Newspaper of Evening Star, December 31, 1861, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 31, 1861 Page 1
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/ ' f r "+ ?* g-|j_ s' fi^A V gB ^HE hb jSp ?^ v^9 ^iHfes B w&t A LS ^ n gp M |M g ^9 ^5 H K| BWl J J J| |f?rjs K " " I .,11' V^. XVIII. WASHINGTON. D. C . TUESDAY. DECEMBER 31. 1861. N-. 2.761. 4 V j I THE EVENING STAB f rUVUSHBO BVBRT AFTBtLtfOOtt, (BtmPAY 8Xnr,nW0.> AT THB ?TAt #/ M??IM ??4 EltMAlt H T W. L>. WALLACH. P?pn wM la pMkagei by omrrter* it 94 i yaw, *r P oeotoper moatt. To atUnkwIWn me pnoe w ?3 m a year, im <????, * to? *a Niki, tl for three aaoetbe; ud for lea tku ?hr** moo the at the rate of It eeate a wee* Sta|W eoplea, mi cist; la wrapper*, two c*wt* |?7 ADTiattmiRtf ahouM bo aent to the OAm before It o'clock a.; otherwise they may hot appear until the next day ICE HOISE*. " We have recently mad* tome *zp*rim*nta with ventilating ioe-house*. showing the great advantage of admitting warm air to the sawdost which covers the ice at the top. A house, with J uWe walla filled with sawdust, received last winter its usual supply of ice; and the upper door through which the ioe was passed, earefully closed It was foand this summer to be rapidly melting. The door was opened, and the melting ceased This has been sinoe repeated and invariably with the same resuits. When the door is closed, and the air above the ice thus enclosed becomes cold, the ioe sir k* away; when it is opened, and air admitted freely from the outside, the melting oeaaes This will perhaps be accounted for in different ways by"different persona, bat the true explanation is probably this?when the door ia closed, the air above the ioe U reduced in temperature, and, aa a neeeaaary conaeauence, becomes heavier and ainka or foroea Aa way downward throagb the sawdust Ita temperature being above freeting, (although much below that of the eommon air.) it carries a constant atream of warmth to the ioe and melts it. When the door is thrown open, and the air outside admitted to blow over it. ' this air cannot become cooled, and does not sink, and the iee ia unharmed We have many inquiries from our correspondents why their ioe melts away ao rapidly. Aa a general answer, we might say, you take too much pains in building ftaht ice-houses. W a never see ice keep better tnan in a board ahanty. The air must blow freely over the top of the sawdust, and this shanty was open all around. A rough floor admitted free drainage; about eight inches of sawdust was spread venly over tnia floor; the iee was then built in square diocks, leaving aoout eight inches round next to the siding of the shanty, which vu filled and packed in m the structure of I ice went up; and lastly the top was covered with about eight inches of sawdust. This was the whole process The ice kept perfectly; was used all last summer, and about two tons, 1 which was left over, was thrown out last winter, when the building was refilled. A thickbom ef eight inches of packed sawdust may b? regarded as a perfect non-conductor of heat, for all practical purposes?perhaps six inches would do, if fine and evenly packed. If not packed, it may have cavities or orifices, t and admit enough warm air to melt tbe whole. Country Gent. m The season is at hand when a new stock of ice should be provided for. If necessary, old stntctares are to be repaired, or new ones erected An abundant supply of ice the year round is a luxury whioh may be enjoyed by ten of oar well-to-do farmers where one now possesses it. When not in reasonable distance of some large ice establishment from whieh a regular supply may be obtained, some provision should be made for storing it for individual family use. The cost need not be large. An ice-bouse that will stow from forty to sixty tons of ice mav be constructed at a smalt cincnui wh?n atyfe or appearance of structure is not essential W? have copied above a c^mmanicati n from the Country Gentleman, which presents tome important suggestions in respect to structare anil ventilation. The writer speaks of "double walls filled with sawdust." We are satisfied that *'double walls," or partitions for double spaces, are important to preserve ice in the best manner. We do not, however, believe that both spaces should be filled If the outer chamber is left raeant or as an air chamber, while the inner Is suitably filled, greater protection will be given to the ioe than without such an air ehamber We built a houae one year since, twenty feet s^aare. all above ground, enclosing the same with tongue and groove plank?one and a ouarter inch clans?with battened joints. Sext inward oi this we placed another partition six inchea distant, of ungrooved boards bailed on horiiontally. Within this was placed another partition of dressed boards, tongued ad grooved, and placed also horiiontally. The latter space or clumber was packed with pent tan. obarcoal dust, and rice chsff, n equal parts This we are satisfied is the best arrangement for the protection of ice frem toe exterior heat ot summer However heated the enter surface may become, it will Dot oummuoicata that beat through the air chamber to the oontiguous chamber filled with packlac Beaida*. u? apace packed ia constantly chilled by it* contiguity to the large body of Ice within lu our own structure