Newspaper of Evening Star, December 26, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 26, 1861 Page 2
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THE EVEMM* STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THm?DA . .. PCnwVEK 86. 1*1. ILTTboof h Th* 4 tab I* pHsWi oa tk? tomt Mnm mm> 1m vim mmntli nt Maltlnin*? Its Mlltlnn I la eo Large aa to reqatr* It to W pot to pre? at an arty boor: Adrtrhttwimtt, therefore, abonld be eat ta before 1* o'clock * ; otberwlae they may mar ao< appear until the neat Hay. T*? Tiiit I*? olio ?Yeaferday, for the trat tt m*. th" Cabinet had uoder cone:deration the eommunleattona frcna the Brltlah government recently made thrrogb Lcrd Lyom, relative to-tbe eel tar* nf Maacn and Slldell Up to yeaterdsv morning tte con ten ta cf tteae Important papera vera known here only to the Prea'dent and ??e. retary of State, and Lord Lyone blmaelf On Toeadev evening last the botlneaa had gotten Into anch a abape aa that tt ooHld properly be mad* tbe anbj*et of Cabinet conanlta'lon; end ?he w'i'irii wit caiifa 'o urmDie at iu a m ywrday. with rrtmncB to Jt. The conference ot the 4sy ore o pled kvt two bo or* and a half. ^ tth ref?r?iwje to tb? charmetef of Lord P%Jine-ston's demands. we may add with thai ao one be re. eirept the rffl'Mala Jbdlcaltd above are aware of It; though every sifa?A# of twj dlatant L?<?apaper ?een.s to rrofcsa to be " ported'' Id the premise* Hnndredsbere.bowevet, i?fw>w from the cle?rly ascertained t1"W? and positions of lb * Government, that there ! no possibility that war with England will grow cot of the affelr, unless It ahall prove to be the positive determination of Kngkrd to make It a mere | rr*^Bce ?r excuse for the Inauguration of war with the Unlvd Static, to 'he end of aiding the tvbePrauae wltb Britain's military ind naval power If that be lbs purpose of Her Majesty's forerament, rather tbaa tbe simple vindication of England's national eights and honor, aa a ma'ter ?f coarse It rnnke* no practical difference what reply this Uovernment may make to the oommu* nkvattona referred to above Nut being able to bring our mind to tbe concloaion tb'tt Britain prop eat to go to war with tbe United States In tbe bop* rf ttrtu rorsuiratlng tbe permanentttts atructloa of thla government, we d? not anticipate war with her aa tbe remit of the affair of tbe Treat. i New PraucATiosa ?On oar table we find tbe lnll?wiai{ : * Poems: with Autobiography and otber Note* flUorraUd by Daney, Hoppin and others.) Bv T H Stockton,Chiplala toCongrtaa Martlen's. Phi led Ipbla " Thla volume of poena will give to Mv Stockloo, wbo now ranks so high as a pulpit ontor, a reputation as a pott The collection embraces many pieces already favorite* with tbe pub'lc, and will no doubt ban a wide circulation ??m? f tbe wood cots were eogravwd, wele*rn,byMr BtoekVn's too Prom Frsnck Taylor we hav? p?rt? 8 mud 10 of Frtnk Moore'* valuable " Rebel too Record," Ulartra*ed tb fine engravings of Geus. Lander, BienMer a'a Rosecr .r>s, of oar army, asd (Jen BUb?p Polk of the Con - derate army Alao, from tte rme, pan 1 of the Spirit of tbe Pulpit," containing aermona by leadiug divines, North and fcoutb, edited bv Frank Moo #. Ptmb 'he ptibilsber. D Van N strard New York, (tbrongb Fianck Taylor we have in a bandson.? Tolime " I be Army OSrera Compau* Ion, principally designed for tbe Officers in tbe Pie Id ? By L'.*nt W. P Cra:gblU, U. S. Engineers From tb* publishers, T B Pet^rton A Bros , FfciladelrLla, (tnrcruffb J Sbllliogton,) we bave oaietbtng exciting In tberomiure Hue, "Cliff jrd fd the A-tivsa Hy Margate? Blount. ? yrj Ta. sdayth- ettrjtrgln New York burbot ^ad tb?'r ?itl jt Lalf n tit a- a n,a:k of respect to tbe tr. error, of His Royal Hifcbite** Prince Albert, mbow d??!b wa? announced In tbe morning |4trrr Tbers we about two bond red bri'lab >r??e:? In port, wblrh, with a Bomber of other jj^lgn vwwli, and the Amerlear. shipping, ^t^tiaUy un'.Uti la this mark of bettor end respect to departed worth. Ti? Na>avilx.x U?iu Rim> id ExtlAirp. Tbe London News, Deoamber ?tb, Mya: Tbe Confederate war steamer Nashville went Into the graving dock at Southampton yesterday to b?repaired Tha Federal armed mail A raff o will. It Is eapected, coma up Southampton W ater on Wednesday next, lostead of remaining at Cowes. so that ths two ?b ps will be "Within sho?'' of each other. (CT' Charles Jtfferds, who wasooo* tried tad acquitted af complicity In tbe horrible WaltonMatthews tracsdy, la Naw York, baa he?n umiii tried, and found gnilty of murder In the first de groo. Ha la bow in tb? Tomba, awaiting bis aen* T*o Battle of Alltifeuf amait. TLo Camp Elkwater correspondent of tbe Wheeling Intelligencer glees tbe following account of tbe reeeat battle of Alleghany; Aa order wsi received from headquarters at Huttoneville for a portion of tbe 2d Virginia to report at Cteat Mountain Summit Immediately, or aa aooa aa tbe weather and muddy roads would permit A boat two nVIck p m . deur bmente of companies A, C, D,G. H, I, J and K. in all about two hundred and ninety men, order command of Maj Oweti, took up tbe line of march for tt?? *0100111, where we arrtv?d at nine o'clock, aad wore Joined by detachments of tbe tSth and 9Md Obta, Cnh and 12th Indiana reglmenta, makln? a column of 1,400 m?n at tbe summit Tbe object cf tbe expedition was riplalred to aa, it being to clean oat Camp Baldwin, allium o.. u* top of the A'i'egbanv wr-jota'.a* dUumt from Cheat Mountain "nmmit about 25 tn'.Sn. On tbe Ufa '-nut we lef* eberr(tbe aum Till) and ikM to tb? old camp of the reDtli at Omobrier. u4 titer* baited long eu.-J^h to get tapper ta4 mt. where ear force wu divided, 7U0 going up the Greenback river and alike auaaber up tbe turnpike toward* Staunton, where tbe two colmm were to aiake tbe attack ai4 o'clock la tbe torainy, but owji g to tbe rougbneaa of tbe road / a ad three mile* rf it u, the isountaln, mucb teeprr tbaa anv part of VV beeiing Hill, tbecolumn which your eorreepondeat waa with, could not gee up until about 0 o'clock in the morning, when we eoniEBt-ared the ftgbt oa our aide by woundlog two of tbe r>b*l pkkeu and killing o~e,oor line* were leraaed, and forward, chatge b~y<nea give* Away we Wet, whooping like devils, wltkla 90 \arda of the rebel eetresebcr.