Newspaper of Evening Star, January 2, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 2, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. Bow to Ccbb Kjckiko Horns iin> RrnAW4T8 ?The Boston Herald ssys" If you b?*e * bone that hu a habit, wben in harness, of bringing hia hftels lo contact witb the dasher And damaging hia vehicle bj kicking, proceed aa followa: Place aronnd bis neck a bind like that naed for tbe ndiog martingale. Then take two light straps, buckle them to tbe bit on eitber aide, pass them tbrongb tbe neck band and then inside tbe girth. and strap them securely to each fntlcck of the bind feet, taking oara to bare tbem of the proper length. When a borse is rigged in this manner, if he attempts * ?' ?U will M( tli* XO "tM( up naiuu, cava wu*- J bead down in each way a; to astonish him, asd perhaps throw him over his head. He will mahe bat a few attempt* to hick when he will And hi* head thus tied to hia heels, and two or three leuons will cure him altogether. The aetbod of reforming a runaway is. equally simple and effeetaal. First of all, fasten some thick pads nponyonr horses' knees, then bnckle a strap about the site ef a rein upon each fet leek forward, and pass the straps through the haae rings eo some part of the harness near the shoulder oa each side, and lead the straps back t? the drirar's baed as he sits in the buggy. Ha has thus four reins in hand. Start tho animal without fear: don't worry him with a strong wsll upon the bit, but talk to him friendly, when he attempts to run he must of course b?nd his forward legs.* Now pull sharply one of the reins, and the effect will be to raise one of his forward feet to his ehoalder He is m *^ *****^ ^Kft kaj rvnnu Wllsvioggvu U Vitro uvw.auvi rr ucu u-o Suuw on in that way a little drop the con Trained foot and jerk ap the other. He can't ran futer on three logs than joa can ride, and when yon have tired him on both side? pretty thoroughly, or if he refuses to take to his trot kindly, and to obey your voice and ? moderate finll on the bit, you can ra'je V.^th his fore eot, drop him upon his knees, and let hia sake a few bounds in that position." Maxr fact ens or AjmvreiAL T*eth ?It is 9'ated that at least three millions of teeth ?re annually made in this country alone. The first operation, according to the mothod of manufacture pursued at one of the inoet es'ensive stablishments of this city, is the choosing of the materials. These are feldspar silica,and olay. To ihede are ad Jed various metallic oxide? to produce any shade oi color desired. The felosp*r. clay, An., are ground to an imMai aoVIa vwvav/j a* o , I r i q J n nil moila n uvi u uuu * n a ui< -? ?w)wuw "*? into iput*. That eomp^aiiig the body of the tooth it of different materials from that composing the base or cnnin<sl. The teeth are made la bra#* mould*.and this is quite adelieate proofs* The enamel i> first put in place with a small steel spatula; the platinum rivets, by wblcb the teeth are fastened to the plate, are filaoed in position, and tbeu the body i< pressed nt? the mould. They are then submitted to Dowerfnl pressure and dried. After beirg irlri. they are submitted to a prooess called bruiting, in which they can bo cut like chalk. They are tnen gent to tbo trimmers, who scrape cff all projections ai d fill up all depressions which may have keen left in the operation of moulding, and then wash them with what is technically termed enaael. This is compose 1 of rarioug substances, more fn^ible than the tooth iUelf. and answers the plai'j in common porcelain making. It is ground to a fine J>owder, and su?pen iod in water, and is laid on with a camel's hairbrush. They are now gent to the gummer<?. who nrpiy the gum This ii ebiefly ei mp>seJ of ox de of gold. -cd is applied in the s*ms manner ts '-e After being dried they are burned This operation iscarrl?d on in a muffle. The teeth are placed on a bod of crushed quarts, which is placet} on a alafc of rcfractor; cl.iy. After being exposed tc an intense heat for some hours, they are taken at, oooled, and sorted. L VVM. COKWIN ULKtfk, TB With the olil atid well known house of WM, 8. OH WIN * C5, Saw York, Dfvlfr m ekoit* V>ra%diei, tV *-j Cititi, ft., mmd of 7*?ij in I Ckint.?? Fw f Ooodi, No. 351 Pim.n-vlvahia aviivi, (tnt'aroe SMxth Street.) IftiiinKiM, D- C. The attention of ooni:o:s?eura and the pablio *enera. y is invited to my at<x k of line B rallies, Wines OUars Teas, *o . o^mpn-icc Henn'saey Ota-d aad r**yer Brandies, Widow Cuoqiiot, Moct A. Ciando i. Mom's, Hetdsick it Co , and Associates Vill^U^T. ChAmn&cBM' P*rm?rtina \riarte Shcriei; \V anuerer, Renerve and goath Sid* Madeiiaa; H'rmonT and Burmerster r>??U; tbe coiebrated "WtH"' Olao Hno?? Gin; In?h ?