Newspaper of Evening Star, January 1, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 1, 1862 Page 3
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f [ JOB PRINTING | Ov Bvnv D*?c*irrio* f Encn W vlth nmtarm u4 dl?p?tch on tppllca| ? tVoa ?t the I !*TAR OFFICE. At the Lowest Cub Price*. I Batttfeettoe (wntM. aoM-tf I MITAI. NKWS. I\ f Amciihihti To-Ni?ht. | 1 Triatik Brougham's entertaining eomedlW ^ ?tte,"A Decided Case," (hedrama of "The Sailor of France," and the farce ot ''State Secrets." Odd Pillows' Hall ?The Alleeantan? and Bw1a? Bell Ringers wltfc tboee musical celebrl. I ties Miss Carrie Hiftrt, W is* Maria Boulard, and Messrs A Sedgewlek, O. Gallo-^ay, and J M. Bollard. In a choice musical selection appropriate to New Year's. CutTiisriT Ball.?Original songs, dances, I and comicalities, with the Irrsslstible afterpiece, ' ' The Virginia Mammy"?Frank Brower u GlnV get Blue. A novel programme, specially arranged ler New Year's night CaaisTT's.?Ethiopian songs, dances,burlesque opera, Ac , with the laughable extravaganza, ' The Doable Bedded Room.'* G C. (George Christy, great card.) will appear. Ktjre's Amphitbxatbk ?A grand New Year's Kill _<>?. r\,V. I ? B? "?i? VI ^TIlVIUMIK^i, Wliu UIVWWVIIV, jvwuwss** Brother*, Smith. Ktncade, Long, M'lie Maria, Ring, Elolse, and M'dle Virginia In marvelous feata of bwwewoshlp and dexterity. Yws* Mih'i Cwstian Association Rooms. Vocal concert by the Hutchinson family; an In Iting musical entertainment. St Alotsits Cannes ?Pair and select entertainment for the benefit of the Sunday school Acism or Music ?Free concert, excellent refreshments. ie.,4c , Ac. Lacrrnx Last Ni??t ?Hon. Daniel 8. Dick| A Insoa of New York, last evening delivered the fonrth leeture of the "Aseoctstlon coarse" at the Smithsonian to a large audience, upon " The t alon. Its Perils and Its Hopes " Upon the stage were Vice President Hamlin. Speaker Grow, Senators Trumbull, King, and Lane of Kansas, and Hon. Mr. Colfax of the House In introducing the lecturer, the President of the Association (Mr. Pierpont) remarked that daring the day he had been courteously shown through the musenm of the Smithsonian by its r*ecreary, rroi. Henry, ana naa examined an Immense collection of natural cnrioaltlea and marvelous specimen* of mineralogy, geology, eonchology, Ac , and be now took peculiar plea?ar? in presenting to tbe stadlence a ?pec Icq en of 'Young America." [Laughter ] Mr. Dickinson commenced by remarking upon tbe present ud condition of tbe country. We had hllen upon evil timet, and this mighty Government. stretching far to the North, South, Eaat (and Wwt bad been *1111 fled and defamed, and traltoroua bands stretched oat to work tta destruction, It had been said that tbe time for discusA slon was past, and tbe time for action arrived. Tbe latter, it was true, bad arrived; but discus, don should never cease until all joined in tbe support of tbe Union, and tbe rebellion was put down Since the first attempt to establlah our nationality, our course had challenged tbe admiA ration of the world; but our Institutions were now put to a severer test; and while we have been able * to overcome oppression from abroad, we shall signally fall to maintain our dignity and high gk position. If we do not put down, at once, con % splracv and rebellion at home. Tbe all-tmoor f tint question now It, opt yohtttur the rebellion hall ne crushed, but Wc; for pat down It must be la noticing the character of the rebellion, the lecturer ssld had the devil been sent to scourge the earth he could not have more effectually performed bis duty than by assuming the guise of a demagogue and preaching secession. After por. traring In eloquent terms tne progress of secession sad its sad results upon Soutn Carolina and Virginia, the speaker took up the condition of the Government. We are, be said, upon tbe pivot of the world's progress, and are solving s great political problem for the world's benefit Time with us has seemingly leaped on half a century, and we have almost Instantaneously emerged from tbe abases of continued prosperity, political intrigue snd narrowing selfishness into a sphere of eaoobllng activity and purifying trials. It is our doty to crush tbe rebellion as It is; not as a government, but as a conspiracy, a gigantic mob. If we are to have peace we must not purchase it, but conquer It. The mass of tbe people in tbe South are loyal, and would lay down their arms and rets ra to their old allegiance were it not for tbe armed mob that keeps them down. The conapt rators hsve not abandoned tbe first ideas of CMir ambitious project, and will not give them I up until they are treated as conspirators. We must put down tbe rebellion at all hstards. V and In doing so we mast strike It la Its weakeat V part Tbe property of rebellion should be confiscated, ana persons held by It to tervice released and employed snd eared for by tbe Federal Government, uatil Congress shall open a way for their final disposal. There should be no compromising with secession. Once compromise tbe Government by mean and humiliating concessions, and we should very soon have no government to ?. ? f. vrwmmm ?m* . a uv ^u?*iiVH ft* VCIWUOB kUC 'JUT* crMDcot >ixi ft conspiracy, a struggle In which ooe or th? other must go down; one or the other be ax terminated; and In which everyone muat determine whether be will ftld In sustaining or overthrowing the Union. There can be no neutrals, and thoee who stand aloof and cry out against coercion, and would treat with rebels, and cavil and carp and sneer at the acta of the Administration are greater enemies than the open foes of the IUsloa. All should work together In suppressing treason. If we could to day all unitedly stand up aa one man againat the conspiracy, It would strike more terror lato the hearts of the rebels than a half a million of men. A peaceable dlvt ion wouia oe our utter rum. Tbe Un'.ted States can never b? aueceanfully aeparated and tbe lm[ meue and varied reeoureee of tbe several aecI V ttona cut off. Bet er auffer our waole material wealth to be awallowed up by taxation, tban tbe dlamemberment of tbe Union. After portraying tbe borrora and misery already [wrought by tbe ooneplrators, tbe apeaker aaid all vovernmenta claim perpetual