Newspaper of Evening Star, December 28, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 28, 1861 Page 2
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TUE M >-/"'M. ST\K.. WASHINGTON CTtY: iiTltPi>T VtlCMOFR M. 19*1. r*i |?1bM ?a fh? ffctv * | ? ?wo tooth of JHiHimorv, iu rdltlni to m ?mrtr? *a to rvqalre It to b* put to pr?-*? at ai. rtT bowr: Ibrrt'orf, rbould b? *?t In k*f. r?* 1st o'clock oth^nri*# tb*y may My oot appear until Utc next d<*v, Aplrit of Ihf M?raia? Preaa. Tbe Inulkgiutr. treating upon the derision of tbe 6overni??-nt In relation to the Trent affair, fafcatbat tfc'.a " declalnn ef President Lincoln, m explained Im tbe lucid dl?patch of Mr Seward, baa tbf approval of every member of tbe Cabinet, ae4, whatever am b* tb* dlMpr?olB?m?nt of any >t tbe remit ? tbe Adrnlnlatration baa e?me Jnae'UlnK a question constitutionally devolved epon tbe Executive branch of tbe (iovrrnf?t, w* are rare that all will applaud the flrmnew and aliwerlty with which tbe Admlnlatratlwn, re*M'nR a natural tendency Impressed by tbe conceived drlf of pabltc opinion In our own country, tea resolved to di what he believe* tc be right In tbe pretolaea '? Tb? JUp*6luan "runs a mock" after tb? foltawins fbahlon: M Tbe city ww much excited last nljjbt by the nmof that Mimb anil AltA*!) K ^A^A ww to the British vjtboMtlea, and that tee telegraph ?p*rai?r? had Iwen ordered not to d!?patrb tM news ant!l Saturday nljrht. What the truth It, wr ran not my, but we understand th? cLnra tee ut Boston well enough to know that tbeee arrrh traitor* will ntrer leave the ahore* of New Vr.^land allre, unless tbey are t'oUa heir, as the fugitive slave Him* was, when be waa return^ to bis inaater at ftavannah. "In speaking of this sobject. the Richmond Examiner of tba 54th instant aays that the Linnoli n?M>?n?> <>! ! - 1 * " ? ?in roi iwa cwa uin, Bra ; UltMtrM* IH Imbecility by ulvIng op Muon and P4ld*41 The Ex mluer will, doubtlew, be disappointed, and lu?tead cf Imbecility, h? will find tie Administration and tfce people have backbone noairh to keep tbe traitor* despite a world In UIM ' Tbe Difficulty Stilled. Wben the S$*r went to press yesterday, the negotiations between this tJn??ra!8ent and tbat of ?reot BrttiSn?repres*-!.t d respectively by SecMwt Wewsrd ?nd Load Lyons?with re'errnce to ta? affair of the "Trent,'' ttou/b, virtually, (as wv mtimaiea) were nor format!*. c>aciiid*-d We therefore refrained frcm stating the fact 1 u bread* r language than that of the brief paragraph we published it turns out tba* Great Britain did not seek to mt? the affair 'he mere ground for carrying out e predetermination to btooir.e th? active ally of the southern rebe^ a* wan gen?rallv believed. On tfcecootrary,asthe correspondenceib?wi,h>r purpose waa aim ply to vindicate h?r own rlsbts; and, in so doing, ahe baaed her claims precisely upon the prlneipleeand readings of International law.(or the validity ef which the United State* hare con ended as being of vital Importance to their interests. for fifty years past. t*te al.?o made that clear to the comprehension of all,which was previously understood la this country only by those learned !n the law of nations. X it That though Capt Wilkes might lawfully have subj?cb d the Trent to the judgment of an AdnJral'y Court, he had so right to restrain any person on board of her, aa he 4>d restrain the rebel commis?:oners How. ever chivalrous bis arre?t of the parties msy bavc been, It bad but questionable authority in hw , end was, therefore, not clearly defens'ble, as Lord John Russeii argues, and as Secretary steward virtually admits Under aueh circumstances, vtoa Britain app-oa hed the question in a proper spirit, m she did, Ita peaceful erd honorable so hiQofl was the work of but few bourt. ti Um aoiiition arrived at, while Britain bas achieved what ?be sought at a complete vindication of her nttlenal rights, this (ioverrment kM achieved the mo?t Important acknowledgeOMBt on tbe part of both England and Franca, of feasaaadneas of our ao long contended for readlogs of the Bjarl'ime right* of neutrals: a point a ffeooaand timea in're important to us, than tb? paaseaion of >h? persona cf a thuaand su-h u Jfaaaa and Wldell, now standing la the poaltlon af