*oo co, Bjtrtnjn aid Munoi gaiia a Whistie*; Jamaica an) St. Croix Rums: Obaca, Pigt-s La Ko?a da San'iago. a Esparto a an > virlnaa Wands of Ci<.ars aad very fine V ouag Hysoc, H? uii. Imperial and Knglisn liroskfist Teea in oatty box** imported hj myself expressly for family use de Him J^tTHCGRAPHIC WORK. Sxaaxd Paorut^ri will be received ' y ti.e<*ena'? Commu te on Prlctii g until the l"th of January for Lithographing and Pnn'ing the Mars, chart*, acd Diagrams which accompany the document* from the Department* communio%te<i ti.e Annul Message of tt e President to Congress, to b? Mkitsd in the very best manner. No bids received except from persona carrying oa Uie Lithographic tiusiness. Por particulars app y at the Office of th? Snper L? tendant of Pub 10 Priat.Bg, where the work to be doae can b? examined. JOHN D DF.FREES, d? T7-eo3t Superintendent Punlio Printing E. C. D V KIT 1MPOR rtH OF BtUAK??, AND DIA.LEK IN WINED, LIQUORS. Ac.. ? ? Pen*. ar?n?*. bttwn 12/* and 13tk streets, VvumngiJD Cut. SOLI A9B.1T IN THia CITT FOR THB CKLBBH4TID HUNGaRIEN wines or A. eCH VVAK TZEE, Of V lecna. 1,000 CA^ES ?I bave just received V*'i caaea (aaeorted) of theabuve ohoioe Wirm, to wh'ch th< attention of auti-rra and the public generally i? reapectfuily called. Frioea ranging from 04 o 830 peroaa*. de21-H>t ^EW AND BEAUTIFUL! 460 NINTH STREET. I have jaet reoeived from New York a very obotoa eelection of the following gouda T.'.e attention of thoee in want la eohcited. PAPERHANS1N93 _ . roK . Pirlora, Bed Rooma, Veatibulea, _ Dlaitt R -rn?, and Ceiling*. OoM Band and oth~ ,t*t**$lNI)OW gaADES. Sbida Lines zc<l Tnmnr.ici*. Pi-tar? L>oop?, Ta??el? an 1 Cord*, Shed* "rda and Tutels. MATTRESSES ASD CUsH ONS i)f all ar?or ption*. 'fi** > iu craw. r*BOLsia?Y Wail AJID Papbrhipo!:**. h til iU *a i'iaa aiyle*. ezzcatou pn.ia6u , at the ry-Lowest Pouib e Prices ?TTl STORE stiADfcS Ma.e and Lei.erod. TTT Twini cam yru 8>tr3-y L. J. ROTaS^CK. CLOTHS AND V/ CASSIMF.UVS. A ef 8!%ck aad Fan^y Caarimeres, f. Black aiid Colored 'iotha, Coatiiu >.loiha in ali fraaca, and tieaver Cloth*, juet received and for ft*4e at tbe lowest oach pn ~ea. HENRY E'?AN. 323 aonth aide Penn. av., r^r-son da W-tt 8th and 7'h ?!?. Iran ARPliTINGS AND . QIWCLOTHS. 1 h*T* jnM r?t?rrr<l a law r>or? piece* of ?"w tyiM Thr**-py, locmo. LMt, R&r aad Hemp jUi?,F'ci?r.Table ud Rtep Oilo'otba and Oile!och Bora, wtnofc will b? aolrf *M?e loveet oasft ;nm. * b?NR Y Eo an, 1U Psan. ? ., between 8th *od Ti a ?U , peg tt N?w Iroa plKAMLN-S I-NBL'iA.NCK COMPANY WASHINGTON AND ?BOft?ETOWN. Of* t&rmm C ttnvmiU Limuim* am., mm Bmk rifUWHi MO t<f* aholM Goimd l> utUr, Mat imtwd tW Ji tg&a&SL. for u?^tm? *fii<>-M90N<^*T a,r,, M1?U 4k Co.'i M?rb!e HftJI 8*r<*r. < WO U?k>w Br?wr?Hi>W. k|OOBE*8 WEST IAD DRUG hTOKK. *?1; 111**. irtlCI. *-OVTB SlM. 'TT'r^V Oo*i OiTbad Uimf* t*t inn*. HA N^KKtci^K^Ail^mF^^E^St Ma* !?f. for l?di#? ^ ,#LO-in*-!fc t fet - (illUHM Pr*McU. ~ kk? j J I 8. H. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. y In preventing this delicious beverage to the public, It It not oar Intention to bernld it as n quack medicine, that Will cure nil disease* and affection* that human nature la heir to, bnt that * It In purely a combination of most delicious fruits, dMUled under our own personal Supervision, basing no dele terlous or lnjarions admixtures so roormeo vrlUi many compounds forced upon the PnMle In tfcae shape of Tonics, Ac. PIKE'S AIMY CORDIAL will become one of tbe moat useftil and at the same time healthful beverages that has e? er been offered. We take mueh pleasure 1a thul presenting It, particularly to Soldiers, who are Exposed to change of weather, climate and hard!hip, as the best lnvlgontor that can b? found. SAM'L. N. PIKK A CO 9 SOLE AGENT IN WASHINGTON, D C., ENILE DI PRE, 3*iO PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Cincinnati, October 90,1861. ! hereby certify that, In accordance with the law regulating the ?ai? of Alcoholic Liquor* In the State of Ohio, 1 have inspected 8. N. PIKB'8 ARMY CORDIAL, and find It free from poisonous Impurities. I also bellere It to pocse?s high medicinal properties, of a tonic and aatrlngent character. In testimony whereof, witness 107 signature this 89th day of Ootober, lofll. DAVID O'CONNELL, M. D.t Chemical Inspector of Also hollo Liquors for Hamilton ocunty. 8. N. PIKE'S [ ARMY CORDIAL! i No Househould should be without It. ; ? i 6 S PICE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Th? most bMltbful and useful Toole a*!ant. 3. N. PIKE 8 ARMY CORDIAL! h?t? the dsUciou* Btvereg? at home. N. PIKB 8 I ARMY CORDIAL t I* dlaUlled from dtliclom Frulta tod BcttIot.J i _____ b. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! r I Sutler* In tb? Army auppllwl oo re?