power, and wben Imperiled, have a right to Inaugurate a deapotlsm If aeceaaary to their preservation. Constitutions do not make governmenta; governments make k constitutions. Hm&?t corpus must yield to tbe exigencies of war when there la raaeon to belleee that tt will let looee traitor a and protect treason. Tbe necessity and utility of martial law In time* like theee baa been folly demooetrated la tbe hlstory of every nation, and there are perloda wben a free preaa moat bow before ita Iron role. Tbe saootaneons ontpoarlng of tbe people'* wealth at tbe cell of tbe |WW?ni?t for meene, and tbe rellrlng of tbe loyal men to tbe maintenance of the'Uaiea, were each eloquently dwelt upon; won im iptuer ooociua?a witn a blgU tribute to the woetii ??4 hmtiI Infmnct of wonua la ?6e present national straggle. Thal or Fin PLees?We are informed that oa Thursday. the 9th of January, at f o'clock p bd , there will Be an exhibition and trial of the efletoacy of the Metes Are plug, which baa been eiu-natrely adopted by the Corporation. The intersection of TwelHtTabd E Hreeta. juat Id rear of the Kirk wood Hooee, ta the point selected for the exprruueata. which we have a* doubt will ba f?fry Interesting and asefol There are aome who thlak that with aa a on pie anppl y of heee aad general distribution of the Potomac water pipes In coablaatloa with thene Ira plagt,oar city would be Independent of ftre engines. The ex perl men to will test the accuracy of this opinion la Oaorgevown, where tber have availed tbeeas*lves to the fallal extent of the besedt ef the Potoosc water, they And In places of moderate deration thai the enginea are aim oat useless Dsathi of Soldi cm ?1The following aoldlers have died si ace ear l*?t report: Lewie Lehman, company B, 40th Pennsylvania volunteer*, at Dtvlaloo Hospital. Edward Marray, company I, 77th New York vluftteifi. At f4P?D Mortimer Lowrie, company e, 77th New York volantesrs, at camp George Brimmer man, company C, let reel meat Berdsa't Sharpshooters, at Indiana Hospital Charles Btrdaail, company 1,4th Michigan volunleers, at camp Corporal Robert TaA, company B. 8th New York cavalry, at Columbian College Hospital Robert Hedsoa, company I, Mtfc PenneylvaaU | vetaatears, at camp Serarat Cocbt, Dec 30 ?Hon. D. W. Oooeh, of Massachusetts, Mr Wm H Y Hackett, of New Hampshire; and Mr E C. Ingersoll, of Illinois, were admitted attorneys and counsellors of this Coavt. No 31 Lloyd N Rogers's admyilstrator, *?.. appellants, agt. Joseph k Law The argument of V this caoes was commenced by Mr J . M Campbell X fbr the appellants, and by Mr. Brent for the I appellee free *1?No. 51. Lloyd N Roger*, fce., appellant, tgt. Joeepb K. Law. A?rThe ar* omentof tbte eaoae wii continued by Mr May for the appoiW, aad concluded by Mr J. M campoeu for tbe ?p pel tan ta Adjourned uatll Tb?n4ar A Imii Boaai ?Toilarday, horee IdastlM aa aa aalaaal atoiea fro? Mr ft. Laoglay, vii fatal la tbe p near aa loo of a colored aaaa named Caraai It was takaa by Ofleer K mbal! aad carried before J pattern j>oan No charm la made agmloat Caroat, wbo iaatraa and will have aa InvcaitfaMoo of tbe eaaa la er*er to aaeartala bow tbe aalaaal waa taben from tbe peaaeMtoo of Mr Laaalav. Oaraal bowbt tha bana from a r pw?i Wto ha tarn pf^ae* at ttMtrtei. ' Or von Mokiiimii. aeuilat and aurlat, hivlag arrt??4 la Washington, will open hit op? rati u<i rooma, wWi be eu bo cotuaiud oa mala*!? ?f ilk* ?r? aa4 e*r raqairing medical or aark | caiminal Coubt?Yesterday, the trial of Richard Erans, a policeman, for the murder In May last of George T Howard, a three montha' volunteer la Captain N ally's company, waa concluded Reward waa a mere youth, and the homicide occasioned coastderabie excitement at the time. The to aveiset Evans, who has an open and ingenuous countenance, and who had been aerioos and composed throughout the trial, exhibited considerable anxiety yesterday as be found that his trial would probably close With the year 1MI, snd that the first day of the new year would dawn upon him him either as a freeman of a convicted criminal. His wife, who has kept near him throughout the trial, aeemed to be impressed throughout the day with the solemnity of the ocosslon Mr. Cbss H. utermeme, ror aeieoce,raarnm the Jury In the morning In reply to the argument of the District Attorney the day before, making an earnest appeal for hla client. Mr. Da ridge, for defenae, followed In a searching ravlew of the evidence, dissecting the testimony of the principal witnesses for tbeprosecutl?n?Keese and McCarthy?and defending the evidence of his witness?John H Wise?agatnat the unfavorable comments of the Dlatrlct Attorney In hla opening addreaa the day before. Mr. Carrington nmmed np the case for the prosecution; and aa he dwelt upon the atrong points In the evidence sgalnst tbe prisoner, Evans seemed much affected, and hla wife wept audibly. Tbe case was given to tbe jury at balf past 3 o'clock, and about an hour afterwarda they returned Into court with a verdict, " Guilty of manslaughter." There was deep alienee as the verdict was announced, and all eyes were turned towsrda the priaoner. He and his wife were deeply agitated. The Court adjourned until Thursday morning. Confiscation in Gsobgktown ?Day before yesterday, In the afternoon, a solitary horseman mlTht hxv* VkA*?n a?#n nrtflnv hla nInner th* tony highway yclept Bridge street, in our sister city. He wms habited In a military unffnrm and voluminous army overcoat, and seemed to eya with suspicion everything that looked like a " regular " He had not proceeded far before he encountered a squad of these coated and brass* buttoned men, who suddenly ordered him to h&lt?then to show his pasa?and next to dismount All of these orders be obeyed, not cheerfully, but with evident reluctance ?eying his saddle-bags as If be had a particular affection for that portion of hla "horse-furniture." They?the saddle-bags?were examined, when five canteens of the "ardent" were found In each pocket or lisp Our solitary horseman was then ordered to take off bis overcoat. It was taken off, when five more canteens were found fastened to a belt sround bl? waist By this time quite a group of street boys and grinning darkles had collected, and applauded the sacrifice as the