Newspaper of Evening Star, December 27, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 27, 1861 Page 2
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0 mm mtmt TH EJ^TM^star . WASHINGTON CITY: FRIDAY DEtfEMVFK IT, 1MI. ?I7'Tb*?n|.b Tit# >ta? 1* printed <s?Uh? vna preaa in ?-= ar?uth ??f iu edition ?J ao law im I" r quire It to b- put to j ! ?-? ?l ta j early hear: A tb?-r??fnre. abonM be est t* heforr 12 o'elork x.; olt^rwl^ they iray may not a;?p*3? until the n*-*'. da v. Spirit of the Mirnins Pr*?a. The JnltVig- net ! devr?e<l to news. and the RrpnWtma to the ne^rn, to-day. Twa Tbbut to tbts time we have felt it liberty to ?ay e?ry little with refrreiir ? V> tb? Treat imbroglio at It preaenta Itself !n the negotiation* known to be In progre** be re. W# to-d<ty, b 'Wt-v-r. take oocaat^n to ?ay. that tbou^b Ita complication* hare b?eu fur greater ? ? ?av<? viuuw i dmi ioaq ior roumry ai iar^e are aware of. there 1 * ere rv reason to belike that a peaceful and h? :cr*ble aolatlon of the affair will be ?rrlT^<l at be fort* minv day* eiapee. HS~ The rebel band* hare not all been routed out In Weatern Virginia, and weaeel.ytbe Wheellag paper* that a party of M Morcaain Ranker*,"' j tome twenty-flee In number, bare V* ;p crmm't lng depredationa In Jackson county, which liea immediately upon the Ohio river. , Coioxn. Cwiomi ? LleuUnant Ilurd's statement aboat the e* ape of Col. Corrorau fr in tbe *"barte*t?? jail during tbe late Are !u that city U w?w doubted. Late account* from Charl-aiun ta?e that tbe jail in which the prisoner* were coMncd was not burned. ^ 1 1 1 in- a * myaterioua" cannonading whs bc&?d off tbe cooat of Long Island yeaterday. It was *- - * ? ? " i ruuaoiT oniy a vessel or war exercising ber rr.w at tbe guca PaasoRAL ?Miss Alice P. Mann Is the star at the Walnut st TbeaUr, Pbi.adelpbla,at jresrnt. | Jobn C Heenan announcra Mirs-'f ea tbe flr*t olna'eer !a case of a war with England Gen Rosecrane arrived In tbeclty this :n?rn1nf, and Is stopping at tbe Wiilard Hotel. Among tbe guests at the Christmas dinner of Lord Lyon* were Anthony Trollop*, tbf noveltst; Dr Rossell, of the Londbn Timtt, ani Mr. Vliltelly, the artist of tbe London Illuuraud Suet Tbe dinner comprised old English cbeer a d modern French coohtng, ser .H by the domtsV.cs o< tbe togstion In livery. Ficbanss of Ptuoxui.?Inconsequence of tba beal'stion sxbibiUd by tbe Fedr*al Aim:n!s mHM ? ?.<? - < ? nutlivll a lUrU.'Si fXCnS3l(e oi prisoner*, leat, by so doing, they should In some way embarrass their posiMcn atd action In crushing tba rebellion, a con mittee w*? recer.tiv appointed by the Massachusetts HU'orieal goc:ety to Irqnira Into and report to what extent an exehang* of prlaonera was effected during the American Reeolotion, ard w daily to aarertala acd report if, be n?rh excbunues, the rights of aoeereiynty claim'd by the crr.wn were tupposed in England to have been in any way ini paired or Be: as de From ttie report r f t ti committee It appeared that, f'om the h*tt!e f Lexlaston to tbe close of the Revolutionary wir, xcbancea constantly W*?k ple^e, and open In considerable nnmbers, altbr-u^h tuc British :;o#eminent readlIr and cautiously avoided recognising the Icdepeodtnce of tbe Colonies, or making any political admlsatn.s Jita'sjtv<-r They permitted exchanges, ur der rules of war,! for pnrpo?? of solitary convenlen-p. aiid In relief or the anft-ringa of their own c3i;ers and private* In captivity. Cot Billy Wilsoh ahhd to Kesios ?Tbe latest information fr> m Fort Plcketi? is that serlooa difficulties have arisen between the staff and Un? oAoers of tbe regiment and Col. Wtlaon. They are said to be greatly d!ss*ti?tied with hla abilities as a military man, and acenae him of conduct highly culpfch e In a commanding offtoer ub me lJ'.n all tbe rfllrers, with *'*o exception!, Waited upou and requeated biufto reaign tbe ccamind of tbe regiment. It ! iatd that be refuted to lltten to tbelr requeet Tbe officers me*ir d*t?-nnln? J to retire frcio tbe regiment tbemaetvea or compel hint to vttiidn* Should tbe colonelcy of the regiment Income nfMt, tbe o#wi propose to tender It to a United tttates army r ffieer. . Ths Qciiii'ii Mtuixaii in Canada.?Tbe Quebec Chronicle of Tuesday says :?1" Mr Seymear, tbe Queen's messenger. *t? baa )>ee:t to Washington, arrived bcrr yesterday morale*mmi _ a. _? ? - nf oeneve dpt. Lindsay, R.N, win b*? Wen Maying In Quebec fcr aome time, will l^are for England to djy and cany with him dlepa'rhf* for the British ttoTeratn<?u? The Londonderry Guardian telle ns the Anglo-Saxon was detained a day on her Laat outward trip to receive an 1mjaenae quantity of telegraphic cypher for Lord Lf?u Ths Hanaoa of Nkw Yuan ?Tb**re ?r* i"*parationa for one thousand nuns for tbr defense of the harbor of New York, but there art- not one thousand guns ready, aud a long time niinit elap*e before they ran he supplied xmie My?* hundred <Ood guns, howeve', are in piure in ibe laser and outer harbor. ai.d two hundred others of an inferior qnalitv Tfce Government Is protesting the work at fist as po?sible ? Exprtt*. taking the Staae Ships la < harlestea liarbar. _ amnun ISC IIIKIH^ OI UH atooe-laden veaaels la CbarleaUm harbor as follow* : 14 On Wednesday ni^ht scundlnes were taken by Mr. Brsdoury, assisted by Mr John \V God tny, one of the OovrrniMnt pilots at Port Kovs), I who U familiar with every aand knoll and bar In these waters, for tbe purpose of ascertaining tbe precise location In which to sink the vessel* It was tbe n discovered tbat tbe reikis had sh'fttd tbe channel bu?ys, probably under tbe api>rebe? ion of a naval attack. ' On Tuesdav morning: the light-houar. which bad loomed vastiv through th?