Newspaper of Evening Star, December 30, 1861, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 30, 1861 Page 4
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THE'EA EKtN'. KTAR. roiMTt or A moaTHURI COW. Tfca following fattum eonatltale. 1 trow. The b??a-1<le*l of a ttiortborn Cow: ? fnm* naaalva,round,deep-barreled and atralght barked. lad qnarter* l?rel, lengthy, and well-packed; . Vblgba wide, Q fa bad Inwarda, plump at mo* to ' h?ek; Twlal deep, conjoining tbikh? In one iqxare | Ukk lx?tn broad and flat, thick liMbed. and ftrc f?nm dtp; Bifk rlha M??ll.b<iRUi '' rrh??l ?van wtfh th? i tilp; Hips fluah with black, toft-cushioned and not tro wide; Fljak? fall and deep, well forward on the aide; Forertba well fleshed, and rounded like a drum; Tore-flanks th&i wm with the elbow come, Crop "barreled,"' flush with shoulder and with lrth large and roncd?not deep alone, but wide; Shoulder sloped back, thick covered, wide at ehlne; Points snug, well fl*ahed, to dewlap tapering flne; Week vein tiled op to well clothfld shoulderArm ??; sbove, turned In at elbow-joint; ikort and straight, Ine-boned 'nenth hork and knee; Bollv cylindrical, from drooping free. Chart wide between the legs, wltb downward sweep; B'Wket round, maaai vp, prominent and deep: Neck fine it head, fast thickening toward Its boon; Bead small, aoope w ide, floe mutile, and dished lbmt Brma prominent and bright, yet soft and mild; Horns waxy, ei?t?r, of medium alxe, umJiUd; Tall fne neat hang, rectangular with back; H'de soft, subataotinl, yielding, but not slack; air furry, flne, thick set, of color smart; C*4der well forward with tn'a ?mit Tb* point*, proportioned well, deligbt the eye Of, dairyman, and passer-by; Ab? th?w to more fastidious minds convey Appearancea stylish, feminine sod gay [Gent'ti Farmer TO! PRIIB COBS BREAD RECEIPTS. The following are the receipt* for making eorn bread which Won the prises offered by the Hitor of the American Agriculturist of New Yark: first priae. of $10. for tha best loaf of corn umsI bread, baked on Thursday, Dec. 12, and eat to tha offloe of the American Agriculturist, No. 41 Park row, on or before Saturday noon, Dae. 14. This wa? awarded to Mrs. Jane O'Brien, Carrick, Alleghany county, Pennsylvania, for m loaf made after the following formula : " Take two quarts of corn meal, with about ? pint of (thin) bread "sponge." and water enough to wet it. Mix in half pint wheat flour, and a table-spoonful of salt. Let it rise, and then knead well the second time. Bake one and a half hours." Second prise of $5 was awarded to Mr. Lott 'Cornelius, Locust Valley, Queens county, New Tork, (Long Island.) for a loaf made after the fallowing formula: . Mi* 2 quarts of new corn meal with 3 Dints of warm water. Add 1 tablespoonful of salt, 2 tableapoonfuls of sugar, and 1 large table- I poonfnl of hop yeast. Lat it stand in a warm plaee 3 hours, to rise Then add I pint (or I i teacupfuls) of wheat flour and j pint of warm water. Let it rise again H hours, then pour it into a pan well greased with sweet lard, and lat it rise a few minutes. Then bake in a moderate)/ hot oven H hours It is best when hot." Third prise of $2 was awarded te Mrs. R. Franklin, Annapolis. Md , for a loaf made after the following formula: " Take 2 quarts of white corn meal, 1 table*poonful of lard, 1 pint of hot water. Mix the lard in water; stir it well, that it may get - - ~ netted tnoroagbly, and add i pint cold water ! Whin the mixture is cool enough, add 2 wellbeaten egg*and 2 tablespoonful* of home-made yeast. Bake 1 boar: in a moderatelj heated oren. If for breakfast, make over night " A prise of $4, for a corn meal cake, wm Awarded tofMra. W. H Jenkins, Brooklyn, T. The following are the directions : " Take 3 teacupfuls of corn meal, 1 teaeupfal of wheat flonr, 2 tablespoonfals of brown agar, 2 teaspoonfuls of cream of tartar, and 1 teaspoonfal of salt?mix well together while dry Add 1 teaapoonful of aoda (or saleratuJ) disaolred in warm water. Mix the whole te a thin batter, and bake in a quick oven, 1 of an boar The same batter will bake quicker in patty pans, or on a gridiron, like buckwheat akea. ' prlia of S3. far a cake, wai awardad Mrs. H A. Jadd. Roma. N V. A LL KINWOP FANCY tiKOGEKlK* AND dm. Better'a Oooda on hand aid for sa.e low bjr BROWNING A KEAT1 \G. da * ?Uwtf 343 Pa. areqaa. nrar Bth ?t JUST received tcn bbl9. 8. hokink's a^arior old RYE WHl"KY, eifht yeara #?d. warranted. Alto, prime Monon?%hela Whiati*a for **20 at 393 Pa. avenne, by da 4 3uWtf BROWNING A KEATING. Ohio wines AND BRANDIE*. Uaniif raoeirad aoonai*nm*nt of Ztmiturwiamm t Oa'a Ciaoinnaii Ohm Catawha W inea and Bran oiaa ; we therefore offer to Drvgiiata, Grocer a. Hotai and gaioon Keepera. Ao , DRY CATAWBA WINE, Li?ht and SSUona-tne forme' in boxea for table saa. aad toe latter in half barre t for rruxia* and ookiag purpose. BWKKr catawba or ladies' wine, lb barrela aad haf ba/rela, for table a??