content* of one canteen after another were poured upon the ground, while one or two thirsty-looking souls sighed audibly, voting that It was a ' cussed sbame to spill good liquor In that 'ere way." SCUOONIS Suss IN THE PftTimif ?? TB? R ?. *L? ?l.aat Monday the schooner Marv Willi*, of Baltimore, loaded with wood for tbfa city, waa fired Into and sunk by the rebel* off Maryland Point, on the Potomac The gun* were not In the batterlea, but were run down totheabore nfter the arbconer appeared In sight, and appeared to be fl?ld piecea of twelve pound rallbre or thereabouts Two ahots struck the achooner'a hull, ano'ber went tbrough the malnnil, and others cot the rigging. bringing all the sails down. At- | tet thit tbe fcnooner drifted over towards tue Maryland ?tiore,outof range of theguna and aunk, having filled thmugb the openings mad* in her bull Her captain, Mr W. K Acworth, and bands, succeeded in salntn? the shore. ?nd r?. turned to Baltimore ye<terday The schooner In quite a lar^e one, ana Can foe raised and recovered, K is thought About thirty corda of wood was waahed from the deck and loat. Her deck load will foe a total losa. A P\jaoLM*s WoCiiMD?Yeaterday, patrolman Noonan, whose beat la near LoelBer'a garden, on New York avenue near First street, heard a cry of murder at that place, where a party had been collected during the day, and went in and arrested a soldier who was pteflent *rith Others. The crowd told Noonan to release him or he would be shot, as thev all had pistola. Noonan replied that he would hold hla prisoner if they had a battery. The crowd rushed upon him to take the prisoner, and Noonan raised his staff to defend himself, when a soldier of the Pennsylvania Zouaves struck him on the forehead with a atone, and knocked him senseless, and they all escaped. Mr. Noonsn was taken to his home and a surgeon sent for, who, after probing the wound, decided that the skull was not broken and the wound net very dangerous. Rkmovito a SPB-TtwaitT ?Yesterday, Mr. A. ncuiiuk wu mioku ujr uic metropolitan ponce, (tor an imult en a Mr Brown, and Injuring bis property. It sppea-ed that the property had been rented to s Mr Bslliflan, who rented s portion to Mr Brown. Mr Ballmsn giving up, left tbe sub-tenant la possession of bis portion. Mr Fleming, upon tbe advice, as he said, of a justice of the peace, went to forcibly eject the aub-tenant, taking with him a constsble and other persons to assist Justice Donn,who tried the case, told Mr. Fleming that he had acted upon bad advice, as tbe law points eut a different way to rid himself of a sub tenant. Tbe complainant bearing tbe statement of the accused, and tbe latter ascertaining his position, tbe charge was withdrawn, and tKa mafias wllttAnl tn? t uv uau>?vi ?V? MW TTilUVU* ililtUCI WCtUlll^B. Ixqck*t ?This morning, Justice Johnson, as deputy coroner, held an Inquest In view of (be body <<f white female Infant, supposed to be about two months old, which was found on H at near the basement of the Presbytealan church, New York avenue. Tbe child, when found, was wrapped in a white cotton cloth, apparently part of a bed sheet,which was marked "W T. T. Mason, No 1," and an over wrapper of a part of an old shawl. The Jury, after long consideration, decided that the Infant died from disease, or the neglect of some person or persons unknown It was then delivered to the police for burial, with the request that tbe police would further Investigate tbe evldenco. Fourth Waid Station Housk Casks?B'/oti Juttie Walter ? M. Wall, beating bla wife; tent to Jail In default of security for peace. Dennis Callaban, sleeping in the street; dismissed. W. Soper, do ; fl. Felix Gultltner, do ; dismissed. W m Langdon, J no. Grant, disorderly, dismissed W. A. T McDowell, drunk and disorderly, S3 M. Danl. Callahan, disorderly, turnnd over to tbe mill tar v D Stewart, J. Stewart and L. Devers, charge of disorderly conduct; dismissed. Donnls Donovan, Daniel McCarty, and Tbos Fex rail, boys, pilfering filberts ; confined four bours, lectured, and sent to their homes. Wm. Langaner, drank and disorderly, turned over to the military. InenHDianisx ?We learn that an attempt was made on Saturday night last to sgaln fire the government stables, a piece of candle betnz dlscov ered tn on* of tbem, thrust In over a beam, where It bad charred the wood for tome distance. We traat that if there la an Incendiary about be will be speedily discovered. to meet a fate which will be a warning to all auch traitorous villains in the fature. CiRTtu OciiDBoci Cassa?Btfort Ju*tie Walter ?Conrad Winter, drunk; dismissed M. Cbene, figbUng; held for bearing. John Smith, do ; dismissed Eugene O'Bryan, do ; fln? #3 Mary Irrton, se'ltng liquor without a license; do. SSO?l Peter Beekwith, fighting; do *2 56. B. A William*, drunk, aleeplng In the market; dlamls*ed John Moore, drunk; fine S3 Edward Davy, drunk and disorderly; do S3 Jas Reyuolds, drunk and fighting; do. ft. Mleb'l Quinn, Indecent exposure, dismissed A Mtstiit ? Last night a soldier (regular) was picked up from tbe street by the Fourth Ward patrolmen He had been badly beaten, and was very weak from lea* of blood. When found he waa sense lees The petrol men took him to tbe provoet guard, at tbe Central Station, and delivered him op to tbe military. He oonld give ao Intelligible account of tbe affhlr, aad the HHiiuH *rc jc\ uoinowi. OtoaoiTDwji Police Cams. ? Yesterday, 1b the third (Georgetown) precinct, the following irrwU ??