Newspaper of Evening Star, January 3, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 3, 1862 Page 1
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f - ~~ T" ______ w r: r-i7t ?|~~:~i " 1 - ? :, .. . fOW^ r ' ^... - - - . * fc?r-?<| .. >Mtv?^ x??wW*rr J ?~ *V4 ?<J,*r w ^ i3jS ?f j^B M ^BS sb ji i I ?? > 1 " " " 1 ? V0L-. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C . FRIDAY, JANUARY 3, 1862. N?. 2,767. # -I- ? ^ mnwmm1 i - - > i "the EVENING STAR u rUBLFSUBD EVERT AFTERNOON, SUNDAYEXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BV1LMNM, fcrwr 0/ /aMiflfMto M?w arf JK??ta<A i?. n W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* serve* la ptebfO fcf carrier* M Ml Ifmi, or 37 oente per month. To mail mbaerlfcan the prloe la S3 JO ? year, fe <??ei; 91 lor Ml Months: at fnr thraa months: u>4 for lea thaa > mrw montha at U?e rite of LI eents a week. Single ooptea, on ciht; la wrapper*, two cnm. cy ABTaaTTUHBim ahoutd be aeat to the floe before It o'clock a.; otherwise they may not appear until the next day. A BUDGET Or SOUTHER* NEWS. From late Southern papers we gather the following particular! of affair* down in Dixie: The Baton Ronge Sugar Plantar has been discontinued for want of paper. Governor Letcher has appointed delegates to represent Virginia in the Planter's Convention of the Bonth to be held in Memphis next month?February. The Richmond Disvatck aurroats aa the Confeda iri in arg?nt need of arms just bow, that the {urn throughout tha different campa, left thara bj volunteers who have died or bean discharged, be eolleeted and put to u?e. The Dispatch lambastes "the rampires who ra lucking out the life-blood of tha nation," (saoeeh,) and doubtf " If any age of tha world hM witneaeed a speataale like that now eai plainad ot kyetr own saMiert, growing oat of P tha difBoultj of obtaining settlements, which f ' hailed to tha establishment of offices in this oity (as wa ara informed) where they go and have their elaima *kavtd and eashed." Amongst the " Wants" in the Ditpatoh of tha 28th, ara the following significant specimens : " Wanted?A substitute for an artillery oompany, stationed at Yorktown, which has but a hArt ticoA to um A lihtrtl hnnnt will ha paid. Apply at j. O. Dickenson's, on Wall Itmt.'' Wanted?Substitute's Notice.?I atill want three mora rood men as snbstitatas, and will paj them a bonus of from $65 to . Call at the office of tbe City Water Works, and enlist in a No. 1 artillery eompany. Robert Hill, Bubstitnte Agent. Wonted?roar snbatltates, for a company in the Army of the Potomac. A liberal bonus will be given. Apply to Dr. Dandridge, Byrd Island Hospital. Wanted?a substitute, immediately. Liberal price paid. For particulars, apply at once to Wm S Phillips Wanted?A substitute for a member of aoavairy company on the Peninsula, to whom we will giro a liberal bonaa. Apply immediately . to Geo. Watt A Co Wanted?Five hnndred four horse wagons % for transportation of the Q, 8 Army. Parties who ean furnish a number of wagons will ap_ A _ AMT a TIT 1 r% - X A A II T> _ pij w n . o. rf uoa, u*pwio >uu a. h m., JDacon's Quarter Branch. The Eufaula (Ala ) Spirit of tk? South says It is rumored that some persons in Barbour eountj have been engaged in shipping cotton from Eufaula to Columbus and thenoe to Apalaehioola, where it is clandestinely conveyed to the enemy's vessels, to be earned north. Qen. Borland, in command at Pocahontas, Ark., has embargoed White River, to prevent peculators from monopolising and carrying "vfiF applies. The " devilish incendiary emissaries of Lincoin" are still at work at Charleston. The Riohmond papers of the 28th say that: " Charleston was fired in several places Sunday evening last. Several wooden buildings, of bat small value, were destroyed." The Norfolk correspondent of the Richmond DirpateJi write*, Deo. 27: . "It is ramored here that Gen. Magruder is / hourly expecting an attack on the Peninsula, and is Baking active preparations to give the Yankees a eordial old Virginia welcome. It is stated that the sick in the hospital have all beea removed, and that a vigilant lookout is kept np daily and nightly for the approach of Hessian hosts. "The "colored firemen" of this city had a parade yesterday and attracted considerable attention. The engines, which they drew along with them, were in fine order, and being dressed in neat uniforms presented an orderly appearance. The sable firemen seemed to enjoy their holiday parade vastly. They had music, toe, and marched along in evident consciousness of the impertanoe and usefulness of their position." The Dispatch gives the following particular* of descent upon King Faro : At 13 o'clock yesterday, the gaming apparatus seised bv the police in the booses of W. H. T. Allan. Mnrahv A MflCtnn RMk?