Newspaper of Evening Star, January 3, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 3, 1862 Page 3
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f J * JOB PRICTIFVS Or Etiit I>McmirTioa Exarntod with Beatntvaand dispatch on application at the / J?TAR OFFICE. At th?- U'wet Cash Prloea. Malefaction guarantied. noSS-tf LOCAL NEWS. = A tlidaa AlUaillRTV iu-i^ Ob# F*n.owa' Hall.? Beweftof the charming ?ong?tr'?e, M 1m C*rr1e Hlfert, and lest night of the A11eghanl*n* scd Bwlaa Pell Rtneeea. A grand programm* ?f aelect melodies, bnllnda in4 bell-rlnglog rerfornuncea?a card sufficient to attraot the entire musical public. CASTaaauaT?To-ntgbt, the benefl' and l?at appferan<-e bat one of Frank Brower A magnlfleent program me to-night, embracing new dances, barleeqo*a, Ac , with the bwlt-afretcblng afterpiece. ' Virginia Mammy;" Brower aa " Ginger Blue '? Cgaiary'a?Another grand bill of Ethiopian t aongs, d'nces, ballads, date and vloltn solos, burlefqnea. Ac., Ac., with Chrlsty'a grand afterpl*ce, "New Year's Calla '? PMiTaaoRiAit ? Lecture by Horace Greeley, of New York, opon "The Union,>? before the "lJeo> tare Aaeoelatloa " _Yovjm Mn'a CaaiartAK Absociatior Rooms. Tba Hntchlnson ramllv ?* ? anotner 01 tbeir oharmlng concerta last night Another musical entertainment to-morrow night at the tune plac*, Christian Association Rooms. Th* popular drams," Rent Day," sod the fares, " Skatches la India." Kiss's AMraiTViATia ?A brilliant bill of equestrian, gymnastic, and acrobatic feats. with all tbs n*w stars and old fkrorites, attractive to sll lovers of marvelous performances. Dsn Rice, the great American humorist,appeara on Monday night CaiviWAL CoraT?Yesterday, Patrick Campbell, found rnlltyof the larceny of a pair of boota valued at ?fl, th? property of Nathaniel wella, wa? aentenced to ob? year1* lmprtaonment la the penitentiary > Wtlllam Flood, arraigned for the larceny of a clock from William Rutherford, waa acquitted Charl?a Parker, free negro, indicted for assault and battery on a white woman named Ellen Naab, oa the Sth of December last, waa fonnd guilty and aent*nced to nine madtha imprisonment in Jail and to pay a fine of tr John Morrlaey, on the charge "1 committing an assault and battery npon Edward Corrlgan, one of the carriers of the National Intelligencer, and sexton of St Patrick's Church, on the 3d of December, 1MI, was brought In guilty Sentenced to six months in the common Jail and ?o pay a fine of SI Clinton Pmith, for atealtng two buahels of meal from Alfred Lee Not guilty. Horatio R Maryman, for renting a house for b?wdy purposes. was found gnlltv as indtct<>d, and was sentenced to pay a fine of ?20 and rosta Richard Evans, convicted on Tuesday of man laugaurr, woi scuirnora or \>r?wioru 10 six yean Imprisonment in the penitentiary 1:?c*i?dtari?m.?As patrolmen Calhoun and Moran were paaalng along In the vicinity of the Circle, In tbe F'rst Ward nlebt before laat, they discovered that an unfinished frame building at tbe corner of Twenty-third and Latreetahad been aet on fire Tbev succeeded In extin?niahlng the flamea before the fire bad made much headway A few nlgbta since the Government (tables at the railroad depot, were aet on Are, but fortunately an early discovery was made, and extensive damage prevented In view of the repeated attempt* recently made t by incendiaries to deatroy Government property, it la auggeated that not only ahould extraordinary vigilance be uaed, but that a rewa-d should be 1 nvt*0> ?nnti(7h in IpuM tn thm nf the criminals Diatbs or Soldims ?The following deaths of soldier* have occurred since our la?t report: Edward Ames, company A, 6th Wisconsin volunteers, at Camp Arlington G W. Fraxler. company Q. nth Maine volunteen, at Colnmbtan College Hospital Sergeant Memo Walrath, company K, 1st New York Artillery, at Eruptive Ho?p U1 Geo M Lewis, company B, 3d regiment Betdsn's Sharpshooters, at Csmp Instruction George W. Bedleo, company E, 2d Wisconsin volunteers, st camp Wm Leach, company B, 59th New York volunteers, at General Hospital. SllaaS Ltndslev, company B, 2d regiment Berdan's Sharpshooters, at Indiana Hospital T?* Dtstbict ih Corsiiu ?Yesterday, in the Senate, Mr. Grlmea introduced a bill in relation to the administration of criminal juatice tn the District of Columbia, providing that all persoas confined prior to the last term of the Criminal Court, against whom no Indictments were found at said term, are declared entitled to tbelr liberty, and it la made the duty of tbe Marshal to set them free It is slso made the dutv of the Jodce of the Criminal Court to issue sn order to be entered en record before tbe final adjournment making a general delivery of all persona confined before tbe Grand Jury for the term was empanelled against whom no Indictment waafoand. Tbe bill was referred to tbe committee on tbe District. PftaasNTATio* ?Mr. Georre Brown, an perl ntendent of tbe workmen employed at Port Stanton, opooalte tbe Wa?bin??ton Navy Yard, waa on >ew Ye?r*a day tbe recipient of a n*ndsome eold watch, presented to blm by the operatives, aa a token of their appreciation of hia merits Tbe peeaentatton ipesch wu made at Old Fellows' Hall, Nary Yard, by Mr Jamea Morgan la behalf of tbe workmen, and waa replied to in appro* prlate terma by Mr Browa. After thespeech-making, tboee pre*?nt partook of a fine collation prepared by Mr Wm.P Brown, and several patriotic toaata were given and speeches delivered A letter waa reed from Mr. Jamea Pilling, regretting inbuuiij iu uv |>rcfvqi. Roiiiiror Mi Tiirnt ?Last Friday night, Mr. Joseph Traven was knocked down In 'he street and robbed of bis pocket-book, containing about e*gbtv dollars Supposing b!? money gone, and bat little cbance to capture the person who committed the robbery, be did not mention his ^ loss for a dsy or two, when he spoke to his brother about H. His brother went directly to detective A R Allen and stated the circumstances. and requested his sld In ferretttnr oat the offender This morning Mr. James E. Dunawln was arrested by oAeer Allen, on charge of being coqperned la the robbery Jostle* Dona be Id DumwIb to bell for court la the sum of 300, Pone* ?Yesterday, Lewis H Dver, col , was arrested by nfleer 8 kip poo for having In bts possession s stolen horse He was taken before Justice