Newspaper of Evening Star, December 31, 1861, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated December 31, 1861 Page 3
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??p???MMfcw ' LOCAL NEWS. * ^ _ A*r?yi"iM To-N'Oit. TjttTtt ?The dmma. "All lta? C.Httera to hot'?old," and tbe "Trumpeter's Daughter.?? C*xrimir*T Hall?A rich bill of burieaq'-e RtfctopHn ?oie? ?nd dances. and the "Virgin!? Mummy." Go see the Mummy. CsaistT's ?A New Ymrs Eve programme of od<i with the afler-pleee, u The Double Bf*lJ-<l R oom;'' C> rlsty In bU inimitable charactc ?("DakliMT Harypea ? Kiv?"? AnriT7i*ATws ? Brllltwt eqoestrlar and acrobatic feats G 'Won noise,, Rolland Brothers, M'llc Virginia, with all the otbet Mt > In new and aptrlted performance* F*ith?o:?j as .? Lecture by Hon. Daniel S DVk neon on tbe "Vnion, its Perils and lb Hspes " Opp Fitumi' Hall ?Tbe AlWanlans and ("* > B*U RSgertln a choice selection of Eng. llih. ?pt?nish, frencb, German and Italian ballad*. and with numerons nieces executed wltt thrir silver-toned bells, a charming program a#'. Colchbia Hall. Capitol Hill ? Grand ball of tl* Columbia Active Association. Fra!iilt<iHall.?AaemblyoftheMoeamental Club. Tory's Hall ?Cotillion party of the Mount Clare Club. ?t Alotsics Cnrac* ?Ladles' Mr, and an li'eresting programme of plsya. PHoc*iBita? or twk CtyT Comcin, Monday. Dec 30 ?Board #/ A14trin?* ?A reanlutlon for tailng, by Increased 11 pen tea, the green-srroceas; a act repealing the law of 1994, making an ap . pmprlation for lampa In Delaware avenne and north B street; at.d a resolution Instructing the committee before Congress to nrge upon that body fi? necessity for an appropriation for two steam I'e-englnes. snd to put tbem in charge of the Metropolitan police Commissioners, were severally considered snd passed A nlnt resolution granting John P. Dennis tbe p-ivii-'e .?f using coach repoaltory aa a stable, sas re *e?ted t he nomination of Jos P. Hodgson a? sealer of fights and vo**nut** w*j reported back from tt? police committee without any leeomtnendaf.on Mr Lloyd, a* one of the committee, begged le-ive to report favorably. ? nomination was confirmed by yeai 9. bLnk 1. '1 ue nomination of Jas. C Cross for clerk cf tbe V astern Market waa reported back from thesame committee witboat any reeotjimendaiioa, and Wfia ronSriDHl by yeaa ?. blank 2 The nominations of J. C. Rartbolow for commissioner of the Center Market. In place of Joa. Bryan, declined; of Heftty Kielber, for messenger to :h? Mavor and Register; and of W. B. 1*11u rod. for wood and <-oh1 measurer of tbe first district, were confirmed The nomination of U B Mttcve J, for assistant i-rk of the Center Market, wu taken up. Mr Klsber stated that he bad requested the Mayor to renominate Mr Mitchell, Tbe notnlnation waa confirmed by yeas 1? blink 2 J An art for taking up and relaying a gut'er or Ff?"*"?nth street, across New York avenue, was r aaed A > ommunl<*at1on from the Mayor nominating H O Howen for c-mmjasloner of sweeps In the ond \\ ard, was r?-;-rred. A resolution Instructing the police committee to Inquire Into any violations of the law in re btlon to livery stable*; an act authorizing the plviiig of the names of street on the strce' Lnips: and a resolution Inatrnctlng tbe tlnance ri.riinattee to report 1 Mil for the retirement and cu'icellatloii of tbe SS rertl tt> ales of lnder>tedne*? ?>"' }>Aa?eti Tbe following fTom the lnw-r board *12 *Act* f..r the reijef of John M fiolbrook. and of B. P. ?rk; a'id an act f?.r tho erection of ?re pln-s ori >i'?'.url aveniie. hetwe^a Four anj-a-half and ? t?L ??s ; also, a resolution I- stru. ting the corn n.ltt-e le-fore Congress to ask of that ImmIv ac atu'adneat to the cbart-r, requiring memtier* s U -aipioyer* i>f the Cikrporatloa lo take an oatt. allegian. e to liie Constitution of the I'nlted >*at-|: also, an act providing f..r an assistant to tLe Kegi-)'<rr, Xr., Wrre severnliy r?>ad an?l ?e fcrred \ resolution requeetiag tUe poilre committee to Ute Ink* i unalderation a revision of tte" bealtu ihw*" and the appointiuent of a health oflic?-r, Wit poaS*d * A communication from R H Gilie?e, in rel?rion to 'be bo*^M* numbers on ,\?w Ytrk avenue, v> as referred. A Joint resolution to tender In tb? Government the city are plu^s now In tbe pipe vsrd. fi* the orotectlon of Government projJ?rty from loss by i-e. was referred Adjourned Common Coufil ?Tbe l#o?rd met, aud immediately adjourned. Batabd TatioI's I.tCTtnt'? Last Pridoy evening Bayard Taylor delivered tbe third lecture of the season before tbe Washington Lecture Association, at the Smithsonian, npon 'The American People. Socially and Politically." Previous to the lecture, several patriotic airs were performed by the band of the Eleventh Maine. Apologizing f>r a brief delay, and the absence of his manuscript in consequence of a rall-oad detention, Mr Tarlor commenced his lecture by relating an anecdote of a servant, who. riding In her mlatress' csrrlave, exclaimed, "Oh! that 1 could stand by the roadside and see myself pass by " It would be much better for us If w* could thus be actors and witnesses of our own deed< At this time, when our Government Is breu<>ht to Its severest test, It Is best for us to consider our own condition dispassionately and thoroughly. We sre a sensitive, thin-skinned people, eireedIngly Jealous of our reputation, and are apt to*be chagrined at tbe slightest disparaging criticism In the Infancy of our Government, the social system of the American people was almost exsctly similar to that of England, but since that time there has been a great transformation, and we are now entirely different In. that respect from tbe mother country. We have tbe peculitwlty of changing tbe character of all who ceme to our * shores, la their babita, language, religion, and even their physiognomy, the