Newspaper of Evening Star, January 4, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 4, 1862 Page 1
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f ? ' % m - ? . i' * > a i? ... , .. _ _ i %v ^ -r ? _ * ^ ^ 1 I (Stain# Star. V%. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . SATURDAY, JANUARY 4, 1862. N?. 2,768 , THE EVENING STAR it rVBL&HED BVER J AFTERNOON, (ffunoAT EftCBrnsp.) AT TUB ITAE BClLDiXM) lirwr of hum mmd JiMMtt M. It W. E>. WALLAGH. r*pen erred la p*eka*ea by earrlen ii Ml mr. ?r 37 amIi Mr mnulh. To mall snbaerlberi tfe* prtoe la S3 JO < <* ?*> Utorrii ontba; SI for Uirt* months; and for leaa ttu Ihree months at the rale of li cents t week. 8lv gie oopica, on cast; In wrappers, two csim. (iT1 Awr*mTi?aMai?T? abound be aeat to the Ace before 13 o'clock m.; otherwlae tbey may ao< appear and I the next dir ???an^? ???? OUT OF WORE. rr stltavts cots, j*. " It is of bo um, Maria, I're tried everywhere " " Bat yon are not going to gfre np, Peter ?" "Give up? How can I help it? Within f or days I have been to every book bindery I. ?v* ..J * wu ?u r ?A f> 1 IB (UV MB ij I uU UUW Will U1 WU(K C? LI ?w* " But hare joa tried anything alM T" What elae oas I try?" " Why, anything that 70a can do." " Ym I'to tried other thing* I hare been to more than a dosen of my friends, and offered to help them if they would hire me." " And what did you mean to do for them ?" ? I offered to poet their aeoonnU, make oat bUla, or attend to the oounter." Mr*. Btanwood railed u her hoi band thna ipoka. " What makee yon mile f" he asked " To think that yoa ahoald imagine that yoa woald And work in such a place. Bat how it ,> M>rk Leeda T" ' He ia worse off than I am.'* *? How so ?" 1" He has nothing in the hoasa to eat." A shudder orept over hia wife's frame now. " Why do you tremble, wife?" " Beeaase when we shall have eaten oar breakfaat to-morrow mornincr. wa ahall Km> I dothine." " What!" oried Peter Stanwood, half startlag from hi* chair. " Do you mean that?" " I do." " Bat oar flour." " All gone. I baked the last this afternoon." " But we hare pork.-' " To* ate the last this noon." " Then we mast starve!" groaned the strioken man, starting across the room. Peter 8 tan wood was a book-bfcder bj trade, end had now been oat of employment over a ? month. Ue was one of those who generally calculated to keep aboat square with the world, and who oonsider themselves fortuoit* if they keep oat of debt. He was now thirty years of age. and had three children to pro. * Tide for, besides himself and wife, and this, (together with the hoase rent, was a heavy draught upon his pane even when work was vlentT. bat now there waa nothintr. ' Maria," said he, gasing hi* wife in the face, "we most starve. I bare not a single penny in the world." " Bnt do not deapair, Peter. Try again tomorrow for work Yon may Ind something to do. Anything that ia honeat ia honorable. Bhoufl yon make hat a shilling a day, we should not starve." " Bnt oar house rent ?" " Trust me for that. The Undlord shall not tarn as out. If yoa will engage to find aomething to do, I will aee that we have oar hoase room " "111 make one more trial," ottered Peter, despairingly. "Bat yoa mast go prepared to do any thing." " Anything reasonable, Jfarii ." " What do you o?ll retaontble ?" " Why?anything dece.nt." The wife felt inclined to airile, bat the matter wm too aerioaa for that, and aclond pawed over her fao* 8he knew her husband a di?poatfoo, and she felt aur* be would find no work. She knew that he would look for aome kind of work which would not lower him in the aoeial aoale, aa he had one* or twiee upraaasi it. However, ah* knew it wo?M be of no * ? to ap?ak to him now, and ah* l*t the matt?r pass On the following morning, th* laat bit of food was put on the table. 8 tan wood could hardly realiae that he waa pennileaa and without food. For yeara he had been gay. thoughtl*aa and fortunate, making the moet of the . # . - ? * resent, iorretung tne put, and tearing the uture to take oare of itself. Yet the truth ?u naked and clear; and when he left the henae be said "something must be done.'* No sooner had her hiuband gone than Mrs. Stan wood pat on her bonnet and ahawl. Her eldest child waa a girl seven years old, and her youngest foar. She uked her next door neighbor if ahe woold take care of her ohil> dren till noon. These children were known to be good and q oiet, and thej were taken cheerfally. Then Mrs. b tan wood looked op her house and went awaj. 8he returned at soon, bringing her children some dinner, and then went away again. 8he came home in the evening before her basband, carrying a heavy basket a poo her arms. 'Well, Peter," she asked, after her has band had entered *n<J sat down, "what luck7" " Nothing! nothing!" he groaned " 1 have i made out to get a dinner from aa old eham, bat I ooald find no work." 44 And where hare 70a looked to-day?" 44 Oh?everywhere I have been to a hundred places, bat it i* the tame in every plaoe. It'* nothing bat one eternal'ao?no " I'm aiok and tired of it. I even went eo far aa to offer to tend a liquor (tore down town." The wife nailed. 