Clark. Tbeevldenoe of blshoneet possession was made clear, and Joettee Clark gave him aa honorable discharge John Humphreys was arrested by the Fourth Ward patrolmen upon a suspicion of loreenv Hs was dismissed by Justice Donn. James Redmond was arrested for selling liquor 10 soiaiers iae rase was snra oy imm Barnaclo,who reserved bis decision Win Busier, drank and disorderly was turned over to th? military. J. B Rail, running a hack wlthont a license; ruled for trial before Jostice Walter. Claim's MiacTKBts ?Thla concert troupe la drawing nightly crowded bouse* of the moat fbebloaable aad moaleal families of the Federal Metropolis Wail It any; for Italian opera la rarely preseated aa admirably hare aa It renders assuit; to aay nothing of fan. The performers are decidedly the ben lo the country rendering aucb music, aad wbll* the? furnish inexpressible Ka f>ruv. thm fun fh?v * WnrA (k* bw of itHtM Wit u to b? enjoyed nowben Im UMig as W? and hardly add that the ?t reflned taate w4 ba*e ao apprehension of being annoyed by vulgarism upon their stage Svnm Cotrmr, Jan. t.?No. M Roger C. Wetghtman, plaintiff ia error, the Corpora, tioo of Waahiogton Tbla caaae waa argued bv Mr Bradley and Mr Carlisle for the plaintiff in error, aad by Mr Darldge for the defetxteat la err.?r No. t& Rkch-rd Gregg, plaintiff la error, ts. Edward P. Teee^a, Thla caaae waaargu^ by Mr Ballaaee for the plaintiff la error, aad submitted,la pr nted arguroenta, by Mr. W 111 lama aad by Mr. Pnrpte for the defendant la error. BiLL Aao 8au?oa ?We are pleased to learn tbat oar fellow-townsman, Mr. J W Earn, (an A 1 elttaea, by tbe way.) baa taken tbe billiard aaloon lately owned bv Meeera Flsber * Marr, at tbe corner *f Eleventh sheet aad Pennsylvania rreaoe, aad baa had tbla geateel place of amnaeiKaal *e??1rmlw rmn nwa t+A 1 nr 1 ti/1 fnrr v???l Kallfl tables, fte , Re Amy persona?eltliens or atranStrv?wbo may wish to spend an hoar at thla enslag and Innocent recreation, will Aad him alway* at hi# poet, affable aad dealrooa to pleaaa. adrrrtiarmeot alaawhara. focara Waid Station Casm?Jut' <a Wmltm -John Drank, drank and disorderly: turaed owes to th? military. Reuben bewail aad A Campbell, aaaaalt aad battery with latent to Kl Wm Oawaoa; jail for fnrthar bearing. Hiram ptoa, draak aad disorderly; 01 M Patrick Doaaoujr. saaault aad battery, ball to appear at ooort Thomas Rltey, aaaaalt aad battery oa a patretmaa; Jail for court. Jamee Doaaefly aad oardaer flatoa, draak aad dleorderly; tented ow to the military ium m a Pwtmi -UH DlfkL, r?da mmm W Tun*(, W tha Fourth War] patrol, ralinMd from Now York, having ta r.aotady a young aaowd Alfrod 0 Ford, who atanda atargod with having obtalaod from the poot 0A00 la thla city certain letter* belonging to tbo oflcara of tbo U 3 eWaaaef Feeeeeela HiwiaeaaailtM to Jail for furtarr hearing by Jostle* Waltar, which will taka plaeo after tbo ratara of tha fftaaMv trom bar trial trip to-day aad tha ofteora have hoae auauBoood til ? 4 CUnftATTO* Of WW YSAB't ?T IITOU PICt' iiitsi, PkoMonowa, he , Ti5JtALiTrowf, D C , ill *. IMS ?Editor Bt*r: Tbe celebr&Uon of theftrwt dir of tb? year 1962 by tbe ogoeti and private? of tbla (General Pwl1!) brigade will be long remembered oy thorn who participated la It Born* of our fellow*,with the mania for burn'ng gunpowder peculiar to Young America, commenced abort'y ?t*er rondo wn oa New Yenr'a Ere to ire tbe ordnance la tbe forta in tbla Tletnltv. and to f re eolleya of mueketrr, which ?portwaa kept op all nightlong. Tbla fuallade, la conjunction with that going on in tbe campaaouth of the Potomac, waa the dreadfnl cannoned rig which aome of oar boye have heard your citiscpa talking about. Drowning mm rmico n nriw?, mna me wni-nnaea *vuipatbl?er?" In your midst, who have not yet waked up to the realities about them, seem to think that every gun fired la a signal of the great Br'i"(? d's approach Funny fellowa. They will wake up one of these days. A ftw minutes before M o'clock on the night of New Year's e*e, the band of the 96th Pennsylvania regiment, accompanied by the officers of the U-neral'? stsff, proceeded to the quartera of Col. de Trebrlnnd, of the 55th (Fren* b) regiment New York S M , and serenaded that officer. At 3 o'clock In tbe morning the drum corpa of the Mth serenaded General Peck, and the offleera wera handsomely entertained by the General. Cheers for the n*xt battle were given On New Year'a morning the fine offleera visited tbe Zouaves, who had Issued cards "at home" to all the officers of the brigade. Col. deTrobrland afterwards dined with the staff offlcers of bis regiment, sod a great many patriotic toasts were drunk, aad several complimentary to a number of offlrera recently promoted. By the by. we nave not yet mentioned the pro. motions in toe S5th. They are aa follows: Second Lieut Albert St James, of company A, to first lieutenant of company K, vice Aahley van auwr, resigned; serona L.ieui u sivori, transferred from company K to company A; SergeaAt Major L. Israel, to be second lieutenant In company K, vice Slvorl, tranaferred; Orderly Sergeant Joseph A. Kenny, of company I, to be aergeant major, vice Israel*, promoted: Sergeant Louts Vtenot to be orderly sergeant of company I, rice Kenny, promoted Tbeae appointments art all very popular with tbe regiment Fibs 13 Alixahdeia.? Yesterday morning, about 10 o'clock, a Are broke out in one of the brick bouses of " MaguIre's row," on Queen St., between Royal and Fairfax stre-ts, Alexandria, destroying the roofs of two brick bouses, tbe roof and third story of an adjoining frame bouse, besides injuring several other house* In the neighborhood. Tbe brisk north wl id Imperiled several valuable bouses In the vicinity, which were only saved by tbe strenuous eiertlons of the firemen and citizens The brick houses were owned by U. W Barker, a d the frame by tbe occupant, Mr. Fanning. Mr. Barker's loss Is some 81 000. Mr Fanning loses an equal amount. Messrs Gfnttberg and Blondhaem also lose considerable by the fire. Borne neighbor* Incur small losses by removals, water, Ibefts, Jcc In less tban an boar after the fire appeared, all danger bad ceased military guard waa placed over tbe ezpoaed personal property wblcb had been taken from the endangered buildings, and, soon after noon, the spot waa