Newspaper of Evening Star, January 4, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 4, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVENING STAR. THE GAME OF LIFE. A HOMILY ?ST J OH* S ?AXH. Thore a came muoh tn faahio#?1 think it's aiiwd Jfwif , {Though I never have p!ar*d It, for pleasure or fiiere.) fe which, when the card* are In certain condition*, * * ?_ Yre playera appear to Lave ctangea ineir positions. A ad one or them crlea, in a confident tone, 'I think 1 may venture to go it alont!" While watching the game, 'tis a whim of the bard's. A moral to draw from the akirmlah of cards, Kmd to faucy he flada iu the trivial atrlfe Some excellent hlnta for the battle or I.lfe; Where?whe< her the prize bearlbbon or throne? The winner la he who can -go It alone !" When great Galileo proclaimed that the world In a reeular orbit was ceaaelesaly whirled, And ifot?not a convert?for ail of hla paina, i^.t only derision and prlaon and chains, It movea, for all that!" was hW answering tone, Far be knew, like the Karth, he could "go it alone'" When Kepler, with intellect piercing afar, Discovered the laws of each planet and atar, Aad doctors, who ought to have lauded hla name, DerUled hla turning, and blackened bis fame, "I mo ?eat*."he replied, "till the truth you shall ewn For hafelt Lb his heart he could "go It alone!" Alas' for the plsyer who idly depends, In the struggle of life, upon klnared or friends , tV'hlUV?p r>tA Vlllla nf hluulntfi 11 ka They can never atone for inglortoua eise, Nor comfort tbe coward who finda, with a groan, Tbtt his crutches hart left him to "go It alono!M Tktri a something, no doubt In the band you roav hold; Health, family, culture, wit, beauty, and gold, The fortunate owner may fairly regard A a, web In lu way, a most excellent card; Tot tbe game m ay be lost, with all these for your own, U i less you've the courage to "go It alone!" In battle or business, whatever tbe game, in law or in love, it is ever tbe nme; la tbe struggle for pswer, or the scramble for pelf, I.St this be your motto ?iiR*ly on yomrttlf For, whether tbe prise be a ribbon or tbrone. The victor is he who can "go it alone !" [iV V". Ledger. THE BLRNfclDE EXPEDITION. Preparatiens fer Departure?The Transport Fleet. The Annapolis (Md.) correspondent of the 5sw York Post write*: December 2'J. 1^61.?To-day the vessels are taking in the last of the ordnance and ammunition, and an enormous quantity has been hipped. The transports are coaled and provisioned. and oan be under steam at two boar's notice The troops are ready to embark, and all is so formidable and so complete that everything hoped or expected of the Burnside Expedition must be fullj realized. There are now in the harbor 14 steamers, I propeller, 4 ships, 3 bark*. 1 brig, 11 eohooncrs, ? Heating batteries, besides 2 Tittle despatch steam tugs?in all 41. Theee are, perhaps, not half the vessels to be employed in the expedition, which will be largely re-inforced at Fortreas Monroe; for, unless the floating batterries are oounted. none of the naval ves.sels have come to Annapolis. All of the transports, large and small, are, however, artned, and tarry large supplies of shell and ball for use in the field as well as on board sbiD. The transport* have been th'roa^hly overhauled and completely fitted out with everything necessary for the expedition. The steamers are of light draugiu, and capable of carrying from four hundred to six hundred men each, besides ?u.rcs and ordnance, and when loaded will draw but from six to eight feet of water There is no particular difference in the vessels, and every captain thinks his own. of oourse, the best. Every inch of space is devoted to use. BunkB have been erected and "standees" put up, which jan be taken down at short notice, if necessary to clear the ^ ehip for action, or (an unpleasant thought) to afferd room for eoek-pit. W The two steamboats New York and New Brunswick will each easily carry h whole regiment. The propellor Pioneer (formerly the Sherman) carries six guns, two or them formidable Parrotts, which speak with (not for) "eraekera" in the shape of thirty-two pound ball*, one fifteen pound swivel gun on the forecastle, and three more twelve-Dounders. Sha earries comfortably five hundred troops. Most af the ateamers are equally well armed. The Highlander (once the Clermont, a confiscated vee*?l belonging to Wm. AIleD, on the James river) it a schooner of 500 tons, armed with two twelve-pouni Parrott guns, aud capable of carrying, besides her orew of twenty-five men, four hundred troopa and eighteen officers. The ships can carry a much larger number f men, but will be loaded mainly with provision* and ammunitions, and all the sailing vessels will be towed by the steamer* to Fortress Moaroe. The Pickett, a handsome little propeller of four hundred tons, is the flag-ship of the transport fleet, and is appropriated by (Jeueral Buns side and bis staff. She carries two twelve pound Wiard guns, and draws bat six feet of water. It is not unlikely that when the expedition reaches the point of attack Qeneral Burnside will leave tne Pickett and use the Cossack as a flag-ship. The Cossaok is a fine mearner, formerly the Eastern City, plying batween