Newspaper of Evening Star, January 6, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 6, 1862 Page 1
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/ . . jKt Kpv H pH (w| W 1*1 v3 vs u j * r-1 i V^s } BE H 3* b| jjU, ^ V? ---. * ^ ' ' . J ' _ V?!=. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C , MONUAY, JANUARY 6, 1862. N?. 2,769 M? i ~ THE EVENING STAR * PUBLISHED pVBHT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE STAR BCILU1RM. 9rm*r oj iumm amd EUm*%tk it. WW W. D. WALLAOH. Pap?n served In pack**** by ee/rler* il Ml "ear. or 37 events per month. To mail subscribers '-he price li S3 30 a year, im adwmmtt; S3 for all aonth*; SI for tliree month*; and for lea ttaa three month* at the rate of IS oent* a week. Slafl? copies, o5? c*!?t; la wrapper*, two cm*. trr ADTmiiJitBKT* shoald be *ent to the eSee before 1* o'clock m.; otherwise they may aot appear nntll the next day. Stra*|? Adrcittre of ft Picket. While on mj lonely beat about an hoar ago, m light tread attracted my attention, and on looking ap I beheld one of Secesh's picket* standing before me. 44 Stranger," *ay* he, "you remind me of my frandmotner, who expired before I was born, at thi* unnatural war ha* miH* na *n?mi?a and I malt shoot you Give me a chaw terb acker." Ha *u a juung man, my boy. Id the prima of lifa, aad descended from the First Families of Virginia. At least that's what I understood by tha First Families of Virginia. I looked at him, and says I? " Let's compromise, my brother." "Nerer !" sajrs he; *4 the 8outh is fighting for her liberty, her firesides, and the pursuit or happiness, and I desire more respeotfully to welcome you with bloody .hands to a hospitable grave. '* ?' Stand off ten paces," says I, " and let's see whose name shall come before the coroner first." He took his place and we fired simultaneously. 1 heard a nail go whistling by a barn about a quarter of a mile on my right, and when the smoke eleared away I saw the Secesh picket approach me with an awful expression of woe on hiaotherwiM riirtv AAnntnaiu* " Soldier," s*ys he, "*u there anything in nay head before you fired '" " Nothing," says I, " save a few harmless ins eeta." "I speak not of them," says he. "Was there anything trutdt of say head ?" 44 Nothing, says I. " Well," says he, "just listen now " lie shook his head mournfully, and I heard something rattle in it. "What is that?" I exclaimed. "That," said he, "is T-ur bullet, which has penetrated my skull, and is rolling around in ? my brain. I die happy, and with an empty etomach, but there is one thing I should like to see before I perish for my country. Hare yoa a quarter about you?" Too much affected to speak, I drew a ooin IR from my pooket and handed it to him. The dying manolutcked it oonrulsirely, and stared t it fererisfcly. " This," said he. " is the first quarter I hare \ L seen since the fall of Sumter, and had I I % wounded you, I should have been totally unable tn hk(? von ? nn?r1 or Ah beautiful it is! how bright, how exquisite, and good for four drinks! But I have not time to say all I feel." The expiring soldier then laid down his gan. hung his cap and overcoat on a branch of a tree, and blew his nose. Ho then died. And there I stood, my boy, on that lonely beat, looking down upon that fallen type of manhood, ana thinking how singular it was he had forgotten to eive me back my quarter. The sight and the thought so affected me that I was obliged to turn my back on the corpse, and walk a little way from it. When I returned to the spot, the body was gone. Had it gone to Heaven? Perhaps so, my boy?perhaps so; bat I haven't seen my quarter since. Rain fer Tree Planters. The following rulea are ao self-evident to men of experience, that they seem alofost like axioms; and yet they are continually broken by novices in setting oat orchard and fruit m A OK ? 1. If the root* of a tree are Crozes oat of the ground, and thawed again in contact with air, the tree is killed. 2 If the froien roots are well buried, filling all cavitiea before thawing anj at all, the tree ia uninjured. 3 Manure ahould never be placed in contact with the roota of a tree, in Betting it oat, but old finely pulverized earthy oompoat answers well 4. Trees ahould always be set about as deep as they atood before digging up. 5. A small er moderate sized tree at the time of transplanting will usually be a large bearing tree, sooner than a larger tree set out at the same time, and which is checked neceearily in growth by removal. ft. Constant, clean, and mellow cultivation is abeolutely necessary at all times for tbesaceeesful growth of the peach tree, at any age; it ia aa neoeaaary for a young plum tree, but not quit* so much ao for an old ene; it is nearly aa eaaential for a young apple tree, but much lasa ao for an old orchard, and still lata neoaa aary for a middle aged cherry tree. 7. To guard againit mice in winter with per* feot auooeu, make a am all, compact, amooth earth mound nearly a foot high, around the retem of eaeh young orchard tree. 8. Warm valleys, with a rioh aeil, are mere liable to eauae destruction to tree* or their eropa hy cold.than moderate hills of more expeeure, and with lees fertile soil?the oold air aefelling at the bottom of valleys daring the sharpest frosts, and the rioh soil making the trees grow too late in autumn, without ripening and hardening their wood 9. The reett ef a tree extend nearly as far o? eaeh side as the hight of the tree; and heaoe te dig it up by cutting a circle with the spade half a foot in diameter, cuts off more than nine-tenths of the roots; and to apade a -i?