Newspaper of Evening Star, January 6, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 6, 1862 Page 2
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Tr*K kvenim; STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY JANUARY 6, 1?69. ir^'IVngh Thk vt*r It printed on tfc* fa?v*t attain po-ss In oss south of r.nlttmor*. Ita edition ]? so large ax to require It to be put to pre?s at an early hour: Adtertistrrentt, therefore, should be sent I* before li o'clock otherwise they may it ay not appear until the next day. Otra F>r>*ra at the various military camp* and position? will confer a favor by keeping ua potted aa to movements au?! affairs In their vicinities Spirit of the Mtraiai Press. The Inulligmttr urges immediate legialatlon by Congress towards the Inauguration of direct taxation The Republican blow* the bellows for Gen. fin. I wiui i/fliir. Lbvkb ?There will be a public reception at the President's Houae to-morrow evening, from half paat eight to half-past ten. OUR niUTART III DUET. oct aoailf We lire gratified In being able to say that this forenoon Major General McClellan was out and about again, In blacarriage. kslkasbd ox pabolx. Lawrence Sangaton, a member of the late Maryland Leglalature, baa been released from Fort Warren on parole for a period of thirty dnya, and arrived In Baltimore on Satuiday morning A almilar privilege has been extended to another lntrmber, Dr. J. Hanson Thomas, but it is not known whether the parole was accepted. Last evening dispatcher were received at headquarter* here, stating that in thecourseof the forenoon the seeesh General Jackson, with a force believed to number between six and seven thousand, commenced ahelllng the town of Hancock, Md., from a point on the opposite side of the Potomac, fie banged away throughout the day, doing no damage whatever, either to the town or General lender's force, that holds the Maryland bank of the river at that point Col I.ander's artillery returned Jackson's tire, and a continual cannonedlng was kept up between them until nightfall. Gen Lander bad not la?t night ascertained and reported here whether his guns had damaged the rnrmy. NVe have feascn to believe that in the course o* yesterday afternoon and the night reinforcements reached General Lander sufficient to make hi* Immediate command at that point quite a match for any number of troops that Jackaon can poaalbly bring U'*? the tield. I f to noon to-day. nothing further than we *-i!e above had reached Washington concerning he affair; leaving the inference that in the course of the night Jackson b*d withdrawn back from the rlvff TOW IA?T "TOUT. The Northern paper* are agog with a *en?a*1on A tn ? *v?l ? #? .!' * " * "" i^ <ua. i icnuie it'mcfr r>i tne lamllV if a distinguished official in this city ha* been detect* d In treasonable correspondence with reh. el?, conveying to tbtm important official lnforrration obtained from htr father, &c. Now, we have to My that neither the military nor civil authorities h> re knuw anything whatever of this afl'air, and that mo dtatinguinbed officer baa been erreated in anv auch connection, a? la being alleged around the city to-day The atoiy la evidently a aer.aatlon roorback from beginning to end. P S ?So rife 1* this abeord lie over the city, ah that we may not improperly mention that the officer alluded to la Brlcadier (t^nami i ?. ? ? uvinicu Thon.a* Adjutant General L*. 9. A who, instead _ cf bel ng In arrest, Ac., is to-day aa busy a* ever in tbe diacharge of hia duties Tbe roorback looks Wm very l!ke the creation of tome one of (ieneral Fr?moot's tmjlmtt. all of whom bold tbat not to bean admirer of their Idol, is proof positive of secession proclivities That Gen Thomas should be made the subject of Such a "whopper," goes far to Illustrate the Act tbat the two all-pervading diseases of the popular mind, just now, are lying and credulity. SOLDIER'S CLOTH RS. A correspondent complains bitterly because, as he alleges, one of the mounted military patrols of the city took recently from a colored man an army overcoat, which, within the writer's knowlledge, had b?en honestly purchased by the wearer. He addathat tbe Government last winter condemned and aold auch clothing here, and that much of It remains In tbe hands of dealers In such goods In eXDlanation. we have to aar thM tv?? nnt sanee of robbing careless soldier# of tbelr clothes and buying Item c* them when at time* Inebriated, la such a* to require prompt abatement The corresponding nuisance of citizens wearing military clothes leads to annoying confusion and other evils which should be stopped. To that end noneare permitted to wear the military dress except those In all things under military rules and regulations When parties dr-^sed as soldiers claim exemption from obtdiejice to order? beeaus?> tbev are not soldiers, they are therefore made at once to dcfT the soldier's habiliments: and when It is p??ible that tbelr military habiliments may have been stolen or improperly obtained from soldiers, the claimant to them is made to establish his right to the property ere they are returned to him Our correspondent is wholly In error In his insinuation that this rule is applied to colored MPflAni in ?* 11 * * r ... . miif. II la oppnea IU all not of the military service wbo wear :hem; to parsons In officer s uniforms, a* well as those In private* clothe* If our correspondent will take the trouble to represent (with proper proof) to the military authorities the facts of this particular case. as he writes them to us, his worthy colored employee will doubtless get back bis r oat instantly; with an order to lay it aside until the necessity for refusing to permit any other than soldiers to wear such clothes here, ceases to exist. COL D'TTASST iSD Till GARIBALDI GV ARL?. Edtter Star : A friend facetiously ot*?