Newspaper of Evening Star, January 7, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 7, 1862 Page 1
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t THE EVENING STAR is rUBLISHED EVERT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.) AT THE ATA& BCILOL16I, ens#* ?r PnwtyiMitt ???mm M?d BUvntk t$. *T w. D. WALLAOH. Pspen served la packages by carriers It Ml fear, or 37 oeota per month. To null subeerlben the prloe Is S3 90 a year, m mdvmut; 9t for alz oaths; 91 for three months; and for lern than three months at the rate of IS cents a week. Bin* fie copi<*, oitn cnitT; In wrappers, two enrrt. 117 AomnTtaaiKfTs should be sent to tha fc' before li o'clock a.; otherwise they may not appear an til the next day. Groans of the People Down in Dixie. ? things "turned round" very badly in the old north state ditto in texas. < " no money, no goods, aj?d no chance to get any." a ' lodge" in a bad way. impossible to get 85 changed in texas! The following letters found in the pockets of a Confederate aoldier killed in tba lata battle at Mumfordsville, Ky., tell the whole story of the distress and rain brought upon the South by the rebellion. The Confederate leaders, as lustily as they shoot that all is well with them, will hardly be able to imI > peach the testimony of their own witnesses : ? r B*ab Swamp, N. C., Oct. 13. 1861. F Loftia, Eu1 ?My Dear Sir and Brother: lour last letter of the 6th instant, is to hand, and contents noted. I also received one a few days ago written in New Orleans, and one before that in Houston, Texas; also one very lengthy and intereating one, mailed at Bastrop, Texas; all of which I was much pleased to receive. The latter I answered immediately, aiid sent to Bastrop, as you directed, or rather I procured the services of your little neice, Sarah Lofton, to write for me in fact, which was much better done, I presume. That letter is now waiting for you at Bastrop. I sm glad to lesrn that your health is improving, and that you are in fine spirits, and hope you will continue to improve in health and military skill until the last infernal Yank'f is slaughtered. It is here as there, every , k thing presents a war appearance. You request me in your last to give you all the news in the old North State I can't do that. Still there is but little of any importance here. There ^ have irone and ready to go fr?m Duplin, about JgM 700 volunteers, many of which you were acquainted with. L. W. Hodges has been in since June last, until about a month ago. Jle resigcud his commission and came home on 1 M account of his health. He was third lieuten"f *0 Cart. Denson's company. J. C. M Lofton, J. i>. Shine, L. T. Hicks, and several others, are also in that company?they are and have been staying at Fortd Caswell and Johnson, below Wilmington There are a good many troops gathering round there on the sea coast. You have doubtless learned that Cape Hatteras was captured by the vaytdal.i some time in August last, and about 760 of our men taken prisoners. They have been sent to New York, where thev will probably stay for some time yet. O. M. Roberts b^s made up a comnany of Rate troops, and has been sent to North Washington, N. C., that is near Cape Hatteras. There are several of ysur acquaintances in his company?some of the Jones's, Price's, Winder's, Ae. Well, it is Sunday morning, and I must close this letter in time to go to church, as you know I am a regular attendant; but our msin preacher. Mr Spunt, is in the army, he is chaplain in the 10th regiment of X. C. volunteers. Well, to the point, this leaves me and family all in tolerable geod health, and oar family connection are generally well, and our grapes have just given out, but I hare a jug full of the juice ready fer you when you { ? come along. I have been looking for you every day for two weeks, until I ree d your last letter. I hope you will get a chance soon, and call in. Well, now to what is nearest home, you state that you have those notes you held against me, and think of sending them to Joel or Qilas to keep, and wish to know if that arrangement will suit me Of course it is not for me to say what disposition you should make of them; but I would prefer for you to keep them to any one else, for times and people are so curious, if they had them I do not know whose hands they might fall into; for up to this time there has been many peeple who would be pleased to get hold of such netes on me, if the acknowledgment of the receipt of them is what you want, I will here say tnat I owe you to 3 |900, one due January, 1860, ona '61, and one '62. I also have collected some small amount from Jno. D. Shine, which I informed you of some time back, and charge mysalf to you with the amount. I could have easily paid the first note last winter, and I wish to God I had of done it, as things has turned round ^s they One reason I wish you to keep them is, I think when I can see you I