Newspaper of Evening Star, December 30, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 30, 1861 Page 1
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[THE EVENING STAR rUBUSHBD EVERT AFTERNOON % (SUNDAY BXCBIOTCDJ AT turn ITAI BUILDINGS, 9mmm / Fmmsjhmmim iimi mmd gir?ntA a. W. D. WALLAOH. iraper* aerte* ui packagea by earrlen si M ye*. er 77 omM pennwth. Tt? mall nbMlMn IM r*\t? u *3 so t y*u, m kmmh * for t* oafea; tl for fefte moat**; ud fbr M thtt Ihree montbe at the rate of IS eenta a ttek Stifle opptea, ojib cwtrt-, la wrapper*, two ctotte. CT A*?*avi**iH ja .thotOd *e ae*t to tfe Ac# before IS o'clock otiaewwlee they may Ml appear until the next daf. BRITISH AND AMERICAN NAVAL AFFAIRS Donald McKay, the ship builder, who ia now in England, communicate* to the Commercial Bulletin aome statement* in regard to the Britiah atrj, which atjthe preeent time are of ibod inNnn Mr. Mc&ay taji chat the baild* ing of any of the common olaat of Ben-of?war ship* ha* bow aim oft entirely abandoned for the moment, and the anargiaa of the Government ar* directed exnlaaively to tba erection 4 Of a float of iron-eaaed fHgatee and ahipa. Hfe saji tbara ara now afloat n*a Iron-caaed ?bipa, r?o*ing from t? to 40 guns, and from 600 to 1.250 horse-power eaoh Their names are War1 iiot, *MacJ| Prince, Wafanoe. ^?awuo'e, and Hector. Of tbaaa only tba Warrior ana tbe Black Prince bare bad their trial tripa, on * wbicb tbe flrat named Teaael realised, with all bar armament, atores and proTiaiona onboard, tbe high apeed of 14i knota. Tba Blaak Prince bad obtained even a higher apeed than the Warrior TSu (Kmriiunti nn W??nn? have plainly shown that her sides are practically impenetrable to the Weariest shot, which settles the question of the superiority of ironcased ships. < In addition to the above, two other iron-cased ships are building, and six others are to be built, three of tnem having been ordered already. Besides these thirteen iron ships, five wooden ships are building in the navy yards, expressly designed for being armor plated. All of these iron-ca?*d men-of-war are to be ready for sea by the end of next year. Their cost will be about thirty-nine millions of dollars The French Government will also have by the same time, afloat, twenty ironcased ships, and all the principal, and even minor powers of Europe, are constructing a latge number of these powerful ships. These are startling facts and demand the immediate attention of the Government and people. Our navy at the presentmoment ?! nanny ranaa wun tne second-rate European 1 power* and ia entirely Inadequate to maintain " oar rank and dignity among the foremoat nationa of the earth. That Mr. McKaj appre\ eiatea the criais in which we are placed aid * o?r ability to baild a Srst-claas fleet, will he aeeo by the following extract from hia K It would be easy for ua to baild, in one year, p a fleet of 500 to 000 men-of-war ships, from a unboat up to the largeat cl&aa of iron-caaed rigatee. It ia a well known fact that we built in one year the aatoniahing number of t,034 1y ease Is and steamers of all olaaaea, measuring 4 together 583.460 tona. A large number of < mom vessels ware as large u toe HUM MM [ of frigatss hitherto oons true ted. Whit we have done once we may do over again, and working at the same rate we would he able alone in oar merchant yard* to tarn out in one ?ear 583 ship* of 1,000 tons each. In our six a?y Yards, where the choicest materials are stocked for building a Heat of 100 ships, 40 more men-of-war ships mi^ht be built in one year, making a total of 64.1 men-of-war ships of all classes, Tarring in their armament from 3 to #0 guns. More than a hundred of our greatest engineering ftrms would oomplete all the machinery neoessary to be put in these ships in less than a year Our cspabilities and facilities of building ships have not in the least suffered by the loss of the Seceded States. They never were shipbuilding States, and M late aa i860 they oaly built (combined) one full rigged ship, while the Northern States built 110 ships of the same description. That * Is to say, in plain words, all the Seceded States oombined did not build eren one per oent of the tea-going shipe built in the United States. It is true, on a very urgent oooasion, in a r vlB?l^nuv/> VUI V/VUUbl J CVUIU IBTgOI J ~ iaereae her navy in a few montha with very f powerful descriptiona of tmmIi, if they would proceed aa follows: Cat down all our line-of-battle ahipa one or k two deeka. eaae them with five inch iron plates, L put a battery of 30 or 40 guna of the heaviest W eaJibre on hoard of then and moor then aoroea the entraaee of our harbors Plate our heavy frigatea with ahell proof iron platea, and to naaka up for thfc additional weight put into them, do away with their armament on the upper deok. Transform ene hundred of our beat aea-going merchant ateamera into ao many frigatea, sloops, despatch and gun boata of a apeed superior to any men-of-war ahipa yet produced. Among our large clipper ahipa and traders more than five hundred maybe round that are capable to be transformed into ao many efficient Bailing aloopa and frigates. Their length varies from 220 to 300 feet, their breadth from 40 to 52 feet, and whenever they are cut down (one deck, or their deck* are lowered, will