-rv?d a few evenings since thst, unless Gen Bienkcr's division was provided with winter quarters, the sufferings of the soldiers would be intense, (In tM.h 1 Aftojot of this, the teeming neglect on the part ef (be Government Is l>nt an assurance that the rumored advance of the division Is founded on truth Brigade and regimental drills <bsir battle#, long marches In fall military equipment, and the matt rigid discipline, are ail significant of tba fact. It Is anderstood that Colonel DTtamy ha* been nomlnxted a Brigadier General of this division. Now Yorkers ear neatly dealre tbia ronllrmatlon Col. D'Utasay 1? entltlod to the poaitiou by date of commission, by Ionic military service, and the ability dlaplayed bv his present command To a casual observer the Colonel would ?eem of a mercurial temperament, of light and dashing manMr; but under this exterior lies a stout heart, a calm head, and an Iron will, which make# obedient to hi* word, or look, eleven distinct nationalitlea. That General Blenker appreciate# these qualities we are aaaured; for on a late occasion, after a brigade drill and abam battle, as the brigade fll?d past the headquarters the General ordered fcl# Adjutant to summon Colonel D'Utaasy to hi# presence, aad complimented him highly on tbe perfection of bis men Wben tbeftirlt>aldt Guard first joined tbe dlrial on , an unfortunstecontre'?*nips materially aflVrU ed the public ait ad In Its illtfavor?a conspiracy wnonft tbe oAc era, wh'.rh melted In tbe resignation of ?1 Jteen. Of these, rifkl barn already returned to tbe regiment, aaklog aa a fa*or of tbe Colonel that be would restore them, even in subordinate positions, and give tbem a chance to bow their loyalty to btrn One, wbo left aa a captain, returned with ten recruit#, and bloiaelf took place la tbe ranks These are triumphs wblcn speak for themselves, and serve to show that Colonel DTtaany Is a good man, as well as a gmi > oldur. ' "To err 1* human, to forgive divine " L. avraift* ovu tib vtasiai* bid*. Poet Ltom, Va , Jan 2, 1HM ? Editor Star : The SUra and Nrlpw irm boiated for the 11 rat rv?r (fee fort yestordav. New Ym'i Day. A floe pole had been ralaed by tbe men of the reglmeat, ard tbe honor of touting tbe flag waa assalmoualy given to Mr*. Wm. H Christian, tbe estimable lady of tbe Colonel of the Twentysixth regimeut The band played tbe Star Spangled Banner and other national air*. All tbe gun* (thirty-one in numberj were tired, the largeat one by Mrs Chrtatlan herself Remark* were Mads by the Rev Mr. Brtstsi and otbsr geatlsBsajt eseat, sad a good time In general wsa had Elbcld^e Hsrrlok, company 0, at Rochester, ftsw VsA, dlsd at the Alexandria bsapUai ?oday Years, ke , k_hax;?. t % GREAT FIRK IN RICHMOND. IJeatrnrtion ? the Thfi.r ?cd at h ?r Vtln. bif Buildings. From the Richmond Whig of Friday we make up the following account of the great conflagration In that city on the morning of tbe 2d inat., deatroylng the Theater, Marshall Hotel, ard other property: The Are broke out in the Theater about 4 o'clock a. m , and before the belli were rung the flnmes burst out through the window*, enveloping the whole building. The manager of the theater, Profciaor J H. Hewitt and Mr. E Oed^n. a member of tbe dramatic company, or copied a room In the front part of the building, and were aroused from their slumber by the explosion of muskwts in the property room, and the efforts of Lieut. Cone, or the night watch, to break open the front gallery door TLey seized their clothes and ran into the street to escape suffocation After dressing hastily, they returned to the apartment to save some of their valuable effects, and while engaged in this effort, which was only partially successful. Prof. Hewitt burnt his right hand badlv, and had his hair and moustache singed. A bo* containing several hundred dollars, and snndrv account books, papers, etc , were saved; but, wfth thisrxception, the contents of the room were necessarily abandoned to the devouring Are. The loss sustained by Prof Hewitt cannot be calculated by dollars and rents. Oratorios, pia>a, conns, etc., of his compcsiMon, the production of a nretime, together with the library and manuscripts of the establishment, which cannot be replaced, were all destroyed. Behind the procenlum were the costly wardrobes, furniture, acenery and general appointments, valued at thousands of dollars, and In various parts of the bu'lding was the less valuable but rare collection of portraits of professional celebritiea and representations of dramatic scene*. Much of this property formerly belonged to Messrs Kunkel A Co., but had passed Into the possession of Mrs K. Maglll, theownT of the building The members of the orchestra lost all their Instruments, including a base viol, three violins, two French horns, valued, collectively, atf.100. Prof. Loebman.the leader, lost a large collection of music, the accumulation of years, estimated to If worth *4(10. All of the company and attaches suffered more or less bv the disaster; but Miss Jesnnie Taylor sustained the most serious loss, h?r wardrobe, jewelry, At,C , belnsj valued at SI ,'iWi The theater belonged to Mrs F.llzabeth Magi 11, having been purchased by ber, at public auction, on the 10th of May, 1 "US. The building was insured to tbe amount of 825,000, in the following U1/?Kr<lAn<1 L'l*u Am. n. ioK, ,, Oil luJ, 4 IU- I < U1' - r- . It n UI1JV'|I?? r lie '' WHVO . AIUC" I marie, P5.IHH); Jeft rson,S5,t>00; Lynchburg Hote, W.OOO; and Merchants', $1,000 The content* of tbe building, which, with the exceptions mentioned. were all destroyed, were uninsured. The lost la estimated at the ronnd sum of ?'?i,000. but thla probably embracea the extrlnalc value of acme of the property. The Marahall Hotel caught from the theater, and waa badly burned, be*ldea xerioualy injured by the tlooda of wat?-r poured in. A military button facto, y waa cruahed by the falling walla of the theater, and other bulldinga in the v'cinity were either destroyed or damaged to a ereat extent, the whole amounting to several thousand dollars The Whig say*: 'The lire was undoubtedly the work of a mallclous incendiary Various speculations are afloat, but there is no clue, we believe, to the perpetrator. We have heard It stated that ihe fire was ffJitted a week ago The proprtetreaa I.a* already, we learn, reaolvrd to rebiild the theater on an im proved plan." fW?NOTICE.