caomake arrangements to get them up with other paper or property, and be satisfaction to you. The paper I could then cellect for yeu as soon as times would admit, but there is no chsnce to do anything now. If this will suit you, on receipt of this you ean take the notes, datas, and smounts of them, and make a receipt?such a one as you woald take?that would be good against me, and this you oan keep until the return. I will assign and forward according to your instructions. I wish you would wright at least once a week, or oftenar, if you ean, and let us know what is going on. Yours, as ever, until death, L. R. Lorn* St. Mabt'?, Texas, Nov. 25, 1861. F. Lofttn, Esa ,?Dear Sir: Your favor of Oct. 28 is at haaa this evening, and found myself and family in good health. I received your first from Bowling Qreen, and answered it three weeks ago I received your letter from Alleton with Baily's draft, and handed it over to him. Baily has not paid any money, and I don't Aink he will for somo time. Prank, it is the hardest times that ever was known in this country. I have not collected any money, and have no idea when I will. In fact, there is no money in this country. We have no goods here, and no chance to get any if wa had the money to get them with. Hobby has sbippad a part of his stock to Houston. He had about 190 kegs of nails; be sold them for $12 60 per keg. He has givezfup Mape's bouse, and is keeping in Cottingham'a old store. Ms pee offered him his house for $12 per month, and he woald not give it. The house is standing idle. There is over two-thirds of the houses in this plaee idle, and several others talking of leaving. I think it doubtful whether the lodgaswill give more than $4 or $& par month-for the room next year. I have heard several of them talk, and that seems to be their notion. The lodge will be some $300 in debt at the end of the yaar, and what they will do I oan't tall. Hobby getsCottingham's store and a bed room in his h >use for $5 per month. I want you to write me as soon as you get this, and fat me know what I can have tha lower stoiy of this bouse for, until times change I am not able to pay much rent. I A have nothing to sell, or very little, and don't pretend to keep opan only on mail days. I can get a house very cheap, that would answer my purpose; but I am willing to stay in this _ house until lean rent it, and pay you in proportion to the times and the business that is doing. I want you to lat me know what rent I must pay, and I will give it ap any time it can be rented, or pay as much rent a^fny one else I merely make this request so'Cfcuy know the least that will satisfy yoa. I have no news that would interest. War is all the talk. Our eoonty is throws into battalion, and John H. Wood is elected major. I have not been abla to gat money to pew ap In New Orleans. There is Jees money hei% than you ever saw It is almost impossible to get $6 changed Be nra to writ*. Respectfully, F. M Xllis. E7*Tbe Hoe Alfred Ely, recently released from prleoe at Richmond Va , reached his hoaae at Rochester, N Y . on tba 4th lestaat, and met I ^ -nth 1 warm meeptloa . i. / ' J f v ) V<*. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . TUESDAY, JANUARY 7, 1862. N?. 2,770 llmma || |, I,, ,|,,| i Horticultural Memoranda. Very few if any of the horticultural journals eaual the Gardener's Monthly for the amount of praotical matter which it presents to it* reader*. It makes no attempts to Mar among the elonda, but like the plant*, fruits ana flowers of whioh it treats, dwells upon the surface of the earth, and sires as just what we wantef common every day facts. In a late number, we fiod so much of an interesting and useful character, that we are induced to glean a portion and present it in a oondensed form. PLARTS III BAT WINDOWS. The very neat praetioe of making small plant cases in bay windows (which ear readers will find handsomely figured on p. 50 of the Illustratad Annual Register for 1861,) is recommended by the editor, who states that a common oil lamp, is quite sufficient, with the usual window shutters, to keep out frost during the night or extra severe weather, while the regular day temperature of the room will suffice for that time. This is worth remembering by those who are deferred from attempting to keep house plants by the fear of their being frosen, or of the labor of maintaining a proper temperature by fire heat. DWARF APPLES ON WILD CRAB. An Illinois correspondent recommends the wild American crab (Fyrus coronaria) as an excellent hardy stock to work the apple upon, . he thinks that with low worked beads, some varieties would form dwarfs equal to those worked on the Doacain, perhaps superior. He has also tried the peach on the dwarf flowering almond, and they have made handsome shrublike treas the year after budding, fall of fruit bads, fie does net expeet them to last long. A FRUIT FARM. A. Thompson, ot