Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1862 Page 2
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0m* m _ - . I THE EVENING STAR.! WASHINGTON CITY: WHWH5?T JAWr*BY 1, 1??2. u/ i noagn im ?ta? is prtntetf on the niter *eam prem la w south of Baltimore, Its edition 1? *> lorge M to wqilrt tt to be pat to pre? at an early hoot; Adrtnutm*nti, therefore. should be rat !n before 13 o'clock otbenrleo they may may not appear uatll the next day. Ora PaisuM at Uk various military cam pa aad positions #111 roofer a favor by keeping us posted a* to movemeoti and affairs la tbelr vicinities. flplrit of the n?rBii( Preoo. Tbt I*uiUttncr+ of ty-day devotes Itaelf to b?w? mattora. Tito Rtpvblican treats upon the nogro. Coagress aad tbe Army. We.need baruly ny to tbe country at large that, lialen carefully guarded agslast, the propensity of roeh a body u the Congress of the United #f t? to oeorp the function* of other branches of tbe pubtle aervice en all pa*in? occasion*, In the propensity of Individual members to "splurge" Upon every oppe tunltr, threatens greatly to bernea the proper prosecution of the war, Qataedalyresisted Aa delicate a matter as It may be to decline lending himself to Congressional schemes, of rather "aplargee," likely to Interfere la the succees of hfs military pleas, It Is clear that Oeacrtl MeClellan pos?ea*es both the flrmncs* and sagacity that enable him to do so Thns, %he* waited on by a Senate committee appointed to lanatliate and report concerning the Ball's Bloff disaster, he Is said politely to have answered that hie time was ao completely occupied by tbe preeent emergencies of the service, a3 that he bad none whatever to devote to the investigation of peet alahapa} and that should he get time to that end hereafter, he would promptly Inform the committee of the feet. The Interview ended there SUUlHCi VVU^ICHlUUBt tVIUIIiU* tee, charged with the (so caile4) duty of investi. Into the conduc; of tbe war, have been I eummonlng before ibem military officers, and asking them qnestions. which, if answered, would promulge information likely to defeat the euooenof plana of the campaign, If by any possible chance It became known by othera than tboee confidentially entrusted with it. To preWaet such aa occurrence, the officers sought to be ** pemped" hare all declined to answer such I questions without tbe permission of Major General McClellnn, to that end. So this committee, too, ended their " investigation" *bout as wise as wbeathey commenced it. It la fortunate that tbe officers questioned remeajbered the obligations resting upon them to abstain from communicating military Information to nay one, except by permiaalon or orders from their auperior In command; a military offence evsrely punished under the rules of the service Otherwise, the labors of tbla laat mentioned Ccrigreasional Investigating Committee might result % la another Bull Run affhir, which, all the world know, waa for tbe most part tbe result of persistent Interference cf members of Congress to regulate the campaign of Gen. McDowell, by driving him "Onward to Richmond." Oosi Mad ?The New York Tribumt is ngiln as mad aa %_march hare, as when engaged In the ^vork of forcing the Ill-timed advance to Bull Una. Its editorial columns tr vefor some weeks past been devoted almost ?ol-!v to the work cf disarming three-fourths of the army now engaged la ightlng for the restoration cf the Union, and the kindred labor of raising up aa ami-war party W^m la all the lov?l States, that will outnumber the Wf party willing to ess^y the foolish scheme of carrying on the war to the end of iloodini! the nonalsveholdlng States with more tban half of four Millions of freed negroes, and at the same time utterly destroying the industrial value of tbe region of tbe South in which beg roes alone can labor in the ran to advantage to the business inter ce* of tbe wboie country Such is to be the npebot of Its scheme for subverting the Constitution In order to erect In Its stead a freed-negro Utopia throughout the United SUtee, In order to carry Its Idea of general emancipation as a necesattv of tbe war. To Justify Its destructive labors above referred to, It U publishing numerous falsehoods concerning tbe conduct of tbe war and the condition and peoepects of the Union cause, all calculated, If MUtrM sxtenaively, to Interfere materially with fee KKffra of our arma^ TW only remedy atrainat disastrous conaequenam from the eourae it la pursuing, la to aeixe and hold the peraoui of those reaponaible for itacourse< as p?hUo enemies, equally aa dangerout. In times like the prescn*. as any who avowedly give aid aai comfort to the cause of aeceab The animus regulating the course and tone of that paper Is cletrl" aa lnlm ral to the triumphof the war for the restoration of the Union under the Constitution of the L'alted States, as thai of the Richmond Enqvtrtr or Examimtr The prompt imK and imprisonment of those reaponaible fof Its o?nrae la a very much clearer "military :.eee*fdf" of the tlCQPA. thin tfi n?