Newspaper of Evening Star, January 6, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 6, 1862 Page 4
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THE BVEMSW STAR. A HOMILY ?1 A iHOMILY. BT DOC OLA* A. LlVtSN. I have read, witty Sair, your teat wf* on Eu~ (Ita ? *ame I have played?although never for lucre,) And If you but knew it ai well aa 1 know It, You would lnd,oh moat genial and excellent poo*. it trachea a leaaon ??? uaeful than one To be gleaned fc^m the aentence?" I'll pl?> It alone!" reliance, we Mmw, man excellent van, The >4<fYancpd guard of Science who patiently wtM t'r.tli T!al.? > * 'te^eloped the Truths they proclaim. I>??rve# a nigh phee on the record of fame, A ad often lnlLf*! aa' I? Euchre, I own You make a Big Marcfa fhcn yon "play It alone. But to "go it alone" vou-a^ nnde rstand Yau must hold the Big K*at*? of the pack In hand> T#* And tm often In Ufe, In M|Mllar fix, You ?*?end on such affda to secuis you the trfelp, So that somethfng too much of the knav^ may he ftbown la a selfish desire to "g*M alone " B it the game you devcri^aa a "trivial atrlfe" Hat a moral to point for the Battle of Life. It lsthts: When the card* are dealt round on the stand, And earh player looks anxiously tato his hand, j How bravely your partner ill luck can resist, If cheered by the toofld of yoar voice. 'I'll assist.'' r Tb? great Uallleo, imprisoned and bound, In tba depth of hls?orrow this sympathy foimd : When angry Uomlnicans Ituiled at his head All the wrath on which bi-rc*ry's passion la fed, A fair form appeared through CSe dungeon's dim mist, And a daughter's soft voice whisper** i?w, "I'll assist " What's the worth of this world, If designiogand nold, Von selfishly seek all the honors to hold, Kepelling your neighbors, with glances of stone. And the words, harshly ^spoken, 44 I'll play It alone !'* No?no : higher up on humanity's list Is he who can cheerfully say??' I'll assist !** Then li? love ' Oh, rash poet! If she whose bright n** Are gazing in your's with a tender surprfee, Hhould apply to your own case the moral yo*'ve shown, A n<l nnlatl u_f*11 st/tu tn UnllU if * } An O * ' ' ?"> ~ f? I " ... With whit passionate ardor those lips would be ki?sed Till they murmured once more the soft words? "I'll asaUt "? Then shuffle thenark ' Cuttbecards once again, And let a uew moral awaken your strain ! Go ' teach to the world that the battle of life May be lightened to all wuo take part in the strife, If tne generous lesson tun# ta'ight be not mimed, And each iraii to his neiijhbc* will sav?"I'll assist !" |iV?ip York Wf??Wy Argus. HOME-MADE PICTl'KE FRAMES AND ?A1fr!SG BASKETS. First get a carpenter to saw out a frame ef the shape jou wish. Gather together some pine cones, and a few nuts of different kinds, such as Brazil nuts, hazel nuts, hickory nuts, almonds, acorns, and tho like. Dark colored nuts are generally considered best. Take some of the largest piue cones and cut the leaves off. glue them around the Email end of a cone or the cup of an acorn, in the shape cf a rose. One of those on each side of the frame will de Then glue thickly around the outer and inner edges of the frame these leaves of the cones, and fill ia the remaining spaces with the nuts, small concs and pieces of leather made to imitate oak leaves as profusely as possible, leaving no part of the frame uncovered. <io?.j taste in arranging them will, of course. ?dd to the beauty of the frame when finished. After this is d#?e. glue around the outer edge of the trame some of the smaller coses so as to extend over the edites. A bunch of raisins no ?*ach side will sometimes add to the appearance, bat good taste will dictate as to any additions. Alt?r the glue i? dry the whole should be varnished wit h a ??ft brush at least twice, with good furniture vami*h and left to get perfeetly dry before being exposed to the dust. They shoald be corerod when tho room is swept, M the dust is very difficult to remove. She# prefer a simple piece of pasteboard eut into the desired shape, but such a frame is liable to bend and then loosen the pieces glued te it. The nicest frames are made on foundations swelled from the outer edge toward the center The shape of the foundation makes a great difference in the appearance of the frame. The glue should be of the best kind and kept quite hot while in use. A great variety of material may be used in making these frames, which are quite pretty, and cost only about one fourth the price usually a<ked for them where they are sold. The baskets for dried flowers are made in the *ame way on cocoanut shells for a foundation. tl _ ?a ? - - - I me smaiier one* snouia 00 u ?d tor this parpoM. t frrit histi. I hare met with decided success in using tobacoo items as a preventive for the peachborer. Frequent examinations since early last Spring have revealed bat one borer. I renew the supply of sterna &s often as I deem advisable, and find no injury to the roots from them. I have also acted on Miss Morris's bint relative to the application of salpetre, alum, or alt, a* special manures for the peach, and with promising results. I sprinkle tbem ob the soil to within about a foot of the trunk of tha tree. My trees, which were inclined to be sickly and of puny growth, are now in splendid condition, and this seaaon made very strong, healthy growth, and from summer Drunin* are sending "out strong, thick branches, some sweeping nearly to the groand, affording comfileU protection to