Newspaper of Evening Star, December 28, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 28, 1861 Page 3
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%[ """local news. Aannnim IVNun. ? TasATsm?Tb?Mt?rUl Blair eo?a?dT"QrM to tte Mill" tad "The Floating Beacon " Cmim'i?A tlp-topbUlwltt iiWmp!IW?| tfhr-pMM. Cahtiihtbt Hall ?TV# ?? Mnmmy" ud a beet of good (klip, uathllitlig to the blue*. on fillow?' Hall?Tbo All?gutui and Bwlss Boil Rlagera?a ?a perl or musical entertainment. kiao's A*mt**atie ? Glbbonnolse a?d all the iUrt la a brilliant bill of performance* Acadekt or Mr?ic?Agreeable music, first class refreshment*. Ac., Ac , u usual. CaiMtnaX CoTST?Continuation / Ike Afw i*t Cut* ?Yesterdsy the court proceeded with tbe trtai of Richard Evans, Indicted for the murder of John T Reward in May last. Mr. Chart** H I'termehle appeared as associate ranneel for defence. Lewu Xmm recalled by Mr. Davldge, counsel for the prisoner?fcw the flash from the pistol, and saw the deceased when hs fell Wltn?ss could s-e both the prisoner and tbe deceased at the time the pistol was flred. There wan no one there at tbe time but witness, deceased and tbe prisoner. Kaowa Charles McCarthy-, has had no talk with him about this case. Was examloed upon the corooet'a Investigation; did not recolleet ssytng upon that examination that tbe prisoner stood over tbe eorpee of tbe deceased two or * three minutes after be Ml. Had a speaking acquaintance with tbe deceased Dr ft?iUn recalled ?There was a flesh wound above Howard'a left eye-brow, which witness thinks was occasioned by failing after deceased wan shot Mr. Csrrlagtna, district attorney, announced to the oourt that he would here reet his case. u. i j.H??a^a .?( ui cvuusci IOI urirucw, wiiTrim hit opening address to the Jury. Witnesses for defence were then examined as follow* Jvstic* TKompxm, his ton John E Tkompion, public acuaol teacLer, William Wite, and Jack'<m? Pumpkrtf all tea tided to the excellent character of the accused, and hla good condact as an ofi~er Mr Wilixami (*>Kkmani w?? standingnear the corner ol Sixth strert; saw the deceaaed running around a back, a policeman after him; heard the report of a piatol, and ?aw the deceaaed fall, but did not aee who abot him Mr Miltitad rworn ?Saw the deceased run lag, with a policeman after him; doea not know who It waa cbaaing the deceaaed; saw the flaah from the piatol and he*rd the report; saw deceased when Ue fell; bad aeen two police ofleera Jua? before deceased waa abot Mr. y Cmlia* testified that be baa known Charley McCarthy f >r u-warda of twenty years; witness thinks tblokstbat be(McC ) aomet mes Urea a Ion* gun. or In otber words, that be pretends to be a great b^ro; witness would believe jlft^arthv on bis oath. Mr- S T ?Viyy*t sworn ?Attended tbe Coroner's Inoueat over the bodv of Howard, snd took down tbe evidence of the witnesses at that time, at the request of Mm Coroner To the beet of witness's recollection, Mr. K?ess testified, at tbe Coroner's I nan est. tb?t tbs policeman wbo pursued Howard sbot htm, and that be (tbe policeman) stood few ml notes over tbe body. Charley Finn*grtn (tbe oldest back driver In w setting ton. be ?ays.) sworn ?Witness saw tbe flash of tb? pWtol, proceedingapparently from tbe atdewaik, and, in bis opinion, from a person In I citizen's clothes Sir Frtd yxtdftldt, sworn?Was standing at tbe corner of dlxth street when Howard wss sbot. ?aw a voung man (Howard) rnn down Sixth at., pursued by a policeman Tbe Suh of tbe pistol came from tbe curb or gutter?wltneHS saw it distinctly Two policemen were following Howard. Tbe one on tbe pavement, wbo came across tbe ueet, witness thinks, was tbe one wbo fired; tbe cfBcer wbo pursued Howard around tbe back did not tre Mr J oak H. Wise (keeper of the countv Jail), worn ?Has known Evans Intimately for fifteen years His character w?? g> od and he was a ?ood officer Has know> ha/iee F McCarthy or aeveral veers, ar.d b?- be.vd people say they would nor believe him; Winiess would not like him (McC ) to swear a -alps* him iwi' .es?). an iess tbere ? u otb?r u-st mi uy , Mr Dsrtdg- then read tbe drpsltlon of James Row#, (Z'Hiave )?He mvt two policemen u filing Howard. One of tbem Bred No 63 came up and Mood owr tbe w.?und?l man. He wu charged with the shooting, bat denied It. aid added that he knew wbe did It. One numbered 32 thee ceme op, and turned away when asked to how bis number. C?p< Qo44*rd, recalled ?Finds by referring to his books that Erase waa No. W or 45 tbe eight of the murder. Thought be was thirty Mxnetblng yesterday Always found Kraas a good Mr J F Rinf was standing on the "National" eerset (of Sixth street) la coarersat'on with Mr. ftp pas, when tbe pistol waa trod Witness went ewr directly, and Mr. Holden was pointed out as the man who did the deed, and wlteee* arrested him Bolden was a police oScer. Holden, Byar, Nsitae and Howe, police oflcecs. were arrestee that night. Does not knew Holden's number. um of tbe pistols hud?d to Capt fioddud had tlndmt. T hi oka it wee Nettie* platol. Etui waa not nrrested until next day. Mr. WktUtn recalled ?Wea with Erans until abaut 4 o'clock tbe morning after the homicide la demeanor waa tbe mom as usual, all that alght. McCarthy did aot aak witness for his (witness's) pistol Mr CkmtUt H. VtttrmthU (counsel) sworn ? Was la tbe three months service In May as an oflcer. The