*nta, when the Are became ao hot that all had to take abetter behind log*, tree* aad whatever ata? ?<u?d he found la t?.ia realt'on we kept up a regular Indian Ight for over lour boora. Toward* tbe lm?t tbe Srlag becaiee ao accarale lb >1 If an Inch .f on pcraw waa rapoacd be waa bum lautrh < at laat cuse ordria 10 draw of, which was door !> tolerable *<?-d order My opinion la that there vara ev*r 3.UU1 rebria we bad to flgb'; and at no Mom had we o**r *50 a?rn la tbe I^Lt Oppoaad to thla fo Q0 waa at .ea-t 600 rebel uuikm and tour ?r flea place* of artillery, anoag which waa a 3#-pounder Oar law la killed aad wouuded, 1 think, will N?k aeartr 150 aad tha rebel low la killed ai??< wrM It waa km of tba bardaat fongbt battoa thai ha* jot occurred la Wntrn irvlnla. Tba fght occurred ta Highland ecnjntr, **?aallea fro? Mutow, Irtm which plaaa they (tba rabala) receive* large rcu/cxcexaaau Naw* noa Maw Oiiuvi ?A maat etatoMat leiegrapaed froaa Fraahfort, of direct latallaaonr from New Orleaae. waa ao Importaat that Tew word* way be devoted to ebowloc haw auto**! te H wa? A latiet waa received < oy private ..... M.? ONNriBip,) VJ a ioodiaf I'evoe Ituiot, frta a vtil kicw i reivV?? ?? New OfImm rw levator ka'uwt b!a nMm ubtu iMfit MMMiaolit, and to hav? tfca boat opp rtaaitlM for U^/alaf ibo alato of pabiko fNilnf TW reUMM, MMoatfoUoa by tmonkip, wrltn tMt " cutfw compete blm to datic ttut a majority ot the tHiif? ?4 they tka better port loo, too ore today Colo* men, tad w.U prove it st the Irst opporuaity, by rtai-g Id aid Um Uaooia la Tad. a CuMta?aM Ou. Tbs Ttutt Wits M a* co.?The Important tMety with Mexico, ot woicb the oitUiut* a/a bafcrc the tfenate,la ondenfetod to coateatptete a ftrtga^e to tb? Cai'.td States i?f ail the public had*, "ncladlag th<- eburcb property Mtlmated to bo ?rortb hundreds of millions, as aMurlty tor the repayment of tba til,000,000 wblcb It ta propoeed (Ul we Irtd, for tba satisfaction of the * raacb a ad fcegiteb creditors, wbOM beet* sow threntes ?ar neighbor -Jfti* C?r Af Y. l>iPaitsa w Ouiroimi ?aam* tfca #t??*? H?our?4 la Um S?a friKltto p?p?rt of tM AM all ,*/ ? of Mn Blit beth A. LitUu, wUi a4 C?pt TboiLU LlttOB, b.tive of BaiUmon, Mn. lack: Eltubof*. wife of B W Jod-D, ? MUir of WMfciogtoa city; ?ad Mn. a , wtfc 9t A 1 ? c?tv? of *" "" 21? ? A. ThimZififmut?JBSfi/ttBiff I . - ; * - OCR MILIT 4 RY DrPGET. THB *41 BOOK* Of WUilHTM We hm b?*n nqnntMl,it tb?rffl~eof tb# ProroBt Mar?bal, to ?*y (bit It b*a btca dtfc-rm'.nrd to ?\,ppr:r? *Le ewil i f bar rooma In Washington kept opru tfWr p.m. Finding that tbt order for closing tLein at that hour Is con stantly betngVvaded by hot*lM>f different gride*, It haa been found necessary to take mnum to ensure VU observance Here*fter, therefore, the proprietor* rf ftU sucfe e*Uib:i*btnent* a* are not conducted with due observance with ILe order above referred to, will be taken and beld In custody, without respect of f)*r*ona We may add, that thla order la no( designed to prevent the kevprs >?f eating hou?es from fur Dishing fooa. to their patrons after tbe hour of , p m , but sisply tocloae all bar rfcorns efr ctu* ally. A fe WORM HSSDJD On all bands business men In Washington are complaining of being swindled bv individual T?lon?eer cfficeis Or, In other word*, that an undue nutub-r >( the latter are !n th? habit ef running up bill < without unking any provMon whatever for the'r liquidation. As our military law* now sUad i. ? redress for the swindled Is obtainable, the els* rf 'dvrnlurer officers who d" such things beln^ almost to n msn, without any property wha?e?er ?.*cept their pay, which cannot be reached The evil can be stopped by oongretMlo&al legislation, ordering their ps?, nr a due portion it it, to be devoted to the liquidation t?f iheir debts This will either rid the service of sucb men, or prevent their swindling operations So future. A srrciMrtL TBIAL. A day Of two since General flecker tried the range vf the 10 pound Parrot r'ti-d guns reently placed lu battery In bis division The mark taken wss the enemv's b tte-'?a on Ihe ether aide of the river, 4,Ui>0 yarda off. The "practice" wsa t very thing tbat could te w.'amd, every shelLfell jlist w ?re aimed, and every one burst j'ist as lnte>d?d. to the infinite astonlsbmeut and consternation of the rebels, whee cries of warning (*s escb shell approached > vera plainly bea d "n our side of tbe river This text of range occurred in the ni^ht One of the enemy's guns was d.a. mounted by It. 3IAVy TABD. There has been no arrival at the Yard from fl? low?r Potomac since the Stepping Stomas cuita up, day before ye*t<?rd*/. A schooner came to the elty wharves yesterday, which bad been 11 red at by tbe Confederates aa she passed the batteries, and four ball* bad paaaed urnuRD ner miiDitu. Tb# Peosacota will n.iike another trial Ulp to- ! 1a stattd, and president and several | members of tb? C?blnet are expected to be pres- | ent The Pensacola was 'o have made the trip | yesterday; bat theCabinrt meeting, It lssupprstd. p <*v ut<-d the President tud Cabinet from going I down th? river CHAVLS3TOX HilSUICLOI'S. Toe Navy Department thia forenoon received dltpatcbee from Commodore D^ Beaufort, d?Ud on the 2!?t Inst The only K. m of nev.^ of public Interest mentioned by h m ia tie fact that Commander Davla bad returned to Port R-yal afWr having successfully blot ked jp the entrance !uto Charleston harbor by sinking (tone ltdea vessels acrcss It. A B\asLE?c arvoa. The Lctel ball* of Wasnlngton were yesterday foil cf a atftry say'.np that Gen K lly, cf Virginia volunteers, bad been defeated on h!-> way down from Romaey with a small force; It ocing h s pnrp? ?? to march to Mar^nsbar^. 1 here vr&s no foundation whatever for tU?i s'^ry. I r* P ! o I r fr l. If. II. r.? > LOIHjb-'i'iie offL < &?raan<i in'tiibcrao, tti? Gra'd Let a are r<??ue?teu to attsnd a ape<' ! frr?tin on F3IDA V* I KV KNiN'i. *t 7 -'oiooir.;o m?*e arrar.gcM*n'g fur tfce luue'a.1 ol P 6. Hi BiRT MtilUf. < f On rftl Lodg-.Nc. 1. Facera o* ^tarda? aue.LUva. at 4 u'j.Ocl. | Jt J. T. BANfl*. Q. 8. > i o. o. r nkboenc\mpL MENT, No ft ?The offiosra and mem&ere otM?uat Nebo FD?