Newspaper of Evening Star, January 2, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 2, 1862 Page 2
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THE EVFNIIVW STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: THTHRDAT ?, 1968. * ? ii i - " """ ~~ Thi ? printed on tb? fcrtwt rrMi in tm irvnfK r\t II*. hmi\i > It* /!IMnm " ? J"*"" ? - V1'U<U VI I/. ?? ? I 1 t^KIVU J* so larg*.p* to require It to be pat to press at an early hour: AdcertunmtiUt, therefore, should toe aent In before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they ir.av may not appear until the next day. - - *?? "ca Faisa d? at the ulous ttilStary camps and position* will ecsjer a favor by keeping us posted aa to *nnTementB and fUklra la their vicinities Spirit of the Morning Press. The Intelligence kept New Year* day religiously, and does net appear this morning The Republican furrs over a new leaf upon tbe commencement of the new year, and?treats upon tbe negro, berating Gen. Sherman for not proelaisaiag emancipation to the slaves In South Carolina *" OCR MILITARY MI DGET, ILtSON *2*0 SL1DELL PLACED 05 BOARS A BRITISH vassal. Jamas M. Mason, John Slldell, E. J M^arlanrl and Gfew Fuatis. ir were tikfn from Port ^Varren ves'erday at noon by an agent of the State rVparment, and placed on board tLe British steamer Rinaldo, which wsi sent round from New York to me-1 them and convey them to Halifax. Their departure created no eicitement and attracted no special attention. kkkbal sraxsiss's xxfsditios. Tba preparation! of tbls expedition to aa'I from Annapolis are rapidly drawing to a cloae. Indeed, quite a number of its transports, carrying tores, have alieadv departed thence for the expedition's rendezvous?Old Point Comfort; whence. s? fcr, all the Union expeditions bave sailed direct for their final destination The troops immediately under General B.'s command now at Annapolis, have been drilled and otherwise disciplined and prepared witb (treat care and Industry; while it is not Improbable, we take it, that a large number of the finest portion of the regiments longest In eerviee will Join General B. a1 so, when about to set sail. S4VT TABD. The steamer Stepping Stonea, Capt. Grumler, eatr- uy? from the flotilla last night Things are unchanged In the lower Potr>mnc Thli steamer, on her reconnol'erlng trip up Oecrquan bay. about three week* ?ince, scat tared tbe rebela with thre? wel-dlrec'ed shota from her 21-pound rifl?d gun?the sheila bursting right In the midst of grbnpa of Confederate soldiers ; bnt on her retmn aha waa followed by riflemen,who, concealed behind tree*, fired several bullet* through her sidea. One of these shots came through the side, passed through the saloon and through the heed of the oaptaln'a berth. The new Confederate battery, reported by us some daya since, la on Possum-nose Point, this aide of Cock-pit Poln', and is therefore the nearea: battery to this city At least one heavy rifled gun la mounted them, as sheila have been fl.ed into the month of Matawonmacre??k An attempt will probably be mnd* by the steamer Anaeosta, to-day, to get tome flink shots at this battery. The Anaeosta ha* a heary armament, and Lieut. Badger (Ordnance officer) i* aboard of her Another 150-pound gun ha* been finished at the yard, and It being tested to-day. It is similar in eoostructloB and finish to thoae heretofore noticed. The Resolute i? on the ways, undergoing repair*. rtoxoTioss is thi THian pmxstitaxu cavALKT. The following are the promotions to fill Tacan^ ole* caused by resignations, in the Third PennsviB ranla Cavalry, firmerly Col. Voung's Kentu:ky, yr as ordered ye?terday: Lieut Sne&d, com|>any A, to the captaincy of same company. Lieut Gregg, company O, to first lieutenantcy. pp| V> fa R Aifwr* ../?i?na r??? U *.-> -* II-..4 ...... mj , iw BCLVItU ilCUlCU* micy company C. Sergeant Walsh, company I, to captaincy. Lieut GUUa, company C, first lleutenantry company D. Lieut. Martin, company D, formerly of tbe President's Mounted Ouard, captaincy rompany Sergeant ntxgerald, company B, to lieutenantay company- K Lieut Russell. company E, to a captaincy. Commissary Logulbert, to lleutenantcy com* pany E Lieut. Brannlx, company C, to captaincy company M. U7- We yesterday gave some details of the 111? Beta and death of Prince Albert. After bis death the Queen and Royal family went to Osborne, ?wtn? to tbe unsatisfactory state of theQur- n's heal h A Dublin paper, commenting on his decease says: ''When It will be knrjwn ttat one of the last suggestion* of the Prlnc Consort wn-> that gentleness and forbearance should mark the demeanor of England to akiadr-d people, aoureii and Inflamed bv the tension of civil war it w?n enbance the love of the Americai people for the Queen, deepen their sorrow for the loss the Las istainrd, and dull the edge of Iriati'ail hostility to Eng'and." TTT1 The preparations of General Buraslde's Naval Expedition are being rapidly completed, and it will probably soon sell There are now at Annapoiia 14 steamers, 1 propeller, 4 ships, 3 barks, 1 brig, 11 schooner*, 5 2eating batteries, be?ldts 9 little dispatch steam tugs?in all, 41 V'liels eaera! Burnsideand staff have also taken possession cf the Packet, a berdeorr* propel'er of 400 'ons, and have ucsiie it tie flj^-shlp cf the the transport fleet. The prepvst'.ons are all on tie most extensive scale Pmsonai?Count Pourtales, Prussian Minis tar to tbe French Court, died at Pari* on tbe 16th. j Carl Schurz.our Minister to tbe Court of Spain, baa left Madrid on leave of absence. Maxslni was at last accounts dangerously ill In Begland, and several of his person*', and political friend* have been summoned to his bedside. The Eanpreae Eageuie will spend tbe winter it Nine and Monaco A Vf!!