Federal troope did not cross the Potomac until tbe night of tbe 33d of May. The Coafoderate pickets were la sight. [This testimony was to show the facilities for tbe escape of criminals to a forelga jurisdiction at tbe time, and bow easy It would have beet\ for Kvan?, If guilty, to have gone to a place of comparative Mr JlllUi A viu Know* the ltmp In front of the ladle*' entrance at Brown's hotel It U in ordinary Corporation lamp Witness, If standing under that lamp, oonid not Identify a person at eight or tea yad? distance Might at six or eight yards If he knew a person very well; but aot a person toe had only MM three or foar times. Tat Beans Cm.?At the regular meeting of ttt association last Thursday evening the following gentlemen were elected oflb ers: President, Mr James Clop ha ne; Vice Presidents. Mr. John M. Ramsey and Mr. Frederick D Stewart, Treasurer, Mr William B Todd; Secretary, Mr. Alexander Williamson. A committee of Ire was appointed to make arrangements for the celehrax Uos of the birth-day of Robert Baras, on tbelSth of Jaanary next. rn* last aica asai*?t tii sn*ar-saooTias MiLitaav Commission roa 8 lb on " R basomasl?' Tibms ?The following, clipped from the Ntw York Htrnid, shows bow things are maniffd occasionally: "A Lieutenancy la Goloool Berdan's Regiment f Sharpshooters, stationed at Washington, can mm BPium lot I IWKOH BUJB IB COB. AMW r., box 3,073 Poat Oflcc " rb? above inadvertently found lta way in the ??mw( Stat a day or two aluce, and we under viand that um Colonel commanding the L' 9. Pbe/pehootera offera a reward of 1,000 to whorm will furnUh aetltfeetory evidence that an ?fle? baa paid to aay other olser ia hia com Mad oaa oaat (or the comintaeion be hoida. The M ?ffw la extended to tboaa who caa produce eaaelaeiva proof tbat any oAoor mow ta the brigade baa takaa oommiaetoaa oa oontraeta or for transportation of troopa We onderetaad thla la eepeeiaily 1 Blooded for the author of the above altclaae quotation, who la probably one of the lew compelled to Inn the oorpe for coadaot aabeaimlng aa oftoar a?d a W aablaf toa, December feth It WaiTsavaaT, 434 Pean aveaae, fnrnlabee photon raphe from miniature to llja atae Hlaootlaotlaa of tarti da hum llkeaeaeea embrace all peomlaent nan of the ovuatry. Remember, WhJteharet received eevaeteea premtame la tbie eouatr j, and a medal at the World "a Pair at Loadoo, aiao, at tba Preach axbibtttoa at Paria. Be* klinaere?eif?r hdldtr nrmaa A* V"irnTiiii for tbe vat aboald not leave the ? alty uatll aoppilrd with Holioway'a Pills ami ro* <??, Scarry, Wounds, (tattll \P<m, Pweere, and ttowei CompUlnt^ tbeee mrdl9m ara the boat la Um world Beary Preach w-*dtar aatbw Oaly Kcenta par bd. *11 JIibu Rruti Ooooa. edta Bobber Caeta, wblia ar Mack, > SO nek. I odla Babber Letfglaa fl par pair. L?d all kiada of Babber Qoodi, Including BabBona ia4 Pboee, Bubber Stopper* for bottlea. D*\t Mala, Uader Sbaatloga for bed* la aickaoM. fc.L kc , at aaaaufaeturer t pnoaa, at H A HaU'a Bobber Warebouaa, jOS Pa ar , Between Wla^ mu Taatb gwfc dec l?-tf ??A * ?? SJfc*1, Ml**,AIfE anna C|?Ar <V**rk' W1 1 f M* from Uw rMH>*M* Ciyl^tt 4T?PB?^ i?#?G$g?s. rfca rsuM* **Tr<ife>?^ t Jeti?f?>SW??g?7r r. 8Koa?8 o. bru*h. ft:?t ? x *" ? rvteOTM 4o4 frtMito r*?ee*tfelly nrlt-d toMHl kk fia?rtl, < (uJt; uwinoi, k no F/,'1V U4?!!!! ff>?V v\ft> I , ? 0 WAJTTB. md K??Uu ' M ** ***** W Dt MSB ??f & \' MR (> W ? ' lit ?ft. * Houri.* n A ?rru 'or 'W't-inf am IwaadiaMy at ROBT B. GRAHAM'J* *o? ahop.ttk ?t. ? dog n? WVJA0-?/" or I00" PREB?-M> ? IKRS.H loj#4)(i I rtrf?t, MtWfrn I* andltthata. Alao, a Wo??n to oook, vwk ?i iron; >nd qm to do hon?awork. dog-8t* tt/ANTRIV-A FURNISHED ROOM, wll Brttk'tH, by a aim I* jantlamai, in a prra faintly A oomfortab remaaooe ia re*iir?d. Ii at 841 P?ni. W?II? U/ANT8D-A SITUATION, ia a r?.??cUh ?? family, aaoook, waa^ar and iron?r- by in apsetabla woman, who nan coma wall raaon Mjlfci Apyty at 4*T Elaranth at.. rear E. H WANTKO-A t#ooixJ-hand Whaler A Wilac SKWlNG UfAC^TNK in ?ood running o d?r. Addro?s "N?* tar Omoa, atatiox pnoe, A fla?T ? _ WANTKO-^TTalfood PIE BAKER* at tl Naw York lutoelaior Pia Bakery, 481 8ei ath atrett. bet wean G aad H, Waakanton. da H-at* WANTED TO PURCHASE?A aattlad worn* COOK, who ean b? wall rftoommanded fi oi?riKjv?i ftQu uijioiTj. I bo ftarenia^r nvvirM i > ti honaekeeping br himself, and nhM auch errant u gen be entirely traited. Addree* Bo It, 8Ur Uftoe. de 17-?w APIR8T-CLA88 MECHANICAL Draught men, en? neer and pre'tical machinist, wt bee had oeaeiderable experience ?* a foreman I rartoii ex ten tire meohaoiosl eatahhahments, dealrona oi employment. Beat of refarenoee give Pa-tlea wishing to enrage hia aer Tioee will plea* addreee BoxJ9T. Washington, D. C , "ta'ii where an interview way be had. de Tr at* VVAWTKD-A iret rate STOVE POL?t?HPI " 4 S? Penn arenne, de 16 it WANTED IMMEDIATELY, at the U. I Navy Yard, Washington. a number i LANDSMEN. de? Im IVA^TED?A WOMAN to do general hone' "" work. Also, a good dining room ferrar Apply at ooruer of Ninth and F atreeta. Hernd< Hn?Mt deiftSt* IVANTKD-A BOY who understands layii " sheets on amal Adams press. A'eo, a oc ?red Boy to work in printing offloe. MoOILL fe WITHEROW, de a St Penn avenue, reer 11th st. IW\NT TO RKNT TWO OR THRKK U? PURNI^HKD ROOM!*, a!l ooinniuaoatmr c on* Those having such to hire oail at RUI BULL'S Bo"k?tore, rear Avenue Home, or a dr?ss. tsrough Poet Offioe, "Housekeeper." d'J ?