Boston and St. Johns, N. B , and the newspaper men are already comfortably quartered on board of her. If she is struck by a shell the reporters will receive the earliest possible intelligence of the event. The five floating batteries are large canal boats, as strong as timbers can make tbem, and divided into five compartments, so as to be beyond the danger of sinking by any ordinary easualtv. The Rocket and Grenade each earry three thirty-two pound rifled cannon un deck, and tbe Shrapnel" (irapeohot and Bomb bell e*ch carry two guns of tbe same calibre Thev will go ioto action and will be valuable additions to tbe naval part of the expedition This general description of a vessel of each lass of tbose connected with the description is sufficient to give an idea oi the completeness of their outfit. It seems as if nothing is wanting to render the fleet as formidable as is necessary, and with the additions of the naval vessels now lying at Fortress Monroe it is believed that the expedition, in siso and strength, will far surpass the one sent to Port Royal WM, COR WIN Ot'R'i Y, ATE W ltk the old and wo'I know a hoaw> of \VM. ?. COR WIN A CO , , . Nbw Yobk? Dtnlrr ? choice Brandies, WmiJ Cigar*, fe.. and Jwtpnrttr of Ttat and Puttry Goods, Ro. iii PbwssylVajiu. avb.nttb, i?" st'tr-' The attention of oooMBBMuri and the public ?enSfaUy to invited to mj stock of luie B randies,W me* Ciiara. Teas, ke . c >m?ri?mc Hennessey Otard M Bayer Braadlee, Widow Cuoquot, Moot tc Mwnrs, Heidaiok A Co., aod Associates Vere'aev, OhMi^ntt; Permartiwa, Amontilado aod Vrwte Sherries; Wanderer, Reserve and S' mU 3.<le Madeiras; Hvmi.oi and Burmerster J? tae ?e.ebratod "W^C" Club House Bin; &? jfisstSi.vr. T4aw:r;?Tw ara.L? Ro?edeaefiue<o. 1 a kspanoaaiKi varlom 5'^odioi Ciaars acd very aae Vcaac fci json, Hy son. Imperial and Eti.nii tfreekflasi Teas in catty t-^b^ig^orted by BTWil expressly for muIj ase. p^' 1 W AND B B A U I1POL! 4M NINTH BTRBKT. .mint I run C**W VOVK ft >7 aiioi??Mf?c<ior. of the following foods. The fttwaUoa M UMt la ?ul u ?! lofted. PAPKRHANtflN69 T+i\on, Bad Iloona. Yaattbalae, _ Dict&c Rooms, and Ceil^iifa. and other t*toB$,j,DOW SHADES. hftde Lineeand Tr rr.n * P.cure Loops, Tassels and Cords, Hnade Cordiftttd Tftaaela. MATTRESSES Ay J) CV5n7d}rS . Ol urdeecr-ptione, mad# to r>rae<. Fhouiu! vvau no runiimiw N ai: >u vanoaa atyle?, exeo?t?4 ercmptlj, at the irTLziMt't PrwM.xQ STORK SUADK8 MMaud Lettered. 'K5S"1 L. J. ROTH ROCK | UUTTIl! BUTTRRtt j D BUTTERK MB k?c* e&oioe Goeneu bauer, jest reoeiTeJ and ** P. B. BASTINGS A CO. M? tf sa? D eC? faflax Pa. arenna I HtUgUgglS"* #eu WM?r, ioT Coftl OilTcJ \wn tor ??*. 1 I liSaWl? i ' in SICK AND worm IMS D NOLD1KRI IN HOSPITAL. At Mtmimmry F!o*pi*eU, Q tor gtt oven, Dte. 97. M U 8. Infintry IB 4-id Peon. Volunteer* . 1 Mb do Cavwlry 1 45th do do..*... 1 $thVflraootVolant??n 3 09d do do 3 Ut do Cavalry... 1 UMthdo do 1 lit Rhode bland Art. l lit do Renrre.... 3 4th do do.. 1 flth do do...(t) 1 5th Connecticut Vol.. l 7th do do 1 17th New York Vol... 7 11th do do 4 20th do do.... 1 1st do Rifles 6 2l*t do do.(a) 1 Ut do Cavalry.... 1 22d do do.... 1 4th do do 1 w>a ao ao.... liuth do do...... 2 04 th do do.... SiUt do Artillery... -2 2d N York Cavalrytfc) 2|4th Michigan Vol 3 3d do do 1 v!d Wlacooaln Vol.... 1 OneldaConntyCavairy 1 5th do do.... 3 9th Penn. Volnnteera. 1 ?h do do.... 3 27th do do...... 2 Excelsior Brigade.... 2 36th do do i ? 30th do do 1 Total .....91 I (a) One officer, (b) One officer. (e)Onecffio?r. At General Hospital, Union Hotel, comer Bridge and Washington streets, Georgetown, Dec. T7. 17th New York Vol ...11 Jd VermontVolunteers 2 ISth do do.... 1 3d do do...... 2 10th do do,... 2 5th di> do, 1 Jtith do do.... 1 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 2Sd do do.... 1 Rth do do.... 1 2-ith do do.... 2 (Hh do do.... I J3d do do.... 1 -3d Michigan Vol 5 33th do do.... 2 4th do do 1 37th do do.... J' 2dWisconsin do 2 | 43d do do,... 3 5th do do 6 44?h do do.... 21 lit Minnesota do 1 45th do do.... 1 ] 1st California do...... 3 50th do do,... 3jVst Excelsior Brigade, ft Sid do do.... 1 -id do do.... 1 Mth do do.... 1 3d do do.... 6 56th do do.... 2 4 th do do.... 1 5flth do do,... 2 5th do do.... 3 5rtth do do.... 1 1st Maryland Vol 1 79th do do.... 3 1st Indiana Rifles.... 1 S6th do do.... 1 Stockton'* Mich Vol. 4 2d Penn-Volunteers . 3 Garibaldi Guards..... 1 4th do dp 2 f)e Kalb 2 ft'h do do 2 New York Mounted 7th do do 2 Rifle* 1 6th do do 2 Kane's Rlflea 14 11th do do 2; 1st Penn. Cavalry.... 1 12th do do 3 2d do do. 6 23d do do...... 1 5th do do 2 2#th do do 1 Harris' Light Cavalry 3 35th do do 2 4th Rhode Island Art. 1 toth do do 2 2d U 8. Artillery 1 45th do do 2 4th do do... 1 Mth do do...... 1 5th do do 1 Sid do do 6 1st New York Artillery 2 57th do do 1 Mott's Battery 1 104thdo do 1 Home Guards, D C.. 1 2d Maine Volunteers.. 1 7th do do 4 Total 166 At Hosfitul ml Columbian Colltgt, Watkington, Pit. <7. 4?h U. 8. Cavalry 1 Oneida N. Y Cavalry. 1 5th do do 'J M Berdan Sharpa'rs.. 3 d Maine Volunterra.. 1 lat New J traey Cavalry 8 7th do do 1 '2d do Vol.... 1 9th do do 1 3d do do.... 1 11th do do 35 Oth do do.... 1 5thVermontVolunt?>er? U lat Penn Artillery.... 