* has been prepared for he: near Nice. Til PmiKCB arc Erolisb Ll?ati05? ?At tfee President's reception yetierday, all ti^ number* of the Diplomatic Corps were present. lnalndlng (he entire British and French Legations, whose presence there, and subsequently at the reception of the Secretary of State, was especially noticed, and deemed a happy angury for tbe /Qtore. Dnna!?i? to bb Mibbbablb ?The Secession organe In Canada are no better satisfied. Since the release of Maeon and Slldell, the Totails F - ?!?! ?VI H OTk.l iv mm ? - _ . ?? uav iUUU|U DflUOIl edq SUdell be surrendered * Their release but re* Move* an Impending cause of quarrel, leaving Inevitable complication* which It were madness to Ignore " ' * Ar?owT*?.?M. B Hoxe, of Iowa, haa been appointed to a second-class (91,400 per annum) - afterkshtp In the Poet Oftee Department, eu? Albert W. Zeyk, of Iowa, resigned. amine m Rxstccit ? Prom the Lousvllla Journsl of the 3uth we extract the following : Humphrey Marshall, at the heed of 0.300 troope, ha* arrived at Prestonburg, and Is fortifying tne town a gal act any attack, it la repotted that Mar hall will remain at hie present aland point, and after throwing up redoubts end placing tfcereon batteries, wiUthen march toward Maysvllleand the Ohio river. He expects reinforcements to the amber of ten thousand men lmmedlately.whlch will swell his command to nearly seventeen thousand troops. Gen. Huell ha* ordered Col. er field, of the Tweet y-second Kentucky, to tote mmmmi Of the brigade now at George Creek sad distributed along Big Saady river To iMMM,and tve full reglmeats of infantry, a squadron of cavalry, and two betterles of artillery, aad snewtfce brigade forward to meet Marshall, with all peas!Die despatch Col Garfield has tHei*aphad tc Cincinnati far transportation, sup ?, ? |W ? wBicn vtn Mat to to Um on Friday tTMlu He wm to have idnntfd on or wtildo ao to day, and a* hia force la mmiiy equal to Maraball'a tLe probabtiltiea are IitmiMi lm mm 1 Birred lata battle between tbeae two arnica. It It 4*c iared tfeat Marat ail will not r?U?at, Wt M?( la good ?4n<1l?io>i for a fight, wUl^iiot ylaid ucii after a daapcraU atruggl* tui 0 MKmMm 9 5EWS FROM 9IAMISSAS, Amtbrr CnfrdrriiU Acc?nnt cf the Battl* of Drain*nlle. W harp a copy of the Richmond Dispitck ")t December 96'h, from which we take the followInjj: Manas***, D*e l?0l ?The battle at Dralna llle Inntead cf being a dt*a*trou* defeat and the one-aided affair reDrraented, prove* to be exactly the rtver" From niv prwt ii X>rmatton I can give a better statement of facta. On the morning of the fight the Yankeea s?nt out a fr raying party under tte escort of three brigade* from General McOll'a division. Fearing an attack, they had sent one brigade cf Ive regimenta, a battery of nix guns,. "T??t a regiment of cavalry to protect the road* leading into Drainaville, and then their wagon* were aent into the country for bay They had been there but a short time when Gen Stuart came up in sight of them The two remaining brigades were held in reserve a short distance to the rear. Gen. Stuart bad taken out near three hundred wagons for tbe purpose of obtaining forage, wh'ch was the aole object of the expedition, and not, as hat been erroneously auppoted, to make an attack upon the enemy. Coming upon the Federals suddenly, and seeing their force outnumbered hla, Gen Stuart at once prepared to protect his wagons, and tu do that had n? ii iu a< vvun u( iiioiiaiiunuii iv *rrp ?uc rurmy in check, while the wagons were being hurried to the rtzr. For that purpose he advanced towards them and ?heltered ul? infantry In a pine forest | At this time the reserved cf the enevy was seen approaching, accompanied bvaddltl^nnl artillery and cavalry, and the moment seemed almost a fatal one to our little force, hut through the coolness of a clear-headed ai.d skillful officer It was xaved with a comparatively smail loss, considering the odds In favor of tue enemy. At first It was considered doubtful whether the Federals were mirching upon Leesburg, or whether they had been Informed of the expedition by spies, and bad come out to capture it; In either caae the wagons were in danger, and It was necessary to protect them at any sacrifice. Had tjiey beea losi, the greate* portion of th^ transportation of tte Becond corps would have been lna? M.VInr. . <!?k u t ? u u J u I1QL * UJWI1 lur irj^l' ment, drawn up egainst him, Gen Stuart scattered tb<"T>, canting great consternatlon In tbelr ranks. They did not reform until the reserve came up, when, inspired by the appearance of fiesh troops, they returned fo the light. After the waton* were at a safe distance. Gen. Stuart ssw It wis uself ss to contend with so great a force against him, with no prospect of relnforrement. unless on ground of b;s own choosing, and so he fe:i bark to a spo* selected to make a stand, but tb? Yankees bad fought long enough and were not deposed ti follow As to the results. Several of our missing men have been recovered, many of them wounded. The casualties may be summed up as follows: Killed, 43; wounded, 143; m!s>ing, 8 Some of the wounded h?vf? since died The enemy's loss was heavy, although their papers say it was light. The evidence is too strong against them, and the truth will scon come out The people of Drainsvitte sav they left In a great hurry, carrying ?IF twenty wagons containing wounded men. They promised to return in the morning for our wound?1, who were left on the Held, some with very slight wounds, but failed to do so, and they acknowledged that the fl^ht had b"en much more severe than they bargained for. The Baltimore papers are g&tb^rmg the facts and publish them as roilec'ed One of tbem gi vh a list of casualties in two regiments, amojnting to So killed and wounded. Gen Johnston is very well satisfied with ibe result; and has complimented General I StllArl II HAn W.? /lAyvl-oaa ? ^J 1 J ' * 1 ' , upuu %uc <yuuiurM aim uravcry aispiay^Q | by hlra oa the occasion Yesterday evening * larpe body of Federal*. 3.WU strong, caine out in the dire?tion of I'obick church, and marched toward* our linea, set m| lnfclyfor the purple of making a reconiioiisance. After coining within tbout a miie and a bait of our picket* tney halted, and soon atter retired Their movements were closely watche?f, and had they ventured a little further tome little impedimenta might have been thrown In their way. Tbe First Virginia regiment Is atill at ita old camping ground Tkus far no preparations for winter quarter* have bt?>n made, and beyond a I f<"?? speculation* 8S to the possibility of getting | to Richmond, very little is said upon tbe*ut?ject. j Gen K well's brigade wiil win'er in the advance, and I believe the First will take un itinn?fi?r? as near the enemy a? anv regiment "\Vltfc nood, warm log b?nis<-* the soidieiscan live veryrom- I fortable through the c !d weather, and If their friend* at borne will furnish hook* arid means of fnjoyment in the ihdp? of quoits, balls, gyirinast c ttxi?r?a, chess board*. 