Newspaper of Evening Star, January 3, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 3, 1862 Page 2
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THE EVENING 8TAR. WASHINGTON CITY: FH1PAT. Hlf C ART S. 19M. K^Tlion^b Thf * tab It printed tfct feateat prrtt la mw annth ?f R*ltimor?, lti edition 1? to ltrjpr to U> requl re It to be put to prv?? at en ?f'T boor therefore, should be eot la before It o'clock n ; otherwise they may may not appear untv the next day. Ova Fbik^d* at the nu-loue military can pa and poaltlona will confer a farcr by keeping us poated aa to moTement* ard a Skin In their rlclnltlea Aplrlt of the Morning Preaa. The IuUlligmctr trra'a upon the "effect of the Trent aatUement abroad " Tke Rtpnblitmn sdrooatea giving tho notice of fbo 'ermlnatlon of the "Reciprocity Treaty," bet-wee a tho United Ptatea and Great Britain. Abt Itxms?Leu tie la buay at work upon hla great picture for the western staircase of the Honae gallery It la to be entitled "Weatward W- a*-. .# P..|U t.V>. It. m? II Tha ?kptrh In eolor la finished, and la In many reapecta the finest ot Mr. LeotM's works The completion ef the painting (the mala picture with the arabeMjBM and smaller designs) will require a twelvemonth's work at least Stone baa Jaat modeled an admirable buit of the late Oen. Baker Lumtn has abjnred pencil and palette for the time, and Is engroosed with the duties of bis offlce In tbe House and with the completion of hla Biographical Dictionary W. D. Washington, according to report, Is now a member of the Black Horae Cavalry down In Diile. x Miaa Lander, the sculptress, who has apent considerable time lately In this city by the bedside ot her brother. Gen. Lander, (wounded at Ball's Blaff,) baa tbe good newa that beratatute baa been flahed up from the orean-bed, and la now safe In Bo? ton. Brady 1* indefatigabiy btiay In developing new capabilities for photography; aud acme of bla late proceaaea for depicting outdoor ramp life, Scr.., mem the ultimate " poaatble" of the art. Tbe rt-folk generally will rerognlze an old acquaint nee in a recent acqulaltlon to the Brady corpe? Mr. H. Amidon. At Markrlter'a (460 Seventh atreet) may be aeen a fine copy (by Mayer, of Dreiden,) of De Uufe'a celebrated picture,?? The Wldow'a Mite." Such a picture would be " a good thing to have in tbe hccae." woiioi o-id^iaiick naval (jcnner*.? From Fraa'-k Taylor we have "A Treat ae on Ordnance and Naval Gunnery; Complied and Arranged at a Text Book for the U. S. Naval Academy." By Lieut. Edward Plmpaon, U. B. Navy. New York, D Van Noatrand Thl# work, publlibed under the approval of the Navy Department, was compiled by Lieut Simp, on to cover the ground necessary for an elementary courae In naval gunnery at the Naval Academy, at, when ordered lo take charge of the Instruction In that branch tkere. be could find no tingle work comprehensive enougk to supply the want. The r??ult It the admirable volume before us, In which a vast amount of Information Is conveyed in a readable and familiar form. The Illustrations are excellent, a; d many of tbem unique, being colored or bronzed, eo aa to represent various military arms, Ac., with mora than photographic Itteralnwe. irr Jeff Davla' agents at Havana are adroitly oalng General Pbelpa' (Ship laland) proclamation to create the tmpreaaion with the Spaniards that, If the Federal army aubjugates the rebels, Mr Lincoln will turn hia army and navy against "slavery and the Roman Catholic religion In the Island of Cuba " At a grand public reception of the Spanish General Prim, at Havana, while en romf for Mexico, the rebel flag was, In (be pieaence of high ctflclal dlgnltariee, levlngly eandwlched In between the English I'nlon Jack and the French trl-eolor. the Stars and Stripe* being left oat In the cold. (jy-1 m evidence accumulates dally, showing how much the rebels bad reckoned upon our prospective difficulty with England; and cne of the plainest of these Is given In the Richmond correspondence of tbe^outh Carolinian. The extract Is as follows: 'We returned last evening from a short visit to Richmond. An Impression prevails there that the blockade will ie raised in less than thirty days We Incline to the opinion that It la based on the expectation generally entertained that Great Britain will resent the Insult to her flag by Commodore Wilkes." Bvtlbb's ExriDiTion ? Gen Butler reports to the Navy Department that his men, horses, amnun It on, atores, kr , are being shipped at Boston with great rapidity. The expedition will be ready to move In a few dsys, but, like that of Qen Burnslde, its destination la kept a profound aacret. Arraixs m W*stkb;? ViasmiA ?The Wheeling Intelligencer of the 1st Inst., says: A bloody tragedy occurred at the town of Warsaw, on the Ohio river, one day last week. It appears that as the fleet of steamers bearing Wynkoop'a cavalry regiment passed the town, the Unionists, who yere gathered on the bank or th# riTtr. comm#nr?i rh##Hnt? wK*n a y ?. f " Hti? tuaia named John Leonard drew a large cleaver, and wore be coald whip tlx Lincoln men. He shot at a Union man n?me<l Clemmona, who returned the Are, and Leonard fell mortally wounded A general shooting then began, In tbe cour?e of wbl^h twenty-four abota were flred. Talbot Leonard, a brother of Jobn. was abot and Instantly killed Both of tbeae Leonards were violent Sertialonist*. snd have been tbe eauae of all tbe trouble* in tbat place Clemmons received a pistol sbot through tbe hand, and John Oliver waa shot through tbe arm The two Leonard* out of the way?one of them dead and tha otter mortally wounded?and tbe affray ended. Subsequently tbe town was occupied by a detachment of Union troops, and several Secessionists, Including a son of Humphrey Marshall, arreeted Great excitement prevailed, but no further violence was anticipated. A reotlemin who arrived reaterday from Ceredo and Guyandotte reports that a large number of troop* are scattered along the Ohio At Ceredo Col Liifktburn baa fortlfted kimwir ?