lull, after ha was reward by Capt iograVsi nlna dars wonder for the gaping crew J ? Md, lauwdJiteiy afterwards, of no more imports aaa than any other mendicant in our streets I Tboy go to England thorn, by British Interfsraftea In their be hair, of every other distinctive haracterlatlc, save that of objects of charily A lack of space forbids us fro? publishing the aarraapondence at length. Elaev/here the reader ww in mi aoairaci or II, however, which ex|I<M ?ll Its points Wbllf it vindicates tie totagrlty of Britain'* purpose, tod the sincerity of LmIi Napoleon and his government, It prove* keyood question that the foreign reUtlons of the Caitad State* are In the Lands "f ikt men?President Llarola and Secretary Seward?for the exists. T?* Lstts* Li?t.?The Star 1* sixain, to day, arowdod and crammed with a weekly letter list, as Voog as that mi Now York city usually is It aciss upon as, toe. nc~%t Incppertune'y?%-Len pace far the publication of the stirring mwj af ksiav la af greatest Importance to us. We are paid for Its lassrtloa less thaa a third of the SiAr'i oaaal advertising rates, and. besides. are Mil I pettod to lay over for t*e day, three or four colnsM of advertiaemente. Under such elreumdUMt, ahrVdgtaK th? amount of newa we can print, oo matioaely as it don, the Star't rnden wUl see, with us, tbe p'opr>ty of oar determinant hereafter not to print tbe letter list ar.tll it hall he redaced to something like ita former to leat than a column of the Star. j On Brassies'a Ezpbmtiosi.?6en Burn-1 dd? to awaiting the airlral of ganlioata aod transDorta at Aaaaooila \ ?i?? ' ' fvrr* ln???d?d foe bis expedition, wbieb bat baea collected it t*jat point, wii u follows:? f&rteea tanipori, four schoolers atj five float)if batteries Tbe naval rendesvous will he at Otd Point Oomfort, and Capt Goidsborougb is mifaad to tbe command Mel^ler a Rbode lataod battery baa a/r1rr<i at Anna poll* from |JT From Hodaon Tt; lor, we have tbe ir.d'.s>whl> " Coagreea'ooal Directory, for tbe ?ee cd session of tbe Thirty-seventh Congress " Complied by the fostn?sst*r of he Hocse of RepII PATH DA V PVRNING LECTl'B KB, li. < to, igtMki. cf tba* ut Men Chri lia iiNwMN, at IK o*6:o?i. lueita ion geue a) jgeqr-W jt_ III RkT. AUGUSTUS WKWT'E. 1>. D. ILs wit praaah la th? Melodist Protestant P^Swj^.SABSATH ? ? ....^iMuavi>ri< i twiiimii at, Wj#trHr? nt?^'et<va in the afternoon. It nr^^L I1- M.-Tb* Mmbri of Powhn t*u ILI Tnlw.No 1, Annooetia. No *, ?>>&!? No. (.Istevk, No. T of ik? Im?<oved Order of Red Mea. %fe r*qa?e'ed to ism* %t Tempernooe H%'l on MONDAY ?V|?M\GT*th inatMt,*! 7 o'clock. H?r of the V. 8. 17 de A-tt* (V?pNOTlCK.-Ao ndjoerned ?Oaf of the UJf ?&??. fromUeBUM of Mew York now reead'.n* > Una ett* will be b?td ?* Tcai*?<?n<it W,<aibi(rwt nt I o'clock p in , on MON l?A V. Peeetber an, IMl. tor the aurpoae ol formic* * SoIteii*f A??ooi?Ui?fi '' All are IntereetAO. ?4 i- mM to ?eet. It* nV4 W ILL UK H KLI) MY TH1> *c i*4 ee of M. AU jaiaa Jo od a r Cciiool in uw new and aM?to?e aeaoui room connoted w m SC Aloyaine Cha'ch, oorner north Cnpitoi nud i etr?*<>. > peeirf MONDaY. l aeember ? . with tpp? |<iawii| fi?y , ak-cii aie i?j he tinned mi wiaa4 daiuf 'hi Fur with a ohw>(* of vinr+mm*. an<i oIju < Jaaaaiy u ?i btk*gr%oU KpCptonr fMurt! of >u? flSohool. Acini* t oel?o*it* ahidrraA *.>iU. lA>Of '?"* ? > jo ft is. W> V> f. in. I h* proc??d will b? i< r in* f en fYVaPMIA> bKOTUhKHUUU-AB M>b[ IL ^ w| um P> ?mx ty wiT ? k?'U on r*rSDAi KVHMNU. t*?Mu?i l>U.t(twWl, pi nutik JtloNtyuia H-?i* , c ctiM'~ Mt?f <? ft?<i otL Cn I MUi W. O hM MtlOtM fiawf l?l MWkWM trfarV) UiftttMfl.ta ml Ih? wMt iri*u( (flavor L\oc? VtUbw imwbIlC All Fhiui, ftrd tho*e who Ul" 4 t" kTOMrnuai, Itttad ___ T<K CEWTKE. IN ? W T 6TOKK A 11 1 k* i?4?Blcc?<i U*?? picwvr* n iaf <rm c( hi ?*- 4 & U. to l *1 it* U?S ujeutu ? ?VOO? A* 'UL nr >;u .^.iiio f?. . IT'tl I>*A Jk< to w d m. --- - Z2 ? 4 * ll' !*?? O4 tfi ?V.TI f- - ilUFfcv ?-k V.t ii'3C **? tlCyARP J. JOYC*. TB* "*.TTLEME*T OF THE M1M!? AND SLIDELL AFFAIR. Subjoined will b? found an abstract cf tbe corraapondenc* betw#*n the Government* of Great Britain and rf the I'aited r'ta'ea In relation to tbe qiientlon cf International law r?laed by the t preceding of Capt. Wilkes; and of tbe reprej aentat'.oiis made on th* time anhject by tbe Government of Frence. and tbe reply c f Mr toward lo answer to the?e representations. Tbe correspondence rper.a with a communication f oin Mr. Steward to Mr Adama. our Minister t?