4 linhMaasaehnarttsVol 1 1st do Cavalry 1 Rhode Uland Battery. 1 4th do do 1 lut New York Artillery 1 lat do Volunteers.. 3 Hamilton Artillery... 1 3d do do 8 Booky Battalion 2 8th do do...... 1 Ut New York Cavalry. 1 l'2th do do 1 'id do do.... 5 ?Id do do...... 1 7th do do.... 1 '27tb do do 3 ,-th do do....11 3l?t do do 1 Harris Cavalrv I f>'2d do do 7 I3tb New York Vol... 1 57th do do., .(b) I 1 -* V. J ~ ? uiu uu u<N ? ^ WIQ Oi) dOi ? j 22d do do.... 1 l*t California Vol..... 2 :CJd do do.... 1 Ohio Cavalry 1 36th do do l ?th 1111 noU Cavalry... 5 37th do do.... 3 Sturgii Rifles 1 43d do do.... 1 2d Wlconaln Vol... 1 Glth do do.... 2 5th do do.... 1 77th do do.... 1 7th do do.... 1 79th do do l 1st Minnesota Vol 1 b7th do do (a) 1 1st MichiganCav.. (< ) 1 Both do do.... 1 2d do Vol 4 Anderson Zouaves.... 1 3d do do 3 lit ExceUlor Brigade. 1 4th do do '2 2d do do.... 1 Sth do do...... 2 1>? Kalb N. . . Vol ... 1 Stockton'* Mlrh Vol. 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 l{uarteiu<aat:r'a Dep't 1 McCle'lnn'i Dragoon? 2 Cameron l>ragoon?... 5 Total 173 ( ) One officer. (6) One Mhc?*. (c) One officer. At Guurttl Hospital, (CircU,) W*tkington, n.. a* i/ec. lit. Officers 1 Aid New York Vol... 3 lit U S Cavalry 1 24th do do.... 9 24 do do 1 44th do do.... X 4th do do 3 New York Rock Bat5th do do 3 tnlion 1 Oth do do 4 lit D C. Volunteer*.. 1 lit do Artillery.... 3 lit Michigan Vol 1 3d do do 1;5th N Hampshire Vol. 8 4th do do 1;'. ?h do do.. 1 5th do do 2.6'.h Maine Volunteers. 1 lit do Infantry 1 7th do do.... 3 2d do do 7,11th do do.... 1 3d do do 7 2d Vermont Voluntwrs 1 4th do do 7 4th do do.... I 6th do do 4 StamplMd'iN Y Vol. 1 7th do do 1 Mb N Y (Irish) Vol. W 10th do do 4 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 Engineers 1 jCameron Drapoons... 1 2d renn. Volunteers . a i-i Wisconsin Vol.... 1 45th do do l|Hth Illinois Cavalrv... 1 5th do Reaerve.... 1 New Jersey Vol.. 1 ad New York Vol... ? 191h do do i| Total .. 94 At Fifth District School Houit Hospital, Branch of (rouroi Hospital on E strut, Dec 27. 12ttaPennsylvanlaVol. 1 Kentucky Cavalry .... 1 27th do do.. 1 Ith Penn. Cavalry.... 1 104th do do.. '2 Cameron Dragoons ... 1 3d Michigan Vol..... 1 Ohio Cavalry (unat). 1 2d Vermont Volunteer* 1 ?dU. 8. Cavalry I 62d New York Vol... 3Jflth do do 1 59th do do.... I ? D (1 Volunteers...... 2 Total ..18 5th Rhode Uland vol. 1 Stch re-rtntntng tn Ut Hospxtal ft* BrupH+e thseases, at Kaloramta. Dec 37. 2d U t*. Infantry 5'ld Penn. Volunteers. 3 0th do Cavalry 2l5ld do do 1 7th Maine Volunteers. 3 85th do do 2 2d V^rmontVoluuteers I ?H;h do do 1 14th Majaachuaeta Vol. 1 lirtth do do... (a) 6 IstNew York A/tiLlery 5 1st Michigan Cavalry. 1 2d do Cavalry. 2 3d do Vol 1 4lth do Vol 1 7th Wisconsin Vol... 1 56th do do 10 19th Indiana Vol 2 1st Penn Raaerve.... 1 Quartermaster's Dep't 1 3th do do 1 ? 45th do Volunteer. 1 Total.... 53 (a) One officer At Indiana Hospital I Patent Office), Washington, D. C., Dec 27. 19th Indiana Vol 40 53d Penn Volunteers. 5 3d do Cavalry.. 2 9th New York Vol.... 2 27th do Vol ? Irt < * * * m 4th Rhode Island Vol. 1 i7th do Cavalry 3 1st Berdan Bharps'rs . 4 Jffth do Vol.... 1 2d do do 1 ? 11th Maine Volunteers 5 Total *..76 1st Michigan Cavalry. 4 At (inural HotpUal, Altzmndria, Dtt 27. 21 U. S. Infantry .... 2 31?t New York Vol... 4 3d do do 1 12d do do.... 6 4th do do 5 37th do do.... 4 fl'h do do 2 18th do do.,.. 5 btb do do........ 3 10th do do.... 7 10th do do 1 14th do I do.... 4 lat do Cavalry 1 49th do do.... 1 5th do do 1 >Ith do do.... 1 6th do do 1 57th do do.... 1 2d do Artillery... 1 Stttb do do.... 1 5th do do 3 Slat do do.... 2 Sherman's Artillery.. 1 03d do do.... 2 27th Indiana Vol 21 Mth do do.... 7 lit Massachusetts Bat. I 09th do do.... 1 5th do Vol. 5 70th do do 1 8th do do..S3 tat Excelsior Brigade. 1 9th do do.. 1 3d do do.... 1 12th do do..10 New York Engineers. 1 5th Connecticut Vol ..23 Cameron Rifle* 2 2d Wiscousla Vol.... 4 2d N Y Fire Zouaves 1 3d do do 0 Lincoln Cavalry 1 5th do do ff lat New York Cavalry 1 Ath do do 13 8th do do.... 1 4th Wisconsin Cavalry 1 3d Penn. Volunteers. 3 2d Michigan Vol 18 5th do do 2 3d do do......11 7th do do...... 3 5th do do 9 9th do do 1 2d JkUlM Volunteers. 2 28 th do de 1 3d do do...... 3 29th do do 4 4th do do 4 30th do do 3 5th do do 2 T2d do do 14 3d Vermont Volunteer* i 40th do do 9 5th do do It Uth do do. ... 9 1st Rhode Island Art.. l 46th do do 5 1st do Bat.. 1 59d do do 2 . .. A rt * '? * *- - nil,, * UU QO 7 4th do Vol.. 1 Mtb do KIkZouitm I Cot.. 1 ?Tth do Volunteers.. 6 1st Minnesota Vol i out do do 9 1st NewJecsoy Vol.... l 8ath do do l M do do.... 3 Kth do do 9 3th do do.... 8 104thdo do 1 fch do do.... 6 00th do do 3 1st New York Vol... 1 lOSthdo do f I4th do do.... 1 lit do Rangers.... i Idth do do.... 1 1st do Oovalry. ... * ieth do do....18 1st do ArtlUory.... 5 do do....14 1st do Dragoons... 1 do.... 9 4th do Cavalry.... 9 10th do do.... 7 11th do do. 19 Bd do do.... 9 Uth do Reserve.... l ? do-...M 19th do do 1 W*h do do.... 9 Cameron Dragoons... 