*n<pni^ct &re re?ne>ted t" at t?nd a aaectai mating 'IHM- RROW iP itiay) EVENINB. to make arr?r:tejnnt? for the fnurral of P. H- P. Roaitr Slii .ht If u. micr.q,;Miw I -T5" W ASKING TUN I.KCTURK AJ-SOC1A LLS TION The Thud L.*o'ar? will b? by BAYARD TAYLOR. 6?ti?et?**Ti> Aan.ctN ranpLi. Socially aitd POLITICAX.LT." At iba Smithsonian Institution, FVID?Y hVKNl G . 1> oen b?-?, lMl. te^ op^aat7; L'c?u'? at o'clock [? 25 oer.u, to b* . ad ai uia Bookatorea and a*, the <l. or. d*S6 ? rif? i nr. Hiy kihb ul,i; b wm hold iU r?c?lAr I nton'h!? maa'inc ucl Hl'K^UAY KVKMN'fl, Dw^m^r t,kt7 ?'o ook, at D rinsn'i h??vfLth ft ?->t. off ?ite tn* A?* u_ Hou?* Pnnotaai atte~ itn f It ?^o??t?i, a* the *'? c*i< a of iiia* s wtl! tit*n 'a\e p to* re-aos* g t>> h?M oim wambara v> ill ?lo*?* rot! ? forward on lb 11 it*'. _d*34 T A. W1LLJAMgQN.B-o. "V^^VABONU'?Grand Lode* of P *n?l A. J ? Mmubi of th* "ulrW f Colombia ? A. ta'*d o -miiit n.-fth M. Vv.Gra' d >f th* Pia.riot ol Columbia. will t>* he'id on FRi DAY. tb? smh in??*"t v 4 cvlojk > m? at th* Hall, corcer Ninth acd 1> strata. ufiicra a d mrrr.hers ar* *trn??t y rt* j*nt*<J ?H c j i*'"""* brethren in r>rt>par ttandu t fratam -iy wiviiad to h? ?r???nt. JOSHUA T. T*VLOR, rig M $i Gjand Sto ?ta<T -?j?NOTI~E iO 'I AX HAYERH. r,oLi ?rTom'a Oinci, ( VTaiA,nKtf>n, Dtttmlrr'd 1,1341 S Nolle* i* ro?r?by f irra *o ail p*rEoua >n arr*ara for *ai??. wb'th*r ih ? p?oial, o' annual taj that mea? U)? a*id* la paid at th a ofio* befor* th* lat day of " braarjr aaxt U>* pr?jv?'?? op whioh t * Ui la da* wii. <n?*n b* ad re tiacd and aoSd, aa the ia ' diraota. TknuakA_<>k > m W >v w HV w t?U k>l rvi Hit llO*y ny?ai? o< | adveiUaiBf Will fieaao MI wl'hin the time ??aoift ad. WILLIAM DIXON. do 3?-oot Kehl Col I*otor. _ r^-THK WKHL.KY ChAPKL PUNPAY JJy Heh^ol will hold a F-HTIV Al. ^a the laotare ro pinf lU faarah, of Fifth MKi F atreeU. c< ia. i?-eu r on MONDAY' VKNI.NG, the 21 mats a at nal ?*at 7 o'o ooi, ar.d ooutinu ng throneh the ereninga of the ?<x . liiiDN' will b-? ftoi'hA. F?"ita, afeo'Kaar?, l'*e(ul ?nd F*a?7 ea will be u v-?net> aid ab?M ftuM. v oee ard ' :i??romental Moair each ereniti*. I Aa Ui* f ro*?+<t are to be- *ftt tno Bjao il, liberal yatie mInI of it? friecue jf^raaeon tioketa 26 oen a; single a^mteevn, j adut?, ifl o^nta; chi <1 en, 5 rente. d?tMt Tl?l?? THK VOTER* OF WA-HlNG-' 'J." TON.?Th? Aaei-saor of t&oa ?v*?d will meet at follo?;nr p wv fr mh V o'oiock a m. till S 'e.->ok ? in from tna i<th to the Slat, inclukivo. to corraot acd r?<;stcr 11m Limes of thoae om't+ed Troaa -h* p<?>! ii?t. ' t W*rd.?J-?h?? A Hor aa, 172 I'eanajivania avena?. ba*w^au iTtt and l?ih streets. 2d Ward.?Thomac ttewxrt, o> ru? r IV*h and H treeU. Sd Ward.?Henry Cartu,oorner 8th and LatrerU ?tfe Ward.-T?to?ii*e W. Mnron 6f atte^?, oaJ?f':GaV H ktieets. 5 n v?. ar^.?Wi iia;/i A Ilarpar. 31 etreat ea?t, ,V>. f-etwoen En?t ^api'..; ?n-i A ?t" et nt?th. ? h ^ ard.?Geo. T. K. Clark's UAm. Virginia a*enn*, letwean 9 h a.-1 " it>i etreeta. 7.0 ?*aru -rfMf Htf>r n*d. So. ? oou'b Y atroet. b<i*Nc tftb and itt> iir??U *ni, da I - airt II U. 3. flANlt Bl i;OMMIs?lO.\. JJf 2U F at, Wa^hsntlon, I). (' . D* e 24. Tha t*ani'iry tea a oo.leotiou of book * olrolAroboa o Mi .tary P?r,(rr Ud Arm; whioh Military i>ar|?Kna At or it??r WMtUl|t4B aro mnt*J to SuBH L PRKDKK1CK LaW OLMrJTEO, do HB 8enoral aocrotcn "iVICKCKtAM A'?D WAT KB ICfert, c( L 5 tb*boat <uahty, a' STH a?.r auart, Ho'on Md boardiOf bona** famiahod At low ratoa. A tAT* A^>tm?nt of fin* Oafcoa kapt on hand at tb? rktlaitipk** C?n/*twn*ry. oar?r Twelfth ant F au. 'iq 7-lm* YV^eNfKBTAlNMBNT FOB THK HOL1 iJ D\Vi-A FXUjr tha bono6t of KlotoK rCeaaai will bo ao<d u Tbora'a Boi ding. on *th all aot, oonraaMinc Dooonbor )?<?, and oouUuuin? IkiMik Ik* A caratal MtMttoi of ?i; nnfbM of aaefal and fiticj art to m for Ckriatifta*, with Ocmfti lomrj is ?onad* oa.wtl ka foand a*on the ta'le*. An SO0il?blMM*r, withtll tb?Mi?o(M of til* (?* on. pr<rr> .*lt%th S<q*I? adauaaioa 10 oeatf; aaaaoo t^Keu. ad a W?, * wU:n?-r tiokata V wuta-a '. nf vkioa nay ba had th? adiaa or at tha door. da 1? it' ITQ* 8ALE.-Jl*?4/iV, BAHj-T/vT-T^e r Jam: * CaKKIAOe.8, uitablafor w? par iiowt, ?ui M *<?d AkM^. Tb?t i ?u t~od oru^r. f-au ra at tha P*> Bimt *? l*v?nttj at., twfraaa SaadC 4? ?? All Ps^oaali <A?7tf m bT???*. dM UiUa, I tJcg?i loeoi-ta. ara .aaaaotnilly.'Mucat^to rii' s u .*? - tira ,U|? DJr m? i?l?l itfiAt!), H| , fc- J" ? i m? 4 i wa. * f o ??r on i?v i r* '? r?-uvuat?i y. ;d wi 1 i*> utif unwiot tMlitour 1 * 4?*ti-EMat ?ttu ut fjr .jt T * * ? BAft?OCft * UtMMtA. . * ? * ' ' . rebel actocmt or the druses. VILLK FIOHT THEY ADMIT A DEFEAT COLONEL TAYLOR NOT KILLF.D [From the Norfolk D?v Book. Dee. CT J ah v<f?vcc??arrL cosr*t>r*at? attack. Richmond, D?c 91.?a portion of onr Potomac army sntfered a defeat venterdav At 4 o'clock venterd* v iv>Ariine Gen ?rn*r?, with 6V) - Iry, the Jeff DhtU Artillery, lat Kentnrkv Reylment. l^th A lab*ma, 11?b Vl'pflnla and 6ib South Carol I ua regiment, being a portion of Gen f,ong. atreet'i brigade, left Centenrllle to attempt the captufr of a Federal foraojng party at Dralneayllle, *1tWn iu!le? from Cf nterville. Ai they neared the pl?ce they found tbe YanI keet 15.000 strong Gen Stuart, with 3 (KM), at tarked them The light lasted a ^reit^r por'ioa of the d?y, when tbe Confederates retina Onr 1<<*? vm about thirty killed and an eqnal number wounded. Among the killed la Colonel Thoa Taylor, of the Flrat Kentucky, and the major of the lame revlment. The Eleventh Virginia regiment, from Lynchburg, bad *even killed and twelve wounded A third Arid rfflcer waa kilted,and another Lad bia arm aoot oil' Four of tbe J-& Artillery were killed at their ?un? and aeveral wounded Gen. Stuart sent to headquarter* for reinforcements, and last night the balance of Oen Longstreet's division?fourteen regiments- went down to give the Y i k.eaanother flyht Nothing heard cf the operation la that quarter to-day. US' oho t>*?F\tch?riKTHEB T K ET'.cc L* S* Richmond. Ue^ tt ?The following additional particulars have been received! A forcing party waa aeiit out by Oen Siuart, rontlstlrg of about two hundred wagon*. earorted bv the Eleventh Virginia, Sixth South Carolina, Tenth Alabama, and Flrit Kentucky regtmenta. tbe Sumter Flying Artillery, and detachment! from RauMOOi'a and Radford's Cavnirv. The whole fcrce waa nbont 4,500. When the Confederate* neared Dralnnville 'bey found tbe Yankees prepared, and during the klrmtab tbe Flrat Kentucky fired Into tbe Sixth South Carolida, killing ave A IW.. * * ? * n iici m? cu^a)iriiicut CWKD, DOU title' WltLdrew In order Col Tom Taylor, In pcraonal reeonnolaanc, found himaei' nearly aurroanded by the Yankee ravalrv; be eluded tbem and eecrebd himself until durk, when be eac?t?d and Joined hi - reg m?