the trunk from the scoreheg fun Last season, I used Gishurst's compound for slugs on my pear and cherry trees. This seaton I have used nothing but whale oil soap, which I find quite as effectual and more beneficial to my trees, as it gives a healthy, bright color te tbe bark, and keeps the leaves fresh looking and free from spots I apply it once a week or fortnight, as they may require, and the expense is bat little more than that of common soap, costing here five to six and a auarter eents a pound Instead of a syringe, 1 use a " dydropult," which has great forcing power, ana its flexible tube renders it far superior to the syringe in application to the under-side of foliag9.?H. C. Van Tytu, in Uor. TO TUIOl'T GKEASK PROM THE LEAVES OF BOOKS. After having warmed the paper stained with grease, wax, oil, or any fat oodv whatever. take >0 much of it oat as possible by means of blotting-paper. Than dip a small brush in the essential oil of well-rectilied spirit* of turpentine, heated almoet to eballition (for when cold U acta very weakly), and draw it gently orer both sides of the paper, which must be k?pt warm This operation most be repeated as manr times as the quantity of the fat body imbibed by the paper, or the thickness of the paper, may render necessary. When the greasv substance is entirely removed, recourse may be had to tba following method to raator* the paper lo its former whiteness, which is not completely restored by the first process: Dip anotner brash in highly rectified spirits of wine, end draw it in like manner over the place which was stained,and particularly round the edges. to remove the border, that would still present a stain. By employing these means with proper caution, the spot will totally disappear. the paper will assume its original whiteness, ana if tho process has been employed on a part written on with common ink, or printed with printer's ink, it will experienee no alteration. ^ B W AND B?A^U T I P U L! 4?0 NINTH STREET. I hare juat received from New York a very ehotoe aeieotton of the following foods. The attention of those in want is solieiW. PAPKRH A N61N8S sea Parlors. Red Rooms, Vestibules, Dining Kooif and Ceiungs. Gold Band " , and other styles of WINDOW SHADES. Shade Liueeaad Trimmings. Picture Loop*, Taeeele and Cords. ? 3had* Cords tad Tmm la. MATTRESSES AND CUSHjONS Of ?!i d(??cr ption?, im4? to order. IrnowTiiv Won a?d Papsbb4i<oim, la aU ito??uoa? ttfiM, mpmfad yroeisU#, at til* JtT^vrTr i? J. BOTH ROCK. lltTTKIl! ~ ' BUTTER" f? BUTTER !2 , ?<?' k*** eboiM OwiM.i butt*'. jui rdoolted aad for Mie (Mr Of p. B. UAS-MS6tt A CO. BvUM ihDtt., b/fri Pa. arm** i I 8. H, PI It E'8 ( ARMY CORDIAL. * m"' {" i " i f .l>ii i d y J In presenting this delicious beverage to the public, It Is not our Intention to herald It a* a quack medlcli is, that will cure all disease* and affectlens that .human nature Is heir to, but that It la purely a combination of roost delicious fruits, distilled under our own personal supervision, having ito deleterious or Injurious admixtures so common with many compounds forced npon the Public, in *the ahape of Tonics, 4c. PIKE'S ABUT CORDIAL will become one of the moat useful and at the same time healthful beverages that h? i ever been offered. We take much pleasure in. thus presenting it, particularly to Soldiers, who tare exposed to change of weather, climate and k ardahlp, as the best lnvlgorator that can be fount d. SAM'L. N. P1KK * CO. j SOLE AOEMT IN WASHINGTON, D. C., CNILE DUPRE, 390 PS .NNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Cincinnati, Octob?r 29, 1S6I. 1 herebv re rtlfv that, in a^r.ordanrA urith th. law regulatla, % the sale of Alcoholic Liquora in the State of O hlo, I have inspected 8. N. PIKK'S ARMY COR. DIAL, and find it free from polaonoua impart 'lee. 1 also believe it to possens high medietas 1 properties, of a tonic and astringent character* In testimony whereof, witness my signature this 29th day of October, 1861. DAVID O'CONNELL, M. D., Chemical Inspector of Alcoholic Liquors for Hamilton county. S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! No Househould should be without it. b* N. PIKE S ARMY CORDIAL! The moat healthful and uaeful Tunic o*tant. S. N. PIKE 5 ARMY CORDIAL! Have th? d?llcloui Beverage at home. 8 N. PIKE S ARMY CORDIAL! la distilled from dellcloua FrulU and Berries.J 5. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! gutlara la the Army supplied on reasonable terms. S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! lfvary **?car and Soldier in tha Array should use the Invigorating Cordial. 8 N. PIKB'B ARMY CORDIAL! Not only Offlcers and Soldiers, but the moat delicate Lady, will And this Cordla a useful TONIC. - 6. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! I? not a quick medicine, bat the most healthful end pleasent Beverage In uac. 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Better than French Brandy, Whisk*, or any strong Liquor. S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! If you vrtsh to keep In good health and spirits, u?e thla Cordial. t* * FOR BALE AT THE PRINCIPAL DRUGGISTS IN THIS CITY, OR BY 8. H. PIKE & CO., IS Ud 39 SYCAMORE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. * * * Pi.POLK AGENT IN > : ? \ : . i WASHINGTON, D. C., - . ENILE DUPRE, 4#V rftillllf U ' ? * X 4M ?-Uq,?o4 ? 