-a - * iuu? cuoio *wgi * young tree Dot one quarter u far m tli* roou extend, and call it "cultivation," is like Falstaff" man claiming spurs and shirt oollar for a oomplete ?uit 10. Watering a traa in ary weather affords but temporary relief, and often doe* more harm than good by emetine the surface. Reaping the surface constantly mallow is much mora valuable and important?or if this cannot be done, muleh well. If watering is ever done from neceaiity, remove the top earth, pour in the water, aad then replace the earth?the n muleh, or heap the surface very mellow. 11. Shrivelled trees may be made plump before planting, by covering top* and all with earth for several days. 12. Wataring trees before they expand their leavea, should not be done by pouring water at the roots, but by keeping the bark of the stem and branches frequently or constantly moist. Trees in leaf and in rapid growth,' may ba watered at the raota, if dona properly. 13. Young trace may be manured to great advantage by spreading manure over the roots as far as they extend, or over a cirole whose radius ia equal to the height of the traa, in autumn or early winter, and spading this manure in, in spring. 14. Never sat young trees in a grass field, or among wheat, or other sewed grain. Clovee is still worn, as the roots go deep, and rob the tree roou. The whole surfaoe should b? clean and osllow; or if any crops are (offered, they should ba potatoes, carrots, turnips, or other low boed crops.?Country G*ntisma*. 11 CUriilTUMlMI. fTbii nobis fall flower tn*j be taken up and pat into a large pot or tab, after its bloaaoma re expanded, if a little oare U taken to retain ii tnanj of the fibre* aa possible; indeed, it easilj retains a large mass of the roots and fibres, and if these are pat into a pot or tab large enoagh to hold them entire, and watered well, the plant is enabled to stand the reaM>T?l. Taken in, oat of the reach of severe frosts, it will finish np its period of blooming, and reward its owner with flowers of different colors, for weeks after all other flowers have disapreared from the garden, and after its oomradss, eft oat, are biaekeoed with frost. Chrjsantbemams seldom set half throagh blooming .k ? ?. -m w_ ?j w?; ?? V?i VJi w 7 ?UU IflVir bo*?ty w?ll nura the liUl* trouble of lifting tawa ? Vallty Farmer. f* 1 CTl h?v? dut .Tind 1 method of rldlag calw of lice Cwi it<M Jla* utd I Ui wlnWfMg ?fktal<?i the* kMMMwrlwaiT.ud 1 fed tbeen btlf 1 ptat et tki time for two days, ad the oil from It droee tfee lie* tli off >9?mm fUTTb* yoang King of Portogmt Is about to marry PrlnccM of HohenxoU*rn-Slgmarlng*n, 9 tiMN Of UM teto UlOOOQ * A Ma!*s*rlt YorrH.?Last week the Crabtown Doroas Sawing Society held their annual meeting, and on motion it waa voted " That oar parson wait on Tony Jones, and see if nothing can be done to improve the manners of yotmg Tony." Th? next day the Pareon oalled upon Tony, Sr., and informed him respeeting the objeot of hit visit, to whioh he replied: 11 Parson, I'd let Tonv go to meetin' every Sunday if I only know'd yon'a goin' to preach. Bat. Pareon, then ain't a boy in the village of Crabtown what's got more manners than my Tony, and I can convince yon of that in jost a minit. Yon see Tony oat there skinnin' them niffers?" The Parson nodded assent. 44 Now. 1M I'll null him " A nii raialno roice to the highest pitoh. he ahouted? " To-o-o-ny! Tkv**poBN wu quick and equally load? " 8fr'." " Do joa hear that, Parson7" said the man. " Don't ye call that manners?" " That is all very well," replied the Parson, "so far as it goes?" " What do yoa mean by ' far as it goea ?' That boy, air, alwaya speaks reapeetfully to me. when I call him." Then raising his voice he again oalled? " T-o-o-o-ny!" The boy dropped a half-dressed fish, and ahaking his fiat at his aire, yelled out? *' Te miserable, black, old, dranken snob, I'll come in there in jist two minnits, an' maul ye like biases." The Parson wm astounded. The old man waa disoonoerted for a moment, bat instantly recovering himself, he tapped the Parson on the shoulder, aaying? " You see, Paraon, my boy has got erit as well IS minn# TKJa nVan will an ? ?... ^ uru vu?f/ nil! UiOftD ?U ornament to your society some of 'em days." The Parson shook bis head and misiled. Things ! New Yerk. Tb? Sun newspaper baa again changrd hands, Motes S. Beacb, Esq , the former proprietor, has resumed command of tbe ship, and Its course hereafter will probably be leea erratic and more prosperous than It bas been during tbe past year Hiram Fuller, formerly editor or the New York Mirror, has turned up in Paris and London, on the outskirts of the "upper classes,'' as a fullblown secessionist. So Americans report who have just arrived from there Hiram was to deliver a lecture en tbe war, In the former cltv, on the 19th, which would view the war, In all its