Delaware, Ohio, (known to all admirers of the Delaware grape,) has visited the extensive fruit farm of J. Knox, Pittsburgh, and gives us some description. The t&rm oocapiesone hundred acres, fifty of which are in strawberries in the highest state of cultivation, aad the rest is oeoupied with young plantations of grapes, raspberries, fruit tree?, sc. Every rod receives as (rood and thorough culture as a good garden. Tne ground between the rows of strawberries is kept perfectly clear of weeds. During the past season, the hands employed in picking and sending fruit to market numbered at times as high as three hundred a day. and the berries were sent to the various cities between New York and Detroit. Every new sort is tested, and its value proved, and over a hundred sorts hav? hoec tried. The Triumph de Oacd is preferred to I all others. Wilson, Jenny Lind, Ar, are I largely cultivated The rows are two and a| half feet apart, and some rows more than 1 000 I feet in length. Dels for raising plants are I entirely distinct from all the rest all the run- I ners being permitted to grow. The thorough I hand culture pursued is expensive, but is found I to pay best. The three favorite grapes are Delaxoare, I Concord. and Hartford Prolific. Concord I vines, two years planted, bore their first crop, | and averaged a dollar each from the sale of the I fruit, which sold from 20 to 15 cents per pound I in the Pittsburg market, while Isabellas and I Catawbas (unripe of course,) were a drug at six I to eight cent*. A row of eleven vines, 130 feet I long, four years planted, and seven feet high, I was covered with magnificent clusters, the 11 result of excellent culture and pruning ; and I an acre of sueh vine* as mlimited by the I owner, would yield a profit of at least one I thousand dollars in a single season. The Hart- I j ford Prolific, in consequence of its earliness, I old for 25 cents per pound, although the I , quality is moderate. - I ( 1 CATXRPILLARS. I | A quoted writer aays, "I took a pan large I i and fiat, filled it with burning charcoal, and I i placed it under a tree?then added a pint of I rosin, and two ounces of sulphur. The fumes I scattered the worms ." WINTER GARDENS WITHOUT GLASS. The editor proposes to bed out for winter a I properly arranged assemblage of hardy dwarf I evergreens, of which there are now many I species?to keep them in boxes, and to remove I them in spring, for flowering plants. Of course, I a reserve ground mast be devoted to keeping I them through summer. We may add to this I suggestion, that if shrubs bearing scarlet ber- I ries (such as the Eaonmys, Celastrus, Pyra- I cantha, Ac.,) growing on the ground, could be I occasionally intermingled with the foliage of I the dark evergreens, the appearanoe would be I very pleasing. I DR.CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, Between 9th ard 10th 8-rs. Ja< eo?m I BOOTS! ] it o o t s:; ! BOOTH!!! WHITEHOUBE A UNcKL.ES, gAi 34?P*. Avmi AMD 311 C STaBKT.VBI I (Tkt >ne York WnoUtalt B'amck i/onji.ifMi I Have on hand, and are daily reoeiviug, Ilk I I large lou of I cavalry and soldiers* boots MARCHINGS SHOES, j I mo?t! j of their own manufacture, to be eo'.d at the I I loweat market rate*. A oali from all dealers solicited. Sutler* liberally dealt with. de M-lm* a RMY 8LOVES! I I A ARMY GLOVES!! At the 6love Depot of F. B. HASTING'S A CO , I .133 D at..f?,oing Pa. av.t I U DR. J. U. tflBUOMS I H.AVING Removed from No. 828 New York I I avenue, to No. 374 9th atreet. a few doors front I I New York avenue, reaewa the offer of his profea- I I atonal aerviaee, (Mecioal and Surgical i to the I I cit una of Waahinct^n. He mar be found at his I I office at all hoare.when not professionally eniBfr.l. I I E?peoial attantion will tia paid to lemaie dueases I de 25-eoaw I I tf^REAT ATTRACTIONS.?Grand rusn tor I I *1 Tth street, to see the new stook of Clothing, I | juat reoeived at SMITH'S. No. 480 7th street. da 11 lm (Rap.) I F u E8! , U I .m' 5 E 571 ! M.NK BAB^ch **IBR HiSEloa .ABLE. \ In great variety, and oheap, at | de5 lm. SEYMOUR'S, Georgetown. SHARKS FOR THK. HOLlDAYS-the fesst and I I V/ ohtapeet. at the Philadelphia lee Cr?am De- I I pot, o rper ro a.i't F itreeta. ja88-2w* I I pOMK ONE AND ALL, To the People's! I V/ Clothing Store. No. 460 7tii street, sad get I I your ?ooda at aatomshinx low prioae. I <1* 11-1 w TRee* I (UST RECEIVED AND FOR *AI.E LOW, 1 J twent? five bbla. WHITE ONIONS and five I I bbla. HAVANA ORANGES, by I BROWNING A KEATING, de 4~3tawtf Pa. avenae. n?*r *th at. METOX EXCKLSIOR CRACKERS ?A freeh I r aapply of Fox's Celebrated Kx< e'sior Crack- I I ers juat r*oaived. We oan supply dealers at I 1 )W?>trate*. KING A IIURCHELL, | )*| Coraer Vermont av. an 1UKa street. | DKRSONS IN WANT OK OVAL FRAMES | A for Photographs of al sisee.GUt or Rosewood, I I oaa be eapplied ty JOHN WAGNtR, next door I I to bia old eatao lakme: V P?