Newspaper of Evening Star, December 31, 1861, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 31, 1861 Page 2
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' I s ???? m HE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: JtSPAT DfCEMBER 31, 1M1. J^Thoof h T*? ?Ti? U printed on tb? featnt tn pfMB ta om tout* of Baltimore, Ita edition ? Urge u to require It la be pot to preaa at aa -y boor: A'l^rrtit4mtntt, therefore, should be a* la before 13 o'clock m.; othenrtae they may ?y not appear aatll the next day. U3T We are reqaeated to state that the public caption by the President of the United State* i New Year's Day will commence at 12 o'clock lM at which time. In conformity with police ar gementa. the gate# of the encloaire will be pened. Tha reception will terminate at two *elock p. m precisely. Carriages will approach ba Executive Mansion by the eaat gate. Spirit af the Mtralai Press. Tha Inttllitmrtr correct# a mla-atatement of Nr. Ruaael in a letter to the London Tlmea that he initiative article of the Inttlhgtnetr upon -he Macon and Hitdell affcir was '-furnUh^d by ike P'ate Department;" and ?n?^eata that Mr R Ikeuld practice more prndence and dlacrlmlnattoo in hla atatement of fhcts, generally, than he prwerlbee to himaelf. The R*f*bliti* baa another fling at the finance ayateiii of Secretary Chaae T*? ct**b*t ar*r*!**io!? or rtci* pavmenta tthe banka. we apprehend, will acarcely diaturb general bust neat of the country; Insomuch a* all wore fairly prepared for it. It is, in plain SngUah, (Imply the result of the failure of Congreaa np to thla time to levy au flic lent substantial hit for the dqe proaecntion of the war. It waa well enough to atart upon the policy of obtaining loan a to that end, but that should long alnce have been strengthened by according to lenders the aubstantial aecurltv of suftcient taxation to mv int?r. eat, &e., beyond all peradventure. That taxation wtrold bare apeedtly retnrned to the financial centers of trade, tbe col n advanced by tho?e renters to the Government in the shape of war loans: those cen'ers being the polnte or parties from whence the balk of the loana have been made. W ithout that taxation, the money expended over the country at fcr distant point* from those center*, remain where expended, In so great amounts ns to threaten utterly to destroy the balance of tnde, by gradually stripping the financial and commercial centers of their due proportion of coin. Besides, tbe uncertainty of the future of the t*nlt?d State* in th?s"? war tlm^s, naturally end* home a far larger portion of American stocks held abroad, for sale; thus tnmferrlng , U. England principally) a far larger portion of American specie than tmal; most of which, too, la IiWmi A ! 11.. *.<>? IV. ?? *v. - m aw ? viiwM j i vi*i i uc uati At* ut w?r uutliriUt center* That the latter, as siron^ as thev are, could not much longer sustain themselves u:ider Una doable pressure for their coin, Ln? for ?oiue time pa*t been plain The only wonder, therefore, la, that they did not auapt&d week* ayo It depends wholly on Congress when they c?n safely. nwt specie payments If that body come promptly up to the work of taxing their constituent* for war purposes, as la absolutely necessary, that action will doubtless be promptly followed by a tfejieral resump? ou; as It will iusure the due return of the money expended bv the Government In the war, to the financial cent-?-., and will altu stop the trtutu ui ALr.ei '.ran held abroad back, upon us AXaMS' Cxrilis.?The managers of tl a to useful Institution have with characteristic energy VKAllV Mliri/Mi Ihfria ? v 4 * - - * B M ?... mc? 01 iuii p<?ia\ io rcabie ittn? to satisfactorily perforin iLe increased work Uirowi. upon the hi press ao auddenly by tbe ' vir Tbey Lave Jost coanpleted spacious newdepot in front of tke railroad station, and Immes 41at?ly upon tbe arrival of tbe treiaa tbe express care are taken into tbl* depot, and tbe work of delivery la expeditiously entered upon Tbe depot la 130 feet long and 00 feet wide, wltb a platform in tbe rear of 90 feet Tb< re !a alao In tbe rear a large abed for tbe protertlon of wsgons, aad such good* aa may be left out. Tbe large rooca la well lighted by metaa of aky-llghta, acd la to have two drummond lights in lieu of tbe praaent gaa-llgbt arrangement. A neat ofllce la being constructed upon one side ef tbe room for tbe convenience of tbe clerks wbo attend to tbe freight which, when snloadtd from tbe cars, la conveyed aeroaa tbe apartment and Ptftora m separate rece?a?? reneatb the namet of the respective driven of the expr*?? wagons, who thus, wlioout difficulty, are enabled to (father up their parcels and at once remove them to tb?ir destination. There is slao a large apac* beceutc the building for storing aach uncalled-for articles as anay accumulate As now completed, the arrangement* of the express company for the transaction of business are not surpassed in any city in the country, and ure sufficient to erisure the prompt delivery of all artides forwarded, unimpeded by any conceivable rush of business. fry*The decision of the Government In the af. fair of the Trent is generally approved, and Mr. Secretary Seward'* management of the correspondence applauded. ???_ ' * ** lf , . (VM. uacon DinuiiQg, we have"The Church Almanac'' for trSS; an lndlapensibie, we should think, for all Episcopal reader* Pv?io5ai>.?Governor Buckingham, of Coo. imetlcut, last Wllia'd'a Hotel. He baa anflfcred much from a cold, but Is now recovering. The Hon. Alfred Ely was yesterday the incipient of a floe horse, presented him by the friends of Colonel Corcoran and other prl-oner* In Richmond Got. CurtJn was entertained with a grai.d dinner at Secretary Cameron's last evening The Prealdent honore d the occasion with his presence, m did Secretaries Seward. Chase and UUir u . c o-v? ? ? w? J,, oruuyirr. wlo na? acted <ia an agent 1b Kurope for the United States Uovernrn*ut lit tbe pure ha* of arm*, la In town. T?i Starrrwox.?Tbe New York Post of last rmlnK says: Wallatrr^wr-^ a new face litis morning The adjustment of tbe Mason and Sitdell controversy, followed by a auapen?lon of specie payments by the banks, im producrd a marked rlfect lit Wall street. TV* Htock Kxcb&nge la ruuipaut, and prices of the speculative abarea ?r.? two per rent and In some rases five per cent higher There was great excitement onallthe active abwka wber\ rallM. tbe transactions being laige?t