we carried the inner eiling to and under the rafter*, ao aa to ere- I at* ao air spaoe under the roof In thia, however. nerd left votiuiatiug opening*, co a* to void the objection* named by the writer above Oar old iee-hotue was built with twelve feet of it below ground The natural warmth of the earth always caused a waste'of ioe, ao a? U eat abort oar Mppiy before the season was ?k?sed With the structure entirely above ground the ioe has been well preserved, and Aali our stock ?till remains ?JV. }'. Observer. Leee from Very few of oar farmers seem to be aware of the great lots they sustain annually, from the growth of weeds of one kind or another, with which quite too manv of oar farm* are overran. lite late Sir John Sinalair made some experiments on this subject, the result* of which we annex, and which are worthy of the oonsideration of all oaltivators who hare failed themselves to discover to how great an extent their crops are lessened by weeds : " 1. Seren acres of light gravelly land were fallowed, and town broadcast; one acre was measured off. and not a weed wu pulled out of it," the other six were carefully weeded. 1 tie an weeded acre produced eighteen bushels, the six weeded acres i3J bushels, or 22} per acre, whieb is 4i bushels, or one-fourth more produce in farer of weeding. " 2. A six-acre field waa sown with barley, in fin* tilth and well manured. The weeding, uiviu| vv uuuutuvo ut cuariuci, cosl 12s. per acre The produce of an un weeded ere was only 13 bushels; of the weeded, 28. Difference in favor of the weeding, }b bushels per aere. beside* the land being much cleaner |oi succeeding crop* Six acres sown with oat?; one acre plowed but once, and unmanured, produced only 17 bushels. Another six acres, plowed three times, manured, and weeded, produced 17 bashels. This experiment proves that oats MAniM (?<w1 mftnitfamar t inrl will n a v frw It < ^ ?* rmJ *V1 ?* u wall u other erope. Ten bushels ?f tbe Increased prodooa may be fairly attributed to t&e we<*i;ag, aod tbe other ten to tbe maRare." _______________ MaiTaBT MorMSKTe m Baltixobb ? Blece (be last military boUm, tbe 8th New Hampshire raclp*ot Lit reached here by tb? Philadelphia, wfliaingtok and Baltimore Ealiroad, and moved a to tbe OeplUl la aa extra train Tbe command mwtorM lult own, aader Col. Ceaveree. The m<*a wort thoroughly equipped according to the r*?alatloa ?tandaid. and presented a far, soldier, like appearance whilst on tbe march through tbe ?4ty rhete alee reached here la cempeav with tbe New Mampabtra command. a tae detachment of Massachusetts cavalry Yeeterday tbe Sixth bode talked Regiment paaaed through bare oa tbrir way to Annapolis.?Soil, iairvia, 3WA. \TT The British sthomer Gladiator, about wbaee miiiloo we have before Informed onr r^a.l?r? vr*a at Nimi, New Prorldeare. on lb* 19th laal , toadrd with arm* for tbe reb*!?, and wu lytny Ueatd* th? United Stale* guaboat flam. b*au, wb? traa watehlag bar botomii The , MuiManual oftctal there. hwrwr, bad declined T> f irnUta coal to tba Flambeau, wblla tbe Glad law vaa abundantly aappllad. Aa both rn? kj w*'9 rt\oataotlr h?*pl?i up, and Ib'ii ronemnlag their faai, It wa? eoaaequeatl* k Omui*! ?/ auttf betwaea than wb?th?r tba Glad I latar Woald make goad her ^apt,?the odd* gf cmra*, u-lag greatly la her latror MANAGEMENT OF SMALL GARDENS. We have been requested to (ire seme biota on tbe management of small gardens, and obeerfnlly comply, for there is no subject of more importance in its bearing upon tbe future of American Horticulture. It is not a few fine places tbat sbow the horticultural taste of a oountry ; this is better exhibited in tbe small gardens of tb? million When we enter a village for the first time, we ai once form an opinion of the taste of the people from the oondition of the little gardens that meet the view on every side, and not from one or two aristocratic establishments. Tbe most zealous improvers of the dav. the men who are doirnr most for the # o " """" diffusion of a taste for gardening, are the residents of oountry towns and villageg with their half aor? and quarter acre lots, their small and nioely kept lawns, adorned with flowering shrubs, with borders of herbaceous flower* ana beds of bulbs and annuals, and a kitchen garden that furnishes an abundant supply of the oominon vegetables, grown in the best possible manner. A few such gardens in a Tillage exert an influence Tor good Imitators soon arise, and tbe character of the people and the appearance of the town is soon changed. We might specify and show when and where complete revolutions have been efTeoted in this way by a few humble yet intelligent and zealous horticultural workers. Let one farmer in a town where fruit culture has been sadly neglected, commence the work in earnest, plant the choioest varieties, and give his trees the proper care, and how long will it be before he has a dosen imitators? The first hint needed by all who are about to improve a small place is not to attempt too TV. .1... . f ? -J?: * : ? uiucu- x uu ^icaouic ui ^aiuutliu^ IS UUl 1U having a great variety, but in growing evervtbing well; and yet almost every one at the commencement is anxious to obtain everything that is considered valuable and particularly all that is new. This course causes great trouble, some expense, and in the