well nigh deserted, save by tbe neighbors. Wi would specially call attention to tbe card of Messrs Mason, Fenwlck A Lawrence, patent attorneys. Tbe connection of tbe Hon. Charles Mason (so long an able Commissioner of Patents) with tbe other named, Ion -established patent attorneya?Robert \V. Fenwlck and De Witt C. Lawrence?U a sufficient warrant to inventors of a fattbful and efficient prosecution of any interests that tbey may commit to their charge. Arrk?t 05 a Bench Waesakt ?This morning, Patrolman Leach arrested Herman Lang upon a warrant Issued by the Criminal Court He was charged with assault and battery and held to bail by the examining Juatlce, and failed to appea- at court when his name waa called. He was taken directly to jail. Stovxs in thi Feeioht Ca*s ? Small stoves are being introduced by tbe Baltimore and Obie Railroad Company Into all tbeir freight cam used for the transportation of troops, a comfort that will oe appreciated oy not a raw tbii winter. Tentkal Gcardhocsk Casbs?Btftrt Juttitt Wahtr?James A Wright, charged with larceny; turned over to the military John Cameron, (hooting In the street; do. Geo. Jackson, disorderly condnot; do. Attsstiow, Compact f?Volunteers who expect to retain their health unimpaired during the campaign must see to it themselves Do not trust to the army surgeons. Supply yourselves with Holloway's Pills nnd Ointment. Every English soldier's knspaack contains them Only 35 cents per box or pot. 312 India Rubbbx Goods. India Rubber Coats, wbite or blsck, S3 80 each. Indls Rubber Legglns fl per pair. And all kinds of Rubber Goods. Including Rubber Boots and ahoe?, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Msts, Under Sheetings for beds in sickness, . Ac , at manufacturer's prices, at H. A Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pa. av . between Ninth and Tenth streets. de#18-tf Whitbhurst, 4IM Penn avenue, furnishes photo* rapbs from miniature to life slxe His collection of carl* de vititt likenesses embrace alt prominent men of tbe country. Remember, Wbltehurst received seventeen premium* in this country, and a medal at the World's Pair at London: also, at tbe French exhibition at Parla. See his fancy caaesfor holiday presents, de 21-eolm* Notice.?Beware of couaierreits and unprincipled dea ?rs eod-avuring to dispose of iheir own and other artio'es on the reputation attained by H'lmboUTs Extract Bucku, a positive and specific remedy for diseases of the B.adder. Kidneys, Gravel, Dropsy, 4c., fto., 4c. Ask for Helmbold's. Take no other, see advertisement in another ool mil. se90 1WATCHES-WATCHE& 1 HEREtfV Take pleasure in informing the publlo of my return to my old stand at W. Vols', Pa. ?v-naa between 12th and 13th streets ?7*} Having enjoyed tna reputation<>f i.e ng&nrx perienoed European Watchmaker I am now pxI pared to repair Chronometers and fine Watches at aviii.uuuci waiiMiwuwiivPeu irn nuitto too* JUS. KULINSKI. Person* deairoua of obtaining Jewelry and Wa'choi, will find it to their anvanUre to examine my exoellent atnok All kinds of Hair Jewelrr ce&Uf and promptly executed de 81 ?w W vosa. 486 D E CNprREA t" O N 8. 486 choice eelaotion of P*p?rhancinca, warr?nted Gold ana Imitation Gdi i Band Window Shadea; al*o, Buff Ireea, and Blae Holland, by the yard or n ade into Window Shades; Pioture Cord and Tmees, different ?ise* and oolora; Picture Naila. Rings, io ; aleo the hacdaomeat a*aortm*nt if Ovai Picture Prairea in the oity, from the beat manufactory in the ooni-try; alao, Paaeepartoata and Card visit* Frames All articles war/anted aa represented, or no sals. Parohasiof f?r caah, all goods will b? sold at the iOweet remunerative ariose Allowing no old at<>ok to aocnmulate, persons needing the above goods will find new and deairab!* ^Aoa.l'eclioited ir^R?memb?rthennmber.^Tl JOHN MARKRITER, No. 48# Seventh atraet, de gvtwtf* 8 doors above Odd Pellowa' Hall. Notice to watchmakers, jewelLERS. AND PrDLARS. P. & J MYEK8, o? 90 washinfton atreet, Roeton. will ??n their Branch offioe, Room ?? No.JO Waahingtoa buiidin*. Pa. avenue, oq Ta*adar. December Slat, with a large > M took of Watohea, Jewelrr. Watch Matedfeuamfc riala, Ao., at ?be loweat wholesale p<io*e. Watoh wo't done 'or the trad*. Positivilt no Good# Sold oa Won poh? at Ritail. d* Mm* IOSEPH C. JACKSON * CO.. J Exit Side Swsnth Stexst. Adjoiatwr C*nal Br-dg*. Wa ara now rjoaitiDf t Ano oaahala SHORTS. 1 000 baaheia SHIP STUPP, fiOO buahela _7reeh Mi. AL, 600 baaheia OATS,? baiaa prima HAY, *o. Poraalelw. Alao, acenta far Bond k Jaokeon'e Mill Feed. de?l eoit* A A CARD. LL Parcoia Indebted to the and'rai(n*d,either br note or cxherwiae. are requested to eallaad eettie without da a/ WM. R RILEY * BRO.. no. *? oai m Morti, I MIWMO nt and ttji at*.. da?MQt Uppoaita Cantar Markat. All Paraona lnda'bt?d ion br not'a, doe bulla, udoMO aooonata, VI raa?aotfull? re^oMtad to oali and aattla tha aama br tha lat of Juurr.lH', I st whioh tin* all aoooanta oa oar booka will br P'tij ftr*0** BARBOUR k. ^EMMKB. BtD COMPORTS AND BED BLANKETS, I Tabla LI nan, Nayklna, WiU all klada of Dry for aala at Ua toveatarioaa by ' 4a P tr O??o?ito Cufr MvtX, TO OPFlC*R8,.8UPLR*8, Jjo^Foraala, at * a moOerato pnoa, a new ion pui.i ioar wfcootodTubtoo-rored WAGON, onth tentom toft hor iuUo 4, Ao , harloj boon iMd three Uioaa. ooot $M Alap, ft NairY ork made Mrt of SmsmSS ' Tli VP' i 5ghd3?.rr. VU J. AlOLER^fca^'the flaftraro to i&Jorm kla frionda ftnd the hdim, that he mi owftad a fret e su RmiuTUL ft* the mvorlte loeauon on 0 )UmC botvooa 11 tk MM IRA atroota. ao U>af aad veil-knova as AilKre Coofaonooary aitabuafcmaot. Harini i?Bt arrani men in for ft oorvatfto ?aa?lr of alftSe ieiieftotoe of the amoi, ftad eoearod tke aornooa ? poUte ftad oowetnt fttUe|uu, ha bf as to NMin ? doe aaare^f^ablto ^ ** * ' V ' . AMUSEMENTS. THEATFR! FRIDAY. JuuryS, Will b? performed the drsmaof the KENT DAY. Raohel MImB Denln To ?or.olode with the faroe of SKETCHES IN INDIA. Tin Tfcf* - Mr. B. Rofiri Bally Scra^f Miee P. Denin- It* THE Hutchinson Family, JOHN, HENKY. VIOLA, FRANK. Wl'l rlr* Another of ?h*ir eoeniar VOCAL CONCERTS, t the Ymtnt Men'i Christian AitoeUuim Rooms, ON SATURDAY EVENING, January 4th. Admiiatoa 35 cent*; referred mti 50 cent*. Tiokeu to be obtain^ at the National Hotel, at the Aceooiation