-iit TLi* only injury be received waa a alight w uttd on the han? The f 'Mowing iaa Hat of casualties : Virginians kliiori?Mrlvln Otb^a, Herry Golden, W. Camp* bell, Jamea N Painter, anl John Henry \V ouitd'd?L'ent Horton, Walker Tbarman,. W H Hohaon, S F Frantlin, Joa??ph E Rice, John H Wood, A Carf?r, Jaa. McDowell. R. Uu't, Jra Flower*. Capt Jjrnieaoti. ludaon Kmbrv, Cap* Ytnin.tni. J*a L. Black, Jaa D. Jobnat n, nnd Pet?r Carlyle Mianl'iu?<ie?. VV Ro^an. Of the Alabnina reg ment. H w?re killed, and among the wound d wia C <. Fornev. L rut Cnl V1arllr< wa* ret>orted killed. Wounds 15 Of the Souiti Carolina re/ment?k 11 -d 18, wound d 44 misting 5; MaJ Woodward allghilv wounded. Of tiie Sumter Firing Artillery, of Gforgla? killed 4, wounded 13 Of tb? Kentucklans? k 111'd 1, wounded 35 mi?alng $ A number of the na i ea of the wounded of the Alabama regime' t are omitted In conaequen< e of vtvy alight lniurlpa trf*K^?. ^ ' -* # _ ? , .urii iuiMin|( ju in nUDQDTJ many, perhaps ait, may reach the c:imp Toe Federal* w?re evidently filly appriied of the approach of the Confederate and were prepare . to meet tfeem In a atrorj portion. Nevertheleaa, their loaa f.iliy eq-ia's tba. of ours. R?v lnforreuienta we'e aeut in Gen Stisrt, who now hclda the battle-Held Further re?l?? urknuwn. Imucrtaot >rw? fraiu ih?ftuth> Chicago Dtc 21 ?The Mem^iia Appeal of the 10'L Inaant haa the following: A Ri<*>nmnd correapondeut tayi, In addition to the !<W apuroplated by the Confederate Cotif;resa for toe relief of the Cbarlestci sjff'-rrra, tbf Legialatureof V'rginla will app??pri?tt if-oo.000 Coliectiuua also were uVeu up la all tise c' urche* on the 15th lnat ! TbeUeorg'a Legislature appropriated 810(J,'XO ' for the relief cf the Cbarleaton suffers'a | Ttie correspondent siya to such a rrizh'ful extent fcaa vl -It uce increased In Richland thai the cl'.V bids fair tn hecwrue aa famous e ever Baltimore or Naples wn th^ Aiug and (tabbing are every day occurence*. :>.u..?nki. ?-?? ??-?? ^uonine? vifgrapbic report of the foreJt:ii ncvi, and remarks: "What wul be tbecour of the trembling tyrant at Waab| tngton we are unable to aay, but prmume be and , Lit a tu'.e ndvisera will rtfuse to take up tbe gauuU"t ;o f?-i.r!vMly offered by fireat B itain, nnd tblnks that tbe action of tk:e federal novern. rnent will emjend^r such a 8'i.te of sentiment In t'nnee and England a? to secure th? apeedy rec| o^nition of Sautberu Independence. j Ti c reb i account of tbe Green rl v#r fight places | tbe Union leas at ninetv-flve killed and one trior' tallv wound>*d Tb? aaaje va?f aeration charactertlxea tbe report of the battle ofcaanp Aliegcany, in Weatern Virginia. Uen Mllroy is reported klll'd The L'nton loas is set down aa500killed. Tbe rebels acknowledge 20 killed and V7 wound* I Th? Appeal rejoice at the movementa of tba radical abolitionist- in Congreaa; and, apeak'ng of the emancipation acta emeu of Messrw Steven*, Bingham, Bberman and vtber*, it wnys: "Our people rather like thla specie* of legislation, Inaaoiucb aa It gives victories for ua which the | bayonet and bullet will be pa'd to achieve." Tbe Fort rtm'.tb News of the 12th has dlaonuraging news from the IndUn country The Ce?*s, Cberokees, and Seminolea are deserting I he cause, aud large numbera bav? Joined Optheyholi>, wLo la encamped on the Big Bend of th* I Arknnui with 1 ""1 l*"4'* * ? - ww i uuin "my ?- ii ar iiipq wlld rifl-s, revolvers and knives, and naked to the waist To oppose this force tbe rebels bad a mail force under Col. Cooper, who wuclam<ir?i'i for reinforcement* A buttle it dally expected, as tbe two armies are only a few mile* apart The Korf Smith Hewi learos from tbe telegraph operator at Fayettevllle. thit about one hundred t nlou men Lad b?*u arrtOd In Madisen aud Carroll eountie*. i ne New Orleana Delta of the 12th say* that tbe naval commander of the Federal fleet forbade tun transmission of Gen Fbelps' proclamati m, and threatened to fire into any boat that attempted to carry it. Tha Nashville Union of the 13th Las tbe grati2'tHK assurance that Lincoln's Message h is prourrd complete revolution among Union men. The HeprrteJ lepartara of >iatan mn<\ Slidtli far Kurape Boston, Dec 94 ?Nothing In known in Bos'on In regard to .Messrs Mason ai d SlldeH's leaving In tbe F.uropa to-morrow, and tbe rumor to that effect Is doubtless unfounded. I ' *--* /> o - s SI - * ? . wu r- tit-With HnccyaaU Ha now,a large, r strorc young HOhMi.. 1 aa ???nt>r. a sex, M>thc<ii>i mi utcr. having to leave Vir jLH^D cmia o" aoooant of th- war tir re, has au further nta lor him Call at 470 I sweat d*2S?t* H. O. MoDANIBL. IMPORTANT TO LADI*-B-Tha sab crioers have ope am trie 'tore No. 16 Market frpane heun avno e i>?-twean nth ard 9-u ats. aa a firstela?s La^eatjd Fan"? D a a Cay I'apot too is iug in p*rt of I out dV lenoon. AppUane Mackl-t and Va.enoie ce La<i?s, snjh a- l tsleev a, liaukaoh^f (ate. Fioaariuf, Caps. Caps. C<>.ffa a and inad > up goods of the fia?st ?"a ut, ardatNaw V?>k pn ?a Ladies will find it to thtfir advantage to oal) and eximiae ihe xooda s c ? anc!- is warra tad aa r??pr s atad. CO )l ? N A DLttSF.LLiO" P. from New Y<?rk. N B.?Al. luru of Laces washed, meud-d, and doae ap a^nal to short aotio*. 4e28 Im* ^oal and coal covks. SHiMCEiiy AND LvlcENB VALLEYCOaL j. la .noDON ft. CO.. bavin* introduced to tne o tisons of W asbington the ah .vs ?n? CoiU, solioit ifcoir aiteutiou to tna aMhrit?