be capable of carrying an armament varying from twenty to fifty heavy guns, according to their respective capacities Twenty or thirty of onr beet and largest clipper ships might wery well be transformed iato powerful screw frigates? as for instaaee the Great Republic, which exceed* ia her dimensions the largest English fifty gan frigates, while her shape for speed is incomparably superior. The scantling of all these ships is well known te be larger than that of the best and strongest Men-of-war ship* of oar navy. Among the barks and brigs there are certainly 400 to 300 capable of receiving an armament of from 8 to 20 guns, and more thaa a thousand of our large coasting schooners that have a breadth of 28 to 30 feet and over, and a form never surpassed for fpeed, can in few weeks be transformed into men-of-w ar schooners, armed with one pivot gun of the heaviest deecription in the middle, and two to four 3 2-pound era at the ends These vessels u?to m Tfi/ 1?I|V tiauilllj, muil IQO RIOUlDg of their umb?r?. eto , ia bj 20 per oent. heavier than that of the oommon men-of war Mhoonerr Thi* fleet of aboat 2.000 resaeU of war can (working with all the natural energy of oar ration) be tamed oat in leu time than four to m months, and it woald be taffioient to proteet oar ooaat, and meet the flrat atorm. Time woald be eo gained to baild a fleet flt to repreeent oar great nation, and to make oar L flag onee more reepeeted in all mm of the glebe. _____ . Mail ComtrmcATioii wirn Ekolahd ?T ie London Times city article of the 17th lncta^t save: 4 Cooetderable anxiety prevail* aa to the period which will be allowed for mall communication I with >nrlr la mm of a declaration of war i us mmmm. wmmwim. maa oeen wen provided for la a convention concluded between lb' twoeoantries, dated the LSth of December. 1849, when Mr Polk was Prssldsat of the Ualted Stolea, and Lord Palaaerstoa was at our Foreign office By this It Is stipulated that, In easo of war tke two aatloas, the stall pockets of the re iocs shall contlooo their navigation ut impediment or moleatatlon until six sfter a aotlAeatloa shall have been mtde port of either of the two Governments, and rd to tho other, that the service is to be lsuod, la which cose they shall be porta retura freely aad andsr special proteetoelr respective ports ' " t cia5 a ?Charleston has by this time fkcoe kig atonea In ker keibor, and la no <^^Ea String aa mock aa a poor eld fellow labia bladder. oJfc a rtek faaat the Toraeletu lro-aetera moat gln.iBd wk?a Cbarleatoa waa burning We <- ajn.fc didn't aorta It tkeeaeelvee. \'Mr, '%'1' taLk ^ widening Caaberlaad Gap , J''?'^%pptrey Mara kali can conveniently ret T**y wJ la r**r randy to work with kia keed TIa kldi -tfniwrt Army Argmt. tMW* f 0M*I> W'tb hU ??Wel> 'VI* vivi Eiariii VinemiA ? Collector New York, kae received permUaloo ' Patref ry of tke Traaaary la grant clear/i to ?WH<i for Aceomae and Nortkaa?p?oa ' IMMW, n DWMT "* | ^ Clffj^ Ctlc^Tji^^ lleAi | * (frbtmm Stitr, v?^. jtViti. Washington, d. c . Monday. December 30. i86i. n?. 2.768. ??? ??????????????,_ TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. fteathera New* via Rlekatid. Foarataa Movioi, Dec. A flag of truce boat brought (our paaaengera from Norfolk tbla afternoon. Tba following U uken from the Richmond papers "intelligence from BoWling Green ataten that appearaneea do not Indicate an engagement, although unforteen circtiitiatanCea might precipitate a flznt witblfi elgh'. 6r ten darn. "CmaLi?to!?, Dee. J7.?The Cotirter <rf tfci? mornlnjr atatea that the Yankee gunboata ek_ W * _ m _% a_ - .v iv _ ?~% _ ? _ a ? cDiageu kw iooh who iae v;oie luua nnwy yesterday " TVlegraphlc dtspatcbes from Charleston state tilt a Federal fleet of twelve gun boats bad paaaed up to White Point the North Ed^t?,and made a demount rat ion no Ueneril Ersnt' force* there, [This it about twenty mile* soutb of Chsrleatoh 1 I inforcementa were sent to Geaeral Evans, and a battle was expected Demonstration bare alao been made at other points Tbe North Carolina batteries disabled a few Federal gunboats oa Tuesday last. Fire Federsl steamers anchored off Cole Island last night, pMtb,) and a battle Is expected every hour. AratrsTA, Dec. 27 ?It Is reported here that tbe ste?mer Oladlator bad entered a Confederate port With A. 1? Tam nnanhtvr nf arHia m Mnltl/tM ? ^ v va IMS) IIIHIUHIfiVU) C?v Tbe Richmond Examiner says that a painful romor wu Id circulation there that a gentleman of that city, holding a torn mission In the army of the Potomac had committed atliclde by shooting himself throtlgh the head Charles H Foster, who has been appointed by the President of the United States Marshal for North Carolina, arrived from Baltimore this morning, and will proceed to Hatteras on tbe first opportunity. Ths WAr la Missouri. Pt. Locis. Dec 48 ?The following Is ft readme of the recent military operatlonl In MlMourl, obtained froitt a reliable our'*e Within the lpst two weeks the Federal army has captured 4 9?0 rebels, Including about 70 commissioned officers, 1.200 horses and mules, 1,100 stand of arms, two tons of powder, 100 wagona, an immense amount of cmmlssarv ?to res, camp equipage; the large foundry at Lexington, used by the rebels for caating cannon, shot and abell, burned Moat of the rebel craft