-a very aapariOT artoole for the holiday a. CATAWBA BHANDY, aa asewrpaaaab:e ttimuiant. and very aaafal for Braid*Panca. LYLE A COFFIN, id In - ?? uu?i?im? ?t?ant. WA CARD. Are mv p'6??rc<l to exaoata all o rri er ? prompt 7. totibg nida ihuut* arrangement* to UcrMM onr m?i,ufvjtor feavj orders h&Tirn daarad ja tteir -reflation. Complete oBthts mb bo v b* dauvared in ire da**, mad* in the hMt rtjta. WALL, STKPHK.NH A co., OII W Ptna. av., bMfMa 9th and l"tu ?u._ K W AN D B E A U TIPUL! ??0 NINTH 8TREKT. I ha?? jut raoeired from New York a rtrj hoiae M.eQtioo of tjie toiloviv cooda The attaaliwa of taoaa in want ts aolictrad. IMPKRHANQIN83 Parlor a, Bed Rooms, Veattbulaa, D a:nf Rooms, *od CeiUnua. So.d Bar" and other atylea of window shades. Paade Lice* and Trimirmc*. Piotare Loom, Tamil and Cords, r*nade < nrda and Taaafla. MATTRESSES AND CUSHIONS of all deecr_ptions, trade t<* order. l>aouTur Woai ahp Paraamrois*, I a al: tU u ioii atttea, axAoatea promptly, at tM irr r ? ?.< ??? ? ?WvSw j. roTR?'H'K. TTOlSE-FUR^rSHING GOODS At Qkkatly Rbmtcid Rates. a. w?. *TLAN * CO , ?* . ??T 14 k " Baltimobb 8T., BALTI*O*b. T?6>* Cttitry, AJt+t* A by* Forls, rtt?d T'? ? ??, Coffee Uriu, I"4bl? CMtor*. tb%An( Di.&n, llraah**. l?t Rt kt. W?*t9i., VmIii n n nuinli. Nitmeks. Cook.' KoItm. OrflM CfMVM, K'teften an-1 Forfct, Chtafftfae An^se^sr- ",nn P*Unt io? Pitcher*, lofwind T?i Fot?, WftAa Irons, PH*ot Bridirona, K tooeu 8?o?M. frc? e. ?o<l Wwjhto. Btv-IQI Tab*. llMIIIII. Tfcbie MM tfu Motm, Foot Tab*, ' B?ok?U. Toi.W tjiu, W co?Ua Drrtmtfcir* Cteire, OytUr FIXTURES. Cr<r" of Pr*t>eh, JCatliak, and AfMriean minafactur*. Dmita. ud But India CHINA. OMIwMtMfin -Vtt w.%2K"sr,K rt/srSixr! y^vzvqgf*1t**m i - a. ICS AND WOUNDED WUHXRI M MOtriTiL. Pwthik* to ?* (inMMi tf tk4 Smm cf JWy 10, Wl At Seminary FTo. ffwftfMw, Dm. 40. M U.S Infantry 90 &th Peno Volunteers. 4 4th ClVilry 1 7th do do 4 Mh do do 1 9th do do 8 *4 Maine Volunteer* . 1 26th do do 1 3d Vermont Volunteer* I 15th do do 1 3th do do.... 9|36th do do 1 9th MuncbuaetiVol.. 1 |42d do do 1 1st Rhode I (land Art. 3|45th do do..M?. S 4th do do.. 1 52d do do...... 3 Stta Connertlrut Vol.. 4 !04thdo do 2 'id New York Vol (?) 1 1st do Artillery... 5 13th do do.... I 'ft do Rlflee 1 15th do do.... l 2d do Ctnlry.... 1 17th do do....1G 4th do do 9 2*?h do do.... 1 5th do do 1 21?t do do. (6) 1 11th do do 4 22d do do.... 1 1st do Reserve.... 1 ! 33d do do.... 1 4th do do. 1 5fd do do.... 1 41th do do...(e) 1 I 57th do do.... t 12th do do 1 3?th do do.... 2 1st Mlchlgaa Vol 1 Wd do do.... 1 4th do do 2 7?th do do.... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 2d New York Cavalry. 1 5th do do.... It) Wh do do.... 1 9th d? do,...1* Van Allen Cavalry ... 1 Kxeelilot Brigade.... 2 OneldaCoontyCaTaJry 1 1st Penn. Volunteer**. 1 Total 154 (?)Oneeflcer. (fr)Oneoftrer. (?) Oneoacer. At Gmtral Hospital, Union Hottl, tirwr BHdgt and Washington ttrfts, D*e. 20. 14thNew YorkVoh>?. 1 |3d VermontVolunteers 2 191k. A? i r mm uu uu.(?. ll dlO GO AO. 1 l*th do do 1 4th Rhode Inland Vol. 1 19th do do 9 5th Connecticut Vol.. 1 Soth do do 1 5th New Jersey Vol... 51 T2d do do...... 3 Bth do do.I 25th do do 3 lit Michigan Vol 1 27th do do 1 2d do do ft 29th do do *2 4th do do 1 33d do do 2 id Wisconsin do 3 36th do do 1 5th do do 1 37th do do 1 l?t Minnesota do 1 43d do do...... 4 lat California do 1 44th do do 2 lat Excelsior Brigade. ? 45th do do 1 '2d do do.... 1 50th do do 3 3d do do.... 7 S2d do do 1 4 th do do.... 1 54th do do...... 1 5th do do.... 3 56th do do 2 lat Maryland Vol 1 58th do do 3 lat Indiana Rifles 1 79th do do 1 Stockton'a Mich Vol. 4 Nfth do do 1 Garibaldi Guarda 1 2d Penn. Volunteers . 3 De Kalb 2 4th do do 1 New York Mounted Oth do do 2 Rifles I 7th do do 1 2d Penn. Cavalry 3 8th do do...... i 3d do do., 1 i*ia oo ao l|2d New York Cavalry. 1 23d do do 1 Cameron Dragoons ... 2 2flth do ' do...... 1 Harris'Light Cavalry 3 27th do do t 4th Rhode laland Art. 1 33th do do 2 2d US. Artillsry 1 4(ith do do 2 4th do do... I" 43th do do 3 5th do do 1 44th do do 9 lit New York Artillery 2 52d do do...... 4 Mott'a Battery 1 104th do do 1 Engineer Corpe 1 2d Maine Volunteer* . 2 Home Guards, D C.. 1 SdNewHampahlreVol 2 2d VermontVolunteera 3 Total 14ft At Hotfual ?< Columbian ColUgi, Washington, Drc. 20. ^ 4th 1' 8. Cavalry 1 2d Berdan Sharpa'rs.. 2 5th do do 2 lat New Jersey Cavalry 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 2 2d do Vol.... 1 7th do do 1 3d do do.... 1 9th do do 1 6th do do.... 1 llth An < ? ? > - ? w w? ? * f| / IQ CIO GO 1 3d Vermont Volunteer* \;l?t Penn. Artillery.... 3 5th do do.... 4 l?t do Cavalry .... 3 iUtbMaasachMetiaVol t 4th do do 1 Rhode lalarffrHattery. 2 Harlan* Cavalry 1 I at Long! aland Vol .. 1 lit Penn Volunteer*.. .1 Ut NewVork Artillery 1 3d do do II Hamilton Artillery... 2 tth (1o do I Rocky Battalion 2 8th do do 2 l?t New York Cavalry . 1 13th do do 1 7th do do.... 2 23d do do 1 8th do do.... -> 27th do do 3 Harrl* Cavalry ? 2 3l*t da do 1 13tb New York Vol.... 1 52d do do It 17th do do 11 53d do do i 22d do do 1 83d do do 1 33d do do 1 With do do 2 36th do do 1 1st California Vol 2 37th do do...... 3 Ohlo#avalry 1 43d do do 1 8tb Illlpot* Cavalry... V 44th do do 3 Storgi* Rifles 1 Stth do do...... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol... 2 61th do do 1 3th do do.... 1 T^th Aa A- l-~v ? ?, i ?mi no QO..?? 1 79th do do 1 1st Minnesota Vol 1 SB b do do U 1st Michigan Cav..(?) 1 Andtrson Zouaves.... I Jd do Vol 9 tat Excelsior Brigade. 'J 3d do do & td do do.... I 4th do do * De Kalb .V Y. Vol ... 1 4th do do 8 Lincoln Cavalry 1 Stockton's Mich. Vol. ! McClellan'aDragoons, * Quartermaster's Dep't 1 Cameron Dragoons... 8 OneidaN. Y.Cavalry. 1 ToUl... ??.. ..1S4 ( ) One eftm. At (i*ntral Hotfital, (OtrcU,) RTa **?