- h?*<? ife* ??? ? before, ?u not io be teen; bnt a look tbiouun our glasses showed as it* ruin* on tbe ground Tbe fact explained a loud <-iplo?iau which had been heard inshore too a after dirk. apposing tbxt oar whalers w*-re flrst-clas* frIrate* come to boiubard tbe city, tbe rebels had Mown tbe ltght-bouae up, that tfc* brails, g* ct tbe ebaaoel might ba ioat Tbe Uick hurt nobody excapt themat.e~s, but afer all, light-bouse* her ee forth will be nneleaa establishment# at Okaxlcaton " At 3 o'clock on Thursday afternoon, the ebinsal had bees bnoyed, and tb^ old Tenadoa was odkftaiward lowedtober fliul moorings The pflOTon eboaen for her was at the nortt eastern ?d(* of tba paaage, at* she grounded vj.ere I there ta eighteen feet ?f water dt high tide. Fro'o bty the ? ??cbared aa flrtn v as her !?.a.d t ameate of tba JE/txn Sea Tbe Leo Did as was next nsk. 1? t h# aanu <l?n> ? ? - - ?* * '* - - r r.M wt wei?-r, oil c -oia 01 a i mile dlitaot from tbe other. The*e two vt-asela farmed tbe right acd le/t flar kt of tbe bar/leading oelnmn. and the recoil:.1: ^ fourV:-ii settled ooooforublr down between them " Tbe wracks we aot ranged in t straight line ereee the ebaaee). That arrangement might prove u effective blockade for a Wire, bat not per Maeatly Tbe theory of Captain Davis was, met tbe talced waters about Cba/lrston meat have eb*ae+l to tbe see, end If tbe osoel one were arttftelelly closed, another would naturally form la neieettbe mled devised another p an. I be bilks ere piac*d la three lin*-a, cbeckerwise. Tbts arrangemort net oahr does not prevent tbe passage of tbe water, bmfor me a series ofshoa)*, around whirfc ttva ti<i? ?? ?wi-i ? * - *-* * ? -w^- wm? wuiu ?uu cuay, IUIK* tag as to'.rlcat* labyrinth which bo eeaael could Mvicate m ? Tbo Tnarlf wero aot all arunled antll Friday taming aa It waa naotaaary u work at fall ttd?. They looked deaolata enough, aa they lay upon oir MW?a? tnaata and rlgrloff atlll aU; ? oeaaa Hated to port and otLera to atarboard, all pTCooatlnic a ooafuaed <v>inparablo to ?iiI>Im bat a fleot at anchor and left aurouud by ttt rdo " Co* ft a atioaa at the Sooth? Propoaod Advat ca to Co too PlajBtoia. c?tca?o, un 95 ? i be Mmpoia Appeal of U? ib-b My* tbet -property to Ite anicuut of *>*;,Utt b?( bars ll.Mf eontacatrd by tbe reeel^a-a, ?nd tbia U ?aly bout oar-t alf tbe amount f MnUn property ia oar mldet." mm ifporii have already beea made of rni (Ibu, ud many otftm s/r to be Bade The eeet of taking tbe Boating battery up tbe NMatMaH *190 WjO Tbe vnmppl Leglalature bare plan under MWldiratlao to advance to planter* twenty lea per bale on cotton Propaettloeeera elan peadlav tu ebarter baaba baaed oo ea<taa. A Dark bfl: Joet pa?aed, piofldei tb<t tanb iball receive State Treasury MM la peinentof debt*, aad that tbe aetea at tbaaa naaka abaU ba received far au public data, except the Confederate war Wnm Mtoaadrt?Retreat af Maenl Price. GrrsarjU.1, Dec <6 ? Irtfortratlon. wbieb 1* nppiBl Mb* reliable, baa beea received bera of tbe ratfrft of Prloe aoatb ward. to lokamoa eona"*J Bp4 iron 1b Gen<rmt R*lr?. j frtr* wHkdmr *>*. , , * .?? mm dftvca iU rmr, ?nd th# next . ?l?*t aoothw%i4 with fcii j ' n'J "* $ OFR MILITARY BfPCET. itiDoi khiii cavsrt?osxkial arcocst 0? tt? orsbkal mh tak*8 mom PKtaonm*. [Per Teleyrapb ] Hkatqcaktkiii, St L^'cia, Dee. 21? T? SSijtr Gtmtral M'CUlUn, ft General Pepe't cavalry, ?"it to Lexington, haa captnrnl two captaloa. one li?'it*nnnt and f>nr men. with noraes. Ac. Thry d-atroyed the fonndrv a?d f^rry boata at that place Colonel fjlsbop's detachment overtook a party of bridge-burners yeatrrday, killed 10 and took 17 prisoners &nd 33 horses. All damage on th*? railroad will hp repaired in three days. H W Hallick. M.'Jor Uene'al, 4c. from fortks's mosbok. fl'CT telegrapn froiu BaliiniTe, Dec 27 ] PuaTBts* .Mosrok. Dec. 26?A flag of truce took an immense quantity of clothing to Norfolk this afternoon, destined for cur prisoners of war at Richmond, New Orleans, and tisewhere The gunboat K"vatone J*tate arrived here thle afternoon, it jm Bermuda. SUe uas (wo of small pox on toard; she remains at quarantine. She his b?en in pursuit of the privateer Suintert ba? nat seen her. She brings no n"ws The brig K.mpire. from Boston via Newport, arrived tLls afternoon. She ha* an aborted cargo of apple*, preserved meat* and Ktcb article s, and ia destined for Fort Royal OLDIE**' AtLOTMMTI, SCTL?*?mF*, Ac. Tbe President has alined tbe bill recently pa*sed by Congrna to provide a more convenient mode of allotments of soldiers' pay to tbeir families The third section of the law refers to sutler* and Millersblpe. Tj first clause of that section take* froin tbein tbeir lieu on the soldiers' pay, but the latter "lause restore* It in remitting tbem in tleir rights and privilege* to the government of the rule* and article* cf war. Tbl* remission forbids tLelr beiiig taxed for any purpose whoever except to tbe extent of the usual post fund tax of ten cents p?r nan per month. Below we print tbe new law, in ez'.ento .* Aji Act to provide for allotment certificates siuong the volunteer f"r?*e. B? if inacted by the Senate and H use of R?pTt?