> England, under date rf November .10, in which, after mentioning Jhe Trent r.ffilr, he aava: 41 It la to be met and disposed of by the two Governments. If DOKSible. in the anirtt to whiru.i :iave ?dver*ed. Lord Lyon* has prudently refrained from opening the subject to me, es I prelume watting Instructions from home v\> rave done nothing on tbe subject to anticipate the discussion; and we have not iurniahed you with any explanation* We adhere to that course now, brcause we think It more prudent that tbe ground taken by the British Government should De first made known to uib^rq snd that the discussion. If there must be one, shall be had here It is proper, however, that you should know one fact In the case without Indicating that we attach Importance to it, nametv, that, in the capture of Me?srs. Mason and Slid-U on board a British Vfsael, Capt Wilkea having acted without an? Iritrnrtions from the Government, the subject is ?W- ? ,H1 .J > VIM iyr CUIUdri BWIlinil WU1CD might havp resulted bad ibe set been sp cially directed bv u?. '?I trust tbat tbe Brftah Government will conalder tfcr subject in a friendly temper, and It may expect tbe b^' d ipoai'.iou on tbe pirt of this Govern ipant " O'l the same day (Nov. 3u) Earl Kusaeli. ber Brltannic Msjesty'a Secretary of S?tite for Foreign Atfalra.Mrritw to Lord Lyona. reciting tbe circumstances urd?-r wblcb be understood the capture of tbese parties to have been made, aqf} proceeds to characterize it as an outrage on tbe Britlrb flag. ana, alter t x pressing tbe hope and belief that It had not been authorized by our Governnoent, addt: " Her Malft'y's Gcrcn ment, therefore, trust that when this matt *r shall hare been brought Kndvr tbe consideration of the Government ot tbe Initrd States, that Government will, of its uwn accord, offer to the British Government such redress a? alone could satisfy the ilrltish nation, n -mely: tta liberation of the four gentlemen and their delivery tc vour lordship. In order that they iiiSv ?ga'n be placed ui.der British protection, and a suitable ap dojty f >r the aggress ua which hci been ?-omm1t'ed " Miouid tiese i<-rms not be offered by Mr. Seward, yr,u will prop se th?m to him " n responding to tni* demand. Mr 8eward, the 8tcretirv of S'a'e for the United Stiff*, (uad-rd-;tecf Dec after reviewing the circumstances under willed the arrest was effected, aeco'din^ to ?he report t( our naval officer*, and thus developing the Inaccurac'es and omissions of the British statem-nt, proceed* to analyze the facta ai'd principle* of public taw luvolved la the case. * ud arrives at the conclusion that the neglect of Capt. W ilkea, par'iy voluntary at It was on Ms [ a t. to bring the Trent in f >r trial es a lawful prii", maybe justly held to operate as a forfeiture if the belligerent right cf capture accruing under the law of nations, and tbat the tioverninent of the United Siaies, aa well from this consideration a< in consistency with it* own tr-ditional policy respecting the marltime rights of neutrals would bt: In its own wron. if It should refuse a compliance with the British demand so far a* relates to the disposition that shall be made of the persons t'ken into custody bv Captain Wilkes under circumstances believed to b>/ justly open to except.on cu bo-.h tbe grci'nds tJus indicated So far es regard? the ' apology'' asked by the British government, rone is tendered, because a slm-1 r-le j-tatcment of the h'.u t>>? ? ?? ? ? from Mr rhouvenal, (December 3,) on the p*rt of the French government, to Mr Mercltr, French Minister to this country, In which the opinion la eipre?ed that "the Cabtnetat Washington could not. without striking a blow at the principle* which all neutral natlona are alike Interested in holding In respect, nor without taking the attitude of coatrad.ctlon < t Its own course up to this time, give Ita approbation to the proceedlnga of the commander of the Han Jacinto. In thla atnte of things It evidently should not, according to our viewa, hesitate about the deUsmltuition to be Uk^n." The commitntrAtiAn >... -- ? ... - >u< c?