Newspaper of Evening Star, January 7, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 7, 1862 Page 4
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THE EN ENllSfi STAR. SCP1R10R SODA ro?CCIT. On? table-spoonful of crcam tartar, one tablo-. tpoonful of earbonate of soda, two largo tablespoonsful of lord, one pint of sweet milk, one full quart of flour, aalt. Mix thoroughly the soda, cream of tartar. lard and flour together, then add the milk ; work up very lightly, roll out the thickness of one's middle finger, and bake in a very quick oven.?Ohio Farmer. TO COOK CARROTS. A contributor to the Country ays the way to cook carrots is, to scrape the outride, then slice about a quarter of an inoh thick ; put them fn a spider and add j^t water to cook them After they are cooked add salt and a little batter, and let them dry down a little, when they are ready for the table. RXCII-K FOB CASDLRS. Take of alum, 5 lbs.; dissolve entirely in 10 gallons of water; bring the solution to the boilirg point, and add 20 lbs. tallow, boiling tije whole for an hour, skimming consUntly. I pen cooling a little, strain through thick muslin or flannel : set aside for a day or two for the tallow to harden; take it from the vessel, lav aside for an hour or so for the water to drip from it. then heat in a clean vessel sufficiently to mould; when moulded, if you desire to bleach tbem, lay upon a plank by the window, turning every two or three days. Candles made strictly by the above reaipe will burn with a brilliancy equal to the best adamantine, and fully as long?Amercan Farmer. We have somewhere seen it stated that if the wicks were made about half the usual siie and dipped in spirit ef turpentine and dried in the sun, that the candles weuld last much longer, and give a better light. It will do no harm to try the experiment.] rkcipcs *?>r ccrino hams. Xo. 1. For pickling one hundred pounds of T'>rk, Hams, Beef, Ac.: * Take six gallons of water, nine pounds of salt, (half coarse and half fine, mixed.) three pounds of brown sugar, one quart of molasses, three ounces of saltpetre, and one ounce of potash. Boil and skim it well and let it stand till entirely cold; then having rubbed your meat with fine salt, r> >ur this brine over it and let it stand six weeks; then hang up to smoke. No. 2. S lbs. of salt, 2 ox. saltpetre, li os. potash, 2 lbs. of brown sugar, or a quart of molasses, 1 os. of rod pepper. These ingredients dissolved in five gallons of water, constitute a brine which should be poured over 100 lbs. of hams already packed and closely fitted in a water-tight ca-k?the bams having been previously rubbed with salt and thoroughly aired, two days before being put into the cask. After immersion from four to six weeks, (according to sise,) tLey should be hung up by the skin of the shank, and when smoked sufficiently. eovered with paper and put into bags and hung lu'ck downwards; all to be done before the warm days of March. No. 8. T j a thousaLd pounds of meat put three pecks ef fine Liverpool salt and four ponr.ds of saltpetre Pack in a cask, the bottom of which must be perforated to allow the bloody water drip to away. Let it remain three weeks, then hang and make a smoke every morning of green hickory?the fire so placed that the smoke may cool before reaching the meat. Sow up in canvass bags before the last of February. IP- Governor Brown, of Georgia, and the lower House uf tl?*- Leg!s>atur? of 8tate have had another dispute. It appears that the Governor appointed Henrv R Johnston tuajbr general and Win H T. Walker brigadier general of the troops raised for the defense of the State Tbe l?wer branch of the Legitlature, for a.ime cause unknown to the outside world, proposed to turn tfle troop* over to the rebel government. Against this the Governor enters hi* protest, the sending ! :i of wbichseerm to have stirred up the members, one of whom introduced a resolution censuring him for this ' unwarrantable interference" with legislation The reading of th>- mesnage was denied, and the bill be protested against was passed by a large majority The Speaker of the House, Hon Warren Aden, participated In the debate on the occasion He is reported to have said