Newspaper of Evening Star, December 26, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 26, 1861 Page 4
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/ \ THE EVENING STAR. Paces, peacrim, pre< 4>im [Prom London Putici. per Europe ] *>t> <S?r. y*u Inopportnn* Pmsfrlm. It1* rnoamb to gl*ny ow> To think of the row \i?i mny pr! rcs In row, By your conduct, Inopportune Peaprltn ' The ?t!p Harrty E rth on the *ea grim VAti mil hi Kfi'H ftr A vim miohf hnrn r?nla?h Pragrim, A>?1 wr only abonld aav. In ft rainal way. 'T?ru unlacky ?be as*'* Captain Pcagrlnl! Fa: wb*n In t?on bamptao %ou free, grim. The priaont-ra ri'U'v^ Cap'aia Pengrlm. We prr pt*r?*d In a Hi. to rrf^opnce If your trlcka Ar- a l*ro**. or plrntt'a, eb PeaCrlm: If a pirate w* V>ld Captain Prajfrlna. Th? Cnnfed?rv# >tsU? tbey will tfr'm ; And ((ilin, If w donV\hf I'Mt^d ?*'atea won't Bt* d<?poaed to take hk Ylew of Peagrlm". Thna plered b??wlit two fires by Peagrlm, 35* Pva A '? i IT'. d witb neacrini, 1?? wri.nid falsi Ij* iirp .r lal In any ' ?>-i*t-murl al Tuat*? Leld on tbe *t*tn< of IVagrlai A I'^v^enanta mniniMicn bnldi Pt-airrlrn. I Ft, that won't on th# wall ?tlck tlse fl.?a, srin?. Tbe^eh li^uter ar.t be b?, ?hrt'? no warrant at aea <ji*uig p?'w-ra of c<p?nre to I'ta^rim. Vet a< pirate w? eant give np Pe-rrlm At the vard ?rm ^raiybt rnn up lo >?r1ni: Wbleh Ad aim, T fear, will durlare 'ha quite clow, la the ri^ t>t aort cf treatment for Peagrlm. Yft to make b'Ui of Peagrlin? I.ooae the wsf doji, by 'and and by aei, x'*m ? I'nr a res a of tbat name : On ti>? awn Oa of fame To inacrlbe, u t Britannia, but Pta^rim 1 Tb?n Ict'i all prav for p;&c sptte of Peagrim ; ?!av -ara-.f-ars t?a*sofi like ? tHe^rim; A .id by hovk or by cr<?ok mi; We Uve tf? rcbukTboa who fr-r-1 apprehension* from P?agrlm DEFERRED LOCAL ARTICLE*. Pmort?M"<?? or ms Ottv Cornells. l)?c *23, 15*1 ? Coarl ej ?TL* Cfcn!r a~at?d the' ta?? C3m*n?M?* uf er?n Terence h.-.rinjj cirre-fl ? Zee mmnd tb? lower tr-ard t4> recede from thHr am-ndraer.i to ibe ivaolution," tt wa? t- erafore virtually p^ss-d by tn:a board, and an 4h" reaolnlton h'd h-en ?:> !cn>r pf-nding. te ?iiij p**U-d tbit toe m-iubers of th*a board take th^ ?atn w' waiting f?-r cfttcial u^ttce of lta pasby the otb**r board Vr Sobrar miK^'?>d that the b-ard wait h If Lear. *? ?on.e f the absent members might ?onie In before the exvlratiun of that time. Agreed to. A communication vaa received from the Mayor sonicating for Cf>(iim'i<?! of the Center .Market. J P Hartbolow, in place of Joarph Brvan alvrlinut t-m l ? ?" -L # " - ' ' nM SMlili v>i* & CI II".*" L TlUT M3f* krl, V 8 Mltckoli; for Clerk to the Mayor and K?-tf1?'?-r. Hinrv KU '.ber; and lor Weod and Co^l Mr*?ur*-r of the Flnt Canal LMitMct, Win. i> El i woe d. The ri o>lr.?itt>n of V. B. Mitchell was la'd on thf table, and the other three nominations were referred A resolution In relation t<* etrret railways In ttiselty?instructing ?be joint committee before ConjfT?* to ask f 'f tfce pa?-ge of an act for a street railway from the Navy Yard to Georgetown, w?> pa?.>?ed A resolution lM*ru'.ttsg the joint committer befor? Congress t"> do all In tb^ir power to-def<-at the act bow ; -nd u; 'n Congress?introduced bv .Mr. Harris? because It jrlves extraordinary privileges aud powers la tbe company named therein, ?birh einapaay proposes ??> build a ja'lroad be'.w-?Ti 1!\ asbtngtnn and Georgetown, and because tb?- member* of the coinranv nre none of (jetr. residents of tbts city, was pissol. A feso.tuion feqii^stinc tb? May to eWte tie m sanr.e cacs-d by the cars of the Baltimore and Oh o Railroad ^Hs'ructiisg *te crossings on Maryland avenue acd other i ;.t e atd avenues In this cnv. wsa pasted A communication from the Water Registrar, 1n Saswer to tbe resolution passed a week or two al?e?, asking bim f.?r information as to what par tiea. tfaav. C*d removed pipvso.-cttc property of the i'orp^ratlon from t^e pipe-yard. Ac , was T-ce'ved Ueiu et that Messrs J W Thompson A Co have taken plp?s from Corporation pipe-vard without fcia knowledge. artd have subsequently accounted to biin for #!*> fret of fotlMcr b pipe and other material removed therefrom. Hp alto mik-i certain retonr.mei (felloes f<>r the be'ter protect on of the Corporation property there; referred * A bill fo>- the laying cf a wa'er mai n on 11 sfeet soutb, from Tenth to Fourteenth streets west, (Isl-ind.) was referred. Rfv lu inni Instructing the joint con mlttee before Congress to ask foramocdrecta to the bill for tie organization of the Metropolitan Police; to ask an .'pproprlatlon for tweateam fire engine*: and to ssk an amendment to tbe charter, Rivlrur th? board tb# po w*r to elect In Joint meeting tbe Public School Trustees the Mavor now appoints with tbe approval t,f the Boa d cf Aldermeu.wtrt. a-venljy ref-rreo. A bill for the erection at Ayes'* lire plugs was referrad A resolution instructing tbe committee on publie b?*lth to prerare and report " An act fo.' the e-t. Miibment of a Board of H>aitn, the of a Commissioner. and tbe abatement fend removal of nuisances." was refrrred. Tbe following oeth was then edmlniatered to the members cf the Boird of Aldermen by Jui tice Thompson ! 'You. and each of row, do solemnly jw^a- that tt>u will support, protect, and defend the Con*tl- I tu'loo acd Government of the United 8ta U-s against 11 em-mie*. whe.her domestic or foreign, and that you will bear true faith, allegiance, and loyalty ?o tbe rame, any ordinance, re-?oIutlcB, or law of any State Convention or Legislature to tbe eoutrary notwithstanding; and. further, tbat you do tots wlih a full determination, pledge, a/id purpose, without any mental reservation or evasion wbatoo- ver; and, further, tbat you w1l> well and faitbftil'y perform ?!l the duties which may be require^" of you by law i*o belp you God " Yh? folio* intr r??mwn <ook the outi; ^W^asrs B-hrer. Brndtead. Clark, Fisher. LloVri, Moore,) Richards. Kemratrs, Sargent, Weudall, and President. i Dot? ) M?srs. Brown, Bayly, and Ma^ruder were went SIr \fdorc * ? ? -?4 , v? ?uc mpruT* nirri? C>TT1mitt e r?*ad a written report fr-m that commit'ee In irlaiion to ^he roaI of Mfrtlag the Central Gatrd-1, and reported a bill making in appropria'ion f?