<) Copeland, was taken from the City Hall bj the officers and broken op and bnrnt publioly, ??eording to the t?rms of the law. The seene of the conflagration was Broad St., in front of the City Hall, and, as near as we could aseertain, i the following is a list of tho articles oonsigned to the flames: Faro table*, 5; ronlette table, 1; shove-it-up-a-spout, 1; cards, a bushel (more r less); ivory cheeks. do.; and some trifling artielo*, the name* of which we did not hear. It was a big lire, and, as a matter of course, a btg crowd assembled to see it. "The flames roared a ad crackled at, one after another, the massive mahogany legs and other members of the body of King Faro were pitched int% the devouring element, and the grim eaeeutioners stirred up the glowing eoals with malignant joy, unmoved by the grief of sympathising spectators. When nothing remained but a mass of red-hot embers, the officers retired, and then joung Richmond, white and black, made an effort to sec a re some relics of the departed monarch "I've got a fine dollar chip!" said one?" I've got aoopper on the ace!" said another; but they crumbled at the touch, and nothing now remains but ashes of what was onee so gorgeous and misehievous. We were about to add that this is the last of the faro banks; hut we remember that the apparatus taken from Woraham and Burns is L .?f a? n?a ,a1 ? a AL. * ? ? > auii in nnnuoo, ana lasinnrrta lor a future conflagration.'' Th? Richmond p?p?n hava the following in Umt Uiag raphio oolanni : rmo> kbktcckt. Nortksrn Troopj Pouring In?Prospaeu of a Pith.t Doubtful?Gm Hind man'* Of Seutl Ktfort of tkt BattU of Woodvillo. Mimir Dm 17.?The lauat Lonicrille pap?n rocaivad hare represent that Northern troapa oontiaua to poor into Kentucky in on* uncea*ing itraam Reliable intelligence from Bowling Green mj? that appearaaoee do not indionta an engag?ment, although unforMMD circumitancM might preeipiUU a fight within eight or tan dat? Bat a few Federal! bar* aj vat nrmud Green nrer, and it is reported that they have gone back and barnt the bridge Gen Hindman'a offieial report of tha WoodaonriUe fight aaya that Col. Terry aod thraa Texan Ranger* war* killed; Lieut Morris, ef the Sd Texaa Raagara. waa dangeroualy wounded, and Capt. Walker, thraa rang*r?, and two privates of tha Arkanaaa battalion, were lightly wounded. The Yankee loee was 75 killed, f and tha number of woandad waa unknown. Wa took eight prisoners. Kentuekiana from Bourbon oounty, who arrived here to-day, say that tha road from Peri* 1 to Preetonburc ia clear of Liaaoln troop*, and that aquada ofeouthernera are oonatantlj Joining Gen. Mar* hall'a command. They mostly oome from tha Blue Oraaa eountie*. Oen Marshall'a aoldiers are openlr reerniting in Bourbon oounty, and but few Uaioa man eaa now be found, exoapt town man. Tha mountaineers are flocking to Oen. Marshall's standard la large numbers. Pbmomal Ikjvby?Tha tnjuriaa racalvad hy tha Im Jailth Qolacj, at B?Moi, ft am i Ml a hart dm alaec, arc aid to to mora aartooa than at ft rat repreernted The ktp koat vm fracturad, which his phfaiciaaa think will eaat him a all moctha' Ooaft?aap?nt fi?aun o? Kvuu ?I* a totter to tha Amarleaa Mtatotar at St. Patorafcarf, forwudtd by tha toat rtiBw, Prlaoa Gorehakoff nra. " Tha Em fmm haa mnm eaaaad to avow hto hopaa In tha yuadaw atf tha farlni UaJo?" Dcntkki Respectfully Inqulreth?Whit do the Wmm want Us t* da ibeit the War. Oh rtuoo why it ia so difficult to pleas* the women ia, that ahe aeldom knowa herself what aha wants. In moat eases It ia as hard to satisfy a woman aa it would be to eoatent a captain who wonld aet yon to steer hia ahip and wouldn't tell yon whether he wanted Ton to go to Jersey or to Japan. They wouldn't be satisfied, whatever jou do Especially in the matter of war. Particularly in the matter of the present war. Your wife, or your mother, or sister, or whoever may be the woman that owns you, refuses to be contented, no matter what you do. If you don't join a military company, she sulks, insinuates that you are a ooward, turns up her nose, and "wishes she was a man." If you do join said oompany, she scolds about the expense, grumbles about 4V. i _ r u -? A ? a wuc iuh ui Ulan, mna grown woinsTer you (0 to drill; thongfe in apita of her growling, ahe alwaya utm the ohoieeat part of the dinner ftrtrm when yon do oome. Then she laughs at 70a, and oalla joa " dressed up monkey," the firat time ahe sees 70a in uniform; and then, aa soon aa yon are 5one out of the bouae, abe rashes over to Mra. onea to tell what a "splendid officer" ber husband ia, and bow "magnificent be looka in hia new military dreaa." Then, if yoar regiment ia ordered away, and yon insinuate that "buaineaa affaira" will keep you at home, all ber fire ia biasing in an instant, and ahe upbraida you for " backing out" at the oritioal moment, and inainuatea that yon are a "play-boy soldier;" and then abe wiahea ahe waa a man? she'd ahow folks how to fight. Then, when yon finally made up your mind to go to the aeat of war, ahe burata into wet teara which apota your new uniform and tarnisbea the lace on your sleeves, and thinks "you eught to be ashamed to go off and leave your family " She vowa "she don't believe you oare a straw for your wife, or a cent for your sweet children;" ahe " knows you would rather be anywhere than at h?me; and -wiahea ahe were a man; ahe'd teach the President better than to aend men away from their familiea." Then, when the day cnme8 for tou