- The New York SoMiert' Relief > 5 An nation have a meeting at Temperance rl* i. > SVh and l'-'tb streets onE.onTt KS DAY FVFNINC. Jananrj 7 ]?r,2. Cit z-p from New York uriceJ to attend. IRA HARRIS, Frea JoHt 8. Polk 8?O. _ rr^-MAVOR'S OFFICE, 'J.*? WASHtsaTn*, January 4,1862. Persona <>?rouR ?f l ain* vaoeuia'el free of expen?ewi be attended to hy ca'ling upon either of ttief<>t:owi K named Ward Physicians: First Ward?ChaHes McCormioK. M. D , Nine teenth street, betwe; n 1 street and Pennsylvania avenue. Second NV*'d-J. A . H. Lf vejoy, M. I)., oorner of I and Twelfth ?irreta Third Ward?ti. >1 Da e, M I)-, L street, between Nin'h arid Tenth streeti. F >urth Ward?Jua. T. Howa-d, M. D., No. 366 Finh stree . Fifth Ward-Geo MoCoy, M. D , Pennsylvania avenue, ^etweer Second and Third street* #?*?t ?;x:n Wa*l? Jao. M. Roberts, M. D., G street, betwuwn Sev?otn ar,1 Eighth street* Herenth Ward?K. C. Croggin, >1. D., Seventh Street, between K 1:4 h" Rtrfntf, jabS: RICHARD w A LLACH, Mayor. 7^f?THE NEXT RKGULAR MONTHLY IL? meeting of the B>>aril of Trustees for Put>!io t-cnoo;?. will be held in the Aldermen's room. City Hall,on TCESDAY AFTERNOON, Jinuary 7th, 1862, at4H o'clook. ja 4 2t WM B. DAVTON, Sec. T^5=~THE FAIR OF THE LADIES OF ST. '.L^c Aloys us Church, which was so Kindly patron *ed daring this week, will, by resuest, be oortinued next week ti!l ?HUkSI?A^ EVENING. January 9th, when it will be ooooluded ?ith the Grand Epiphany Fes'ival. Fiease no'ioo that tne Grand Kpiphary Festival is postponed to 'Ihursoar evening. Music, entertainments and plays free every evening at school rooms of St. Aloysius Chnreh, oorner 'f North Capitol and 1 its. Benefit oi Fair acu Festiv&l for the par chiai I schools. ja4-3t* it g medical soc etv of the dis TK1CT OF COLUMBIA?The umi annua! meeting Oi ihis Society vri I t>e held at the Medical Department of Georgetown College, on F. between 1 <tb arid 12th streets, on MONDA V,6th January, IH62, at 12 o'c.ook m W. M K. TUCKER, ja3-2t Reo'c Secretaiy. rf"Vr"" NOTICE.?We, t'ie undersigned, Commit11 ?c U>e, respectfully c vl the attention of all the Refugre* from Virginia to the meeting to be held at No 34* tight"*! th street, between H and 1, o? MONDAY EVENING, 8th inatant, at seven o'tlook. E.N. love, John D. Wine, G. W Wright, James Stlcott, J. H. NKy, NVi'liamK Kranklln, Waltfr S. Donaldson, Asbury R Johnson, jaa.4,6* Committee^NOTICE TO TAX PAVERS. C?.i.L*rTo*'? Opfici, t Wii<kinttim. Utitmber 21,1861.\ No?i< ? ik tierel y given to ail persons in arrears for taxes, whether gas. speoial, or annoal tax. that unless the same is paid at this office before tne 1st day of February next the prop-rtv on which the tax is don will tben be advertised and sold, as the ia?r directs. Those who wish to avoH the heavy expense of advertising will please pay within the time specified. N\ 1LL1AM DIXON, de 2t-?*otFebl Collector. THE UNION PRAVER MEETING Will be held each day tiua week in the New York Avenue Church,i Rev. l)r. Gurley'g,)commencing at 4 oolook p m? to be continued one hour only, dean l?OR ALL KINDS OF COUNTRY PHOr lllipr T/ ? I II *-? <?/?< ? ? - - vvii u*/ i n r< \ uilii PjR Ul* AVENUE AMD TWELFTH ST. It* WHKREAS MY W1FF, ALICE JORDAN, iiu oven cau*e tor a separation 1 hereby cau'iou all persons from harboring orirustmi her on m) aooouut, at 1 wi l pay n-j dei.te of her oontraettnc. hie I'AT'K X JORDAN, mark. j%6 3'.* 4'i ?t, lelan'l, between M and N. 'ro SUTLERS, HOCSEKht PER?, AND I orilbKN-TlIK CHhAl'KST I' I. A C F. IN THE CITY TO BUY Al.l, K I N DS OF COl'NTKY PRODUCE. WHOLKbAI.K AND K ETA11., is A I THE CORNER OF MASS. AVENUE AND TWELFTH 8T It* UOR SALE?A two horio WAGON, with Har F nese: one CART and GEAR, for wood or cal, a eooil CAR RIAGE for one or lw? j^Tl horses . two good and reliah'e WORK ^* "* MARES. 7 arid 9 yearn old. accustomed t> work together. The above artie'es oan l>? boucht at a treat *aorifioe Apply to W. WILKINPON. oor ner K and 15th its. ja&-3t# ?? ? * " ? ? - ? 1' .. r,.i 1 ? rr.w ? S iJAIN KK SAVED H ^ HOUfEK K El'K KS, BY t'UKt'HASIN6 THEIR BUTTEH. EOGS AND OTHER CdlN<K* PRODI CE AT THE iIOHNbK OF MASS. AVENI'E AND TWELFTH ST. If T^HIS IS~TO 01VK NOTICE. That the tub 1 soriber hath obtained from ?he Orphans' Court of Washington County, in the District of Columbia, letter* of adnnni?t ation on the persona*! estate cf beurje (I Brash, late of Washington county, deceased- All persons havmc claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to exhibit the san e, with the voaoh're thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the fourth day of Jansary next; th?y may otherwise by law be exciaded from all benefit of the said eetate. Given under my hand this fourth dar ?| J ant: ati.ian. o. vv. angeli., j%ft law3> Administrator. n kadinfi al.k IVIll.lfllfB hii-u ??? ihkw IV of theoeiebrateil brewery of Mr Felix, to be had in la k? and iii.aH quantities. Alio, Pickles, Cataup. Piokled Oiaona, Pepper fano?, Vinegar, and t?oar Krout, h* the barrel aaIon, or id jars, at CHARLES MAUKS' Reataurant de ;m* corner Pa. axenue and T*ird atHIGHEbT PRICK PAID INSOLD FOR U. X J HE AS u HY NOTES o( the d.tTereut issues, and Noriiern Currency. Exoiecte <?n tfte pri ncipal o uei North pajabie in gold or aarrenejr so'd to suit purchasers . Ill fTKNBOrSE. FAN T k. CO , Bankers, No. 3d'i Penn. avenue, ja > 1m near Brown'a Hotel. A A CARD. LL Persons indebted to the und'rsigned,either by note or otherwise, are rsq nested to oeilaad sett.e without dein* WM. R RILEY * BRO.. No. 3ft- Cei tral Stores, Between 7th and Pth au., oe 30-let Opposite Center Market. f ApIIJS'. GENTLEMEN'S AN D OBIL^ r:^ ^ L-6% ^aj f, ^ Ty. . i* *w * . THOMPSON, ooder Brown'., >! ? K. A. Ia>? k fln.'i Marhlw Hfcll P***"*r. t/OK f ALK -Ao . ZMllMt iifhtoovpred WAG LATE HEWS FROM THE SOUTH. We make op the following summary of Important southern news from Charleston papers of Friday: HOSTILITUS Eimm AT PKXSACOLA. Mobtli, Jsn 1 ?A Confederate steamer going from Pensacola to the navv vard was fired npon 0 a % i 4i i - ?M