- avenue. A I N.B. Laokiag-glasapt*S*ainMrt?dlnoidfraniea. I I flA **-1"" I 1 A DAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. The delivery offlee of this eompany Is removed I I frost Third atreet to the large depot on ft 'treat, I I betweaa Id and td ate. deX^tf j STANDARD SCAL8*. I BA*TnOI.OW, 8<,l. 1 I Hardwareand Asrioaitar*. W '.ou?e, alSSev- I TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. IMPORTANT FROM SOUTH CAROLINA. Steamer Vanderbiit with 3,697 Bales af t ettea frsm Part Royal ? Advance af Gen. Stevens' Brigade to the Main Land?Confederate Batteries Cap. tared. r Niw You, Jan. 6?The steamer VanderbUt. from Port Royal on the 3d Inst ,bas arrived She brlnga 3.607 bales of Sea Island cotton. Gen. Stevens' brigade advaficed on the main land on the 1st Inst , and took poaeesslonaf some rebel batteries after a abort resistance, assisted by followed up to within six miles of tfce Charleston railroad, when a flag of truce fr5m *he rebels requesting permission to bury their dead. One hour was granted for this purpose, when the rebels fell back on their fortl^ld t0 /enr extensive, and defended by12.000 troops under Gen Pope. Their loss Is ot known. Our force waa about 4,500 strong. o7?h,*s,h ?iV^0nnded; ,Bclnd,n? Maj. Mataon, or tbe 8th Michigan regiment, mortally. Gen Stevens holds possession of bis position on rS1?,.!',ll'lnd awaita relnforcementa from tbe North to proceed. ?? Fran Gen. Bunks' Calnmn. Frederick, Jan 0 ?Reliable but unofficial inmI^.a.i0nwre,Cn!ve< that Jackson commenced shelling Hancock on Saturday night ?2. i went through Barton's tavern and another buret close to tbe stable where Sim's sta^e ^T?.are TravH- ma,1, and fr> ^ transportation Is intercepted The stage teams had ,8C.k J? and notlflrations were sent to Frederick and Cumberland for the malls to be held back till further orders. The rebels have torn up the track along the road opposite Hancock, and the railroad depot at Hancock has been burned. -,J^eKUnloD .,r^p* at Bath.*n<l an Illinois regiment. have withdrawn to the Maryland side It Is reported and believed that the rebels have -UTTl be T* trert,?-wo?* bridge over Cacapon creek, ten miles sonth of Hancock 12th'ns,a"t pickets of company A, 12th Indiana, brought Into camp Ave prisoners white man named Jacob Ash. arrested for building a boat apd otherwise aiding tbe enemy, and V|U^??T:?^b\^r'.r,"k,nc thelr "^Pefrom latter had been engaged In i?!i .lP . ?V ?f 'n the Confederate army, a cl'}lned to be'r"- tifrroem from Shepherdsiown. They repor sixty to eighty caval'v encamped near that place. There are also two companies of mllltlaat Morgan Spring, one mile east of Shepherdstown It is repo rted hy another source that the Confederate Pi. i .n,Ve bet>n recently strongly reinforced ail uion? the river from Shepherdstown to Little Georgetown, nearly opposite the Four Locks above dam No 5 Most of the pickets are with-' drawn from our observation during the day, but return In force tfter nightfall. The W?r in Kentacky. Louisville, Jan 4.?The bridge over Green r ver will be completed to-morrow. ReconnoisJna<lp al,noat dally south of the river by the rederal troops 7 The rebels retired before Col Garfield in EastPrestonburg^ Garfle,d " advancl?K ?n S^boepff has made several Ineffectual attempts to draw Zolllcfftfr from his lntrenchments In Somerset, but there is no prospect cf an immediate engagement there A" Kentucky banks which are located where d?m,n,?n prevails have been consolidated under Henry J Lyons, formsrly of Louisville ss president, with authority to run them for the Southern Confederacy. Louisville. jan 6 ?lm( Thursday a small P>rty went below ^??ucah. and VN llliam Owens, one of their number, was taken aDi JhJS.rebcl* ^"a'ened to bang him ' " arrested rfthfrt w-w-m., i prominent secessionist or Paducah, and sent word to the rebels that bis fate would be determined by that of Owens. Wolfolk s wife has zone to Columbus to get an order from Gen Polk Tor the exchange of the two men The Green river bridge bas been completed Union Success in Western Virginia Hdttonville, Va., Jan 5 ?An expedition to Hnntersvllle, Pocahontas county, yesterday, was completely successful Four hundred rebel cav. airy and three hundred militia infantry were dispersed, and S80.000 wcrth of army stores, clothing, Ac., was captured or destroyed. [second dispatch.j Hpttokvillk, Jan. 6 ? Hunterivllle was the depot for rebel supplies in Western Virginia. Their cavalry were armed with Sharpe's carbines, and attacked us two miles from the town We drove them from point to point, and finally they beat a hasty retreat out of town As we ch-irged through It, their supplier, cor slstlng of 350 barrels of Hour, 300 salted beeves. 