in .New York Central and Krie. After tbe extravagant effervescence early In tbe day, tbe stock market %\itrm 1* flat, and pmea ars kal \ per cent , and In aom* caaes ?,(4 per cent below tbe blgbeot point* touched at tn* board Tbe foreign exchange market la at a standstill tbta morning, pending tbe r1?e In tie value of gold Tbe premium oa gold will in a great measure regulate tbe rate of exchange. and In Ibe NWtat tfSHUed state of tblnga autwng tbe bulllua dealers It Is dlBeul! to quote tbe role on London. S?IM Of Ik# A? ?u?m name 114, b '! i ret no bualneoa of uvuri>i tu boen accoiapl'ited. Tbo Secretary of fix- Treaaury Lu directed the Aaaietant TreiiUfrf of thia p??rt, and InaUurilo&a of ? like nature have probably be^n forwarded to U? goTirniMAi oSrrra at other [>ru(s1rMil polnu to ?uaperd ?pecle pa vm*nia uq all ruima mv^ lUe pr".ii'-1 pai and laWreot of the public d*t>?, falling due on tb? 1st of January Public creditor*.with iu eiceptiona named, ?r? now paid Id l't!?ed tttotee demand note*. The Aaalaiuct Treasurer at IUmim tlmo ciih to retl<ciii iU*ee notes. hut reeoleeo all denominations, whether p-vahie at N?w York or elsewhars, la payment of del>u du? , toe Government We boar of aoaao Jarrlag among tho banka this morning, eereral of the leading Institutions rofusing to al?p Into the lino of auapenaion. The Chemical, City aud America, and ono or two .< others, in paying spedo to day whenever demanded, but wheibe-thia course la making aerl- , oua Inroada upon their reserves we are un^b.e to ascertain Tno Chemical, It will be remem- 1 berod, maintained apeele payments la 1S67 aud In lMO.oad aomeenr oaity is Baailssted whether \ the preoent effort will be equally auccoaaful. ' We boor oa wa go to press that the d .aaentlenU j to the bank auapenaion of Saturday evening are , getting o?w ailiea, aereral otuer large banka bo- | log about ready to try their atrenghfor aome time I yVT Tbe Bank of Commerce >1< rcantlie. Leather I L jauancwrrn', uity. vi#n cai and America arc (w* belie?*) aew paylutf apei-ie. Tbe ttovernnent will par on tu* *d of January t tM interest on tM public debt la gold, ibe t.anka ' bevtng reaponded to a further call of 93,300,000 * oo tbe new funded atock, on condition tbat It be a* applied by tbe Hecrrttry of tbe Trenaury OCR MIUTARTBTDGET. TH* ICTLKV8HIPS. We leam thai a general order will ahortly be iaoued deflning the future re'a'iona of the autler* to the army, under the new law juat panaed Our lmprewton, after -areful Inquiry, la that It will be decided thpt thia new law plarea tbem wholly umler the "nilea and regnlaflona" of th? aervice In all thinga but with reference to their lieiu on the soldiers' pay. the abrogation of which la underatcod to hay* been deslgnH by Congre?a In patting Senator Wilaon'a bill. If the expected general order beara out tbia Impreaaion of oura, the utler* as well an the men may be congratulated apon the change, which will relieve both from being plundered by Individual officer* In tbe ahape of unjuat and improper taxation for the Individual benefit. ?avt tard. There haa been no arrival from the lower Potomac aince our reDort of vesterdav The experimental firing with the new rlfl?d gua for the Pena&cola 1* continued to-day, and is la every respect satisfactory Bastsn. Rtf*bliram, 2Sth Inst. I R'pvblitnn, 3Ut !r?t ' The city wa much] "In Bourn, the public exalted last night by the received the annonncerumor that .Mason and raent of the surrender Slid"!! h?d been handed very philosophically, over to the Hritlah ?u-;having generally antieithoritles, and that tbe pated aucb a finale. The telegraph operator* had street ta'.k la that Mason been ordered not to dis-and 8i!dei: were not patch the news nntil Pat- worth their board there urday night What the or elsewhere.'' truth is. we cannot say but we understand the character of Boston weli enough to know that, % these" arch traitors will never leave the shores of! New England alive, nnlesa they are ttoUn away, as the fugitive slave Sim: was. when be was returned to hie master at Savannah." Important?i* Truk ?The ronvlcllon force* itself upon many that tue day ) not far distant when Southern Con'f-deration must be recognized; and that recognition may he expected to bring about fresh difli'Ulty, in which we must I*? prepared to maintain e^r policy It is with this view, and as a demonstration of'our Intention to bold our own way, that the tiovernment are sending out ten thousand men to Canada without any reference to tue reply of the AD?erirar> (Cabinet If Messrs. Mason and Slldell landed at Liverpool to morrow not a soldier the less would tie (? nt out. If we are to bare a war with tiie North, In connection with this I'nlted States schism, there couid b-* r>o more favorable thue than the present It would be a short and decisive var, and would have a vi'al influence on the preservation of peace and the uninterrupted freedom of commerce for many' years to come, without our having to pasa through tue ardent of social and mercantile confusion which wars. Eh a fcei.r ;.nl rule, rttail ?ft/in. filer t b. i?:;.> Irk lrJiam. lCitJk No Pjusonkr* T**!.s.?The M :*sourl Democrat of the -iltt. aavs: A gentleman down last night on the Pa<Mti< railroad, slates that a day or two ego two companies of the First Missouri cavalry wentoutona scouting expeditlou into Saline and the lower vnd of Lafayette counties Our iiiiuniiam ??y?, m^niBcanTiy, ih?- nptdllioB ,trout;kt xn no jr risj.ttrs. Th?-y thInk, though, that Saline county :? to-dsv lnuon** hundred rebol con udrelfe. ILn- cavalry lo^t four uieu. PbkfaRin . for a Hattm? --A \hui- number r<f ambulance* were hauled to the landing yest?-rday. shipment to Kenturky The*/> v^bii if * are terribly usr.if-ative, and '.heir ?bli>meiit, taken in ' oiinectlon with otber e^ent* and mov*mcnia In Kentucky, eonilrmtoe be'ler a ifreat and dec:*: ?e battle will toon be i vu^Lt th<.re - .Tifobvrj iiazttfe. 3Ork inst. Rxmoval of GK*. Aii lmltaii&poi;, correspondent ot tb? Cincinnati iin-fte, ?iy? An order v?sa. or will be 1m..ed, from tbe j W ar Li?pirtment at once relieving Gen Sin>th of b!a corr.nv.jnd at Padurah, Ky. Hialovalty latua i pected.'' 9 lm Yw?M?TICE.--PIKEXJX liUJLDISO AS i H SfJi'iATlOy,? the tegu ar m "ithly m?