44 Now, what thai! we do?" attarad Peter, apaemodioally. ' Whj, wa will eat rapper flirt, and than talk the matter over." 4 Sapper! Hare roa got any " Yea-plenty of it" " Bat how?where? what?" 44 Why, firat I went to Mra. Bnow'a. 1 knew v :_i - a t 1 a -? ? ? . ? nor giri ?H hoi, ana A DopM lot DlgOt ItHt work to b? dona. I wont to her and told hor mj ftory, and she sot mo to work at oooo, doing hor washing Sbo gara ma food to bring homa to my children, and paid mo throo shillings when I got through." " What?you boon oat washing for oar butoher't wife ?'* said Fetor, looking very I much surprised , " Of oourso I hare, and have thereby earned enough to keep as in food through to-morrow, at aaj rata; so to-morrow you oan ooma homo to dinaor." u Bat how about the roet?" " Oh, I hate seen Mr. Simson, told him jut bow wo aro tftoatod. and offered bin nay watch as a plodfe for tho pay man t of tho root within thro* months, with tho intorsat on tho irrouagos mp to dato. I told him I did tho badness, you woro awaj hontiog op work." ? go bo's cot jour gold watsh ?" " No?bo wouldn't Uko it. Ho said if I womld booomo responsible for tho payment, ho would lot ft rest. " Thoo we're jot a roof lo ooror ns aad food for to-Borrow. Sot what ae*t? What o eurse th?M hoid time* are ''" Don't deopair, Potor, for wo shall not tarre. I'to cot enough work engaged to . keep as alive. ' Ah?what is that?" " Why, Mr. Snow has engaged aa to aarry assail poekagee, baaketa, bandies, and so forth, to his rioh customers. Ho haa had to giro np ABA r*M kta K/in i " f " What do joo meen Maria?" " Jnet what I a*y. When Mr. Snow earn* V> bU dinner I ?u there, and aakad him if be aver bad light artiolea wbiob ba wUbad to aad aroBDa to euetonaera. Never mind all that vaa aaid. He did hoppee to waat Jut aeoh work dona, thoogh ho Boost to ooll upon the idler* who lounged about the market. Ha promioed to give ?e oil the work bo oomld, and I am to bo there la good mom la the aerafag." " Well, thla U a pretty n. Mj wife tamed bwoher*? boy! Too will no? do oay ?*eh thing " ^Tod why aotT" , beaaaae tt will lower me la tho aooiol M~WaU, ao It will ? " Tbaa it U mn booorabla ? toy Ull ?i tury, and m? om'i &biidran atarra t?o, tban to MTI bonaat br#*d by boaaat work. X Ull P?. Patar, tt you eu not lad work, I aut aboald hiTt boo* without braad to-aiwbt M I not foaad work to day. Toa know taat biada of lifbt, arraoabla barta? ara aaiaad ap*a by tbaoa wba bara particular triaadf * gaged in them At raeb timet as this, it is not for as to ooasider what kind of work will do, ao long m it is honest. Oh, rive me the liberty of mj own deserts, and the independenoe to be governed by my own eonviotions of right." *' Bat, my wife?only think?yoa carrying oat bateher's staff. Why, I woald sooner go and do tt myself." " If yoa will go," said the wife, with a smile, " I will stay at home and take oare of the children." It was hard for Peter Stanwood, bat the more he thoaght apon the matter, the more he saw the jastiee and right of the path into whioh his wife thas led him. Before he went to bed he promised he woald go to the batcher's in the morning. And Peter Stanwood went upon his new basineee. Mr. Snow greeted bim warmly, praised bis faithfal wife, and seat him off with two baskets, one to a Mrs. Smith's and one to a Mrs. Dixall's And the new oarner WAfkid til HftV wKan UmA earned ninety-seven cents. ft had been a day of trials, bat no on* sneered at him, and all bis acquaintances whom he met greeted him the same as nsaal. He was far happier now than he was when at home the night before, for now he was independent. (Jn the next daj he earned over a dollar; and thas he oontinned to work for a week, at the end of whioh time he had fire dollars and seventy-fivo cents in his pocket, besides having T>aid for all the food for his family, save some pieces of meat which Mr. Snow had given him. Saturday evening be met Mark Leeds, another birder, who was discharged from work with himself. Leeds looked oareworn and rusty. " How goes it ?" asked Peter. 44 Don't ask me," groaned Mark. " My family are half-starved. 44 But can't yon find anything to io?M 14 Nothing." 44 Have you fried ?" " E?erywher?; but it's no use. However, M- ' fferud uie a joS outside of our trade.1' 4' What was it ?" ,l Whv be offered to let me do bis hand carting! He has just turned off his nigger for drunkenness, and offered me the place ! The old curmudgeon. By the powers, I had a great mind to pi'ch him into the hand cart and run to the ." !