Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1862 Page 1
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/ ? >?... # 4 * 'i * [jf & \ < * J? ??? " - '??' * . . ,i i - XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C . WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 1, 1862. N?. 2,765. ^ - - . - I , THE fcVEPiNu star] FUBLISHKD KVJfiT APT?B.NOONi ferw? 0/ Fp*v~mimuM ?* EU*m* * lit W. D. VALLAOH. f?p? HTM u Mek?c?i bT ?ni?? ?* * 1 *fce Dctae I**,, , ^ ?t for alz outtii} wr QUW aaootbi: and for lea tt>?? m?fl? ooflrf, ?ari cvrr; ta **?? **?, r+o cttm. UJ~ Awwrmiim ?b?M b? jo fst #? ? before 13 Mack a.; oth?*w\?e ti-r ?? ? e* appear until tb* MXt d?v M AKIK6 C4L1S. FT KATC CAYBBOV. r L?t ttut pl?tn troth 'bote tngi*t# etrtke, Wbo mil tboagh bliwd rt*w feesalngi erave, Tbat we may all bar* what we T1|a. Simply by Uktnff wb*t we bart'" " Mary," Mid Cb*rla Hcndepoa to hia wife, 11 they roee from their hood tick repot, "thia would be a pleaeaat da/for jonto go oat eallhtm: ean't you go v ' I rappoee I oould," wm th| reply. " Bat I should UBT0 to take Charley ?ito me, for I rroaieed Jane the mi<rht ur? th? after Doon " "Well, then, draw C'harltf down to the stare and I'll take care of .film." Mid Mr. Henderson kindly; and m its wife followed him to the door, be (> her a good-bye kits and walked with elastic tread down the o??tly graveled path leading to the little white gata. Mery stood looking after htn with a loving eye, and thought, "what a dea. good husband he is! I ought to be very thaikful." It wa8 a lovely day in October, and the breete atoie gently through tb erimton vineleavea clustering around the >iatza of their ooty eottage home. Mr. Hewferson waa engaged ia the meroantile boainaa in the thriving town of Weatbury. Industrous and frugal in bis habits, he bade fair to become a sueceeafnl merchant; and hia you a* wife waa ever ready to lend a helping hand and by her. economy and tact, aided him nwa than either of them realised. Xeverthelea, she waa not always contented with their stll, bumble lot, although she seldom trooblad her huaband with any complaint. Many of ler acquaintances moved in a higher circle o society, and she waa by no means insensible to the inferiority of her furniture and drea when compared with theirs; and it must be confessed that the remembranoe of this fct sometimes caused her an nnhanpy honr. On the afternoon in queation taese repining thoughts thronged unbidden rotnd her heart, and aoon gained undisputed poscssion of that citadel. She turned away from the door with a listless air and ascended the stair* to her * own room. How cheap the pvtty chamber lnokad in (mmdmriroil with Mm Th,,rn. ton's elegant rosewood furniturt! The white window shades, too. were vMty inferior to the costly curtains that draped the windows of her aristoeratic friend; and how low the eeiliDg was! and how mean the iograin carpet . seemed to her ambitions vision! And as ehe began to make her toilet for tbe afternoon's walk, sDe ejaculated impatiently: "Oh. dear! I've nothing fit to wear ! Mj black silk looks s? dowdy, and then I ve worn it so much, and my blue is at least two inches too ehort. I do think Charles night let me have a new dress; but it's always the way, a merchant' wife mast be the last one served. Well," she oonoladed with a sigh, "I mast wear the black;" and as ske fasuned the despised dress sho couldn't help neatally confessing that it fitted her trim form most admirably, and although more than two years old, had borne its age remarkably well. Her ceat straw bat, with its bright fall ribbons and flowers, was very becoming; aid her street baaqae, just the style, although made out of her old cloak Her kid gloves vere not new, bat were free from those untid? rim whinh too man; ladies 1ut? unmended.Sarely thoee artioles of apparel were not ic.c? a ve of extreme destitution*. Before donning her outer wr* pings, howler, she prepared her twelve-#onth boy for his visit to * Papa's store." A ine little fellow *u the pet Charley, and when clad in hie new merino dreed, with e prtty cloak and fancy hat, he mfeht well be lo>ked npon by loving 6TM with fond and proud affection Jane helped her mistresa to 4raw the little carriage down the atepe, and o<t of the gate, and Mrs. Henderson proceeded on her way in rather a more desirable frame mind. She met several ladies who ffcpped to hiss Cnarley, and call him "a jewel" "a beauty," I and "a splendid baby;" and arriving at her hasband's store, he greeted h* with his aoeustoned kindness, and prooily lifted his darling boy from the carriage, and telling his ?nfe to eni >y all she could and be b?<n6 at tea-time, he again bid her "good-bye " Her first destination was Mr Judge Thornton's, the brown stone house <m the hill; she was one ef the tlite of Westbarj. As Mrs. Henderson ooeued the haaw in*i ? ?