>? made by the metropolitan police: Charles Siferty, soldier (a German), for grand lareeoy la stealing from Kate Mlstlen; committed to tall for court August Mlatlen. selling liquor tosoldlsrs; fined 930 and costf Wm Custard, for threatening Charles Homlller; bound over to keep the peace- George Hawkins, a negro oamp serve nt; disorderly conduct; fined S3 92 N?w Ysabs' Oat ? A mors delightful day than this oould not well be desired with lit beauty of sky and dellclousness of temperature. All Washington Is upon the street, ana by the general air of cheerfulness the community is dls. posed to accept this delightful Initial day of the year as aa omen of good. Miutaby Tbbatbb.?In Gea. Aucer'sbrigade tba soldier* bavs ?ract?4 a theatre 40 by toTaet. They bar* formed a stock com peny oat of (be member* of tbeir own brigade, and, M they have two excellent beads la the brigade, the opening alfbt will preaeat a grand eoene ItUtoougbt that Susla Den la will assist at tbe opealaf. Dr. worn Moecaxuxaa, tba waU-kaawa ophthalmic and aural sargeoa, who will abortly open aa ottaa la our city. Is tba la van tor of tba atberlal mr vaportMr, whlcn is naad la obctiasta oases of deafness aesaaspanled with noises la tba ear, tba application af wblcb baa baaa highly praised by tbe Enrapaaa and Amsrteaa fbaulty. ATTiiniga, v/uar**i ?y oionieen who ii pect to retain their health oalnpalred derlng the oaoptlfra BHt ate to It thamaalvea. Do aetlruat to the army aurceona lipplr twivIvm with Holio PI 11a a ad Olatneot. Etwt Enjliah [ aoldirt'a ftjtapaaek eootalaa theea Only M mu I per hex or pet *13 IvsiA Rnm Good#. India Rubber Coats, white oc black, S3-50 each. India Rubber Legptn* SI per pair. And all kinds of Rubber Goods, Including Rubber Boota and Rhoes, Rubber Stopper* for bottiea, Door Mata, Under Sheetings for bed* In sickness, he , 4tc , at manufacturer's prices, at H. A Ball's India Rubber Warehouse, 906 Pa. a*., between Ninth and Tenth streets. dec 18-tf WHiT*HcmsT, 434 Penn. avenue, furnishes photographs from tnlblsture to life slse His col ?" -V J. all lOCUUH VI CUT II (W VISIIt tiacuww* ?. iuw. ?wv -? prominent men of the country. Remember, Whltchurst received seventeen premiums in this country, and a medal at the World's Fair at London: also, at the French exhibition at Paris. See his fancy cases for holiday present*, de 21-eolm* None*.?Beware of counterfeits and unprincipled dealers endeavoring to dispose of ihoirown and other articles on the repetition attained by HtlmboUTi Extract Bucku, a positive and speoifio remedy for diseases of the Bladder. Kidneys, Gravel, Dropsy, Ao., &o., 4.0. Ask for Helrobold's, Take no other. Bee advertisement in another ool mn. sean MARRIED In this oity, at Wesley Chapel, on the SOth of Deoeirber by the R?v. Dr. MoCaolsy.Cspt PR TER K DEYO.of New Mis? ROB K*? TA V., youngest daughter of th5 late Hiiam (Jpie Williams, or Virginia. * On theStst instant, by the Rev. Dr. Sunderland, Miss SAL LIE E., daughter of W m T.Griffi h, Es< , all At this oity. On Thirsday, Deoember 36th, 1M1, at the Chdrah of the Epiphany, by the Rev. Dr. Hall. Lieutenant JOHN W. BARLOW, U.8. Army.lo Misa HES8IE MoN. BIRNIE,daughter of Mr. C. Birnie, of this oi'y. DIED, ' % On Deoember31st. Mr. GEORGE BOPP, in tho 37th year of his age. Bis friends and relatives are respeotfully requested to attend bia, to-morrow at two o'olock. * On th? Slat l)Merab?r. 1881, TILLOTSON P. BROWN.of this oity, in the 17th year of hia ace. "May he rest in peaoe " His friends and acquaintances are respeotfullj invited to attend his funeral, from his lat? r?sidenoe. No. 419 Fifth street between E and F sts., at S o'oloek on to morrow, (Thursday,)*the 2d instant. ? Suddenly, on the Slst ultimo of disease of heart, ** I ^.LIANLROSS, formerly of tte rgetown, in the 67tto year of nis a*e His friends are requested to attend his funeral, to-morrow,21 instant, at 11 o'olook. * At the U. 8. Hospital in Alexandra on Saturday, ? h Deoember, Dr. RUFUS DELAFIELD, U. 8. Army 486 appropriate 4gg PRESENTS! Just received a Tew oboioe COLORED EN6K AV'INGS, neatlv framed. Also, a beautiful va riety of CARD VlSFrKand OVAL. PICTURE FRAMES, suitable for presents, at T U i Utr D ITL'U'U \r? ifil! Tlk > ? . if? n i? ? i m i/n 1 *w? cv < ? * Fight door* above Odd Fellows' Hall. IET R em-mb#r the nnm^er. Ha SI 3t* TO OFFICERS, 8UKLKR8, Ac-For sale, at a moderate prioe, a New York buiit four wheeled ightoovered WAGON. with handsome lea her oust ion, &o , having been need three timet. oist ?183 Al?o, a New York m?l? wet of Double Harue* , with slated fittings, whioh has never been used at all. Also. a set of plain Sirg e Harnees. quite new Apnlv at 48T J*ev?ntr enth street, corner of 1, far address of stable and groom " de 31 WATCH E?- \V A TC H Kb ! HEREBY Take pleasure id the publio of my return to my old stand at VV. Voss', Jfcjw Pa. svtj?, between 12th And 13th streets ?yft) Haur g enjoyfd ti e recutAticn >f 1)0 rg an ex CdttM performed Kurofean WAtofcmtker I am no* p pared to repair Chronomate-s and fine Wa'ohes At short tottoe, warranted to give en ire ?atufao ion. JuS. Kl'LINSKl. Persons desiro<is of obtaining Jewelry and WA'ches, will find it to their AovAntage to exAmii e my ex<v9l'ent stock All kinds of Hair Jewelry neatly and promptly exeoutod. rt*Sl 2w VV VOP3. 486 de ^5n8. 486 A choice seleotion of Paf^rhantinifB, warranted Gold *na Imitation lioli H*nd Window Shales; ?l?o. Buff <*reen,and B ue Ho Ian i, r>y the yard or ade int > Window Shades; Pictire Cord and Ta?mi, different ?ize? and orl">rs; Picture Nails, Rmgs.Ao.; also the handsomest aesortm'ct of Oval Picture Frames in the oity, from the beat manufactory in the coui try; also, Pa.'aejartouts and Card Visits Frames. All artioles warranted as represented, or no sale. Purchasing for cash, all goods will he sold at the lowest remunerative priees A'iowinc no old stock to accumulate, persons needing the above goods will find new and desirab'e artioles. AmIkIIuM. E^RW-0^j,^V,VEH, 4?B No. 4#? Seventh street, de atvgwif 8 doors above Odd Fellows' Hall. Reading alk andlagrr birr depot. of the celebrated brewery <>f Mr. Felix, to be had in lajje and small quantities. Alsd, Piokles, Catsup. Pi ok led Onions, Pepper Sauc, Vinegar, and Sour K'out. bv the barrel ca'lon.or in jars,at CHARLKS MADKS' Restaurant, deMIm*. oorner Pa. axenue and TMrd St. rLOSI NG.O O.T 8A LE OF FJRfT QUALITY V-/ (Wo. 1? ItEW YORK BUTTKR.?Th? tin dersigned haVs on hand, id kegaof different iiiai, pound* of beat New York Batter, whioh they will ?e'l extremHy low, to olo?e it out. It will be to the interest of *'1 purohaaem to oall promptly at theatore of F. B. HASTINGS A CO., under Phiiharmonio Ha I, Penn. avenue, near oorner of Elevuth at., next door adjoining the Star Offioe. d?2? lot treasurer's office. 1 Washington. 