1 4 LWM.COIWIN Bl'RGY. ATE With tbe old and well known houte of WM. 8. COKWIN * CO , nbw Vmi, Dt*Ur tj? tkoiti Rrandus, Wmm Ci4art, fc. and Importer nf Ttntand Chimin Famty (roods, No. 337 Pbn:<?ylva!ua avinoj, (Entrance Sixth Street,) Washington. D. C. The attentioaof oonnoiaseura and the pdI'llo |?n orally n invited to my itock of fine Braodiee.Winee Cigars. Tea*, Ao , oompruing Heaaesaey. Ot&rd and Sayer Brandies, Widow Clioquot, Moot k. Cbandon, M urn's, Heidsick & Co , ivnd Aeeooiatee Verieuaj, Charnpagnea; Permartina^Araontilado in irnw oiirrmi v> ?nu?rer, HNtrTt utd South Side Madeira*; Harmony and Rurmerater Porta; the celebrated "VVrtC" Club Houae ?in; Irtah, Scotch, Bourbon and Monoogahela Whiakiea; Jamaica atd St. Croix Ruma; Cabaoa, Figaro. La Roaa de San'iago. > a iCapanola ano varfoua brand* of Clears and very fine Young Hyaon, Hyson. Imperial and Kniliah Breakfast Teaa in oatty boxra imported by myaeifexpreaaly for family use. de 13 1m SMITH * BROTHER'S PALE CREAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER A1E, PORTER AMD NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARLEY MALT&tffi nOPS.and highly esteemed by thoee who have used them. Purchase are requested lo call and examine our superior stock, assured that they wilr find the BEST and PUREST artioles. We have at all times a large stook ready for delivery. in wh?le, half and quarter casks. suitable for the TRADE. HOTELS, and FAMILY UBK. which we ofTer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH tt RROTHKR, Brewers. No. 15S & 160 West l*th it., New York City. Orders by Ma: or hixprees promptly executed, te ?-6m SBR11) A I. GIFTS. ILVER SKRVICKS. SILVER URNS. SILVER TURK ENS SILVER BOWL!1. SILVER DISHES, SILVER SPOONS and PORKS. SILVER PITCHERS. WAITERS, SALT CELLARS, WifA a great colUrtion of small r artirlts. suita bit for Bridal lit/is These goods are all of our own in%nufaoture, of the most elegant workmanship and finish, and we do not believe, for variety and quantity, are surpassed by any other collection in the country. EPERUNES DIAMOND JEWELRY, VINE WATCHES. 4-e., *r. Porsaleby SAM5L KIRK A SONS, 17'J Baltimore St., Baltimore, Md. Established 1817. 14-12t* 1^)2 ELEVENTH STREET. 5()2 E. FISHER A BROTHERS, FRENCH STEAM SCOURERS. Baltimore, Md. The only place this side of New York, where you oan got a Biik Dress clcaceJ, restoring the lustre e?juol to new. minis of Ladies Dresses cleaned without taken apart. Crape f.nd other Shaw's, Table Covers, and Gentleman's CiotUme, cleaned in the best manner. Leaving no substance in the cloth to icjure it or make it more easily to soil. N. 13 Good* will be sect to Baltimore twioe a week, and return with like promptness. <1e 13 2w WM. P. fHKDl). Agent. PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, 119 PP.!*NST?,VA!11A AVK*CI, h'turrn nri't^th fit The undersui ?d, havtnr located himself as ahove, takes th:., method ofinformint tun citucns of the First Ward that ii? ha? opened a hrst-clas* Prpri6ior, Store, conuucted similar to those for irhich Philadelphia is famous. Here can t>e lounft at a l tunei a latce ami freeh ??i?ply or PO|ll.TRY. GAM E, vEEF. MUTTON, Ac. FRUITS and VEGETABLES? m soa on. Particular attentmn i* eaUed to his stock and prioM of KUTTEK. CH F.ESE, 4c. Pnila<1e!phia Print lint tor. Goshen and Western R?sorve. )!.. l-? ' - " - i.r-mii; uwitiin ' fvi iu ri vp rn? atrioieat attention to tho wants of hispiistomer*. and t? keep ever* article in his line oftlie liest ?n&tit . au'l sell at the lowest market pi iocs, he hopes to merit a share of public patronaeo. Families will t o waited uponlair for ciders, if required. , no 16 THOMAS R WILSON. Uoveruiuvoi iLoau Agent), Oftittc or LEWIS JOHNSON 4. CO., BANKSH'Jk CotMl of P*. Avinpk and Tsnth St. LKWIS JOHNSON, of oui firm, ha*m< been appointed a Sut-sortptiou t?r the National i.oan authorized l-y the act of Congress of :7th ulv, 1861, we are prepared to furnish, to parties desirous ?1 making investment, any amount of 73-10 Treasury NoUs, of ?onvenient sizes. _DO?_tl _ I.KWIS JOHNSON ft CO, MILITARY HOOTS, ^1 Ml At wnomkalb. sal At MintifnrtHTfrs' Prices. fll ' VtkNo. 19 Market Spare. I'enn. &?., bttwMQ *th and <Uh ?tf. J ROSENTHAL. Ladies'. Miss***' and Children's Boots and SiK>ea of every description, lowr than ever. de 13 eo DR. DLPONT* SUGAR COATED FEMALE REGULATING FILLS A Read the following unaolioited encomi-^Jf/ urns: f "1 cannot oommend them too highly." ~ t-' "They are the beat Female Pilis extant." "I have used them with oomplete suooess." "Would not b? without them upon any oonaideratu*:." "They operate aoeedtly and effectively." Pnoe ft Sent by mail Sold by 8. C. UPH AM, SlOCbeanut street, Philadelphia, and in Washington by 8. C. FORI), oorner Uth atreet and Pa. avenue. no 3ft- eolv |\R. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE W ILL CURE mJ GONORRHOEA in aiz daya. No ohangeof diet te?uire<l. It la an uab ?p?cifio of aiitT-iive jear? ?tai r idkJ|^BK! and will not harm the iuo?tdelicate con titntion It ooutai"? no minerals, Prioo PI. Sold by 8. C. UPHAM.310 <,hMnut atreet, hiladelphia, and in WaohiUKton br 8.0. FOKD, oorner nth utreot and Pa. a?e- no 86 wo It JTKAB?TEAH?TKA8! U8T Received a prime lot new 'l eas. For ?ale low at BROWNING A HEATING'S, de 4 3tawtf 383 Pa .avenue, near 6th rt. J" U8T KBCKIVED A LOT Of^IHAT VERY superior OLU CABINET BROWNING A KEATING'8, de4 stawtf 353 Pa avenue, near Kth >1. pATAVVBA GRAPES! V/ CATAWBA ?RAPES!! Fresh Catawba Grapes in exoelient order and delioioua m flavor. Try them. KING A BURCHKLL, j. ft * " ? u? 11 oorner lain at. and Vermont avEJOU PRINTING. VERY DeacnpUon of iOll PRINTING re- ; tmred by any bod/?citiiens, civil functionaries, arinr and navy ofhoera, autlers, 4tc.?exeoateti at the STAR OFFICE, in aaUafiaetory atria, at low rates for Caah. no 4 tf TREASURER'S OFFICE. Washington, D. C.. December. 