>ntaiivft, Tbat the President of flie United S ates sbsll *oi>olnt for each ?tat? having vo'nnt-rr? iu ibe United S ate^ ?ervlce, not exceeding bree persons, who #>Uall be authorized bv ti e Presidents cmmiImIm t? v's'? the several dtrartmenta of th? a*my In which vclunteera from tbeir respective S'ete* may V, tit d then and there procure from said volunteers, from time t > time, their respective allotment* of tbeir pay to their families or friends, duly certified in wrltlne, and bv them or by some commissioned f fljeer of auch department, at'e?ted 1" pursuance of such orde* a? may b? made for that purpose hy tbe Secretary of War, end upon whtcti certified allotment the several pavrr.'jter* ahaU at each regu'ar pavment to troop* tlve drafts, payable In th? city of New York, to the order o- such persons U uhum said allotments w?re or may be made Sec 2 ,4*i be it further *?antd. That each 11 the persons appoinu-d as commission' *s to carry Into eflect the precedii" se.tlon of this *ct at all restive uo pay or emoluments wliatevtr from the treasury of tbe Un'ted ?">re?. Sec 3 And be it fwintr emaeted. Thatth^flf h section ?>f tLe ac* of*12-h Jure, 1656, Riving si tlere a lien ti|?on the aoidier't pay be and the same 'a hereby tepea ed, and ail rejulatioos itivinp I saWen rights ai'd p'lviletjea b yond the rule* and I articlia of war be, and the same Is hereby atrogated l'?i8?d by tbe Senate Dec 17, 1WI Attest: ?Jou> w Kobnet, Secretary, per W* H.cKtv, Coief Clerk. rkov "ima ?e Major VV. F M. Amy, I . s Indian agent for New Mexico, successor to Kit Carson, arrived here to-day from Santa Fe. He report* that the T u,rUU?.... ?i uuiur <u. i ne uovemor ! nipirage was delivered on the 4tii, in wh'ch be urj-e* immediate action In reference to Indian fcostiHtie* The Indians have been tampered with by Albert Pike. They new profe** friendship for the Union. Major Amy pa*e?-d 6,000 In camp near Big Bend cf the Arkansas, who declared their determination to tight the rou.h ar.d defend the Union The Governor recomncends the repetl ot the slave code of .New Mexico, and it will be done In the first week of the *e*slon of the legislature. Fort* Craig and Stanton, which were so shamefnily surrendered, are a^aln In the band* of the *l'nion troopa. Colonel Oanby is also proceeding to take Fort Fillmore, ;?cd from thence will march into Arizona, and take possession of it. iiAJoa okmkkal mmn: Gen. McCitll&n'a health ceuiinut* to Improve, lie i* much V/ftU r to-day, than he wm on ye?terdiy. fMuce an early hour thl* forenoon be Las been constantly Immersed In bnalneM with member* of his Mtatr and other otlicerR, military n id civil. (umioihk? ?rR;s>iHA.H. This dVtnyjulahed ?mrer, who has l^en here for lwt> day* pas', la d?!ly in conaultation at the Navy Department. Yy?FK.MAN BROTBl.KHOOD-A infetm* I 'jsjf of the Phoenix ??bi?ty wit' te he:d oti | ;*',>JDAV * VKNiXi, Decwtnoer 2>th. at 5 o'oi'a, : at Patrick MeNiooin' Kici.Mije H?.te . u street, 4H aud Gtli. Kve j in*', wlo has ttnoel Limaetf a? a member m urgert'j requeued to at ten'i.aa business of tte ino*t urgent importance w>!lr?? t*n?acted. A1! f euant, and ttioee ?liu ii:terH to become returns, attend 0*2T 2f - I'rlK CfNTFR. ^ i*; aauiai * - Jk*. - ? -- - ? - r -3? imaninunp^ l KUTIJ K Y* ASSOC IA Jjf TION. The Thfd L.*a*ure wi'l he by HA VAK D TAYLOR. 8u'ject? *TH* AS*kr!C*> ' f'PLK. Socially A *D Politically." At the Smith*on*an Institution, FHJD/. V hVEM'6, U cen to' 27, 1961. Dix>r? ope* at 7; L?oture *i 8 o'clock Tt jke 25 emu, to to at the liookstoren and at the door. d*26 ^t nffy*?'" ABONIC ?Grand Lodge of P. ?nd A. LU? Maan&e of th? ?*i?tri"t < f Columbia?A ?ta'ed ot/Dic.uiiio&rion <"f tn- M. W Grand Lodge of th? Du.rict oi C? lumbi* wii ke teld on PRl PAY, ttie S7!h initaat. at 4 o'clock r ri? at tbe Hail, coiter Ninth a'd 1> nrfete. lifters aid inembfM areearn'ttly requested. and ? j urnit* brethren iu proper c'.audiiz fraternity invited to b? present. JOSHUA T. TM LOR, _ d* 24 Si Grand Secretary I rftr-THK WESLEY CHAPKL SUNDAY iJo* 8ch >o'*-t!l hold aF HTIVAL n tbe !eotnre room of the oimrob, oomer of Fifth and F t.*?ete, c mmenoir-r on VONDA\ VEN>NG. the 21 lasta ?t etna'f p?-.t? o'clock.anilBoi tmnin. mrou<n inn evenings of 'he week. t$u?D?r wilt ba provided. F C< pfeo?i"c*r*. Usefif *e ; F-&erAriot> will b* in **iriety aol abacia'-ee. \ \ ooa. asd 'uatrcmental Music each evenin*. Ac tit puM are to benefit t&u School, libera' p*t-> i?;e is asked ot it? fueaJa ITT'fea.Gn t!-3*e;a ?5 oen ?; single a'm'ssiop, aau t?, ?0 o?cU, chi dftn. 5 cents. de 35-tt Y-&*- FFIOE WA-HINGT 'N OA^ LIGHT iL3 CJMPANY. D>c?MBBft 21. 1961 ?Set?'?. A?'"eaM* to the revtremeuta of the charter, tne stockholders of this oo p-nj are her 1 y uotifi'd th% aa el^honfjr hve direct r* tr> in >ni?* t*c affa r? oi ike ran.e d ?u> t thr y<ar 8-2. will be held a>. it* o#:<s. No 314 Ln?i?nUi ?t ??t ??et on MI'Vija, the >:\y or Janna'T next, batween ti* hours * f i k.u i o c.c-tk t. m Hjr order, d* 41 eotw J F. BROWN, rr^?HKADQl'ARTKRS 1 ?T RK6INENT LL3 EAST ? UN VIRGINIA HKIGADE.AL ?x*.!irmiA ueoeiooer *1 ? The He*deua teis uf this retime t will h*locat??lin A exand ia. R' erai'iuf at&tiri a will be des an itf >1 ac pt p*rsat of-a H?c lira wiahug tojoir will n mixnn a ana cioirM U wo* W. WALL. Colono! l?t \ Irjiuife l? RaemiMnr Btation 14 < >?dM on fereath * root, JSS.Oa, t W hira?y'? ?uar'nr? late cava ry. ae ai-*oi<n rv??TO THK V0TKK8 OF WA?HIN"JJf TON.? !"! * Aot Warii *!li irr?t ?t tt>? (oliuw iur p ao?? fr^iu 1" o'clock a rn. t il 3 o'clock ?. in Jr. ri the >4iti V ti-C 31 ?t bar. laaiaaiva, to eoiraot aau ruititt ibe i of tncua omltrod liom ?fc* poll ii?t. I%! Wird.?Johr A It he*fn, 1 7 'i PencnylTama Ivrai*. b*' weeu iTth tcl itl& hikm. id Ward.?Thou** SUw*rt,tx m-r 12U and H Itr eta. 9d w ani.?BanryC?rtia.oorn-T ilh and La'r?*ta ?tfa V* artj.?Thoir.aa W. riuroh.AU atraet, t?t?