-r the romr>ietirn of the buildup; and payment of all claims on It; laid ovt-r for one Wwek A ommltu-e cf conference wa? appointed on the d'WtL'reeiPK imenda roU of tU? bua'ds t j the Mil to' the improvement of Fir?t street AdJawnrd. Common C-uiuil?A cumi?vnl'*nt1on fr?;n lb' Prr*?w?rir:ce Fire Ootnp'nv. >n relation to the dl' petil of cer'ain fire appar&toa in the Ntrthrrs Llb^rtlen, w?s referrrd. A'.*-., a j-' ; ?->?? frcm St John O* Del c?. ask in i p-rs*ilw'on to erect a b^liu ^-apo:i somf Uii luf the of manufactures a newly invented xcr B ia ? ai*tt:or!x!- ? the 'eas<? a lot on Se-ta'h atreet. prar tbe-*nai,to tt>e ? ve pe tiilon*?, f.?' p'lrpcs* **i forth t? bis m-niop">vidug for an an'.atant 'o the Re^ta^r. the comper.???1or. vid !m: ?'ni? aid!'-, to erect a fire plug on >Mi*?curl av uoe>>'* v e- i i 5 Stc a4rtu ttin-^a ft. > Jy-uMd upon b F Clirk In 1M9 for erecting a frame vr^-d ?b-d adjolni'i; Ij's ho .??; 'tiT.bjii. lag J M Hoi^rock for damage* rj-<l*tned lu Ite ] bre*k*^e cf hl? ca r i^e in lc50 cr, Fourth ?tr< et; and :o lay a water main In Fourth ?treet, from Maa?acbusetta avrn;e to K ate?st?were p&aw-d Ji Mil appropriating ft**? 1 or the repair of <be d>?? at the 1nt> raection oi New Je-<cy avenue ta<( ! a?-mt, wa? referred Tfe? m>? ? ? *-- -** J < vn iyc ou?2r<*lltg rote* of the two tx*rda on thearcesdiuent of the Council to the bill rfqulrlog a apecial oath to be takeu te the rffi -rra and ennployeea of the Corporatlo i reported that the Council recede from the!r amendment. [The amendment aubctitctea "axe kereby fraternally requeated to take" for "ahall take ' In tha bill J MT Mohan aaked to know by what authority tha committee mad- etch a report as that. There waa no prortflon for any such oath in their char-, tor, and they had no power to legislate upon the object Ha waa willing to take the oath, but did not like the way tn which it was tj be throat down Uke tbroata of certain peraona there. It waa arroftnee on thefr port to undertake any aaeb le gtalatloji, Cougreaa having the only right to enact any ?ncb law Mr Shepherd advocated concurrence in the report He tbonght t >at when a n.e-nb-r mnde Mich cnat Droteatn iona rf la??lt* mmd -* * ? support that bill It was exeeedingly paradoxical ltwui bwil>( ibuM for such i iwture to kaag ?ra there Uirtm months H- 4(4 cot accuse any man of disloyalty, but It did certainly leave theoi open to -crlu<*i*m. Toe President of the United Ht&trs ?n? rtqmtrtd to take the o tb of allegiance, bat this hoard-ilhe Common Council? a oat be "Tttptct/uiif r'tua t*d" to take It Mr. Mokua said the President was required by Conrraat to take the oatk, but they (the Council) bod so right to d~m&ad of their associate members aay sack thin*. Their charter waa .their gmlde. Mr Shepherd ?That made no diflfereaoe whste*er If the heart wma right It wv no matter Whether the kfll read ' shall'' or "aM reef ect/ully reqcmbd." It wu all hoitm to let li tbit manner Tkey kid already trade tkemarlyea the laogkiag stock rt the ct'y by their quibbling ?e?t each a wail matter aa iheatyU ef tkat Mil. Mr. Mmlloy as id bo should rata against concur, ring with the committee lie had a* objection to taking the oath, bat he w-nld out vale for M If It waa uiade imperative Tfc^v had no right U> apj ly'art s law U (he : x'r^Sepberd a*ked If te<Ur Maitov) would I' t ?a, t lf.e? Std "fl'alT.t M P iftk U al L? . * wm^'I s .. *. ? mtmm i i m i nl i mam Mr Mull^yattd lh? laborer, 1/ b? ?biased to tbe oath, need not aeeept emp-.'vm?nt of tbe Corporation. but they were elected to tbelr po?1Uon? and could not back o it. Mr Emeraon eppoaed to concurrence, though willing to take th<* oath Mr Wtlaon would rot? for It, but did not helle?e !t binding upon tbe members of the Conncll. Tb? vote wm finally taken upon conjuring wud we report or the committee," resulting as fi.l ;?>%* ?: Was? Mwi Bflogton, Ca'.lan, Bltz, Lewis, Murtairh, .Morgan. Peake. Raub, Shepherd, Turton. W lU^n. and the President?l:i Nays? M^ra -Edmon?t-n. F.merson, Grinder, MtGrath, Mohun. and Mnllov?6 Mr Mobnn ctl'ertd a resolution. asking Congreas to amend their cha^trr In relation to th? administration of the oath; nd<>pt?d The amendment of the upper board to the bill an!b*r!zii!Si the mcton o{ fire pluj^s in the Seventh XV wns concn'red In. The tepjrt of rhe joint committee to recede f'oiu the ammdir.ent to thf> bill in relation to the ccnipeLs.-tii-i of police constables, w?i conrn'r^d i". I h- pe'lt'.bn of i' Hoyie ind M \ FJliot, f.>r lb?- Uying o ? wat?r cna u in square 633. was refvrred to tbt- Water RetjMrar for information. On mo'ior i f Mr KmefSO'i It waa a^ret-d to meet Just-re 'l'tiompfon In toe Council room and take the ?r?fh of allegi <nce at their next mfdi' g. until tbeflnt la January Rpnciuss ?Y'ife dTV. D Krutgfrwas ar'e*t?>rt by the p?tr??l of the Fourth vVaid, for p?-<lrHi! ? without a license; and wa?-ttned and coats by J u?t1ee Walter. Set ding Poultry to Market. Me^rs. Bti^-- A Heltrich, of New York, send u? the following direotioDs for dre>-ing, p.icking, and f awarding poultry to market . First, see ta?u all poultry is well fattened. a tha difference in prints in our uiarkst between fit and p<>..r poultry is very Kr>.at. Remember thu ><>u tint only get j jy for ox-ery pvu! I *uiiT |mnl>T* gum* iu fattening, hut by i:u;?r> vir._'*1 rn .y you g?in from oil**fwiir h to '.no h'tlf ir. pricc on the whole. Iu friUeniug poul'ry. it is ah7?y* the best economy to teed all th?y will e?t. Poultry fed oa orn is yellower and bettor than on buokwheMt. Keep from f.. >d bef ire killing a sufficient lonztn ot tiuio so that the crop will be nearly A? illllt A Al?- ^ ? ?1 " 4 ui ijui ? vui jHj t uo iu11 11uj13 qi r ijuiie uciri* i mental. Tho best mode of kiiitng in by opeui?? tbe neck veius, though the hefta maybe cut f ff j hut, if so, the skin ?h<>u!d be drawn over tlie ( aeck bone and tied after dressim* All poultry ?houli be scalded just enough to /luako it pick easy. The water should bo nearly beiiing hot; dip tho poultry in and raise it ?