1861. Holder* of the two yeara Treaaury Notoa, with interest at 6 pergsn*:. payableaemi annually, iaaued under the act of 2d of Maroh, 1861, ara informed that the interest on auoh notea to the 1st of January, 1863. will be paid at thia office, on and after that day; provided, tnat auh notea with a schedule, signed by the holder of auoh notea. allowing tha number, date, and amount of each note, tocether with the interest due thereon to aaid first "(January, are lodged here, one day beforehand,! for veriboation. (aigred) F. E. SPINNER de2< til Treasurer. U. I THE SUBS^KIBERS beg leave to inform their patrona and the public generally of be-_ mm inc ampiy supplied with a superior stuck FALL and WIN! KR GOODS. KK Thev alao respectful'j invite attention of \flr their Army and Navy customers, and those"- " re^airuit outfits in that line, to their superior aualitiea of Swords, Epaulets. Shoulder Strap* Belta, CKiuun. U.<*<- ? a.-u? 1 "-fj Vi>r> ooaucif Buu uniu L,?CM, constantly on hand, which are warranted as repre en ted, Whilst tendering thanks Tor the liberal patronage enjoyed, they will endeavor t?f merit a continuance. F. J. HEIBER6ER * CO, (Successors to H. F. Loudon & Co.,) I CITIZEN, MILITARY and NAVAL TAILORS, 36'J Pennsylvania Avenue. oc 16 eo6m JMPOR1ANT TO MILITARY MEN ! Army Regulation Hats, MoClellan Fatigue Caps, Chasseurs de Paris Caps. Staff Caps made to order, with appropriate dovioes, B. H. 8TINEMETZ, 236 Fa. avenue, near oorner 13th st., Between WilJards' ana Kirk woods' Hotels. ID- Agency for Gitten's Cork Cap Havelock, highly reoom mended for the use of onr rank aud file hr Lieut Sen. Winfield Scott. de ll-lin ONE NICE ROSEWOOD CHICKER1NG PIANO for $75. ?^ One7 octave four round oorner Ilal!et|BBIB k. Davis Piano for #200. HIII1 ?? - - - ? ? rur ea.o upon rtir ierms at the Mimio Store of W. G. METZEROTT. Sole A*ene* for Steinway and Son's and Haven, Bacon ft Co.'b Piaooa. <ie 18 \f aSSE Y, COLLINS ft OO.'S lfl PHILADELPHIA DKA VOHT ALU. We have jaat received a nopply ol the above Ale, whioh we reoosuDeod to be of a very superior quality. Peraona viahing to purchase. by making immediate application, o*n be furnished. ARNV ft. 8H.1NN. no 7 Georfotown. ^OLDIERS NEEDING DRY GOOD8 for the t? "folks at home" are solicited to mspeot oar TMt etoek, now oomplete in all department*. Une prioe only, the aotaal oash standard value, marked in plain figures. A examination of stock mours no obligation to P?A?l parcels oareftollr sacked, For expreea or other conveyaroe. Iree of obarge PERRY ft BRO., Penn. avenue aooNintk St.. de 14-aot ' Perry Building." ROUGHS, COLDSyHO^RSENEBS, fto. COMPOOND STBvf 0??VM ARABIC. This pleasant and popular Coagh Remedy uas been soJuag known awl extMisivaly y*ed tnatmnat persons have oeoome familiar with its extraordiUrf tAeiM It Mn K?jI ?H ? > ???- - 1 1 f \ OAS FITTING, *c. A WM T. pove * GO. AjLE Ne* frf>?^rpd \o eiraita any orian with vhlah the/ mn be larored la the riiVMBl.N?, -Sd^K :V7KAM FOT1N* CT Store on Mk etreet, i ft* door# north of Pa. t-nue, where rairb* fo?nd a comjuote aMortnaal t OH VMDKL1HR8 *nd othor ab, btkam ac? water fixtvhks. un it W?AS FIITIIG8. E Have in store, and are dai y reootTini, AS Flf?UflK8o{entirely New Patterns and Doaifoa kuu r iman. auperior in Kile vo fayttunc neretoftro offei'd in tn.a market. We invite citisena renerai It to tall and examine <mr atoek of Gaa and Water FU tree, feeling confident that w* have the beat aeeoted atnek in Waahiugton. All Work in the above Tine lntraated to oar Mr* will bo promptly attended to. MYKK8 * MeiHAN. art-tf STgUatroet. DENTISTRY. j^EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION ARTIFICIAL CHS0PLAST1 BONS TEETH, Withovt Mxtax Plats o* Cuara. DR. 8. B 8IGERMOND. 910 Broadway, jVn? York?'it0 PiMiflrmii A? ihm, b*twt*n 121* rmd 1SXA ttt . Warhtntton, Calia the attention of the pnblio to the tallowing advantagea of hia improved ayatem s 1. The Teeth of hia manufacture wil MMf never oorode nor ohange color by any^**"** aoida. being three fonrtha lighter th*n any other. 2. No teeth orroota need be exWcted, aa the artifioial one* oan be iraertod over them. I. The roou will be made inotfenaive, an never U OS.IIO. 4. No temporary tseth are needed, aa permanent onea can be made imm?diat4!y, thereby preserving the natural exarBMion of uie face. which under the old svstem Is frequently disfigured. b. Thia work has been fully te*ted over five yetrs by many of the first chsmists and physicians of this