*?o<?ai>d 8 atraota. 5 h WaH.?William A. Harp?r. Si atrrot *a?t. No. 42**, batVMb Ka?t 1 a|>ito. ano A at" at a< ta. h aro.?G#o. C'-ilard, at f. fc. Clark*? Otho*. VI.-fit ia ami', b??m 9 hat*) !*/t<. atioeta. T f. U?..( - - ? x?I < ? nnui'i, r*o. ??.? aoBUl K ctfv?c b?tw?ea ?Ui and 9ta itre?u vm(. d? t^Bl?t S.HAN1T K . OOM.M ,7 344 P at, W*a*i0(fa>B D. C.. i?? 24. Ty?9itkn I OTrmiMion haa a of ho<>k- slrWMMvg MiWtmrj Siirj^ry ii?t An,) H?f ? : t. whioh Military t*uri?*?na at of ihi W iJhic^t^n ar? Invited to aonaait. FRK0RRICK LAW OI.M?TED. * tm e?n*nUltoor?Urj. rTv-JOR IKhA.M AND WATKR ICE*, of JL3 th? boat *?i?utj, * JWH p?>r ?'VL * r boarduc Jioaaea furBint-csl a' K>w rataa. A iff i a n>tm et ?f ine k?j>? ?a fcao<l ai tfl* Pk% *d<:,kvi. Confutiimtv, ooriui Twelf han F a*'. . w 7-1 u>* A i.k RISI ?OK . "a'dW KI-IV- * ?D f\ .f .? i Uo.x.a a> ? " i? r *4 ? /<J ? PRoWM.N.f * KKATI I/. ?U ? M*tf MI Ha. av?i.?, a<*; ?w at. jj^TOVES?8T0VE&?8TOVE8! k THE PTST CAMP 8TOTM TFT OUT. WOODBURY'S PATENT PORTABLE CAMP STOVE! At CARNKR * CO *8. SOS Pa. nnth id*. b?tw?en d??7 ?t* 9 hand i<h iti. Wuhm'on. H UARTJfiRH^STKR ? F. N K K AJ/-? OF Vb r It'fi, WAWMTIIJ ? ITT. l?n 23. IOBI. The Secretary of War riireota that no mor* horami h? hn?*ht antf all now belonging to tltf Grtv?rnni?nt are fn act> v* Kerrice. Tne atte>ticn of all Q?&rt? of tb* Regular and Von .w Arm* i? ealicd totheafcore o-tfer from the Seore^a'y of War. M. (j MK1U:?, d?37-eolflt _ tluarWnia?*er 8*n?ra| U. f>. Military ovkr^o* rsj MILITARY OVKRCO*TS!! Readynrd* or rave to order. The moat exteaai ? ?npp y conatantly on hand* rami % from $*i to $75 _ Overonata, IVrera and Fatijtne Coata, Panta. and V??t? made to ord?r,on a'-oit notice, at nor nsual low price*, for ca?h . NOAH WALKER & CO, d*i7 2?if (Intel.) 3tt* avnue. Bl- D COMFORTS ANO BED BLANKETS, Table Linen, Napkioa. w ToweJaand Sbeetinca. With ail kinda of Dry Gooda for family uie, for Bale at the lowest prioea by WM. R. RILEY * BRO., No. 36 Central Storea, Between 7th act! 8th ate , da 27 2<r Opnoaite Tenter Market. Coma to the Clothing Store Number Three Hundred and Fifty-four, (Itp ataira ;> *tia there tod will find Good and oheap Clothing of every kicd ! ftREAT SACRIFICES FOR HO DAYS-My " ? atooV wil be aold without retard t"> ooat, one. Mating of Coata. Ve?ta and Pants of the finett u*lit?, mads np and trnnine<i m ths ia'.eat atyiea. Call and tee. No trouhie to ahow aooda. J. W. KKKP, 334 Penn arenne, (up atairp,) de Tr-tw Over Gait A Brother. HUCKSKFN ?AUNTLKTb, U Wool?n Oiovea, Woolen H*lf Hoaa, Phi'taard D'aw^ra, White ?n1 Colored Suspendera, Colored Hl&nketa- Blue Bea*er Clntha With a cece-al atook of Dry Goodafor at e at the lowest prioea by WM. R RILF.Y k BRO, No. 3K Centratwtnree. Between 7th and Oth street a. da W 2w __ Opposite Center Market FUitS! F U K. B!! FURS!!! We bav* or ha"d at our asaoioua salesroom. in th?i?arof our auction roorr*. at private sale, a verr .a'?e ?rd *1 Rant assortment of Furs and w of>o?,oonn*tinc of? Mlrk^able Hudson Bar''ab'e, f*lon? Al\rttn. F tch *nd Krmine. Fu S a G'ov?h ? a Ger n'.'eta. Caps ?nd Muraers, ' adies' and Children's Fur*. Pane* Carriage K"b?m. li ed and nnlmed, Buffalo Woli. Genet an* mas' oth r |><><ls lot se e low b? \V L'. * BaPNAkD, Ad t'on and Cotiiri'sioD M rnhnnt* do it ( Rep.) forrwr Fa av.antl *wh *t. [1th ttEAPBlvi work. Sxal*d Phcfosil# will be rto^tred by tke*ena'e Commit ie o Frii >1 g until the 1??h of January f' r I i?h * r^phipr and p.m'ing the Ma>?, < hart-, a d PiaTr?ms which accm *iy the documents lr >m the Depurtment* oommunie\ted w.tii t e A uu\l Messare <>f t e Pre-iden' to c< ngress, to bs exe ute-l n the very best ni"nner *obid? reoeive! e*-ep- from persons earryirg 0 t "I l'hixra-th'o Hufcii es?. F< r p\ tin'?1a'* ar? * at the rlfto? of Ihs Super 1 tend- n* of Pub ic Print ng, wh?re the work to 16 done oan be examined. , _ J'?HN D DF.F*F.ES. I cey7 ccur gup'rlntenrtpM Pu i frin'tnt j |/OR HAI v-BAbifAiy, BAh(*AIN!-T+o I CAKRUGr-.S?, uitabielor t&i* pur i ro?4?. will ho - d i-I.e-vp. The* * e in r< od ord-r I airre at the Pie Bakery No. 43b tlevpin et, between U ana H. de? 3t* A NOTICE LL Feraons lndebt <1 to a? br not'*, due bill*, andop?a eooou-iU, are 'ospectfullr rr*ueate<i to oal1 a ,U sett x the tame by the 1st of January,'te at which time ali aooounta on our i*>"ks wi'l r>? te dy f r delivery, auH unle*s paid will be plaoeo in the hands of a collector for settlement without further notice. da M aw BARBOUR A "F.MMK8. ITOR S\LE? With Bnccyand Harnes?.a lance, a atrocg youn? HORSE. The owner, a py M?tho?lni minister having to leave Vir *L^n Klllia on aoeouct of lh? W?r ?h?r? ku further n*e for him Call at 4 70 I'atrsnt d?2S 3?? Met)ANfKL. IMPORTANT TO LADIF8-Th? anb<orit>era have openm the ?tore No. 16 Market 8pw\ i ezin avenue t^tweer 3th and tf'-ti at*. as a firatc'na Leoe aid fanny Dre'g Cap Depot, codmsuqk in p*rt of Point d'A leneon. Appiijee Mwk>c and Vaienoitone? Lao*e, such a? Col a-a. Sleevee, Fatlkeiohiefs. Cape'. Flouncing, Cape, Caps, t'c.itfu'e* and niiuli up goods of the finest ?ualit?, acd at New York pri ea Ladiea will find it to their advantage to call and examine the roods ?s every artic,e i? w%rrart?d as rearta uted. COH? N ft DL88KLDOR J*, from New York. N. !J.?All Hurt* of I.aoes washed, mended, and done np o* u*i to new. at short aotitt. de 26 1m* ?