n & mil - r% _ irom me oaurrir' 01 ron ririeni wen tfragg'a batteries replied, and the firing was continued at last accounts. The Richmond Dispatch of Friday says the Confederate batteries replied to Pickens. and the firing continued all day- No vessels were encaged on either aide, and no casualties occurred with ua Gen Bragg was absent, but Gen. Anderson wm in command. Gen. Bragg returned on the 2d, but the Federals did not renew the attack, and our guns were silent. from thk sopth carolina coast. Acgcsta, Jar^a ?Private dispatches received from Pocataligo, dated yesterday, state that the Federals attempted an advance from Port Royal Ferry, but were repulsed oy the 14th Regiment of South Carolina volunteers, under command of Col. Jones. The Confederate loss was 15 killed and wound*d. One Yankee was taken prisoner, but their loss is not otbt-rwiae stated Gen. Lee has Informed Jeff. Da via that he la confident of bis ability to prevent the Federal* from advancing on Charleston or Savannah. FIGHTING IN SOUTH CAROLINA ? THK ISABRL BUNS THI BLOCKADE Chablbston, Jan. 2 ? Fighting on the coast commenced yesterday Thirty-five hundred of the enemy landed en the main land, near Fort Royal ferry. Thev were met with the bayonet by two regiments of our troop* The Yankees flea precipitately, throwing away their arms a* they ran. They were driven into their boats. The howitzers on their boats opened lire on our troops, killing 6 and wounding 12 South Carolinians. The enemy's loss is about the same. To-day the enemy landed lu much larger force, at the sime place. Gen. Gregg's brigade fell back a short distance to an eligible position. The pickets were skirmishing all day. The enemy design an attack on the railroad and cannot avoid a battle The steamship Ella Warely, formerly the Isabel, from Nassau, ran the blockade and arrived at Charleston at davliirhttbisraorniiip. She waichafed and ineffectnallv (belled by the blockader* She brings a valuable assorted cargo and passengers, Including Mr. Blsbie, formerly a delegate In the Vlrginl?I,egislature from the city of Norfolk Mr Bisble Is a bearer of Important dispatcher from Mr. Yancty, and hns started for Richmond. ANTICIPATED FKPKR A I. ATTACK. The Richmond Dispatch of Fiiday say* : "A private dispatch was received yesterday from \ Centerville fcy a prominent military officer now in Richmond, in which It was stated that the In- j dlcations point to a Federal attack at an early day on Evansport, and the probability was that a simultaneous attack would be made st other points on the Potomac." OPERATION* or THE BtJTLBR EX PETITION The Richmond Dispatch of Friday says: ?*A Srivate dispntrh has bven received here aated at lobile on ytsterday, which states tbst Picayune Butler Is at Ship Island. The dispatch al*o states that the Federals have nominal possession of Blh'Xi, and it Is believed will occupy all the towns on the coast in that region. They captured two cannon at Biloxi, and there were no smallarms there for them to seize. It Is stated that they landed there from Ave to seven thousand troops, and it Is further rumored that they express the determination to push forward their forces to Jackson A schooner arrived at Mobile, Alabama, on the 27th ult , from Havana, bringing a cargo of coft'ee, sulphur. tmdiclne, 4c The blockading fleet saw her a* she came into port, but couldn't catch her. Good seamanship and good pilotage brought her through. RKMOVAL or rBDEKAL T BISOPIKR9. Columbia. S C , Jan. 1 ?All the Federal prisoners from Charleston, Including Colonel Corcoran, arrived here tbiK afternoon in a special train They were met at the depot by the Rebel Guard of this city and conducted to jail. AFFAIR* IN TBXAS. The Galveston Civilian of the 18tb ult. says Last night's mall brought us advices from the dia *w. mt .* ? * i-?i A a?iv uiauac ?v ?uc rut^l tuaia iilllCUIil HWIII pTOpeller bad arrived and wai blockading the river she bad captured and burned a steamer. The fight wu still progressing at Matamoras The State Geaette learns that a fire broke ont In Georgetown, on the nlgbt of the Oth Instant, which destroyed property to the amount of about S33,000 No insurance The dlptherla is prevailing to an alarming and fatal extent In the Dallas region Tin Houston Telegraph remarks: "Our friends at Galveston are In considerable of a stew over the report that Gov. Lubbock had written a letter to Gen Herbert recommending the destruction of Galveston If the city could not be defended " The Paris Advocate ssys that the gin-bouses of R. M Hopkins and G. Murray, Esqs , were burned a week or two ago, together with ISO bales of cotton. Sutlers can have money by purCHASING their country prohuck at the corner of ma88. a veni b and TWELFTH ST. It* f\AK wood AT 37.60; PINE. t6 50.-I am v/ attain, and will be receiving, Seasoned Oak Wood, whio I will aell at $7 SO, or $3 50delivered; aiao. pin-) Wood at 96 50, or $1 5ode>ivered. I can he found on the Railroad track, a ahort distance f o-i the p inoipal depot; or order* left at my hou?e flC6 14th atreet, or through the Vo?t u ffioe will be attended to. Thoae who have ordered wood and have not reoeived it. will please repeat their order, as 1 ahall be able to aupply them prompt)?. 9. W. K. HANDY, 566 14th ?t. IETCarta wanted, to haul wood, at 91 per oord. ja4-3f RENAtDIN BOLLINGER tc CO 'S CHAMPAGNE. LKFMAN, K1EFER A THOMASS, SOLE AGENTS for the UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 Dum Strut, ja Mm N*w York. CHARLES 8. FOWLER fc CO., IMPORTERS, wholzsai.k and retail dkalkrr ik CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE, FINE CUTLERY. PLATED WARE, ROLL METAL HOODS. BLOCK TIS GOOUS.TINCHAMBER SETS JAPANNED WAITERS, ETHF.RIAL AND SOLAR LAMPS, COAL OIL LAMPS, LANTERNS, fc. ft. 504, Odd Pillows' Hall. Bkvisth sr., 4-lm,if WMh:ngton City. Rlalto House, Basement comer D and Ninth streets. O'BRIEN tc DKNGEL, PBopBirroBi Wher?* do yon get the be?t of OYSTERS in every atyle ? At the RI ALTO HOUSE, Corner of D and Ninth rU. Where no tob get MKALS at Ml hour*, and REFRESHMENTS of every kind ? At the RIALTO HOUSE. Corner of Dand Ninth ?U. Where do jou get the heat of LIC|UORS and rii:iU4lt I n a nku ? >? ..i?? ' u am ? *7 mm ?I|V- Vl?? l?VD? ! IWV i Aith?