1). C.. Deoember, 1861. Ho'dera of the two year a Treasury Notoa, with interest at 6 per osnt. payab eaemi annuaily, i?aued under the not of 3d of Maroh, 1861, are informed that the interest on auoli notea to the lat of January, 1662. will be paid at thia office, on and after that day; provided, that au h notea with a aoheduie, aimed by the holderofauoh notea. allowing ihe number, date,and amount ofeaon note, together with the intereat oaa thereon to aaid firat of January, are lodged here, one day beforetiaad, for verihoation. (signed) f. e spinnf.r. de24-td Treaaurer. U 8. Ma. card. R. J. AI6I.F.R Hm the niMjmr* In inform his friends and the pubiio, that he has opened a first oiass Restaurant, at the favorite location on D street, between Utk M<1 lSth streets, so long and well-known as Ai|i?r*s Confectionery establishment. Having mm arrangements for a constant supply of all tie delioaoies ol the season, and seoured the service* of po>ite and oompeten' attendants, he hopes to reooive a da* sh^re of eqblio favor. <1e 6 1m FOR8A LK?A good HORSE and spring DRAY in serfeot order. at a moderate prioe Apply No. 2*3 Penn. avenue. dey 3tv ^DAMS* EXPREB3 COM PAN Y. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. The delivery office of this oompany is removed from Third street to the large depot on R street, between ad and 3d sta. de aft-tf A A CARD. LL Perrons indebted to the und'rsigned, either dj note or otherwise, are requested to call and ettie without delay WM. R RILEY A. BRO., No. 36. Certral Storee, Between 7th and 8th eta., de3M0t Opposite Center Marfcet. WB. STRONG maNCFACTU*** of TRUNKS, HARNESS A MILITARY GOODS, 333 Hbhnsylvania. Av<?cs, SoMA side, between 12<A and 13ik struts, fUT Trnnki, Harnets and Military Equipmeota repaired at ehurteet notice. de afr lm* TP1ANOS?PI ANOS?PiANOS ! HIS Moraine received again a ?ujply of 1o?'a<e Rr>??woou Piano*, among th'ina^^ vary baud some carved one from the oele KKisBIK brated factory of W Knabe A Co., Balti-nTsTi mora, whieh 1 will eel I Of riirit On Tirr liwnmmA dating terma. A seoond hand one of 6 octavea alio for eale or to rent at my Piano Room, No. 49S Elavan Ti street, deSfr-lm* F. C. RICHENBACH. l\]OTICE TO WATCHMAKERS, JEWEL

1.ER-.8UTLKRS *JID PEDLARS P. A J MYERS, of 90 Wa?hington atreet. Boaton, will -ten their Br Mich offioe. Room No. 10 Waahiagtoa tinuding. Pa. arenuo, on To?eday, Deoemtar 31st, with a large J_ atook of WauTnee, Jewelry. Watoh M<1? Jttlt riala, Ae., at the lowest wholeeale pnoee. Watch work done for the trade Positively bo goode aold or wok done at retail exoept for oaah. deSMm* Come to the Clothing Store Namber Three Hundred and Fifty-four, (Up ataira;) tie thereyoa will fiiid *3ood and oheap Clothing of every kird ! Great sacrifices for 30 da ys.?My stock will be aold without regard to ooat, oonaiating of Coats, Veata and Panta of the fiaeat enality, made up a ad trimmed in the latoat aty>ea. Call and aee. No troaWe to ahow rood*. J. W. KKEP, >44 Penn. avenue, (ap ataira,) da W It* Over Gait it Brother. nimlRKIN OillMTI BTS r?wssKioC^/ Woolen Half Uou, Phi'tiud D'awera, Whits anJ Colored f?uap?nd?re. Colored Hi&nkeu Blue Be?w Clothe ( With a f eceral etook of Dry ftooda for MM at the Wll. E. RILEY * BEO , No. * Cectra! Store*, daw* ^aSt^huffcat. U eORDOff 4 CO PRESERVES. BRANMORSK3 PORSA.Lp.--A lot ot rary treat. 9m' wo? p LOT KB / _ J. ~ WAirm wantkd to rent-a HPl'fce atitakfc "" lor ft firat-o'aas boardmt hoots tn thia oitr. Addrea* "BoarUim," Star Olfio?. atatim location, tim j. Ao. jal TV* WANTED? A ateadr. reliable and ind?rtriou? WOMAN, to oook, *uh and iron. Good w%gim ftnd ft oomfortable homo. Appl* ftt 480 Twelfth atreet, wit aids, between G and H ita. Jal-K ; Itf A VTL*n_T-A wnUL'V .nr.. m~A mm' t rt&/ ? i ?v v .?i rj * t *u cae uhi mv nirj " ohambermaid. and the other to cook. vuh, and iron. In a email family. Good referenoe repaired A pply at 40* Fifteenth etreet, between H and I. Colored or white. It* WANTFD-A SITUATION aa eaieaman in a " drr gooda or trimming ntnre, by a young man of aix veara' experience. The beat of reference riven from hia lata employer. Addreaa B^x 14, Star Office. j? 1?t* VI/ANTEO-Iradrog atore.a YOUTH betwe n lb and 2D yeara of age. < ardida!ea mnct give a*tiafactory reference aa to qoal'fiaationa and cha^aoter. The preference wi'l he gives to one who haa been engaged In the drag hneine*a aix or twelve montha Addreaa"A B C,' Wathington City Poet Olfioa. j\ 1 1m* ANTED?100 WOOD CUTTERS, to whom " ateady employment and prompt pay will be given Apply for one week. between 3 anp 6 o'olook m .at Howard'a Stable,Seventh atreet.between H and!. de31 3t* , ROOM AND BOARD WANTED, by an elderly lady, in a reepectaMe private family, or where the*e are only a few boardera, where the oomforta of a home oouid he had. Would wiah to fnrniah her own room, and no a> jectioi to & family havinc one or two email ohlldren. Poaaeaaioa wanted Immediately. Addreaa"Mra. M.." Box 4, Star QAoe. de 31 2t* WANTED TO PURCHASE??ome light, prof' " itable Buaineaa requiring a capital of a few hundred dollars or would onroh* ae the fOriiture ftliu i UUIL VI BUHIC ??,l 9?V?UU1I)0U DHUUK ur D ?ru* lng-^iouee, or would lfaae * house (furnished or unfurnished) tnat von d make & first-rate boarding h^uae. in some good business section of th? cit?. No bogns or o'aptrap oono*rn need answer. Addreas, through Poet Office, "Pru<ienoe." with real nam* and looation, stating where an interview may be ItM. . d<?3'-3t* WANTED?To rent a HOUSE, Furnished or Unfnrniahed, in a central looation. Addreis C.C. HARRISON, Star Office. dean St* A FEW MORE ABuE-BODlED MEN ARE wanted to fill up ray company in the Diatrlot President Guard Regiment. Those wishing to join ao^mpanj of reapeo able men must o&ll aoon at Peter Dingteidar's. Penn. avenue, between 4)i and 6th ats. CHS. A. KRAlTSE, Am. . r\ UOiJiriw vspmui WANTED TO PURCHASE?A settled woman COOK, who oau be well recommended for oharacter and capacity. The advertiser desires to co t > housekeeping cr himself, and wishes su^h a servant as can oe entirely trusted. Addres* Bo* 19, Star Uflioa. de 27-1 w WANTED IMMEDIATELY, at the V. 9. Navy Yard, Washington, a number of LAND^MFN, de 26 Im A GENTLEMAN AND HIS WIFE, or twc s ngle gent emen. can h? accommodated wiih a large and pleasant CHAMBER, nioe'y furni?h?d, in a private family ; location central an^ convenient to tlia D?parfm*nU; reference! exchanged. Inquire at the Star Office. do 27 eo3t WANTED?Every person to know that I am in the