<?AL AND COAIj STOVES. .S HAMOKEN AMD LYKKNS VALLEY COAL J. LANQQON Sc CO.. haviLc mtroduowi to the oitizena of \VanhiDgton ti.e^Vjv^ilue Coals, solicit their attentiou to the NATIONAL AND UNION OA8 CONSUMING COAL STOVK*. t? With A fill* COOK I NO STOVKS, now on h%n<1 an 1 fo-?? e oheip. at their Hmnni, with MoUeru.olt, 4.">3 Penn avenue Order* for Coa1 received and promptly <l?uv?rad to oua?on?em at 51 o*nta per net ton withrn one iiitla of ihe Kai ro*d Depot. Lt-sa quantities delivered at rea*ouah e rated. rte iC 1 w ^I'CLELLA.N TO HK HI PKRCKDKD 9 A N T A^C LAU8! CHR IS TMA S PR ES ENTS a*p NEW YEAR'S GIFTS! A new and bemtiful aaaortment of FANCY GOODS! St^TABLI FOR THE HOLIDAYS, AT E. A LUKE k. CO.'? MARBLE HALL B 4 Z'A A R, iTO Pk1!?*tlva?iia Avkncs, da 16 St* Under Brown'* Hotel 5~ nflft FRESH GR4PE9, ,W\MI ^ AT Wholiiali ot K ITAIL, J u? rcopiveu ai J. T. STRONG'S, ie it 1w 419 Seventh at_ A LOT OF TL'RKKYS otmain building eorbur of SijUIi ar.d it ?ia. The owner will pltate prove properly. p?y charg?a and take them away immediately. luquiroW M. REED, up alaira. _de SU-3t* Blankets and BED COMFORTS. I have on hand a fail roppiy of Bed Blankets, Arm]- Blanket*, come extra n avy. ServanU Hianketa. Uui*y and Horse Blanket*. A)?o, ti d Comforts ana White Qaitta. Ail aeliiug at the luweat oa?h prio s H fc'.N R V EG AN, 323 south aide Pmn av , between de a 6t fth and 7'h aa . New Iron Bnil ing. ^ttention.rank AND file i W OTH ROCK'S, At 4?0 Ninth S-raiST, N?a* E. Is the place, ofali o'h rs, to supply yourselves with a' of CAMP FURNITURE, At tat Vskt l0wb6t Pa cis also keeps on v and and a akes to order MATTKESSES, PILLOWS and COMFORTS, of a 1 qua:ill's. Come end render yourselves oon>lorUMe for iha winter by a very small outlay of money. tL/" Remember the plaoe. dwtl StawSw

SCnOFIEl.D'S mKiNO.MVKRY^U.EANJD EXCHANGE No*. 260 and t&> K ar.d t4th'*trMU, aouth of Wiliard'e Hotel. Gent f men wiahmx to hire a DMt and atyliah turnout can be suppled whh a team of any 0eacnptioo, m a at I* <-f r? e EXCELLENCE. She be?t care be?tn*ed un Livery horses. idui* horaea. auitable for ariny otfioen, al war a on hand. n4* lm* OLD MADEIRA. SHERRY AND PORT WINK*. importtdand Betiitd by W,8. Cortex* t Co., N. Y Wanderer Madeira, bottled 1MB. Reserve " 44 )h*i, HoIItil tride 44 44 1844, I >n peri* 1 Gharry, " 1?40, i!u rin<* reter Port* 44 18t >, darnt ju> 44 44 1M4, Imp'l White - 44 lMi Poraateby WM. CORWIN BUROY, Pe? aiyivania avenue. aei> Ebuum* < n Sixlb at. |> tNJAM N DiWOLFP. 13 No *?4 Pbkv. Ariitri, X\ Adjuinux tii? Nft*i"nst Hotel. fTw W*i\i*iton, lJ C, mim KMM omtiLU' ?u fcv d ?t u' iMO'iwn u GOt-P AND flLVtft WATCHF?. GOLD CHAINS, JEWKU V.t?lL.V"|l TVAHJi. CUTLERY fPS<~rACL68. OPERA AND FIELD GLASSES, ft-, ft N. B Jon? by P. O. ru hard, late iiom vo. IOUt? CaraUiut ?tre*t, Phil*r?i?hia, * fci.tW vorkutM Id ChiuoomoteiB, 6ue Wi ?m, Ao. d? 1 I" CA?"T,"98A!iD?.LCLo . I b*Tf ju?t raoriv-d ? few more ptooo* of ??? ty<M thf* t y. Ibgnun. Lut, R*c UmI H?uf . Table and 8t?y OiU.uiii* utd Oil- I s5fe?? ?HS EST* *?* r(u. ? ., MMTHID ?nd 7th *u , d?a <t N?w iron BnUaia^. 486 "?<??atk 4g6 P R JK IB K N.T Jut ri^OMVM ft f*v of oto? OOL* -KKi) KNti I' A IMIiKDfttlf fltlBMl Al*> .ft T* U(lr o ( ARL) ViMITk ftn<i oval flcTlKZ FR.tft A ' ?. fiui&bie for |>r? rtt* at ' ^j&fdf?oreeh^Ve004 K?W?wi? RftU. CT-HMMiaMr Ut? asnbw 4*??" 4 L . / i WANT8. U7ANTRD-A white 0!?*L to do th? r?n?rtl *? hoaMVork of a smft 1 fimilf. Apply ftt No. 866 Fifth ?tr?t, b?tw?*n L and M. It* %1/ANTKO?A rtfloqd-hand Whoe'er* Wilaoa P--WINO MACHI ,N K i n good raanlof order. Addre?t"N..' 8tsr OCoe, stating prioe. Ao. d?r ?t? WANTKD-S?r?ral good PIE BAKER" at t*? New York b*oelYor Pie Hak-rr, 441 Seventh street, bstwetB 6 and H, Wash tuton. de 27,-31* WANTK1V-A rood WOMAN as ohambermaid and to do housework it nerally ( exrett cooking, washing and ironing > Anyone coming well recommended will hear of a c>od hom* App * at No y3t F atraef, between Uth and l<ch. It* A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, or twa ngle cent emen. can accommodated with a large And peasant CHAMBER, nioe r /t;rni*hed, in Aprivat* ftmi'y j looatuu cent al ard eoavenient to t?e D'partm nU; referecSM exchanged. I pq aire at the Star Offioe. da S7-ecSt WANTED TO PURCHASE?A fettled woman *" COOK, wbo oau be well recommended for character and oapaoify. The adTertiaer desire* to co t > housekeeping br himself, and wishes snnh a s?r\-ant as o*u be entirely trusted. Adtfres* Bo* 19, Star i ffioe, _ de_*7-lw_ DOOM AND BOARD WANTED.?An UnfurII mshed Room with Board, is wanted, in a re aoaotable private family. In the northern part of the oitr, by an elder'y lady w'io would a toad to her own room and give no extra tronble Terms must be moderate, and pref r?noe riven wh*re th-re are one or two young children. Addrees'\M Bo* 4, flar Office It AFIRST-CLAfcS MECHANICAL Draughtsman, engineer and ?ra tioal machinist, who has had oonsiderable experieno#a? a foreman in vwtom extensive mechanical establishments, ia teeiroua of employment. Beat of references givn. 'a-ti- s wi*l>inc to enrage his ser vices will please addre?s Jjox 3?7. Washington, D C , sta'ing where >u interview may bs t<ad. de 27 Zt*_ WANTF.D-Afirst rate STOVE POUSHFR. < 6ft Penn avenne. de S6 3t WANTED IMMEDIATELY, at the U. 8. Navr Yard, Washington, a number of LAKPSMt- N. d?38 Im U'A^TED? A WOMAN to do general nonteworlr. Also, a good dning room fervant. Apply at oorner or Ninth and P streets, Hernd?n HmiM. rle 8* 3t* YYTANTKD?A BOY who ucdarsULda laying ?' ahretsnn *ma 1 Adams press. A so, a coored Boy to work in printing office. MoOILL * WITHEROW. da K 3t Penn avenue, rear 11th st. * U! 1MT Til D UUT Turn nn " ?1 11 ? ' ?' I** -in i ? '/ n ? ? i i it w \j rv i nnctci tn* FURNI* HKI) ROOM",*'! oornmumoatjrtg on on?fl "T. Th~?eba%i"gauoh to hi?eca'l at RL'**SEl.L'S Ho k?'ore. >e*r Avtnne House, or addf ss. tHrough Post Office, "Housekeeper " __ W ANTKf*?B? ft ?ou' g irai fr<-m ^ew Ywl- a " " seat or sittirg 1" ?ne C <>ro'' of the Fp'phany (F?v r. H&ii's.) Address Bo* 14, Star Office, de ? tf WANTED?A STORE or part of iiO'?, or rac%n* lot on Pen" avenue or rth*r puhuc th->r^n?hfare Addrea?3'T O ?tr*f t. between IS h ?ndi9h*ta. Pref ired betveen 6th at. ard Tr?aenry Department y* \\7ANTED?A youn* iran who baa a good *? kr of meroh'cdia^. derived from ?