4c , the time will soon p??s nway It is not ?-> ?-? * ??rt*in that there will be no lighting dnrinn the winter. The wiather still rontinuea good and is net excessively cold Tn?re has been but one stormy day for aome time So long as the roads contln'ii" in the present good condition there is a pns IblM'y of a fl^ht. It seems Hardly probable, however, that if a general advance had been contemplated, It would have been so long delayed. I AlcClellan had no reason to suppose the weather fcould be good so lab? in the seaaon. and he certainly cannot be waiting fir bad to light in. Tub Sub*titutks ?<>r Mk?sk* Ma so* and Sliukll.?The Toronto Leader cf Dec 587 says: Some days aince it was stated that Mr. Brt-ckIrrid^e. late of the United St ites Senate, but now of the Southern Contederacy, bad sailed in one of the Curiard steamers as au?Uia*ador to England i in place of .Mr. Macon. Then it was said tbe | statement waa Incorrrct. It proves, however, to | have been true, as will be seen from the following paragraph, whic h w? tak" from the Halifax (N. S) Express of the 13:h instant: Seme f?w weeks ago it was announced In a dispatch to this raP*ri immediately on the reI ceipt of tbe intelligence of the capture of Messrs. Mason and Slidell In the Southern St^t-s, Me?srs. Hunter and Breckinridge bad been appointed In their place; and that tbe litter would make his way on to Halifax and proceed in the Canard steamer to Europe. The dispatch turns out to be | correct. Mr Breckinridge, it appears, arrived L*re about a week ano, accompanied by another pentleman, and took passage this mornlug in tbe Canada for England. It appear! that tbe authorities in Boston wera aware of tbe fact of Mr. Breckinridge being here, and the attorney general of Bos'on sent a note to the captain of tbe Canada, previous to his sailing from Boston, forbidding him taking Breckintidgeon board We learn that Cspt Mulrvery quietly replied that be was not supposed to know who his passengers were; and be would like to see apv passenger taken out of his ship, while under the protection of tbe British flag It is alto sta*ed that a similar notice w s served ?n the captrin of the Canada here; bu. we are informed th?t no notice was taken of It. and Mr. Breckinridge is now on board the steamship en route for Europe Affaies 15 Missouri ?The .Missouri Republican of tbe 30th ult ,uyK - ~ I nl.l *1 - ? - ? ihwm ui a ui^uiy iu:er?*une character wart received at headquarter* last night, from j sturgeon, via Hudson, in a dispatch lrom Gen. Prentit*. The despatch *a>? Yesterda/ morning: with two hundred and forty of Col Giover'* Cavalry, and two hundred of Col. Btrge's Sharpshooters, I encountered the rebel*, nln* hundred strong, under Col. Doriev, at Mouut Zien, B-x>ne coiuty, and routed and dispersed 1fc<rr. The r*bel lo?s in killed ?nd wounded, Is one hundred and flf'.y Our lo-s is three k'lldd and rlev< n wouuded We took thirty-flve prisoners, one hundred and five guns, and ninety-five hordes [d.gnedj B M. Prentiss, Brig General. s\'e hear in addition that an act on ha* taken place at Fulton, decidedly favorable to the Union troops^but n<> particular* have reached u* Movent ?* are' making which in a day or two will remit in the capture, or complete dispersion of all tLc rebels north of the Missouri. This Is Inevitable; and wit* it will come the pacification of all th?t portion of tb^ 8tale. Passengers In the train last nl?rfct from R/>n? report a - forward movement'* by ten thousand men, but without *U>tig tiie direction In which they have gone, nor is tt very essential that we hould know They will b? beard from in good time Lkttkk Wxitn.i bt John B. Floyd?A correspondent at Whet'lluK beads ut, aoiooK other paper* that fell into the hands of our victorious troop* at.Camlfex Ferry, the following letter from John B Floyd: Camp Arbuekl#, near Leetburg, ) August 9th, 1891 ) Sir: I hope you will hasten up with all convenient *d?ed The en?my are advancing upon na rapidly a d In large force. We are without arm* for many of our people and are extremely caice of ammunition I hope you have b ought on both, and will be able to join us at once. The enemy sre certainly within thirty miles of us, with a force of at leist live thousand men, with two oaueriea 01 artillery. In addition to which they have another ?upp rtlng for~e at the mouth of Gtuley of fire thousand men, with hor?e and artillery. We are sixty odd mile* from that point. With a union of theae two force*, you oberrve, it would give them more than three to one of our force?a long odd*? considering we have no artillery. Heth U abeent, and there 1* not a aingle field ofBcer with hi* regiment All theee ceoalderatlooa neceealtatr the moat active and efficient preparation of our people for the coming tt/ht. Very truly, your*, Job* D Flotd, Brig. Gen , C. 8. A. To Col. Wbibtoh. lMroaiA.iT iv Tau?.?The Chatham (Canada) Argua Uaratfrom good authority that Mr Siaaon, of the Bank of Upper Canada, ha* b-en forbidden to accept aay draft* upon the United Bute* m commercial lntercoirse" between the two nation! la stopped for the present We learn. upeu what we consider good authority, that the agency of the Commercial Bank of Canada, located at WInane, baa received positive orders from Its principal not extend any noie accommodations to Americana. Under these circumstances, what couise dote it become the duty of our rltlsens to adopt la regard to Canada money '?D?tr*ii Ad LATEST NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. The Norfolk Day Book of Dee. 30th furnishes the following : a fatal duel Richmond, D<t. ?a duel occurred lad week on the peninsula, between Lieut. Jones, of the Fifth Louisiana, and Dr. Forward, a sutler In the same regiment They were both killed at theSret fire; ritles, forty paces. Both bodies hare arrived bf re, en route for Louisiana. A SEW JIHSBT SCH005KK ASHORE. The schooner J. F. Crouch, hailing from Port Elizabeth, New Jersey, and bound from Alex* andrla, Va . to DelKhton, Mass , with coal, went nshore on Friday night, about M o'clock, off the Plfiiurp OniiiK Hi" rantnin Tlmnthv on, of New Jersey, and crew, were brought op to this city The vessel and cargo are a total , loss. I msPOFTEr REBEL SPCCES9 IN THE INDIAN COtTW7 R T . (From the Fort Smith (Arkansas Times, Dec 15 ] We learn