* WJ ANTRO? Br a luirf msn from Ni? York. " * mt or itttRi in tnc'Chnroh of th* K pip mi (Rer. t*r. Hall*! ) Addreea Box 14, Star Ottoe. d?? tf WANTKD? A yonnc man who baa a go< '? knowedcs of merohtndlxe, derived from ej perienc-, and underatanda paotioaliy the managi loeot of book* and aoooonte, drairea a 8ITI / TI"N aa elerk or aaleaman, with a Merobao Sutler or Qnartermaater. Compensation not i wiuo"1 of a oonaideration a? emplo-ment, with f? ro?peota. Addreea "Lambda," Pott Office Waal ipytoa. P. C. de >4-<t* \17ANTKD TO RKNT?(In aoire ..treetiotl " Tioinity of Pa. avenne preferred.)a HOPS with water and raa. and a stable attached, or y*i room in whtob tin laild one to aooommoaate m horse*. The advert tier rfeairee to open a hntoher tore in it, ard to prepare sane*tea. Ao , for hot andf&milr u?e. Any one havinc acoh a tlaoe 1 ren' wi 1 find a rood tenant by addrecamg a cote i Box So fa. **t?r Office. d? 84 4t* WaNTKI>-INF<?RMATION of Miaa Mai Heaa. formerly of Ba 'en, German* : au poaad to be at preaent in Brooklyn. New Yo> She will hear aometbmf to her advantage h? a< rf'eaamic her a'ater, Mri. SARIN A 8TFW K Rr Waahirgton. D. C. dejB 6t* WM ANTKD?iO,noo whiiky and brandy BOI TL^S. Cash an delivery. F. B. HASTINGS A CO., 33.1 D street, ac ' mi a-u rnrnarmoptc Building. WANTED?Erery peraon to know that i un i the market, r?Mj to pay each for all artioli in tb? houaefarmahing line. Thoae tearing tl city, or haying * surplus, will do well to oa|[, j BUCH LY, 439 Seventh ?t., betwften G and H ati (eaat aide,) Dealer la New and Second-hand Fn mture. no 18 WANTKD.-We are now buying SECONI HAND FURNITURE, BTOVfisand BEI DfNG, for whioh we are paying the high* caah prioe*. Famiiiea declining hon?ek*epl?f,i baring a mrplua of fa mi tare, will find it to the adnata** to (ire ?a a <*alL BONTZ * GRIFFITH, )e im No. H? 7th it., betw. I ana K aU. \11LITAR Y OVERCOATS! i*l MILITARY OVERCOATS!! Read? m de or made to order. The moat extei ? mn j oonatantJy on hand, rangi. g fro an to #16Orerooata, Dreaa and Fatigue Coafa, Panta, ai V Mb made to order, oa abort notioe, at our uaa lew prioea, for caah. NOAH WALRER A CO , det7?wif (Intel.) 36\Pa ?T?na?, gTO V ES-8TOVK&-8TO V E8!"* THE BEST CAMF~STor* YET OUT. WOODBURY'8 PATENT PORTABLE CAM btuvk: At CARNER & CO.'8, 30.*? Pa. avenue, south aide, between totl-H* ?hand 'Oth ats. VVaahinfon. RED COMFORTS A.N I) O BED BLANKETS, TaMs Linen, Nfcpkins, Town* and Sheetings. tVlth all kinds of Dry Oooda for family use, ft Ml* at the lowest prioea by WM. R. RILEY Jt BRO., No. 3*? Ceptml (Stores, Between Tth ana 8th ata . d*? tl 8w Qpponite Tenter Market. A NOTICE. LL Persona indebted to na by not'a, doe bill end open aoounats, are leseectfnlly requested oall and settis the same by the 1st of January, W6 at which time all aoooants on our tKvki will I re dy fir delivery, and nnleaa paid will be plao< in the hands of a oolleoior for settlsment withoi farther ootioe. de? ?w BARBOUR A "KMMFi. I7*OR 9\LE?With Batty and Ha'ness,a larg a strooc youqg HORSE. The owner, a rv . Msthodut minuter, having to |<?ave V lr _[-J uui w wwudi oi in- war m?r?, nu cor*f farther oae for him Call at 4T0 I atreet. dett^ar H. C. MoOANtBL. IMPORTANT TO LADIES ?The aabaenbe 1 hare op?DN the 'tor* No. 16 Market I*n? Kenn avenne Mvmo ith and 9ihtta. 4a a bra tlMi Lm* and Fancy Drtii Cap Depot. con Main in part of Koint d'A leooon. Apphjoe M eokJen ai Valenoienne< Lao?e, anch a* Collar*, gleera Handkerohiefa, Cape-, Flouncing, Caps, Cap '^nidVa* and mads ap good* of tb? ineat tnalit aod at New York pri>>ee l^adiea will find it their advantage to oall and examine the coodi < ererjr article la warranted aa r*prr?-nted. 0< HkN * DUBSELDORpTfroni New York. N. B.?All aorta of Laoea waabed. m*Dd*d, ai done ap eqaal to new, at abort notioe. de?lm* ^OAL AND COAL STOVES. 5HAMOKEN AND LYEENS V ALLEY CO A J. LANGDON A CO.. baring intrudaoed to the oitixena of WaahlngU the above fine Coala, aolioit their attention to tl oeleb rated NATIONAL AND UNION GAS CONSUMING COAL BTOVEl together with a a??or'm?fit ?r COOKING t*TOVK8, dow on haad and fo ealeoheap. at their Room with MoDermott, <54 Peon avenue Orders for Co* reoelved and promptly deliver! to eesiomeri at SO o*nt? per net ton within 01 mil* of the Railroad Depot. Leee quantise d Iivered a'. reatonab e raUe. de lw J^'CLELLAN TO BB SUPERCEDED BANT A*C LAVS! * ______ christmas presents NEW VEAH/8 OIFTB! A new and baaatlfkl assortment of FANCY GOODS! f*riT4BLK FOE TBS HOLIDAYS. AT B. A LAKE k CO.'? * * * bjlm hall bazaar, *70 PsMlflJLVAKlA Amura, de it $L' limit Brown's Hog 5 AAA LBS. OF FRKSH GRAPBS, ?vvU At Wkuiau ok Rbtajl, Jut rioelnd M J. T. STRONG'S, i? X 1w 319 Bovwab rt. DLANKETB AND I hftTB on hftod ? Army Bi*ok?a, mm ?xtr* hftvy, tMrrut* tflftakota. Baccy tad Hotm Blftakrt Alao, 6-<l ComlorU ftftd Wfilte Qftilt*. All iliac ?c the lovMt **ah ina??. HtbNRY EOAN. Ill MlU tide Pun , btlfNO 40tt tt fck ftftd Ttk bib. N?w Iron Bail Hag. QLU MADKlftA^.pUERRY AND PUR Impwtad md B*ttU4 fry F S. Onm t 0?., ff. ' Window Mftdairft, bottlad 1U8. IWIII M " 1MB, Sontnfide - - UM, - ?ft BftrjjKMf - *' 1844. For kWM. CORWIN 'baJRQY, . _ UT PapnaylTftaia J*?**. 4o? _______ Eotrftooa ob fUxtli #C DBNJAM1N I>*WOLFF, cAm*? A y.o^?g'g>SS'.?