-*pen?no-,ard understands p aitioally the maraie msot of bo< k? and aoo nn?a, rt^frei a *ITf<ATI"N as rl-rk or, with a Merchant PuHer ?r Quarte'm?a'er. C mipensa'ion not eo of a o-'< alteration a* e?r>p'o inert. w?t? f-ir pro p?t t? Address "Lau lx a " Po*tCffl*e \Va?h? [niton. P ?' _ de?4-6t* WANTEO TO RENT?(In iotr? rtreet in the vioinity of Pa avenn? preferred )a HOI'S**-" wiin and can and a st\b e a t-c e.i, ?>r yrd room in wt ioh t>*uld ?"? to a?ooiTimod*t<? 'wo ho'ge-. The adverfi?erde?ir.* to opon a t a'cher'* efor?mi*, and to p ep* ? i en?<u es. &' , for *->tel find famil* n?. Any ne haviDs *ro>? a ti^ce to ren' wi 1 find a ro^rt tenant by address nta r>o'e to B"i No. 1'i, Ma- Office. d? 24 41* Wa NTEP?INFORMATION of Miss Mary He?a. formerly of Ba en, Germany : supposed to be at present in Brooklyn. 'Vew Yo k. t*he will hear Bdmethin* to hor mA. H'*e?inic her s'ster, Mrs. SA HINA STfiW * H ^, Washington, D C. do 23 6t* WANTED?I0.??w whisky and brmndy BOTTLES. Cash sn <leli> err. F. B. HASTINGS * CO, 32-1 D street, no25 tf Phnhanrm^o Building. WANTED? Every person to know ti at I am in th* market, ready to pay o*sh fop a!l articles in the housefurnishing lin?. Those leaving tbe oitj, or hiving % surplus, will do well to call. R. BiJORLVi 42* Seventh >t , r>etween R ana H sts., <*a?t side,) Dealer in Now and Second-hand Furmture. an 16 WANTED.?We are now boytng SECONDHAND FTRN1TURE,STov?j*ai;U BED DING, ior which we are paying the higheet cash prioes. Families ?^eo!mini; housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will P.nd it to their adtai.tage to give us a nail. BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Je 15-tf No. 3Gt? 7th St.. betw. I ana K sU. PERSONAL. A. . . NOTICB. LI. Policies isruvl by the Mutual Fire Insurance Comply of I). C.. wiil expire on MuNDAV, Deoember 3"t?i, at 6 oVli?ok p. m., ar:d are resuired u> d? renewed at or befor* that tune. ?1e.M4t ('HA* WIL80N?Sm. MOORE'S WEST END DRUG STOKE. i"l 113 Ha avssl b. Sorm Sidk. A large ?t<>ck of pure MedioiQt?s. A o., always on l aud Also, Hair, Tooth and other Hru?hes, Oongre?? Water,&o. Coal Oil and LAiups for isme. de 21 Sw C. THK HOLIDAYS! LOIKS. CiOaks. l.? >AK - !-Anotherla-ge arrival of those beau'iful f*leeve Cl"ak*. >n Beaver, Doeskin. Treco, J^al Sifin. Otter, Flush and Lion Skin Cloths, at low pr oes JAVLOH A HUTCHISON, de 21-lw No. 4'i Cen'er .Varket Sp?o?. and VKII.ONCKI.i-h. OHN K. OOODALL, Profess or and 'IV&cher of 'he atx> v*. tenders hiss i v.oes to the pub io. terms 91 per lrsson. References to any musician in ?he ottv Several of his pnpi'sare now the best violin ists In the world. Vi*: Le Petit Ole Bull, Fred Hnoklev.Ao Ao. Addr- ss L anterbury Ha-l. where he oan f>e heard everj uutit. de 21 lm* E. C. DYER. IMPORTER OFtsEGARS, AMI) DIA^X! IN WINE*, L I Q U 'i R 8. Ae. Penn. avenue, bttwetn 12(4 and 1SJA Uriels, WumofUD Cut. SOLI AbSNT IN THIS CITT FOR THK CKLZBRATXD HUNGAR1EN Wl\K*orA.eCaWAKTZKK, Oi Vieu ii&. 1,0?0 CA^KS ?I have ju?t reomved rases (assorted) of the above choice Wiuea, to wh>oh the att utio i of autlera and the public generally i* r?speetfu ly tailed. Prioes ranting from 94 o S3" per cm-. deSl lOt FURS! F U R 8!! F U R 8!"! We have just reoeiied a large assortment of 1 adies' URr. Putnau Sabls, Canadian Minka. Mart'n Pita , River Sable. Siberia Squirrels, a d man; other kmda of Kara toonume.oua to mea tton. Also, a large assortment of Miaaea* and Children's Pars Fine Heigh Robes, whioh are oan eel' at very ow pnoea, either who eaale or ietail. We iovi:e the Isdies to.oall and look at ourttook before purrnasing elsewhere, a* we s li ih?F?ra at old pnoea. tt, 4. W. t?* KVkrukRG, No. 4S Market Space. de tl-lw Be'ween Tth ard 8th streets SPECIAL BARGAINS IN LADIES AND Gentlemen's Shawls, Balmoral and Hoop Skirts, junt opened this day J/W COL' EY t, CO. fpOR CB? IftTMA* PRkSkNTS-A new lot of Mi'aet* Oioth Cloak*, handsome Caa/imTe Starfa. Wora'ad tfonta*? and Cim in great variatlM, Mllmg off cha?p iv oa?u. . J W tollky fc OO. T AWES' AND GtNTft' KID GLOVES L bilk, Bwn and Thread liaaLtl^u, Hosiery of all k nda, chiioreu'a Oluraa, ttoja' Kaok?kin 6a'ntleu Sflllioc off cheap for Chriitn m time*. J. W. CObLhV * CO., da Jl-ftt 683 7th ctrael. above Pans. av. CASKS FOR THF HOLIDAYS-tha baataod attapta*. at tbe Philadelphia ioa Cram D? pot. oornT itih ao<< F >tr*et? wtt-lt* CLAIMS AFPROVED BY THE (*UARV/ ten.anter General p?roha?ad by SWEENY, RITTENHOUSE _FANT * OO., Ha kara Perm ?venae. da?Har Near Broya'a Hotel. ff 1 UNI*! b' fti Dlk]?J I ? ~ n - kii? i ur-in T'ii " JUHICi^ ' ULb&RO? I infiW 1* COLLARS, LINE >* COLL-iR*!-Ab3?t700 doaen now u (tore, all ety'ea, at abo?t half l*e mual p'iw for the rame ?oorie- ail < f our own manufacture At THOMPSON*:*, At K. A. Lake k. Co.'m Marble Hall B?a?ar. de 30 yn?W Krowii'< Huf. LADIES', GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILD? EN** FURNISHING GOODS, UNDfcRGARMKNTS. Gt.OVFS. H09IERV*. HAND KfcK'HlEFS, SCAKFt* TIKS, CRAVATb, UNEN COLLARS. *H1RTS, *o, 4a. THOM PSON, and?' B'own'a, de80 F. A. Lake A Co.'a Ma-ble Hall Baaaar. 