Newspaper of Evening Star, December 27, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 27, 1861 Page 3
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?M? LOCAL NEWS. Tw* Gssat Fi?l tTmOetmnKt Oct*at Laer N'??t oj 0Mfffta.mii fn>. r*rt9?Stmmr**$ / Her<es? fteiM* end /net**,? -fWwMfl ? ,Dd ? efeleek ta? evening an alarm of fire ?n beard, ui t brilliant llgbt waa Men In the direction of tbe Obwrntorv Ai the Gownmfnt ttehlee, stockyards, provender de*c.? *** * tbat vicinity, great excitement prevailed throughout tbe city, aod aa Imtoenae crowd ebon gathered at tbe scene of tbe confisgrauon, which waa the Government "Corral," tbe large oquare bounded by D and E aod TW?ntyflr?t and Twenty-eecond streets, eaat of tbe Observatory On this aqua re were ten sbeda of ptae boarding, tor tbe protection of tbe borseo each several hundred feet la length They were "paneled to each other and ranged nortb and eonth About tbe middle of tbe aquare were two dwelJinga?a frame ha use, occupied by a colored fhtr.l Jy, and a three-atory brick building, occupied bv a widow lady. rive aheda on tbe eaat aide were for tbe stabling of tbe team-borses, under the general superintendence of Mr. Snow?those on he west aide were tboatablea of iaaue for cavalry and artillery purpoara, la charge of Capt. Cotuflflui. . esema to have originated in the abed on be extreme east. How It originated baa not been ascertained Some aay a borne, la raising his knocked down a lamp which was suspended over hirej othera that a watchman, by design or accident, dropped a lamo In tha litter on tbe door, and then ran from tbe ouildlag; otbera aeain that It proceeded from tbe ca?l??? Tlhi i w??' *^,d>Br*10 the h*b,t ?t lighting a piece of candls with a match, when tbev come lato the stables late at night. Many, tl?e act of an Incendiary, as it . ** loyalty of some of tbe em plovees about tbe place it, to aay tbe least, very question. ,b* ir* originated, the flames ran jfT P<ne roof of the abed with terrible rapidity, denaevolumea of black amokeheralding its approach. The five aheda where the wagon fi0?ee ? nearly one thousand In number?were 'atsbled, were separated from each other by very Harrow spaces, and tbe Are spread from one to tbe other rapidly. Many of tbe horses were smothered by the *moke, but the most of thoae destroyed were literally barat at the atake. The scene waa awful la tbe eitreme, aa the flames apread and eoldiers aad citizens, with knives and axaa, cut the halters of tbe frightened animals, and Bent them aramperlng in every direction. Captain Cottiagbam had all tbe horses In hi* charge?for and artillery uae?cut loose at once, and the shed In his department nearest to the burning stables?separated by a few yards only?was razed *? the ground. This prevented the spread of tho Ira Five abeda were burned to the ground, and one waa destroyed and one oerfsiderably damaged by tbe axemen The frame dwelling waa burned to the ground, but by tbs exertlona of tbe firemen aad sold 1 era tbe adjoining brick building was saved Probably not less than two hundred horses were burned, and a great quantity of harness aad stable furniture; vary little provender was lost. Tha horses In the abeda at the touthwest corner of the coral were let loose la the contoslon, although they were several hundred feet from the burning buildings There Were probably not tern than 1,500 horses In the struct a re* wbsn the fire broke out. Over one thousand of tbeae, wild wkh excitement, were sent scampering over tbe city in all dlrectiona by the not less excited crowd. Some went through Georgetown, otbera teaming through tho city, others atralght towarda the river, and others again northward towarda the comraoQ along Rock Creek It is almoat th?i 1? tbe confusion which ensued no accident eboald have occurred, as the night was dark hnd the atreets full of apectators Sbme of tbe horaea ran into gulleya or holes and were either killed or broke tbelrllmbe, ao as to reedt them naelesa At ane spot there' were collected a doxen or more, which had escaped from the sheds, burnt to a greater or leas extent Tticigh suffering greatly, scarcely any one aeemed desirous of approachibg them, for they kept continually moving about-kicking, jump lag. and shaking their heads? indicating that j they endured the most torturing pales One poor animal was ao severely Injured, add wbinfd ao plteously, that a gentleman near htm at tbe time < drew from his pocket a revolver ard terminated < his mitery by shooting him in what proved to be 1 a vital part One or two other horses were shot, > under similar circumstances, by soldiers In tbe vicinity of tbe tre but few attempts were made to csJth tbe runawaya. The streets In the northern part of tbe city were at tiroes crowded with tbe fugitives Great ex- 1 cttemeat waa occasioned by the efforts of persons 1 to secure them. When the berd waa running fu? rioualy down Ma sachuaetts avenue, a man ran ' out and tried to keep them from tbe side walks, but got caught between two drovea and waa knoeked down and run over by them, but strike to aay, escaped serioua injury. From Maaeachusetta avenue tbev scattered, the greater body con- ' tinning east Men and dogs were catching them 1 la the by-streets, where small squads were de- * Cached from the larger droves, and by this m*ans hundreds have been secured Near fifty Were , thus captured by different parties and placed in rtnrge of the Metropolitan Police at the central 1 guardhouse, and secured la the pipe-yard attached ' to the building, where they are tbia morning. A vary large number aucceeded In paasing over the canal bridgea aad Into tbe Seventh Ward ' Shortly after the fire was discovered a signal 1 *un was fired, and there promptly appeared on 1 the ground detached companies of regulars from the 1st, ad, 3d, 0th and 8th regiments. There were also present a large number of volunteers. 