**( on, Dm. 20. Officers and Med ftaff 'J! 1th Rhode Island Vol. 1 Engineers V Mb N V (Irish) Vol. 5 1st U 3. Cavalry 3 1st D C. Volunteers.. 1 *1 do do 1 1st Michigan Vol 1 4th do do '2 2d Vermont Volunteers 1 5th do do 2 4tb do d6.... 1 did no an 6 '2d New York Voi... I lit do Artillery.... 2 9th do do.... 4 3d do do 1 Wd do do.... 3 4th do dc 1 ?4th do do.... 2 9th do do 5 44th do do.... 3 !st do Infantry 2 15th do do.... 1 2d do do 7 2d New York Cavalry. 1 3d do do. 9 11th Maine Volunteer* 1 4th do do 2 7th do do.... 1 6th do do... 2 2d Penn. Volunteer!. 3 7th do do I 5th do do 1 ~th do do 3 5th do Reserve.... 1 9th do do........ 1 5th N. Hampshire Vol.10 lOtb do do 2 Quarternu*?ter'? Dep't 1 Cameron Dragoon*... 1 Stampttrld'aN Y Vol. 1 Total 11* Ut RhodeUland Vol.. 1 At Fi/tk District St*?ol Ho*it Horpital, Brcmtk / Gtntfi Ho>p\tal on E itrut, Dec 20. . a micnigan Vol 1 Kentucky Cavalry 1 lit Kxtelaior Brigade. 1 4th Peon. Cavalry .... 1 5th Rhode Island .... 1 Ohio Cavalry (unat). 1 id Vermont Volunteer* 1 '2d U. 8. Cavalry 1 lath PtnnsvlvanlaVol. 1 6:h do do 1 lOtth do do.. X ? D C. Volunteer* 1| Total 13 At St. Elitabttk Hospital, Eatttrn Branch, Dtctmbtr 21. 4thExeelslorBrigade. 3 45th Penn Volunteer*. 1 ltd do do 1 57th New York Vol... 1 1st do do 1 61st do do.... 1 53d Penn Volunteer*. 19 lat Penn Reserve.... 1 t?ih New York Vol... V 1st New York Artillery l *>Q?b do do.... 1 id do Cavalry. 3 36th Penn VolnnWe s. I 8th do do.... I 5th Vermont do 7 Michigan Ind't Vol... 1 MKLi New York Vol... 1 Excelsior Art Battal. 7 Tid do do.... 2 Brlckel's Art. Battal. 3 J*th I'enn Volunteers. 3 Cameron Rifle* 2 59th do do I Harris Light Cavalry . 1 Kh New JersevVol... 1 5<4 Pennsylvania Vol. & Total 76 4l?t Xewi ofk Vol ... *2 SuM ? i*? Hoiftiml for XrityiiM Dist*3*t, at Kalorama, Dee. 30. M U 8 Infantry 3 8th Penn. Volunteora. 1 ?th do Cavalry 2 45th do do...... 1 7th Maine Volunteer* . 6 Sid do do 1 2d VertnentVoluntecra 1 VJd do do...... 1 14th Munch'iielti Vol 1 ftlrt do do 1 lat New York Artillery ft 104th do - do 5 M do Cavalry 2 let Michigan Cavalry. 3 8th do do ... 1 3d do Vol 1 44th New York Vol... 1 7th Wleeoneln VoL... a &6(h do do ... 8 19th Indiana Vol...... 4 77th do do.... 1 ? lat Pena. Volunteer* . 2 Total At At (ftntrml Hupital, AUxandria, Die 20 3d Maine Volunteer*. 6 79th New York Vol .. 1 4th do do 5 let New Jeney Vol.... 1 Stta do do 2 5th do do.... 8 5th Vermont Vol. ....18 11th Penn Cavalry ....16 Cameron Rtlea 3 '29th do Volunteora . 4 'id Fire Zoo a rea 1 ?*h do do 9 lat New York Cavalry I %td do do It Lincoln Cinlrr 1 ?6th do do .... 1 9th Niw York Vol... 7 t?th do do-...- I I5'h do do.... 1 56th do Ftrr^oaimt 16th do do....95 61at do Volunteer* . 9 17th do do.... * 88th do do 51 l*h do da.... 4 99th do do 3 19th do do.... 6 l(?ihdo do 5 15th do do.... 6 97th lodlont Vol 99 96th do do (o) 8 laminneoota Vol 1 97th do do (?)tl M Miehlgu Vol..(d)t:i ?*h do do 7 3d do do m 31* do do.... tlttb do do ...... Md do do.... Ut MMMctuartte B*t' I 37th do do.... 4M d? Vol ? 3*b do do ... 5 tttfa do do.: 10 ??h do do .lO 7 Connecticut Vol. .18 j1* <* ? <o.... 1mwihoui?toi..,.io tM d- <??>.... 1 Uh U % infcatry ... ? V.r. <i<> ao,,.. * ??t Ja do.... l| Tafcf 9, (>>Ow0#9#r WOim**. V* *> < % , 41 ttHmm Htfini^Pmunt O^IM), ITII&<?(4M, 1Mb Indiana Vol ..(?H1 11th Maine Volnnteen 8 Wtto do do 2 tit Michigan Cavalry. i lat do Cavalry . 4 lit Now York Art..(6) 8 53d Penn. Volnnteen. 5 7th do Cavalry 3 l*t Herdan Sharpa'ra.. 4 37th do Vol.... 1 M do do 1 ? 4th Rbode laland Vol. 1 Total .86 (a) One officer, lb) One oftcer. (ET Waablagton papers pletm oopr tad and bit la to the W ar Department. dec TT?9t PERHAM'8 GRAND E^rBSIOn HEW YORK AND BOBtOH. EXCVRStOS TICKETS Frara Baltiaart ta KtiUa, mad retara, anly | Ta New York aad retara B.Oft Tick?ta food to laava BetlUncOre from th* Dapot of the Norther* G#nt. H! Railway,on.Cairart atrwat, pisaicg ovar tfca Northern Central Railway. L*bawa Vail*?, KMt Penuarlvanta, L*hich VeMer.aod ' *>ntr*! Railroad of Ne# Jeraev to New York, ao4 from New Yo-k o Boston by the iKonin^on Line, Iranng New York by the ateamera Commonwealth end P:i inoulh Book, at t o'n'tvtir a. m..on mt Hu. (9icdt;i nNtftadi'* Wr TO JANUARY 31,186?, AMD TO KITCAK ST >1X1 VOCTK ON OR DEOFE MARCH 1ST. irr rickets for sale in Washington. D C., at tke Naticnai Hote'; l" Baltimore, at the D?pot of the Northern Central Kail?av, Calver* r^reet, at Barnunt's Hole!, Kntaw House, anl tiilmor House. Two through Trains Jailr from Baltimore to New York, leaving Baltimore at S.'