^ut two or fhr?r times, no as to scald evenly, tben pick cfi all tho quills. fealhera, and pin feathers as quick possible without breaking Ihe skin. Don't rub them off, us that rubd off the thin outside skin.which injures the sale. Next, immediately before it cools, dip it into clean hot water: hold it in but a few seconds, then suddenly dip it into o?ld water for a fe?r seconds more, then hang or lay it up to cool and dry. The intestine? or cr?p should not be drawn. L;o sure it i* all entirely cool through and the surface dry before b'ing packed. Boxes are best to j-:? - k in. though barrels *iil lo. Obtain bri^;' ; rya straw, it posiibie; wheat or oa: straw, if v.-ry bright and clo.'in, will do. bat is not as good. Shake out all the dust, place a layer in the box. then a layer of poultry, back up. with tho lego flat on the a-raw: put a little of the straw next the sides of the box: then in the same manner alternate lnyers of straw nnd poultry Stow very snug. so it can not move. put straw on tbe top,press on the lid, and nail strong. If the weather is warm use plenty of dry straw.?Genesee Farmer. Reducing am) Applying U?ne?. J .lines S. (Jrenncll, of Greenfield. Mass . has sent to the oflice of the Oontry Gentleman a sample of bone?- which had been softened and rendered fit for immedinte application in the following simple way. Mr O. says : I set an old ca.-k wit's ^ne head in some convenient spot back of the house, in the spring and of the bones which hare accumulated during the winter I throw in enough to cover the bottom, then enough of unleacbod aches thoroughly to covcr them; then another layer of bout", then ashes, and so in alternate layers until the c>uk is lull. Ou tbe top is placed a sufficient covering of ashes, loam, or char> * 1 , ?1 _ f _ T ft ?nl ti 11^ fn MIV onvafie ul BUJT gtB 1 usually wet down the c*he? 8a I pro?eed, ?mi 1 pave ttie rssk e*por-r-* t-? >w? .?v. they may be kept damp By the next spring, when I M'i*h to u-e tbtin, tbe bones are thoroughly .li^oetfcd hfid in a lit condition to u?e In regard to this application and effact, ilr G. says I usually take the mixed bon?6 and ashes, a: J compost with rotted manure, a liberal spr'tullingof pi?ertr, a II:I'.e guano and s ?lt and a load ot a weepings from the blacksmith ?hop, of irou scales, charcoal dust, horse-hoof parr.igs aiid the manu .uade there This I apniy to trees, especially pears The growth cuu?ed by this is astonishing; a? you perceive, this compost oontains all the rer|uiretncrtH, both for growth and fruit, better thHD any purchs'-el nuperphoaphate, for it has tpe poui?n s-> essential to the pear, and tbe iron, which is very important I also pre l ? ? * I?re<] my grape Dorder wim tbis. I not oniy u>e the bones eared from our own family, but buy a good many, payicg Irish -fed (iernian buy for collecting about naif a cent per pound, which id the market price obtained by the cutlery worki for their refuse bores. I have grent faith in the efficacy of bo'h a?ke- and b^rea, and I think thi ? o rabinatioR of th'm is b ?th cheap and useful. OFFICIAL. TXEAUCKY DlPABTMEJiT, I >ovembet S>, IR-%5.\ Polite i~ k*rj>y of tho r?ariin??4 of (hit l)era."'*3ect r,ue<*rr. tr>e Trw-nry uotfa author i*<il by tbea- t of Cv <(? ? approved 17th IVot:n ber.. !*"*> ireuvry not^s will e*%#e us tn? LibI ij of February n?xt. by the i*rma cI e*rt S p CHASE, sacreury oi ihs T uo #> & witr [ lutc|. I L Towhh J. "! lowik). J. 3. Tow;,?* TOWK#** Jt CO., STHAM BOOK ANI> JOB PhiMC^ ES TABLI-'HMEST /Vr?<r Z.i/W"'a<ia anrl Sixth J.'. TheI : -'ij i * ? ! i *l? reff . H-.i iU " ' N - . .>)? ?n' J bFii t i"< mur'. v<iii h h^s fc;on fitted up *:?n cc # r.i?*oii'.!, i!.c rr.?.?t C'-.-r pie*e i^Min?r. m of-w pre^r?d ? > tie 'ir.^ r?i t miicfocrory every Vn tcir t,f r*i tntirif, v.z : tt .?.'? s-e^i ic*. p'njliieU, c&rl?, Circular*, Su'.'cr** lilt-Sk*, * 3 ,&o. Th? ?ttji.Uou ol in :n; er? ?f CongrM* i? *?p??>l?l y req* tui rri? faoiiitien Jor purling ^po^chM. w? h&re tb? lit* tit ateftrn pow?r iu thocfr. del-l&Wfim This is to uivk notice. that the *ub*or:t>er haih oljfevn.d ir-'in 'he Orphana* Conrt<>f \N aakinctoa County. in the District ul Columbia. Irttw? t-?>>a7r?n:arY >>n the personal as tate. fSamae* Rar.ey, i*U> ul wp.?fuatton oounty, a cres* <1 Ail persons havioc oiaiuis the c&id dec?w?d are hereby warred to sir.tut the ?a?re. wita th? vouchers thereof, to the ?ubeoribe.-, ?>ii ?'e*tfcfore the twenty sixtn da* o( No*en.ferne*t; tttyrn,ay otherwise by law be exclude fro? a1 i benrofwf the sasd estate. <?t?eu oader my Daud'H*-* twenty-sixth day of Novo l-er, 1*1. lucy B. kainky. de .? x\w8?r fr.xeoutnx rp^t#|*TOm8iyKNOT?CR. Tmt the aubaafi * oer oatn ur wi-.M fr - i the Orphan*' Court of Waantngt' U ooiiV^v, in the Dutriot of Columbia I ttera tM'ameuui; j on rh? pereonal e?t?t? of John "hier*. late uf W ??ii'u?t a c >act? af >re?a d. dect^anej All >? ?< !! Itarn.R o>a?ir'? RfaiD?t th*a. l dere*??<l a.** her- br wari; d to exhibit tha am*, witb tLe vjuonem ther* f to the aatxori her, on or before U"? ?eveath day of Daoen.ti r oaxt; the? mar otherwue hr law U? excluded fiotu a,. D?-r.eU:ef the end e?t%u. Given Made- nij h?nd t?"? e??enth <1** of IkvsnnU?r, 1961. MARY ULIZaBUTH JtHHLVK. d< 9 lawJw* tXPOMtrn. CH LO A K?! CLOAKS!! CLOAK 8!!! VV bar* at last received the >a k => a*??rttn??? of bacatiful ?tj> !*!? ? n oak*. ia Beaver, Treoo and K reach Clothe lAfii wi I ?lea?e oaP ear.j. iAVUtR* HUTOH190V. d? 1 *-?<?* M? aoA? - - _ _ ~ -W v^-nirl ?' > M PP'Of. ueavv wool bosk, sh ii ts and It DHAWKHH, and A K M V at J?*4 fa av*oa*. back roomt or SM l> *tr<**t, Mvmu ao<1 'Qth _ it* 4 tf AFEENCU TALWT. NAIIVK of trao?? ilTsiv? in Ui? imint A4dri.ii C. CUL.Nk, < * n't' 4 14 Hf ?T?|| wrft 562 ?*V?NTHjrrEKBT. -?Av brr1?5f|^?xT?*cT?K, J.i .t *rn?rrl tf)0 Window* i>f tU?D. a/ *11 siCM. 4. A, ? 7, *, ft, lCl'd !# Wltl .*% m i : t .>e, ? -<J H!? ottA? !> ? - 'MUf* TfWT' f ~CJ ?; fv * ?>? 1 Ml ? > i. evtut.r?. ~il A .? * f . typo CV?J ./ .If .?i | r,4$ I 4?U4||U T*<> bivrt, ^ j ? I. P. BARTHOLOW, wnoLIHH 4J?? KITAJL B11LI1 1.1 Hardware k ifrlcaUar&l LnpltBeiiti, A43 BSTEITTB tnuT, B?Uhb Pa. artntu* < eppo. ? *( md Omn Mttrkti,) WASHINGTON, D. C. My oofc etnbraoee many artto im for Army furposee; among whioh are the fallowing : Canai B*rrow?, ' Rom, W he*! Harrow*, | Axon, Tf> oka?heavy and light,j Piefc?, wnultorep. Hatchets, v.