oountrv. Dr. 8. hM also invented a white undestriwiive metal filling, with whtoh tne moat sensitive teeth can be filled without pain, and can build up a perfect, sound tooth on any aide roots, whioh williaat through lifetime. The best of references riven?to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. Doremus, Professor of Chemistry, N. Y.; Hon. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Waahinjton, and thousands of others. Call and examine for yourself. no 8 6m pASSENSER , TRAINS _TO AND FROM ?. pAiiTIAlUHb. WINTER SCHEDULE. Mmmmmmwm SPECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. On ttd after Monday, December 9, 1WH. Pm enger Trains between WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE will run as follows: TRAINS MOVINU NORTH. Morning Express leave Waafciug ton 6 OH. H. Arrive at Baltimore 7.f' a. Philadelphia 11.10 p.*.; New York f r. Harrisburg 1.14 r. m. Morning Accommodation leave Washington 7.40 a. m. Arrive at Baltimore 9.30 a. m. No oocneotiocs at Haitik.ore. Now York Mail Train?leave Washington at 11 a. Mm arrive at Baltimore 13.40 p. m.; Philadelphia 4.2' r. M.; New York 10 r. *. Afternoon Aocommodation?irave Washington 3.16 r. m . Arrive at Baltimore 4 50 p. PhiiadelI pnia lo.os p. m. i Evening Expreiw?leave Washicgton 4 p. m. Arrive at Baltimore f.? p. Philadelphia in.49 I p. m.; New York 4 a. Harrisburg l a. m. 1 On S?nniitro # 1 (\K ??vH ^ t. ? I-wrw WWU-W/BO* V"^ ?mi ? I ffi) Ulllf I he 5 r. m. train from Washington oonneets i through to New York everj day daring the woek. TRAINS MOVING SOUTH. ! Lmti New V nrk at 7 a. ?*.; riuladephia M jr, 4, m ; tiaiuuior* J > r m Arnve at Washington kSi r. k. Leave New York at 6r. ifPhiladelphia injn r m.; L'altimoie 4 jO a. m. Arrive at Washington i a. m, Leave New York at |i r. Philadelphia S.V a.m. Haltiui j'c 7 3j a, Hi Aruraat Washington 9 2.5 A. M. Acooir.modation Trains leave Baltimore at * ! a m.,anii?r. m , fo' Washington, arrive there at 11 a.m.and 7 p. m. ilu sunday* at 4 3** and 7.&> a m only. Pnssenger tram* leaving WaemnftoD at 7.4" a. m. and 3."* r. sr., and Baltimore at tm a. m and <.'? p. m . make direct connections for Annapolis at the junction. Traim lea?e Anna?oli? for iKltiroo'eand VV'aahmiton ht ?.?? k. m. and p. *. P<u?*6!ner Tram* leaving Wa*lmi?tor. ?t 6.0^ a. * .11 a. M r. M.. rl<1 BViim'tre at 4jn and 7o>a. m.. and 3-Vi p. m.. w;II ?tov only at Annapolis Junction :nd IVasnmirtnn ( Hrlay> JunctionW?i Paaaengera muat take the Accommodation Trains only | Traina ? !e*ve Washington and Baltimore promptly hpj* taidtimt. W, P. SMITH i de 17 Master of Trannportation. HaW. I NOTICE. iHH>9HH ?AUAM6> EXPKKM9 tOMPASV." This Company ofiers to the public " Unequalled I Ad vauttRO*'- for the halo an<i ?iai"k i>ispitah of ! Heavy Freights. Packages, Valuable#, Money, Ac. ! Ao., to all parts of the United State*. I Expresses to end from the North and Went dapart from and arrive in Washington twioe daily. All Expresses are t? (;harge of tiptrttnt?d and ' Messengers. All Packages for The Soldiers earned at "oni half" our usual ralos. | All Goods for the so-oalled "Confederate States" ; and all Artioles " Contraband of Wax" will be RsrosjtD. Our Expresses leave New York at I, I, and I P. | M.^arriving in Washington at 6 A. M. and UO Kxpresses leave Philadelphia at 8JO A, At. and 11 P. M? arriving in Washington at MO P. M, and I A - M* Expresses leave tin. timore at 4.90 A. M. and S P. Jrt.j^arrmcg ?n Washington at 6 A.M. and ASO Expresses for all points North and West leave Washington at y.30 A. M. and 2.30 P. M. dan/. Speoial Contracts for urge * nai.tities of t reight oau be made on application to thu < >ffioe. A II AlUWla fft# mr\A t~ - - #./ I> ? ?..vm ?w. muvi ?vu?vi vu I'M V?4 KiAU* ; charge.. E. W. PARSONS, 8op't Adams' Express Com pais. Washington, August 33.1861. au2J-tf WATCHES. i llOI.D AND SILVKK ENGLISH, 8W1S8 AND A.MKRICAN. I have now on hand a large dock of a l the moat celebrated Watches, that I ain aelling at the very lowest pnoea that g'>od and reliable time keeper* can t*? adorded at; and every deaoription of fine JKWKl.KV 'n hand; all new sty lea received as oon as inauulactnred, and offered at tha lowest rates. Silver ware manufactured in rny own shoe. All kinds of MILITARY GOODSon hand.such as Revolvers, Swords, Sashes. Belts, Bowie Knives. Pocket Compasses, fto.. Ac. Also strong Arniy Tranks and Bed Combined: and many other tmngs nselul and ornamental at 33S Pennsylvania avenue. nnSh tf H. A HiHiIk n. I. FRANKLIN, OPTICIAN TO THE PRESIDENT AND MILITARY STAFP8. U4 4 Penn'a ar.,'north side, )bet. 12th and lJth ata. SPECTACLES, provided with genuine Rook Prjatal or Penaoopio Lenaea. mounted in cold, river or ateel, and auited with utmoat care for ever; age and eyesight. FIRST ^ ? rTfl CLASS MILITARY FIELD-GLASSES, Microsoopea, Compaaaea, and Mathematical In atrumenta, at the loweat Eastern prioee. Ofiga-tr WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a iarae ?? aaao*mentofGKEYand BLUJEFLaNNEL (IVER-8HIRTP, Vr'HITK SHIRTVbRAWERS. CAMP BLANKETS, HALF HOSE, Ac., 1 which we invite all o&ah purohaeera to examine before making their aeleobona WALL. STEPHENS A CO.. 344 Pa. at., between Ith ui lot* ate. m g (Intelligencer aad Reanfriioaa.) W BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have received within the laat day or two a I large a**ortnient of BOYS' SPRING CLOTH1 INS. einbraoint all attlea of low-prioed, medium, and fine ^aalif.ea, which we are afelling a t very low ariooe for cash. WALL, STEPHENS * CO., 344 Pa. a*.. )>etween 9th and 10th aia aP (Intelligencer and Rembliatn.) T CARRIAGES. HE Sabaeriber having made addltteaa lo hie f*olfry. makin<it now one of the larjeatj^BBdb IB IUI iMBiriui, wnem nil IfVClUUeal^BUlVZ for manufacturing CARRIAGES LIGH T WAGONS of all kirda cannot be sir puaed, and from hia ioaj experience in tkn bnainlanoral atufacOon. All kind* of Carnacaa and Light Wa?ona kept on haad. All REPAIRS neatly dene, and all ardert promptly attended to. Second hand Carriage* taken in exchange for ft**?*- A NDRKVV J. JOYCR, 9 II tf corner of Fourt6*nth and E at*. VtALLiH'V2!tS&2'-in?m. *1 LJfAl?i.