1 HOLIDAY PRESENTS Rave on band a iarae uia uncot, B ark and Faooi Siika. Iff L^inee, Caaaimerea, Faooy P alda, aurt a variety of oilier Dreea Gowda. %lao, b ha via, Hoarfa, ll*>f ?-kiit?, H%icJk?roaiefs. Km roidoriea. Coraeu, Ladiea' and Gent'* Kid G otm, Nee* Tiea, under Shir'a, aad Drawera, Book Gaurtlata, and a great variety oiHoilery aad Bio Tea, all aaitable lot Holiday I'reeeau. at tae loweet caah pno*e. HKNRY EGAN. 383 r ear ay I Tae i? arecue HA>tk ?<U ? " ? > ' " l?>Ak>b Bat^Taf. 462 464 Off#' th?(r ?t?7ot WINE^'bR ANl>il?3,GINS. ??s*2 tCJ kMB ooMtanOt wbsd ftat fHILADBLFHIA UKEaM ALL IB k?a Md totilto. for bar* or flunily un The fnblio ic gwml trt roqqw4 to live tuom ft oftli ft.tfl extwin* tkatr IflrlMltil itUOt Of |n' ?, ' ' & ?-*? Off?, Port (MM*, APOTION 8ALHB. XT'" tksr Auction Salts, jtr$t ft*THIS AFTERNOON * TO-MOtLROW. By J. C. MoGUIf E 4 CO.. AaoOoatara. A RMV HARD BREAD AT AUCTION^-Oa A &ATURDAV MORNING, la f>ost of tU tor* we thai Mil 32 bbls Pilot or Hard Cni>?n. Termi ouh in pool*. It Ro?.> J. C MoOUIRE A CO. Aaota. Br C. R. L. CROWN A CO . Aaetioaaors. U K *HAU, OFFER FOR SALE ON SAT'' URD AY MORN * NO, 3tta instant, at 9 o'olock, at the hor*e ma; k?ton thenaaro o?imt> tlie market oa Ninth street, an good Keatveky Work Horses. Sale positive. Tonus oash P d f nun aar ai a. on ? ? It* No. 33T oorns'r 6th st and Fa. * . By WALL ft JMfc$ARD. Asotioneara. South tornr1 />?. iv. and Uk tt. io?t*'.t, at 16 *'9lPct, we will Ml!, li froat of tb* Auction Rooms? ... . .. . ? One good bay Horse. li haixJi high.t years aid, J:of*d worker, aad has been a sad by a satlsr, er's WscoB aad Harness. A>so, ssvenu other good Horses. Terms oash. _lt WALL ft BARNARD, Aasts. By WALL ft BARNARD. Auctioneers, South comtr Pa. ar. aad 9tk It. ANOTHER GOVERNMENT CONTRACToaSiLLiwa OrT-3 oood Hom?*s a* Arcrioa On pATUKDAy MORNING, i?th Mist*at. at 0 o'oloek. we will sail, in front oftbe Aaeaoa Rooms, the r'mt mng ttook of a oontractor, who laaras 'he city, onnfistins of aboat ?? good Keataeky Work and twaddle Horses. Terms oash. It (R.p) WALL ft BARNA R P. A acta. Br J. C. McGUlKK A CO.. AaoOoatd-a. derfmptory sale of corporation ? or WttHimioti Stoci.-Od FRIDAt AFternoon December il.ri,st4 o'eiook. at oar Auotion Room*, we aha'.I aell without reeerre 1,4'" t uarterly Ccrroratloa of aabin?toa Pi* per cent- atook. 7V) wml annul Corporation of WMhiaftoa 8ix per cent, atook. 600 Corporation of Waahinf ton Fire per oenl took. Terma oath in speei*. de84d J. C McQUIRE A CO., Aaota. Br J. C MeSUIRE A CO.. Aaot?oneera. PEW IN TRINFTYCHURCH^-On FRIDAY AFTERNOON. IVcftiSer *Th, *t? o'clock, at the Aocton Rooms cf Jas. C. MoC aire A Co., I ahall aell a rery ellrible Pew in Tnritj Charoh, helouKing to the ?'tate of the late dm Waltor Jore*. Td<> MM.l ER, Kieoator. de*d J. C. McQUlRE A CO- Aaota. Hy J C. MoGUIRE A CO.. Aaotioneera. \fl8CF?.l AN?0(JS8ALE-OnSATURDAY ITI MORNf\G. Deoember 29th. at 10 o'woak. inf'oi.tof the Anotion Room*, we ahall Mil, far aoeount of whom it ?ay oonoern, a aaaatltyof a-oond-hand Knroitare, oompriciDf? ?*of*e, Pario' Chaira. laHee, Bedsteads, Maitreasea, Pillows. Rureans, wi d robes, Waehstmds, Blankets, Counterpanes. Toilet Beta, tfooaoaaes, Deaka, Chaira Ao , AUO Two new Baitimpra-bnMFxpreae Wirai, Two hand'opie Fami'y Carriaaee, bat Uttle aeed. n iiu. ior noouini 01 vr >vorliir.BDi? Twf Dt'-fiv- Bar'eli tlaid Bread, On* Bar *1 prime PBanaylrAnU B*?rkr%at. thrm Barre l Cider. Alto Nice Hurdred B?'r ' oub e CoraforU Auo T "nty five Lined and Ln.ined Buffalo Rohee. Together With irftoy other artiole* de&d (H?-p) J.C. MoGUlRK ACO..A?ot?. FUTURE DAYS. Br J C MeSUIKE A CO.. Aii!tl3DMri, MAGNIFICENT KHARD PIANO FORT*. Bkaotifci. French Platc Mibbom, fvrakiuiiui caivfd Libiunt fcimttii, vbltbt 0UP?T? B >*fcw >od i HAM b TB KrBNITUTB. Fmi Oil ft IKTIJIOS. liKOBAVlXJS, UluMII, PL*TiD W tii, Ac, Ac-On TLE8DAY MUK > NO. l>*oember 3Ut, *' in o'oiek, at Tudor Plaoe.on th? HeirhU of ? e>ry*t?VB, w ha 1 f*'l it ipecdd lot of H?>MOhold Firnlttrt a> d t fleet*. compri?m?? . _ _ fup? L< Rosewood mm oanred Piano Forte, by Muiio^tand. Pt->o', and Cover, tfuperi r green and gold brooatelle oo?ered Parlor f Uite. eomBriainc? Two ?ofas, two Arm. ar d tlx Side Chairs, with Linen Covert, Mv tficent Fr non-plale Mantel Mirror*, tm richlroarved f anes, Eionant Freron Cabinet, with fcrorae M*4aflioa, decorated wi?h fine gilt ornament*, Rrurte Figures a d GrouM. Fine!Vta, Aia-a-ter Vaeea, Gilt Brooataiie, dandaoine Oil Paintings, Very fine Engraving*, Richly (lit U unue. Tables, Git Chandeliers, Superior, ilrnaae a, and Three ply Carpets, b Ruga, Superbly ??rved oak Library Smte, oompnsiar? Bookoase. Table, Lounge two Arm t'aaira.aod aix Medailion laok Side Chairs, finished is French Mo'ocoo, Large oval Frenoh plate Mirrors, la ock-oarvad frame to mate* Oak Dining-room Furniture, oonsistlng of? Marble-'op Stdeboa J Ext-nuon Dining Table, and Frenoh Dining Chair*, Silver-plated Tea Set, Ca tora. Salts, Sp?on? and Forks, Ivory handled Table Cutler*, China, Glaa?, and Crockery, i#sb n ? r-i* Arxeri, Splendid Kowwood n.d VN ainut Chamber Far**tuie. Handsome Cottage Sets. _ m _ Roaewood and walnut Cribs, Toilet Sets, Superior Feather B*<1a, Bolatere, and Pillow, Hair Mattreanea Blanketa, and Coipiorta, Iron Bedsteads. Ka?y Chairs, BaUi Tnbe, *'ai' Carpet*, Rods, Oilolotn. <?as Futurea throughout, Iron Garden Mate, Kitchen I'tenails, btoves, to. At * O'clock. Two very superior Milch Cows. Term* cash. J C MeGl'IRE A