-#...? I J UiiUMSM/liO ( iAkU I CI* ? Arv 's, Hiolt Handle*. B eokani th Toola, ax - Hand ??. forr&)> a Horg&a, Kattan or atablebrooma, Camp Stowa, Forka Letter PieesM, -Miovela, Powde- and Burgiar Spadea, Pro f \\ rcoght iron Log Cha'n*. Boxes. HiTter Chain*, Fi-e *n4 Burglar Proof aJi Chaina. Hafoa, Trnos Chatna, Rors-e ' oircra, Swingirtroo*. P'>ryihi?ovna. Ham?s. Horae iri?ick?f', Ourr? Cornea, Water Buckets, Catds. Moaaure . Hand Carta, Si\M- Lt. t^rn*, 'rairlia'-k*'*ra!rf Har. I Cut Na-ia. fia-form,atd Counter, Wrontlif Nasla, yut-.h're *oa'e?. Hor?<*-a .or Na' ?, Butoht.r Kuivva* VVren b"*, Hoo? l-oon. Wsron Jvka. Strap Iron, Ac , Ac., Ox V? ko?, P?>Tt\b'e Mum for Orind Large I'lova, A ? , A o., ing Horae Feo.1, H*i rjul flaw, > >ltciiinerT of a kitde. Cu'a )*h*.'ler?, | de 13 eo2-ir SMITH A BROTHER'S P A L E O K B A M ALli. SUPERIOR AMBER A' E. PORTER and NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. r a above CKLKUKATKD AMERICAN AI.ES Are Bre^l fr. in tha CHOICEST BA?LKV MALTan HOPt?,?nd hmhfy eateamed br >l.oae who have u^ed them. Furchaaera are r?<jueat??il M> rail a?'! PTfiinno ur superior v?are^ th\t they ? u' hn*! the BEST ami PUREST artioiea. Ws)in???t?'l tniiM ? iar?? *took road ? for delivery. \s!; >, r-a'' a-nl quarter uaefc ?, ?uitat>ie for the TRAPK, HOTELS, and FMWILY FBK. whioh we ?>tT?r od the MOST FAVORABLE r k k m 5? **MITH & Kllorni-R. Brewera, No. '??5 & J60 VVe?t J3th at .New Y?>ris City. Orders l.y Mai t>r Lijreee promptly execute-'. ce ^ ~~T HMIDAL 01 FT". Silver S - kvk>S, MLVKH i KNS, SILVER TUREENS SII.VKV BOWIA *!' V (- K D1SHF.5, HI I VKR SPO'?N"*%n<l FORKS. f!!,VKi! VVAlTEKtt, SA I/r CI-?Ll,ARi?, Wtiii a Kf'.oi tton of if aU r nrtfltf. .?* ?o b t for Bridal Ui/iS That? K> .<in are all of our owa minufactcrs. of the m st elegant workmanship ano fi-i&h. ftnd 6 Jo not b* k?vo. I >r variety *nj quantity, Wre ?ur- i rr.stotl I t any other collection in tho oour. try. BPEH&&ES ?I AM VXD JFWELHY, riNK I WATCHES, fe., t'. For mti t>y KJKK ft SONS. 17-2 Li&ltiiitoro at., liahiniorp, M<i. F>tal>l'alte<] iat7. tie 502 ~^:VENTH8TKKET. ^ C. FISHF.R A JiROTHERS, FiiENCH STEAM SCOUKEKS. KALtimork, MI>. The only plao? Uus tide of New York, where you can *>H a jm k U ??s? citat.e<1. restorine th? u?tr*fqu'l <? new. Moriroee. Uelaiuoa. an 1 all kimI* <>i l^idies O.esi.ej cleaned without taken apart. i Dl ?_ 1? T-tl- - - * i rxyo a U i 'IPI CI1BW C? JBUiO ^UV0TS RHU Sntimu'i r ?>t ia<t cleanedin ths N at mapu-r. Leaving r>?? rui)?t*ii"e in the cloth to u.uire it or 'iiaWo .t more cu. iy to no I. N B Good* will b? sent toJV/timore twioe a ard return with I'tf pr.infptn*** rt? 12 .w \\ M. P. !*HK1)P, A rent. Philadelphia provision store, 119 Pk."*N<?VI.VAMA AVKNDI, Hitmen 19:4 and ?!>?* ttt Th? under*i*i.??i, haysnis located himself as above, take* this ir.?thTd oficforniir>r t?e oitiiena of the First Ward that he tia? op* ^d a first-cia^a Provision Store, conducted sim'.ar to those for ?htoh t h!lad"!phia in famous. Here oau be t -un at a.l time* a lari* and fr?eh supply of ?OUi TRY, GAME, . KKK. Ml'T ro,m, A.o. krl'i i s and vegetables in sealOtta Particular att*?st=on it nailed to his stock and prices >[ KUf I'ER, OH EESE, Ac. Pn ia.ep-i.a I'rint Butter. Goshen and Western Reserve, Beim deteniiincd to jrire he strictest attention to the wants rf iua ou?toinew, and t<> ke?p every article in his line of the beat <ua it?, and aelj at the lowcat rr a'ket prtotB, he hopes to merit a share of publio pairo!.a?9. F".niii:ea will be waited upon daily for ordera, if required. co ir, THOMAS R WILSON. Uovernmnii ux>an Agency, i OmcK o? LEWIS JOHNSON A CO., Ri^rruc CoftNKa o? Pa Artiri ami Tsmtb St. LEWIS JOHNSON, of our firm, having baen appomrad a * u'?oripti"ii Agent lor the National Loan Rutli"n*e.t b" the aot of Coogreas of '.Tth July., 1861, we are prepared o furnish, to partiee tesirou* of leaking mveetmfrt. any amount of 7 3 1" T easury N.toa, of convenient fig-a. lie 4 U UK W!8_JOH N SON_ A CO._ w?fca MiLITAKY HOOT*, MI At WnoLi^Li, SMI P "jjl jit JVInsM/fl/rvrer*' Pr*M*. f ! * Wk? N->. IS .Market space. Petrn. av.," i/?twBfl' Htb and 9:ti ?t#. J HO ^ENTHAL, LiuIim' Mis*??' and Children's Boot* and Sooea 1 or e.'ery .Vtci iplinn. lower thaa >t?t. de II eo UK Dl'PONT'S SI'ttAR COATED FElt MALE KEOIJLATiNG PlLLS A Ke%J tti? ful owing uuuo.iuited encorni teST* urn*: K?*' *1 cm no' ooiriroend 'hem too highly." " f-7 "They are the ba?t J-emale Piiia extant." "1 have u^etJ them Vith complete kuoneea." i \V uid cot be without tiiern upon ai<y oonatderati'?." "Tuey op ratagpeerfily and efT>otiv?ly." P'!0? !JI i*ect by mat So'.d b? 8 C UPHAM, 310 i h ?lu lureef, Fh ladeiph'a. and in Wa?h loxioa f)j ?. U. FCJ Kl>? ?ursar 11th elreet **id Pi. itvfpae no 3ft aolt Dh.o' ofkey '* antidote will cuke G4?n0RKH<KA in mx ilar-. No olim!*'* of net re^iiirf?l 1? i? ao Eng, . no T b j' r y*\ * fiAM >nclHB)^ and m 11 ?>t harm'b* m d?!ica'e o?n Qx it attov e- tM ho m*n* a t, pi io* M. **'>'d tiy h V. Ul'<j A M . 310 ch??nct itreet, !: 1 ^do i'1 *r.d m VVvhiriKtou br S. C. i'OHl), Qfirror l)lh .>r*"t HHll ? * EH 2R *"1 ? 1 TEA?-TPA-??TEAS! ?*L,,4T K'oti v?" a priicrt lot new !'?u. Por bale BROWNING A K RATING'S, <ie 4 3ta -tf .i '?3 P?.aveuue, near 6th at. IU8T i EOEIVEl> A LOTOP~THAT VERY J superior OLD CA*<1N >*' r Bill) ' MNG A KEATING'*. d- 4 Vwif fa k ,*> me.: ear bth si. PATAWBA GRAPES' V CATAWBA GRAPES!! Pr??eh Oatawba Grap*s in excel ect order and dt.iviuua i? llavor. Tif th^m. Kl'.G A BLKCHBI.L. de H oorner li'h st. and Vermont a*. E|* JOM PRINTING. liVRRY lH?nrjpti?.n of J OB PRINT1N6 ra?u!red bt ar.j I dy -oiU*e2? aivtl lunptionanea, ?rii)'yi'ln?Tf otfcfri, autlers, fro.?eaecctej at the i*TAR ?>r FICK. in aatiafastnry atyle, 41 >o* fnr P??h, 4 If rT'HK ?UUSvR(BIOKi) beg !eav# to inforra theu I X v n.n<i the pu hi 10 goi of ? ?? i its **i?n bji pli-vt with a superior at- ok of^Bl ! FALL ami V. INTER GOODS If* Ther al?o respectful y invite aUeution of Vflf Uic;r Arm* r.nd Na^y customer*,and those re^ uriut ou'fiUinthat l:ue. lotlieir 'u?enor?uaiit?ea of SworUa. Ep&ateta- Shoulder Strap* Beits, Cha**ai>a, Haw, Capa. Saahea. and Gold Laeee, oonatautly uu hai.d. vbtoh are warranted aa repre Muted, VVIiitat tendering thanfa for the liberal patronage enjoyed, tner will endeavor to merit a o^ntMUiuCe, F. J. H El MERGER * CO. (Puccroaor* to H. F. Loudon & Co J CITIZEN, MILITARY and NA T\L TAILORS, ! ul'J Pennsylvania A venue. oc Ifi <v3m JMPORIANT TO MILITARY MEN! Army Regulation Hate, Mo'Jlellan Fatigue Cap*, t.iiM eurane Parte Capa. utmtr r?.-. ?j- ?- ? *? k-mu mo ys mtuo IV ur'-CTt v-jrn ^/PrODriAM d?riooe. B. H. BTiiNFMBTZ. i36 Pa. *v??thi% uear oorner IStti ?t.? tietw*eis WlHard*' nuii Kirkwooda' Hftle ffy* A<e'.oy It Gtten'a Cork l ap Havelook. ' cnly rro?m in ended for 'l>e of onr rank and