aspects, through rebel spectacles. Nice man, that The employees of the Brooklyn Navy Yard to the number of nearly three thou?and, held an Indignation meeting at the City Park, opposite (be Yard, to take Into consideration the recent order or Secretary Welle*, requiring them to work on tbe tame terms and conditions at outsiders Tbla order, Involving an Increase of the hours of labora and a decrease of pay, does net meet their approval. A committee of one from aach department was appointed to confer with tbe committess of the other Navy Yards, it being stated that similar movements had taken place at Philadelphia, Portsmouth and Charlestown The committee met with the committees from those yards this afternoon, and appointed a delegation to petition CongresH for a repeal of the eighth section of the act recently passed by tbem, requiring the men to work from sunrise to sunset. They also adopted the Charleston protect, tLat they would not work under the order of the Secretary They then reported to the meeting, who almost unanimously resolved not to resume work except under tbe old regulations Among the incidents of yesterday wa? a fatal attray at tbe disreputable hojse No % West Houston street, between a notorious character, known as " Bouquet Billy," CharW Goldtng and Julia Sherwood. Biily, Julla and Chartev were Ditch. lag into each other in floe style,when an outsider, named Andrew Fowler, endeavored to separate the parties While displaying n bowie knife be was stabbed In tbe bead, and dird from the effects of tbe wound It is not known wbo struck him, but tue three '-contestants" were arrested and committed. On Thursday evening a fight took place at the "hotel" of Fred Lowrle, No *6 James street. During the meiee tbe proprietor turned tbe gaa off ana dlacharged a pistol among tbe crowd. A shot took effect In the forekead of Tbomas Ryan. Lowrle waa arrested, and Rvan was conveyed to the hospital, where be is now in a dangeroua condition. As usual on tbe day succeeding "New Year," there was comparatively little activity in business circlet. Many of the leading merchants, In fact, did not make tbelr appearance on 'Change at all. Tbe Bank officera held another meeting, with a view to bring about concord of action with Mr. Secretary Chase Tbe only thing tbey have agreed to, thua far, however, la to accept hla demand notea aa "currency," and to appoint a committee to go to Washington to have a talk with Mr. C. personally BOOTS! B O O T SS BOOTS!!! WHITBHOUSE * UNcKl.ES, S48 Fa Aviioi ajtd 311 C Stbkst.BBI (7V WfUuxi* Rramck Ml Have on hand, and are daily reoeivinc. Hb large lota of CAVALRY AND SOLDIERS' BOOTS marching shoes, mostly of their own maaafaeture, to be sold at the lowest market rates. A oall from all dealers solicited. Sutlers liberally dealt with. de 34-lm* i ARMY GLOVES! A ARMY GLOVES!! Aft thu OlmrR fUftAt r\f f. iljubtuwi * eo., 393 D st.. facing Pa. it , HDR. J U GIBBONS A VI >G Removed from No. 339 New York avenue, to No. 3T9 9th street. a few doore from New York avenue, renews the offer of hia professional servioee, (Medioal and Surgioai , to the oit sent of Washington. He may be found at hie oflboe at ail hours,when not professionally bdibi d. Especial attention will be paid to female disease* g-aotw /2*KAT ATTRACTIONS.?Grand rosn lor VI Ttfc street, to see the new etook of Clothing, just reoenred at SMITH'S, No. 460 7th street. dell-la (Rep.) FURS! FURS!! F U R 8 ! ! ! MINK BAB LB. ? F ^ATER MINK, FRENCH SABLE. In great variety, and cheap, at deft-lm SEYMOUR'S, Georgetown. CAKES FOR THE HOLIDAYS-the best and ohrapeet, at the Philadelphia loe Cr?hmDepot, porner 12th and ! streets. jggjg pONE ONjf. ANf) A.W,,_.To ??>e People's v/ ijioiRinc score, 1*0. aoo Tin street, sod get roar Good* at aetomahitt* low prloea. dell-lss IKtkl JU8T RECEIVED AND FOR RALE LOW, bbla, WHITE ONIONS and fire bfela. HAVANA ORANGEtL by _ BROWNING A KBATING, ds ?3tawtf 233 Pa. twn, Bear tth at. M??*uS C1UBJftStS0"A large stook of fare Medio net. Ao, always on band Also, Hair, Tooth aad other Brashes, Ooofress Water, Ae. Coai Oil aad Laaaps fer same. de tl-tw BpOX KXCKLfllOR CRACKERS ?A freeh r eapply or Kox's Celebrated Ex<.?!sior Crack er? jast r*OMTed. W?_?w at the loweairatec. HIWU 4t BUHUntLL, ja S Corner Vermont av. and 1Mb atreet. DIWONB IN WANT or OVAL FEAME8 to ktaeM ee tab'1 abinent, iM Pi imi*. N. B. Lookin< glaaa piatea inaarted in otd IriaM. wo Mp DAMS' HXPRBS8 COMPANY. JTOriCM O*' HBMOYAL. The4elivenr eAtt of thia wkmit ia raoiorad from Third atreot to the large depot on B 'treat, between 3d and 3d ate. t ? de ao-tf CaUM" ao R-tf fc^t^jLreoiua K/AIRBANKS'S r _ , 8TA.N04RD BCALB8, For aiMr J r. BARTUOl.OW, Sole A?