Influx of foreigners working no change upon us, So great la our own magnetic Influence. But notwithstanding all this our social relations are extrenely limited. In Europe, where there are different and distinct ? grades of society, there Is more social freedom than with us. In some portions of this eountrv a m*n's standing In society is^ measured by his wealth, In others by bis religion or political sentiments, In some eltie* by the street he lives in, while there sre many place* In which education and refinement Wo.)id of Itself tell against tbe possessor We are too tender upen tbe subject ef Individual wealth, aud frequently debar ourselves from much pleasure and enjoyment in our attempts to appear wealthier than we really are An Englishman will frankly state tbe amount of bis Income, sud give bis pecuniary inability as a reason for not indulging In a luxury; tbe German will not besltntetorldeln atblrd clastfcar; andtbe freeebman will dine on a biscuit and dance to tbe operatic air as be shakes his empty pockets; while tne American with gnawing hunger will tell yon be has ju?t di ned Bnt tbe America' ? are not penurious; snd If we sre s money-msking people we are almo a money-spending and a money-giving people, whose charity and benevolence is knowu throughout tbe world We are not Independent enongb In our thought". t*i: all w our newspapers and leaders to do our thinking. ^s a people we are extremely exrilaltleaud notorloualy fickle. We are exceedingly tender with retjard to tbe opinions of foreigner?; and while professing not to rare what others think, the first question we a?k the stranger Is. " What do you think of onr country We thus psy too mucb attention to the opinion of other nations, and snow too much self-rsons-lonsnes*. The sp'rlt of democracy here rules too much tne Federal authority. In our early dava, as a people, our President could bold t??ck and rule tbe people; but now, if any attempt Is made to prevent treason and guard against danger. 11 is loofced upon WlUi jealoiwy *+ * danifrrmis assumption of power. Corruption and penality In niflre has become a national characteristic, and will not ! ? avoided until tbe ?atarle? of those employed Is increased so as to enable them to live w'tbln fb"lr means. Fbereshould he rosnge In the various branches of Uovernment. the beads of I>epartmrot? only to he changed, and the employee* retain their positions so long ss U??y p? rforu? their respective dutlessitlafvtor. iy. After ahudlog in eloquent terms to the present s'ruggle and its beneficial efferts upon us as a na tion the speaker closed by saving that where our tights were eoncerned we sb.>utd stand firm, inougb called upon to meet ,(a world In arras." Arrarti AL?XAi?paiA ?Tb? Alexandria Lotai S?iei says: To? supply of ftiel Is ratu?r larger than lsst week, several cargoes of anthracite coal have arrived, and sre offered for sale The arrivals of wood by river, lallroed, and country carts has been larger than usual and prices of wjod sbow as to some kinds, a siigut decline A cargo of aasert^sl pine and maple Sold at Ut5 per cord, tbe lowest prtce from a river vessel for some in?>nth* We quote prices s fbllow*: Wood?Oak, (senaoned) ??: pine, < baker's) 97; partly saasoned. II 30; maple, (unses?oned) Coal?Anthracite M per ton; Cumtmland, lamp, f7 fltf; Ran ef Mine, JW 00; Flae, none in market. Capt. Joee?, who arrived op from below tbe Confederate batter! a, reports that when passing Maryland Pol at, be saw a large schooner Sunk, and a propeller either sunk or grounded la shoal water. Coating up, be m?t a sat*U veasrl with a portion of bar how stove In. RoaatM a Sara S*OLDi*n.?William Jones was arrested on Btmdar. by ofllcer Ferry, oa tbe charge f stealing SflSfroau Daniel Tucker, a sick sold ier, In tbe hospital en Fifteenth street, a ear Corcoran * Klgga' oenk. "He was comasltted to Jail, by Justloe Walter,lor a further hearing. Tlaa RAfstne?A hAodaotne American tag was raised over tbe new butldlnc of tbe Adams Ctprens Company, corner of Indiana and New Jersey avenues, opposite the railroad depot, jrcatcrday CtmnuL Ccvtr Yesterday, ai *** la the stmt, the Elimination of wltn<*?w In the ease of Kir hard Evans, on trial for the mnrder of Geor*e ?. Howard, was closed. Those examined for de' noo wer* Richard Bow* and fteitxe. (noieemen at the tlm* of aborting I Notts* testified bat dfourd Ml, whrn abot, with hla face tn a >onthweat direction Keese, It will be ?'m?mbered. testified that deceased was running m tn-rarda Sljith street when (hot, and fell on bit feC ] I'tir (blowing rebutting evidence waa then viMed bv the District Attorney 1 Mr Ac Or (tailor) trifled that the man who Ired the pistol abot which caused the death of Howard bad on a policeman' coat-and rap; It to a gray ovticoat, rich u wu worn by the o'd ooliee force. Don't know if the coat bad a cape, lot thinks It bad Dtputy Marfkat Plktllips aworn.?Has known McCarthy fur fifteen yearn: believe# bit reputation 'or veracity la very good; never heard it qnealoned; never beard It dlarn?ned. _ Justit* Dew* aworn ?Ha* known McCarthy 'or fifteen yeara; never beard bis reputation for eeracity questioned; i ever beard It dlscoseed Mr. H*gk?.? (Bailiff of Court) sworn?Has tnown McCarthy for *f(fht or nine vara: bat *ard bla veracity doubted sevefal tiroes by dlfn ent people. Cept Xallny sworn?Has knor*rn**lcCarthy ?li?ce 1M6; haa never beard bla character for Tnthfalnesa questioned; never beard It dlacuaaed Ckarlft Kimbl* aworn.?Haa known McCarthy or len or twelve yejrs; never board bla veracity mentioned /oA* H VTitt (jailor) recalled.?Haa known ' McCarthy for many yeara, and hia heard several rwopie during the last two yeara aay that b* waa t notorious liar. Tboae who Impugned bla veracity In presence of witnesses were Juatlcea Myers. Hollinv?besd Hmlth and Callan,and