fie br Lieut Hen W infield J*oott. do ll-lm OBNK NICE Rf'SEWOOD CHICKER IN<i HI ANO for #7S. ?? OueTootoef or round corner H\l'et|n8B 4 D?v e Piano f ?r ilTVii P? r kale upon ear* tirmi at the Mntio Htereoi W. W. MBTZKROTT Sol* Aceno' lor Steinwar and 8<>a'a aud h aven, Baton It Co.'a Ptaaoa- ?ie tit (tf A8SKY, COLLINS Jt CO.'S i'I PHILADELPHIA UKAOUHT ALK. We hav* joat reo*ived>* aopplr ot the alove A ie, viuoa we reooauuend to be of a verr ac^?rior ?ualitw Par<u\ne - ? U~ ^ - " . * v*wisniu* i?? purooAw. uy miKibi Uttaiadiale application, oau b? rarniahed. AKNV h KfliNNi no 7 Qwonttown. COl.DIKHSt NEEDING DKT rtOODti for tko r? "folk* at bom*" arc aolieitad to inap??ot our vaat atook. now oornp et? id aM department*. (ir? ?rio* only, tie Mtaai out ?tandard valaa, marked id plain ofirm. A examination of aiook inourt bo obllgatioa to rate iO?icearafnil* vaoked, lor exprau or otiiar | ooavnAi-u*. ir? of ohaic* o PKH RY iuu-apt """ a> wn'Bp^'r?Ti^'||4^ >? U7 , TKAVKUNO TSUNKS. m&b&sti%S?^tJSk!9^ \ . c> "**' ' i^ra, 4o., wMcli t# art tow wMl -^r-nuLdiwiw^.. | i OAS FITTING, fcc. A ,7** * ??? 4 ^ Sas^^H^lm nmn? Cy 9<or* on ttt> rtr^rt, %fr w door* north of We AS FIXTVR K 8 . E H**t m (tors, and are dai r rNwrioi, WAS rj IT IT 5 of entirely Now P?tterai md UMiifna ft 3d Finish. (uponor in atr'o to anything heretofbra offerd in this market. we inntooiDKens rener** lw lil Mil Ajul AWftmifIA i*?? ij %- w?i ? % ? ummiuv v/ij aiwrn vi vim ami tt ?wi Fix' tree, foetint ooufidact that we hare the b??t eected atook in WaahiBjtoti. All Work in the above Tin* mtiarted to Mr ear* will be premptly attended to, MYEK8 * MofllN. mat l-tf 3T6 DlrtreM. \ DENTISTRY^ J^KW AND IMPROVED INVENTION AHT1P1C1AL CHKOPLASTI' BOPE T F. E T H, Without M*tal Pu*.ti o*. Cla.s**. DR. 8. T? BIG ESMOND, #10 Brotuiw**, 4V*t# York- 'JfiO F'lmtvlvemt* A?" tnu*. >'tuun IJlk -nd 13tk tl* , fr??/kMMte?. Of la the attention of tho puhoo U> the toliowinf .advantates of hi* improved tjitwi i lrThe Teeth of bis iranufaoture fi'NB never oorode cor oh&nce oolor by aiida. beine t.iree foortha ii?Uler than u; other. X. No teeth or roots c?ed be extraoted, m the artificial on en oe-u be icaerted oyer there. 5 The root* will be made inofferuive. an carer o ache. 4. No temporary teeth are needed, aa permanent pw can b? mad? immediately, thereby preaerviDir the natural ttxpiPMion of the fhoe; whioh nuder the old ejetem is frequently uiafigured. 6 Thi? work has b?en full* tested over !? t?r? i hy niauj ot the Lret ohenusts aiid physician* otthis 1 o^nntry. ur. ?. h%* also inwntwd a white undestruotive iriatai hiliuj. with wuioh the most jsnmtiva teeth can be fii!<vT wi'.hout pain, and oan build up t per foot, sound tuotb on any side roots, whioh willlast throe* h lifetime. Tlie besiof reJereaoes riven?to I>r. V. Mott; Dr. Doremu*, Professor oTChenustry. 4 Hon. Judge W&yae, of th? Supreme Court of Washington, and thousands of others Call and examine for yourself. no 8 6m PASSKNOKK TRAINS TO AND FROM BALT MORE. WIfiTEK SCHEDULE. 0PKC1AL NOTICE TO TRAVBL.KR& On asd after Monday, Deoemher 9, 1881. PaeMn>sr Tr*in? h?tvMn W i8HINbT<1N UALin.MORF. will run aa follower TRAINS MOVING NORTH. M orning t?xprora leave Waahinctaa 6 00 a. M. ArS?e at Baltimore 7Jv a. Philadelphia 11J0 r.K.; ew *>fk * P. U Harna'icrg 1.11 r. M. i Mominx Aooonunodation leave Waelynfton 7.40 a.m. Arrive at BaltimoreIJO a. m. No ooo&eo! ticca At Baltimore, INew York Mail Train?leave Washington at 11 A. mm- arrive at Baltimore 11.40 p. St.; Philadelphia i 27 p. m.; New Vork 10 p. if. Afternoon Aoooiaraodatton?leave Washington 5.T6 p.m. Arrive at f.altin.ore 4 50?. M.; Philadelphia 10X? p. m. Evening Expreeu? eave Washington i p. u. Arrive at Baltimore 6.46 p. ?.; Philadelphia 10.59 r. tc.; New York (?. N,; Harrlaburg 1 a. K. On Sundays at 3 (?5 and 3 p M.onlf. '1 he 5 r. M. tr?in from Washington ootmeota through to New York every dap during the week. ?H 4 INS MOTINQ SQVTH. Leave New V ork at 7 a. Ptoladeifhia 11 Jo a. M , Baltimore 4 <tt p u Arrive ?t Wa?h.&gtoii t.52 p. *. b?ave New York et? p. Philadelphia 10JO p m.; Baltimore 4 30 a- m. Arrive at Waanington I A. Hi Leave New York at 1* p. m.; Philadelphia I JO a. n ; Baltim3re7.S5 a.m. Arrive at W a* kin (ton o :5 A.m. AcflUrr.mftdntinn fr*in? 1?aini i a m., and I p. m , for ^Mhii^toc, arrive there at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. On ^usdara at? 30 and 7.3S a. m. only. Passenger Train* ie&vibg vVaaoinctuu at 7.40 a. *. and >.(? r. x., and Baltimore at7J* a. m and KO p.m. mafce diroct connections for Annftfolit at the Junotion. Tr?un? leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Washington at 63) a. m. and 8 40 p. m Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 6.00 a. m.. li a. M.. a- 5 p. and Baltimore at 4.30 and 7.35 l. u , ard 3 V> p. w.ll ttov only at Annapolis Junction n,nd I Relay t Junction W?i Passengers mast take the Accommodation TVitfiJ only Trai .* will leave Washington and Baltimore promptiy mpvn card ItffU. W. P. SMITH. de 17 Master of Transportation. Bait. | ^UVKRNMUNT DISPATCH. M? FAST FREIGHT LINE NEW Y O fl NOtOS A 8c*oial Meia?(sss(li ha r i it ?k wi?k. each Train, m order |o MM'e safety anil dfspatoli. ALL RAIL. W1THODV*CHANGE OF CARS. on and (L'Ver MONDAY. Nov. 18th, this Company will receive &nd tnacport .Munition* of War. #orernment fHoree, 8nUer?' hngpliM for the Army and all .MnoelUneoai Freight, at Ia>w WITHOUT Will OT BCLl. Eruiai Contract! fc* Gvciis, in Largt Quantitiit, at Jimhu^d Aat**. ID^Freifht reoelved only at the Depot ofth<? C-^ctral Railroad of New Jera?y, I'ht No 2, North River. For former information, or Mpeoial oontraou, erquire at the Oi>ci ?