9 17th do 9th Illinois Cavalry... l **fh Ha do.... A Uakeown | ft*'-i do do.... 9 __ Mb do do.... 1 'total 493 m do do.... 1 1. P. IAHTUOUW, WlOLMALl a*V una HiLR III BiNvtrc ft Agrl??ltaral tapkiMU, MS 8mm brtm Belov Pa. ( oft*. EiH end Cmtrt MirhtJ WASHINGTON, D. a My (took embraoes iuv artio r?? for Army pcrpowi; wnoDf wmoh are the foiioniag: Canal Barrows, Bope, Wheel llarrowa. Aim, Tracks?heavy and light, Piok?, Grindstones, Hato frets, Grindstone Fixtures, ^aws, Acv Is, piok Handles, Blacksmith Tools, Portable Forges, Rattan or stable brooms, Camp Stores, Porks Letter Presses, Shovels, U.vw/)A? ?-J *1- 1 A ? - wim nun,m ^paaos. Proof Wroaght iron Log Chains, Boxes, Ha tar Chains, Fxj? and Burglar Proof Chains, Sm**, J'race Chains, Horaa Powers, swing'tetieaa, PortaMa Ov*n?, Hamas, Bucket*, Curr? Comis, H ater Bnoiets, Cards. Measure*. Hand Carts, lateral, ^ airbants* tkalu May, CotNaTTa, Platjbrm, aiu. Ootntar, Wrought Nails. Butchers ?ca'as. Horse-shoe Nails, Butoher Knrves, NVrenohes, Hoo* Iroon, Wsson Jacks, Strap Iron.Jka . *o., P* . PorUhie Mills fcr OrindLarya Plows, Sre , i eg Horse Head. Har and t**aw Cnitai*. \firnilnurT iif ill iliuii. Corn Shellprs, ' | de"ia-actw SMfTH A BROTHER'S PALE OKEAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALB, PORTER AXD NffW YORK BROWN ffTOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALBS are Brewed from the CfiOlCfcST BARLEY MALT afto HOPS, and hi?hly esteemed W those who have used them. Purchaeere are requested to call and examine oar superior stoot, assured that they will find the BEST and PUREST articles. * We have at all timet a larje stook ready for dolivery, in wh^Lfe half .and quarter oasks, suitable for the TRADE, HOTELS, and PAMILY U?E. which we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH A BROTHER, Brewere. No. 1*3 A lfiO West lsth at, New York City. Orders by Mai or Excess promptly exaoutad. ce ?-6in ^ BRIDAL GIFTS. Silver skrvices, VII 17 L I) IIO Alkl uiu t cin v SILVER TbREEN9 au.VK^'feiBHEe, HILVKR SPOONS and POHK8. SILVER PITCHhJfcS, WALTERS, HALT CELLARS, With a tf'/it colUction of *mall<r artizltt. tuitahe for Bridal Gifts Theae cords Kie all of ourowu mmufooture, of the ranat elegant workmanship an<l finish, and v? do not believe, for variety ?o<! quantity, are aurpaased br an/ other oolleotion in the oountry. EPEHOygS J JJSJ*LRY' *INS For aaio by A SAM*lffrlRK A SONS. 17 d Baltimore at., Baltimore, Md. Eatabliahed 1817. del4-13t* ELEVENTH STKEET! 502 E. FISHER A BROTHERS, FRENCH STEAM SCOURERS. Baltixobb, Md. The only place tnia aide of New York.wiiere ou can g?t a f*i!k D-ttn cleaned, restoring the lustre eouol to nfcw, Monnoea, Delaine*, and all k 1 n(1 H nl i .Ait l ab hraataj /iiaan^ * ? V?_ mwu.v* vaoua VIV0U9U W IkllUUh UUCQ apart. Crape and other Shawls, Table Covers, and Gentleman's Clothing, clt**neil in the beet manner, L?avmi no substance in the cloth to injure it or make it more easily to soil. N B Good* will be vent to Baltimore twioea week, and return with like promptness. de 12 ?w \N M. P. sl?EL)D. Agent PH1LADKLPHIA PROVISION STORK, 119 PunNSTCVANIA Avknui, Between 19<A and Jotk ft* The undersigned, harms located himself as above, takes this method of informinc the oitiaens of the First Ward that he has opened a first-class Provision Store, conducted similar to those for srhioh Philadelphia is famous. Here oan be foun^1 at ail times a larce aad freeh supply of POULTRY, GA>1 E, VF.EF. MUTTON, Ac. FRUITS aad VEGETABLES in season. Particular attention is oalled to hia stock and prices of mJTTER. CHEESE. Ao. Pntladelphla Print Butter. Goshen and Western Reserve, Being determined to five the stnotest attention to the wants of his onstomere, and to keep every artiole in Bis llneofth* b*?t euaJftv, and eell at the lowest market prioea, he hopes to merit a share of public patronage. Families will b? waited upon dally for orders. If required. no 16 THOMAS R. WILSON. tiovemmMl fiLoan lieocj, Owiti or LBW1B JOHNSON k CO., BANKERS. Coftnn or Pa. Atbkci ahb Tenth St. LEWIS JQHNSON, of oar firm, h*Tin? been pointed a rubeoription Ajent lor the National Loan authorised by the aot of CorgreM of '.Tta July, 1861, we are prepared to fntniah. to partiM deaircu* of making invennvnt, any Amount of 7 3 10 Treacnry NutM. of oonveoient ifltee. no ? tl LKW1H JOHNfeQN k CO. mm* military bo<?th, m&m fll At ftJ * IWNu. 16 Market Space. Peun, av.,* between Rth and ?th ?t?. j rosenthal. Ladiee', Miuea' and Children'* Boot* and Snoee of ov?ry deeoription, lower than ever. de 1? eo Dk. duponts sugar-coated female. regulating pills Head the luuuwmj uuiAiotMtd eneonu ?>) gmi: i "I cannot ooramond ?hem too highly." ~fJ "They are the best hsmale Pilis extant." "J have used them with oompiete snoeess." "Would not be without them upon any oonsklecatinc." "They operatebd?edi?. aad effeotirelr." Pno#?l tteot bjmafi TeidbTB. C. UPHAM, aiOChrsnut Btreot, Philadelphia, and in Wa?lain* ton by 8. C. FORD, oorner 11th street and Pa. aveaoa. no ?It DR.O^PtHKYlS ANHDOTEWILL OVIlk GoNORkBOJA in six dars. No ohanceof diet resniral It is aa Kni!ish Specific of sixtr-five yea-sstan< and will not harm the most delloate oon-^^^^^ utitation It oontai- ? no minrr&it, prioe ft. KodbytJ. C. UPHAM. 340 ItiesnutifrMf, Philadelphia, and in Washington by 8. C. FOBD, oorpwr flth i??rert and Pa. a*? bo >6 eoly JTEAtt-TKA?-TKA8! U8T Reosived a prfcge lot new Teas. Por sale iow?i BKOWNFNG A KEATING'?, de4 3tawtf 3ft3 Pa.avanue, nay 6th JUST RECEIVED A LOT OF THAT VKEV aupenor OLD CAM IN KT BRANM; * BROWNING A KEATING'*, de? Stawtf 383 Fa avanaa, r,w 8th al. catawba ^gsvawba grapes'! Freeh Catawba Urapea in exoelient ord?r and , delioioua iu flavor. Trr them. KING * BURCHRLL. rig 11 oorner i?h at. and Vermont ayEvery i)?acn *itmRo/*!JOB ^RINTJN? required by any bodr?oitiiena, oiTll fnnauooariee. arm? wid navy offioera, autlera, Ac.?executed at the STAR office, in aatiafaotorr atyle,at low ra?a? for Oaati. rf ? tf rPIIE SUBSCRIBER* h** latmtn (k?. J. patrons and the publio geueraTly orbfr-fta in* ampiy iuiiUmI with a superior stock of^h FALL and WINTKR BOOl)8. .