<< r / ? " 1 walked up the box ed^ed walk, she gazed half it enviously upon the elegant sansion and ita taateful surroundings. The rard waa very large, containing fine treea md abrubbery, vism of geraniuma, and moaxda aI verbena and heliotrope, while a fouitaia threw ita I errata! spray high up in the aitaaa aunahiae, falling again with a musical sound into ite marble baein. She aaeended the marble tepa, and rang the bell, and waa aided by a servant into a dimly-Ughted parlor; aat dovt on the purple velvet tete-a-tete and looked about her. It waa all marble, velvet, and risewood, everything that faoey eeuld devi*, or aat invent; bat it looked too formal, too fraltleaa, and the rial tor remembered that it waa a ohlldleaa home,?there were bo tiof fe?t to tread upon thoee gorgeooa oarpeta,-?-no little bands te disarrange thoee curious oraament* on the etecera.?no vouu faaoa to ka rmAmrtmd la those full-length mirror!?tod the mM to herself, " I wunld not gw my Charley for them nil." T n Jujt men the rustle of fereeade vti heard, and Mr*. Thornton ladfuid.y entered the room. Bh?]*u i pale. looking person. bat when she spoke*thers *u a *entle cadence in her tenea thaAola she migln bare been an affectionate an# happy woman had tore bat tonohed her Ifcart with its magio waad Bat the blecae* ministry of ehildren had been denied her, ssd anbition was the ? idol of her proad bwknnd It was evident that amid all the Intuit* *f wealth she still felt lonely and sad. After a brief call. Mary aft, and as the Iron gate again clanged behind ?r, she gare a sigh of relief and hastened on toirs Lirermore a, who lived in a large wbite taassM Marly opposite Judge Thorntoa's. -Vfcoa Mis. H?ndereon took hdr seat in th?;Arlor. she needed do prwoiu acquaintance *tb the family to aaaure her that obildren forced *n important clement of bar bouaehold. *oa floor irai literally (trews with toy# ; a hoken-beaded doll lay oa theeofa,?a rooking turie stood in the t middleof the room ; and im*Kiiately after her entrance aoiay boy nubd in wad began bounding hall, at the immnen t riak of mi^ ran and ???i He wu aoci followed by two girl*, with dirty faeee aod .pn>na, who were oaito oTerwhelming In theirattontioa to Mr* IUendorton't bonnet-atrinft and laoe trimmi nga. At la*t Mr* Livermore ett?red, wearing a wrapper which might onoe live bona of rich oubaen, but whicn wu nor qolte too maeb i soiled to be elegant. She held her baby in her arm*, and although ite rote wu er finely wrought eamhrie, it wu too nuch orimped and i sgytobccaouaablein thciywofMr*. H*a? ieraon, among wboee dutinjuiihad trait* wa? a lore of neatoeu and order. Tfcc oall wai u agreaabtd aa could have be* expected under the oiroamataooea. Mr*. L* armor* waa aa f aaay affable woman, but too ?d*i*nt er oar* Ims I* jforcro bar ehildran, ?r ka?p thana and btrHlfjruiii tidily. No voodar tbat bar buitwd, wbo bad bam a pba and praaiaa ??ob?ter, vm duly abockad % tbe appaaraoea >f b!? bouaa ud family or tb* ha raraty oboaa to iDMd u maiu uiid iaab MlWM; wtncb faat, together witb bat unruly ablldrao Md iaeftoieat domeetica. fortad tbe ttapla oi Mr Livaraora'a oon?eraatk>??n ^11 HOW**' Mr> Bndinot t|*ie dre?? ig?g biwtb u 6* curcad Mrt Laif^'i mufiif Nt> Itage. Here ail tra? la perfee order; the two bTldraa nodal# 3f good botartor, and Mra Leigh an n??Un! aad azai^u paraon; bat aba waa a widow, and MVUry Ha?dar*?e t .agha bow loaafy (t moat U t<* tread life * pack wltb bo (treng ana to leea upaw ?; K* I Hor next *}! was at Mr*. Stanton's, a I and showil.v famished bou?o, bat it was well known In Westbirrr that only the most strenj ttous exertions enabled the family to "k%?n up appearances.'' Thsy toilad early and late. ! oontrived, pinebarf, and scrimped in their daily living and apparel, that they night hare tbe maaaa far occasional display at parties and at oharoh. Mary pitied them and thought bow unsatisfying must such a life be; all outside show?no pare home enjoyment. And again she felt tbxoKTul for her own less ostentations but farhappior lot. The abort aunmn afterfcoon was drawing to a close, and she bad time [or bat one mori oall. and that was os Mrs. Lane, the wife of her pastor. The personate was aa attractive and obeerfa! looking dwelling, lacking none of the pplitnoes of wealth. Mrs. Land was blessed with a devoted husband, and three beautiful ehildren ; bat she was a confirmed invalid, and Oould not rise from the loutxra in the sitting. room to weloome Mr?. Henderson. She was a sweet-looking intelligent woman, but her life was one of weariness and sufferinc; and only the oonsolations of the religion she not only professed, bnt exemplified in all things, enabled her to endure her pain and languor with so much meekness and patience. Again did Mary's conscience reproach her?with the priceless boon of health, how could she call herself po*r? Bha now returned with a light step, but lighter heart, to the little cottage from whose windows she already saw a light beaming invitingly. The cosy sitting-room had never looked so pleasant to her before; a cheerful fire burned iu the grate; her husband was seated near, reading the evening paper, and Charley was asleep in bis arms. The tea-taWle was BAflf ] V HnrAAr? Anlv AvtlHm* Kap r&tn ?