< 5.I.JS/.V A L ? AND HKADY-MADK CLOTHIKRS, IJOOT8 am A Ba;?lv?8 *o nwn vu Wim m* aftpKfiwtmrini all ktnte of BOOTS M<t SHuEb, and M&ctaattV rcMtYiu Ml; of M?ter& ituuio work of ererfdo-BHi ?n?tioc. mad* axpraulr to order, and villFel Waold .<? !o?rgriMthan r.u b?nf H|L he?totore iW[H 1? fki? utr l5r uil UdCrCi w? TRAVELING WPWIB. ihia Oitr. c,'n.friemc Hole LadiM' Drosi. Mid I'wkiiu Truukp, wNi OtryM Bif* fto., vbiAii t? mr* wv m <ib( "J? ^***- ^WKL^Sfc. Boa.. J V lift ft TOR, ALTIMO R K LOCK HOIFITAL, Hmt UntrnwU tU ?m* Or mm, A?m* mmd ?U? Eftttmml Rtmtdf m tk* W*U, FOR ALL PI9KABBB OF 1MPRVDKN0E. LET NO FALSE DELICACJ PRE TINT. APPLY 1MMKDIA~K.LV. A 9WRE WARRANTS Ik OR NO CHAROM, IN VROM ONX TO TWO DATS. WMkDMa ad 'JMlMl, UMIWIM, IfltMMad IkiD*m4 filtMii .jnmwn JtMkir(M, iapawaav, " rtl Dabiiily, ??' ?in, &r?M|*J, Uumi, C^liaa at Idaat, Lt* Sytria, f pita-iau ft lha Hiirv TWtA/Ui Tramblmfi, Draunn of fcftot or Oiddi&aaa, Dtaaaaa aTlha 4, Tkmt, Mom or Skin, AVacuona of 0>? Uut, lta? ul or Bow la?lhaaa Tambia Ulwrdm uM>|6m at?Utj Babita of TMtk-UtH DnnMM ud Pmucu which rudii Mimui LmpoMitit, ud d?Mt; b?U Mr and Mind. TO UNO MSN apacitlly ?ba hara kaeona tha vicuna at ?alttary TUa, I that draadf*] aad daair*cu*a babti vMek tan Bally avaapa la an aountlji |r??a ifcraa? iidi af Toarg Maa ad tfca *aat lUkad ulanu aad krilliaat ictaUacu ?ko u*i aniraaead lutaaof hum vttk tjba tbaadara af aia. jaanca w vakad ta aeatacy tba li?inf ly??, u; Mil vtU MARRUQB. MillllD rniMf.w Y?U| Man mwplitli? *u> lUft, k?u( i?in af plifMul nihiMi rpM Ukiiltfi kt~, ?r??dl"? CBXtd who plicu hinHli D<?T ih? ?ar? af Dt. J. aaay uttirtavaly cmida in bia baoor u a famJanaii ul MUdnO; rely apao bit akili u > pbjaiewa. OFFICE N?. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK 8T laft bud aida rmnf rrau BaKimora a'.raac, a raw daari ft? lb a carnar. fail Ml l? ibMm mm u(I lukH. kauan Ul ba paid and ctouu a au-mp DR. JOHNSTON, Man bar af iba Raj at Catlafa of latnaat, katiaa, fr%d?ata from ana af iba moot amtuai.i Cuilafaa >a tba Gaha4 utai, and tba rramar par af vKoaa Ufa bat baaa (fact I* Iba baarntila af Latidon, Parta, Philadelphia aod alaa?bara, ?? ? ? ' > uHniHiii urti IMI ?tri e?ar tun; many irnblM wttk nbftur la the bead u4 eafe wbei. aa.aap; frill Ler>oa?.e*e. k<iu elaroed U aadden ecanda. buMIr eat with blaefcir. j, auanded aaweureea vtla derangement af Bud, eared nai dial* If. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Yeauf Mm uit >ittn vb? ti?i ia)ar?d LbeitaalTee by a eenajo practice tnduif ed 10 when alaue?a habit freceeotiy learned from e?il companion*, or at acboei, the tficu it which art niffctiy fait e?en whan aa.aef, and if oat cared rendera marrtafa impoeaible, and deetreye bath auid aaa bad r, aboaid apply immediately. Tbaae ara anna of lb* aad and naiaocboiy af acta crailaced by aar!t habite of yoatb. ?u: Weekoeee af the Back aad Limba, Palna in tha Head, fhronaaa of Uifbl, Loaa of MaataiH Paaar, Palpitation of toe Heart, Drepepey, Nar*aaa irritability, Derangement of the Digeetive Par.cuooa, General Oabiiity, Sympiora of GaoeamptuM, fcc The faarfal electa aa the jatad are math te ba dreaded?Loea of Mar.,ory, Caofaeiao af Idea*, Dapraaaiea ef Sprite, Evil foreboding*, Avereioo af Society, Belf-Dleiraat. Love af Solitade, Timidity, etc., ara eene af tbe e?ila aaadaced. NI&TOI'I DniLITT.-rb?Hu<i?u MvMfivkMk tba Cftwi af thiir dttliniof t-aalth, loom* t*?ir rigor, kicomlr g viak, pall, mrvoaa and intcitiid, baring a aingalai apf-inranci a boat tha ayit, CNfb or lyirptatsi of MciaafDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. Whin thi rn>ig?idid a> d urprndint rotaryof ploaa?fa lati ka hr.a imbifcad u>a aaada of Una painfal dtaaaal, it too oftan kappaua that an ill-unod linn of ahama or draad of diieotiry da'.ara hiin from applying to tbooi *lw, from idacauoc aud roipictability, can alona bafrtai.d km. fa;la ml* tba bauda of igi.irant aad da ai go trig pratandari, aba, incapakla af caring, Cleb bia pacv.-iary aalatanca, kaap tuaa tr lm| month aiiar month, or aa long aa U>a iroalliai raa ui ta aklainad, aad in daapalr loan him with raimd bialib to aijrb rar aia jr? Iking diaappomimonl; or by tba a>a of ibat diaaly powoi.?Mircary?baatan tba couautational ayraptoaoi of Una limbla diaiaai.iacb aa Afocuouaof tba Niart.Tb root, load, kin, ?e.. prorraaaing with frif htfal rapidity, till daatli piu a ariod to bia araadfal aafinngi by landing hint o that aaduaaririd eoantr? from arboaa boa ma no traralar rata raa. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY ly tbia graai and Important raiaody voakr aaaof lb a orgaai ara ipaadiiy car a* aa<l fall rigor raataoad. Tbomaaadi of tba oat nofToaa and dabiiiuikd, wbo bad loot ail boy a, aa?a bn? immadiataly riliarad. All IcpadimiciU ta Pirrtagi, r^yal?al ? Maaul DUoaalllaattona. Looa af Pmaraawa fooai. Racna Irritability. Tra~klmr and Waaknaaaaf Esaaattioa of iki Mil faarfM kU/4 ....i.l - law ?f?w in/ taifJ. ENDORSEMENT OV THE PRESS. Tas Mart or?