- 1 >-- ' , . . UI>I> uinuinKVU IU? llllllio OI HD lOQlTlllUrtl who is supposed ta dwell somewhere in a warmer region, somewhat warmer than oar tropics. ' Well," said Peter, "if I had be?n in your place I should have taken up with the offer.'' " Why," resumed Peter, " I hare been doing the work of a butcher's boy for a whole week." Mark wm incredulous, but bis companion convinced him. and they separated, one going home happy and contented, and the other going away from home to find some sort of excitement in which to drown bis own misery. One day i>eter had a basket of provisions to carry to Mr. M. It was his former employer, and just as he waa entering the yard of his oustomer, be met him coming nut. " Ah, BUnwood, is this you?" asked his old employer kindly. ' Yes, sir." " What are yoa up to now?" " I'm a butcher's boy, air." " A what?" 44 Too see I've brought your provisions for yoa, sir. I'm a regular batcher's boy." 44 And how long hare yoa been at work . _ !* wis'' ' This is the tenth day " " Bat don't it oome hard?" Nothiag is hard so long as it is boneat, and will famish my family bread." " And how much can you earn in a day at this'" " Sometime* over a dollar, an 1 sometimes not over fifty cents." " Well, look here. 8t*nwood, there has been no less than a dosen of my old handa hanging around my counting room for a fortnight, whining for work. They are stout, able men, and yet they lie still because I have no work for them. Last Saturday I took pity on Leeds and offered him the job of doing my handcarting i told him I would give him a dollar na ? quarter a day, but be tamed op hie nose and asked me oot to insult him. And jet he owoed that hia family was suffering But you oome to my place to-morrow morning and you shall have something to do. if it is only to hold my bench. I honor yon for your manly independence." Peter grasped the old man's hand with a joyous, grateful grip, and blessed bim fervently. That night he gave Mr. Snow notice that he must quit, and on the following morning he went to the bindery. For two days he had little to do, but on the third day a heavy job came in, and Peter Btanwoed bad steady work. He was happy?more happy than ever, for he had learned t?o things; first, what a noble wife he had; and second, how much resource for good he held within his owb en erriee. Oar simple picture has two point* to its moral. One is?no men oen be lowered by any kind of honest labor The second?while yoa are enjoying the fruits of the present, forget not to protide for the futare; for no man u so seeare bat that the day may some when he will want the squanderings of the past. THE ERICSftOM BATTERY. The New York Journal of Commerea Htm the following description of the now battery now being oonatraeted in that city : The battery reita upon two vessels, an npper and a lower one. The npper one is built of iron, 174 feet long, 41 feet 4 inches wide, and 5 feet deep, with a draught of 3 feet 6 inohes, leering only 18 inohes of the aides exposed bore the water-line. The aidea are covered with a white oak bulwark, 30 inches thick, but receive their prinoipal protection from an armor ef rolled plate iron, 6 inches thiok. The deok is made or oek beams 10 inehes thiok, covered with plank 8 inohes thiek and a one Inch iron plate. The upper vessel is flatboitemed, and has a wedge-shaped atom and a tern. The lower vesael which la entirely submerged, is 134 feet long, 34 feet wide, and 0 feet 6 inches deep. It contains the working machinery, the rudder and the anobor, housed away beyond reaoh of the enemy's ahot. Upon the deck of the apper vessel, and the only oonapieuous obieeton this "low, raking," and terrible oraft, is the turret, JO feet ia diameter, 9 feet high, and composed of nins one-inch iron plates, Lapped over eeeh other and fastened with thousands of bolts. A shell proof roof, 0 inohes thick, covers the turret, which ia enured through hatchwsys frem above. The total iakt nf th? turrat ll IK) tnnl Tk? arma. meat oonaiata of two oolumbiada (whioh are preferable to rifled nu At abort range*.) aaoh carrying a ball of ISO lba., and working threugh circular port-hole* three feat above tba deoV Tba oarraigea are made of wrought Iron, and moTea on forged iron alldea. The turrata ean be turned at pleaaure, by a apur-wheei and gearing driven by a double cylinder engine, and eeatrolled by a lever in tba turret. By thia eontri vance the gun* ean be aimed, aim oat instantly, at any point of the horiaoa. The eyliodera for the main angina are 40 ioahea in diaaaatar. with apUtoa atrohe of tl inohee. Blower* for the boiler, and for ventilation, are worhed by vmall teparate engine*. Tha amohe ie pa?ad o# through grating*la the deeh. Tha -# aLI ? " AMI AAA voNrv com* oi uwwrj win wm *mio wv Gans. tad man io work them, will be furnished by 0?fiflai?i Am| tba reqeirememU of the oontraet ii ob* that the battery shall kare a (feed of not 1ms Uto eight milee in hoar. 0*pt Irieeaon bellevee that thia rat* is aaailj attainable. Thar* if aaothar "remarkable'1! prorlaten, that the battery shall ha tasted at the shortest ranaee, before the esiaay's pns. The inveator is aot is the least alarmed at this prospect t re orioal If the aine-lneh platings oa the turret (the oaJj aaapeed