*rtnrn IKa ___ w ? ? ? ?. h ?? wijnu kU fion by making the war simply an abolition war ^ Fnason*l.?Mrs. Ellea Key D.unt, who gave t la Boston sot long since, is acting at Mnnefcostor, England, under the same of Mile LeClt. She la tbe daughter cf the authoc of the "Mar Spangled Banner." Mr PsaUon. tbe grent chess player, baa lately hwo la Manchester, England He not ouly sucOMa/ully encountered the leading playera cf thia fsmous elob, but aiao engaged in a very remarkable psessge of arm, blindfolded, agalnat ten ployors of very considerable ability and skill. Of Hm ton gamea be won six, lcat only one.and drew throe. Among the vanquished were Messrs. Blackburne snd Stanley try Mason snd Slldell did not hear of their release Ull Monday, owing to tbe storm. Mr. Manos was noticed at the window of his rtom, penning Ms intelligence with a smile of sstisftcVon. Mr SltdeH kept In the background Tbe steamer North Briton, which lrft Portland ns Saturday, took out the newa of their release to the poople of Englsnd. irrKraoi the publishers, Peteraoa A. Bros., rbllsdslphls, through J Sbtllintton, we bare n. DBuiswsru-a new doom, "Hickory Hull, or j Mm Ovteaat A Romiaec of the Blue Ridge " iairtklaK front Mr*. Soutbworth s pon Is apt to km a reody reading on both aides of the Atlaotte, and certainly In hot own pariah nereabont*. ffTTrom Hodaon Taylor we bare "Young Ben Franklin, A Boy* Book On A Boy? t*ubJeet." By Honrr Mayhew New York, Harper * Bro-1*. It 1* Just the book to make young eye* glUtea this holiday *?*aon. CT"W* we indebted to the Poatmaster of the Heoae ef Representatives for a copy of the useful ** - * ^ i lii-iwi i/ireeiory tor tbla aeaatou, J tut law(4 by hln SMtrairn Jot?Thefollowing paragraph la from a Mempbia (rebel) paper: "Norfolk laall excitement. Great joy prevailed . teat night at tbe reception of tbe European newa Boaftrea vara lighted, rocket* touched off, kc " Tai Bank MiruiaiAii ?Tbe New Yerk Eipre* of yvterday evening aaya: Tbe bask meeting faeora an Immediate laaue ?f demind notea, With prompt taiatlon for tbe paraaent The Banks have abandoned their agreement to bald tbei/ apecle la common, but aettle under fte contract ap to and Including Monday Three ? ? ~ ? v. >ik c?ii apoa uie Uuki has been paid ti.iod t be balance will probeMy r* p*Jd. ' 8pee!a la higher, ud may b? qxuird at <a r-f'tr. am with ao apodal domaad. wc Money wm quite active auoaa atrck Louam. aaifallrttN ware paid for balance to make bank mocimmto yMft* Tha Newark Baaks follow Ute rumple of New a& jag a^jPtt^acs^ Tma ButiiKlaiMni lafeiTLins.-PermliMae ke?beaagi*ea la a rrry courteoa? manner, to U?UM trocpa tkroagh Maine lata Ceaa a. Ae tka aavtgaUoa of tbe Si. Lawrence le ajeie*. aad Ue Wwupeit af troope InUmd from WtllUi tt Canada, ?a midwinter, would b* *>xJeaMwr, tadlooa, aad keasrdore, England win ajw^uvj ik'a eenrieay ae poe of u? ordinary im" . ?i ? ' ' om MILITARY BFDfiET. niXiSiM. Tbe prartice of blowing and drumming around the atrecta of Waablngton at night, atrrnadlnff anybody and everybody, hu become s groat notsance, to the tick especially. An order bat been iaaued prohibiting any bond In the aervloe of tbo United State* from so doing unless after permission to that end has been sought and obtained from the office of tbe Provost Marshal. List night It became necesanry to place guards in the streets leading to tbe residence of G*-n McClellan to keep oif such parties, one of which not many nights since blew and thumped under hU windows until so annoying him as to make bim 111 again for two days afterwards. !*ayt Tabs The Pusev came up from tbe flotilla last nigh*, but brlnga no newa of interest from tbe lower Po(itmia Vessels continue to ran the blockade when the wind li fiir.' The navy yard to-day presented a Sabbath-like contrast to Its ntuai week-day scenes of activity and Its usual week-day sounds of hammering, clinking, steaming and blowing ; all work being suspended A few seamen, lounging about in their best toggery ; a few " contrabands," enjoying a holiday as only darkies can ; two or three naval officers about to attend the levee; and the sentinels (marines) pacing to and fro, with their blue coats and wbtta cross-belts, were the only signs of life visible. ?EM.SCOTS. We ar? glad to learn'through tin atton<J?nt of (Jen. Scott, who accompanied him to Europe recently and returned with him, that his few weeks on the ocean really had a wonderful effect on his condition. The swelling In his legs has almost entirely disappeared, and the vertigo, not long aince troubling him, with it. He now \ralks with far greater eaiie and comfort than e?? 'ra* barking on ship board. We learn, further, that he n?l desiga vis mng mtilnJ4u>n ?uorMJrtjik pbovost eiiti. All tt'HnX are thanking the Provo?t M?rth?l for having succeeded In putting a stop to the night grog-shop nuisance, tbat, In spite of every other expedient tried, kept Waabington In a stew and uproar, until the strong hand waa laid upou aome of the owners of the offending barrooms. All Vho venture to keep auch placea open after 9# p. in may rely on it that their turn will ?oon come to go "up to th? captain's office (guard house) and settle." ART 1LLFKT FIRING LAST RIGHT. Last night, from an early hour until daylight, our city waa atarted with reporta of musketry and artillery fr?m the other aide of the river. Tbe firing waa nothing but "keeping New Year*" on the part of various volunteer corps. It waa irregular, and doubtletia unauthorized, and there la a fair chance that the officers who permitted it may be court-martialed for so doing ARMY AND RAW K K PR KSENT AT 10X. At 11 o'clock to day the rtJWrsof tbe army and navy, in full uniform, proceeded from their respective department*, headed by their eldest officers, to the Wblte House, to pay their re?Decta to President Lincoln. Affairs at Richmond and Centrevllle. j [Sp^.ial Correspondence of Charleston Courier ] Richmond, Dec. 7, 1-61 ?From Centrevllle we bear this morning that a light Is imminent. "Wolf" again. Remember, though, the wolf did come at last. Col Kemper, Speaker of the House of Delegatex, and Chief Quartermaster Cabell, have hurried off to Manassas, in consequence of private news which, it is said, they hnve received that a battle 'sat hand Fer tontm, all the newspaper correspondents are In town, and say that the