^ipwium of friendship for our Government, an evidence of which it dermi is given in not permitting n* to ' remain in ignorance of the views of tbe case adopted by the Kmpero . Mr Seward in reply f l> c. tf7) statM that before receiving the communu ?*ion, the Prealdent L?d decided upon the disposition to be made of the matter He concludes hia reply by aavlng : When the French Government ahall come to ae? at large the view* of thla Government and thnae of the Government of Great Britain on the subject now In queatlon, and to compare them with the vl?wa expressed by Mr Thouvenel on the part of France, it will probably perceive that, while it TTl!!?f he nAwnH*-A ' " -wv Mwuiitucu luit iuuv9 IBrf* rOW? ers are equally Impressed with the aam- d?alre for the establishment of pri ncl plea favorable to neutral I rlgbta, there if, at the same time, not such ait entire agreement concerning the application of those principles aa is desiMbie to aerare that lmportant object The Government of the United Statea will be happy if the occasion whicii hat elicited this corretpundence can be Improved ao aa to secure n mure drUnlte ajjreem-.'it upon the whole subje< t lyall marltitUL- Power*. i ou will assure Mr. Tbouvenel that this Government appreciates as well the frankness of hi* explanation aa the aplrit of friendship and good will towards the United States in which they are , expressed " PIti FRKT.?A ehoias lot jast reo'ivtd, in barrels, ha f t>?rrela and (>. read* f >r tab'* use. HAKTH ?l,OM\K. SaRRKT r k. CO.. deH8 8-* 31 Louia a a av . be' 6tf aac 7t* n'a IWAt?0>?-WA'?0NS! HAVE Nov on band a superior lot of new vn accs si it*- le for grocers or sntlera. Heparins of a 1 kinds promptly a-ieided to. _ n< ' n l M bKAHAM, A! *121 C?l?P?ker, Kuhth it. Reading ale and LaOkK BIEK D PvTT". ot tt.e te.ebrated brtwsry of M.r Feiix, t? b? had lb 'a ge acd hi.ail q ubutitiM. a;?o, Pioklea, Ca.cup. Pickled Otioo?. I'tpper fmc, Vinegar. ?ud s> or K*out. hv t&e D&rrrl fVlon,or io Jars,a< lHARLt'8 madts' Kentaorant. d?23 :?n* corner Pv axeuueand T'ird ?t. ' 'HEATER-Mim -15<\N DENIN intwo I oharaoitr*. BATUR'iAY, D?p"?nt?r a. will b? iai formed the dr* a of UHIST TO THE MILL.?Kraooin*. >ii?? sj. Den;a. i'o cus. ln^e with 'he avtioal fla?a <*f ih# FLOATING BKAC..N-J-o? Junk, mr. E. drink ; Manetr?, mi?? Demn. It* LOOK OUT FOK THE MONUMENTAL^! Co"<e, kind frieidi, d mre the OH Year H out unJ ike New tur tn Tb? Monumental <H I'lib uim great p *a?ore lu annonnciug t?JW t o:r friend* *cd ih? ?ob io i? ?en*rai thattaA tn#y wi. giye. on New year's Evo, their Hth ?R aNL) ASjKM ril.V at Franklin Halt, oorner 9than<j L) ?(?., on Tt'KSDW F, VENtJVu. Dea. at l iok<t* 4" mcU, adai't'ing a gent.emaa and ad'*? By order of the ooinmittce. de 38-01* CM'LOPINO OUT SALE OF FIRST Ql)? LITY / I Mu. 1 NEW Yi'RK BI TTER ?The ua der?irn?d har? on hand, in keg* of diffe ent ? i ?, 2 " 1 ponoda of heat New Yo k Batter, whioH they will ?ei extremely low, to oJ<*m it out. I; will be to the interact of *!| purmia e to eail prompt1* at th* store of F. B HASTINGS & Co., under pniiharmooie Ha 1, Penn ^enn<?, nra' corLer ol Eleventh *t., uext door adjoining ths star Office. de? lot I PM PRfcSK.NTS FOR THE NEW \ EAR ! | HILP 4 tfOLOMONb Re??eotful'? iiiTit-attanti.i* f/t thair m??m fi L 4 ?v m?>i H>?H ? ?' ?-u? 'W?, ? I LI O n JIM T o- | centij rao?ived l*r*e ajoeeeioiiB, apeoial j nuUfd fi r th ?? ? 'rt ihw'd A lile ?ii*d urigibfti Portrait of Major General Scott (BLiTttraaiiT admit'?<l to ba iha fioMt yet pain'ad ot mat diatt^cni'h^l G*rf>r?') uq frea ax bih.tion at FHILP A SOLOMON-' Metropolitan B-ootore, de W-St 331 Pa av.. bet#<*eu -?th and 1'^ aia. LADIfcS' WARM AND HKAV V CLOAHSf JUST IK SEA8UH. EMuimui i. oaka, Pla:h Far Cloak* 8**1 akin Cloaks, Froatad Beaver CIoa*e, Heavy Plain Beaver aad /noot Cloth Cloaka. All 01 ui"?dot* aifiM oi ?jioa*? juat raoAlred, at moderate prtsM. Al luJtWlCLL* Cloak and raner fetor*. d? ? itfo Pwul ?vw?. Military Boots ftbi llj AT W H SAL*. W? ha*a now la *t ro? 1" uttn Ca'f Butahed fcoatMl Ug Bo-76^ ? - OnuiA *"" n me* * ? ?> - - (Jailtad bou L-L. > - - un r; '* ltxk ^ ^ " IM ' * tokvy ioafc- IJik J* 6u * Cai ** *' ?