*onat>ie ; term*. 8 S. PIKWB ARMY CORDIAL! Every Offleer ?nd Soldier In tb? Army should nse Ike Invigorating Cordial. I I 8. N. PIKE'S . ARMY CORDIAL! Not only Officers and Soldiers, bat the most delicate Lady, will And tfcls Uordlal a useful TONIC. 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! mm uvi (jimt uivuigtur, uui IQO IHOVC OWltUHll and plmnnt Bewrag* la u??. S. N. PIKE S ARMY CORDIAL! Better fb%n French Brandy, WUtky, ?T any ?tror.?' Llqnor. X 8 V. PIKX'S ARMY CORDUL! If too w1?h to keep la food ketlth tad epirlte, dm this CovdlaJ. FOR BALK AT THE PRINCIPAL DftCOOISTB IN THIS CITY, OR BY 8. N. PIKE * OCX, IS mad M SYCAMORE STREET. CMCtlVlUTI, OUMO. 4 sat* AS*K* m WASHINGTON, D. 0., j o o,ff MILE DTPBE, ' .41 340 PKV^SYLVANM ATBWV? jpsiMBjisi 'I 0 J. P. BARTHOLOW, WHOLSSALt Airs HTA.IL DKiLIl m lirtvare k Agrlevltoral layleMiti, 343 S?V*ltTH bTIUTi gilw Pa, avmmta otto. Boat tmd Centre Mark*,) WASHINGTON. D. C. My (took wibraaas many artio for fw poses ; aidong watoh Are the following t Canal Barrows, ! Roye, W heel Harrows, Axes, Trooks?heavy sad light, Piok?, tiriadttODesj^ | Hatchets, unnoKone r mures, :?a?s, Af !?, P.ok Handles, Blsoksmth Too la, Ax, or broom, camp Stoves, Forks Letter Pi esses, ^hovels, Powde' and Burglar Spades, Proof W rought iron Log Chain*. Boxes. Ha ter Chains, Fireaad Burglar Prool ath Chains, Traoe Chains, gsatert. &!-~wXtta cWL0"-'*' Wrm!?LfW..i Pla'form, and Connter, Wrought Nails. Butchers Heal as, . vvV."?-K 00 NaiBntcher Knives, vvrenches. Hoos Iroon, v"l ' Strap Iron, 4o , Ao., ?ar*e?weoi. * ?. PorUb'e Mollis for Grindfl5 *5 Vai ' *?" ,n< Horse Feed, rJfJL Jii. tTtawCuito<s, Machinery of a<l kinds. Corn phellarg, ^ de 13 eoHr SMITH A BROTHER'S PALE ORRAM A I,R. SUPERIOR AMBER ALB, porter akd new york brown stout. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARLEY MALTaA HOPS, and highly eatearaed by lho?e wtto have uaod them. Purehaaera are rwqneatoi to call and examine oar eaperior a took* aaanred that they ml! find the BEST and PUREST articles. We have at all times a large etook ready for delivery. in wh"le, half and quarter oaska, suitable for the trade, hotels, and FAMILY USE, which we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE terms. . SMITH A RROTHKR. Brewers, No. A 160 West 13th at.. New York City. Orders by Mai or Express promptly executed. Ce 9-6 m l Silver 8v&T& gift* mlvj& ukns. SILVER Tl'RKENS S1LVKR B(1WL?. _ Slt.VFjR DISHES, filvkr SPO'?N?*and FORKS. silver pitchers, WAITERS, m , salt cellars. With a %reat tolle tion small r arrtcJM, in'M b e for Bridal Gifti The#* ftiidK are all of our own m\nofaotnre, of the most eleiaut workmanship and finish, and 4o not believe, for variety \nc{ quantity, are aur itmbou i't mi i inner ou>leotion in the oonutry. BPEHUNESiiJ 1MOXD JEWELRY, PltTR Per tell? by VMllf ittlfft * SONS, 17'J Baltimore St., Baltimore. Md. , Ketabliahfd 1817. de 14-121* ELEVENTH STREET. 502 E- FISHKR Ik HROTHKR8. FRENCH STEAM SCOURERS. Baltixu&s, Mo. The only plaof> thu side of New York, where von can **t a >i!k D etc oitaned, restoring the Tu*tree?uM new. Morirore, Delatnea. and all kit-da of Ladies Dresses oloaned without taken apart. ('rape and other 8haw!?, Table Covere. and tientieman's C.otairg. cleaned in the b<>8t manner. Leaving no substance in the oloth to iijure it or make it more asly to soil. N. B Wood-will be ter.t to Baitmoro twice a w?fk, and return with I:kpromptness. de 12 fw WM. P. ?*HKOD, Agent. PHILADKI.PBIA PROVISION STORE, 119 pennsylvania avenue, Iletwnen HfA and Wth sts The undersigned, haying iooated himself as above, taken this method or informing thn oitisena of the First Ward thAt ho h*? ?i?~ Provision store, conducted a;mi.&r to those for which Philadelphia is famous. Here can be f<?unH at ail times a large and fre?h ppply of POULTRY, GAME. ' EKP. MUf TO.>.ftc. FRUITS and VEGETABLESIn season. Particular attention it called to his stock and prices of BCJTTEK. CHEESE, fte. Pnilaaelphta Print butter. Goshen and Weetern Reserve. Beinc determined to give me striotest attention to the waptsof his onstomera, and to keep every artioio in fc?. liM-of the beat analitv, ?nd sell at the lowest market prices, he hopes to mem a share of public patronage. Families will be waited upon daily for orders. If required. no 18 THOMAS R. WILSON. Governmwl loan Agency* Omci or LEWIS JOHNBON ft. CO., BANKERS. Coe.nxk or Pa. Avi:ius awn Tenth St. LEWIS JOHNSON, of onr firm, having been appointed a Subscription Agent lor the National Loan authorised by the aot of Congress of tTtn J try, 1861, we are propared ?o furnish, to parties desirous of making investment, any amount ol 7 3 10 Treasury Notae, of oonvenient siaes. no 29 tl LEWIS JOHN SON ft CO. ifli .r&v&Jwfr sm . a> ai'inuTrirrurtrS W ! * HkNo, 11S Market Spaoe.