Room*, and at the door. Dooreopen at 7; entertainment to oomraenee at o'olook. Ja 8 It /J.EORGE CHRISTY'S VI OFXRA HOUSE. Tiwth PTIIIT. BITWIIH K AICD F, Open Brer* Night with GEORGE OHKISTY'S MINSTRELS from Broadway. /*#*> lorm. Comprising 16 of tne PlOEBD 8T4as OF Mi*aTmBLSY ! The en'ire entertainment under the immediate di reotion of OEORGK CHRISTY, T\t aetmowl*df?d Pioneer nf Uinttrtlty ! This Evening, and every evening until further notioe. will be produced George Christy's great Extravagansa entitled NEW YEAR'S CALLS. Peter Day. r- .?? .George Chnety Other characters bv the oomyany. The mufti melange of SlngirK, Daneing, Bnr lee?ue Opera, Ao , Ao., by the wnole company. Admission?Parquet, 00 oenta; Gallery, 15 cents. J?J j^ING'S AMPHITHEATER. T. King?? Sole Lessee and Manager C. Scott Assooiate Manager F. Whittaker Equestrian Manager Dan Gardiner. Standard Clown THIS EVENING, and on Saturday Afternoon. DON SANTIAGO 61 RBONNOISK. THE HOLLAND BROTHERS. WM. F. SMITH, SAM LONG, Mr. WM. KINCADE, M'LLK MARlE. And ELOISE. the Child Rider. TOM KING Will fositivily leap over a Drove 4f Hortes, And wiTmtrodnon M'DLE VIRGINIA In a Fasoinaticg: Equestrian Duality. DAN RICE Will appear at an early period. _ Petti*. Drees Cirole _ 80 oents. Colored Gallery.?.. .. .25 oents. Colored Boxes - .50 oents. Boor* op?n at 7 o'olook; performances will 00mmenoe at 8H precisely. jaS-at RICHARD P. JONES. Agent. ODD FELLOWS' HALL! ODD FELLOWS' HALL! LAST NIHHT! LAST NIGHT! THIS (Friday) NIGHT, Benefit of MISS CARKI E HIPPER T, Amd Last App?4*anc< ot THE ALLEGANIANS ' THE ALLEGANIANS ' VOCALIST AND SWISS BELL RINGERS! SWISS BELL RINGERS! MISS CARRIE HIFFERT. MISS MARIA BOULARD MR. A. SEDGWICK. MR. G. GALLOWAY, MR. J. M. BOULARD Lately returned fr^ra a fou^-T^ara tour around the world. an1 ha^inf just ounol'ded a aenea of 48 ?uo oeesful oonoerta m the city of New York, would moat re-peotfullr announce i'le fi-?t of their Highly Popular Musical Entertainments. Tnelr Repertoire emhraoea a oboioe aeleotion of VOCAL QUARTETTES. In addition to their uaual ohoioe aeleotion of vooal muaio, they will play, eaoh evening, several piecea on the oelebrated SWISS BELLS! fO"The front ofth* hall and theadjaoent atreeta wu. be illuminated with the marmfioeat PRUMMONO LIGHT! DRUMMOND L.IGHT! for a lone tim? an ohjeot of creat ourioaity at hirniim's New York, neon the nirt'rs of the ALLKGHANIANS AND SWISS IBKLL RIN6ERS. Thu Troupe will appear at ODD FELLOWS' HAI.L. NAVY YARD. SATURDAY NIOHT. F O K ONE NIG H T ONLY! m*Th? ALLKGANIANS will five two Contort* in Alexandria on MONDAY and TUES DAY. January 6tii and 7th. Prices. Admiaaion.... *5 r?nte Front Seate_ ... so oeota M? CANTERBURY HALL. (Formerly the Washington Aaaembly Rooms,\ Loaiaiana avanue. near corner of 6th etreet, in the rear of the National and Brown'e Hotela, OPKN EVERY NIGHT! With the firat talent in Amerioa. ENTIRE CHANOE~OFPROGRAMME. Laat Night but one of tbe great Eccentric Ethiopian Artist of the Dap, FRANK BROWER! FRANK BROWER ! Tn mrht ?Ka VIRGINIA MUMMY: VIRGINIA MUMMY! VIRGINIA MUMMY! PKANR BROWER At GINGER BLUE. FRANK BROWfcR as GINGER BLUE. FRANK ilROWER * GINGKR BLUE. Character" by the entire STAR COMPANY! New Songs, New Dances, <$*? ? fyc. N E W Y EAR S? WEEK, NEW YEAR 8' WEEK, A Serie* of Magnifiaent AFTERNOON PERFORMANCES will b* riren at CANTKh BURY HALL. FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, tOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, Cornmmecoinc TUESDAY. And evi*y Wbdmmdat axb satckbat Attiinoons One Thousand Costly Presents wih I* presented to the ladies, obi'.dren, and the audienoe during these Matinee* elegant Chriatm&s Souvenirs will consist of mtgnifi oent Annvals, and expentive sets of Sable Kur*, a Sewing Maohlne, sp'endid Gold Jewelry, Silver Fork* and Spoons. Ladies' Chain*. Watoh Guards, ohlldrer.'a Nook Chains, Gents' Rings, Toys and Confectionery. JHT'The managers oall to the minds of the ladies ofthis oity the elegant presentation matinees which t> ey bad the honor to give here last winter, in evidence of the fairness with whiah they were oonduoted These presents will be given in addition to the finest performances by the bestoom pa"y ever appearing in Washington. Tne saloons attsohed to the Hall will bseloied daring the afternoon performances, and onr matinees will be eond noted in such a way that the most fastidious cannot regret their visit to the Canterbury. Afternoon Prices: I^adies, an oent*; gentlemen with ladies, ID oents; ohiiden, 10 cents Mitl Prices: Parsaet, 35 oants; Rosewood Orchestra Chairs, SO oents. Try Nn Prm?nu nr?ia?ntjwl At nirht /~T1 i*>r I7ASHIONABLK DANCING ACADEMY AT F T?m?e'?noB Hall (in the mein halllE *%. treet, between 9th led 10th. Cleaaea e?eri flC aeadey end F idar Afternoon end Erening./B? oft be fashionable Danoea taught. Pn-vA rate oleaa*a ?tLanded lo. For oironlara, terma, Ao., ineuire of WM H BARNES,etThorapaon'a Genia' PuraiaMo* Store, S70 Pa evenue. C.T. BARNES. delTlm* Profoeeor of Denolnc. Choice old Havana rum. la Demijohna, minerva wine?aoeiebreted Spaoiah Wine, VERMotf+H WINE-en Italian Wine, moh naed ea e tomo, CHAMPAGNES, CLARETS, CORDIALS, Ao., of arioua brands. IT A I.I A N MACAkONI ?.nd VKRMinil.l.l. Moller'i New York Pat^ntCut LOAF SUGAR. PornJeby C, G. DiOARMENDIA, importer and D-aler in HaTana 3?iiri, <U Mm* No. 18 Commeroa at. Baltimore Neck ties and scarfs: MCARKM AND NECK TIES ! Aa intftrallalied aaaortment at A HOMPSON'S, I. partol fcfcjjgjSgfa, gKMJAMIN Adjolcinc the National Hole., (mmooaataativon haod a ineaaeortineni or ?2i kiiful workman la Chroao??w, Am W?'?4y?, for Cknstau Pr?Mato. V;C*? 4 * ; <% %'r ?; . >* .J J **10*9 r '- i 1 | , / * H WANTS. I17ANTED>Bt a r<"u G?rm?* woman of r?? SITUATION as nnrie or dhat fear maid. Addra?a"L. R.." Star Offioa. li* 11' ANTED IMMEDIATELY?A large liOVSE * ? is a centra! i?>cation, fbmlahad or tnunrimhed.