** J hi she laid aside h?r outer garment*, Jane brought in the tea and toast. Charles laid his little boy down gently in the orib, and after giving his wife the aioal kiss of welcome, the; aat down to their evening meal. ' Had a good time, Mary?" was his first inquiry j ' Yes, Charles, it has been truly a good time, for I have learned a lesson this afternoon which i trust will be life-long in its good results. I have been taught that none, however favored, aan expect analioyed happiness on earth, and wealth does n?t bring with it perfect enjoyment I would not exchange my ouiet home, my husband and my baby, my health, and uiy warm heart, for all the glittering treasures that gold alone can buy. 1 have learned that the sweetest of all earthly blessings is content' meat That evening, after Charles had returned to bis store, and little Charley had been undressed, Mary was seated at her work table, but the sewing dropped from her fingers, and she thoughtfully took up her pocket-bible, the gift of her Bainted mother: was it ansel's hand that opened it at the words of the Apostle ' "But godliness with eontentment is great g*in "For we brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing oat. "And having food and raiment, let us he therewith cont at. ' But they that will be rich, fall into temptation. and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful insta, which drown men in destruction and perdition. ' For the lova of mosey is the root of all evil, which, while soma ooveted after, thay have erred from the frith, and pieroed themselves through with many sorrows." And as Mary eloted the sacred volume, these words sank deep into her heart What better moral could we find for this little story about-'Making Calls?" Scrubbing and Wash ng Tr The Uermantown Telegraph thinks early winter the best time for soraping and wash ing tne trunks or trees. It ia well known to *11 observing fruit grower* that the loose bark of treea is the winter quarters of m jriada of inaeeta, where tbey ?&ourely remain nntil the ensuing spring, when the warm, genial weather warrants them to quit their ooaj homes and begin their destructive operations fur the aeaaon. We have found a narrow saw, rather fine toothed, to be an excellent tool in rasping off the rtiperfiaous bark. It ao?omplishes it more uniformly th?n a hoe, trowel, or other scraper; a trowel, or a short handled hoe, however, la very good, when the other m?y not be possessed. After be bark is removed, the trunks should be washed thoroughly with a preparation of whale-ail soap and water, aaj in the proportion of a pound of the soap to four gallons of water. It can be applied to large trees with a hiokorj broom or a stiff whitewash brush, and to small treea, esp*oi?Uy dwarfs, with the hand aerub-brush. Sickly treea, wbioh can at thia aeaaon ba easily detected by being covered with a species of fnngi, or perhaps more properlT a peculiar insectivorous deposit, hould be sorabbed so as to completely remove (his. The mixture will of itself benefit the tree, while the removal from the stem of all extraneous and Injurious substances, will give to it new health end vigor tbe ensuing season, hi aome instances to a surprising extent When whale-oil soap Is not obtainable, lye may be Km ek/vnU - ? * ww\4, vu? ? aouHiu IIV w vnf iirnnj^, The 14v Bta|ei of Craihiii| Out. The London Ouinibus Company h*ve lately Bade ? report on feeding horses, whioh discloses some interesting information not only to farmers, bat to every owner of ft horse. As ? great number of horaea ?re now used in the my for caralry, artillery ftnddrftft purposes, the fact* stated are of greftt vftlae at the present tine. The London oompany uses no leas than 6,000 horses; 3.000 of this namber had for thair feed braised oats and out hay and straw, and the other 3,000 rot whole oats and hay. The allowance aeeorded the first was, bruised oaU, 11 lb* ; oat k*/, 7 i 1W.; out trt> 51 lha Tk? ?- ?v - second, unbrutted oata, 19 lbs.; nncat hay, 13 Iba. The braised oats, oat hay and eat straw amounted to 36 Iba.; and the onbraised oats, to., to 32 Iba. The horse which had braised oats, with oat haj and straw, and oonanmed to lbs. per day, oould do the same work aa wall, and was kept in as good eoedition aa the bora* whiah raaeived 32 Iba. par day. Hera waa ft sarin* of 6 lbs. par day on tha feeding af each ham raceiring braised oau, oat kay and oat straw. Tha advantage af braiaad oats and o?t bay aver onbraiaed oats and nnoat kay i# astimatad at ft cents par day on eaoh horaa, amounting to apward of $300 par day for 4haeoaspanj a 6,000 boraaa. Teatilatin* Stable.. The Irish Farmers' Uasetta aayl:?"The best mole af ventilating stables of aay other buildings is to make provision fer tha admistlna rtf mm air from tka arUrin* *-? eaoapa of the foal and exhausted air from the inxida, which aaoend* lo the appar portion of the apartaaat. To do tMi, make aparturat to tba ootoiie walli behind the boreea, about U foot from Cba external mrfaoe, with a de oandlog floe to within 6 inches of tha floor, vhar* thara moat ba an aperture at (ha i oiida! TkrJt^rM_*?d *'? " ? <*? for the adaiaeioo of pare air; both tha outside and tha inaida apart area ahoald ba faardad with oioaa fra*io* Far tha aeoapa at tha fool rnim tk. kAviiAnt*! Mud mnai lu