^Pbn. av.t* between ?th and 9tn?t*. J ROSENTHAL. Ladies'. MIiki' and Children's Boot* and f-noee of every description. lower than erer. de 13 eo Dr. dupont's sugar-coated female regulating PILLS Read th.o following unsolicited enoomi ymf* urns: WW 4 "I cannot ootnmend hem too highly." W. H "They are the beet tenale Pilis extant." "1 have used them with oompiete sucoess." "Would not be without them upon any oonsideratine." "They operate speedily and effectively." Prioe 91 Sont bj uaii Sold b? 8. C. UPHAM, HlOCheerut street. philadelphia, and id Washington by 8. C. FORD, oorner 11th itre?t and Pa. avenue. no aa eolv DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE GONORKHtEA in six days. No chance of diet required It it an English Speoifio of sixtT-hve yea's stanc ingSHHBL. and wui not harm the most delim-t* iwm - titution It ooot&i' *o minerals, I*noe (1. Bold by S. C. UPH AM, 310 Chetnut itreet, Philadelphia, and in Washington br S. C. PORD, oorner nth ??rw?t and Pa a-e bo 8Q aolr JTKAS?TKA*?tka8t U?T Rfoetvefl a prime lot new l eu, for Mia low at BROWNING * KFaTING'S, da 4 Stawtf 333 Pa.avenne, near 6th *. JUST KKCE1VED A LOT OP THAT VER7 superior OLD CAKlNKf BR ANDY, at BROWNING * KEATING'^. de 4 Stawtf 353 Pa avenge. near 6th ?1. f ATAWBA GRAPES! _ C Catawba grapes!! Fre?h Cafawha Grape* in exffient order and aeiioicus iu uavor. Try thern. KING * BURCHELL, de U cornnr l>th at. id<1 Vermont a*. JOB PRINTING. ~ VERY Description of JOB PRINTJNS re?aire<: br any body?oitiiena, oivll funstionanea. armv ana navy offioera, sutlers, 4o.-eleontea u the STAR OFFICE, in aatisteotory atyle, at low r*f?? for Huh. "tl tf THE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform their patrons and the public generally of bein* amply aavplted with a superior atcok of^H FALl/and WINTER GOODS. im The* alao reapeotfal y invite attention of If their Army and Navy ouatomera, and those ma reqnirlnt outfita in that line, to their superiorjualiti?a of Sworda, Epaaieta. Shoulder Strap* Br.ta, Cbaveaua, Hata, Caps. Saahea, and Gold Lvcea, constantly on hand, whioh are warranted aa repre "TO.. endertnc thank a for the liberal patronage enjoyed, thpr wil^^RG eI?0** ^Q&ntlI1,UAM* (Suooeeaord to H. P^EondonftoJ I CITIZEN. MILITARYa*d NAVAL TAILORS, 362 Peunaylvanla Avenue. oo IB mnSm JMPOR1 ANT TO MILITARY MEN! Armv Re/nl?tion Ri*> MoCleiifta Fatigue Cape, ChuMnn da Pane Cape. Staff Cap* made to order, with appropriate aevtcea. B. H. STiNEMETZ, 336 Pa. avenue, near corner Uth at., Between W(Hards'ano Kirk woods' HoWle fT7** A?ei ay f?r Bitten'a Cork Cap Haveiock, Miffij rewmmMdM for the nae of our rank a?d file by Lieut Gen. Wiufield Hoott. da il-lm ONE NICK R' BKWOOD CH1CKBRIN0 PIANO f% ?75. ??^ One7 ooU*e f- ur round corner H%l.etflE3HKI A. Davit Piano f.>r #iW? flTmTI For a*le upon eatj terraa at the '.*1-?tj2?re ?' W. O. METZEROTTBole A?eao< for 8t*inway and tivo'a dnd Haven, baooo & Oo.'a Planoa. rte IS ^VfAdBEi, COLLINS k CO 'S III PHILADELPHIA DkAOOHT ALB. We have Joat receiveda inpply ol the above A le, Whiok we recommend to be or a very superior quality. Pareons withing to purchase, cy mating ta?mediafr'ippUaatioa* can befarniabed. ARN Y * SHJNN, no 1 Qwoffetown. nm I\Iwou MDt niMrt rk**" 11 ?r- 1/1I1U UK V ttUUlW lor til# ? "Tolka at home" nra aolioitad to lat^Mt oar nit (took, new oomplata in all department*. On* >riaa otjly. ttoa aotaal oaah ataodara valia, narked Id lain Ifirw. A? axanunatioa of atoak taoara ao obligation to '*A^Hkro?l? oareMlj walked, for aajraw or ottm aoaveyaioe, fra? oToharw Pww.aTwnfa^r^^. daH-8M ' Parry Baddlfag.'* Bo?a, Oar?Kt Para, be* whloi *?u?uow aaUag r * ' OAS FITTING, ko. AjieHov mU'tomU?rt?n nnim C7- Store on Mh street, afev door* aortk of Pa. w 48 PIITVIISi ana Finish, penor in mie to any tin nf hereto/ore era' a in tbia market Vre invite oibsep* renerftl It te Mil aad examine onr stock ol 64a u} Water ata-fe EJSS&S? All Work in the above u?e latnuled to tmt eare will be prompt! j atto*4?fi to. ATYEK8 * Me*BAN. Mr MT S76 D etreet. - H ~ DENTISTRY. | J^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHE0PLAST1 BONK TEETH. WttaoTT Mktil PLATS O* CLASP*. OR. 8. B siieaMOND. 10 Broadway, jYtw York-960 PtniuyPoantn Av *nu*. bitwim ltti and IStk ?ts , Watktatton, a tils the attention of the public to the lollotrlnj vant?{e* of hia imaroTed rTatem : I 1. The Teeth of his mannoMture wllAflKw nereT oorode itot chant* ?s)or by my****' "* aoidi, beine three fourth* 'litter than ur ether.