Ad<?r??? Homeke?p?r." Washington If WT a U t 0 r\ a *. a a a n ?? ?.* ui .1.1 i c,-j-ni *3i rem. ?tohoc, t vy um Ai '? to ?ook, wuli and iron. Aiao. a Chamber maid Call immediately. Colored preferred. It* WANTED-A WOM\N to cook in a ?n?*ll fvnily. Inquire at 484 Tetih St., aecnd hone* f-owi the Atmm. It* WANTED?Every body to brow t^at SKEBOLD A BKO.'S CELEBRATED TOMATOES and PEACHES can be fmd it the Old Stand, 364 Center Market and 132 Northern Libertiei Market. ja ? 3t* WANTED? An active, cober, honect YOL'NS MAN. to drivs a miik wagon. He moit ocme well rfcommended. Alsi, 'w Men to w. rk in a dairy A ?plv ?t I ooast Hill Farm. 7th street road, near the let tailgate. ja 3 St* 117 A Tl.'n A Oirw*?T * M?f4tat *-? OK t-D?n miUAl IU.1 M ?r ' " aaleaman In a atore, or aao e'k to a paymaster. qcartermaater or aai'er, by a yonnc man who uagood penman, aaiok at ficuree and nan bring be beat reoommendationa. Atidreea "Cla'k." ?*tar Offioe jas 3'.' WANTED?A good, active. and induatnoua HOY- in a confectionery ; German pref?Trel. Inqaire at 316 Penn. avenue. ja ? 3t? U/ANTED-A firit data OYSTER SHUCK " ER. Alao ore who oaa attend to the bar. Ap?ly at J. AlGLER'S. two doora from the Star tioe. la VSt* WANTED TO RRNT-A HOUSE anitable " for a firato'aaa board in* houae in thia oity. Addreai ' Boanlinj," Star Offioe. atatmg koation, terms. Ao. ja 1 it* WANTED? A ateadr. reliable and indaatrione WOMAN, to oook, waah and iron. Good vacea and a oomfortable home. Apply at 460 Twelfth atreet, eaat aide, between G aad H ate. la 1-st ' WANTED? In a drug store.a YOUTH between lb and 2) years rf age. Candida'** most kit* antiafaciory referanc a* to qoalifioationa ?nd character. The preferenoe wi'l b* give* to one vho haa been encaged in the drag Maine** ?iz or twelve month*. Address "A B C,' Washington City Poat Plot. J?1 1m* A FEW MORE ABLE-BODIED MEN ARE wanted to fill up tny company in the Diatriot Preaident Gnard Regiment Thorn wishing to join a o- moanr of reapeoable men must oall aoon at Peter Dingfelder'a. Penn. avenue, between 4>ti and 6th ata. CHS. A. KRAUZE, de 30-lw* Captain. WANTED TO PURCHASE?A rettled woman COOK, who can be well recommended for oharaoter and oapacity. The advertiaer deairea to to ti housekeeping br himself, and wiahea each a a?rvant as can d? entirely treated. Addres* Bo* 19, Star (Jffioe. de 8T-lw I17ANTED IMMEDIATELY, at the U. S " Navy Yard, Washington, a number of LANDSMEN. de? 1m WANTED?Every person to know that I am in th? market, ready to pay cash for all articles in the housefurnishing line. Those leaving the city, or having a surplus, will do well to call. R. BUCHLY,428 Seventh ?t, between 6and H ets., (east side,) Dealer in New and SeoonU-haad Furniture. no 16 WANTED? TAILORS, TAILOKS-6Q Tailors _ competent to work on military goods. A pply G- KOLP. at Wall. Stephens A Oo 'i. se SB WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVES and BHD DING, for which we are paying the highest cash prioes. Families declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a nail. BONTZ A GRIFFITH, JelS-tf No. 369 'th st., betw. I ana K ets. LOST AND FOUND. l^OIJNn? A lAdv'n RRP.ASTPIM xnn'linn. 17 hair, which the owner o&n have by apjlyin* at the Mon?y Room, Adams Express Office, and paring for ;hi? adv^rtfom^nt ja3 S'* I OST.??10 Rkwa.rd.?From Tenth ar d Li R streets, a Ne? found land D"G,an-?? y swerinc to ?he name of "Tom " Acy^^Mf party w ho has ei'her seen or held in ons ** tody th*aho?a meritu ?*d <lof wi 1 oonfer a very treat favor by jivicj suoh litormVion, and on his return shail reoaive the a'x>ve reward. emu.e dufre. ja S 3t* 3'iO Pean*ylvuiia av. Ran away from the subscriber k young NE6RO MA*f about twenty ??ars old, oallinc himse'f William Griffioe. q He is dark oomplexioned, considerably kuork-knped, and his left rhe*k puff d as by a ui i or toMieco: abont 3 feet 8 or 9 inches 1 in h icht; ep?&ks low *h?n spoken to, and ban a pleasant <-oontenance. A reward of 920 will be Rivei< il returned tome, rear N'ttincham, Prince b?o'r,?'i ooun y, Md , or seoui-ed so that 1 set him. ji3-8>? TH'?S. N. BAl)KH. > C-*OLD PENCIL LOST -Qa * aitimo..n?ro?"<1 ?o h*ve tee* dropped in the rtre"t a sold Penoil with P?n attached. The finder wi I reneivea satisfaotory rewar J by leavinc it at this uffice. ja l-3t* f| ^AKKN UP?On Friday, the 27 h. a dark brown l HDR^E with a white face. The owner is requested to come forward, prove property, pay oharges, and take him away. WILLIAM LYNCH. ja 1 ?t? F street, near Fir*t. on the leland. ^T RAYED OR STOLEN-An iron gr'r ' HORSE of medium siie. branded 'US" Ho had on a p ain McCiellan saddle plain curb bit *nd halter Was los? agouti p. m, Dwmberan. Was tied opposite 170 Pennsylvania avenue. between 17th and 18th sts ja 1 3t* LO*T?On the 87th ins'ant in Georcetown, near Seoor.d an l Market at ^e's, a brown and white o lored POINTER t)( >G,wi,b^^g^i' aohainoo'lar around bis neck, and th? " nameofj. B. Jo es, Glymont. Md enrra?ed thereon ; and mtwori to the rame of "Tip." A suitable reward will be riven, if left at 319 Penn. avenue, one door from Thirteenth st. deSl Iw 8* R EWARJ) ? St-ayed or stolen f. om theCau ' ter Ma-ket, on 8aturda? metat, the gy _ 28th of Deoeir.fcer, a dark sorrel HORSE. TiTPt about 15 han<1s huh; has a small spot wh te in his faoe.andis 8 years old. Wh?n lost hat on the headstall of a bridle, with apieoeof rope tied to it The above reward wi:l be iaid f<?r h's return to m*. at the oorner of and W streets south or to Stall No 23a Center Market de 9) rant' ROLt'T V. GODMAN. STKAYKD OR STOLEN?On the night of tbe 15th instant, from ne?r the Natiocal t\ H te , a medium lissd sorrel bTALLlON H -TO about 15H haiKis hijh; had on a full set of^^ v offioer's equipments A libera' reward will be paid for his return, or for information oonaernine his whereabouts. R. R. BAKKR, de2T-lw# Lieut. 9th N, V. Cavalry. C07 * REWARD ? R?n away from thesnb 6* I >9 porii>er on the 15th inat.'THKKE NEGRO BOYS?Billy Bund, Hecry Chap- 07 man and No'ty Carpenter Billv and Henrv are al>out 4 feet 4 inohea high; It yeara ola: Jk treated in drab. Billy u oopper color anaSJL? [enry bl'k. Notty is uu<ler4 ft.oopper color;Creaked in drab Also, on the S:h of September, two Negro Men?Henry Shannon and Baail Carpenter?both black; Billv very blaok; Baail l* about 5 feet 4 inches; Billy 5 feet 6 or 8 mchea; hu a lump behind the right ear; o oth ?anoua; eaeh about 28 yeara old. And alao on th? 8th of October, two Neg-o Men- Babtiat Carpenter and George Chapman. Baptiat yellow, and ia about 22 yeara old; 6 feet 4 inohea. Georte aced 18, about 5 feet 8 inohea; clothing various. For tne first name ', Bifcr, Henry and Notty, i will give #26 each, and tor the other four ?S0 eaeh, secured in jail. de 20-aw* ?