pari) da aot prove stroef yi^thpe sore im* plates ea pat on without materially affecting the draught or the safety of the battery. But it is believed that nine inches will be a sufficient thioknen. The best practicable thickness can only be ascertained by actual experiment. That four and a half inobea (the thiskBess of plates on the La Qloire aud Warrior) are not enough, was satisfactorily proved by Capt Ericsson in experiment* conducted by him many years ago. The test to whieh his battery will be subjected will probably settle all that is unknown about the resisting power of iron plates. Immediately upon the completion of the battery it will be taken to a position in front of some one of the enemy's accessible batteries - the most formidable preferred?and will "pitch in" at ranges from 1,000 to 300 yards, and u much less than that as will be neoessary to rilenee the rebel guns. Should It not prove potent enough at the fire* trial?about which no apprehension need be felfc?the additional plates oan be attaenea in a very short time, and the suocess of the battery, in the elosest engagemenu and under the heaviest fire, be plaoed beyond any reasonable doubt. How te Increase the Value sf a Cow. Every one who owoi aoow oan see at a glance that it would be very profitable to increase the value of her, but every one oannot tell how to do it. We oan, and we think we oan make it equally palpable to our readers If a cow is kept for butter, it would certainly add to her value, if the butter-miking properties of her milk should bo improved. In summer or winter this can be improved just as the yield of a cultivated crop oan be improved by what is fed to each, and it is simply a question of, will it pay, the manuring the one or feeding the other? Indian oorn will add to the quantity and quality of the butter to a very sensible degree, ana u is simply a question of easy solution, bJ I experiments, whetuer it will add to the profit of the butter-maker to buy corn at one or two cents a pound, aud oonvert a portion of it into butter at twenty fivo cents a pound, or whatever (he market price of oorn and butter may be, and another portion of it into fat, and an other portion of it into manure, for that is the natural result of the chemical change produced in the Ubratory of the cow's stomach. The rime result will follow any other kind of feeding <ioo J pastures will produce an abundance of milk, often as much as the cow can carry; but does it follow that even then it will not be proGtable to feed her with some mure oleaginous food to increase the quantity of butter, just as it sometimes proves profi able to feed bees to enable them to store uivre honey ? It certaiuly does appear to us that the value of cow feeding upon ordinary winter food, may be almost doubled t>y making that food suitable f.?r the purpose of increasing the quantity of milk, if that is the purpose for which the cow is kept. Farmers generally understand that they can convert corn into beef, pork, aad lard, and owujo ui lueui unow exactly a; wnat price per bushel it will pay to convert into these substances ; bat does anyone know at what rate it will pay to convert corn or any other kind of grain iuto butter, or any other kind of-feed into the dairy produots? Is the whole business a hap-hasard one? We fear so. 8ome persons know that they can Increase the saleable valu* of butter by adding (he ooiorlng matter of carrots to it Does any one know the value of a bushel of carrot* fed to a cow to increase her value as a butter-producing laboratory ? Experimental proof upon this point would be far mere worthy of agricultural prisee than it iato see who can show the largest sited roots: for by a few carefully conducted experiments we should be able to increase the value of a cow almost at pleasure.?Rural Register. Bocthexji Navt Itkms ?The New Orleans Picayune baa tbe following Items in relation to th? V*vrt? The bomb and ball-proof gunboat now In the way of construction at the Navy Yard In Jefferson City, by the Government, undsr the superintendence of Mr. Tift, formerly of Florida, will be one of the moat effwtlve ever devised for our river defense It is 25<J feet In length, 56 tram, and flat bottomed, it shapes a peculiar one; and when driven with speed against a wooden one, It la hoped It will open it easily The bottom of this gunboat la twenty-two lnchea thick, In aolld planks, solidly bolted and caulked; and ita walls, two feet solid in thickness, with numerous thick kelsons to brace It The hold will be fourteen feet In depth, and on lUsummlts will be placed the battery, composed of aeve'al heavy rifled and ahell guna,all under casemates. Above this is a cupola. whl<-h will contain various conveniences, and be aurmounted with another battery and a shooting gallery for aharpahooters T e vessel 1a to be strengthened by iron bolta through and through, and be plated over with threelnch Iron. She will^be drawn by three propallora, worked by powerful engines Another such gunboat will Immediately follow thla one. Near by la another Just begun, still larger, which will combine the breadth of the fioatln* battery with some of the advantages of a selfpropelled boat The Algerine New* Boy, from which we clip all this information, says the Tuscarora, ju*t burnt to the water'* edge, was the beet gunboat In our service, and a moat superior propellor tug boat with very powerful machinery The gunboat Livingston will soon be ready for service: and the alterations on the Gross Tete and Llute Simmons are also rapidly progressing. ^EWS?NKW1??NKW8! XKW YORK OBATING SA . Xoos. The onderaicned beg respecting to inform their friends and the publio generally that /?