-n?. Har J ware aitd Atnculimai Wa? enoaae, SA8 Sevnff I' TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Foktskss Moxaos, Jan 4?The scouting party which west to Great Bethel yesterday morning from Camp Hamilton was between seven and eight hundred strong, composed of six companies of th? Coast Qnard. six companies of he 20th New York regiment, and three companies of Hsrlsn's cavalry regiment,nndercommand of Acting Brigadier General Weber, accompanied by Major Vegersack and Major Carllng of Gen. Wool's staff. At about two miles beyond Little Bethel the Infantry halted and the cavalry proceeded towards Big Bethel, and some six miles |U. .1 _* ? * * iuib nan ui mat piace mria moumea rebel picket, which w^s driven lii. The cavalry gave chase, but were unable to overtake them. On arriving at Big Bethel, the place appeared to have been deserted, and a careful examination howed that to be the ca?e It had, apparently, been occupied by three or four thousand troop*, Including two or three hundred cavalry. BreaaW work* were found nearly half a mile In extent, and pierced fer twelve guns. After a ahort stay the scouting party returned No guard waa left there, as wai stated vealerday The ateamer S. R. Spauiding la loading for Hatters* Inlet The Burnaide Expedition lg now daily expected here. Frun Gen. Banka' Divistsn Frkdsrick, Jan 3?To day General Banka and staff, accompanied by their ladlea, took a special, train hence and joined the Vice President and family at the junction They proceeded thence to Pandy Hook. At the Point of Rock* a national salute was fired by Capt. Knapp'a Battery, attached to Col. Geary's command At?r reaching c r* At? *? ? oauuy nwi, inc party proceeaea 10 me Maryland Height*, where, on arriving at the battery they were entertained by an exhibition of (helling out a picket station between Harper's Ferry and Bolivar, where the Union residents where topped In their intercourse with each other. The party then returned to this city. To-night a general invitation was Issued for officers and cltlxens to call on the Vice President, and ladles, at Gen Banks1 headquarter* Prom 7 to 10 o'clock, notwithstanding a heavy fall of snow, several hundred ladies and gentlemen paid their respects to Mr. Hamlin, his lady, daughter, and several other ladle*. The excellent band of the Ninth New York were present, and performed several of their best pieces. The Vice President and his retinae took lodgings at the United States, and will return to Washington in the morning. The military telegraph has been completed to Romney, with a branch to Wliliamsport. Messages have been sent from Cincinnati to Alexandria on a single circuit Refugees continue to arrive here from Virginia by way of Harper's FerrV, Wliliamsport, and Hancock, and after a preliminary examination here are sent on to Washington. The Rnatrtd Lost ( the Parana. Montreal, Jan . 4 ?Nothing is known here or at any of the te egraph stations on the lower 8t Lawrence of the loss of the Parana, rumored from Halifax, and no belief Is placed in It. She was not expected to come to tbe 8t. Lawrence. The weather daring the past two days has been very severe. Tbe thermometer last night was 15 degrees below zero. Haufax, Jan. 4.?There Is no news of the steamer Parana, but all apprehension!* in regard to her safety have subsided, from tbe fact that she did not leave Southampton until the 20th ult. Mason and Siidell are hourly expected to arrive here in the British gunboat Rinatdo. Partial Dalmatian <t the Lauisviile and Nashville Railraad. LorisviLLK, Jan 3 ?The Journal has information that lieu Johnston's and Buckner'sforres have torn up tbe Louisville and Nashville Railroad for three fourths of a mile about four or live miles beyond Green river, piled up tbe cross-ties, laid the rails upon them and s t lire to the whole mass; repeating the same operations at different rliiUnr>? nil th? wav In filaionv hmnflitn sides felling as many tree* a* possible acrosi tbe track, and were engaged in blowing up tbe tunnel, which isabout 300 feet long near tbe junction. The Great Fire at .>ashvllle. Lovi*villr, January 3.?The crew of the Pink Varble have returned from Nashville They say thatat tbe great Are at Nashville, which conanmed $700,000 worth of property on tbe -fM ult , C. q Armstrong'* pork house, formerly of this city, contributed materially to tbe progress of tbe fiames, and that the stored shells exploded terrifically in every direction The rebels have promised to pay for the boat, as It was engaged in bringing them machinery, under a permit from Secretary Chase. Fire at C'ortlaud, Jl. Y Coethhd, N. Y., Jan. 4 ?The Cortland Hot"l wa* entirely destroyed by fire lsst evening; also, tbe harness shop of Henry Brewer, and tbe cabinet warehouse of McFarland 4 Carmlcbael. Tbe loss amounted to f14,000, on which there Is a slight Insurance. Michigan Senator. Dbtroit, Jan. 4.?The Republican caucus of the State Legislature baa nominated Jacob Howard aa a candidate for Senator, In place of the Hon. K B Bingham, recently deceased. This, It la thought, will ensure Mr. Howard'a election. TTIIB BILLIARD HALL. HE Undersigned, having purchased from Meesrs. Marr A Fisher the Billard Hall at the oorner of Penn. avenue and Eleventh street, and refittad the same entirely with new oloths, balls, &o., invites his friends and the publio general!* to five him a oall. ja 2 eolm JOHN W. EARP. Edward c. dyer. _ itfPORTSH ?