>1 NATIONAL *ND UNION oas OON-UM'NG . a ? a'*'** UUAli BIVYEP, U f otker with a 6 ->? a-iior ntdut of COOKiNG 8TOVF.8, now on kud u<l lu aaiaobaep. %t their Jlooma, wl'h MolJerm^.t, * SS Penn avenue Order* for C< a rioeived And prompt!? delivered to oua omera ac fti o nta per net ton within oie mil# of thf ! %i road Depot. Laet quaaU'.i'a deliver* .1 at. <-ea ouab e raus?. de.? 1W 'CLELLAM ro UHSUPERCEDED ?T 8 A N T ACL A U P! CHRISTMAS PRESENTS NFW YKa"? GIFTS! A n?w ar.d be'iitifnl eaeortment of FANCY GOODS? Bvitabib roa tub U it I t t\ *' ? u VP Li I V A I P , AT *. A I.AKF fe CO.'H MARBLE HALL B * Z A A R, 9T0 Pmnrrivtiu Atiude, da it St * I'r^er Brown's Hot?i L' OR CAI.K?Two ??oond-fc?i.4 WiG<>N8 m 4tme or W|i Li AM r*(!AD. at K ?nglc? Farm. Mvm tne Ousn of 10 ttd It < 'oioc*. do * * A LOT OF TURKKYB a*me ia tail?1 oc oorn*r nf hixtft ftcd ti ete. rhe o*Mr wl 1 pl:*-o prore property. p?y ofearg'O and take them i*m ibi i.?*'lately, U^nire Vt M. RKED, ip lUirt, <le *-at* 5 AAA LBS OP FRESH GK APK8, i''W At vv loinuiob Kitiii, JtllNMtTM M J. ?. B?'?ONO'?, J*M1* !? OtTfLUi Bt. |^LANKI?Ta .N? ? I htTB om Imb4 ? ftali itHir or IM filMktt*. Am y BUakiti, m?m atn i ?ry, r^ t,i%i K?ta Jtiatf/ ?#a Hera* A ! o, d <1 ? tmierl* m,.f W iin QuliU All kCl.iBX M U< !wT?il guh f. lu ? .. ? IllLftBV B?AN. - + . ^ 0 / ? FtOH FE.ZE SCHOONER T ?vA|(g? o Army Mgikit, Klltud P itol C*p?, at 80 o nt* p?r M. 1 lot Inda Ru <her a* 913 per doisn. Orif'nal o^biUdm i J?f Pavi , of ?*ia Poraaieb* JOHN R. K< V*NB, deX lw [R??ab. A lit 1 3C>Pana. av. NEWS-NKW?-NV W 8! JC?T "FEWID. _ NEW YORK OYSTEH AND KATINU LOON Tm on<l?r?'?ii(Hl h^f retpMt'ally to inr<>rmUimr friends *nd !?? m^lic r* 1? x~<v j.e- tavaorened tbfir e'tabliahmentM"a>l tm. J on New York ??, near I5?h W sha'! ??are n > rami to pro~nre for our ooatomeia the ?he roerfcet can affard.

Partiea. fami'iea an* ant'~ra anpplied at the eh^rteat n tioe. <*or eetabltahment will he open daily. Surdapa excepted. Je ti-lm* DORIAN h. SWORD TREASURER'* OKFtOB. Washi5uto!?, D- C.. Deoember, !M1. Ho d'n i?( the two year* Trea??ry Notea. with ir tere?t at 0 per o?nt paysb'e??nii annually, caued .under the ?et of M m Mereh. 1M1. are informed that the interest on eaoh not?*a to the 1st of January, leej. vill be ?ai I at tbia oftoe, on and alter that day; provided, that an h notet with a rchednle, firned b* the holder of aaeh notes, ahow in* 'he number, date, and amount of each n?te. together with the intereet due thereon to aaid fi-at f January, are lodged here, one day beforehand, for verification. (aiced) P. K 8PINNF11. dett-td Tre+aimvU.g. BO U T 8! 1* O O T f*S n a a r*. ^ as WW ifcfTOUBE A UNrlfacS. 1 348 P*. Avmiici mo 311 C ^TllTt in (TV A'ew York VT-oUwl* B<a?th Houst.)W\Kj Ha-eon hand, and are dally reoeivmg * Mb larg '" * of CAVALRY AND SOLDIERS' BOOTS MARCHING SHOES. mostly of their own mnnufaottre. to I* eo'.d at the lowest markst ratrs. A e%l* from all defclers solicited. Sut'w? literally dealt with. deK-t?* ^F^LKn PROPOSALS Are invited till tha 1'th day of January >0}} at 12 o'nock m.. f r snp! -'yng the Government w.'th REEK PAT I LE. Tue < att e to ha delivered at Ha?rieb?rg. rhamh?rsh"rr, or vork, ^'a , a* * *>n after th? l?k i at of Maro*. <Hfi2.a? t^eGovernm-nt may dir?ot I he Gnve' n er.t 'ill reoeire under thia ooctraot 4 "00 hea 1. ani reserve the right to oali for any addition a cumoer up to 10 ooo. K*<-h lot of C* tie delivered aha'I average at lev J 1 5*0 pound* grose weight; and no animal will bereoeivel w..ioh weighsires than 1.W0 f?e weight. GovernmeDt reserves to lUeJf the right to pay in Trea wt note*, and to ejeot any Did tor any cause. .No hid will he ?nUrt^inrit un mi tha IvulHit ?g?rr??n to r?>SPOD<f The bids to b* Proofed to M?J. A. BECK W TH C.8. U.**. A.. Washington. D. C , and endorsed "Proposes for Be*f." f- ohm or Bib. I, A B, do herebr propose to deliver lo th? Govern inert *o<h1 Beef CmI e od the hoof for pr hundred pounds gross weight The Cattle to be delivered at . aocordfns to'he terms of'h? enclosed *< wrti?nin*nt. The Cattle to be w I * ?d on the soaiea. and the weirht >o determ ned to be 'he purchase weight t hereby asree t> give a good and 'uAoinnt bond for the fulfillment of the co"traot, \nd to race ve Treasure note? or other Government fund* in payment for the Cat re. <ie3? M I F.A t PERKINS*' WORCESTERSHIRE I SlUCR KING A BURCUELL. de 19 corner Vermont av. and Pifr^nth it. U GORDON A CO '* PRESERVES, BRAN dy P.ui:s, and J*IVs. KING A 8UPCBRLL. de H corner Fifteentn ?t. an'l Vermont a v. \|IL1 TARY oVKRCOATS.-HeaTT KHOIL* I manx blue Beavers from $tu to ?*>. rice Dre*> Birfir Coats. Orders for Military feuiU promptly execu ed WALL. STEPHENS A CO., rim !q a ' Da? .. k-* ?a?i- - ? m ia w _x_ ?^ ? - ?. i wnii. uoiirocu giu auu iv.n ?w. CRO88 ft BLACK WELL'8 PINALITTI, Mixed Pick e?. Chew Chow, Uho kins, nuts, **oani h aa<1 Pr?nch Olive-, Fr*sh Ra*pb-rws. V/*iDDt Cat: ap, Mu broom CaUoj. Harvey's txnce&o.fto KI\G fc BURCHELL, de 19 o-irser Vermont av.aQt* Fifteenth st. VOW 18 THE TIME To r t your W-.-ter Clothin* at low prions, at 460 Ttb street. rt?1i lm i RPO ) WA CARD. E Are now presarr<d to exeoote all orders prompt f. hav n* made ex enn ve ?rr%ngemeiiis to i-'cr-a*'! our mat >jfaotory i eevy orders havirg Ce a ed tu in tts:r exftoaticn. Complete ostfita oari iiov be de ivered in five da>*. made ;a the beat style WALL, 8T> PBKN8 A CO., de i> et Peun a v., be: ween tth and iWh ate. INDIA RUBBER GOODS, OF A L KINDS?FUR THE ARMY. A large sti.ok just reoeiued. JOHN H PUDNK.Y, 334 Pa av . < ha?-k "mwl nr 33ft D at. WVII' I S jJU\lHIKTIiK!?j ttbUVES >? GAUM I.KT8, SH.KT!", PRATER*. *o.. frrth good*. Xt jl HN tf Pt DNEV'S 35fl D f3?t, M'T en 9 h ftr>1 |. ft. B'JFF'LO ? WOI F KOHES. LA?? MUKft B ( ? NRETS, ar>1 i:??P BEDS, Ju tr<?'lTM?t JOHN B PLDNEV'S 3*4 Pv. ?v. ( b*ok room > oi 300 D aire*bet Sth UJ i? h. SUTLER? !?Sutleri 70a will always find ohe^p ind deeirable gnodaat the Setler * Supply 1>?p..' of JOHN B I'l'uMEY, 33A D *.,b9tween foh and 10th Blankets, blankets ?L*rg? uunit. by the bale or p&rr. JOHN B. PUDNEY, de ? 346 D etreet, between 9th ft ad 10th. I\.l OOR E*S WEST END DR1TO HTOHK 113 Fa a vih.i. South ?id?. A large at jok of pu*e viedloio-e. *o.,aiwgy?on hand A'?", Hur, Tooth aod otaer Brushes. Congress w a tar, ko. Coal Oil aou Lamp* for unw. d? ai gw _ FOR THE UOL1PAS8I LOAK3. ClOaKS. 