Newspaper of Evening Star, December 26, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 26, 1861 Page 3
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> i/i'AL NEWS. A? p^iurr Amu Anora to tic Humv. A^V^/oV-lock r m en Christmas Ere, the clerks of tbe cltv pmt ffl-e proceeded In i body to tbs r #f P??i?u*rf Cltpbixt, ?b#'? Chief Cle-k Tiw, la bebalf of his fellow-lerk?. In a | little speerh, characterised bv mnch feellnt, pre- j oented te Mr Clepbaae a beautiful go d watch, I I scribed aa folio wa : ? PwwntH t- Le*wfo C Clspbane, Esq . post- I mew tor of Ws*b1aaton city, D. C., by >bo clerks I ! bta p#>a, a* a token of r*?p?t and esteem. I WasblngtoB, D C , Dee *5, iMl ' Mr C'ephsae, in tbe roar* of a felicitous re- I ponae, remarked that he hid feared that be might h*ve mined rather their 111 will than their good I *11 from tbe Ineeesant labor be bed been com- I yelled to reqalre at tbelr banda la consequence of I tbe immense Increase of work thrown upon tbe I Washington c?ce at nee tbe war commenced. I Bat bad performed tbta additional labor I slacrlty, feeling with him that It waa from a military and pa bile necessity. Following upon this presentation waa that of a I band?ome gold mounted eaae to Mr. Tree from I Mr. Clepbaae, who la tendering It, apoke of Mr. I T aaooe who for onr thirty yea re had aenred I tbe public faithfully and Intelligently In conaeo- I tlon with tbe Washington City PoelOfioe, and I waa yet laborlar aa actively and aa xealously aa I tbe youegeet of tbem. Mr T , who waa evidently taken considerably I aback by the preaent and the complimentary term* 1a which It waa offered, blushed like a I peony, and waa really more eloquent la hla heal- I tetter disclaimer of aay ability to adequately re- I 'pw*i tbaa if be bad made aa elaborate speech I ' he r?he waa 1 ascribed?"To Lambert Tree, I Ken , JhI*i Clark of City Poet uflW, aa a alight I teatlmoolal of the coaMawe and esteem of Lewis I C Clepbane, P. M. Washington Cliy, D C., I Dec 16.1961 Preaeatefioa No 3 tbaa came tf-Mr A.C I Richards, flaarclal cterk of theoMce, b* In? tbe I r*clp<sot, and Mr AlfredO Hail, Special Mall I A goat, the spokesman Tbe gift In tbls matance I waa also a been lful gold-mounted ca e. It tte'ed: I ' Prom tbe clerka of tbe City Poet flfflce, to their I friend and fellow-clerk, A C. Richest, t-s a. tea- I tlmoblal of their high regard. Washington, D I C ., Dec Oft, 1881 ' The party waa then Invited to par'ake of the I generous hospitalities of M? Clephsne'a mansion, I end with tbls and tbe dlapeneatloa of delightful music, vo-al and Instrumental, coupled with tbe { oordial Interchange of good feeling between aa I genial a set of gentlemen an were per ha pa ever I con' regaled under a single roof, the houra flew till tbe small hour* of Chrla'mas morn. We"w.>a'd farther state "thsttheClty Poet Of- I Ace clerks, aa tbua collectively seea, ore a remark- I ably good looking and amiable aet of men?a c'r- I cumstaace oartlv accounted for, doubtless, from | the fact that tbe typographical ' persuasloa" la I eo largely represented lu the corpe. CaiMraAL Coitxt ?On Tuesday, George W I MapJes, a sold er, waa arraigned,'cbarged with I an assault and battery, with intent to kill, on Ja- I cob Core well, a brother aoldler It appeared I frt in the evidence that Maples bad been drinking I freely, aod while under tbe infloenceof liquor I made an unprovoked assault upon Cornw-ll? I knocking out ble teeth std shattering th * honca I of bis jaw bv a pistol shot, which, if it bad bet n I aland a little higher, would pret>ablv hxve put I aa end to Cornwall's existence. The Jury found I Maptea guilty of assault and battery onlv, and he | was sentenced by the court to one year's imp'ls- I Ionatont la the county jail, and to pay n flne otft | Patrick K-hoe, Indicted for tbe larceny of ten I dollars In T<ea>ury notes and one dollar In gold I * from John Swift (bjtb soldiers), on tbeV^htf November Uei w?s acquitted, aa It appeared frc-ni I the evidence that aootbtr man took tbe mon#y I from Swift, without any participation on tbe patt I of Kehoc Th?*a Court proceeded to sentence Henry W. I and Sarah W Llibt, convicted a few dava ago j of keeping a bawdy and disorderly bouse ' The I Court, in pseslng sentence on Henry W . Light, I said the keeping of such a place was a grave I tfuce, particularly at this time, as a majority of I tha crime*, for wbleb soldiers w?re arraigned I before this Court, were to be traced to their | visits to such bouses. In conald?ratloo, how- I ever, of his (Light) being an old aoldler, and I it appearing that hla children were more to 1 blame tuan himself, he was sentenced to threw ( months' imprisonment la jail. It being stated that Sarah W Light was serioualy ill, and un- I ar.le to come inu> Court, she was sentenced to 1 pay a ttne of S10. Adjourned until to day. Cbvtbal Ocaaoaorsa Cases?Btfort Juttxts 1 Tkempton ? Yestrrdav morning the following I ca?es were dlsooetd of. being arres's cf tbe pre- I srlous night: Wm Bat'ey. recetviag stolen goods, aecurlty for a heeri g John H O'Neal, fast driving; flaed SI 15. Dora Slmma, disorderly: do SI 16 Jamea Saerman, drunk; do 91 66 | Wm Ceiaos fighting: do 81 M. Wm Faanlght, I do; do SIM Anthouy Rappert, drank; do I 1 N Wm Henry Mortlui?r, do j diacniMed. | John Oeivla. do ; du. Arthur Douaeiley, sleep ! lag in tbe market; do Yaeterdav during tbe day the following were j disposed of: James ?. Carter, dlaorderlv; flaed 1 I a? A J Mooeet do ; dismissed. Jno Heod> I ley, do flaed SIM Tbeo Wilson, do ( do j SI 56 Jno Ballv. do: do 93 S8 Satouel Gibbons, do ; do. Si SO Frederick Barcmann, fast ( driving} do. SI M John Varheel, drunk; do. j 1 M I This morning, Henry Campbell, disorderly anil nsatult, was fln-d S3 M John PlUpatrlct, dla- 1 oderly; do SIM Wm Merrlsaev, do.; d? I I M Wm Kadcltffe, de ; do SIM Red-I mood Barrett, do : do fl M. William Brown, profane and dleertierly; do. SI M M Geaalve, I dru k; diamnsed It te remarkable that not a I caae waa brought to the Central Guardhouae after I 13 o'eiack last uight. Daataa or SoLDiaas ?Tbe following soldiers | iiave d ?i sluce our last report: Albh* F ti-y, company G, 8th New York I cavalry, at Eraptlve Hospital Alber A hollenbeck, 54th regiment, Peaa- | ylvania aolnnteera, at camp. I* John De Groot, X3d Pennsylvania volunteers, at I Camp Graham Albert Wells, fltb New York eavalry. at camp. | T J Mason, company R, Cameron Dragoons, I at Columbian College. A G. Robb company B, 9th New York caval- I ry . at Colnmblaa College Samuel Hess, compsny A. 53d Pennsylvania I volunteers, at Colamblan Collar Marcus Doyfooa, eompf-y G. 90th Penn?y!va I al volunteers, at Circle v Kdwia P.ode, company M, lat New York art 1- I lery, at St Slit>tyth Hospital. Police Caaaa la rat Pouara Wskb ?On I Tuesday KaUick MeCarty was arrested ay paw | roiasn Eeklbff upon a charge of larceny, ead I dismissed by Justice Barsaclo Morria Drown, I do.: do Wm Horner, for running a back with- I out license, waa arrested by pa.rolm<in Leich; I the case wa? dismissed by Justice Fcr^us<u I Jamea H Blake, dru k and dIt d.-riy; tur'-dl over to tbe military Meerts Connor do ; fl ?-d I S3 M, by Justtoe Walter. Pblilp ioi'^h, do ; ds?. I S3 00 Jamea Nixon, do; do. SIM b 'en I Niaoa do; do Si M J<>hn Rvan, do, do I SI M. J"ha Huriaut, do ; do S3 M Will am I Heeiy, sleeping la tbe street, dismissed Job'. I Rollins, asaauit aad battery; jail la de'ault of I twii ft* peace "" Oriinsw or raa "Pobbtb Wtio Statiob I IBoosb?Monday Bight tbe station bouse of the I 7tb precinct of the Metropolitaa police was | opened, end tbe 9ret Inmate of tbe cell range was I named Sml b, not Jobo fortunately for tUat much I sbused Individual, aod still more I"r'auately G. I W Smith, who w?s found lylog drunk ia the I street and humanely taken to tbe station. He I was dismissed In tbe morning by Justice Walter. | Daowasa ?A man, supiissd to be aa Irish- I mao, same unknown, was fouod drowned In the I eaaal, at the foot of Seventeenth street, yesterday. I Aa Inquest was beH.wbeo a verdict of sccideatel I drowalag was rendered. Tbe body wss bar led I hy the Corporation. Stray Hoasas ?Tbe aumber of stray horses (upon tbe streets Tuesday algut indicated that their owners, la circulating around among* tbe I beep'tablebewleofegg-aoggsetfurthupoa ChrU:- I 4ft ma Ere tablee, had aalie forgotten the whe.eaBouts of their aaimate Good OaDaa.-Thanks te the exertions of tbs moutiled itiiard, detailed for special service yes- I terday by tbe Preveat Marshal, as well aa the Ms- I trepaii tan police force, tbe reporisfrom the several I precincts this moraln* do aot show a larger list | of,4 draok aad disorderlies" tbaa oa other days R SI M TBS OovxflSKiaT ?David Smith, I lsm>ier, w^earrested la tae First w ard by oS ar I Garrett, yesteeday, cbar<ed with stealing trom te* tioverom-nv?\ a an uncommon aSslr. He j w?ecommit'ed I"jail by Justice Dm'V to saswer J Ute charge. ttva'a Navioaat. A*f?irm**t?? has woa fer I I'ssif aa ex tend rd popularity, and attrscts an I ImmeBse crowd at ?soo performaaas To-atea' | new features of spirit sud attrao' 1 veaees will be j Introduced * On Pat.lows'-Hall is tiled BighUy, a feet atteatiBg tbe uovalty aod llvellBsss of the eatertaisasrata Aa origiBal bill to night, crammed with aidr-splitting oddities. CaaisTT's Minstbbls coatluue la the full Ude ef their merited succese George Christy's afterpieces sre tbe richeMthiags Imaginable ABBtb- j er attractive budget this evealag. i re sad raay. Tas Wseaieerea Aea??T of Moeie ftiU ' Sou .ahes,d'?peasnmexo iie?.t refresha>eats algtW ly ?c sa extenetva crowd ef vfet'ass Tax moo iweae of the i Couocii- (deferred for several days) will be ftnew ea the flT pa^e of te-dsy's ?sr, ?*ss Mrar* raea ef to-deyM S* Intusst i . I M StrratMtCovtT? Tu**day ? Mr. Wm A Dart, I ?f New York. Mr. Wm C Goudv, of Illinois, I tod Rom i W. Menxlee, of Kentucky, were ad- I Bitted ittorM]fi ud eovutUon of tklt eo?t. ffo *79 Prancta A. Haabary, claimant ?f the I brig Toccoe and cargo, ipptl ieii'i, w ttw raited | Statee ArpMl from tbe dtftrict court of the I United Statea for the southern dlitrtet of Florida I On motion of Mr Attorney General Bates, of I counsel f<r tbe appellees, this appeal waa docket- I ed and dismissed. No OH. Wm D Lewi*, plaintiff In error, vs. I Georve 0 Psrrlah In error to the circuit court | of the United State* for tbe eastern district of I Pennsylvania. On motion of Mr Attorney Gen- I eral Bates, of counsel for tbe plaintiff in error, I this writ of errsMMs dismissed, with costs. j No. 69 Joso P. Baker, plaintiff In error, vs. I Geo rye D PariHtk. In error to tbe circuit court I of tbe United States for tbe eastern district of I Pennsylvania. On motion of Mr. Attorney Gen- I eral Bates, of counsel for tbe plaintiff In error was I dismissed, wltb costs No 30 The United States, appellant*, vs. Wm. I Knight's administrator Tbe argument of thla I cause was concluded by Mr. Black for appellants. I Adjourned until Monday next. j Chiutxas Day ?Yesterday was In many re- I * pec is tbe quietest snd moot orderly Christmas day I known for years here In consequence