Newspaper of Evening Star, January 4, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 4, 1862 Page 2
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THE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: HATCROAY JAMrARY 4, 1M?. JOB PRINTING Of F.thi DiiciifTion with neatnw* and dispatch on application at the * * ? b I All ur r iviCi, M tb* l.owe?t Cash Prlcea. **?< afart^n guarantied nc fel-t1 iL7*Th?ugh Th* 5ta.* la printed on the ffcateat a?-*m pwaa Ir. tin aouth ?f Baltimore, Ita edition l? ao large aa to require It to be put to pre*a at an early bonr: AdttnittwutUt, therefore, should be eat in before IS o'clock m ; otherwiae tbey may roar cot appear until the next day. Chft F?iwdi at the various military cam pa and poaltlona will confer a favor by keeping ua poated aa to movementa and affklra In their vlclnitJea IH^The new Dollar Weekly Star, fuller than ever of Metropolitan newa and goaaip, and choice literary reading, la now on our counter ready for delivery to the public. Embraced In lta entertaining content* are the following artlclea: Out of Work, by Sylvanua Cobb, Jun : Making Calla, a good atory; Pacem. Peagrlm. Precamur, from the London Punch: Britiah and American Naval Affairs: Death of Prince Albert; Settle ment of the Mason and SUdell Affair; Lecturea of Hon Daniel 8 Dicklnaon and Bayard Taylor before the Waabington Lecture Association. Confederate Account of the Dralnesville Fight; The Bank Suspension*; Departure of Mason and SUdell from Fort Warren; Congress and the Armv; English Cannon; Manufacture of Artificial Teeth; Affairs In Richmond and Centrevllle; Latest news from all perta of the South. Highly Interesting Military Budget, with details of movement* 1 n and around Washington; Affilra In the Gulf, at Port Royal, Hatteras, Fortreae Monroe, on the Potomac, at Cairo. New Orleana, and in Miaaourt, Kentucky, and Weatern Virginia; Proceedings of Congress, Supreme and Criminal Courta. Telegraphic dispatches from all quarters; Agricultural. horticultural, and gardening miscellany; Houaebold Recipes, 4c , 4c ; with several columns of aeleeted news matter, sketches, poetry, locals, and general Intelligence. This la just Use paper above all othera for pertons sojourning In the National Metropolis to end to their frlenda at a distance Price only three cents per copy, or fl.00 per annum; postage prepaid by atampa when so arranged. Spirit of the Morning Press. The Imttlli[enter, In referring to the cry of horror raised bv tU London Timet at the sinking of bu>ka la southern harbors, wonders that the Tt?n#< does not visit a portion of Its Indignation upon 'he Confederates, who led off in theae M act* ?f Vaudallam" by blocking up the entrances to harleaton and Savannah The Rijmblita i treat* upon the crmpetltlon of lave and whltl labor. " Thk Falles Bravk 'We have before ns one of tbe handsomest volnims that baa ever appeared froir an American publishing bouse: "The Fallen Brave: A Biographical Memorial of The American Ofll-era who Have Glvpn Their Lives For The Preservation of The Union." Kdited by John Gllinarv Shea, with eight portraits #>n steel, by J. A O'Neill. Mew York, Charles B Richardson A Co. Memorials of twenty-three illustrious martyra of patriotism are presented in this work, and its editor says with justice that "every effort haa been employed to make It worthy by pen and pencil of the illuatr^ua dead.'' Readers In this vicinage will find a melancholy Interest \m the memorials of Capt Ward, Lieut. Prenley O. Craig, Lieut. J T. Grrble, Col. Baker, and others of familiar memory. ^ TP- We are Indebted to Prof, ache for a copy of a geographical sketch prepared by Assistant C. O. Boa telle, V S Coast Burvev. wbcse services have been so distinguished at Port Royal and vicinity, giving the chief localities of operationa between 9t Helena, 9 C , and Tybee. Ga. Pkksokal ? Mr. \Vm B.Shaw, so long known as a gentlemanly, efficient and popular VVashingtos correspondent of the New York Herald, ia now understood to be engaged In the same ca a a ----- paciry on me column* or the New York Ttmtt and Tr*by*u. (J~r"Tbe New York World, says there i* a dl?poaltion on 'Change to withdraw all connection* with house* In Liverpool that took part iu th? recent "indignation meeting" there. Arrtin in Alkxandria ?From the Alexandria Local jVetcj we glean the following : Capt McOf?ern, whose death i* announced iu our general news, waa well known here. "Schr Iram gmlth, McGlvern, Fall river," was, for many years, a stereotype phrase in the marine list of the Alexandria Gazette. Rather a singular Incident occurred a few daya ago at one of the barlal grounda in this place. A grave had been dug for a deceased person, and tee sexton waited for the corpse. Bye and bve, a squad of soldiers arrived with a dead comrade, ana commenced to inter him In the grave prepared %r another. Tbey paid no attention to the remonstrance agalbat their proceeding*, but placed their dead man in the grave and covering nim up, departed. In a very abort time thereafter, the reel proprietor of the irr?v? <? - hearse Hit friend*, Indignant