*nrii r?r?d at tkia icaiUatMa viikla Hi lui ?un,tn4 tM ninianiiiiiptruMliifi Ml firUrmti k? Or J?hr itan, vitsaaatd ky U< rifartart a/ lha pxpart and many aihar rintni, nw?n at vkiak h?? ? tppairtd aft'" ?f*m kafara tfca rakllc, k? !d?? k>> iiuiifu>| u i finUantan af (btrtcur ud raara*aiktjity, la a a?i?ni (iirtmii i* u>a tSitiad. mar IS-ly TniE?E M JSl. n. Protftt'fi by Unyal Letters Patent of England, ait'/ tecurtd by the Seals. of tke Ecole tie Pkarrnane de Parti, and tke ltnperia.1 College of Medicine, Vienna TRILSEMAR No. 1 M the effectual remedy for Rilaxvticn, firaamator&hce1 and kjhatfllos ob THK SvBTlX. TRIESEMAR No. a. Completely and entirely eradicates all traces of those disorders, for vtiioh Copai va and Cnbebs tiave genera ly been thought an antidota, to the tuiuoI lii? health ol a vast portion of the popula t on. TRIESEMAR No 3. Is the great and sure remedy of the civilized world loran ipwHiM 01 the ayatem.aa well aa recondobviating the deatruotive naa of Merourj. aa wr?,l m other <1?leterioua incredienta, and winch all the Saraaanrilla id the world otnnot remns Trikom* k Nob. 1,2 and S ?re alike devoid of tatte or^mell. and of all nauaeaunc auaiidea. Ttie* are in ti.e form of a loietge, a:j mar lie on the toilet table without their oae beiLg anat Hi, * in tin oaoea at 93 each, or four 93 oa*M In one for 9). and in oaaea. tlma saving #9. aa admiLiitered lj Va.peau, La/iemaad., *o. Whoieaale aud retail by DR. H. A. BARat t k Hi ? A 4 i ? ? ?* - * * ** n'/?. ?< Diewifr nrwi, (? aoora iron HtoDoucal ttrwiNew York. Immeoiateiy on r? oeiat or r?uiitt*.riO?, Dr. Harrow will lorwara TrfoaAmar to any ?&rt of the world. aeaareiy p&cked.a> ?1 addreaaad aooording to the matruoUoaa of the writer. Puidiih *d also by DR RARROW, that pop alar and br&ntinillv iliuatrated medioal work, Hainan Kra'it*. Pnoe *5 oenta. Tneeemar and B<?>t oas be obtained by ap*eial authority from 8. C. FOR D? Waelunc ton. D. C. de 12 3m LEA Ac P E R R I R ft* CBLKBRATID Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounoed by kj extract CONNOISSEURS K] of a L*tt?r fro? ? to be the ft] X4. *t Madra* " ONLY GOOD TV Hit Brotkm SAUCE." at Worwttr. aad applicable to - fWI l&'flfcKVERY ^hlffiytbSitl5S3 variety isyiisissietlaios u well u of Dieu. ^pmsjiifisds The above SAUCE >a not only U? lutiod most popuLACConoiMCfT kn?wn,bat themoet Economical, aa a tew drop* in S?p. Uhc>. or with hot and oold Joints, Bnf Bunk, 6mu, tc . impart ac exquisite sett, which vmprinctpttd Sm? ??nufooturera have in rain endeavored to touiota. On the Breakfast, Lunch ton. Dxnnm, or Snfwm Tnblt, a cruet oontainiog " LEA & PKRRINV WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" la lnditpenaable. To appreoiate the txttllmu iunlitiu oi thia <Ul*tiout preparation it u only neoeeaarj to parohaM a aiiitli bottle of the gtn*tint, of a reepootabie grooer or dea er, aa many Hotel and Rottmmmnt prepnetora aeldnm plaoe the Pttrt Sauce before their Kuesta, bat aahetitute a genuine Bottit filled with I spurious mixture. For sale by Grnoers and Fruiterers everywhere. JOHN DUNCAN A SONS, Unton Simar* and 1 ilk strut, JVsse York, Sol* Wholesale Areola for tha Uafced Statea. A ?took always in store.?Also orders reoeirad for direct shipments from Kngland. VHT Bet?r? Of Countrrftxts mnd /wutuwu. sep J-l y,eo WW TOP HAM.'9 VSU T A A M I V K TM. W tt K WU MANUFACTORY, 499 SIVKNTB blUlT, WUHIWTSI, D. 0. 811 Ter Medal awarded by Maryland Inatitata Baltimore. November 7, IMP. Ala*, Medal SMHSi 1 aa eeosSantlT making, and always h*re ka*4, of the i-eet material, erery deeonpUes ml Pis* Bole feather. At Lam Priut. . Membera of Conereee and travelers will pleaee x&mine my etooi before purehasinc lervber* Vranke that are made in other oiuee. Bmyertor Leather and Dreee Tnnb made to * Trnnka ooveral ud reeaared at abort noQee. fioode delivered free of oharce to aaytpart of the *" *'B?Sfe-?.TOPHAI.. tfS2Kt.*?S froS >oa uuo?pr?i m u? worm, proa?oing, U>? MBMll of'l'p^A^ *HAIR*DVK YwEJIjEtSd ?tr?i mkI P*. *y. m?HpIj 1CA8H NOTICE. N ConMfBMM* of o*r b*n r t to p?y ouh for tmi irtiol* of good* we ?aroliu?, w? tr? fbrotd I* inm etr bamMM to Out for tW 21?S&. *W.rH ?UM tXH Sii'K BTeoeeTBetww . /Iwt^T i IwtM r2IBB? HAUL fTOEK, ?<#** op hfcttd. Or m4< to itrdf- ?i U? m> > M ^wSSnoittixriKyy, TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. MOBTBUN CENRAL RAILWAY T%4 BXarHtL, <&i?kui mmd JM Mmmtfrmm BtlH ^!,D WOKTHWBBT WJMTMM BCNBDOLX CliMI Of Till. Quad iAhBI NDAV *nk N??-u. ( r TmiM will arfir* and Iraa Caleart &uuob m iol.vwi Tafias Noara Luti biltog A** iB>r.<4t?rion 4 ?. m. PitUbnrf ??d H?rn?borg IJP p. m. T*?!** Sorra Abut* Piustmrg uM Hvriibin kiprtei Mau SD p. m. The 6 ?. m train fro* Waikiuloi oodmcU with tli* I an a m. train from tit nanrt for ttt? West and (or Buff?io. Klmtrftl_Roch??t#r. Dmo^irk, CaoMtignft and Niafara Pal.e.MC for New ri. train frost WMkin|ioi conoecte with tfeeSe train froip Baltimore ? *'*?m ?? ? m - n orutnt ud Klarn BifW* Mi Tha S f. in. tram froa Wii^iftoi MiNti wltk theSSP*. m train from Baltimore lor Pittabarg. Hamebnrf a?4 the Wnt im te ft direct ?mm?tton for Let*'on. KaeU>? Ai.ect" wd and Nf? York via Cehtra! Rai road of New Jeraey. Try this roate lor Now York cm o and the WMl _ Th? "aly titu arriving la Baltimore on Sutif ia th 8 an a m train. JA^-G ClaJIKE. ao?Hy gaper ialM>Aank_ NOT1CK TO TRAVKLKKR. HK Foeim*.*^- havi&c oroerod U? Ai eervioa betweec Wantnjtor.. jr? k Shilimof.acd Old Point onroe) to bo rammed, on mo on Jay, t < Mi i&atait, tAe Bar ( taa of eteamera wtT; !ea?? Pa rimore KvEKY PAY day) from their wharf, foot of Cmon Dook, at IK o'ciock p. m., or Immediately after the amra. M the W aetata ton Train, vkioa learaa Waafcl?f I al ?W - ? "mjyxi * r' M. N F1LL?. Prw't elEAM WEhkl.Y HKTWKKN NfcVN YOKR A>D LIVKKPtKII.. Laadirif ut erai*rktD? at OnMiitowi. I re. and. I he Liverpool, New York tad Phi.adelphia 8tNiiti?h ? Company intend 4i*patohinc their fti! powered C!y<1?