- ? . _ . ? ? ? ? !? in vwuudent that no Guyandotte affair will occur with him Col. Boles' 'id Virginia cavalry were at Guyandotte, and Piatt'a Zouaves are at Barbours?Uto. Colonel DeVilliera la at Point Pleasant, with hla regiment. There are also troops at GalllpoUs, Aihlaod, Catlettsburg and other pointa. Maari.ttt or Bmm this P. M ?Monty M*rk*iThe Bank Meeting is still la aeaaion. u4 the Uoe of debate is wy birmonloui on all pointa. Tbe resnlt of tbe bank meeting will be to take Mr Chase's demand Treaaury notes as rnrreney Aa the banka owe the Secretary many millions *f dollars, ills not considered expedient to dlshoner bis notes In anyway, ltlsalao argued that the people will insist upon the banks recognising these notes aa currency, and therefore itls wise To yield at once. A committee will be appointed to proceed to Washington, and confer with the Secretary, so as to bring about harmonious action Upon the point of uniformity of peeie payments by the city banks no action has been taken It Is thought teat the difference between tbe specie paying and aon-apecie paying banka will settle Itself The bank meeting la a large one, and all the banka aeeoa to aDDreelate iam aiBcuuy and dangers of the times, and crisis. The bank session promises to be a long one, and to continue till# o'clo:k?.V V. Ezprtttfid mtt. No Blockade?The London Timet, In its bitternrss against ihlacountry, falsifies without stint, and virtually aaaertt that there haa been no blockade of the southern porta Hear It: " The blockade haa been ao notoriously a failure that nothing bat the extraordinary acrupulauiaii of the European Powers haa allowed It te continue. Ships have pasaed In and out at all t1m4s Just as they pleased, and, so for as the harbors are concerned, there has never been any dlfftculty In getting Into them or in getting outcf If " ships have pasaed in and out at all times }uat as they pleased." how is it that England aeeds coMoa ? It bar want of that ataple waa thus easily sopplled. whvhsattn?f t? la ?u'oki Vut not rtty polite aay lag?" Hart should Un good memorle*." Tas Cxtiui?Bone of the printers formerIt ataaeh?d to the Pittoburz UlajMteb. publish a litlif paper at rtatp Teuaally, D C , called the ??nn?vlvet>lt TblrWntb li? beya arc toll of fea.aad hi of tbrn (eta off Um following, la Ihe tea* lamtw now bJwt *a t The 41fferent gradea cf batter aro now arranged - according to following .cat* ?Wroag, bed, raa atd.Tile, sbeeslasbla. StUr't 4 ? 4" "* - * * * -* I OUR NTLITART BUDGET. WAVY T1ID There baa been no arrival at the yard from the flotilla alnce the Stepping Stones came up night before last, and we are therefore without newa from the Lower Potovac. It la sot known at the yard whether the Anaceetla bombarded the battery at Po?um-noae Point yeeterday, aa expected, or not. The Stepping Stone* made the run np from Indian Hnd In two hours ?be started down again yesterday afternoon with stores for the lower flotilla, and was to have run the blockade if the night was dark enough. In this connection we have a suggestion to make to the offlrerj of Gen Hooker's division. It ia this?that they remove their camp Area at fludd'a Ferry further from the river shore. The rebels It appears, as soon as the fires are lighted, aim their loaded gun* directly at them. If a ateamer or other vessel passes, the light of fire after ?;e li momentarily eclipsed, and Just at the Instant of obscuration the guns which have been aimed are fired, and the chances are fair that the Interveningobject will be struck The steamers are not visible at night when the moon Is shining, aa has been abundantly proved, and theae low catrp nAA onnaMsraHlv to Ik* flair r>f rnnnlno Ih* batteries. The laborers at the yard?about two hundred? have been buiy lately, under the directions their foreman, Mr. White, Id grading aud graveling about the yard Thua the approaches to the several wharves and sllpa on the river front are now at all times hard and dry. The large open apace at the west side of the yard?heretofore a mudhole?has been filled and covered with gravel and clnderx, making a fine avenue along towards the ordnance department. Many other recent Improvements are due to the energy of the excellent officers In cnarce of the yard. GENKttAI BIKHiM'l CAS*. We apprehend that the correspondent of the Associated Press, and many others who are writing to papers far and wide that the charges against General Benhnm have been virtually quashed by the Commander-in-chief, are wholly In error. The court of Inquiry reported to courtmartial htm; and we learn he demanded as witnesses necessary to his due defence, the attendance of many officers now serving under General Buell in Kentucky, whose presence there at this Juncture cannot possibly be dispensed with, except with great lr jury to the public Interest. Hence it became absolutely necessary to postpone the trial, unless denying him the attendance of the parties for whom he asks as being necessary to bis due defense. It Is nlatn that in annn ? _ f w ?/V.t wo vtavumaiaiiccs will permit the attendance of hla witnesses here, the trial will take place. RKTCRXBD. Capt. Dickinson, of 3d Infantry, U. 8 A., and Captnlni Shilllngton and Monson, of the New York 79th?late prisoners in Richmond?reached Fortress Monroe, by flag of truce, yesterday, and thia city thia forenoon. They left In Baltimore Lieut H art. of the Indiana 20th, and Corporal McDonough, of the New York 7tfth. released at the aaine time with th?m. All of these gentlemen pre as well aa could have been eipectcd after their long Imprisonment?since the battle of Bull Run. U 9. STKAMKR COHNKCTICtJT. Persons^fcavlng frienda on board any vcaael of Flag Officer Du Font's squadron and the squadron in the Gulf of Mexico, can have their letters or packages (postage and express charges prepaid) forwarded to their destination and safely delivered, by sending them to McBride Bros , No 176 Washington street, New York. The Connecticut will sail Monday, January 6, 1"6J I UarLIMESTART. On last evening Major DeLancey Floyd Jones, of the 11th regiment of U. S. Infantry, wan sereI nmded at the baclielsr ranche of Capts Rugbies, Lolly and Glbaon, No i?i V by the excellent band attached to the Flrct Long (aland regiment. GENERAL MCLELLAN Gen. McClellan haa been transacting bualneu for two days peat at hla residence, hia health having