^~g-J&BtStJS tkufgl uiiiH ta Otniauw>w? utWai?M ft*. . * J l<r* C> VHRV BODY SOU TO ?Ml I M'tf, N?. 4fl esesadfc^^v 7W? 1 # . V1-,. Jk Vi? j AUCTION 8 A Tim ? VAfB. If WiLL * URNiRD, AMtMiNra. 71 Cm. tovtk tidt Pa. ac anditk tt. < I UA^t HORHFB ?ND HARNE** AT A?TC- I " 11 Ttoi* -4m TUESDAY MO?NlNG. I>m?? ber Slat. mihimi?H( ?t W o'o o?k, wa abaii tell, i k- la front of th? A notion Root.?. without ratrr ? f th O.M HaCK. HOR8BS AND HARNK88 id Termt: Ona thirdouk.balanoa ptTahi* monthly, w tta cotaa reuafaotorily endaraetf, bearing inT terect. 1 ? de? WALL * BARNARD, Aacta. a- By WALL ft BARNAR D. Anotioneera. Corner Pen*, arc mu* and 9th street. *>03ITIVELY THE LA3T9ALB OP TBI9 ' 1" JT t*BA.#os ? Large and Peremptory Salt at a* . W'ftAm.t A iioffm*mt tf 1 ttA\ny rtmri f,' Fu t. S'.tftk hiibts. Hi f't <*' Aw.tto^.?On L 'I'UKSDaY MORNING, D?-oeaib*r slat inKut, in commenotac at IP o'oleok we will oontinu* the ! r- by catalogue, at oar larce and apaoioce Sales- 1 o. room. la the rear of oar Action Rooms, large an J aaperb a*eorta?eiit of Ladies' and Ger.tltn an'e ? Knra, and H igh Robee, &o . jnet reoeired direot t ' from oae of the largeet Importers and Mana'acr tarere on Broadway, New York, all made tip ex- | preaa'y fc th? priweat itwon and of the laUet < _ at?lee, and wl 1 be warranted free from moth.oom ( ^n l*rae*M Ink. Hudson Bay, ard other Sab lee. Car- j or (finale. Capee, Ta'mae. and Seta, So stone Marten, Mink, Fitoh and Ermice, a R>oh S*r? and Single Pieoee Ston* Marten, 'X Water Mink.M untaio Mar'ee, Siberian Sqairrel, i German Fitoh, Silver alar tec. and Royal Squirrel i Seta. i Fur, Seal, B?avar, and other Glovea, i Otter Caee, Bearer and other Maf *re. Alto, ererr variety of Ladies' and Children's 1 Furs, Fancy Carraiceand Sleigh Robes, lined ?c<J n* untaned Buffalo R ob??, Fu' Coats Ao , Ao 19 Aa the sale will be without reeerTe. it ofTara a < >C fir? opportanity for ladioe and geitlemrn to aapply ' _ tbemaelvea with firat o'ata Para, and we invite the > lartiee and the pobiio generally to the sale. Ttrma c*?h - de?(Rep) WALL A BARNARD. Aucta. of By J C MoBUIRE A CO., Aeotioneera. \f ABNIPICENT ERARD PIANO FORTE, ' ? i"I BitmirrL Fbbfch Platb Mibbobb. f*cr?- , biob Oai Cabvbd Libbabt Fr*i?iTrBB. Vblvbt < ? C??p*t?. Bosiw ?od Cham bib Frarnrwre. Fi^a i ?o Oil Paixtisgb, KsonviMfi, Btuxziii, **iLvna- i Platkd Wa,i, Ac, Ac?On TUESDAY MORM'NJJ. December Slat, a* II o'ol ok, at i Tudor Plaoe, on the Heirhta of Georaetown, we < ' sha'lseli a splendid lot of Household Furniture < and Fffeots. comprising? Superb Rosewooo oaae oarved Piano Forte, by Erard, (. Musio Stand, Ptool, and Cover, a? .?.4n. J \A 1 ??A^1U ?-A ** 1 m 0nyuu"i gicuu ciuu gum i;rw?touo ou'orwi rtriur ?. t?nite, comprising? . J. Tiro Sofas, two Arm, aid cix Side Chairs, with Liren Covere, Magnificent Fr nch-plat* Mantel Mirrors, in riohly carredf tun, i a Eleaant Freroh Cabinet, with bronge Medallion, 3 >y decorated with fine gilt ornaments, : Bror*e Fig urM and Group*. Fine Seta, Alasa?ter Vmm, Gilt Bwoatella, Handsome Oil Painting*, ~ Very fine Engravings, J" Richly gilt Bouquet Tablea, 6i't Chandeliera, * Superior Velvet, Broaaela, and Three ply Carpeta, 1 V Rnge, !*; Sapertily otrved oak Library Snite, comprising? Bookcast, Table, Lonnge. two Arm Chairs and r six Medallion back Bide Chaira, fintahed in < " French Moioooo, i _ Large o 'al Frenoh plate Mirrors, in oak-oanrad , 1S frame to match , p Oak Diniog-room Furnituri, oonaiatlng of? < _ Marble-top Sideboard Ext*naion Dining Table, i and Freneh lMmng Chaira, r,? Pilver-plated Tea Set, .i C? tore. S\lta, Spoon* and Forka, i Ivory handled Table Cetlery, tn China. 6 lass, and Crockery, Oik Ha l Set, Klka Ant er*. , ? Splendid Roeewood and Wainnt Chamber Furni- j ry t.ire, 9. H&ndm m? Cottage Seta. k. Rosewood and weInht Cribs, Toilet Seta, , i Superior Feather B*ds, Bolsters. and Pillows, r. Hair Mattresses Blankets, and CoTforta, Iron Bedsteads. Ea?y ('hairs, Bath Tata. - ?tair carpets, Rod*, Oilcloth. Ga? Fixture* throughout. Iron Garden seats, Kitchen Utensils, Mtoves. 4p. At 3 O'clock. i Two very superior Milch Cows. i Terms oash. J C M06UIRE 4 CO., ~ T. DOW LINO. do J7-d Auctioneers. ,1 P S. The house wi'l be open to vtsttera on Mon- . day, the 30th instant, trom 11 to 2 o'clock. r- By WALL A BA RNARD, Auctioneers. 1 _ Comer soutii tide Pa. av*. and NintK strut )- TR^ThEaSALEOFGOLDANDSILVKR j )- 1 Watchis, Chii!h, Platxd War*, Tablk 1 t CbTLURY, Rxvolvers. Fakct Goods, Ac , Ac.? 1 or On MONDAY MORNING, anth instant, at in ir o'oiook. at the A notion Rooms, we she I order of the Trustee, the stock of a jobmg honae, . consisting of? Fine Gold Hanting case Enaliah atid Aiherican m \\ etches' ~ Ladies' Fine Enameled and Diamond Set French ( and Swiss Watches. 1 Stiver Hunting case and open Face Watches, in 1 I- every style, m Qola Gu*rd, Fob and Veat Chains.and Ladtea' Chatalaines, id Beta of Jewelry in man* new and de?ir?hle ?tylel? *1 Silver-plated Trays. Baskets, L&dles, Forks, 1 Spoona, and T&feeta. 