at the unauthorised appropriation of the ground, opened the frave, dug the soldier up, and placed their man n his narrow home The sexton subsequently dug-a new grave and bailed the soldier. Our advertising columns to-day call the eightytigktk annual meeting of the Friendship Fire Company. IU first meeting was called in 1774, in times aa troublous a* the present. Lord Dunmore was quarreling with the Virginia burgesses at Williamsburg?the Boston tea party was over, and some of the Virginia delegates to tbe Continental Congress had passed through Alexandria, on their way to its first meeting. The company baa maintained its organization through all the mutations of fortune which have pa?a?d over this city since that period. In 17P1 tbe record book shows a meeting omitted, because "the clerk had gone In pursuit of the British boats." IU first engine cost ?fcl Tbe number of members now In this city. Is quite small?l>el Kemper's artillery being made up mainly of tbe Friendship firemen. Tb. oid company bid fair to live a century yet. The C. steam frigate Penaacola, which has been lying for some week* past off this port, we'ghed anchor early this morning, and steamed down tbe river. Her destination Is not known to us The Pennacola returned to this city about noon, and in half an hour steamed again down the river. Tks vitamer tltj ( A Ilea Fired lata. __ _ __ _ _ * lirr. THOMPSON MBit AT COMMERCE. The steamer City of Alton, Capt. Wm. Barnes, arrived at this port from Cairo on Monday night, after s somewhat adventurous trip. On her way tip from Cairo she bad to land at Commerce, for the mail Tble landing was about being effected at 3)f o'clock p m , on Sunday. She accordingly came up to within twenty feet of the shore before anything wrong was discovered by any of the offlcer* of the boat. Jos. Coyne, the mate, was <>n watch on the hurricane deck, and observing a woman making violent gesticulations, waving ber bonnet, hallooing, A.c , he concluded she *as very anxious to get aboard, and was fearful the boat wuuld not land YV ben the boat had come cloee to the shore he beard the woman exclaim : " Don't land; Jeff Thompson's men are here!'* Mr. Ceyne then told the pilot to back the boat out as quickly as possible The boat commenced backing, and a party of fifty of Jeff Thompson's men, with the redoubtable Jeff at their hesd, sprang from behind a wood pile and commenced firing at the boat. They fired about one round each, and by the time they could reload the boat was too f?r away for their shots to do any damans Tkskati iotwtn iwtity-iMi baUai a>uki,iad Ave tall* Cied through the pilot houee, four (bote (truck cbimneya, ud tM remainder ware distributed geoerally ?tm the boat None of tbe abote did aajr daeaage to UJa or limh oo board. The boat backrd down to an taland, about two milae below, when tbe pilot houae waa barricaded, ud preparation* made to renew tbe trip. A Frenchman, la tbe vicinity, loaned tbe crew forty moaketa and a considerable amount at anflrnl' Ota, aad they erected a tort of fort ea tU tower deck Before tbe beat arrived at Commeroe again ebe took aboard tare men from a aklff, wbo 1 alarmed tbeettcera tbat Jeff T bom peon and bla mea bad sod*. ii waa aald tbat th?y bad expitaeid a determination tobur* "Frertonf. flag. ? **7 torma^. tbe Otty of Altoa, and if tbe boat MM leaded the Wobld have been comptototy la thai* power. , . The aaaM of tbe woaaa wbo ihved tba boat la Mft, *vereoi, a raaldrat of Commerce: aad toe ilaan of tbe city of Alton thlk of noailafa'r a ttloe preaaat tor bar berolc conduct. w _ Tee City of Altoa baa been laid ap for (be preaant ea aaaeu?t of tow we-or between JhU porta*! Cain.-jfiiiren JUpe^uaa, Jrnm tit m " ???????????? SOUTHERN NEWS. We have gleaned the following new? from th romnern papers rrcei*ra w-uay : THE RPBRL rOXGIlKl Richmond, Dec 30 ? Congrtss met at noon tomato. MfKri Tbomas and Burnett, of Kentucky, ap? peared. qualified and took tbelr seats Gen Stuart's report of the battle of Dralneavllle wai ordered to be printed. Congress went into secret ses?lon. RAILROAD OPENING Knoxvillb, Dec 30 ?The East Tennessee and Georgia Railroad will he opened and resume its regular train* on New Year's day. landing or fedeeal troop* ON north edisto land. CHAELE?TON,Dec. 29 ? A large force of Yankees were landed on North Edlsto Island from Federal gunboats, for the purpose, no doubt, of taking poanession of the Charleston and Savannah Railroad, at Station No. 2. Richmond, Dec. 31 ?The Confederate States war steamer jimoiuwu wuru *?? *?? >ut? Wednesday last, and Is now with her contort, the Yorktown, now Patrlrk Henry, below In the James River. The gunboat Team wlllaoonbe ready for active sei*vice. MBBTIXO or BKITIsn 8CBJKCT*. A meeting of British aubiecta Wat held in Norfolk on Friday to renew their allegiance to the Queen, and give a aultable expression of their sorrow for the death of Prince Albert. [From the Charleston Mercury, Dec 29.] THK SCHOOXXB PRIXCK OF WALKSCHA9ID ASHOKK BT THK BLOCCADKBS* Giobgitows, 9 C ., Dec . 