talk of a tight is all bosh. The pinch of the war la certainly upon us, snd, as vou remark, the next two months will decide whether the strujrirle is to he a Innir n? ihnrt nn? 1 kv It will be *bort. and that we will win. The M issouri delegation found the President Inflexible in bit determination to make Col. Heth j a major gene'al. He said there was no other way of reconciling Price and McCulloagb than by giving tbem a rommon head; neither Johnston, Beauregard nor Lee could be spared; and Hetb | came with tbe highest recommendations " A repeal of our tariff law for a definite period, (five year*,) and a proclamation of free trade with all the world for the time designated, would accomplish more towards the opening of our porta than all (fee navies of tbe other continent." This Is the language cX the Examiner this morning. Our pipers are making war against tbe Cofifrder tte flag on account of Its resemblance to the flsg of the Yankee* Uens Beauregard and Johnston touched the pulses of Ut? southern heart when they put the '' southern cross" on the newly distributed battle flags. Richmond ladies are busily engaged in knitting woolen comforts and helmets orvlxors for tbe soldiers Figured worsted costs 50 cents an ounce, plain 37cents A dress of what used to be called "ten-cent calico," now costs seven dollars. Seven small tenements, in an otit-nf-tbe-way part of the town.which hud been offered privately for 910,300, sold at auction the other day for 912,500 Senator Rrourn nf nn< -- *-4?? ^ . v. ... , uuu?< iwuit? on lUiCTCBlin^ account of the battle of Leesburg to tbe Enquirer. Hie company took a prominent part la that brllllant fight It la pretty well settled that Mr. Alex. Guicon, a distinguished young lawyer of this city, will be run next spring aaoppoeltiou candidate to Mayor Mayo. An Iron mine baa been discovered, or la to be reopened, about six miles from the city, and ita resource* developed by a wealthy stock com pany Tax Bakx Scsrxxsio* in Philadelphia ? The Philadelphia Preaa of to-day: The banka of Philadelphia have not for many year* been as well fortified with specie as at present; yet, In order to reserve it, and be prepared for future contingencies, It became aoeolu'ely necessary for them to shut the gates. Gold 1? selling at a balf percent preminm; and U??f /n ?J *--? * ?* m * '* * auu uaiTCH) WD1CO, WllDln U)( pott sixty days, the bank- Lave refused to take Id larger sums than S60, la now selling from per to a quarter per cent, premium Another effect of the suspension, it is stated, will probably be to Induce speculationa un tbe part of tbe banks themselves, which, though having an Immense quantity of specie In their vaults, are not obliged to piy it out A prominent banker on Third street was heard to exclaim, yesterday, " that he did not know what to do with bis money " Tbe inference la clearly? speculation. Within the last few weeks tbe agents of British capitalists, anticipating the action that has occurred. withdrew their deposits or sold out their atocks, and tbe money was cither placed In bank upon -'special deposit," or shipped to Europe. We understand that about tbe first of January (to-day) S40,?J0,00<>, or eight millions of pounds sterling, would l>e due abroad by capitalists In this country, being the Interest upon bonds, etc We doubt whether tbe amount thus filling duels as trreat a* this. At any rate, the exportation of the specie has been effectually prevented the Old Yeae Oct and the N*w Yeae In ?In accordance with the long-establlhhrd r.aitom, the bella of Old Trinity Church, In New York, rang the Old Year out and the New Year In, laat night At a qnirtcr before midnight ttte following programme commenced: 1. Ringing the changea on 8 bell*. 2. Uall Columbia. 3 Yuikee i>ocdle 4 Happy am I. (From Opera La Bayadere.) Here ibere wm an lntennialoff for the clock to trlke l'i. Aa the laat stroke of midnight died way. tUe chimes rang np agMu aa foliowa: i flinging the changea on 8 bells. 0. Airs from Child of the Regiment. 7. Evening Bella 8. Columbia, the Gem of the Oceaa. 9. Last Rose of Summer. 10 Yankee Doodle. 11. Home, Sweet Home. Tk. .I ??t ???* - * ?*v iiwiiHg ww ?'?ri cuuui Oftll'pUt O'CIOCK. A Dblicatk Question?The Charleston correspondent of the Richmond Examiner thus alludes to a very delicate question : "I have alluded to the fact that many persons have claimed and obtained eonaular exemption from military duty. This brings up a delicate question?one which of late has been a matter of considerable comment and discussion her??icv Wlt: tk* right of ikt fortign consuli to *xtrettt tktir ojfi'xaL/tmeltsai m part / the Conftiitrait Sunt, undtr tht MifMUnr / the I'm ltd Sistii Gorenmmi A day or two ago a resolution of Inquiry on this very subiect was tntrod nr?a Into the ?Ute Legislature', now In aeeelon at Columbia " . IET A Maeaachoaetu firm engaged la the man* ufacture of rtm, U now Ailing an order for three thouand pain of brogue to be forwarded to Fortreae Monroe for the Me of the eoatiabaade at that atatlon. The el see far men range from elerea to ill teen, and In one lna'anee, a special order waa given for a pair of tweatlea. rrr No person la ttTlag la the Iowa of Batmunt, Mo., where a battle was fought tone time lot*, the stench from dead borate preventing people livlug within two oiUex af the town r; 'iasts^base't's war blli agaiatt the Guverr ?it to %3 ?tfl (aA. The auditor Van tole -at 81?mju,0u6 would be paid?the Vilarrt subjected ta the 4mMn ef Oeegraea. s THE DEATH OF PRINCE ALBERT. Interesting Particular* By the Niagara, we received a brief announcement that Prlnee Albert wu dxed. The melancholy event t/>ok place at about eleven o'clock on the