^tir* of thd Dlreo'org w'I! bs he d it Tempe'an^d 111 :, ou THUK8DAY KVK.MNC, 7* C'c.ock, Icataad of Nevr V ear'a eight. _U T. M. I1AN3QN. Pec, L A D I F. 8 * FESTIVAL For llenefit of ^[ETHODIST FROTK8TANT CHURCH. fliotdlfnu'ia A O To eoirim^no? oiTtiie i;*t or iV nuiirr i?h ? > ? *> t>nu< through the week, tn a hail nearly oppomta M. E. Churoh, on Dumbarton at. lt'_? iTlr THE UNION PRAYER MEETING WiJ! Lg be fce'd oli day this week (i. the New York Avenoe Churoii, Rev. Dr. Our Ws.i oorninen'Hus it 4 o olook p u , to be oontiuued oae hour on'y. de 90 ^-^WAeHINGI^NJ^CTURE A9SOCIA" The Fourth L.eoture will be by HON. DANIKL. 8. DICKNPON. Suojeot?Th* L xion ; it? Pkkjls axd its Hons. At tne Smtth-'onian Institution, I TUESDAY EVENING. D/ St). 1381. Doors open at 7; L?ot?rp &r a o'clock. Tieke's 25 cents, to be tad at the Bookstore* and It the door. dc a> 2t -V-r^A FAIK Wl!,t. HH HELD BY TUP lo? lrvd esof s*t. A ysim Jonday yohool. in the new and spaeioas rohw! rcoro connected with 8t. A'.oysias CLarch,c -u - Lorth spitoi and I street*. ope?irK MOND ?Y, Pecmber &. with various anintloe p *y? *v' are to be oontinaed every evfuinj uii'ui* tli? Fair withaoharge of prorramm>, acd cl;sr g Jtit uary 3*1 with th* grand Epiphmiv Festival of trie Su iday^bool. Aamissioi: 1" oe:.u, ol i^lrenft oents. Doors open from 1" a m. to 10 p. m. The prooe?<i< w.ll h? lor t?e benfit of the po> r children of their eohool. de 28-it rS?TO THE VOTERS OF WA3HINGJJ? TON.?The Ar?en?r.r of ?* '--A ?" _ _ _ vwvu * * OIU Will I n*?t at the following p aoa* fr >rn Wo'nlocka. ni. till 3 o*oi'>ok p ni. from tha 14th to the31st December, i nolo si re, to oorreot an<< r<?r ister tno names of tnose omitted from ibe poll liar. 1st Ward.?lohr A Rheeui, 173 Pennsylvania avenue, between nt*. and l?th streets. 2d \\ ard.?Th*ma* Stewart, corner 13th and H streets. 3d Ward.?Henry Curtio.ooruer flth and L streets. 4th Ward.?Thomas W. Huroii, 3t'i street, between B and tt streets. 5th Ward.?William A. Harper. 31 street ea*t. No. 42s,totweeu Ka?t Capitol and A rtreer north, tttli Ward.?Ceo. Collar'), at T. K. Clark's Offioo, Virginia aveni>f>, l?etwe?n <*thand ?f th street*. 7:u Ward.?Prt->r H-pln^n, \<?. south K street, tietween 8tn and >Jtli streets west. de l"-dt3i?t II#1 U. 3. *ANiT-KV CO >1*11 SHI ON, J. 9 .44 F ft , WasMngton, D. O., l>?o. 2d. T\a Unitary Commission !.a* a ooileotion of book ' of referei:o? i>n Military ??ureery and Army flrCiei.e, whioli Miitnry burgeon* ?t or near I \\ achic^ton ar? iuvit?d to consult. I KLULKICK LAW OI^MHTKD. dei-lm tieneral Beoretury^ (V-B^ICK CRKAM AMI WVlKKICKH.of J 5 the l>est quality, at .HS ?er swart. iloteis aud l*?aruing )?>u?rs furnished at low rales. A '.arc* a ?.?>rtn?'Mit ??r Ltu* ' ' ? * - ? _ ? - r.of?fc III: Iiaru B( ice Pju p*vi Cu*/*cli<>nrry, cvm?r 'i'WtfJth ami 1*" ts. no 7 1 in* PNOTIOK. KRW)Nf< lu>l?i>'?d to tli* ?ub*onK*r will p!??a-<a Mil arul ??MU? before the lutli of JiuutfT, !?i^ ; otherviae they will iiti-1 'b*ir tul a in lite bamia of a <*>! Mtor. ?KU F. KIDWKUi Wood &u<t ?:oa! l>?ai<*r. <1? 31 SI* Corner U anil Fourteenth *ta TO THE LA 1)1 KS OF WASHINGTON ! mLLINKRV! P L E 4 S K N 0 T f C K ' c.otfvg out M l* of BONNETH. WRKATHt*, HFadDKESsES. 4?.. at creatir Mr*. IMMlLTUN. .No. -?40 Pa Qfd iv-im" UtwMD )Ah and lata ?u. U?al M* ICAkll. W (,*H to ra'uri iut many tA&iik* to tli? clttt?('i <>f th? Soventfi \V ant. !hr.?uli irlioe* txira. ordinary exertion* my property ?a? -av?<l friiiiUi a U suij tii.u t.? li d on U.e ri'jM *1 the 27tli lent.; anj to th? I'rauiha I'ire Cjrnptay lor tfi'if yr<>riip!i.A4? it t>?iUK i.ii 'a.k* su<>t in titua Ot* ue?J. tll'1 OH A HUE ft H. flll'kfH. JOBLFIi C. JACK80N AO</., EAST PTDK Hkvkmtm sJjuimit End**. W ? ar? Cf>? rao??ivin? l,N?> ifuhuria HHoRTB. Iwo tmahe HHH? STUFF, &*. busUU Ireah MEAL, fc?> buafcels OAT*. tu t a.?< prima 1!A V, Jke. For tsie I w Alao, K?au f it BoaJ A Jack* ca'? Mi:: Fa*il. u* jieujl" ___________ \1K~F*I.! H KIV K K. OK JIKW YORK 1*1 cllf. Ua Ukn 1 o )iui It 31 f> (.' itr?t, t**k ii| tit# VNaaMr j-i.c tfank, where ittie he* ntn tnnoui.M >o urn p..b io tiiAt at<4 la pepiml to ?<4oaiI kir U ol Kmr^oulerj ai.d fe oral KAuo? .Work. He* !>' < ?* t nenu.e Nota ana *Tart#^y i>f IxiieV Pai rt Uoode. A. urJara lor Marklst promptly avKuded to. Ue81 3t? MRH. FEl.LA'EI.MF.R. OFFICERS, 8UFLKR8. Aa.?l 'or.aala, at I a in"2?rat8 price, a New York b?iit tonr rh *; *] ugt<toovered WAUON, witit h?n<leome ovhar cual ioi?, *o , linvtug won 1U **? three fiinea. ooat 9183 A:*o,aNaw V ork t(uU> " * ??f iHuh.e Harne?>, with placed fitunja. wb. oj1 hl* tfver been uaad at all. Alao. awt of '*lain .^inj.e riaroeaa, quite net, ^Applr at 4b7 be rank ,#Blb trcet, ooroer of I. for aJUreaa of itehl* ^u" room. ^ j j 186 A^ropmxatk Tgg , PRK8KNTHI Jatt reoeieed a few ofcoioe I OLOIRn km ?UAVJN?t?,Be?t!rfraraad. At ^VbKtifitRL J'lT of CAKi) ViflITKao4 0,vaV rujTT'Jt MAMEb,ajitabiflor pre*?ot'/ ?( ' J. MaKKRI TKK'd, /vj. 4*6 ttH .t vmmm m Kitht doora above 1 >rt.j v*i\ . i+w Aimemoir ta? BEmber d# XI Jt* I ? Affair* la Vlrglala. From the Wheeling Imttlligmter of the 87th and 29th we extract the following : Capt. Baggaand M?J. Trimble arrived ye^terd?v from Wirt county, having In charge some tbirty-fonr prl?on?r*. moat, if not all of whom, t^lnniml #?\ th? ?im?vh>l nnliirlAiil Mivrail n Rangers. who bave been pillaging and murderI ne throughout Wirt, Roane, flllmer and at'JolntriK counties, for ?ome considerable length of time. The prisoners wpr* raptured bv thr mcu of the Hth Virginia Raiment, of which Capt Baggs and hi* company are now member*. They were found at Rl? Bend, at West Fork and at their bomealn different parts of thenanifd Tbecold weather of the pa*t three or four daya drove them Into their home* The mualr of their popular song, ? Never ml nd the weather." froxe In their throaia, and they had to seek abetter They bad eaten up everything Jn the wooda. Including hoop-pole bark, and were forced to come Into n clvlllied neighborhood to get something to eat. We have no healtatlon In mvlng that thev are the hardest looking aet of vagabonds we ever saw Some of them are lame, halt and frosted, and there la scarcely a comfort able suit of clothes In the whole crowd Among the number la the notorious Dan Dusky, who la aald to have boaeted that be had a little gravevard of his own, in which he had burled a considerable numoer of Union m*n 9'x of the nbove prisoners were taken by Capt. Chase, on Mill Creek, In Jark?on county. Capt pk..? .... . v, . /a... i. v. ua?r, wiiu a irw mm, *ui ruuuum uuht in which the Moccasins had taken refuge A-fter a abort engagement one of the Moccasin* was killed, another