26 Mettr*. John Fratir f Co.:?Gentlemen?This will Inform you that on making tbe port of Georgetown, S C., the Prince cf Wales was chased by a Yankee-man-of-war and flred into, the shot taking effect in the hull, without injuring any one I was then compelled to run my vessel ashore on North Inlet The launches of the crnlser were then sent after me. when I set fire to the schooner to prevent her from falling into tbe taandi of the enemy Respectfully, w. P Adair, Master. Tbe schooner was loaded with one thousand sacks of Malt and sundries I if If COLUMBIA TYPOGRAPHICAL BOIk C1KFY.?A stated m^etme of this Society willbeheld THIS (^aturJa* > EVENING, at7>* o'o ook, in theCounoil Cnamber. City Hal:. 1t? H. 3. BQWKN, Rec. TTS?REV. J. McKENDREE KILEV, D D., 1 S of Baltimore, will preach in tho F.a*t Washington Methodist E Church, on 4th street east, between G an'1 K street* south, 1 O-MORROW. (Sunda?) MORNING an.l EVENING. Servioes at 11 o'olock a m.. and 7 o'o'ocV p in * !YTT~M ASON1C.?A apecial or.mmuiiio^tion (if Jot Columbia Chapter, No. 15, K. A M . will be held THIS (Saturday) EVENING, at 7 o'oioolc. Companions id rood ttacdtiig areoordi ally invited. By order of the M. E If. P. It S J.NO. THOMSON, gee TTS^THE NEXT RhGULAR MONTHLY k_S raoeting of the Board of Trustees?|nr Publie Pcnools, will be held in th"? Aldermen's room. City Ha'l,on TUESDAY AFTERNOON, January 7th, 1862, at4>s o'clock. ja St WM B. DAYTON. Sen. Tff~A CHOIR AT THE r:APITOL.-To add to the interest of re'icious eervio?s held at tne I'apitol on each Sabbsth during the session of Congress*. M r C. C. liv'ly, wl.o l.ju >1 tho siDgit:r B1ITC* the COmnt'lCimflit i?f l**t session. nrnnniM to ortanixe a choir. whiob, wi'h t' 0 audience, in the <0"<i o il nty'e cf Corgrr pat-.or.a! ?i. gmc, would m vketle hou*a nnj ?r 11 h melody an<1 praise. A!! pa *or.s wishing to hst'ome me-r hers i>1 ?ueh a ohoir are invited to a't?;id the rehoarfa to he had ir the House of Repieneiit s.t:ves TO NIGHT, at "K o'o ock. It* Yy TH K KAIK OF 1HF F.AD1FS OP ST. A! >ys ns Church, which was b? Bind!? patron aad daring tin a w**k, wi I. by r'auest, he ooctinued next week till i IIUKSUAY fcVKN'Nfj. Jan: a,-> 9th, when it will he concluded with the Grand Epip>?anv Fea'ival. F>a?e no'ioo that the Grand Kpi^hat y Festival is postpoced to Thursday evening Mucio, entertainments and plays free every evening at school rooms of Sr. A oy?ius Church, corner <>f North Capitol and 1 ts. Benefit of Fair acd Festival for the par chial schools. ia?-3t* Y1s"?FKNIAN BROTHERHOOD.-A tiwtin* J H o( the Pr.fTtix s^ucety (or the e'eotion of offioers will be held <>n SUNDAY KVEM'-G, January 5*.h. at 7 o'clock, at P MoNiool'sExohanf? Hotel, C ?tre3t, b^t-reeii an 6ta tts. All the o d members are requeued to Attoiid. ja3 2;- the center. rg?MRD]frAL kocetv of the nistkiot OF col.UMBIA?tb* uau &DDual meeting of tM? ' mety wi I f?e heMatthe Medical D?i>j.rtiTient <>f t>eor??towii College, on F. between Hth and 12th Atresia, ou MONUA V ,6tii January, 1862, at 12 o'o.ock m W. M K. TUCKER, ja 3-2t kee't Secretaiy. (Y*T* NOTICE.?'We, the undersigned, Ccnnut1tee, re??ec?fn'.!? call the attention of all the Refugees from Virginia to the meeting to be held at No 344 Eighteenth street, between H and I, on MONDAY EVENING, atli instant, at aeven o'clock. E. N. ' ove, John D. Wine, G. W Wright. Jamee Snoott, 1 H. May, y\ iMi&m K franklin, \Vrsit *r a nA?i.i a n l-u. ** ?it< i rtsuury A joiiiitfutf ja a.4,6* Commiittt nrg=?HKADUUARTERS 1ST REGIMENT lk? EASTERN VIRGINIA BRIGADE, ALIxandeia. Decemt>er 21 ? The Headeua'ters of this regiment will be located in Ale.riBdna. Re oriiung stations will he designated at proper sta[ tiona. Recruits wishing to join tnis regiment will be mustered in and clothed at one* W. WALL, Colonel IstMrgmia Regiment. Recruiting station is op?>ned on Seventh street, 3:<3, Cayt. Whitney's quarters late cava ry. <le 21-eolQt |> W THE UNION PRAYER MEETING Will 'Jjs be held eaoh day tins week in the New York Avenue Thuroh, Rev. Dr. Gurlej's,)commencing at 4 o clock p m , to be oontmued one hour ony. de so F'OR SALE?A now BAKKRY. Apply at Mr. FIMKMAN'S, U93 Penn. avenue ja4 2 ? W PERSONAL. ILL the gemlemen who nailed on New Yd*r'i Day a d inquired for W. H. pleaae send their names through the P it Office. It* inn MALAGA GRAFF*. 11 III LBS. Of the latest importation, and of su tenor quality, just reo?ived. KING A BURCHELL. ja i Corner 16th st. ana Vermont ay. T NOTICE. HE BULLION BANK will open ?hei' new Banking House in tlie Coloni?*ti?n Building. oorner of Pennsylvania avenue and street, Washir.gton, 1). C., on MONDAY, Jnnuary the 6th, lf62, for the purpose of transacting a general banking business. Barking hours between 10 a m. and 3 p. m ja4 lw WM. T. THOMPSON, Preg't OAK WOOD AT $7.40; PINE.86^0^1 am acain, and will be receiving, s a?oued Oak Wood, whic^ I will sell at 87 fit. or $3 yidelivered; aieo. Pin s Wood at 86 50, or $7 50 delivered. I o\n be found on the Railroad track, a short distance f. AH tka a i nei>a 1 - ?? * , .. r -uviro' unfvi, ur unit r- <-ll ?l my IIOU'A B66 14th atre^t, or throurh I lie l'o*t ?'flioe will fce attended to. Thoa* who hftv? ordered wood aod have not 'ooeivd it. will please reueat tbeir urd<r, a? 1 shall be able to ?uppty thom pr -mat t. 8. W. K- HANDY, A66 14th at. ft^CarU wanted, to haul wcod, at $l per o- r>i. fa.? St KENAIOI.1 BOLLINGER A IU 'S OECAMPAOKTI3. LEFNAN, KIKFKR A THOMAS'S, POLK AGF.NTS for Ih* UNITED HTATF8 AND CANADA. 