to atart* she vows that she "will never speak to you again if you persist in going." Then you take a paper out of your pocket and pretend to read a furlough from the commandant, excusing you and giving you leave to stay at home, she throws her apron over her head, sits down on the floor and howis aloud, "to think tnat she should have a coward for a husband"?that her "husband should be afraid to go to the wars." And then, when you tell her that it's all a mistake, and that you are going after all, she howls louder than ever, because "she knows you will be killed," or she feela it in her bones that you will come home with two wooden legs, and how can you take her to the Academy on opera night? Then she resorts in turn to every one of the immense list of female tactics to keep you at home; she weeps, she banters, she pokes fun at you?she wishes she was a man?she gets mad?she sulks?she ooaxes?she "won't ever live with you another day"?she soolds, she entreats, and, as a last resort, she faints?in this case she always falls into your arms, if you make an effort to oatch her; if you don't offer, and it'a early in the morning, and if (he hasn't made her bed yet, she'll fall on the bed; bat if the bed i( nicely made up, she'll fall on the earpet, to aa not to moss the bed: if the fainting dodg? don't work, and yon still are reeolved to go, she tows she " hate* von, and that she'll never apeak to you again,'' and then in erder to prove the bitterneaa of her hate, she goes off and packs your haversack full of the daintiea and delioacioa of the aeason; then, after all, at the very last moment, ahe comes and throwa her arma around your neck, and whispera that ahe "lovea you beat of all in the world," and that ahe'll be auoh a good girl until you oome back," and that ahe'll "take auch good oare of the children," and that "you muatn't fret about her," and that ahe will write every blesaed day, and that you muat write aa often as you can, and that she "lovea you bast," and a thousand other little messages for you, but all kind and loving, and all told without a tear?for she doesn't cry now until you are out of the house; then when you are gone, she weeps like a ahower bath for half an hour, then suddenly stops short, wipea her eyes, and doean't waate another tear until ahe aeea you again. That'a the way they all do; and talk aa peaoefal aa you can, ahe ia never satisfied in her heart till she sees you in uniform. HDR. J. L. GIBBONS AVIX6 Removed from No. 398 New York avenue, to No. 378 9th street, a few doors from New York aveone. renews the offer of bis professional service#, (Medical aad Surgical > to the oit'seDs of Washington. He mar be found at his offioe at all honre,wnen not professionally engaged. K*peoial attention will be paid to female diseases de 23-eo3w* ^TTENTION.RANK AND FILE! ROTiRUOK'8, AT 460 NIHCV Stiikt, NSAB B, Ia tii* place, of all otn*ra, to aupply yonraelvea with 11 k'nda of CAMJ> PURNITURB, At th Vdt Lowut Paicxa. H? aieo Km pi on Hud and make* to order MATTRESSES, PILLOWS and COMFORTS, of all qualiti*e. Come end render yourael ves comfort* he for the winter by a very email outlay of money. Iif Remember the plaoe, de TIStawSw NEWS-NEWF-NFW8! Jeer Opinio, 1*?W YORK OYSTl^HjAfib MJLTINU SA The undersigned beg reapeotfully to inform their friend" and the public generally that^to. /?\ the* I are cfpened their e?UbliahmentTA f-J on New York av.. near 15th at. WiWU|Jp a hail apare no pains to procure for onr ?uatomera the beat the market oan af- ? ord. Parties, familiea and autlera aupplied at the encrteet n >tioe. Our eatabliahment will be open daily. SuDdapa excepted. dell-lm* DORIAN A BgPRD. THIS IS TO OIVK NOTICE. That the snbR aonber Uath obt?.c-*<l from the Orphans' Court of Waahington County, in the Dietriat of Columbia, letters testamentary oa tee personal ee tate emmnel Rainey, late ol Waahtncton ooonty, a'oreeud deoeaeed. All persona having olaima again at the aaid daeaaaed are hereby warned to exhibit the aame, with the vouohera thereof, to the aebeen ber, on er before the twenty-aixth day of November next; the? mar otherwise by law be exalnded from all benefit of the aaid estate. Given under ay hand this twenty sixth day of November, 1HL LUCY B. RAINKY. de lt-lawtw Kxeoutrix. Every body goes to smith's, No. im 7th street, te jet their Ciothing, Furnishing goods. Hats and Can (Rep) dell-im UKAD QUARTERS for Clothing. Furnishing IA Goode. Hale and Cape, at No. 400 7th atreef de 11-lm (Rep.) __ /"1REAT ATTRACTIONS.?Grand man ior VT Ttb strset, to see the new atook of Clothing, tilt reeeived at SMITH'S, No. 400 7th street. q? 11 m 1 HOLIDAY PRESENTS. Har* on toad a larca aaaortmant, Blaok ud Fm?t BHfca, D?LaiQM, CuiilMTN,Panoy Pialda, and a variatr of otkar Dresa SooJa. Also, tfhavli, Hoop Pkutt, Haudkeroniefi. Km"roidarlaa. CorMU. Ladiea' and Gent's Rid QIotm, flaak T?m, I'lnUr Sbiru, and Drawara, Kaok tiaantiata, ?nd a iraaJ ranalr of;Hoat?ry tad diovoa, all aaitabia lor Holidar Praaaata, at Me lovMt oaab pnoaa. HENRY BGAN. 33S ^entaylTa?U araau. Bon til aid*. b?tv??o Sth and Tth, naarIron B gliding. L? * ,! F r ? ? " ,!! R SABLE. 