night of the 14tb of December, and canted % most profound sensation throughout England The London Time* records the last moment* of his Royal Highness: "The Prince was taken 111 some twelve day* since. Symptoms of fever, accompanied by a general Indisposition, made their sppearaaee For some days the complaint was not considered to be serious, but from the early part of last week the medical men In Attendance and the persons about the Court began to feel anxious. It was not till Wednc*day~(the lltb) when the fever gained bead, and the patient waa much weakened, that tbe flrft bulletin wn* lnued, and even then It waa atated tbat tbe aymptoma were not nnfkv* orable. It ia aald that tbe death of the Kill* of Portugal bad an nnfortanate Influence over him during hi* lllneaa, and po??1bly aaalated the progreaa of the malady On Wednesday be ia aaid to have expreaaed a belief tbat he abould net re* cover. No material change took place on Tburaday. and on Friday the Queen took a drive with no Idea of danger. When ahe returned, the patient's extremltlea were cold, and from that tiaM he waa in thegreateet danger. "On Friday evening he waa not expected to aurvive the night, and tbe Prince of Wale* waa telegraphed for. All night the Prince continued err ill. On Saturday forenoon there waa a rally, which ao often precede* dlaaolutlon, but It gave great hope* to the phyalciana At 4 p lapaetook place, and the Pr 1 nce, , 1*^? f prBTlop. Friday b?d b?. -majffigTtfffi lone. Ue i?SuWJMlptoM eih*u?tlon, act la. the PrtnZfi *>r??blng became continually ?hor?<-?- ?? feebler, and be expired without pain mi few minutes before 11 o*elock. He waa aenaible. and knew the Queen to the laat. ' It muat have cLeered the laat momenta of th* illuatrloua patient to aee bia wife and nearly all hia children round hie bed The Prince* Bnyal,4 who I* at Berlin, W? prevented by recent aevere indisposition f*?m traveling. miWAiMfl vru on board *?' ship. Of the elevation and strength of rniltd ahown by the Princess all through these trying scenes, it la lmpossfble to apeak too highly She felt It bar place to be a comfort and support to her mother in this affliction." Tbe Times says that the Queen has borne her loss with exemplary resignation and a composure which, under ao terrible a bereavement, could not have been anticipated When the first passionate burat of grief was over, her Moj*>sty called her children around her, and, with a calmness which gives proof of great natural energy, addressed them In solemn and affectionate terms Her Majesty declared to her famllv that, though she felt crushed by the loss of one who had been her companion through life, she knew how much was expected of her, and she accordingly called on her children to give her their aasi&tance, in order that she might do ber duty to them and to the country But one sentiment was apparent throughout England?that of deep sympathy for tbe Queen and regret for the death of ?ne so universally respected The strongest euloglums were passed upon the deceased Prince by tbe Press and tbe public Ureat interest was felt In tb? situation of the Queen, and bulletins were Issued from time to time showing that although her Majesty was overwhelmed with grief, she bore the bereavement with calmness, and had not suffered In health TV* 1 a Ut \(uccii ouu vur ruy ai CUHUrCll Wfrf VO 1CHV5 Windsor Castle for Osborne on the 18th The funeral of the Prince would take place on Monday, the 23d In accordance with the custom uiuallv followed of late years, the funeral would not be a state one, nor would the remains lie In state The Prince of Wale* was to act as chief mourner, supportel by the Duke of Cambridge and by the Crown Prince of Prussia. The remains were to be laid in the royal vault at Windsor. I The King of the Belgians was expected in England on a visit to the Queen. The Crown Princess of Prussia (the Princess Royal of England) was unable to visit her mother from Ill-health, but the Crown Prince was expected A feeling of gloam prevailed throughout England, and a general mourning was expected. The various municipal and other bodies were taking steps to give expression to their feelings of condolence From General Banks' Division. fCorresnondenr.e of thp A imc I * t>?H Prm i ir?, Md , Dec. 31 ?Contrabands from counties adjacent to tbe Potomac continue to arrive dally, acd after an examination by Gen. Banks, ari forwarded to Oen McClellan'a headquarters to be disposed of. It Is stated that at least one-third of the slaves of Loudon county have made their escape, and some from Fairfax, Fauquier and Culpeper oscaalonally turn up la this vicinity This morning some ten or twelve, and four or five white refugees, were dispatched by cars to Washington. The white refugees represent that If our forces were to enter Loudoun, the white population now there, almost to a man, wonld gladly renew their allegiance to the Union. At last accounts the Confederate force at L*mburjf had been considerably aaament/d. The militia, however, showed a great disinclination to f ght, and were put to work on new fortifications, tbe precise location of which is not given, but Is probably well known to our military authorities. The number of troops In and about X^Msburg ia estimated at 6.G0U, including the militia. Advices from Dam No 3 this owning Inform us that the Confederates made a demonstration there yesterday, and fired several shot and shell at tbe dam and our men from their 1'2-pounder rifled gun, doing no damage. On Sunday they showed themselves at Falling Waters A portion of Col Leonard's command, stationed there, laid upon their arms all night, but discovered no enemy in the morning While the enemy of