from Major Clark, of Texas, direct from the camp of Col. Cooper, that a bittle took place on the 9th, on Cushy Creek, near the Verdigris river, about 1~<? mile* from this place, between the forces of Col. Cooper and the enemy's forces under Opothleyholo, estimated at 4,000 or 5,(WO Col Cooper had only 1,300 men The enemy attacked Col Cooper about 11 o'clock and the fight continued all day until sundown Colonel Slmms's Texan Regiment fought with great bravery, and the Choctaws, Chlcasaws and Creeks fought like tigers. In fact, It was one of the h?rd<-*t fought battles that has taken place In the country. The enemy followed Col. Cooper for several miles, and attacked Lira with great fury Col. C. drove them back to the woods, a distance of two miles A large number of Cherokees were with Opotfc ley polo; likewise about one hundred and fifty Semineles Col. Drew, with bis men. who remained with him, fought well and did good s?rvlce. The Choctaw* took about qb? hundred aud fifty scalps, and the ChickaaaCT nearly fifty. The Creeks did not scalp any, because the euemv were there own Drooertv A. white man by th? name of Ell Smith wj*%taken, who had jione over to the enemy, waa *ried Vy & court-martial and abot. He waa a deserter fro of a Texas reg ment. Other deserters were takea and dealt with In the aame manner. [From the aame. Dec 16 ] An express arrived yesterday from Col. Watie, from which we learn that bis regiment la on the move to aid Col. Cooper Nothing baa yet been heard from Oapt Parka and hla company. It la feared that they have all been killed, and Watle'a men are highly exasperated We learn that Col Mcintosh, In command of the troopa on this frontier, baa ordered eight companies of Col Young's regiment, five companies of Col Greer's regiment, and Col Whitfield's battalion to the assistance of Colonel Cooper, against Opothleyholo and hla Jaybawking allies. [Special Correspondence of the Dispatch ] tub damage to thk chksafkaeb and ohio canal Camp Mason, mar W inch ester, Dec 21,1001. Yesterday Gen Jackson with a portion of his command, succeeded In breaking dam No. 4 In the Chesapeake ai d Ohio Canal, and left it a complete wreck The dam wot guarded by s force or the enemy, bat they were repulsed, with but the lota of one killed on our aide This was a very good and Important movement, aa It will cause the denizens of Washington city to be exceedingly (paring In the use of coal, large quantities of which were shipped by this route to thit den of c< rruption Gen Jarksnn returned to bis quarters in Winchester this afternoon,well pleaaed with the work h's command had done. We are to be reinforced in a day or two with n additional regiments, and rumor gives a thousand reason* for this increased strength, but you may look out for stirring events In a very few days, at furthest. the federals in [Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch ] White Sclphcr Springs, Dec 22 ?There has been much excitement here growing out of a foraging expedition of the Yankees to Meadow lJluff and the region thereabout. They invaded the farms of Messrs. Macfarland, (Wm II ,) Cralle and Cobell, and carried off horses, sheep, and rattle Whether the invadera will push further Into thla Eroductive country remains to be seen Many ave prepared for the worat. Thefundaof the bank at Lewlsburg have been removed to a place of aafety The withdrawal of protection from thla part of tbe State la. In fffect, an invitation to the invadera to come In and rob and burn, aa they have done It la to be devoutly hoped that the Government will aend some iroops here soon. These vlalta from the Yankees are bovine the worst effect possible. Tki? people think they are neglected. P 8 ? An eatlmablelady died suddenly in Lewlaburg from nervous agitation on bearing that the Yankees were at Meadow Bluff AFFAIBa IN VINCASTL*. fiifcasti.k, Va , Dec 89 ?Refugee* from the wealern countleaare coming to and golne through thla place almost daily, being driven from their happy homea by tbe aoldiere of tbe North. It la reported thut the Yankeeaare now at Lewlaburg; some say they are certainly at Meadow Hluff Even If there, it la thought they will come no further. The timid expreaa feara, but tbe people generally have every confidence In the government, and believe that the wltbdr awal of our trnnna f?/\m I? ' * > w^o nt'ua iiiC wtav IV 1U1 IUC UC81 Stat* or Society i* thb Rkbel Capital ? The Richmond correspondent of tbe Charleston Courier does not give a very enchanting rlew of tbe condition of affairs at the Confederate Capital : " Rowdyism la rampant in her itreeta. The wholesale gambling, to break up which an Ineffectual attempt wis made some tlme ago. was bad enough, but the good citizen was under no compulsion to en?er the jungle of the tiger, and Lad himself to blamw if he got scratched To such a frightful extent has violence Increased, however, within a few weeks past, In Richmond, that tbia city bids fair to become as Infamous as ever was >aplea or Baltimore. Shootings and s'abblngs are almost of every dav happening. Yesterday a hack driver was pistolled in one of tbe most crowd* d thoroughfare*, because he de manaea pavment in advanceof a drunken (oldler for a desired service. " There la a temple of the Mum here?Tbelia and Melpomene, for Instance?known as the Marshall Theater,where the ifgltlmate drama it done by third-rate stock actors, and young women In diaphanous muslin emulate Carotta Grlsl and Cerlto only In the exposure of their persons Genteel peop'.e rarely, ladies never, enter this es'ab lithment now-a-days, so that the better portion of the community are hut little acquainted with what is done within it* wall*, except through the police reports. There waa a -bloody" row there one night this we?k, both In the literal and slang acceptations of that term; and It came out In court that the whole concern was little better than a low temple to a low blackguaid-style of Baccbua and Venus; the resort of bullies and demi reps; bam and bad women all over the bouse; Thalia selling whisky in the saloon of the dress circle, and Melpomene admlnlstemig ambrosial cocktails to the gods above. Scarcely a night passes without a fight at this theater. Sometimes there is a real tragedy before the curtain, while the mock one is enacting on the stage, and the whole neighborhood is rendered unsafe and disorderly bv the company which attends it. If some means of purification and reform for this and other nurseries of vice are not ?m ployed by the authority, they will breed a public ruffianism which will <!.