'ITCH, _ , '" TR^ACI IABLB. fcfff e?nHtwr*. CAKRS FOR THR HOLIDAYB-thf tMtUd trifMt. ft U?? JkiiAdMphi* lM Cr?km Dlpot, ?or?>rl*ti> md f ate?tj. &*n4mw POMI ONB AND ALL, To tk? P??V. v_ Ctothiif Stora. No.?W Ttb itrwt. im (tt y^ifa5r^ riiSo d? t WiTtf B Siffi TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Fmb Gen. Bank*' Ctlann OBHSEVASCB OV NIW Tltl't DAT AT BBBDBB1CB? KIlMltRlde NBAS HANCOCK?IRA1P WOBK BT THK FIBST MABTLAND BBOIMBIfT. FiBDBBfci, Jan 2 ?This pleasant little city yesterday welcomed the advent of a new year la B spirited and very agreeable style. The pretence of a large number of military officers, and a general suspension of business, which enabled all classes to enj'jr the day, gave the streets a mora lively and fashionable appearance than ever witnessed by the "oldest inhabitant." The mansions of the more wealthy portion and middle classes were thrown open to all. and s succession of "calls" consumed the forenoon. The officers re aiding In town were not behind In tendering the hospitalities of the occasion to their leaa fortunate brother oflcera and citlzena. Gay untforma reflected the bright sunlight in every atreet, and greetings were as cordial and happy as a reunion oftovsn. At the tide, which hater* had h?a siUff Ing and whirling in all directions, net in towards the headquarters of General Banks, and, whilom, the realdence of hia accompllahed lady. Every mansion poured into the general stream its tribute of manhood, beavity and youth. From midday till dark the atream continued towarda and from headquarters. The visitors were received by General Banks and introduced to his lady; thence they were escorted to the adjoining refreshment room The excellent band of the Massachusetts Second discoursed tweet and patriotic muaic The full staff were present Id the reception room, and like the General himself, arrayed In fall military dress The day and lis festivities will long be remembered by the oltixen* of Frederick. In the ait.rnoon company B- Forty-sixth Pennsylvania regiment, Capt W L Foulk, and the regimental band came in from the camp, three miles distant, and paid their New Year's respects to their captain and his lady, temporarily In the city After partaking of his hospitality they marched through the principal street* paying a musical tribute t" many prominentcitlzens, by whom they were cordially received.' On arriving at the Dill House they found a sumptuous repast, prepared by order of Capt. Foulk. After dinner ana a dress parade they r?tnrned to camp This was the only corps, with the exception cf the nrovost guard, seen In the street* during the aay. The best of order prevailed. VV hlle all were cheerful and happy, not a single instance of disorder or Intoxication was noticed by your correspondent. 1'hls, in a great measure, was owing to the excellent arrangements of Col. Rugner, provost marshal, and the watchful energy "f his guard, the Wisconsin Third. Official advices yesterday from Wllllamsport bow the necessity of making tome correction of the previous statement in regard to the affair of Tuesday on the railroad. Detachments of th? 13th Massachusetts and 1st Maryland participated in the repulse and rout of the Confederate forces. Our men killed and buried twenty-nine of the enemy, and it is supponed many afterwards died of their wounds Our loss is reported by private sources to have been live wounded?none killed At Berlin, above the Point of Rocks, an affair occurred on the 31st, which shows the lecesslty of extreme caution in dealing with our enemle* Two men approached the river, on the Virginia side, with a flag of truce, and begged to be brought over, stating they were refugees. Captain Pardee, of Company A, 28th Pennsylvania regiment, gave orders to so dispose of his force as to cover a boat to bring them off, in the meantime entertaining those on the opposite side by conversation, to distract their attention. When all was ready, he dispatched a sergeant and two men In a boat to bring them off. As the boat approached the shore, a company demounted Coo(?imt? cavalry showed themselves on the hill above, and fired a volley upon the Tk. ? ? " uum. iuEi.>cw iuirw luenweiTN oTtrooird toward* the Maryland shore, and thua protected, pulled tbetoat acroas In the meantime, Pardee's concealed riflemen opened on the cavalry with such effect as to cause a stampede, with great loss in wounded, at leaat. One of the boatmen had an ear lacerated by a ball from the cavalry. Important Intelligence Irani Ataxic*?Vera Craz Occupied by the Spaaiarda. New Yoik, Jan. '2?The steamer Columbia, from Havana on the'28th ult , has arrived. She brings intelligence tbat Vera Cruz Uas been occupied by the Spaniards, and tha' the Spanish flag la waving over the famous fortress of San Juan de L'lloa. From the Havana Dlarlo we learn thattbe Governor of Vera Cruz was willing to evacuate the city, but demanded and received a rcaolte of twenty-four hours. Gen Gassett, on landing, iasued a proclamation to the troop* and another to the people, the latter to tbe effect that the troops bad come thither only to demand satisfaction for a failure In the