- RiAl.TO HOUSE, )% 4 6 > Comer of D and Ninth ?t?. IJOSWKLL'S Medicated Cougb Candy, For COUGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS, I NFL UENZ A HOARSENESS, And all incipient stages of Consumption. For iaie, wholwale and retail, by O. U08WELL, I)rniR?t, Corner Maryland avenn? and beventh et. And by Z. D. OILMAN, Penn. avenue, near Brown'a Hotel. AnH hv IYr?n/1 *??? ?I! ? j* 4-st Black teablack tea: A" otiea'n ?tandard Blaok T?* tia^e been received ti day. AW. ohoioe Grean Tea KING A BURCBELL. ja? Corner lftth atreot and V-rmopt a*. WjiuiihK:< A HENKY'S ASBING ION ANU ALEXANDRIA EXI PRESS. Leaving eaoh oity twine a day. OH em left on alate at Gregory'a Stove Store or Mirti&'a Franklin Houm, Waahiniton.tfafllfeg^* will meet with prompt attention. J8anc22G ja3 ?w* __ A WEDDING PRESENTS. LL the new it;>M of Fanov SILVER WARE. JEWELRY. Ao, gotten up eapeoialTy for Wedding Precentt. A very larg<> aMortomt jnat opened M. W. GALT A BRO., Jewellera, 364 Pa. a**., 4 door* went of 5-St Rrnvn'i Hnul L~* WATCHES. ON DON, Liverpool tad 6tnm WttohM by *11 themcxt o?l*biated Omi. gv Alio, Uo "AB?nM? W atek," for both la- IN dioaand jen: smea mlM A large aaaortmont J net roooi vad ud offered *nVBBklly low. M. W. 0 ALT h BRO.. Jawollora, 384 Ha. a to., 4 doora wort of ja S-tt . Browii't Hofl tf.IOLD AND UNCURRENT MONEY PURvJ ohaaod. BfMio and U. a. Carroaoy AtoouU

"T" Ja Mm mm B rovi'a Rotoi, / TELEGRAPHIC. FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Baltixoxk, Jan 6.?The Old Point boat brings no new* of any Importance, nor bai any letter been received by tbe general pren from any of the oerrespendenta at Fertreaa Monroe Additional News treat Earepe. Halifax, Jan 4.?Tbe steamship Magdalene, from ?outh?mpton on Saturday, tbe 21st of December, arrived at this port last Friday night Tbe Magdalene has one tbouaana troops for Canada The Magdalene's news la anticipated by the A?Ia. It wu reported on the London Stock Exchange that the legal authorities at Washington had pronounced against the capture of Messrs. Mason and Slldell, and that they were on their way to England. Statements from the Paris Patrle of the camber of French men-of-war off New York attracted attention, and waa regarded with mnch satisfaction on tbe London 'Change. 1S62] THE [1863 Pennsylvania Central Railroad, (with iu oonn?otioQi) 18 A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES; SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! thru daily teaixs from PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH'. Two of them making close connections at haeembueg with trains on the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, and forminc THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE feom WASHINGTON A>D BALTIMORE to all point* in the \Vk?t, Noeth-west and South-west. F?r Through TiokaU, apply at the Offioe of the Northern Central Kail Road Company, Calvert Station, Baltimore. Splendid Sleeving Cars on all Niqht Trains S ninLl ll cr n/r/nnu (*,1 v am nil p ? 0 ? ?. Vt?? o \s ?* 1*11 A FROM W ASHINGTON. Passengers wnl take the 6 a. m. and 8 p. m. trains, a-riving in Baltimore at?-80a. m. and 6 4* p. m.. where dose oouuectiona are mate with trains on the Northern Central K. K., and arrive in Harris bur* at 1 p. ni. and 1 45 a m., there connecting with the trains uu the Pennsylvania Central Railroad for ail parte of the west. FR RIGHTS. By this roots, freights of all descriptions oan be forwarded to and from any point on the Railroads of Ohio. Kentucky, Indiana. Illinois, Wisconsin, lo^a, or Missouri, hv Railroad direct The Pennsy vania Central Railroad a'so cnnneota at Pittsbnrg with Srram?rs, by which Goods oan be forwarded to any port on the Ohio, Mnskingnm, Kentucky, Tennessee. Cumberland, Illinois. Miss issippi, Wisoonsin, Missouri, Kansas,, and Red K lvers; and at Cievaland, Sandasky ana Cnicago with steamers to all Northwestern Lakes Merchants and shippers entrusting the transportation of their Freight to this Company, oan rely with oonhdeiioeou its ?peedy t'aii?i'. THE RATES OF FKE1UH I to and from any point in the West, by the Pennsylvania Central Railroad, are at all timts as fmvorablt at are charted by othtr Railroad Companies d/ Be particular to mark piokiges " via P*sa. ClNT*AL K R." MaURAW a KOONS, Freight *gents. No. 80 North street, Ba t more. ENOCH LEW is, Gen'l Supsnnt't. Altoona, Pa. L L H<>UPT-G-<n'l Ticket Ag't, Puilswlelpnia. H. M HOUSTON, Gen'l Freight Agent, Philadelphia. ja 4-dly (I* KTHllPfll I I'A M <!** u/iMllwonu . _ _ _ _ .. ? w MS > * >< M " ? UU, Tt ACClli^U 1 L"1 (Lati Brown'* > Toe nndersign-Hl beg a leave to inform hia Irieada anil the traveling publio that ha haa lea* ad for a term of yeara the well-known Hotei kept for many vear* by Mr. Marahall Brown, and to aaaure them that they wi I find in him a host determined to keep in ??ery particular a firat-olaaa Houee. He reapeotfu. y aolioita thdir patronage. ANDREW R. POTTS, )a 3-iw Prop rl tor. UNION FUEL DEPOT. COAL?COAL?COAL' Wa, the underlieD*d. inform our onttomera aad the oitisena of Waahington generally that wa are aelhng COAL., (K?d and white Aah Kgg aad JJIOTB t*na,) dtlxxtnd, at tha following prioee. via; Net Ton (2.0U0 lba.) for #7 ? Groaa Ton (2,240 lba.) for ?8 2i Alao for Bale, a oholoe lot of HICKORY, OAK. AND PINE WOOD. MoKNfcW A MAR l OW. CZT" Office oorner 7th at. and Canal. Ja 8 0t Military overcoats: MILITARY OVERCOATS!! Ready m*de or made to order. The moat extanai?e iupp y oonatantly on hand, ranging from 920 to f 75. Overooata, Dreaa and Fatigue Coata, Panta, and Veata. made to order, on abort notioe, at our nasal low prioea. for cash. NOAH WALKER A CO., deV7 ?wif (Intel.) 