m? eea* - , tor**' haada, aiow to tha onfeiaf, aada of parfaratad sine, opn to the asternal air it both aoda. which afcutld h? guardad by a valT* that way ba opanad or ahat at plaaaara, m that if tha wt?d blawegakaet ona aed H ay ha ikat and tha othar aad opanad By &U pian a aaoataat a4ronUtioc may ha malaT'V M llll I 11 ' ' Tan C?NADiAfla Faiaa*s?u~-TW <-4ty uf SoaUaai waa thrvarn lata a terrible panic oa tha tb In* , bf a report that wai bad bean dariare* by tb? Un?t#d 9 ataa ag*?n?? Envland, and tbat a* axaay af taraaay tbaoeao* Naaa KngUad troop* y* mmMMtg****** tlut city fro? Vermont* TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. I STILL LATER FROM EUROPE. ^rT,>^-1 ??f <h? Ntftmrr Aiia at Halifax. Haup**, Pev V' Tho iteamer Aaii, from Qatenatownon the 29a,*..? here tbla mom. k* *t?amcr Canada arrived atQuecoaiov._ the 21ft. * The Kt*am?r "-wdilene wonld embirk about 1,000 men at Southampton 0n the 21st. The mall afam-ra rf the and Oriental Company, numbering abo-\ Afty, were to be armed and made capable of realatlcaptivateert In caae of war ~ The gun boats In th<? a<?eond claaa reaerve St P"f'?mouth, have been ordered to 11? out Immediately A Berne telegram axaerta that France baa taau?d a dl loin*tic circular taking ground ica nit the ~M if-.-- I <aw J-ii? a ? - wim ui rawn ana ouaeii. ana oaa MOt rrpt? seotat1v#? to Wisblngton tod*te?mlneth* Amerldan government to make Indispensable ooncee long. The London Morning Post sava that the Americans cannot possibly complain of the tenor ?f tie dispatches to Lord Lvons The Liverpool cotton market cloeed Arm, and price* unchanged?sa)es6 (>00 bale* Breadstuff* closed tlrm Flour quiet, but prices tending upward Prov'slons are firmer. Consols V0\>i90% for money. The sales of cotton for the week amounted to 28.060 bales The market opened with a decline of #d , which waa afterwards fully recovered. Th*? sales of Friday were 8,000 bales, the market closing steady Breadstuff* were all ullohtlv lowpr on FriH?v Provisions closed Arm. Consolsclo*ed on Friday at 90 j^a90)i for money. THe ship B*n Payson bad arrived at St. Nazalre. France,from Charleston. TIIE LATEST Warlike preparations continued unabated. Additional troop* have been ordered to be ready to embark, but the 41 Armv and Xavy Gazette" of the 21st says that no more troop* are likely to be placed under orders until hostilities are actually declared Id that event some of the regiments now In the Mediterranean garrisons would probably be sent In the war vessels now rendezvousing at Glbraltar. The steamers Adriatic, with 1,400 of the Grenadier Guirds, and the Parana, with 1,000 of the Scott's Fusileer Guards, left Southampton on the '30th. The War in Kentnrky. LotrisviLLK, Dec 31 ?There Is nothing from raducah to-day. Exciting rumor* of a general engagement in tbe xoutbern part of the State have been prevalent all day, but are generally discredited, no notice thereof baving been received at headquarter*. Writs of attachment were filed in tbe Louisville Chancery Court, on Saturday, under tb- law subjecting to auch process the property of rebels who remain in the so-called Southern Confederacy 30 days after ita paaaage, against Gen. Buckner, ex.Mlnister Preston, and Kdward CrutchtWd. Their property amount* to (100 each Writs were also issued against several other parties for smaller amounts .Suspension of Specie Payments. Clevklaid, Dec. :jo ? All the banks of this city suspended specie payments to-day. PirTssrKG, Dec 30 ?The news of the suspension of specie payments by tbe eastern banks was not wholly unexpected hsre, and created little or no alarm. Our hanks have uo* generally suspended Three of them. It Is understood, have 1. ? J - v ?_ nprnueaj oat iour are still paying specie, namely" the old Bink of PitUburg, the Mechan> )" ' Hank, the Citizens' Bank, aud the Iron City luk. Lot is v ill*, Dec. 31 ?The North Bank of Kentucky suspended specie payments to-day. Ansther Speck ef War. Halifax. Dec. 31.?Passengers by the Asia report a rumor that the blocking up of Charleston harbor with tb*- alone fleet is likely to lead to a difficulty with England It was further rumortd tbat England's warlike preparations will con tlnue in view thereof, and that the surrender of Mason and Slldell are not the whole of England's demands Affairs nt L'iucmuati Cincinnati, Dec 31 ?The surrender of Mason and Slidell and tbe suspension of specie payments by the New York banks have, produced a feeling of relief in business circles. Arrival of British Trsaps at Halifax. Halifax, Dec 31 ?The steamers Adriatic add Persia have arrived here with troops The Cleopatra and Parana are expected here to-day. CB17K5INO IN WINTER. You can not get butter out of milk, if tfcnra Is Done in it. Fe?d the cows well, and thus secure good milk, and there is not much trouble in chnrning even in winter. Keep the cream in warm room till it tarns somewhat soar. Let the chorn be soalded before potting in the cream, to that it will be well heated through and not oool the cream. Let the oream be at a temperature of to to 70 deg , and there will ot be much difficulty in making the batter tome We see it stated that if a little rennet is added to the cream just before ohurning, it will help materially. We think thia quite likely, as it woald help to generate lactic acid. But do not pat in too muoh. 1ROV CBVBHT. To prepare iron oement far stopping leaks, take sixteen parts of clean wroughtlron filings, thrM nirffl ?n]ummA?JoA ?J 4? r ?