13* DVAHS Ktiiit, ja 4-ln N?w York. CHARLES %. FOWLER It CO.. IMPORTKRS, WHOLIS1L* A!?P RUTAtL D1AI.1R# ID CHINA, OLABS, AND EARTHEN WARE, FINE CUTLERY. PLATED WARE, ROLL METAL GOODS, BLOCK TIN GOODS. TINCH AMBER SETS JAPAHNED WAITERS, ETHERIAL AND SOLAR LAMPS, COAL OIL LAMPS, LANTERNS, #e. 4-5 404, ODD F*LLOW?' HALL, Setisth AT., Wanting too City. Rlalto lloutM>, Bastwwut corner D and Ninth streets. U'BKIEK A DKNGEL, KlupRIKTum* Whor? do you cat tlx best of UY6TKR8 in every etyle.' HI ALTO HOU?E, Corner of D * d Ninth eta Wkri ao yon let Ml. A Lb at Ml hours, enj RKKKKOhMtNTS of errry kirdr At the RIA1.TO HOL'SK. Corner of D uid Ninth iU> Wu?ri do 10m |(t tu b??t of LIQUORii and CMAMS at La* oh?" fMi prio# / Altk? aiAt.TO HOU'K, ja?<t Corner af P *-d Ninth ?U. BUS WELL'S Medicated Cough Candy, Pt coughs, COLDS, BRONCHITIS, influenza, HOARSENESS, And *U tnctpttnl Mag** of Consumption. Per ui% vholaaale and ratal t. by __ O. BOHWELi.. Drurgwt, Oaraar Mary land amt* arid Sa* ?lU? abi An i hy Z. D. OILMAN, PMuuavanna, aair Brown'* Dotal. " ^ ?????mm TELEGRAPHIC, IMPORTANT FROM THE SOUTH! FORT PICKENS RE OPENS PIRE ON THE CONFEDERATES. THE FIRE NOT RETURNED'! OUR FORCES ADVANCING INLAND HV SOUTH CAROLINA. THE CHARLESTON AND 8AVANIVAB RAILROAD IN OUR POSSESSION! MORE INCENDIARISM IN THE SOUT0GREAT FIRE AT RICHMOND'! THE THEATER AND OTHER VALUABLE PROPERTY DESTROYED. A SCOUTING PARTY FROM OLD POINT IN OCCUPATION OF GREAT BETHEL. Baltimore, Jan. 4 ?The Old Point boat hat arrived, and brings tbe following news: A dispatch from Pensacola dated Jannary 1st, says Fort Plckeas opened fire yesterday. The Ire was not renewed to-day. Our batteries are ellent. The Charleston Mercury has a dispatch which states that our ahips are landing a large fore* of Federal* on the North Edlsto, and that the Misure of railroad station ."to 4, on the Charleston and Savannah Railroad, has been made by them. Sixteen Federal war vessels were reported at Ship Island. A destructive fire occurred at Richmond v*cently, burning the theater and other valuable property. The Old Point boat brings 240 prisoners, nearty all of whom were taken at Bull Run. They met with an enthusiastic reception at Old Point, and on their arrival here were escorted to the rooms of the Union Relief Association, where they were entertained. A scouting party left Old Point yesterday morning, and proceeding to Great Bethel, found that place occupied by a grrard of rebel cavalry. Great Bethel was the only place taken possession of by the scouting party, and guard was left there MORE REGULARS COMING. [Special Telegram to the Star.] New Yokk. Jan. 4. 1362 ?The steamshio from California, just arrived, brought five more companies of regular* from the Pacific side, under Major A.J Smith, of 1st cavalry VI*: Two companies of 1 at cavalry, two companies of 4th Infantry, and one company of 6th Infantry?In all 2f- in?Miand s effl-ers. They proceed on to Washington this afternoon. General Butler's Expedition. Bosto*. Jan. 2 ?Nearly 3 000 men of General Butler's N>w Kngland division embarked this afternoon, on board the steamship Constitution, which Is experts to leave to-morrow The troops are composed of the 12th Maine Regiment, Col Shrpley; the Bay State Regiment, Col Jones H French; a rquadron of the Light Cavalry, Capt. Durivaee; a campany of the Boston Fire Zouaves and Capt. Reid's corps of Mounted Riflemen. Previous to their embarkation. standards were presented to the Malre and Massachusetts Regiments on the Common, and a salute was fired by a detachment of Ancient and Honorable Artillery, In honor of Col. French, 1 their past commander From Part Royal?Com. Dupont Prtptrii| for Actire Operations N*w Yoek, Jan. 3 ?Advice* from Port Royal indicate that Com. Dupont la preparing for new naval demonstration* Gunboats are concentrating, and a large number of armed launches are practicing In the work of assisting In the landing of troops. About to w troop* could be spared from Hilton Head, In addition to Gen. Stevens' brigade, to operate against Charleston, Savannah, or the rebel force at Coosawatchle, on the Charleston and Savannah railroad. Arrival ef Transports. Nkw You, Jan 3?The transports Cahawba and Roanoke have arrived here from Port Royal, which place they left on the evening of the 30th Thev passed the slaop-of-war Cumberland on the 1st inst. Reported Lsss ef the British Traaspert Steamer Parana. Halifax, Jan. 3 ?It Is reported that the transport steamer Parana, with 1,100 Urltlsh troops, has been wrecked in the river St. Lawrence. The Strike at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. Niw York, January3 ?The strike at the navy yard La* ended, and tbe men have all returned to work again. OR.CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. S36 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Brrwiz* 9th asd 10th Stb. Ja i eggm 1^*62] THE [18?8 Pennsylvania Central Railroad, (with ita connection*) IS A F1KST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES! SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGOAGK CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE ! THRBI DAILY TRAINS FROM PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH! Two of them making closi conhrctloni at harriibuxg with trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, and forming THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE raoM WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all polttU in the W?