1 Pine Ivory-handle Tea and Dinner Knives, and 1 Carvers, 1 Revolvers, Dirks. Bowie and Pecket Knives, Alro, Opera a d Field Glasses, And many o'h?r Fancy G^ods. of various kir.da. The sale will be oontined daily at 10 a.m., and r every p. m., until the stock is di?posed of F. T. RICH A R Di?, Trustee. WALL k BARNARD, de ?T7-3t (Rep. A Intel) Anation#ers. _ By J. C. moguire * CO t Auctioneer*. Household furniture and e???cts at Accttok.?On MONDAY MORNING. Deoember 30th, oommenoing at 10 o'olook, wt shall ell, at residence No. 4T7, west side Thirteenth or ?treet between Penn.avenue and Datreet,all the Hooaeholtf Effect* therein. We name in part? Haircloth So^as and Parlor Chairs, Marble-top On tar and Hide Table*, Mahogany Extension Dining Table, 'i do. Side Tables or Plate Stand*, ~~ Oak Frenoh Dining and oane-seat Reoeptlon Chairs, ^arkiab Red Cartaina. G lit Curnioe and * hades, ^ Frenoh Chinti do. '? Marble top Dressing Bnr?au?and Waahatands, 5 Mahogany, ffa nut atd Pointed do Manozaur, Walnut and C?.'t*ge B-dateais, fll Hair. Huak. an1 Cotton and Hntk Mattresses, Feather Bedr. Bolsters ard PWows, Comforters, Quilts. Blankets, &o., 4o., " 1 Painted Cottage Chamber Su<te, ? 1 nandtome orn-mental and oarved Circular,

H Bedstead imported from Japan, f Hruaaela, Ingiain and Venetian Csrpeta, Rugs, fco. Totether with a large lot of Coooa Matting) Chamber am Parlor Stoves. _ Te-ma oaah. ra deM-ta J. C. MoGLIRE 4fc CO., Aaots, i e, ?m??? ? PfDUHViT .? M. UUIJV11 O-lJ* ia !? A NOTICE. * ilLL Policies is?u?l by the Mutual Fire Intnr7/ anee Oompsry of 0. C. will expire on MONDAY. f; Dtotnbtr 3rtn, at 6 o'olook p. m.. and are required \ to b? renewed at or bofor* that time. '* de 34 4t CHA*. WILSON, S#o. 1 ?d . 1| : ? I Come to the Clothing Store i Number Three Hundred and Pifty-four, (Up stair*;> tie there you will find i Good and ohftap Clothing of every kind ! fiREAT SACRIFICES FOR 30 DAYS.?My II atook wil> be sold withont regard t? cost, ? >?IA elating of Coats, Verte and Pants of the fine?t aaiity, made up and trimmed in the latost styles. Call and see. No trouble to show goods. J.W.KEMP, ) 35 4 Penn. avenu*. < us stairs,) d??-?W* O^er Oalt A Brother. C"~ FOR THE HOLIPAVS! LOAKS. Cloak?, cloak - (-Another la-ge arrival of those beau'ifbl Sleeve Cloaks, m Bea d ver, Dceskia. Treoo, Heal Skis. Otter, Velvet ie Plash end Lion Skin Cloths, at low pnoee 'liVViiu 4 oiiTpniaaM v m a MVfn ? UV I V/S4 OUll f _ deJl-lw No. 43 Center Market 8p?o?. E. C. DYER. IMPORTER OP BEGARP. AMD DllLIt IR WINE*, L I Q U ? R 8, to. Sfl Penm. MnM. ^ttwira lSli and 133A sirtett, WMbingtoD CUT. mmx. tthW/iYm. Of Vienna. < 1,000 CASES ?1 have jaat reoeived 1 .?*> ra>?? i (assorted) at the above ohoioe Wiaee, to whioh the attention of sntiera aod the public generally i* reapectfuily called. Prioea ranging from ? o $9) peroea*. dejl-iot rDRBl PURS!! PURS!?! We have last rsoeited a large'assortment of l.?? dies' rUR*. Russian Sabine, Canadian Minks. Mart*n. Pita*, River liable,Siberia Squirrel*.ai d ipany other kinds of Para toonameroua to men uo a. AIM, large MMrtment of Mlaeea' ud Chil- , _ drati'a Pnra Plna flaifh Robea, whiob ?a eu ; Mil ?t r?rr low ptiOM, aithar wholeeale or letail. Wa in vita tha UdiM to o?ll and look at oor at?ok . before parobaaiac eltewhere.aa wa a II tha Fara * at old pncea. ?. A W. ? KYK.RBERG. . No. in Market Sraoe, deS-lw Between 7th and 8th atraetaCAKES FUR THE HOL1 DA YS?the beat and oieapeet, at the Philadelphia loe Crtra Depot, oorner 12th and K itreeta. da ?2W T 4 *BNTLKMKN'8UNEN COLL ARB, LINEN ! Y COLLARS, LINEN COLLAR9!?Aod?tT**) ' doMo now in atore, all atylea. at about half t*e i waal priM for the aaiae cpode?ul ?f oar own man u five tar*. At THOMPSON'*, At E. A. Lake k Co/a Marbie Hu. Baiur. da 10 Under Brown'a Hotel. . I ABIES'. GENTLEMEN'S AND CHIL Li TTkEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, UNDl R uii^oii vubuaftat caiR iOi to i ?o. V THOMPSON, KDd?r Brown'., * ? E.A.UtttCo.'ilfabtolUlHuMr. 1 V HOLIDAY PRK8KNT8 | Him ob kud ? ivii wort?pt, Biaek Mid , h. Km Tim, Umm Skiru, tad Drtvm, Book t * nssrsi sura? rai& KSSZ. tr = :r --iisa ? i ? u \ $ LOOT AND FOUyP. LW..S 8fc iTmwk?Uac. riM mnir will r*?M ofcU for tk? imp* It* TAKEN TP*-Ob Aaturd%T, Dwmkw ?U, a 1 ir?r HORSE IttMhM to ? *OT?r*djK_ vtfon, Theown^r la r?qn*?t?d to coiMjUkV ferwar j. prow rri>f?rtf, ektrrw, a*4 ^* * teke him away. N. aCKFR. de ? 8',* corner ad ?ad E ?U. TAKEN l'P-On Thnraday nitbt. Mth tmt&nt, r?r railrrwvd a ?oi?ll b'owa?v__ Hanadian UOR8E with **<Jd!e,abont UK bard* high. Thaownar will o >m? forward,v >rnv? oiwti. eey or.*'**# Ui t*?" ni"" ?t?i, Kffir to Gift. JON K8. Railroad stabla. 4m 3t? T'AKEN UP AHTRAY?O* ttae?7th in?t*Et. a 1 i*d COW, The o*ner i* requested >om? forward, yrove property ohvr" ind take h?r ???! AppU at Half street, Sham * and T, on the Island. d"? St* C. REEVE*. ftC R EWA R l>.?Strayed Or stolen, last eveninr.*:arge ?i*a4 grey HORSE and f\ W/GON; horse shod wjth shoes all round *l-jp lis front feet Ha was taken from front [?ol-imbia Hotel. The above reward will be given and no nnertionaasked)to whoever returns trim *> K i CEFFLKK, on New York.*vnte,between ft and *<1 sts. de g St* POUflD? At the billiard saloon oomer of Penn. I avenue and Eleventh street, on Tharaday norning. a PtR^E, containing between twenty mH fifty dollars. The owner, by arnviag proyerty md y*yfnr expenses, oan reosive the same bv rail a* at the billiard saloon da It St* STWAYFDOR STOLEN?On the night of the 85ih instant, from ne?r the National fly ri <i? ,? mwiiBin ?n?a orrm b i A uuiu^i _l ???* kbontlSH hatxJa htgh ; hvi on a (all ?et of*1-" equipment* A lib-nil reward will be paid "or ht? return, or for information oonoerning his ?h?rwN>uti. R H. BARKR, de2r-lw* Lieut 9th N. Y. Cavalry. District op Columbia, conttt o? Wikkstoh. n ?