on tbe Missouri river, including the ferry boats, have been either destroyed or captured, and ft pretty clean sweep has been made of the whole country between tbe Missouri and Osage rivers Oen Price has been rut off troia all aopplles and rectulU from Mofth Missouri. and la In full retreat for Arkanaaa with bis wDoi* army, haying pasted through Springfield on Monday last. The Federal lots in accomplishing these Important results bas not exceeded 100 In killed and wounded. Ten bridge-burnets ba*e already been sbttt, and fifty others are In close confinement, to be summarily dealt With. Frsm Port Rsyal?Rr^oanslisast-e sf #*ed> rrsl Trsops frsm tteaafsrt? L&Ur fidm 1 ybr* liUsd. N?W York, Dec. '29 ?The steamer Hmplre City, from Beaufort and Port Royal, 8 C . srrWed here tbls morning. She came out of Port Royal by the southeast chsnttel, hich h~ai not less thsn A) feet Water The New York 79th regiment msde a reconnolwance to the distance of IS mllrtfrnm Run fort and captured six rebels Our troops at Tvbee were atlll buUdLpc fl? trencbment# <*n 15; ltlinfl, Whllt Port Fulaaki kept a cdnttnual fire on them, but without doing any damage. A rebel boat came down Waraaw channel on the 83d, from Savannah, reconnolterlng, aiwai supposed, to aee If the *ay Waa clear fo^ the Pngllah steamer Flngal to get out #ith a car*6 of cotton . The boat waa chaaed by a gunboat, and the former running ashore, the crew escaped to the wooda except two, who were captured and put aboard the Wabash. The raptains, officer* and r.rewa of the twenty ahlpa of tW atone fleet sunk in Charleston harbor are paaaengera by the Empire City. Frta Oea. Blaki' 1'ilima FaiDBKICK. Dec 28 ?li MnnW>4 quiet along the rteer line an<& In c&mp ihla mornInc. Notwithstanding the pre*ent uncertainty of continuing la thla spot for an* extended time, all the regiments are employed in erecting log huta and stable* for the comfort of man and oeaat. Some of the atructurea are the result of great labor and even of ruatlc architectural aklll, and will probably remain for >eara aa specimens of Yankee Ingenuity and taate. The provost marahal haa Instituted for the benefit of Incorrigible pHsor.eta, the chalu-gaug ayatem upon the street*. It is amuaing to many to wr meir iwiwira attempts at street-aweeplng The rval benefit of tbla kind of punishment la doubted by aome, but la certainly a great Improvement on flogging and tbe pillory. The general court-martial la still engaged upon tbe desertion eases. On Monday aome more cases will com* up for trial. Tile War la Keatachy. Loe it villi. Dec 38 ?A letter to the Democrat, from London, Ky , saya that there are only 1 500 rettela at Cumberland Gap They have sent their alck to Knoivllle, and their pickets extend five miles this side of th* Gap * There la bo newa from Somerset to-day. Mr Duff, just arrived, reports s fight on Tuesday night, at Joseph Corson'a house, Perry county, between 118 rebela and 45 Union men. The re*Wa were completely routed, with sixteen wounded SlSTAt D"1" Bt Loci*, Dec. SB ?In accordance with orders from Gen Ha Heck, the provost marshal general dlracta thai the sixteen slaves now confined tn the couoty jail, and advertised for tale undor the Suit statute, be released from prison and placed under tbe control of tbe eblet quartermaster of tbls department, for labor, till further orders?tbe said slaves being the property of rebela, and having been used for Insurrectionary purposes. The Ctsuaas4i(| at Gardner's Bay. GaiRnroBT, Dec ?The heavy cannonading near Gardner's bay, which wa% tbe subject of a telegram from Mtontnitton, was caused by Gen Jamea and others of General McClellan's staff testing tbe Jamea cannon. Tbe mysterious light was probably either that from some light-house as seen by landsmen, or an ifms /atuus Ravaaaa Cutter Ashere. Bostoh, Dee 29 ?Tbe revenue cutter Howell Cobb, from the Lake*, *li Quebec, for Boston, went ashore at Lane's Hill, Cape Ann, last night The crew were as?ed, but tbeveaasl Is a total loss. ^TTENTION,RANK AND FILB! R OT H ROCK'S, At 4?0 Ni?b Htiiit, Niii E. Is ths ptaoe. of all otn-ij, to auspiy yonrselrae with CAMP *Vc$'viTURE, At tbb Vkkt Lowbst Pbicbs. He also keeps oa *and and make* to order MATTR B88EB, PILLOWS aad COMPORTS, of a'l qualities. Coins aad reader yourselves oomfortah.s for the winter by a ?ery small outlay of ?ember the place. deti-Stawlw J^ITHOGRAPHIC WORK. tikalis Paorossxs will be reoetved by ths Sena'* Commit-as on Prlntii (antil the lftth of January for Lithographing aad Printing the Mars, charts, and Diacrams whioh aooompaoy ths dooaments frosa the Itopartioents eommumo&ted with ths Animal M**sais of t. President to ?