/ tk* 49 Broadwtjt, ff. Y , Or A4T Fenniyloamiu ore., Watkinglon CSty. lE^Mnrk^aod?. "tyagr rnroeTit Di?patoh."-/TI r reigni received iron 8 ft. m. to 3d m. A D. HOPE, mi tiu Hops Express Co.. po X-lm Superintendent. NOTICE. Thi? O iitipanj offers to the Lna^ualled A(ivanta?ccr" for the Hal* ana Quick i'lspfitch of Heavy Freight*. Pacta***, Valuables, Money, Ao. Ac., to all part* of the United 9tate?. F.xpreete* to tntl from the No-th and Wert do part from and arrive \u Washington twioe daily. Ail Kxpre?*e8 are t? ,,harfe of txp*rnnc*d mni rtlxnbU Measengers. Ail Paoka*e* for The Soldiers oarnea at Moi?? half" onr usual rata*. Ail Goods for the so-oaHed "Confederate Htate?" and all Article* " Cocaband of War" will be Rtir'Siin Ou' KxprPMeg leave New York at I. ?, and P. M., arriving in Waaliiacton at ft A. M. and hM P M. Expree**! leave PKtladoiphiaat 8JO A. M. and 11 P. M., arriving in Washington at 110 P. M, and I Ai Me Expresses leave Baltimore at 4 90 A. M. and S P. M.^arriviuc in Washington at 8 A. M and A an r. 1*1. Ux presses ?I1 Mints North an<1 Wert leave Washington at 7JO A. M . and 230 P. M. d<ui/. Speciv Contracts for large quantities of Freight oan be made on application to tbia ?'ffioe. All Goods oalied for and delivered frtt of Extra onar^a. E. W. PARSONS, Soj't Adams' Express Company, Washington, August a. 1881. an a-tl (f^ WATCHES. iTOLD AND SILVER ENGLISH, SWISS AND AMERICAN ' have now on hand a large (took of all the most celebrated Wa'ohes, that I am selling at tM very lowest prion* tnat good and reliable time keepers can be afforded at; and every description of fix* JEWELRY rn haad;all new styles reoeived as soon as manufactured, and offered at the loweet rates. Silver ware manufactured in my own shop. All kinds of MILITARY GOODS on hand, suoh as Revolvers, Swords. Sashea, Belts, Bowie Knives. Poobet Compasses. Ao? fto. Also strong A r in* Trunks and Bed Combined: and many other things uselul and ornamental at 33b Pennsylvania aveii?A- "< ?> ?f " A _ M-^r- ?. ?? A' W\/VMn. i. raA*Kian, OPTICIAN TOgHMRfSI^NTANDMJLS44 Penn'aav.,' no. Ui aid*,) b?t. lith and 19th ate SPECTACLES, trended with (Muine Rook Crrata! or Poriaoopio Ltim, mounted is fold, uT*r or atMl. and ?uiUd witn utmost oar* for ery as* and eyMight. FIRST - T7-^CLASS MfT fTJBV ?r?f n ? mm* ? m-+ A M" i VLJ *5 S MO* MierosoofM, Oobhhn, and M?ih?m?tioci la trnmonU, at tha lovMt Kaatarn ?noes. o IMr w&w butJCTI. fiisSSBL^ wittou w* lunto all aaah ynah?w to wtn> "or* f ou, StM Pa. av., between wh aadiout m n M Mp??')if>ne*r aad Rw?ablioaa,> WJ BOYtv nutrniNa uai in* ?nAiiUAs, vhioh w f aftUiac ft t very to a MftUlhiwmfti nwl R?M?nftft< . .I OU?e?. OOLi)^, BOA/iekNUM, U QOMtOOND xlkufot OlM AMAMC. TUi pl<*>Mut ftiw fotutu Co??I' H-iQM) MM b??ti fo toi* fcttuWuNfi ?<4toD?ivt>l; tcta Utt bHwt ttftVft Dmmm1 'Mutiuu Willi lie ?>tr?-r?tk otoUft^iStLl^*"""?' ' | " 1 " ? D ml jFoiuvtron, OAirivoti ?SeKSisI*'POK ALL DTFKABK8 OT IMPHtfDENCE. LOT jro J?XL5S DELlClCJ TRXrXirr APPLY IMMBD1A*LY. 4 **** irxAK^VTiD. 0* JVO CMAB9E, IN rnox ONE TO TWO DATS. V*tku*M W a* fcet, itnetwM, tfiKm ?f lk? KM r? ??d >U4?i JimHur OUebufM, If?Hi9m rml OtbilHf, JItf.'dmm, Uaf*er, C?twm f Mm, Lew Iprra, ?i:phau?? rf tl>? ??ru TUbnJut, Trtnb'.mg*, DimaMt ? Stfftt or Tltlni, Dftiul af IM m4. Threat, Ntmt or Wis. Af4hAT *? IMA ul ? Bowata?ihaaa Ttmfclt Plinfi?i tninf rrwm tabUry MtbiU af YoaOi?lhaaa Dn?4hl ui DMUMm PrtcOcaa which raadar Mwntfi impaaatMt, ud **nrrf Mt Mt tad Nlti rovxu ME I* Eapatlallj wha haaa baeorna tha rttfliM a( MKary Vie*, tiMt 4ru4fU aud iMintilti btNt vteek uatillr twttpt ta an acumalj jt*t# tbewaoda of Yom-g Mao of lha n>oa-. tiakad taltntt and brilliant intallaet, wbo mifht M&irwin ha?a aotranaad laatanang Saratat with tha thandara af alaqatoct ~r *v.k*d ta MNUJ tha b?inf lyra, aaay sail wilfc fall caoldaaca. MARRIAGE MilllU Ptt)??i,or Ycmug Mao taeUfafUticf Marmat, t>?in( tain rf pfcjtiaal vaafcaaaa, arfaut* dihtli'f. d?nmiatt,k., ipili't carad. Ma placet bimaaK ?edrr tit eara af P? J say r??'r< ?>lf caetda in Ma baanr at ? fantlaman and twdttfl; raly aptt hia aktU aa phyataaaa. OFFICE 1*9. 7 SOUTH FEEDER TCE ST. Itft bud atda jatagtrata B* It 1 mora atraai, a faw tain frata vmw wiawr. m Mi iW* W TOi?r*l DUSI IO? BWS?N. MHtn Mi h pti4 ud ftMUi! ft lUap. X>Jl. JOHNSTON, Maiakaraf tka Rani Go. Lift af knim, kanAaa, (nilalt from Ml af tit maat amibaat Gailtftt la tba Uaha4 tataa, asd tka rttaitr pan of wboat lift kaa haaa apaat la toipiuli a( loafw, Piria, PbUt4ilpku ?4 tlaawhtra, kaa ifietif Hot af ihanoMuumabmi carai that tin am iMtij iduj troabUd with n>|U( ia ika hod tad an whta atlatpt rrtat btr'aaactaa, baiof ituald at aaddtn toaada. baahtaloaaa with fra^atot blaming, attaadad aTiautaaa vita daraafaaaat af mad, v?r? earad laaidlfttftlf , TAKk PARTICULAR NOTICE. 7??n( Mac ana wi>tr? who ha?t in(*r?d thtmaaltat bp a artair practiea loduif tu to wkta aioat?a habit frtqaaotly Itarntd from awtl cmr.paniaoa, ar at tebacl, tha tlteta af wbien art aiffctiy flit a*ao wban aalaap, and If aat earad. raadara namtfi laipoaatbla, aad daoirvya bach nuad aad bad*, tbould apply iicmadiatal?. Then art aont of tbt tad aad mtUaeboiy tftau pradattd by tarir habitt of roath. Tit: Wtaknttt of tha Back aad Limba, Paint in tbt Htad, Dimatw of fttf bt, Laaa af Powtr, Palpitation of taa Htart, Dyapapay, Wtrroat irruabtlitt, Dtranftmaat of tka Difaauva Ttoeutta, Qaaaral Dihiuty, Bymptama of Caotamptiaa, 4c. Ml<iTiLLr.-/ni faarfmi tstcu an tka mlad art mack ta bt drtadtd?Loaa of Mtaary, Coofnataa af Idaaa, Dtpzttaiaa af Spinta, E?U Portbodinrt, Avarataa af Soctaty, ?tlf-D?atrwat. Lo?a af Miia4a, TUUduy, ata, ara tama af tka a?ila iaaai NiiTori PMiLiTt.-nmuii w u*|i<|iiWili lha eaoaa of tJitir dacluuaf baalth, loaiof tbatr rigor, baeootn( waak, pala, oar?oa* u4 amaeiataa, bartof a ?P>" appaarai>ca >!?n Lh* ay a*, toafh or aympuna af D1SBABES OF IMPH VDENCE. ffbio U>a miaraidad ud impradattt ?otary af piaaaara tad* ha ha* itrbtbad a* aaada af tbta palatal diaaaa*. U taa ofiaa bappan* that an iH-ti-nad aana* ofibama or draad of di*c*'irt datar* him from appl? it.g to itooa who, frocn odacauoo and raap*stability, eaa aloaa bafruod hia. Ha (ail* lata lb* kail da of Ifnoraat and daaif utag praiaodara, vho, itxapabia af carUlf, dlch bta pacBnirrj tabatactm k**p bin LnJ:afl raooth aflar mooth, or aa lour aa tna aaTTlaai faa ui fea obtaiof? and la daapair laara btn wi'Ji ralnad boat to ha oijrb arar'ni* raiting diaappotutmaotj or by tba aaa of that doadlr poiooo?Haccary h**lac tba oouatnouoo*! tyrapfi of lb (a tarrlN* diaaaa*, *mch u Af*cuo?