<? n? a- ? - - - - - mi ic me vyoiucucraio uoTcmment disgusted from the place " Naw Rembdt for Chills ?The Mobile Register gives the following novel treatment for curing chills . It is stated that a soldier of a Mlsaiaatppt regiment at Penaacola went to his tent and blankets tbe other day to light through an ague. A bottle of hot water to his feet not being convenient, one of hla comrades went out and picked np one of the numerous shells Col. Brown sent over during the bombardment, heated it at tbe fire, and put it to b^d with tbe aick man's feet. Untappily, tbe shell had loat its cap, but bad not eiploided. Tbe beat of tbe camp fire accomplished what Lincoln pvrotechny had failed In, to wit: an explosion The tent was blown to pieces, and some of tbe men a little hurt and greatly astonished We are happy to learn that no one waa killed by the mishap. A Btefcit icakt Hint ?The London Examiner of December 14th is preparing for another ea*?? belli. Itsaya: U4n?nAatna A? x? J- M ~ * * ivpaianuu iu oc maae lor ID6 TTfnt outrage, and tbe prisoners to be restored sale from Lynch Lb#, which seems too natural a sequence to Wilkes law, it will b* for tkt Powers of Europe to consider whether the measures the /forth is taking against tk* Scru'k art consistent with tke interests of civilization Is It to be endured that Pederal government shall eke out tbe lnefflcacy of Its blockade by the detestable means of easels laden with stone to b? sunk to choke up southern ports?" BcLrmJB ? Alabama Is a perfect mountain of mineral wealth, and future wauts and developments will turn out what la now considered too , poor to Invite capital, a perfect Eden fall of rrulta and flowers, and mineral springs, and | healthy society An Iramensa bad of ?iiinU?< of Iron and copper, fourteen feet thick, estate at Boudon, Talladega county. The wo ha turn out from three to four hundred weight of sulphur dally Thia war haa one good effect that the South may well feel proud of?the development of our capacity to be independent of the North, which many, who were too fond at tbelr eaee and Indolent hablta, could not or would not belie ve-~ Tuicumbxa (Ala.) Con Ht tut to* 1LT It 1* Hid that Rebel tgesli have appeared la Central and Booth America, endeavoring to propagate their doctrine, and gala a ftvarable hearing for the imM Statee. . J v - " 1 *' , # ( m TELEGRAFHIO. VERA CfttZ Ilf SPANISH POSIESIIOI. Niw You, Jan. 1.?Tbe steamship Columbia nas arrived here, bringing Havana dates to the 28th Inat The town of Vera Crui ia occupld by the Spaniards, and the Spanish flag ts waving crrer the strong Castle of San Joan de Ullos, which defends the city. A British War Transport. East fort, Jan. 1.?A BrltUb war transport passed here this morning, with 900 of the Slxty econd regiment?400 to remain at 8t. Andrews, and the remainder to go to Woodstock Arrival ef the Norwegian

Portland, Jan. 1.?The steamer Norwegian arrived early this morning. Her advices have been anticipated. (Y^PERSEVERANCK FIR F. COMPANY. LL3 The annual election of offi:ers will take place TO-NIGHT Members are requested to be iunetaa . Th,e meeting will be held in the Entice House, at 7)6 o'clock. it* GFO. FLETCHER, gee. (Y*" NOTICE.?The membera of the Mount IL3 CJ*re Clnb return their ?inoere thank a to thm HaIt Hill tH?? * - -? call on the evening of their Ball, Dee 31. 1801 The? ware disappointed by the hand th?y ecgagfd for tne occanoc. It* [Yty* NOTICK.?We, tbe undersigned, Comm't'Lf t#e. ressecffn 1? o*U the attention of ail the Refageei from Virgini* to the meeting to be held at No 34? Kight>4r<th street, between H and I, n? MONDAY EVENING, 8th instant, at seven tfHook. E. N. ' Jobn D. Wine, G. W Wrifht. James tSiloott, J H. M*y? William K ?-'rankltn. WaltfrS. Donaldson, Asbnry R Johnso*. ja 1.4,6* Committee rira?WA8HINGTON LECTURE APSOCIALL5 TION The Fifth Leotore will be br "ON. HORACE GRKELF.Y, FRIDAY EVENING. Jsnaary3. 18Q. At the Smithsonian Institution. a i_ j?? ?? n ouujeoi? I HE f*ATI05. Doors open at 7; Lecture at 8 o'olook. Tiokes U ceau, to b? bad at the Bookstore* and at the door. ja 2 2t Hf1 THE UNION PRAYER MEETING Will _L3 be held eaoh day this week iu the New Yo'k Avenus Church, Rev. Dr. Gurlej't,) commencing at 4 o ciook p m , to be continued one hour only. de30 ryU. S. SANITARY COMMISSION, _LS 244 F st. Washington, D. C.. Dto. 2d. The Sanitary Commission has a collection of book * oliefereuoe on Military Surgery and Army Hrgiei.e. which Military Surgeons at or near Washington are invited to ooneult. FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED. de2-lm General S?oretury. FOR SALE ?An *xo?!lent light covered WAGON, suitable f< r eutlern* use; also, astronc, active ch<snot HORSE. Apply to"J. T " Na tionai Intel igenoer Office. ja 2 St C^OLD AND UNCU*KENT MONEY PURI oh%sed KorilM und IT l< PorrMA, ???* ?? openea for dep'aitera RlfTfeN HOUSE. PANT * CO , Buikore, No. 'Si P?nn avenue, ja2-lm n<i?r Brotn'i Hotel. T1 HK LSILL1 AK D HALL. HE Undesigned, havirr fur hasert from Messrs. Marr * I- isher the Billard Hail at the cor ner of Penu. avenue an>t b. eventii street, an 1 refitted the Mm" entirely with new olothr, oalla, do., inyitea his frienda aud the public general! * to give him a os.11. ja 2 eolm JOHN W. EARP. Highest price paid IN GOLD FOR U. S. TREASURY NOTES of the different laaues, and Nort|prn Currenoy. Exonange <>n the principal oitiei North payable in gold or onrrenoy ao'd to auit paronaaera. KlfTENHOUSE.FANT * CO , bankers, No. 352 Penn. avenue, ja2 1m near Brown'a Hotel. Dissolution of copartnership. The copartnership heretofore ex'sting ender the name of A J Mrenrser k. C?., of 30 Jar treat. New Y"rk, la, thia 1st day of Jsnuar*. JWS. diesolved by mutual consent. Ail the bi Is of ea<d firm wi'l be paid by Andrew J Sweeter. and all 5?r:ies indebted will pay said Sweetssr all moneys oe to said firm. ANORKW J SWKETSER. JAM t- 8 WALLACE. Washington, D. C., Jan. 1,1?6J. ja 3 3t RlTTElVHOUiSETr A JIT St CO. BANKERS, 332 PK5N<TLVA!