>. * v vi-trof Ci ( ft?t Ki? Boou, B ja'ftcJ LIST OFLKTTKRS REMAINING IN THJ POST OVrirK, WASHINGTON CITT, ONiaktr 8T, 1M1. i ordered to be inserted in the Kvtin nt Star. t being the newspaper haring the !arge?t oirca.atioi of My daily paper pnUiehed id Wathin?toa.) UTAH pereone applying for letter* in the follow ac liet, will pleaee ear ther are A&r?RTi?m>LADIES' LIST. a ppiar Mr* H m Hirrwm Jul r?febin*oa J?au? A|'f Mr* Kiuily Haaly Mn Anu RmmII Cam* Aahfcy Mn Emm* Haah Annie I Ramaharg Atoll Am ; Mn Emily Homer Mr* Jo* L R**dolp*. Mar# C Aittma It am* Mr* John Ryan Ann* Allan KltitbftK A Ingaraoll Mra L D Straat Mr* Eliaabl Ayrea Gilphia liatm Mra 8oa*n Smoot Mra Jutia A AJima Mra Mary C Jackaon M?rr?ret Stone Sarah Q Brown Mra Roama Jonea Mrt M>rj* _ Scheedler Lo*itr _ Bell miti jot** mn itiiciad Bmoot mra C-mil* H Prook* Mr* Rotrt Mm (iMrfiaau Bmiih Mr* H A Buah Mr* Mart J Iail;i Mr* M Smith Mr* Smoody Pott* Sin Wm H Kcyter Mra Cath'c 8rnith Mr* Virginia Brown Mr* Mar* H Krauat Mr* C*th>'tlh>* Lout** Broom* Mi** AO Kerrigan Mr* M E Smith L?*iu W Bowcn Mr* Elu?h K*liy Mr* Eliia H Schmidt Emit)* Etkir iluili 3 hejaar Mr* Etu* ASmilh Mr* Anflllai Bartx Errm? A Lyman Mr* DrO U Smith Mr* M B*hon* Mr* Htllco L??d* Mr* H*l*n 8ta*i* Mary C Barber Mr* L?* Mr* Cathann* Strati** Mr* T B>rl ?w Prucilla D Lyon Mr* Loeisda Smith Mr* 0*o H S Bacband Lttti* Litd* Mr* Cha* J Simm* Anamria Briwuer Mra WuHLiedy Emma Scri?*a Mr* Q*c Bj?r Vttiona I.i*riaei Mr* S A Suinmari MriUtx Bar ard Mr* L**w*l Mra Attih* Scanlaod MraAanM Bor>ioo Mr* ElcnoraMari* Madam'!!* St*w*rt Mr* L**'ri t'fekrf II Mr* JaoeEMaaon Othanoc S*ward Fannj A C#ok Mr* Ball M*p*u Mra M 8chrib*r Mi**** Ck'wllr* Marj Muoa Mn Om R Suttoo Mr* Ell*a Carl' Mra Mary Millard Mr* Emit* Buwart Mi** I'rMktr Majjri* E MaiUand Mra W J Sp*id*n Mr* Mnn't Cumi; Ann K Mai}*r*ou Mr* Ma-StalTord Mr* R R Lalhotin S?r*h E tilJa Sander* Mr* W T cntuworih Mr* Jit .muchtii Mary A ot*?*n? air* U A Cmby Mn Martin Ttr*M itgaer Igfktau Chrmy Mr* Netti?BMaeN?ill Ha&o*hWSl*t*r Ellen Unitoa Jan* 3 McClan Mr* kbit; E fl ChriMy Mr* Coru'a McHnn A M Siunard Mr* Ml C C?fftc lUtt McCic*ky Sarah E Southard Mr* M E Cnudall Mr* L 1. McArdt* Ana* Stotn MmMli Carter Mr* Emiit* McKtll BhJril HSairr Mr# Eli** U??j Mr* Miry McKmx; Mn Jno 8?vmoir Mara A Curtnick Mr* E h M'Cmir Mr* Cha*A?llarS Mr* Jim I'oru Mr* E A MeMudy Mrs T Throekuiortoo Mara Cna*tdy Mr* McKnight Mr* Win 3 L'ra'in I lni? M?y Lo'.ta Tempi* Mary C?rr?ll Mar* Mark* Sir* Jail* Tr*viuMr*HF Chimplin Triphtoi M?!iun Mr< M (J Tarns; 8all<* U?lligh?n Ro*e Mailira't Mr* E Tl>wi>< Mr* Olo L t'bin pion Mri E J iViebcl Mr* Jane Thorapaon MraCar'l Cawood 8ir?:i A Nea*on Mr* Cath't Town?*ud Mr* B*?Clevcland Mi** KC Nolaod M A li* r>a?i* Margaroi B Nclion Mr* E S Thornp**a Sarah E Mr* Nancy N *h Mr? Anna Taylor Cnthirin* J Du?i? E*'fier NichoUon Marr*r*lVan!>orn Mr* I>*!an?y Martha J Ntylor JKepfau.* V?ir? Salli* Dicker*on Kaiioie N?al* Jnli* VaveyMaryJ Duwlinr Nancy Norton Rebecca Vantiue Km* r>*r.f?ril Bndfit Ktel-oU Mr*Marf"l VooWartMra Mary Dickson Cornell* Nfilw Mrs C Do- It Jin t C O'NiilMtiCin Who Mn Dvlaut* Kn? O'C. n or Mra E M Wtl!a MriLooiaaDI Hit R<tr I'tnn Mm M C W*ad Mri JbIk L Rilittodh Marjr PJitt Mr? U?o WiterbgryMittbi kXImuaitoa IWr?M*r-Ptr?t Mn E A We?t K*tt thi K Purn?r Mri Kate Ward Mra A J Kilenbjl'i Anna Paru?ofi*ult Mi?a Whitt Sarali Kr; Mr* M 8 P?r..ail Mary 8 Ward MraDr K Kai? 2 Perry Mri J A Whitt Emma K ir miu M lwuzi An?K* While fcrai'j F OltMi Ullil Pendiatoo fttM Whitt Mary A 'iroff Mrj W H P*90j ArtimtiR Wnr M&rjr iiiif Mil Ellin Pluinnir Mih L A Wieklin Mri E8t 0Mm Aiict V Fwrttf Am*nd* Ihmor Mr* Alb?n jtiii* KrtteoitMnMirjC^alkir'MriC H (iibbont Ant.i# rhtliM Arftrtu Vcbaicr Mf? Am (iupin Mr* W K VediKjr Mr* K*t? W <Jtnr Mr* 7,ut HirlowMraS VAuigler Mir/ Wibtxr MrflwtQ Mn Win BRo?? ran Mary A H'llktrMrtCimiC Mr# Ru. 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MoD Hurgdorf K benwtt L P ' k :u* T A Butler Klitha Hrounhton L Anderioa Gen Bo>ce F<ivd Bys*r i, Kobt Befmer Kngene jjrnwn I J Arm-'tronc Rich Maker Elmer B\ie? Lo.iia Ahi P A 4 D V B'ker t Hi BinshamOolEF Arnb'o?e Mi *h' Barker Eel>ert Knardalev i evi-1 Albute Mioha?