late have only shown one gun, (the 12-piuna Parrott gun.) ttls known that they have in the vicinity of Martlnsburg a foil field battery, which Is probably masked In some plac" where they anticl pate we are to paas, should an advance be made. A number of the enemy re still engaged In taking up the track north of Martlnsburg. and their occasional appearances n*>f?r W1 lllamanArl ?rm r\??KaKU ?niu ? ?? f V WWVt f Vlli J irvVUUOl" Wing parties Thu? far none on our aide have been hurt, but oor Parrott battery at the dam is known to have plaved ton* disastrous freaks In their ranks They have quite an encampment at Bunker's Hill, which they are entrenching-, and are throwing up heavy fortifications at Martlnaburg Gen. Kelly'* men have opened the railroad seven miles south of Hancock, and are steadily pro* grossing towards Marti naburu.ds'ly circumscribing the enemy's river line. As far as Mm road baa been completed It Isstrongly guarded against any attempt of the Confederates The tone of Union aentlment In this part of the 8tate endorses the release of Muon and Blldell u a measure of wlie policy 1* the present exigency. The Maryland public are cautioned against the excnange or purchase of horses in the handi of persons unknown to tbrm, as horse-steeling by d^serteri and retired teamsters has been prevalent of late. The latest case was the desertion and tbeft of a cavalry man from the Poolsvllle Division, who exchanged bis horse at Elllcott's Mill*. Soth the man and horse sre In custody ? wwatfth* Labixs \V?a*.?A|noveltjr in petticoats has been adopted among fashionable ladies in England. Por all but dress, the white petlcuat baa been discarded for one of alpaca; and these hive a great advantage over the linen or cotton ones, inasmuch as ttiev are lighter, and do not lose their stiffness. Of course, it is necessary that If the dress be a grenadine, barege, or other clear texture, the petticoat must be of the same. They IM mmde ??tt fall and n?n*. uul a brosd black ribbon or velvet above the hem; sometimes there is a trimming of gathered rib von pui on in Tinaym. i n* areaae* Mt invariably caught up at the side, to show their under petticoat. Where It la not neceaaarv to match the tint of the draaa, a atone color la the beat ahade for wear Theae petticoat* will certainly laat through the winter, their uaefulneaa being their chief recommendation; the material never ainklng Into folda, however long they may be worn. Hiei or Naoaoia?The Newborn Progreaa atatea that it baa heard that alave laborer* have been hired for the Raleigh and Gaaton Railroad for the eoaulng vearat *50 each Wa have beard nothing of it. We find there la a general expectation that there will be aome reduction In the hire

of negroea for next year from the former bt?h prlcea, bat we are not prepared to expect ao great a reduction aa tbat. The utter proatration of tbe turpentine bualneaa, and tLe poor proapact before cotton plantera, ahould the war laat, muat greatly reduce tbe value of ncgroea,? Raleigk Rtgitiee. OriKiTioN* at the M int?The annual report of the Director of the Mint haa been published, In which It la atated tbat during the year the amount "f bullipn operated on waa aa followa :?Gold, S110,97V,(MM W, ailver, ?4 634,. 961 97; toUl, St2l,404.9?4 XI Thla Includas, however, redepoaite to the amount of 949 V48393,2V, wblcb being deducted makee the actual depoaite fTt,140.571.M. Tbe coin* struck amounted to *63 400 59/, of wblcb aum $19,307,071 waa tba work of tbe Mint at Philadelphia. FiaiAT StiViTOR, V* -AlatH received here yeateiday from Staunton, Va., dated on the 17th ult, aaya: "We had a very large aad deetrootlve In bare a * _ a (k-A J-?a- * -? ? ? -- ? - - iui oikdi, destroying iwo-inira* or the Confedrrit* atablee Sixty h or see ?m barned to death, and the loat It very l*r?re. The Ar? originated from eoidlere Bleeping in the loft aad Hooking i?urwM. ICT The MUwaukle Newe eay* eight thouaead man an ehiyerlag la Wiacooetn canape, burning one hundred and fifty oords of wood ?wy wool to heap from freezing, and aaka why are they aot ordered to Kentucky, to the Petewac or booth, ? aaywhere whert-tiiey eaa be naaful The mi are tofglog foreenrtce / 0 - ? TELEGRAPHIC). mow 1U.1KOE. Baltimoie. J&b I.?The Old Point boat hu arrived and bring* the following newa Pobtobss Montob, Dec. 31 A negro who Mine Into Camp Hamilton this aflernoon re porta that a large camp of the enemy, at a place near Bethel, was broken ap and a general stampede to Yorktawn took place Saturday night. They had even heavy howitzers, but they were all removed. The cause of the alarm was a rumor that an advance would be made by Gen Wool on Sunday A flag of truce was aent by General Magruder to Hampton Bridge, thla afternoon, with a small packet of letters for the North Seven rebel ofllcera composed the party, and they remained at Hampton for some time, and appeared to be making observationa and endeavoring to obtain Information of oar contemplated movements. Their appearance at this time, and with auch small number of letters, leads to supposition that they were desirous of desertlnir to aaccrtain th? truth of the current rumora of an advanoe tide Edwtrd Jehuaon, ??* tb? Nav*l Brl"?de, hu b*~- ??on<* guilty of varloui mi?doJL. oy a court-martial, aud la to o* diamlaaed from the aervlce by O"*11' Wool. ^ THS WAR ?" fllMOURI. Ottikvilli. ?