3.000 pounds of salt, large quantities of su2ar, coflVe. rice and army ?lothlng, worth from ?26,li00 to *30 000, were entirely destroyed. We captured a lartje number of Sharpe's carbines, sabres aud pistols The stars and stripes were left floating oyer the court-house, and our troops returned hither in flae spirits. Farther frsm Europe per Steamer Behe> nslan Halifax, Jan 6 ?Tbesteamer Bohemian, from Liverpool on the 20th, and Londonderry on tbe 27th, has arrived. Business was generally suspended In Liverpool, owing to the holidays. The sales of cotton on Tuesday amounted to 15,000 bales at an advance *d There had been no breadatuffs or provision market transactions. Consols closed at90^s9I^. Mr. Burlingame, Lnlted States Minister to China, had arrived at Canton, and was well received. Placards had been posted in the streets of Hong Kong, threatening extirpation to all Europeans There was great excitement at Lisbon, and the body of tbe King was to be interred. Fragments sf a Wreck at Gaaae Bay, Canada East. Gaspe Bat, Ian. 4.?On Monday last the shores of this bay were strewed with half barrels of butter, boxes of cheese, and a small portion of the cabin of some wrecked ship A number of boxes, containing twenty pairs ot Canadian boots; one cask of butter, marked R. Tennant, Liverpool; a box cover, marked G. Smith, were found yrsterday; a portion of the keel, with copper attached, and a portion of a wheel came ashore No bodies have yet been found It is supposed tint these fragments are from some vessa wrecked on St Paul's. Important frsm Ca'rs?Rebel Sabmarlae Batteries?Tbe Federal Gaabeats. Jan. 3 ?six hundred submarine batterles have been planWd between Columbus and Memphis by tho rebels A geit ?ma'i who wit. nessed the experiments made with th-ise b- ttrles uJfd that they were entirely successful i *jje.crew# of 'be Federal gunboats Were mustered in on Saturday, and the whole fl-et will I probably be anchored in the stream on Monday. The Union fleet near New Orleans and Lake Pomhartrain have captured several rebel steamers. Fire at Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Jan. 8.?A destructive firs occurred here this afternoon, burning thedrng warehouse of G. W Lewis, No 45 South Fourth st and the stationery establishment of Win Maun, adjoining. Other property was deluged with water Tbe steam Are engines were the only stay l?,AJ|e,'eral conflagration. The less is over 75,000, and the Insurance about thfee-fourths of that amount. The War la the Iadlaa Ceaatry Leave*woeth, Jan. 4?Reports from the Indlan country show that ths war has fhtrly begun between the loyal Indiana against tbe Texsnsand rebel balf-breeds. In a flght in tbe Cherokee country It Is reported that Cooper, a Texan gen- I eral, and Mcintosh, reader of the rebel half breeds. klUed. The loas of the loyal Indians was fourteen The War la Mtsssarl. Bedalia, Mo., Jan. ?Three men arrived here to-dav from Johaeon ooontr, who reported that Jennlsoa was at Rose Hill, johnsoa county, a dsy ar two alnoe, which place they report, he has burned They are reported to ba oa the wsv to lis place eaaterlal Electiea D*t*oit, Jaa f?Jn theMichigaa Legislature. ^ *^' Howard was chosen Ualtetf nn?Plred term of the lale Baaalor Blag ham, eadlng March 4, 1806 n

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Surdaps excepted. < de24-lm* DORIAN A SWORD. T THE WHITK HOUSE 1 HE Well-knswn White House Restaurant, on < High street, near the canal, in beorge A . . A I town, has been . efute-1, and pvt<es oanY(7!Bky I now beaocommodated with cnmfortabie^iuBLX ' private rooms. Game. Fish. Oysters, and in? l>c?i I Wines, Liquors, and Setars. always on hind. Families famished with Oystes. as usnal. rte7-lm A. rODIEK, Proprietor. IMPORTED NEATS, FISH, FRUITS, Ao.Pati rfefoi Gras, Truffles, Conserve Ginger, Canton Ginger. Ris de Veau, Truffled Sausage, Olive Faroies, Sardines. Anohoviei in oil. Petite Poia. Champignons, Yarmouth Horring, Anoi.ovy Paste, Asparagus, Ac. KING A RURCHELL, de 19 corner Fifteenth st. and Vermont av. Look our for stormy wkathf.r, and send yonr orders immediately to HAMILTON, the renowned G az er, wito will warer that J he can giftB-s more lights of glass in a clay than any ' oiher man in America, and as cheap. N. B. Large jobs of g axing done at great'y reduced prio6>. Snop? So J 7 th St.. opposite Center Maritet, in th> rear. da 16 eogar* /?K ISAAC HLRZBERG. /*v The Only Lioensed W 9 PAWNBROKER. % <f $10,000 to be loaned on Gold and Silver Watches. Jewe'ry, Guns and Pistols, Silver Ware, ana 1 Wearicg Apparel?at the oid staid. No. 351 c 1 street, back of the National liotol, between and ?th ?ts. de 18-3m* CCOLUMBIA MARKET, ; Pa ?