end lit*le satisfaction The true way is to get a few good and tried plants, and to add to the number as circumstanced may make it convenient and proper. First of all, however, see that the soil is in the proper condition, well drained, mellow and rich. All the money expended on a proper preparation of the soil is well spent. It is hardly possible to do too much ia this way. It is the fonndation of all after good culture. An error in this respect oan never be repaired, at least, without destroying all that has been done and commencing anew. It is like the foundation to a building,?if this is faulty, it matters little how fine the superstructure may be, disappointment and lost is the only result. In a small garden the soil may be got in a proper condition without much expense. If verj light and sandy, ashes, plenty of manure, ana a little clay will effect a change; if cold and heavy, drainage, ashed, manure, .and and lime will produce a wonderful amelioration. Of course where possible it is best to obtain a good mellow loam at first, but this cannot be always obtained in the desired situatioo. One great error often committed in planting small gardens is to put out trees of too large a growth and too many of them, so that in a few years the garden looks like a young forest. It is difficult to realize when we plant email trees from four to six feet in height, that in a few years they will monopolize the ground for twenty feet in each direction, and so we plant trees with reference to what trees are, and not what they will become. Half a dozen apple trees and the same number of horse chestnuts will fill a eommon garden, and gire no satiafnc? tiou Such trees should be discarded.?at least one is enough. So of the Norway fpruce, a beautiful evergreen, and one on a lawn is a magnificent object, but we often see a dozen planted where there is only sufficient space for one. For the front of the bouse there is nothing so neat at all season* as a lawn, and this should uot be filled, but embellished merely with a few of the flowering shrubs and smallirowing trees, like the Mountain Ash, the [agnofia, the Chinese Arborvitee, and if spaoe enough, a Norway Spruce. Tl / :a T -L IJ t- - - 1 ^ xue i tun gsrueo lauuia OS pnaiN WllQ dwarf trees and the small fruits. A supply of winter applet can always be obtained of farmers and fruit-growers Tbe cultivator of a small garden sbonld, therefore, plant summer and fall varieties ef apple*, pears, cherries, pl.ims, currants, gooseberries, raspberries, strawberries, Ac , that can seldom be obtained in tbe market* in perfection, and his garden will afford not oniy pleasure but profit, and an exceeding large amount of good living ? Rural New Yorker. Impobtait statkmkmt rauK P*ki? ?A letter app#a-s !o tbe Albany Evening Journal, from >lr. Thuriow W wd, d&U-d Paris, Dec. 0, which contains some important and gratifying Inteiil gence Mr Weed's position In karope doubtleas sflves bliu access to the most reliable sources of information, and bis Iook expeiience of editorial duty is a warrant that when he makes a statement didactically he speaks with knowledge and means all that he says It Is therefore gratify in# to find him saying that he iearna from aa '-authentic source that tbe demands of tbe British GovernI m#?nt fin thp atfalr t\f thn Tf#nll iro rrir\/la?r?nn war is apprehended, and the bluster of the Liberals In England is only designed to checkmate the Tories, who hoped to ri4e into pow^r on thli war cloud " And further?"! am enabled toatate positively that France will not follow the sample of England if that power determine* to recogniie the Soul tern Confederacy " Moil Cattle voa Wahhinbton ? On Sdtur day night about two thousand cattle left thla city for Washington for (be use of the army In that vicinity Generally they were of very ordinary quality, and amongst them below the usual age of cattle brought to market. S*o great has become the demand for beef cattle, ana the difficulty of getting them from the West by railroad, (bat tbere are some apprehension* of a abort aupply for the city markets Already an association of butchers to guard againat such a probability have sent and purchased their stock from Philadelphia, where they haye been obliged to Uka cattle brought from the State of New York The cattle from those parts of the West from which the city markets were formerly supplied are nearly all taken up by tbe army contractors. Large numbers of fit eow?, which we* rarely the caee*before, are now brought to the city.?Baltimore Sun. -i UARTKR MASTER flENERAL'S OFVjL FICE, Wa?hii??to? City. l)??o 3d, 1s61. Ihe Seoretarv of War direota that do more ?>riM be txiuibt until all now beloujinf to the ov?mm*nt are la aotive servioe. The attention of ail Quarter muter* of the Regnlar and Voluuwer Ann? U oalltd to the above order from the Seoretary of War. M. C MEIGS, d* *7-eol(H QBarternuiwer General U. p. hiiW UTOCK QP GENERAL STAPLE GOODS. Blanket*, Comlbrta and Bed Spread*, Cotton Sti?euc**, Shtrtin** and Linen*. Wtilteand Colored Fiannole, Towele, Napkins, Tabiee Cloth* acd ?>tapOr?. Foa GcrTp* aKD Boh'W?i? Cloth*. CtMMn, Tw?*l4, VhUuA *o., In all good style* and quauti'*, Flna and Heavy Grey DomMtio Clutlu. for Gentle bmu' Kuita To all of which we aak the e?aotal attention of earehaeera. i. W, COLLRY * CO . *???? frifcTtt. *t.,?N>v?? Nnew millinery. OW On hand and oocsUntlv raoeirloc new eapeiiee of VVTnTKR BONNETS. oompr?