# ?? ' ? exacted d tha rory beat manner **o bida roooirod except from p?r?oM ovrying on the Lithugraphio Baaineea. For pirtiotlftra *M'7 it the Oftoe of the Super i Undent of Pnb'io Prtt ng, vh?r* Ui work to b? don# o*n b# sxAmited. i JOHN D DEFREEB, < 17 ?om 8fy?riBt?d?t P?hT>? PrjflUng Quartermaster sknkral'k office, WuiiNToii Cirr. Dm X. 1M1. iM flooretarr of War dtreola th*t so more horaea be bought ?Btil all now belonging to the Government are in MttTt Mrnoo. The tttMnoa of all CtaartermMUra of the ft?iilar lad Voliiuar Ara? i? aillid to the above ',om "* C~~" - w*ii C KEIOS. d? n-ool? Qaartr?aa>T genwiJ U.S. 8 y 1?y ' C"?i uyi*, IM aus saiflRgf jsm A JS, zb*' 4#ft! H irnif am lu #t, * ? ? ' vi AUCTION SALES. J Br GREEN * WILLIAMS, Aaotioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF VALUABLE REAL Eiuti oil tub Navy Y?d-Ob THURSDAY, tke9th day of January, 18 2 at 4 o'olook p. n., by virtue of a deed of treat to the aubeoriber, bearint date on the ?th da/ of Daoember, A. D. 1M0 and reoorded in Liber J. A. 8 , No. 94, folioa 883 eto.ione of the land reoorda of Waahiccton ooonty, I ahallao|i,at public aootinn, in front oi the premioea, the followlnr property in the city or Washington, vii: All of lot of ground numbered eighteen. (IS,) in aeuare numbered one thousand and forty- three J1 /Ml.)(exoept that part of said lot ootiveyed to Robert M. Combe, (as by reference to the deed Will aoaear.) This srosert* la on the oorntr of Thirteenth street eaat aud coath E street. Alao.pft-tof cquare numbered nine hundred and twenty eight, 928 ) beginmnr for the aaid part of aquareatthe "iatanoe of 33 feet from the aouthireet oorner of laid aqu%re, and froutine on Eighth ftreeteaat alx'een (18) feet: theno* east forty (40) u??j thenaeaoatb sixteen'16) feet; and thence west forty (40)foet to tne ptaaeol berf ddir*. aa deroribed inao?rtain de?d froili RonertW. Corhbiand Tife iv21'9h**l SB)ith,tnwhiohreferindei?ftaM4< Tbfa laat meCttOneu progprtT fronta on Kiahtn atH?*t eaat, between aouth 14Bi auu;h ft rtreeta, with the bu'ldinga and infVrovement* therein Tbia prop ?rt? i? well located, and oflera tttll in- , duewnenta to purohasers. Terms: One third ouh. the residue in6 an1 IS months, not?i ?ecur?d to the ?ali*facMon of the Trustee, and hMrin| inte-est from the day of sale. A deed g: ven and a drod of trust taken. Ail oon e?acoiue at the oo?t of the purchaser, If the terms of sals are not comflifd with Wilhin five days from !-.e da* of sale, the Trtj?t?e reserves the right to rec* ! t( 9 said property St thG risk And oost of tne defaulting purchaser, oti gj+ipg one da?*' notice in ?ome newspaper published in the sad city of Waahicfcton. A .LLOYD, Trustee. f>*EKN k WILLIAMS. A dots. de24 3tawA4s By GREEN A WILLIAMS. Auotio..eers. Commissioners sale by order of the Circuit Court?Sale of Houswand Lot in Caoott'a fuNlivision of Squar* nnmberel 677. itb?lng the west half of lot numbered 114.?FRIDAY theibth nay of January, 1862, we shall aell on the premises, at 4 o'fclook p fti.,at public auo tion, by rtuft cf an order of the Cirdvit Court of the IHrtriot of Columbia. paosed -.o the Slst daj of October, iSf.l. in the matter, of the petition of the heirs of Miohaei Vajson, dee'fised, the following nameu property, via? We t ha f uf ;ot numbered on* hundred and fotfr t*en,<'14), iii aauare nmnber^d aix hundred and aeventy evan,(&7;>, in CabottN aubdivinion. with the improvemeota, whioh are a two story l>w*llin/t-Hnuse, *c., Ao.. to be sold subjeot to the widow a dowef, Terms as prescribed by the Cotirt, is one third thin) rath; t a'anoe in equal ihstalmenta, ail and 1 and twelve montha, the puroha*er to Rive bonds, aeoured to the aatiataotion if the Commissioners, beam* interest pa?able to the heirs r*specti\fl y, ard the Commissioners will Withhold the de?d until tae full payment of the inaia menta. If the terms of tale are not complied with n five days, 'he Commiaaionera reserve the right to resell the proper y, at the risk and ooatof the first purchaser, dt advertiainjc aoch reaale three timea in the Waahinston iia; ? BENNETT HENN1N6, , ppHthiifionft?. ue a-?oaai unficns wiuiiiAms. auou. By J. C. McGUlRE, A CO.. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE OF LARGE AND VAL tjabl* Lot os 1'afitol ?On THURSDAY AFTERNOON, JanuArj Jd,ar 4 o'Blook at the auohon roomst by virtue 01 k de?d cf trust from Justice A. Rolls, and dated February 16th, 1&S8, and duly reoorded in Liber J. A. 8 , No. 10B. folio* 443, et ae*., oneof the land reoorda for Wa*hintton oouuty, D C., I shall sell Lot numbered five <51, in square numt>erwi aiz hundred and eight-two "A ?!;?!. fe&t&fia onFlrit atreeteiit. , Terma: One-third cash, the rerrtinaer in (IX and twelve months, with interest, aeoured by deed of trust on the premiaea. ? If the terma of sale are not oompli?4 with within tve data* ttostee reeenrea the ricfat to leeeli at the rial and se of abfauTtingTor?W. All d? ll-2*wA(li J. C. MC6UIKK * CO.. Auoti. D. t atin t? t* a. / ?? ? ? uy l/. nvuviKb UU.I AOOUODWri. TRUSTER'S SALE'OF HOUSE AND LOT on nokth K St.. iitwiix 4th *!?d 5th Stb wmt-On SATURDAY AFTERNOON, Janu ary 4th, 1H62. at 4 o'olock, on the pr'mieea. bj virtue nf* deed of trait to the eubaoriber, dated D*o?mber l?t, I860, and July rtoorded iu Liber J. A. 8 , No. 2>0. folios r'.l, etaei .oneof the land reAcda for WaaniDgton oouclj, D C., I ahailaailfArt of Lot nomharM one,(l ) in rquare nambtred fare hundred and fifteen, befincinc for the aameatthe aouthweet oiruer or eaid Lot No. Land rnnning thenoe eaat aixteen feet; thenoe north aeventf-one feet eleven inohea; thenoe weat aixtaen feet: thence aouth aerentT one feet eleven inohea to the plaoe of beginning, together with theimprovementa, conaiating of a three-atory briok dwelling houae. Terraa: $500 oaah ; the remainder in 6 and IS nontha, with intereat, aeonred by a deed o: trnat on the preauaea. All oonreraaointat the.ooat of ipurohM?r. THO jYI-1 SHE R, Troaw*. do4 l&wAda J. C. MottUIRE A CO., Anou. Anew stock of general staple goods. Blankets, ComforU and Bed Spreads, Cotton Sheetings, Shirtings and Linens. White and Colored Flannels,Towels, Napkins, Tables Cloths And Diapers. Ft>? B^ts' WiA*. Cloths. Cauimers. Tweeds, Vestings, k.o., in all food styles and qualities, Fine and Heavy Grey Domestic Cloths, for Gentlemens' Suits. >.k -?