wounded, and the fix were captured, aa aforesaid There are now one hundred and ten prisoner* In the Atheneum. and twenty-one out on parole The whole ettabllsbment 1* now under the control of the United MUtet, and not th? State Government. aa heretofore A letter received yesterday from Gllmercounty (Cox't Mills). say* that C B. Conrad, late brigadler general cf rallltirs, ha* left that county aud joined the rebel army The letter a!to states that the spirit of rebellion Is Iwlng rapidlv crnnhe^n that region Hecestionlltsare arrested evervtWv; the violent are aent to headquarter* and the moderate sworn and re!eas>-d Many come In and voluntarily take the oath of allegiance to the Union. Three notorious captain# of guerilla bands?Bill Davit, Pete Snurburn, and one Perrlll?have recently been killed. together with a considerable number of their followers. Only a few were made prisoners The writer of the letter snvs he has JUM learned of the rapture of Perrygreen Oonnollv, a notorious rebel, with a mimfe-r of Lit band. TLla fallow i* said to have boasted tint he had a'-atped thirty I'nion men The writer ?f the letter, a thorough Union man. h?a rer??tiily been waylaid ?ever;il tltnes upou his own farm, and abot at ' JVBW VKAK S KMKKTAINMtN 19 ! HAKVKY*9. <>a C iiear Teif" atree', m the onl* p a?e ?<? *rt juur Spi *<1 and 1'ie, kleil ((Y^'I'KKrf lor your en'ertam wa f ine:iU. G<> .<a'!y sr. t *< ' jour h..r?fi ? Tk*hoiiae vi" >.e mm all >ia> iMHfrow. Tn* pubho will t.e promptly euf- ? pheil with t ? best Cherry Moae Oyster*. upon cai , t*??iineii or Kr^ l. ite.1l I WATCH KU-WA'rrHKS! I KERKHY Take pu^asure in irXorniiii( t!iepuf I ho of hit istui ti U? my ??l<l uraii'! a' W. Igv I'a. \v* un, between 12:li ai.d '.Stti * reeta | Having *">9 reputation cltid >,<*a??x *vdf p^rimcM Karo^-M, Watchmaker. I am i.ov pirparent to repair Cbn>i:niii?t?; K ariU ULe W&tnhra at uui V ^"VIUV, waitniuou lUKivn eit * f* H?Q. JOS. klMNSKl Parsons iloam'te of Jewelry *i.J W&'Oiia?, w:il liiid it to their a-> vaiitagd ! > ?vxmh n e ih> excellent etncjt A'! kind* of Hair Jawe'ry neatly ai<J promptly executed. J" *1 .'w W | u/\ I N T K K i O R 4 Oi? Toll DKI'OKaTI O N s. lol) A t-hoioe Sf Vo'ion c.f PapvbaD?iu*9, warranted t.oiu ?' : Imitation liol'l lr*n?l Window Miaie?; a!*o. Bad',? r>on, m. I U.uf Ho :*ni, hy tr:e **r.i uf n into inr Wioil" w !*i. vi**; Pin' are ' "orrt *n<t 1 as ?e;a, liitlarent ar.j colors; Picture K;h*h. <*e.; af?n ike liacileouiP*t h'so;tu:*ot ti Ov'il Picture Frtir.w m tne o;(f, irom the fcert lnarufa'jtory i, ttie o-.ui try; a so, Pari.er4rtcu:s au.1 Ca <i Visit? Frauds. A 1 war \ut*r<l as represented . or no ?a;?. Pur<'?.a?i!i( far cash, a I (to will!?? ?oi<l at ti>6 .owrtt reiiiunerative prio*? \'lowin( iio i>M stock to acouma a'*, parent I ne-dinc tiieabove gooUj ?vill UnJ new t%uii <leaii?;>'e arCoief. A oi I *t lloiteU. rrj? Remember '? <? number. ?/TI J <?H N M ARKKI TfcH, >11. <SH J^fV -nMi ?tr?et, ii<s i>_2w i* Feiiow?' Hall. F;?K8AI,B-Akoo?1 HOR*Kand aprli,# DRAV in perfaot order. at a u.mieratd price Apply No. <143 Peup. aveiioe. da SO tttv lO BBLs*. OK PWLAPKLPHIA A 1 SAUR1 it KRAUT. For Bile at a barriurt. Inquire P. PALMKR. Cimp and Loral Bxyrtit Q/Hc?, do Cjypp. WitLAEPa'. /^DAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. &ot1cb oVhemqval. I Tl?o ch-'itvery offioe of this oompwijr Lsremorfd froriTh:r<1 st'oet to the lane depot on B ( ofw^Ti 2d and J>1 ?t?. 3i)-U A A CARD. LL Persons inserted to the uud'r?ifne?l, either by note or o'ne'wise, are reqaeatdd to call and ett.e VitUout d"'*t WM. R RILEY A BRO.. N<V Oer tral Stor<>?, Between 7th end 8th %t?? dt 3IVl"t <)p;>?5it* Center M*rfc?t. w ? 8TRONO, ?f M ?5rr*.rTr?,i?',!? op TRUNKS. HARNESS A MILITARY GOODS, 255 KKNK->Yf.VA:?IA AVrNCJC. South, std*, Ixtwes* 12tk and 13 k ttrtots. < ? _? J '\r'- - >? '.'111 ,'.i U :\r* t. , ' P T ' ' ' : rep-dred f t gii'-riest ,""tice. dea> im* T PIANOS-PI ANOS-P ANOS ! HIS Morning received again a supply "f j oo??.e Hi ? wood Pian^r, tmnoc thein 1 ver? hindsome carvnd one fr .in rhe oo!? WKK8 hr&t<td frrtnrv of W. Knaba Ac, Co., Balti-*" 1' ' wore, which 1 will sell or re t on vffy aoo >irimo latin* terms. A seoond hand ot,e ? oitaves alro for sale or to r*nt at my Piauo Room, No. 49S Kleven h street, (ieg'-ln.* F. C. RICHKNRA^H. JVOTICE TO ^VAT' HMAIEKS, JfeWfcL IN J.KR-?.8UTLKR9 axo PcDLAKS f,4J MYKR8, of 90 Wellington street, Reston, wiLl'jen their Branch Oioe, Ko< in A? No. 10 Wnt iocto - Binding. Pa. avemic, oa Tuesday. December 31st. with a 'arse fl J stock of Watohes, Jewelry. Watch Mate 4MhBK rials, Ac., at the I >west wiiolpgal p ioa?- Watch work done lor trado. Positively no go >da sold or wo k done at retail except for oa&h. de St lm* S HOICK OLD HAVANA HUM. la De<?i>lotiji?. NEKVA WINE-aoe ehiated Spar.Ua Wiue, i.i caaea. VERMOUTH WINK?an Italian Wine, much used as a tonio, CHAMPAGNES, CLARETS, CORDIALS, 4.C., of V&MltUK iirttr.drl. ITALI\N MACAMONI an I I. Mu!ifr'< Sk* ^ ur* Pit nt Cat L" A F MJ<2AR. For saJ*by UbUAH.MKNMIA, Importer and D-aier in Havana Sex&ra, de :*t-li:i* No. 1? &MWWW : , Baltimore NO riCK.-T. M H AK VEY. on O ?tr?kn. o?p<>?ite the Tiifatr*. ?r;:lt>u ?'*>'/"n row have nils* haulr*! rallona 01 JT^v Ojrcters. I'rea.'i sluiok^d, ?i> !ii< own *#-^(LaV^S' litiWuKineut, rn&j? fjr vl cummers. Fonr (iiiiidr^l ItUHue ? ?>1 them are r?in?rkal.'e ipeomifos of oh*rr> stoics. Thor? re<%uiriiic OjrHara lor New Yaar'srtay, wiU U;nra/n*? please Uk? notion. Il.a ho^Mh* room wiil ' ?? i.^en a!i New Year's l?f, a? wtftji ii? iii? jufiu tor Ui? *&i? ul OjsUre l>jr U.I* 1.1.1 jB. ____ St BO O T 8! MOOTHI! HOOT HI!! WHITKHOUHK* liNt'KI.Krt, wife* 34* P*. AVK>Cft AND 31 I O ^'IKkr.ISI ; Tk' jV'tf fan WAoiffiilt Brnwh Jlnust.>f fill Have on h*nd,an4 areiiailr receiving, * lute ut CAVALRY AND t*OL DIKES' BOOTS MARCR1NO MHOK8, mostly of their oWii iun.:,ufioi?r?. to l>s ?o,J at th* iuweot market r*lca. A <-*); from all dealers ao'toitetl. gatler* HueraUy dealt with. <Je KKNACDIN UOI.UNUKK 4- CO.*9 iHAMPAOyH. LF.FMAN, K1KFF.H ft iHOMASS. S?U Attnti fur rhi timiUd Stain uau CanaJU. 139 lit?3* HtBKkT, Ar M lin N?sr Y^rk. |>l?r FHK.T.?A ehoif?9lot Juat reeeivetf, in >*rI (?!?, hall i.?r:e;< au<1 krga. reedr f?r tat''e OM. IIAKTH;>I,0\1AF.,*?AUKKTT A CO., dag Si* ft I atli as;. 