*o., Dec. 31?One of our men captured >>? Jhe rebel* near Clinton, and carried' to Springfield, ha* just returned, having left that piaoo on Christina*. Ho taya Gen. Price, with 8,000 men, had taken all tbe house* in Springfield for tbe oseof hla troopa, turning women and chll? dren into the streets lie had unloaded hla wagon*, and waa making preparation* for a long stay. The people of Arkansas bad refuaed to allow Price to eater that State with any other troop* than those regularly enlisted in tbe Confederate service. His force Included only 1,500 men so enrolled Tbe country about Springfield wufull of men returning from Priee'aarmy, who said If they were permitted to return home and take tbe oath of allegiance, Price would be left with only bia regular Confederate troop* m non n?n dnna** Mntil w.ww wit. a vpt b aopiu vpci aviuus vi ia?i wcr?) there is quiet In all the region between the Missouri and <>scge rivers. Not a rumor of rebel camps or squads has been heard. THE WAR I* KENTUCKY. Ijotisvillk. Dec. 31.?A doubtful rumor prevails that the Cave City Hotel has been burned by the Secessionists. Exciting rumors of a general engagement In Soutbern Kentucky have been current all day, but they are generally discredited now, no notice of any battle having been received at headquarters. Cincinnati, Dee. 21 ?A special dlspatoh to the Commercial, from Indianapolis, says there rumors of fighting In Kentucky. Oen. fiuell ordered the regiment of Fuslleers, and a regiment of light artillery, to Green river, before he went forward. n *? - - - - - uen. ouccner a cavairy were yesterday within a short distance of our pickets, and It !s supposed he intended attacking Gen. McCook in force, destroy the Green river bridge, and then retire. All the United States regulars were thrown across the bridge early yesterday morning. St Lous, Dec. 31 ?No news has been received here of any fight at Paducah. The Massachusetts Legislature. N?w Yoek, Dec. 31?The Legislature will meet to-morrow. Ex Gov. Clifford was nominated to-night for President of the Senate, and A H Bullock for Speaker of the House MASONIC.?A stated oommonioation of lk_3 Columbia Chapter, No. 13, K A M., will bfTheld THIS (Wednesday) EVENING, at 7 o olook. Companion! ia cooa staidinf arc oordi ally invited. Br order of the Jf E H r. . _lt 9 J NO THOMSON. Sty f>Tp??'FFICE WASHINGTON GAS LIGHT L9 COMPANY, Oicixbkk 31, 1961 ? Pfotic*. Agr*eabl? to the retirements of the oharter, the stockholders of this oompanr are hereby notified that an election for five direoWs to manage the affairs of the same daring the yearly, will be held at its OAoe, No. 314 ISleveiith street vest, on MONDAY the ?th day of January next, between the hours of 1 and 3 o'olook p. m By order. do31 eotw J. F. gftOWN.Seo. rvTff-HEAlXUJARTERS 1ST REGIMENT Lk_9 EASTERN VIRGINIA BRIGADE. Al5xa5I?ia. Deoember 31 ?The Headgua*ters of us regiment will be looated in Alexandria. Re oraiting stations will be designated at proper stations. Reomits wishing to join this regiment will be mastered in and olothed at onoe W. WALL. Ceionel 1st \ Irginia Regiment. Recruiting station is opened on Seventh street, 333,Ca>L Wkitney's quarters late cava ry. de 31-eolOt g^?NOTICE TO TAX PAYERS. ? COLL?CTO*'? 0??ICI. f Wa$hmtton. Detimber 21,1861. s Notice le hereby given to aW pereone in arrears for taxea. whether km. ipeoial, or annual tax. that unlet* the name la paid at thia offioe before the let day of Febm*'* next the property on whioh the tax it due will then be adrertieed and eold, ae the l&w diraAta. Those who wish to avoi ! the heavy expense of advertising will please par within the time specified. WILLIAM DIXONT de 3<-?otFebl Collector. Ilflf THE UNION PRAYER MEETING WiH JJt be held each day thu week in the New Yo?k Avenue Church, i Rev. Dr. Gurley's,) oomroenomg At 4 o oiook p m , to be continued one hour on'.?. _de? fYl^U. 8. SANIT* RY COMMISSION, J 244 F st, Washington, D. C . Dto. Jd. The Sanitary Commission ha* a oolieetioa of book * ofreferenoe on Military Surgery and Army Hrgier t. which Military Surgeons at or near Washington are invited to oonsolt. FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED, de 3-lm General Seorotary. PEIRCE'8 Army Game Casket. 1 have Just published this beavtifcl and oonve niant inveniioa lor the aae and amusement of sotd ?rs and others. It ooatai -a, la a neat, small paper bog that yon oan carry in your pocket, a food Chess, Ch-eker and Backgammon Boardf with men and diae for the three ga"?ea ; also, a set of Dominos and a paok of good Playing Cards. Pnt ha in f h raa at A ratai la<4 fnr tfl Aan?> cento, and 7ft oent* each paokage. and the Moa!r3 and Men for nil tna camee, without the box. (or It oenU. A very Inrre diaoonnt to antlera and dealera. SectJTuur order* or a lUmp f r circular. john h.tinttley. Pnb'laher, No Fulton atrf-ef, jal-lv New York. Bank of commerce. Sicksitow.i, D c., Jan. 1. IBM. Hrsu B. SwaiM hanng withdrawn aa a atcokkolder ot tile Bank, <ha boainraa wul h r after be 0 >ndncted by the following itockl oliera, vis: Chariee E. Ri'tenhonae. Hamilton 6. Fant. Saa'l [n?TlPi,.Ui0?AiJ L" *lob Ata mretincof the atookho.dara of thia Bank, ke!d thia day, Baaianl Fowler, of Wnahiogton, wan noanimoualT elected Caahier. CHARLES E. RITTENHOUSE. President. _ _ _ Wauhmtoh, Juury 1. IMS. Hv?h B.8wuNT,l?te* member or the firm of SSaBJf ssaiga.Fisi M&SSMd j^?der*igned, nnder the name of KittenBAMX FOWJLKR. J^H^L DD^ F7Ki. WM. T. HERRON, Ja l-8t BUBAN IRELAND. P NOTICE. ERSON8 Indebted to the eubeonber will plenee o&llnnd eettie before the 10th ot J turnery, ) ?: otfterwiee they will find th?ir bilk* in the hand* or ooileetor. 6KO P. KIUWKLL VV ood ud Ooel DeeJer. deSlSt* OornerE end Fourteenth els. yO TttE LAD1EB^OPnWA|HINOTONJ . r lV* ?VJ?.iJLrcjiJ vloaidk out aaia of uuriflbib, wkkaiub, ' HKADpKKSSfcS, to..M creati? rMuoad^h priom,i>t mr*. Hamilton, no. 846 p& kvrsu* btntn 12th ud lJth iU. do SI St* _ 1 IVIES. FKLLHB1MBR. Of*NW YOEE 1x1fjtr* bantaker rojma at 310 C street. ba<*k of the Washington Bank. where abe t*c? to annoaooe r niDToiaer? fcno (votrii r luof or*. Klflfc i dellltr MIR. PBLLHE1MEE. ! DLANKETB AND I bave on band a 'of^Alankata, ] 4.H.. j '/snsasfk % AMUSEMENTS. te^>'tgKyattjg Jaw; bECRKTH- " HitchlawV F?mlly, JOHN. HKNKY. VJOLA, FRANK, win ?tr* uolhr nf ?h-|r ?