-?? ? v >? VI W11IVU wo Ml mo IfOOIfti aVVPBlIUQ OI purnhaeera. J. W. COLLEY A CO.. de >? 8w 5il3 7th Pa. av. ^EALKI> PROPOH* I.* Are invited till the i?*th C7 day ?f January. IBM at 12 o'olook m., for anp?lying the Government with BEEF CATTLE. The Latt e to he delivered at Hamabnrg. Cham beraburc, or Vork. Pa , aa awn after the 15th uay of Maroh, 1862, a* the Government may direot 1 he Government will receive under thia oontrapt 4 noo head, and reaerve the right to call for an} addition a: cumber up to lo.oon. Eacn lot of CA<tle delivered aha'.l average at laaat ljno pouada groaa weight; and no animal will be reoeived wiiioh weigha leaa than l.OCO pound I groa weight. Government reserve* to lteelf the right to pay in Trea arv notes, and to <eject any bid tor any oauM. No bid will be entertained unleaa the bidder ia preeeni to respond. The bide to be directed toMaj. A. BECKW TH. C.8. U.S.A., Waahington, I). C., and endorsed "Propoeala for Beef." k ohm or Bin. 1, A B. do herebr propose to deliver to the Government rmwl Rwif Pill A An tk. r, ? w ??.% w ?'u vHu iwi J?"I hundred found* grose weight. The Cattle to be delivered at . according to the term* of the enclosed advertisement. The Cattle to be weighed oo tne aoalM, and the weight so determined to be the pnrohaee weight. I her?hj agree to live a goodand suffieieatbood for the fulfillment of the oont root, and to reoeive Treaenri note* or other Go vernment fund* id payment for the Cattle. dea? td Army gloves: armv gloves:: At the Glove Depot of F. H. HASTING'8 A CO .

3!I3 Put..facing Pa ?v., S NOTICE. ELt.ING OUT BELOW COST TO ClAHE THE ENTIRE BUdlNE&S ?The large and fine took of Hat*. Caps, and Gectlemen'* Furnishing Goods will basold at great bargain*. A small lot of Ladies' Fui* wil. be sold vary aheap Fivtnr*a C... ? i ? ? * ??? WHVW WVSV* 1 'JI WlOl HOPKINB'8, corner Sixth it and Pe n. av.. beiwren <ie?? eolw Brown's and National Hotela. NNEW MILLINER YT~ OW Qn hand atiU oonsttnti? reo^ivinc new applies of WINTER BONNETS, oompns-^K ini thereweat and moat desirable a??iea of^Kp the HUTCHINSON * MUNRO'8^ fancy Store, 310 Pmn. avenne, between 9th and l?th streets, wi.ere M ice Thompson m prepared to exeaetw promptly ali ordera left with her. Al*>. J eat reoeived, a nev aupplr of Head Dreeaea, Artifioial Flowera, Feathera, so., to whioh we mvlte the attention of the ladiee. de IS UOK8ES FOR SALE, XI Of erery desoription, arv Constantly oa hand?Looisian% aYenae,T?2Ct near the Center Market de\?<m* SPECIAL BARGAINS IN LADIES AND Gentlemen's Shawls, Balmoral and Hoop BkirU, J mat opened thia day. ' W 1 W f/ll I A vub' fil OL tU, J. w!^ COLLKY 4 CO. Lm^^x^ay;^8 Hoaarr of XI kiiKU, ohjlflroo'a Gloroo. ?i.?. doti-M .a,,A,c^.Y.U"?. ATTENTION. ?a,TL?.,ori'..!B.9 4NU J ftBEeOKY. pHKKBB, OH KEBRV-Ni* \o>k lVra.ii, V C ?/ ?, WUuhw# 4o.; Hamburg'. do e*? ' to )| Htut fUMMU * Md Ywmow ?V % ? V I 1- ^ A . v THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS f NOW 18 THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Ftllnt mod M?it Reliable Hew* tram the Seat mi Gtrrrnmrot! D J *_ n# -t Ty M _ < nenamg mailer jot ins nrtsiae virae : Tb? present year la undoubtedly the most eventful la the political hUtory of this country, and the record of occurrences transpiring at the Fedsral Metropolis is naturally ol striking and remarkable Interest. The public desire to receive prompt, full and reliable accounts of all that passu kert is most intense, and we have consequently made alterations and Improvements in til* UtaaWIk Ui?? **r?4 ? ?* * ? ? iu J IMUC U1 VliC *1 OAUiU^IOIl cwr vo meet tfiia want moat satisfactorily In compile ance T^lth Che with of the pnbllc the paper has been changed from a qnufto to the more oonvenleni /ol'o "hape, and now appears a hand tint sheet of tk\rt^(u>o columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearlug the name of the " Waihington Dollar Weekly Star." As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONfe DOLLAR PER YEAR 11 Or burely more fhan the pflce of the paper upon which It it printed. It Is ant determination to maSe WfMit StA* not only the and handsomHoller Newspaper In the United States, but that It shall abaoliJtely b* Thi Best Family Weekly .\EwsrAre* i.l the World!!! it contains the very fullest, freshest, and most Important details of all that transpires at the i Seat at Government; editorials on all the Impor tant topics of the time*; the newt of the week; Interesting correspondence from all parta of the world; capital storie* humorons and graphic ketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Poilak Star has a? a permanent feature a carefully prepared AfiRItt'LTt'RAL DEPARTMENT, embodying Whatever may be of Interest to farmers In the transaction* of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, zfn*l the U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horlifcrtltore also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; aiso, Recipes for the Workshop, together With ah official lift of all the new invention* issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, It la our purpose to give our readers a vafled, rich, and sparkling variety of the feadthg thai at tmeft ln?trurts and entertatus, but aiming to make Naws and Gossir our spiciahty, In accordance With the views set forth above. Believing It to be better to sell many papers at 4 lMfr ^lc? th*n * few st a high price, we have determined to offer the foi Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. to Single ?ubscribert...