<, #**?, corner Tktrttenih St. Tb* subscriber wou d most respeoaully inform the citixens of Washington t' a* he lias returned to his old quarter, wnere he intends ke -piag a firstrate market in aU its hranohes, as in times gone, he will be nappy to greet his oid friends and customers. in. B ?Goods sent free cf oharge to any part of the oity. de 13 C. MALLARD. J TO THE LADIES! ULES JOLI.1VET, Ladies' Hairdresser, from f'aris, just arrived, informs tue ladies of Wasting ton that he has opened a large ^assortment of Frlix Head Dresses, Wreaths ar.d brides' Wreaths, the m"at sptendiU ohoioe of Flowers for cresses: also. Gold and Chenille Nets, a.1 [kinds of Hair Work : and attend to dressinc .adies' nair. 35U D street, between 9th and loth. delSLu* YWOOD AND COAL. OU Will surely b?s your money's worta by eailinx at the PIONEER MILLS, sou:ms$h err nsr of Seventh strut emd Canal, 'GEO. PAGE, Agent.) They sell cheaper and give better measure than any others in the aity?out, aalit, ta-i delivered free of chart?. If re* toe t t eiic re . t ? the Pioneer Mills atna., and be satiaSctf t-ivj WA CARD. E Are aow prepaid to exeoute ail orders promptly, made extensive arrangements to iror<a?s oar mauufaotory heavy orders havirg deayed us in their execution. Complete outfits oan now be delivered in five dars, made ia the bast style. WALL, BTLPHKNS A CO., ce 19 8t Penn. av., between 9th and 10th sia. CROSS A BLACK WELL'S PiNALI TT1, Mixed Pick es ''how Chow, Gh?(kios, Wa t its, -vaai'h and i Vouch Olives, Fr^sh ^aspSern>e. Walnut CaUop, Mu?hroo-n Cataue. ii*'?ej's Muoe.Ao.Ae KING A BbRCHF.LL, de 19 oorner Vermont av.aod Fifimnth st S NOTICE. ELLING OUT ISbhUH CO^T TO CLO^B THE ENTIRE BuV .N. a**.? t'ne large and fine took or Hau. Cass. &aa iJe-tiemen's Karc: iticg o'K>us will beso.d at great bargains. A small lot of Lauiea' Fare will be sold very #tFrxtaras aad Show-eases for sale, at HOrlWNS'8, oorner Sixth et. aad Pe->a. av., betweaa i fi< ^-eoiw . BrowL'saml National Hotala. t?VERfDODT^O|U( TO MITRES, No. *60 I AJ sireet,to get wa?r Cioihiaa, Farnishia* i Goods. Hau and Gaps. 'Rep" de ll-lm ammwm< gENERAL ORDER. Natt DirtimuT, Dectabrr Si, 1K1. The Navy Dkpaxtmknt dm a rendeavons for men at each of the following place* rorUmonth. New H&mpshire Boston and New Bedford, Maaaashaeetta. New \ ork Phi<ade ehia aod Erie, Pennay vania. He't; more, Maryland; an i Washington, Distrnt of Co'nmb a. Seamen, ordinary seamen ami landsmen who can aaa? lie nscal surgeon's eiamioat.on. by p'eeentj e * a? the reodeavoas nearest their reaidenoe, wiu> an official certificate from the etty or tow; olerk aignifjipg that they are residanta an1 have expressed a desire to leave to entei the 1 navy, will he reoaived on the following terms: 1st. An allowanoe of thr?3 oplU a mile for t: a ve' ilDf 6X^6DEOt. 21. An advance of three morths to icemen aod ordinary seamen, and of tmo month* to landsmen. Sd. Permission to leave an all'tmeot of half-pay H?t^e'nt *nu 1' ?' mTn"cofl the date or their en.. f'h. To go on board ship in their ordinary olothes where an oatfit will be formatted and chart<v< ae per net, bcmc tha present prioea.vis: One pea jaokey^. 9n w One pair b ? c.oth Towner* ? <aq One blue flannel overahirt..... i ?, I wo under flannel ahirts ? _ Two paira woollen drawa ',* 9 i6 On?mattre?a < on Two blanketa s<* Ons aeamlees cap i nr> > One biack ailk handkerchief i on , ~ ? 27 I The pay of petty officers averages $20 to #25 per ' BIO' th The p\y of seamen $18 per month. Do. ordinary aeamen 14 do. Do. landsmen u do. And tood found. No landsman will be allowed to take the benefit of tnim rPiru.Ation who hat not been iour months at *a or on the lakes or nvera. . ? GIDEON WKLLES, de 24 eoft Secretary of the Navy. J 5H2 8KVBNTH STREET. AKJV1Y OFFICERS ANDCONTRACTORS I TAKE NOTICE. Jnst arrived 500 Windesvsof Sash. of alfaiies. 2, 3, 4,5. 6. 7, 8, t, 10 aod 12 light oath, just the thing for barracks. and for sale ohcap by H. W. HAMILTON. Areot for Northern Manufacture*-!, iVo. ?jP2 7th st-.opvo. Ctnt r Mark t and in the rear ' if Aider's Wine, Liquor and Ctgar Store, de 16 ec2v* L. Towers. J. M. Towers. J. U. Towers. i L. TOWERS & CO., STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ES- 1 TABLISI1MENT. Comf t Louisiana avenue and Sixth tt. The attentrm of the business community ia reapecttullv invi'ed to the New Rook aid Job Printing Establishment, which has been fitted up with m*' material, in th? moat complete manner, is ne w prepar?d to execnte. in asatisf&otory style, every variety of Printing, via : J a M?o*y.2'*?0h"- P?fnph!eta, Carda, Circulars, t Sut'era' Hlanka, Ac .4c. 1 The a'tcttio-i of memi era of Congress ia eapesial y requested for onr faoHines for printing speeches, aa we have the largest ateain power in t thecitr. de7 lawfim * ? 1 t PHIVATB. PRIVATE r?m V A.TB J DR. LA BO^TA Cures a'l Veneria! Diseases permanently and luiokly. without the uae of disgmting or poiaon- i >us drags of any kind. * No dieting or inte>ferenoe with bnaineea. Conaultatlona fr^e. It is s&ytng quite enough in ita favor, when I aay :hat my praotioe ia that whioh ia in oae in all the Vew York city hospitals. ndi'ltarniahM.