Mr. Plixpatrlck, of the Bank of Metropolis Mr F stated !n presence of wltoea*e? that McCarthy bad induced him (F ) to alun bla {McC 'a) bond aa onatable by representing it to be a paper for aome 'ther purpose Witness said for that reason he vooid not 1>elleve McCarthy cn hia oath. AquiILi Allt? aworn ?Haa known McCarthy for several yeara; has never beard bis reputation 'or veracity questioned. Ths Dlafrlit Attorney befe cloaed the evidence fit the prosecution. Mr Drfvtdge, for defence, recalle-t? J. F K'*z ?The policemen in May laat wore <ray coata, without capes. This cloa*d t^ie evidence In the case, and the District Attorney tben prayed for certain inatruc"onstotbe jurv, which he proceeded to argue oa'il the hour of adjournment. /Vday.?In the case of K'chnrd Evans, on trial for murder. Mr Chas H Utermehle la arguing 'he caw- for the defence. AaaxsT of a Fkmalp. Fpy.?East evening a ?pv named Mrs. Baxlev, waa brought to this city by the effi ra. having been arrested on board the Baltimore and Old Point bent. 'leorprtanna. on ur.dhy Inst She had rome up to rjld Point rom Norfolk sndcr a .1a^ of truce, and while ou be "ieorgiunna her ^nnve'*at!on aroused the sua ulrlons of tboee cn brvird Her person w*a earebed, and a number of lepers are alleged to have been found?aome Ins'dt oftbe lining of ber ' onuet, and In her under garments. One wa? *a1d to be to a prom'nent Union man and lawyer of Baltimore, mjueatlnt:hie Intervention to pro 'jre the liberation of a friend c-f tue writer now In the military custody of the United ^tatex. fche bail siso ? diary detail! tg the prices of various articlcfc of nereasity at Ktrlimoiid. ar><i d meinornndutit of bavlug kiMed the hand of Preaident Davfs Af'er w.'hing Hiltimore a'ie was eondui ted to the o|fii-4? ,,f t'rovoat Marshal, but ?he malnthlrud a firmness which rouid not tie moved Id everything thiit was desired to be obtaiue.l from ber ia to" way 01 information Dlnru:r W is ordered and sent to the apartment in which sh~ w<?? pt3ce>t. b-i? she steadily refused to touch it under any clri'umxtances. The female i? now In custody of the UiMitarv irtborltle> |>ere, awaiting h?-r eiamlnation. A ynur.g man Mined H?pt1inus Brown was also art( Hied and wnt to Fort McH^nrv. .1 nlie^nd for the reason th<?t on Mrs B waa found a coiutnU lion fur him aa surgeon In the tionfrderale army A* ixttfit-iTiNrf cikbvost took ti.-?c^ at Mlsa F.ivsnx acliwol. on t'apltol Hill, on 1'ue><1av' last Mi?y??r VValie.oh and .Mr LK>iijlass, the Krvlatrf, ailsst'tv !limp- [?frj?en| .Mr \Val!a. b, beinJ Introditce^i hi the tea< her* and puj,iu, made a few hapj y remarks, to the Hr&tlil' Ulliut of all prv^ebt A btStiiifiil Auiertran Flijf, t>eirlng the fulloW Ing I' S-rlptlon : " rilumry S? hool .\io 1, third district?f*T~sente,| i,VK K Langlry." wui glvan U? tlK- a,'bool by .Master^ley, who bddr^ss-d b'.a s<>h<M->iriiatea and b?s.> -latet Ju a manner cre?tliable to himself and teacijer* Mr. Stuart. oru? of the trustees of (hethlrd district, received the banner, and in behalf of tbea''bool thanked the donor. Preaent* from the pupil# were then made, respectively, to Miss Frances Elvans, principal of the wbool. and her assistants, Miss Emily E. Tucker and Miss Mary Ann Hill Messrs O. C Wight and F D i*tuert, prevent trustee, and Mr. Joseph Wrtlah.ex-trusteo, phrtlclputed in the eiercises. Several national aon^s were aung by the children, who performed admirably und^r the managein -nt gf Mr. D^ulel, their musfc tester PoratH Ward Cash?Teaterday. Wrn Babblngton waa arrested for keeping ?i vicious dou, but was dismissed by Jnstlce Barnaclo. John P Dennis waa arrested by rter^eant Cronln for obtaining ll?etisea In bis name for non-resident hackmen.eva'tln}} theCorpo'atlon law in relation to auch licenses TL<! warrant wua l?aued by Justice Walter, a polire magistrate, and by tlH" law it should have been returned before him. or the magistrate of an adjoining police dlsirict. '1 he aceuM-d ruled Lia ca.*e before Justice Johnam, a county magistrate, upon which the question. "Haj a justice of the peace who Is not a police magistrst* th? right to try and givr-Judgement In Corporation case* ?" arose. Juatice Johnaon wa# witling to try the caae and settle the question; but the sert'eant was not willing to m ke this caae a teat, and the c^ae will be return- d to Justice Walter for furiher hearing. The questicn bas been frequently discussed by Corporation officers, and ibe most general opinion la that tbe police magiatrat-s only can try such cas-a Hut there are others who contend that a Justice of the peace may try and decide upou th? casrs, but la not entitled to any fees Thi Mbtbopolitar Polic* U"??form ?The Metropolitan Pwlce will appear in full uniform on the 1st of Januaev. The cap Is of blye cloth, of a very neat pattern, and apparently well adapted to tbe aervloe for which it la lntendrd. The coat ia of da k blue clotb, made aa an ove*coat, double-breasted, with two rows of bandaoine gilt buttons, upon wblcb, within a handsome wrought wreatba appears the initial letter ?|?" in the old Engllab tbarae'er The coats for the sergeanta and patrolmen dttfrrs only in the faot that upon the back aklrt of the coat the former have six of these buttons and the patrolmen four. The p*nts are of the same colored cloth, with a neat white worsted cord in the side seam. The st*tr.< Intended for use upon special occaa'oua are similar in form to the one in common use, but are more handsomely turned, of n>a>-wood, and pollahed. The entire outflt is a very great Improvement upon the uniforms of the former police. Phe-'K'jtation ?The odirer* of the De Kalb Kegimrut to-day presented to their Colonel a magnificent and coatly aolld ailver tea aervice, with sjlver rir bly cbaaeii and engraved It b~are the following inacrlption Presented to Col. lipoid vou Gllsa, commanding Kegiment Ivlwali>. by the corp- of offl^ers of hla regiment a* a t?iken of their high esteem Camp Huuter'a rhapel.JuR. 1. I'r'ii * It inuat be highly gratifying to the Colonel to he compliment-d thus by his fellow-officers. This set of silver waa purcha-ied at Mr. H. Semken'a eatabllshment. Ftllt ConMitini ?Wm. Jones who was arretted for steallPg money from persons tn the Military Hospital at the Patent tioke, bad a further h?.irlag beiore Justice Walter yesterday u.oruir.