1 Tb?-y all deserve great praise for the services they ' rendered. Besides acting aa an efficient police < guard for tbe preservation of property, tbey coliecT<?ti tbe feed, (a large amount of which was on band at the time.) raked up tbe bay, put out flying < cinders as tbey came In contact with inflamable 1 substances, and checked tbe progress of tbe fire 1 by tearing down one or more of the sheds, and c*rrT*n* *nd atowing away the boards. All tbe milltanr under the control of their olficers * worked la aa aplrited a manner aa If they were 1 personally interested la the preservation of tha place and lta contenta. Several horses are lying scorched and hlsck- 1 eaed about tbe streets tats morning, and one Is in 1 the south enclosure of the Treasury building dead, aad thoe relieved from the terrible torture ne must , have Buffered. The acene presented at the aite of the fire thia morning la truly a shocking one. About two , hundred horaea, literally burnt to a crisp, are strewed over the bare and blackened field. The spectacle is a horrid one, many of the bodies having the head raised as if tbe poor creatures wore neighing for help when they were overwhelmed by tbe flames The ahOlla and lega are burnt to the bone, while the bediea are covered i with flesh roasted almost to a coal. A few blackened posts are all tbat remains of combustible material, and tbe ground is strewed with chains, beldle-blte, aad other fragments of Iron from tbe harness. The horses are being returned in droves this morning, having been captured by employees of < the t^uartermuter's Department, and cltixens and i soldier*, last night and this morning All that are branded will be recovered probably, but it la | aid that some fine stock brought in yesterday waa not yet branded. If ao, they are lost to the , Government, no doubt. Will this destructive fire laduoe Congress to great an appropriation at once tor tbe purchsae of two sWm fire-eaginea? It Is safe to say that tbe loss of tbe Government would not bavs been ' half so great last night, if a steam firo-eaglae bad been promptly on the ground Let mem be re | take a look at the valuable Government property ia the fine atructarea within a few hundred yards ( of the Observatory, and lta expoaed oonditlon, i and that?if no other property was at stake? ought to open their eyes to tbe Importance of tbs subject la one abort hour property of tha value f one hundred steam fire engines may be burned fcr want of such an engine Caarui 0ba?mo?si Casbs? B*/ort Jtutie* Tkmpton ? P Euckar, disorderly conduct; fined 1 07. John Jtawliags, do : do f 1 58. James Coaway, dnaak ia the street: (this maa was ao drnak that he was robbed of a watch aad a aum mi money amounting to about 940, beside running a rlek at frees!ag to death;) fined fil M John Fluen and Theodeae Tyler, soldiers, disorderly conduct; turned over to the military Cbas. Hoimaa, drunk; workhouse 30 days John Connor, * profane; fined 91 58 by Juatlce Ferguson. Harriet Shorter, drunk and disorderly; workhouse 90 days, committed by J uatlce Birnaclo Six lodgers were accommodated CaaisTT's Oris* Hoeas?Everybody naturally wlabee to aee and bear ao oelebrated a performsr la the burnt cork line ?n George Christy, and thus it happens that both citizen* and strangers find their way to the Tooth street Opera House side by stde But wbea there tbey find that hla company la oompoetd of performers throughout everyway ao weii calculated to aee end him In hit drolleries thst the programme is " unanimously" rib-tickling. Just go and be sure and wait for the afterpiece. 1 Taaarsa -To-night Ton Taylor's comedy of ' tilt Waters Rua Deep," with aa excellent cast, vis: Mr Rogers as "John Mlldmeys" MiasSusan Peels as " Mrs Bternhoidj" Mrs. Bland as "M? MIldnBsy;" sad Mr E. H. Brink (the very heat rep eaentatlve of tbe pert we know) aa "Caotaia Hawksty." la tbe capital farce ot "Peer Pillleeddy," Mr. Rogers will take the Immortal part of ?* John Peter," and Miss Den la aa " Sarah" will aadertake to satisfactorily "rot^e him " Asorasa naeaisii of rafreshlac ?rtfil?alltf at Canterbery Hall to eight, specially adapted 6 tbe holidays Doat forget tha ebarmlag roattadt to-morrow, aad the elegact gifts to be dispensed on that oosasien. The liberal and saterpriaiag managers have taken every pains to sscars the corniert and promote the ee joy meat st thelf visitors, heaee the remarkable pepoiartty sf the Canterbury " P overs Wans St*tioi? Ho ess Casas?*?/.ts Lewies roltsr rWp. Bradley, va.raat; dlau.1 aed- Pet drMasus, drusk diaorderly aad s<aung; fined * M Lesenso McBride, soldier, :u a an. Mad . L Cmtjnjf^L Cotrmr?Mkrdtr Cmtt?Yeaterdavln I rfj 31^ ^*V? Evana, indicted for the mar r? ? J"i? T Howard 1b Mat iMt? I VMn4 te kto *WBl?*tloo of tb? I ? * of tbe bead, Mr dTeti^Z? rll? th# "** ? <*o** *T? bollot aischsrgsdfrom a gun or Pistol a.**Wlwl>?'?1* 1 dan tiled tbe pistol aa being US*? be"*' BwSJSf smjeJ^S^bSTCS '^^'oV s morder, and given in charge of Dan Cox, at I Werner'" restaurant, by bim (McCarthy ) I ??Vv^flrrf ,deDt,<?l ?