-t'uiit iron >team?hipe M fo lows 6LA8GOW t*atnrca?, Aiiuat *d. CITYOP BALTIMORE. - - l?U. KANGAROO. ? " Uth. And ever* feuarda?, at noon, from Pier4*. North nw. imi or rifuci. Pirwt Cabin ? JW Do. to Loudon an Do. to rarta a* Do. to Himtmrf . M 8t*erace?~- *> Do. to ix>ndun _ M DO. to ?*?ri? a Do. toBambarc V Fastenreri ftrvarced to Havra. Bremen. Rotterdam, Antwerp,fco , at radnead thrnnth tare. Pareona wiahin* to bring oat their frieode oao bay ticketa at low ratea. Pnr i??fArma?.?? ** " . ..< ?? >_<viaa??>u ?F?IJ >1 IM tWWM OAw. JOHN ?. DAL*', ATent, IS Broadway. S Y . Or to Q. A. RKRR1N6, A<imi Kx?re?i JU tinorthern central railway. finPFmNTF.NDKNT? OFFICE,! C?i.v??T Ptatioh. li?*iaioT*. Mir U. IM1. | On and after Mjnda*. Mar lPth, IM, Tr?iM #? the NORTHERN CENTRAL RAlLWAV *r n*e and depart aa f- >*i. rcti! furti?ar notioe. TKJIXS NORTH. MAIL at U A. M. KXrRKtiS* atSjn p. M. UARRl*BURe ACCOMMODATION at I P. M. The ft.l* A. M. tram connects at Relax Hoik wiih trains no the Western Maryland Railroad, at Hanover Junction with Haaoverand tfettsbarf Railroads;*! York with York and Wri?bt*Tl]l? Railroad, at Uarruharc with Peucar1 vama Rail r<>ad for ail parts of the West, also with Ishannon * ? <*j miiitiM m JMt Tfr* Mrttt; M Rortlna berlaod with L. aG<l B. RuProad for Kinxstoa and a!! pirta of \Vrooni;nt Va')ey.and attfcnbwrj witb the Philadelphia and trie K ail road lor alr parts No'tl.eru Pennsylvania and New York TheSjnP. M tram niak*s a : the ai??>ve ??nn?e lions except Nanxrer Railroad, WruhtiTilie Ra'lroa-i and the i>eb*anon Va.'ley Railroad. Then P. M. train make# wr.r.eetioas with Pannes ran 1a Railroad for all parts of tlia Wdt,and direct oonneots for New York. TRAINS ARRIVE. Mail at 10 P. M.i Expre?? at 741 A. M.: am*berg Accommodation at 143 P. M. For Tickets and iaJ - nation in?nra at tk? 1 loket Oftoe, Calvnt Station. Baltimore. J. C. CLARK. 8ap*t _- P H1 LA P fc 1. P R IA. WILftV8Br.jriP.Sik: SPRlSft AMD SCMMBJl AKM.AMUEMKMT. Or and ilte' TUk^UAl May Uta, Pasaenc* Train for Phnede ptua will leave street I Depot danv (except t*nndari>e? follow*, ni: I xprew Train at 6.15 A M.. Way Mail Train at A. M.: K-reninj Man at 4 46 o'eiook On^UNDA Y>at 4 ?6 P. bf. ox. ?, a 11 tnin oonneot with New York trams except 4-46 P. M. train on Satur A Preifht Train with paaeencer oar au*chad ItavM at 6 P. M , stopping at all stations between Baltimore and Harre de-Grao*. Paasisnn far Delaware and the Eaetern Phore ?z Maryiaod will fend the most expeditions ronte by most fir* bowl before entering the oars. WM CKAWFORP, Agent ^^NKW YORK^N ^ ERIK RAJLrPumbim Trains leave via Par? nia Parr? and Lone Dock, from foot of Chambers inn &. m . ?X nkKt*K. forJhiakirk. %a4 Buffalo fend tnnei^i lLUra^mt* BlMKma I.on v ID MAlL^for WkRI) iUl int?rinadi?t?> Btfctioca?Thia Traaa r^ma^na o*?r cuf fatal Kimir*, ud lntorII.? a. n , ACCOMMOIJATIO.N . dai.r. for Port Jama, tod prtaciafti Stations 4.0# ?. Mm WAV, ior Nevbargb. and lnwriDtiLjttc Suuooi, 1 mr N16 HT fci PJ* EB8, dbi.y. for D*bkirk.jhiSUo, CwaadaicuaAiui>* fULou*. Th? Tram of gstimdsy atop* at ail MaUTnuii BUtiona, and raaa oo j to fclnurm. tonp.Ku. ACCOMMODATION Jot Hornoar.U. iM anxiim ftfrlirna ^^HABLMINOT.e?B'. 8*?t. NATBAfUEL >lAl9i. RaotTor WMWa?Ma MM > > fMWOIiafi/ BUIfVWi fcU l?V road, diahaMof rail* only to Boetoa. Leave Pier N'o.lNoru Rit?i i?f the Aattory J&ZTsnzz& rash 'x<k%^7rAjs& Sfe 9r^,?, THid>yi,Tknl|ji. aad Batwrdafa, tt 4 o'clock F.M.. tonch:nx at Newport (Mb way. ftiKf MHiMri trt iuutd vita tumiiodioii state roomm, ud every i^net,-.eLt fbr the eecarity and oomfort ol paeaeafera. who are Afforded try ttss route a l jtii' reel on board, and on arrival at Kai: Rlvar yrooead per "teambnat Train,reaching Bf'f. <<r. early the foiiowia* morning: or nay raauun oa t>oar4 anti. starting of the Aoocmmoflattoa at A. M., by Vhiok they may naak Bodoa aboituii,M. A baggage mastar la attached to each etaaaar. a.10 recatvee and t.Pira the baggage, and acooat tantoe the mux to lu destination. A steamer rana ta aaanectior. with this Lla* betweea Fali Rim and Prondno* daily, u?*H rnSfkt to Boeten is forwaeded through with mat a^apatah by an Exprt>aa Tram, which leavea KmJl R:r?r r??rv rarrnie*. HiiimIa*i nvnamtMl ftl /or frojaSaiwlyon bowi.w kttkt " PP m ri?T Na.S North Hiwr. For atate rooma acd bertha aaply on boara.or if deal red to aeoare them 10 advaooe, to WM. HOROKN. Agt _ _ *> and T1 Weat atr?t. N. Y. nMnNEW^jHARLKM AND _ Oon.maaair.1 MonJar, May mh, lafl. Fe^AbMr?l?5e a. m. feat expreaa trail from For*iik>TW Plataa 4M p. Wk. atoepiac at Whit* Jmvlju acd ^atatioaa aortk to Dor*, piaine?ifrom (ThiV tm?Vlll^aB to Mi lertoa erarr Batarday ^ForCroton FaJle??:l?a. m. atoppmj at all it* ttoma north of Fortfeaai Iron M mat ataaioa. For white Piaina?fcjn, CIO and 6-<*' p. m. atoppia? at ah atatiooa from 86th etreet station. rnr IVhita riaiaa 1 11 ? m atoppint at all ata boil from W bite etreet atatior For WilllMM hr,ate-7Ji>, 11:15 a. bi. and 83Tp. m. atopa; li at ail atataona froii. 27th street atatiou. Eatu-^m will leare? Aih*cy a w a. m. taat expreea tr*in. . ? Vivkr Plain*?Mi a . iThii mil iMftl Mil SoikdaVtraina^rltl A??M oonSf ad tro#t, for Central |??rlr. Yorfcnlto. HaHmii m<S SI?:."" 7oTAwBgk?58;t'r..y HUUOON RIVER RAILROAD PVB K-i ^"^faffcSSi. From Chamber* tiffTYTTV" roir. r?th atrMt. Bumi ? .. 1*^145^*. m.. a>.4 |M rrj".? {j| VI I lg W?? T? . M~ 1 X C h MEAT! > M I N U *. M t- a ! ??"JAK8HASL

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