^ SI.0?> per year. To Clubs of Five a... 95 cents. To Clubs of Ten .nam.. W centa. To Clubs of Fifteen c*nta. f? ciubs of T^enty-flVe 80 ceSto. To Clubs 6i p*?^v. * 75 C?(its. Address W. 4JK WaLLA*?< Pabllsher of tb? Stab, Washington, P. C., with suist^ftlon M/vnan r\m #a? I m?n I tuviicjr ciiLiuatu, vi iui j'tvjiwlu v^fsw) ???'v? will be forwarded gratia. t^fcl.corwln burgv. ATE **ith ihe old ana Yell known house of \vk7s. corv*in a no.. New Yoai, ' DtaUr mehoie* Rrandus, Wints Cigart, fr.. dm* Importer of Tea* and Chinese Fancy Goods, No 3*7 P?l?**TLVA.1IA AVI5VI, (Kntranoe Sixth Street,) Washington, D. C. The attention of oonnoissenrs and the poblio cen rallr it invited to m; stock ofhne Branciee, Wines Cigars. Teas. AO , oomprijini Hennessey Otard ana Sayer Brandies* Widow Clioquot, Moot h Chandoq, Ma 19 r, Heidsiok St Co , and Associates Ver?*uey, Chfcmp&cnfts: Per-artinSvAmontiladq and Yrlarte Sherries] Wanderer. Rstarve anfl South Side Madeiras; H'fmont ana Burmerst?r Ports; the oelebrated "WSC" Club Hotted Gin; Irish, Scotch, Bourbon and MonocKahela Whisbias famai??a s r A kit Pfaiv Duma* Pakana IVSf if llirtli.o O' u oil VI VIA 1% UII1B, VlBIWBl I IRaro La Ro*ade8anuano, I a Espanola arvi various brands of Ciiarsand very fine younc Hyeon, H ? an, Iroperi*! and English Breakfast Teas in eatty br*#e lrijorte* h? mraetf exfrreuly for (kmily dm. de 13-lm _ SEALED PROPOSALS, until the 30 h i>?C5 oember, 1?6I. are invited for furnishing the U. 8. Sub?i?tenoe Department with FLOCK. About l2,noo barrels will be required, of a hieh fradeof extra Flour, to be delivered in \Vaching ton, at the Railroad D?pot. or at Warehouse* in VVa?hidftod or G?oric?town, sometime between the lit and lotn of Jannary, 1862 Eaoh barrel 9f the Flcur to be inseeoted just before it la received. The Flour must t-e equal in quality to the samples to be obtained at the uapitol Bakery, Wa?hln?tOn CitJf AViXMS^ tt!z,E^D,,!8'kEiL puiiv V Jk u CriTU L'D da li-'Ot P?n*n~aV> n a e"?n'd^Ninth street. COME ONE AND ALL, To the People's Clothing Store. No. 460 7th street, and get your Goods at aatoaishini low prices. d? U-lm i Hop.I j^heese! cheese!! cheese!!! liqj'ors. tobacco, cigars, JTrTS, raisins, crackers. All on hand and for sale cheap by k. b. Hastings a co , 393 1) at.. facing Pa. avenue, co ? tf Pnilharmonio Boildina. TTHE WHITE HOUSE HE Well knswn white Honse Rentao/ant. on Huh afreet, near the canal, in be.-rge I . . A town, baa been refuted, And parties oany(?V now he aoooimnod*t*d with oomfortahle private rooms. Game, Fish. Oyeters, ?ni th<* bsst Wines, Liquors, aod Segare. always on hand. Families furnished withO**tea. as usual. <*e7-lm _ A: HOPIKK, Frosnetor. -nuoo tt, ui..\vh w ki I,'!" PI N A LITT1, I V> Mned Pick'sa, Chuw Chow, Gherktna, \Va< nu>a, H?aai?ta and Frenoh Olive*. Freah Raapb*rrifa. Walnut CaUnp, Muihroom Cataup. Harvey'? Sauce Ao.Ao KI>G A BUKCHKI.U de 19 oorner Vermont av. and Fifteenth at. ? BUY FOR A HOLIDAY PRESENT A BET OV LADIES' DRESS FURS, B H ST?NEV?ETZ, deiO-'janl) 236 Pa ay , near corner 13th at L'OR SALE?Two eoBd-haod WAGONS 1b " tuire oi WILLIAM CO AD. at Eiaogton Farm, between the houra of 10 and 12 o'olock. de* St HDR J. L. GIBBONS AVIN? Removed from No. 388 New York avenue, to No. 3T8 9th atreet. a few doora from New York avenne, renewa the offer of hia profeaaional e*r?ioee, (Meoioal and Surgical , to the <-.r UJ..1. 4? n. K-- > j_^rr Vi? avu* VI TTMUIUKIUU' no IUBJ UO 1UUOU ftl Dll offioe at all honra.wlien not profeaaiorally engaged. Kapeoial attention will b? paid to femaia duaaaaa fl?a-eo?w IMPORTED MKATtt. PISH, KRUIT8, Ao.Pati rtefoi braa, Truffet, Uonaenra tfingar. Canton Uingar, Rla da Vaai, Trnfflad t*aaiage, Olive Faroiaa, Bardiaaa. Anohoviaa in oil, Patita Poia, Champignons, Yaruoat* Harring, Aaohovy Paste, Aaparagua, Ao. KINO A BURCHKLL. da it coraec FdUaath at. and V araiunt av? f* U R 8 ! FURS!! ,N?8ABLK.F 0,1 ?;!! %TE? MFlg^CH gABLESTOv WaaJilagbHi mora, fiu and She* Iroa Mannfeotory, No. 86T, oornar of 11U? at, Soaih aide Paan. avanaa. 4>1TW tRa?ab A Chron.1 lF ' standard Wales, J For mm fey jTf. ttAKTllOLOW, K?)lf ?trU??r??u<l A?rtouUur?] W it l.-u,#*. 