^, whet- It appeared that one ot the Inmates had loat v-5, and eirnicuHtanoeK pointed to J ?ne?. as the person Who had taken It Jiutice %\ altt-r deemed the evidence suili'-lent lo justify u connn'tment, and Jones waa accordingly aent to jail lor taial at Court. CaviBit t<rABiR<>rkK Casks?tiefort Jvjiiea Wti'.itr -Richard Higley, carrying a coucenled weapon, ll'ied ^i!S ?l John Magrww, dlaorderly conduct; do *i hi Jamtai Mullen, obstructing the atrect; do fl.W. Frank Uthmp, vagrant, workhouse 9u daya. Last algut Bftren h>d^er? were accouimodat. ?i. J^oart.s Ward S:at\nn ?There were no cases for trial, and only two lodgers In the bunk roetn. Da F A. vo* Moaraxtsisa ?Tt<ia gentleman will op?n h> office* on the first of Janutry. Tttoae peraona a ltfering flrom any dlsea?e of the eye or ear abould kae no time In coaaulting blm. Ue com?* to us with the highest reputation as an Dptbaimlc and Aural Surgeon, and brlnga with him letters of refcrcoce to some of our moat Influential c It! sens. Rkillt the moat baaotlful piece of printing In ooiora we have ever ae? o, la the calendar for 11?, Just issued by J. Khlllington, Odeon Building. Wa had do idea that Amerjcan lithography (in colors) bad reached auch a point of perfection aa ia shown by this specimen, with Its exquisite vignettes and bordering*. J .*. la certainly-'ahead"' of competition tbia time. 0cb apvkktiskmbkt elsewhere of new booka'ore In Johnsou's Building, Pennsylvania a wane, opened by Mr. Richard J Joyce, an enterprising young man, qualified for hla business by bla experience in one of our leading bookatores. Tax mo*t aultabta New Year's preaent yon can give to your dear parents Is a pair of flne gold Eyeglasses, of which you will find the largest asik>rtm?mt at the optician's establishment of Mr. M 1- Franklin, 344 Pen a. avenue. It Da- P. A. Mo*cbzisk.m successfully treats all diseases of the eye aad ear. fasrtlATt VatA.m??^wtil caees of to bery npon tbe streets hsve bora reported to tbr police within a few days past, torn# of wfcMi were perpetrated In tbe very midst of tbectty. In every Instance tbe> losers were either Intoxicated, or suddenly knocked senseless, and thrlr pockeU emptied of whatever w.i valuable One of tb< persons complaining?a well known and wealthy eltlien?wca struck upon tbe bock of bis hea<? and badly rtit. and bis pocket-book, ,-entalnlnia considerable sum. wfas stolen. Week* ago tb< Stmr notified Its readers of tb? presence here of * gang of desperate villains, who, notwithstanding their genteel appearance and polished manners are professional thieve, and would not stop she of mnrdef to get a w?41-fllled pocket book. Lock oar for tbem : Paiw?pi. AccirssT?Yesterday afternoon ai Mr. Hopp, coochmaker, was superintending th< hoisting a carriage from one story te another ?! bis establishment on D strset, near Tenth, tb? hoisting tackle gave way when the carriage war about sit feet from the floor, and the heavy vehicle descended directly npon blm, crushing bin to tbe tfoof. fle was 1mmediately taken to bit residence and Surgical aid obtained, whea It wa> ascertained tbat bis Injuries Were principally of an Internal character) and, though not necessari ly fatal, are very painful, and may detain blm from active business for a lone time. P. fl ?Mr. Bopp died at about 1 o'clock this afternoon, st his residence on Kleventb street, near C. A ?m?LtxuU?T diitntuwai held last evening at Tempt-faoes Hall, on E street for tbe purpose of organizing a permanent New York soldiers' relief association to aid In taking charge of donations. contributing to and looking after tie sick, ftc. There were some twenty persons present. A commMtee of three was appointed, consisting of Messrs. Fowler. Ostatrier and Parker, to select some one a? permanent president. The committee have decided on Hon. Ira Harris, of Albany. The meeting was adjourned to meet neit Thursday evening at the same place at 8 o'clock. It in hoped every resident native of tbe Empire State will be present. Riding oS fS* Pa vaxfasfs.?FerdlntnJ Singer and Charles Mlngef were arreted ye*terda> by the Metropolitan Police in tbe Third Ward foV riding on tbe sidewalks In the northern part ul the cfiy. They were taken before Justice ttarnaclo, who informed them that the carriage Way was tb? pfoper thoroughfare for equestrians, and fined them $ 1 3? each, as a proper mode of Impressing tbe law t?p?n their memory. Hfllino Liqtoh wiiHorT a Lichnss Col<*la*er.a blacksmith, was arrested In the county yesterday, ' barged with selling liquor without a license, and wis fined ?K? and cowta by Justice Barnaclo. Pr F. A vot Mosc HZifRKB has arrived, and will open his oiBces on Wednesday. * Attention, Company I?Volunteers who expect to retain their bea'th unimpaired during the campaign Pinst see to ii themselves Do not trust to the irmv surgeons Supply yourselves with Hclloway's Pills and Ointment. Fvery English soldier's knspsm k contains thesxj. Only 25 cents per box or pot. <12 Inma Rchmi.* Gootsj. India RubberCon's. wMte or black. W 50mc.h. India Rubtier l.?g*1ns SI }>er pair. And all kinds of K uMwr Goods Including Rubber Boots and "'boes, H 'iliber Sliy^wr' for bottles. Dotr Mais. Under Sl.eet!ngs fur J*il* In sickness, &> . , at manufacturer ? flees,at H A Hall'* ^idla K iit?t?er Warehouse, Pa av , between Ninth find Tenth st'eet*. dec. l*-tf WHiTFHrn?x. 4.r?l Penn. avenne. furnish'* photographs from miniature to Life size I11? collection of cart? visit' likenesses embrace al! prominent men of the c.t.iniry, Remember. \\ l.1tehur?t received seventeen premium* In this country, and a medal at the World's Filr at I.on don: also, at the Krenr-h exhibition at Paris See hl&f&nt y cases for holtd.iy presents d* 'Jl-eolrn* nunc.