.i-a. m. snd 1.9" sm. To oonceot with these trains, passengers from Washington mint leave in the 6 a. m. and 5 p. in- tiains, [TT All communications in retard to the Exonr ion most be addressed to JOrlAH PKRHAM, National Hote< Washington, U C , his headqusrters. He will alio he represented br his aie?ta at Barnnni'* Hotel. Baltimore; Lovejoj's Hotel.New York, and the A'tams Hease, Boston, his beadquarters in those oities. de20-1w* PRIVATE PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA Cures a'l Yenenal Diseaaea permanently and auinkly, without the uaeof dia*u?ting or poiaonouadrugs of an? kind. No dieting or interference with buaineaa Consultations fr*e. It ia saying quite enough in ita favor, when I Bay that my practice ia that which ia in uae in all the New York oltv hosait&la. New York City College and Hoapital Teatimonials furnished. Ladies with White* and Diseases of the Womb cured and aaved a oonsumptive's grave by my treatment. There la nothing ofensive or duarmable id any part of tb? treatment. All curea warranted, or money refu* ded. Communications in writing, with return tamp, promptly Attended to. Medioinea for ttav. lera and oth"ra packed, with full mat motions for uae, and warranted Offioc? Hoof No Wa? ingto" Building, Penn. avenu* and Seventh at., Waahiagton. D. U. de 21-ly ^ E N E R A L ORDER. Navt Department, December 2', 1861. The Navt Department naa a rendetvons lor ahippini men at eaoh o| the following placea: ForUmonth. New Hampahire Boston and New Bedford, Maaaaohaaetta. New York Philadelphia and Erie. Pennaylvania. Baltimore, Maryland; an W'aaliuiRtcn, Diatriot of Columh a.^. !?earnen. O'di^ary teamen and Isndainen who oan paa< tie uaual aurgeon'a exatniaat.on. by preaentmc themaelvea at the rendeE7ona neareat their vAaiHanyta " ? * W ? ^ ? 1 1 : r ' # . wiwuiivci wikiicbii uuiumi ooillDOAH' I rum !H6 011y lr town cUrk f if nifying that they are residents an1 havprxpmaM a desire to leave toeuter the navy, will be received on the follow in* terms i lit. Aii allowance oi thres oentsa miiefor trave'ling expenre*. ' 21. Anadvanoe of ikf* moiths to seamen and ordiaary seamen, and of two month* to i&rdamen. SI. Permission to leave an allotment of half-pay to their famillM, t > ocinmenoe the date of their en* Ilatwent4.h To go on board ship in their ordinary olothet, where au outfit wtil be furnished and oharged aa per liat. being the present prices, *it: One pea jacket ~ ?$11 00 One pair b n* cloth rowsera. 3>B One blue flannel overshirt 100 Two under flannel ahirt?.. .... I S3 Two pairawoollen drawa SIR On?mattre?s ? .. 4*) J wo blankets ~ S9n e seamless cap 1 no One black silk handkerohiei 1 ro SI at The pay of petty officers average fgo to per mo'tb The pay of seamen... $ 18 per month. Do. Ordinary seamen i4. U do. Do. landsmer. ll <in And food foand. No !airi?man will be allowed to take the benefit of tut* regulation who wa not been fonr iroaUuat fa or on the lakea or rlvera. GIDEON WELLB8, da 84 eo?t 8<oretary of tha NaTf. 5f)2 SEVBNTH STREET. 5f>2 " AH MY OFFIOERJ* AND CONTRACTORS nKE NOTICE. Jo*t arrived WO Windowaof 8aah. of all an**, anch aa2,3. 4,5, A 7,8, a, lo and IS Ucht aaab.juat tha tiling for barr&eka.and Tor ?ale cheap by H. W. HAMILTON. Ar?ot for Northern Maaufaoturera, So Ilk tt.xOf>fo. Tv?f?r Mark t and m tk? rear r/ M**r't Wine, Liquor and Cigar Storr. de 16 eo2k* _ L Towik J. M. Town*. J. B. Town*. L. TOWERS & CO., 6TEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT. < ormrr Lottttiana mvtnut and Sixth it. The attention ol the bu?ineas community is respeotlullv invt ed to the New Book and Job Print ing Establishment, which has been fitted at with new material, in the most oomplefe manner Is now prepared to execute, in a satisfactory style, every variety of Printing, vis : Books Speeches, Pamphlets, Cards, Ciroaiars, Supers' Blanks, *o ,4c. The attention ol members of Congress is eepfroialy requested for our facilities for printing Speeches, sa we have the Urtut steam power in theoitv. de7-law?m THIS IS TO GIVK NOTICE, That the snbsoriber hath obtained iroin 'he Orphans' Coortof Washington County, in the Distriot ol Columbia, letters tes'amentarv on the personal ee tate i Q^mue Rainey, late ol Washintton ao??t? t ofNca deoeased All persons havmt claims against the said deoeased are hereby warned to exhibit the me, with the vouchers thereof, to the ?nb?on her, on or before the twenty sixth day of November next ; they mar otherwise by law be exelnded from all benefit of the said e?tate. Given under my hand this twentr-Sixth day of November, 1861. Ll'CY B. RAlNBY. de 1? law3-ar F.xepqtriX. THIS 18 TO 61 Vt: NOTICE, That the nheoriber hath obtained from the Orphans' Conrt of Washington oounty, in the District of Columbia, letters testamentary on the personal estate of John Shreve, late of \V ashinit n oonnty aforesaid, deceased All persons havicg ola>ms acaintt the aid deceased are herrby warned to exhibit the 'am', with the vouohers thereof, to the sobsori ber, on or before the seventh day of December naxt; they mar otherwise by law be exoloded from all benefit of thesvd est*'*. Giv^n uo'ler my hand this seventh ds* of I>?oembar.lMl. MARY KLIZABKTH PHRKVE. de9 lawtw* Exeontnx. C'LOAKB: CLOAKS cloaks::! We have at l&at recoivcrt the ia *? assortment of bMnUfui ??ye Sleeve Cloaks. in Beaver. Treoo "d de H-eo4t No. 43 Canter Market S?sce. Heavy wool mose. shirts and DHAWERS.anA.RMY SHIRTS, at 3*4 Pa awooe, baok room; or 34? D street, between 9th and loth de4 tf pKNSION OF PICK, mi 6t?, INI. TO A LI. WHOm IT MAY CONCUR N. Appaoation having hm maue under tee aot of ad June, law, for th? reiaauo of the Laud Warruti described herein, whioh are alleged to have been lost or deatruved.Botioeia hereby giTen.that at the date following the description of each War rant, a new Certificate, of like tenor, will be leaned.