so far improved as that be will doubtless be out again aa soon aa the current severely cold weather moderates. Mr^AStor Gov. Hicks ?Gov. Hicks,of Maryland, has juat laid before the Legislature of that Stat* hla faat message. The message Is confined principally to local ntt'aira, calling the attention of tbe Legislature to the new apportionment of members of Congress, and tbe necessity of dividing the State into five Congressional districts. The Governor submits tbe reports of the commissioners on the pa t of Maryland to ascertain and define the southeastern and northwestern nounaaries oetween Maryland and Virginia The tracing and marking of the western line of the State, from the "Fairfax atcne" to the north em boundary of Maryland, waa completed during the summer of I860. The work waa commenced In 1S59,with the co-operation of Virginia, In conformity with chapter 275 of the acta of 1?52 The commlaaloner on the part of Virginia failed to join In the completion or the survey; but It being a matter of great importance to Allegany county that ltahould be no longer delayed, the commlaaloner for Maryland completed the work as required by chapter3?5 ofthe acta of I960. The commlaaloner for Virginia waa Invited to join the commissioner for Maryland In making the southern line between the Pocomoke and the Atlantic, the necessary surveys for which had been made at the joint expense of the two States No answer was received to that proposition, and the Intentions ofthe Leglalature, in this regard, have not been carried out He also suggests the propriety of taktnor me??. ure<< to ascertain tbe will of the people in relation to the assembling of a convention to reform tbe !*tate constitution, tbe condition of tbe Bute and National affairs rendering a change In their organic law imperatively necessary. Beidoi Bcknino asd Exkcvtioss?Tbe Missouri Democrat has the following dispatch: Quihcv, Dec 28 ?La*t night the rebels burned two bridges over Fablas river, ou the Palmyra and Quincv Railroad. One was four miles and tbe other eight miles from this city. It Is thought there is a concerted movement iidoq2 the secessionists of northern Missouri to burn all tbe bridges on the railroads in that section. The citizen* of Qulncy are somewhat alarmed, as tbe rebels have freqoently threatened to burn this place. About 90 prisoners are now at Palmyra, 33 of whom are charged with burning bridges and tearing up the railroad track. On Christmas night, through the negligence of the guard, five of the bridge burners escaped Yesterday a court-martial was convened at Palmyra, to try tbe remainder Col John Groesbeck, of the 39th Ohio, is President, and Capt. Blnmore, of Geo. Prentiss's stair. JnHo? *? '' , oil rebel* plead guilty of bridge burning, and tbey will be shot. The court-martial it still In stsslon. I am Informed that the telegraph line between here and Palmyra la destroyed In several place*; also, between Palmyra and tit. Joseph. Bocmd roh thk South ?Yesterday brought to light a transaction which bas given rise to no lluie talk, especially among owners and masters of vessels On the 26tb ultimo, the brig France* Jane, Capt. John H Kircb. sailed from Baltimore, having cleared for St. Johns, Porto Rico. She belongs to Messrs Klrkland, Chase & Co , of this city, and the owners thought all was right, until a communication wan made by the first officer, that he bad returned to Annapolis in charge of the brig, after having gone down the bay below the Potomac. There the brig was brought to, and the captaln,wttb some six or eight persons looked upon as pasaengers, left her for the Virginia sbore. taking with them several large chests, supposed to have contained quantities of medicine?such as quinine, opium, c ilomel,fcc , and which is so scarce now lo the South?together with otner articles of prime necessity, and which are worth, In the South, more than their weight In gold We have not heard the name* of the -'passengers," but It la Intimated that there were several physician* In the party. The ownera have directed the brig to proceed In charge of tbe flrat officer, W G. Martin.?Buliimort Sun. Skikmishino in KimtccetThe Louisville Journal of the 3lat aaya: " Dexpatchu were received In tbla city and Frankfort yeetrday stating that a party of acouta from Col Jamea 8. Jackson'* regiment had encountered a aupertor rebel force near Sacramento, la MeLean county, Ky , on Saturday, and that the mult waa a lota or Ave Federals killed and twenty prlaonera There la no atatement made la the deepatches as to tbe lea ea the part of the rebela, and w* later that tbe acoating party frata Col. yaekeon'a cavalry were surpr'srd and tbe rebela escaped unhurt with their prisoners We regret to learn that oar reliant friend. Cant o u. con, of Frankfort, U among tb* tlala. Captain Baron wm tke eotnmandfr of the unfortunate coutinj^jiartj, ?r'4of course fell at the head of V ? . ?' . The Araay Satlsra Bill. The following la a copy of tha bill to provlda for tba appolntmeot of sutler* In tbe volunteer service and to deflna tbelr duties, Introduced Into the Senate yesterday by Mr. Wilson, of Mass, with tba view of correcting tba present abates connected with army sutlarshlps: See 1. Tba Inspectorsceneral of th? army ahall constitute a board of oSceTk, whose duty || shall b? to prepare, Immediately upon the paasaga of this act. a list or schedule of such articles aa m> be Hold by sutler* to the t ffl-,ers anrl soldiers of tbe volunteer service; Mid llat or schedule shall be subject, from time to time, to ouch revision and change ?s in tbe judgment of said board the good of tbe service may require, provided slwaya that no Intoxicating ltquora shall at any time be contained therein, or the sale of such liquors be, In any way, autborlxed by said board. A copy of aald llat or schedule, and of any anbsequent change therein, together with a copy of this act, shall be, wlthont delay, furnished by said board to the commanding officer of each brigade, and of each regiment not attached to any brigade In tbe volunteer aervlce, and also to the Inspectors general of the army. Pee a. i bat Immediately upon the receipt from said board of said list