fulfillment of treaties and for violence committed against their compatrlota, and to obtain guarantees agaitat similar outragea. Tbe army, after fulfilling lta mission from the Queen, would return to their own country with tbe certainty of having merited the affection of tbe Mexican*. Neatly 1U0 rilled cannon of the latest pattern, were found in ran Juan de Ulloa. Celebratten *1 New Year's Day. New York, Jan 'J?Veaterday wm generally observed In the spirit for which New Y ork ) famous All tbe stores, banks and public ofllces were closed, and everybody seemed bent on enjoyment. Tbe weather was beautiful throughout. None of the dally papers are oubliahed this mom. I lng. * " CiniecratUn ( a Btihtp. Philadilfmia, Jan 2.?Rev William Bacon Stevens, D D., waa tbis morning conaecrated Aaalatant Biabop of the Episcopal Dloceaa of Pennsylvania. The consecration took place at St. Andrew's Church, of which the reverend gentleman has been for many years the rector. Arrival from Pert Reyal. Niw Yobk, Jan 8 ?The steamer Ariel arrived yesterday Irom Port Royal, which port she left on the 28tb She brings ao news of moment. Tbe U. S. frigate Sabine arrived yesterday from Georgetown, 9. C.. via Port Royal, for repairs. Tbe prize bark Empress has arrived from the bar of the Mlasissi(f>l. Massa and Slldell Gene te Sea. PaoviscBTOWN, Januarys.?Tbe British steam gunboat Rloaldo left here at 5 o'clock yesterday afternoon, with Mason and Slldell and their secretaries on board. The wind blew a hurricane mn uigui. IdMUcbaKtli Lsgislatare. Boston, Jan 1?The State Legislature ornalsrd to-day. Ex-Gov. Clifford wss elected President of tne Senate, and A. H. Bullock Speaker of the Houae. Arrival ef the Nerwegiaa. Poktlaks, Jan. 1.?The steamer Norwegian arrived eafly thia morning. Her advices have been anticipated. Arrival ef the Macedeaiaa. Boston, Jan. 2.?The U. 8 ship Macedonian, from St. Thomas, is at anchor In tne bay. A LL COLORS AND SIZES LADIES' REAL IV Paris Kid Gloves, best aualltvT PERRY A BBOTHFR,

de 14-10t Penn avmue and Ninth street. C HEESE! CHEESE!! CHEESE!!! ^l^UORS, TpBACQO, CIGARS. SI IB, HAI91PIB, UKAUKbKS. on bud and for sain cheap by K. B. HASTINGS ft CO., >93 Det., facing Pa. avenue, no >B-tf Pnilharmonlo B gilding. T* THE WHITE HOUSE. 1 HE Well-knawn White Honae Restaurant. on High atreet, near the oanal, in (jeorie A . . A town, haa been refitted, and partes oasVrMV now be aooommodated vith eomfortabJe private rooma. Game. Piah, Oyatera, and the beat Wine*. Liquora. and Segara, alwaya on hand. Paiailiea fnnuahed with Oyatera. as nana]. do7-lm A. ROPIER. Proerletor. 8ttT,WkVirr,^i,%^w"LD ATTENTION! Ifyoi vast Signa Paiated ap in food etyle, and at abort not,oa. and eheaper than yon oan get then done at any other eatabl'??inieni in Washington, oaii on Hamilton, No. *69 7U ei, opposite llvkiL in tM rAAP A^IM m lMfSiJSS \ THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! MOW IB THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! Th? fillrtt and Mm! Reliable flewi frta the Seat ( Government! Reading Matter fur the Firtside Cirdt! The preeent year la undoubtedly the moat eventful la the political hlatory of this country, and the It# fMninleldflP *Ka j .-WWW ? W\A<Htl VUVW ? ?"V I W rml Metropolis la naturally ol striking and remarkable Interest. The public, desire to receive prompt, /mil and rtltablt acccrunts e/ aH that jMWii ktrt la most Intense, and we have ootteqaently made alterations and Improvement* In A* weekly lasue of the Washlagtoa 8ur to aoost satisfactorily. la compliance with the wlah of the public the paper haa been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio ahape, and now appears a kandsomt sheet of tkirty-tteo columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the " Wa?hington Dollar Weekly Star." As Indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR I! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it la printed. It la our determination to make the Wuilt Star not only the largest and handsomest Dollar Newspaper In the United States, but that It shall absolutely be Thk Bkdt Family Wiuly Nkwspapxb 15 the Wobld!!! It contalna the very fullest, freshest, and most Important details of all that transpires at the I Seat of Government; editorials en all the lmpor tant topics of the times; the news of the week; Interesting correspondence from all parts of the world; capital stories; humorous and graphic sketches, and the pick of the floating mtsceaany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Star has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of Interest to farmers In the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due atteiitlon in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; also, Recipes for the Workshop, together with an official list of all the new inventions Issued from the Patent Office each week. In short, It is our purpose to give our readers lancu, iicu, <uiu >pBrinu|( variety 01 me reading that at once instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washinston News and Gossip our tpteialttf, la accordance with the lews set forth a bo ye. Believing it to be better to sell many papers at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Rrtr/ranjin^rw imlMiMMlWt tO Clllbt. To 9ingle Subscribers .....8100 per year. To Clubs of Five 95 cents. To Clubs of Ten VO cents. To Clubs of Fifteen 85 c?nts. To Club# of Twenty-flye. 80 cents. To Clubs of Fifty 75 cents. Address w. D. Wallach, Publisher of the Star, Washington, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which will be forwarded gratis. Look out for stormy weathkr, ard send yoar orders Immediately to HAMILt()N. thft rinQVnMl f* l*.