*T, NOETH-WIST ARD 8otfTH-WB?T. (17For Throagh Tiokets, apply at the OKm of the Northern Central Rail Road Company, Calvert fetation, Raltimore. Splendid Sieving Cars on all Ni^ht Trains Smoking Saloon Cars on all Trains. FROM WASHINGTON. Passengers will take the 6 a. m. and 6 p. m- train*. a rivilli in Baltimore at 7 JO a. in. and 6 *5 p. m., whereolose oonueotion* are raa*e with train* on (he Northern Central K R.atid arrive in H*rnatmrf at I p. m. and 1 46 a m., there oont*our:g witn the train* on the Pennsylvania Central Railroad for all parts of the wast. FREIGHTS. By this route, freight* of all deaoriptiona out be

forwarded to and from any point on the Railroads of Ohio, Kei.tuocy, <noiana, Illinois, Wiaoooain, Iowa, or Misnouri, hy Railroad direct Trie Penney; varna Central Railroad alsoo >uneots at Pittsburg with wboh t>oo4s>4Ut be forwarded to any port on the Ohio, Moiktsnm, Kentnoky, Tennessee. CnratTi&nc, Illinois. Aievivsippi, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and H pi! Hi??' ?<< ' ' ...< > viocisuu, owaailj MM Cbioago with iMm?ri to all NorthwmUti Lakee. MorchfcnU and abippere animating the transportation of their Freight to thia Company, can ialy with oonfidenoe on its 'peedy t anai*. TUfc KAlEa OF FKfcltiH t to and fro* any point in tho w eat, by the Pennsylvania C-ntral Kail road. are at all limn at farmabl* mi an chatttd by othtr Haxlroad Con.pamt* flJ~ to mark packigee "via CtMltL It R." MaOKAW A KOONB, Freight * genta, No. @0 North *tr. et, Ba t mora. ENOCH LRWI8. ben'l bupsriat't. Altoona, Fa. L Li. H it P T Gsn'i Ticket Ag't. PuiiadelMia. H. H HOUSTON, Gen'l Freight Agent, Philadelphia. Ja 4-dly B"AC le,A BLACK TEA! oheata ?t*n Sard Blank Te* ha*e bran reoetvad t>day. Aiao, ouoioe Green Tea KINO A BLRCHKLL, ja 3 Corner lAMi atreet and Vermont a?. W*IO?hHS A HENRY'S ASHINGTO.N NO ALEXANDRIA EX PR Leaving eack oity twioe a d%y. Or Jere left on elate at Gregory' 8-?ve tttor* or M*f ? U '* Franklin Hotiee, Waahin?u>n.Myttg?^? wiii meet vita prompt attention. JDClCSC J>W - ' A _ WliDDINA PIKHKNTe ra.LL. U? Mf atjiM of Pajkiy SILVER Will, JKWKL.UY. *o.,191MB up ?ip?o!?ily Ifor W?J? ding PriMiti. A ^ vTS'iTTy'iitCWU^ 344 Pt. !* ? 4 door# *Mt of jo a-r. Biw'b Hotel. London, WitckM by IbrboU^ A iorg* uwrtwit J art reoMtod ud offmnT * ?M. W. OAWT* BRO., Jevatltta, ,ffR-M*,fewnuL { Agency for LilienthaTa Tobacco. LILIEAtTHAL*8 TOBACCO ! I LILIEJiTHAL'S TOBACCO ' LILIENTHAL'B TOBACCO ' LLLIKNTHAL'8 TOBACCO ' 41 STANDARD" BRAND-A **ty rick, mellow and fall-flavored Tobacco, put op la an foil, . with blue paper wrapper*, printed la gold bronze t, ?d packed la qodrter and half-groat boxes, with tUi unlnated labelr LILIENTHAL* TOBACCO L LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO LlXlENTHAL'8 TOBA<7CO a f to ? ? ? ? - LILi D l AUUIJ " " YOUNG AM ERICA'* BRAND?Thlabrand la an entirely ner r article, tu aurpaaalng In atyle and quality anytfc Jng of the kind heretofore Introduced. The Tot ecoo la of a bright color, rety mild, with a dell eat? flavor. It la put op in tin foil, wltb trl-colo red paper, In quarter and half, groaa boxea, beaut Iftally labeled; also In 8 and 1#ounce foil packa; fee, aame prloe aa "Standard" brand. LILlENlfHAL'S tobacco! lilientjhal'8 tobacco r muentthal's tobacco! L1LIENT HAL'S TOBACCO! FINE CUT -CAVENDISH CHEWING Tin Foil NONPAREIL (emboaeed ) " SAVORY (bronze.) ?? MEDALLION (blue ) | Tbeae eireedtngly choice Tobaeeoe are of the bMt atock, wery handsomely pat ap and labelled, | and are foe eemr?tiit?n with the beet brand* la the market, and at the price. LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO! - ? ? ? ? iiiLiE.m n*ii'9 TUBACCO' LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO! LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO! AH the above pnt up In tin foil In S 01 and y lb. packeta LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO' % LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO! L1LIENTI1AL.?8 TOBACCO' LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO' SMOKING TOBACCO. GENUINE TURKISH SMOKING In half-else square tin foil, handsome label*. SPANISH CUT la half-alxe squdlfe tin foil, handsome labs Is BRAZILIAN SMOKING la balf-else aquar* tin foil, baadaome la be la And a great variety of other braada manufacture from the beat VIRGINIA LEAP. A LIBERAL DISCOUNT MADE TO THE TRADE. FREDERIC S. COZZENS, | ' WINE MERCHANT, CONSTITUTION BUILDING, E STREET, ?