<IA AVB50I, (wear Brown's Hottl,) Issue DRAFTS on all parts of the United Htates, in sums to anit Offioera and 8o!m? a. Alto, Drafts on Luadon. Ireland, Sootiand, Wales, and a 1 parte of the Cont nent of Europe ja 2 1m CLOAKS! CLOAKS! CLOAKS! &HAW uS-SHAWLS ! FANCY SH.K*. SILK ROBES, BOSIERY. GLOVES*, gauntlets. SL1NS, REPS. MERINOS, f LAIDS, with a oonnp'ete s ock of DOMESTIC GOODS! n * ror ease low Dy _ TAYI.OR4 HUTCHISON, ja 2 6teo No. 42 Center Market tiptoe. E~U R 8! FURS f u r s:n The largeat and moat etvliah assortment of FUKti and ROBES in th* market. We are now closing oat at private ?a.e. at oar largo ? arerooma, the largeat and moat superb a?aortmeitof Fura and Ro bee in the country, eo riveting of? Hudson Bay Sables, R??al Erminea, Mink, Chin^hiiaa, f'tch, F'e'ohand Riv?r Mick ar>d French Sables. Cloaks, Capea. Muffs and Cuff*. Al'O. Fancy Slei?h and Carrtace Robes, and an nnlim ted aaeortment of Buff%ioea, A ?>', O oiea, Gauutietts and foMara and Foot Maffi. WALL 4. BARNARD, Corner e<oth aida Pa. a>enue and jaJ-St fRepl Ninth atreet. FEIRCE'S Army Game Casket. I have just published this beautiful and oonve meut mveu'ion lor the ua* and amusement of soldiers and othera- It o?ntai<a, in a neat, small paper box that you oan carry in your pocket, a pood Cl.etaa, Ciroker and Backgammon Board, with man and giimm -* ?? - - -- * mun iiiw tvi m" I vO ? UIO| ft mi or Dominos and a paok of good Playing Carda. Pn' upinthiee styles, aid retailed for 98 cents. 62H cents, and 75 cent" each package and the fio*rd and Man for all ttie tames, without the box, lor 18 cents a very large d:*oouat to tntleraand dealers. 8endJyour orders or a ?t*mp f >r circular. JOHN H. TINGLEY. Publisher, No 158* Fulton ?treet. Jal-lw New York. Bank of commerce. 6xoksctown, D C., Jan. 1.1963. Hush B. Sw>snt having withdrawn as a stook holuer ?1 taia Bank, <he business win h r afer be o <nduoted by the following stookl olders, vn Charles E. Rittenhouse. Hami'ton G. F*"t. Sam'l Fowler, William T. Berron, John L. Dufief, Richard Pettit and Srs*n Ireland. At & meeting of the stookbolders of th s Bank, held this day, samuel Fowler, of Waahington, was nnammoualy elected Cashier. CHARLES K. RITTENHOU*E, Preeiaent. Warhi5otoh. January 1,1882. Hcsh B. 8wmt, late a member of the firm of Pwwny( Kitto. honae, Fant *. Co . having retired therefrom, the haiinee* will hereafter beoonduoltd by the nnrferaigned, nnler the same of Kittennonae, F&nt & Co. CHARLES K. RITTKNHOU8E, Hamilton g. Fant, RAM'L FOWLKk. pi hard PRTTIT. JOHN L. DUFIKR, W.H T HKRRON, Ja lj> 8U8AN IK ELAND. P NOTICE. ERSON8 Indeb'ed to the aabeoriber will ^)mm call and aettie before the 10th ol Jtnoary, IMS: otnerwiae they will find ?h"ir bil ?n the haoda of a coJeotor. GEO P. KIUWELL w ood and Coal Dealer, de s\ fit* Corner E and Fourteenth eta. Reading ale and lager bier dkpot. of the oelebrated brewery of Mr- Felix, to be had in la-ie and mall quantitiee. Alao, Piofelea, Caraop, Piokl?d Oniona, Peso*, Vmtiar, and boar Kront. *> the b?rrol -* CHARLKg MADCve?*_KNturut'"* de 23 :?* oornar Pa. txcnaeud T'lrd at. LOSING OUT SAT.E OF FIRST QUA LITY V/ (No. 1? NEW YORK BUTTKR-Tha an deraicnad hav* on hand, in kaga of diilVent aiaea. S.OOIpoande of baat New Yo?k Batter, wh.oh tftey win >? extremrl* low, to oIom it oat. It will be to tha intareat of all poron a??r" to call promptly at thaatora of F, B. HASTINGS A CO., andar Ehuharmonio Hal, Pano. avenue, near oomar ol lav??th at., naxt door adjoining tha Star OAoa. da a lot vy B. STRONG. TRUNKS, HA&lf&S*mTL^ARY GOODS, 844 PmitiTLuini AT-RII, Stutk 1Mb, ><wiia 1 ttk mmd Um itratu, lET Tmnka, Harnaaa and Military BitiiairU repaired at abort eat tyHioe. oa?4 li* pLOVK8 inuIa kuBBV.K hat* R"1''""W M*2.00 ' LKFMAN, KIBFBR * TIOMAM. Itb Aimu/m tU MM Amu ?m CM U? P?A)n tiun, <U*-l? N?vY?vt. ICI AND WOUNDED IOLDUU IK HOSPITAL At Siwimi) G**rf*lewa, Dt ST. tt U. 8 Infkatry 10 4*d Peas Volunteer* . 1 5th do Cinlry 1 45th do do...... 1 SthVermontVolunteer* 5 594 do do 3 let do Cavalry... 1 104th do do. 1 Ut Rhode Uland Art. 1 1st do Revrn.... 1 4th do do.. 1 ?th do do. (c) 1 5th Connecticut Vol.. l 7th do do 1 l?th New York Vol... 7 11th do do 4 90th do do.... 1 lat do RIIm A tlit do do.(a) 1 let do Cavalry.... 1 ttd do do... 1 4 th do do 1 <*M do do.... 1 11th do do ? 64th do do.... 5 1st do Artillery... i HA V V?>WraMt*./l\ a law Uuvi ?-? * ? & via * t?B in *3 3d do do 1 3d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 OneidaCeuntrCav&lry 1 5th do do.... 3 9th Penn Volunteer*. 1 6th do do.... 3 27th do do 2 Excelsior Brigade.... 3 34th do do 1 ? 36th do do 1 Total 91 (a)OaaoAcer. (?) OneoMoer (c) OaeoAcer At Gmtrml HtfiuU, Union Hot*l, torn** Bnigt mnd Wm.sktnffn Qtwgtfwn, D*t Tt. 17th New York Vol ...11 9d VermontVoionteen 2 18th do do*... 1 3d do 3 19th do do.... 3 sth do do 1 90th do do.... 1 5th New Jeraer Vol... 1 ?d dc do.... 1 Sth do do... 1 35th do do.... 9 9th do do.... 1 33d dc do.... 1 id Michigan Vol 5 35th do do.... 3 4th do do 1 37th do do,... 1 2d Wisconsin do..'.... 3 43d do do.... 3 5th do do 6 44th do do.... 3 1st Minnesota do 1 <ioiQ ao ao.... 111st California do S 50th do do.... 3 lat Exoelstor Brigade. 6 Sid do do.... 1 3d do do.... 1 54th do do,... 1 3d do do.... 6 55th do do.... 2 4th do do.... 1 56th do do.... 2 5th do do.... 3 58th do do.... 1 lat Maryland Vol 1 79th do do.... 3 lat Indiana Rlflea.... 1 88th do do.... 1 Stockton'a Mich Vol. 4 2d Penn Volunteer* . 3 Garibaldi Guard* 1 4th do do 1 De Kalb 2 6th do do...... 2 New York Mounted 7th do do 2 Rifle* 1 8th do do 2 Kane's Rifle* 14 11th do do 2 lat Penn. Caralrjr.... 1 12th do do 3 2d do do 23d do do 1 5th do do ...... 2 26th do do 1 Harris' Light Cavalry 3 35th do do 2 4th Rhode Island Art. 1 40th do do 2 2d U. 8. Artillery 1 45th do do 2 4th do do 1 46th do do...... 1 5th do do 1 S2d do do 0 lat New York Artillery 2 57th do do 1 Mott's Battery 1 104th do do 1 Horn* amMi l"? r 1 3d Maine Volunteer* . l| ' ? 7th do do 4| Total 166 At Horpitml mt Ctlmmbimm C*lU(t, Wmtkmftm, p*t. rt. 4th U 9. Civalry 1 Oneida N Y Cavalry. 1 5th do do 2 3d Berdan 8harp*'r*.. 3 2d Maine Volunteer*.. 1 litNew JeneyCavairr * 7th do do 1 id do Vol.... 1 9th do do 1 3d do do.... 1 11th do do 35 6th do do.... 1 SthV?>rmontVolunteera 8 l*t Penn Artillery.... S 10th Mas*acbns??tt*Vol 1 l?t do Cavalry 1 Rhode Island Battery. 1 4th do do 1 IfttN'wYork Artillery 1 1st do Volunteer*.. S Hamilton Artillery... 1 3d do do ft Borky Battalion 3 *th do do 1 1st New York Cavalry. 