> N. BRVANP. LOST ?a SEAL KING, and a FOX-HEAD SEAL, attached to a ring, with oorne^lian aet. ?5 rewara%iil be gives to whoever returnethe artiolea to tnia otfioe. de 3-tl AGO S. WKRTHKIMK.R ft CO. A ? 4 iOfa No. 462 and 464 Sbvknth St., tD4 Opposite tkt Post ('fee, Offer their atook of WINES. BRANDIES, GINS. CORDIALS, ere.,alao tiieir large aeaortmeni of 8EGARS, TOBACCO, ANOY GOODS, eta, for aale at Wholeaale Prieea. KThey keep o<>nstanUy on hand fin* PHI I.A DELIA CREAM ALE. id kecs and bottles, for or family (H The public in general are ra4netted to five them a oall antt examine their plendid itook of good*. t8 WERTHEIMER A CO , 462 and 464 Seventh street, He g -Sm oppo. Pr>?t office IMPORT ANT TO LADllSB. The subscribers have opened the store No. 16 Market Spaoe. f*a av. bet. 8th and 9th ela. aa a first ela?s Laoe and Fancy Dreie Cap Depot. eoo'isuug in part of Pointd'Alenoon. App.isue, Mecklet and Vaienciennea Lao?s, such as Collars, Sleeves, Handkerchiefs, Cape*, Flouncing, Caps. Caps. Coiffure* and made up goods of the finest tnality, and at New York price# COHEN A DU88ELDORP. from New York. N. B.?All sorts of Laces washed, mendrd, and done > h nal to new, at short notioe. de 86 1 m* OLD MADEIRA, SHERRY AND PORT W1NB8. Import *dmnd Sotthd by W, S. Corwi* t Co.. If. Y Wanderer Madeira, bottled 1832, Reserve 44 " 1840, Sooth Side " " 1844, Imperial Sherry, *' 1840, fiurmerater Port, 44 1840, Harmon/ 44 1844, fmp'l White - 44 1840 For sale by WM. COR WIN BURG Y, Sit Pennaylvania avenue, _ae 90 _ Entrasoe on Qizth at. HIRiNG, HVERJl^AfPo EXCHANGE No*. 980 and SO B and Uth'atreeU, aonth of Wulard'a Hotel. Gentlemen wiahms to hira a neat and atjhah tnrnont oan be anpplied with a team of any de oripLon, la a at?!e of rare " , EXCELLENCE. The beet oare beetnwed on Livery horaee. oa hand iloraes' tor amy efcaari^lwnya PERSONS IN WANT OF OVAL PRAM ES * Tor Photographs or Ul aura, Gi t or Jtoaewood, eaa be enpphedTy JOHN WAGNER, next door to ij? old ekt&b'iahnect, 8## Pa. avenue. N. H. Lootieg-glass plate* Inserted In otd frssnsa, aotvii 4 DAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. t&nss'jpsp J , f % fcA ^ - v? , - ?r 4 ? jy9 ?j? *2 ' rt, M < < ? ? %gL i- A ? ? ; ? JP6bAW'TIWf t; -^t i* FOB BALE AND RENT. FOR SALS?Tka Good Will ?f a ftrat-rst* B'tcioeM Staod. latum at 497 S'xth at. Ja&2t? HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOMS. n?! *iocr to Wil!\rd HutM?914 P?ui;. ??aiaa? Hue ja Ht* j FOR BALE?From ?.000 to 5 0? oorda cf WO<?D tandme within '% mll*a of Belt?*i]l?. In?air* of J. R. STEVENS. Wood and Coa I>*a ?r, No. < 469 ttntrt Ja| ljr?_ i n r.Aviu ?rn v a- T . M. a * w K"w.u-> *?? LiC.1. IBB ?r?m ** prirK* imii*. havinj all to* modern improvdaea a. ni acd w?t?r, a abort diata-oe from tba PMert OCo? bmldirg; would suit a respectable fami'r who 1 woold hk to Ireep hoase, Note left at the 9t*r Olfioe for "A B." with real came, will rcoeiae in i diate attention. ) * FOK SALE?An old ettab'lthad RE*TAUKANT, well a'ookcd and provided, sitna?*d on Pennsylvania arerne, ia an eligible basneta too*1, lty. Thiareetaa'ait is on the first floor of a arte and eomnnodious three-atn-y brick dwellm*. on whloh there ta s three v?ar le<s?> and which will La include*.. in the sale of the above, ' or farther paitionlars apply between the hoora of 9 and 3 n'c oofc at No 3^ Louisiana a? . near 6th ?t ja 3-1 w* TO LKTOR FOR SALE?A RKSTAURANT * on Pennsylvania avenne. A Partn?r wanted with a small oapital. Apply at DONADI'S. ft ^9 Penn avenne. near ad at ja 3 ?t* FOR RENT.?One large four story BR'CK HOUSE with basement; in a fine location, water, raa, bath house, Ac. Inanire at M J. F.. 944 Pa ave , ncrth, between 12th and 13th eta j>?1 A PING LB GENTLEMAN CAN FIND A FUKNISHBD ROOM, with or without B-e&kfast, at 411 H atraet. between 13th and 13th ata jal ?t* FURNISHED ROOMS.-SereraJ plea-ant tod oomfortablr fumiahed Roonn(without board) can he ohtainea upon application to If* Tweutyaeoond street, corner or Penn Bvauue. R^fa-enooa exchanged. jal at* Furnished rooms to r knt-od fourth street. botwwn I and K afreet*. 1 c? u i at No. W36 Foorth atre?t. de31-lw* CU'RNISHED At'ARTlKNT* IN THE r FIRST WARD FOR RENT.?A oomfort ably Furnished Parlor and Chamber, oomnuoioating. Alao.oneor two a?par*te Chambers. Kbqair? at the premises. No. 110 aorner of Pa. BTB. and 20th 'treat, north aide, Firat Ward. deal eo6f For bALE or EXCHANGE.?1.##0 aorea of selected timber LAN I>. in the No*tfi Weat, will be aold or evohanged for property ta the City of Washington. The laud la well timbered, ooi,tains water power, and la ? rare investment. Address "Exchange, box No. 30 Waahington Poet Offioe. de 19 lm FOK RENT-Two pleasant ROOMS, neatly furnished, ta a first-oiass residence in Georgetown. with boa d. To a permanent tenant terira will be moderate. Apply at 1 IT Weat at, George town. de 17 tf UANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.K1 Four handaoitely Furnished Rooms, supplied with gas and water, and convenient to the Patei t ar.d Post Office DeMrtinanti Inr r?rt tialiii 4?0H Maaaachtraetta avenue, north tide, betw-ea 4th ud tth ?t? mn ft ~ BOARDING. AMKhSOPFOUB PF.RSONS. WHO WILL oooupy but two rocmii can be accommodated with unexoep lonable boarding, in a private family, in the west end ot the oity. Terms reatonab.e. Apply at thia offioe. ja 2 >f I^AMII.IFS AND SINQLR GENTLEMEN r can fir.d rood Board and pea/ant Rooms, (term* m-MWate,) at Mri. UlTTiNtiS, oppoaite Maj ot'a Office. G?orgetown. A few transient Board era aroomraodited. dealt lw* EDUCATIONAL^ JVIOUN AND VIOLONCELLO. OHN K. GOODALL, Profeaaorand T aoherof he above, tenders hiaa'rvioea to the pub 10. Terms 91 per l:aaon. Referenda to any musician in the out. Several of his pupi s are now the beat violin ista in the world Vix: Le Petit Ole Bu I, Pred. Buckley, 4o icc. Addrsaa Canterbury Ha l, where he can be heard ew> night. deJllm* P EDUCATIONAL. ROF. C. P. H\RNEh' Iltncicc School at Temperanoe Hall, E street, b>twoen 9th and lf>th, * iil commence TUESDAY, December In 24-h, and oantinue every Tuesday ai.d Fri /il day?afternoon c-a*?e* at 3 o'elook. aDd eve-uiHk nine classes at 6.Si o'clock. All of the fashionable danoei will be taurht during the season. The beat inusio will be in attendance under the direction of Prof. George Arth. Call for aoircular. dell lm J^|ADAME LEONTINE BLA.NCHET, Will Gire D* PRIVATE FRENCH LESSOVB. Apply at lil West street, Georgetown ; or 40T F street, Washington. Mios HltOOKRH ENGLISH awd FRENCH BOARD I SO AND DaY tCHOOL, Suva* Bni.DiN0*, No. 13b /'nuutiroaui aim** Circn'arc to be obtaiaorf &i the Bookstore* tod of the Principal. no 26 1m* GEORGETOWN ADVE&T'MTS (Y^f^NOTICE-L/CS.VSES.