*i Ar whn will w*?sr he can giase more tighte of glue in a day than any other man in America, and at oheap. N. B. Large jobs of ceasing done at greatly reduced prioe*. shop? 382 7th St.. opposite Center Market, in the rear. da M enjw* /#V ISAAC HKRZBEKG, /fv XW1 The Only Laoeneed XjL # 0 PAWNBROKER. V (1 $ 10,000 to be loaned on Gold and Silver Watohea. Jewelry, Gone and Piatola, Silver Ware, and Wearing Apparel?at the old stand, No. SSI C street, back of the National Hotel, between 4H and 6tn ats. de 13-3m* COLUMBIA MARKET, Vy P?. avenue, comer Tkirttenlk tt. The aubaoriber would moat reapeclltiliy inform the citisens of Waajinctoa that he has retorned to his old euarter, where ae intends keeping a firatrate market in all its branohes, as in times gone. He will he ham to rreet hi* old fri?n<4> ?nh ?? tomers. ... N. B ?Good* Bent free cf oharge to any part of the city. de 13 C. MALLARD. COH HOLIDAY PRESENTS?Cloaka.Shawla, r " M Bilka, Silk Robea 44 44 ** fine Dresa Gcxxla ? M 44 Lace Sets, fine 44 u 44 Embroideries, 44 44 Embroider ad 44 " 44 Collar a, Kmbroi" 44 dared Bandkar ? w okiafa. Median ** M " l>re?a Gooda.lov 44 44 " irioe Drfii 44 M " Booda. all other *> M M kind* hn RnrHi ft oar 'proverbially lov prloe*. marked fn~plalc fiitarea. One prioe only. An inspection of atook lmjplie* no obligation to pnrohaee. PERRY * URO., Penn.avenue and Ninth >1, de 14 aot "^erry Bulding." SOMETHING tfEVf?SUPERIOR HULLED sj COR2V.?The aubaoriber, having cot the agenoy to aapyly Washington and Georgetown with this delicate preparation of Corn, would respectfully aak of hie friend*, and the pubic at large, to give it a trial. Alao, Popped Corn, plain and ngared. WM. BRADLY. Agent, Pa. avenae. between 18th and Lftth eta. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantiee, Monument*, Table Top*, &o. A large a*aortmenta way* on hand. oo l?-3m J TO THE LADIES! ULES JOLL1VET, Ladies' Hairdreeser, from Pan*, Juat arrived, inform* the ladie* of Waihington that he haa opened a large laeeortinent of Ffllx Head Oreeeea, Wreath*and Bride*' Wreath*, the moat aplendid ohoioe of Flower* for dreeaea; alao. Gold and Chenille Net*, aillkind* of Hair Work: and attend to dressing adiea' hair. 332 D street, between 9th and loth. de II lm* WOOD AMD COAL. . ?. v? fTtu wroi 1 yonr money's worth by wiling at Uie FlONKeR M1LL8, tomtkwtt tm %?r of 3***ntk strut amdCtmtU, (GEO. PA8E, Agent.) The? eell oheaper and give better mwnri than any others in the eity?cut, split, and delivered free of oharga. U voa doc 11 elieve ,iti the Pieneer MUla atna^ aad be satisfied. Mtj WA CARD. K Are now prepared to ex3oate all orders promptly, naving made extensive arrangements to morease onr manufactory heavy orders havirg de ajed ns in their execution. Complete ostfits oan now be delivered in five dars, made in the best style. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., ae > M Penn. av., between 9th and 10th sts. P?R088 A BLACK WELL? P1NAUTTI, Vv Mixed Piokles,Chow Chow, Gherkins, Wn nata, Spanish and Freooh Olives, Fresh Raspberries, Walnut Catsup, Mushroom Catsup, Harvey's 8aaee.4e.Ae. KINO A BUKCHELL, I de 19 aorner Vermont ss.ssi Pift4??k Army oloyes! ARMY 8LOYES!! At the 6 lore D?j?ot of P. B. basting's & co., 383 D ?t.. ffccjcc P>. ov., ?BUY FOR A HOLIDAY PRESENT a. sit or LADIES' DRESS FURS, from B. H. STINEMETZ, dott-tjanll tM P?. soar eororr 13tb at. m^afMisassK'' 'iHM5 -Tit" lot of UAn' Para w?L U sold ??ry -d ^efrjUw wrMrMitkiLu4 P*?i.??.,b*tr?M 4?t-aolw "Br?wi>liw>d National HoUla 4^U?fc,'jBBKHCU* Tyk.Or^ TtoMi .WMdiif* 4a.; Haatorck 4?j tea tell ?? Ffniitt tMdVwo? *. i i ? . ,. ? * QKNERAL ORDER. Navt Di?iiniiKTi Deoernb*r **, 1M. Tmc Niri DxrAKTMCirr mm a rendesvoaa for hipping md at each ol the following ptacea: Portamoath. New Hampahire Boston and New Bedford, Masaaehnaetta. New York Philadelphia and Erie, Pennaylvania. Baltimore, Maryland; an J Waahington, Diatnot of Colombia. Seamen, ordinary seamen and landsmen who oan paac the usual surgeon's examination, by preaentlng themeeires ai the rendeiroaa n rarest their reaidenoe, with aa oAoiai oerufioau from the ?ty or town olerk signifying that they are resident* an1 have *x pressed a desire to leara to eatar the aavy. will ha reoaired on the following terms: let. A n allowance o! three oenta a mile for travelling expenses. S3. An advanoa of ihrsa months to aaiaiw aad ordinary aeamen, and of tw months to landamen. M. Permias'on to leave an allotment of half-pay to their famillaa, to ecmmenee the data of tkair eaUatment. 