-^V ia<UMrewMt asl mo*t d* ?irable i'tim of^mm HUTCHINSON * MUNRO't?!^ Kascy (More, Sid Peon. avenue, between 9th and 1'th street*. wbere Mlee ThompeoD ie prepared to eiNiito pnwptir &1. orders left with her. lap lo*t t-oelred, a new supply of Head Dr*ssS. Artiioial Flower*. Feather*, to., to wtiich we rite the attention of the ladies. da U rmiw?aT ATTr > rfO:V.' If yo? want SMan* tfalnn-i at to good *tjle ani }t ehor i n .tioa. and eleasar tu%z ?n? esu tl.ei.i OP* ?nC ?IfclfLff**b''"'fS1 ta Wartm<ton. ? on HAMlLTO.t, Nt>. I6fi Tth ?t., u?i>o?tte Center Market. In the roar. lUffT MOKIVRD AND fon -il l- iv.iv U0*SE8 FOR BALK, IJ Of mo rtcson>t:<.n, r..R?f?i?t ? ? h?o :? f.o? i!&aa rsau*.Tsh ?**r ttb 0?e.?c HlVwt. ?i*U-4m* /C2i 1 TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. From Geatral Btaki' Dirititi. Fbkdieick, De?. 30.?The rommiMlon for examining Into the character, abilitv and quallficatlona of officer* of tbta divMon of the army atill continue* ita fitting* in tbla city Many caa?a cf the lower ^rad>a of commlaaioned clficera have been examined Into and reported upon to the Otbera, Including tome of higher grade*, are now before th? hoard The llnal action In all th- raw* will not be divulged until the rising of the board. The general court-martial to-day take* up the eaae of the murder by a private of the Fifth Connert'rut, perpetrated while that reulmrnt wu on a march last fall from Pleasant Hill to WilUamsport. After (Deposing of this, other desertion rate* will b? brought up It ia believed that ssveral of tbis class will be made examples of by the process laid down In the article* of war. John 8 Clark, late colonel of the Nineteenth New York, has been appointed an Ald-de-Camp to General Banks, with the rank of Colonel. Last week a Are broke oat in a dwelling near General Banks' headquarter*, affording bin )>ody guard, the Zouaves d Afrlque, a rare opportunity of Instituting some new taciics In the Are department Before the alarm bad hardly wounded tbese agile fellow* had emptied the engine bouses of their "machines." attached hose, scaled the walls, and extinguished the tire in an incredible | short space of time, saving the valuable property from any great losa. Mrs. General Banks ar.d the ladles of many of | the other officers of this dlvi?loii are at present sojourning here, giving a metropolitan tone to society and an Increased air of reflnement and elegance to the city. On Saturday, Gen Banks, First Assistant Postmaster General Kasson. and t*. E Mlddleton, E*q , ca*hler of the U. 8. Treasury, dined at the mansion of Frederick Schley, Esq , editor of the Examiner The 5th Connecticut La* been ordered hither from Hancock, and will probably be here bv Thursday. The lit wction of Capt Beat'* (regular) battery 1* now on It* way here from the same place. A man named WcOraw, from HarperV Ferry, was arretted here oil the27th He 1*charged with having voluntarily furniithed a large quantity of salt to the en? my? some say 15) to '200 sick* A very useful lnstltutior la the ordnance department of this division, under charge of Lieut. W. Thompson, of company 1, Massachusetts Twelfth. A force under him i* employed in repairing and issuing arms, which would, otherwise, be condemned and returned to Washington. The same otUr-er has charge of the magazine and trophies captured from the secessionists. Frsm Bsstsn. Boston, Dec 30, p m ?It Is by no mean* certain that th? Niagara leaves to-morrow with Mason and Slld>-U. The agents of the steamer deny having instruction* to that effect, and it i* not certain that *he will leave before hcrrmlatist. the Sth of January. [skcosd dispatch ] Bostow, Dec 30.?The agent* of the Cunard line hare ordered t^e Niagara to be In readtneu for sailing by Tuesday noon No orders from Lord Lyous about Masou and Slldell have yet been received They probably expert orders to that effect by mall to-morrow. From Nliuirl Palmyra, Dec 28 ?Yesterday Gen. Prentiss, with 450 ineu, encountered and dispersed a body of rebels MX) strong, under Gen Dornev, at Mount Zlon, Boone county, killing and wounding 150 of (hem. and rapturing 35 prisoners. 96 hor?e? and 10)3 guns. Oar lots wj? only 3 killed and 11 wounded The rebel?" burntd another train on the North MlsMourl railroad yesterday, and say that they intend t.. destroy all the curs on the road to prevent it froui being used during the present winter Slew York Uauk Statement. New Yo&i, Dec 30 ?The weekly statement of theclty banks shows the following result* I,oan?, decrease. ?1.027,000; aperle, decrease, ?7,455.000; circulation, decrease, ?118,000; deposits decrease, ?8,425 000 On Saturday evening the banks did nut nota mucb over 9'SJ UOO.OOO In *peole. Many l>ank* are paying *pecle, as usual, while other* are paving out *ma'l sunn to customer* There It, however, little demand for it Snjpensian it *ptcie Payment* Albant, Dec. 30.?The banks here suspended specie payment* on learning the action of the N \ ork city bank* PiTTfBcaa, Dec 30 ?Tbe old Bank of Pittaburg continue* to pay *pecie on all It* liabilities, a* It ha* done through the past general suspension*. I\7 E W3-N K Wf-N K VV 0 1* JC*T OpfcMiSJ, nw YOHK OYSTEU AND EATIXU SA LUUN. The i>nU?r*i?ued !