<l M hereby oer fv tify that J W. Pu"'phry, of the city Waehington. d. c.. brought before me. the lubeunber. one of the Justine# of the Peaoe in and lor aaid county, thia 27th d*y of December. a. d. IK1. and made oath in due form of law. a? aatrar, tre*p%**tng upon hia inclo*ur*a, a dark bay horsk. fa year? old; 16 band* high; while apot in Lhef"reheed; hind feet white: ahod a!! ron?d; awitofc tail; trota and oantera, and haa been need in geara. Bjv< n under my hand. de n St* J. W. BARNACLO. J . P. I70UND?H')R8E and CART Apply at Mefor pc 11tan PoMce^'flee,& 16 Eleventh at. daSB St OIAA REWARD ?Loat, at the NationaJ flo*I"U tel. a Turkey morocoo PORTEMONNAIK, containing ftSlSJfl, eonaiating of 0ion in ban* billa, $13*o in gold and eight Treaaary m t<> ?a ? a: 11 <?* i j-i? lowmi i iiu? mm lui'UTV-o/^io, r.375. jo,arn. ?,su, an.aa. jo;ws,8n;j84 and20,?6 All persona are warned aramat pnrohaaing any of the above notea, aa their paym*nta have been topped at the Traaaury Department. The above reward will ha paid to any peraon or peraona that ill tive information that wi 1 lead to tha recovery ?f tha same. Any information conoernin* tha kbpva mar be iaft with HENRY STODDARD, IAo Tw-lflh at, Waahinjt n. D- C. d* 26 3t* W. C. BRAVTHN. COTfv REWARD ? Ran ai?ay from therubB ? I ) pertber on the 15th mit THRKK NEGRO BOY??Billy Bond, Henry Chap- OT man ard No*ty Carpenter Billy and Herr* ire atout 4 feat 4 inohea hie*); II year* cla: J1 Irestfd in drab Billy I* oopp^r color ~' Henry bl'k. Notty launder 4 ft copper oolor; flreaaed r dra* Alao on the ithof September, two Metro Vfen? Henry Shannon and Baail Carpentv?both Slack; B 11* very black; B&ail la about 5 feet 4 nehes: tlillyS feet6 or 8 inches; hiaa lump beJi. d tn? rifht e.?r; o oth yarnua; each rb^ut 28 teara o'n. An1 elao on the 8th of October, two le* o M en-Babtiet Carpenter and Geor*e Chapman. Kaptiat jelow. and ia about 8 yeara old: 6 inones. *r?orre a?eo ib, aoonis leet 8 inones; jlothtnc various. For the flret name', Hill?, Hen'i ?ni Not^y, 1 will give ?25 each. and for tue other [rnr #5" each, delivered to me in Pitoatawaj. Md. do ?>-2w? Q. N. HRVA ND. I OUT ?A SEAL RING, and a FOX-HEAD J SEAL, attaohad to a ring, with oome*iian set. reward will be gives to whoever retcr&Bthe articles to this office. de2-t? FOR SALE AND KENT. Furnished eooms-2<h f street, with or without Board de W M? TO LET-A RESTAURANT, with Oating ounter. oyster bar, and steam cable, ali complete?a g^oi business location. Rent 91ft per nonth. Inquire for "Wil iam," at 33H Pennsjlirar ia av. it* Fu rnished rooms to let, with o7 wnh". oat Hoard, in a rood locality ard prasant ?eichborhrt<xi. nefcr the Capital. A.fio, a handsome t'ario-ana Chamber, OoinmUaioating. Inquire at jta* Office de A 2t* STORE ON PtNN. AVENUE TO RENT and the Future* for aale on reasonable terra*, l gooa ohanoe for any one wishing to go in bu?iiiess A pply at this oftoe. de 27-3t FjVIR SAKE OR RENT.-J will sell or rent my Property a* a burtness viae# On Fourteenth it. between P and Q sts , G*o. M Nloholt' hot6l snd wacon jard or grocery and i'quor to re separate. Icq uue of the proprietor, GEO. M. NICHOLS. de 86 r House and lot near the depot FOR SALE.?A Frame House, No 344, First st'e*t eaut, nearly new. containing 6 rooms. pi ice ?3"0 cash; the baance in monthly mot *34 each. For ptrticn'ars apply to T. M. SON. Seventh street,opposite Intelligencer office If the atave mentioned house is not sold by ti e lit dlir of isnBurT. it will he for rant nurfl* fnr ntshed. " de 26 3t* fjURNlSHED ROOMH.-A oomfortablePurlor. and Bm Room fjr rent on mode rat a term* Int|uij-e at star O<noe. da?l-lw TWO OR THREEGENTHEMEN CAN BE a^ommo^at'd with very pleasant ROOMS, second flo r, with breakfast aua tea if desired, in a privet" family not far from the General Poet Of fioe. Keferrno* given and repaired. Inquire at tne offioe of the Star. f de 21 ao4t FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE-1 .MO earee of selected timber l.AN n. in the Nortn West, will be sold or exohasged for property in the City of Washington. The laud la well timbered, contains water power, and is a sure investment. Address "Exchange," box No. 30 Washington Pest<iino?. . . do 19 lm FOR RENT?Two pleaaant ROOlt)*, ?StTy furnished,in a fir?t-c:a?s reeidenos in Georfetovn, with boa d. To a permanent tenant ter<ne will be moderate. Apply at 14T West st, Georgetow n. de 17 tf HANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOM8.II FOsr Handsomely Kurni?hW R?oms, supplied with cm and water, and convenient to the Patent and Post Offioe Departments, for rent. Apply at 490* Massachusetts avenue, north aide, between <th and tth sta. mall QEORQETOWN ADVEBTMT8 FOR RENT.?A two-alory Briok Dwelling HOurtE. with baeemont and attio. No. 113 ttay etreet. eligibly aitu&ted on one of the pieaeutmt etreet# in town, with cm, and wtirr on the premie*. and %'toire?her a moat deal ruble irirat? reeideno*. Poaeeaaion gi-en on the first oriano?r?. lt>aaire of D ENGLISH, I3S Bridge itreet. de 94 EDUCATIONAL. P EDUCATIONAL. ROF. C. F. HtRNEb' Dancing Sohool at Tain napan/iA U ! I I? OhK a r\A 10th, * ill oomni'iioe TUESDAY. Dooembor fit H h, ud oontioo* very Tueeda* &r,d f n da?