1.i'AK !?Another la-ge anival of thoee beau lful Sleeve Cloaks, m Bovver, OcMkia. Troco, r?m; Skin, Otter, Ve.rot P ash ?nd L,K?n Skin Cloths, at low or oes lAVM'K & HUTCHISON, <i' 3'-lw No. 42 Cen'er .Vfcrket Sp?oe. JVIOUN AND VIOLONCELLO. OHN H OOODALL, Professt and T-aoher of 'heao*>v*,ten<lerehisa r? om to the pub io. Terms 3 per lissoQ Relerenies to any musician in the oity m>?f n! of his pun's <re now the beet violm i*t* In the world Vi?t Le Petit Ole Bail, Pred Hu W'ej.Ao ho. Address Canterbury MaJ. wb#r? Le oan t>? heani ever? nu'it_* da 21 lm* E. C. DYER. IM PORT KB OF BEtiARt*, A5L' DBA LIB IN WINK#, LIQU'<Rg,U U4? Pt*m. avenue. b*tw**n 18tk aad Htk tlrttlt, Washington CitT. *J!.J Mint IN THIS CITT VOB THE CKLSfcftkTKD HUiNOaMILN WiNMor A jCHtt AhT/bK, Of Vienna. 1.000 ^A-KS ? 1 narc just rfewwd case* (assorted) ?JT tne above ohoioe Wlnes, to w b oh > he a:t oto (J sutlers and tbe public generally i? r-? s peril inly tailed. Pnees raugicg from |< o #9) ? r naa . Am ?i m. WV m* - ?V* rl* U R HI P V R 811 1 P U R 8!l! We h*ve Juat reoet?ed a la^e aaeortment of I .adiet' UH.?. Ruiaiao Sabl- , Canadian Miaka, Mirt*n. Kito , Kiv?r Sable, Sibe-ia S^ a many other kicda of Fare too Domaroaa to mention. Alao,a large aaeortment of Miaaaa' and Children'* Fare Fine ?leifh Rnbee, wnioti we oan ael at ?? j ot pnoea, either who'eaaJe or retail We invite th? l?diea t? o?U acd lo'.k at onr *t?ok before pur< ba?iug elaewbere.a* we a I1 'hs Fara ato!d pncea. a. A W i> KY* R BKRG, No. 48 Market 8?ao?, *1 lw Be'ween 7tH ?: d 8th atrceta SPECIAL BARGAINS IN LADIES AND ??<* t emM:'? r?iiaw.?, Balmoral acd Hoop Skirta, ju?t opened tlua day J. W COM KV * i:n IfOR CHKIBTMA-* PMESKNTS?A new lot of Mirage* "orh C'oika. handeom* Canhm-re Kiarte. Wora-ad twotoft and Cam ?b (reat tui*tiea, Belling off ohe^p fo- oa?b. J W COLLKV * CO. rAl>IE!<' AMI) liLNT!>? KIO GLOVES a fill. B?aver and Thread Geunu- U. hosiery of all k nda, ohilareu'a Glove#, fto?a' t'uok km Ua nueta. lmc off cheap lor Chnatn aa tiinaa. * J W. CUlLKY A CO.. da 11 - St fi'iS 7th ?tr aat. abo^e Pan a. av. CMKES K>* THF HOL1 DAYS-the beat and ' ot apeer, at the Piriadelphia l<M Cram D-.i pot o roar Hih an < K ?Ueata da>3-3 W CM,AlMH AHPROVKO BY THE QUA* / ta n.aatsr Geri*ra' parohaeed by SWEENY, ft IT TEN BOOSE- PANT A CO., Ba kera Paaa. aveaae, dag-lw Near Browa'a Hotet. / 'ENTLEMKN*.-LINEN rOLLARS,1 IN EN *1 COLLARS, LINE"* COLLARS!?AinatlW dosei now iu ?tora, all aty ea, at abo't half t*>e 0'?ai pioe for the iaoa ?ooda-ail f oar ova manufacture At THOMPSON''*, A* E. A Lake A Co.'a Ma-bio Mall Birtr. da J? tiylcr Browfc'a f A L)IKH\ (tRNTI.KBRN'u t im n i-mr dken'b FURNISHING goods, UNDbft 0ARMKNT9. SLOVKS, MOilERV. HAND h1ep8. 8cakfs tiks, cravats, j.nen collars, shirts, Sto, to. thompson. gnd?' brown?a, ! da 10 k. A. Lake k. Co.'a marble Halt Ba?aar. I HOLIDAY F*fcbENTS _ H&V* on faatid a large iMorUMut, B a?k and F.-u-o. e>i!k?. Da! a:a#?. f totlraarM, F*nu> Paid*. Ami a variety ofohar Dr?a? Gotut. Aiao, Rhawla, S??rfa. H -op ski'ta Hudka oiiafa. Km ro?d?i rlea. Coraaw. Ladiea' acd Qeut'* Kid Q.ovaa, I N'ulr T:ea, V'tidar Bfiire, ao j Dravera, Book | ftevitl'.u, ana a giaat variety of Hoalery and biuvaa, al aa;tat>t? lot he 1 day i T?r.ia, at it* lova.l cuk p rioaa _ HENRY KGAN. 4 3#* l anLty'rai It. antH Sobijj aid*, kciWMi Mb MO 7lh, dali ?ttf l?( If ftp bai ding. 462 464 Si>lKS,Gim. mtrxi ffitklSTii- rtS.tLTa'A? Efc ."ui* ** lifiMrtl mri r?seaxagag,?rv.r?-aZ I u. i 9 Hi-TCB?3w5r!A5?S?&BB25 ?~J md otTt ?i Y+tj i?w fiM, ft ft fteeortaeat of WMk Bain. UtM Portfolio* w ritjnf Dreka. Cftrn CliM, *?.. to Vhiok tfeer invite t>e UUcttOI of thoee In eenrrh of preeen i Ibr th* tepmftohiftf hoi dftf*. ftt their Pftuoy (Mort, No. 310 Peon. CHRISTMAS PRESRNTS. J?*il Ciiti Odor StaMU. P?ftr( ftixl Ivory TftHlfU, Pnpor Folder*. Aibtma, Papier MftJ'he Work Box** and WrlUnc Silver, P?*ftr! an other fen* Po-tenon r.ftte? Jm Ornamen t.Heftd Drnm, Shell ComW, l.ftdl*e' an? Gentlrmea'a In* Drecting Pfti#*. Po?ket Kni?*? fine So'eeore. til ftt B< TCHlNrON k Ml NRu'r. 310 Pt it , be?. 3th fttid ltUi ate. CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. _ Partr Put Gold ana tourer Thinbiee, Preneh perftmery, Watch 8>and?, Clf?r Stunda, Id* Ruti. HaoheU. Raokgemmon Boards. Chaw Mm m oth?r Carre*, TpU a Tate Tm ?rti. Dreaainf Caa*a. fire Pomade*. to# R-aabea aad Combe. Opera Gla**'*. Hpr G'aaaee. kti ,k o at HUTCBINSON * Ml .vkO'S, .110 Pa av , bet.Sth and 1 th at a CHRI&TM AS PRE8BNTH Wax Doll*. with moriax etea, To* Faral??ret Tee and Dinner Sete.MuMO B< see. Parlor Be . Tot Painta. Alphabet V ooke. Toy Gana 9v>rdi, Piatola, Drama, Meohenioel To*a. Magnetic Toy*, S-" ""TefrHBS ifiV ftlW&f*d^as St 310 Pa. av.. bet 9th aad 1th ate PfDHAM'S GRAND E\CVB8IOR TO ffEW YORK AHD BOSTOH. EXCURSION TICKETS From Baltimere te Boatea, aad re* *...... ?* *a mrm$ wmm J . rv Ta !*rw Yerk >*d retara 0.04) Tiokta good to Inti B?altia>ore from the Depot oftii? Northern Cent-el Railway,on C%ivert etreet, puii;i( over the N- rtnern Central Railway. L*hanoi Valley, Ka?t Pennaylvasia, L-btih Va leT.eud entrv Railroad of New Jeree? to New Yo'k.and from New Vo k o B>?i?n by the c*tonington Line, leaving New York by theateamera Commonwealth an>i P ?month Rook, at 4 o'eiook p. m.,on aoy day, (Sunday exeoept?d.> UP TO JANUARY 31,100. AHD TO aiTCKH BT MM BOCTK ON OR BKOH E MARCH 1?T. CT-^ok^. for sale in Waahington. D the Nat'ona! Hote'; i Ba'tifore, at the Depot of <he Northern Centia! Ra>l?e?, C*!ver? etr*et, nt Barnum'a Hotel, Kniaw Honae, aci tiilmor Houee. Two through Tratta daily from Baltimore to New York, leaving Baltimore ?t 8 -5 a. m and *.3? |. m. T ooc eat with tb ee traina. paiaenaera from V> a?hit>gt')D mail lea\e in the* e m . end 6 p. m t aiai. IET All oommnniaU" nam rwra'd to the F*w?r ion n> at b? liddrMud to JObIAH PKRflAM, H >tol. WAnhtngton, 0 C .hit hea<Jqa%rt# t. H? wiM aim S* repre?e ted by hit ate ? at Karnnni'i H"te? Baltimo-e; I.orrjoj'i H?t*i.Nww York, tad the Aoana Henae. Button, hit beadquartort in thot? oitiee. do V IW FRZVATS. FRZVATB. PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA Caret a'l Vernal Diaaaaea permanent, r aad ^ciofcly, wittioatthe aaeof dia*u?UE| or poiaoaoo*dro?? of as* kind. No <!i-tir.