-A'l pereoni l|^5 whose licenses from the Corporation of ueorgeiown expire on 3U' .ciani are nereoy notified pronptly to renew the aW otb?rwiaa tuej aabjeot rhemaelvea to a fine, and the law la c-imsuloorj on th< proper cffioera to enloroe aattf lav aoinatail deunquejta. do 5? stawtjanin WM- I.AIRD. Clerk. W POTATOES. K Have m atore, ana for sale at lowest ratea, a lot of anire Prmo Albert and Peach Blow POTATOES. Alao OATS, and a -ma 1 lot of prima ONIONS. B18KY ft BERNARD. Bridge at., 2 door* we*t of Hi*n. d?31 Iw GaorRetown.DC. Quartermaster general's office, washiseton City, Dec 28.1861. ih? Secretary of War directa that do mora boraea be bought ontil all now belonging to the Government are in aet've aervioe. The attention of all Cioarte-maetera of the Regular and Voiuuteer Arm* i? eallfd to the above order from the Secretary of War. M. C m F.1GS, de27-eol(>t Quartern.Wer General u. 8. Anew stock of GENERAL 8TAPLE goods. Blanket*, Copiforta and Bed Spreada, Cotton Sheetinga, Shirtinga and Linena. White and Colored F annela, Towela, NapkiDB, Tabiea Clotha and Diapera. Fot Gist-' *sd Boti Wsab. Cloth*. Caaeimera. Tweed*, Veating*, Ao., in all good atylea and quantiea, Fine and Heavy Grey Domeatio Clotha. for Gentlamen*' Suita To all of which we aak the ape-ia! attention of pnrohaeera. J. W. colley A co.. de 2t' 2w 5'.13 7th at..aHove Pa. av. TVT NEW MILLINKftV. 1^1 OW On hand and oocatint!/ receiving new supplies of WINTER BONNETS, oomprts-^CV inc thereweet and moat desirable s?yi*s the season,at HUTCHINSON ftMl'NRU'B^ Kaocy Store, 310 Penn aveoue. between 9th and 1" tii streets, wi ere Mlea Thompson is prepared to ezeouto promptly all orders left with her. Alan, met received, a new supply of Head Dresses, Artificial Flowers, Fe&thers, ?o., to whioh we invite the attention of the ladies. jie l*_ LADIES' GENTLKMEN'S AND CHILDREN B FURNISHING GOODS, UNDKRGARMENTS. GI OVES, HOSIERS. HANDKERCHIEFS. SCARFS TIES, CRAVATS, LINEN COLLARS. SHIRTS. &o , to. THOMPSON, under Brown's, dean E. A. l.akeA Co.'a Marble Hall Hasaar. UORSES FOR SALE, II Of every description. Constantly on hand?Louisiana avenue, near the Center Market. de lg-6m* ATT &NTION, SUTLERS. OF FACERS AND 90LD1KR8! A larje stock of CAMP STOVES, manufactured and for aale at 331 Pennsylvania avenue, near Center Market. dell-tf H.J. GREGORY. I EA A-PERKINS* WORCESTERSHIRE 1^ SAUCE. KINO A HI RCHELL. de 18 corner Vermont a*. and Ftftcontu ?fc rnmrn Military Boots fAi #VI AT If H OLE SALE. # ! WehtTtio*inii r*10 ouea Calf Stitched Enamel L?f Boote, * " Grain '* S3 inoh - ? " M Quilted Bot. L. L. fio " " Cavalrr M inch M *55 . . heavy doei>. ?oie 16a 18 inoh " M " Calf 0 " 16 inch " Aleo, a variet? orCalf and Kip Boote, B -yi'and Voutha' Boota.aod Ladiea' B&Imoraia J. T. WHITEHOU8E, No. 16 Market fpeee, de g-lm* Pbbd. ay., hwwtea ?th and wh ate. Come to the Clothing Store Nnmher Three Hundred and Fifty-foar. (l)p ataira ;i 'tia there job eriil find Good end cheap Clothing of every kitdl! I^REAT SACRIFICES FOR M DA VS.?My 'J atook will be aold without reia^d to eoat, eonaiating of Coate, Veate end Pacta of the la*?t auaiity, made up and trimmed m tha a teat atytee. Caii and tee. No trouble to ahow food?. J? Wi aKBPi 3S4 Penn. avenue, (up ataire.) de ?7->w* Over Oalt I Brother. Buckskin bauntlets, Woolen Gove*. Wooim Half HON, Bhuti ud D'tvero, WiiiU ud Colored Kb* Colored UiukM. H u? Butt Cloths. Wtthi|KMkl itook of Dr; Soodifor nlitttkt loweat pno?? 67 omw^en 7xti &dq bui VtrMtl, d? 17-Tw OoKWlt* ChUt HUltat T_. PIANOS-PIANOS-PIANOS! HIS Mornirt jreodirro mtmi? ft Mpply of ?OOt*TO I0WW0M PlftftO*, MOII thWB brSjj&terr*oTWJlSS^^. mors. Which 1 *lli Mil or ronton tin SS&- J *'v--': f *g> SECOND EDITION" TNRKK 9*CLOCK* P. M. Til itmi OF TII Tmx.-Wi km r?4 tho nommenta of tbe pre* of the 1ot?! Btaf upon tbe GoTtmmnl'i poller with rvfbtM d | tbo affair of tbo Trout, vlti "qial car* and aoltel| tad*, tud bin to My that we ha*t lot yo* found ' a iiD|l? A oner lean newspaper that dlarpproea ' of It Wttk on* accord tber onlte la Droaoanetn* It wlac and patriotic Nor bar* we aeae a atagk* Invidious ntvipaper rtaiant apM the atik paper?Secretary Seward's imwct to Lord Lymss In which the pelley sbev* icfrrred to le explained nnd Just fl*<l That, toe, meets the emphatic approval of all who have ae far taken occasion to publish aught concerning It. Thla Is the 1 rat .*etaacr la oar national history wherein the coons pursued by the ftmrii?l la a matter of so grave international Importance has met the aeqaallled approval and achieved the hearty support of all. OUR MILITARY BUDGET Ttuanua. This morning, the three Lees and Dr Neeltt. all of Fairfax countv. Vs., who far some nuatos past have been In confinement la the prison df ioc AiniDorii rruTOii uura or puyrac lae part of apleafor tbebenefltof aeeeab, wer? brought up bm and tranaferred to tbe care of tW Provo* Guard of Waahtngton Om of tbeee throe brotbera Loo wlU ho i ?ia aaa bered aa being tbe former Pooalon areas eivk who ao wantonly killed Mr Hame.ef Alaxaadrte, aome year* since TUB LATEST VY TKLMGKAPH FROM rORTB.ES* MOlfROK. Baltinobb, Jan 3 ?Tbo OM Point boat baa arrived here and bringa tbe follewlnf: Old Poixt, Jan ! ?Tbe flag of tract ywterdav brought no newa The releaaed prisoner* from Rl. htoood an e?. pec ted at Fortreaa Monro# to-day LA TE LOCAL NE WS Robbibt or G w Bbat'm Jbwelby Sroai? W ?-dn?-?d?y nlrbt, tbe watch and Jewelry toe a of Mr G w Bray, onSeTcatbatreet, ooar 6, wai entered and robbed of watcbea a ad jewalry valued at near *3.0(10 Tbe appnaltloa la that tbe robbera aucceed-d In eaterlag by flrat getting Into the cellar of an adjoining atore, tbe grab at which had been left unfBelened Prom thlaeal lar im rnfthfri tntfrfd Into Mr Bray'a ealtar by tniin^ down a portion of tbe partition, and from thence to the atore the admittance wia May, tbo trap-door having been left aofaateoed Tbo robber* took over 20U wmtcbea, a largo number of them belonging to persona who had loft (bom there for repair* A large number of valoable artlclea of J?welrv were also taken After completing their o^eratlona. the robbera left by aa alley leading Into D atreet. Mr. Bray at onee notified the detect!