7U> III Iwauon^-waoonu: HAVK Ni>w oo iiaau ? mip?rtor lot OI new Wagons, auitat/.eior grovera or antlers. Repairing ct a.I kinds truuptJy t<>, KOU'T H URAHAM, ?t- V 3t Coaoh maker, ttuhth at. _ Reading ale and lag f.r bikr DtHo"?. of the reiefcrated brfwar* of Mr. Fall*. t<? be h%d I? i& *e and ?h,m! quantities. Alan, Fickle*. Catnip. Ileklsd O..,on*, IVpper flano-, Vinegar, bid Hour Krour, >>? the Uarrsl pa ion,or iu CIIARLKS MADKf*' Kefiaorect. de 28-m* ooroer Ha. axermeand Tnird at. CLO&1NU OUT SALE OFK|Kj?T QUALITY (No. 1> NEW YORK BLTTF.R.-TUe j.n daraicaed liave on hand,in k??a of different asse, 2.<*>0 poanda of beet New York Butter, wliioh tne? will ?eM extreiu?ly low, to close it out. It will he to the interest of all purchaser* tuoall promptly at theatore of F. II. HASTINGS * CO., under Fbuharmonio Ha I, Fenn. arenue, near oorner ol Eliwith at., next door adjoiuisc U?e Htar Odioe. >'.e Jt li t PRftVSSfiSW ?P* TBK NKW YEAE ! * ifJli'Kv & JJOLOMONo Re*r?otful]V inrttf 4t^tioo to thmr ttook, whloh liurto?nv f 'r??i,vwl oo^tioM, ?p?oi*lir ami ted forth* HMca. A hi#- '14*1 orifioal Portrait of M?Jor 8*Mral R?ott tun. wjHIf. dniltod to h? th? iisMt jr?t Cin'ed of tu4t diain liu?h?l G?r#r?')on frM ex bition it PHILP A HOU)MON?> * M?'ropoiit*n Boot* tore, de ?-3t 331 P*, Cv'? 91b Md lot* { , i 4 ??? * 1 <Z&?! TELEGRAPHIO. From N'W Nale*> Ra?ui Citt. Dec 30 ?Tha *an?a Fe mall with datea to the 14th lnatant bu arrived. The reported mwiTf of twenty- men bv the

Indiana, near Port Stanton, prow to have been inrorrert Memorial* hare been paaaed by the Territorial Legialature, petitioning Congreaa to enact lawa and make aoeh appropriation* a* will anthor'ze the Indian Department to aeiert anitabl* landa for Indian reaervatlona Aiao. that New Mexico be reli?v*d of tbe payment of the amount of tax aaarned to her by th? late law of Con*re?a. Th* law ff%9 (V,a nPAtAflllAn a# alaw* 1m mv ? au? ?i,r */? * , \'H vi ?r> pnrfVI T m New Mexico wai repealed by an almoat nnanlmoua vote In both honaea Frarn Callfaraia. Pa* FiAtcuro. Dee 23 ?The ateamer *?>nora tailed on the Slat Inat. for Panama, with 50 cabin jWmengers. 125aoldler*. and?l .170.000 in trenanre. of which S870.000 are Intendfd for England Pa* FaANrmco, Dec. 28?Another severe rain h?i renewed the frfahetaln the Interior of the Ptate, and the cltv of Sacramento la a?aln partially owrflnwed, bnt without mnch damage; the central and bnalneaa portion of the city not being affected. ? Battle at Fadacah. Keiitacky Chicago, Dw 30?The telegraph operator at Cairo aava: A fight la gotn? on nt Pndtieah, K V.. to day; bn? the Adjutant General ref?iw?a tn allow repnrta of It to be ??nt to-night We ahall probably have (omening to Bend to-morrow for publication " Important (ram Cairo. Catbo, Hi., Dee. ?Kl.?Th? ehurtres of swindling !n lumber contracts at U)1s point have been Investigated by Cnp'aln Hlllyer. and substantiated An Immense quantity or lumber purchased at St per l.tKXi fret wn? charped. In the bill, at #!?? 5(i Other charges of fraud are undergoing Investigation. The Steamer Enriyt Ontward Boond. C*rr Raok. Dec 30 ?Tb? R M. s'einrnhlp Europi, passed here on Punday, at half-past one p m . bm owing to the lieavy s?a ?nd blah easterly gnle, It was Impossible for the news yaeht to place the IsWt despatches (lncludinz the news of the surrender of Mason and Slldell) aboard of her. Krein MUssnrt Ht. Loris, Dec.Twentv-fourlinitdred and sixty cavalry, under Col Tarr, with ttf'een days' rations, left Rolla yest^rd-iy, destined. It Is supposed, for Sprlngli?*ld, by a circuitous route. Tier a rno TV Ai.1 1 C% \1/ANTKD? A WOMAN to iln e?'terft! horc?e? ? wt>rk. one who can n m* vrll re<*wiiiiiieDilf*?l. AiMr*** 1 wtrt?et. between ? < aod .-><1. It* \\'ANTKi'-R? re*pe?>tat>.? j?un? wointn ? snrATION ft'w?'W ind iroaer iu a ?m& 1 fainir- Apclj at No. 10?i S4'h ?treet, be tw ??r, I, ami M. it* \VtANTKD-Bt a r.-?(?*oiaMa mrl a PITTA " TM'N an plain oook, washer anl ironer i>> a Mf>a!l fain If ft <'>rrn : ?ar. h? civen If r?<|dir*di Addrc?* HM Mjstreet, set ween 33*1 an<1 2l'b. It* WAN'tHO-l "O H ODDCnTKR", to wh< in steaJv employment an-!' par vil> hi fiv^L. \pp f t'-r or * w.*?k. .1 ftnp f. o'clock o rn . *? H'-warJ'* MtaMe, fWvanth street, i.etw*#:! si ftt-d I. tie j! at* \lrANTKO?A ?tron?, a tive rr.unr MAN, to " cft'if out pi ?ia?0f ani make Imu^! keener a ? u?ef.ii. App f I'MII.P .1 SOLOMON*, Metropolitan ?ofik?tore, 333 Fenn. avenue, t'<*tw*er ^fh anJ inth ?tg. __ U KOO.M AND MOAKI) WANTKD. lif an eM-rl? al?, iu a rc>p<?e!a':? puvat<* faunif, or wh?re the'" are fn.i a i"v U>ar<-'?r8, whert??he ooiniorU ill a ot?U;.4 *<s t.?<! Would wish to I Hi - IKil liui II w II < >' l-i? OU II' jr-OUOU M 1 I Ml: ! J hl\ir^ out or t?.? kinvi ohlMif). fV?4?a.iloj w?tsi?<< ln ina. J*te >. A iiiiefM "Mfb. .M Biix 4, J*'*r Oilio*. <K|*. WANTED TOPI H ?lASK-?oin? ?r.>f it |^h? OiisiuMii r<4kiriiu nc&^ita! of a few <1 Ars <?.- w<Mi'rt pui 'fi * *?? th?* fu'niiure Miii (,j unit >*> :. ? iv' ii-'.e-t f *t<uior H artiin* lion#, ur v- ii'it i n?t> n liinm? iturnmhwi or unfnriji?ri <1> tha' w.iu 1 a hr?t rat* t>oardi < ji'iu"?>. in ?*in e ( > h1 triiameac ration of the olt?. No toou or o'nptmp oous'rn n?eU iniwer. AilJrf??, lufon^a Pi>Bt Ofiie*,,,f,ru'ieno? " wit?t r**i nain?aud .b^Uun, iiatliig wimreiu inwrvirw tna? h?ji*4 dfed' 3t* \VTAHTKl>?To rer.t. e. HTORK oontalnlnc ive *t or ait robui*. A>1iir?*? Mra. KOA<Tl p?nuna. r Hot- i Oeor<tt.iwn. D- C. 8' 'it* W/INTKD-To rent a HOU8F, Pnrciehe<l or *" L'nfprotBlj?^, fn % central location. AJ^reaa C-O-'ONrgmr Offioo. de? 8t*_ ^yfAN'T' !>?Two re*p?otat>!e yooo* WOME^i. ? v/"? vu u r\rm $ w c.* I'. H3" iroilj 10O OlHflf W CO bona^vorii. Appl? at 407 13th street, t^tw##-. 0 and H gtr?et? <le9M?t* A PEW MORK ABLE-BODIED MEN ARK wanted to fill up n>y oompaDj in the District r resident Guard Regi'oent. Those vlshioc to ua & o >fnpai.r of r?sp.?o sole m?n mast oall coon at Peter Dingfahler'*. Faun, avenue, betw?en 4){ andMhst*. CHH. A. KRAU8R. do SVl w * Captain. WANTED?K-?ht or t-n ?ood DR ESS-MAKE RH, at No. 30 I etr???t, tf?tW?T 12th acd 13th sts. Alm, a Woman to cook, wanh *nd iron ; arid or * to do hoaf work. oe a~3t* \\r ANTED TO I'UROBAfE-A te'tle.1 wwn.n ?? C^OK, who *>an bo well rc-oommenoed fo? oharaot^r anu oApaoity. The a-iv*rtis*r dci.'e? to iot> housekeeping h* himself, a"d wishes enith a servant &g o*n be entire!j trusted. Ad ir^si Box 10, Star Offio*. de zr-jv WANTED IMMEPI ITEliY, ?t n.e V. S. * Navr Yard, Washington, a nuirber of A TVJ M I?at ~ * ^ d*2B I CD AGKNTMSM4N AND HIH WIFK. or txr<~. jc?nt unci, oa" h aooomm dated with a large and p'-aaaut OH AVI RER. nloeiy furnished, in ft private f*m r y s !cc*tif.n e*nt:al an'i convenient to the D?partin*nU; referenoea exchanged. Inquire at the ftar Office. dei7-eo?t WANTKD?Evary peraon to know that 1 am in th? market, r??