> ?Mt VOCAL CONCERTS, t the Fm?| Af(?'< Ck'tllit* i IIKM'lM JteMRJ, THIS ( WEDNESDAY) EVKNINO, JM. 1*. Admndoa 36 ?Mti; rnwfdwt^wiU. TiokeU to be obtain*! at the National Hotel, at the AMOotaaon Rooms, and at Ue door. D"or?open at 7; enter '.ainwent to oommenoe at I o'eloct. ** ICING'S AMPHITHKATK* JJ>_ .. :??! Leeeee and Miufw X'U JL .**- AM^eiate Maaater V ^Mw??eT Master of Cirole I^uT>ardiner Staodad Clown On MONDAY. T^P'J^a WEDNESDAY end o" IVtw Yta* Afternoon. DON SANTIAGO GIB SON NOISE. THE HOLLAND BROTHERS. S^wVUiShDEt Sfflfc And EL01S&, the Child Rldtr. TOM RING IT?W Itap *??r a Lb cm mf ft or mi. And will mtrodnoc . _ M*DL>E VIRGINIA In a PmoiiaUdi E^ueetnan Dvalitj, DAN RICE WiUafjearat an ev'f f?no<l. Drese ^ C^orwl Boxe?^.?..ywR-st roenoe at is?preoi*elv. d??X RICHARD P. JON ES. AH?t C2EORGE CHRISTY'S M OPERA HOUSE. TIXTB SniiT, Betw-IIN K IKD P. O^c Ev?rr Night with GEOKGE^HRI8TY'tf MINSTRELS From Broadway. Nt*e York, Coanpming 16 of toe Pioebs Stars or Mditiiut ' The entire entertainment under the minediaU di ration of GEORGE CHRISTY, T\? ackn+wUdted Pi on* ft of AftMtriim ' Thle Evening will t>e erodnoeri George Chriety'e laughable hxtravucecza entitled THE DOUBLE BEDDED ROOM Dnloimer .. George Chrnty Other oharaetere by the oomtanr. The atual melange o( S'ngtrg. Danoing. Bur leeeue Oeera. Ac . ?a.. b* the wmi* bohiui Admission?Parquet, fin oanti; Baliery. 36 cnti [p^On preparation, NEW YEAR'S CALLS. FELLOWS' BALL! ^ ODD FELLOWS' HALL! ODD FELLOW?' HAL ?! ODD FELLOWS' HaL -! ODU PKLLOWH' HAL .! ODD FELLOWS' HALLI SATURDAY NIGHT, Dic**i*m tS, THE ALLBGANIANS ' THE ALLEGANIANS ' THE ALLEGANIANS VOCALIST AND VOCALIST AND SWISS BELL RIN0BR8' SWISS BELL RINGERS' SWISS BELL RINGERS! MISS CARRIE HIFFERT, MISS MARIA BOULARD MR. A. SEDGWICK. MR. ?. GALLOWAY, MR. J. M. BOLLARD Latelr returned from a four-rears toor arof ?d the world, tad hiding ju?t oonoladed a seneeof Wsno oeaaful conoerte m the oitr of N?v York, voald most re;peotfullv acnounoe nefiret of their Highly Popular Musical Entertainments. Their Repertoire embrace# a ohoioe aeieotion of VOCAL QUARTETTE*. ar ranted in their own peculiar and HTaetira style. Al?o. a rarietr of the iwe?t??t Ecflieh, Iriah, &ootoh, 6ermm and Hpanith Bailada extant. Ariaa, Cavatinas, !*oenaa, to., from tha vorkaofttemoet osnlar Italian and Prannh m later*. In addition to their usual enoioe aeieotion of *ooai music, they wul inr.etoh evening, several pleoee on Um ?*l?bntcd SIT/55 BELLS! ITyrhe front of the hall and theadjao? t itrMU wuTbe illuminated with the macnifioeat NKSHIBB till?? for ft loot tlnn aa object of rreat cariosity at BARNUM'fl MUBEUM. New York, upon t?>e ni* > te of the ALLBGHANIANft AND SWISS BELL RINGER8. PftlCM. Admission 2S Mnti Front Seats .. .50 oecta de? ?ANTERBURY HALL. (Formerly the Washincton Assembly Rooms,) Louisiana a venae, near oorner of 6th str?0L la the reaj o t the National and Brown's Bo tele, OPEN EVERY NIGHT! With the fint talent in Amerioa. ENTIRE CHAXufT'oFPROGRAMME. 8eoond week of the gr#?t Kccmlrxc Ethiopian Artist of tk? Day, FRANK BROWER FRANK BROWER ! To night. the VIRGINIA MUMMY! VIBGINIA MUMMY! VIRGINIA MUMMY! FRANK BROWER as GINGER BLUE. FRANK BROWER as GINGER BLUE. FRANK BROWER as GINGER BLUE. Character* b? the entire STAR COMPANY! New Songs, New Dances, 4"c., \e. CHRISTMAS WEEK, CHKt3TMAS WEEK. A Beriee of MuDiwat AFTERNOON PERFORMANCES will b* ciwi at cantehbDry hall, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, fOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, rOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, FX)R LADIES A*D CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, ? Connmecoici TUESDAY. Ano Evskt AnuMooR Dtbum m Wiu. One Thousand Costly Presents WlL t? preaented to the ladiea. cbudrea, aad the audienoe the vml TMm Canwam ^uveaira will oonetat of oenj: Annnli, aud expeaMT* Mti of Sable Fare, a Sewiat Machine. ?p endid GoUl Jewelry, Silver Pork* End Hpoone. Ladiee' Chtiu, Watch Gaards. okildre^.Newk Chaise,Genta" Rid* a. Toya and Confectionery. JIT"" The manager" oail totke minda of tb? ladiee of Taie city the eiecant presentation laatnaai which U ej naa tne Donjr to live here *at winter, inmdenoo of the fkimeea with which they were ccnd acted Thaae praaeeta will be iitob In addition to the kneat Mrform&iiOM try tfce beatoompanr ever appearn? m Waehmaton. Tneaa'ootg attached to the Hall will bealoead daring the afternoon performance*. and oar matineea wrii be eond acted m each % war taat the aoat faeticioua cannot regret their trialt to the Canter wmir. , __ ? ~JS2SZ?Xi . rHtm; Pir^vNt * woti; ftowvood OrokOTtrm Cteirm, ^ ^7*No Presents rmwtid at rniku^D 4?n ! ? hoLw of Choice old Havana hum, . .ttft"ju^. mir*bnvA wmB-twwrMM BHWI ivi?, veklsotth WINE-ab Italian Wtao, mmmk CH JlMP AG*N^^CUAEETB, OOE DIALS, *?. sgg^aa^; otjck.--t m harvey, o? c abort, oo? potite the Tbaotr*, vi . ol vo mer row ho** iiM kmndrMi rAitooa ?fY3& f^J Offtors, fr?ih hoifcjio, it hi* tnro Obli?iia>eni, r*odj for all im?obih Fo?F1iaf)<ir?d bu afcoto oi thooi at* ro- ? Vb?t>ie ipMUMH of iwnMMi. TIwn rHmtnac Or*tara for Nov TWster. nC^i*S:4V!Bi (UHa2*s ^^rdluliirooa for tfa frfO^wibr mo* rftixa WHoom T M* Anoy Mortal, Eii? a*4 riotot Co#o, 04 tjMtaSh.fu m*nk?^tju -Or^tna^dopgitn?? 1i>? """ tib* A. unn!MMiMrtMiJftMPH.,-.