1 12th do do 1 2d do do.... 5 23d do do 1 7th do do.... 1 <7th do do...... 3 8th do do.... 14 3l*t cU do 1 Harris Cavalry 1 5*d ao do 7 13th New York Vol... 1 57th do do. ..(6) 1 17th do do.... 6 96th do do 3 22d do do.... 1 1st California Vol 3 33d do do.... 1 Ohio Cavalry 1 36th do do 1 8th Illinois Cavalry... 37th do do.... 3 Sturgi* Rifles I 43d do do.... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol... 1 61th do do.... 3 5th do do.... I 77th do do.... 1 7th do do.... 1 7Vth do do.... 1 1st Minnesota Vol 1 87th do do ( ) 1 1st Michigan Cav.. (e) 1 89ih do do.... I id do Vol 4 Anderson Zouave*.... 1 3d do do 3 lat Excelalor Brigade. 1 4th do do < 2d do do.... 1 8th do do 8 De Kalh N. Y. Vol ... 1 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 McClellan'sDragoons. 8 Cameron Dragoons... S Total 173 (a) One officer. (6)Oneefficer (e)Oneofficer. At Ottural Hotjnml, (CirtU,) Dtc. >7. Officer* 1 22d New York Vol... 3 let U S. Cavalry l ttth do do 8 '2d do do 1 44th do do.... 8 4th do do 3 New York Rock Bat5th do do 3 tallon 1 8th do do 4 1st D C. Volunteer*.. 1 1st do Artillery.... 3 1st Michigan Vol 1 3d do do 1 5th N Hampahlre Vol. 8 4th do do........ 1 9th do do.. 1 5th do do 8 8th Maine Volunteer*. 1 1st do Infontry 1 7th do do.... 3 3d do do 7 Uth do do.... 1 3d do do 7 2d Vermont Volunteer* 1 4th do do 7 4th do do.... 1 6th do do 4 Stampfleld'sN Y Vol. 1 7th do do 1 Sth N Y (Irish) Vol. 8 10th do do 4 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 Engineers 1 Cameron Dragoons... 1 2d Penn. Volunteer* . 3 2d Wisconsin Vol.... 1 45th do do 1 8th Illinois Cavalry... 1 5th do Reserve.... 1 9th New Jersey Vol.. 1 2d New York Vol... 3 ? lath do do.... l| Total 94 At Fifth District School Houtt Hcspttal, branch of Hospital on E strut, Dec 27. 12 th Pennsylvania Vol. 1 Kentucky Cavalry .... 1 9Tth do do.. 1 4th Penn Cavalry .... 1 lOttta do do.. 3 Cameron Dragoons... I 3d Michigan Vol 1 Ohio Cavalry (unit). 1 2d Vermont Volunteer* 1 2d U 8 Cavalry 1 fid New York Vol... 3 ftth do do 1 69th do do.... 1 ? D C. Volunteers 2 Total... 19 5th Rhode Island Vol. J Sxck rtm*ini*g t? thi Hospital for Eruptive Diseases, at Kalcnama, Dec 27. 2d U S. Infantry 8 32d Penn Volunteers. 3 ?th do Cavalry 2 5Id do do 1 7th Maine Volunteers. 3 85th do do...... 2 lid VrrmontVolunteers 1 flfctb do do 1 14thMasaachuaeta Vol. 1 I04thdo do...(?) 6 1st New York Artillery 5 1st Michigan Cavalry. 1 O/i ?l... A ? .M *? ? - 1 uu v?*aiiy m. ou uo f OI .,? ? 1 4tth do Vol 1 7th WlroHln Vol... 1 Mtb do do 10 Itth Indian* Vol ? 1st Peon Reserve.... 1 (Quartermaster's Dep't 1 8th do do...... 1 ? 45th do Volunteers . 1 Total 53 (?) One oflcer - At Indtmua. Hospximi ( Patent OjfUt), Wat king tern, D. C., Dtt T!. 19th Indiana Vol 40 53d Penn Volonteers. 5 3d do Cavalry.. 2 9tb New York Vol.... 1 37th do Vol 2 1st do Art 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 7th do Cavalry 3 1st Berdan Bharps'rs . 4 *7th do Vol.... I 2d do do 1 ? 11th Maine Volunteers 5 Total. 76 I 1st Michigan Cavalry..4 At OtmtrtU Htujrifi, itexssMs, Dtt 27. una ?-* w ?- ? v . u. imi?wMj * aw* new i ori f Oi... 4 3d do do 1 39d do do.... 4th do do 5 37th do do.... 4 6th do do it ?th do de.... 6th do do 3 40th do do.... 7 10th do do 1 44th do ' do.... 4 1st do Ctnlry 1 40th do do.... 1 6th do do 1 54th do do.... I 6th do do........ 1 57th do do.... 1 id do Artillery.... 1 56th do do.... 1 5th do do 3 6l*t do do.... t Sherman> Artillery.. 1 03d do do.... t 27th Indiana Vol ?t 06th do do.... 7 lrt MaaaaohoartU Bat. I Mth do do.... 1 Sth do Vol. 6 7*h do do.... 1 8th do do..t3 tat Excelalor Brigade. 1 9th do do.. 1 3d do do.... 1 19th do do..10 NewYork Engineera. 1 5th Connecticut Vol ..S3 Cameroa Rliea t Hd W laeoiuln Vol.... 4UN V Fire Zouavea 1 LA /I. A~ I i- r\ 1? . ? u ?tv ?V( m u i ncviu vvtwi v ? I 5th do do 8 1st New York Cavalry 1 ?tb do do 14 8tb do do.... 1 4th Wisconsin Cavalry 1 3d Paaa. Volunteers . 3 *d Michigan Vol 18 5th do do S 3d do do 11 7th do do t 5th do do Ikh d( do 1 ?d Maine Volunteer*, t Mth do do 1 3d do do 3 ttth do do 4 4th do do 4 30th do do...... 3 5th do do S?d do do 14 3d VermontVolunteers | 40th do do t 5th do do 1? 45th do do .... lat Rhode Island Art.. 1 49th do do ft 1st do Bat.. 1 Md do do S 4th do Art.. 1 53d do do 7 4th do Vol.. 164th do PVcKomto* 1 7th do C?*.. 1 97th do Veienlom.. WMlnnHTd 1 tin do do t 1st NewJereey Vol.... 1 Ktt do do 1 Jd do d^.a. ft 8M do do...... I ftth do do.... I 104thdo do 1 th _ dc do.... Mth d* do 1 in new TorK ... 1 iNiki* A*...... 1 14th 4* te... 1 lit 4* Rmhm.... 1 Utfc 4* 4a.... 1 tat d* c?Mlry. ... Wk 4 4*....If 1st 4* ArtlUftry.... * 17th 4* 4*....14 tat 4* Drag MM... 1 IIU 4a *.... Silk 4s CiWlli.... t 19th 4* 4ft.... 7 Utk 4? 4c It M 4* do.... t Utk do Im?T?.... l Wk 4* 4*....14 19tb 4* 4o 1 MU do 4ft.... i Cmihi Dihm ... > S7th 4* 4ft....ti 9th lUlftftta Cavftlry... 1 fftk do 4ft.... I Uikam 1 WU 4ft 4ft.... ? ink 4ft 4ft... 1 Tfttal 483 3M 4^ 4ft.... 1 1 - > AUCTION SALR-. XTP* tkm Aumon SmUt, ?** Jtrrt THIS AFTERNOON + TO-MOtiKQW. Br J.C. MrGl/IRE. * CO.. AittieMri T*l BTEE'H SALE OF LARGE AMP VAL vaml* I^ot on Capitol Hliu? OB THl'rt I DAY AKTRRNuON. Junr? ?.? ? o'oloot ? the motion roomi, > Tirt?? oi * dt*d of trsit frt>m JavtlM A. Ko i?. tad d*t?d F*hrm~? MU, iA*. | And d?l? reoorded >? Mb*r J. A.B . No. I?i. fo'to# | Mt,?t ?*.. on* of tk? l*ad rooords lor ^t t n| ton oosoty, D C , I ?!! Mil U>t aainhorod l?f I !?', m rqvw ?mu?rw bui ninortg M4 ?(bl ivo (MS), fror.ticf ISP faot oa Dolavar* ktwh. 1<C fret i laobaa oa aortk K atroot,aa4 Ui foot * taoboa i , ol Pi rat atraot Mat Term* One-tlurd aaeh, the rowaiadT iaaU art 0 t??lw month*, with intorwt, aacarBd by M cf trsft oa the kmun. If the tenaa ofraia ara aet ootayliad wtth vita hi t? (Ufa Lbe'Mjter .the trait?? i war if Ue rt?M to reaeil at Um riak ud axaaaae of defaa tn )arwmmm. All ooaTtraaoea at tha aoat ofaarehaaet w z HOLLIDAY. TTHtaa. J d?m-aaw*de C. McgTYrE * CO.. Aaata. FUTURE DATS. Br J. c. McGUIRE * CO., Aoefcoaoora. EH'RNITL'RE AND EPFBCTB OW A FAM r tLT *IKOflH noH TBI OittOa BATUR DA\ MOMNIN6, Jaaaary ?ta,at 10 o'olook. la front of tt? Aootiar Room*- we aaaJL aali U? Far aitara *ad Kffrcta of a fBmilr reaMn&c fro* ta? All*, / ntnanain* ? wiluiud MtbofMr Itlralotk Cnvrad Mi. Ar? uo Parlor ''ra. Marble-toe Wb?toot, 0*c? and Wood leati'ttiri, Br> ioa>?a. Locate Deal*. Doub.e ard finale Bod at?da, Bareaee, Hair and Huak Mattre*?e*. ttolatoraaad Pillowa. So Feather Beda and Men, Larre 4 aantitv of Btncieaad Doabre CwatorU. Braaaoti and rbr?e ply Cai>ali, Boaewood and Walnut Criba. aad Mattraaaae. Looking Olaaaaa, Toil*! ret*. Cookiag and othe- Stove*. A.a. Together wita a general aMortamt of B?a hold Requiaitee. Aua, 2 ezoellent Fami r Camagee. 