>l 9: ?low K B?ker Louia Arnazi D Hr?r< EL . Brucka/-?er L Ma-tuHde B% I Lt F-^wd Bur-owm_aptL8 Abhr.t >lr Bvi,6? D V B^i:LV Amidon "Miaa Birne* i? J 2 Baker Lewia f km John Burt- ett Lt Coi Mfitler Lewis Ali' D Jfcob D II H vtl?tt Pi-'ner A U? - W .. ??- ? ? n V\. n a ' i\vnuiioiiuoiia*ji'>uutrsuii w Drown 11 J A orteraon Jno H anohard DL Mruga John 8 An.eraon Ji o R Mull ?:<>i 1) M-S Blia? John 8 And?r?on %or'u Bradford Dr B annan Jaa Abrx>tt l.oain P Biyli s D B Bittman J AnrirewaJD l!u?il DM mower Cept J ?ht Jm F Brown Denl B'-wlina J<>a M Aoton Ja? F NmiM l> H Rock am Jno W Armstrong JaaS Bixley Damal B'tniog J'-hn M Arm* Jm (T BI'uDrD W H&t!i?*J ff?raon AdrianeeJno Kliaa Chaa H Bollock J P Adams Wm H B-adly Hon C 8 Hrayton J )?N Ai'amiJan < Button C ft Brocke't Jno E Ad?m?J oQ Baohwan C Bak*r Joo Aih MJ Pfnroae Burr Ch?a F Buttar worth Jaa Aldan J H B >wen C C Bnilook J Adl?r -Henry O Brad ey HoaCbSBarnard Jarry Alton Henry M Karnea C M Bal ard Jno AirMGti ? J Blake Rev C M B&kar Jno Aaom\cHonf>eoHanl ? C T-f Biaekaon Jalioa A r matron* fie > Be-ryChaajU Boyar ? D Armitr?nnuew Het.ows c i; BarrJnoA /m^HonC Bellows ChM Binl Jno D Ames Geo L Behan Cha?-t Boyd Jno K ArbuthrotQV tiunei C W Burnh J Arnold Ge > Bryant C B Brown Jno Arnuld E H Burdiek 0 H Kofi Dr Juo Anic*li Frank BnrneuC Bird J H Alexander l?r-| Biydent urghCA ?turn?6en Jm A hi Waniet V Br?i RnC Bnroh Jl? A Abell Hon I? H RuimII Hon CP Birly Jno H AbsrsnmbriaCL Brewer E P Boyd Jno Ail?n Chae 8 B irhni.l C 8 Bill Gordon AilenChaaH Brown C W Bond Jaa C Alien Col CM Bur ev Ciiaa Banc* J S Aikm?onCha? Burt Cramer Bird Jno D AiroruCorrieAjrBa lance Ctuu Brown J Warraa A I >il ft P Uliaa Uria Unp I n V ? i/vi v uii uii| iturns n''B JM Anuarooo Chrift-Knrna B rc*id B woe J*o ti?n-8 Berry B 7. Cook Wm AM>ottCh*" Brown B| Ab-. ttC \V Bariotr B B Chuniion W H Aogur Brig (ieu Baua Augu-t C lamberlain W CTt'-S rieneon AM M A> hub Ch%a H Boyle A f S"t'#r1\V1? ** Albert C U Bruty a Modi Chnrn^fieid M A eiander A J Boiler Col a J 8 Cub VV II AI*XM?derto P Hrowa Dr Ale* Corse M f Br?'j >nAe* F Conway Mr A erni B Braiuerd A P ^ Chamberlain L Ar.t2rew?Aut'?* brueh Bernharo Chambers L Altemua A us'aE Banka A D Cole L.t Avery Aahton B ernatein A 8 Coppsrairith Lt .*dnm?onBern'ii Burn* A J Cuppa Lem A'*am on AC 9 Kemett All R Cannon L Aasma^n A 3 BamftrdCB Ciark Jn?> b 2 A rtrioh A I Hurna A J Cla<k 'm B li U,.n a C a O '> * '* Miwwy UUH IT ? iiumiiuft rX * l.nUfl "VI I, L,r,an/? t"1 Child* Jerry neach Hon a 1, Burae Jainn Cobt Jno C 2't3Vw?i?9B 0 Cr.y Jm h ZT^n ?1- C UAbrS!? Con 1# Joo g * "*" * 8 Ha*oh A T Chin t?to glV?"L Hok-:DAC cE?Jn Sro' k4 & *, Coal* Joo Htiaton Jm V 3Ui"K>n OomdM JlO BaZXjZf KSnUMfs Saffl/" Mor?auJVD B oofcaWnF Cow?.ni?o Bane Jm Bn l Wm 3 Chri2ti? 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JVD Bo'den Wm B Cneds H L uurge?a Jno T Ba!owin W H Chaaman H P MuatleJae HriMi/tDrw Cainnth H Br*nan Jonn Bnrleig* Dr W C^'hee H Brooking Johan ^ el bin Wm Coop r B C Beaseli aptJ WBmwer W W Ca'fell H P Baboook Jog Brown Col ton Hem r Baxter J NN t Beaton Wm H Chapmen H 8 Biaie H G Heard WmJC Clarke H B Rn?oli Hinerioh Buton W T Clark D H B eiey Hora-se Brown W H Chri.tman HC Penton d $ jr B.eaon Wm Carpenter H H Bodien H Bork'e- Wm Cnrtte Henry iiarnett H C 9 Dart.ett Wm A Corny Henry Wudd Hiran Bocge W Brent Corbet H nrr Brotkt H W Burleigh Hen ConnellyH C Bu?h H E ?W *' _ Conkiin H R Mvfoti B >1 Boteler Thoe P ('oven ft*o H Bshner U L Hen,? Capt F K Cole Goo Baxter Henry feBou d? TneodreCapron G W G Rvl lwin Hon HH vmford Tho? Co ur?-t Om Blai Huith Briton TheodoroCarter Geo Hirer h C PotelerTh'-ii \ t Co..ner GW B"?Nel Lt Hans Bryan 1 imothy Chappell G#o bH jt*o Lt ijol B<>> ton Bo*ton Cook Geo c . i w Bruyere Mom Clark G W Bf&dy Bir&m Theoph tj Carron G Bat* Henry B ittortn Tbeod Cook Geo Bir<! Heo'/C BrettThe Chtrk K0 Brow rfii H W BtrneHTJ Cum-niuca 0M1 6 Miner HO itramai* fidoert* 6 X9 Bthrook II G < air ''hurohe'lGA Brdy Hiram Browne tiouBE Croat* Geo B >dien U A Burnett Sumner ? lark k. G*rdMi Habit Hnntlo-( H dine h T-f Cirr<H,rtI fl M U S Banibarrar Kob Chamber ltd R-4 H J H%rrct* It P Camp tilth a* 3 imohnrd Ir* Bit'J Wa R Ci*rk KC Bntt<?i Dt* Joslnroom Robert Corner P Broek<n?i?r H H*'lay it C Carroll PA UrMao K.tutnB n aiot C??t CriruPH BMHon Harry R U ^ nueoi F W MaMwiu H i Ben Ct>rp RobtCbew-ey p M Hrignt l??? R B own KlohdA-2Co>t? Fred B%i' MaJG J 3 B*urh" Robert Cuttini PL Binoix Go Botte John M Ctrrath F L BrM:n??UQeo P?wu;?nP?Bl C >1 E N H-rihft?r 0?