** oBrera of the city, wbo went to work to hunt up the tblevea and iat*ear the good* Theclrcumataneee jontlfied suspicion of persona employed by Mr bray aa concerned with the n-bbery; and In order to a fall linM> gstl <n. detective A. R Alien arretted a yoong m*n named R Hlenat, and be waa committed to jail for a further hearing yesterday afternoon by JuatlceDonn The detect!vea hoped to recover the gooda, but no positive clue to tbelr place of concealment baa been obtained. Tbb Ptciric Ririoti amb Tuiauri Grant ?The party employed to survey the line through the states of Sonora and Chihuahua. ta Mexico, will a tart from New York on the 11th lnatant, and consist of twenty persona. The sur"-y U to be nu"1 within twelve mentbs, and tbe contract for Ita completion within that time wan awarded to Samuel Strong, Esq . of this city, at t.'O.OOO The Chief Engineer is W m EUla, Esq . of Albany, New York. Tbe oonanaav es?laSa mi Gener?> Angel Trias, Joeeph Brltton. Jobs Napoleon Zerman, Cbas W Baker, Samuel 8trou, Win. H. De Groot (? T. Taylor Tbeodore Da Oroot, and Col C. ** Benson T be arrangements for Immediate prosecution of the work haee fceea made. CimiMtL Cocnr.?To-day, Augustas Frmak, indicted fcr an assault and batiery on Anna Glutiback?a little child four /ears old?was found gn'lty. rThls case, la which Frank (n German) seriously Injured the little girl Anna la an alleged attempt to violate her person, was reported In the S<?r at the time J Thos E. Miller. Indicted for stealing tea cows oftheeslueof ?20 >. from Mrs Bresoabafc. was found guilty. Miller then plead guilty to the ebsrge of stealing five cows from Michael Kennedy, for which ne was also indicted this term * Patrick Cuaick was then arraigned, charged with assault and resisting oAoer Bnell Bosrs Notes ?The public is cautioned again*t a flood of worthless notea in circulation t- r? purporting to be on tbe "Egg Harbor Beak,'* ar aom a arawiuttlM taf* a vignette In tbe right-band corner of a female stttlug, cattle, Ac . and ia aubscribed bv f Cllaton, caahler. and C. C. Carpenter, prevent. The *5'a have vignettes of females wlltb sheaf of wheat, globe and acroll, and are stga*d by E A Beardaley, caahler, and WW Paddecfc, pmldent. , PiunviTioR or a Banc ?Tbe targe and beautifully carved eagle which bin iiiminfed the funeral car upon the occasion of tbe obaeqolss of President Taylor In 1630, was yesterday placed over tbe coat-of arms which graces tbe wall la the rear of tbe chair of state In the reception room of tbe Mayor of Philadelphia. RcssxLL'a Lkttkss to tbi Loido* T in Under date of December 1. Mr Kuss?ll sends a long letter to tbe Londoa Times, from which we make tbe following extracts: "So far as 1 can judge, there Is no chance of an immediate advance, but there are rumors and predictions and reason* going all over the town to h* effect that tbe General must r?ry soon do something or tbe North will become angr? Tbe progreaa which has been made en tbe coast makes ber all tbe more impatient to clutch the rewards of all her expenditures, ber losses, and her exertions A great victory by land Is needed for tbe f>restlge of her arma, bat tne public voles is ! enced by tbe fear of what would follow a defeat. A falae step, an abortive blow in front of Washington, might render all her little triumphal* me south wort* than abortive, and lay tbe North open to invasion at the verv moment wbea ber uperlorttv waa becoming dally more mantle* Slowly, bat surely, ber teeth art- fastening on tb* Souther a coast "Allattempt*of McClellan to find au unguarded spot In tbe enemy a line have been unsuccessful. and although 1 have gr?at defereuce for the opinion of American ottcers who know tbe country, and who say a winter campaign Is practicable, I must be permuted to state tnat tbe condition of tbe roads aad camps at this early period of winter Induces me to arrive at sa opposite conclusion, founded on aoine experience In observing tbe operations of armies in the ield There ia smaller chance of such operations being successfully conducted when winter arrives in all its severity; and that which would be almost Impossible for a highly disciplined and well organized army to rffict will be quite beyond the capability of the forces which are assembled here at present, giving them full credit for coarag*, zeal, and endurance " Practical Johns ?This Is tbe age of practical Joking; and what are vulgarly termed "sells'" seem te interest all alise. An amusing Instance baa lately been perpetrated by several of the London leweiers. A rich morocco cane, of tbe size and form of an ordinary photographic minister*, is lettered oat in gold. ''Portrait of the Gorilla " It is laid carelessly u ponthe drawlag-room tab Is, wltn imp-book, etc TM unlucky Vienna, b?holding it for the first time, ae'?ea It with Impatience?"Ah! I have not Men that' ?open* it ud er? blmaelf reflected in a palpable piece at loohiiUi-glan; if bewbiakered and bearded, the joke tella amazingly?be dropa it with ap<*d and the gorilla trie* to enjoy it. ? -y^^tTpFICE WA?HIN0T<?N GAS U?HT L9 COMPANY, DienuaU. IMl -*** Ayrwbly to the re? u ireaaeeta of tie charter, the iiock Lolcera of thu eom^u; Are hereby nettled thai en election for Ira diraatara to nn>f? fee efhira of the mm dunacthe year W*, wuTbe hex) M iU Ofct.No, Sid Kievaath street wilt, on MON UA \ the Cth day of Jananrr next, betveee the hosra of 1 end 3 o eloek 9- m By order. defl eodw J. P. BIOWN,Bee. O O T ! I O O T 18 B O O T ** WHITEHOUBE It CJ TICKLES, 48 ra AMIC1 >11 111 C Irnif fn ( Tht A?e far* JEeJaaafa H*?e oa kaad.aad ere daily raeainaf. *~"CA?ILftY AND BOLIMBar BOOTS MAECH^S BBOKS, odlT of Uw ovi MBtrMtm, toktiiUlItt* "TSTK!IIHLmm iwttf ub+ijfr 4?It witfc. < ?H>* nPK&ABVRKKI* OPTICS. h . S&izm T^rrv&im. ixngimif r;t?rr??ra tut U? lMMMft M IMk M|l?> l?f W JSmmt, p. will to ft *u o?^, oa Mi tSSdiu* U? hotfm ffl&SsSHSiE i ?iw?* ' r-wssaK ( t ' ' * I .T * iAii .,1 4?. ? _ */.? 4

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