- vvinuiiuuuiau auU l?WU paru flower of sulphur; mix all well together, and preserve the eompoued in a stoppered ressel and in a dry plaee till wanted for use. Then take one part of the mixture and add to it twelve parts of clean iron filings, end mix this new oompoand with as muoD water aa will bring it to the eooaiateney of a paste, having previously added to the water a few drops of sulphuric acid. NKWS?NEWS-NFWS! Just Opehxd, HEW YORK OYSTER AHD MATING SA LOOS! The mulersisned be? reepeoUuliy to inform their friends and the public gem-rail* that^gv ther l ave opened tluir ta.bliihjnentW^i /mJ on New York av.. neer 15th .tTW ?VlUf ahili IMM BO MiM to fur oar Qaatmners tha b??t Um mirket *f- ? . ford. Parties, families and antlera supplied at the shortest wtio*. Our establishmebt will be open daily. Kundapa excepted. DORIAN ft 8WDRD T*H19 18 TO Si VK NOTICE. That tbe suk>I eoriber hath obtained from 'he Orphana' Coart of Washington County, is the Diairiot ol Columbia, letters testamentary oa the personal ea tate cfSamuet Ralney, late et Waehin*ton evenly, a'orwupd deoeaeed. Ail persons bavin* plat rot acainif tbe aaid daoaaasd are hereby warned to exhibit tbe aa?a. with the vouchers thereof, to the subeonb?r? on or before the twenty sixth day of November next; t!hey may otherwiee by law be exo.uded from all benefit of the aaid eftate.

Given under my hand this t went* sixth day of November, 1861. LUCY X*A INKY. da M-law3w Kxeontrt?. iptYWIBOOY epf^. TO B^JTH'3, N?i -.nancomu JH IMV VIKHIf, Farntabiag 6o?d?. Hate una Gaga. fRaa) <Ull-?wi HKAD QUARTERS for Clothioc, Furniahiaf Gixxl?, HtU mJ Cam. at No. 460 7th atreet da nua Tk?n ( 2 R KAT ATTRACTION S.-G rand r?tk ior U Ttu atrMt, to Man* now a too* of Clothiaf, J sat raoatvad at SMITH'S. No. 4?0 7th atraet. 4a t*a?.) t| HOLIDAY PRKSBNTS Hav? w band a tarje aaaortmant, B aafc and r?Bor ptilM, umbo*. UMnmnr??, KAnoy Pi&itja, and ft nnetj of otb?r 0 rm 6odQ?. A lao, AWvla, n^sx.'Spkfi"iK!t N?oV ~TSturu, ud Drawer*, Buck Gtaotleta, M4 ? ftmt r*n?tj of;Hoaiery w] wIotm, all i?it*bU lor Botuter i'rM*nu, at taa tOVNtOUkKMN. ?? jgaUK&t. Soul* HM, bttVMD ?tk ud ttk, un^at Matron Bmidlttt. ? ? W' l ? . ,,,,' 0 (i?KIUBL|6.P 1 " * oa^uMJt ITT "**' *SltfSfS'A-g. sjmwwa. f> AKM *>ft Ttt HO LI* W#a*1 Zi!B^v?fS5S& HmF l\!OW I* THK llMhfo /el ,?Uf Wimm %Lwiy** w >rioniX.) ~ ^ .y AUCTION SALES. By GRKKJf & WILLIAMS, Aaotionwrt. ftHU^TRK'?* SALKOF VALUABLE EKAL I FtTAM?r. ?a* Navt Ya?d -On THI'RS DAY, theflh day o? Janaarr, 1* 1 *t 4 o'clock p. =*#br rirtnwof a deed of trait to the ?ub?crib?T. hn?1n< dute on tbfc 4th dav of D?oe*ip*r, A D1M0 a*4 recorded in Lib?r /. A. e , Ho. M. Wlioe *? eta., one of the laud tfoorCl M W'ul^ru th> ?*i> * ?hall Ml'-, at puttiio auo'ion, la front ol wa?hin?tn* the foi.o# in? property in the city of Wt?en (Vl in 11 of lot ofVoand run.ber^d aDd VTrVU"(f5a,T, *y% .wSK lot ?r.n?ered to kot ert M. CcSll rnfsreiee t >tkfl d?*d wl! ?m^.i This prr^f ?7 oont?r of Thirteenth itreet ?wt *. d aouth & ?.??? Alio W t of ranare unn.berd 'ill* handred 3io t?*T>ty eight, 9't J beginiriif for the tAid parte?! qaare at tne t*fanceof 3? feet fr<<tn ti e ?ooth*?t ooriKr r f tal'l #qu*re, an^ frontfne on KigMh jtrwot ?ut six *? odfaett three* ra?t f *rty i?n th?"?*aon?h e?*t?.n font; and t'???>e?e?t i" "v -"/y nw?u nuwnjju. r*ana wu? to M'oh*et Smith, t which rrferenoet*?Ade. This last mentioned property front* on Kiinv- ?tre t M't het.?e?n s nth I an-1 so?rh K streets with <?.? holdings and improvement* thereon Thie prop rfy i? w?l- located, and offer# treat inducements to purohaeers. Term*: One tturd oash. the residue in 6 an) 19 months, notes sectw""i to the ?%tfsfao>ion of the Trustee, and bearing interest from the day of ?ale. A deed given and a deed of trust taken. A'l oon vey*naing at the oo?t of the purohaser. If the terms of sale are not complied with wiihin five days from the day of sale, the Trast-e r^aarves the right to rese 1 ti e said property at the itsk and oost of tbe defaulting purchaser. en siring <>ne da?Vrotiee in (om? newspaper published iu the sa d city of Washington. A LLOYD, Trustee. OR KEN k. WILLIAMS, Auots. de 24 Jtaw&ds ByGREEJi* WILLIAM3. AnctiOi.aera. POMMISSJOIMERS SALE BY ORDER OF tdk Circuit CotaT.?8aie of House and Lot in Cahott's Subdivision of Sqtiar? numberel 677, it b?ing the west half of lot nnirf!