They also rMpeotnUiy invito attention of WW their Army and Navy customers, and those requiring outfits in that line. to their nnnor J valines of Sword*, LpaaieU. Shoulder Strap* Belts, Chapeaos, Hat*. Caps, Sasnes, and Gold Laow, oon?tantly on hand, whioh are warranted aa rep re seated, Whilst tendering thanks for the liberal p*tronace enjoyed, they will endeavor to merit a oontmaaaes. V. i. HKIBKRGF.R * CO. (Suooeesors to H. F. I/Oiui< n ft. Co.,) CITIZEN, MILITARY tmd NAY/LL TAILORS, 30? Pennsylvania Avenne. oe IB ?y?3rn JMPOR1ANT TO MILITARY MBN ! Army Regulation Bats, Modellan Fatifue Cava, f* hniiittiri de P&rii Oam. *3tf 0MI m*J*10 9SA Pa. arenas, near eorner Utth si, Between Willard*' ana Kirkwoods' Hotels l?T A*ency fbr ^itten's Cork Cap Barelook, iiuii iwuiiniouw lor in? IH 01 our rut tod file bj Lieut. Gen. Winfield Seott. * de il-ln OHNE NICE RO8KW00D CHICKKRINO PIANO for #74. - mm ? Unci oota?efour round oorner A Davis Piano fur #?X) HIHI For ?. o*on Sole Ageno* for Btmnway and Soa'a and Karen, Baoon A Co.'a PUuioa. <ip u MAt^fcY, COLLINS A CO/8 PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALE. We have Just received a eaeplr oi the above Ale, wtiicfa we reoonuneod to be ofa very anp?rior ?uafity. Peraone wiihing to purchase/by Bating immediate application, tu be furniahed. ARN Y * 8H1NN, no 7 Georgetown. SOLDI KB8 NEfcDINO DRY GOODS for Ue "folks at home" are eoliettM to mtpirt our vast etook, now onmp'ete in all de part men ta. One ?rio? only, the actual oaan *taod%rd value, marked ta plain figo/ee. An wwiMtioa of a took moara bo oblifotoot to t Maksd, for axyrooa or ottMr I ?i?nmlniJmi(jlut mo./7* uom. oormt bi|ti tSIrwttftk w? *ri oow m uag "Zi Sk / * ' " ??; OaS PITTING, 4c. rBuflll.?J|^J||&UI FITTHV _B7> Star*?ntthfum^a doonMtth?( Pa. W in riiiiiii. aaTPlafiC rup^nor id mie to *ayi?inc hemo&re offer*) in Una mirkat We inrlte ofcisace fenoral V t*< mJI and examine our rtook of Oee end water rli' tree, reeling oonfident tfcal we have the beet Mooted atook in WiumiiftoE. All Work in the abovo ,.&e wtraatod to Mr Mr* w3t b. tmrilr -""jftfr, ?Uil.. Mr *-tf Trgpimoei. dsntistby! aNd improved invention ARTIFICIAL CHEOPLAST1 BOPfB .TEETH, Mitxl plats ok cllips. 910 BroadJm+i'yii?nPemmU Am mm, mwm \itk and \M rti, W**At>nton, Cf- < the attention of the puilic to the tallowing ad-ranta* e? of hi* im?rr>r?d rrrtsm : 1. The Teeth of hfa rmnuiicta/* w. MM wtn oorode nor ohanre ook>r by aoide. being three fonrtha lighter than any other. 2. No teeth or r<*>ta need be extracted, aa the ftrtiflOMJ ocea oeaAe inserted oyer them. L The root* wuPbe made lnofffenarre, aa never o act*. CNo temporary teeth are needed, as permanent one* Du be made immediately, thereby preeerrtBg St tumoral expression of via the*. whioh under eold system Is frequently disfigured ft. Thla work ha* been qmy tested over five T*ara by many of the brat ohemiata and phyaioiana of thia oountrr. Dr. 8. has also invented a white undestraqtire metaU iylina, with whiah the most aepaitrre tleth can be fiUea without pain, and oan buud up a per feot, sound tooth on any nde roots, which will last through lifetime. The beat of referenoee riven?to Dr. V. Wott; Dr. Doremu*, Professor of Chemistry. N. Y Hon. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Ceort of Washington, and thousands of othersCall and examine for Tonraalf. DASSENftER TRAINS TO AND FROM t BALTIMORE. WINTER SCHBDVLB. SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. 0? and after Monday, Deoember 9, 1S61. PuwuBr Traina between WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE will run &a foliowa: TRA INS MOT INS NORTH. Moraine Expreea leave Waatiincton 6 no a. m. Arrive M Baltimore 7.#> a. h.; Philadelphia 1140 p. New York p. BarriaLarc l.M p. K. Morning AooommodaUon leave Waahicrton 7.40 a. . Arrive at Baltimore 9J0 a. m. No oonneotiona at Baltimore, New York Mail Train?leave Waahiofton at U a. M- arrive at Baltimore 12.40 t. u.i Philadelphia I.J7 p. u.i New V.ork 1" P. n. Afternoon Accommodation?Ira re Washington ' ?.n? p. w. Arrive at Baltimore 4 to p. Phtlideii phia 10.0H p. k. Evening Kxpr?e?? leave Washington p. ?. Arrive at UaTttmo.e e.tfi p. m., Philadelphia 10.M p. New York 4 a. k.; Harnaburg 1 a. m. On Sondaya at 3 "9 and 5 p m. only. j a r. m. train irum WMIlingtOD OODDMII through to New York every day during the week. TRAIXS MOVING SOUTH. Leave New York at 7 a. Phi lade ?hta a. m ; Baltimore 4 m r. h Arrive at Washington iM F# M? 