>e pistol as being tbo I ??o handed to him by Justice Thompson I Evans a number as policeman was 39 or 33 I m n*!1 TA<?" ,w?rn?Was with Bvana and I McCarthy In Werner's Just preTioua to the sboot- I n*. Witness went oat on tbe corner, and while I i^w pf ? V"2t(? th" P!?ol ehot was fired. He I Ifurfh-^k*Dh together a few minutes hooting, when McCarthy asked Evans rl i.m? 5,ptatol E ? did so I * SicCmrtkf recalled ?Waaln Werner's I Pjerlooa to the shooting with Evans and Whelan ^itteaa waa la there when the shot was Irad I 5L7 b?e" ' tber* with Whelan, bat tbev I bid gone oat then Witness did not see Evana go oat, but is eertaln he went out; that he was not?n went th %h? WM ired When witness went out a crowd was collecting in front of Brown s Hotel, near the corner of Sixth street and I the avenue, where a body waa lying. There waa I ?*?r|L crowd about there, and they I P?"wm*n ? with the murder . 2 T" Dot 33 Witness met Evans atattL EL", ? CT?Zd' Wh0 were excitedly h,n>> (ET>n*i)?*<J*ln>lng "Kill I i im,? ^11* w,m?" *? Wltae" eaked I hi ! ared ,h* P',tol> and understood I 8XJ l(fm " W'taeaa then .aid to me your pl?tol, or they will I wSR'>y? P^n.' 00 ,be ,pot ,f th<v flnd U about 3?,?- Evans gave witness the pistol, snd I Weamr'a **?* iLj? 04,1 Co*'tbe bar kf?P?r I J?^eirerI,pp**rMee ot having Jw<!,"cha,K'd Wltneaa saw Evans . ?'xhtj be seemed to be excited. I ? If w,tneas, " My life la in voar hands." I h?nrfl ^ ,n yonr baBd,.M or "I am In your C.*nnot refo,lect tbe exact exWltneaa la a county constable, and was I not .rTiit'L hooUDl? occurred Wltneaa did a ^ff^rtn V!LPwbecause he (witness) was I acUon nf ?k 'beumatiam, and waa afraid of the I action of the excited crowd present. Witness did I him Evans st any subsequent interview with I to<S.^porte4 Captain Goddard next morning. Wltneaa thinks be bad two Interviews the nuEi"* v n,ght' afttr Er>n? ? *' wltneaa " *Er i_ Evans uaed one of the expresaions I neas^hlnw'h/L^Ji ?f thoM ,n,en'l?ws. Wit- I S^ld i M J iif , CaP,a,n Ooddard that Evana oJ oreniM y?ur band" " At ,h? lr,quea', I he thon?h??Ky e"mlnatlon* "n*" testified that I he thought; tbe eapmalon Evan* u?*d waa, "The I bu n?i? .V ,n yonr handa " kad on bia uniform that evening. Uit'iUtsi 5/?'k* kkpt? cl*,r "tor# at tb? corner at S?Ll!? L ahoot,DK. "nd waa atandlng in hia I ft^abou Wfp^h, o'clock one evechaalno 42# *" a Pol'c?man *^rl" ,r?und a back at the I cor??*W 81x h etrw. When he came on tbe pavement again, wltneaa followed him. Deceased 'boodles' entrance of Brown's hotel. I r J . 5*n'd *g??nat the lamp-poet and aaw i 1 llme ,n tbe atrart> debtor ten yarda I !5? p"p?*t- Ju,t ,hen Howard tuVned to the atr,fet'aa ,f to ???>n I r atfe*tu H? WM twelveor fourteen yard* fcTana whe" h? "?>in turned. Aa he turnwi durew a P'?oi from hia alde-pocket aad i.H.OW*rd f<?11 on hia hc* Kran" a^r rln? turned to go acroa* the atreet tcward? Par- I ? "petty faat ?att. Evana put the platol r ,. In h.a pocket after firing. It waa not the I llceman who pursued Howard down the atreet I m,A? ? ' wi,Qe?? knew Evana. alao kn?-w How- I ttm. ?r.r nw otb,*'r Po'iceman about there at the w?rda ahootlng, but saw a dozen there after- I To-5,gHt the Swiaa Bell Rlngera and ?he AllePoaw'atnolliflr!L?PP!5r!S/,ce at ?dd Fela noVeJ and ?'ied musical enterItiK J?rformancea It will be s?-en I ^ wuT*?J Wonderf"1 ra"?e. *nd the perform!Hi recognlr'-d aa artlates who have ere- I appeared &Tn en??lon wherever they have I irnTL1 H'W-W-O" FAMiLT.-iChis popularly I known vocal band is to visit Washington and I we hear that they will gire one of their Interest- I mg entertainments at the Smithaonian Institute I next Monday evening; one half of the proceeds to I thiaclty beDellt ?f U>? ?rPhan Asylum of I Th* Wesley Chapel Festival closes to-night, I ^lth if any featurea of aUracUon. In addition to I j fx"llent 'upper and extensive variety of holi- I fe0?00*/.1 ,!l? h? c' aufflclent I Uarfy to attract an immense throng. Go I OT A!,d9ho** ?f1** the advertisement of I Pa aTenue- of cavalry ]aaltty, at^cbe^p*rates mirch,n? 8ho? ot K??d Ceowds TBKftie Kino's National A*phi- I r"VT"Lnl?l>tly, attesting the excellence and I 'plrlt of the performances An attractive bill to- I light, In which all the stara appear. Lkctcei at the SMiTHaoNiAN ?To-night It I will be remembered, Mr. Bayard Taylor lecturea I before tbe "Waahlngton Lecture Aaeociation" at I the Smithsonian Institution. De. F. A. Vo* MoacHEiaxEE. ? This eminent I oculist and aurtst will arrive here in a few days, I tfom New V ork, and rediain during the winter I In the practice of his profession. It* I The Fletcher Chapel Fai>, ?t Thorn's iiall, la :rowded conatanUr, we are glid to aay. A grand I lime la anticipated to-night. Tee attbactioes at tbe Academy of Muaic I :ontlnue to draw immensely upon tbe Waahing- I Ion public. * I Volt*tbia a for tbe army abould not leave the I elty until supplied with Holloway's Pills and I Ointment For Sores, Scurvy, Wounds, 8mali I Pox, Fevers, snd Bowel Complaint^ these medl- I clnes are the best In the world Every French I Soldier uses them. Only 25 cents per box. 211 I Iedia Rcbsbe Goods. India Robber CeaU, white or black, t? 50 each. India Rubber Leg^n* SI per pair. And all kinds of Rubber Goods. Including Rub- I ber Boots and 9hoea, Rubber Stoppers for bottles. I Door Mats, Under Sbeetlnga for bed* in alcknese, I kc , A.c , at manufacturer's prices, at H. A Hall's I India Rubber Warehouae, TO Pa av . between I Ninth and Tenth streets. dec 18-tf Notice.?Bevare of oouaterfeits End anprinoi- I H?d dea'ers endoavorlnf to dlapoae of ihalr own I ?