if bo Ttlid objection hall thea appear No.M,??. for mww.'.i'a'H nnder the aot of Maroh, I8A6, in the BMW of Hannah, widow of JamM wiifm, and granted on the 2f<h da; of Feb marT. 1857 ?f>o?mr>er SB, Ufil No.64.3d0, for 130 aorei, i?au*d under the aot of March, la*. In the name of Martha, widow of Andrew Mellon, and granted on the iMh day of April. MSB ? lie-ien.ber 2% 1M1. No. ajTCtrfar ten aoree. issued under Uio aot of Maroh, 1U6, m the name of Bamael R. Jaokna; and granted on tS? tat day of Angn?t. !\S6. No. 3 I'M, for iar> aoree, issued under the aot of. Mtroh, IMS, in the pame of William H Tvr&r.oe, and granted on tae 13th day of July, lMS.-Deo?n ber ft. Uai. No. 14346, for *0 im imetl under the %at of !?m?mnbw 'MO. in Ut? mm of L*ri *nd granted J&cp'?mbar SfKh, 1851. No. 31,091, for? MTM. lunod nndcr the Mun* ut, to Um untofAM Platti, ud imaM NoftaMr SKk, 1MI-?Deoomber ?. UUNo 78 94 for l?n icrM,lm?il aadfr u* mi of Hftrolt. I?M, In tb? Q*nM oj TItoaM JohnMB.uid (ru'ml ou in* Mil <'?/ of Bc?toaib?r, *t>1. Jm Sg;^Si5.?yftg Cam*. ?nd itm'^oo Um ttd du of Btlwnbw, awUrttouC ot IN* 'wre * BABS$?k? 1 I ?rtif ,)% I a r f J P. IAKTHOLOW, WaoLBlAX* UTB KST&1X. DUXJB in * laNvtrt * lfrlciltaral laylHMMi, ICS SrvSHTH briUT, Jilw Pa, triMM,(apr?. ?irt aa4 CmUrt Marbtt,). WASHINGTON, D. a Mr took embrao? many artio *?f for Army >*rpoaaa ; amon* *moh arc the rellovinjt: CanaJ Barrowa, Ropa* * WiMlnirovi, . &***< Trncka?haary lad light, Piak?, , bn&d?cotiaa. Hatcheu. Srtndatone Fixturaa, Sawa,, Pick Hindlea, Riaekamith Toola, &x< Hand n. , triable Poriaa, Rattan or atfcbla broom#, n?mp s*?v*a. rorti Letter Pr Shovel*, Pgwuftr tad Burglar Spadea, Proof Wroight iron Lot Chain*. Boxea. Halter Chaint, Pi re tad Burglar Proof 5th Chains. Safea, Tr*?? Chain*. HOree Powera, 8win*.street. Portable Ovm, HatiMt. KKWiSS. Me*aure#, Hand Carta, . Btabi- Lantern*, rairhacki' ScaJea?Hay, Cat tmleT PUwTbrm, an*) Counter'. Wrought Nail^, Butcher*, ?oa!e?. >rte-ti>oe Nana, Bateher kaivee, renthet, Booa Irooa, WamaJMb, 2tr*? Iron. ?0 . Jfce.. P~ 1 Portible Miljt for Grind Largtf Plows, Ac , fte? int Horae Peed, Hay and 8taw Cn.teit, Machinery ofa'l kioda. Corn SheJlere, A del} eotv 8MITH * BROTH PR'S PALE CREAM ^LE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALB, PORTER and NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELHBRATED AMERICAN ALEt* Are Brtiud from the CHOICEST BARLEV MALT a* HOPS, and highly eaieemed^ Ihoae who hive deed them. Pardhiaers are rataeeted to rail and tiimme our superior stook, Meured that they wil! find the BEBT and Pl'MST artiolea. We kave at all times a large etook ready for delivery. in vh?le, half and quarter oaeke, taitabla for the TRADE, HOTELS, and F DULY USE. which ve offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH & RROTHER. Brewers. . No. 13? & 160 West l?h si. New York City. Orders by Mai or Expreas promptly ezaontad, Ce 9-6 m W HKlUAti Bins, ?1LVBR SERVICES, SILVER URNS. SILVER ft'RE ENS r 8iLVJlLVKRfelifaES. PILVER SPOONS and FOB SILVER PITCHJOIS. WAITERS, HALT CKLLARS, Wttk a great toll* tion of tmall r article*. *? tn b'e for Bridal Oifti Thee* goods are all or our own mwiufaotare, of the moat elegant workmanship and finish, and ws do not believe, for variety and quantity, are surpassed by any other oollsotion in the oountry. EPEROSES njAMOUD JEWELRY, flNB WATCHES. *c.. tc. For sale by SAM'L KIRK A SONS, 179 Baltimore st., Baltimore, Md. Established 1817. de l*-llt* 5Q2 ELEVENTH STREET. 502 E. FISHER A BROTHERS, FRENCH STEAM SCOURERS. Baltimokk, Md. The onlv place this side of New York, where you oan get a Silt Dress cleaned, restoring the lustrjesuol to new. Morinoes, Delaines, and all kinds of Ladies Dresses oleaned without taken apart. Crape and other Shawls, Table Covers, and Oentleinau's Clothing, oleaned in tfte best manner. l.ARVin* no auhfitRnAA tn f Ka ninth A" u.w. ? - ? auo viv?u w iigmy it ui mUe it more eaailr to toil. N. B Good* will be tent to Baltimore twio? a week, and return with like promptneaa. de 12 2w WM. P. SHE UP. Agent. PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, A 114 Pknnptcvania Avenue, Bttutm I9tk and Ktk ?s The undesigned, havinc located himself aa above, taket thit method ofinformlna the oitisena of the First Ward that he haa opened a firtt-olaaa Provision Stora. oonduoted aimilar to those for arhioh Philadelphia ia famous. Hore can be loan'4 at ail timet a large aad fr*?h aupply of POULTRY, GAME, EEF, MUTT(\\. Ao. FRUITS and VEGETABLES in teaeon. Particular attent?on is oaUed to hit stook and jncea of HOTTER, CHEESE. Ao. Pniljidelpbla Print Bqtter. Goahen and W eatern Reaerve. Being determined to give tne atrioteat attention to the want? of hiaoptloweaa, aigl to keej every Iu viuiD IU IIi XIUO vi wio uo?l MOQ Mil SUA0 ovut market pnoea^he bope^o merit a a ha re of publio patronage. Fanuliea will be waited upon daily for order*. If repaired. no 18 THOMAS R. WILSON. GovernniMM ILoan AfCBCj, Oflwi or , LEWIS JOHNSON A CO., BANKERS, Cornke or Pa. Avinci an* Tkwtb St. LEWIS JOHNSON, of oar firm, having been appointed a r?obsoriptlon Agent lor the National Loan authorised by the act of Congress of '.7th July, 1861, ve are prepared to furnish, to parties deeirous of nakinc invsatment, any amount ol 78-10 Treasury Notaa. of aonveoieot aiaes. no ? tl LEWIS JOEtN&iN A CO. -A* MILITARY BOOTH, mm* I At Wholeaal*, MI fD At Mann/ueturtri' Prie*l. fl| 1 llbNo. 