-n *urtb!\ei O E Clark E J B )?*r O C )r BdrnaPor*erC C?rraui Rdw Murk* (?*o Bridalu< P?Mr? lark K <; ? Mrwdfoid O W Hm k P*tnck H Crnwlaa ? f K-Ck 6 H Hitnvr Pnilij CWk iviv Bond Capt 6 Brown Pat^r Cabkw ChM B BaebeGl) Hatt OSS < rama fc BWi Gu-con Ri?fioc Clivar P Cn&odl* fC 0 Bum?G-u Byn?? Oun*r Cumt D B Batch* a r O A n<-?ak Oaear Col* /<?tm B 'Vitip <?ao H Butlar M?'h itr unykill) Hff-fcrd 0?a '-'fcieyNE Coarad t> X Hade* 'if-o Ba*liaaii N T-i Cut D K B?rrj Oh> 8 Biovo N?wtoa ComwmDQ Burton P Boatviok N 8 Cl>ud?iwj) R Barohara G W R iu Clirirtf D P ttirriui?r 8 Hark* Michael Croakat D S fc^'p1W fwn? fliSfv CtESZlm Ala, ft v r- *-?~ < f ' P^\Bo ??&/" ?s?p$ 1 Crtian a 8 Kr*t*a ff]# HemdoTj C J t Clark A 0 K*h?rt c B H^o?toa Jm J ? C^andA* Elder P T HoffntkiB J C?f?'A Ftwiij 0?n Ho; m Jm J ( ole Amm F. dm? *i W HiuMon J M J . Cu??r l oiamlmaEvfcDt G Ha mot J no J Corwln C Eaton H F Hacartr J H S ! C'rrCW Elthn* H?i7 Hutfiia JB Ii Ch?? Chu E KjinJ.M Hirri^tnn J 1 Ci Edd* 0r Jbo Ranter J J J Co* C J Eiworth J B Hoot r J P J Cork CIhU Enloa J v? Harftwrf J Ck'fffCC Elliott J J Hantum J A ? ^oln-T C C Kgcaraon Jno B Hockei J A k Camp6?H C F E "w?r'?J *V Hat hIcon Jno H Cott ntham C Klbert LeRojr Ho?kin*JP M Cbtottr Chaa Elliott Wm WaTd* Jao H Clark i apt Hm?? I wi W Ha*kina J D K I Carla? C J Kver'y Win Harden Jno K Cramen C ErbsoRevWB J Hiccin* Ja? 2 K C '! CrOTTliBC Kdward? Wm A H ?fi j*. w | i Corbm O A fc<iward a HonN Hmillion Joa 1 CaanayCorpl W H?:m J?? C K Cook C?1 M R!d-r W? M D Hebron J K Carroll CN K der Tho? D H.i*h??Jno k ?sua i&gajy?,mtfc-?w i HKTJif.B Era 1B j ISB5S"W7 5 Cnrui J S Kngle Pa?t PW H?nrr WW K Cart* Jm Kt>?rt Philip Honaa Wm % , Coddi'itooJ Kn?i0 Capt PMH' ffraan W C K I CillaaJa* Knrt'urtMr Hkckn W H h k Crtrwi J A Kttington*r HlldraUWH-t K

Cohen J no Eddy Martin HioiiWL K Oleai* Ja* giior Mar la Hainthra* W K K Car- p*'l Jn? Kar M i? Bastard Wm K < arpaoter Jta Pnfler 7?oax P*>rimi Wa K i J A (MMr M C H fnaaW M K ^ftrregMiJoo FroaoH W H Handerson M K C*yl?T Jno M Fay MOB Hmrno W J K Coiola??rJ? PImmuW* Hutohina W H 2 Campboli J B French w H Howard 8 J K Collftn Jaa FiaJda Wilton Hrnnirj Wm-t ^ Cfomolen J M Rom WJ Homv W H K Conneja Jno Krinok W H Hotehioa W H K Oaraon J D ?.noupi 7h</? H utohijon WH ft ?. ? ?vj ouiu jcs in tiow that 110 cfleuce couM have been Intended on the put of our Government, a? it h-.d given no instructions whatever in the premises, while the proceeding of Capt. Wilke*,Insofara?'t fills I to enure to th?s benetlt of his Government ai>d to | conform to tfce rules cf public iaw. was dictated by considerations of kindness and forbearance. I for which certainly no ' apology" Is due to the j I British Government , | L.ord Lynns, in acknowledging (Dec. 27) the: receipt of Mr Sewsrd's communication, says: | "I will, without any loss of time, forward to j her Majesty's Government a copy of tfce important communication which you have made to me "I will als without delay, do myself the honor t-> confer with you personallyon the arrangements to be made lor deli verlng th? four gentlemen to me, in order that they may pg .in b* placed under the protection of the lirltlah !l?g. ' I have the honor to b?>, with the highest consideration, air, your mast obedient humble servant, Lions " The corn spondence Includes a romi?>iintr?ti?r. VOWMIOOK t rnnaM A J H?LJ - W H N Coope>rjM 'oitir Tbo? H?nr* J-?? K earner JRH Peaaenden 8 O Roach WN K Clement* J Preeaol* Soio Howard W R r, Ga .an J N man Horo-i K Corcoran J na Foster 8 A HotoblMOu Wm M Cooker W S predeniok Rami Hmerman Theo K JhaupftedM FNm G Hodiekin Ttjoa K Connir*ham Mr pox J J Howard P.C K i Clark W A Fin?n? 9 Hofferaa Thoa a OhfKw> od W 8 FoeterReml HenabineT K niwk Or W H Foster R R HeraeyTC K Cullen W J Fieotera ina R H<>ward Thoa * Crocker Won Ford Robt Hah Thar K Canninphira W Kenoer R ?i?ley Thi* K Ca|W?o M Kronen P M IIacred 8 F K Coliifia W P Ftod.e P Bodge 8tm K Cooke*\\ A F.nnsrty Pat H?reh8er?t K Colali W K ForaytbOC QerriaR S Cheenev W Flliroaa A Human S*?ml l ChamabslT Farrell O J H drena Co K CobbThoa Fieke Mr H&aoe tfomer K im.di ,?h?.n< J b.;:.. U u u? u 1/ X ? ??