^r Ertieiaa on tbe repetition attained by I BmcMm, a positive and apeoifio I remedy for diseases of the B.adder, Kidneys, 6ra I rel D-opsy, *c., Ao., to. Ask for Helmbold's. Take bo other. Bee advertisement in another ool - I 'ma- ae30 BURRIkl) Ou Tuesday. Desember 21.1861, at the Churoh of Mr. Hal, L,ieut T H. well, daaghter of Burgeon C. D. Max vail, U. I B. Navy. I On toe asth Instant, br the Rev. Father MoNal'?, CMARLtSS HENNlNG to M ss MATHA AT- I CHISON, both of Washincton. Olai>< In thia eity. on the 24th instant, la the 12th Tear of his ase. James EuWARD, belo?ei son of GwijW and Virgiiaa Spanoer, late of Dumfries, I [VIKCI TIES AND 8CARF01 I A; ? "CAIraaNDNKCI TIES! I An snparallelled assortment at i HOMPSON'S. GeR.MAN '"VifMgJlHJNTlOM: For Bendln? Money to Germany and all part of the I Conctry. 19 Mabket Sface. 8itn of tk* (if mam Flat. not3-Im i HEAD QUARTERS for Clothing. Furnishing I Goods. Hats and Caps, at No. 400 7th stre< t. I dell-Iw MA, CARD. R. i. AIGLER Has the pleasure to inform I his friends u?d the pabiie. that he has openad a first eiaaa Restaurant, at the favorite looation on I D street, between lit* aad 12th streets, so leng I and veil-kuowu as kit ?r? ConfeoUonery eetab-. | nsnmeat. Having paf arrangemsnU for aooo- I stan> supplT of all ths deUeaotee ot tbe season, and I seeared the servloeaof poiiM and oompetem atten- I dan is, he hopee to reeelve a due share of aablie I Savor. de I Im i IREAT ATTRACTIONS.-Grand rBSh, tor U 7th Street, to see the stook of Clothing, I last reoeived at SMITd'S, No. 460 7th street. deUlB tTUp.j LJ UTTER! BU ITER!! ; WJjefa ehoioe for adeeheap try HASTINGS ft CO. He>eiiM8Bawte it. great'varletlee, SSf?'""TOaaMh. I AMUSEMENTS. I X2!i.P?.slu?*lr tir " nth rtiiiSft I u^oemMr oOtn Th? members pledge tb*nis-lv*s tfcat neither ?'" ??:? *? willba spared to m&ka this the , P*rty of the mioa. t ^Tickets so oents, a^mtt'ing a gentleman and laJP* "Hj?r of the Committee of Arrangements. fli n st* flNCE MORE. KIND FRIENDS, A HAPPY , VJL NEW YEAR! The memWi of the MOUNT CLARE CL'1 B He croat pleasure in informing their many ft* friends and tM public th%t th?ir teventh fix rrand COTfLLON PARTY will b? jiven at Stott Hall* oorner of Penn avenue andHB r^ 'jT%jLDAY'(NKW VEAR-8 EVE,) ! Admission #1. By order of the oommittee. N. B.'-Tha members also return their sinoere thanks their friends and the public for the 1 iberal patrpna.e they nave alw-y. extended to the i plub, and more especially to their lady fnende who have so often honored them with their large at- i tendance. deS7 4t* RING'S NATIONAL CIRCUS! j TRIUMPHA ?T 8 VCCKSS PERMANENT?BRh|CK BUILDING. and *h* EXCELLENT TROUPE OF STARS add Btaiida*d Compart or Annans DON SANTIAGO 8IBBONNOISB, THE ROLLAND BROTHERS. WM. F. SMITH, sam Long, H. BERNARD, TOM RING. And All the Foroee. I TO-NIGHT. The following prices have been adopted: Ore heetra Chairs ? 75 oents. < yjfff Cirole .. -..............., ...., .*0 oents. ' Children under 10 years of age to Dretf Oirolc .15oents. Social Range - 25 oents. Colored Gallery. 25 oents. Colored Boxea 50 oents. Doors open at7 o'olook; peiformanoes will oonimenoe at a preoisely. L A PI eV H PL MM _ de 26 ODD FELLOWS' HALL! OI>D FELLOWS' HALL! ODD FELI.OWi"' HALL! ODD FELLOWS'HALL) odd fklloWs' Hall! ODD FELLOWS' HALL! PRIDAY NIGHT, Dicxxii* 8T, THE ALLKGANIANS ! THE ALL EG ASIANS ' THE ALLEOANIANS ! VOCALIST AND VOCALIST AND SWISS BELL RINGERS! SWISS BELL RINQERS! SWISS BELL RINGERS! MISS CARRIE HIFFERT, MISS MARIA BOULARD MR. A. SEDGWICK, MR. G. GALLOWAY, MK. J. M. BOULARD Lately returned from % four-yeara tour around the world, and having just oonoluded a aeriesof M sue oeaaful oonoerts is the oity of New York, would most re<peotfully announoe t ie first of their Highly Popular Musical Entertainments. Their Repertoire embraces a ohoioe se!eotion of VOCAL QUARTETTE*. arranged in their owd peculiar and effective style. Also, a variety of the awe?t?at English, lush, Sootoh, German and Spani?h Ballads extarr. Ariu. Cavatinas, #cenas, As., from tiis works of tte most popular Italian And French masters. In addition to their usual ohoioe selection of vooai mueio, they wul play, each evening, several pieces on the oelebraied SWISS BELLS'. IL7~The front oTthn hall and theadjaoent streets wit. be llluminatod with th? magnificent DRUMMOND LIGHT ! DRUMMOND LlttHT! for a long tim* an object of rreat curiosity at i BARNUM'S MUSEUM, New York, upon the Digits of the ALLEGHANIANS AND SWISS BELL RINGERS. Pate is i Admission. 35 cents Front Seats cents de? /^EORGE CHRISTY'S VI OPERA HOUSE, Tihth Striet. BiTwnx E and F, CEORGE CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS STILL SUCCESSFUL! GEORGE CHRISTY will appear every night this week in one of his great COMIC CHARACTERS. NEW SCENERY ha*ing been added to the stage, the management announoe with pleasure George Christy's celebrated Ethiopia Extravacanza entitled the BLACKSTATUK. Jakb. a misohievoos darkey.?. ?..6ko. Cbeistt The entire company The most Talented in Exi"tenoe, ' * WIT K N?D! D * PEII K^IRM ANCE8. Admission?Parquet, 50 oents ; Gallery, 25 cents. de a QANTERBURY HALL. (Formerly the Washington Assembly Rooms.) Louisiana avenue, near oorner of 6th atrees, <n the rear of the National and Hotels, OPEN KVBRTT NIGHT! WiU the first talent in Amenoa, ENTIRE CHANGITOF PROGRAMME. Second week of the great I Eccentric Ethiopian Artist of the Day, FRANK BROWER ! FRANK BROWER ! To nigbt. the VIRGINIA MUMMY! VIRGINIA MUMMY! VIRGINIA MUMMY! ?FRANK BROWER AS GINGER BLUE. , RA.NK BROWfcR AS GINGER BLUE. RANK BROWER AS GINGER BLUE. Character* by the entire STAR COMPANY! New Songs, New Dances, fyc., fyc. CHRISTMAS WEEK, Christmas week, i A Series of Magnifiaent AFTERNOON PERFORMANCES wMlb?sivenat i cantehbOry hall. * FOR LADIES AHD CHILDREN, < FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, *OR LADIES AND CHILDREN, FOR LADIES A"D CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, | Corammenoing TUESDAY. Ajid Evxxt ArriaitooN D*biih? tbi Wm. One Thousand Costly Presents