*.--JJew&re of oouotoxfsits au<l otipriuoi p'?M ilra eis etulsAVoriiii to elsp.??6 of their owl ari't other aitiu'ea on tlw* regulation at'snml bf H''rn^ulJ's EjttfUt Hu %u, a puricive and xpeciij? rem?Hl? lor Jmaiinoe >>t l is K atittar, K- ltier Hray*'. Ifopij, k o., Ac., id. Aak lor itelinl><>!i]*?. Taks Uu i.(.'.or. ?ei> a lvortiseoiolit 1 i. auuther imj! moU se jn .11AHKIKU On Tl.srsJat. U^ iuu. l?6t, at ths CkMi ut t'<e i>i^hj ti a Itev. l>r Ha l l,ienu>i^tbt JOHN W. HAKI MW.U 8 Annj. to Miss H 1>SIK BIRMK.dsachler uf Mr. C Wlri.-e, iii this i>l ) * Ii Pnl'.adelsl.ia. or. tht <*v ?n n? of \ovi(nb?r id, l?4li hjr Ihs Rev. Jolin ti. Wilson. AO'i I MTl !* *1, V'^a.ot Wastiiiiftou, to II A.N.N AH V. KUWLKR.ul Ui* fornur p'aoe. * OIKlli On th? n.ornlr.|{ of ih# 93th lnxt&r.t, of t^yh'>M fev?r. PR A>K. ?"U-jes'a >u of Ma<*iret G. awl the lato Dr. Gamaliel Baiiey, agel 13 ysars. Military overcoat* MILITARY OVKRCOATtf!! Re&tlr - to' de or uiade to order. 'I he most exteuriive ?npp j octiStar.Ujr on li&n-l, r?u?lr c from S2? to >75. Overo<?ats, I>re*s aiwl Patimie Coats, P?nts. an.) \ est*. ir.a<ie tu order, ou s'.ort notice, at our usual low prices, for oa?li. NOAH WAI,KKR k CO, 'le ?7 2vif fIntel.) jti." Pa avenue. BUJ COM PORTS AM? RED BLANKET.-*, T?M? Linen, Napkins, Towel* aurt Sheeticire. With all kinds of Dry Gools for fanuiy use, for sftls at ths lowest prices Uj WM, R. RILEY A BRO., No. 3f> Centra! Stores, Between 7th and 9th st? , 7? aw Opposite Center Market. A NOTICE. LL Persons Indebted to as by Dot's, due bills, and i pen aooounts, are resseotnilW resc-sted to oal' a.;fl .ettie the s&ire by the 1st of January, tag , at whioh time all aoooants on onr bo< ks will be yo'dy for delivery, and unless paid will be plaoed inthehaidsol a ooliec'or for eettl smeot without further notloe, ile? iw BARBOUR ft ?*KMME8. JMPORTAN T T O LADIES. The sqbronbers have openeu tbe store No. 16 Market Spaoe. fa av. bet ath and 9th sts. asabrst oiass Laoe ai d Fancy Dress iJap Depot consisting In part of Poiut d'Alencon. Appl'sue, aieokl^r and VaIenoienue? Lacs, suoh as Coli&rs, Sleeves, Handkerohiefs, Caps*. Flouneicg, Caps, Caps, Ooitfa'e* and mad ? up goods of the finest suali'y,

and at New \ urk prices " Coil EN ft DU8SELDORP. from New \ ork. N. B.?AIT sorts of Laces WMtied, mended, and done up e^ual to nc '.at short notioe. de 38 1m* Co7TTnd coal stoves. SHAMQXEX A*fD LYKENS VALLEY COAL. , . J. LANK DON ft CO.. bavinc introduced to the oitiseus of Washlngt<ui the above line Coals, solicil their attention to u? oeiel>rated NATIONAL AND UNION tiAS CONSUMING coal stoves, together with a fir * assorimeut of COOKING STOVES, uow on hand an4 fo' saleolleap. at their Rooms, with McDennoit, *oli Penu avenue Orders for Coal reoeived and promptly delivered to outtomnrs at 5?? o-nts per net ton within oue mile of tn?j Rai road D?p<yt. Less quantities deI livered at rea>un*h e rates. de '.ti lw OLD MADEIRA SHERRY AND PORT WINES. lmporf'i'ind Bote I'J hy W, S.Corwin f Co., X. Y Wanderer Madeira, bottled 18%, Reserve " 14 |ft?i, Houth Side " " lMt, Iinpensl Shanry, M 1340, lurmerster Port, * HMO, Harmony ' " 1?U, lrup'l white" ** Ip.? Pur sa.e by WM. CORWIN BURG Y. 3ftT Pennsylvania avenue, de '?) Entraooe on Sixth St. BENJAMIN DkWOLFP, No. 3*4 rBNX. A V'BNCS, Jv Adjoining t'te National Hotel, /W| n c, 41H Keeps AonstHiJvon ioMid & hns assortmen' oi OOLD AND SI LVRR WATCHE-1 GOLD ^ C H AIN S, J T W KLh Y.S1L V ? R W'X RE, Cl'TlFHY .sPBITACI.TSS. OPRKA AND flKLD til-ASSHS, <%, Jr. N. B Reoat'ing dou? by K. c. Richard, late fvoui No. 10-J^ Chestnut street, Philadelphia, a skilful workman In Citftinometers, hue Wa'ohes, ?<? tto i irn* From prize schooner *? FVAN8 H LMM Army Musket, Ride and Pistol Caps, at M> OMits per M, 1 lot India Ru.-ber Hlar.keu, at f 12 Mr doirn. Original opnsitu?e i J^f Davis, of ?eo?sri*. , JOHN R. El VANS, doS? lw t Repub. ft iiii ] .109 Psi, U GORDON ft COM PRESERVES, BRAN dy Fruiu, and JelM?s. . KING ft BURCHKLL, de lit porner Ki/teontn st. and Vermont av. tfiDDLK BORSKd FOR bALE.?A lot ot verj fine Kentnokr Horses f.r sale at the r\ ftenmoky SaleSUbl-,.n the re<?r . fCAi'.Irn Hotel, uear Pennsy!\-aaia ave us and 3^rv/\ do la-2w? Com* to the CloG?in* Store Nnmbw Thrye Hundred and Fifty-four. (Up sUimi ;?'tis there yon wid hod Good and onea# Clothing of every kind ! rjREAT SACRIFICES FOR 30 DAYS.?My saook Will bo soid without regard to oost. ooi?sUtlng ofCoaU, Vests and Pants of thS fi^Tt S? aud 1'1'nmed in the latest style*. CaU aud see. Ra trounle to show gooda. ,ss o J.W. KKKP, ?.if"?0'^a.'.-ir.aL B#cwaa8ftS2,TLETs-* Woolen Half Hoae, Rhttta and lbawars, W uits and Colored Suspenders Colored Blankets. HUe*BsarerVlr.tha. toJ2?Ku^i#bT Goodafor sale kt the WM. R. RILEY ft BRO . _ .No. xt> Genual Stores, 9RORQRT0WN CORPORATION UWI I V RteoLcrtox Ik relation to car^ dray and I wagon license* I Rnolvtd by tkr Board of A Idrrmtn and Board of I ? mm on Counrilo' tA' Corporation of Gtoeftimm. I That from and after tbe ptMS|;r of this reeatntioa. I til Hwhm for anv vehfrU tor tbe traneoorta I tton of mercband'x within (be l;mlt? of this I ^orporaMon shall b* Issued to expire M the 3d I day of Dw-^robfr of esrh and every veer I Rtxolrtd, rbat the price of each license for I reff cart, wagon. drav or Hb? vehicle aid for I 'be carriage of merchandize, abail be two dollar* I md flftv cent* per year j H-tolv-J. That tbe Clerk be directed to bare I tin number* made, and painted rrd Mi l^fti. I white for 1803, and blue for 1HM. and continued I 'or successive year* In tbe above order, oae of I which shall be given for each vehicle licensed; I ?nd any peraon using anv cart, wagon, drav or I tber vehicle, wltbont baying flrst obtained a I license from tbe Clerk, and bavins the noaibn I olaced consplcnonslyoa the vehicle ao used, aball I l?e lined five dollar*, to be recovered aa fines I usually are. j Rtiolvtd, That anf peraon forging and using a I Corporation number for any vehicle, aball be I Sned twenty dollars, to be recovered aa tnea I usually are. Jtetolvd, Tfcat all lawg inconsis'ent with the I I aforegoing resolution, be, ar.d tbey are hereby. I repealed [Approved December 21. 