* of tba H*an, Tbraat, laid, km, Ac , f rofT*mr( with frigbtfai rapMMty, till doatt pat* a aartod to hi* araadfal aaflartcg ? by raiding btmt o that aodtacovarofl coaatrr from whoa a bowraa no tra?ala? marei. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORQAlflO WEAKNESS AND 1MPOTENCT. By Uu rraat and Important raraady waaknaoaof tba orfu* art apaadUy earad and fall rtfar raotarod. Tkoaaaad* of tba oat oat 'aa* and dabihtatod, who bad laa( ail boy a, bara baaa tmmadiataly raUarod. All-tmpadlmatiU u Warriag*. Pbyalaai a* Maatal PlaoaaJUaaCoaa, boa* of ProaraatlaePovor. Rarma Imiabfltir. f rarabltng and Wtaknau or gibaaaOoa af lha Boot foarftl Had ipaadily earad. | ENDORSEMENT OF 7 HE PRESS Til Mai*T TaocimDi earod at thla loautaaou with la lb* lajt aarontaaa raara, and tba oamaraaa important dargv aal aporauor.* pamrmad b? Dr. Joboatac, vimooaad by ?* raponan o< tba papara and many acbar paraon*, ootieo* of which bara appaarad again and afalo bofora tba pablic, ba ran ?i? nanCiDf u i (Mtlimu t4 (Ktruui and WJ1 WtlH?, Ii * diiigt pirum M U> MletaC au lHf TB.IBSBMAR. Protetted by Royal Letters Patent of England, and setured by the Seals of the Stole d* Pkarmatte ds Paris, and the Imperial Colltgt of Mediting, Vienna. TRIE9EMAR No. 1 la the rffnotnal remedy for Kblaxatioh, ?rmm atobb hcba and h xhauttio* ob thb &t8tbx. TR1E8EMAR No. ?, Completely and entirely eradioatee all trace* of those disorder*, for whieh Copaiva and Cobeba have ceneta It be*n thought a-, antidote, to the nun of tke health of a vast portion if the popolat OL. TRIE8EMAR No 3. > the f re?t atd aor* remedy of tae omitted werld or all impurities of th* nystem, aa well aa teoondary symptoms, obviating the deatmotire use of Meroury, aa well aa otfre d?leteriona inarHieita, and which all the Saraaparilla in the woMd o*nn?t rem>ve Nm 1. 2 and 3 ar? alike devoid of taate or email. *u>d of all nnnaeatinc eoaiitiea. They are in tue form of ? loaebf e, ana may lie on the toilet table without their uae beini aaao^oted ? Sold in bo omn at ft s eaeh. or foar #3 en* in one for *0. am) in ??7 oaf>?, thus uvui( #?.*? admjbi*tece<l by VtiKU, Laileinanri, Ronx. *?.. *o. Who enale ard retail t?v LiE H. A. BVKR??\V. 194 Blaeoknr ibM(, (4 doom from MaoDougal atre^t). New Y'rk. lmmecia'aiy on receipt of remit*atio?, 1>t. Uiikow will forward Tn?*eerrjir to any cart of tne w?.rd. seoureiy packed .and sddreased acoordinj (o me instructions of the witer. Publish d also by DR HARROW, that popular and beautifully ii-ustrated medioai wo k, tinman Pra'Jty. Pnoe 25 oents. a d J-.<?ok c?n b* oti&lr.ed Ly ep?oiai authority from ?. C FORI), I Washington, D. C. de li-An LEA k PERR1HV CXL1BRATXD Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounoed by tJ EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS Fl of a Letter from a to t* the II *l*l,t -ONLY GOOD JV SAUCE." M Woroeeter. and applicable to g?g ^ ^, May^ikl EVERY ???!?[ SSr^rr:-. in India, and it, in VARIETY my opinion, themort salaUWe, as well as 1 <) |.- nt?u Ri__^tne most wooleeorr.e VV P"511, ^3SPS<m?? that made." ( The ahore SA I'CE la not onN th? bust and m^ Porn.AK co5Di*?!tT kuowc,bntthe most Kt-enomical, aa a lew drops in Soup Gravy, or wiUi Fish. hot and ooid Jo\nit, B*J Sua*. Gam*, fx , impart an exquisite i?st, which ?aprt?ctpl+d Sauoe man uiacturers have in vain endeavored to tmuat*. On the Br*mkt?t, LimcJUm, Pimm ft, or Snpr*? ! TmbU, a orupt oontaming " LKA A PERKINS' ' WORCEST* RSH1RE SAUCE" is tndnpensable. To Appreciate the trctlltni i+alitU* of this 4tH titmt preparation it is only necessary to purchase a sin* 11 bottle of the renwmt, of a respectable ftooer or <*ee er, m many Hotel and R<sie?ra?t pro prietois seidoTD piaoe the Pmrt irauoe before their cuests. bnt substitute a geoeuie Bom* filled with a swmrunn mixtaro. For sale by Groesrs and Pruitsrers everywhere, JOHN DUNCAN A BONB. . Vnitm SfMrt mmd 14th ilrstl, Nsss York, Sols Wholesale Asents for the United States. A Stock always in store? Also orders received i for direot shipments from Kri|lai-d. trr filM?l? of fl?? - * ' /~fl i mi TOP HAM'S MM j Ulli r B M M I V M T It W It I V2 MANUFACTOAY, 499 Biywti hun, Wuhiiwtm, D, C. SUtot ' : P<Suwff?uLrMLftii MMbm of GoncrflM ud immUm ?nii .1? Superior UiUer tad Draw Trm&ks atdl I* tt. uwiaw@3a^?iai<gj bosoa for cum dollar. 6r*r, rod or lAieabur ou b* ouu^N In a nv Mnonda to % lit MirV or brown, bfr nunc UphMn'i Lipoid Hi.r DyCtSiboot pad oMmI is the^rond, jrcxinoii*, lh? noa.ent j H AifSW aV'mMti to ooaUiq Si??f ?e" dolphit, ud C. CALVKrrW)fti). oorntr ljtib 1 itr?HM4h.w>. ?f 1 CASK NOTICE. '! &N CoMHMkM of Mtr teviM to m Nik for mil artiol* of (oodji tro inrclim, w v? wro*^ torMMioir batiMM to Ca?h axato?hr?y, for tt>? , /&*S??a IM b?tv?w mE uh WU m . r v tltCO? --i IVr ?i. ' . cffc ^liryiiii nwi >? * twir MMb | \ TRAVELLERS' PAgrORY^ J^OETHgtW CKWKAL RAlLlfcg^ ^ WK8T. NO*T5*ANP*>IO?TgWWT. WINTtn SrrfMDVLI Cirni or Tims. naudk*>r?T?nt* ?fc Mill ? i ? I" Tr*in? vdl arrive aad dayert trt>m Calvert rUttOD M fol OWi I .. T?iiu Nciii Lairs Mu' at BvImo fcxpre?a p. a. Purkton Awi mmodwion (J. m. Pltubfr and tiaTiaberf F. x rr?wa V a at TtJtlRI tSdCTB Allltt Rarkfcnn Aooammndatiob at ( a. m. uflal j Lxpraaa IVl.1. PitiaHirg and Harruburg kl^rm > ??. The 6 a. m train frwe Washington cop?eta wito tt* ?** a. in. train from Hnimo't for tba Wntacd for t>u^aJo, Kimira E<*-?* tar, Daatirk, Ce>.adaigaaand Niagara Pal.a,awKwN?v ork city. Tfc? SI i bl train freai WatkUfloa ooaaaoU with the 3 ? rn (rain frr? Baltimore to WmL North a'd N orthwaat and ?:mira and BcffkJo tad H och tt#r. Thai p. m. train from Wa*kiiftoi ?iiaota wHti tb?ft~S??. m. t aia from butiatn far fVtaparg, iwrnl uri ai>d the Waat aad la a direct ?orM?Uoa 'or l>b?oa. Fa<ton Altantotra aad New tori via central b&iircu or N(* Jwht< Try Uiia r crate for Nov York OXgO And the W Ml. Th? oalj trkiD ArriTioc la BoJtimor* oa (|Utr U th 8 9>a. m. train. JAR. C ClaKIK. co ? ly fcyirirtwwwt 1* NOTICK TO TRAVtLllt. BK I'Mtnutrr Stunl AAvac ortarodtfca Mi1 wrr.oi between Haokiaftok, _ JPmm' Ba.t:m.