<ij to pay c*ah for a'l artiolea in the houarfnrniBhirjc lie*. Thoaa leavin* tue oify.or having a ?urp!ua, will do well to oaf. R, BUCH LV , 43** Seventh't, !<etween G and H eta.* (past aide,? D'aiar in New and 8eoond-haod Furnitnre. no 16 AMTbU-TAILOHS, TAlLOHSs-WT?;lori *? competent to work on military gooda. Apply G. Wall, Stephana k. Co.'i. ae# WANTED,?We are now buying SECONDH AN D FUR MTU K K, STOVES and 0 KD DING, for whion we are pftvlng the highest oaeh prior,*. Familtea declining houaek^eplns, or havitig a "urplnfi of fnmiture, will Una It to tceir aJraiitft^a to give u? a ^ai!. BO\'T7. 4: GRIFFITH, i? 13-tf No. S69 "?th at., betw. 1 and K sta. B0AKD1NQ. BOAR DING.?Will n* vaoar.t the lit January. two Rfionw, on? a !a:ite room ? uifalile tor >.wo personi A!eo, room for <>ne n-?wn Table Hoarder*. at the eout beaut e tri.Br of NinUi and II *U. It* IT'AMll.lKS A\D MNQLK iSKNTLKMF.N I 0*11 fit <1 Ult^rd RU.j D W Vlt KoOIiiK, {term* inod<"ate;) *t Mm. Ui'I''TiNUSJ, oppoeit.* \l?ro?S Ofticw, Ofortr^wvrii. A lew tr&uaiant HoiudefH aoX'TiniKM'.xtxt. de lw* 'I'HEABVHKK S OFFICK. J \V asMinoto-s, D. C.. D<v>ens!>?r, '#>51. Uij!drra oi the two yet** Treasury Notoa, with inlA.Ast at 6 per o*ut. pt)at'.rt?ciin annually, i?eneJ undertime eat 01 2d of id*.roh, Itw'd, are informed ttt&t ltit? Interest on Muoh Botes v? the Ut of Ja iuarf, in;;, wtl! t.? o&id at tin* odioe, on and after ?hatda>: provided, ttiat hu?1i note* witli a eohedule, bikii?*i ''J the holder oi nuch note* u-.wiiix it?? nuinLei, date, and amount ufeaoh note, together with ti.? Internal due thereon ia ??id firet .f* lodged Ueie, oiw Jay t?elcrenar.d. lor rmiuatwa. <??!*?<> F. K. *?FINNKK. delM Id Tr*Vn.r?T. IT. H. i jF.K VlAN DIVISION, ATTK.Vl'ION ! I* HRADQUARTERS For bending Money t- Oertuatif arid all cart of ti>* Country. IS MtMkT Sun, Sn? of (>? Gtrrn*m roS-liB WA. CARU. !t. J AlOLEK Ha* thd p!?a*qre to loTurni fr:-rfi? a^i.1 the put> ic. t?.at he ua o^eu^d a fr#i c.?s? Itce suiui' at the l?vufiW !<>oaU>>u ?>u Li ?trrft t?*tveen 11^ fc?l 12th etreeta, to Ion* Kd wfe'.l-knowu aa A?<l?r*a Odnfaotiowrj o?i*b tiiuHui. llaviUK jbmm Rrr?u(<?ine!it* tor a ismatAn' li-ji f 'f "1 ail <w? tto.loibolftf ?'l 11??? kov-.3i.ll, C.u -ecnr*.- 1 i ?! >? Ol po>t? a 1 .vinij.rt?nf asti-u (<inpi,i?o i? reoti'c a Uoo aimr?? > ? j>mnio fetvof. o lm FURS! F U R 8!! F U K SIS! W# h*v?on ha*d y: our apaeioua aalatrv>ora. in th-re\r <.i <ar n.iotn.n jooir.a. at private m1<*. a very a *a m ! el'^ant aaaortioeat ut Fare aaJ K0t>6a. OKIieiUlIK of? Mink ?abie. ll.dson Uay Hli e, }*tone Marten.'i av.rt Kriniu>>, Fi" O ov??v.<] itaant eu, Cape ind .XUfflora, i alle*' and Children'* Fur*. r anof Carriayo rtobea, !n,ed and nnhnad, Bu-lalo. Wo i, Geuet an-i mac* otn?r gondj fur W * LL. A. BARNARD, Auction and CoQimnaioc Merohant* dft?7 ?Rap.) corner Pa. av.atMi 9th at. flu Military Boot* aUrT WM AT WHOLESALE. y?I We Lave no* in at re? lOoaaea Ca?f tt; itched Knamel Lec Boou, 9) *' UraiB " & luoh - ** _At% a? " ? - - - i .. r. w^iioLK.L. i2 !. *v,kl7 ** ?M? M S,- cair JTT. WHITEHOCBK. da*B lw?? P?nn. fcy? b+frw?n tti> %ad Chhtt. TWKCIt TIM AND SCARPA! aq NE0* TIKa' r V ^ . . . . . AMUSEMENTS. MIPS pK^i IN fs Fa*t*4 TlTKHDAY, Dfte*mb?r 3l??. Will b* Krlorntd Ihtilntini of ALL THAT G LITTM9 IX NOT GOLU-ftUrtha 0?hbt, Misa P. DmU. _T?>00*0 ud?witt. th?f*'M'fTHRTv t'?!PKTKR'-* DUl.RTKK-.VU^'on. (ft VivmMim S Oootn ; m vhifth ftbft vtli at?R '' Wlwk Kowd? f>ow." It J^ING'3 AMJ'HITHKATKK T. Kitu? tV>l? 1 iiim ftnd Mftnft?er ^ A mm Jiifttft \Y ft n&? Ml* F. Whi*tak?r Manter Ciroi? Die Uardinar.... - Staada J Clown On MONDAY, TCE^D* Y.aad WEDNESDAY EVENIN'bft. and o-i Ntw Year Afternoon. DON SANT1A6G ?1BBONNOISE, THE HOLLAND BROTHERS. \YM. Y- SMITH, SAM LONG, Mr. VVM. KINCADF, M'LI.K MARiE. And ELOISE, th* Child Rider. TOM KINO WiU postiivtiy !*ap wr a Drorr Hort**, Aau wi I introdnc? ' M'DLE VIRGINIA In * Faaclnath)* E^ueAriaa I' DAN RICE Will appear at mMrir penoJ. Pvcu. Dreaa Ctrola - W> ?wit*. Colored Gallery... 2** oenta. Colored Bo??? Jo o?m, Boor* of?ri at 7 o'olook; perforu>aiiC?a will ooramenooatgli pr?oi?elT. da?> St RICHARD P. JONK* Aywt /2BOEOE CHKI8TVH VJ OPERA HnVKF. Tknth Bktwbkn K axt? F. Open Ev?r> Ni*ht with OEOKHF CHKIHTY'H Ml^S*T*KL? From Bronifoeav- Stte Vo'fc, Coniprieine Iflof ir-.e Ficxrn St**? <-t Mikstmlwt ' The eaMre Aitertainment under the unraf di?U di reetirc ?t GKOR6F. C II R 1 f T V, T'i' Fion'-r of M>*ttTfl*y ' Thl? Efeoinc will V* ?rorfnn*<> George Chrl?*j'? laughable Rxtrat-aianxa entitled THK l)i?l BLK BKDDfcP KOOM Dulcimer Swy pes Oeorge Chn?ty Other character! by the oohit*-v. The uanal of ?>r*l ft. Dandirr, Bu' league Opera, fto., Ao , bv the wnole tonif ar.v. At>vi?*iov?Par?uet, >'eer?? : Gai'?ry, 2* rent* ip^On prerarattyo, NEW YKAK'tf CALLS. OUD FELI.OWS' R MTM ODD FISLLOlVtf* HAf.l,! ODD FF.LI.OU>* HAUL! ODD FEV.LOU B' HALL: ODII FKLLOVVH' HALL1 ODl? FKLLOU't*' HAI I.! HAT UK DA Y NI6IIT, Pickmbi* ' ?*. Til K A LI. Ed A XIA NS ' THE ALLIMANIAX8 ' Til E A L LEU A XI4 3T3 ' VOCALIST AND VOCALH*r AND S WISH E J L L II I N G I! IS S ! C V I S l? H V. L Tj KINOLKJ' t W I 6 8 B K L L K I N Q E H s? : M11*8 CAKKIK HIKKKKT, MISH MAKIA BOILAKD MR. A. 8tlXi WICK. MR. b. GAI.LOWAY, MR. J. .M. BOLLARD I .at*'.? '*t:ir <:Ki from * fo jr- t'Mir /woo (i.e w?rt<l. aj.'t fivitij just eonci .if ) a of a iuo o*?!ul ooruvttn it. t!jo oit? of New V?rk, woui?l mi.-t rttipeeUulW ?nn<>uuee t <? first of th*-ir Highly Popular Mujieuf Knttrtatnment* Their Kei-?'!0!rf enlutM fl o(??'!.v- ?e.*Ct>.'.Li III VOCAL UUAKTKTTK*. nrranjftJ in tfc? r 0*1 p-. ou inr and 'tT'oti v* ?f yi?. M?o, % v&net? of the awe-t^t Kr*!i?h. lrmfi, f v.tnli, b or lull. Hud SStAi.t. Ari%<-, >< <*/.*?, A fruintiis w uktus tie* m. et I'A'mn sud I r-n. li nivitsrs. In itJd tl?n Ui their Ui.:? oliou" of too*. rnL'.o, thoy will . ev.>h e^euiag. {.ie?ea on the J swiss bSi.i s: li^TTlid fi??nt?f the hail at 4 th* a-IJnoei.t ?tre?u wfTTixj lUmuinateO with th? inwii n<*ut DKt'M VQNU I.IORT : flft I MMO.Nll I.U.HTI tuf a long t'nu* a?'. ot.jeot ul fle4' r-urioaitf at HARNUMS Ml SKI M. New York.?'