* ^ * " " * L Lidies witk W hi tee and Diaeaeea ol the Womb 1 sured and saved a oonsumptive'a grave by my treatment. There is rothing offensive or disagreeable in any 1 art of the treatment. f All curea warranted, or money refunded. Communications in writing, with return stamp, fi promptly attended to. j Medicinea for t'avrlera and othera packed, with nil matruotions for use, and warranted. Offiae? Roo" No. 8 VV a*1 ingto" Building, Penn, ivenae and Seventh it., Washington, D. C. de2I-ly a ????? - ^ SEALED PROPOSALS Are invited till the l"th day of January. IIW2 at 12 o'olook m., f.>r sup- b ?lying the Government with BEEP CATTLE, g roe Catt e to he delivered at Harnaburg. < nam iereburr, or Vork, Fa , as aaon after the 15th cay n March, 1862, as the Government may direct The ioveri.ment will receive under thia contract 4 ?<00 lead, and reserve the right to oall for any addition M number up to 10.WJ0. K?.ch lot of Caitle delivered shall average at ea?t pounds gross weight; and no animal rill be reoeivod wnich weighs ieaa than 1,000 pounda troe? weight. Government reserves to itaelf the right to pay in rrea>ury notes, and to rejeot any bid for any _ :ause. No bid will be entertained unleea the bidder * ls present to respond. The bida to be directed toMaj. A. BECK W :TH. C.S. U.S.A., Washington, D. C , and ei.aeraed u "Propoaala for Beef." foRM ow Bid. I, A B, do hereby propose to deliver to the Gov srnineiit good Beef Catt e on the hoof for per Hundred pounda gross weight. The Cattle to be ielivered at . according to the terms of the enjlosed advertisement. The Cattle to he weighed ? an the scales, and the weight ao determined to be f the purchase weight. 1 hereby aeree to give a |ood and sufioientbond for the fulfillment of the 1 jontract.and to receive Treasury notes or other government funds in payment for the Cattle. , do > td 1 LOK HOLIDAY PRESENTS-Cloaks.Shawla, r - ' Silks, Silk Robea ** " " fine Dresa Goods " M " Lace Seta, fine " ** E m b r o ideriea. " - Embroidered " ** " Coilara. Embroi" " " dered Haedker* '* " chiefs. Medium ** * M Dre?s Goods, low *' " " price Dress *4 * * Goods, ail other " " kinda Dry Go da ?t our proverbially low prices, marked in plain &<urea. One price only. ? An inapeotion of atock implies no ob'icatm to a purchase. PERRY * URO., Fenn.avenue and Ninth >1., de 14 20t "Merry Balding." SOMETHING NEW-SUPERIOR HULLED 1 COR AT.?The aubsoriber, having got the agency to aupply Washington and Georgetown witlt tnia ? delicate preparation of Corn, wouid respectfully J ask of his friends, and the puhl'c at large, to give it a trial. Alao, Popped Corn, plain and aagared. WM BRADLY,Agent, Pa. avenne. between 18th ana 19th eta. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantlea, Mona- I menta. Table Topa, Ac. A large aaaortment a ways t on hand. oc 19 3m t CLOARS! CLOAKS!! i C L O A K 8!!! We have at last received tbe ia re a*eortm*at o( j besntifnl style sleese ^ oaks, in Beaver, Treco and French Clotha. Ladies ari'l ?lea*e eall early. TAYLOR A HUTCHISON, de 14-ert No. 49 Center Market Spsce. Heavy wool hose, shirts and DRAWERS, and ARMY SHIRTS, at 344 l a avenne, back room: or 3&S D street, between 9th and 'nth de4 tf A LL KINDS OF PANCY GROCERIES AND * Xx Sutier'e Good* on h*"<i and for u e low by BROWNING A KEATING. de 4 3tawtf 3A3 Pa. avenne. nrar Ath st JUST RECEIVED TEN BBLS. 8 HORINE 8 J superior OLD RYE WHISKY, eigktyeara oid. warranted. Also, prime M mongahela Whiekiea for sale at 353 Pa. avenue, b* de 4 3tawtf BROWNING A KEATING. Ohio wines AND BRANDIF8. 1 Hannc received a consignment of Zimsw ws>? t Ce.'s CiDcinnatiOhioCatawha Wines aod Branuies ; we therefore offer to Drnggiata, Grocers. Hotel and Saloon Keepers, Aa , DRY CATAWBA WINS. Light and Strong?t^e former ia boxes for table aae. and the latter in half bar re a for ???<?? and cooking pnrposea. SW*ET CATAWilA 03. LADIES' WINE, , in barraia and ha>#-wrete, for table aae?a very s&perior aruola for the Soiiiaya. ] CATAWBA BRANDT, 1 de 16 lm 69 Louisiana avenne. ? v , ?BUY FOR A HOLIDAY PRESENT a aar op LADIES' DRES3 FURS, B. H. 8TINKXETZ, dett-Uaall MM Pa.a^r.. aeateenxr )tb at. i CHEESE, OHKESK:?New York Otmm . t Cheaaa; Wiltahire do., Hambargh da.: Baa ' Sago^o.; Grajere do n?rfC 1^1.^ de It eornar Fifteenth st. and Vemoot I ' ? . ' M THE WRRKLY STAR. aaatalalaf t rraatar varlaty af ijwliiwii teg feu eu to Ina4 la u; attar?ta piMWai ?i Friday morula*. 8la?le oppr, per una ^...^1 ? Five cop'ea mm, ? 71 Tea copies ...... 9 m Tw,*?ty-ive oop)?B ? 90 II laniltbly Mthi at tW " W nkta(tN Neww* Itot ku made Tks Da%lt Kuomng Star circulate 0 generally throughout the country " C7"eopla (In wrappere) ?u at peoeured at the counter, Immediately alter tto laaoe af the paper Prtee-TUKEB CENTS HELMBOLD'S GENILNE PREPARATION. w HIOHL r COXCKFTRA TED?? Compound Fluid Extract Buchu. A Poiitirs Mi SpotiJU Rtwudy For Diaeaaea of tha BLADDER. KIDNEYS. GRAVEL,aad DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thta Msdiojne Inoreaeee the power of Dtgaaboa. Br.d axeitoa the tnoiinri into heaith, action. 