of tbedls- I tracted state of toe country tbe dispensation of | "open bouse" hospitalities was not aa general as I on some previous anniversaries of tbe day, and to I tbls (act may be attributed In some measure tbe I lesser number of Occidents snd of watch-house I cases occurring this year. Tbe provost gnard and I police were vigilant and active througbouttha day I ' keeping thing* straight;" and with all tbe ro- I markable Influx of floating population here, tbe I day, as above noted, passed off wltb alngUlar I quietude At tbe various eampa tbe day was observed I wltb more or less emphasis; tbe Middle-States I soldier* and those of foreign birth, of course, I making more of It than those of the New Eng- I land States, wltb whom Cbrlstms* day Is not so I much of a speciality. Focbtb Waib Station Horst Casts?Bt/eft I Justit* Walter.? Peter Johnson flvhtlngi work- I b?use 3uda\s Kpbralm Davis, Cornelius Glad- j man and Edward Smith, for knocking down a I man and taking from him'.be sum of ?40, sad from another man a turkey and a revolver; secu- I p ty for court, 9*00 each. Edwd Sm'th, for car- I rylng a conoealed weapon; flued 925 Conrad I Houaban. drunk and disorderly; dismissed L">ul. I Phillip, do ; do. Pat Branan, do.; fined 52 Jnos I A'mstrong, do.; 58 cent* costs W Thompson, I disorderly; dismissed E Payne, drunk and rtls- I orderly, workhoo** 30 days Tim Madden, do.; I flned 92 Chas O'Bryan, do ; turned over to the I military Michael Lvnan, Jaa. Kelly, Bernard Coyne and Jobn Drunk, do. Roast SrxALiifs ?Tbls morning, JameaFra- I tier was arrested for stealing a horse and buggy I valued at 9180, and off-rlng the borse for aale at I the market lor 930. Tbe circumstance excited I suspicion when tbe price wss nsmed. and detec- I tlve ofii er A R Allen was sent fo'. He soon j found Fraxier and carried bim before Justice I Donn, where be was recognized ss a soldier of I tbe D. C regiment, snd was committed to jail I for court by Justice Donn Tbe borse and buggy I wera recovered. Novelty at Odd Fellows' Hall ?To mor- I row night the famous " Allegbanian*" and I Swiss BrM Ringers" appear at Odd Ffllows' I HtU In some of tbelr surprising and delightful I entertainments. comprising performers on the I b-ils snd a variety of songs, duets snd operatic I selections These performance^ have created a I great sensation elsewhere, and we d >dbt nut I will draw immensely here as In other cities. Tat Wbslet Chapel Fistival affords jn>t I now one of tbe .ileasactest resorts of sn evening I tbat we are awart. of. It la held In tbe pleasant I and spacious lecture room of Wesley Chapel, and I affords every facility for the Joyous throng to clr- I culate tn promt*adt or to linger at the stands to I examine tbe myriad articles of elegance and I value for sale No better place to purchase ap- I proprlate holiday presents can be found than this I festival room Ax ENTtBrtiatN? CoHrant.? Capital per- I formances tnd a profusion of elegant glf's con- I tinue to be tbe order of exercises at Canterbury | Hall. The afternoon performances are exceeding- I lv well adap ed to the convenience of families and I children, and are patronised extensively by tbe I public -Look out for the brilliant bill of to-night I and th* matinee to-morrow afternoon. A Bad Husband?On tbe Island, yesterday, I La>ry O'Br'en, having Imbibed too much egg- I n"gg, '<r no"g without the egg, went home and I larruped his wife Mary. r*he complained of this treatment, a* well she might; and Larry was ar- j rested by Olflcer Hsrrover, on a charge of asviuit and b-tfery Justlms ?trattcn committed him to I Jail to answer the charge MiLirABT FcNtaAL.?This morning. tbe body I of Serjeant Naylor, 66th reglmeftt .New York I Stare Volnntasrs, was conveyed to tbe depot, to I b* transmitted to his friends for interment The I esaott tnd procession consisted of the ottcers and I members of the company to which be was a*- I tacbed; and tbey bore the color* of tbe " Xth I Legion " . Diad ?Mr Robert Sleight, who was Injured I by filling from the Capitol dome aome days since, I died thla morning at 4 o'clock He Is to be hurled I on Saturday afternoon. Mr. Sleight waa 42 years I of ago. Thiatee ?A flue bill to-night, commencing I with tbe "Dumb Girl of Genoa," to be followed I by 41 The Widow's Victim," (Mr McDonough In I both.) to conclude with the betutlful closing { scene of "ThaSevea Slaters." ' CaaisTMAS DiNNta ?The tw? companies of tbe I ProvostUuardquarter^on MaasachuSettaavenue, I between Siaik snd Seventh streets, were yesterday I treated to an excellent Christmas dinner by their I commanding olflcer RrrrttT'srANCToooosestabllshmTt.(Seventh I street, sbove U.) always famous for Its superb | stock of holiday wares, la literally crammed with I them tht* ysar. Call and aee. Don't forget tbe grand Christmas entertain- I ments at Thorn's Hall for the benefit of Fletcher I Chapel ft la one of tbe most popular resorts In I town, being crowded nightly. Good* rot the Holiday* ?Everybody wish- I lng to get Turkeys, Chlckeos, Ducks, Game In I grest variety, mince meat, and. in fae?, every I article necessary for keeping Merry CbrU'mas, I should rail at Wllaon's Philadelphia Provision I Store, 119 Ps. avenue, between Nineteenth and I Twentieth street*. de21-3ta Wbitxhvbst, 434 Peon avenue, furnishes J pbotograpba from miniature to life site HI* col- j lection of cacti <U r?i?u likenesses embrace all | prominent men of the country. Remember, I Wblteburst received seventeen premiums In tbli I country, and a medal at the World's Fair at Lou- I don: also, at