- . ... --- \ I \ ? J ? APOTIOlfcAIJt. || THIS AJ/?TtiKPtOOlb& TO-MOhKOW. Br WALL * lA|Wi#l>, Stmti mtwt P+ ?4 mmd 9tA at. PKRKMPTORY BALE <T WIN V.'jQroM arb AkuesmtM tf i Miot mS Til aiy day moffviNO, iutin it. n.m<WIm h * rt'oicK'H, w? Will M*i, M U? ifft (Uor of?5r a/, tion Kooat, wfttopt nwn?> a *i? <V ' Wia?a. BtMdlM. J a BtiN Sfintt, whwlir 1 flr?Mht% wh!|(id| ?- _ 7.. 0Mki7Ltf?tM*?u4 Jni"? k?>m* Do Jamaica fpirlU ofki Do < Barrels Cr??i4 Wtr4't &oUlSi?jL^ Cmm Impwiai Marat a?4 Barrel. Pika, Ma??t> CMfLCbr*..Era*.!"' LItJTSL?*4of dtwVeree^rfi u4 WkuktN, Box*! Hernoc*. N(i' wd Ccffto, Fir* CiMifri. With mac* ot>* joodi la tha Grocer; Lcm, %L if J which will pM;tiT?.'r ba Mid, t >m etik. a? <E??i WALLfcBAE!UIP.Awfc Br i.C. MrfUIRE. * CO.. AaaOoo-ar*. T**1 tke'sbalb or large anp val Da V &RT*^U (Ir7?1 ,Lt-?thi Ri* th? Motion n>onp. tr? rirteert^fc S?M o< irnS^rott Joattoa A. Boll* ud dated F*6ruT IWk. M, a?4 4*1? rwxi/ai in l.ibar J. A. 8 7N?. MR/Mim ?a, M aaa., opa <f lbs Wild naoorda for % ?*hi?f In M?av, D C.I aaaiTasll Ix>t irahmd l*? (IklaMiin DDiahaew an hiodrai mIwIMvi m . .a Im| (N Dataware ? ???< l? h*XJ lnouaa on aarth E <im,?d IS M ? aofcw oo Pint atraat aaat Tar?: Or,i> third a?h. Ua rilinlw taaUaa* Iran moctha, wb lAteraat, aaawad by &?C at hpa> on im irtnitM fitha teyaa^tSaarasot nnwpllal FL~TURE DATS. Br WALL 4 BARNARD. A? Uow?re. mmd Hk *!'? !. POPITIVK BALE OF NKW AND SECOND I Hard Krtmitii at Awrno*.?Oa 8ATUR DAY MuKMNH.iitHrr 4, mbmmIn ? II o'olock, on the brat floor of oar AueUoa Boon*. wb will Mil vitboat rtMrrf.i lane lot of >r? ainJ SaeoiMl.haad Femitura. ooaiprtslrt? ?*o*erio' Featber BM?, Ho itm.Mi P. Superior ttur, Shack, and Stack aad Cotton MatJettoy Lind, Cotta?e. aad othor B?dit*a4i, DroMinc aad Plata Burma*. Tatxaa,aad Waab UlMlf, Cane end Wood mt Chair* aad Rocker*. So(a?. Loancee.aad Wba??ot*. La're lot of Davbia and Stack* Blankets aad Comfort?, Ow?, Baca, Cou. Eu Fixture*. LiIpl 'ion Table*, Wardrobes. Cottage Sate. * llelodeon, Oak Dialnc Ctnureand Bookers, Large cook and other Stores. with a variety of otbor art'ols* la Um Boaeekeepinc line, beiac the effects of a feint ly kaanac Tarmi Ml wall a BARN4BP. a?*?. By GEKEN A WILLIAMS. Anetiooeer* H\T,!Wf.TKySRH ??>?VK Tth iiiitMt. w tktll wil, at ? o'oiook p m.. la front of lb* ir?cri?**. % food TWO MTORT HR1T1 ROUSE AND LOT. it being lot lettered E, of enbdlvieion of onginol lot No. 4, is etnare numbered fn. with the ue roTemoeU, vhmh ere * good Briok Dwling B"eee, Ao , Ac. The Above property u aitueted frocing on en alley roon ng fro* "North D in the ornter of the eaare. botveeo Ninth and Tenth etreeu. Term#: One bolf oeeh. baianoe in eis and (w?t* nontLi. (or nolee bearing internet from day n eale: n deed given, aoo a deed of treat taken. All oonr*>?oooinf at the ooet of the parchaeer. ja 1 eoAde QKBBN A WILLIAMS. A note. IIVDIA RUBBER GOODS, OP ALL BIND??FOB THE ARMY. A large JOHN B PUDNKY, 334 Pa w.i < back room) or }M D it *o.. free! goodi. at JOHN B. PbDNEVS UA D eireot, bet?>?c r.h and lotto. BTOtf finkMRSMA?V2IR ju.t reortrad at JOHN B-PUDNEV'S* 3*4 Pa aT.(baok room)or Sii P etroet, bet 9th anal?Uk. SUTLERS !?Satlere yoa will alwaya find ohoap k? acc deeirable rnnda at the Sutler a Supply Dopot of JOHN B.Tl'DNEY, 1*1 D at., mivmb fch end 10th OLANKETS. BLANKETS -LarCe etook, by the ha,e or p^r. R puDNKy ?e? 33**D etroeOwtw?a 9tk and iWh. ^ 'pO MIUTABY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. """K'aRSW"JO!1* *rt' J%4 OaJ? tUlUSU mmd Hm mini Hmm Lhn Xaiwa SoM by all Drnifiata; aieo. at Bmnrrov'i Patoat MnUw Store.* p. Patent Oftof ,oor. P ft nh. Sine'* Hair Star a, CSTftc'e avoaaa, wheie oan ftAOOIt Ml lied, if aeeired. Factorr ? * 1 Barony ?L <k5S ? Broadn< N. T. oa ? -1t \f 1L1TAEY OVERCOATS! 1>I MIUTABY OVERCOATS!! Ready arde or made to ordar. The atoet axto*ii*e nippy eoaataatly on band, raacluf [ma $? to 91s. Overooata, Dreea and Faticue Coato, Pacta, aad Veata. made to order, on afiort ootioe, at oar ami lov pnoM, for oach. NOAH WALKER ft CO, de 27^wif (Intel.) IWP> avenae. BED COMFORTS AND BED BLANKETS. Table Linen, Napkins, Tovola aad Sheetiare. With all kiadi of Dry S<? ?ji for family aee, for ale at the lovett prioee by WM. K. RILEY ft BRO-, No. 3t> Centra Storea, Detiewi 7th aed 1th ate , de tf 2w Oppowts Canter Market. A NOTICE. LL Pareona indebted to aibr notra, daa billa. aadoiaa aoooanta. are reeeaetfuHy repeated to all aoci eeu.e toe mm by the let of Jaaaary. I?J, at whict r.n?e all aooonnta oa oar > ki will be far for d^'lTary.ftad tt^eaa pftMJ VIU M plftoK it the bands of ft oallaotor for ?ttiamant vtUmrt farthar boom. ?^ da? tw BARBOUR 4 ?KMMEf |MPORTANT TO LADIES. Th? nt>*?nb*ra kftv* c/ptgM the atora No. lft Market ttpftoe F? ftv. ttt ate ?h at*, aa ft Irai Mftaa Lm ftad Fftaay Draaa Cm D?rot. mmiUm In part of Poiatd'4 Appliaae Mecklaaaoc WtPCiwiM Inn, neb ft* Coilftrm. &)mt?? Bardkercf: efb, CftfO*, fouEniae, Cape. Cftaa. " Coifftr?? foftd* up gooda of Um liNt ?aftlnv, N. B.?All aorta of Laaoa vaahad. mended. ftad dona ay a?aftl to aew.fti ahort aouaa. da ? ! ? ?OAL AND OOAL fTOVKS. SH AMOK EN AMD LYIENS VALLEY COAL* J. LAN?DON A OO.. ^ kftnas iatr,<aoad la (ha citxeaa of Waahiofftoa t nt at*. ra ftaa Coal*. aolett their aUentioc to tbe VtPRDtu. VA?SS&MUW OTO^Bl. < ktoi kaafi ftfid kr afti*abaftf. at thair Rani?. jus?- ^TS?ir?? QLO MADl lRA^ t*HERRY AND FORT ? *od*r*r Miteim, bottM g*. pgau;. -: ? : Fw JS'bV hWM. CORWIN f$R?Y. <u? . ?T r15S5^,)E5r!k. ' I gENJAMIN I^<J&?j[2r|tAT*irTm, Rj. *'z ' I06EPH C. JAC18UN * CO, _ ___ OEEMM-WBBl ' BOOTB|qqt?? ' ^^ATAUIT AND lOLWUr BOOTS t.KtMAM. flKP? ? * TIOIUM. $?* -|MM/? 1*4 Cntfd tulll MM ( ?1|-11* I*AW* VTUHi .. \KJ . v*rt j

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