>r*. Aud Old Point (Fort Monroes to be ratJirM, on And d?y > ti-nm tn?.r w;^rt, foot of t'aioa t>o?k. At 4k o'oiook p. w., or lmn ?ciAt*?<T Aftor tko Arrival of the Waaiitr gton Train, vhick iMfHWukifiitca At SH o'aloci p. a. a?-tf M. W- FALL*, fgt ask "jmowswii/ssse' asainf and mnt*rkiac >amh|wi at Q?ten?towii, lr?tAD<i. 1'be ^.ireipool, New York tad Philadelphia m Mnmn romptii; iat*>i<d diapotofcmctkoir ftU mwered C!yd?- built iroi Mknthin as folic vs i SI,AS?OW ... fiatarca?, A of ut 3d. CITY OF BALTIMORE. ** - Mk. KANGAROO, ? - UU. And mrj Saturday, at atot, from PwM, Nortk nw. una or ruiML Firat Cabin * Do. to Lo:.dor, M Do. to Paris U Do. to Hajatmrf M ""K? suss: ?~*C IK). to f|'U, M Do. to ? M Paaarac'n forwarded to Birrs. Biran,|?ttor dam, Antwerp, 4a . at radaood tkrosch taras. Porsona viahiBs to brtnf out tboir frisoda mm bar ooktti at low ratas. For firUior information apal? at tks Captain* Oftoe. JOHN ?. DAL* . Asset, lft Broadway. N. V , Or to Q. A. HERRIN6, Adams Exsrssa Baltimore. NORTHERN IHflMBHS CENTRAL RAILWAY. at TP CP IMTPIinPMilW a Dl/r DRIi' * D yr r-jV.*lt CaLYSXT ?Tattofcr*. Mil E,JML. % ?? - fcjgjvsaaT" pfcS^KS>.?. HARRIfBURG ACCOMMODATION at P. M. The 8.16 A.M. train oosneots at Relay H?in with tr&ici on the Weetert Maryland Railroad at Binorer Junction with Hi^rw&sd 6MUb*r| Rai.roadr, at York withYork and Writ tit* < Railroad; at Bamabnrc with Per.t*yl*awa Rail i road for a:! part* of theWe*t aieo with Lei at cot Valloy Kail road to I*tw Yf* dtrtct; at Northam I beriand with L and B. Kairoarf for Kiafrtoaapd j all parti of Wyooauag Valley .and at Van'cry with the Philadelphia and Erie tos.. road lor all parte i Northern Pennsylvania aiid Naw York. The SJ?> V. M train make* all the above otmnaaI ton? except Banorar Railroad, Wrifhunlla ! Railroad at<' the Labaaaon VaImr Rai>oad. The 8 P. M train make* connecuoci w.u Penn Slvania Ra. n aa for all part* of tha Waat,aad root oonneott for New York. TRAINS AB.M.ITM. Mail atkloP M.; Exprw* at 1M A. M.; Mamabcrt A coon nidation at 1.43 P. M. , ^For .t^^and jnJorB atioa in?aira at the i iv?k uuiur, v?iT?n owiaiit nwttiior*! J. crcLARi,g?r*t. PM'^l>5wPArll% BA^ SPRING AND SUMnjrA^ukGJMEjrr. On tail alter Tl'EfMY MM )4tB, PM?rncrr Trains lor Phuada.ptiia will i?ve Pr*?>?iect ?treet i Depot daiiyj ezoept Sandarf )a* fo.lows, ti*: l.xpr*?s Train at 6 IS A.M., Way Mill Train *4 ' C4S A. M^ Kt?disi Mail St 4.46 o'eiook. Oa FUNRA YSat 4 45 P. |Tonly. All tralna eonceat with w York train* exoept iM P. M. train on BMu ! dST?. A Freight Train with pawinwr oar attaahad ' leave* at ft P.M. au-ppin? at ailStation* batwaea Baltimore and H^vre 4H?r?o?, i Paaeetcera for Delaware and the {Carters f bare ' tf Maryland will find the aoat expoditioaa roata by way of Wilmington. | Ify All Colored Peraona maat giva bond before' enteric* theoara. WM CRAWFORD. A Mat YORK AND KRlfc RAILSB0S&B ROAD. -Llli IHM Paaaencer Train* leave via Pa?? ma Ferry and Lone Dock, from foot of Chaabara street. New York, a* foiiowa, ti? : , _ _ , 1.00 a. in . EXPRK?*S,for Dunkirk,and Buffalo, and principal mterme-m'e Stations. -0Pa in .MAIL.,lor Dunkirk. and intermediate Statioce?Thi? Train mmbibi over night at Elmira, and artoeada the next tnorfuac. .no a m. MILKdaiij, lorOtiavili*, aad intermediate Station*. 11 ma. ni. ACCOMMODATION,daily,for Port Jervia, and prinoipa station* 4 Qp p. in., WAY, for Middlotows, Newbargfe. and intermediate Staticn?. * m.. NIGHT EXPRESS, da.?y. tor Dm?tC,J?D Vi0* StfrtlOCS The Train of Hatirday (top* at au Mail Traia Station*, and rau osh to fclmira. M* ACCOM?r0DAT10R^0r HorMrrillt, and prikoipai Station* NATHANIEL MiSlBB"r1~'"' AeaKssT gp?asnvagf?" ew . TiVtt ,ffWP KT STATK.AGfi STATE OF M AIN K?of[reii treaju aod ntad, but ^aruon jwly adapted to U* rotd. dllttDM of 0 TTu1* Olllv to HMtAB Pier No. ? North Iflwr mw the Bettorr. Stealer EM rIRK STATE, Ca?t. 8??u . Plondaya, wednoadaya, and Friday*. it 4 v'6lr?c i_M.i toajtuag at Newport <* !> way. The 8te**or METROPOLIB, Cm*. Browa, oa Tatalaya, The: adara. and Satardaya, at 4 o'afoot P._M., toeokinc at Newport aaea way. "Ai^so 8taas?ra are jttw w.tti ooramodiow etoto rootca, a dc every PVir^meat for the aocarit* aud ooiurortcf eaaMorera. wao areaffbrded Ky tiua roar* a Qirhta' real on t>oa.rd. end oa arrival at PaJl K.rer proeoed aor 6t?anib<?t Tr*,n.r?**?. isi Boeton >"*tly tlje foliowite marring: or may remain oe boa/<3 nnti, starting or the Aoo-.^noaaHon at I A. it., by wkich thVy nay raacfc Boetoa abont 8.44 A.M. A baggage naalw la attached to aaok Maauiar, who reooiToa and tlokcu the kaggage. and aaecm tt i. <* the tame to lta daat. uauoe, A runs ia oon&*ci:on witk tkia Ltae between Fall Klw and Providence daily, agoapl Freight to Boatoa ia forwarded tkroefk witk Teat diapatch by an K**r*aa Trait, wfclefc leevae Fall River ererr moraine, H?&d*ya ileMtM, at 2ftMsU?8w:,?tf JBOSVO^tSr teslifi 2.S! fend b^iht M^iy woM^j'oVIf dwirM to ?M?r? " *"""? " ?.? SlgSSgtttY iLBAr,8vcSR>!#khsmSfi . Gonuoeccni Mono**, May fTtfc, laei. _ For Abany^UsM a. m. M Minn tiaia trim ?th itrstt For Dovar Plain#??UA f ? stopping at Wklto pi*.c? and itafcoiii north to Dorcr p>ain??fron tii atrMt station I (Thu traia will ru to Mlllartoa ?m Batercay IS&sRiisi^kS^xas^ For v\ hite Plain*?fcSOjjfclV and fc?r y. m. ?toy m? m ?u n?. oni iron IN I0H( staUdfc. Ffccwhito K:ajc??fc'ia. b. ?iof>ini ataT ft* now from W hit* rtmt iWhwi For WiIImu B?U?? TM,n***.m.*ad*m + B- ?U>> ?'m at all ittbOEi (rum au (Um( Batioa. Albany?9** a. B. Mei^rcu train. Dovw Fnn??tat a- b. (Tki* traia taavM Mu iartou firm7 Mot.d*j m<tnuut alii, b.) l|pw?i$$giA.'St?ri? aula* trahw will ta??* ?th Amu MnaOd ftraet, for 0antral IVt, Yorknlla, Haw?* aad toiV" ^ .nraat'r^sr tjx" mm rnmmmm ai4*A*ca?p.* I 6ybp n> tiwRtus ear) WJM i. m I mmm J Stfffi&jk/ilt T. HIK v mt- Ml N j Ha. t ' "* *""* kUcl H<i? I * IM d?u ootmt uth at. m Varamt ??.

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