markft, ready to pay oaah for all artiolec in the hnuiterurnishmc iln?. Thoae leaving the nity.or having a surplnl, will do well to ca'l. R. BUCHLV, 42* Seventh rt., between G ana H ets., (saot ?;de,) Dealer in New and Second-ha*.d Furniture. no 16 VV ANTED - TA II OR8, TAILOKS ?50 Tailors ? ? oom potent to work on military goods. A pp!y O- KOI.P. at Wail. Stephen* ft ''o'? eesa WANTED.?We aro now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURK.8TOVF- ard BKD DING, for which wo a?e sating the bigheet CA?b price*. Families declining t?on*cf??ei>Uir, or having a surplus of furniture, will hurt it to their advantage to give us a "alt. BONTZ & GRIFFITH. J 8 13-tf No. 369 7th St., betw. I ana K ste. LOST AND FOUND. GOLD PENCIL LOST -On Monday, the 3Hh ultimo, >uppos*i 'onave be^n dropped in the s'.re't. a gold Penoi! with Pen attached. The finder yri'l reoeive c *atisf/iOtory reward bjr leaving it atjh t* office. j a 1 TAKF.N UP?On Friday, the 27th. a dark brown HORSE with a white face. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay oharces, and take him away. WILLIAM LYNCH. J a 1 St* F ttreg t. near First, on the Island. kj T R A Y E D OR BTOLKN-An iron grey ^ HORSE of medium sua. branded4 U- S" He had on a plain MoClellan saddle- pl*in onrb bit and halter. Was lost about 1 p. m. D?o?mt>? a?. Was tiH oppmit^ tTO Pennsylvania avenue, between nth and lfith sU ja 1 3t*_ rOST?On the 8Pth of December, on }"a. a-?e., j between 18th and 13th its , a small leather PORTEMONIA, with steel olasp, containing tome m iner. The finder will be liberally rewarded by leaving it at the Star Offioe. de31 S'* CAME T<? THE STABLE OF THE 8UB oriber. No. 212 H atr?et, December J7. abav HOK3E, about 9 year* old; ]5hi hand* ni*n. The owner is resetted t<> coin* forward, prove property fcndpay oh&rie*. deft St* KOHERT KARU Lost-oil TuesJat, December 3' , a Mlft Trea* ry NOTE, between tbe ttores m Pefrj tt Brothers, and Hhu?ters;or in one of those itorw, The note was folded three time*, or into eight thickness. when lout. Anv one w} o m\y find the same, will bw"*hberallv rewarded on leavincitat the atore of PKRRVABRO'9. de31?* TAK*iN UP?On Saturday. December 25th. of 'sorrel HORSE The owner isre<iue?t- /r\ 6<1 to oome forward, prove property, pay *1 ?.T* charges, And take turn awfcy. "*^ ' COUJN8A 8T#Ui). de 31-St' yund ;\o. 4 4* certer roar??l TAKEN UP?About the let of No?ember. 1861, a black HORSE, with old aaddle. The own?r is requested to eall for him, pat expenses and take him away. EDWIN KING, at Moran'a Stab es, on 6 ?tr??t, daSlSt between 21st and 22d e^e. I^AKEN UP?At Engineer Stable, oorier New York avenue and Seventeenth street, arv on the 28th instant, one bav HORSE, with TkA offioer'a rig The owner ca*\ obtain him proving property and payinr ohargea de 31 St* J. 9. CARR. Ecg'r Stable, A REWARD OF FIVE DOLLA RS~W!F,L be paid far the return of a red COW.WmM whioh w%* Imt on the 26th of Deoember, *1/' to No 4A6 E street, between 6th acd Tth&aJ^ at*. She had ear marks, and aome white on belly, de 1JJR* tf>? REWARD.?Loat, a ?m%!l white Poodle PL.UT, answer? to the name of??fr. _ \ Dort." Great ca'e haa been tak?n with^-1 it, and it ia remarkably white. The tail- ^ haa been out off very ahart. Toe above reward will be given for iu return to No 400 6th atreet. , d?ai it* I OST?Qjj the 2tth ina'ant. in Georgetown, tear 1J Second and Market gt'?6ta. a brown and white colored POINTER DOG.wl'hsj^ieSC' aohainooMar aroucd bia neck, and tha1'1 - - J* name of "J. B- Jo e?, Glymont. Md engraved thereon; and answers to the rame of "Tip." A suitable reward will be given, if left at 319 Peon, avenue, one do?r from fhirteecth st. de3l lw o REWARD ?Strayed or stolen f om the Coa ?C> ' tor Market, on Saturday night, the jgy 28th of Deoemher, a dark sorrel HOK8E. jLkP about 15 hands high; has a small soot 0f/=w-"wh tern his faoe.anrfis 8 years old. When lost ha t < J1 the he&dstal! of a bridlf. wilh aeieoecf rope tied to it. The above reward wiil be p%id f r his return to me. &t the corner of and .VI streeU south, or to Stall No 232 Center Market de ? east* HOB' f V. GODMAN. ^JTH AYK1) OH BTOLKN-On the night of the C? Mlh instant, from ne?r the National cv H te1, a medium siisd sorrel STALLION TJZTJk a!>outl5>h bands huh ; had on a foil set of offioei's <quisinents A liberal reward wi'l he paid for his return, or for information ooncerninc his whereabout*. R H. BAKKR, d# *Mw* Lieut. 9th N, Y. Cavalry. RKWARD.-R*n ?*?y from thesubV ~ ** soriber on the 15tli lost. THREb NE6RO BOYS?Billy Bond, Henry Chap- tfjf man and No'ty Oarpenter Blllv and Henry area out< feet 4 inohes high; It years tla; dressed in drab. Bill* ia oo???r oninr ?r,i rf Henry bl'fc. Notty isnnder 4 ft eopper eolor; dreeleS in drab Also, on the ?<h of September, two Negro Men-Henry Stifconon and Basil CarpenUr? both biack; Billy v?ry blact; Basil u aoout 5 feet 4 inches; Billy 6 feet6 or 1 inches; bun lump bebira the right e\r; o oth various; each ?bout 28 ears oia. And also on the 8th of Ootober. two Neff'o Men- Babtiet Carpenter an<1 George Chapman. Baptist yellow, and is about 2? years old; i fee*-4 inohee George a?ed IS, about5 feet# inches; olothLci varlou*. For the firct nameBill?, Henry and Notty, l will give ftSSeaoh.and lor the other four f so each, secured in jail. de ?y>w' n. N. BRVAND. LOST-A SEAL BINU, and a FOX HEAD SEAL. att*ehed to a ring, with eorne^lian set. 6 reward will be gives to whoever returns the artiolee to this offioe. de2 tl AM * WBRTHElMKR * CO. AC* A No. 468 and 464 Skvxnth St., tOt Orrotiu tk* Pott <(Act, Offer their .took of WINES. BRAN DIES, GINS. ? ORDl ALS, e?e.,?l?o their iarre aeaortaest of SUGARS TOBACCO, ANCY GOODS, etc., for Mie at \V holeeale Price*. They kee? o->n?t?ntlf on hand tne PHILADELPHIA CREAM ALjf, lb kecs and bottiee, for l>*reor family me The pnblio in general are reqneeied to lire tnem a Mil examine their yler.aid atook of j v?d?. tS WER? HE1MER h CO. 46* and 464 tV?Tenth itreft. de St -8m tN?< Poet Oftoe. BIR*NG, LIVER V^^U^APPD EXCHANGB Noe, an and W^Eaod utnVtreete, eoath at Gent'emeo vtehinc to kire. a M awl rtyiiak turnout mb be ippjUed a team of any 4e ""^'^a^cfeRNCR. ^tss.'sals' U> bu jM ftktfcb UhtUMt, *34Pv ??MM. iK>?