4,h To gn on board ship 1 n their ordinary aiothae. vnart an osint will M tarnished Mi oharied M par list, bctLK the present prioee. ?i?: Ooe pea jioket ...911 00 One pair h ?? cloth <ro*Mn. IS One nine flannel overahlrt ... - , 160 Two under flannel ahirta 2 32 Two paira woollen Urawa. 2 16 On' mattraoa. 490 Two blankets. 390 On a seam leas cap ? .? 100 One blaok ailk handierohief 1 00 SI 77 The pa j of petty offioers a vera* e? fan to 036 par morttk The Mr of seamen . f 18 per month. Do. ordinary aeamen 14 do. Do. landsmen 13 do. And lood fonnd. No landsman will be allowed to take the benefit of thia regulation who haa not beenfonr moatha at sea or on the lakes or rivera. GIDEON WELLES. de34 eo6t Secretary of the Navy. SEVENTH STREET. 5f)2 ARMY OFFICERS AND CONTRACTORS TAKE NOTICE. Just arrived BOO Window* of Saah, of a^ais?a. such aa 2,3.4,5,6. 7, R, 9,10 and 12 light luh.juK the thing for barraoka.and for sale chut by H. W. HAMILTON, Atentfor Northern Manufacturers, So. Itk ?t-,cppo. C-mtir Markt and tit tkt rear rj M itr's W\H4, Liquor and Cttar Store. _d?16_eo2?* L. Towers. J. M. Towui. J. B. Towns. L. TOW EH 8 A CO? STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Comer Louxsxana and Surtk it. The attention of th* bu?ineaa ooramanity it mspectiullT invited to the New Book and Job Printing Establishment, which haa been fitted up with new material, in the moat complete now prepared to execute, in a satisfactory atyle, every variet* of Printing, vi*: Booka. Speechea. PamphleU, Carda, Circulars, Sutlers' Blanka, to .Ao. The attention of members of Congress la especial. y requested for our faoiiitiea for printing Speechea, aa we have the largut a team power id theoitv. de7-law ra PRIVATE. PRIVATE DR. LA BOKTA Cure* all i Diaeaeea permanently and *atoKly, without the nee of diaguating or poiaonoua drugs of any kind. No dieting or interference with bnaineea. Conanitationa fr*e. It ia aaying quite enough in ita favor, when I aay that my praotioe ia that whioh ia in uae in all the New V ork city hoelitala. New York City College and Hospital Teetimoniala furniahed. L&dios with W hi tea and Diaeaaea of the Womb cored and aaved a consumptive'! (rare by my treatment. There ia nothing of enure or ditagittabU in aay part of the treatment. All onrea warranted, or money retarded. Commucioationa in writing, With return (tamp, promptly attended to. Medioinea for travelers and othera packed, with full inatrnotiona for uae, and warrantee. Office?R or?tr No S Wjl*' inrtnr HniMinf. P??n I avenue and Seventh at., Washisgtoc, D. C*. * do 21-ly ?<EALED PROPOSALS Are invited till the l?h k? day of January. 1862 at 12 o'oiook in., for sup firing the Government with BEEP CATTLE. Tne Cattle to be delivered at Harnsbnrg, Cham bersburi, or York, Pa , as ?t>on after the 15th flay of March, 1965, aa the Government may direot. The Government will receive under this oontraot 4.000 bead, and reeerve the right to call for any addition al number up to 10,000. Each lot of Ca'tle delivered shall average at leant 1,300 pounds gross weight; and no animal will be reoei ved which weighs less than 1,000 pounds gros? weight. Government reserves to itself the right to pay m Treaturv notes, and to 'eject any bid for any oause. No bid will be entertained an.ess the bidder is presant to respond. The bids to be directed toMaj. A. BECKWlTH, C.8. U.S.A., Washington, I). C? and endorsed "Proposals for Beef." Poem or Bid. I, A B, do hereby propose to deliver to the Government good Beef Catt e on the hoof for per hnnHro/t ?... ?. Tk- .-'k. .HWW.VW jrvHHua (iWM 1 UV VHIMV W Uf delivered at . acoording tot be terms of the moiosed advertisement. Tha Cattle to be weigfcrc! od the ?o&lea, and the weight so determined to be the purchase weight. I hereby asree to give a goodandsufficientbond for the faTfillmentof the oontraot.and to reoeive Treasury notes or other Government funds in payment for the Cattle. de?t td Cloaks! cloaks!! CLOAK 8!!! We have at last received the le ge assortment of beautiful sty> Sleeve Cloaks, in Beaver. Treoo and Krenoh Cloths Ladi*s wi'l ?i?a?e oall early. taylor a hutchison, de 14-ert No. 48 Center Market 8p?oe. Heavy wool bosk, shirts and DRAWERS, andARMY HHIR7S, at 1?4 Pa avenue, back room; or 366 D street, between Oth and loth dei tf All kinds of fancy groceries and Sutler's Goods on hand and for sale low by BROWNING A KEATING, de 4 Stawtf 333 Pa. avenue, ntar 6th ?t JUST RECEIVED TEN BBLS. 8. HORINE s superior OLD RYE WHISKY, eight years old, warranted. Aleo. prune Monongahela w hiski? f?. .a O * O n- r. 1 jwi mmo i?i ii?i) i ? a vpuuo, uy da 4 SUwtf BROWNING A KEATING. Ohio wines AND BRANDIES. Harinc reoeired aooBaigBinent of Zimmm ? t Cfc'i CiDoinnM Ohiobt Winaaaod Bran oia? : wa tharafora off or to Dnugiata, Grooara. Hotal and Saloon Kaepert. to , DRV CATAWBA WINE, Light and Strong?the former in bozaa for tibia nae. and the latter in half-barrels for mixing and oooking purpoaea. 