18 Market ?paoe. Penn. av.,* H? between*th and 9th at#. i rfhknth a i Ladies'. Mlasea' and Children'* Boots and Snoea of every description. tower than ever. da 13 eo Dr. dupont'8 sugar-coated fbMALE REGULATING PILLS M* Read the following unsolioltad enoomi // ami! / "I cannot oommend'hem too highly." W r-7 "They are the beat female Pilia extant." "I have naed them with oomplete auooeea." "Would not be without them upon any consideratioe." "They operate aeeedi It and effectively." Pnoe #1 J^ent r>y mail Hold br 8. c. UPH AM, .MOCheenuf atreet, Philadelphia, and in WmIh mgton by 8. C. FORD, oorner Uth atreet and Pa. avenue. no ? eolr DR.GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE G?NORKHlK\ id mi day*. No ohaniepf diet required It ia an En(-flnk liab rpeeifio of aixtr-five yea itarx log|mhKL. and will not harm the moat delioate oon-^BE^^ atitation It oontai* a no pii?ir#'i, Prioe ?I. Sold by 8. C. UPH AM, 310 Iheanat street, Philadelphia, and in Washington bt 8. C. FORD, earner Mth utreet and Pa > ? an a eoly JTEAS?TEA??TEAS! UST Received a prime lot new Teaa. For sale Uw a? UD/kWMIMn a. iri? * t?iwnio de 4 St*wtf 363 Pa.arenae, mw 6th it. JUST HECKIVED A LOT OF THAT VERY" superior OLD CABINKT BROWNING * HKATING'd. de< 3tawtf 3ft.1 Pa avenue, mw 8th el. pATAWBA GRAPES! ^ Catawba grapes:; Freeh Catawba Grape* in exoelient order and delioiou* iu flavor. Try them. KING 4 BURCHELL. de 11 oorner lMh at. and Vermont av. Ejob PRINTING. VERY Description of JOB PRINTING raqaired l?y acy bodv?oitisene, oivtl fnapuoaanea, armyjlpq navy omoera. antler*, ftc.?executed at tha HTA R OFFICE, in aatiaflaotory (trie, at low flw for CMh. ? ? tf fphe subscribers ben leave to inform thmr ? patrons and the pabuc generally of beinf Amilv IHIIbLiaH With m. aiiMrtn* fIllW WiNtEk ebo&il' "" They aiao reepeouki y invite attention of Wlr their Army and Navy onatomera. and tlioeereeairmt outfita in that hoe. to turn tupenor eaalitiee of flworda, Kpaaleta. Shoulder Btrapa Belie, Chapaaua, Hate, Capa, Baahee, and Gold Laoea, oonaiantly on hand, which are warranted aa rear* m>M| W hilat tender in* thanka for the liberal patronage enjoyed, they w1 R *i! * f^itlnaane*. Suooeaaora to S.r. LoudnnV Co.,) N. MILITAR Y?d SA TAL TAlLOHB, Sft'i Pesnaylrama A venae. oo 16 etjjrw JMPORIANT TO MiUTAKY MEN Army Regulation Hate, MoClei in Fatigue Capa, Cnaa?eurade Parte Capa. D4.# n. 1- A ? - ? ?sr w" "B"h.8,TUIKW " 936 Pa. avenue, dmt oorner lath at, BttvMr Wlilard*' ana Kirkwooda' Hotel* [TT Agency f?r Gitten'i Cork Cap Havelock, Mib j reoom mended for the ua? of oar rank aad file br Lieut 6en. Winfield Poott. dell-lm NE NICE ROSEWOOD CH1CKER1NG PIANO m ?73. One 7 ooUie four ronrd oorner HeltetpBBHI k. Dav i Piano for $#*? ? , Ml ' ' * Sole Ageno* for Steinvay and tk>n'a and Karen, Baoonjk Co.'a I'Lacoa. oe 11 iMA?IpSEHp/FS7^ir We have juet received a tooply ol the above Ate, wnioh ve reoonunend to be of a rerr aaperior quality. Perform withing to pnrohMe. t>y mating l???.?^toWemNR, no 7 Georgetown. SOLDIER!* NEEDING DRY OOODS for the "folka at hnae" are wtmM to taeaeet oer aet etoek, low (vunp'ete in all departawnta. Oaejriee ooly^ theaotaai eaah Iftadard ve4ae. An exarafnfttioo of atook inoara ao obliffetooa to Brfh.tM. All par??U o?roflilI? atokad, for iJ^rM or otkor OOOV09U.0O, IrM ?**'?^KRRyjk HMO., f Will. ITNMUd Niotb at-. g? U ant 'Parry Bailing/' UoMrOpvMi^a,kJv Mlttt 7Z ' I - * - ? ' A / 'J "ql % V * S ? - - - ^ OAS FITTING, to. A ??'m?n ,m PIW1M Btor*mHfc rtrwt, %tar domMrtfc nt 2?R5^?kE?fJ ^ifluHBga J to ?4.; udmmiB? ?r a toot of Mi IM Wkttl k?K?E 85 0KNT1STBY; fljBW AND IfltPftOVED INVEN^ON AthriOUL CHMOPLAST1 BONA TEETH. WTTBorr Mktax Pun n Cum. DR. 8. B BIBK&MOND, . , 910 Snt York-*** Pmguvh*ms if f^SSSntW J&SSiim TWfaK'r.'^aasa; *Kd mtw oorode nor ohtpit oolor by uj^,M" aoida, Mot thrM fourth! 'Ubtar thaa iu otter. LNo teetfi orroota MM t<* extraM, m taa krtlM|ll ODM 0U be ItNflM OT*r UMak r>ji *^ne root* vUl be made mofftonaire. a& arrer Y T1tin'work hu t>2en Fo'fy tai^^aT*r ire T*^* by many of the nratoheaoieta aad fhreiataae of tfie eountrr. Dr. b. baa also inmUd a white aadeatawotiTe metal fiilinc, with whioh the moet eeqaitiTe teeth oaa be ft Ilea without pam, %nd can b*iid a# i mi loot, aoupd tooth on any aide root*, whioh will loot th^ojuhjjfettiw^ ???? im?v u| [CirrPLOOl firm?to UT. V . MOK UT. Doremna, Profruor orChesnwtry. Hoa. Jadf? Wayne, of th? Supreme Court of Wariiarton, and thousand* of others. Call and examine for yoareelf. do i %m SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. On and alter Monday, IVoemher 9, JM1. Pae onfor Traln? bourwc WAPHINStON and BALTIMORE will ran aa follows: TRAINS MOriTffi NORTH. Morning Kzprees leave Wnahicftoc Ma. K. Ati nve at Baltimore VJo a.. Fkiladelpiiia ISJO r. U-; V^.W ?. w . U i-wJL . ? - -- nww i vib v r> Mm n?rniu?r| i-lf ft M? Morning A ooo mm elation leave W u^: ujUu 7M a n. Arrive at Ba.tiroore 9JP a. h. No oonneoou st BAitimore. New York Midi Train? leave Waahinfrtoa at II a., m.; arrive at {jaiumof e 11.40 p. Philadelphia kVr- New York 10 p. if. Afternoon Accommodation?leave Waahington S.06 p, M. Arrive at Baltimore 4 50 p. .;Philadelphia 10. p. |t. Etbeihx Exprtoa?leave Waehlncton p. M. Arrive at BaTumore 6^5 r. Philadelphia loji p. n.; New York 4 a. Harriebirg 1 a. *. On Sundays at S 06 ana 5 p m. only. The ft p. m. tram from Washington oonneota through to New York every day daring the weak. TRAINS MOT IXV SQUTH. Leave New York at T a., m.; Phi'aoelphia 11 M> a. M.; Baltimore 4 00 p. m Arrive at Waeniiigton 4J3 '"Leiave New York at 6 p. Philadelphia lojn p Mm Baltimore 4 ko a. h. Arnve at Waakington Mo A Leave N?w York at It p. Philadelphia |jn a. m ; Baltimore7,55 a.m. Arrive at Waakington s s5 a. m. Aooommodation Traina leave Baltimore at a and p. m . for Waaking ton, arrive Utere at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. On Sundayf at 4 90.and 7.35 a. m only. Paaeenger Traina leaving Waaninaton at 7.4D a. M m. 9 TkX m WW an/1 Dal*tmAU A* * ?