\ the' i ave opened thtir e-tablishmentJr>l J on Nev York ?v . near 19th itrw?\U|f shall spare no pain* to pronnre for onr oustom?is the 6?*t the markot oan af- ? ford. Parties, fami'ies an<l sut' rs supplied at the shortest n tioe our establishment will be open dailt. Surdaps excepted. daM-lm* DORIAN A 8\YORP Hfe.AU Q"ARTtRS for tllothiof, Fumisuice Goods, Hals and Caps, at No. 4tto 7th street de H im ( U PR J. L. UlBBUEMB liAViNG Removed from No. 348 New York vvenne, to No. 3T9 9th atreet a few floor* from N?w York avenae. ranevi the offer of hie profeeaionai aervioe*. < Meciia*i and 8ur*icai , to the oit sea* ot Waahinctoa. He may be found at hi*

offioeat al hou'a.wnen not profesaiona 1> engaged, fc-peoiai attention will be paid to female duaaeei df aj-eoa w f^RKAT ATI KA TIONS.-G'and run,, jor ' ? 7th et eet, to aee the new etook of Clothibc, "? irsr1 ^8MIT-;itJfr F UE P U E 8,,.' ? " 811 MINK 8ABLB. HTCB. %>0H .A.LB. C AKK8 FOR THF. HULlDAYB-the beat and o>i'*peet. at the Philadelphia lot Cr am Otrcer irh aid F >trrwt? tie a ?*' COMK ONfc AND ALI-, To the Peopie'e Ciothinj Store. No. 460 7th^ get your Good* at aatomehlnc o* prioea. 1*" ? n xp. JU8T KKOMVRD AND FOR iA' E L?W, tweol- bbla WHI ONldNS and bbla. HAVANA <?RAN?K8, by BROWNIMG A KEATING, d? 4:3tAwtf 333 p*. trtnu. nm\r ?th at. CBBK8B' CHEESE * CHEE8B0 MmwhsKi?'All OB fcMM ud lor nv ohe&p bj K. B HABTIN68 A CO . Xg* frciQf Pi. arenoo, do?-tf Phur>>rmo&io BalWioa. The wJEUQ/a JSWfc^j-c ? 5rJ^"Zts^rHr3te|t ?riT*?? room*. Game. Fish. Oyatora.Md Ut* b-?t parh,BdTMPORTKD MKATb. n?H. I-RUIT8. *a^1 Pm ?WS?i SIM. TCS/M. Gaiwrj-ra flitt**, Poi?. CkM^KMU. Yaraaoata Harriot. AaatjOry la, Aaf?r^t?a. ^ RURGHKL1.. da n mnm Pitta?tfc ?t. nd ay. T^s2, ?S$?SSfc' 'THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW IS THE TIMS TO SUBSCRIBE! I ^ The Palleet tad Mnt Reliable Mewi frem the 8e?t ef Gereraaeat! Reading Matter for the Firtside Circle! The present jeer la undoubtedly the most eventful I* fe* political hlatory of thla country, and the record of occurrence* tranaplrlng at the Federal Metropolis la naturally ol striking and remarkable Interact. The public dealre to receive prompt, fuil mad rtHabU account t of aH that Mint km la mnat I ntonM and w? hiv? onwyientiy made alterations and improvements Iwue of the Wap^ngton Star to meet this want moat satisfactorily 'n com pi 1aace with the wish of the public tbe paner has been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio shape, and now appears a kandsomt sketi of thirty-tie* columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the " Washington Dollar Weekly 8tar." As Indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR !! Or barely more than tbe price of the paper upon which it is printed. It is our determination to make the Wiikly Stab not only tbe largtst md kandsomtst Dollar Newspaper in the United States, but that it shall absolutely be Tni Bkst Family Wisely Niwsririi in thi WobldM! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most Important details of all that transpires at the Seat of GoTernment; editorials on all the lmpor tant topics of tbe times; tbe news of the week; Interesting correspondence from all parts of the world: cacltal storle* humorous and uraDoic 9 - r * " ? kf-tr bee, and tke pick of the floating mlarexiany of literature and goaaip. The Dollar Star hna aa a permanent future a carefully prepared AORItTLTCRAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of lntereat to farmera in the transaction* of the Interior Department, the Smithaonian Institution, and the U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture alao receive due attention in thla department of the paper, and we alao give each week a choice budget of Hotiaebold Recipe* for our lady reader*; aiao, Recipe* for the Workahop, together with an official liat of all the new Invention* laaued from the Patent Ollce each week. In ahort, It la our purpose to give our reader* a varied, rich, and aparkllng variety of the reading that at once lnatructa and entertain*, but aiming to make Wa*hi!iotoii Niwi and uomip our sj>*r\oi\if, id accordance wivn me Tlewi set forth above. Heiierlng It to be better to sell many papers at a low price than a few at a hl?h *? ? determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Club*. To Single Subscribers... f 100 per year. To Clobs of Fire 96 cents. To Cluba of Ten 90 centa. R Clubs of Fifteen..... 