or schedule and copy of *LI. A 1 A* _ - ion aci dv me crmminainc oncer or any such brigade, the act In? brigadier general, surgeon, quartermaster and commlaaary of said brigade ball constitute a board of officers, whose duly II shall be to affix to each article In said list or scbedale a price for #ald brigade, which shall by them be forthwith reported to the commanding cUlcer of the division. If any, to which said brigade Is attached, for his approval, with or without modification, and who shall, after snch approval, report the same to the Inspector general, and the same, if not disapproved by him, shall be the price, not exceeding which said articles may be sold to the officers and soldiers in said brigade. Whenever any brigade shall not be attached to a division, said prices shall then be reported directly to the Inspector general, and If approved by him, shall be the price fixed for such brigade as aforesaid; and whenever any regiment rttall be unattached to any brigade, the acting colonel, lieutenant colonel, major and two senior oapfrlns thereof, shall constitute the board of officers by whom the price of said articles shall be fixed for said regiment In the same manner as is herein provided for an unattached brigade The prices so fixed may be changed by sa'a boards, respectively, from time totitne, not ofmer than once in thirty clays, but all changes therein shall be reDorted in like manner ?nH fnr ??. 7 *vi ?uv miuc f.ur|iu*c as when originally fixed. Sec 3. That It shall be the duty of the commanding ofilcer of each Brigade, immediately upon receipt of a copy of taid list or schedule, and copy of this act, as herein provided, to cause one sutler for each regiment In his brigade to be selected by the commissioned officers of such regiment, which selection shall be by him reported to the Adjutant General of the army; and if the tame be not disapproved bvthe Secretary of War, the person so selected shall be commissioned as sole sutler of the said regiment. And the commanding officer of each unattached regiment shall, In like manner, cause a selection of a sutler to be made for said regiment, who ahall, if not disapproved by the Secretary of vVar, as aforesaid, be commissioned as sole sutler of said regiment. Any vacancy in the office af said sutler, cansed by the disapproval of the Sectary of War, or from any other cause, shall be filled In the same way as an original appointment. Sec t That the sutlers cbosen and commissioned in the manner provided in the preceding notion shall each be authorized to aell to the j officers and soldiers of the regiment for which he has been chosen the articles designated in the list nv Vl ? ^ 11 1 rt r. . ^ IJ?I * -- -1 ' ? - * VI utuc pn??l uru hi iiiis an, ana none others, and at prices not exceeding these affixed to said articles a* herein provided. He (hall heepsa.d list or schedule, tosetbwr with a copy of this act, fairly written or printed, posted up In some conspicuous part of the place where he makes said sales, and where the same can he easily read by any ptrson to whom he makes said sales. Sec 5 That it shall be the duty of the inspector general to cause tbe place of sale and articles kept for that purpose by said sutlers to be Inspected from time to time, once In fifteen days at least, by some competent officers specially detailed for that duty, and such changes in said place or In the quality and character of the articles mentioned in the said list or schedule so kept, as shall be required by said officer, shall be conformed to by each sutler, and such officer shall report each Inspection to the inspector general. Sec. 6 That there shall be no sutler appointed for, or permitted to sell to or trade with the officers or soldiers of any regiment In tbe volunteer service, exccpt such as sball be selected and commissioned In conformity with the provision* of this act. Sec 7. That any sutler who shall violate any of the provisions of this act, sball, upon conviction ttierror. t>? a?miH?d ffoin the service, and be ineligible to a reappointment, and sball forfeit all goods and chattels and effects beloi rt'lug to him and found within the lines of the army at the time of socb violation, one half to the use of L nlted States and the other half to the use of the p< rson or persons who shall furnish such evidence as shall lead to a conviction for any each violation. The bill was referred to the committee on military aflaira, and ordered to be printed. Iskparturr or .Masox axd Slidill?Messrs mason and Slldell were delived up yesterday forenoon,and left Fort Warren at about 11 o'clock. The arrangement for their return was very quietly m?de, and nothing waa known in Boaton of the affiir until the hour arrived for their departure. The steam tug bost Starlight waa employed by the Kovmment to convey the prisoner* to Provlpcetcwn, Cape Cod, where they are to be transferred to the British gunboat Rlnaldo, which arrived at that port on Monday night. In accordance with the above plan of releasing the rebels, the tug boat Starlight left Boaton ahortly before ten o'clock yesterday forenoon and stopped at Fort Warren, where she took on board Mason and Slidell and their two secretaries. After receiving their baggage, 4c , the tug proceeded on her way to sea, . eavlrg the fort about 11 o'clock. The whole aifalr was conducted without any display, in perfect quiet, and in the ordinary manner of conveying passengers The tug boat probably reached Provincetown yesterday afternoon, and the prisoners will be transferred without delay to the British gunboat. N. Y. Comm*rciai,Ud ill.