tbe French exhibition at Pari*. See I bis fancy ease* for holiday presents de 'Jl-eolm* I VolCNTttts for the army should not leave tbe I city until supplied wltb Hollow*)'1* Pills snd I Ointment For ?ores, Scurvy, Wounds, nmsll I Pox. Fevers, snd Bowel Complaints, these medl- I ctn<*e are tbe beat la tbe world Every French I Soldier uses them Only 25 cent* per box. 211 India Rcasta Good*. India Rubber Costa, white or blsck, 92 SO each. I It dt* Rubber Legglna SI per pair And all kinds of Rubber Good*, including Rub- I ber Boots and *hoe?, Rubber Stoppers for botttes, I Door Maia, Under Sheeting* for beds In sickness, I Ac , Ac , at manufacturer's price*, at H A Hall'* I ladla Rubber Warehouse, 3l*J Pa a*., between I Ninth sad Tenth streets dec 18-tf DUO, Tbl* morulas, at 4 o'clock, *th Deo. ofehronio I oroas, KuLA EUGKNiA GOGttlN, Med 4 ysai* I aad 7 mouth*. The fiisad* and relatives cf tbs famil* are in- I viisd to axisod the inner* a: S o'utook to morrow, I > Friday) evsuins .from the resid- aoeofher parents, I 3*9 4'h sueet, bstwetn G and H. AI ha'f past 9 o'olook this mornlrg. LOUIS I PERRY, age i T weeks and id ays, on y sou of Jo- I s?ph *. K. and Loaiaa M. Plant. * Iaf-taoily.oc the Uth Inst, afiar a palnftil ill ns.s of two w?*ks, whiek she bore with o?i natian I meet, Mrs. dhLfcN Mac AflUN o. in the IS year of her a?e. The deoeassd waa a native of | ?sirose, rsutiaud. bat for ti* ia*t 96 ipars a r*si- I dent o. East w ashlagton, D. C. Her funeral will tase p %oe on FrUay. tks mk maun', at t o'olook p Irora too Maiacxhst Pr?le-tant Coa ch, ooruer of *th Mrsst aad Vircinia Oa the Kth last, MARY A., oalr aad beloved daughter ot WUlia<n aud Mary Bos?e. a<ed 6 1 rsais, 4 months and 9 dayt. I Her ftLuerai *U i*k* piass from har parents rssi- I dsuos.onMb *t-.Wwcsa a ti-d i Prtoar a/ 9 o aloeft, ths fiien4* of th* fcitli? ararMp.otfWly l*ted tu attend. Th'* l^niir bud, tx>th fair ai?d Nignt, Ca led tome ta ear y dooa, Jon oan? to sk ?w to tweet a flower >a ParadUs oao bloom. On ths ft* taatant. P KRCY MILTON, bate vad chili oi Hsnr? W. snd fearah L Patrr^aad iraado^tid o ta* lata capt. Van noeeaa*. of Ba-umora,) bS*, Sft!sr S%? KrWijAS dk ,bur of Joha aad Kata ttiia, a?ed 4 ysar* aud 7 Ymm funeral wlii bake ?laos from the rssidenoa of * irai.^faU r. Ne id Soatb a stree<, Capitol ik- {(i*>d<M(k* ]M|t' kJJ is-psotfally nvlrsd to attead, witbott faithar aottos. ^ AMUSEMENTS. I rpHEATEK ?Mr J. E. MoDONOUGH'S Ajk I 1 Night. THI USD AY, UmmH 38. win he Mr formal Um melo-drawa of t he DUMB GIRL. I OfrGENOA et'MMlo, Mr. J E MoD<>Boa?h. I After whiob, the WIDOW'S VICTIM-Jeremiah Clip, (with imitation* of oelebrated acto'a I Mr. I J. jr. Mol/ocongh. Tonclude with Ihe BI"TB ?>P TH* BUTTERFLY IN THE BOWKR OF FERNS. If national circus! TRIUMPH A ?T SUCCESS of the PERMANENT BRICK BUILDING. EXCELLENT ^TROUPE OF STARS add stabdabo Cohpast o? Abtistbs ! don santiago gibbonnoise, the holland brothers. , WM. f. smith, sam long, h. bernard. TOM KING. And All theForoee, to-night. ??? * * Tbe following pnoM have been adopted: Orchestra Chairs . 75 Ofnta. I Dree* Circle .. to oenta. Children under 10 yeara of axe to Dreaa -Ciro!e..._ ..... ........25 oenta. I Sooial Ranse ? K cents. Colored Gallery....* 28 oents. I Colored Boxes... to oenta. I Hoor? open at 7 o'olook; performances will oom-j menoe at 8 precisely. * Ow s*turday. at 3 o'clook. ladies' holiday matin fc.e. da* ODD FELLOWS' HALL! w odd fellows' HALL! ODD FKLLOW>' HALL! ODD FELLOWS'HALLi ODD FbLLOWS' HALL! ODD FELLOWS'HALL! FRIDAY NIGHT, Drciwiu 8T, THE ALLEGANTANS ! THE ALLnaavians; THE ALLEGANIANS ! VOCALIST AND VOCALlaT AND 8wiss bell ringers! swiss bell ringers! swiss bell ringers! MISS CARRIE HIFFERT, MISS maria boulard mr. a. sedgwick, MR. G. GALLOWAY, MR. J. M. BOULARD Latelv returned from a foar-rears tour aroa'd th ? I world, an I having Ju f o nil'deda series of 4* fuo I ae,srul oonoerta la the oity of New York, would I most re-pectfullT announoe t ie first of their Highly Popular Musical Entertainments ^ Their Repertoire embrace* ? ohoioe se'.esticn of VOCAL QUARTETTE*. arranged in their ow. peculiar and ' fl>ctive style. I Mso, a variet? of the ?we?t??t Ei gUtfc Irish, I Sactoh, German and Spani-h Ballads extant. Aria*, I Csvatmas. >oenas A?. from ih? works of tie moat I poeuKr Ita ian and French mtc'era. In addtion to their usna! oho:ees*leoti >n of vooai I rausio, they vtil play, aaoh evening, soveral pleoes on the otlebraied SWISS PELLS! rrr?The front cf th* h\l! a*d the adjacent streets wn. be illumint'ed with th* msg nifloej.t ORUMMOND LIGHT ! DRUMMOND LlbH r! for a Ion* t:m an object of ?reat curiosity at BARNUM'rt MUSEUM, Near York, upon t><e nix ? of the ALLEUHA- I N1ANS AND BWI38 BI-LL RINGERS. Pricks. Adir.i?s'on.._ 25 cents Front Stata_~. ? 6M oei.ta DrPO.NT, GAYLOH O A CO., *de X _ Managers %nd Poprjrtirs. f irorge ch k 1st y's *JT OPEHA HOUSE, Tkxth Stbbet, Bstwbkb e abb f. ceorge christy's minstrels STILL SUCCESSFUL! GEORGE CHRISTY 111 appear every ni(h' this week in one ol his treat ] COMIC CHARACTERS. NEW bCENERY having been added to the stage, the management I annonnoe with pleasure George Chri'ty'a oele- I brated Ethnp a Extmvaganxa entitled the BLACK 8 T A T U K. jakb. a misohievo?s darkey gko. Chbistt I The entire company The most Talented in Eklstenoe, Will appear eve-y ?veoing m SPLENDID PERFORMANCES. admission?Parquet,fin cents ; GaLery. 