>?red 114.?FRIDAY. the 10th day cf January, 1963. we ehall sell on the premises, at 4 o'oiook p m., at publio anc tion, by virtue of an order of the Ciroult Court of the Distriot of Columbia, passed on the Slet day of October, 188L in the matter of the petition or the heirs of Miobael Mayson,deoeased, the following named property, via? We t ha'f of lot numbered one hundred and four teen,(U4), in ssaare numbered six hundred and seventy-cevea.tCTn, in Cabott's subdivision, with the improvements, which are a two story Dwelling House, &o? 4.C., to be sold subjeot to the widow's dower. terms as preeorinea r>? tne ' ourt. in one tnira thirt ca*h; t a'anoe in equal instalment, six and and twelve month*, tn? purchaser to give bonds, 8"cureU to the cMUlaotion cf the Commissioners, bearing intercut payable to the h^us respective'y. at d the Commis*ioi?ers will withhold the deetf until thefn 1 payment of the ineta ment#. Ir the terme of*a'e a-e not oomplied wi'h n five davs, he Commissioners renervs the right to resell the proper y. at the risk and costof the first purot as^r, by advertising cuoli rebalo three times in the Waatuntton 3 ar. JAMES TOWLES. B. MtLBURN. BENNETT BENNING, Commissioners. de 23-eoA.ds QREEN k. WILLlA.Ma. Aaots. By J O. MoGUIRE 4 CO., Auctioneers 1 TRUSTEE'S t?ALE OK HO'lr*E AND LOT on korth K St., betwk?5 4th khd 6th *-ts WWt-On SATUKD^\ AFTERNOON. Jan j . ary ?th,18t?. at 4 o'clock,on th? premises, by vir tue >( ? d?eu ot trout to the subscriber, datcc D?i oember l?t, I860, ami duly recorded m Liber J A. S-.N^. 303.10110*511, et se? , one of the laud record* for Washington oourty, D C., I shall sell ya-t of Lot rnwbe^d one, (I ) in w??bfi?d Bye hundred and fifteen, beginning mr the same at the southwest o ruerof m?xri Lot No. Land rnria ax Hinnoe east sixteen f<-et; thenoe north sev?a(y-oiie feet e ev<"a lacnes; theioe west sixt'ec feet; then e ?'Utb soventy oue feet ele?en mohes to the place of bxfinnjcg. together with the lTrprovemekts, coc lttmc ufa three ktory brick dwelHns honoe. Terms: $fxn oash ; the remainder in 6 and 19 montt ?, wuo interest, secured by a deed o: tmst on U>* premises. AT, oon*ej\umi at the cost rf ourchaeer. THO J, FISHER.Trn?t*e. del lawflrds J. C. Mot?lTIRK A r'O.. Anct?. LWM.OORWIN BUROV, ATE W:th the old and we!l knowu house of WM.8 OKW1NACO, N?w York, Dtalrr in choice Bra*ni??, Wivj Ciittrs, tc.. and /./ v ri.-..- r?,., M *w*r H/ j ? ?? ( * n ' c 'c r '!#? y ?f i/VUI | No SdT Pbhjistlvawu vknu*, (fcntaroe Mxth street,) Wa*ktntton. D. C. The attention of oonno;??eurs acd the pabllo sens'aJ*y is invited to my stoi k of line Brandies, W ines Clears Teas. A0 .cinpri-mr HeT]n?sat?y Otad ana Sayer Brandies, Widow Clicquot, Moot 4 Oando , lieidaick & Co ,aad A isolates Vaixaey, Champagnes; Permartinn. Am >r t.ivio and \ riarte Sherrier; Wanderer, Reserve and South Side Maieiiaa; H rm?n and Burinerater P ots; the celebrated *'WSO" Club House Bin; Iriah Hoo cb, Bourbon and Mono gah-va Whiskies; Jamaica a> d St. Croix Rums; Cabai a, Kigao La Kosade San ia?o. aEspanolaan brands < f Cuare and very fine Vounc H json, H y roa. Imperial and Kogii*h Bre* kfa^t Teas in catty box's imported by myself expressly for family use. , gift-1?> J^ITHOGRAPHIC WORK. runs PaoroetLs will he received by the<*ena'e Commit e? o? Prlu'i t until the |Ath of January f<>r Lithographing'in* the Mai s, t,hart", aid Diagrams which accompany the documents from the Department# communicated with ti.e Annas! Message oft e President to Congress, to bs executed n the very beat manner bid* received except from persons oarryirg Or tne Lithographic Biiwess. P or pa Uouiaraapp.y at the (.ffiae of the Super i teadenr of Pub io Print ng, whore the work to be (innA as n Ka ati m i? aH JOHN D DEFREES. ^TTENTION.RA.NK AND FILE I HOTBRilCS'g, At 4?0 NIWTHST*ibt, N?AK E. If the piace, of all o?fc re, to aupply y ouraeive? with a I k ><< of CAMP FURNITURE, At tbi Vsftv LuWilT i'KCgl Be also fcpepa on y and and (talcea to order MATTRESSES, PILLOWS and COMFORTS, of a'l qualiti?e. Come and render yonraelvea cowfortaMe for the wmtsr by a ?ery small outlay of money. 11 r Remember the piaoe. _ de 2l-8taw8w 1 A U' COLORS AND SIZES LADIES' HEAL /a. Pant Kid ?lows. heoiquaiitf. PfciKRv * BROTHER, Aa li.TM PAnn avpnna aiwi Ninfk r?OME ONE AND ALL, To the Peopled v Clothing Store. No. 4fi0 7th ctreet an i get I your Gooda at attoniahtng ow prioea. <ft H-ln> i R a.l CHEESE! CHEESES V/ CHEESE!!! i Mctuoma, TOBAOOO, oiqa.R?, N I fS, RAISINS. CRACKERS. I All oa haad and lor eaie aheap by K. B. HASTINGS A CO . , 393 D *t., fcoing l a. avenue, no 2Stf. Philharmonic Building. Tthe white house HE Well-kuawn White Home Restaurant, on High street, near the oasai, o George-A ^ . A town, has been reb.utu, aiu; parfes o*n (flAW bow be aoooinnKKlated with oomforlatwelJtdHLl private room*. Game. Pi?h, Ojatera, and tuf beat Winea. liquors. antf SegArs, alwaya on hand. Famiiiee furnished with Oysters, as aeftai. de7-1pi A. RODIKK. Proprietor. nuts, Saaai*h and French Oiivei. Fresh Rawh?rnre. walnut Cat* up, Mushroom Catsup. Harvey's Sauce, Ao.Ao KING A BURCHKLL, do 19 ooraer Vermont Fifteenth at. ? BUY FOR A HOLIDAY PRESENT a ItT of LADIES' DHK83 FURS, B H. STINEMKTZ, df 43-t)anl) 236 Pa mv , near corner 13th at. RPR. J. L,. blBUOMH AVrNO Removed from No. 3S? New York ?veno*, to Mo. ST? 9th street. * fsw do.?.rs from N?r York tmne, rtinri ttie offer ef hia professional urn***, (Mediaai and HargieaTT to the ait-asps of Waikimi jn. He may be found at kis ?gj&g$aSS3ll S.WB 5fiES PPORTED MEATS. F18B, f?UT8, to Patt Heioi 6raa, Traffes. Conserve tfiuce-, attMnhjair Poto. Chseyicnone^ysrmout* B>--riuf, Awbovy * ?W FiS it SUT qtum?uild l If yon vut ?l*n? haiauKl tp In food tyl?. ud t&S:ia@a.