>.*g re<?pectiul:y to inform their friends and the publio Kent-rail* f'St \ tt.e' ' *vt> their establishment faj on New lot* a<? . u*Ar 16th at. VVe^^^&Aw hail spare no [aim to procure for our ^Q|^Hr ouatoinai k trie t>a?t the ??t oau afford. Parties, famine# ana sutlers bupplied at the tthi r'est n tioe. Our e?tabiiaitindt.t will !>e open daiif, bur >lap* excepted. de Uln.* DORIAN AH WORD L^VKK^ BODY GOK.S* 'I'll HUITHW SI" Cj Ttto afreet, io gel their CiotEing. * urui?htnf Hood*. H\U ami t"ai?t. (Uep > Us M ?in HKAD yi'A K rtHS lor CloUkln*. Furciatung Uotxis. Hal a aail Cats, at No. 4UJ 7tti atreet Ja 111m (Rep t / 1K KAT AT1K ACT I ON 3.?Or?n?l ru?h lor > I 7th afe.n, to ???? the new '( ck of Clothing, juat isatived at HMlTrt'H, No. 460 7th atreet. de 11 1 in i[Utf.J I HOI.IDAV PRESENT* I Have on hand a large aaaortmeiit, B a<k and Fanoy ?*?ih?. Delaine*, taaMtserea, Fanoy Pialda, and a variety of other Dreaa ti odHb. A lao, 8hawl?, Scarf*. H -op r'kuta. Handkerotiiefa, Km roide'lea. tCraeta, Latidt.' and Gent'n Kid Uiovoa. Nee* Ties. (J ad or Shjrta, and Drawers, Bock GauntUt*. and a great variety of.Hoaiery and Glovea, all au'table lor holiday Preaenta. at ttie low eat cash priori. 1IKNRY KUAN. 323 Pei.i.ayivauia av^tue Soutu aide, between 6th and 7th, de23?Uif rear Iron Building. HOllSE-FURNLSHINa GOODS. A f llnpirr v P Dfvimarv D . unaaiiii UAlfO. . For Sft.e b? OOHTLAN Jt CO , At Nos. ?16 A. 81? Caltixork St., Baltivurs, Table Cutlery, Aibat* 8|k>ons, Alt>at& Fork J. Plated T?* ?? ?. Coff-?o t/rua, 'i'anle Oastora, Chafing i)i?hea, Umabu. Hat Ra ka, WaltJra, UmbreMaStaaila. Cork*or?wg, INiitiraoks. Cooks' Knlvoa, Brea-J Rolves. Kitoudii Knives ana Forks, CbunMca* AlbataBoup I^dlee, PMr"' Caadleeueka, Patent loe Pltohera, Scales awl WeUhts, Bat-1-? Tabs, CoilaJWU, fkL MtM. * fWbld M&U, Gaii Stoves,

^ootTaba# l uartiU:,' MaokdU, Toiletfeeu, Willow Baakete. \V o<k1?ii War*, Devonailfe Chalra, bi*v?e. Oyster liiahea. 6A? FIXTURES, Qcff?e BIjcbis. of FrenchFp*lteh. a&J American Ptenwi iaaun?etur?. Drtidn, a::J Oat India CHINA, ,01J M?1m? U*tianeraw JiTYnd*T{ to their air*nta?? to oali and examine onr atoek vhea war tint any of the above deeorlption of foode. CQKTL\N 4 CO.. ?oe. 8ifl and fllft 8aUin?ur? aW tveen Charles an! Bt. Caul atreou, rrofortara, Maaaiaoterera at a Deaden in bonae fceeylng artielee gaueialiy. deja-twlw pAKKS PGR THK HOLIQAYS-U?e Met and V. 0h'ap et,atthe Thii*def?bi* 1m Cram D'f?!' 0 ' IBt and F atreet* de 28 '4v * Z4* SSFAjk.rac w?? i ??iu? 7*5.1 1 ' THE j)OLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS > NOW IS THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fullest and Mast Reliable Newt fren the Seat ( Gaveraneat! Reading Mutter for the Fir**uie Circle! The present year la undoubtedly the mo?t ?VfOU ful In the Dolltlcal hlstorv of this rountrv. and tbr ?r - r . t record of occurrence* tranaplriug ' 'he Federal Metrojwlia la naturally o( ?uiking and remarkable Interest The public desire to receive promj>tj f"Jl an I reliable accounts of all that passu here Is moat inteua*, and we have consequently made alteration! and Improvements In tbe weekly laaiie of the Washington Mar to meet this want moat aallafactorily In compliance wltti tbe wlab of tbe public tbe paoer baa been ey ni(ed from a quarto to tbe more oonvenlent MTlo abape, unci now appears a kandsovu sheet of thirty-two columns, tilled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As Indicated by the title, we now furnlah tbe paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR !! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which It la printed. It la our determination to ni.k. a,.- .1? I ~?= ????.?*. - "?? ?"'y and handfomtst Dollar Newspaper In the L'nited States, but that It shall ubsoiutWv be The Bkst Family Wkkkly Nkw?papzr is thr World!!! It contain* the very fullest, fre?h?st, and molt important details of all that transpire* at tbe Seat of Government; editorials on all tbe impor Unt topics of the times; tbe news of the week; Interesting correspondence from all parts of the world; capital stories; humorous and graphic sketches, and tbe pick of tbe floating misreiiany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Star has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of interest to farm era in me transactions ol the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U. S Agricultural Society Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipe* for our lady readers; aiso, Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new inventions Issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, It is our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once Instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washington New* and our tptcialuy. In accordance ujta tie views set forth above Believing it to be better U> sell many payors it a low price than a few at a high price, we U?..-e determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubx. To Single Subscribers gl OOper year. To Clubs of Five 1*5 cents. To Clubs of Ten SK> cents. Tq Clubs of Fifteen fca cents To Club* of Twenty-live M) cunt*. T?