-aPernoon claa>ee at 3 o'clock, ud mH Diug olaaaea at 6H o'olook AM of tha RuhiooanTe da* will Iva uncut dnung the taion. The beat mueio will bo id atten^an^o under tho direction of Prof Goorgo Arth. Call for aoironlar. doll 1m jyjADAME LEONTINEBLANCHET, Will Giro PRIVATE VBENCH LESSONS. Apply at 141 Woat atroet, Georgetown ; or 40T P atroot, Wa?hinitop. do 10-lm* MISS BROOKP'S ENGLIPH Alio PRENCH BOARDING AND DA Y fCHOOL, Sivbn BrTLDims, So. 130 Ptnntylvani* avmm*. Cireulara to bo obtained at the Booiatoroa and of the Principal. no2Blm* RENAUD1N BOLLINGER * CO.'S CHAMPAGNE. LEPMAN. KIP.PKR A THOMAM. Sol* Jttnts for tkt United Statu tM Cmmmdm. 139 Dvaks jfniir, diSM lo N?w York. fLOTHS AND t CA881MERKB. A new mpply of Black and Fancy raaaimerea, line Haok and Colored loth?, C oakmf <"k>ih? in til f ra^f?. and Beaver Clotbs, ju?t reoeived and For sale at the lowest oaah fri-ev HENRY E6AN, 393 ao' th ride Penn. a*., between de a-St 6th and 7th eta.. I ma BuildiaiNEW8-NKWS-NKW8! JtT?T OTMHXV, MEW YORK OYSTER ^ANb. E ATI NO SA Tha nndaMiaaaJ k*. t? .?!.? *L*J. v VMUVi ?i>UDV I VVfWhl Ift 11 J IV 1U UI lli lllClf friend* and th? pnb!io |en*r?ilr that^^. th?> tave opened thm tabliahmentvstt f m. J an New York av. nf>?r 15th at. ihall spare uo pains U> procure for our juatoraei a tiic best the market oao af- ? tord. Partiee, familiea ani sutler* supplied at the ihorteat n^tioe. Our eatabliahmeat will be open laity. Sundapa excepted. ? den-la* r DORIAN * SWORD O O T b! MOOT*!! BOOT PH! WHITEHOUBE A UN? -ELKS, ^mm 348 PA Avbndk and 311 G STKaaT.pHl Tk4 N$%t York W*ol**alt Bieuuk Ho*i*.)TWLj Hym toad, and are dailx raoamnc. H? Ar*CAVALRY AND SOLDIERS' BOOTS , MARCHES SHOE*. KMtlr of tkatr own manaiaotsra. to ba eokd aft tha waat rr.arket jcaiea, gf&spsxr* ? ' I ?% rt H ? I % . I 101 TBI HOLIDAYS. JOHNSON k NAGLE, PU 99* PKHRITLTAHU ATBHTE, VHwtw Kiatl u< Tntt Street*, WASHINGTON, A m AMU Fl*. It 1Ut*1 Stmt, aftr King, ALEXANDRIA, Invite tbe Menttna of Funlllet **d Unien to tbelr Urge ud well enortod Block of Fine Groceries, Win?*, Liquors, Cordial*, Begun, tie. Confuting In pert el? CHAMPAGNES Piper Beidalck la qrur'rmd ptnte, O H. Moan A Co. do. do, Bollinger A Co. do. do. Royal Grape do. do. De Coareey A Co. do. do. Carter & Co. do do. Ctw. Rlvert A Co. do do. CLARETS Chateau P<ruj*?m. Chateau La Row. Do^ La St. Eatephe. St. Emtllon. Si. Jullea Mfdor. V HCKJK WINKS. i>ld?abeim?r Horkbelmer, Liebfraunllch Rotdeabclmar, Seharlaebberger, Scbloaaberger, Johannlaberger, Marcobranner. 9 DRY and 8WKET CATAWBA. IRISH, SCOTCH, and MONONGAHELA WHISKIES, of an kinds. LONDON DOCK, HUNGARIAN, and RITBRITVnV PMBT DARK and PALE SHERRY, OLD RESERVE and MALMSEY MADEIRA. SWAN, PALM TREE, and IMPERIAL EAGLE GIN, HENNESSEY, OTARD DUPLY A CO., PINET CASTILLON A CO., COGNAC BRANDIES. JAMAICA and ST. CROIX RUM. BATAV1A ARRAC, BLACKBERRY, CHERRV, an?t RASPBERRY BRANDY, GTNG&R,RASPBERRY,BLACKBERRY and CURRANT WINE, CORDIALS of ertry kind ? CURACOA ANISETTE, ABSINTHE. ahuihaiiv Biuaawn IIITEKB, SCHIEDAM SCHNAPPS, LONDON fiflOWN HTOL'T, YORKSHIRE AND SCOTCH ALE, ARRAC, RL'M, SCOTCH WHISKEY, CLARET, TOM AND JERRY, PUNCH EXTRACTS, IMPORTED SELTERS WATER HAVANA ud DOMESTIC SEOAllS of ckolM brands. BMOIUNO IM UI1EW1NQ TOBACCO of all doacrtptlon DEMIJOHNB and FLABI8 of all aiMB. FRtSH MEATS, POULTRY and OAME la tin janlaton Freah VEGETABLES of rrary kind in out. " F1BB do do " FRUITS . do do FRENCH, ENGLISH tad DOMBSTIC PRE* SERVES ud /BLUES la glaa of ? | riM. Freaoh BRANDY FRUITSof every doacrlptioa. FIGS, DATES, unon, ORANGES, LEMONS, ATMORBt* MINCED MEAT lajva. CroMe A BUckweU*. worid-mowMl Pickles, Pimm ?wu4 **uo?b. Oyite', Walnut u4 Twite CATSLPB. AnehoTlw, BardUw u4 Mwu 8*e*e*. w Fin* HAMS ud CHEESE. Preach KaM, Carrta, OifMM, Paffrt, Spk**, Bait, *?. Ctooolat* ud Oa? Drepa, ta? tntk Cm* 41m, be. B7Ab arty (sail k ma* wpntWy nUcIM *T r Ji)HN90N * NA?LK, \ * ? SECOND EDITION. THREE OOOd, F. M, OUR MILITARY MUDGRT lin TAB*. Tb? tur L?*ito MOM ?p frtMB tb? AM1IU la? nl?h? about om o'clock, u4 wwrt 4mti ^?1o tbl? morning 9b# brought bo ?? of litmM fTnn IK. u?., p.tnn.r The achoooer Char lee leat ru the blockade ao .Moodsy night laat, u4 broa*h? up to the yard a deck toad of long timber, with plx weed la the bold. She came up past the CoaM?r*l) batteries with th-ee or four other arbooaan with freights of wood and cal.bat hm were Brad at. The acbooner aunk by tba rebels oa Bandar erealng la ?ald to be the "Three J*.aura," wfeteh was running op a load of ptae wood She was Dot suuk by what are knowa aa the Confederate batterlea on the Potomac, hot by a place or two of eld artillery drawn to the Vlfglata ahart by tba rebaia. at a point for he'ow their iaed bttWlaa on the river The fma were atatlaaed nearly oppoalte Manland Tolat, a ad the place whoa* tb* arbooner waa aunk la knowa aa Boyd* hot*. The old boiler waa t otaled out of tbo tag P?W? ell tbla morning, and the large new botlar waa all ready to go In. The new Tx-incb (rifled) shell gun, deelgned for tbe Pt naacola, waa to be agala tested thla morning by practice flr'ng. the ion urin m. Tbla dlatlngufabed gentleman reached Wak Ington last evening. Hl? room w it ?na hH by crowd* of hta friend*, and Innumerable Waifcirgton correspondent Tbe latter, with p?ell and book in band, were boav until midnight, making note* of all be related eoncernlag his experience of tbe last Ave months la a RVcbatead prlaon. So, we eball In a day or two bawa tanmerable version* of it, each garntsbed wllfe the writer's own fancies. Mr. Ely, while