85 oonts. Ostibs of Twenty-flw. 90 cents. To Cluba of Fifty 75 cents. Address W. D. Waxlach, Publisher of the Bta.*, Washington, D. C., with aubecrlptlon money enclosed, or for specimen ooplas, which will be forwarded gratia. Look out for stormy weather, acd send your orders immediately U> H A MI L TUN, the renowned U axier. who will w?(r?r that be eu i'Humors iifkta of iiui in a day than any other maa in Amenoa, and ac cheap. tN. B. t>?rgs joba of g az'nx done at freat'y reuo?d prioe*. Sncp?7th it. oppoait* Center tarltet, in the rear. da 16 ? 3W /OV ISAAC HKK7BER0, /m\ IW1 The Only Lioenaed W PAWNBROKER. w *9 $10,000 to be loaned ou Gold au^l Silver VV&tohei, Jewe'ry, Onrg iad Piatcla. Silver Ware. auu Wearing Apparel?at the o>d ataad, No. 361 C atreet, baot of the Nationa Hotel, between 4H and eth ?u. de 18-am* COLUMBIA MARKBT, V/ Pa ( ???. tomtr 7Vrt??*f A it. THe aubioriher would moat reapectiully inform the oitixena of Waaainitoa f a' he haa returneo to 4*>o ni.t ana r m h ara V? ba? uib viu wi? ? >?!? iivihwhus a urav rat* mar ket m all its branches, & Id times gone. He will be happy to greet hi* old friends and customer*. . ... N. B ?Goods seat free cf oharge to any part of the city. de 13 C. MALLARD IT*OR HOLIDAY PREHENTS-Oloaks.ehawla, V -T " Bilks,Bilk Kobes * ' M ** fine Dress Goods M M " Laee Bets, fine ** ' ** F.mbro iderie*. " 44 " Embroider *d M - Collars. Kmbroi* ** " dered Hat,dker* ' M chiefs. Medium M " M I>re?? Goods, low " m " irioe Drns ? M * Goods, ail other * " ** kinds brr 60 ds at oar 'proverbially low prtoes, marked m plain figure*. One pnee only. An inspection of stock implies no ob'igation to psrohaaa. PERRY * URo., Penn.avenue and Ninth %., de 14 ttt "^erry Buidipg." SOMETHING NKW-SUFERIOK HULLKL ^ /VI P V Tha ei)KaA..K>. ? w wavif. I rv UI/OVIIITI, ntit iUK KU? iUOO|fUg; to supply Washington and Geor*etown with this delicate preparation of Corn, would r*speotfull? ux of bit fnendt. an<l the publ o &t trie, to give itatnai. Also, Popped Corn, tain and su cared WM BRADLY,Agent. Pa. avenue, between 18th ana UKh sts. N. B.?Manafaotorer of Marble Mantle*. Momimenti. Table Tops, to. A targe assortment* wars on hand. oo 19 3m JU TO THE LADIES! ULE8 JOLUVET, Ladies' Hairdresser. from Paris, jast arrive.', informs the ladies of Washi gton that he has opeoed a large iassortm?nt of F-lix Hea-1 Dresses, w rrath* a< d Brides'Wreaths, the m< st sp ei.did ehoioe o( Flowers for ot?m*s; also. G<>d and Chenilf* Nets, aillkiads of Hair W< rk ; and attend to dressing .adiea' hair. 354 D street, between 9th and loth. de It lin* v WOOD AMD COAL. A OV Will surely act yonr money's worth by sailing at the PlONKKJL MILLS, wsOeut em %m*f Sjmintk sirsst mmdCmmtU, (GEO. PAGE, AgeaU) They seil oheaper and give better measure than say others in the itty?eat, salit, and deli vsred free of iharge. lfroa doa t tellers , i ve the Ptoaeer Mills a tm, aad be safaslet. w S Arc now pr??irA*tu txMut* ail ordera prcmpt'i, having mvlo u emit* arrangeoieou to merraae our mauufaotory hnvt orders he?irg de ayed na in tteir ex*ont:oa. Complete ortfiU ?an now be delivered in fire data, made iu the beet t?le. WALL, STEPHENS 4 CO.. de |9 St Pean. aT.j betweea 9th and mk eta. I^HOes 4 BLACKWELL*i* PINAL1TT1, v.' Mixed Pick ea, Ch-w Chew, Gheikina, Wa na??,'*aanl?h a?H Preooh U'ive?, Preah Ra?pb-rrif?, WaJnnt CaUap, Mushroom CaUop. Harvey's Baece.4e.4o KIi\6 4 BUKCHKLL. d? 1? oorner Vermont av.and FiftALth at. Army gloves! ARMY 8LOVESC AttfceBlove Deeot of FT B HABTINO'S 4 CO , 38S Pat, facing Pa >y.. ?BUY FOR A HOLIDAY PRESENT a bst or LADIES' DRESS FURS, from B. H. STINEMKTZ, > ., nmi oonw Uth it ' "?a"-u"1 Bk?~~ ""ibViSfNM. ^.vcylte?tf^a%a;^rgaL I 4MP -' QENKRAL ORDER. Ntn DirtiTMWT. December tMffi. Tn Navt Pipaktmsnt dm ft r?ndntou lor ahiaptna njfn at eaoh ?l the f? loving placaa: rortamouth. New Hampanire tJoeto- d New Bedford, Maaaaohoaetta. New York Fhi!adeiahiaand Erie, Pennaylrania. Haiti more, Maryland; an > Waahtngton, Lhatnot of Colninb'a. teamen, o'dinary aaamen and ltndamea who oftn aa< t'>e naual nrfton i examination. br p-eaentlnr themaalrea a. the raudesvona nrareat their realdenoe, with an official oerti6o*te from the oity or town ol?rk aignifritg that they are residents ?n1 have expreaaed a deatre to leave to anta* the narr, will be received on tba following term a: let. An allowanoe o.' three oeL taeniae for trave;Hoc axpenaee. 11. An advanoa of iAre* moctba to aeamer and ordinary aeamen, and of two montha to !ar>dan>en. 31. Permiaa oD to leave an all <Unentof halt-pay to their famillea, to ot mraenoe the data of taeir enliatTent ?.h To go on board ebip in their ordinary olothee, where an oatit wi,l ha farm a had aad charged aa per iivi, beiaa tba preaent priaaa, ria ? One pea jaoket.._...... ^->11 ? One pair b n? oloth rowaera 35? (Inn h!n? flannel o??r?hirt ' Two und?r fWnnel shirts.. 