?? n ti? uii'!? if the ALl.HiiHA NlANtt AND SWISS HFLL KIMGLKS. Pk/u. AJnit??iob.._ ...27. cf-nU Pruut ? ?St' or eta >}?a: T NOTICE' HE WASHINGTON ACAOKMYot MUSIC, slSW k'ens. AvKtc*. Bfttrfn tfmtkojut Te?:k The public are rerpaatfa'ljr inform??<l that tha auooeea ?w the d*llj a id nigntly entertainment**t thie already ruerwhatmicr# popular eatabllabn^nt. baa beau pre enufeut. It 'a nnW (Winona for the be?t Refreabmente U> ba obtained in Waabingtcn, lta bar and ?*.-aer being Qoaurp*M*d. lta Mtiaio ta of the most acraaabi* ar.d rroheroha description; '* froe oonoerta biinr nighty encored thrw.<ftf>Kt the entire ?arfomi*nee. It* d<--ora rvr? "/tc to the patVic *ree of charge ; ar-d otfi- ra nr? ooDawaatiy in atUrndacoa to prase "-v- uM?r an<i p-oper deooram, de_13r2o' HENRY HO?*Kn'THAL- PrQf'r. j {^ANTKKLL'HY HALL. iFo.mariy th? Wvhlmrton A?*?mi>;y Rnoros.) ix>ni?>nr.% avenue, aear oon ?r ol 8 h ?;tr**t, in li?? rear of tii? National ao.i Hr'in'i flutele. OPKN EVERY NIGHT! With the firat tfc^st in America. BSTIRS CHASdlToFrROORAMMB. Hwonnd v??k c?f t':? rr?at Ernmtric Ethiopian Artist of ths Day, FRa >K BROW.ER ! FRANK HROWUR ! To nigi t. tb? VIRGINIA MUMMY! Virginia mummy: VIRGINIA MUMMY! FRANK BROWER u GINGER BLUE. PRANK BKOWtR A* ?i\G E K R . .1 K. rank Shower as ginger blue. Character" by the retire MAK COMPANY! New 8ongt, New Dantes, ire-., ifro. CHRISTMAS WEEK, CrtRInTMAS WEEK. A Seres of Masmfiaent AKTERNO<>N PERFORMANCES wiU tv* riven at CANTKfc BURY HAM-, FOR LADIES AM> CH1LPRFX, J- n H I J III FV J vh ran r? tr r> * ^ jb *r i mm -? n .? ?' ? nil. I'nr, ,1, tOI{ LADIF.S AND CHILDREN, FOK LAD IKS A v/? CfJILDKES, hOH LADIES AXD CHILDKKS', Cotrntmenoing TLE8DAV. Asix> KVEKV Amiwoi DvaiN-i TH* W*FI* Owe Thousand Costly Pr,?tmt tni. I* presented to th? la<iie*, children, vud the audience during tn? we?ii. Tnette eletr*"t Christina* f*<u*enir? wili oouaiat of magmii ocui Anntiais, acd.eipfL'iv# eta of Sal>l? For>-. a Nr-win* X a ohiua, ap'.endu' ?io!J Jeweiry, Si vi>r Fork* and Sttoone. Ladie*' OhAiba, vVat?h Oiiwie, oiiUdre. a Nook Chame.Keuta' Hinga, To7? and Confaotioaery. ][/ The nM.xter* ?a.i to the mm I* of th* '.adtea of this oily the presentation ni*tiu?*? whioh t> t-y had the honor to five h?re &?t winter, lne\idene? <d ine fairness* wl*h whiolt triey were conducted Theae preeer.ta wil* be given in addition to the (meat performance* b? the !?stt uum (> "? eter appearing in \\ arhinatoQ. TT>e?a!oous attaoh?<1 to the Hall will h*oloaed J an un the afternoon performances. and oirr rnatiiw?i> wril he oondnoted it anoh a way that the timet /atUdiuuu cannot mnt their U. tin I'm bUf*. ' A frmuibH Pri4 tj i ^a<ll<*. X< iu>lU; gentleiuf-L with ladiM, 2f> MBti; liluiileu, 1?> o?ri.U Air At tru?t: w e?nt?; kuniWiXHi Ofoheatra Chair#, 5<i ce:iT?. li^No rreeffc!* at iu?il.?d d? *j 4f'J ?. WKKTILKIMI K 4 CO, i I lU? No. 4hV aSi> 4t,4 tf?? 41)t Oryot i/t ?A? ' /??, ode' "itfir tuck of K l>L9. nH ANfllh;*, roK in\1.^. "!v v*o th?iur? (Mvi iiueu' l ^KGAKS toHACOU, ' ANCY CuODS, #W., for tik i tl V? i.oiHMkiA PflOtMk. 2hey .** *? i?'.uutantl? wu h& fen* l'HILADKI.1A CREAM ALK, id k?a ard! ... for ! At* >." Ik lull | Ur?# Tl?* piiUio in kf? ( (jud?t?j l:? tive tixtlik S, 0*U fc.?ll MXauiif.* UtAiX HvloiiJlJ ?i?ck a/ k<>c-U, -Id WEkTBEOTKK A COA 4<tW and 4til ^evraiti strife, it* 21 Am 0|r?n. Pi,at Olfio*. I !M*l{()KlKl fVt* BIKING, LIVER jj\ EXCHANGE No*. 2W) fc&?l SQlS nul twatii of VS tilird's Hotel. GwU>iu?n wiihing to hit# a dm* cod rtyitak turnout oaa b* *npj>li*i with a MU of u; ? oripuoa, in a ?t?te oi ra-? EXCELLENCE. , Tha haat eara baatnvad on I-itmt horaaa.w baddlahoraea.raitaMa tor amj oftoara.aivara oo ttand. n35-lmr NKW btokb Tit# niularalcnari tikN pteaaura la Inform'ni hi* frleiid* and the ahlie mat ha hM openad a Rook nn<i Stationary Btorain Johnnon'a Bmldinc. Pea*, avenue. uv *Hh Mwt, Will alvaii hata on hard a large atao twit of Booka ac.d Jta?u>nary of a'l daaonationa inelndiag Pena Ink, Pajar tod Klauk Booka, Oi(t Booka, litMea aad Prayar ?oka, Novmi. JiT?ul* Toy Boika, Gmm *io? *^asasr RICHARD J. JOYCE. PKRPON8 IN WANT OP OVAL PRAM Ell IT iorPhotocrMhaofaUaifaa,Oiltor Roaawood, | Nf fWw" wSrtid SToW (tuim, | BALLS, PARTIES, kc. ORAND BAl.t,' ' O B? *'r#ti by tUruM MBU ACTIV* A*. **OClATIQV ?t Olamh;* H?l , Capitol Hi 11. on TrKSD'V KVENINO, (S>w fit V?*r'? Frt ) r*0 TTit+r Vtt 4A Ti?kn*? one dai:?r, tdmitticr t f nt>?r?rW^ IOOK OUT Ff?* THE MOM*ME>TAT.?*?-* C?<^t,ki?d fri**d*. dtnrt tk* OH T*mr m% 'Hi and tkt. Sue Y?r t? Tfc* Mocu?i*oL-\. JQ Club t*tf? rrMf p in inLOCDoinc to#VB tn?r frigid* snd ?h? mb'io ii *9***%'. ttMtvJfc ?h#y wi : cir* ?n Ye\r*a Km, their 14th Q!t AND AS*FM >?.Y at Ftfnkiir JUll. oorner ? Hhand D !?.. rn Tl'RfDAY FVKNIN0. Dm. 91 1 ick'U 9) ufm'ttiac tenttewnc aad idiw By oHw of the da ?-?* ONCE MORE. KINO FRIENDS, A HAPPY NEW YEAR ! The ro*m*era of the MOCNT CLARK CI-* B %\ra irast j> e^anre in informinc their tiianv m% Mearia *rd tha Ui?t tbair aerauth SI *r*nd COT LL"N PA RTV will he r'rer at/^B *tott'? Hail, eorn?r of P?nn a^ere# rthat-.on I FK9DAY, (NEW YEAR'S EYE, D'oera'-er 3n, 1*1. AdirnMii c 91. By order cf the ootr.m N. B?The m??nber? a!a-> ?etom th?tr ainoere thank* to thnr frie?<<? and the pehlie for th? libera! patronar* they here n*<fi e*t*i>d??d to the <<!ah,an-i mora anpermlly to tbe\r 'adr <ri*Bda ?Kn bar* *0 often honored them with th?ir l*r*a atleodaeee. d<?S7 ?f |7At*HIONABLK HANOl-VO ACAOEMV *T a Twicicw nil I <tn the main Mil) r. W% Vtwi ??h M?d loth. Cik>**< J9 Tn?*?la?ar'1 F idny Aftarnooi, and Ev?rln(./HB A iof'h* fa?hionafcl? r?rc*? Prt-Hi rate HUM at*??w1ed to. Fo? ?trc?lar?. 19TM, ftc? )n?-iir?o{ W.M H BARN^0,?tTknaip?ot'l ?>mj ' Furmshlac Store, 370 P* aremie <f. T B? KNKR, d? T7 In" Ff?fHMT rf Oanainc. ADCTION~SALEg. FVTUKB DATS. Bjr WALf. k. BAD^ARU, AontiJBMn, Fomtk tomtr P.t. er. ??t<Y 9:4 it. PF.RK.MPTORY SALE OV WINE?, ' -jro-i a>v r'bocktm at Asctio* ???e TUt'*P DAY MOBNiJ&".narv 2J. < - mni?nmni V jo o'cioek, W0 w| ! '!. on lot fi'it 6o>r of o*r Ama t]or> Ko"ti>?. without iNfn #. n ? ? o-k of \Vtn*?- Brindit*. Jamaica Surlta, V\ h:?kv sol Rroo?ri#?, oo ? ?*inc of? C??k? "f L<*??r Tr?t-? and Jui?? Robin Do Jinta.nSfi'iU <-a?k? Po-n^t'e B'Micr, Hut* C*.>?? * W *rd .? B. u I. r \V t i > ky, rmei In.*>?rla' M? <vt * d l'"k * Kr?m *. Karr "In Pik*, ^'a^no'io mo PitttMrs W Oa*'* <*!a<-?t. KirK,h?nwa?ii?'r *td rtook of o?n*r <j<>rin*i V i".o? <n ?'l?? #'*d wi.od " ! ? ??Sff V" k * fLf Box** 1'irkC. Peaon** ami I gffrtp^rt't and Mod^ium* Roim H*rrii??, Sura' aud Ct C *, F.r^Craik^ra, With ot? er coo'l* In ?r<? <irocenr Lip?, ail of which will pO?'t?T*?y fc* t?id, Tf rn? "a*h. dg jn i R?? ) WALL k UAWNAWP. Acgf. LOST AND FOUND." | OMT <>u ? St.fh of l)'V?