> Ci.ibs of l'ifty ?5 cents. addren w- 1). wali acii ^ ? SrAlt,' WsthiNgton, D C., with aubacrl j?tion money enelyaed, or far (|i?ciu?n copies, which will be forwarded grfctu. | WM. CORWIN BWRGY, I j.VTK Wi'h Ui? oi l and wil kuo^f houae ef WM. S COKWIN ft. CO., n'kw y"rk, Dialer in choice Rra%dte&, lVmet Citart, 4"C- ?t d Imyjrier of Tea.? and Cktnti? Fan * (toudf, So 347 PeN3?TLVa!?I* e. VENUS, (tut a ce r-ixlh Mreet.) IfajtAwdo*. It. C. The attention of ooatoia<eura and the pablic * enera. j i* invited to my et-u k of one Braraiea.Winea Cigar* T<m, *o . o raprl-lue Hennna?*y Otad and Sayer Brasdiea, Widow Clicquot, Moot A Chando i, M.m'n, Heidaick A Co , and Aamiriaieo Veiz ney, Cha.i p**ne?; Pernrntiua Am i t la-'.o and Y riarte St.prrie ; Wanderer, Reserve ami South tSids .Ylau&itas; Htidout and Borrr.ereter P<>it?; the celebrated "WiO" ?'lut> Houxe Giu; IriahHoouh, B. i;r^;>n a-id Mon'> gahVa Wlnakiet; J a inn tea I'dbt. Croix; CkLa- ?, Figa o La Rosa de Santiago. a Capann aan . v-rl'-ua Draoue oi i;.<ars tiua very fi'ie Youn4 Hjaot, ll> ron. Imperial and Kngli*h Hie*kfa?t I'eaa n catty l<if? imported by tiiyae If expready for family us?" i',> 13 1m SKAIjKU HKOPO**AL.f, until the 9' h !> o*inber, lffl , ar* invit-d for ^rci^liiac tUo b. 8 v*u j6iat**noe l>ep*rtm*i t with FT;OIJI?. * bout harrela <*ill bd require!, of & lucn gradeof extra Flour, ?o be tlciiveied in WatLtr.g hi the rovi D pot. or at Warehoiuei lu Wa?bir.f(tou or O^rnst'vu, aoauf tunt# between the 1st aii.l liitn 01 January, 1HK2 Raoh barrel of the Flour t> be in?f.eot<'d just before it te received. The Flour must t e cquai in uality to tt.e stwiipi** u> ba obtained at the t .epit> I Bak?rjf Wa<kincton t'ftj Kids Ut be directed to Major A IJKOKWITH, o.^s., u.8. \ .maaadomP'Ptoffcala' dei^ A 1-1. t'OI.ORS ANDHSK? I.AOiF.rt- RiJtL .1 Pvia Kid Glove*. t>??l tcalitf. PEHK. A B.'OTMF.R, de It-'Ot Fenn aT'Bgg a.ul Niptb street. C^OMK ON K AND A 1.1., To the i'eople'a J Pi.itKlnj < Ma iflA ?? -a -* - * ? uwio. |??. >ll| nro? Blii *6! four Goods at astonishing'ow pnoes. d? 11-ltr (R??> ('ilKESE! I'HKKSb!! y CHEF.SE !! IJOj'ORS, TOBACCO, riGARS, >ItVs, raisins, crackers. All on Land ainl tor eale cheap by I . B. HASTINGS A CO . SiiS 1) ?t.. fvjiug Fa. avenue, fiQ 25 tf Phiiharmenio Huiftiat. TTHE WHITE UOUSS HE Well-knijwii White House Restaurant, on High itrtet, near the canal, ii George A . .A town, has be.?n lefiited, and pa t es oan VcmW now l>? accommodated with ooinfuriabte JU^BLX rrivate rooms. Game. Fish. Oytterg, and tiife t*?t Wines. Liqnofs and Sesars, always on h?n<l. Families furnished with Oyete usual. ?'e7-lni A. ROD 1KK, fr^osnetpr. CROSS A BLACit WELL'S PINAUTT1. MUed Piokles, CU4\r Chow, Gherkins, Wa> nuts, Spanish &hd French Oiiye?, Fresa Raspberries. Vyalnot Catsup, Mu'h'ucn Oatsus. Harvey's Sauc?,Ao.4o KING A BURCHELL, de 19 oorner Vermont av.and Fifteeuth st. ' BUY FOR A ^ 9^ HOLIDAY PRESR v v a i*T or IT^li LADIES' DRESS FUR8. ' froqa B. H. STINEMETZ, de2S-'janl1 836 Pa. av., near corner 13th ?t. L?OR SALE?Two aeoond-haud WAGONS In ^ flirt 01 WIl.LlAM COAD. at Er.lnjtjn Farm, between the hoara of 10 and 13 o'olook. dett at Having New York avence, to No. 3^3 9th street, a few door a from \ew York avenue, renews the offer of hi* arofeeatonai aenrloea, (Medioai and Surgical > Xo the oitlgeaa of Waahincton. He may be found at hia offloeat all houta.wnea notprofeaaiona'iy encased. Kipeoiai attention will be said to (emale-duMeea SEac r aa r?- > ? na v ? * -n? ?? - ? ? ? ? ? - ? I xnj-i>k I I.U ab&iSi rjHH, r KLiJTS, Ao.? * PaU defoi ?raj. Truffe#, Cooterva Uinra-. Car :oa Ginger. Hie do Veau, Truffled (4os&rc. Qiive Faroiee. Sardines. A10I,oriei in oil/ Petit* Pot*. Champignon*. Vt'munU Herring, Ana..ovr rMU, Asparagus, 4c . . KINO * RL'RCHELL. da 19 corner Fifteenth si and Virmoai >T. IT u R 8 ! K u R s M L?u?,t.p u ?8!!! F V^lTKH MINK, FRENCH SABLE. 1b (treat variety, a^d da5 liu BEVM6UR'a, Georgetown. rAMh 8TOVE8. in.vary vanao,)uatreom*f tat t . 4 f M ?J.44*U ? Wiahltgton Htove, Tin *nd Sheet Iron MMaiaotwry, No. BftT i ouruer of liti *t, ftomn tideifeuu. fcvt-ues. d?n?t | R??pob & Ohfou 1 h BXANDiRD SCALES, I For & ? by J ? BAKTFO'.OW, IMAjU-ut I.'fcr-' kr? &i?1 ?# (?? lwi*i H ?4?u 'UF?, 558 r^evea'.fc W?mu foiiji ?v ?b?l -rtkit* ?|?t hw of Cwuwr JkiAJkot lru AMERICAN WATCHES For Americans. THE AMERICAN WATCH CO. ?*? to call the attention or the cit.stua ol Wuh?jtJ? ai.d vicinity to the auperionty ortheir Watehee over all imported, whether Sviee or Erif uh. The Company usheeiUtmgiy guarai.t** their Watoheeto tie anairpaeaad by ihuae oi auy country fur durability an J tinetiaie aeeptnt (ut.iQM. CAUTION. The Company vouUi caution layer* to t/swa-e of the cheap Lnt iiefi and ?vrua WiUihM now U*iut aeot amotit aoiiiere ia aud aroat.d YV aahinft<>iTheae watohea are of the pvoreat description ?