CO.. T. BOWLING. de!7~d Auctioneers, f *. Th? house *1 I be open t? visiters on Mob* ay , the inatant. trom 11 to 2 o'olock. By WALL k. BARNARD, Auctioneers. Corntr tout* aide Pa. ?ir?. and Ninth rtrtfl TP. I'tfTKE'U SALK OF GOLD AN D SILVER WiTCHll. L'Hiill, Plates WaII, Table CriLiii, Kbvolv te* Fancy Goods, *c , Ac,? On MONDAY MORNING, 30th mutant, at M o'oiook, at ?he Auction Room*, we aha'l order orthe Truatee,the (took of aJo bine boaee, oon*istirc of? Fine Gold Huntirf oaee English end Amerioaa atohes' Ladfs' Fine Enameled and Diamond Set French and 8wiaa Watches. Bilvr Hantm* oaee and open Faee Watohea, is every atjle, Golo Gn?rd,Fob and Veet Chains.and Ladiee' Chttalainea, Heta <>f Jewelry in man? new and deelrable style*, 8.1v*r plated Trays, Baaketa, Ladles, Forks, Spoons, and Tea pets. Fine Ivory-handle Tea and Dinner Km Tee, tad Carters, Revolvers, Dirks. Bowie and Peoket Kmree, AlfoOpsraa d Field Gl?eeee. And mui o'h?r F*noy G >o*?, of nrioii kitdi. The tale will be oon'iaed dHly at 10 ft. m.,aad every p. m., until the ?tock Is direo?ed of F. T. RICHaRDfT'f rustea WALL 4 BARNARD, de T7 8t (Rep. h In'el ) Anotaoreers ]\J E W&-N E W??-N ? W 8! I U '0?T f>PSmt. NEW YORK OYSTER ANb MATING 8A LOON The cndersitned bej respectfully to infora thetr friend* end the ashlio jen?r?llT tt>nt^^^ /^v Hie- ?aveoper?a thfir e?t?blishm?ntw5A i?J on New Vork ?? . gear 1Mb at. WemljflF hall 'tare no vain* to procure for oar oustomei s the beit the market oaa af- ? ford. Parties, fanji'iee and sutlers supplied at the shortest n >tioa. Our establishment will be Df daily. Surdaps exoepted. d?.M-lw? r DORIAN k. 8WORD HTRKABURKRT* OFFfCK. I WiiiiMTon, D C.. December, 1M. Holders o( the two year* Treasury Notes, with ic. tar eat at 6 per o >nt pay* bieeemi annually, leaned under the ?ct of Id of Mar eh. 1*1, are informed that the Interest on ssoh notes to the let of January, 1K3. will be said at this oAoe,oo aaa alter that day; pro Tided, that fu*h notes wia a rohedule, acner. by the holder oreaah aot?s, shewing 'be nnbf, data, aai si on at it mam ante. >viw?r wim me lawrM oil UtrtOt 10 Mil lrd "f January, are lc<U#d hereon* day ti?lor>aaaa. for T#rifteation. ii$u" BOOT'bootp: B O O T ?R! WWITEHOUSE * ONcEUSS. MSP*. Armiin)ltC lntn.|H| (f%4 Aw York lf?tfanii Bimmek mw,f I] Ha- on haad.aad arc daily raoaiviac. Mb Itri* lo?? o' CAVALRY AND SOLDIERS' BOOTS MARCH<V| SHOES, mostly of thair ova manaraotkra. to ba aaU at tkt BatUr? libarally d?alt wtth. - da tt-ia* CEALKH PROPOSALS Ara tavitod till tfea l?tt 0 day of Jauua-y 131 at It o'olook m., f?r na?y nj tha Government wtk RE1JF CATfLB. M cati to ha dalivarad at Earjiebar*. Caaa% a ss?r-.r^:siJ:,^!?,ss?cJ5kfU Goran rotet will rwm ander thii contract (M b?o, ud laaorva the right to oftll tor uy liiiriai ft. naabar ay to MjBOO. m*ok lot of Cft t!a 4aUv?ro4 ahftU ftTWftM ft* lftijt 1J? yoBDda, pom weqhfcftod ?e aftlf I will ba raowvod wi.ich wanhalaaatkft>ljW?|eftiii G*orTrna?eDt reeenreo to itaotf the rMMW ta Kabida^'bJ'Sir?eu4toM%1. A. BBOKWiTI. 9c?^^.VD^to0T^rve,?rweE^^^Bo^5S ft. B. PIIIJ ARMY CORDIAL. ali ./ 4 la mrMm Uli 4?Uc!o?? Imaw to u? pabtle, it la m4 nr ! !?*1? u baraU It aa i qaaek metlelM, tbat will em 4U tlaMaaa u4 tlKtloM that kunu Httr? is Mr la, bot that It la pwalr ? cMbiMtloa mm 4*Uet*? fhiiti, dlatllM u?4*r o*r Mm pairaaal an per Mm, taTlac m ?a*a?art?a w l?)?rwai ateU upon the Public la tba abape # Tula, it PIKE'S AMY COtDftL will b?MM ?m f tfee Mat aaefol aa4 at IkNMtlat baattbfel berwagaa that baa war baaa ?<b>4 Wa tab* web |)kaw l? tboa |i?wiat|t U, particularly la Boldtan, wba ara expoaad la fbafa ?f weatbar, ehaate u4 bartablp, aa tba baat larlforator tbat eaa be ton*. ftAM'L. N. P1K? 4 CO. ROLE AGENT IN WASHINGTON, D C , BIKILB DUPRK, WO PENNSYLVANIA AVENrE * f CiKtRRiTt, Oe lobar W, Ml 1 hereby ?ertlfr that, 1b leoefiuee with the lt? regulattag th? mim of Aloebolke Lkjoort 1b the BMi of Ohio, I haw laopectod S. N PIKE'S AIMY CORDIAL. ai>4 t*4 )t fteo tram pot bob#ob Imparities. I alae b?Ue*e H to pain hlffb wiMMI properties, of a lette s?4 astrln g?t character. la tmimoey wberoaf. wlteee By ftgaoturw *U SMfc A?r of October, JMi. DAVID 0*C0NNBLL, H D , CfcMBkAl iMfwetot ?f Ala.b.Uo moor. for Hmlim ommtt 6. N. PUI S % ARMY CORDIAL! No Hotuebonld should be without It. 8 a. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Tk? BM*t beeltkfhl ud Mafol Tonic est*at 9 8. n pres s ARMY CORDIAL! Here the ieUetatf Bmrifi at bom* B. N PUB'S ARMY CORDIAL! la distilled from daUelow Pro!* ltd Bcrrto 8. H. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Buttcn la tbe Army rappMad on WMmlU 8. S. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Ktwt OMeer m4 SoMlar la the Army ?hoai4 aw fee InTlfttrmUac CovAtal. & N. PIKE'S ARMY GOBDIAL! . . Not oaly Oftoen Ul ?>Mlrri bat the BMt daiieatc Lady, will ftad tfeU CoriUi a useful TONIC. 8. N PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! la a* qwek mftteiM, tfee mm* hettthfel u4 plwn< Bwencr la w. . \ I s. F.rixn ARMY CORDIAL! Btm tbu Pm* ?r%a?y, WMih,? m trcmf ' * ' I N. FID'S ARMY CORDIAL I ?? m* owiwi. * ' ' r . v ro? sale at m miHcifal imr? eirrt in tim cm, 7 ' * ? t MIT IS- i. v. pin 4 ca, * miMiMURi naomiin, wwk l- 'tiv!W4ar "i?5 \? ? * <?*??ire ? <><? .?f. ?... '4 . V h tTit . n ?* r ^ ^ i | t ? 1 V i ;? ?5i,w ? < S '' f ' t*M* tilwMRf; .'i i ..>? ? - 1&. W WiM WTOW. 0k Ow - 'i? i" '""i *"* ? * *'---w7.?rw ? , I I ' * *~ ' ' *" ^ fl ^ f ? 4' ? r 1 "% KMnj DTPEI, * q * ?t? . 't . # tM riSMTLTAfeU ATSffVC . . ?d ? wMl

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