368 Pa avenue. DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. The copartnership heretofore existing tinder tbe name of A. J. Swwusr A So., of 30 Jar street. New York. i?, this lift (fay of January, 1862, dissolved by mntual consent. All the bi le of said firm will be paid by Andrew J Sweetser. and all ptrties indebted will pay said Sweetser all moneys due to said firm. ANDREW J SWEETSER. JAMES WALLACE. Washington, D. C.. Jan. 1.1?62. jaSSt KITTENHOUSE. FANT A CO , BANKERS, 352 Pennsylvania AVSSCI, (Hear Broien's Hottl,) Issue DRAFTS on all parts of the United States, in sums to snit Offi oers and Solnie-s. A lso, Drafts on L >itdon. Ireland, Scotland, Wales, and all parte of tbe Cont rent of Europe. ja2 lm T NOTICE. HF. BULLION BANK will fk.i- ? Backing House in the Colonfsitmn fauildiDg. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and ih street, Wash ingtnn, D. C., on MONDAYx January the 6th, lftL>, for tbe purpose of transacting a general banking business. HankiGg hours between 10 a m. and 3 s. m ja4 lw WM, T. THuMPsJON, Prss't lOA MALAGA GRAPES. JUU LBS. Of the latest importation, and of superior quality, just rto?ived. KING ft BURCHELL. j\ 4 Co-ner 15th st. ana Vermont ay. rpO MILITARY OPFICERS AND OTHERS, BATCHKLOR'S GENUINE HAIR PYB, The Best in ths World, Tkt Only RtliabU and Harmlut Hatr Dy* Known. Sold by all Druggists; also, at BsmroiTs Patent Medioine Store,op. Patent Office, oor. F k. 7th, Gibbs's Hair Store, ms Penn'a avenue, where Ladies oan have it aep'ieo, if desired. Factor/?SI Harderet. flats ass Broadway) N, Y. oo S ly INDIA RUBBER GOODS. OF ALL KINDS?FOR THE ARMY. A large stook just reoeiuod. JOHN B PUDNKY, 324 Pa av11( baok room) or 393 0 st. lirnni p ? du nnu ko t a.' h *j mm/ Wli V'm | O Win r W n I rjRPj VliU V IjO 6AUNTLETS. SHIRTS. DRAWERS. Ao.. freah gooda. at julin B. PI'DNE Y'S 3?i D aireet, betw. en 9th and li'tti. Buffalo * wolf robes, lap robes. horse blankets, and camp beds, ju-t rmsived at john b. fldnev's 3U4 Pa. ar. (back room) or 363 D ?tr**t. bet. Kh and lOUi. SUTLERSSutlera yon will alwaya find obeap and deairable *or?d? at the Sutler'a Supply Depot of JOHN B PUDNEV, 366 D at.,between ftk and loth JJLAN^TS, BLANKETS.-Larie a took, by e or pair. JOHN B puDNEY, _de 30 366 D atreet, between 9th and 10th._ nki t,b8 neck TIBS i An anparailelled aaaortraent at lHOMPBON'S, In part of E. A. Lake A Co. a, dean Under Brown'a Hotel. KKNJAM1N D.WO.LFK^ _ ?? LI U. ?P1 rini. AVinUli Adjoining tne National Hotel. A) Wiukimgiom, D C, IU Kmm oon?tauU? on baad a fi n* assortment 01 s^xem%-iMLo CBTLER?.?KA A"D kilfnl work mail la Chronometers, &*e Wa'oitaa, samife aiaailed. for iadieeand gaatiamw-iaet Ua thing for Chnatnas Praaaete. HiftiNG, LIVE ^s&srff'SaBdtti \ zLtf&tt ^' '"-grcfeENCE. S.'Sibto ^?raSr^MM^wy> AMU8EMENTg. Washington acaukmy of mhsic, Pejih Arwti.lfotiii *!??.) No. t99, Btwm 9tk and lnu IM. Ktitt moioi i r?irvtat>;; ftna Fma Coaatrt, mbrKoiac MieoticB* from th? boat ela?eie masle. tad the molt popo ar o??r?i-rMd?r*d ia beter Irtyla th%n at any otferr An*Moan aonoert aalooa. Tba (DHti?a ad the public are Irealy iBTited, witboa< oharf* for antranoe,?nay rati upon ha* ing avery ooKfort th y daaire in addition to tha fcneat rustic m Waahiaf t >?, they will obtain, oa I osu, irom u>e ?t'e ,tir* tUenotnU, deoidedly the beat Refreihnruu for etie id the K?o?r*i M?tropo'ib. HENRY ROSENTHAL, j?6-im ni>h?ni. CONCERT IN GEORGETOWN, D. C. Will be IITCB by til* IIutctilDNon la rally, At the MOUNT ZION af * CHURCH. ob tuesday evening, jiawuj 7tk AdwiMioiiBwri. ja ? Look out for the , THIRTEENTH GRAND ASSEMBLY Of the HIBERNIA club. ? To be held At Mk Franklin Hall, ramiritkamd DM., uA Ob MON DAY. January *Hh. Tieketa 5n oesta, admitting a gentleman Bad ladiee. ;a ? st? R THEATER K ENGAGKMKNT OF MR. J. E. OWENS. MONDAY, January 6th. will be performed the comedy of SHE STOOP* TO CONQUER Toney L?mpfcir X?.M' J. t?. . To aonolna* with ti.e faro of ' Tnrmoc im T?blca." J&ofc Homphnea? Mr. J. B.Qttm. it ICING'S AMPHITHEATER. T. Kmc Solo I e??#e and Manager C. Soott - AHJoitu MuM?r F. Whittaker . fc(jue?t.ri*r MUMfr J. P;o?p?ri notiea Director The macacement reapeotfnlly anaouaoM a brief engagement with DAN RICE, The Celebrated AMERICAN HUMORIST and CJXVBRSATIOXALIST. whose reputation aa a LOGICAL ARGUfcR ! FACETIOUS JOKER ! And PHILOSOPHICAL WAG la nnparaileled. In addition to hia LOCAL AND GENERAL HITS, lie will introduoe the rj ;vn KTrrn rrr?r ?rn? tm TH? HOIT*" FE^LKK Romtoh, Aid THEM" MULES' Tb? whole Amphitheatricai Troupe will Maiat in the entertainments to be siren by DAN RICE, Whro? erratement will oommeooe no MONDAY. January ,!??. And continue KVBKT tvR?u!?<? Drams THI Wm, _ _ Admission. Dress Circle ?.. JboecU. Children nnder 10 years old.?_ .99 oents. G slier? 38 oects. Colored Gallery. 25 cents. Colored Boxes .so cents. LKx>rr open at 7 o'clock; performances will oommeooe at a quarter before 8. On W*DNEi?DAY. DAYLIGHT DISPLAY: ja6 RICHARD P. JONES. A cent. CANTERBURY HALL, i Formerly the Washington Assembly Rooms,) Louisiana avenne, n*ar eorner of 6rb street, in the rear of the National and Brown's Hotels. OPKN EVERY NI6HT! With the first tal?nt m Amenoa. ENTIRE CHANUE~OF PROGRAMME. Laet Night of the rrett Eccentric Ethiopian Artist of th* Day, fRANK BROWER ! RANK BROWER ! To niffct. the VIRGINIA MUMMY! VIRGINIA MUMMY! VIRGINIA MUMMY! FRANK BROWER as GINGER BLUE. PBi3BgS8?38 f. g I381SMI: Character* by the entire STAR COMPANY! New Songs, Nett Done**, Bfe., fyc. NB W Y EAR *' WEEK, NEW YEAR 8' WEEK. A Series of Mate. 6o*ct AFTERNOON PERFORMANCES Will b* C1V0Q at CANTBkBORT HALL. ro* lad is s and children, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, tOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, FOR LADIES AND CHILDREN, Commmecoinc TUESDAY. Alts EvKBT WlDXMDAT A If 9 BaTCSDAT Ami' noon*. One Thousand Costly Presents VI1. be presented to the ladie*. obiidren. aad the audience do ring these Matinee* elega"t Christina* Souvenirs will oonsist of magnifl oent Annuals, and expensive MU of Sable Far*, a Sewint Machine, splendid Gold Jewelry, Silver Forks and Spoons. Ladies' Chains. *Vsicn Guards. ohildre> 'sNeok Chains, Gents Rings, Toys and Confectionery. rrr The managers oall to the minds of the ladiee ofthis oity the elegant preeentation matinee* whioh t* ey had the honor to five here last winter, in evidence of the fa>rness with which they were eondnoted These presents will be given in addition to the finest performances by tne beet ooa par<7 ever appearing in Washington. Tne sa oons atuohed to the Hall will be oioeed dnnng the afternoon performanoes. and oar matinees will be oond acted in each a way that the mo?t fastidious oannot regret their visit to the Canterbury. After***s Prites: Ladies,** oects; gentlemen with Ladies, SB oeats; I ohilden, 10 oents Niskt PrietJ : Parquet, 85 oenta; RoMwood Orohaatra Cbaira, 90 oenta. p-No Present* preeented at mibt.