&ATI0K8. AFFIDA TIT. FwwDicT ippr*.r*a oofor* ??.? AiteiM ?t tli* city of H. T. Hiuools, vm b?iuj duly iwptn, ucth thin bo c&rooUo, do meroury.oc othut dr.,.. tat .? belm?uliv Bvorv and nbwnM bef.-rt J?,u <rf NOT*"bT,d<H^i?. Kfu. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM to A M TO 8 F. M. Frl? 91 p?v tettU, wriihrK, Itollwad to u; tddreM, Ntinir boa ob? I ItlOB. H. T. HELM BOLD, Ck*m%M, " BtpOt, lto Boktk TMkUl ?C, bOt&V CkMKMt> Pklll iiwiti or oocirvitrarii AND VNFBJNCIFLED DEALERS m M Exttmmi jMta, _ ? , SarMparillt, 'm ' BoM w B> * WiJtl, Z. 0. tuua, iMf WtLOT. 8. C. Kokb. a. B. KjrrwuTLB, B O UJfD ALL tTBBTWMMMM. abk worn nucmpa. . iui *0 om HD AVOIDOiPOSITION |. HPOMTKI #TS7 1 *1 n . * . ? / . %. ? -* V . ? v .