-rsas?',& bbto HAVANA HMA\r,kA by . * *??? ^S$?&&?&mte THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBf NOW 18 THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE' Tfc* PillfK and M?it Reliable R*w? frw the Seat ( OtTrrnmriii! Rraainp Matter fc the ftrniiri* t'tir'f' m The present year is undoubtedly tbe ni<tt evntful in tbe political history of this country, and the record of occurrences transpiring at tbe Fed ?r&! Metropolis is naturally ol striking and remarkrwi,ie interval The public dt-sire to rarely* firofnjtt, ftai ??</ rrliabU ncount* of *H that pants kte is muM intense, and we bave con?eqn?nuy inaae alteration* ?nd Improvement# in the weekly lsttv of the Washington ^t-jr u> rEfft this want moat saUaffcctorlly In compliance with the wish of the public the pa^er has changed from t qnarto to the more oonvenJent foiu shape, and now appeara a k?*<isom* sktfI of tkirfy-ivo riHvmsi, filled with choice and carefully prepare Reading Matter, and bearlng the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly 8tar." As Indicated by the title, we now furnlah the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR 11 Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which It Is printed. It Is our deWrmlnation to make the wkmlt 8tar not only the larntst and handsomtft Dol^r Newipnper In the I'nlted 8tat?, but that It shall absolutely be Tai Bust Family Wkkklt Newspaper is th? w obi d!!! It contains the very fullest, freshest. and moit Important d-tails rf all that transpires at the Seat of Government; editorials on all the Impor tant topic# of the time*; the news of the week; interesting correspondence from all par* of the world; capital stories humorous and graphic sketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Dollab Stab ha* aa a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of Interest to farmer* In the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; ajso. Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new inventions Issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, it is our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the fM^fncy that at nn/v Initrnrta and ?nt<?ta1na but Aiming to make WA-aiNsion Niw? ahd OOSKIP OUf tptmiml**jr. 1Q ACCOt^UOC "ilk Ike vlewi set forth above. Believing It to be better to sell many papers at a tow price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer tbe following Extraordinary Inducement* to Clubt. , To Single Subscribers f 1 00 per rear. To Clubs of Five . 96 cento. To Club* of Ten 90 cento. Td.Club* of Fifteen K5 cento. To Clubs of Twenty-live. 60 cento. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cento. Address W. D. Waalach, Publisher of the Star, Washington, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. IOOK OITT FOR STORMY WEATHER, j and tend ynor order* Immediately to HAMILTON, the renowned G ax'er. who wil' wager that he o\n g!*x? more light* of class in a day than any other man in America, and as cheap. N. B Large jobs of g as ng done at great'? reduced pnoe . S;op? 562 7th St.. opposite Ca&ter Marlret.m the rear ds 16 e- 8*' /Ay ISAAC HKRZBEKG. A X A The Or)? Licensed AWA< v m PAWS BROKER. V tB 810.000 to be loaned on Sold and Silver Wttolw*. I Je,?re ry, Gans and Pistols. Silver Ware, ana Wearing Apparel? at the o;d stand, No. 331 C street, back of the National Hotel, between <% and 6th ?ts. de I?-a?* COLUMBIA MARKET, Pa afuwe. comer Tk<rtee*>K it. Th* rnbscrib?r wou.d most respectfully lrform the citixens of Wasuiuf tos f ar be nas retcrce<? to hiMoid eo*rter, wnere heintends ke?pm? a first rat" market id a! its branches, ss in time* gone. h e wi I be happy U> greet hi# oid in ads and customers. _ N. B ?Goods seat free cf oharge to any part of the oity. d-3 13 C. MALLARD. pOK HOLIDAY PKE^ENT^loaks^ha^ta, " " firte 6re?r Goods " " " I,are Sets. fine " ' " h m b r o ideriee. " " " . E ? br o id e r ed * ** M Colisrs, Kmbr?i> 41 " der*d Badker * ' " ohiefs. Medium " * M l>re.s Goods, low " " " prioe Dr?ss " " - Goods, til other h " " kinds Dry Go ds at oar proverbially low prioes, marked in piaia figure*. One nrtoe An inspect.oc of st>ofc implies no ob'isatioc to purohaae. PBRHV * VRu., I'enn. avenue and Mirth >C? da 14 8(K ' "arry Bn.ding." WUU? THINS N K W?5 UPE&IOR HULLED C* COJlfv.?Tf?a eehseriher, having cot the agency to sjpply Washington and (jeorielown with Una delicate preparation of Cora. voeld reapectfulij ask of hia friends, and the publ o at targe, to give it a trial. Aiau, Popped Corn^plaiu aod sugared WM. KRADLY.Agant. Pa. avenue, between 18th and l&h eta. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monimenta, Table Tope, Ao. A large assortment a ways On hand. oe IS In JlTLES JOLFIVKT?l^i^'^airdre^er.fro* Pana, jo?t arrived, inform, the ladiea of W aahKictoa that he has opened a large laasortment of Mix Head Dreeaee, Wreaths aMTBridae' Wreath a, the most splendid oboioe of Flovera for dree*?e ; also. Ooid and Chenille Nets, ail (kinds of Hair tlJ k_ . J .A* i Wai. O K .1 T> TTUri , M1U WDU Ul U ?UiOT UMI. atreet, wtfjjj 9tfr and 10th. de U 1?