25 cents,! de a I ?ANTKRBURY HALL, < Formerly tne Washington Assembly Rooms,) I Louisiana avenne. neAr oorner of 6th street, in the I rear ol the National and Brown's Hotels, OPEN EVERY NIGHT! With the first talent in Amenoa. ENTIRE CHANolToF PROGRAMME. Seuond week of the great Elctntne Ethiopian Artist of th* Day, I fkaisk browkk! * frank brower i To night, the VIRGINIA MUMMY! V1KGIMA MUMMY! VIRUINIA MUMMY! frank brower As ginger blue. i frank browkr a* oingek book. i frank brower aa g1nokr blue, Character* by tw entire 8 t a * *5 o m p a n y ! Songs, New Dances, ire., 6fC. CHRISTMAS WEEK, Cmrhtmas WEE*, A Series of Magnificat afterno 'n performances wll b? given at CANTE* BURY H A LI . FOR LADIES AHD CHILDRXX, FOR LADIES AM) CHILD* ES, FOR LADIES ASD CHILDREN, FOR LADIES A * D CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, Cowmmenoing TUESDAY. and Evkbt aptkbnoon uvrib8 tbi wuk. On* Thousand Costly Presents Will be presented to tbe ladies, ohi dren, and tbe I aadienoe during the we k. Tticae elegant Christmas S< uvenira will consist of msgn fi cent Annuals, and exreo Ive seta of SaMe t-nrs. a Sewing Aiaohne, splendid Gold Jewelry, Si ver Forks and fpoona. Ladies' Chains, Watoh Guards, ohildre *s Neck Chains,bei.ts' Rings, Toya and C?nf >otiontry. ITTThe manager* eal! to the minda of tLe ladies I ofthis oity ihs elegant presentation matineea I whioh t* ey ba<l the h'? >r to give here last winter, I in evidence of the fairness wi*h whieh they were I

eondaoted Theae presents will be ilven in atdi- I boa io the finest performaacee by the b?at o >m- I ps"r ever appearing in Washington. The sa oona attaohed to the Hall will bseloaed daring th" afternoon performances, and onr mati I nees will be o?>n?iuoted in enoh a way that the moat I faatidioaa cannot regret their viait to the Canter- I bury. Afternoon Prites t Ladies. *> oents; gentlemen with ladiea,90 oents; I ohilden, 10 oenta Niekt Priett: Para net, SS oents; Rosewood Orchestra Chairs, I SO oenta. ^ Presents preaenUd at nigbt^H Fashionable dancing academy at Tempe'anoe Hall (in the main halDE g% street, between 9th aad loth. Clatsna every J9 Tues lay and F idav Afternoo- and Evecing,#!M I All of ihe fashionable l auoea taught. Pri-uuBt rate olasses at'en<ted to. For oircuiars, terms, Au., inauire of WM H BA R N KS, at Thompson's I Gen a'rurmaaing Store, 3T0 Pa avenue c. r. bsknes, de 17 In* Professor cf Danoiug. t notice' 1 he washington academy or music, 889 Pbbh. Avmi, Soturten Ninth and Tent* struts. The publio are respectfully informed that the I snooess of the daily an<* nightly entertainmentsst this already overwhelmingly popular establishinent, has been pre eminent. It *s now ftmois for the best Refreshmanta to be I obtained in Washington, ita bar and laraer being I nsurj*assed lu Music is of the moat agreeable and recherche detonation ; ita free oonoerta being nightly en- ] oored throughout the entire serfo^manoe. Its d^ora are open io the pub to tree of charge; and o?-?re are eonaiantly in attendanoe to pre I aeeve order and proper deooruwi. dsl?-?w HENRY ROSENTHAL. Prop'r. Odd fellows' hall! * ~~ urun, Abovi D St. CONTINUED SUCCESS of the Wo bid Rsbowbbo CAMPBELL MINSTRELS TWgNTY STAR PERFORMER ! . The Beet Baad in the World! Change of Progra-r me Every Night! Adusiaaknu. ? M oenta. Doora open at 7 o' tiook | eommencmg at o'olook. de It-tf EDUCATION AJL. educational.. ROF. C. F. B^RNb?' Jianciag School at I nmg Oiaaeee atflie'elooE AH of Ike tMhio^aoie fBu^o'sTl^ D* U ^iecaanjs UBd^tCs^lrtisilea of trot George Arth. CUlfor aeireular. jell \m | [yjADAME lrontinjk^bLA N O H P*, r I t * GEORGETOWN. ? Carrmptndmu ?/ TJU Star. obouitovv, dff 9s, 1941. Christen aa ?u very irenerallT and very properly #bHT*fd brn, lad It la fair to aay that sot mora than the oaual tnm>*T of caeea of dleorder occurred. The Catholic eburcb had an altmttee congregation at ?ech mornHp aervlce. One rquare from Bridge and High at recta a SabbathUkrqntrt nrmilfd Work did not r.w?e apoa the r,fW military bridge, bat tho workmen coneoled tbemeelTea for the Ion of a holiday br the idea that they were yielding to a " military neeesaHy ?? Among ?tber Improvement In th'aeH*. Meter*. Amy A Sblun have luet built a roomy brick and tone storehouse ana cellar on Green afreet, adjoining their prevent eetabll?v ment. It la for tho storage of Philadelphia ale, Ac. A number of military prisoner* paaaed through here dav before yea'erdav on their way to your cltv In charge of a mounted gu\rd. Although the aipply of pork from Loudon and the adjolnlogrountleaon the aaered toil la cot off, there la no acarclty, but about the uaual etock on hand Mr Tenney. the largeet dealer. glvee ua the following quotatlona, which It may be premla<-d are one dollar per hundred lower than prlcee at thla time laat year wben Virginia anngbt a market here: Buying at from <16 90 to ?3 79 per 100 pound* ; selling (retail) st 86 per 100 pounda. LOST AND FOUND. FOUND-H^RSE and CART AppIvatMet opc11tan Polloe office, 416 Eleventh at d?4 St LOST-In the Canter Market, a'FUR MUFF. The finder will receive a ?uitaKle reward by leaving II at Hev S P HILL'S. 3'iT H at. It* Jinn KEWaRD?Loat. at the National Ho1UU tel. a Turkey moroioo PORTKMONAIK, containing fsisjsn, xonaietinc of #100 in nk billa. #13 '0 in gold and eight 9 V rre%?,u<y Notes tat 7 * 10 i"tere?t ) Noa aa follows?S7 2'8, Jn.stS. 2*|.JT77. 20,381, ?? 3R2 20 ??, *' 3B4 and 20,*tt All personsare warned a ain't purohaairg an? of the above notne. aa their paym-nts ave b?en stopped at the Treasury l>epa' m^nt. Th? ?b??? reward will bo p?i1 to ary re-.ou or persona that oil! give tnformat on that wi 1 lead to the record y of the eame. An? in onnation co-ce'n'ng the akove ma? t>e left HENRY 810DDARD, 4.lo Tw-lfth st, n. D C. d*26 St* W. C. BRAYT 'W??