1HH. | A Rk-cittios In favor of certain persons. ' Rtiolrrd by the Board of Aldermen and Stmrd of I Common Coanril of tkr Corporation of GeorgftoK-n. I That the Clerk be, and be is hereby authorised I to pay to the older of Joseph Llbbey, for repairs I of Bridge street bridge, one bundreid and s'xty- I tine dollars and 32 cents; to tbe order of Henfv I Weaver thirty six dollars and 77 centa. for bill of I r?sta for October and November; to th-. order of I John Booth, for service* at the watcb-hoaae to I "*ept 12th, 1961, s'xteen dollars; fo tbe ??der of I VV R Collins, Surveyor, six dollara and 69 cents. I for professional services! per bill of July 2 1WI; I to tbe order of Walter Godev, for bill of ice, I 'ourteen dollars and 43 c?n'a; and to tbe order of I Henry Dade thlrtv-ninc dollars, for wo?b done at I Forrest Hall, as per bis bill of July 1, 1861. Approved Dec. SI, ISflt. A RbsolptioK In relation to small pox- j Resolved by f*? Boa~d of Aid-r men and Board of I Common Councti of the Corporation of George'o^cn. I That the Mayor be. and be ia hereby autooriz-d I to employ l)T Isaac r1 I.auck for case* of small* I pox among tbe poor of tbe town, at a rate not ex- I ceedlng four hundred dollara for one year from I the l*t of Novem^r last, payable quarterly by I the Clerk to the order <?f th?! i]syor Approved Dec 21, 1FHI. I A RK?n'.t7Tirt!i In fav. r of A. 9 Offdtt A Co. j H*Solrtd oy th? Bwrd of Aldtrmen and Board of I Common Cowncilqf tlu Corporation of (itorgttoitn. I That th>' c.rrk pay to tbe order of a F Off'.it A I Co . forty-tlvr dollars ar.d 5i> rent* for their bill of I J blankets of Nov 3*1.1881. use of the station house. I Approved l>e.- 41, lerli JtiOKiiJbTllWN Ai>VttKT'MT> NOTICE L IC ENS K 8 . - A'! perio^f I I R whos." '<ense< f.-om tbe Co-^ora pn oi I flonrrstown *xptre ns tl.e instant rr* hereb* I notified pronjty to reno* th? same, ??tn-i wise I ttff sui'ieot fhaweir-o U? a fcne.&ui tbe .aw ts I rrmipiilaory it. ?h" pr<>P'?r < tbc*?re to entoraa ta:w I law ftgaiiikr ail <l?iic^it?.its. J**.7 j'AWtJaiilo WW. LAIRp;Clerk. W P'tTATOKS. K Havt'in^ Tor w!e at lowest ratec, I a lot ? ( urirue I'riLoe AlUort anJ Ff-a?!u B.?w HO- I TATOF.^. Also OATH. aii>l >% rinn 1 lot ( t ennia I ONIONS. liUSKV A H^KN VKU. tr.dje *t? 2 doors wngt of Miiti. d-y 'w Oeoryei^wtt. p. C. I I?(?H KKN l'.~A lw? itotj Brjoir Dwalltnf I H?HJMK. wirli l^ceiiieut an<t atti.;. No, ll3 I ti*f riiiMl. r'ult, ? s|liit*eJ oil 01 ! tU) f !?W- I anient">- ui town, with ar?i ? ? .*< ou the I ?ii-i * li iitv>st >lcMiral>le private I rrtBidei..**. Forfst.iiei-.ii <! ?*: t)c tU^> tirst ol J&i.u I ary. lr.<juir* of l> fclNU LISH. l.i? iinCt^ strait. I ile S4 rtt f EOUC AXION A L. " . . ? i * M i A i. i I VIO! JN AND ViOLOiNCKI.LO. oflN n liOOUAl.i., Proji'f'if smiT ?eh?r W I ' ha al*.>\'e, tendei !iie 0 rT:dOS U> the 'I'Oliud | k> p*< lrsi'?i: K. lersn ><- to acy muaioian in the I Ol'f. r^vei*! I,it unfit * *10 u"W tLe V-liWiD | J t^ In t'.?) wof!,1 Viz: Le F?t?t 01?# Bud, Fred I Buotler. *o Ac. &J<ireal< Caiiterburjr Ball, *ii^re I l.c ca?i U lie%ni evert ui?t't l? ft-lm* PKDLCATIO.NA1.. BOF. C. F. ri\K\K^' l>aiiCii>( Soluxv at I | Teiuj^raDoe Ha. . K street, Uuvroo ?*li aud ogk ' Intl., eill oaiidD^l^x 'I't. K?*n\V, IV?o^(nl^>r SB'ii, and ixtntioqo evfrf Tnefcifir ar.d h ri <T? lay- alterao,.u a', i o'e'.xjt. ?cd eve fauiS I uint utassei, at o'oiook. A'l of tit* fashionaMe I danoe* wi I lie tauent do'int tha ?ca5oi;. The hot,; I I uiusio wiii l>e in attendanoa under t v> direon<>n of I j 0??rge ArtL. 0>li for acirou'ar. leH iiu I Madame llontVnk bi^nchet. DI Paaia Wjij Oive PHIl'ATE FRENCH LESSON* Appear Iftl West street, Georgetown i or 4oy I ! street, Washinntoc. de lo-lm" J\| 1B8 HROOKF'H KN0I.I8H ANp FRENCH I 1*1 BOARUINH AND I)A YitCHOOL, | Bbvkn Bcii.n:!ee?, Mo. 1.10 F*nn*vt?rmio avniu. Circulars to he obtained at the Bootstorea aod I of the Principal. noan-im* I FOii riAJLhi AND Ki^T. Furnished itoowsto KKNT^on^Fonrtk I ttre-r. between I and K s*reeta. fii?ui'e at I No. M.16 F.>ar?h street. d* 31-iw* ( TW'd BINOI.K OENTLKMF.Jf CaN BK I a aooan.moint^d with a large and rery p>asa' t I room,on aeco d floor Id aoentra! location. Break - I rait ami U*. lur.f s' f<! it" deaired. Ki?f?rer,?e re- I quirei. F.i <j ji e s? thi? offioe. dsSl3* |TURN|St?FD HOI UK FOR RKNT-A* * atory Bncit Ho?s , t>-owu front. 7 iootns and I 'able in rear, al oU '5 minutes' w*lk of \V?- D> I partment. Gas-hrou,hoot. Apply No ?7 Peon. I avanos, betwem Mth ;dJ 25th struts. West End. I >la 81-3t* I l^rRNJSHKD APARTMKNTW IN THE I ?! FJK^ruX\AJtr? FOK *ENT.-A oomfort I ably t arnished Pailoraad Clitmher, oommuuiea- I tiuj. Also, one or two atparata Chatrl>an. Kt?- I qu.reat t?ic oreml*ae. No. 110 oorner of pa. ave. I and gnth street, i orth side, * irst Ward. I _da8i eofl | ROOMS F. -R RENT-PARLOR and CHAM^ At, Ht K on the fir*t fl ;or, teitiT iuruube'l. aod I a easantlv iocated. Iiquire at 37fl K. t" ??*n I ftth aad loth. da?> 31" I FOR RENT? a BFDROoM and PARl/OB, I oath" Brat tioor; suppli'd with hot aud oold I wat-r, and naa. Also, tw.i Bedrooms, smtal la for I siusle sentlemen. Apoit at No. 300 ll>h sura*. I between Ha. avo , and h st. de 30 st* 1 RNI^HED ROOM4?40? F street, with or I "ithont Btard dea 3t* l^OR hALK OR KXCHANGP.