2 32 Two pain woollen a raw*. j 16 On mtttt'i. , - 490 Two blanket* 3 90 On* eamlewa oap 100 One blaok ailk hanJkerohief 1 oo St 71 The pay of prtty offioera ir*r?|M #? to #28 per mo th The p\t of seaman?. fit per raontfe. Do. oiairary seamen U do. Do. land-men IX do. A nd lood fonnd. No lardxnan will b? allowed to take the benefit of tins rfcula''OD who has not been foar roojihs at ?ea?>r oo tae lakes or rivers GIDKMN WELLES. I de 24 eo6t 8 oretary of the Nary. 562 BEVINTH STREET. 5(>2 ' ARMY OFFICFR9 AND <X)NTRACTOR8 tare notice. JnsOurired WO Windows of Saab, of alhaiM*. such as 2,3. 4. 6, * 7,8, 9,10 and 12 light sakh. just the thine lor bariacks, a- d for sale cheap by H. W. HAMILTON. A?ent for Northern Maeufacturera, No. if'2 Itk tt.yorpt. Ont r Mirk i and m t)u rsar 'J't W**t, i.tfwr Cigar Star*, de 16 eo3?* t. Tnit-c.i 1 U . t O "? ??? # ?u> a UW?M? ? 0? A V W L TOWKK8 & CO? STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Com*r Lonxnann ??*?( and Sixth it. The attention of th* t<u'laeaa oorarnamtr ie r* peotluiiv invl etl to th? New Book una Job Printiuc Li!*L/lii-t,iuent, wr.ich bu been fitted U with new material, -n the moat oomalete itanner. it now prepared ?o execute, in a ?ati*uou>ry atyle, every variety of Printing, vis: tfooka Speeches. Pamphlata, Cardi, Circular*, Sut'era' Bianita, Ao ,Ao. The attention of memhera of Congreaa ia especially requpi>t?o fur oar faoriitiea for pnnticg Speeches, >a we liava tLs l+rfei t a learn po?#r m thaoitv. da 7 lawSm PniVATR 3?RX V ATE PRIVATE DR. LA BONTA Care* all Venerial Dimum permanently and tuiokly, without the useof disgusting or poisonous drug* of an? kind. No dieting or inte<ferenoe viUi business, Consultation* fr??. It i* taymg quite enough ?n its favor, when I say that my praot.oe islhat which i? in use ic all tk? New York citr hospitals. New Vork City College and Hospital Testimonials furnished. Ladies with Whites and Diseases ol tte Womb on red and eared a Pre'i g rare by my treatment. There is notbtnc eftniiv* or <H**m4otii4 la Any fart of tie treatment. All cures warranted, or money refc-ded. Communications in writing, with return stam*, promptly attended to. Median::* fi r t-ar-tors and others packed, with iuu insrrnotion* lor use. and warranteo. (tflioe?Koo" No. 8 Wi? in*tor Hnildiu, Ptan, aven n? and Seventh it., Waitumton, D. C. de ifl-ly UKALKD PROPOSALS Are invited till the l"th C? day of Jauu? i. 18ii at 12 u'oioc* m., ( >t supplying the Government with BKKK CAT I LB. The oatt e to he delivered at Harrisbvr<. r*han?bera j?r?, or Vork. ?'a , a* a >on afw the 15th (hy of Marob, 1862, a* tSe Government may direet 1 he Govcr inent ?ill receive auderthia cctraot 4 000 beai, and reserve the right to call for any addition a' cumber np to initio. Kaoh lot of Ca t e delivered ahall average at leaat 1.9*> pouada gro?a weight; and no animal will be reoeived wuch we.gha lea* than 1,000 poanda groa weight. Gcermment reaerrea to iteelf the right to pay in Treasury note*, and to -eject any Did (or any oauae. No bid will he entertained unes* the bidder la pr^aen* to reapond. Tbe bida to be direeted to Mai. A. BKCK W TH. C.8. U. 8. A.. Washington, D. C.t and endoraed "Fropoaaia for Beef." Cosh ot Brft. I, A B, do herebv propose to deliver to the Government good B*ef Catt e on the hoof for - p?r hundred pound* groaa weight Tbe Cattle to be delivered at . acoordinc to the terms of the enclosed advertisement. The Cattle to be w~lgbed on the aoalea, and the weight so determined to be me puronaae veicnt. i nereoy um to fiye ft (ooaftDd sufficient nond for tho fulfillment of the oontrftot, ftnd to reoeire Treasury notes or other GoT?rnment funds id payment for the Cfttti*. det4 id CLOAKS! GLOAI8U ? CLOAISL1! We bftre ftt la?t received the g* ft?eortm?tit ?f beautiful style 8iee?e Oioahs. in Beftrer, Trftoo ftnd French Cloths Lftdl?s wIM aleft?e eftJi early. taylor a hutchison, de 14-*ot No. 48 Center Mftrfc?t ftp- oe. Heavy wool hosk. shirts and dm AW ERS, and ARMY ?PIRTB, ftt ??4 Pft avenue. back room; or 346 1) street, between 9th fturt <?h de? tf All kinds of fancy groceries and Sutiar'a Goons on hand ftnd for aft'* low by . BROWNING A KEATING. de4 3*%wtf S5'< P% n- ?r ?th ?t IUST RECEIVED TEN BBLS. S. HORINE'S t f* . ? *1 ( _!* * Bupirior > Ltu iv i r t> n'm, eiiui i?tri old. varrauted. A >o prune Mouoniahela N* luakiea for *a!e at 353 Pit aveon*. b? da 4 3ta?tf BROWNING A KEATIN9. Ohio wines AND BRANDir*. Havinc received a consignment of Zimmimuai t Co.'i CineinaatiOliiACatewh* Wlaaaaod Branuiei; we therefore offer to Urajjuu, tjrooera. Hotel and Saioou Keeper*, Ao , DRY CATAWBA WINE. LUht and Stron*? the foriuer in boxaa for table aae. and the latter to half btrrela for uuxiuc and cooking purpo?ea. 8Wf BT CATAWBA OR LADIR8' WINE, in barrels and haf-l*noie, for table aaa?a vary anterior article for the feoUdaja. CATAW&A BRANDY, ae ananrpaaaable afcaalaot- and Terr uaeful for Dnn?k > V I L 4. />l?OD. kl tfiMWT x uuvui pi i<rj ?