13i i*?v. VSS^iWS^&r HiW I A'frU ?? AMERICAN WATCHES For Americans. THE AMEAICA* WATCH CO. beg to call the attention of the citnena of Waahiagtoa tad vioinity to the an priority of their Watehea over all imported, whether Swim or Kag'iah. The Company unhesitatingly iianitM their Watohee to be nnaarpaaeed by thoee of any oovntry for dnrability tod fine tune keeping qualities. CAUTION. The Company would oantion bnyara to bevare of tbeoheap English and 8vtaa Watohea nov being aent amons eoldiera in aad around Wubiuton. Those watohes ere of the poorest deeoription of foreign manufacture, en J utterly worth ies? as time keepers, as the makers well knew wSen they seat them to this oountry. LADIES' WATCHEP. The Company would invite e^peoia attention to their latest style of Watch for Ladies. Lreryone will have the saw juarantee that accompanies the most oostly Chronometer of their manufacture. The styles of (J*?ee are varied and suit different tastes,and the introduction of a Watch f?r ladies, that will k<j and keep tune, has met with universal avor. E9TECIAL ATTENTION is invited by the Company to the faot teat every | Watch, ol whatever prtoe, manufactured at their Wofveed WtlUi&in, Mms , is aoooiapained by a certificate not onW W warrant it, bet to prevent imposition from a cheap and worthless imitation Ul&l II {llftllllPU uu ole. Ali our Watches have upon the plate tbe trade mark " Waftham. M*ss.," and without that mark no Watoh is g??oin?. Meuri. M. W. 6ALT & BROTHER Lave the Watches of our manufacture for aa)e at Washington, and buyers oan depend upon finding the right styles and qualities at their establishment, No. 38 4 Pennsylvania avenue. BOBBINS k. APPLETON, Genera! Agents, No. 1*9 Broadway, noZMm New York. Look oitt for stormy weather, and send yonr orders immediately to HAMILTON, the renowned Glazier, who will wager that he oan glnse more lights of iraas in a day than any other man in America, and as cheap. N. B. Large jobs of c asmgdone at greatly reduced price.. Shop? 36*2 7th st.. opposite Center Market, in the rear. ds 16 e< 2w /fla ISAAC HKKZBKRO, 1?1 The Or 1 t I.ioer.iied XWX PAWNBROKER. V ?V fin om to be loaned on Sold and Silver W&tohe*. Jewelry. Gods and Pistols, Silver Ware, ana Wearing Apparel?at the old stand, No. 331 C street, back of the National Hotel, between 4H and 8th ate. de 16-3m* COLUMBIA MARKET, Pa. ttMw, eor**r Tk*rte?%lk *t. The subscriber wonld moat respeoitnUy inform Re oitiaens of Wasainitoa tea' he has returned to old ?uarter. Where neiotends keeping a hratrat* market in all its branches, as in timee gone. HA #?ll be happy to greet bis old frienda and oustoN^3"?Good* **"t (Vm cf charge to aajaart of the oitf. 4?jf C. MALLARD. Ir^OK HOLt!?AY PR EVENTS?Cloak*,Shaw!a, 1 * " *\ Silks.Silk Robes ? " ' Ine Dress Goods ? ? M L?e? Pets, fine " ' " Embroideries, " " " Embroidered * " " Collars, Embroi* 14 " dered Handkerf ' " ohisfs, Medium " fc, " Dress Goods, low " " * frioe Dress M " * Goods. alJ other * * ** ft Ada Dry Good* at onr'srorerbialiv low prioes, marked in plain hrurea. One pnoe only. An inspection of stock implies no ob'igation to paiohaae PERRY * MRU., Penu.avenue and Ninth at., de 14 20t ">*erry Balding." aomkthine xkyt-svprrior hulled 5 f Of^T?Th? mbeefiber, having got the agency to suppi} Washington And Georgetown with this delioate preparaUSa of Core. Wotfid reepeotfhllj ask of his friend*, and thepoWie at large, to give it a trial. Aleo, Popped Corn, ?MLn itud auaared WM riRADLY. Agent. Pa. avenue. between 18th and 19th eta. N- R.-r-Manufacturer of Marble Mantlea. Monument*, TdSfl Toaa. Jto. A large aaaortment a vara on hand. oo 19 3m Oysters?Oysters. THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY la now prepared to furiuah ReaUoranU, Hotela, Siotlera, and Private Pa* Ilea with^^. FRE>6 0\ 8TEKS, fey the gallon cr'^X f mJ in oa?a ot all aiaea. . t . tJJv The Oyatera arrive ?*ly ftwh frcr the watera of the Che ?Ake Bay, and a 4 or the b?at*uaiap. t The oo in pan? invite* the patronage of the dealer* and the jub'vio |p geaeral. and guarantee* a prompt aiiar:uuu HI .. ?? Oftoe?48 M?rket9p*}*i (A^eaae House,) between 7th and 8th ate no 30-lm IRgpubnoan.l _ JT? "MUi .LADIES! ULE8 JOLL1 VE'lj LW'm' Hkirdrecier. from Pans, jnst arrived, informs tns rs4*e? of Wwhi'gton that he has opened a lart* (assortment of Fflix Hra I Dresses, Wreath* a< d Brides' Wreattis, the most splendid ohoioe of Flowers for dresses; also. Gold and Chenille Nets. a:1 (kinds of Hair Work : and attend to dressing .aches' iiair. 36 J D street, between #th and Kith. da l> lin* THL Subscriber harmi^iEad?'additiens to his faou.rj, maktn* It new one of the largest, jmma? id the District, where b s /aeUitie??fl^Sg: (or mannfaetcaijx CARRIAGES and^BL=JU.. L16HT WaSONS of all kinds ?aur.ot he sur passed, and from his l?ni lAfenenoe in the hnsiniss, he hopes to gift iters' *4t m&c'lor. All kinds of Carriages and L:Jbt Wacni kept on hand. Jin him aim o ;.e?i j acre, uc *.t iiri* promptly attended to. Beoond-tiand Cerriac*a tafc?a >n ejchicce for otwoflH. ANDREW J. JOYCE, d 13 If corner of Fonrtoeuth tnd E rw. piREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WA8H1N6TON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital ?*0?,00?. QjU* itrwr C ttrtti mU LnutMt ?., m UeaJk ?f Smmtfimfc0""*7 DlUCTOil. eo. Shoemaker, Samuel Kedfem, Samuel Cropiey, William Wil?cn. Riohard Jenee, John D. Haro.ej, Jacob Gideon, Andrew RothweQ* Thou. Parker, RiahardBerrr, B. B. Frecoh, Dr. C. W. Dant, Noohar(e for Poiicie*. - n JL .. JAME8 ADAMS, President, Abb. 0. Doti, Secretary, au 9 eo?a v WOOD AND COAL. sz ntr if Bgfmtk ttr?t mmd CmmmT, (6EO. PASS, er?d fr*? of if T?? 4oa 11 eii?ve . i *? U>*Piobmt Mill* ***? * b*ntul?l T-llJ WALL1gTKJ>H?W A CO.. _ 399 fwwmntwunA Arnu, AND BEADY-MADB CLOTH IE *8, ^^isse|jy|^8v<a.a"TL,igoon AND *? 