2. No teeth or rooU need be eitrftoted, M tn artinoial one* ou be iraerttd over them. S The roots trill be mfcde lnoffeaki**, fcn nerer o ache. t No temporary te?tb are needed, as permanent one* otn be m*de fmtnediat&iy, thereby preierrici the Dfttuiml expression of ?e face. which anacr the old rjstcui la frequently disfiiured. fc. Thli work has been fully taated <*vtr Ire yecra by mftny of the brat ohemists ana )hysioians of this OOMutrr. | Dr. B. hMtlio <?y?tted a white andestrn?ire -? ? wiui wiuon vue po? MniiUTl BKk oar. he B!W Without pain, and oan build op a far feet, eoupd tooth on any aide roots, which will last tfihrita lifetime. The heet of rwfbrenoee riven?to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. Dojemng, Profrssor orChennstry. N. Y.; Bon. Judge Wayne, of th? Supreme Court of Washincton, and thoucanda of others ^3all and examine for yonreelf. no 3 Bin pA88K.N?ER TRAINS TO AND PROM JT PALTiMORE. WISTEM SCHEDULE, On and after Monday, Deoember P*e en*er Traina between WASHINGTON and BAIT I MORE will ran m follows! TRAMS MOViyt* NORTH. Morning Kiprree leave V\ aahlncton 6 00 a. h. Ar?ve at Baltimore 7JO a., m.; Philadelphia UJO P. ew York I ?. Harner>srK 1.1* f. ?. Moraine AocommodAtion leave Washington 7J0 a. a. Arrive at Baitnnore 9 JO a. a. No oonneotiena at Baltimore^ _ now r on mail jrnun?leave Washington at 11 a. *? arrive at Baltimore 11.40 p. Philadelphia J7P- New York 10 p. Afternoon Accommodation?leave Washington 1.1$ r.H. Arrive at Baltimore 4 So r.u.; Philadelphia io.f*i p. m. Evening Ljcprese?leave Washington S p. m. Arrive at Baltimore 6-<S p. Philadelphia 10.58 p. New Yorlr 4 a. Hamabnrg 1 a. M. On ftnndays at S'*5ano 5 p m. only. The 6 p. m train from Washington connects through to New York every daj during the week. THAI MS MOT ISO SOUTJH. Leave NcVYork at 7 a. ??Philadelphia 11.*) a. MUa. Umore 4 00 p. m. Arrive at Washington J-54 F Mi 'Leave Nstt York at 6 p. Philadelphia 10J0 p. u., Baltimore 4 ? a. m, Arrive at Washington a. m. Leave New York at 1' ?. Philadelphia J30 a- m ; Baltimore7 35 a.m. Arrive at Washington 925 a.m. Accommodation Trains l?ve Baltimore at 9 a and I p. m , for Washington, arrive there at 11 a. m. and 7 p. m. On s*undsr? at 4 90 and 7.S5 a. x. only. Passenger Trains leaving W aenmxton at 7.40 a. m. and J. 4 p. m., and Baltimore at iSi a. m and 4.f0 ; p. m , make direct oonneetions for Anna?olia at the Junction. Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Wutincton at 6,80 a. m. and 2 40 p. m Passenger Ti&ins leaving Waahington at 6.00 a, m., li x. x.. an; 6 t. k., and Ba timore at 4J0 and l?f> a. and t. M- will stop only at Anna^oltt Junction. and was*in*ton I Relay) Junction Way Paaaspgera must take the Accommodation Trains on'v Train a will leave Washington and Baltimore promptly upon card Itoi?. W. P. SMITH. de 17 Maater of Transportation, Bait. ^JOVKRNMKNT Dlt* patch. FAST FRKKJHT LINK NBW V0*?JlX<m.,N8T0N, A Special Mee?eug? fill be aent throngh with each Train, in order to Mare safety and dlepatoh. ALL RAIL, WITHOUT CHANGE OF CAES. on an<! after MOVDAY. Not. 18th, this Comi pany will receive aod transport Munitions of War, ovemment Storea, Sntlera' Suppiiea for the Arm/ and all Miaoellaneoaa Freight, at Low Rate*. WITHOUT BEKJiX Of RCLK. Sptcial Contracts for Goods. i?* Lar$? Quantities, at HtdueM Hat**. IE^ Flight reoelved only at the Depot of the ?>t tral Railroad of New Jersey, Pier No. 8, North IVI VOI. For farther Information, or epeoial oontraeU, enquire at the Ofrtt of ike Company, 49 Broadttny, If. Y, Or ?48 P*nntylvantu avt., Watkmtton CHly. K^Mark 9ood?,"G?y-rnment Dispatch."-TT1 Freight reoeived from s a. m. to 3 p. m. A. D. HOPE, of Hi Hope Express Co.. nogj-lm 8nperintepd"Et. I NOTICE. " ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPAMY." This Company offers to the pnblio" Unequalled I Advantages" for the Sale ana Quiok i>ispatoh of i Heavy Freights. Paaxates, Valuables, Money, Ao. Ao., to all parts of the umtM States. Expresses to and from the {Niorth and West depart from and arrive in Washington twnoe dally. All Expresses are I- 0tari? of sxpsrisassd tmd ! ttWvdt Messengers. i All Packages for Tha Soldiers earner at "ow hali" our usual rates. I A11 Goods for the so-oalled "Confederate States" and all ArtiolM " Contraband of War will be . WRpre-^ tea ve New York at l.?, and P. ! ^.j^arriviog to Washiagton at A. M. aad Ml j "Expresses lea** Philadelphia at A JO A. M.. and ! *rnTlnI Washington it IK P. M, and Expresses Iht? Baltimore at 4-3P A. M. ud S P. ; J1.j^?rri7tnf in Washington at 6 A. M andfSO EiMmm for all points North and Wait leave WanMnrtnn at 7A0 A. M. and 2.30 P. M. dailV. Speoial Contracts for large quantities of Freight can be made on application to thia ?'ffice. All Gcoda oalled for and delivered fr?t of Kztra chargea. E. W. PAR>N Sup't Adama' Express Company. Waamagton. August a. laffl. an ?