<tw?M EUwntk and Twl/ik strut*, WASHINGTON, D. C. BRANCH OF 73 WARREN STREET, NEW TORE. , I t : 7? * ? " -5 *'*<, ? - ? AGENCY FOE V. LOKG WORTH'S OHIO WIHE8, AND AGENCY FOE C. H. LILinTHALV TOBACCO. mroiTik ? PORElflN WINES FROM THE BEST HOUSJCS. JULES MCMM * OO.'S CHAMPAGNE. ? t' . * . i i RHINE AND MOSELLE WINES. * . 1 i BRANDIES, LIQUOR*, L1Q0EURS, fte. Of tt? eMotM qulttjr. HAVANA OISARS, *?., A?. Ja II" ETROPOLITAN HOTEL. WA8?INBT'N. IJJ> (Lati BUOWH'O The fidermsaed too lM*e to laforn hi? frieada And the trav?lia? pablio t hat he hH leaeed for A tern of rttniwvell-knora Hota. kept for aiMf rwri by Mr. MArshAil Brown, and to Atanee Ihem that Uwt wi'l fad i? kin a ho?t d?mnw to k??? in ererr fArtioaUr a fir*t-elA*e HotK. He reepeot** ^"""""XSUlEW ?. POTT*. >A?-*W Pro^'iXor. UNION Ft EL DEPOT. COAL?CO A L-COAL ' We, the uadorvifnod. inform oar oa*loiaera Aad th? omseua of Waahington generalIt thAt are are mUibk COAL, (Ked and White Ath K?f aad tftov? Sfcea tifh+trrd, at the fo lowing erioee. na: NetTo'a(2.nnftlbe.)for fj$ ro?e Ton (2,24fMb?.> for * W Also fnr uU i~? w VI1VIW *vr% VI 1 HICKORY, OAK, AND PINK WOOD. MoKNGW A MARl-OW. 1X7" OflMtotnw 7th s t. tod Cm?1. 1? * Um PERHAM'S GRAND EXCURSION TO NEW YORK AND BOSTON. EXCURSION TICKETS Fr?m Baltuaere 11 BnUb, a?d r?> torn, nlr #13.40 To ff*w York Bad retwrn 8.00 T?ok?ta food to Imv? Be*l tiro ore from the Depot ofthe Northw? Centra: Rt.ilway,on Calvert street, passing orer the Northern Central Railway. Lebanon Va.ley, Ka*t Pennsylvania, L."bi*h Va let,and Ontr*. Railroad of New JerBeT to New York,and from New Vo'k o Boston by the tftoniBgton Line, I earing New York bj the steamers Commonwealth and Plymoath Rook, at 4 o'clock p. m., on any day, (Sundays exeoepted.) UP TO JANUARY SI, and to kstrkr bt sams ftoctk " ON OR BEORE MARCH 1st. RHTTiok?t? for sale in Washington. D C..aithe atiooal Hote ; m Baltimore, at the Depot of the orthern Central Railway,Calvert street, at Bar nim'a Hotel, Eutaw House, and tiiimor Room. Two throsgh Trains daily from Baltimore to New York, leaving Baltimore at 8.18 a. m. aod Rjn p m. To oonneot with these trains, passengers from Was hington must leave in the 6 a.m. and 5 p. m trains. 1L/"" All communications in recard to the Excursion most be addressed to JOS1AH PKRHAM. National Hotel. Washington, O.C.,his headquarters. He will also be represented by his agents at Barnum's Hotel, Baltimore; Lovejov's Hotel.New | York, and the Adams Hense, Boston, his head9 narters in those clties. ja S SOMETHING NEW! W3AfjJe*nTM.T or^sf^ At 991 r strut, orro?iu In theBhell and Thoroughly^Co?ke<nfar snpanor to a roast* in iwcsitsslu, tkt fatttti itsu on rteord. Call and see. Th? aader^gned respeotfnllv mfnrau ki? > ' ** iu uie uutnlt, and visitor* to the oity. that 1m bM refitted his old and will-know* utulkhkikt mmottthoroiih manner, and na? made oo inflate arrangement* to furnian OY8TERS m any atyeand in any quantity. <00to 800ga lonaahackeo p?* day. 3 MX) to S.000 oana of Sptoed and Freeh at up daily?oana hermetically a^aied. Furniahed in the ahell by the bnahel or barrel. Peraona wiahinj to have Uy atera furniahed ret?lar'iT through the winter, at Baltimore anoee, without fear of fa:nre, ahould aall and make arrangement* at onoe. Freight, time, and money aaved by puroh&amc of me, aa I furnish au art.ole eeual to the celebrated Baltimore eatabhahmenta. at prices just aa low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meata, Lobatera, Sardinia, Clama, Strawberries, T>>matoe*, Piga' F?*et, Tripe, Ac. Ao.,&o. Alao, Piokiea, Catcup, Sajoea, Brandy Peaches, Ao. Alao, Game and Freer, Fiah. Turtle*, Terrapins, Freeh Lobatera, Cod. Halibut, Ac. In taot, every thi"? for eale m the North* rn market* a.way* on hand, at reaeonabie pnoea. Hotela and families supplied with Oysters, deli re red without oharte u any aart of the Diatnot. in eeaeon. if the money ia eei.t with the order. My eatabiiehmeutia open from 6 a. in. to U at Bight, every day, except Sunday, when 1 oloae at 10 o'olock a. m. _ ja8 t! T. M. H ARVKY. M|H 1LITARV OVERCOATS! MILITARY OVERCOATS!! Ready-m*de or made to order. The moat extensive anpp y oonstantir on hud. f"*1"* ?jn to -f 76. Overooata, Drees bad Faticae Coiti, Puti, end Vnu. n<ade to order, on short notioe. at our usna. lov prices, for ca?h. NOAH WALKKR A CO., AeTl ?wif (Intel.I 3>S Ps arenas. Dissolution of COPARTNERSHIP. The copartnership heretofore exi?tine under the named A. J. bweetaer A Co., of 30 Jar etrest. New York, is, this lit day of JftcuarT, IMS. dissolved by mutual consent. Ail the hi Is of said firm will De paid by Andrew J Sweets'r. and all 5%rties indebted will psy said Sweetser ail money* ue to said firm. ANDREW J 8WKET8KR, JAMK8 WALLACE. Washington, D. C., Jan. 1,1*6J. ja 3 3t RITTENHOUSE, PANT A CO , B A N K B R B, 352 PtHiKTLvasia ATIHSI, (??ar Brown's Hotel,) Issue DRAFTS on all parts of the United States, in auma to auit Offi oers and Solci?'s. A lso. Drafts on London. Ireland, Sootiand, Wales, and a l parts of the Cont nent of Europe ja 2 lm If R si' _ _ w. r u ft P :: r F U R g:; The largeat and moat atrliah aatortinont of Funs AND KOULtt in the market. We are now oloiing out at private sale, at our large varerooma, the largest and moat superb assortment of Fura and Roboa in the oonntry, oon iating of? Hndaon Bay Sables, Royal Erminea, Mink, Chinchilla, Fiteh, Fronohand RiT?r Mink and Fronoh Sables. Cloaka, Capes. Muffa and Cuffs. Al?o, Fancy Sleigh and Carriage Roboa, and an unlimited aaaortment of Buffaloes, Alao, fl'OTea, tiauntietts and roliara and Foot Muffa. WALL ft BARNARD. Corner south aida Pa. avenue and jaS-St [Rep 1 Ninth street. CLOAKS! CLOAKS! CLOAKS!' bHAWUi?SHAWLS ! FANCY 8UI.K*. 