-l.MO acres I r of selected timber LAND, in tlie Nortu Weat, I J?1:1 wr exohaused for property in th? I City of Waahiuston. The land is well timbered, contains water powes, and ia a sure investment. Address Exohan8e,f' box No. 30 WaahiLitun Poat Offloo. de 19 Im POP RENT-Two pleaaant ROOM^, neatly 1 lurnished, in a hrst-olasa ieeidaco? in B oorgttw'tli boa d. To a parmanent tenant terms will be moderate. Apply at 147 Wast at, Georse de 17 tf U AN D80.MKL. Y FURNISHED ROOMBM.M Four aandaomely I arniahad Rooms, snpplud wtta xaa a-jd water, aud convenient to the Pate: t aoJwM1 ?ft?? DepartmanU. for rent Apply at 4th a^cfitnVu aTeGU?? aorth side, between A TT&NTiON, BUTLEKw. (H'FlCtks and a, BOI.I?IEM8! A large stook of CAMP STOVES, manufaotured J? 4 n* r*an?yl*aiiia arrau^t near C?nUr MarMHe dall-tf H J.JiREGORV. Lea A PER if 1N B' W tj RC EHTE K SHI HE SAUCE KIN', A BLRCHEL.L. ue!9 ooraer Vermont ar. and Fifteentn st. IPOWARDO DVKR, h'/.vks, i/guffls'sff WAti Pa av? between ISih acd l^lia a., Haj in autre it?< f?a?a of ih? lo'lowinc ohoioe ' rand11 (new iiapoi tat ions > of CH A M P a <> % KS i Ja!e? Mumin'a Private Stock, (the bait ttiueon ?ale in thiae< nntry.) Imperial, Cabinet and Dry Ver*>narr, VewveCli^uot, Moo.t A Chacon's Green Seal. Hetdaeiojt and Anrhor, * 4 0? CASKS Hooka, Clarets. Sautenis, enraoao. Marasohmi. Abeyuth, Swiaa Herb Bittera, "Wnu" C!al> House Gin, Ao. 60 Casks Very fine O'd Pin&t, caa i! on A Co,and Ja>ea Robin A Co.'s Cognac, impoitedlu glass. Also A }rj arg? and geoera' aaaortment of Brandies, Winee, Rurni, Wkiskiee, de. io wood an<f kiaoa. i" win 'esaie and retail. <*? ecxi (Intel J L"'"' w/rsr CLO"9' Esquimaux cloaks, S?l Cl?k., Flnth Far Clo?k., ru. b b~"rc"*"Alle-f the above striae of Cluaks'TasW^oeived, at moderate prl>ae. At MAXA'ELI/8 . ^ Cloak and eanoy fe tore. de a step aa? Pebn. avenue. UL<Ai\kbi'e aCSD *> . BRD COMPORT8 1 have on hand a fell f apply or Bed Blanke!a( Army Blankets, aom* extra a "ary. ^ anta Bianheu. Baggy and Horse B.arkeu. Also, H-d Comlorts ana White Q ailts. All eatling at the lowaat eth prioee. SICNRV ROAN, . ? _ 393 aovth aide Peon av, between de C at eta and Tth r? . New Iron Bailiff, 5 000 LBS. OF PRRSR OR APES. >WU ^ nntisgT WloL>i&u OB ***^tt, i.?4, " ' ' awksffc. FOE TBI KOllSATS. ^0% |fi . JOHNSON * NAOLB, II* ?S9 PE.INSTLVilfU AimSlE, Betwn SiiUi mmi Ta?tA> Slr*r?i, v(|^ Washington, I11D n 51*. 10 R?r?l llrwi. aear Kia* .? | ALEXANDRIA, * Invltai the attention of. FamUl#e and Dealer* to their l?Tt? and xf'u imc~VtR Suv-k of Fine Groceries," Wine*. Liqtferr, Cordials, Seg*rs/ete. Consisting In part oI? CHAMPAGNES | Piper Heldslck In quarta?ai:d G. H Muaitn A Co. do. do. } Bollinger A Co. do. do. Royal Grape do. do. Dt Courcey A Co. dr. do. Carfier A Co. ' do. do. Cbs. Rl?rrt A Go. do. ^o. CLARETS. gt Chateau Poujeasx. Chnteeu La Rote. Do. l,a Fltto. St. Estepbe St. F.mllion. ?t. J alien Medor. H<)CK WINES. DeUWwheimtr Ho"kk?lin?!j. Llebfrsuuillrb JtUHl**h*Uae.r, ScharUcbbfrgrr. Scblassberg*>r, JohantiUUtr^er, .M&rcobrunt^r , UKYtaJS \V FR r A? AT A W HA SCOTCH, sad MOW?W.iHHL% WHISKIES, of nit Kind* LONDON DOCK, HUNGARIAN, snd BURGUNDY PORT. DARK and HALF jtUKRRV, OLD reserve and MALMSRY ** 1 dfira. SWaN, palm true. *94 iATPEfYlAJL eagle GIN, HENNESSEY, OTARD WPUV A CO , PINET CASTILLON A CO., COGNAC BKANDtES. JAMAICA and pt. CROPC **!, rata VIA AKRAC, I BLACKBERRY, CHERtT, ?od RASPBliRRY BRANDY, - 1 GINGER, RASPBERRY, BLACKBERRY ' and CURRANT WINE, CORDIALS? of every kind ? CJUR ACOA ANISETTE, AsNNTBK. I AROMATIC STOMACH BITTERS, SCHIEDAM SCHNAPPS, LONDON BROWN . ?TOUT, YORKSHIRE AND SCOTCH ALE, ARRAC, RUM, SCOTCH WHISKEY, CLARET, TOM AND JERRY, PUNCH EX. 1 TRACTIS, IMPORTED ?ELTERS WATER HAVANA and DOMESTIC SKOAtt ef cLolo? brands. SMOKING and CEUWING TOBACCO of all / description. " DEMIJOHNS and FLASKS of all stves. FREfH MEATS, POULTRY ai.d GAME In tin canlstera. Fresh VEG ETABLES of every kind In cans. ? FISH do do ?. FRUITS do ds FRENCH, ENGLISH and DOMESTIC PRESERVES and JELLIES In glass of every six*. French BRANDY FRUITS of ev*ry description. FIGS, DATES, RAISINS, ORANGES, LEMONS, ATMORE'S MINCED MEAT la Jais. Ctu??e A Blackwell's world-renowned Picklas, Preserves and Sauces. Oyster, Walnut and Tomato CATSUPS. * ? Anchovies, Sardines and Bologna Sataagea. Fine HAMS and CHEESE. French Mustard, Carrie, Cayenne, Pepper, Spices, Salt, Ae. Chocolate and Gum Drape, las Crash Candies, ?c IDT An early etU is most respectfully solicited i UV+W-t HMMBOH k NA?LH. i Mi J . ^ ?Wf* ^ f ' ' mi SECOND EDITION. three otlocft, e. M. OUR MILITARY BUDGET Tit r?f?rcA? No <l?pab-b*? htv? b*oa welved her* rrr\ft Ibc tbe Philadelphia e?o*yof a rami battle it Padacab bet*?on U^ftno men ea titter aid* w?t* m vu. The ao"eah Owd. Philip i*t Owj* Cork*. of wb?ae death brralcK* (l? tbe Msel ifmT "hpoelto *o n?) we p"*V?fc i?*i trv-der. VH a r?adtlito of We*? Point In Ho left the U?'ny a lieutenant ta Tit Prior to Keeuregard'e tmnaflrr from fiontb Carina to Virgin'*. bo ronnmnd^d ?be Virginia 1ei?arttnent of the Potomac, a ad had hi* headquarter* at Calpeper Court-n.-i nee He m n? reUtler of Brigadier Genenl fit George Cook*, U. S. A , now tbf ce?r*n?.?j dor of all the regular cavalry la cnr ar*wy of tho P"'omae r^^-ct-C C-VTf *?o-d-*ro of Mm Mar J NrwYoat, Dor "JO ?Tho Biak of Atoerloa. ^ty, Chflntfwl. Fulton, Seventh Ward, and 9reenw1eh Bark* did not enepend a"?eefe payuenta to-day along with tho re*t of tho banks No " mil" wes m-do upon then>. M. Indeed, ?n any of tho banv*. for coin. by tho pttMlt. Th? fv eoln are ? ? r?-? wboUv "omlnal It we* **1<t to dv: at f-om ^ >| vj per cent premium ?bova Treasury not?a and Now York city cw onty. THE LATENT *Y TRLEGRAPH Arrival fr'ai Eu>op?. THE LONDON PPES* ON PRESIDENT LINCOLN'* Vt?UGC warlike prep?r\tio\b unabvted * FARTHER R 1'V|OR!