- tl C2 watches. IOLD AND B1LVKR ENGLISH, bwib8 I AND AMERICAN, I have now on hand a large (took of all the moat oelebrated Wa'ohea, that I am aelling at the very lowest prices that food and reliable time keepers can be afforded at; and every description oifioe JKWbLRV on band; all new atylea rieNTM ai aoon ae roan nfactu red, and offered at the lowest ratea. Silver ware manufactured in my own abop. All kmda of MILITARY GOODS on hand.auoTi ri Revolvsra, Sworda. Bashes. Belts, Bowie naves. Pocket Compasses. 4o.. *o. Also strong Army Trunks and Bed Combined: and anany other things uaeiul and ornamental at 33$ Pennsylvania avenue. noy tf H. A- HOOD. M. 1. F&AMUOJI, Ufijl/j MJ* * *8%A i-'ps **1 " Mills944 Pena'a ar?1 no Ui ?ido, (bet. lith And 1Kb ata. BLPF.CTACLE8, provided with caaalna Rook Crrata! or Periacopio L?nae?. mounted in jold, aTlTar or atoel. and failed with utrooat eare for rrary age and ejeaicht. FIRST CLAM MILITARY FIRLD-OLA88K8, Mlcroaoopcs, Comaaaaea, and Mathamatioai la trnmoau, at tit a iowaat Kaatern #noea, QO^tr j WE OFFER TO MILITARY MSN a Ult/3 aaaortmentof OR KY ana BLUB FLANNEL m^wsLhiM. wiuon we invite all oaah parobaaara to aaoWlM before irakiat tho.r ?eieo<ioii*. WALLV8TE>HRP?B A 0O? >99 Pa av? between tta and ma ata. M (iatolltawaraiwf faa to* v&toi w tritffifiac ? t wwr} torn tn?M for omL vTALL, 8TKPHKNB * (JOS?? Pv kr., bMvMa Mi uiMU ik II HBttllm?w??r w ??wbliafc?.) (JOU8B&, COLIM. HOAE8BNBMi *?. Bum. jomitobi, IIVIHOEI LOCK HOSPITAL, fiu ?WXiril tkt MM Otmm, S?w4f ?Uy Rtmtif m ii? WrM, POK ALL P1S&A8KB OF IMFK VD&NGK. L*T iTO FALSE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY iMMEDIAmLY. A 9VEE WARRANTED. OE NO CHARGE, IN rROM ONE TO TWO DAY*. VmIum ?f tfct *Mt, (tmiHM, ihtdM ?r U? KMMt! 1*4 diMharr**, lstpauacT, On r*J D?MlU>, r>r??*P ?. Usp?, Caltna I |f Mltk, Ufe Spr j, firpftm? of tfc* Inn, Tlarf.itr, franbliof*, ? Sifti *r Gtddinaw, Dmim W Um 4, Tkrwt, N?? ? Ski*. Af <gm ?f tkt lun, 9v*nut ar BiaiU?ih? TimWi D?w<?n trauf n SaU H.J WW wmim ?? UTIUIII /'< DMUtCIITI Pit!" Ucaa * tilth raodar Himui laipiwbla, aad daatra? hwfe rouxe MSN EapaetaUy ?b? ha?? baeona tfca ftcuu af Mttuf that draadfa! and d??:racu?? hab?t arfetab anoaaily ? u MtlMl; fnti tbaoaaodaaf tha ?aat <xak*d uImu ud brilliut latailact, vb? kt ?h*rwm? Um an true ad kaaiaoaog lium with th? thaodaia af ala. eaaoca ?r ?U?< m aiatacy (ha Imof lyra, w; Mil ?ntk rail WBldttM. MARRIAOB. BtaBBtBD Ycmcf Mas MtMBpUui ttatii Mu( itin if BbTMol ??> ??, ir|Ml? dtktlHy, difermtaaa, At., ipaadilT CaridIt arho cite** hiraaa* aadar tfea uri af Dt. J- *av ralifV Mala aaaIda n kll boot* aa a racUaaae act MaHItU) raly ajBri bla aklll aa a pfcyaietan. bmCE JV?. 7 SOUTH mSDERTTK ST. lafl baed r!db r*nnf frata Baltnaan Uraai a Hm daan (na tba WW, Pail mi lo abaarrt ataa aa4 avaVat. baHata act kt paid Ml can lata a atuap. rtto rnu?M>?i??? #r/fii?oiV2Ti tb* ?ayai CaiUga at fcrtifn. Ub<?, tr*4w ata (mo mW tb* coon rataut la lb* tatted Iiuh. u( tb* ra:ir pan af ltf* ku b**? *p*at la tb* bobcilal* of L?-dcn, Part*, n?lad*!pMa and ilM*llrt, bail ipitil Mutt of tb* mam aalaniafataf Mr** ibat m* ?ir lotnt tnaay travbiad wtffc nagwg ta '-S* baad a ad art wb*o a*l**p; rr*at a*rta?*n***, b*iu >Ura?4 at addtn *o*d4*. baafefvloa** with fr*qa*at blaafcmg. *tt*nd*d amatim** arha 4tru(tatai W mad, war* car>4 taa* dUtaly. TA** PARTICULAR NOTICE. t nil I M*e tad *Ui?r* who bat* in)ar*d tbataaalraa by a ttrtatc prac'Jc* indulged la wb*o alac*?a baMt froqa*atly l*ara*d frocn *?il corapaoMoa, or at acb**t( tb* *g*cta at vhieo ar* nightly fait *?*n whan a*l*?p, andif MOrtl, r*od?r* man-iag* iiapa**iMa, and daatroy* bath ifiiaa aaJ body, afcoald apply innadiatai*. Tn?*? ar* *on>* pf till tad abJ ntkaacbaly *f *eta pradacad by *arlr baMt* of roaih, ?i? i Wiakum of lb* Back and Wtaba, Fain* la J>* H *ad, Dimn*a* of Sight, Laaa of StaacMt P*?*r, Palpitation of la* Heart, Dyap*p*y, Nerraa* irritability, f>*r*ng*ro*o< of tb* Dig?*tir* Taocuaaa, 6*a*ral Oebiluy, Symptom* of Cooiammtab, *t M B^iLLT.?1>ii faartal eBeeie on tb* mlod ar* macb la b* dreaded ?Laaa of-Memory, Cacfaatac of Idaaa, Depreaataa af Srtnu. tril Forebodinra. itaraua af fcvutt lairnu. if Ml", Lot* of Boinada, Timidity, ?lc_ ui uni af tha a?tl* [WdlHi NUfOUl DIBILITT.?04A Wbllll lb* etMi of ibtir dacliaiog b*alih, loamr iknr *tg*r, Iteming watk, pal*, oinna uid amaciatad. baling a aingalat appaaraooa aWit lb* aya*. eaegb or ?ycp*auii tf Hanap DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Whan 9ia ia?nid*d and Intrwldit totuy rfpliuvt lad* ka baa Inbabcd th* aaada of tbia painfal dlaaaao, it to* aftaa a ppiu that aa ilt-omad aooaa of tfcaisa or draad of di?c*?