*T> HaAT.K IS WINES, LIQUORS, and CIGARS, 1*46 Pa av? between 12th and 13th sta.. Has in store S00 oases of the following ohoice brands (new importations) of CHAM pagnes: Jules Mumm's Private Stock,(the best Wineon sale in this ocuntry.) imperial. Cabinet and Dry Vernnary, Venve Cliquot, Mooit A Chandon'a Green Seal, Heidaeiok and Anchor, 400 Casks Hooks, Clarets, Santems, Curaoao Marasohins, Absynth. Swiss Herb Bitters, "WSC" Club House Gin, Ao. 00 Casks Yerv fine Old Pinct, Castillon A Co., and Jules Robin * Co.'a Cognac, imported in glau. Also, a very arge and general assortment of Brandies. Wines, Rums, Whiskies, Ao . in wood and glaaa. Cigars in great variety, wholesale and retail. deSO eo6t [Intel 1 LADIES' WARM AND HEAVY CLOAKS! JUST IN SEASON. EKuimux C,o?k?, Pln.h FirCIo&k., Seal akin Cloak*, Frosted BeaverCloaka, Heavy Plain Beaver and Tricot Cloth Cloaka. All of theabove atylee of Cloaka juat r?o<>lv?d. at moderate priaee. At MA.X WELL'S Cloak and Fancy Store, da 28 3teo 3M6 Penn. avenue. Quartermaster general** office. Washington City, Deo m. 1861. The Seoretarv of War direota that no more horaee be bonght until all nov belonging to the Government are in aotive aerrioe. The attention of all Quartermaster a of the regalar and Volnnteer Army ia called to the above order from the Seoretary of War. m. c. MEIGS, de J7 eolOt Quartermaster General U. S.

|_1 ea D ll U a R t ers fo r _Clothing, Faraiahing ?? vwwia, U?M nuu ban, > no. fD# TIB lUMt 4e 111m (Ra?.) piRKMEN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Mit&L ?aoo,oo?. 0 titml mmd Lmmrimma mm BmM ?r firiwrtii Frwolij Ci W? Dtvii. No oh?ri? for roliom*. . MMKS ADAMS. Pr*#M?nC AllL G. PiWI,fl?OTSlT. M> Ma Noticb.? Baware of ooanterfeiu and anpriuoi ?deal?ra OBdoAToriaK to dlapooe of ikeir ova othor artielM oa tho refutation att&iued by HtlmeoWf Extract Buck*,* popiti v# an<4 r?mMy for diseaso* of iho B artaa-. K'ui.?it, liia vei. D'opar, Ao.,A?., Aa. Aak for U?l<< bolii. Take %o atker. Baa adractitaiaairt ib aoota^cwl THE DOLLAR STAll! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW 18 THE TIME TO SUBSCRIBE! The Fallest and Mett Reliable N*wi ireaa the Scat of Government S Reading Matter for the Fireside Circle! The preae nt year la undoubtedly the moat eventful la the political hlatory of thla country, and the record of occurrencea tranaplrinR at the Federal Metropolia ia naturally ol atrlklnp aad remarkable iatereat The public deaire to receive prompt, full and rr,habit atrovntt of alt that panes here ia moat intenae. and we have consequently made alteration* and Improvements tn the weekly Issue of the Washington Star to meet this tfbnt most satisfactorily (n compliance with the wish of the p&bltc the paoer has be?n changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio shape, and now appears a handsome sheit of thirty-two column?, filled with choice and carefully prepared ifeadlng Matter, and bearing the name of the "Washington Dollar Weekly Star." As indicated by the title, we now furnish the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR !! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it is printed. It la our determination to make the Weekly Star not only the largest and handsomert Dollar Nswspaper in the United States, but that it shall absolutely be The Best Family Weekly Newspaper in the World!!! It contains the very fullest, freshest, and most important details of all that transpires at the Seat of Government; editorials on all the impor tant topics of the times: the news of the week: m ' * Interesting correspondence from all parts of the world; capital atoriesf humorous and graphic sketches, and the pick of the floating mlsceuany of literature and gossip. The Dollar Star has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of interest to farmers in the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian Institution, and the U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a choice budget of Household Recipes for our lady readers; aiso, Recipes for the VVorkshep, together with an official list of all the new Inventions luiied from the Patent OtMce each week. In abort, it la our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once Instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washington Niwi and Gossip our spteialttf, In accordance with the views set forth above. Believing It to be better to seil many papers at a low price than a few at a high price, w? determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducements to Clubs. To Subscribers tl.U0 per year. To Clubs of Five SK> cents. 1 o Clubs of Ten i*> cents. To Clubs of Fifteen S3 *tiU. To Clnbs of Twenty-live. N) cents. To Cl'ibs of Fifty 7o cents. Address W. 1). Wallach, Publisher of tbe Star, W ashington, D. C., with subscription money enclose!, or for specimen copies, wWch will be forwarded gratis. A i'lENTlUN, K.ANK AND FILE! ROTHKOCK'S, At 4?0 Ntwuii Stkikt, Nbar E* 1i the place,cfall oth*r?, to supply youiaelvea with all kind* of CAMP FURNITURE, At thb Vkey Lowbbt Pbickb. He also keep* on hand and make* to order MATTRESSES, PILLOWS and COMFORTS, of a 1 qualiti**. Come and render youraelve* 00mfortaMe for tho winter by a very small outlay of money. tL/~ Remember the place. de 21 StawSw NKWS-NEWS-NFWS' Just OriiftD, MEW YORK OYSTEJi A fil) BATINU 5,4 I.OOIT. The undersianed b?? respectfully to inform their friend* and the publio generally /?