99 tr 9MM _Wf Wf, jow all kln<w ?f BOOT1 ? > . i J ' . It i -i* % , ii I - *- v %Um * *#-ag*4i ' . i; . - ~5\<i THE WB1KLY STAB. imfclktii a gimtm jmrUfif H ? * lag iku ou be InM U ?*T a miijr amtas. W??ie ?W1, pet ? i ,M..1 ? Fi?? mpim. f? 0 m Vw(?ty-lT? c*pi6B. . W H *"*y "> in tti -TN*1i ilir "?' ttel hm mOm TV Dmitj Jnmi * Mr elfmlam * e*wU? ?e eeMirr. CT8li?i? copies (la ma b* pfibiW it tkt mm>w, iMMiuwf tttm tfea taw t fee paper Prt???THABB CENTS HELM HOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HI9HLY CONCBttTRATMD" Compound Fluid Extract Buchu, A Ptitf4 Mi BfttJU Rtmidy Por Dimum of th? BLADDER, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL, ib4 DROPSICAL SWELLING?. Tin M?4ioim loormm* Um *owm <4 DifMttoB, tod oxcitoa the ABaotBurra into iMMiy wOoi. by wbie^i tha watk*y o? tilraon <?^o?>uo*:a? ud ail onhatuba1. ULtUWa NTS ?r* xatOM. MViil ? fAl? ARB UtFLAJIMATiOB, Mi Ml ?O04 ' RttN. WOMEN, UK CHILD* EN <0 * * UELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCHU For We?kc?M*a Anai&c front Kxo?mm, Hftbita of DissiptUoB* Karl* Ir?liBCMjt<nn or Abn*c, Atimata trir* (?? roUo*tag Bymfltmt: ln<li?po?iUon to Exertion, l/<M?f Powr, Lo?? of Difficult j of Bra?tbia?. Wen.k Nenree. Trephiiaf . Horror of Pina^. WtkMijMH, Cimn*** of Viaion, I'Bia in the B?ek . niv?rm; LBasitode of the MuecuWr *rit+rr. Hot Uand*. f- uahin* of the BmIt, DrTD?ar of the f km, hruptiooa ct the Fftoe, r/klLIP ? orRTINlKl I. Tl>?- sTiiietonii, If Wow^d to (n r.n, whtoh thin medicine iDv?n?i ly remove*, eoon fot.vva IMPOTENCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC FITS, In ont cf vkitk tkt Patitnl may ?<rp*r?. Win cm my thai t Ley are not frequently inklowed I'J th"?e "MBBFrt. I?I#BA?B?.M "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are *?*'? of the cnnee of their rnlTennf, I T KnftB WILL I OKMM. THE RECORDSor THE INHANE APYLl'Mtt AnH ik' Ai- linckoi* Dtaiis Conwnrttm. BEAK AMPLE WITHM* TO THB TBCTB Of TIB amnak THB wgram^MBF*"* Requires tbe Bid of medioine to ntrenctbea end Invigorate tb? BriMa which HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHL WMm' If dm* A T11U WILL COItTlKCB TBI MM1 tlUHCAL FEMALES- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many Ajftetton* Ptcnlmr U FimmUt the Extract Rue tic >a humu ied by My other rmedy, ea iu Cnloroaia or Retention, lrr<f?l?my PaiRiQlnees, or tfepereeaioa of Ceatomerr fcv%euationa. Uioerated or Schirroee etate qr the Uterne, Leaoorrhee or White*. Sterility. pic for all comp.ainta incident to the eex. whether inrai from lmlieeretion, Hebite of Dieeipeboa, er it Ik* VBCLllfK OH CHANOK OF LIFE ! KB ITKPTOIM ABOV*. SO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Tmki no wior* ?a>snm, Mtrcwt, ? DtfJuiWl Mtdicin* fir Omgtmmmi aul Dmmgtrtmt ly| mm HELM BOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCKO etnas SECRET UUEAlta la all tt?r At tittU Hiiimi Lit:!e or ao otuu^e^i) Diat; No ia*oav*al?B*?c rt?UM a fr^u'Bi deal re ltd fivw Btreegtk U T nnatu thArahi D* a . _ !!*?>??? Prevention and Ourinc Stricture* of the Vrethra. m .. jrssfiS Pouomoui, Lhtt+itd, and von* c4l Matlrr. THOBIiUM CPOK TROltAKDe WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS Of QUACKS, and who have Mid luart/tu to be oared in a short tune, have found they were deoetred, aM that the apo?ok" ha*, by the km of "p*i#rr ful uirimMi" been dried ay m the aystom, to break oat la an at* g.-arated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE, Da* HELMffoLD*S KXTIACV SVCIV all affootiona aad dieeaaee of the CRINilT OE8A1II, whether exietin* ia MALI OR FKHALIi from whntoror hum originating and no Mttn af HOW LOR? ITANDIIie. DiMtnea of these Organ* repair* U( ud of ? OiI1R1C. HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT. BUCHV 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it is oortnin to haro U? oMini *fwt ta ihMMM/?r MM* it u rttommtndtd. btipmci or rnn host tiapoaniu ui u LL4ix>n caaaacTBa vilCaooompanj the madieinM. CERTIFICATES OF CURBS. From to V roan' madias with Nub^^owc^jFAME. I "PHYSICIANS" rLEASE "AOT1CM." ' WM Kill "HO flBCKBT ' OF " IKSKBOIftVTS " fTKLMBOL1V8 EXTRACT MUCHU is ooropoMd of t*?cfca, Catabs and J vdm Bwti?, eleotad with jreal care by a ociopeteai *r?c?>st. PREPARED II* VACUO, BY H. T. UELHI BOLD, ^raotjcal and Asal'ticul Chemist. ?r? Sola Manufacturer of ILKLBLBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS. A KBI f I AW IT M rriAJA* A?' P?r*nnaltf a???arf?d t>*for? me. ao A.*d?r?a? of the o;ty of Philadelphia. ii. T. Hiuhols, vbo h?iL* du'y ttr*rn.d??3i W. Hie rreparatiOM ooa uwn i.?> narc?tio, c oiker lajarioaa <a*(B, Hrt a* ?.iel, HELMJJOLD. Pworn and avt-aan^ed ?* ' ' nov*m\?r, I KM tVM. f. Aidejuuu., NiDtu ?t.. aoo"* PHYSICIANS IN ATTKNDAIfCK FKOM * A M.TO b F. M. + Priea |1 M' ' >U ' * ?. D*liT?t?d u> acy ad?ii6M, Mear*ly pack*d froa ob?mm. Add r?M Iftttia for nJBfilm ta miIOwm JL T. HKLMBOUJ). CUitM, rx_ a ?aj * *- ~K fib < ! I*kll4 iWfOlf IV* m umtm mm.% II V^M mm m ? MiwAfti or oovNTftftrxrn UW> VNTMINCITLMD D MALM MM 4rau%??ux? s*J ilttwtMft 0 Pi ipmmtimi, ? ?? ?< iTn^im, m u jiyi |,)^ fffrt yf)t *M. Sold by P. B. Win, X. _P. fatii, iati Mum, limu * Uwn, j. ft. Hum ajtd aix DivMian in?nmu. M. iiv v ABE VOI MBJOOLTS. .. _ YA&* PO Ofn AMD ATOU) 1KPOWIMI at tttQNU i . ^ * i_. r"w ?' -*?!Ts3 ?: V*-J- *eJ*o \iMffTS^-^X i 1mm x