- A * mm . wva ?l, ? . ?UU vWMKUVIVIN A* ? "? V r. u , make direct oonneotiona for .nnafolia at tfee Jnnolioc Traina leave Ana*poll for Baltimore and Washington at (JO a. . and j ?o p. m. Paaaenger Traina tearing Waahinffton at WW a. m., II a. m-. and 5 p. m.. and Baltimore at 00 and 7,35 a., m., and SAO p. will ?ro? oniw at Junction and WamtntUm (R*l*y) Jwntnon Way Paaeeng era rauat take the Accommodation Traimt <mtp Traina will lea we Waafaioxton and Baltimore promptly uron card timt. W. P. SMITH. de 17 Maater of Tra.niportntioo. BaJU ^JOVKKNMKNT DISPATCH. FAST PftRMHT LINK N K W Y (Ml N6TUN A Special M?ipm(??U! b? sent thronjta with aoh Train. in order to M'l safety and diapatoh. ALL RAIL, WITHOUT CHANGE OP CARS. on and after MOWDAY. Nov. IKh, thia Company will receive ana trafaaort Muatfione of War, iovaiment Moras, Bn tiara' tfuppiiee for the Army, and all* V.lice: ineo^a^reiiht, at WITHOUT nui Of BVLC. 8p*ial Contract$ for Larn QvautitiM, at Htdmcnd MM1, \rr Praiaht reoeived only at the D^aot of the SeutnU Railroad of New Jersey, Piar No. 1, North Irer. l?Ar f.a?U. ! ?# a A. ? 1 * VI mwt liuviuwtivui VI ovmnofcw? enenir* at the QJkt of tkt Company. 49 Fhoadwny, ff. Y, Or 54H Penntylvaniu art., IftiAwtiM (Hty. Goods. "tfayrrnment Dis?atoh."-/"Tl Freight received froi 8 a. m. to Si. m. A. D. HOPS, mt (te Hope Ex*reea Co.. no 36-1m anMriDteBdett. NOTICE. m ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPAWY.? J his Company offers to tbe jubllo " (Jn?* nailed raota(Mrrfor the Sateana Qniok Pispatoh of fleary FreifhU. Paotuei, Valuables, Money, A?, co,, to all parte of the Cl'.^ Ptatee. Kxpreeses to and pom the North aad West 4??ar| from and arrive ta Washict^n tinoedjUly^ rstaibb eJI *" ' m Ail Faokagee for The Soldiari oamea at "ORB oar Bfual rales. All erodsfrr theso-oallad "Confederate States" aad Jl ArUolee ? Contraband of WaP* wflTba Or'&?r?ee?i leare New York at 1.4, and P. Mm arriving in Washington at A. M. and AM * vf?: -- - - - - .. aw? itwve riuiaaeieeia at Mi A, H. Ud JiT^h ?rnnni in Wukii(t<a M ?S? P. M.eed Inn Be; tt more M A-? A. M. ud IP. ?.,arriv1ng 1b Waabingtoa it 6 I. M. ud MD for all eointa North ud Wm( leave Wuh uitoBUUn A. M. >M Sjn P. M. dail*. Hpeoial Contract* lor iarge quutitiea of Freight oan be madeoa aephoation to UiihIm. All 6<>oda called tor and delivered Am of kltra c h w { m i E. Wj PA RRO8? Bep't Adama' Expreea Compur. Wagci ngto?. Au???t a. 1M1. u?M (ioLD AND BIL^E^f&GLIBH, BWI88 andamericanI I have now on band a large atook of all the moat celebrate Watohea, that I am eel.iog at the very loweat prioee teat good ud reliable time keepera oaubeaflorded at; and every description oriee JEWELRY on hand;all n#w atylea received m aooa M menu fact u r?*l. aod offered at the loves! rates. Silver war? manufactured la my orw* etaop. All kinda of MILITaIYGOODB on hud.auoh as Revolvers, Sworda, Baabee. Helta, Bowie Knivea. Pocket Cogipaaaai, to., he. Alao atrong Army Trunk* aud Bed Combined^and mar.y other MIH|> d?fiui anu orumrniti ftt 33" KMuj?y! vvn? etcduc. n?an tf H. aTIIOOD. n. i. rEiMLM, OPTICIAN TO fggf Hfs $i*T AMD MIL~ 44 Penn'atv.,( norUi ?ide.) b?t. lkh and ISth rts. SPECTACLES, prortdwl triU imiim Ko?k Crystal or Peri*oopio LeoaM. moan tod it|oM| urvr or Btool, and tinted viu itmoit Mr* for rr?i7 M? and eyMight. FIRST M 1 Cm MILITARY FIELD^LASmS, MloroMopM. CompuM, aod Mttfaainttical la trumesta, UUi lovMt uitan prior*. ?o?-tr which v* In Tit* all o??k pnrooaMra to asaaua* a",-rtK' ,?,;rir?^p?BNs IN Pa.a*?liifnwtUaiadlMk?a SI (latoMicaiKMr aad R?v?biMaa.) in?. MtDTMlnc ?u ." SnmB, ail |p* <f fltwg. wboh w irt MJiac * **rv (^Kita. OOLD-vBO|R?E!?Mfc ** QOMFOVXp B\HUPOP OVM ARABIC. THI MHIinl MO HtpmU* ComIi <? feM bMt to loof I sown tuA ?*lraflvftir MM U*> ium MNN tt*v? OfttMaM&at'Uar wif*? na Mtrftvrdi ?t 1*5 f- ?. *5 * 4* Ba?,??'S,Tb-' LOOK ItlflTALi *" ""SCtSSSSCrS: FOR ALL DIMAIB OF 1MPE VDINOB. LET NO EAL8E DELICACY FEETENT. APPLY iMMKOUmLY. A 99AM WAM A ANTED. OE NO CHAE9E, nOM ONE TO TWO DA PI. glKJUTXILZZ'vXS iw I vfciak r**4ar HuiiiM ImwOIi. u4 ?imm> Mfc j m4 Mi>4- "* rpvitoaMK . ^ lka? Wa^Af* *atu%s?T* kaNt *b?ek ajJCrM**?W r ShT^Stax nuutW lmin| SaMtaa vttk lt?ri?t?n af tWQMUM ?Ui< m muc; lk? iivtag Ijt*. m; ?tH - Mu ftm, Ma| VM?afVk7?e???WM?rSfiSSr>%WII9f vWlluM&MW ??4? IklMNrf D? 4. hM* Hty mMi Ma m t p?ilMMi 1*4 mMmu; ^ly H| cfetll ?i % ykjMoiiAi OrriCK !* 7 SOUTH FREDERICK BT toft but ai4?^?