'j* i? the watkrt oa talcbbocs depowiiota, a t.?M4tc?AL K5LkEOKMinti are r?Uac*d. M^weii as fain a si) uruaatnw, and la good MEN. WOMEN. OR CHILDREN. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU .. . . For Weaknesses Ariaing from Excsaes. Habita of Dissiaaboa. Early l?diaor-tion ?r A'-iaa. ' ' Atttndrd wfrktka Following Sfmytowas ; Indisposition to Eaartion, Loss of Powar. lv!Iir? M^Torv- DiRoulty of Rreathiac! \\ eak Nerrea, Tromailat! Horror of D'*<?&*e, Wakefuloees Dimneea of Vision. Paia in the Haek.' Univerni Lassitude of the Muscular s*T?tem, dot Hands, Flaahmg oftbejLyft* Dryness of the Skin, Eruptions on the F*oe, rAI LID COtritTBNANrB. raaae symptoms. it a owed to ?o on. which thia medicine invariably remove*, toon fo Iowa [MPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FIT?, In one ?/ wkitk the Pattern map Ecrptrt. Who oan *ay that they a re not fesaentiy followed by those "dibbfcl disbasks." "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are awara of the oa'jse of their suffering, bpt boks will coxrase. FHK RECORDSor THE INSANE ASYLUMS And the Melanckolp Deaths Comumptiou, '*** amfib wit5ti? ro raa tbptb or raa AMatTMR. rHK CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, fle< aires the aid of mediome to strengthen *nd livijorate the Systom rhieh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU feaariaf JpdaaB a tiul will reitviwca thi host sibftical. FEMA LES? FEMA LES? FE MA LES, JLD OR YOIJNG, SINGLE. MAhRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many Affrctiont Ptcnlia- to Ft males he Extract Bucnu it uneauailtd by any other remwy, a. in chlorosis or Retetbon, irpgalanty ^Aiuatnes*, or Suppression o? Customary Evnc labocs. U!o?rateo or Schirrous at ate of the U tous. Leuoor'bea or Whitee, Stormty. aa<d for ail >omplau.ts incident to the sex. whether arlaing 10m Indiacretion, Habiu of Dieeipaboa, or la the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! BIB STMFTOMB ABOVB. O HO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. , : . ? I* Vake no mors Baltnm, Mtrcwry m T*ny fiafBaf Medicine for Dnj Itaiani and Dangerous Dt*?ai?*. HELM BOLD 8 EZTRAC'J BUCHV CVBBS WiwiK-* VftTftammi attla or no ohance in Diet; No iaooaTMuaaaa And, AO ?L TpOSW* . toaaaes a fre??<nt deaire aad (ivaa etrearth to Jnnate, the>eby Removing obatiuoUona, 're venting and Curing Strieturea of the t'rettira. Allaying rain and 1 r.flammatioa. eo re^nent in the olaaa of diaea?oe. and tip* hmg ail 'ouonout, Diseased, and worn out Maxtor. THOUSAND* CFON TH0C8ARDa WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, ,nd who have paid heavy fee* to be oared in a abort ime, nave found they were deceived, and that Um foiboh" haa. by the n%o ^{"powerful iirtaiaui" een dried up in the a*atom, to break oat ia aa aaravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARR1AVM. Da* HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHO 11 aJeoUoca and dieeaaM of the URINARY ORGANS, rhether asiating ia MALE OR FKHALB, rom whatever oaaae originating and na matter of HOW LONG STANDING. hseasea of theee Organs require the aid of a' DtBBKC. HELMBOLD'S EXTRAC1 BUCHU IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, nd it ib oertaic to have the deal red eifeot la haeaaes/or tohicn it 11 ruommendod. iTisanca or tbb most bbbfcbbiblb an BJtLIABLB CHAB4CTBB rilCaooompaay the madieinea. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From8 to 8? years' standing with NM5cj^cif AND FAME "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICM." ' WB BAXB "BO BBCaBT" OF "IBaBBDIBBTB.** HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU b oomposed of Hnobu, Calebs and Juniper Bernea, elected with great care by a oompetont d uggiet. PREPARED IN VACUO, BT M. T. HELMBOLD, *raetiaal and Anaiytioal Chemist, and Sola Maa ufactarer of ISULBOLD'8 OKNUtNB PKKPARATI0N8 AFFIDAVIT. raJSsrwf teiug duly swem, dotL .y. kls praparations 00a am no nareotic, no mercary.or other tajurioaa IW. b.l~. ..-.IT ??S', y helmbold. . Sworn and subscribed bHore me. thisti 99? of November, lKt WM. P. iDBBhftD. Alderman. Ninth at., aoova Raoe, PhiUL PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A- M. TO 8 F. M Prloe SI par BotUa, sr ail Isr H. Delivered to any addxeaa, eeeareiy paaked from > beer-ratio a. Addreaa letteia for tnfonaaoaa ia aoaftdmm H. T. HELMBOLD. Ckomist, Depot, 104 doatk Tenth aC. below Cheetnat, PkUa BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS - AND UNPRINCIPLED DEALERS rho endeavor to diapoea -of Uatr owu" aad "otuer" arueiaa on the reputation attained Bp HslwUaWs Genuine Prepmratxasu, ia u Extras* Buck*, u m aa SariBpertll*. ? ? lmrmU Ross Wmk Sold by S. B. WAJTB. *. Ik SILKAB. Jan W iui. S. a Foms, S. B. EWTWIBTLB. B. C RAJOE, KDWSU. to EAVBACB, J* R. HAM Waatunftoa and Goergoarwa. |LND ALL DE JOGISTS EVEEYWMEEA. ASK YQft HELMBOLD 1. SAUaootam. AMD AVOID IMPOSITION |i IUOWU Dm~<U8tm,um,~410 11 an.MiiM. 1 hi

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