&. \yor r I" i de 16 lm >9 Loaieiara a*enae. THE Subeerlbe v^S5?AmS2' addttfaa to hia I factory, making it bow one of the lvimt^jnyr In the Dietrict, where hie faeUiiieiwPOfc^ for>faotaring CA.RB.1 A6K8 ana J??i- M* LI9HT waCONB of ail kinds ouoot be in peesed, asd from ni* lone exeenenqe m the rasaeee, he hopeeto give (enerel aatumgtioa. 11 kind* of Carnagee and Light Wagoaa ktft on band. aii ive>r noe*:y win, ih Mi MWI promptly fttt*no?d to. Beooud-kaad caitimm ukesie ?x?h?x* for oevonei. ANDREWJ. JOYCK, d II t? eorsr ofroertwmtt am K ? -,suii53rfmA:AL AND READY-MADE OLOTEIEEE, EgB?lSfSiS^i!K THJB WEEKLY 8TAR. S FtMmf wwlw, SU(le ocpf, per WmJl f oopim it?tm!? ? xwtt ? ? 8? il II IitvUMv ?mm the "WaklifM N#n' l|rl kit made IV DmUp Mmmimf ftm ilmlall s generally tbroogboat IU ooaatry tZTttt-eW) ocpln (la wnppm) tu ta prv r3~d at U r -ibW, Irnmrtimly altar tka tant of Ue paper Prtoo?THRBB CBNT*. ilELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HIGHLY CONCENTEA TED ** Compound Fluid Extract fiicho. m rwtnn mmt SfdJU lwi<r For DImum of tb? BLADDER, E1DNEYB, ORAVBL,ud OKOP81CAL SWELLINGS. Tk? iMrm* U* fowm ( CTtittH, ?nd exeit <? the iMoiliKTi u*to u^thj by wUe* tb? wiTtiT ob CAbCUim and rxmrrnL nuiinun v r'l*. M W?U M rAIR ARB IltVLAaMATIOR, B.Bd I* |Mf fOT &LFN. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. I HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV For We?kDM?o? mine from Kwum, H*mu of Early I diMr*tiAB nr Ak?m. 4f<??4?4 ?r?<4 *< Ai4?wt?( Spmptimu s lndupotUon to Kxerfcon. Lo?a of Po??r, I .<>? of M?morr. PtAovty of RrWtkia#, Weak Ntti, TrMkbOat. Horror of D "?"*. WakvnuMM, Dimn*?? of Vinoo, l*ui In tb* Bitk, Unv?r?a' I,m?ltod* of tfc# MskiIm Hot HahiI*. f lathing of tM Dryn?m of Ui? **k<n, K'apriona on the Flo*. FA LIP Com T BR A HC K. Th#M ijm?t m*. t! a o??i to go <^b, vkteh UU? ia*diom? inT*ri?'.lf kmc foiowi IMPOTRNCY. FATUITY EPU.BPT1C PIT?, In mm / wktck tAt P?imm ?M|r Who 0*0 >?; ts?' tH?y *r? rot Iowm by tboM "dibbftl bi?*a?m.m "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." M*nr of tL? ntgwof tholr CT HORB WILL COR VIM. THK KKOOHDSor THE INSANE ASYLUM* And tkt M*ia*ckoin Dt+tki b* famw?lii>. BAAS AJCPLB W1TH*?* TO TBI TBVTI O* rB B AMftATHML TBB Rt^oirM the Aid of BtdiaiM to atrraftiira *m4 liTiiont* U>? Br?tM whioa HELMBOLDH EXTRACT BUCttU A nul VOX OtRTtXOI TAB BMt lUTTKiLi FEMAIKS- FEMALES- FEMALES. ou> 8MKiftAmJiMW' J? Many 1/mIimi Ftrttivar it Ftmmiit the Extract Buoha ta idmuI^ by any ?U?/ tMtrfr, m in Uhlo***?ie <>f Ketebtum, lrr (t'tntt fainfalnoM, or eupprwis.??tj of tiitomri KmB?Uor. i. UioerUM or t^tiifrom MU at UM Dtoraa. L?noorrbea or Wkitaa, Sterility. fur aJl oomy innu inoideot to tho vhotbor anaiaf iron lodisorMioB. Habit* of DiHipaiiM.w u IM DECLINE OH CHAlfVK OF LM t akl aTMfToM ABOVE. NO rAMILJ SHOULD Bl WITHOUT 17 T*Jm me awri ?aU*m, M*rewr% m "i> (i ~l?T JfMhfMM/ar Pylmaai aai jafwaw HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BVCBV Andn* a?*MNi It omm a fre*a*at Mm b*4 CIvm (trnctk M UrinaU, thereby Remoriaf V bet. uoWoca, I rpv?tt,m ud Cwnni Sinetaraa of the Crtftr%, Allartai rtie a?d 111tmniUdc M Oi the 0l*M Of dieeBkee, BuC rl|>?ik| AM Pmimim, iKttattd. ? A wprm out Milt*. THOIURM rroil THOCtAJIDe WHO HAVE BEEJ1 THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, ?ad who h?r? paid ktary /mj to be oared la a abort bona, Baee/vuu.1 liity were d-oeived. Md tk*t tM ''roiBOK" Ua, i*f the nee of "ww/ij *?trM(?iir b?n dried up ib tbe a> eiem, to break eat ta aa aggravated form, Bod FEhHAJ'S AFTER MAHHJA0M. ? Da* HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCBV b.. aXaotiob* BDi dieeae-e of the CRINAAT 0R6ANI, whether exiatinc in MALK OR rSHAlJC, from vtoUrar <mn on f initio* ud uo in TW of no vr Lona ita ibiim DtMM of thee* Organ* rr^rlr* til* aid of* DtVBSTIC. 1IELMEOLD'S EIT&AC1 BUCHV 1X5 THE 6RKAT P1LRETJC, u< it ia eerlaie to Ut? tb? ?Mir*d *fw4 la Dimm/it MiM it u ncMMuuM, iruuci or m voir MirojritBui ui a? UA.KLM CftAftACTSB VllOMOOBfMT the medic IBM. CERT1F1CATKP OP CL'ftSS, pron. u> r j .< ?' MM4IBC wia NuD*E^?^^Ajl1>FAjUt -FHY8IC1ANS" fLBASM "NOTJCM.m wm aiu "?o ibcut" or ( Ksifcur*.*' HLLMBOLIT3 EXTRACT BL'CKU laoomyoMdof B??ho,Cn > ?*> Ju.w Bam?. Miwud with irnt otre bj a ?ow?Wat tl cff iaiFBKPARM/klX HSULBOLD 6 0 KNUIIJE PlijrfAJtATlO.\b AM DA TIT. ?rarsracarst rEAsgw being dtly averu, dot* mi<Ui ^i?crUiubi?? t&in no n&rootio. bo iaere*r?.?i otkar njtrww dw ,?* "??s?v uuuolb. Bwon ud nbwnM hfTure mm. Uj? *]<M ! PHYSICIANS IN ATTMNDAJtCW FROM 6 A. M. TO $ f. M. Trim 91 * ? Wttlk, n^r?r?^to ut Bddf?. mwiii wrtii tnm Mimniwow-irm iviii of non\TRinim AJTD vnrajNcirLMD DEALMia 9* m m jl(l,w m m n m m J^rvwrf Am* Vfeafc' * mm w ? u. wun. s. d. tana, mb Wm. P a rwa, t. B. bnnnu. ft. O * * , I* ,-u ' *r - ?*. * i It*-1 *i- ' XlX> WO OTEBL

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