wil. La presented to the ladies, ohildren, and the ' aadienoe daring the week. These elegant Christmas Souvenirs will consist of macnifi 1 oent Annuals,and expen-ive 1 seta of Sable Kurs, a Sewinc Maoh c8, splendid Gold Jewelry, Silver Forks and Spoons. Ladies' Chains. Watch Guards, chiidreoVNook Chains,bents' Rings, Toys and Confectionery. , fTTTThe managers call totheminds of the ladies ] ofthis eity the elegant presentation matinees whioh t> ey bad the honor to give here last winter, In evident* of the fairness wi>h whioh they were oonduoted These presents will be siven in addi- j tion to the finest performances by the b?at ojm pany ever appearm* in Waehington. Tnesa.oons attached to the Hall will beolosed . daring the afternoon performances, and our matinees will be oonduoted in snoh a way that the most fastidions cannot regtet their visit to the Caoterbary. AJtemoon Prices: i Ladies, in oents; (sntlemen with ladies, to oents; ohilden, 10 oenU Nitkt Prices .* Parsuet, 35 oents; Roaewocd Orohestra Chairs, , 50 oents. ^^No Presents presented at night.?QJ FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY"AT F Tsmperauoe Hall.(in the main halDE irfi. street, between 9th and loth. Classes every in Tuesday and F iday Afternoouand Evening, All of the fashionable Dauoes taught. Pn-WA * vate classes attended to. For oircnlars, terms, Ac., insuire of WM H BARNES, at Thompson's Gents'Furnishing Store, 370 Pa avenue C. T. BAKNES, i da 17 Im* Professor of Dancing.^ T HE WASHINGTON ACADEMY o? MUSIC, 999 Pmii. Avanex, Between Nmik and Tenth streets. The pu'i io are respeotfully informed that the saooeee of the dally and nightly entartainmenUat this already overwhelmingly popular establishment, has been pre eminent. . It is now fkoous for the beet Refreshments toi be obtained l n Washington, its bar aad larder being "TSlfitfEw of the most agreeable aad raohereha deeoription ; its free oonoerts being nightly encored throughout the enttre performaaaa. Ite doors are open to the pub io tree of eharge ; and oflssn are oonstantly in attendance to pra fw,. Swrtrw# teas sleo keepsia large ^w^ty G ADDLE HORMKM FOR BALE -A lot ol very Slue RfP^oky. loreae forat U,ej^_ keiitucky Sal# StabT*. in the rear ofC ay't jUS? feS^UTNwtvaaia ?mw ana LOST AND FOUND. C*OUnD?At the billiard saloon corner ! Pens. I avenue and Eleventh street, on Tfcarsday room'nj. aPURPE.oon hum m(vmi Ur?ty an* ftftt dollars. The nwner. by irwiM ^cpertv and p%yinr ummn. ?m rtMin the mom by calling at the billiard saloon d?17 It* STRAYED OR 8TOLEN-Oa the night of the J5Ch Instant. from iwr the National jtv Hot*', a medium sistd nrr*l STALLION about 1*H hanJa high; h\d on a fall set of*^' *"flinei's rquipments A liberal reward will be paid for hia return, or for inlonnation oonoemins hia whereabouts. ft. H. BAKF.R, ds >7-1 w* Lieut. 9th N, V. Cavalry. Qt>C REWARD.?Strayed awav. on thetsch of v Deosinber, a blaok HORSE. 15 jcv hands high: no rodrka upon him, except a 1 white star ifon the faoe. When loat. had on a Grimsley saddle, light blae brea?t-?trap, and martingale; the bridle with b'ue f wines The tbove reward will be given. b? retiming the horee and equipments to J M WETHERILL- Major Slat Pennsylvania Volnnteera, camp on Queen's farm.nearSoldiers' Home. den lot* ni*TR!CT OP COLUMBIA. COBSIT OF ' WmiiKoroK. To wit.-?I hereby oer gv tify that J W. Pumphry, of the oi'y of JmA Wash ngton. D. C., brought before me. the"-1-1 subscriber, one of the Jnatioea of the Peaoe la and lor said county, this 27th day of Deoenber. A. D. 1861, and made oath is dne form of law, a* astray, trespasmng upon hia inclosures, a dark BAY HOR BE. 12 yeara old; IB hands high; white spot in the forehead; hind fett white;ahod all roa?d;switoh tail; trota and oantera, and haa been aaed la gears. Given nnder my hand. de27 3t? J. W. BARNACLO. J P. FOUND-HORSE and CART. Apply-at Mefor_pclitan Polioe Office, 316 Eleventh st deS6 St Q1AA REWARD ?Loat, at the National HoqSIUU tel. a Turkey moroooo PORTE??ONNA1K, containing 95'3Jn, oonxistinc of 51W in bunk bills. 913*0 In gold and eight 9M Treasa'j Notes tat 7 3-10 irtereat ) Nos aa follows?37.218, ?\V5 . 20,377 , 20,581, ? 382. 