81LK ROBES. HOSIERY. GLOVER GAUNTLETS. MOUSL1NS, REPS. MERINOS. PLAIDS. With a oomplete a.nek of DOMESTIC GOODS'. For aale low by TAYLOR ft HUTCHISON, ja 3 8teo No. 49 Center Market 9pao?. PEIRCE*S 1 Army Game Casket. 1 have jnat published thia beautiful and oonv*nient invention i?r 1 * ? . ? ? ?? " buu c&iii u ncniBUi ni toidiera ?d<1 other* It oontaina, in a neat, amaJi paper box that you can cam in your pockt, a rood Cheaa, Checker and Backgammon Board, with man and diee for the throe ia ?ei; alio, a aot of Dominoa and a pack of g< oa Playing Card a. Pot up in three atylea, ai d retaitod for ? cent*. ttK i cent*. and 76 oent* each package and the Hoard and Men for all tiie gamea, without the box, lor M oent* A very large duoount t . mt'eraaid dea.era. Setdjyour order* or a itMnp f r ciroaiiar. JOHN II. TIN?*L,KY. I Publisher, No I52H Pulton atreec Jal-lw New Ydn. DEADIN6ALE AND LAGF.R BIRR DEPOT. XV of the celebrated brewery of Mr. Felix, to be had in large and email quantities. Alao, Picklea, Catsup, Pickled Oniona, Pepper ?aac?, Vinegar, and Sour Krout, bv the barrel, ga'loa.or in CHARLES MADKS' Kseteir?t. de H-lm* corner Pa. axenae and Tfcird at. LOSING OUT BALE OP FIRST QUALITY V/ (No. 1? NEW YORK BUTTER.?The on dersigaed have on hand, in kega of c.ffereat eiaes, t,0"0 pounda of beat New York Butter, which tkaj will ee'l extremely low, toeloee it out. It will be to tfce interest of all purohasere toeall promptly at the store of F. B. HASTINGS A CO., uator ! PhiiharmoLio Hal. Pann , . w? WPI VI fcl?T<?iU gt., next door adjoining the Star Oftoe. de? lut VV B. STRONG. TRUCKS, HA&J^TmTlI^ABY GOODS, i 8ii PmiTLviint Aviiiri, SmU suU, lttk tmd XStk llrMti. CT Trnnki, Hirneea ud Military BaaipnenU retail red tt anorteet notioe. de ? la* QLOVK8 6||?|pL ftWTi rubok.r hats. A line MMrtme&t for eaie M Toft-fin AKVMOI'R'A. Q*orii>t(i?r, 486 *p?or?'ATE 4^6 PRESENT S! Juet ifgtMili a few oboioe COL'' ft ED EN 4 0RAVIN 8, dmUt Aleo. a t?Mttlhl % net* CARD VlSlTtSMtf OVAX PICTURE ' ""yftramfrxsb,. , R?i?aab?f tte aaaiftf. da M It* j PO? I QOLD 1MD VNCUIRKNT MONKT PVE- 1 VJ ifciiii bpMM mm U. A. Pit?wi Anbum for diiotii^i ^%-im aof B rtn'i Mofi. | H>0"" ""lfit POM V. 8. TRKA8VM. T MOT MS. ( Mm diniMtluut, wi Norutn Otn?M|. I Bx?-'UC? on the priteip&i o.tMt Nortk >&>?'.?? i ia goto , AUCTION 8ALK>. ! tHlS AFTER noon i TO-MOUROW. Br J C. MaGUIRB * CO , AMtiM** a. (A KGB AND KLKfiANT COLLECTION OF * Fo**i?li 9?a Pntixa at 4Kit??-fiu Po*TTTT?.?WiU b* old wiUotlcaTHI* (fatarday> AFTERNOON, Juaan 4, at < ?'c!'k. and reiumf at 7 o'oioct at tb? AuoUon R<<m?. a larca and i MUt aiiwtioa of ?tw ?m tt.ouaaao a?*oi<**<? or b>Mtifal foiwca H*a frha I*. Tha aablie.aod ladiaa afcrtiealarly, ara lavltrttoaxmimUIII nMul mi< >- ,L I the nif ht? deep, the lerraei ml m>?t bMit i ?t ' oo'lection erer sold at motion in t it citj. Me poe*ti T?. Term omK. It J. a McOUIKF. k CO.. imi. Br J. Cs Mo<t I'IKK * CO.. AMbonMn. r|1KL8TKK*fl CALK OP HOWfK AND LOT * ?w ?o*m 1 St., nrrwBis 4th ASD AT* ftr? W?it-0??ATU*DaY APTEBNOUM, Jui 17 Wh, 1ML It 4 o'clock,OB the pr*BUSM, br nrtoo of 1 doK of trmt to the enbeer.Sor, c*uc D* gember !rt, U0n,Md dnly recorded in LlSar J A. 8.. No. JRS. !o..oa 511, n ee* , one of the a.nd fe?orda for Wut, m ton ooonty. D C., I ak?>t ae!l plrt r<! Lot naaibar*d one, (1) in P*?aj* n??ber?d At* r cr.d'ed &nd flfUrt. bofitt r.? ft.r the aanrottba MaUTMt oornar of aald Lot No- I. arte rmaaiac thenoe aut an teen feat, thenoe north eerentT-one faeleierea tsobee. teener * * aizteen feet. than;* eoatA aeVenty one fmt eleven mobaa to the plaoa of bAgtauac. tofathar wit* tko laarovsMaatB, eon? u.t.j of a three etorj briok dw?, iu? hoaee. Terma ffM oaab ; tha ra?ai oAer 1 a A wd II months, trfth intoroat, aw rod by ? dead of trmat on the fremieee. Ai' oonveTaBom^at the ooat ??rcii*eet d??lawfcd? j.y Mei'Jl'^fy^roL'TSU. By BONTZ 4 ORIFPI1B. AmIiomm P^f-*.Vc$ro?Af M%JViNe*w try ttk, at II c't.nck, in front < f tk? Anoiioc Koomi. m v>ll M l. Mr MNiil of wkoi* it My ooaoaru, tl vary ftaa #?a?ri? f?