*n:' ?r, on ) a. ?v?., j 'w?wn J tn ard ISUi ? . a*ma': >at ?r POKTf VioNIA, ?dh at?*! ?.a?p. cor'amae auin* u. nrr. T'.?f nT^rwiV ^efil>?ra .y reward^ > > '?u i < i? at < ? %r d?SI S<* AViK T ? THR HTABLK ??K THK SIB v Ni>. *21 -J H ?'r?rt, D^rc'" ! rv 27. a? a* HttKfK, abont *? ??a*? d. :^ "LLfl f.icti. Tp# mnsr : tc ?*> v*'*u*~ ?**' * ?'*<( fU'vr y-wpr- iT ^>T d??3t S * MOHKftT KAttL. f OHT-Oo Tn*aij t?. December 31, * fj*1 Trea-l< ??? ? \OTK. let ween the ?t??e*? ?f Pfr r * Krotber?, art1 ?ho?te<-*:or ,u oue etofM. The n<te v** folded tnree uiw*. ?>r <tt? effht | ttiickneis. *iift ?>*t Am ou? wvo ma? fin* ?l-e ranie, w?;i ? * 'it^ra!!* r?w^''?nJ on Uav'wci* at I ho wor? of PKK HVt BK<> * ? 3l St* _ qiiK'N l'l?- "n !*?'nr<1%T. Deoe-"t*r ? t'n. .?f 1 f jirel HCitSK Tii^owht nrrgtte t- rv ei t.> runif f'TWurd, prove proptrt). i?T eh& ?M, Had taae anu **n. *^^-v <*r?Lr IN* * KTM N. deSt-Ct* ?t??d N?? 4 <*? Orter M*?k?? HPAKKN I P A. out li e la( < \<i**ni(*r. IK . I a biaek ilOK *K. w<th old avMle. The twii*r U tu o*i! for h'm, |??? ? * *!! '? and taae iiitnaway. KOWIX KIV??. at Muito'n *tal. e?, un b r .- < ?, J?31 S?! _ _ l^twee" Slat ai J 2M "*a. TAKKN I P?At l-.i;*iri?*r ^ta'-le. eorrer Xew ^ itrt Kt'i up >>i<i H^vert^i'h ?tr?et. c\ u the Sath inatart. ?ne t>*? H< 'H^K. ?:th f-ioer'g rtc Th* ofifrn i "t^ac Luu t> rw/i cn>viu? **npeity ana n*in* ehamri ?U il * J._K. CA X H. Krg'r gtahla. AKCWMD I'F KIVK DOI.I *Kii Wll.f. l te paid for the retnm cfa red COW.W?i|| %Uoh ? * |o?t on the SfWJi of Ikeoemh*'. tr No 4Afi K?tr?t. t>etwe?n f?h arJ TthJl^J^ t?. t?h? had ear in&rka, an<l a?ros white on oeU*. i)e fl v.* SJT R EWARI).-Lm?. a miil white Poodle ?> fLUT, ar?w?-? to the "am* > '<%. _ \ i>ort." G-ea' ta * hat t-.e*n 'ak?i wjth-J it: arid It ia TMrnrkii! I> whit* Tli? Hi1 Ti I*** 1?fn est off verr'?h?rt To* v* reward viH be rir*a fo: ha return to No 500 8th rtteet. dr 31 at* Ln*T?On the S7 h )ni*?ct in G^r?' te*r, lht Srcotd ?n.t gt 'e'?, * browr?? > aixl whitee 1 ,r*1 f? 1NTKR ftoh?iuoo '%r &">MLd hi? te. k, ?"i th - MMof "J B Jo ei, Q'.ymoat. Md ." en?i?*td thereon i fcnd ?u.wfr? t> th-* > an.a of* Tip.' A sui'Able rewr.1 w be jiv^n. If ?' 31* Pern, ftrer.ue. Or% f'o t f^on> l h' rte*''t>> ?t. II' '? STOLKN OR ?TR?YH>-f omthe oorner of Pe-n. ?ve ue *0^ Third 'rooi.or Hut c\ n-d?T inf. !)-o?rr.t? 23 i H R^KjJTp tn-J WAIJON. Tfe-hore ?rf ha* M O',?21I tbont 15 *e*/? r,'^? clime? feet, t?o of th in whit? [ ou th** h<? >i. Tn? ??gon ie >?o. tss; i? u"w y Tiirui-v iw mr rwui-' * I iD' iillN ''Ilf# ill the wa?on hw he?o about 2 ( oo'tofi. I park Bii,? N o a, 3 d< i*ti b *ek e?ir? Vvd. No V., and 8 <!<* ?j otid-en i jt'< r?i. ud tow other foods Tne eaoo! ootton i? m ihr?e sre^o covered paper So*' ?. 6 d i n in e?eh. A lib'r%i reward wi i (? irveti to * >!? will re?wm it to H. LEW, on pen", a?-ea~o, t>-t#een -4H and 6th at* ; or to J M . COHN. de? ? TAKKW OP?On Saturd*?, Deeerober ?th, a gr-'j HOR6K att*ohed to ft ?ow<!?^^ Una. Tk*otn r m iev*eten tj oorre jl forward, prove property, ny oharrw. *-(i him away. N. *CKRR. de a 8'* rorwor gd ani K >ta. TAKEN l'P-On Tbir?v M^ht, ?th : net act, near railroad ?te.ole, & tinaM b?owi f\ Oar?.di%n WORaE with se.'Mlie, abo*tt 1SS' J_ Vp b*-.d? high. Thaow. . wl'l ocme forward,v rove Biooerty. par e %-km an* t*?e hH"*??v, Apply joNKB Railroao tit le m* TAKEN TP AKTR AY-On tb?27:h inat*ut. a ted COW. The o-b-t i* re*netted to gM| eome t.trward, pri v* pr<.pert* pe onarcee K/* and taVe h?r *w?.?. > p? > at Malf atree'.^ba&M be(* e?n s an?l T. on th* la!and. ?1*a 3t? C. REEVK!?. C? C K EWa Rl>.?8tra?ed or ato>n. aat er?rinc.a arge *tzei irey HORSE ?rd gy * WAGON; horaa ahod witlk *h'>?e aM roanrf 1 hi* f'on* feet He *u tak?n from front r.fcSZl. Ootnmb;* Ho*?L Th?at>?ve reward will be given land e?-> i<i??tione aekedtto whoever* him ! > t'. I CKPr LKK. ou New York av inne, le'v?i let aii l ?U ?U. ?leS? ?* ^ * c" u ?'K KTULKN-Oe tue r u'it of tba r* 4Hh ii.ataot, Irim nf r tha >atioral H te'. * medium et*.?t ?orrai ?TALLK?N at-outlSS' han.j? h'gh; hadonafalt net offoM'iiqninni'n'j A liberal reward ari ! be p* d for liia r#urrH or lor ir.loriaati<?E_po>oerrine hit ?^ermU"iu. R. H.UAKEK. il?2T-lW*^_*it.atfc N. Y. Cavairy. Pi)7! RKWABO.-8M away from tuembO? ' Mirint-r .in the 1ML init. THKKh va NKGRO BOVs-U ' i B.nd, Haurr rba>- (fff iiiai at.! No't* Carpenter Bil'r aa-l Honry TA axe a*M-at 4 (*et 4 mobe? bigb; It ye*ra cidj JA >1 ree?r<l in drab. H.liv it o--pp'T eo'or an JSaL* Henry U'k. Nottj uunHar 4 ft eopper opior;?rM*?t in drat AUo. <>c tue ?<h ?I mlx?r, two N^'o Mm?Henry ?*r.ei.n<?u aaii Ra*i C'arpeet-r? ><oth l>lark; B lit r?n biaok; Baeii it aboat 5 feet ? mohea: iii lj 6 feet 6 or 8 incite*; bui lump heimd the right aar; o oth 'an oca; ea"ii ? boat 2R vrars oln. And fiiao on the 8tti of October, two Men?Bai>ti?t Carpenter ano George Chap*>.au. u-tptiai re)low. ?ad about Si >ears old; S feet 4 4i?n>r?e axed J". Mwatt f?r?? IxkM! oiotLiuc varloaa. for the 6'it iaiup', Bill*. Henry at.a No tty, J wiil give J?2*e%oh, and tort fie other t'or Sifl each, aeourad in jail. da t-iw^ .O. N. BRVAND. [ OBT-A SKAI. SING, and a FOX HKAU J SKA L. ttttadhad to a riuf. will, ft i*Vuao ?et. |o reward will (>e givea to *u?e\? rettraarhe artluiea to thia ofto*. da i tf HDI4 KrBRER GOODS, OP Al.L EIND??FOR THE ARMY. A lar<a muM>k jutt rao4ia?d. % JOHN B PITDNRV. 834 Pa ar.. i hark r.tnm \ <?r lift |) >U WOOL C*P!? COMToRTK?I>, tiLOVK*. ? ?AUN1LET?t HHlitrH. I)RA^ER?*. 60.. 1r-*h ?t JflHN H PCDNfirBSt* IUM, l?tW- HitjMQ tl-Cfr B? FF%LO * WOI.P R<?BBS, LAC ROHKM. hoBSK BI-aNUKTU. ?nc CAMP BED*, Ju.t r-cMrtdM JOH* B Pl>l>NK\*? Pa. ?*,< b??k room.' or P traet. brt ttn an s i*>. CUTLER - 5?*ull?ra yoa will at* *y? tod ?kny . *3 ?o<: <1?w.r%b!? *">: m th? batiw ? hoMiy Detot of JOHN B. Pl'U.NKV, IM D K.^fMn fttk Aiid Mk Blanket*. blankets-L?r?* *> *. * IM bfci* or Mir. _ JOHN B. PI'DNKY. I dea? 33g P Kr?t, hote?a ?U fcedltttk. ?pu MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. ^rfHE^OHjSff^NFL'V^ HAIK BYE. T%4 0*1y RMtmiu Mrf HmrmUu Mr Opt him. Sobl by ?U Onictiau; aUo. ?t Binnoj'i P*i?bI Mmiou* filer?.?, p. Pfctont OHm. oor. F A 7U. 9,,M'ias; ^ikSt?^'.V22Si. **" r?jiot^3ii t^o*?-,SS aaram N.T. QkOV KB

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