* X he Subscriber hanm mane ad<!it>?Mto his fko'ory, making it now on* of the luiMtAMkn in the District, where his faciliti** vKXk-*: for quuitj%et<rriar CAR Ri AGLS light Wagons ot all kind* otuM be ear ywied, and from hu lone exMneoqe .n the bantec a, he hop^a to fire general aaUcaction. . - All kinds of Cvna(M and LultWaroni kejt en hand. All REPAIRS neatly dons, and all ardsn promptly attended to. .si'"4 JWY-JtiWBJ" d 1* tf corner of FonrtMBth and E els. V WU0I> AMD COALAiwit.) Tt.ej tell oheaper and ore Mtar'aaaam Bop oDvert in tkeaity?cut. spilt, aaddelivw^^jsss&ffw AND READY-MADE CLOTHJER&, noun AMD aaillM (! HI* stfyiST Of' a??xff5SS^KSefi^? Zl?. Jy*T7p. BA1THOLOW, 8oltA|?t<. Bw?<?H wad ArrifoTur*! V> krtkMM, fii% -w Wilk tf*. t>W! ? ?* ; l?M< UMaU.*-f#o. it* ?Mt tad of CWMr Mirtn. iilf-V % THE WEEKLY 8TAB. <ag Itea caa W fou4 la aay rtbw ? pabttatorf w Frttay aormla* h Tf oopua 4 IS Wwaaty-? HftSttoMMtwoxx ? B It la variably ooatalaa IW *~T?fclifrri INw tbat baa made TV Mr torn etnraMa ? generally ttnmgkoit fb? oaaatry C^tMagk oopias (la wrappaaa) aaa be pr^ Hired at tbe oooatar, Immediate)? after Um tarte of tbe paper Pr1e*>?THREE CEMTB^ , ii !, t HKLMBOUVS GENl'lUTE PREPARATION. u lm ii r v m irra a rvnti Oenpound Fluid Extrsot Bwohi, A F?mw ? / >/ryU For rh??M? "f the BLADDKR, KIDNRV9.6RAVFL.Bn4 M<>f PICA I. PW F.I.LIN?* Tilt* >fl?dioiD? inot??*M the ff>wm of L*?mUm ? <wi4 excite* the inoiiikti into i>?iuy idm by wbioh th* wiriH ot cii/moci do^or Wi?.f mkI ?1 rsw?rr*o. iRLiMmnTi or? tv'W. ?? v*ll m run *J?E inrLAMHftno?i, 1*4 u h" Mia, women, or cbilmk*. llELMBOLDii HI TRACT BUCHU For WeunNMi Artilsi from HkMti of Bvlf 1 dnor?tm? or Atimdtd tritk tkf FUlowimg 8j wyliiM1 Indisposition to KxerLoc, LoMOf fewr, 1,om of Mrroorr. D t. - u ty of JmlMK, Weak N*rv??, TrMKQ, | Horror of Dimm. WftkniiMt, I^ddmi of Viaioo. Pub 1b tk* M*k, gyaaijr*3, <" * fasg Drynwi Eruptions on tWf?*. Tbiw Tm^-mrl'l S^S^'&'TooiL vWek IHp medicine mT?ri?My r*mo?*, ???on ftWWv* lmfotkncy. fatuity. rpilkptic fits. M DU / tMwA 144 PtriM ?Mt Who cu My that thf? ?r? not ^???nbr fallowed by thoae "n;EirvL ' "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are w?'? of the aooe# of thotr itArttf, ?tT !*or?f WILL OOHTIU. , THF RECORDS or TP E INHANR ASYLCMR AM Uu k?l* IMtkt t* rw?Hw. iui 4jirLi vitiiim to mi rmrr* or ru MNMM the Require# the ud of medloine to atren?thaa mix] Itmforttt U>? Py ?f which HELMBOLDT* EXTRACT Bt'OftC a niiL will coirriNci thb mo?t uimuL , FEMALES- FEMALES-FEMALES, OLD HIT Ja Many ^/wtinu Pre* 'ur* i? ftauJii the Kztraot Baebi it BeoTM>?* "ran* other remedy, m in ChioroMi or Kelect. ~b, 1 re. rt?m> PuuIuiuom, or 8inrMiii)t o? Cuetonmrj ? ??u&tiooa. Ulcerated or Houirroa* iUt( of the rrerua, Leuoorrbe* or Whitoa, Rtoritity, aad lor mionmHAkafM UM?do?L to tKMK. Jijl IIW tu jisoimuy, nwna v>i si mmm i pa wu? im tii Ml" DKCLIXE OK CHANGE OF LlTKt S* aTMFTOlM A BO VS. BO FAMILY SHOULD Bl WIT HO IT If. _ " TfcJb* ?c awr< fialf-m, JKirorf, ?r ftflillI Mtdictnt fm Unphatmmi mmd 8fW<| ftww. HBLMBOLD'S BITtAVT BUCMfU SECRET DIIKilll Sail IMtr BtMMi At UttU 8u?^ ttle or bo oh&Lie lr Diot, No msocvtwtpMl iai M S9MVI It oonaoa b frequ ni deaire a <1 giv?a |trw(tk to Urinate, tber?bj Rea^via* ? loti toUuu. Preventing Bad Cunug Jrnctnrea of ttl U^OBfB, fro*uect in the el&ee of dieaa*ee. *ua ? jh ..14 mil Po%semeus IH*?.itd. md ttvn ma Mmttir. THortAJTCW trrow TBOrniKM WHO HATS BEEN THE VICTIMS OF Q UACJL3, - * and who have p*id iuar* /?> to be eared 1a ??Mrt urD?, have found th?j wer? deoeiveU. ud that the Apoi?oi?" hM, bj U.*'-?ot"r*mrr/*4 aitrmtwmtf*1 boon dried op m Uia ?J<Uat, to hraat ml uui<|r?rated form, bod PERHAPS APTMR MARK1AUM. * ? JSSS^SS BIRR?0* ?UCB<; . . CHINAAT teARI, whether esietinc ia MALE OR FIMALC, from vhairrw oum wsd so matter o4 * HOW LON? ITANUIiie Dimm o( Urtc Oriui repairs Bid cf a Ih nine. HELMHOLD 8 hJTKALl BUCMV ? 19 THE G1KAT DII RKTIG. apd It li Mrteis to Nrtw th? d?air?d ifcrt la DiMMta /r wtiM u t< rKMMMwU. TIBU01 or TBI MO?T HIPOCIIIU AMM ?LLUILI csakactkb vti?*ooom#*ny U?? modiciBM. - " - * * . . a* 1 CERTIFICATES OF CUKES. F u h fc V ymt* tsadief AfU FAMK. 4> A *A "PHTSlCIAItS" PLEASE 'A\)TlCM.m vi Miti "vo iicut" or "miiMim.!' HELMBUU1T8 HXTKACT UVCUV MOMfOMi o< Cartas Md JniMBano, t MieoUd with crmt ov? by ft oooy?Wm Arvcfwl Pb.EFAB.ED IN f ACOCK BY H. T. HILHIOLD, rrMtMai ud Aeeiytwl Cb??n>. u4 Soto Nuu^sUm ?f EKLMBOLiD'S QJENUOT PBXPAJL4TI0HS ? ATPIDATtT, ' ' ? r? * a p5IS|fSjjr815igi ii, X. h ^Sworntad^agbMnbod jjTor* iu?, i&iafl c mi , , -r > : * V PHYStClAJiS lit ATTXIfDXJfC* FROM* A M.TOIf.m. Frle* tl ft ktnu, v itikr *. . D*Uv?r?l to iv idii?.mmmntf pmM tmm ? obeemtioe. f i Mia i hkLmmmIp,' auJIS?*-" P^ei. m Bo?U Jmtk at. b*v CkMMi PMl - i i . mswAJLK or oovNTiiixni AJM> WHFMJHCZILM* MMWI HumktkPt bwmi frt? hsiimi, * ? " IttrM J?ll>ll, ?? 44 ? { Ml W B? i.WiW.1 ^ niliB. iWI BAjrfTSxx vBweersn irgiTWMM*a. s * ' - * uASK ra nuam I'"t?* XiUXO UCUL ? -T <\ 1

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