2 new K1 pre*a Wagoca. Term* oath. _ _ * 1 iti J c MnAiTiB* a rn am*> i 1 By WALL A BARN ARD. AuboMm. Carwar ioutk tidt Pm. art ??4 JVmU iinu P?OLT AND HULK AT AUCTION. ? Ob v> 8ATLKDAY MORNING vt Will Mil, IB front rf tbe All on on Rooat, oM T?rj food Colt mil Mil*. Tarma ouh jat d WALL A BARNARD. AitU. By WALL A BAR VARD- Aaetior>?iere~ ( om*r Pmn arrwm mmd 9tk it ft. F>f*ITIV* BALE OF NKW ANDHKC^ND Hawd KrtmTTii at AtcTton.?On SaTCR DA\ MuRM.No. Jaraar? ?, ovb?*mipi M 1* o'c ook. on the first floor of oar Aietioi Rooai, we ?tll M l. without reaerTV a lar?e lot of Now ard Sooord-haad Farmtaro. oomrriainjr? Superior Faatber B*d?. Bolster*, boo Pillova Superior ttair, Stuck. Bad Aback Bad Cotton Mat Jemy Lind. Cottage. Bad othor Bad?t"ada, Droaetnc and Plata Bureaa* Tab'ee, Bad Waahatau<n. Can* and Wood eeat Ckaira and Rook era. Sofa*. Lonncea and Whatnots. ai La-te Tot of Doable and Btaclo BiackoU Bad Comf<>rt?, Carpal*, Rot*. Cota. Gao Fijtnraa. Kxtanuon TaM*e, Wardrobaa, Cottage J*eta. > Melodeos. Oak Dinint Chain aid Kookara, Large ? ooc a-d other Storee. With a variety of ot*or art elot ta the Hoaao k-epinc line, beiag thetffeota of a (ami y teawiBK ft haottr. J Terma oaah. I la 1 WALL A BARNARD. Aeota ' ! ByGRKhN A WILLIAMS, Ano'ioe'tr* H|ANO<*OMbTW<>KI(iRV0RICK HOUSE 4 I 1 A5D Lot at ArcTioi*.?On TUEbDAV- tt? I Trti instant, we ?h?)i sell, at 4 o'oloek f. m.. is front of th? prerr iae?, * good TWO STORY BRICK HOl'SE AND LOT. . it boms lot lettered E. of iiMmimii of original lot No. 4, in as o are nambered ST*. with the iibarovernenta, whioh Are a good Brlok fc'wel leg B"?ee, A a.. Ac. Th* Abo re property ? aituated fronting on ab ailey rim e( from North D la the ?enter the Mutre. between Ninth u< Tenth street*. Tf rm? : One halt cash bAlAooe in etxaad twe^ ?e months, for notea bearing internet from day ?1 Ale: a deed gir*r.( an? a deed of (met taken. A l oonreyancinc at ths ooet ?f the parchaeer. . jaleohda GltEKN t WILLIAM*. AieU. By J C. MeGUIRK A CO, AacUoeeera TRU8TEK'* SALE OF HOl'8E AND LOT on noiti K Sr., ?twii5 4th akd ftrn 8t? wrAar ?On 8ATUR Da V aFTKKNOOV Jans ary 4th, 1862. at 4 o'clock. on the pr'mieee. by rtrtne of a deed of trnat to the an been her, <lated D*o?mber l?t, 1W>, and daly rf corded m Liber J A. 8., Nrt Jns. foltoa 511, et ee* , one of the laad re?orda for Waehington ooaety. D C.. I aha . eel. part of Lot mnbered one, (1 ) in r< a are numbered fire hundred and fifteen, berinoing for the same at tt>? aoathweet ormer or naid Lot No. 1, and raamag thsnoe eut sixteon feot; thonoe north sev?ct? ono inohea; thwoo* woot nxt*?ii f?t. thsn ; south sovonty one M oiorea tnohos to the piaoo of beginning, togsthar with th? iwsroromoiita, oon- / listing of a threo-^tory briok dwelling koiM. i Term* fson oaah ; the remainder in nod IS F\ month*, wi u> lntarMt, aoearod by a dead of trut X \ on the promisos. All oonroyanoinr at the ooct rf Mrohaoor. THU J, F 18HEk.Tr? do4 lawAds J. C. McttUIRB A CO.. A?w?. INDIA HI IIHER GOODS, OP ALL KIND8?FOR THE ARMY. A Urgo took just reoeinad. JOHN B PUDNFY, 324 Pa nr., < hook room I or Jit D it. WOOL"cXp8~^OMToirFi*t^LpVE8. 6AUNTLETS. SHIRTS, IRAWERS. Ac., fresh goods, at JOHN B. PIDNEV*8 3*5 D siroot, between 9'h and l?h. BUFF4LO A WOLF ROBE8. LAP *?fKS. . HORSE BLANKETS, and CAMP BEDS.* js?t soured at JOHN B PUDNEV8 324 Pa. bt.(back room)or 355 D street. tot *h ana loji. L'Dttl ? - ?? A?' i .?CHUCI yUH wu- * nou oni^f and deeir?ble ?o?*U at tho Satiar Supply I> |?t^r JOHN B Pl'DNEY. 344 D ULANKET8, BLANKETS -L*r?e etoak, by Lf the bale or pair. JOHN B PI DNEY. s*. de? 34* 0 eireot, Mmi >U u4 lMk. * ' rpO MILITARY OFF1C&KS AND OTHERS. BATCHXLOM'J OfNUIXE HAIK PTE. Tk* Omit lUlimtL ? ? HmrmUat Hat* Dy b*m A SoM by all Drtifiilc aieo, w BmrroH'i PMwt Mmioid* Store, cy. Patent Oftoe. oor. F * ni). Otne'a Hair Store, L*dieeean havaHapy ied, ifdeeir*d Factory?SI ti?roi?y at. < 5e Ml Broadvar N. Y. oo l '? MILITARY OVERCOAT*! i'l MILITARY OVERCOATS!! RMdT H'dt or mode to ord lor. Tli*aortatoi ?" np? y soBiUotr ob hand. ra&cug (m? 09 to f 76Overcoats, Dreei sod FtfifW Co%U, PwU, ami Vests mad* to order, on efcort notioe. at oar anal low prtoee, for cash. NOAH WALKER A CO , ds n tvif rlatel.i 3(lPt av*BM. BbD COMFORTS AND BED BLANKETS, Table Linen, Napkins. To*?l? and Sheetmt With all *inls of Dry Goods far lamily use, for sale at the lowest erioes by WM. R. RH.EY A BRO . No. 36 Oct--* Store*. Between TUavdttliiU. <? r tw Oypoeite COBtOT Mt'tet, A NOTICE /ILL Paraoaaiadabted toubf not'*,da* bi is. k. udopw aooonnta, are raaaaotfal!? imim) to ?* oali and aattln the Hm? by tba lit of Juurr(W, at whic . tima all aoaoanta on oar book* will b* r**dr for d?livary, and anlaaa raid will ba plaoco la tba band a of a ooliaotor for aattla?at witboat fartlwr aotioa. da? im BARBOUR * BRUMESJNPOKTAMT T O LADIES. Tba aat>?arib*ra bara ohm tha atora No. 16 Markat bpaoa ra av bat. Kb and Kb au. a* a ft rat alaaa Laoaaod Fancy Draaa Caa l>?p?t oon?iai.r.i ia pert of foiatd'Alaaaon. Appliana, Macki't and yalaaeiaaaa* Laa?, aaoa aa Coiiara. b Hardka c! efe. Cap*'. y <HUCia?, Capa. Cafa. Ccifara* aad made up n ooa of Uta f aaat <aamr, at-d at Naw \ ort pnoaa N. B.?All aorta of 1 ami waabad. macd*c aoC dona ap aqaal to abort aotiaa da?-lai* ?OAL AND COAL STOVES. SHAMOLMN AND LYkWNS * ALLEY CO Al w J- lanqdun * CO.. baviax latr^ oo*d to Um aiUsaaa oX Waablagtoc tha abova ftaa CoaJa, aeliott tbair attaauoo to tba & aa1*Krat?M NATIONAL AND UNION OAS CONftUMIN? . ^Soal stove*. tOfVUMT Witt ft It* ftMOfi Of cooking flrvvn. k ?ow om toadtadlo'fftliortM*, ftt tknr Beow, A with Mcwermott, O# PiuTmti T ()rd*r* for Coftl rMMTM ftod promptly telirorw* to smiomwi ftt m < nU ft mM tea wit ft is om 1U of Um K k. roftd Dtftot. Lm fMBfaUM 4*jjyrwl ftt ra^onftb rftl? n>? It QLO MADItlAA^ tH^*Y a>d PO*t Wftsdorw Mftdfttrft, botuod JMt. f? ootwin 8*b?y. .... rcara . I UAUULk UO*l?K? KUM '?? M ,m" "ITimt' !

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