( foreign jnauufacture, aud -utterly wurthlae* aa Uine keeper a. aa the ti ak?ra wf'.l knew wh?u they eat Uient to tbia country, LAD!KB' WATCH E*. TIi? Comply would invite e^peoiai attention to their latest atyie oi Watch for l.adiee. Kvety one win have the same tuarattee> that acooinpanlca u.e most costly Chronometer of their manufacture. Theatyieaof Oum are varied a&u suit diderent lastea.aud uie lntrouosti >a or a Watoh ( >t ladiaa, that will go and keep time, haa met with niiiveraal avor. % ESPECIAL ATTENTIOlf ia invited by the Company to the fact ti at every Wat^h, of whatever prioe, manufactured at their Worvaat Waltham, Maea ,ia acoompamod by a certificate not only to warrant it, but to prevent imposition from a cheap and worthleea imitation that ia palmed off upon buyera aa the genuine article. Ail onr Watohea have upon the plate tt?e trade mark "Walti:am, M*?a.," acd williout that mark no Watoh ia genuine. Maura. M. W. GALT k. BROTHER Lave the Watohea of our manufacture for aale at Waahincton, and buyera oan depend upon finding the njht atylea and qualitlee at their eei?t>hahment, No. 334 Pennsylvania avenu?. * ROBBING & APPLETON. General Agenta, No-194 Broadiray, noS-lm New York. IOOK OUT FOR STORMV WEATHER. j and aend your orHeru immediate!j Ij HAMiLTON,th? rem-wned ?j a; er, wh" wii' -y-L*er that he o*u k ** iighta t f n'a** in a cay thai: any oihjar man in Aiuenoa, and ha ch<-ap. N. B- Lirice jobaoi * ax n* dcn? at areat'y rediofd prioe-. ^ncp? H6'i 7ta at-. oppoisM footer Market, in tbc i ??.r d? IB <v 2m /V\ IIKRZUEKG. ,L A J ho <?rir i.iCor.?-i I*\ # ? V A WNBROKER. 9 SIo,o?*? to bp lu?ii'-do" fioWac: Silver Wat-he*. Jewe.rv. Gunj *nd Pifctc-Se. Silver War*, aa<i Wearii'n Apparet?at the ?> d afantl, Nj. 341 C a:roo', tact of the Naticuat Hotel, 1- tveen 4>* and feth ?ta. _ ?le l'-3.n* COLUMBIA MAUKKT. V' r? ir??tiK, cor hit Tk?fnth <t. Til* 'Ut'tO'ihpr woil.d moat r?*ix-? t?li? i. e... - r - - / iu|u:I*I the citizens ? ( WM.tinKtna tr a Uf ii&? teturu*Hi to hi? oi<i u'-r??r. whore Le intend* fce & fir?tr&'j utArKet ib its iiranchca. f . 10 lui.Ca cone. f;o will fco i;ap?T to rree; U?? o'd iritnds tad out turner ?. ,V 8 sent frde cf c^argi to in/ part of kh* city. de 13 C. WAM.?Wn. L'OK HOLIDAY PKEsKNTS-Olcttki^Skiw!!. F " " Sl!* KOT*? ' " fa?.? lire** Goods 44 44 44 L.ace 2$ele. fin? M h " Km&ro id?rtM, " FmbraidArN " " " OoHtra.EnbrM" M " i?r?l Btrdker" " chief*. Milium * " Dr?t* Goods, lov " *4 pnoe Den 44 44 44 U<vds, *u other * 44 kind* Dry Go da at our proverbial * iow price*, marked in p ain ftcures. Due pnoe only. An m?peot:oa ol it>ok imjtii?a no ob lcat'.Ou ta I purcha>e. I'F.HRY * URO.. Penn.avenue acd Ninth >t., .1 da U 2W ' ' rtj Balding/1 vJO.ur.THl.Ne NKVV-SUtEKlOK HULLED 0 CORV -T:e ub-Gri'-r, havm* cot the a?focy to Rjprijr \VaehiL<tou and Georgetown wita tfeit Je!u.At* preparation ? f * oru. wuwl(} r*?t??o?fuUy uk of ln? (..end*. ami the publ'tt at i?r|e, to give it & triau A ?o. i'upp'W! Corn. clan. a d unbared. W!tf liRADLY.AcMt. 1'v avccc*. bctwceu lath ana iSlh ita. N. IJ ?Manufacturer of M?r?ue Mantle*. McnunenU, Table Tu^?, Ao. A l&rfe a*e-<ruuent a vaji OP hand. m 1" am OjBl?rs-Oy?tfin. THE OVKKl.ANl) OYbTKR KXPJt fc-S COMPAMV 1* row prepared to fcriuith Hp'ta?*?r?*, Hotel*, Mitier*. ai,d Private Faa^ilio* i#ith i?\ IKK%H OYSTKg#, ki Uio gallou or'jTCV Im) ic oanp " ai! b.4de. Sijilipr TU? Uystcr-vnr?taiif ft?*b froru nSCj' the ?vat?i t.f thflCiiB l>*j,arul a * >f tie ue?r %ua i(y. The company u,v the'pat'chaee of ?ne 4>aler? and tha pub!'o ij c-ueral, a^a guarantee*a prompt attention to a'.l orders. Oltice ?4"i Market Sp?j<>, (Avenue llou*a,> U?t weeu 7th and 3th ?u nojH::s IReeubaoanl J TO THK L\D!Kt*! I'LKS JOLLIVtT, La-liea' Hi?irdree*er, lrom Hans, iuct arrived, informs the ladice of V? a?l* i cWk lU&t tie bu t tax*? |K>a??rtni*vC ui F*lli Head Dre?aea,Wr:,atb<a t1, YVf?*t'>?, the m<>at splendid oUoioe oi Fto^drafor 0.'* v". &!*o. Go d and Chswuiij N't?a viUir.a* o? ^a!r Work : and attend U. d'eksu.j b?'r. 33a I) atrwt, i^w^o rfUjaadJOth. <]Alg im* rt*< CAE*?1?K *5. X HE Subscriber hi*.a* mnio ad?ir<?ce to hla factory, maki^t it novoue ol tfc^larre*:, .-fAr in the Diatnot, where hii f&tilltie> CARRlAe?3 acjiF-fc' LIGH T WiGO.Np ol all it'u?*e oar. cot be aur >aaae<V and Iron; kia lose experience m the buaine??, he hw?es to t?ve teneral %'. afaeUO!i. A..%ikOaU Oa/riajw aau Licit \Va*oi.a ke?t on oaou. AH Kb?A 1KB ueauj doue. aad ail eraere frompOt attstided to. &a?xij;3 haad Oarriazea taken in exehance for new oaro. ANiUtKW J. JUYCK, ti la ?r ' " ?- 1 ? 1 - ? > cui Iim wi ruurHwiu ?Da P. IU piHEMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON ANi> ??OR?ETO WN. CtpiitL ?400,000. 00m i?r??r C ilrwJ mmd Ltmttimm* mm., mr ?mmk if IfuiMIIMI. INSURE HgXlNS'/'L^S^ V%R&?PK**Y dtekctou, Ctoo. Shoe;r<?.k?>r, S*?noel Redfe t, Samuel Cro?loy. W.iliam Wilder., Ricii&rd /qdm, jobs D. barclay, 4aoob?ideon, ;rew Rothwefl, 'noa. Parker, Riehard Barry, B. B. French, Dr. O. W. Dana. No ohar?o for po.iciM. JAMES ADAMS. Prooidoni. Am 8. Da via. Secretary, aa Mc<a YWOOD AND COAI* OU Will aaroij CM fWir HM-aey'i vortb by aallicg at tbe PIONEER Ml LLS, ip?1ai*ui Mr MT tr S?H*M UfMi CoumI, (GEO. PAfiK, Agent.) They a*|.' chw.sf r and ?:?e L-ettor nuut than any otdwa in the o;tt-cut, taut, and delivered f roe of cuar:*. if to? do? 11 above , i ve UuPicnoor MlEa amaranth* nt?ft?c. t-lyj VVALLk?#TkPEBje? * CO.. Siifl PnoMfLVAjn* ATUU, ? AND KEADY-MADK CLOiaikl i, AND EXTKNBIV* LK-VLKae IN 6ENXLK- { ^MKNti 6OOD8, g'H'Va d%i) *? 8eiW *U Vfe it)M? Btfisujtvniir ?U SOOTS Mil sJuofci, *&? oc- itval j reomn^t s+ff.f "I trovf >? prvrj&r FW? ?tif fjtrr**l; toordar.udVi. Jf } M M 4 4'? 4 oaca !'r???r m H lili Se*1:* pik kerefn^e *fak.?*i a Cu* kvf tjriahnm 1 "ST*.. ta *?? ?11 ir.< t-K* '?!!?? J . ?r *< -?!. W|li klv/. WtftM - **"V'bVSF. I i rut ttKi-KIJ >1 AK. MUMc inMWdr M UrinMai 1*1 i?c thu ou WtraM liuy ?? H pafcl)a*?? m Frl4ay aoraiM. , fW 1U UB ?? mil t ^ Tm wpiM 11T-- | ar^plM. ? S ^ ItlawtaMy ??