* or mte ferenee wttii baaia?M. Contu.tationt fr?e It it aaying quit# enough m itt (avor, vKn I aar that hit pr&ctioe ta that whitfc laiaaaa ia ail the nav * ore fiij nioaiHii. New York City Collage and Hoe^ital Taetimooia'a f?mteh?d. L?dira wi ll White# aad of the Woab cured *nd eared a contuisptive's grar* by ay treatment. Tli?re ia ""othiDf o/miiM or ic Any part of tl e treatment. All curea warrAoWKl, or moMj refodae Ommuiifoatnni ia writ nc, with return aiamy, promptly ett*c.ded to. Medioinea for t avlera and others yaeked, with fSli infraction* for use. and warrantee. OSa?-Kuo? No 9 Wa? ington Building, Peso. 1 a rem" and Sa??ath at., Washington. D. U. daiSI-ly Neck ties and scarfs: m:ARFSAP(D NECK TIBS! An anyaraliellad assortment at I HOMPSON'S, In yart of E. A. Lake k. Co.'a, de 3T Under Brown'a gotal. Anew stoce of GENERAL STAPLE GOODS. e'a, mforts aad Bad Spreads, C<Hton Sbeetirf;, St irtinna &r,d Linens. White ard Co ored F annels. Towels, Napkins, faoiea Cloths and Diaper* Fom ' *i?t> Bot?* Waa*. C.othn. Cassimera, Twjed* Veetings, fct .iakl cood at? ?- and qaa.iti> a. Fine tad tfeary Grey Duasato CloUi. for Gent amens' ?n>ta To ail of which wa tak the s?e ial attevtion of yirohtMri. J. W. COLLEY k, CO. d? it" ?w *^3 TTh a*, a So re Pa. aa. r^EKMA.N DIVISION, A ITKNTION! V? HEADQUARTERS For Sanding Money tn tier many and ail part oftha Country, IS Mabkkt Snri, S\n nf >4? ft?mM flat. noB-lpi V V a.* a W < k If > n 'Ha. (I <a r a At : n a Heiais y ar urb ior uiouiiiii, ruruiinif Uooda, Haia anu Ca?a. at No. 460 Tih atraet. de 111m <Re?> 'po MILITARY OFFICER8 XND OTHERS. BATCHBLOR'S OKNVINB HAIR BTM, The Beat in tl?* World, T\* (Mi* RiMatU m*d Hmrmlut Htm Dv* iiiw, BoM by all Omiiiati; aiao. at BEHsroH'e Patent Medicine aw*.?. p. patent O&oe. eor. F * 7th, Hair Mora* 94% Per.n'a avenue. vhere Lao lea oan bare H Off lied, IIdeal red. Paotorr-^1 at.(fit m Broadway) N. Y. oo Sly A LL COLORS AND BIZEB LADIES'REAL I\ Paria Kid Olovea, >?e?t a uantT. PKKR> * 0BOTHER, da i4-'0t Penn av^nae and Ninui atraac Ma, card. K. J. AISl.FR Has tha fleet ore to inlbrn his frienda and the publto, that be haa opened a firat oiata Reeiaar&at, at the favorite ooatinn on D atreat, between lltk aa<l 12th atreeta, ao Ion* an1 well knowu aa Aim or a Confectioner* eat&n liabnient. ^ i - - f tan iupf.,) of all the d? ie?o;ea ol the aeeeon, and eeoured th? aarvueeaf po.itr aod ocmpeten attendaa he .topee to reoaive ft <la? ebereof aublio favor. de 6 lm AT TRACTIONS.-Grand men lor \a 7th atreet, to seethe new alook of C.oUiiu*, jact reoeived at SMITh'S. No. 4ft0 7ta atreet. I de 11 lm (Key.) |> utter i butter u d butter!!! IOC kega ehoioa Goahen butter, >oat reoenred and for aale ohoap by F. B. HASTINGS * CO. bo SS Lf 333 D at.. facing Ffc. iwch PERSONS IN WANT OF OVAL FRAMES IT lor Vhotutruti of ulltiitt, 6tit or Roeewood, oan be aoppli'd f y JOHN WAtiNKR, nest door to lii? old eatab'iahnMut, 355 Fa arena*. N B. Looking glaea plate* meerteu lk aid fmnea. uolO-lm pOR CHR18TB^AS^ p*EBKNTB. Ja t opened thiaoay. in ail the uttMl etyieeHendcdme Clotoh Cloaka, lieoutiful Shawia it great vahetiaa, Ri< h Dreaa Qnoda. Rich F gureu and Plain Blaok aod Colored Silks, try Sailing of oheae lor oaan J. W.. OLLEY A CO., de 8P bt A8* Tth at., a^ore Pa. a*. HFOR CHRISTMAS PKEtrENTtf! AN 1'KERCHl*- FS. HANDKERCHIEFS, H AN UK KRCH11- KS !?All rta. took now an Mui led. for ladiee aod gentlemen?Ja t the thing fur CbriaUaaa Preeei ta At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. Lake A Co.'a Marble Hall Basaar. da80 Uad r Hrott'i Hotel Ohio wiNfc* AND BRANDIES. Hanoi reoeived a oonaig a meet of Itmmm a?aa * Co.'i Cinoinnnti Oliio Catawba w meaaod tiran iaa ; we there lore offer to Draggiate, ?rooera. Hotel and Saloon Keep era. Ao , DRY CATAWBA WINS. f.lvkft Rn/i Kfrnne Ina Crv?? a m am UN. ud ?ha"iatt?r 10 iil/^birre fU "miil-f aod oooktng purpo?aa. UW^fir CATAW1A Oft LA DISS' WINK, is ? tnti h? f bvrda, for table n?a~a rary n|tri?i uU?ie for tha hoiiaaja. CATAWBA BRANDY, wrrer"* fsb/rtf.1" da M lwi M bojiataoa hwm. 3P THE WHITE HOUefci HE WaU-knava Wluta tfouaa iNUUMt. <* tab iu,'?t, D?r Um canal, i b??nt A ^ ? A town, baa baau <eftit*d, ud pttN ?uln|V BovMMooaaod?t?it vitk eonJo, iat> (.rim*ruoma. Osme. Fiah. Uytt# ?,sod tSTb^T Wmea, li^no:i aixi ftatara, alwaja om W*T* Kamiliaa fnroiifad with OfiU i.ia uiil ffna A. ftODIEH, Pn>?n?teT. I OOK OUT FOR STORMY WftATHKft. La ac? aacd yoar orTar* tromeoiataty to HA Mi LTuN.tka ranuvned S.uiar.vko vui run that SS?J?ftT??r?lt,a?j Hi1 ^ Larfa J[o6aot|i jU'M don* ? cmUvta noca prioo POO> 7 th St.. UWadll Cect?r 1?M ftw* MO KM** FOft AAL^b -A lot <X twt lU^k T "eU^uklRimtiw nwS CtaSft Hctw. u?*r PwuuylVMU ftv*uM TUT*1*!! it* mir -rTj.rif i?. 1 Tb? nod rsicasc mniWRTn WWk t Sr.j'wssr ^,,r SSMR \iir Iw-smwySsv ?:rr> kmp? * l*r?r ??i&?utf of t (mho* Piok'.M tmssansLmxi&swiy*, V I WAHV8. CHAMBrtikuin, * P'I>L IM tr|t*. It" W^ft'.SST' BlOVkf OLJ*R Ml. > i VT*n imiil m . ?r i v .a TwT r a IV ?. ' "? ,,, ? *" . r-?- * "1 "" Na?r Viri, U MhitxtM, t aawU* or LAND?MfrN ??H Im WANT* D?A FURNIftHKD HOP9K nrM. A4draaa ~A. B,? boi 144 p.* 0#aa, Waahiar'on P.C. It* tJL'ANTKO-AttlTl-ATION M *?k .V b?n*a?rf, ia ft ??'! fem'y Addraaa "1. Y-." 'Cr tfaa. U WAITED-A WOMAN lt<i|WMtaN*" ? work. Al??, a f da tar rr aw aarraaf. ?V Am> M aorLor of Ninth aad F atraau. l?n4ot Ho?w, *?*??? \l'ANrtl)-i-o?r 8KCOND HA*DS ist ha '? kOrr *nfcar apt itxfartrtoaa roaaff maa <wr* will ba tirpiofM laqaira attOo pia bakarj 4*4 Kkmtlt ? .. w_aw< W, li* IR'ANTFD-By a raaa?*ab!a rir'. a MTL'A" TION aa onok la a areata laaiili 6?<d rafora oaaiivaa 8tiaoaataa<Mal Ho.133 Tva>fth at. bMwaaii C and D ?t?. It* WANTKD? A BOY who aod*r?t%ada la* in* *' ihMUoo ixal Adam* araaa. A'ao, a oo, orad Bof to vork ia pdatiag ofcoe, u^iii i m. u. iTuainu raw ? u u ? *? a ** * de ai * P?dp irwiicwtim* IW*NT TO RKNT TWO OR TURKU CN PURNl-HM) ROOM*, a" e?fnmn??oati?? on o??(l ?r. Thies K*\ tog esot to kit* oa^ ?' *1 * SELL'S Bo kators, utr Avtui Hold, H U dr M, through Poat O&ce, "Housekeeper ' d ? *? ' WAITED?At the Nations (iteM Lasadrr, P?ur MtM ntt d<S IW Mndi, I WASH Wl.MKN ?od an fRO>*.