\ the? lave opened their e'tab>iatim*ntx34 faJ on New York av., near 15th at. WemjJJr hall apare no vain* to prooure for our ouatomer* the beat the market oan alford. Partiea, familie* and antler* aupplied at the hortoat n >tioe. Onr eatabliahment will be open daily. Sundap* exoepted. de34-lm* DORIAN & SWORD Tthe white house HE Well-knswn White House Restaurant, on High atreet, near the oanal, in George < . . A town, haa been lefiited, and parties oanycj^Y now be accommodated with comfortable private rootna. Game. Fiah, Oysters, and the best Winea. Liquors, and Segara, always on hand. Families furnished with Oysters, aa usual. de7-1 m A. RODIEK, Proprietor. IMPORTED MEATS. PISH, FRUITS, Ac.Pati defoi Gras. Truffea. Conserve Since', Canton Ginger, Ria da Veau, Truffled Sausage, Oiive Faroiea, sardines, Anoboviea in oil, Petite Pois, Champignons, Yarmouth Herring, Anchovy Paste, Asparagus, 4o. KING & RURCHELL, de 19 eorner Fifteenth at and Vermont av. LOOl OUT FOR STORMY WEATHER, and aend your ordera immediately tj HAMILTON, the renowned Glasier, who will wager that he can gltse more lifhta of glaaa in a day than any other man in America, and aa oheap. N. B. Largo jobaof g asmgdone at greatly rednoed price*. Shop?56ii 7th at., oppoaite Center Market, in the rear. da 16 eo2w? ISAAC HERZBERG, A The Only Lioenaed WW PAWNBROKER. W f| f lO.OOn to be loaned on Gold and Silver Watohes, Jewelry, Gnna and Piatola, Silver Ware, ana Wearing Apparel?at the ?id stand. No. 351 C street, back of the Nationa. Hotel, betwaan and 6th ata. tie 18-3m* " COLUMBIA. MARKET, V/ Pa. artnue, corntr Thirteenth st. The subscriber would most respeotlully inform the oitnens of Wasuincton that he hat returned to his old auarter, where he intends keepin* a firstrate market in all its branches, as in times gone. He will be happy to f reet hit old friends and customers. N. B?Goods sent free of oharge to any part of the city. de 13 C. MALLARD. I TO THE LAD1K8! JULES JOLL1VET, Ladies' Hairdresser, from Paris, Just arrived, informs the ladies of Washington that he has opened a large (assortment of Ffllx Head DrNM, Wreath*ai.d Brides' Wreaths, the most splendid ohoioe of Flowers for dresses; also. Gold and Chenille Nets, ail (kinds of Hair Work ; and attend to dressing .adies' hair. 333 D street, between 9th and loth. de 18 lm* YWOOD AND COAL. OW Will surely tel your money's worth by sailing at the PIONEER MILLS, NkUeiii ser ?r of firm mmd CtuuU, (GEO. PAGE, Agent) They ae. oheaper and sirs better measure than any others in the iity?cut. split, and delivered lrM of ali&M. If m> J/ui t i uimm . ? the Pioneer Mills a tnlL,' and be MJUaied. Mtj _______________ WA CARD. E Are now prepared to exeeute all orders promptly, having made extensive arrangements to inoreaee oar maaufaotory heavy order* havirg de ayed us in their execution. Complete on tits oan nov be delivered in five days, made in the best style. WALL. STEPHENS A CO., de W 6t Penn. av., between 9th and lOili sts. CH| RUSH A BLACK WELL'S PIN AL1TT1, Mixed Pickles, Chow Chow, Gherkins, Wa. nats, Spanish and Prenoh Olives, Freeh Raephernee. walaat Catsup, M u?h room Cats a p, Harvey's Sauce, Ao.Ao. KINO A BLRCHELL, de 19 corner Venaont a v. and Fifteenth et. S ^WC0PT TO CLOAK Trff ENTIRE BUSINESS ?The large and fine took o Hats, Oaes. and Ger tlemen'a Furnishing 6oodsjrii 1 pe sold at great bargains. M. ausii itn OI LMJN' run will M tola verT 0h??p PlxtvrM and Show oftiM for a&le, it HOPWNS'S, _ oornw tlxtk ?t. and Pe^n. ?T7Tt>?lWf*B de t?-eolw Brown'imd NfctioMJ tfof 1?. PVKR\ bouVuoks TO SMITH*# No 460 I *nBr 's&sr QENERAL ORDER. Navt Deoember 2), 1>61. The Navt DirAKTMiNT haa a rendexvoaa for hipping men at each of the following place*: Fortamoatb. New Hampihire tfoaton and New Bedford, Maiaaehoaetta. New York Philadelphia and Erie, Pennsylvania. Haiti more, Maryland; an t Washington, Diatnot of Columbia. teamen, o-dinary aeamenand landsmen who can paa? the uaua enrgeon's examination, by predentin! themselves ar. Ae rendrivous neareet their reaidenoe, witn an official oerti6c*te from the oity or town clerk riga>f?ir* that they are reaidenta an1) have expreaaed a dfeire to leave to eater U.o navy, will be received on the fo loving terma: lat. A r Viowance ot three oetts a iriiefnr trave ling expenses. 21. An advance of ikr*t mot.tlis to seamen and ordinary seamen, and o( two months to .uutunm 31 I'rrrouaion to leave an allotment of half-pay to their*fainillee, t<? ocminenee the date of their en Iistment 4ih. To go on board ahij in their ordinary clothe*, where an outfit wi.l he furniahed Mid oharged aa per lisi, bein? the preeeat pnoea, vis: Onepe% jacket ...#11? One pair b ue oloth'rowaera. S* Oneblusflannel oTerahirt.1 0n Two under flannel shirta? 3 S3 Two pairs woollen drawi 3 16 One mattresa . 4 90 Twoblanketa. S9? One aeamleca cap ?- 1 no One black silk handkerchief lot 31 27 The pay of petty offioera averagea 920 to #2S per month. The pay of aaamen. 918 per month. l>o. ordinary aeamen 14 do. Do. landsmen. 12 do. And iood found. No landaman wili be allowed to take the beneSt of thia regulation who haa not been four montha at aea or on the lakes or rivers GIDEON WELLES, de34 eo6t Secretary of the Navy. ^2 SEVENTH STREET. ARMY OFFICERS AND CONTRACTORS TAKE NOTICE. Juat arrived r?0 Windows of Saab, of a^aisea, uch as 2,3. 