-TT1 /JEORGE CHRISTY'S OPERA HOUSE. TMTH Stiir, Bitwbbx k aitd F. Open Every Night with GEORGE CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS From Broadway. Ntw York, Comprising 16 of tiie Piokkd Staks or MissT&BLaT ' The en'ire entertainment under im immediate di reotlon o? GEORGE CHRISTY. Tki ncknowlidttd Pton+tr 9/ Mimttrtin Thla Evening, and eveir evening antll fkribar notioe, will be producer! George Canary's great Extravaganza entit.?d NEW YEAR'S CALLS. Peter Day. George Chni^r Other oharaoters by the oomrany. The vasal me.ante of Singirg, Danei ng, Bar lee* tie Opera. Ao , Ao., by the waole company. A DMie?io*?Parquet, So oenta; Gallery. 86 oenta. las FASHIONABLK DANCING ACADEMY AT Temperanoe Hall.00 the main hall) E *A street, between 9th and loth Claret* every flR Tueeday and F id a? Aftergfro and Evening. J^R A I of' lie fashionable DaMtoa taught. Pri-ApB vate elaeeea attended to. For eironlare, Mima, Ac., inauire of WM H BARN Thompeon's Genu' Furniahing Store, 870 Pa a venae. C. T. BARNES. . da 17 1m" Proreeaor of Daaeing. PERMAM'S fiDAwn nvrrnfiinw to HEW YORK AJTD B06T0H. EXCURSION TICKETS F rem Baltimore U BhU>, tW r?* tara, 91S.I0 T? Flew Yerk ud retara 8.00 Tiok*te good to 1mt? Be&Jbmore from tfce Dejot of the Northern Ontral Rail way ,ob CaJrert street, ysaeint orer fha Northern Control Railway. Lebadob Valley, Kut Pennsylvania, L"hlih V a'ler.aad "antral Railroad ofNew Jaraar to New York, and from New Vo<k o Boa ton by Ike Stoning ton Line, leaving Now York by tha (team era CosBogvaalU and Plymoatk Rook, at 4 o'tlock p. a..on My day, i Sunday a eieoepted, UP TO JANUARY SI. IM, and to matron ?t iim aovrt ON OR BEORE MARCH let. . CTTicltati for a^a |a. Washington. D C., at tha National Hotel; lnBaltimore. at tha Depot of tha Northern Central Railway, Calvert street, at Barnnm'a Hotel, Kb taw Houae, aad till mo r Hoaee. Two through Tmtae daily from Baltimore to New York, leaving Baltimore at U>a. m. aad kjn m. To ooaneot with theea trains, paaeeagera from W aabington moat leave in the a. m. aad ft p. at uiui. Er All mnuiNliiiy la recardto tha Rac*tnmt t? atfnNM* to JCHB1AH PKKHAM. National HotaTTWaahiaf too, 0 C.,ku k?a4< Bartore. Ha will also ba fiynwM bj lui at*?to at fcLum'a HoU Bit.umora, Lovajor's Hotel,Naw k. aad the AJama Hmm, Bo?um, kaa MaatMrtw ia tkon aitiaa. l>Hw W B. BTIONO. TRCKKS, HiSli2liTlMlftA*T SOOM, sjsa&ss?ar< %irw filOVIII ? . 1 | AFOTION 8A Lt THIS AFTERNOON^ i TO-MOtiRoW. By J. C. MoGL'lRF. k CO.. AaefaoiMwr a. SPLENDID AMCRTNKNT OF M . V K n WAII AT Aictioh?<?b M< ^DA\ AFtERNO<?N. Jiniary Kk, at S o'olo-k. on ! MHM ioor ol o?i Aifiimn Room,** rhall SO.: B OpltOdd BMortlDfBt OlgllW p ?t*4 n Br.u'BCtarrd CBOIBBivo y for oity > <?< ' llo t>T * oolthrated msnalaciurer la Now Yirk. V\ o M?m? ib part? El*?aat Chss*d aa<i P a'B T?? Hots, Wailora. Kitobara, 9<>?< n?. M??o. 8o?p and Oystar Tnroena. Baitar bisbae, Cairo Bsakoto. C*?t?>r?, (. res Caoeo Toa Iriwi. Spooaa *U Forfcs. > a. , ,.V5""h J. C. MaOVlRE k CO., Aaata. BJ U K K K.N A WILLI AMP, AMliNNn. SALE ON AfCOI NT OF OOVHtNMKNT ^ Uinvii or o*b Roaw Koiii at Arc ^ Tion ?On fl'f Jtb* ?t?i iittu:, wa ?b?? II m front ofotr 9tor?, No. JJ# oontr Bownth tad 0 alrMU. at? o'oioek a ONE ROAN HORBE. Terms OMk, ia apr oi?. v By oi4?r of th? u?; j?? a ORfeKN A WILLIAMS, AnIi. By WALL * BARNARD. AMtioar?r?. Smmtk tcmrr Pm. m*. mmd MA ft. I?XPRE?B WAGONS AT AUCTION?Tkr*? | ?j tftrf* u4 k*%ry aoTrrod Bsproaa W *<> , of LtK?M >l#^"d^fTTl!l?f1) A * 1IO* N1CN ?". Tth mat?nt at W o'oioek. in front ofth? Aac toc Mow. ALIO, S Beta H&rnoaa. Ja? WALL A BARNARD. AjicU. By WALLA BARNARD. A^omm I i vr. lorn* f i at r?. * ?? 9th $t. CLOSING PALE Or VALUABLE PU?? V/ *HD ROIII.-<)B TUESDAY MORNING.nh ic?t*nt. at 10 o'clock, we eioM on M hMm UOtian, the larja Maortmeat of valaab.e h Bra. which I are OB exhibition at oar larre Wawrooa, ja?t in I the r?arof?ir A action Room, onaiattag 01? Sad eon B*y. Sat>i*a. Sqa'rra), Krwwna, 5*ihcri?? IBirrai, Frmue. V ck. Ftch, Frraah Mink. an<1 Frenoh S<a*ie, Cap*a, Ci'aka. Muff* and Cuff*. Ott? and Hearer Gauntlet*. Coilare, Cape. ud Coata. iinn ya Hndioc Bay, and prajria Wolf. Fo*. B?df*r. J*net.*n<i lined ?nd nullu?d Buffalo Carnace and h Robea. jt 3 (Rep i WALL * BARNARD. Aecta. JJyJ.C. McBUIRE A CO.. AactioBMra. UALE OF STOCKS BY ORDKR OF THE O OkPH K* Co?ET.-OB TUKSDAV AFTERNOON. Jauaarv 7. at 4 o'clock, at the A notion Rooma, w efcall eeli. by order of the bonor?b>? I Oirkau' Court, in aama to aait? 6.J90 Quarter!* Corporation of WMhmgtoa 6 per cast, Stock, f f ? Back or the Motropolia Stock R?V?A O'BRIEN, | 11 | II V f i * #ub .1 r c. * . * i " Administrate re. lud moeulrk * co.. aaoto. FUTURE DATS. Br BARNARD A BUCKEY, AaoUoaeera. ('Wiiiim, D. C. TRUSTEES' BALK.?By nrta* of a deed of t'aet from Wm. W MoNwr, dated Arrii J?. 1*1. and ofreoord. we will offtr at auction on the 11th day of February next at o'clock p. bi , on the "" remiMt all that lot of ground id Owi?o?i XL"?r. u the easternmost part of lot nnmber one honored at-d twenty-#ight, (IJ8.t in Be* I'teddi'ioa to Georgetown,/renting 14 (eet oa Dan> artoa atroet. aadrano nf book north, of the aaine width, IJn ? feet, with the improvements, conaiating of a two JKk tor? frame house. Terma of eaie One-third of the paroboee money to be paid m oath; and the reeidao at three e*ua instalments- at three.rx and cine monU>?, vita interest, to be atcurod. h f | WALTER B. COX, >\J I hl'ou CaPEKTuN. ~J t Trnatoea Georgetown Uuiid'g Aaaooia'n ja6 2awta barnard A BUCKEV, AbOts. Br BARNARD A BUCKKY, Auctioneer a. Georgetown, D. C. ^RUST^^^LI^-Bj rirtne of a de-d of ? i ? * nwni ?