'Leave New York at # p. Philadelphia lojf) r m.; Baltimore ISO a. m. Arrive at Washington W | a. m. | Leave New York at 11 p. m.; Philadelphia jjn I a. Mi Baltimore? S5 a.m. Arrive at Washington 1 9 25 a. k. | Aooommodatioo Train* leave Baltimore at I a m., and ir.n, for Washington, arrive there at i 11 A* m. an>l 7 p. m. I On ^uodaTS at 4 30 and 7.38 a. m only. Passenger Trams leaving Washington at 7 4<"> a. m. and iji p. M., and Baltimore at 7.3* a. m and 4.'0 P M, make direct oocnootions for Annapolis at the Junction. i Trains leave Annapolis for Baltimore and Washington at fijo a. m. and *. ) p. m Passenger Trains leaving Washington at MO a. m.,11 a. m-.auti 5 p. u., and Baltimore at 43' and 7,35 A. M.. and 3-50 p. Will Stop only At AmamIii Jwutiim and Was timet on (Rtiay) Junction Wm PusPDger? n.u?i take the Acrommodatton IT\a*ns only Tr&iDi will leave Waahiogton aod Baltimore promptly upon tard timt. W. P. SMITH, de IT Maeter of Tramportatiop, Bait. I GOVERNMENT DISPATCH. FAST FRKIGHT LINE N E W Y OJl ^TU A^H1 N G T O N A BpeciaJ M6e?#e#erWlll t>? mt through with oh Train, iu urd?r to naare uJelj lad dispatch. ALL KAIL, WITHOUT*CHANGE OF CAKft. oo and after MOIfDAY. Not. ltth, thia Company will reoelro andJMflfovt Munition* of War, 9~>vermn?nt Store*. Sutlert' Soppiiaa for the Army and aU M iio^umo*Freight. at Low Rater. wirhoct iaui of bvls. Srtcta, Conlrttt Lartt Freight reoeiv?d only at the Depot of the C'nTtnvi Railroad of New Jersey, Pier No. 2, North i River. ? For farther information, or apeoial oontraoU, enemr* at the OJh* of Ik* C^mpamw, 49 Broadway, Pf. T-? Or 648 Pmmiyhxintu an., Wasktngtcm City. fTT"M%rk Good*, "liey-rnment m??*lch"-/~n Freifht received trow S a. m. to 3j> m. A.6. HOPE, m tMHope Exprec* Co.. no?-lm < Heyenntendent. j NOTICE. 44 ADAMS1 UPRKU WJMPAMT " tThia OoTiptoj offer* to tiie public ** L'ne^aaii?d ' for the Safe aD<i Muwk I?i?pntah of eavy Freifhu. ee, y^lua.iiea, Money, fie. I <*-? > w hi fvu 01 we UU(N CUMI. Kxpreaaea U< anil from the North aaJ WMt dojart from and arrive hi Wa?Mngtoti frwioe dajly, I Ail Kx?re?aeaare fn ?harge of $xrwimu*d mmd fww%? Meaaengera. Ail Package* tor The Boldiera oamoa at "on* HALT" our usual rajos. Ail Oooda for the ao-oalled "Confederal States" and all Artiolea "Contraband of war* vfil b? Kimp. Our Expresses leave New York at 1,1, and IP. M .^arriving in Washington at A. M. and L9I hxprm?e? leave Philadelphia at MO A. M. and U arriving tn Waahington at 10 P. M. and ^'xpreasea leave Baltimore at 4 ? A. M. and S P. M.. arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and i*> P. M. Kxpveeaet for %11 points North and West leave Washington at 7.90 A. M. ana 230 P. M. daily. Special Contracts tor Iarjre quantities of Freight oan he made on aaplioation to this HBoe. All Oooda called for and delivered Jru of Extra charges. E. W, PARSONS, Snp't Ad&mc' Express Ocrm>a?. Wash i niton. Atimil 23 11*1 ?? t?w WATCHPH v*OLD AND SIL.VKK. ^NGLISH, SWISS AND AMERICAN. I have now on hand a large etook of all tha most celebrated Waiobes, that 1 am sailing at the vary lowest prioes that good and reliable time kaepera oan boatfordad at; and every description of Are JEWELRY r>n hand; all new etylea reoeivod aa I soon aa manufactured, and offered at the lowest ratec. Silver ware manufactured in my own aho*. All kindaof Mil ITAKY GOODS on hacd.aitoh a* Revnhrere, Sworda, Saabes, Delta, Bowie Knives. Po-iket Compaaaea. <ke., ko. Alao strong Army Trnnka and Bed Otmbined: and many other thing a oaetnl and ornamental at 338 Pennsylvania avenue. no30 tf H. A. HOOD. n i. nuHuiR, OPTICIAN TO TUB rFR SIDE NT AND MILMA Pena'a av? > noi th aide, jbet. lith and 14th ata. SPBCTAGLEB, provided with IMIIM R??k CnittJ or Periaoopio Lenaep. monnted in gold, urec or (teal, and mited with nUnoat oat* for very age and eyesight. FIRST CLASS MILITARY FIBLD-OLAS8B8, Mloroeoopaa, CumpuiH, and Mathematical la trumenta, at the lowest Eastern pnoee. oo 39-tr BR0, CAMP BLANKETS, H ALP-SOB E, As., wtnon we Jnvite all cash yaroeaaera to examine before making their M.echqaa. WALL, SffPHENB A OO., )M Pa. a v., between Ha and 1Mb eta. ?B (tatalhcenoer and HeMhTia&B.i jps nww INs. Q>6f>oL>g>0 tyUyof IcV-prtofd. iwtli?. I# NSroSfc " * ?*?? *? ? pOl'SHB, COLl)|, HOARSB?tMB.k?. f i COMPOUND Btffbf OrOUMAMABKL Tata mumT ui ptriur OoubKvnffprJtM D M. JO&JUV** DllflHOKE ?FI*A t FOE ALL 1H9KASC80F IMFKVDENCB. LET NO FALSS DELICACY P&XTRNT. APPLY lMMEDLAttLY, A 9 VAX WARRANTS XX. Of /TO CM AMOR, IN FROM ONR TO TWO DATS. VntaM af J< kit kmotM, AfMttana af U< KMum v.. - ?? *? ? ml 0*M4ty, Hhkmm, Lun?, Canfaaaaa af 14tu, l<n ttinj, ?i.-ftiewe af iha iMtt, TlaUw, rrtBktuii, Dtmcaaa af B-.ftx ar QlddJctta, PlHtM ?f ?? tad, Tfcraai, Rom ar tkin. Afaetkna at (ha Lanfa, <? ut ar Ba? ?ia U>? Twnw Diaordert artaiaf ma Mh I117 ItMtt W Yaatk?thaaa Din<?l u>4 PmncUri Pi? IKM wiuct ruto until itiiwlttt, u4 itwtr M My ul Mlad. TO V7fO MEN apaatall; wh? Un kaeana tht Hcant af fcltoiy Tin, that draadfkl u4 daatracU*a btMl vhiek iwatly fweapt M u> VDUMitl; gr+rt (he?tndt of Ytmrm Mm af (ka Mat t malt ad talaota u>d toilliaat latailaat, vha atffct atbarviaa ba^a totraoced lauon| Baoataa vt(k (ka thasdtn *1 ata> nanat ar vaktd ?a acataey (ka ttvtef Irra, oaj aaJl vttfc Ml cacldtoet MARAIAOM. aim rnNm.arTMBf Maa iwliMflitM Mu> ittfi. Mwmn til pfcjatoil (Kkiao wpali daMUly, 4wmaa,te, madilT evad. a ?ta ptaaat btraaatf ndar tbt aara af Da. J. rattav aaaty mbMi id bit >?mt u (Mdmu t*4 ma'llaafty Nhmt Ms kill u a ptywciaa. QJTrCE * . 