* I.iunriunisi or THI SOUTH ? The annual circular of the Mercantile Agency says: I n responae to the inquiry of many of our leadIn? merchant*, who have called upon na for reliable statistical information as to tbe mercantile Indebtedness of the South to Northern merchants, we are enabled to state that by a very close examination of our booka, confirmed by other a Mirrea of information, there la due the four cities of New York. Hoston, Philadelphia and Baltimore about 8411.000,000, divided aa followa: New York .?I58.K)0,WJ0| Baltimore... #19,000.000 Philadelphia 24 MtuMBI Boston 7,?00,000 In the dry good* interest alone in these cities our estimate* show that New York loaes 975.000, 000; Philadelphia, S14.000.000, Baltimore S6,500,000, and Boaton $2 000,000; making a total indebteduea* to the dry gooda trade of $97.500.000. From tbia and other data, we eatluaatethe total liabilities of the South to the Northern States at or near $300,000,000 The above estimates, with tbe advantages and facilities we possess, we can safely affirm are more nearly correct than can in auy ciuer way De determined. Affair* at W**tihw Virginia ?A Romnev correspondent of the Cincinnati Times, under d?teof Dec. 23, ??y?: Gen. Kelly Is, undoubtedly, a good and able soldier, and la doing all that la in his power to prepare Komney for an attack from aa many forces aa they may bring to bear against us. Every day there it a sqnad detailed from each company and | regiment wUh ahovela and picks, and axes, to throw up lntrenchmenta Komney ia now well fortiled, and has troops enough to keep at bay all the forces old Governor | Wise can bring against ua. The 7th Ohio, Cal Tyler, and the 14th Indiana, Col. Klmbal, of | Cheat Mountain notoriety, arrived a day or two ago, and several other regiments are to be here to day or to-morrow. FENIAN BROTHER HOOP.-A inset in* 111 mo rn<rnix sooietr for the leotion of offioera viil be u?iU on SUNDAY EVENING, January 5 h. at 7 o'olook, at P MoNiool'a Exonauf? Hotel, C atieM, between 4>* a?J 6tn its. All the o d maraoers are requested to attend. j%3 2f THE CENTER. (V-S-MEOIf-AL SOC'ETY OP THE D18TKIOTOF COLUMBIA -The semi annual meeting 01 thia Sooiety wi 1 be bald at the M<<lical Department of tieorgetovn Collage, on K. betwoen 1?th and i2th atreeu.oa MONOA > ,6tb January, 18t2, at 12 o'o.ock in W. M K. TUCKER, jaS-2t Keo'c Secretary. ir^r*WASHINGTON LECTURE ASSOCIA _L? TION. The Fifth L.eotnre wtl) be by HON. HORACE GRKELEY, FRIDAY EVENING. January 9, IMS, At the ' Smithsonian Institution. Bubjaot?Thi Natiow. Doors ope* at 7; L'oture at 8 o'clock. Tioke'a 25 oenta, to be bad at the Bookatorea and ar the door. j>> it ^N-mCE TO TAX PAYERtt. CoLL*rTA?'? n??i?. ' W*tk\ntHm, Dtttmbt XI, Utl.^ Notice ii hereby jiven to ail peraoue in arreara for taxea, whether km. special, orunul tax, that on lee* the Mine i? pud at this ottos before the let d&r of February next the property on vhioh the tax ie dae will then be adrartised anl sold, aa the law direct*. Thoae vho wiah to avoid the heavy expenee of m ^ ri>?ii{j-Diyo!pr de X-eotFebl Colleator. !> THK UNION PRAYKft MBBTINS Will (13 be held each day t)uaj#eek la the New York Avenue Churoh, <Re*. Dr. parley's,) eommeaoiac at 4 o'oioofc p ? to be oontinned oh hoar only. teat ^ * \?e

L?... ,..j I T^LKGB A PHIO. Or|itintiM ef state Legislatures KillACIfllTTI. Boston, Jan 1 ?The Massachusetts Legislature organised to-day. Tha Senate elected exgoTernor Clifford prealdent. The booaa waa called to order by Hon Calab Cashing, who made an eloquent and patriotic speech. H Bollock wm choeeu speaker of the Bocae and William Roblnaoa clerk. a corsra, ? Jan 9 ?Tbe Maine Leglslatare organized to-d*y. J O. Blaine, of Augusta, waa re-elected Speaker of tbe House, and J H . Goodnow was re-elected Prealdent of tbe SenaU. VBNTIOR. Coxcoao, N. H., Jan. 1.?Tbe New Hampshire Republican State Convention to-day nominated Gov Berry for re-election. Dr. Croaoy. of Hanover, democrat, reoelved tbe nomination for Railroad Commlaaloner. Resolutions were adopted sustaining tbe government In tbe provocation of tbe war. endorsing tbe national admlntatratlon, demanding atrlct economv. endoralng tbe State authorities, thanking tbe volunteeri for tbetr devotion, and prorata? lng to aupport the candidates nominated wlthoat regard to party Issues. From Mlaaoari. St. Louis, Jan. i ?Dlspetcbes bavf been received at headquarters, announcing the capture of tbe notorious Jeff Owens, Col. Jonea, and SO of their brldo?-httmln?7 <?n<r n??r m J Adrian county, by (Jen Hchofleld, commander of the State militia, and that tbe various g errllla Nuida along the North Missouri Rallrced have been pretty thoroughly scattered. Six reelinenta of Federal troope have left Otto tlle and Tipton for Weeton on an expedition, the effects of which are unknown. Evening ?The report eent by telegraph this morning, that six regiments of troope had atarted on a western expedition, proves to be a miatake. Recent developmenta disclose the fact that embexzlementa have occurred in the county collect, or's office, amounting to 930,000 These frmoda, it la alleged, have been committed bjr Stephen D Axtell, chief clerk, and extend btcs for a series of years. Prsa California. Sas Franc isco, Jaa. 1 ?The stormy weather haa Intermpted telegraphiccommunication wlthj In tbe State and over tbe Sierra Nevada Since tbe 24th ult. tbe floods have been renewed, to a great extent throughout the valley portion of th* k"? u* ... v??vt UW.IBHK MW auu i7tw?wia U?TC UWU partially overflowed again, without much additional damage Business with the interior haa been suspended, and more property haa been destroyed in the State by this freshet than all the fresheta heretofore. The weather Is pleaaant to-day. The steamer Golden Age Bailed for Panama with 100 passengers and S960.0U0 in treasure for New York, and #170,M)0 for England Judge Haper yesterday Issued an Injunction, staying the aale of the Broderlck estate until the question of the forgery of Broderlck's will Is investigated. Heavy Gala at Haw York Niw York, Jan. 2.?There was a tremendous gale last night, and nearly a dozen prize veaaela in the Atlantic dock were more or less damaged. Several vessels lu the bay dragged their anchors and were slightly damaged Flew Hampshire Palitics. ConroRD, N H ,Jan 2?The Republican State Convention ha? nominated Gov. Berry for reelection, and adopted resolutions sustaining the Government In prosecuting the war, endorsing the policy of the administration, Ac Departure of Cal Lewis' Ragimeat Harrisbcrs, Jan V ?The JlOth Pennsylvania regiment, commanded by Col Wm. D Lewis, jr , has just left for Romney, Va Gov. Curtln presented the regiment with Its flag, at the Cap ttol, tbta evening. ryw^HEADQUARTERS 1ST REGIMENT IL3 EASTERN VIKGIN1A BRIGADE, Albxa*dbia. Deoemoer 71 ?The Head*natters of this regiment will be located in Alexandria. Re crmting station* will be designated at proper stat ione. Reotuits wishing to join this regiment will be mustered in and clothed at once w. wall, Colonel 1st \ irgtnia Regiment. Reoruitmr station ie opened on Seventh street, 3*3, Cart. Whitney's quarters late oavary. de ?