10 335, >0 384 and 20^85 All peraona are warned s*ain?t pnrohaaing any of the above notea. as their payments ^ave been (topped at the Treasury Department. The above reward will be paid to any person or persons that will sive information that wii| lead to the recovery nf the same. Any in'ormation concerning the above may be left with HENRY SIODDARD, #30 Twelfth at, Washington. D C. d< 26-3t* W. C. BRAVT"N. (OA REWARD.?LOST? Supposed to be lost in an omnibus a PuRT^MONNAIE containing about 930 in <2 50 and 41 pieces; one 95 North Carolina aeveral vsluab e cotes, and W. H. Kdea' receipt for 2nn bushels of wheat,am also my pa** to and from Virginia. de 24 St J AS. A.NELSON. ?t>C REWARD.?STOLEN?Between6and yp&'J o'clock of the evening of Depem- e\ ber 13. from the corner of 6th street and T-jp Pa. avenue, one bay HORSE, about hands high; feet on near side white to ank e joint; hadon military saddle and equir ments. with the figures 16 on aaddle cloth The above reward will be paid for the return of said horse to the camp of the ?6th Regiment at Kalorama de 19_tf Co'. C. H VAN WYCK. CQ7C REWARD.?R*n away from the tub'3 ? I ) jperiber on the 15th Inst.. THKEK NEGRO BOYS?Billy Bond. Henry rhapman ard No'ty Carpenter Billy and Henrv |j^ sre about 4 feet 4 i no lies high; It years old: J% dressed in drab. Billy is copprr color uno^jLm Henry bl'k. Notty is under 4 ft.copper oolor; cres?evl in drab. Also, on the 8th of September, two Nagro Men?Henry Shannon and Basil Carpenter? both )>lack; Bills very blaok; Basil is about 5 feet 4 inches; Billy 5 feet 6 or 8 inchee; has a lump tiehird the right ear; o oth varuius; eanh sbout 2R vears ola. And slso on the 8th of October, two Negro Men-Babtist Carpenter and George Chap m*n. Baptist yellow, and in about 22 years old; 5 feet 4 inolies. Geor?e aged 18, abont5 feets inches; olotbmg various r or the firft name^. Hill?, Henry and Notty. J will sive fMeach. and for the other four 8?*aoh. delivered to me in Hitoataway. Md. de :?-iW <>. N. HRVAftl). I (^T.-A SEAL RING, and a FOX-HEAD -* SEAL, attached to a ring, with cornelian set. $5 reward will be uvea to Whoever returns the articles to this oSoe. de2 tf FOE 8AI.HJ AND~RENT. TO RENT?Prom the 1st of January, two desirable communioatiug ROOMS,at 90^ Pei.n. avenue, near Third at. It* TO LET? Desi-able ROOMS, trlth Board, at the northeast corner of aud C sU. de 27 2teo STORE ON PI NN. AVENUE TO RENT and tt<e Futures for sale on reasonable terms, a good chance for any one wishing to go tn bn?iffless ?p plv at this office. deS7-3t FPOR SALE OR RENT.-I will sell or rent mv Property as a business p ace on Fourteenth t, between P and Q sta., Geo. M Nichols* hotel and wagon yard or grocery and I'quor store separate. Inquire of the froprirtor, GEO, M. NICHOLS. de 28 3t* House and lot near the depot FOR SALE.?A Frame House, No 344, First attest east, nearly new. containing 6 rooms, Piioe *?>o? fsno cssb; the ba ance in monthly n ites of 931 each. For particulars arply to T. M. HANSON. Seventh street, opposite InteHigencer office If the above mentioned house is not so'd by the 1st day of January, it will be for rent partly furniahed: de 26 3t* yOR RENT-A FRONT PARLOR, with Chamber oonneeting. on first floor, both neatly furnished; rent moderate. Arply at No 439 H str eet, between 4th and 6th street.(Northern Liberties,! or at WALL, STEPHENS k. CO . Ha. avenge. de 24 m FOR REVT-FlltMB ftartilvmwl, r?TIor ana Bed Rooms at ached. suit of Rooms suitable for a oommntee, all fronting on Pennsylvania avenue, next door to Willards' Hotel. The Lease, Furniture and Fixtures of the aboTe for sale. Inquire on the premises de 34 3t* iJ?URNl!%KD ROOMS ?OR RENT-Two r very d-sirable rooms, PARLOR and CHAMUKR.ortwo Chambers, oommunicating on tbfl first floor, and with gas. with or without board; terms very moderate, Enquire at No. 989 H st., between 19th and 20tn streets west. de23 3t* Furnished rooms.?a comfortabiePurior. and Bed Room for rent on mfederat e terms Inquire at Star Office. de21-lw TWO OR '1 HREE GENTHEMEN CAN BE accommodat'd with very pleasant ROOMS, econd flo->r, with breakfast and tea if i private family not far from the General Post Ofboe. Referenoe given and required. Inquire at tne office of the Star. de 21-ao4t FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-l.?*Oaore? of seleoted timber LAN f>. iu the Nortn West, will be sold or exchanged for property in the City of Washington. The land is well timbered, Bortains water power, and is a sure investment. Address'"Exchange," box No. 30 Washington Post Offioe. de 19 lm FOR RENT?Two pleas%nt ROOMS, neatly furnished,iu a first-class residence in 6eorgetovn. with boa d. To a permanent tenant terms rill be moderate. Apply at 14? West st .Georgetown. den tr HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.II Four handsomely Famished Rooms.supplied nth ias and water, and convenient to the PateLt ted post Offioe. Departments, for rent. Apply at I90H Massachusetts avenne, north aide, between Ith and Sth *ts. ina2S &BOKGETOWN ADYERT'MTS r-C=?NOTlCE- LIC ENS S ?.-A I persone 13 whose license* from the Corporation of Seorgetowu expire on the 31st instant are hereby lotified promptly to renew the same, otherwise they subject themselves to a fine, and the law is romsulsory on the proper officers to cnioroe ca d lawassinst all delinquents. dert 3tawtJsnlO WM LAIRD, Clerk. OLEGANT GIFTS Ft?ll THE HOLIDAYS. ?j AT COST. The subscriber now ofTors her large stoek of jhoioe Bo< ks, FancvlGoods, Ao , at oost, with the new of olos:ai up the business. The stock oo apists of, in part? VV ritiu< Desks, and Caees, Por'fjlioa, Papefries, Ladies'and Gentlemen's D eating Cases, Work Boxe>, Cabas,Fancy Boxes.Backgsmmon Boards, Cheokers, Chesrmeo. Battledoora. Games. Juvenile B >oks, ta large assortment; any one vishinc to make presents, now is the time, to leleot at low prioes, at MISS THOMAS', de 24-St Book and Faacy Store, High st. I70R RENT.?A two story Brick Dwellinf r HOUaE. with basen ent and attie, No. 113 Say street, eligibly situated on one uf the pleasantest streets in town, with gas, and water on the premiies, and altogether a most desirable private residence. Posseasion gi?en on the first of Jansary. Inquire of D ENGLISH, 13S Bridge street *e 24 6t EDUCATIONAL. P EDUCATIONAL. ROF. C. F. B\RNE&' J>ancic* Sohool at Temperanoe Hall, E street, between 9th and fiR lOtU, * ill eonim?coe 1 L Er^DAY , December jtw ii h, aud.oontini:'* evert iuesday and Kn mm day?afternoon cias>es at 3 o'eiook, and erc-|f|iA ning oiabxes at SX o'clock A!', of the f*ikl<.i.