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. laflftiandaida raaaf fraae B?hiain?9m, a daan fir? tha mtmi. rail aat W iImhi hm aad a?*ll. kattaia MM k( paid aad naajam a iua|. DA. JOHN8TON, Hw>n af tba RayaJ Oallafa af nU? au fcaas ana af tha moat amaaaat ka tha Bitiad tataa, aad tha pan af wImn lifa baa baaa iym tba >a?iK?h af Laadaa.Parta. AikMfkla aad alaaahara, baa ifiMtl aaaaa aI tha moat aataniahlaf aaraa that ?? at koavai auf troaMad tM nafl&f la tha ka*4 aad an w*a? utMfi nut oaraaaaaiaaa, Hiu alanaif at aaddao aaaada. baahfwlaaaa artth fraqaaat feaaatag, aliaadad aauauiaaa with AarufaoaM af aud, vara carad tmm?dlatalT. TARM PARTICULAR NOTICE. Trao| Slaa aad aUwi aW ban lajvtd Uiaaaatan by a Mrun praeuc* iadalfad u> akan aiana?a babat fraaaaaifcy laaroad frwn a?U eaaatpaoiooa. at at aebaal. tha afaau af wbi?h ara atifbtly IbK a??n arias aalaap, aad if aat aarad. randan mamaja unpoaaibia, aad daatraya bath Mad aad badr, abaald apply tnuaadtataiy. Taaaa ara mm af tba aad aad aalaaebaiy af acta pradaaad by airly habiu af yoath, mi Waalnaaa af tba Back aad Umba, Paana in tha Hail, Dimnaaa af (i|tt, Laaa af SlaKadf Pavar. Palpltauan af ua Raan, Drapapay, Narraaa irma1 bality, Daraaifamaat af tha D\yaau*a faacuaaa, Baaarai I !>abality, Bjmpvaaaa af Cauanniao, Ac HrrTtLLT.-nia faarfal afatu oa tha mad ara BKh la 1 ka draulad?Loaa oMIamory, Coofaaiao af Idaaa, Dacraaaiaa af Ipulw, K?U Forabodtcfa, Aaaraiao af Sociaty, 4alf-Diatraa., Lo*a af Bain ad a, Timidity, ate* ara aataa af tba arila paadaaad. Nlirsci Duilitt.-Tbaaaaada aaa *a,>adg.*hail* | tba taaaa af tbair daeliaiof baakh, Loam* ibair atfar, baeaaaln( vaah, pala, aaraaoa aad amaciataa, havtaf a aicfa.a? aaraaraaoa abaat th? ?u. < !> ? J - DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Willi lb* taiacajdad and mtpradaat 'Mu; ml|HIUW< tod* ha ku imbibed on aaada ol itia Mufil dtaaaaa, u iaa (Am bappaoa lhai aaiil-timad huh ofabana ar draad af diaea?ary dmn klo fram ihoaa arfca, froa adaaa'Jae >M raapacubtluy, Mo aloe* bafrtaad bin fa. la ml* tba haada of i|cattai aod <V*ai(?uif prai*t>d*r*. wtoa, u.capabl* af tinr?, fticb bit fuuiuf aahataaca, taap bin irilir.j DMBtb ?T?r month, ar aa loor aa tea amallaat rat can ba abtawad, and in daapair l*t?* kin with reload haaUb la curb var aia jralluf diaappoiniroani; a? by lb* a*a af ibat daadly paiaan?Ha retry?baaiaa iha enwwtt?a I aympMD* af tbia lamb, a di??aaa, a Mb aa Af acuar.a at iha B*an. ftAiu laU, bin. Ac , pr?fT?aau.f wilt frifhtfai r*puDtj7til! daalb paia amad la tua tfrtadfaT aaf artuf a by aaadl&( blast ibai UWMiarad caaatrr fna vIm baarua aa traralar rtitna. DA. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIO WEAENE8S AND IMPOTENHT ?f lb la jrraai and Uapartaal rantady waabr ?a? a/ |b* trrui at* ?pa*duy car ad and fall >^n r**tar*d. Thaaaaod* af iba atai eanaaa ud dabiliiatad, wba bad laal all** baaa Immadlaialy rail a'ad. All trapadlmaou la Marr'.tfa.Rytiaal ar Maatai Ptaqaalttaau*na, km af PNinaiiM FaVar. ???* irritability, fraaakttor and WlatgiH n Biaaaauaa af Iba Ml faarfa; kiad lyaadily carad. ENDORSEMFNT OF THE PRES8. Turn Midi TBOCkaffCk c.arad tl ibia inatitatoao aitbla iba Uat aaraniaao raara, and Lb* ceir araaa napanaot arrlaal tfirauwi p*rfarra*d by Dr. Jafet.aiao, arlinaaaad by iba rapamr* af tba pap?r* ana many aibar tarwu, aalleaa d vblab ba*a appatrad afaln aad afur bafara Iba pablie, kaa-<laa bta ataadinf aa a fanliaman af cbaraeiar aad raasaoaiMltty, la a aalaiaai flaratiaa la tba aBiatad. mar Ib-ly T XX IC*?] 3VX A. n. Protttted by Royal L*tt*rs Patent of England, and securtd by tk* S'aU of ikt RttAm dm Pkn*. marie dt Pari$, and tkt ImptruU CoiUgt of MidVitnna. TRIEPEMAR No. 1 la the eff*otual remedy fur Relaxation. trust ATORRHCB A and KxHACBTIOW OB TU1 t*"t?tkx. TRIEHKMAR No. 9. Completely and entirely eradioatea all traeea of thoae diaordera, for whioh Copaiva and labeba nave cecera It been thought aa anUdota, to Uta rum of the health of a rut portion of the poyalaTRIKBEMAR No S. } the (reat acd ear* remedy of tb* oinliaed worM or ail lmauritiea of the ayatem.aa veil aa aaooad?rj arAptomi. obviating the deatruotiTe aae of Merqnri, aa well aa alter dH*f>rioaa laxredianta. a&d which all the Saraavariila it the world oansot remiTj TiiutKmNo* 1,1 acd s are alike devoid of taate or amell. a?4 of all naoaeatinc analitiea. They are id tii? form of a Iomega, and may lie oo the toiiat labia without their aae be in* aoapaoted Bold in tin aaaea at $3 each, or fonr #3 oa?ea in one for 89, and in #^7 caa*a. thus eavinf 99. aa administered by Va.peau. Lallennand, Rou. Aa.. Ac. Wbo.eaale and retail by DR. H. A. BORROW. 