*k( fc*?JMy> nr*^ 2ee*e^e"wi5* MM pill ud CMUli ft DA. JOHNETOff, Mawkar ?f tk* l?r?i OHafa af fcMiin, U*4n. ?itt? m IN* aa? af tM mm wmm (falMjkti ? tfc? n?nA *??Hi. i*4 lk? ri??t?r |?rt af Mm lA U tan fMi II ?.,':!!S;T^ac*x:2ffrS tcPS un vfc#? u.tip, fmi him ikfll K ssr Till PARTICULAR NOTICE T wi| Ma* im wim wfca k?a aa)an? tkaaaaivaa ky Hrun prtcue* u.dai#*4 u> vfe*c iImi?i kabtt frMKMli I?uii4 fraa #vU nMnim. m at aakaal, tha An it wMtt in aiffcUy (?lt cm vhaa aataap, u4 tf mm int mitn antafi u?po?ibU, u4 <nu?ji kMk aM u4 kady, lIlwK apply iMtiuuit. ti<H ui ami af iki aad aad ailaatM; affMi ky aarty kabita rf ndk, ?u t Waakaaaa af MM Mt aad Liaba, Paina iitkt Rnl, Pi aw m XMtMl Pavar, hlpuim af ta? Baaft, Djf iiy, Karnai unakiltty, Daraafimaai af Ikl Dif aau>a lSiinw, Saaml Dabtltty, Syaptaaa af CaHiaMMt, it MEUTALLT ?Tfei faartal aVacta aa tka aM in antt ?a N draadad?Laaa af Ma awry, C'wlaaw af Maaa, Oafraaataa af Inrtu, Iril rorabadiori, Avarataa af Bactaty, iaM-Dtatmt. Lava af Maiitada, Tlaidity. ate, in aaaa af tha a?iU 'Tmwtoui DMIUTT-T>im?h ? arv Mn vWi ta Ua aaaaa af lhatr dadiakaf haakh, Iwu ihaw *ifa?. >w lag vaak.paia. air<Mi m4 aauMUi, kanif * anftlai ippaimta ahaw (ha ay a*, CMft a* aj an? af mwayD/SS^SJTS OJ /*pjr rrjrjrc# Whaa tha aanifif and lapradaM aaury af ptaaaN* Ml ka kaJ imbtbad On Midi af thia palatal dinaai, M taa aflaa kappaoa that an Ut-umad aaaaa ofifciai ar fiaaf af laairart a atari hta frM applying ta lhaaa vka, fria adacauaa aai raapatuhtlny, taa ilwa bafnaad kin. Ba Ulla tw Ua has da af i|nanM aad itainuf prataadan, vka, acapahta af avrtaa, tick bia pacaniary lakwaii. kaaa Ma tnliaf aaatk aCar aaatk, a* aa taa^aa taa aaallaai faa qaa ka ah nuaiv, ua wp?r ihvi bub wm nmn rnu la Ml a?ar m jnUlutf ImffOniawHj at ky iks asa af tkat 4aa?ta asia M-BirtMT-UiWi tka MmuinmJ i^anaw tf tkM tarriMt dlaaaas, sack u ifidkaioflkt lun. Tbraai. Ini, ha, kc , prafraaaina vitk fri*1?tfai raptAuy, Uil <M? fwi mtm4 ta us ar?*df?, nlirti|i toy Hall*| teat a tlM aaWM>tr*4 Mtntrt tmm haws* aa tiaraler rtunt DM. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND JMPOTEN^T By tMa mat ?4 laimm ra?a4y waakaaaaaf tka atfaaa w syaadfly Ww< J fkll rwiHt nmuhtlX Mat bhi? u4 daMliuitd, vka ka* laat all kapa, t?i k?AM 1T ftlilfld All laytdlaacta ta Htmaft. rkyttaaJ at Maaiai OtacaaJliiiltaai, baas af fwwitil's rtwsr. Wti'taa IrrttaMllty. *r*akUa< u< W aakaaas ta lua?tas af tka aaat faatiU kM i^ttlll; tin*. ENDORSEMENT OF J HE PRESS. TBB Mart Taoriaffdi r.arat at tins loautauaa aitkla Ut laat stTsoiatE run, lb4 tat oaaatraat Hayarttst ItrrtMJ afanuana paifcraH ky D? Jakaataa, tiaiaH ky At raaanan af tka p&ptra u< ataay atktr aarsani, aaueaa af valak kara irftwtl afale u4 agaia kafcra tka paktit, kai'4m ku aiudia| m a fMtiaau af akatattai aal miw4 Mlity, Is a aaflaiaat faaiaataa ta tka afltoat. atat la-ly TRIESBMAR. Protectrd by Royal Letter* Patent 0/ England, and secured by the Seali of Ike Eeole de Pkarmarie de Pant, and tko 1 mperxal College if Mtdirtne, Vienna TR1E8KMAR No. 1 Is the effectual remedy for Relaxation, i?r?aMiTOIlHdt and k XRADtTION OB TA PTITIM TR1E8EMAR No. S, Completely And entirely eradjeeiea all trwN of ttooee disorder*, for vhioh Copai va And libtbt hare ce&era ly baea thoacht ao aattdot*. tc Ue rum 01 the health of a rait portion vf the aopalat on. TRIKftKUAB No > Ia tbe great and air* rrmwly oi if otnliaed world nor alllpaarltiee of tke lyatem.aa wall aa i?oomfry aymptomi, obviating tbe deotrooti ve u aa of MarOMry. a* wall aa otbe- d*letorio?a laxradiMla, aad wkioh ail tbo Saraaeari.ia m the wo'W mbom revive Tiimim*! Noa. 1.3 oad 9 are alike davoid of taate or email. M>d of all oaaeootiiu aaalitiea. Tbey are ia the form of a loaou* a, aad nay lie oa the toilet table withoat their mee baiu aae8old in tin oaaea at S3 each, or (oar #3 oaaae ia one for 99, ami in #<7 oaaea, tbaa aaviog ft. aa adnuytored by Vaipoaot Lallanaad, too*. *o.. ko. Wholeealo and retail by DR. H. A. BAHK)W, 194 Bleooker atreet, (4 door* froo Mmoral atreet). New ^ ork. Immediately oa raooiat of reraittanoe, Dr. Viltow will forward Trreeomar to any eart of too world, eeoorely packed .and addreaaod aooording to fee inott aeboaa oftba writer. Pabliaiied alao by DR HARROW, that popular gbeauUfally illoatratod mMieal wo k, Unman iity. Pnoe 35 oonta. Tnooamar aid Book eaa Obtained by apeoial authority from 8. C, FOR D, hinfton. D. C. del3-feo LEA k F B R R 1 R I' onoum Worcwterihlrt Baftce. PrODoanoad by C EXTRACT OONNOIS8EUR8 H a Lottor from a to bath. || H*"* at Madras -ONLY GOOD 8AUCB." IBWHB at Woroaator. aod a?i>aabis to S|2! - i^i Em# ft VE.T fisti&iiSxs B- IB 1MU, Ba4 IS. IB saSh.,'wr2 ISsujffissi* Tbi abora SAUCE ia not oalj tba ?mt and moat rorvui ocirmifDrr kaowa, bmt the moat Icmm*4*1, aa a tow dropa ia S?w. Or?r?. or wiU MsB. hot Bad oold J?it, BhJ Sumk, &+m*. ft., impart aa ax*aiaito iMt, wkieb m^rmu^Ud Saaoa maaaJBetarara bar* ia Taiawiiiaa ' to imfu. Ob U* Br?kfmtt, Laactwa, Dmmm, or ?mrm TbU*, a oriK aootatnaf " LEA * PERR1N8' WORCESTERSHIRE BJttKJE" ia iadiafaaaabia. To appraoiato tke szesUsa* iaaMn? of Una d*li ciMM proyaraboa it ia oaly aaoaaaary to rarehaaa a small bottia of Ua yaaaiai, of a raapaatabia grooor or daa sr. as aaaay H*ti ud *?iasraai Hp ariatAra rnmld aa? ??' (iMU, Mt nhtattto a imiim BftU fcUad with a mmimu austara. For wit by Groo*r? and PraiUron mrrvlitr*. JOHN DUNCAN * SONS. Unit* Sfrt mmd 141* itrM, Urn Imrk. Sola Whoi*?Ue Ataata for Ua Uaftad 9tataa. A Stock always ia atora.?Alao ordan raaaivad for diroot ahipaMata from Ea< la?d. WTBmmmr^Ommtmfmf mmd iaiMMau.^! aa?? TOPIAM1 MM BE riLMMIWM TR9.NK BBC MAM VFACTOR 7, 499 hTMTiBrmr. Wubmtm, D. O. ^^^s^^aasrjir-Jr*'nl? o?T?r*d ud retired tt ikort boom. j WrSISfStS ' . I ?brown,kif unng Cpka'i Liqaid 1 JrlDyejCb^r-* ?bW???t ib the world, proaaeini, Ui? - m^nfiPmjK;sss, SSSR sggEfiEB: t tl

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