&ue danoea wiil ba taugbt duriag th stanou. The best musio will be in attendance under the direotton of Prof. George Arth. CsL for aoiroular. gr:: im AVRPNCH taught. NATIVE of Franos will give t*?eons la ti.fc evening. Address C. COuNE, de 18-lw* 414 grrwntb r reet. Madame leomine blanchet, d? Pajus Will Girs PR IT ATE FRENCH LESSONS. Apply at 13i west street, Georgetown : or l#T P street, Washington. de 10-lm* \f 188 BROOKE'S ENGLISH Ain> FRENCH iU BOARD1XU AND DAYtCHOOL. SlVK.N Ut'lLDIlfSS, Ne. 199 fsssnlssaia smsm. Ciroalars to be obtained at the Bvotstores and ofthe>nneipaL^^^^^^^^^^no^^BB* R??iu?,NjB?y.SP;%Vi oo... LEFMAN, IIEPER * THOMAM, a?U Atmut J tr Us Vntotd Smmi mm ftsrii 199 Dtsai Bnut, deM lsi N*w Tort. CJLOTHR AND Qijwjiwewg. 'SSS,T KQAN. POS TH1 HOLIDAYS. JOHNSON * NAGLE, Fit PIN1VITLUIIU AVIfrri, Betweea Nlath aad Taatk Struts, Washington, a*b Ns. 10 Rtyal Street, sear King, ALEXANDRIA. Invite the attention of Families and Dealers to their large and well assorted Stock of Fine| Groceries, Liquors, Cordials, Sogmrt, etc. Consisting In part of? CHAMPA0!f*8 Piper Heidsick In quartrand pints, O H. Mumm A Co. do. do. Bollinger A Co. do. do. Royal Grape do. do. De Courcey A Co. do. do. Carfler A Co. do. do. Che. Rleert A Co. do. do. CLARETS. Chateau Poujeaux. Chateau La Roe* Do. La Pltte. St. Eatephe St. Emlllon. Pt. Jullen Medor. HOOK WLNE8 Deldesbelmer Hockhrtmer, Liebfraumllch Ruedebhelmer, Scharlachberger, Scblcnbcrger, Jciiatiniaberger, Marcobrunser. DRY and SWEET CATAWBA. IRISH, SCOTCH, and MONONGAHELA WHISKIES, of all klnda LONDON DOCK, HUNGARIAN, and BURGUNDY PORT. DARK and PALE 8HERRY, OLD RESERVE aad MALMSEY MADEIRA. SWAN, PALM TREE, and IMPERIAL EAGLE GIN, HENNESSEY, OTARD DUPUY A CO , PINET CASTILLON A CO., COGNAC BRANDIES. JAMAICA and ST. CROIX RUM, BATAVIA ARRAC, BLACKBERRY, CHERRY, and RASP. BERRY BRANDY, / * GINGER,RASPBERRY,BLACKBERRY and CURRANT WINE, CORDIALS of every kind ? CURACOA ANISETTE, ABSINTHE. AROMATIC STOMACH BITTERS, SCHIEDAM SCHNAPPS, LONDON BROWN STOUT, YORKSHIRE AND SCOTCH ALE, ARRAC, RUM, SCOTCH WHISKEY, CLARET, TOM AND JERRY, PUNCH EXTRACTS, IMPORTED SELTERS WATER HAVANA and DOMESTIC SEGARS of choice brands. SMOKING and CHEWING TOBACCO of all description. DEMIJOHNS and FLASKS of ail aixea. FRE8H MEATS, POULTRY aad GAME la tin ^an liters. Fresh VEGETABLES of every kind In cans. ? FISH do do * FRUITS do do FRENCH, ENGLISH and DOME8TIC PRESERVES aad JBLLIES In glaas of every alie. French BRANDY FRUITS of every description. FIGS, DATES, RAISINS, ORANGES, LEMONS, ATMORES MINCED MEAT iajacs. Crosse 4 Btackwell'a world reaotoaod Pick* Oyator, Walnut aad Tomato CATSUPS A borles Btrdi d Fine HAMS aad CHEESE r?e?ah Matoaid, Oarrla, Oayaaai, Pepper, tptoea, Salt, Aa. ??. umaaw aad q?? Dtapa, Am feaA Qtot> ? nr cr An aarly e*ll to mm mpiatfaUy solicited 4aiT-d^ai,tf /OHNBON ? NA?I.? , a SECOND EDTTI?N. OUR MILITARY BUDOET. VERY I?rTEI?HTM6 FROM MlUOft! AMD AKKANUt. Mlseeari rUrW ef RrWIi la Ifi in Millwk Wtrki?| WThrrt HiiUi era Arkaatu Strcat f?r III re lea -Tbe Whrmktato af the RrataaaU *f tk? Ar. leeef ftelea Berlaad, Prkee aad McCailn|k. [Special correspondence of the Mr ] ' Roll*, No., Dec ?, 1961 ?Edam* / (A? Sw The weather U exceedingly oold u4 kink bare Jost now From Arkaneae we havt reliable mwv dally, moetly through conetaatjy arriving nft geae They all tell a evry tale of the condlUea ot affaire la that part of rebeldom Oae ef aw beet acoutlag com pan tea were eeat there last week, and they penetrated a 1 moat te focahoataa. where Soloa Borland and kla anay are pealed He la prexalnr L'atoa aaea all the Mate. Norlham Arkanaaa la aU Unlea; aad If they bad arm a ad a place to rally to, they would aaaa five a good account of themeelree Col Phelpe, M C , baa aa Arkanaas nampaaj. commanded by a member of the Arkaaasa Lafla latnre. I know that arlth little effbet we eeeld walk right through that Stole Several aid Raa a as-troubles me a are with aa, whe aaabe aar kaat aplee They go everywhere They all report a etrong t'nlon feeling, and hare ao treoble la fatting Information, ar la f ad log foad Ualoa aaaa to atop with la Arkanaaa. Price la about oaed op He haa 8.000 with Mb at Ooaola, on the Osage. aad la decreealag la numbeta. McCullough la oa Pea Ridfe, la Arkanaaa. With what Pope has hired, wa hare about cleared thla(Mlaeourl) 8tate. We fet mere ofllcera (rebels) than we oaa feed or lake care of. They are disheartened, aad aeaai re farii. Gen. Hallrck Is delaf wonders la atralghtoalng out this department. If be la aa effect Ire la a forward morement aa be Is la the admlnlatratloa of affaire, 1 hare no fears of the result There are 15,000 troope here yet. bat ererythlng Indicates a forward movement. You hare no Idea cf the ccafnelon this department was la; and erery tarn takea eat a klak now. latkst rioa sktsssia We hare the Richmond ?r?aia?r of the 35th?Christmas day That journal greatly/ear* th*t the Government here will surrender Mason and Slidell to the Brlttah authorities It chargea the releaaed Union men of Drsasavlllelntely In prison la Richmond with having played soles for the