>*OF CONTINENT vL MEDIATION BETWEEN ENGLAND AND THE UNITED ?TATE9 Nrw Von Doc 31 ?Tb' *e*m*hlp E'aa ?r. "* <1 b-re at 9 o'clo*k * ?** nv<ilng from LiveroV. 1 ?tve? to lh? IP'b Inat. l'.o?M/.|it Liicoln'i U"*?^"o rlalmnl tmlak ' >' n'i, ootwltbat ?nd1n-r that tbo public f-eiing -ne deeply engroaard wi'h the d^atb of Prlace A'.bort. * T*e e'l-nce of tho P'oaidotit'a mo?o&iro on the Treqt aQtlr was tbo auhjoct of much cooj?^ture ?tid commit It wa? geaeHPy r?-g*rded a* a ?r> bole for ea-ip?, an! g%*. riae to some bopoa peace, clthougb tbo goner .1 construction waa ea'ilke. Tk- ritnoa argiK* ?h\t by etndled alienee tbo rfaldoit loft t'mHlf a door for rot real. But think* tbo ebancea of peac* are undoubtedly J.'?ninlah?d. Tbo r!mfa aavt not bng ran bo more ungracious ban tho P'oaldont'a treatment of foreign Powora. For tbolr forbearance. a graoloua and eourtooua noknowledgtnent waa dae. _ / Tbo Time* ?U? devote* an article to tbo roporr of the H-yrotary ?f tho Navy, wbloklt troata with ridicule; and donounroa a* en unparalloled rrlno 'be project of hlr^kadla; ap porta by aunfcoa voaacia. I't?o pr-at treat* tbo moaaage aa undoolablr warlike. and although remarking on tho alienee rote. tl ve t.? the T wMUli, aaya it wai ?caroo|y wit bin ordinary acopo of a It alao charge* the Pit-aidont wlih lb^ra:ltude hi <to<atn? wtth aiarnt'u.o Tbo DtUy Nowa cora'.dora the alioar* tS tho lOeaaijfr ttl, Trent t Enlr an !r.4foatla? of pru?!<-nc??,na ^nllon. an! fbvoreble to poaoo I* pleaaod to Uliov^ that Pf-a?drfn? Ltocola daMrtd to br>ld Ulmeelf fro* u> apoak at the approprlaio tifae. Tite 45Ur juatlfloa the atloboe relative to tho Trrut utfalr. and pralaea the rioaroeaa, force and ability of tb- moaaajja. Tbo Herald lakoa quite a eontrary olow, and foara that pes^e la aliueat hopoieaa A roae of thank" lo Copt. Wllkaa by Pongreaa It ragardo aa an Ir^ult to England. Warlike proportion* continued. The Persia look rnt nearly |,W Iroopa Losdos. 19*L lnatart ?A rumor woe ovrroat !a Part* veatorday, that the French OoveranMat aoct notoa to Ruaala, P.utaia. and Auctria, aoggeetlnf common mediation of tbo great Powrfa htiwa America -?><f England. Tte tlernld'a cor.-eapocdont ohaoreoa that a tender of ancb a mediation would b? a menace, * and woiud t>o rejected on that roiy gronad. Se*?m preneb j<oirnal* malnUla that Franc* eboQld give bor moral auppcrt to Euglacd.hy *e?Knliinu tho J wtico of ber demands and tho lndei cadence crtbo Hcgth rbe S?:>x>nali, tbe o.gan of Prinoe Napolooa, aft that France baa no other enemy b?i Enfland, and -bosld not weaken tbe United fUt*a Madki?, Dec 19 ?The American Minister ha? left Madrid on a leave of ahaearo. pa*'*, Doc. 19 ? Couut Pourtalii i, u>? bc^ illu Mluie'*., ladoid. FROM fortressmonkoe. lAws FKOM COX FEDERATE f?OlECE? GREAT URC AT NA0HV1LLE. BI ICIDE OF THE CONh EOE'lATE Btl? GEN. PHILIP RT. QFOfl.iiE cOCKE. TERROR AT YOKKIOWN IN MEAT OF AN ATTACKMAGRCDER ADVl-K-t TO BURN TUK TOWN. BaLTiMoai. Dec 31 ?Tbe Old Point boat ba? arrived, bringing tbe following new*: Fumwi Mosaoa, D?? DOTt?? Nor^,^ J>t> Bo? k, recoiled by of trace tov^y g)^rt (b# ?urioua aocouut of the capture . f Sherwood Among other hinge It le e'^^j thtc ^ pxjf <anboatawcred1aabl'^t Md ^ hspnm ^ OB Ire. All the dur<,?gr done by our abella at 8ew. uir* Polat H liiu Ut have been the k:.Uag of a oo*t-r. : PLiilpSt George Cocke, recently appointed a Brigadier G^aeral In tho army of the Potomac -ommiited uicidc bn Tha*aday laat, at hi* real! letce he tvm a graduate of W?t Polat. and -stemmed a o?cer. 1 ^ coaitula?ry atorea, including a portion of > dqnnoe Deimrtment, la Nashville, were dotroyed by fire on tbe night of the Wd. The loaa * oatimated at nearly a mllltoa doll-re The fallowing are tbe Tenntaaee Cungreaamea i at Dls'det, J B He>akeli; 2d. W. U. fwan; 3d, 1 B Gardt neblre; 4th, M P Gentry; M,f. W. |;b. H. 8. Fiote; 7<h, J D C. Adklne; A, Jjbn V. Wright; W.h. D. St. Currla. Srlx contraband* were taken from a am all canoe a Cbeta.eake Cay. tff Back river, tbia morning n an a 1 moat exhaueted condition. They were ?rought to hoadquartera Taey state that the laibblUnta of Yoi ktown ai d tbo military autaorilee tboro are very much frightened at an expected itta k I: ia believed tbe.o that Gea Burnaldo'a uftdlUoa la certainly destined np York rivar, tod ti.-t (son. Wool will co-operate la aa attack ipon Yorktown. Gea Magruder la a\)d to hav? elographt-d tbe condition rf aflaira to Klchmond. md teked for peral?alon to destr y Yorktown by Ire, and to have received a reply directing him o r< frala until ho la certala tbit place 1* to be imnediately attacked.^ Strong ?att?oio* are plaoed mi aach aide of Yo?k river, an 1 the force la <*tlnated at JOOOUlatbe vicinity of V or ktown LATH LOCAL NEWS.' 8cd?ii Dkatb ?J net aa we go I* pre?, w* earn m?i Mr. Tiiiotaon Brown, well kaowa all >\er tbe country for many years r* one of (he pr?Klet.ra of Browu'a hotel ia thl* city, died >?dlenly, of appoplexy, thla m'-ralng He had amy t few minutea before ordered hia carriage to m >ut fckalk Tatar?Thla morntag. oftcer Kimmil arrrated a colored woman marl EUta Srown, upon a charge of atosling a ^"4^^ > in net, a ailk dram, a pottle oat and eioU co ?. . 1 mbo^tb,rty 4oU*r,ith* prapnrty af B. ? Wtikiaa Tae arUalra Were feandTa her pmraslon. wrapped la a atiawl, which belonged to kt-r. 8be waa taken before Jaatlca DonnV who Maaalttod her to J?U for eoart. . " Tm* Maaaat at the aoala. kouoe, waa aelllng ti-day for M per 10u It a At be hay atauda theprioea for hay were *i tt.9l.7t per MM lb?. etra#, POc a?t ? Oato, i*a?Be f* Mahrl Cara,7ic atl ??Timl ""* *" ^borto, m. Bhi^M.MaMe. ' > F # ** > J f ' m W kj> ' +

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