-la^M* H^tiiMrtiTn oUta*;^ fob sale and bttnt. APINGLR GENTLEMAN CAN FIND A FURNKHKD ROOM, with or vithomt Break f&at, at 411 H atreet, between lltk ud llth u j* 1 ft* FURNI9HKD KOOMti.-Hmril >l?Mnt lad oomf irUbFr furnished Rncoat (without ho*rd) can be obtained u?on application to If* rwentyeeoond atreet, o?rner ol Pens reuse. Refe^enoes eMhuieJ. ja 1 It* Furnishkd rooms to rknt-ob f?erth ?tre?t. between I and K street*. Inanue a: No. 9J6 Fourth ?twt. de 31-lw* TWO SINGLE GENTLEMEN CAN BE aooominodftted with a large end very p mwt room.on seoor.d floor, in a centra! location. Breakfast and tea furdiahed if deeired. Ke(*reno? required. Enquire at thia office. d?3t St (7>URNISBED HOUSE FOR RKNT-A thre? r story Briok Hobs?, brown <"?-nnt. 7 ro"?n? and stable in rear, about 15 minutes' w*ik of War Department. 0\e 'hrouRfiout. Apply No. ST Pern, avenue, between 34th and 2*5 street*. West End. de 31-St* Rooms for rent-parlor and CHAMber, on the tirst floor, teativ furnished, and 0 easantiv looat'd. 1: quire at 875 K. between itt and mh. da 30 31* For rf.nt-a bedroom and parlor, Ou th* first floor; uppli"d with hot end oold wat"r, ud (Si. Aiao, two Bedroom*, snitati" fur single gentlemen. Apply at No. 200 11th street, between Pa. are , ana E it. de y 3t' FURNISHED APARTMKNT* IN THE FIRST WARD FOR RENT.-A oomfort sMy rarniahed Parlor and Chamber, oomnnDieating. Alap.dneor two atparate Chambere. at the premises, No, 110 oorner of Pa. are. and 20Hi street, noith aide, F:rat Ward. deSl eo6f FOR feALE OR EXCHANGE.?1.##0 aorea of selected timber LAN O. in the North Weat, will be sold or e\ohanged for property in the City of Waahmgton. The land ia well timbered, eontatna water power, ud la a sore InTeetment. Addreaa "Exchange," box No. 30 Waahinxtou P?>at Ofloe. de 19 lm FOR RKNT?Two pleasant ROOMS, neatly furnished, in a first-o.aas residence in 6 eorgetown, with boa d. To a permanent tenant terms will be moderate. Apply at 14T Weat at, George town. de 17 tf Handsomely fi rniubkd roombFoqr nuaion?ir Furniahed Kooma, anpplied vith (U and water, and convsniert to the Patect ftnd Poat Office Dnp&rtmente.fe* rent. Ayr-Tat 490* Maerachueitta avenue, north aid*, between 4th and ith ata. m*a ^BOARDING. PAVIMF3 AND PINGLK GENTLEMEN r can ficd good Boa.d aud peataat kooma, (term* moderate;) at Mre. ttlTTiNtiS, oppoaite Mayo-'g Office. G<orK*toirn. A few tranaient Boarders accommodated. de s> lw* EDUCATIONAL. J VIOLIN AND VIOLONCELLO. OHN K GOODALL, Profeeaor and Teaeher of 'he above, tendera bia a-rv oea to the public. Terma 91 per Isaaon. Referenda to any n ucican in the oitv. Several of hit pnpi'a are now the beat violin lata In the world Vif L? Petit Ole Bail, Fred Buokley. Ao .Ac. Addreaa Canterbury Bail, where he oan be heard ererr nicht deil-lm* P EDUCATIONAL. ROF. C. F. H \ R N ES' D*ncw* 8?hoo! at T^tnp^ruioe Hall, K street, b*twren 9th and l>i K'th, ?i'' ontt>m*rioe T11ESD4V, December JgJ 24th, and cor.'isoe ever/ Tuee-jar and Kri JHW day-af'ernoon chW-m at 3 o'clock, and eve-bwA tin* cla**ei> a! 6K o'olock- A.] uf the faahionaoie dat.o<M wi i hj taught t'o'inj th? season. The h?#t innsiQ will he in att^ndame uirlsr the direction of Frof. George Arth. Cal. for aoironiar. dell-lm l\t A I)A M K-LJEON T1N K B L A NO H F T. I'I DB i'ARIS WiUOire PRIVATE FRENCH LESSONS. Apply at .151 VVeat street, Georgetown ; or 401 F street. de lit-lm* MISS HIOOKKK ENGLISH AHD FRENCH BOARDING AND DATaCHOOL. SIVBM Bcildinos, No. 130 Pennsylvania avenue Cirooiars to be obtained at the Bookstores aad of the Principal. do 2ft-lm* GEORGETOWN ADVERT'MTS rr*p?SOtlCZ-Lir S ys K S.-H'l rvraotu IL_5 whose lioenst** from the Corporation of Georgetown expire on the 31st instant are hereby notified promptly to renew the same. otherwise they subject themselves to a fine, ai.d the law is compulsory on the proper officers to enforoe ?a:J law a?ain?tall delinquents. da27 StawtJanlo WM. L.A1RD, Clerfc. W POTATOES. E Have id store, and for s*l? at lowest rates, a lot of prime Princ? A bert and Peach Blow POTATOES. Also OATS, and a 'ma I lot rf prime ONIOJ18. ULSEY A HUtNAKU. Bndfe St., 2 doors west of Hich. d?31 1w G?or?etown, D. C. L^K KErvi".?A two-awry nnoi u?r in; r HOUSE, with basement and attic, No. 113 Oar street, elinbly situated on one of the plaa*utMt streets to town, witn km. and v iter on the premises, and a'tnge'her a rauit deeirabie private resident*. Possession gi?en on lha first of January. Inquire f d. english, 138 Bridge street, de 34 ?t r\UARTKR,MAt?TKR GENERAL's OFv* fjt'e, washington citt. oec 36,1861. iha Becretarr of War direota that no more horses be bought until ail now belonging to the Government are in aotive servioe. The attention of all Quartermasters of the Regular and Volunteer Arm? is oallcd totheabove order from the Secretary of War. M. C MEIGS, d 27-eol<H liuart*. itias?ar General U. 8. Anew stock of GENERAL STAPLE GOODS. HlankeU, Comforts and Bad Spread*, Cotton Sh*etii gs, Shirlmgaand Linena. Whit?and Colored F annels, Towels, Napkins, Taoies Cloths and Diaper". For Gkmt-' ajid BOTS Wui. Cloths. Caasimers. Tw <?ds, N estings, 4o., in all good stfies ar.d qualities. Pin* ?nH HMvt ( m HnnifittiA flntki. for Gontl# mens' Suite. To all of which we uk the sp??ial attention ef puroha?era. J. W. colley A co . de 2n 2w 5il3 7Ui st..a'?>ve Pa. av. Nnew millinery. OW On hand ana oocstafitly receiving new applies of WINTER BONNETS, oompne-^fc mi the reweat and moat desirable */ <; ofCBv the a?aaoD,at HUTCHINSON A ML'SROt^ Kancy Store, 310 Penn. avenue, between 9th and l"th streets, where Misa Thompson is prepared to exeoutw promptly ali order* left with her. Alao. just received, a new supply of Head Dresses, Artificial Flo vers. Feathers, Ao., to whioh we invite the attention or the ladiea. de IS Ladies', gentlemen'S and childken 8 furnishing goods. undergarments. gloves, hosier*. handkerchiefs, Scarfs ties, cravats, L.1NEN collars, shirts, Ao , Ao. THOMPSON, nndar Browa'a, de>0 E. A- l^ake A Ho.'s Marble Hall Baaaar Horses for sale. Of every description, jev Constantly on hand?Lomaiana avenue, near the Center Market. de 18-6tu* /:vQA TTtNTiON, SUTLERS. OFFICERS AND A am niL>uai /X DVbi'ir.^o; A !ar*e sU>ok of CAMP STOVES, mannfaotored and for salfl ?t 321 PenasylT&ma avenue, sew Center $ariot' J. GREGORY. I EA A PERKINS' WORCESTERSHIRE lJ SAUCE . KING A burchzl?l<? de 19 oorner Verftiont ?v. and Fifteenth >? Edward c. dyer. IMFOKTIK *!