-eolOt _ IIT U. S. SANITARY COMMISSION. J J? S44 P st. Washington, D. C.. Die. 3d. The Sanitary Commission has a collection of book c ofreferenoe on Military Snrgery and Army Hygiene, whioh Military Surgeons at or near Washington are invited to eonsult. FREDERICK LAW OLMSTED, de 2-lm General Secretary. \f PATENT ATT'?HNEYS, Mason, fenwick. and lawkenck, WiSIINOTuK, D C., It* Corner Seventh and F streets. Dr. thos. n. naylor, or Hollydat Ihstitctb. Offers his professional servioes to the eitisens of Chmquepin Hundred, Persimmon Bluff and Locust Valley, Md, Reference?Pabsos McCobmice. It* Black tea; black tea! 90 chests stuHard B ask T-** ha?e been reoeived to-day. Also, ohoioe Green Tea king a burchrll, js j i.orner ift'n atre*t and Vermont ay. F">0\ EXCKLHIOR CRACKERS ? A freah ?upp]y of Fox'a Celebrated El 'aior Crackera Juat received. We can aappiy dealca at tha lowe?tratea. KINO A BURt'HELL, ja 3 Corner Ve mont av. an 1 15th atreef. N HANDS' LINK. OTICB TO CONSIGNEES :-The ateareera E. Chairberlm aud S. Seymour, jr*?k from Philadelphia, have arrived.^^^^?=? Conaigneea vi I p'eaae a'tend to re oeiving carjo. HYDE * DAVIDSON, It A<enta. Georgetown, D. C. W DIGGERS k. HENRY'S ASHING TON AND ALEXANDRIA EXPR KS8t Leavint each oity twioe a day. Order* left on alata at Gregary'a 8to*e Store or Mv-, ti i'* FraiJiiin Houae, Waahington.Aafl^^^# vi" me. t with prompt attention. W 1 jaS ?w* A WEDDING PRESENTS. LL the new atrlM of Fancy SILVER WARE. f DitlT (-<> n tr * jcn&LM, ?o,goiien up for W?!diog Presents. A very larg? assortment jo at opened m. w. G alt * BKO., Jewellers, 354 P&. a.-e., 4 rtoora vest of )a 3-3t Brown'i Hotel. I WATCHF8. LiONDON, Liverpool and Geneva Watches bp all the moat oelebrated maker*. Jv Also, tke ' Aiuerioan w atoti," for both ladiet and gent lemen 0km A large arsortnent jaat reoeived and offered unuan&llp lov. M. W. OALTft BRO-. Jswellers, 334 Pa. are., 4 doors went of jft 3 3t Brown's Hotel. T\M tXROPOLlTAN HOTKL. WASHINGT'N, lU (Latb Brown'* ) Tbe nndersign Hi bega lea?e to inform hia iri Aids and the traveling pnbllo that he has leased for a term of years the well-known Hotel kept for many yearaby Mr. Marshall Brown, and to assure them that they wi I find in him a hoat determined to ke^p in every partioalar a first-oMu House. He reepeotr.M i:-.*- ; iuuj uuoita meir pauonate. ANDREW R. POTTS, la 8-1W Proprietor. UNION FUEL. DEPOT. COAL-COAL-COAL We, the undersigned, inform onr ou'foniers aad the oitixene of Waahmgton leuerall? that we are ell'ng COAI., (Red and White Aeh En and Move ??i*e,) dtltvtrtd, at the following enoee. vis: Net Ton <*.0u0 1 be.) for fT H Groea Ton v 2,340 11>?.) for ?? Aleo for ea!e, a ehoioe lot of HICKORY, OAK, AND PINE WOOD. MeKNEW * MARI OW. C7" Offioe 001 ner 7th e t. and CaiUM Ja K_ ^ /A SOMETHING NEW ! /A t^^GMATMT Diacovni At ubi c strut, orrorUt , tk$ Tktattr. OYSTERS 8TKAMKD In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (fhr superior to a roast) ia two ?n?iu, tk* ftttut im< on riemI. Call and see. The undersigned respectfully informs his friends in the Distnot, and visitors to the oity, that be haa refitted his old and wkU/-khowh saTABLisHidMT in a moat thorough manner, and hu made oomplete arrancementa to fnraiah OYSTERS in aay style and m any ?uantity. 400 to 50u ?a.Tona ahuoked per day. looo to 3,000 oana of Spioed and P'eah put up daily?oans he rmeti oaJI y seeled. Form ah ad in the shelf by the bushei or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished reolarly through the winter. at Baltimore pnoes, without fear of flu lure, ahonld oejl and make arrancementa at onoe. Freight, time, and bomt saved by purohaamg of ma. aa I furmah an areola 2aal to the celebrated Baltimore eetabUshnaete. prioea just as low. TO 8lJTL?ftB| Canned MeaU, Lobsters, /Sardiaee. Ciana, Peaohea, Jto. Also, Game and Freeh Pish. Turtles, Jerranaa, freelyLobfjera. Codt Halibut, A.o. , ? ??. wwwtj mini iot a&ie II North* rn m*r~ In ?? ? * t?nt wjurfh. ^3^^ra?sj.ti.n &s s <*'* T.M. baktict. MiUTAlY OVMCOAT., Raadj ?-da or'aaaJ* to"or&r7 fSwaoilttto*ooaataatlr oa Mad, raactu* ir*m OTtnotU, Draw and Pttuu Coata, Plata, aad VaaU. mad* to order, on abort actio*. at oar aaaal <3?*" WAttHL\S2fe * * i * PERHAM'8 GRAND EXCTKIIOII KW TOM _AJTD BOSTGTBT. EXCrHBTO/f TTCIITB Fr?a Rtluatrt ? Iwui, rotari, Mir T? Flevr Y?rk ud ritara 9.00 Tiek*ta food to BoalUivore from lk? D?k* oftko Northern t>nt>u fti(,*?r.nn C*lT?rt ?tr*ot. puuti or?r the > Ttamra CnM Railway. L?l? on ValW. Eaet Pen nry Irani a. L*bt(k l(f.u4 antra Railroad of New Jereav to Now York,aad from Now Wk o Boatc b by the StoniBfton IJ pa, leaving Now York by the ?team era Commonwealth and Pijmonth Rook, at 4 o'o ook p. b.,ob any day, (gnndaya exoooptod.) UP TO JANUARY SI. 1ML akb to mriii ay imi mrri ON OR BKOR E MARCH lir. G7"T|okete for aalo l*i Waahincton. D G..?ttho Satioaai Rota:; i? Baltimore, at the Ifepot of ?he orthera Centra, Railway. Calroyt atrwt. at Bar aim'a Roto!, Eataw Hoaaa, and Gilnor Boaao. Two throat h Traina daily from Baltimore to Now York, lea ring Baltimore at IJi a. m. aad UK a. m. To oonnoot with theoo traina. pamonc ore "rom Waohincton most lea re in tho a. a. and 8 p. m traina. i^TMrat farnnm'a floUl, Baltimore; Lo*oJorfafcoW,??aw ork. and the Adama H#um, Boston, hxi head< aartwa in tho? emu. >at DUWARD C. DYE*. wiyss, UQvWi'ZL'Vlftltoi' Pa av? bctvwD 1JU and IS it eta., Ha? in store son oaa?? of tb* folio viae aJtpiaa brand* (new importations) of c0 aMP*u> i JnlM Mnmm'a Prirate Stook, <tba boat Wutoi sale in this ooantry.)I in portal, Cabinet and t>H Vara*narr. veuve C in not, Moort A Ctaod^'a OtM Ml, Heideeiok and Ajytoo^. House Gin, Ao. 6# CiBM Ver t fine O'.d Plnot, CaaulToa A Co., and J aloe Robin A Co?a Cofaao. importod la |laaa, a * A verv arc* and ien*rai assortment