-- ~,r irtiit-rr >m Itet Ut tr?df n? ZMUf I??uif fitr etrraiata w federally tbr^ogkoot U>? oauatry tZT^Slrgl? raplt* (In wrappers) oaa k* pr? arrd at tb?* coupler liurur4 lately after tto Mane f tfcr paprr Prte*?TKIIKK CBNTB HELM HOLD'S GENl'lNE PRE1'A*AT10N. ? HIGHLY COXCKNTRATWl)" Compound Fluid Extract Bachu, 4 PoMiltrt ?/ Spttjit For Ultwtl U t BLADDER, KIO>F.\? U'tL??l DftOf? MCA Li 8 W KLUMBK. Tk.a irwr ?*? f * pcwf of p'tMtloO, *r.d excite* tu?" AZt-?i j1'M ," > m .j; m'jot. by wiiiob the w*t?k, * . *icur - n h?c?, v.d ' >! m w.-i u n:x ?>p iO.\, ??d is r> *4 MRN. WOML.N, OR CttlLDKEM. II ELM BOLD H EXTRACT Hrt'Ui' ?- ? ?- w * V Por Wnkii*>i Aristae lr?.iu Lx Himii of DtMipaUvft, Kariy I* -ti >a ??? AKoa?. Attmd'4 lei'k th* F .loictnt Syiripiomt : lnd:*r >?'t4 !' to Kxcit on, Liwe of Powm, I on* of M'inor*, of Hr*?thia<( W?*k N?rvi?, TreuitMbi, H. rrorof J>*???aat Wak<?fuin?M>a. Dimn*?r fV ?i ?r . Pim in tna tiaok, L'li v?r,a La? italeo! tUa M'isculii Mitwn. Hot Haud*. F'u?Mcf of th? R?vl*. Dryn^ai>f the Skn. K.'ip'mti*oa tii? t ac?, "* f?iLir coc?iTr?i*Mi a. Th*a? sympt. ni?. r a o* d to to < r.. whtsh ttua inadioinA invariably renvv^a. ao<? fo lows IMPOTKNCY, FATl'ITY KPILKPTIC PIT?. In one of tkt Patient may Frr*T* Who can tay tia* th?y sra not f>a?aantly fallowed! t>j those *'Diaarcu dueaaks." "INSANITY AMI CONSUMPTION." Man? arc awa^a of tba oais*of Uiair suffer ie<, irr ifnva u?i?t ? 'to. ?vn? f w. THK RECOKDtior THK INSANE AKVLCM0 And tk* M?ia?;koi* Itoaiki f>? Conmmptiom, BBA& AMF1.B WlTX?? TO THI TRUTH C>? TUB AllttTHMb TBK TOTOmWSMBr ? Require* the aid of msdiciae to strengthen ?ud Itngoratis the Pjrteia vhkcb HKLMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUe*>U A T1UL WILL CON VINCI THK MOflT MlfTtCiL. . PEMALBS- FEMA LES- FEMALES, 'OLD OR YOaiM.81WU. MARRIED. OR Cl(>Tb\l I'fjATl.NG MARRIAGE, Jm Munf AJftrtions Pecultar re FtmaUi the Extract Ducnu is nrn^u* I-d by any other rem eOy, aa iti tk!oroeu or K->t?rUoe, Imga.anty Puufniue**. or ;?oppreKs.?>n ut t'Mtomarr fevao aatiuos. U.oerat*:) or Schiru c? state of (h? Ute rus. Lettoorrh--* or WhtU?e. sterility. *td lor all p oonipiaiits icoid?i>t t> the sex. wh?U*r kimac from Indiscretion. HahiU of f.'iaaipfttioa. or la tUn DECLIKE OR CHAXOE OF LIFE: 8KB ivkpti'Mi aaovaNO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT. Take no triori &au?m, Mercury, or UnpU***uI Mtd t:\nt J<* Unplt/kMim and '***?;> on* liHLMBOLD'3 EXTKAC/ BUCHV cnu HLXatT UUKA^Es In ?i: Uteir At tin!* fc&p<-n?? irftLa wf lo oh&nce io lnet; .Ni mcoUTcn, *?.?, And M axpertr t. It o& * tr~* u: ?i*aire a a prn iumuu tw L'ni aX.-, RetKvViuft tr?t, uoUoc?, Pibv<_>aUt< tad Oiiriuj ?frtotu'e? of the LrM'ir* A tljiuf ; hi: M,u i blUiaaMfi*. wf tr?4ueiit inters <jl?m of b.ui xye .ik* a?. Pvu<m?u?, Lhirmrd, and <ev* out Mtilir. TMoCstMM rro.x tmoe?i*m WHO MAVK BE UN THK VICTIM* of qVACK*, &od who ! ?ve p?U team ;?i to 1* owa*} U: % atrmri Uiy, karr fouud tl?? f were d*o*tv<*tl, um jjiat IL* *po;?o:?" Ut, by the use vf ?fmi' l>e. u Urieti up ik U? lyttUi, to broU on I is m4i(nnuxl form, arid PERHAPS AkTKh UAXHlAtiM, L'?? HKLMBOlDt) I XJ&KC1 BUCITV %11 *t!?Cl.Ob? U1 diMM ' of the (JKI5I&RT OKGA^B, whether exietmc in MALK OR rKHALK, (tod whatever oau** <>ri<ioni*< and r>? matter of MOW LUNti ?TA*UI>iU. D'.eeMee of U.jee tirgw/t-euiro Ui? nd o( t 1H nam. HhLM*OLD'S HXTKAi'l HUCHU IS HIE uRtAT DlLRETlC, iixl it UMta )i to }?*r? U>e ("NiiM effect lb Dieoaeee ter ?mu? i< u iruk.v:i OV raa most hb?po?<-:?(.? tro & LIABLE AaKAC'TU i:^\ceoa.?VLr thu tftoaiaicee. CERTIFICATES OF CUHKS, PrcQ ? t?' ?o >..a ' Vita NUUCf ttOWT ?? PCIENCE AKi> FAME. uFHT&ICIAMSm TLRASR "bOT'CI* WU Hill "?0 MMCtM' " Or ' I96BSDIEHT1.' HHi.MBOLl!'d ETTRACT BUCHU laoompoeed of Unchu.CuNabaaix! J an.par :e.?otcJ ?itL i r?M car* by a ooia*atant druriiet. PKBPAHBD IX VACUO, H T H. T. UCLMBULDi Practioal &uj Acalytioa! CheiuiaU au? Sole Mas utactnrer of HKLMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATIONS AFFIDAVIT. P reonaiij appearec ..efore me. ao A dervan U.e 01 ty or Philadelphia, h. T., vac beio< duly rw<' n.doth Lay. hia preparation* ot?o tain no nieroary.or oilier injuriouf drugfe, but tN purely vegetable. H. T. HELMBoLD. Sworr. a^d ?u been bed before me. UiaA c>lay <*J November, ISM \VM. V. UlB&fcKD, Alderman, Ninth et-.aore Kao?, Phi La. D 1/VC m T A %r a T*J i?w?r*?n aaa^o ? utwivMtao lif Jt A A A ?1 i/AiTVJ FROM 6 4 If TO8P. M. Pt ice SI ft kttti*, er a(i far # . Peuyerod to acy ftddreea, securely p&otod no* ohitrntiM. Addreoa letteri (or informitKiii in ooblU?.? M. T. UhL.MtfUul>, CtMUi, Depot, 104 ts>BtU Tmoi a.. l?eiow Okeetuat. fi.1!* KEWARK or GOL'N i tRFRfTa 4.VO UNFklNClPLKD DKALAJ18 mho ecdetvur to diieoec "of their own" u4 "ojiwf"' ki t> on the repetition ?U*U.ed hp * Vimwm frijMnuiew, ? " Crlrud Rwla ?? " " sf ** 44 Jmprm*d ties* Vim. i -*v 'v sold bj a. b. willi, z. ii. ojia*, j oku 8. c. koed, *?. b. kwrwittlb, b c hjjoft. kuwtu ft unix:x. j. l majowmiuccwfi ?cd fiaorf^nra. aj?i> 11.1. iiitotftfisri a r**y *?***. ad* ruh eftlluk/u> *. yui mo ou}?t tk ffmlnm i. knu avoid mr mo.x k ivi^vii [>??w# 0fn^4??) ?* m. cmwwmmidm. ??m ?1'? ?; 4i?im ?nm ? i,,| 4 :i . ??rr Mil J* ' " M

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