>n REWARDr-tOST?or pored to be loet 'f in an omnibua a H RT*- MO x NAIE con taming about ?i>i in $2 50 and #i pi?o??, ce #5 North Carolina ?everal veloab e ro*e? and W. H Mea' receipt for bush-is of wheat, ana aleo my pass to and irom Virginia. ae 24 at JA*. A. NELSON. ? 1 Ci FEWARD-Loi'on Frif'af everinr. tho ^1U JMh inrtant. the mm of FORTH FIVE DoLLAfcS in ?uma offive dollar n^tea, he'we?-i; the oorner of Pa. ave.. and 17th atrf et?, and M and 8th air?ets The above reward will be p\i'' hv returning the t?m* to this office. d* 2V3t* SHAW I. LOST-'n aolig from Om MoCI'llan'a headqua'tera. to t>-e G?*-reelown ferry, on Saturday morning.a brown 8 OTCH PLAlu. we I w*rn. but valued by its owner, aa an old tiav-ling oompanion Thefi der will be liberally rewarded on returning it at thin offiae. d- 23 3t RKWARD ?Ran a*vay frcm tu' aui?ori VP&tJ ber on Friday, ?rh of Novetrber, Jd while in t e em?'ojm?'t of Mr G. Row*ee, Cnf mjr f?ERVA>T MAN, ?amo*l Hnngf, without any canse known to m?. [-an i? a"ionta8 y?a'a of age, 5 feet 3 luohea high; da'k complexion; with a amtll rear on hm face; and a fiioir nesd of hair in fron;ari4 is diapoted to 'ndu g<* i i ardent apiri** ham i< aupaoaed to he ln?k ng a' out the city of Waah-rgton or ita vioinity H naa a brotner at Mr Selcon'a. on the baok of tl<? v'itr tie i.aa a good matiy f'ierida on the Irla^d, and some on tt<e <"apitai Hill 1 will rive 5 if taken in Washington and ont of the ia'rict Ho ?trna:l peraona barb -nai and out ploytrg him at the peril of the aw JAMES C. SUMMER, de 21-4t* P. G oounty. CjQ ^ REWARD.?STOLEN?Between#and qP&'t o'clook of ihe fvemng of Proem- fix, ber 13. from the oorn^r of 6th atreet * nd H2FI Pa. a?enne, oie bay Bf)RSE about l.SH hand* nigh; feet ou near aide whi'e to ank e Joint; had on military radnle and r^ui menta with tne fgures SB on addl>? oloth The above reward will be pai't lor the return of aaiJ horse to the camp of t*>e %th Regimental Kalorama de 19 tf Co'. H VAN W VCK, Itl'T-A SKA!, RING, and a FOX HEAD * SEAL, attached to a ring, with oorueaiiau tet. #5 reward will be gives to whoever returnathe art<clea to thia ofGoe. de2-tf FOR 8ALE AND KENTT I70R HA' E OR RENT.-l will aeIl"or"recTm^ a Property a* a hu^iueas p are on Four'ernth at.betwienP and Q ate., Gto. M NlohoU'hotel an<l wagon yard or grocery and i qii^r atore aep%tate. I1.qj.1e of tli^ proprietor, GlbOa M NlC'i-1 Ol'8. riett 3t* HOUSE AND lot near the depot! FOR SALE.?A Frame Houie. No .144, j First at eit eaat, nearly new, oontaioing 6 ronn;a. P. ice 49^?1300 each; the ba'acoe in monthly notes or #3t eaoh. For particu am arply to T. M. HANSON. Seventh atreet, oppr site iuteliigencet office Iftheakove mentioned houae ia notaold ly the Ut day of January, it will be for rent eartl* furnithed. de 26 St* ft^OR RKNT.-BUUSk n?. on mn atreet, r ootitainmg 10 rooms, water, and gas; and large yard attached. de ^4 2t? A GENTLEMAN AND WIFE. OR TWO a ne'e p> r^Ona. oan be accomodated with a p e\*ant room and No. 45ft J2th street. between Q and H. de 84 2t* rpOR RENT-A FRONT PARLOR, with . Chamier oonneating. on first floor, both neat ly fornUbed, rmt mcd?rate. Apply at No 449 H atr-et. between 4thand 5ih atreet (Northern Liber ti-?,? or at WALL, oTKPHENJ? A < O , Pa. averne. de 24 v: FOR RENT-Fifteen HO MS fwrri-h 1, Parlor and Bed Fooma a' ached, auit of Rooira auitable for a oommi'tee, ail fr-nt ng on P?-nn??lyania avnee, nr*? .loor 'o Wi i?'da' Hotel Trie Leaae, Fu'citn e and Fixturea tf the above for aale. Inqu're on the piemiaea de 24 St* FLRNI HKii ROOMS oh RtNT-Two very d airahl- ro >m?, PAR OR and CHAMHfct ort?? t harrbera, conimumcatir; or. the nr*t floor, and wi h gaa with tir without board; t<"ma very w d-?-ate, Enquire at No. K'JS H afe between 19th and 20in ttreeia weet. de 23 St* FURNISHPD ROOMS.?A ormfortablrPorlor. and Bed Rro?n for rent on mode*at? terms Inquire at 8tar Office. de 21 lw Two osTthreegenthemen tan BE aoo'>mmo''ar d with very pl^aasnt R?>oMS, eerond flo r. with breakfast and tea if d<*aired, in a privit* flimii'y not far from the General Poat?>f Coe. Reference given and requirad. 'nquire at tne office of tiie Star. de2l-sc4t P?R SALE OR EXCHANGE -l.?A0a*rea of selected timber LAN l> in tne Nortu Weet, will be sold or eTobanged for property in the City of Waahinftoo. The land la well timbered, idutaina water power, and is a *u'e inve>tmen'. Addresa "Exohange," Imx No. 30 Washington PostOffioe. de 19 Im FOR RENT-Two pie&stnt. ROOMX, neatly a firat-olava resideno* n ** eorgetown, with boa d. To a permanent tenant tsr^.s will be moderate. A pply at 14 7 Wast at, (ieorre to wn, de 17 tf U AND8OMELY FURNISHED ROOMS1 a. Four handsomely F urnisbed Rooms, supplied with jraa and water, and oonvenient to thePateil and Poat Office Departments, for renL Apply'! 490H Maaaachoaetta avenoe, no-th si'Te, betwe*? 4>-' ??< . ma 99 GEOKUETOWN ADVERT'MTO Elegant gifts for the holidays, AT Ct?ST. The subrcriber no? i ff^rt. rer large atook of choion Bo^ki, Fancy;Goo?is, Ao , at cost, with the vit-wof "'oatn? up the business, ihestookoouaiats of, in part? W iti-ig l>e?k? andCa*es, Por'fjlio*, P?p-t'riee, Ladiea'and Gentlemen's Decking Cases, Work B'xe-,Cabaa.Kanoy Hoxea,Backg^rcmon Boards, Lheok'?Ta< Che : mer. Batt'eaoors Juvenile B oks, ta >arte aaeortment; ai. ou? wish'n* to make preaenis, luv is the time, to select at low pnoes, at MISS THOMAS', de2-1-3t Book and Fanoy_Store. High st, tfOR RENT-?A two??ory Brick Dwelling H'?L?E. with l>aseu<e^t and atuo, No. 113 oay street, eligibly situated on ott- . f tje lImaaate^t streets ia town, wiu gas water on ihe preinues, and v'toge her a nio?t desirable private residence. Possesair n jgi e ou tfce first of Jmiu 7* *r'5ulre of D ENGLISH, 13?