- ? ? ouci n ct ?iuu 1 u rv C onmlfrhoe Foley M N Hautboy 8*ml K Curua f A Ftfodle Mr Hntohieon 6 R K Ciemvon TO Freak A Heen?y 8-2 K Oral* T Pa-anharA 8 Heal S A CroweflTL Fntier A 4 tf.?*er8 K uraaelbsoW Praaer A C Howienn R K S*rr5L? o i F>n?*fA8 HvtmR A K Car>t.>n Sami Fortnex A Bvei R M h Corner 8 Fo-aEO-S H*yd*oRE K Q. naer 8 C Ford ti C Hall KM K Corey - A haber K J Harrison P \ R Ool er SO FtDokKN H*akill K 0 K Creilht nS Foliett E P Hotohlaon R A R Conrad 8 J 1 Frenen Eo Holley It V-fl K Cook 8 G Freroh F9 H*rri? G W k car eon tt D Field F A HolltterGE K i CowtS Fr noh A H Hall G K Cornraena jp R Fox G H Hurn aer Geo k v,t>uui> a a rieinpin u?" n 5 Chapm R H Farrm?ton G N Hall G P K 'lark R >T" Freaman Geo L Haae Geo 9 K i Corwin R M Fnrnva* Geo IS Haven G E K Conner Robt Kenton Geo W Haxelton G H K carter hob; Fuik Geo lio'en Frel K Cameron Kobt Foley Geo Hull ! raroi * K l>?e? R li Foster Geo Hoffman F G K Coney Kioh Fitigerald G Hohn * K Cooper R Falogc s*o N Hartt F W 5 C'a/cn K Faanoe Geo Hotshine KR;J K Coi'ayyPat Feeman U P Hamilton M ? K Clark **aui Fooh K J DudwiL MK K ComwibrdLt Ferry Henry Howard E A K coburaJA FIodine H ? K Croaaen PHer Karnh&m H Hawkini h K Cheeiey D E Farnaworth H Houston D 0-2 K Canmioc A.W Faxon itaao Hull 1) K Ciiuroh In H Kenwiok J Huart EL L roon 1*1 Fushie J C Hand L Coyne M Farrmicton J A Hifftma C L Com mi oa M Ai Foamer J no A Hou?e C L Clark fttioh Vle?,eJ.e Hal! AD l, i riitaaJ HariandCo'. L C1?;V M5'vin Fuller J w . Howur Capt L I Collin* P Mol) Frenebaob Jno Hunt Col ? Cornelioa* Mr Fiak J W Hooper c U ^ijerrr M Fiteh J W HaliChapin L i Cul?mk& .V.' folk Jos Hawaii C J L Carroll M W Fnrrr Jco V Ilaioh Gen L Cooper \V W Fieirfa J bo Hand B L IVotinaoa LtW Foster Joe C-3 HilibortCapt , Daiton Wm Fairbanks Jno HeebnerCha* Dwaaid' W A Farreli J N Him< c E On bp WraM FoaterJno Hu bert past Wm Fowler J X Hanaeom C W L pareey WH Finn1* J R Hoaer l)r L i?vi* w Sir F?|? J**,Ar, . Humphrey C M L WW Faroum J b I Hi me* B * L ??od!ey Wm . Fraier JBi Herkne- B H L uoufpw; vv j puspatnek Jao **u: B L iJ(U? W / hurreliJnoJ Hall A J . L PrMntii L N 9 Hand B L M Perraod L*wi? Hoyt Alhen L vna T \% Fro*t Lorana > H* nm; A?r n T M. f-ftr if p M How Ain-?? S L pa fin Tftoe Green J 8 Haria Alfred L ponnellr Thot (irieham L Beaton A D Pagan Thn? (ru?Lfmnfl HariierA L I>eok?neThje Oudaon ?. L Herbal A L ponell tf UMilord L Hill A 8 I L 8 8-8 Garwood d Herman HN L UreenuA HarriogUtn A L Dun cell 8 fir?j Jno VV Uorlaa A L Dunn ?8B ?hoeo Jao H Haird A L bumSE Green Jon H araee A If L Depeagle 8 A Hretn Jn?9 Ha Herman A L Date man Robt GortJaoE HarNAE L yuT ii KB Gunn J N Hajr?Aniaham L UnrRnhi Grim Jo-M Hamlin AC L N H 2 GrananJno Harp P'ter L RDaviaKW GailerJ^a Hall A1* L WfonR Gar?at Ji* Hal! J B L ndle K Grinder Joo Hoil Jm L Donovan R F Green Ja?per Hammon Philip L Dennn P H Oilman J A Hemmer tTiiilp DnKneirPF Guide* J no Bolaton D Duff.? P*t GrarJnovVS Hoognton OO-l uorihumer P Kl^aaon Jaa Halatead OS Draper N C G aham Jaa K Hennoka Oaoar , ? DMvyJno Graft J??hua Hotonkiaa M C Dodge J B Qah*'J Harri'(ton Mr Dewnuck I.t GibbmJno haviMr Deoker L Gron J tf Harley M-? n*ni?la L B Orlgtr J H H*r'mu Mr Davan L GibeonJnoD BaaiT4.CoM Dunning L S Goodwin J 3 Hrxemer Maj Dega.doM ttUbertJLO Hovali M fc Gjddard Henry HaxertvM L !>>,and M UurmMi H J fluU M I. Hunn r Howard M-? L egraff.N J UiDboos Hon Mais Joa L i?r?y mM Gridar Htarj Hill Mr L DoruM-8 lioKltilUW Mil J B i DorwyM Graver* 0?o UJi J M L Dono a Mr Ooodyear (J A Hun j W-i L Day O B 2 6M?'?aoP Ru,ha. J?o i PromoDd N Rwri?0 B HanotA L L Drftpar N C Uinooh* O B nailiu Jno L Daano.ivar oiiimoie G W Bea.dJooT L neGr?ff N J GonnMr G tf Hu?aJ?a L porn J no Gunlinar P C Hilto" H F L Drnrn J 8 Gay Cast K Hott H i_ M/J K Geary EK Hotra.n H L ietijoo Graham Ed HonetoqH P L hmmick J ? Gurru>-?y K Hyland H L )avideon J B Gerry L Hugim H J L Devere J A ttroe?or E N UouHr H Dumlop J J baroeu E M Hiods U H arrafh Id<? Good K HontHC Doming J H Href or* K Hlnakl Moe gnosis gssafti teasft' ^nmjpM kj* J*vl". ?J# JjH.fiwM UaTUnnP )yer J o? 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