4, V 8.7,8,9, K> and 12 light sash, just the thing for barracks, and for sale cheap by h. w. Hamilton, Arent for Northern Maoufacturera, No. Sfitf 7(4 *t-,owro. Cmitr Mark't and in tin rear n/ Mvtr't Wxnt, Liquor and Cigar Btort. de 16 eo2w* L Towbrs. J.M.Towns. J. B. Towns. L. TOWERS A CO., STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Corufr Louisiana ar??K? and Sixtk St. The attention of the business community ia respeotlullv invited to the New Book and Job Printing Establishment, which has been fitted up with new material, in the roost oomplete manner, ia now prepared toexeoute, in a satisfactory style, every variety of Printing, viz: Books. Speeches. Pamphleta, Carda, Circulars, Supers' Blanks, Ao . Ac. The attention of members of Congress ia eapecial.y requested for our facMitiea for printing Speeches, as we have the largest steam power in the oitv. de 7-law6m PRIVATE. PRIVATE PRI VA.TB DR. LA BONTA Care* all Venerial Hisetwa permanently and %uic?ly, without the uaeof di?#u?*ing or poisonous drun? of any kind. No dieticc or interforeuoe with baainess. Consultations fr-e. It is gaying gu:te or.oogh in its favor, vhen I say that mi practice is that which 11 in uae in ail tha New York citv ho'-p.taia. New York City Colleeeand Hospital Teatimocia.s furnished. Ladiea with Whites and Diseaaea ol the Womb cured and saved a conau nptive'a grave by my treatment. Thure la rothin; cffmsivc or diiatntable in any part of the treatment. A!' curea v*rrarted, or money raftrded. Communications in writine, with . eturn stamp. promptly aweuaeu u>. Metiiuii.?" for travelers and others packed, with full instruction* for use. e.:.d warrantee. Cflioe?Roow No. h vv askington Building, Peun. aveuao and Seventh at., Washiagtcn. D. C. do 21-1 y SEAI.KD PROPOSALS Are mv ted till the l"tn day of January, iwj atl2o'ol<xk m.. for sup p'ymg the Government with BESF CATTLE. The Cati e to he delivered at Harisburg, Chapi bersburr, or v?rk, Pa , as soon aft?r the 15fh Cay of Maron, l*fc2, a* the Governm?nt may direot. The Goveri.ment will receive under thia contract 4 OOP head, and reserve the right to call for any addition a number ap to lo.ouo. Each lot of Ca<tle delivered shall average at least ljw pounds gross weight; and no aaimal will be received wmoh weighs less than 1,000 pounds gros* weight. Government reeerves to itself the right to pay m Treasury notes, and to ?e>eot any bid for any cause. No bid will be entertained an.ees the bidder is present to respond. The bida to be directed to Mai. A. BECK WITH. C.8. I 8. A., Washington, D. C , and endoraaa "Proposals for Beef." hORM or Bid. I, A B, do berebr propose to deliver to the Government rood Beef Cut e on the hoof for per hundred pounds gross weight. The Cattle to be delivered at . according to the terms of the enclosed advertisement. The Cattle to be weighed on the coales. and the weight so determined to be the purohase weight. 1 hereby agree to give a goodand sulfioient bond for the fulfillment of the oontraot.and to receive Treasury notes or other Government funds in payment for the Cattla. de?4 u) K?OK HOLIDAY PRE8ENT8-C!oaks.Shawle, r " - Silks.Silk Rot?c " " ** fine Drwa Goods " '* 44 Laoe Sets, fine ** * " tmhru idet ids. 44 44 " Embroidered " M " Collars, Embroi? " 44 dered Haodker * ' 44 ohiofs, Mediam M " " i>re?s Goods, low " M " irioe Dr?n " " 44 Hoods, all other " 44 kinds Dry Go^ds at our proverbially low prioee, marked m plain (iff 11 r as *One price only. An inspection of stock implies no ob'i ration to purchase. PERRY A URo., Penn.avenue and Ninth ?t., de H W " Perry Bulding." t"OMETHlN8 KEY/?SUPERIOR HULLED CORN.?Tfce subscriber, having got the ogency to sapply Washington and Georgetown with this delicate preparation of Corn, voald respeotfully aek of his friends, and the public at large, to give it a trial. Also, Popped Corn, plain and sugared WMt BKADLY, Agent, Pa. avenue, between 18th and 19th sic. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble ManUee, Monuments, Table Tops, &o. A large assortment & ways on hand. oo 19 Sin CLOAKS! CLOAKS:! CLOAKS!!! We have at last reoeived the large aes^-t^-nt of beautiful style Sleeve Cloaks, in Beaver, Treoo and French Clotia. Ladies will p:ea?e oali ea-iy. TAYLOR A HUTCHISON, de l*-ec t No. 48 Center Market Spaoe. Heavy wool jbosk. bhirts and drawers, aooARMY SHIRTS, at 3*4 Pa. aveaae. back room; or 362 d street, between iwd mq linn de4 tf A LL KINDS OP PANCY GROCERIES AND Hl Sutler*! Goods on kind and for tale low br BROWNING A KEATING. de 4 stawtf 33S Pa. wmui, p?r 6th ?t JUST RECEIVED TEN BBLS. 8. HORINEB tfwior OLD RYE WHISKY, iiflitjwri old. warranted. Also, prune Mononganei* Whiekiee for aale at 343 Pa. avenue, by de 4 atawtf BROWNING A KEATING. OHIO WINES AND BRANDIES. Havmc received aooasignaMBt of Ziwwiim ? Co.'* CincinnatiOkioCatavba Wi nee and Bftauies ; we therefore offer to Drasgiate. Grooara. Hotel and Saloon Keeper*. Ac , DRY CATAWBA WINS. Light and Stronx?the former im bozee for table nee. and the latter in ball- barrels for and oooking purposes. SWEET CATAWBA OR LADIES' WINE, in barrel! and half-barrels, for table see?a very eupenor artiole for tfc* fceliday s. CATAWUA BRANDT, .*11 for BfWHiJ ruwii litLI C com!