> Br.age slruet. Q0 J? 6t RKNAUDIN BOLLINGER * CO.'S chAMPAUNF. LEFMAN, Kit PER A THOMAS8. 5*U Altnit/or til Vntttd Simtu ana Caned*. 139 Dvani ifTUIl, N-w York. HJ?R J-L. GlBBO.vS AV'NO Removed from No. 388 New York avenue, to No. ?T9 9th street a few doora from Nrw York avenue, renewa the offer ol hie professional aervieea, (Mecioa. end eurgica! , to the oil s*ua o. Waatuniton He may befoaaaatbia oiiee at a< hoars,when not prott-saiooa'ly engaged. E> pecai attentina will be paid to female diaeaaea de >i-to2w* A ''OPARTNERt?Hi p v. aa made and entered into on the Tih Deoember, l?t>l, between Edwaru bisaiTHi and Was H-n y L'fter - an, to be oarriad on >ntherameaau i;ui of Wm Hasav Uppbkmcn Co. My offioe and a>%oe ol ba:iite?a wil he a !.ar i? the se?;o J floor of the ?torehon^e of Wm Henry Upp rmaa k. Oo , 41? "a ae-nue. _< ? EDW, j|MMS. |^?LOTH8 AND A a*w-nppiyof dU^a' sndVa^-y Caasi meres, fine ri ask and Colored iotas, Cioaamg ? H>iha in Ok aod y.a staM l.-oa Buildrat. BOY PO* 4 HOLIDAY PRESENT a aa* Tn" JIjI LADIES' DRER3 FURS. UK2 from __ B. H. BT1NEMKTS, AeM-tJaal! . Oft Fa av , tMt comer LSih at FOB IEI HOLIDAYS. ? |vi: H ? - 4 JOHNSON i NAGLE. W v He 9*9 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, BttVMi NUU U4 Teath Streets, WASHINGTON, A*D No 10 R?r?l Slrwt, awr Kia|, ALEXANDRIA. Iavlte the attention of Families and Dealer* to tbeir large and well assorted Stock of Fine| Groceries .Wine*. liquor^ o Cordials, Begart, etc. Consisting In pert of? CHAMPAGNES. Piper Heidsick In quanrand pint*, O H. Mumm A Co. do. "do. BoUlngci A Co. 4*. do. Royal Grape do. do. De Conrrey A Co. do. do. Carter A Co. do. do. Chi. Rieert A Co. do. do. CLARETS. Chateau Poojeaux. Chateau La Rw. Do. I<a Fltte. St. Estephe St. EmUl^n. St. Jnlfen Medor. HOCK WINB8. lXldcohelmer Hockheimer, Ltebfrauaii'ch Ra^dcaheiflaer, Sctarlachberger, Schloasberger, J?bannisb?rger, Marcobrunner. DRV md SWRKT CATAWBA IRISH, SCOTCH, and MONONCAfiJiLA WHISKIES, of all kinds LONDON DOCK, HUNGARIAN, and BURGUNDY PORT. DARK and PALE SHERRY, OLD RESERVE and MaLMSEY maUEIRA. SWAN, PALM TREE, and IMPERIAL CAVLE GIN, HENNESSEY, OTARD DUPUY A CO , PINET CASTILLON A CO, COGNAC BRANDIES. JAMAICA and ST CROIX RUM, BATAVIA ARRAC, BLACKBERRY, CHERRY, and RASPBERRY BRANDY, GINGER, RASPBERRY, BLACKBERRY and CURRANT WINE, CORDIALS of every kind ? CURACOA ANISETTE, ABSINTHE. AROMATIC STOMACH HI ITERS, S'HIEDAM SCHNAPPS, LONDON BROWN STOUT, YORKSHIRE AND SCOTCH ALE, ARRAC, RUM, SCOTCH WHISKEY, CLA&ET, TOM AND JERRY, PUNCH EXTRACTS, IMPORTED SELTERS WATER HAVANA and DOMESTIC SEOARS of eboloe brands. % SMOKING and CHEWING TOBACCO of aU description DEMIJOHNS and PLASKS of all slxsa. FREHH MEA TS, POULTRY and GAME Id tin jaolsten. Fresh VEGETABLES of every kind In cans. " FISH do do " FRUITS do do FRENCH, ENGLISH and DOMESTIC PRESERVES and JfcfrUES in glass of rr|filie. French BRANDY FRUITS of tvtry description. FIGS, DATES, RAISINS, ORANGES, LEMON8, ATMOKE'S MINCED MEAT la Jan. Crosse A Blaokwsll's world rcaowaed PickOyster, Walnut aad Tomato CATSUPS. Anchovies, Sardines aad iilegna Seoeges. Fine HAMS aad CHEESE. French MoMfd, Carrie, Caywne, Pepper, Spleen, Salt, Aa. ChoaoJats ?d Qum Drop*, Saa 6mb Omdtos,*?. S ^ ^ ' I , i - \ " JI | de!7-dt|al.U ' >OHJ*SON A , SECOND EDITION. TH&U otwci, p. m. - 1 ? ? - 1 *" OUR MILITARY BUDGETimui Matiua VTr arc rolled la be tag sble to say that 6?a McClellaa U much better tt^day. a ad I* if* ? to. Mt>( la f?M to all mtmi ef laptiM> appertaining U hta poeltten Br th# ?4rlw of hta pkfilelu, bow*, ha baa dctfriR'Rtl tr remain lodaan fbr a tow d?ys l agrr, that be may be eattraly rwiwrf to b't wonted strearth ereagsln getting Into tbe saddle HT1 Thornton G lmaiey, of St Louis, tbewe'l known army saddle maker and con tract*', dtad on Saturday laat at hta reeldeace, of spopl'ry THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH lUt ARA#O. [Vpeetal Dlanetcb to th* 9tor J New Yoie. Dec 99-11# ni ?Tba Arga has not yet been slgnailed. Will lot yoa baa* aa aooa aa aha la h-a'd from The gale of Moaday night win probably lan delayed ber. [Nora ?Geo Peott bad tberofore net reached Nrw York at II jf a m trv-day ?Kb traa RELEASE OP HON. MR f Lt Ba.LT.Moai, Dec 96 ?The Hon Mr E y, of N.Y , ree^h^d here this forenoon. hart a# ee*'vrd at Fortress Monroe veaterday? Cbr1s?m*s ?ls? ? und?r a flag of true* H is release from ?b* * mnad prl?on waa U conaeqoeace cf tb*- rel a*o of the Ron Cbaa J F?uika*r. from F * * a'roa. FROM fRTRn MO E nwi rrxMit! anrrc??-T?i nr crana-vorrcMAKL??ro?? rearie?raT?aaiaeeea.e FoBTB?*a Mosaoa. Dec 24 ?lt Balt1m? re ? 1 be 17. J* stesm transport Cneciea aalled fc? New York ttoly morning. We tt-ko tbi following newa from yee'erdsv 'a Norfolk pape a: A dtnjw??cb da*?d Nn*if1ltr. D?mnb" RM, *nn< uaces 1b*t CK? f <d?r?1s bave rrwa>d Gre- n Rim and are march >ng to Rcpkl-avltle The rrWI forrr ib*-re to 3 '00 mer, und** Of? Cl-rk, < f Vlaalwlppt but relcforcemrnta irr on the w?y from Clsrkeaviile. Passenger* fri m Bowling Green aav that 17.ono F*derila bad crnaa^ Green river up to Friday It taauprotd ?bat Bowling Green will be adnacrd upon frets tht? aides s'irult?n?ous)y, with s force of 80.COO, and that a battle will be fouoht tbe re A dispatch from Ssvannah sovi tbat e*ven old wnalera of tbe atone fleet were sank ta Cbarleelea channel on Frldey. The Tennessee Legislature adjourned on tbo Slut ln*U: i to th* 9(Kh of Janaary. Tbe resolutions '.c r*~ ttlon to the aeeos^I'Mi of Maryland to tbe Cor Jrra:y bav- been mid fl-d byCongrers, In ? ret anal on, so as to doclsro that no petce ou .at to b* cooclud d with t* a United State*. >? r -. t? t .