*T> nul l t?r WINES, LIQUORS. and CIGARS, #86 Pa av., botween 12th and 13th Ha* in (tore M? ou>i of ill* following choice brands i new Importation*) of CH AMPaG NE8: JuIm Mumiii'i Private St<>ok,(the best Win* en .sale in thta o< untry.) Imperial, Cebinet aud Dry V en "nary, Veuve Cliqnot, Moott A Chaadon'a Green Sea!, Heideeiok and Anchor, 400 Casks Hooka, Clarets. Bantems, Guraoao Mara*ehins, Abeynth, Swiss Herb Bitters, uW8Cn Clflb House Gin, Ao. AO CISM Very fins Old Pinot, CaatilJon ft Co., lad JnJes Robin A Co.'s Cognac, imported in glass, Alio. A Terr arge and general assortment of Brandies. Wines. Ram*. Whiskies, fto . la wood and glass, Citars ia great variety, wholesale and retail. de90 oofct [Intel ) r ADIEB' WARM AND HEAW CLOAKS: Li JUST IN SEASON. Esqolmaax cloaks. Pinch Pur Cloaks, Seal akin Cloaks, Frosted Beaver Cloaks, Heavy Plain Beam and Tricot Cloth Cloaks. All of th?aboT? styles of Cloaks jait r*oeired, at moderate prises. At MAX WKLL'9 , Cloak and ^ aaey btore, de 88 Stao 388 Penn. avenue. LT U R 6: FURS!! r F u R 8!S We hara on hud at oar paoioui aalearoom, in tli* rear of oar auction room*, at pnrate oaia, a vanr ia (< and el tut aaaortment of Fare aad Kobe*, ooasiatiu of? Mick Pablo. Hndaon Bay Saba, Ctone Marten, Fiteh an<i Rrnuna, Far Sea OloVea aoU Ga*B*. eta, Can *?d Miflm, I adiM and Cliildrea's Fare, Fano* Carriage Kobaa, ll-ma aad aaliaad, Auofaon aad Commiiam MnahaaH da *7 (Rep.) conwrPaav.tDdRkit Military BooU ^a fM1 A T *nOL**ALM. IM c J asnssttt sooJ* tirwa ** a lLoh S ; ^cSSnSfUf - i ? ^mssmx, j SECOND EDITION! THREE O'CLOCI, T. M. New T?r'? RfrtfUM. Boon time before the boor of mm ? l?|?er?o< "onerftf ?W tbout the r>la loading U> tbe Iiwiitfre Xuiln. utf obetroctlag th? tdewolto ut* fn4rr II qattc d'Scutt for tbe Arayu4 d??I efflern privileged to enter during tbe monilt( to effect tn egrees or to f?rr* tbelr wit from tbe am irinoo a com quirwr n uw fl^era, preceded by Gm Mr 1>owH! . loft u? Pi?Ident'a Hour, and lamrdUtrlr aftor a rrpnar* tat ton of Um Mftrapollk* Polio*, eampa?4 of df^'hmfnii of tee mm from tacb dlitrttt, paid their ropecta to President Lincoln. At 18 m tbo gatea were throws open. and th* immnae throng broke Into a ran for the portion, where the police were drawn up In two Uito,extending from the carriage way to (he nwfWwroom, and between which C:*d the ianvr crowd After paying their rropecta to the Pirot4?n* eialtnra proceeded Into the Kaat Room and oi' gain through onr of the Urge window# In tfc?* ball occupied by tbe Marine Band span joriwr receptions, and so across ?o the ?idewalk ?*er neat, subetantlsl and carpeted platform. In the * reception room wltb tbe Preeldeat wart Mrs Lincoln, Marsh nl Lam on, Cap* Darling. chief of tha Capitol police, tbe President* secretaries. and Is tbe rear one ar two artiate. pancU and portfolio tn band At a protection from tba dust and dirt onrrlsd in upon tbe feet of the crowd, naat eawlnp were apread otot tba elegant car pats, wtiek would have otherwise bean sadly soiled. Tba Marina Band occupied tbe eeatiboie, djauomaing national airs In aplrlted style daring Mm map. ' tlon. - ? Tbe crowd seeking entrance nt tba White House to-day was psat any former pratsdat, to point of numbers, bat, through the vigilance ef tbe police, remarkable good order was kept, and no crash or jam was noticeable. ^ me numoer 01 unuormi in nil crvwv una to give it a more brilliant appearance tbaa M baa , worn on former New Years' rmptloM, with tta sombreneas of black broadcloth Gf serai Bleaker ' and staff, with many other volunteer fiwili with thtlr staf%, were striking featoras of tka scene nrw Tlil'l CALM. I.ord Lyons and suite, and all the otber forelfa Ministers with their sultas, oa led to-day aa Um President and Secretary of State The Army and Navy officers, regulars and raiunteers, paid their respecta to day lo the Prw* dent and to the Secretaries of War aad Navy Mayor Wallach kept " opaa i?ouss' te day, and there was a constant flow of talteca, eft lzena and aojturuera, put bla hocpltaM* Itbto. tilt manalon wm crowded for two hour*, prtaNpally with citizen* of the frdaral metropolla. without distinction of politic*! party, tba tail f.>rm of ex-Mayor Berret being coiu-pirooua U the throng THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. no FlfiHT. Chicago, III., Jan. 1 ? The Cairo tekfimp4 operator aay< there la no foundation for tta rifert of a fight at Paducah. LATE LOCAL NEWS. Rirnw or tbk Pouca?The nbrt body of the metropolitan police will hmb)>1? it tki City Hall th!? afternoon at 3 o'clock, wbera thty will be reviewed by the Police Coromiaaioocra The force will appear In the fall dreea nalfom whteh tney have juat received from the manufactoreea, and waadescribed In yesterday'* BtMr. HAVE YOU8t' B9CR1BKD FOR THE WEKKLY STAR, TO BE MAILED TO YOUR FRIEND OR RELATIVE T IT 18 THE BEST DOLLAR WEBELY IK TVS WORLD! ITS WASHINGTON NEWS It rNEQUALLED' ITS GBNBRAL NEWS 18 VNSCRPAMKD BY THAT OF ANY TWO DOLLAB WEEKLY! ITS AGRICULTURAL MATTER WILL BB WORTH TO ANY FARMER A HUNDRED TIMES ITS YBABLY COST. ITS HOUSEHOLD RECIPES WILL SATS TEN TIMES ITS COST BACH YBAB TO ANY FAMILY. The Number for tkis Wool, to it out on Pr% . dan Morning?price Tkroe Cento wilt be a remarkably interesting one. Every Person at a dittanct who would Posted with reference to wfiat u nmliy going on here ?n these interesting times should receive if regularly. CALL AT ONCE AT THK STAR OFFICE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR IT. . * HOESE-FURNISHING GOODS. At Okbatlt Rkdccbd Riras. For ?*.? bt CORTLAN * CO, At No*. 416 A lit* But:moii 8t, BAinxon. .. Tab)# Catlery, Albat* P*ooaa. Aib?ta For kt, , : Plated l>a 8eta. ?"r4\2i Bftt K?- k*. V'mbre.i& Pt&od*. Ciftwww. A*n??&agfc. ^6a&* I llrlitlrAna. K.tohVt \ "torn*** \ ??.?"' ""-on- """W ??** \ eh* n*T0*E?'<>< \ 1 ^3S0?2?^? POR CHUIBTMAd PlUtN^-iMV 1st T of Mums' d,oU Ci??k?. I|iiin i OMtarn t*r%rf?. Woritml Kotttfi ?d4 Cm? 1? gr?> Wmm t>M. BiliiDf o Aht4i for |A||l J WCOLLKY A O* > IN.w DoBl/^rit WTOM *?) ?Ufa?m-f bt?t>^> **aas '- y?e*a?ijsr??--. I .AT.^gSfcJWSBfi - gtra """ ^ ' "

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