*, do U lm f Loimuit tfwu. ?BUY FOB A HOLIDAY PRESENT a in or LADIES' DRESS FURS, from B H STINEMKTZ, ? Fm.?y . mm corner l?th rt. CHEESE, CHEESE !-tf 9W York Or?Mi K; C|MN; WiTteHro do.; BLunbarcb 4o.; bu ' t * tl . A %' ? ? J c THE V.gSKLY STAR. VMa ?Ml PwllT u4 Mm Jnrui aaatalalat grmm variety *t UWMH( n*4 l?C tku out t* Ii>ma4 la aay vtfcer?la ?aMMM4 a hrlday aoraia^Tum? *ik, naHat.f, m Slavic oopj, par aaa ua -...AI M Five coptei Tea ooptee I W Twfsty-lTf cvpla,..?a.MfVf i?.?..l| H It La variably coatalae the " Waafclagtoa N?w?" Uat ham made 7*? ?miy E?m**g 8tmr circulate o generally Ummgfcoat tfce ooaitry ( ^t*ta*?- -oplfB (la wrappara) oaa fee pea. of Ue paper. Prle*?THREE CENTS. HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. " HIOHL r CONCENTRATED " Compound Fluid Kxmot Buchu, A Potu\T* mmd SfetJU Rtmtdf For Dimum of th# FLADDER. KIDNEYS. GRAVEL,a&4 DROPSICAL SWELLING*. r? v.Aiioin?i'""-?aaeettae?oworof Di?eeuo?, and excite* ihe amobbkxt? into boaluy ao^oo, h? araiul the wirm n* r.iywAr. A*. ? ? and ail iimiTCiti iiiuuunTi ?r? m wml a* pain *?ii inflammation, aad it fova MiiN, WOMBN. OE CHILDREN. H ELM BOLD J8 EXTRACT BUCHW For W e*k dmmi Ariamt from Exo^eaea, Habit* of Piwlytm, Karly Ir diaor*tmn or A^im, Atttndtd trttk til following Symptom* : I ndi* position to Exartion, Loaa of Powar, 1 of Memory, DiAoa ty of Breatkrac, Weak Stt*, Trembliaf, I Horror of Dineaea, Wakefnloaie, eimaoM of Vieion, Pain in the Baok, a.?rer*a' Laantude of U?e Muscular f item. Hot Band*. Fla?hinf 01U1* B itfr, Drynaeaof the Skin, Eraptiona on the Faaa, PALLID COrifTlJtANCE. Thw iimtUmt, If ailowed to go on. whloh thia | medicine inranaMy removea, aooa foilowa IMPOTENCY, FATUITY, EPILEPTIC PIT?, In Mi / tekuk tk4 faiiiat maf fcptri Who oan aay ttiat they arc not fVe?nentlr W[ loved by tltoae "DiasrrL DiaxAea*," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Manr am iviri nfth? ?f ?K^i. BUT SONI WILL C05*??? """" "* ' THK RECORD? or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And Ik* Mtlamtkel* Dtmtkt fe? Ommmhw*, IU1 AMPLE WITNESS TO TBI TBCTB OF TBU jtf BBTIfHi TBE SWmjKBfcWMBr 0 Requires the aid of aiedioine to etrecrtben end I ETigorau the SystMi which HELMBOLD*8 EXTRACT BUCHU tlWfii) ? dC4M A TRIAL WILL CBMVIBCB TBB MOST MITTICAL. FEMALE8- FEMALES- FEMALES, OLU contemm! In Mtny i/tcdoiu Ptcnltnr te FtmnUt the Extraot Bucbu ia BDMBBiied by My other rem edy, m id Chloroeie or RetooUpn, irr>inl?ntT Painfnlneaa, or Snppreaalon of Cnatuiaar/ Etm nationa. Uloerated or Schirrona atat* or (be Ute ma, Leuoorrhee or White*. Sterility, ana for all oompsaitita incident to tbe aex. whether an?.Lt ft jiu lodisoretiou, Hatuta of Diasipebon, or m the DECLINE OR CHANOR OF LIFE! an amPToMa uon NO FAMILY SHOULD BS WITHOUT IT 2'eea no v. art fialtam, Mercury, jr Unfitntnnt M*4*t\n? /or UnpUatmnt mmd DeafareaM DtMUt. UELMBOLD 8 EXTKAC'J BUCHU enn SECRET DISEASES In all their 8ta?ea; At UtLe Lxpenae Little or no on&nge in Diet; No meonvenienoe And no ^jcrosm*. Itcaraea a fre*u?n: deeire a d uvea atrencth to I'rinate, thereby Reiuonnf nbetreotiona. Preventing and Ci nut i^rictu. ? ol tbe \Jre%ra, Allayrri Minar.d InflaimnaUcC. ao freenent in the aiaaa ut diaea?ea. ana expe itof el. Pouunout, lHitnstd. nnd worn out llaltir. THocaaMM croN THOOAND* WHO HAVE ?EFX THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who hare said Ararji /??? to be oared "I a ahort lus?, Uave found tary were deceived. eiu. ittl U* *W>ieos" hu, by th* ueeof "povt/uI ?.?imnttnit1' been drie<i * * to the ?Jetem, to breah out ia an aggravated form, and FEKMAPS AFTMR MAKRUOM. AUGas?kfilK74fc* BUCBB URINARY ORGAN*, whether existing la HALI OR FIHALft, from whatever oaoee originate* aa4 m matter oI HOW LONG STANDING. Dieeaeee of theee Organ* reqalre the aid of a Dl nine. HELMBOLD'8 EZTRAC1 BUCHV IB THE 6REAT DIURETIC, and it u oertalD to Jh?r? the deeired effect la insuci or rai voir aaaroaatau an aa LIABLE caAEACTaa vtllleoaoiafaay the einian. vltk ANv pxMli. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." WM HAKI "90 &ICU?'' OF "IMIISIBITI.' Ht.LMBOLl>'8 EXTKACT BUCHL i? composed of Bmoua. Cv^eba ilC J iumt BerriM, ae.eotad wtth rrr?t otre b; 4 competent duniaL PREPARED IN f ACVO, BY H. T. HILHIOLD, Pmobo&i aad AofclyUa&l Cnamiat, and Sola Mad ufaaturer of HXLMBOLD'B GENUINE PREPARATIONS AFF1DA TIT. Personally umrM oefore ma. an Aidaraaa ef the oity of Ptn adelshia, H. T. HtikioLb, no beinc daly swcm.duth tw. his prMtittioai eon Iaid ao narootic, no mercury, or ether injurwm# drujs, but are pure;y vetatabie. , 5* ^ HELMDOLO. Sworn u>4 subeonbed before me, this 43 a day of November, KM WM. r7 H1 BBERD. Aldarmaa, Niath sC. mot* Reoe, Phflfe PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM b A M TO 9 F M. PrlM ?1 MUi, ar tti tar |i. DaUrarad to aay aMreae, MCinli |Mkad trom eh? nUw. A4**?H. T. HELMBOLD, CkmST^ Depot, 1M Bo nth l?tk at., beiew Chef at. PfcUa MEW ARE OP OOVNTKRFK1T* AND VNFMINCIFLMD D MALM EM m u XsMM Bmchm, ****** BmrtmpmriU*, ' it m jiyrmj nfri itm4. Sold br B.B. Wun X. D. OJLUI. iMDi Wan. & C. Fou, ft ft tirvima, ft- O IUjob, Livu ft Unan, 4. ft. Mama giirji iu mimiisi iFfirrxiu. OKVQftllUOOI^f. TUt* 1F0 OTHftft. nod lot u, amp avoid mroarvion si ?vowu whr# 7r^t! j

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