* xrmm- v ic?, a*Wi Ifjmj JH, IBS) ftLfl of record, we will''ffer at anotion. on the nth day ol Febraery. at S o'clock p m , on the iremiwi, that lot cf ground in Georgetown, boended a* fo> iowi, tii: Beginning at th* end of tw*niy-aix feet meaanred ea?t on the eooth line of Weet street, from the aoutheaal int*reeoti?n of Weet and North street*, aiid run; in thenoe easier y, by and tn the south hue of Weet etreet, tw?-etj feet, th-noe aoatnardly, and parallel with eaid North etreet, eighty -si* feat, tbenoe westward?, and pa'a el with aald Weet street, twenty feet, and thenoe north eighty six feet to the beginning, the irnprovemeuta. Term* of eale : One-third of the purchase nonet to be paid in oaeh, and the reaidne in three equa i natal men ta. at three, six, and nine month*, with internet, to be eeenred. The terms olaale meet be compned w:th within one week after eale, or the property mar be reeo d, after one ? eeta' notice, at Ue risk and aoet of the ftrat purohaier. WALTM8 COX, HTGHcaperton, Trnelee'a Georgetown Ba ding Association _/a 6 *a w: BA RN AM.D a BlCHK> ,A?et?. By BARNARD A BCOKEV. Aactioneere. TRt'BTEKf BALE?By virtue of a dead of M. tmit from B. H, dated He?temt>wr b, 1156. and of reoord. we will offer t auction on w,e 11 tide* of February. IMS.on the premises at S o'eloskp m , that pert of lot number utti; on*. (SI.iib flcatty 4t He? kita addition to Georgetown. be*lnninc for lU boanda on the aoath aid* of Pro>aeot atreet, ib GeorjeioWB. a* a poiBt diataot 66 IHt, nmiurtd out, from the tM oontmr of a*.id lot, ic: rarnlr i tuenoe 100th Bad pare 1*1 with Uj? wet l'ne of iBid lot 89 test, a ore or laaa. to the Ilea of Mra Meeber'e lot tbenoa aaat ?r the fine of a* d lot 26 faat. and thence north ss feet. wore or laaa, t Proapeot atraat; thenoe with Proepeet atr et 26 faat to the befinninf, with the im?rov?m?nU. oonaiatiof cf i two-atory (nm? hoasa. Tarnna of eale: Una turd of tha purehaae a?Da< to ba paid ib oaah; and tha raaidaa id three eqaai inatalmenta. ?t three, aix and nine montba, w.t* intereat, to be aeearec. Tha tarma of a* a net bo oompued with within | one week after aala, or (ha pro party may he raaold at lbs axaanaa and riak of tne purchaaer, after oaa week a not it e. W6LTKR *. COX. HUGH CAPKKTON, imm ??uf|?wwii nana ? ihuqis . jienvu Barnard * bickey, Aaota. ~~BiBARNARD A BUCKKY, AacUonoara . iTwumw, D.C. * TRUSTEE'S SALE.?By rirtua ol i dMd of trnrt from Hfnrr Dad*, da'ad April ?, 1857, ad of record. vi l offor at Motion . on tr e l ith da; of February. at 4 (Voloot p. b.,?d tk? trwUN, part of ot No. ejfhly, is tjolnead'a addition to ?eorfatown. ooacdad aa Mowi. m : Be?inaiac at the aorthweat ooraer of aaid lot. and ran Bine thenoe south, aiong North atreet, fort? foot, thenoe ea?t and at right aciiM North ?treoi forty aix feet, thence aorta forty foot, and thenoe weet forty-tlx foot, to the bajriaafac, with the i?x rovementa, ooaautinc of two two atory frame Tom* of aala: One-third of tha parohaae money to be paid in oaah. aad tha raoidaa id three eaoa instalment*. at taraa.aiB.aMl aiae natba with L ialmiti to b? wtcurti The term* of sals msst be ^oailM with wlth'b MM week af er ?'?. or the proper*^* may b? resold, at tts ruk and ooat of the first er ons vmkl' DtftlO*. WALTER 8 COX. HUGH CAPERTON, TrtWt'i6eor?rto*r Botidiri Asencta'ion. jat fcwU BaRNARDA BPCKsiY. Aeots. Bv GREEN A WILLIAMS. Aeotioaeer* HANDSOME TWO STORY BRICK BOUSE And Lot at Auction.?On TUESDAY. the 7th loitut, wesh?lleen.u? o'oioek p >.. is frost of th? pren ls??. a good TWl) STORY BRICK BOUSE AND LOT, it being lot lettered E, of eabdieision of origin*, lot No 4, IB Hatre BBirl>ered am. vith tne in provements, which Are a Rood Brisk Dwelwng B<mae. Ao , Ac. The above property m situated fronting on an ?l ley miiDi from North D the eenter of tie ssuare. between Ninth and Tenth etreeto. Terms: One half oailt balance in six and twelve month*, for note* bearing interest from day of sale: a deed gir*o,ao<i a deed of trust taken. Ail oonvryaicini at xn* oo? m HiparouMvr. Jal eo*d? GREEN * WILLIAMS. A?ott. Br GftBBN * WILLIAMS, Awnmin. T'BL'BTKK'S SALE OP VALUABLB RKAL I EITATIOK riiNm Yus ?O* THUIf DAT, th? 9th day of Jmwt, l? J at 4 o'olook p. a., b? rirta* of of truat to tb? ot>?erih*r, bciriM tett on tha 4th du of Dii?Iim.A. D. 1M0. ud raeordad in lltbar J. A. & ,So. M. folioa SB otr . one of the land reonrda of Waahm* ooaaty, I aha!l eel', at peb'ic aaotioe, in frocl o( the premieee, the folio ?lot property la Lb* city of WachiBftOn, vis: A11 of Jot offrooad DltabtrM eighteen.(It,) ik Kotrt sinNrn oae thouaauid and forty- thrM.< IJMt.) (exoept that part of Mid lot eoa*eyed to Robort M. Coahe, <ae by refereooe to to* deed will appear.) T<ua property ? oo U,? OOTMr of Thirteenth atreet mi ted aoath K atreet AIM. pa't ef Hitrc Daaoberrd ulae hapdred and twenty eight, <?X ? btfinmu for ttoaaaid part of HUntfth* 'letaaoeof 91 foot frea IM eoet**Mt ooraor of said Nurt, and frontinc on hij bth atreet eaet alx'ooa (16 (fleet; theaoe raet forty i* > fM; thooM MnU atxteeo (161 foot; ud t*ea*r weet forfr (dD)leat to the plaoeol bectasio?< m de?cr.t???d in a orrt&in deed from Robort M Coahe aad wife to Miohael SaoitB, to which refereooe i? made. Thia laet mentioned property frocte oa ! ichta rtr* t eaet, bete eon a ath 1 aai aoath K etreeta, with iho baildinta and improvement* thereoa _ Thta prop rty ia well loMted. aod offera treat ia 'vrrr.K.'ssrrh. ... r>otha, note* awir?d to tha aauafM'ioa of the aatea, aad bearing lote-eat feoa. the day af eale. A deed fieea aad a4*?d of <raet taken. Aiieoa lea My* from the My of Mle. the Traeaee i aaai i ?e the riyht to roee ! t? a aaid property at the nek aad peqgaar. e^ina, ?f? -d .it, of WMkiBftoa.A y Tra??**. GREEN * WILLIAMS. AhU. * H tuwtdi jWKpnsjflM iml ?n?? for il MH nyru.?&. QADDLK HORKBS POR ft&Lb ?A W4 Ol wrj I? tot Ker t?( * ? HorlM far MM ? ?? *V

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