acknowledging the uouiteaj with whirb all treated him peraaaally, draws gloomy picture of the condltioa of tbe ail of the Union prisoner* tn Richmond, more eapeclnilj of that of the thirteen c Acer* allotted In dl? tfcn death of felona in caae of Ute execution of MMnk privateers by the Government, who are In nil ? pecu treated worse than the criminal oeenpnato of Anatrlnn dungeona Mr. E. la In excellent health, and mt? looted better than at preoent. ansDino off TBS HIWI. Laxt even'ng the Government rwqnlred tht managera of the telegraph not toaend off nar par ii11 or incomplete accounts or tfce result im tails of (be negotiation between Secretary Seward and Lord Lysna; at the same time furnish I ax official copies of the wbo'.e correspondence to the Associated Press, W go forward by the mill of last night. This was done, evidently, to promt gar bit d account* of the affair from being peomulged. end to enable the steamer that sailed today at 12 m to carry out a verbatim, and therefore correct version of tbe whole affair. This was a proper precaution indeed. OBNSIAL MCCLELLAX. We learn that General McClellaa has so far recovered as to have desired to tro out to d?r. but remains in doors at the request of Lis physician, until Monday neit, that there may be no danger whatever of a relapse The symptoms of typhoid, that were suppassd a day or two since to hare developed tbemseivw in his case, proved to he merely those of sligfct hnt persistent fever, from bis cold. IH)C6LA* HoariTaL. This name hssbjen very appropriately ssslg <4 by the Surgeon General to the block of baildin?s, < l^ll su. *- ? a ? - (iiuuuiiig ui? luiuicr residence ?I IM ai*UB? gulnhed s^enaicr, on Minnesota Row, lately let* 4 bv the (Jailed State* for general hospital Tbe institution will speedily open, and will hava accommodations for three hundred pati-nts It ta under tbe charge of Dr. ?. H Abadle. isstswd by Dr Warren Wcbater. of tbe regular army BBWiW. Paragraph 4, In (be General Orders (pubUab*d In w^nr^-r1* + \ It* mlatian (a as *?U *e?fl thus. 4 Division and Brigade Com Madera, tha Military Oorernor and Commander at Alnnrfrla, and the commander of bodies of troops not brigaded, sooth of the Potomac, may give peases te officer* and soldiers, and to civilians connected with the Army, to cross and recroes the bridges and ferries. nsnru or man As all pastes glv?n at the Provost Marshal's office expire with the month, It is rrrommeoded tnat those cf the "Sanitary Committee," tha "Press," and "Paymasters," who are eatttted to "passes." call at the Pass Department * Uen4*n T 1 ? -* * * m ? A TAT r\Am as 4e?i ?l*st4 ka twi? the hours of i and 3p.m. and Un the use renewed tii ca.b:r*t. It Is known tbst tb* Cabinet were an onlt la approving the determination arrived at by tbe Tresident in tbe affilr of the "Trent." Every expression of tbeao-kble letter of J*eeret*ry toward met tbe unqtiallled approval of its every asmbef THE LATEST Br TELEGRAPH FR'VM FORTRVSt MOIROE. .1KW9 FROM THE SOUTH THE CONFEDERATE* ELATED WITH THE HOl'E OK \V AR BET WEEN ENGLAND AND THK UNITED STATES. IMPORTANT NKWS FROM THE WEST. CRITTENDEN'S (UNION) FORCES .MOVING UPON HOPKINS?1LLE. GEN. BUELL'S COMMAND MOVING ON BOWLING GREEN. A TERRIBLE CONFLICT ANTICIPATED [Par Telegraph lo the Star J Foktaks* Mnmoi, Doe 27, rla Baltimore, asth ?A lag of trnce this m took to Craaoy Island the Rev Mr. Brown, rebel ebapUla, and a lady. Ne peeeeegeri were broogbt down CAC11CUKUI (HV ! ft Wl AWW f to anticipation of an attack. All tbe alrk were removed on tae Slat, by order of 9ea Mifrairr Tbe publication of the Norfolk Day Book w*a euapeaded veate-dav. for waat of a aappty of paper. A c6py of that day's laeue waa broagkt down by tbe dag of truce. We extract tbe following : Dlapatcb dated Augusta, Sftfc, ear? tkat a paa- . aenger and freight train collided cboat a aaJU from there, on that afleraooa Three peraaaa had broken lege, and several borae* were killed. Tbe Norfolk Day B >ok aaya that tbe Wlaaa* ateamrr came into tbe Roada oa Wedaeaday, aad vu still there yetterdif. TM H'tOom b?n wn perhaps mistaken for the W loan'a. The Oa^r Book learna that Oca. Soett ha* ay rl*cd in York; that he left Eaglaad at the requcat of the BngUah authorltiaa, u4 thai they were about to declare war agalart the Uaited Statea (!!!) A diapatch dated NsebrUle, Dee IMh, sar? that Tom Crttleaden, (Union,) wtth 1S,M0 nra, waa within forty mi lea of HopktaaelUe, aad wvoia advance upon that place at three patata. The Southern Klghti cm sea* iMtt at* nm?| um ft ml He* and atock* to tbe South The banking bouaa of tbe branch of tk? Nortb rn Bank of Kentucky, at Glasgow, ?u lakea poeeeaaton of by tbe Cob federate* oa tbe Mtfc Only ?7,000 In Kentucky bUl* were foaad John G Devta, member of tbe PedafalCeagrwi from the 7th dtalrtet, Indlaaa. baa arrived at HopklnartUe, oa hla way IP Mtrkmaad, (**)far wtiat purpoaa aot auted. A forea a# aot leaa thaa #0.000, tbe adoaaae of Buall* aimy, baa croaaed Greaa Rlwar, aad la wltbla tee mllee of B lndnaaa > , at 111 adwaeetag. nrenaratlona baee boea node tm tbe do " " ? ** frnet at Bowling Green, ui itw i >wilblei>e? AM to be loipeadlBf. LATE LOCAL NEWS Du mimed -Tk?? akoratac Mr le^ji^o^.kM^^e<>4e^^Ppi*vr^Werr^o*W deeeewwwbely fkCwJue'te IS aaaa* threat jj333?j? i^%5isv?\r C ? ' A ? %. ... r ? *1 A -4 %

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