of Braadtee, Wibm. Rims. Whiskies, Ac . ia veoTud flaw. Clears m rraat variet*. wholeeale and retail. a* so tobt Hrttl ] LADIES' WARM AND HEATT CLOAKS: JUST lyS BASON. K?qaimaax Cioaks, Plash Par Cloaks. Ssal skin Cloaks. F roetad Beaver Cloak a. Heavy Plain Beaver aad Trtoot Cloth Cloaks. All of theabove striae of Cloaks last r?o?lv*4, at moderate prioea. At MAXWELL'S Cloak and Kaner Store. de28 stoo 393 Peon, avoaaa. DISSOLUTION 0^ftD,??,,? The oopartnerahip heretofore existing.under tbe name of A. J. swMtier A Co.. of 30 Jay street. New York, is, this ltt <"ay of Jsnuar*, 1818, diesolved by mutual content. All the bi Is of said firm will be paid by Andrew J Sweets* r. and all sanies indebted will pay said Sweeteer ail moneys dee to said firm. ANDREW J SWEETSER, JAMfcS WALLACE. Washington, D. C., Jan. 1.1*62. jaS3t RITTE!f HOC'SEi FA5T * C O , BANKERS, 332 Pennsylvania AVSNCB, (iMfflr h'enm's Hettl.) Issue DRAFTS on all parts of the l'nit*d States, in sums to suit Offi oers and t*olo>e-s. Also, Drafts on L>sdon. Ireland, Soot land, Wales, and a 1 parte of the Cont neat of Europe jeJ 1m Fi U R 8! F U 1 8" F U R 8!!! The largest and most stylish assortment of FUKS AND ROBES in maraei. We are now cloatnc ont at private aale. at oar large ?areroom*, the iarf??t and moat aaperb a? ortmectof Fura end Robee in ibe eoartrr, eontutinc of? Hndaon Bay Hablee, Roral Kmunea, Mink, Chincbi aa, Ftoh, Fre> ohaad River Mink and Franch Sable*. Cloak*. Cape*. Muff* and Cnffa. Al?o, Fancy 3lei?h and Carriace Robee, and aa anllpr.ted aaeortment of Buffaloee, Alao. G orea, fi&nntiett* and Co'iara and Foot Mnffa. WALL A BARNARD, Corner enath aida Pa. atenve tad jaS~3t (Rep) N mth etreet. PKIRCE'S Army fitme Casket. 1 h?T? Just published this baantifn 1 and eonve- 1 nient invention lor the um and inumrat of eoldiora aod other*. It ooataib*. in a Mat, snail paper box that you oan oarrr in your poaket, a good Chaaa, Ch'oker and Backgammon Board, with men and diee for the throe satire ; also, a eat of Domino* and a paek of jood Playinf Card*. Pat up in three style*. *rd retailed for 91 oenta. AZfc oaata. and 75 cent* eaeh paokage. and the Board and Men for all 11* garae*, without the box, for II oecU A very large discount to sutlers and*. Seudlyour order* or a stamp,f>r oiroaiar. JOBN HTTINSLKY. Publisher, No 153S Pmton *trea^ Jal-lw New Wtr RANK OP COMMERCE. D Beoxoctjwh, D C., Jan. 1, IMS. Hugh B. Swbkkt having withdrawn aa a stookholdar ?t tats Bank, ?h* business win k r-afier be o ndnoted by the following *tookl older*, tis: ?barta* K. R ittenhouse. Kami ton 0. JPait. Baml o*l*r, William T. Berron, John L. Duftef, Kiohard ppttit and Sqaan Irel too. Aiam'encf or the atoekholdera of th a Bank, held till* day. Fowler, of Waahiccton, tu utanimouaiy eleoted Caahiar. CHARLE8 E. RITTENHOU8R, Pmiint WAaHJIMTOH. Juurr 1, IKS. Hcsh B. 8w?kit, late a m?m!?r of the Ira of Hvtnir, KitUr.nouae, Faxt A Co , Laving r?tr?c UMrmom, the bucineaa will btrttfttr be oonduoted by the underaif ned, unier the same of Ritieonouae, Fut & Co. 8am>l fqwlkr. RICHARD PF.TTIT, I JOHN L. DUFlEF, WM T. HF.RRON, J* 1-at 8U8AN IRELAND. Reading ale and lager bier depot. of the oelebratad brewery of Mr. FaiHx. to ba hud in la-ge and mall auaptitiea. Aieo, Pioklee, Cat?up. Fiokied Onor.i, ^fcpper 8aao?, Vlnecar, and Sour Rrout. br the barrel gailoa.or la jars,at CHARLES MADE8' Reetaar?nt. de29 ".m* oorner Pa. azenaeaad Third at. CLOSING OUT 8ALE OF F1R8T QUALITY (No. 1> NEW YORK BUTTER -The bo darauned have on hand, in keca of differaat aiaea. I l.WO pound of beet New Yurf B utter, whioh titer wilt aeil extremely low, to oloee it out. It will be to the internet of all purohaeer* tooall Promptly at theatore of F. B. HASTINGS * CO.. under Phiih4rnnnU M*. I P??? ????-? ?. ? -* Eleventh at, next floor adjoiuiif lh? Star QfLo?. dea lot WB. STRONG. * MAIirTACTCa** Of <\ TRUNKS, HARNESS k MILITARY GOODS, 939 PisnHusuiv sra, Sontk sidt, betwen 12U and IStk ttrttt*. ITT" Trsnka, HirMw and Military Baaiparata ratalrad at ahorteat notioe. da sb la* GLOVK8 c>pf ftsiMA RUB^R HATS. A IftM* * a?iv ! mm a ? * I*Ttm ^"""ilCvMOul'S. 0?mHl>?. J^BNAUOIN^BOLL^IO^R^^ (XVR LKFMAN. KIKPER A TBOMA98, &0I4 AtmU for Ik* Vniud SMlu mm Om?<i, 139 Srim, duXli Wnr Vorfc. r?LOTH8 AND V CA881 MERES. A new pply of B.ack and Fancy Cu?imw?t, ftp* Black and Colored Clothe, Cioakinc Cloth* In all irwii, and Bearer Cloths, jut raoeired M for sale at the lowest oash prioee. HENRY KG AN. 343 w?U tide av^botween de S-M 6th and Tth eta..Tron 486 AM..OF.1AT1. 486 PRESENTS! Inet reoenred a Tew obotoe COLORED XIIJZfrlflW.asattrammrt. Aleo,ahe^ptiMV* rjnj OIVUU Y18ITBIM UVAL riVTVU fJT* W >m ? m h?r th? tiwtf. d??l ? |?OJt BALE ?An*XMii?nt Ujbt eor?r?d W48r ONt amitkbl* for altera' &l*o, aatronc, Mtlw oticaniit HOR8K. Apply to MJ, T N? tion>t Q??. jm I X e?j?^a<isf8.wjsa,ijs5; ^"ifSSSKI mi iknauyeA. FAIT * CO , Bukm, No. MMit, mm B ryr?'? Bo?L JO?N W. RABf glOBSR PftICK PXl^ i RuteDfiottk* ?ri<?M oiti?? Nora muti * ' j .. / , t# ^ # AUCTION HA LICK. THIS AFTERNOON k TO-MOKROW. Br J. C. MteUlEK * CO., AHOMMra. CUENITIRE AND EFFECT* or A f AM ?a front of too Aaotior Ro->?u viiu < Nil tt?T?r itnr?KBd Efaottof tteaily nmtui frooi IM U'tln'.ud MtkoiHr Hoiroiotk Covered Mi, Am onfl P*'lof ' ' nn, M?rt>le-U>? 'tbm, Wh?t*ot. 0*c? ud Wood MM ? hurt, IB" u>t>r.r?. Deo**. ; DooMo tnd ?? Rut Md MokMm kM fkiMVt, b F^t tier H?*J? M?< Pi 1? W*. Lvf>?unblr of 8 m ??ad PwtU Comfort*. gir.-ir.4.. fciiii 8srs- * U"kn OllMM, rotl?IC*U. C^ MM) "J**" |^ | hol>! 'itHiiiln, Alms |axo?lleat Ftvilr CtrnifM, I p*w Eir??? Wftfoaft. T?rmi o*ih. >4 J J jc. MiWUtl 4 CO, AMfc Br WAIL* BARNAID.AHtoMm. Cmrmr ?*w? ?%dt ft. mv* ?U >mua tirmi COLT AND Vt'LB AT AUCTION. - Ob PATl KDAV M .HM.N0 w# will NjU< ' frost < f th? Adouod Room, oh **y |o*4 Con u<l Mil?. I>7?" wh w ALL A BAKNARDt Amm. Br WALL A BARMAID. AmOmmr. POWTIVK BALE OF NKW ANDBKOO^Dr. Krihkmpm^k VA i nuK.niK, jigan ?( OlMWOlga K 11 o*olook. oa tlM ?r?t foor 01 oar AMtN ?