*rj dat*r* him fram applying la tboa* who, from adacaUaa aod r*ap*etaMlity, can a loo* bafrtaad hum. H* fall* lata U? basda of tgtwraoi aad datigrnog erataodtra, who, lac a pa hi* of carter, flcb bia pocaolary aaootanto, kaap bia tnJicg BKti aftar neatb, at aa locf aa u>* oaallaat fa* baa ba *btaioad, aod In daapair laa*a him wtib rauiod baalta to curb *T*r ni* railing diaappotsifnaol; ar by tba ?* af that dodly pan an ?Mtroary?haatan tbo cauadtauaoal ymptacB* af lb fa lanibl* dt**a*?, *aat aa AfacUao* af th* H*ar., Throat, Bead, kla, 4c., pragraaauir with frtghtfai raptdit}, till daati pair a a* nod la bia dtoadfu tag a ring* by aaiwtmg blataibaiiadiaao^aiad taaulrr fratn wbaaa baart * na tn'alai rttana. DR. JOHNSON'S RE ME lY FOR OJiQAJfIC WBAENESS AXD IMPOTENT By thla rr*a: aid lmpana'it rtmady waakoaaaaf lb* argaa* af* apocllly ewrad ajid fall rtga* MatarvC Tbaaaaada af tb* Boat narvaa* and dabllrUMd, wba bad laat ait bapa, ba*? ba*a Iminadiauly raU*?*dAil lBpadimai.1* ta Ma/rUga, Phyalaai ar ftloaul Dlacaaltgwuana, Lao* af Praaaoaii'* Pow*>, In-UbUtlT. Tranaal'ur and Waakaaaa at Xiaaaauaa af lb* ?**t fiarnl ktad tpaadlly triad. ENDORSEMENT OF 1 RE PRESS. TBI Mi'l Tioi'lirna rjirad at tbia insula' ol wtthla lb* laat a*Tanta*o ^aan^and tha naroaraaa important Bargl MJ wjttmubi.* fintnUQ ?f Ift. JNIUM, VIlMMt ky U>? tf U? p?p*r? uid aus.y *U>*r cirxoi, n?uc?i mi vL'tfe h??? tjftifl ajuo u.4 tffjn k*f*r* U? rifclic, k?It'll hit v.rdtnj ii a (intiiniii af tbincin *r ti mcnilMUty, It a Km (luuiii l? Ut il cut. mar li-l y TRIESEMA n. Protected by Royal Litters Patent of England, and tecurtd by tke Stalt of tkt Ecoie dt Pkarmacie d? Pans, and tke Imperial College if Medicine, Vienna. TR1E8EMAR No. 1 ia the effectual remedy for Relaxation, fraaMATOtiBOA and kiHiCinon o? in Biitui. TRIE8EMAR No. 3. Completely and entirely eradioates all trace* of thoee disorders, for vhtoh Copaiva and lubebe have genera ly been thought au antidote, to the mm of the health of a vast portion of the pop alaTRIESEMAR No S. I the great and ear* mnN; of the cinlised world for 411 imoantiee of the eyetem, aa veil aa taoond?'T ynaptomi, obviating the- deetrnotive use of MATAur* - aa ? !! ***1 -* *? ? ? 4 " r ?. ? w-iwewrnzwe uiragiNll. and which all the t*arsapanlia in tiie world oaanoi rem ve Tsiiskm ?* !Nos 1. 2 ud 3 ar* alike devoid of taate or smell. and of all nauseatinc eaalitie*. They are in ttie form of a loaetge, and may lie on the tenet table without Uieir km beinc peoted. Sold in tin oaaee at f 3 each, or four f 3 oases Is one for *9, and in $?7 cases, thus saving |9 u administered by Va.peau, Lallemand, Kuu. Ao., 4o. \V no esale ard retail by DR. H. A. B \K? KOW. 104 Bleeeker itrwt, (4 doors from MaeDougal street i, New York, lmmeciaeiy on receipt of remittanoe, Dr. Bakkow will forward Trfesemar to any vart of the world, securely packed .and addressed aooording to Uia instructions of tbe witer. Publmti*d also by DR HARROW, that popular and beautifully ilustratad medical wo>k, Human Frailty. Pnoe 26 oents. a-<d Book can be obtained by special authority from 8. C. FOR 1J, Washington, D. C. da It-am LEA Jc PERRIHt* C1LEBRATKD Worcestershire Sauce. Prononnoed by C EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS ?l of a LatUr fro? a to ba the II B**"1 V***1* * ** ONLY OOOD ^Z, SAUCE." ? WorMtir. and applioable to ? rail L-V ErEVERY cpr-c1 m India, and it, is VARIETY St&Kf* my opinion. thamoat I hjifM pa..?t?b'a, MWt u ftp niMH flK??Htbe< most wholesome V' U18H ^^JrsesM thatr? made." The ator* SAUCE la not only the uit and most roTXTLAX co if dim int koovo, bat Ue most ?mmmic+i, aa a totr drop* in Sour, &r*ev. or wim FUh. hot ukI ooki Jo*ntt, B**J Bunk, Oamt. #e.. impart an exquisite seat, which wmmmeifUd Sauoe mm ufeotorera have 1b rain endeavored to On the Brtakfmjt, Lmntkton, D\n*rr, or fiappi VM*, a ornet oontalninf "LEA A PBRRIN8* WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" u lndnpensabio. To appreoiate the urxllmt rnnitrus of this 4tlieieiM preparation it is only nsaeeaary to parohaee a amtll bottle of the tmwtn*. of a reepeetable grooer or <*ea er, m many Hottl aud Rttnmnnt proprietors eeldom pieoe the Pun Banoe before their (nests, Dot substitute a genuine Be*tit filled with rpurunu mixture. For aaie by Grooers and Fruiterers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A 80?S, Union Sfunrt and 1 ilk strut. Pirn York. Sole Wholesale Areata for the Unfced State*. A 8took always is store?Also orders reoe?red for direct shipments from England. L/" Brwnrt ?/ CmmttvJwUt and Jmitntimt.^J} eep 1-ly.eo TOPHAM'S r M M M i W M tm W M K H MAyUTACTORr, 491 tamn mm, wudimm, D. 0. L*".r^SKSa.'SATaSSJJr* " KfHFTL ^I25?3K^ Bsira'Sffc^^LTttts: * Trunks ooTW??i and roMirotf XihwtMttw^ ?oo4a deilTPreJ fr?e of ?