** < ?*ir tSB^Sdiafll. w a* fx* WANTKD? B? a )M(io?? N?? Yorfc. Mtar ?lttir? in ?ne C'nroh of the P-v. Pr Hai ) Address 14, Star OAs*, de* tf \VANTED? A STORE or part of ators, or r? osot !ot os Penr *t-enne or Atk?r pst*?e lh >f sthfare Address SI 1 ? str*?t. hsnrss-t ifl? *nd IS h ata. Prefrred hMsMiMk s?. I'd Tr?s?mrr l>??Mf?nt ??e8< ** WANTED TO RENT?A Fl'RNlfHtD ROUSE o mUintns S or U> rooms, located within * Mid I nd l?th and lt*h sts. Ai?o. % P?>lor and t*i> Ch&mb* s ?oioeolnt fente Ily fsr B'sh'd. in tke same looall'y. Addr*?a ' Tenant.'* SUr Ottoa de ? tt' IV < m>-a tonne m*a **o hu I ?? < I ? krnv'Hf ol KaroModisa. donrad b>>m #*p#nao??, And ctv>r,uusd? f aotioolly tha roant^an??rt of borki ud ftooo?ata, d-?fra* a S1TlrATI"N h rlfk or mititui, with a Merchant, (tatl?r or QttVtemi>i'*r. C m ??n?'iO'i not >. uiis ' o[t ah'iiHtrttion t< fwilo m*r'. we f*tr Addreaa "LH bdl " Po?t tiffin# W?*Jvin?ton. D P de IMi' WA>TKI)TO RKNThIi ao?r# ?tre?tlntAa titiutr of )*?. armiif pr+Tnrr+t1 > HOI'^K wiln ??i?r sod K*? and a at*b<a*'t??k*d,ar yrd room in wtwoh tnta.d o?? u> momiiiwmUM 'to horee*. The a<iv#rn?er datiraa to opon a t uoher'? tor# IB it, tod t? Ac , for f?wilr d-?. Any >ne hanar won a rl*o? to ran w< 1 f nd a rood tenant by a4dr*m>at * to.# to fji x No 18.?;rOiit ?? X ?i* \\ ANTKfV?A own^twt Peraon to work ? " 8ir*ar? af?i?i m?~tui?e T? ooe tfcat *ai a a aamareirt itua'icc wi.t ha civwn. a ?H? at WALL, STKPH KNH A No. 992 P? ?. |T?"IH> Mw?na' V tK MH ^A^TEi^-l_NF?'llMOTION M?ry ?o?*d to be at !j R'Otklyn. Ntw Yoik. Hhe v<U near ?^meth>r<i t<> h?r *.dr%e'*.f h* u(t-'inri wr ?t?T. Hn. BAM ft A ?TK W* %T, | wHgga p c- # TO 81'TI KK(i-Wmm1, tfca Betiereaip of a 1 *e?>rr.-ot iata?e?mA*. br tooMMUnt mrf h*r.t with Ue necessary w**oe ; lor which a modenUe viII be Mid. Addreea M th? oiM of thi? nfw. de 17 iy* \V A NTKD?A BITrATIONwhMkkM?*r or rr Hl'imu, br a 0ntlemu of JO rea-V experience, with ftret-elsee r?f re< oe ; oorap?r,n'i ? at <Jlecr?tion of the eoip oyer. oo a t'ia). Kor la interview address "A. B rBoi 1, Pta? OAm. den lip* WANTKD TO PURCHArtK?Oi reaeoaab.e Mrwi, a frame or bnot HOUHE. wx.taiain* 'tori room. titrated so?n? whe*e Mwms Fiftk and Heverth street* west aid 1 aad N eta north. * r.y aereon hanni ?noh a r.oase for ?a'e ?aa hear of a purchaser r>y apply id* at Room Mo IS aeeoad door P. O l>epartnienC . . de 1? jtw* WA VTKD-10.?no whisky and brandy BOTTLES. Caeh en de!i?ary. f. B. HASTINO? A CO3?S li ?tr?et, aolStf thilbarwto^'e Ba'ldiag. mrm.i a v-rt'n l*?? a-~ - ? ? I t *_/ J pvisvu IV ?MVW I MB IV " tn? m& krt r??d? to p?j oMh for Aii admIm in the h n?efiiroi?hi?c !m?. Imtih tiv* eitv, or h%Tinc ? nr?la?, wtl1 <1o v?|i to o? <, R. HUCHLV. 4 5* Seventh ?t , Mmm 6 mo H Ik, t r?it iid*,) O^liw m N*v Md ?ocend-fcA*id PmtBitare. bo 1< WASTLD?TAILOK8, TAJLOHB ?&? V^lor* oomMlMit to vort m ilitvj ioodi. Aft.? 6. KOLf\mt Wil . t)t??h?n? * Co.V n* \JU ANTED.?W? irt to* banij SECOND J* HAND FURNITURE.BTOv?sud &KD D1N6, for which pftrinc the tucboat tub fri-**. V&nuliM if o:Ji If, T tkAT; li a avrplvs of faraitmro, ^fl koc it to tA?Lr fcdrvoLM* Ui gire n> ? n*ii. ? bo NT* * eEjp>;^B. ) lA-tf No. ?f| Tth t.. btir. ltncl>. PKR80NAI* A NOTICE. I.I. PaHaIai jafk]%1 Kt tK? M n'nA r? Vnatr aneo cnmp\*j 0f O C.. will eapi-e or. M"ND* > , Daoaaiber *ti, at oYiook p. nt. acd are repaired to bo renewed at or bofor- teat tint. He M it CHAft. WILSON, See AUCTION 8ALE8. TBJB AFTERNOON ? TO-BORROW. Bj J. C. MeUlIRK * CO.. Aootiun.a . PBRKMPTORY 9aLK OF CORPORATION o* Wuhiwioi #rcri -Oa Fill DAY AFTERNOON L/^oriotiar iTik,at4 o'oi<>ok.*t oar Auction Room*, we nhallnoft withont reaerve? !, 0 % uarterlf Corfo-attaa of ** aahinctoa Rl* par cant, atook. Hi eeml aanui tw rvoratMB of WMtiaftoa 8a par oral stool. trporation of Waahiaftoa Flte per ooat. tort Tenti* oatx in epaoio. deXd J. 0. MoQUIKK * PP.. Aaoto. Br J. C M06UIKK A CO.. Aaatioa~re. PEW I> TRlNTTYCBURCfl.-On PHI DAT APTfcRNOON. DseMnbar r h, st< ..'aiook, r! tbs Auct on hoomi w J as. C. Mo6nr? A Co., shall ?*.l a fry sllrlbls Hf* la Trinity rhsrafc. toloncioc to the tate of tba 'at* Gee Water Joi.m. TriO Mlj.i KR, Kxaecor. d?? d J. c. McOUIKE A CO- *Mti FUTURE DATE. ~~ By J C. M06UIRE A CO., Aaatiftoaars. ]V|1BCBI.LANBOUH SALE ?OaSATURDAY 1*1 MORNIaO. Deo+mber ?tb. at in o oiotl, in f ont of U10 Aaotion Rooms w ikall nII, for aooount of whom it ar eoro*rn,a taaatityaf stooDd-hand urnitara, oomsnsiEf? Sofas, f ario' Cnairg. 1 *t-,ss, R?dllMdl,Ml'trMH?, Pillows. Rcraaa*, wa drohas, Waabst-uMls, Biuk*U, Coaat?ra?B?*. T?ii?t Sets, Boo*mm, Dm*i, Coaira Ae , ALSO Two a?w Bs/iinors-bailt Kxpreas Wagoas, Two hud'onit Family Cairiasaa, bat little aesd. Also, for aoeoant of OufcaaniTvrat -fvc Barreli Uaid Br?ad, Ob Bar. si prims Paansyraaia Searfcraet, thres Burs a Cider. AUO Nina Haidred Rsa*y J oatue Com torts Also Tvsaty firs Lined and Canned Baffato Kot>as. Toeetner with maty other sru?,?. ds?-d (Rsf j J.CKseCIRK ACO Jlasts. By J. C. MoGUIRE A CO , Anouonesrs. Household fdrnit' RB tNO Emcrs At ArcT'.O*.?on MONDAY MOR.MNQ. Dtoambar SSUi, ocnaMaa*"*? at H o'olork, wa sb> if all, at residaaos No.47T,wsst ?ios Tai toeitA treat b'taeen Paaa.svsnas aad D ?ireet,ail tfce H?asabrli Efestt therein. wa naiae is para? D*iMuv?k ..J a^.u. hwivivui mm mm mmm w? viwf% Mi U*-top C?cUr %ad ,M"Sr' fc5?Ki!li.DOtTF'*Hh DIIIM Ui MM-Hftl tMryMl Terk^'nrd CvrtAiM. 8 tit Co'mloa Md * r *4m Fretiok CtucU do MvUt top Draw bi Hnnuiiad Wu^dw4l, Mftfcofauy. W* nut ?i d T v. aiod do S?tu>4Mr. WniajjlfcaU t> iv?? Bd?i*a a, Siit Hiik. Ui CuUonMd fns? MtttnH*'. Po?thar Bod-. Bo, a. eraai.d Pi,Iowa, 0*mfe-V?ra, QaiHa, BiaokiU fccL, ia^ i PkuWd Cauai* CbMibor tu t?. 1 L*hdtomo on w?r.w and otrrad Cuca'tr, H daUftd iwpo'Cnl lrom JMaui riruakjla. Ilhhb ??tl Vooa ,%a Ouinmu, Rat***. Toiotbor with a l?r?? tot of Oo*.? Mat lii, Chacaror Ua Parlor Mow Ta TtaoMh bm*M J. C. Ma?l 1U * CO. Hafc r\LU MADEIRA. MKRIT AND P<??T Imm B ? I Mr. Mo??fc Ht4? - - !?u, Ipfmi UfccT J. Mr Uurinarst?r Pv^'t. ^ j*v>. v?Mo?Ewu(Km?t, ?.* a'"nKJiarvsaTit B""""erh.,? A ic ' la crrttitr . p/?crirl?s ncufj jw?? 1 lO VLmflCS * Jht At . .

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