> ? ?ili mJ. wtthnat num.a >vi< lo* of Mow a*d PoeoM-Vaod Fimttor*. ooupristef? Radnor F?tfcer Bods. Hoi****. w< PiUova Sny^nor tuar, Shaok. ud fthaok aad Cottoe Mat i>r??iim *ad^p'au? iaroaBt**Tahll?! aa<f WaodrCap ud Wood Mkt Chair* Hd Roofeara. Bcfai. Lcancra aad Whataota. Larca Tot of BoaMo ud fltagia Bliahafc ud Comforlfc Carfou, Sua. Co*. ?a* Flitaraa. Z.xIaomoo Tah.m, Wardrotoa. Sou,' Molodoon, ' Oak Dial at Chair* a ad Book an, ' Larc? (. ook ard othor Movaa. with a variety or othor art'alo* ia tkJ floaao^ k**p nf Uao, botac Uttfuu of a femur iaaru* ifcaaltr. ja I WALL * BARNARD. Aula. r?Jtr4r?k&??WtKit 1 ow MITI1 irrwiiii ?m am biV^r* WHT-OD SATURDAY AFTKRNOON, JMI ary 4?A, IMS. at ? o'oioak. OB tba bj r?rtae of i do*d of truat to the nbMntor, 4?uc D*o*mb?r l?t. I MO, ud 4il; n?orM is Ubtr J A. 8.. No. tm. folio* fill, *t Mi ,om of tbo iu4 rooordi for Waabiniton oonoty, D C.. I ah* aaJ! fii of Lot Doatwod one,(l ) in ?*uara canbrrad Ira k sad rod and flfWn. ha* inoiai for U* am at Ua oath we at aorner o( Mid Lot No. i.sad raaaiaf thenoa tut antMo faot, thaaoa aortb Mmtr-oM faotoiarao loobaa; thoooo VMt aixtoon foot: ttMM aoau aaranty one foot ekoeaa loabaa to tbe plaaa abocfnniax. tot ether with the taaroTopoaU, ooa tinj of a tbreo-%tory brio* dvoiliBf bovee. Terma: f500 oaah ; ttia remai odor I n Bad It iBontha, wftb lutaraat, aaoorad by B dood of bail I on tba premiaas. All ooneoyaaoinr Bt tba ooat of aarob*oor. dot lawAda J.^H Mai'J/rk A ?o a?2u. FUTURE DATS ? By BONTZ A GRIFFITH. Aootioaoera POhlTIVK SALK OF ?L>Ti FMKN'S f>Htwu-()D MONDAY MORN1N6. Jan* ! bry ?tb, Bt 10 o'olook. ib front of the Aaotioe Ro^mi. we w 11 ae I, lor aooount of whom it stay I AnlWNArn 91 vRrt f> na HhB* j m fn r ??r ? ' 1 1 " ^ Tanni ouh.' " #ONTZ* G~R1KP7?H." f Aaotionatn. J69 BwwHtJ*-, )A? KatW??B By J. C. McGUIRE A CO.. Aaotionaara. CPLENDID ASSORTMENT OP SILVER Platip Waii at AtrTiOH.?Oa MiiNDAV APTI NOON. Juair; *th, At J o'clock, ei [ theaecoiia floor of oar A not ion Rooms, wa tkftll aali a ??lendii Assortment offtilrar pittad ^ at*. I mAnufActared exoioatre y for otty rMAll trad# bv a oeiebrAted niAco(Aotur*r la Saw York. Wa I r.ame in wArt? I eiacaot C baaed ud Plain Tka Mi, | \V Altera, Pitohers, Sob eu, Mara, Sony nnd Oyster Torr^LS. Fatter Dnhw. Uka BAakaU. Caitors, Ursa, CAeaa rea Knives. Baoona am Porta, Ae. Terms otih. JA3 d J. C. McOUtRE A CO.. Aaata. Br WALLA BARNARD. AaatioaMrs. Cor. south ttdt Pa. at ?i%d 9th ?t. CLOSING SALE OP VALUABLE PCr* aks Rosba.-Ob TUESDAY MORN I NO, Ttk :*et*nt. At lOo'e'ook. we c!oaa oat At aabiia aaetioa, the 'Arte Assortment of valaabla h ara, wbiah Are on eihiaiUoa At oar lArte Wararoom, jaat ui .. I OBI "I W?r AUOUOD noon, OOMIIUBf "I? i Hndiioo B?T.Soblee. S*o<rre', Krwine, Siberian (Sairrel, Knaue, Mink. F.toh, Mitfc.e'^ I French SaMe. Cmn. cUi, M?rT?TCifi, I Otf> ud Bmw GMitlfi, Collftn, C?f(. aad . CooU J /iobks. r{ raine Wolf. Fo*. J-net, ud lined and anlinod Baffkio Comae* **d I Weiic K r t*>? j>> (t?| I WALL fc BAtWARD. Aeete. Br J.C. MeGLlRK * CO.. AatbuMm. k<ALE OF STOCKS BY <?JtI>F.ft OFTHK O Oiri'Hi'.CoviT.-Oi TUWDAY AFTWfNoov Jannerr 7. at 4 o'olock, at the Aaottoa ?Oomi, w? abali eeli. by ord?r of the honorab.e rpt-ane' Court, in eama to nitb?* Qaartenv Corporation of WaehiAfloa per cent. stock, tl.Otrt Bank of the Metroeolu Stoek. I MHWa j?? 4 J. C. Br GREEN A WILLIAMS. A netioatara HANWOMK TWO story brick boose Ard Lot at AcrTioii.?Ob TUESDAY. tb? 7th laataat, we Mil, at 4 o'a.ook p a., la front of the ?roir tee*. a *ood TWO fTOR Y BRJ> K HOUSE AND LOT, itbeiEf lot loitered E, of aabdmeioa of 004 Kvt No ?, in Miara cinb*rt4 m. with tlw ibtrovofnaata, whloh are ? good Brick DrMllti B?aaa, Ao , As. The above eroporty u situated frooticc oe an allay rntinng from *oiii D ia the oeator of m 1 aar* batwaoa Niath aac Tost* atroota Ternoi: Obb half oaah baiaooe ib aixaod twiw* inoEli.i. for notaa baariBC iLtereat from day o( aalo, a d*?d (iv?a,aw a deed of tn?at taken. AH ooBrerteeing at the oont nftfce jb 1 eoAda ORBEN A WILLIAMS. Aaaka. A Br GREEN * WILLIAMS. Aaewiiaiw. TRUSTEE'S t*ALK OF VALUABLE REAL Ectatbo* tki N*n Ybbb?Ob THL'RS DAY , th? 91B day 01 January, lit J at 4 o'oiook p. a m , by nrlB? of a de?d of treat to tha sab??' hor. b*ar nt date oa tha 4th i?; c.f I>ooembar, A- D. IMO and recorded ia Libar J. A. 8 , No. M. fchoa J6S etc_ one of tha land reoi>rc? of WaahtBft00 OOBBtT. I akailaal .at anhlie urtiM. in front <>( lh* jnwni ?ee, the follow lit property id tit* City of Waehincto". nx A .of ,ot of from*} tuttbereC e?|ftt*en. (If.) is Hiin UBhtM on* thomea r.d ad<? forty-three,(lJNV) (exoept tint eert o' a*.,J lot eon* eyed to Robert M. Comhi, iea by reference to the deed will epeeir) Tbla property ia oe tk? eoreer of Thirteenth street aeet eirfeonth K street A io pt'tof Notrf tcahorrd nine trnco -ed end tventj eight, "?J8 ) becmmns for the pert of Metre it t be cisteaoe of a feet froa tte uowth *Nt oorner of iMd eeeare. u4 froutine en F no lb street tut eix'eec <1C) feet: thenoe *ut forty (?ot fleet; thenoe tooth sixteen (M)net; and then*# areet forty (dP)feet to the plaoe o! t*>f iBBin?. U (!e?orib?"d Id e ortMo de?d from H chert If. Cots be and wife to Miohtel 8nlth, to whiobreforenoe ia it.efie. TVu lest iserUooed property fro eta on FtahtB street eeet, between eoath I end eomh K atreete, with the t>o idir.i? lad improvement* thereon. Thia ?rop*ity ia well Iosated, aod offers tiaal m<* jcemenva to pxrohasera. Ttraai One third auh. the resides ia aal U Moctha. note i aeearad to the sell a fee t>on ftthe t a i iiwr. mhj iwwf uivw iroa UNaay 01 ?w A MM I'.vfD ?d ? ?/ trut tUn. All 000 ninutiu at Lb* ao*t of Ua iMkadr. If Uie tarns of mi* *ro not oaataliod wltk vtifcio & * (far* from tba da? of ?ai*. th* Traataa iaa?r< ? Um ng|t to raaatl tt aattf piopait) at tko nak aad ?oat of taa <Jffa?'.tin? parohaaar. aa ?iviaj oaa a4**ti5*"? ^aaCactoaT"fM#r >*u* ORE EN A ^H3X?k^' Aaata. ? NlUvtdi *pO MILITARY OFFICRRB AND OTRBRS. BATCHtLOR S UEXC1BJ KAIH BYE1\4 (My AaJiJtti mmd HmrmU?i Ifnr Dyt Kmtmm ^rfltiSmsar: INDIA RUBBER GOODS, OF^L KINDS?FOR THE At MY. A !* ? * z&mxxNOiim * OlUMt, bXT'tllUMll 10<fc. s\ w.lbMk room) or Hi Drtr?t,b?< wi Ma NkJ* (SUTLERS ?? ml, MvtfilUd ofefM fit A 5hmwFI B1itN45T? J?rLAN,l,rrs *Mk* * ( ? w 'oJSK.iJ.vJSrSIuo. i lfT I

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