8wfet CATAWBA or LADIES' WINE, in barrala and haf-barreie, for table nae?a vary aupenor artiole for tha holiday a. nATMWMA BtiMnv an nnenrpaaaable atl?! nt and r?rr aeafel for Brandy Ponoh. LYLK A COFFIN. de 16 lm 19 bomaiana avanne. TCA11IA8K8. HE Sabaeribar having made additieaaito hla glory i making it now one of the lariPfi-^wjaK tbe Diatriot, where h.? faoillUMUKMRf manufacturing CARRIAGES and ? ~ t? BHT WAGONS of au kinda oannot ba ear peaaed, and from hia long exeenenoe ia tbe bannaaa.he hopcato give faaerad aatiafaciioc. A.< kinda of Camagaa and Laght Wagona kayt 8Ai; REPAIRS neatly done, and all artan d 11 tf tomr m roirtMtk ut I ik wall^byephkwb a co., " S#f Pnmmruu iram, "'SliAi2W#?AiJ8<kTAL and rkady-jiade clothiers, goon aw ^1^*? ttinr nu wj tf ho kftt e5f ^rtu;sj 32s MRU ^.-tiflrnu-jssr r?llamas: JT AIR BAN K8'8 STANDAKD SOALftB. ItrMn tit'?fth,BsJS^,uanB*wr * THS WEEKLY STAR. i i fll BOfiiif W? WftWwMHtMMfllm MHI?? 9 M Twflifv lTf ? ? m gtmtnlij tbmghMrtfti iwrty Casing* ooplw (la witpy) mm Wt pro. euro* it the coaatcr, lBMiUWy (ft* te MM of Ue piper Prloe?THIEB CKNTS. . ii y HELMBOLIVS GENUINE PREPARATION. ? BIOHLT CONCMimLATE Compound Fluid Extract Bmeki, fw Dwum of tko dusvvdii, * t Ui t> 1 r VHAVEL, Ut P1PF 8ICAL SWELLINGS. Thta Madiojua laeraMM tha aovar ef Die art m, aud ezcitM the iHotiixTi into kwtkj MHl, by Tluok Um vitut ok r aixnova ?I. mi a.1 CNRATVBAL IKLiUIHCIITI M mMj m *(11 m pair ajxd mruMHimii, ui i?m ' MEN, WOMEN. OE CHILD KEN. Jt-li* ?- #/ XL / HELM BOLD 5 EXTRACT BUCHV For WmIonmi Aneinf from Kxo*aa*e, Habita ?f DudyMo^ Early iDdiaaratina or Abaaa. ^ttaiubrf ?#<(4 ?4a FvUrw\*g SjrMfiMU : Indiapoaition to Exartioa, Low of Ponr, I-<> ? of Memory. DiAoalty of Breetaieg, Wwl Narrea, TrMLM , Horror of DiNtMi WtMHMI, Dimnaaa of Viaion. Pan 1b t*a Baafc, Untv?r??' Laamtutiaof tha Maaoalar &yatai% Hot Ha .da, Huahini or tba Italy, DryneaaoftheSkfn, Eraptlona oa tfca Nm, PALLID foirwT**??pm Three ijmpti mi. It a .owed to go oa, whleh tfcia medicine mvariaMy remote*. eoon folowe IMPOTENCY. FATUITY, EPILEPTIC PITA, In mm e/ wktrk tkt Patttnt mny Who ean i-ey that they ere not freeaently followed by thoee "dikkftl "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Mur are aware of t^? oanee of their (offering< Brt sowi will course*. THE RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tkt Mrinnckoty Dratut by Ctwimyriw. 1111 AMPLK WITH*** TO THE TSVTB OF TBB aeettTioit. THE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFPKCTKJ) WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. Ret aire* the aid of medioioe to etrengthea tad Icngorate the Syetea which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU imrmrief If a raiAL willcortikcb tbb mo?t kuticai. FEMA LES- FEMA LES? PEMA LBS, OLD OR YOUN9, 8INGLK. MARRIED, Oft CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many i/trimi P*eui%at M Ftm+Ui the Extraot Buohu la nneenailed by any other f edy, aa in Chloroeie or Retention, Irrffnupitf Painfnlneea, or t<ap?r?aaion of Cuiomarj Eim natiooi. Uiooratad or Sohirroaa ifcu of the UHrua, Leuoorrhea or Whitoe, Sterility. a^<! for a}] oomplatnu incident to tha aex. whethar anapa from lndiaoration, HabiU of DiaaipaUon, or im 10 DECLINE OR CHANGE OF Lint an symptom* Akora. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IX TW?? ae mor* M*remr% m Pay(iaa?t Mtdt ;iu /or CirlMiMl aaa Pai|in>i MMM. HELMBOLD'8 EZTRAUT Hlir.Mn evua UCRKT DUIAIU ittfiSSSSES And m htfrttrt. It osdm* a freqa?nt deaire at>d f^TM allmU to Urinate, thereby Removing ob*tf aotioaa, Prpv^ntiui ud Cunug S:netnre* of the Vi Allaying rain and Infla.r inafcrt. to frequent m tbe el a** of dii>UM, ?M urt lftl M Fouemtmt, Dismttd. mmd i?rm tmt Mmttm. THOUSAND* rPOR TIOIIUKM WHO HATS BEEN THE TJCTJM8 OF QUACKS, ud who have paid k*a r? jm to he oared la a abort tmf, hare fonnd i:>< y vara deeeired. an4 that Mm ' poibom" ha*, by the jwrf^Htwr/ni wtrnwtr bees dried op in tha ajatout, to braal aatiaMI? I r*rated form, tad PERHAPS APTMM MA1UUA9M. Vte HKLMB0LD*8 EXTRACT BVCBW All affections utd diaaaaea of taa 1&1NART OKUm, whether existing lb MALE OR nniLI, from whaUrer esoaa orif mating tad a* aaMr o& HOW LONG STANDING Diaeaeea of theaa Orcaoa re* aire the aad at a Dj VMtTIC. HELMBOLD & EXTRACT. BUCHU IB THE GREAT DIURETIC, fad it 11 oorttia to h*T* tha doairod offoot tl DiMUN/ir MiU il ii i lTiiuci of m voir iiaromiij Ajr* mmlukli cimom VUQMMOBfUy U? MdJUMI. CK?T.r.C^?>V>CT?. " " "BaSKf AI.O "PHYSICIAN*" rLEASE NOTICE." wn Kin "bo new" or "nnnmn." HELMBOL1TS EXTRACT Bl'CHU 1? ooipoMd ot M?ha. C?b?b? tad J iiiifr Iwiii. MlMUd with irMt 0*.re by a oomy?tMf ftraff iM. PR SPARED IM VACUO, BY H. t. HILMBOLD, Practical tad Analytical CkMuat. Mt Soi* Mmgfiotiror of HKLMBOLD'S QINUOT P&KPAJLATI0V9 AFFIDAVIT. Sworn ud nb?nM Wor? N,",rtsiau i<ijSsb?BSlfGL rti ISlLIAIfB IJ1 ATTMMtAJmM FROM 8 A. JT. TO 8 F. M. PrtM SI pw HWIi, WBUm8<. IMlvmd to My iMrw, M*iMty ftta obitmbon. NEWARK or uuimunnt AJTD VIIFKBfCIFLMD MMALMMM who #nu?*Tof to 4imm "of Uictr *?" WraiMn ? tfa wpwMS? JUnMTi P i I'm i Nhmmm. M M u "nny a rn? m m Jmprt?d Mm* vaa. 8ou w b.B. Wait*. X. d. ftimam, imm wojw. a. a r*u, s. b. ttnnmi, m. c m&jmu KD?u*Wnani 1. l bum |Airi> xll MiMini ininrxiu. 4 - ** ? c - 4 * ?3 . , SAKiaoecHL AMP ATOD OOOttTtOH ?i * flMII MRP " * '*'* 41 V > ^> +2 ^

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