>*s rot lnsjre to Maryland aa opportunity of forming a part of tbo Coaled eraey. Tbe Kl?bmood E*a?n'.n?-r ado. ta that tbo battle at D ?i" esvtile waa do 1r>c/)-tld~raHled ?*ete~. Tbe Virginia Legislature bave adjourned to tbo 5th of J'nuarv Tb* Rome (Georgia) Sn?itbern*r ssva that an attetr.K wag rn th* I6:b ina'ant. to barn ?b* Htat? Rillroad Bridge over Prfit'a creek. Tba Incendiary h?a been a- ntenoed to be hung . All tbeOharlest- i'ln?ursn*ee*?mDan??B excepting the Einaorj, have gone Into liquidation LATER. Fobtbbsi Mongol. Dec 25 ?There waa ao good foundation for tbe report 'hit a aklrmlsh too k placc yrtterday Tbe * R. Spauidlng arrie*d from Rattans tbl' niuicinr, but brought no newi Hon A. Ely ramefcown from Norfolk lata this sfternoon bva fl*- gf truce After aT??lt to head qua.iC'*, h? took fa^aage for Baltimore. LATER FROM EUROPE The M?an<klp Niagara oil Cape Rare St Johns. D? 25 -*Tae royal mall ate^mahlp Niagara 1'im Liverpool on tbe 14th,e1a <4aoeoatown ou day, paaaod off Cape R "tt at eleeaa oVlock on >1 nday eTenlag. but owing t^ tba talsgr:pb line being out 'f order to this Uatloa, tba news has just been received Tbe ru?a! mati su-auier Aata arrleod at Qneono?m on the 15th loat Hi? Royal Hlghnesa Prince Albert died at 11 o'clock on Safo'day algbt, of typhoid fever IK E Bo water, who waa In cbai e of 'bo young Prince Leopold, died oa Friday, tba llib Instant Tue Paris Patrle. specking of tba Trent sffil*, aava ' It aaarrtrd tba* Franco and the other great Powers bave been ooasu tedoy England oa tbia subject, and tbev have *iprsased tbe oplaloa '.bat tbe conduct of Captain Wilkes, of tbe A martcan Navy, was la violation of the rights of a aeutral Power " Courts cul Liverpool, Dee 13 ?Tne sales of cottoa for tba w>ek aa.ouut to M.MO bales, including OM bales to spcru.*tor? ard 3 (*.0 ?>ales to exp?r * a Tbe market closed flriuer st aderlneof ^t Tbe ssles of today (Frldsv) ar? a?tim*tau at 5 ia>0 bale*. tb~ ma'krt cloairg dull Tbeaiock of cot on In portia rsi.mated at AJ7,? 000 bait a. including 440 0U0 Amrricaa. Br^adstufls are quiet but steady. Prnvta'oi.s arr firm Lon40? Dee 13 -Cooaola ft.^sed at 90^ Tbe i.?'.ri*s^ i-f bullion in the Bah$ of k^Utfd for tbe week amounts to ?196,000 Fiam Fort Hayal. New Yoaa, D?* 26-Tue mea ner Marlon U rlvwl here u?-day from Tyoee I<i?ad oa t >e fluta. via Port Royal barbor on tbo il?t Inst d 1* arried s ven companies of the 7<a ^o. Beetle't re. Iment ?ud a large quantity of stores, etc , to T bee: aiao. Oen W right and a p?rt of ' l? s??ff While d.scbarging berc-rgo oppoalte tfce L *bt bouse at Tyft^e. Fort Pulaaki opened ire with abot and ahell O ie of tbe lalt* exploded wheu near by without doing any damage General SUrv?n?, wboae brigade b*d been rela forced b' tbe 7?th and part of the 4?ta F-a eytvanla reglmeuU.waa eipKted to mass aa advaece to seist a point <>a tbe Charleston and 9a?ai a?b Railroad General Wrt^btwill probably a ?airje command on tbe T\b*e blx hol d td of the N Y to:b WM? ;here liefore bis arrival Tbe at?im-r Vandrrbllt and ibe btiqne T u? arrived at Port K> yal n the Stlst Slit-en vra?^la ? f tbe stoie fleet were sunk off CharWstou harbor COMGtt HSU IPIS'AL. XXITilth CONORi>l-Retssd fteeeteB. TmatMT, t>eo?-mber 96. Simtw ?Alter tbe usual p eaeutttlon of abulia n petliluua, Jtr. , Mr H*we Introduced a bill for tbe repeal of tCe fugitive alave law.* After s few remarka frrm thai g*at)emaa denunctato \ of tte It* l& queition, Ac , It was referred to The Judiciary A^alrs Committee Mr Hale a*k>d leave to introduce I teeolnUoa of Inquiry, requesting tbe President to tr?osfc it to tu< Senate, if not li.compatible with 'be poblle lntereat, the c??r?-?punde?ce that bae paasi d betW'-eii tbe United Stotesmd En*ll?hG. ve nn.ents with reference to iLe -ff-lra of tbe Treat, and for all other Uf >rmaUoa ou tt? ?ubject Mr Rale addreaaed tbe Senate with great seal agalr.a* tb?* poas.ble release cf Mason and Rlldrll under a menace of Briuin, and proclaimed bis | be'icj tbat tbe country would glediy ball a war wltb thtt power If tbat be s coaarqueaee of ref _ ; ng to accede to sarb a demand Mr Sumcer objected to lbs r*oepttoa af tba resolution, and urged that Mr. Rale bed tatod his earnest war speech wholly oa unreliable paa11c rumor?aot on any know^dge whatever at tba real coaditioa of tbe Imbroglio Tba said resolutloa wrul over (aader tba rale) until to morraw . . Toe Senate, without traassctlng slber bwasas of importaacr,edjoari.edovse aatll Maa*aya??L of^a*"liTw?Sto"to the reaaips ef tbe Rergeaa Osaeral's oflee. caeaer af Ptnsssto sn4 Psss?ss, aad a private bill wcra nrflwiad; w*i "p** matloa cf Mr Rfepaana, tba Roaee uafli Moaday aext. LATR LOCAL IfRWB. Ctnwti CaraT -Ifsrda <bss lag, tbe ease of Rtebard braaa, ladleted tor toe murder of Geo T Rowmrd ea toe Wli| m wv<dn?edsv, tb* ttb dey sf Msy lae^ wae tekja up Mr. Devtdge appeared flsr lifsasi bemiclds aaearrad lu tbe>?st tba Wdjspl Ratoi ,1tw?ba remembered, wbtVe Rsward waa maki a^b^ssei?pe^Ra?Mha?ig? ^toJJOjJ" at tta Joae tens ta cwoeqesaee of tba skaeaas of James Rewe, ha lsapertoat arttoato NRaflb ^TSs regakar paaalaf thirty Jama **aa?<R. sr: zissri&x2?ttsSb oar. Watklae JTatoaa^oad l.^w! ISK^ST? Trira, w* 1-4 m0mm\ to _ ^ * 4 % .

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