< r*M war. Ttrmioath. B(5NTZ k GRIKPI7 H. A cc',;ot?f n, J6? Mr?Btk?n ja S 1 ana K Ma. - j - i FUTURB DATE. By BRBEN A WILLIAMS, SALE ON ACCOUNT OT GOVfcRNMENT Uhitsd Ptats*. or on Roiii Houi av Ave no*.?On TUKSUaV. th? ?? ?? *v 11 ib froet ofear (Mor?, No. i*i ooner Se**i?!h bad D itrMU, at 10n'eioek ? nONE R(?AN HORSE. TermaoMh.iii epeeie. By order of the utt innt jn o GREEN A WILLlAMS,Aae*a. By WALL A BARNARD, AaoUoaeere. South cornrr Pa. e*. mmd 9tk tl EXPRESS WAGONS AT AUCTION.?Three r> lerte tod heavy oovered ti>?ee WMou.itf auaewor make. euoh m ere need b* A came A Co.'e Rxpreee, will heenld on TUESDAY MORNING, 7th toetant. at 1? o'olock. re front of the Aee'ioe Room* UM, S Seta Harneea. Ja? WALL A BARNARD, A acta. Br J. C. MeGUIRE A CO., Aeotioaeere. CPLEND1D ASSORTMENT OF SILVER PLAT*? Wui AT Atctiow.?Ob Me?NDAV AFTERNOON, January (tii, at | c 'clonk, oa U?e eeooed floor of oar Auction Room, *e rhali ell a aplecdii aaeortment ofMiver p atec Ware. rr.ecufaetBred exriuei ve y lor oitr retail 'rede br a oelebrated manataeturer la New York. We name in part? Elegant Cheaert an^ I'lain Tea Seta. Waltera, Pitchere, Gob ete, Mufe. Hone end O Titer Tareene- Rutlor Iliahaa. Cake Bsakets. Caitora, Urns. Cum Tea Reives, Spoons and Forks, A o Terms ea?h. .'*? d J. C. McGUIRE k CO.. Aeoto. Br WALLA BARNARD. Aiobnuam V Cor. tout4 liil P?. ar an/f it. CLOSING HALE OF VALUABLE FTTR* asd Rosea ?ObTUESDAY MORN'ISQ.nb Lcatani. at 10 o'o.osk. w? e!o*e oat ?i pabiie Motion, the large assortment of valuable F ura, wbioh are ob exhiaiticr. at oar large Wawoom. Jaat in tbe rear of oar Auction Room. aoHUtiof <? ? Hudeoc B*r.Sabi**. Pqs'rrel, Krmine, Siberian l**airrel, Ermite, Mink. F toh, F'mak Mick.and Frenoh BaMe, i"ap*a. Cloaks. Muff* and Caff's, Ott? and Beaver Gasatleis, Collars, Caae, atd Coats. ROBES. Hudson Bar, and Prairie Wo'f. Fox. Badger. J?ne*, and lined and anhned Buffalo Carriage end Robae. )>S (Rep I WALL k BARNARD, Aaots. By J. C. M06UI RE k CO.. AooUuneers. WALE OF STOCKS BY ORDER OF THE B Qara?** Cocst.?On TUESDAY AFTERNOON. Januarr 7. at 4 o'c ock, at tbe Aaotion Rooms, we shall eati. by order of tbe boaorab.e Orphans' Court, in sums to salt? tjtM Quarterly Corporation of Washukftoa I ear ?est. stock, ? lino Bank of the Met roealia Stnok. R<V?A O'BRIEN. JOHN F KNN18. Administrator*. Jal d J. C. MaQUIRB 4CO, Aaets. Bt SHEEN A WIL.MAM*. *uetio..aera. Commissioners balk by order or rsa CtkcvtT Corn* ?8a.e of Hoim aad I-ot is Catott's !??rx3. vmoE of aare nmh?r?j >T7. it b*inf ib* ?Mt h?lf of lot ntmhored 11*.?1 KlDAY, the IOth d?f of Jsnaary. 1883. we eba!. sell oa the premise*, at 4 o'oiock u n . at public aac boo, by virtae of an order of the Ciroait Con rt of the District of Columbia, paseed oo the Slet day of October. 1181. in tbe matter of the petition or the belre of Michael Marson, deoeased, the follow ins * tamed property, vis? West ba.f of lot nsmbered oae hundred aad four tear., <'14), in square numbered six huDdred aad seventy seven, (tTiK in Cabotfs subdivision, with lb* improvements, which are a two story t?w?llint-House, Ac., Ao.. to be eold subject to the widow's dower. Terms as prescribed by the Court, m oae third sl;?s ? - ' * * uiro chi; mihm is aqoai inataiaaet ?a. a>x Md and twelve nontha, the pnrcba?er to five U>d4?, eeonrod to the aatieiaotion of the ConniNionera, boarinr intereet parable to the b?u* reepeetl\e>. acd the CoamiMiosm will withhold the d*M aotil the (all payment of tfce inaca nwif. I'the terma of aala are not oomphed wi'h <a fire da**, the Cotninieeionwa raaarre the right to reaell the aroporiy. at tk? riak Md ooatrf the irat pare! aa?r. bi adTartiaina anoh reeale Urt* tinM ia the WMhmtton mar. JAMES TOWLES. B. MILRJJRN, | BENNETT HENNI.NG. de?S-e?Ada GREEN * WiLLlAMa!'TluSu*' 'yo MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BAICHM^O^Oft" BTM. , Tlu Omly RtiimlU mmd HmnaUts Hat* Dn Wmtmm, SoM by all Drmniata; alao, at BiBirroni Pa tout Madiaiaa B'.ora, t> Patent Ottot .oor. F 4 nh, Giasa'a Hair Stora, ifS^co'a araut. whore L*cie? oaa tiara it a#fiir?i, if daaitad. Faotorr?81 Bar oiav at. (kaae m Broadway) N. T. aa 1-lT HDIA RI BIIER (.OOD?, OF ALL RINDS?FOR THE ARMY. A lane took j a at raaaiaaA. JOHN B PUDNKY, >94 Pa a*., (baek room i or Ui D at. VVOOL COMFORTERS, GL0VB8 ? GAUNTLETS. fHlBTS, MlA*'EltL ho.. fresh food*, at JOHN B PID.NEVt J?J D street, between 9th and Hi?h. Buffalo * wolf robes.lap robes. HORSE BLANKETS, and CAMP BEDS, ja t rrotivM at JOHN B PUDNEV'S 1K4 Pa. sr. (b&ek roo?) or 333 D stree t, bat Hh ana lo-ji. SUTLERS !?Sutler* yo* will always tad oM?f vj and desirable good*at the Sutler's Supply Dep^t o^jQHM B PI BNRV, 333 D ?t., bkWaeri J^LANKKTS, BLANKETS-Large sloek. by OTp*"' JOHN B PI DNKV, de >0 lift D street, between Mh and 10U. GEC^*?.^frfeNNB^ Oosen bow in *tors,_all styies, at ^bo? thall t~* ***"jT? VhowVSOW-*! A?. A. L1?? So... ^ADDLK UOR?b(* FOR SA.Lb -A W*ot Tory OiM Kootvoky Rorao* for Mi? ?t thf rv Eootaokr SaJe J*Ubl?, in tfco ratr of Clar'* l-J Hotel, BMr Fnti; 1 iuii tmai mo k^CZX itr?C ' <% 11-tT' pROlOK OLD HAVANA RU*. MINERVA WINK-aoefoWmUd1^^0^"^ VBRMtJu+H WINR-ab lmi*t> Wis*. cb C M k tome, CHAMPAGNKt*, CLARKTS. CORDIALS. A*.. fornUfey CjB. D?<iARMk>PIA, Imiortor toe Dtlir UHMMSmri. d? 30-lm* No. lSCoaworoo at. Baltimore : ^13L 1 U *rt of ?. ^ A Cfc.'a., A grown > moi*. 7 gEMJAMIN ^ k ?^or,^ Cm I N. B ^ft' ^'_Rictu.%L, tot* : kmsh^M bor9m- " !; I

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