194 BlMcker aireet. (? doora from MaoDoncal (treat). New York. ?? ? of remittance, I>r. Baiov will forward Trta-eaiar to aiif ?art of tut world, i^ouris y pao*ed,and addreued aooordiaf to Uie inatrueUooa of the w-iter. P?Mi*h?d alao by DR HARROW, that popular and tvautifally illantrated medioai woik, Hainan Frailty. Prio* 96 oenta. T'iM?n.if fc-.d Boot oaa be obtained by sp*oia. aatborlty from tt. C. FOR D, Washington, D. C. iltU iw LEA ft P E R R I N ft* CELBBRATBD Horce#ler*lilre Sauce. Pronounced by jO EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS J| ofaLcttcrfro?a to bathe If 1 " ? M ft at Madras "ONLY eOOD ^HUBrwUm SAUCE." FSl??H at WoroMNr, and applicable to |yM^j ? IJKS33.I " 1,11 u*a r rw*~ kvkry nglgjkr; '^?{?3 VARIETY Ljh^J^lUM, U VMI M OF DISH. ^^?5SJMS58 The shore SAUCE u wA only the hit ud moat popvlajl oorcihuit known, bat the moat Ectmomicai, &a a lew drop* in So*uh Gravy, or with WM, hot ud ?old Jotmit, BmJ Sfmk, (M?m< *., impart an ax?iua?U seat, wtuoh wSaooe maaafikotarera hare ia rain endeerorad to imtmu. On the BruikfaiL, Lmmtkiaw, Dwmmt, or IWt, a cruet oontauuax M LEA k. PERKINS* WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" la indiapanaobie. To approoiste the wllmit twitiw of thia 4?Htious prepsrstioo it is only neceaaary to parohaae a am* II botUa of the n?*i*i, of a reapoctable *rt>oer or dea er.aa many Hoi*i sod KmimtmI pro fH muii voiuom piaoe ue ran ?? oerore neir gueeta, but alMbtatc ? gecaioe BottU filled with ft ifurtMu mixture. For stle by Grooera %nd PraiUrer* everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A Union Smart mmd luk sirtti, Ntm York, Bole WholeaeJe Agent* for the Ua#ed MMn. A Stook elwmy* m *tore?Al*o order* received lor direct shipment* from KnfftaxL C7 J?w?n if CommttrfHtt mmd Jwiwtiwi.^11 eep S-ly,eo n TOP HAM'S WMM FBKMIWM TM W If K 9lu M Alt U?ACTOR T. 499 8nwn Bnm. WuitMiw, D. O. uEs?s.feu-',"u"'t I m eeaetMUv making, end tlwmy* have ea ?&n *"*ri ??*?"ef KiaMntfOouNiiMd tr?f^?ri will (tan pawnor Lnlw uk1 Drwa Tmnto ndi u Truck! ag**?4 fad r?Mir?d Uabort ftoCee. bozM for ooi dollir. Srar.rad orltiMhtiriu |3??^%?&i3ui r- Ij^l vue wi?i?Uj pruaiSIBI, iaMMP,u Tlftl D- %?& I CASH NOTICE. HA?F Vvftf, rkliKlT^P'io A ra\l itooi kJ w-wft ofittfr^xfBUtki.Mw' uue aboruii Vui^Sjlyyi i TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY'. MOITB&ftN CENRAL RAILWAY TV BktnmL gi HI 11 mU ImnAm Mh w?rr. north aptd NotTFwtrr WINTER aCNJLPULM. CtiMI of TTitb. OiWd After PrNOAV . tWfci Npwit^t, Pwwr ??rr frUM tru. trnw nd dtyvt |r?? Oklntt WAUOL M foi ow? T?*iiit Noara Lun h?r rtOB Aoo> ramo?1?t?oB 4 a. I" PitUbunt ^ Hi Taaih* loon Aiatn satjftfisawyst"'" **d ">M'rMb,lrc **** * * y m TKil ? n ??'? ? ***--" * - ?- - ? ? " vi .QX *OE OdUIMOII wrtfc th* ?JT v if- train frow BaTuaNwo for tho tS>? a. ai. trmta from Washington aowcu with tho to. m train froa Ba.timorc lo Wm. Wort^a^N ortli ?i aiifl r :nura aad Buffalo aa*! TboA p. an. train from Waahinfton ooceoota with tb? IJf f m train f'Otn Baltimore tor ?'i<tatwrt. Hamaharf aa4 tho Wm aao > a 4ir?ot nmntton or L?b?JOs.Facton Alieatfrwn aoO New Tort n? Qehtra. Rwlr<?il of Now Jeraoy. Try Uua roato for Now York uS: s? srar"1* % neww? sv*? '7 I TNOTICK TO TKAVkLKftS B* r iiBMiiii a-*- * ?? I* ordorad tke Monroe) to bo rennxd, on aw] Monday, the rhh iMtant. the Ray I Jjm of at^ainer* WLUiWTe Ba.ttmore KVfc* Y DA Y <oaae?t Baa day) Iron their *hifl, ftKX of L Dooi. ai ?k o'oiock r m., or ijnmodiatoly after Lht arrival of the WmmijIob Txalc. whioto .oavaa Waakin*toa at ?H "'"J'oel f. m. fc-t/ M. W PAIL*. Pr?X 8TEAM WJKKKLY HfT^thN ?D NEW YOKE ANDUVV RPOOU La?diL( and oaibarktat yamttn at OimmMb. Iniifid. The Lirorpool. New York and Pk; ad*<ptita 8t?a?shi? Company intend diafawkioc tuoir fCil owored CiTO?-built true Step kip* a* follows: And every Saturday, at noon, fro* PmtM. Nortk n?or. tin* of rnuti. Flrot Cabin .., .#W Do, to London ?m Do. to Pan* h* Do. to Hart, t>nrg .. ? M , - - Lk>. to ..irdiir _ 91 Jk>. to 'a n ? , m feo. to Hambari_ _ m Paaooncere forwarded to K^rneo. Rot| tor dam, Antwerp, Ac . at rodaood tkrmuk mm*. rereoat vubiii to brio# oat lLoi; /7i*bd? ou bar tioketa at low ratei, Tor further information apply at tbe Capuar.* Oftoe. JOBN<5. DAL . A cart, 1* Biotcn? N. V " Or toQ. A. BKRR1N8, ii^u Kiirm IMUBSEt _ NORTHER > CENTRAL RAILWAY. BUPERINTENDENT-B OPFICE.I Cuvut rr^TioH, Batuaora. Mi; II, UB. ( > : r'* afc&rr rive ard d?H>t m fo'Iowa. cntil fn-tLer notice. fRAIXS NOKTH. HARKlSBt'EO ACCOMMODATION at I P. M. The k.U A. 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"ulani SaC^OM MODATION. daily. for Port i^uk, aaducurmodiau gtat^ x\ h ^ d,^ jajjy?.jQf fritaa ,aaf anaataki Btahaaa ?H tiwi 01 gm?w ?t air Mail trA 1 NATHANIEL ifiVAN B^?TON T^^W^KT ti?D(U sjm tfMa. be t pvt omlanj indaft'v: to u* nnniMMa at Loy 1? n?d Bonnd, rvnninf noo?Bootjoc vnh tM PWieKer ??d cw? Colony Rat*roa<:. di??ar,oe of aMMf Ml7 to ootuo. P m No I North JUWr D?4r the pfcUW>. The Buamor KMMHK HfATl Oa?C fl-ayfcm, TV ETROPOLIB, Cart Brown. em Tuf>^l*T?,Thon^*T?. aod fctt-CMi, at to'efook A ?' or? are ^|2od vuT'ooBSodiCM tat* rooms, and mry (niaionofat (or U* mm- urv ty and oomfort ot pMm who are n#uri,?*. by uua miw a u,|tu' root on boart. and on arrival W Fail *lv?r frix>ood pfr rteaniS-at TraiL.reac* i?I Doe too ?ary the Mtovinc ^ornlat > or may inwu on vobtv huj *n*rr| or uw MMHWMB'T.MIA. M? b7 'WLx.a l>?? tamj ratekBottoi tbontMftJuBC A bmkff BHtar ia attached to iMtitoini, Vft&lM the mh torn CsrtitAtiot. 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