Unionists, and thus brought about Gen. Stuart's recent defeat there. A dispatch from Naahrllle ssvi that gold la "comlag do* a" there, aelllag on the Mth at ?3 per cent, premium, as agalnat to per rent. premium a week cr two ago: * * Twelve batteries urr btu completed on the Richmond side of the James rlrer, for the defence of that city. No guna are yet mounted la them bowerer. The s?cesh Cor^rut hare reaeed a bill for the naturalization of all who are not citizens of the Confederate C t'.t* wno may oave been engaged during the war in tueir nav^l acrvices. The remains of the late Judge J amea B Martin, Llmt Ce'onel of the !C'b Alabama Regiment, who was killed In the battle of Dratusrtlle, had arrived in Richmond en route to Alabama. A.VT TASD. President Lincoln, accompanied by Command* ant Da big retn, went down on the King falllp tbia morning to the Penaacola, which vcaetl will make another trial trip to-day. The Mount Waahlngton arrived last nlfht from the upper flotilla, but with no news of Importance, all being very quiet upon the river The Baltimore la being painted, and will aoon resume her duties. A new boiler for the A. C. Powell, manufactured In Baltimore, and brought to thia city bv rail, Ilea down by the aheare, where It la to be hoisted on boa'd the a:earner Work progreaaea rapidly upon the new boilers for the Mount W ash lag ton, now almost completed Experiments were being made this morning with a huge rlfl* d cannon intended for the Peaaacola. Thlagun takes the place of the condemned one which, on trial, waa found to have a flaw In her chamber. WHAT M'CULLU THIHES OF lie TSOOPe. Tbe (Ulcere of Porter'a Division, which arae reviewed by General McClellan oa tbe 11st last , received on Wedneadsy aa a Ckrxitwuu gift a General Order, conveying the following oempllmentary opinion of them by the General In com mand: ''The commanding General ezpreaaad his admiration of the aoldlerly bearing of your oammand yeaterday at review "The cleanliness of their anna tbe neatneaa aad condition #f their clothing?quallflcatlona as good soldiers?together with theeaae with which each command waa handled, the accuracy and rapl llty of each movement, attracted tbe admiration and commendation of tbe General-in-Chief and other military ofllcera, aa well aa the Secretary of War, while they realised the expectations of the commanding General. " Since the laat review, tbe improvement of the troope in all tbe requialtoa of good aoidlere haa been marked, and when?probably at no dlatant day?thia division shall t>e thrust aaalaet tbe enemy, the fighting effects of the fod training given yonr men will be apprec:a;fd by all of you." MOSS BSSSL rsisoifsss Tbe following Is s dispatch received to-day at the headquartera here: [Per Telegraph ] ST Lome, Mo , Dec 48, 1S61.-7V Afa^er Otn MeCUUan : Major Gower. commanding a squad ros of the 1st Iowa cavalry, haa juat arrlvtd at Jefferson City, with one captain, thirteen aaea, and ten wagon loada of store*, captured ft em Prlee's army. H. W. Hallsci, Major General, At OBH1SAL XABCT. Ws are glad to learn from Dr. Verdi (ths phyalcir.n who atlenda General Marcy aad Geaaral McClellan), that Gea. M. la sow conraleseeat, snd may be eapocted to be able to resume ths dl charge of hla dutlaa aa Chief of the Staff ef the army of the Potomac, in a few days. LA TB LOCAL NE W8. Swost) PssaaNTATioH ? On Chrlstmss day the members of Company E, 4th Penneylvaala Cavalry, Col Campbell, presented their oAcera. Capt. James A Heron. latLleat. R A Roblnsoo, and '2d Lieut. A T. Coon, each a apleadld sab e elegantly ornamented, costing S60 a pi eoe Chr.tmaa day waa observed very aatlefactorily by all the men of the regiment, who, at the latter part of tbe day, partook of a sumptuous dlnaar, Compear E disposing of twenty cans of oysters famished ??y their cfll"wra. The men are all eager for marching ordera, but after waiting untHsa Immediate morement seemed doubtful, they yeaterdsy commenced erecting win tar quarters for their horses. A Rsmaskasls Cess.? This morning Charles Holman, who waa taken to the gua^c bouse last night very drunk. was brought out of the oaUa for trial before Jw'ee Thompson. In the trial-room be presented to be dsaf and dumo, aad played off ar well that the justice waa Inclined to be (anient with him. The fellow algnifisd to the oftcer la cbsrge that he wanted a drink, asd the oAcer brought h!m a mt>f of water Betag angry that It was not whisky, ar threw ths mag ?s the fleor This excited the sergeant, who drew frem the desk a slim, aleek looking cowhide, aad apea sight of (he wespea Holmes's toagae was unloosed lnstantaneoualy. Bolman waa asat Is ths workhcuse far thirty days. A Dssniss Cmvu ?This saeealaf the Seaoad Ward patrol picked up two drunken wsmwi, laid oat upon tbe paremeat, ea C, near Tbtrtoaath etreet. Tbey were toe drask to walk er to flea tbeir namea, aad so they were pet la a oart aad hauled Aaaa ta the Central Gaardhoaaa. toaaralt a hearif whea sober Os<rs serins r*s Siwrwtua .?Y setae Aay J acab Ehxline waa arrestod by ths M-t/ofsiltoa la ths Becaafl Ward tor Aakactlaf the dewalfes, aad takes before Justice Clark, wbo fined him WW. THE LATEST BY TSLMQRAPE Arrival si fies Seett at Hew Yeeh -*sUasiasuc ReeeptAaa Nsw You, Des fit ?Bee Seettai'H^ m ty wharf la thr Arsfe st a aaartsr partsto atota?^ Be was ths first to UadVee the vesaa leav.Hg the ship tires reastag ikim wasfl**" csn2?..Hgsrr ar icr rs> uf MW ? ?

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