&fcri* to T\y?Tt of Ik* ,l7Kffia-?.T0n>i?. box* for omdollir. Gmj.rtd orhiwl|ilraH E,^rtA tjMJStjiAKSia ud ob?pept la tl>? world, prodooin*, u>? aonent AmWiBftnti sqssa S5? iW? iMW. >w. wyKwff lit Ooa?My aMkfoT sai^sis ?SsiSrKcfi on mi.iw b*?!,??umm TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY; j^oathekn cenbal iailway TU Skerlul, Qmukni mmd B*n IwMAhi BmtHM?rt M |JU ifoetb AND NOETHWErr. wifrrtM scxxDVLk C*a*?b or Iihe. On and aftar 8rNDA?7*U Pd-~b |?r Tr?,ci will arrtT* Md depart from Cclvwrt frtauoe M toi cwt: tea i us nobth lun Mail at ;?a.m. Buffalo Extra** I p. in. I Earkton Ao<* 41. m. PilUbart acd Harriabarc tiprNtty^ m. Tiaixi Soiti Aiiiti P*'ku n Aooon.modauot. at i b. m. Buffalo Exiimb 8 ar b. m. Pitiatmrf and Barrisbarg ?ifrwi i p. m. Man 6 ? p. in. The ? . m train from \Vubiutoi uuimKi With tha ISO a- m. tiain from Baltimore fo r t*a . Wri! Bad for Buffalo. Elmira Roebfttr, D?? * kirk. cblbrtbif OB and Niatara fb lie. Bod forhrw York Bity. The 21 a. m. train from Waablar'aa Nuwti with the 3p. in train from Baltimore ta " ML NorU a^' d N orthWMt and b .mitaasd Basiio aW The 5 p. ib train from Waabiaftok ornnMtB ?ttl timfe-SBf. m. Uaia fjotr ^itimore^tor Putt'mu, don'^or 2eWr^ Futon**? %ntowa aa4?^Cew York via Cehttal Vai'rrad of >ew Jtntf. Trr tkti roata fbr Flo<r Vork uWK sse * "jKraagr' o ? ly gnper'.cUpdattt. I* NOT1CK TO TUVKLUS. Be Pr llpnim u 1.1 ?nHw< m mw.wm* nf m W * fc ^ L4 w 84 t. tnor?. and Old rolirt . Monro#) to be rtniwc, oo ud K{"iU l?y > from thoir vh*rf.foot of Lnion twt ? 4H 4t iw oViool 9. m. ntn-tf M. fl FALLS. Pwt <rai MKAM VVktMLY H* TW EKN Nfc.vs YOKE aSD LIVh R P(?OL. l>?adu>( ud mb*rkia? nwtw M OlMDIl 'WE. lrO)fc?d The Liverpool. .New York sad Philadelphia Bt*am?ni? Company tctei.o diapaiohinc their ftU owered C!yd?^b?Ui iron 9team?hpt u fo.iowa i t* LA86OW........ _8H?rfi?T, A ifiit Id CITYOF BALTIMORE, ~ ? l*h. KANGAROO. - 1WL Aid ?T?ri 8aUrda?, at noon, froa Pmt *4, North imt. . liTtl Of filMtB. Flr*t Cabtm~._ 9? Do. to I or-lnn BD Do. to >*ari? tf _ Do. toHamtwri - M Mmtm*?r?? ? ? yv. ? WlWUfc... i ? M I>o. to '** ie - m Do. to Hiirebcri- ? at PtMMieri fcrwarcrd to Bam. >otterdaa, Antwerp. Ac , at redaoed throuh ttkree. Pere?a* wiahiac to brlac out ?hel/ frienda ou buy ticket* at low rata*. For larvher kiurtuattoc apeiy at the Captaiaa Office. JOHN 6. DaL', Areot, 16 way. X. Y.. Or to Q. A. HERRING, Adam* Kiiroi Btltt ora. g MBBi C EN "flMl A Y. SUPERINTENDENT* OFFICR.I Calyi*t ?t4tio5, BattMiore. May's, 1W,. \ S On land after f?nD?Jajr. Mar !?th, ?* ?. TnuM on tb? NORTHERN CENTRAL NAIL WAV arrive and depart aa foJU'wa. unUi farther udtioe. THAWS XOKTH. MAIL at * 15 A. M, EXPRESS at*jn> M. > HARKlSBURe ACCOMMODATION at P. M. The t.15 A. M. train oonoeota at Relax Hoaaa with train* on the Weetero Maryland Railroad; at Hanover Junottoa with Haaoveraad Gettebarg Rai road*; at York vita "V ork aad Wright* villa Railroad; at Barn**>*rg with Penney !mi? Rai. road for ail parte of the Weet aleo with Lebanooa Vaiiey Railroad (e Am* Yeelderect, at Northern bar land with L. and B. wabroad for Riaratoa and all parte of Wiaoauu Vaiierafd at Itaitin with the Philadelphia and Erie Railroad tor all parte Northern Pennaylrania and New York. The** P. M train makee all the above ooeaeetlAAA ?VA*a( H a an?e- m-T-XZ. - . _ ~~u v. mkm, nninnruM rbi<ro?d Bed IteUKiN ValC K^lrOML The pTM. tnub bum oobmoqoaa with P?bbTRAINS AJLKITM. Mul bt?10 FILili?rm b? im A. M? Ivntbir< AooommrxUtioB Bt Lfl P.M. ZZZ*^ZZ3j PHI LA HELPHI A, W1U MW J^OTvaK 8PR1N9 AMD SVMMKK AHtLAbokktMHT. On ud Jicr TV K^MV AlfjQu. fUMftr Truu lor PtaBce ?tii? will law I'rfwiaeot etiwsl D*fOt gbl.? ^DDCATf)M fol .OWt, tib: IttrrMiTniB tt 1U A. ., Wu Mbu TniiM M6 A. 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NATHANfKL tNt>*t' -Jgk'01 iWfALVLVvERPOIlT atraanth ud n?*d. bit p+mov*r\j adapt*} to the Dftngation at Lou ^aiaad Snm, raauat In ooaDeeuon wiU the Fall liver and OM Co tony Rau of nul? olj to Boetoti. M FAlJE^SBBSBiSfc arm, Taeoday a, Th imut, aad fta t*iraay a, at? o'elooi P,_M., to*otun< at Nrw^ort ?ml way. Tfceee f w^rrfn arcJ^iwd vn oununodio^a Ute rooms, ud iwry s*1uif eaaaat fbr the eecan It aad oomfort ot faaaeag era. who arc ubrdMPi thia roate a night*' rM cm boartl. ace! ottrntii at Fail RItot prooeed per Hteamboat Traln.reaahlag Boatoc early the faUovnac moraiac : or a>ay rentala oc board antil atartiag or tha AooonsBtooaXttV3cUw "" pamea tha aame to lta deotiaatioa. A ataamer nn ia eooaeotioe vkh thia Liae ba(VMi Pall Rim aai Prwilma daily, unpl Fretiht to Bootoa ia fortuM tkrouk with J>affttohby an KyraaiTiV*. whiah >e*Tes t?is ?2 I* MlUartoa arart Btlvtej 3v5fen 5^eFmU(5toyp$i^?'sll *bona from W kite atrwt autuon. ForW:, >&?. )*nd?*-T# , lli'.A &. m. ud Mi p. 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