that? . "The Governor had otfered the greatest indignity to tbe House in the message tnrust as an argument before us yesterday. He proceeded to review tbe message. Tte Governor argued that the trops would not submit to the provision of the bill displacing their otflrers. He bade the commander-ln-ch ef and all hi* troops defiance to-day. Wy Let them come with bayonets In their hands, and drive them from these balls, if they are not willing to acquiesce in legislative action He would >>are his bosom to their bayonets, and be the last to Jump from these windows on their approach " A Yiia Closixq rsrna Gloomy Acspicis? a*d Opis'.ao with Evil Tidiugs.?The year c><>?ed under gloomy auspices; with a check at Dranesville, and a rumored disaster at Missouri The vear which yesterday began has opened with evil tiding. '.V e tear that there Is no doubt of the fact that th? Northern Union has consented to the surrender of Ma*on and Slide!!; and with that event all top* of an immediate alliance between the $outh?ra Confederacy must cease ? Richmond Exammtr, Jan *2. L'-yJ'Th" Learned Blacksmith, Eiihu Burrltt, i* on! with another plan to h^al the national difficulties He suggests that we form a National Union. consisting of a Northern Republic, the Confederate States and Mexico, (also Canada whenever found expedient,) and all questions affecting foreign relation* arf to be decided by a national Diet, which will meet at stated periods J^EW AND B E A U TIFUL! 4t>0 NINTH STREET. 1 have just received from New York a very choice selection of the following rocda. The attention cf thosj in want is solicited. PA PER HANGINGS _ . FOB 1 ar.ors. _ Bed Rooms, Vestibules, _ ,. Dime? Rooms, atd Ceilings. Gold Band and other styles of _. . .. ' WINDOW SHADES. Shade Lines and Trimmings, Picture Loops, Tassels and Cords, Shade <*ords and Tassels. hi ATT H ESSES AND CUSHIONS Of ali descriptions, made to order. LrHOLSTKKY WOM A.&D PA.P8KH4PGI199, In all its various styles, executed promptly, at the tiyT Lotettt Possible Prues.-TXl -STORE hhaDES Made and Lw^rad. Terms cash. degi-?a?Sw J. ROTHWOCK. BUTTER BUTTER!! BUTTER!!! ion a#** ch?>.ee Goshen Botter, just received and for sale cheap by ,e ? & P- BA,S W N 68 A CO. lfr-tf 3aapst.. fwint Pa. avenne. \1 OORK*H WMT KN li IIKUG 9TORE, ? 13 Pa. A VB7SDK. ItoVTH Miai. ' kiLla',?."loeu "f Ac..always on hand Also, Hair, iooth aud otner Brushes, 'ion *r?ss twater, Ac. C"al Oil ami Lamps for same. *ie 7t 2w FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital 9200,000. Oft* wme C rte?t mnd Lmwumsi ss? ever Pmmk fhxacTeaa. feo. Shoemaker. raovie. Red fern, Samuel Croplwr. William Wilson, Richard Joaea, Joha D. Baro.ay.! gidejn, Andrew Rothwefl, Thoe- P*rk?. R ehard Barry. *.' tL.1"r7wlU ? *>r- tJ. W. Davis. Ne eharrelor Polieiaa. ? _ _ JAMES ADAMS, PreskUoC Asat G. Daris.SoortHary. H iwitu ptNSlON OFFlCK^Jima brx, 1S61. TO ALL WHtm /T MAY CONCERN, kfJlK.maae under tee act of 33d Jane, law, for tbe reissue of the Land War;%'its dswnhsa hssaji, wtiieh area,!ef*d to have " hereby given tiiat at Ue 4a?* foiiowMg ifc*description of each ^Var 1 ejt*A<mt#rofuge tenor, will be ialTiio ? ?l ohjsoUon ab?ii thea appear u \ 1J0 asrea, issa*d under the act of A?Arft MKIui aar-.'/sss.r'r fczxt ^5."KSuC !A.? Si spjrxix? H juhssss' Bwaafta? ^ ?'*?Jjd/S-pjM,iber ?ch, lasi. ^&?SSfflSSC5g iglM o. U. I.t ?rr O? (1! -occ.rn.jMi on 4 ; ' *% a T " '' | ?. II. PIKE'S 1 \ :? w# i ARMtf CORDIAL. * ? ' ' fa preeentlnt: this dellcloua beverage to the public, II lane t our Intention to herald It as a quack medicine , that will erure all toaam and a Sections (bat b uman nature la heir to, bnt that It to purely a combination of in oat delicious frult?r dlatllle* under our own penonal superI tIbIob, having m deleterloua or Injurious admUturea ?t> eoaBoa with many compounds forced upon the Publle U* the ahape of Tonlea, Ac. PIKE'S ARMV CORDIAL will become one of the meataaafhl ?.*?d at the saaae time healthful beverages that haa ever been offered vv? take much pleasure la thaoa presenting It, particularly to Soldiers, who are exposed to chauge of weather, climate and hardship, aa the best Invlgorator I that can be found SAM'L. N. PIKE h CO. SOLE AGENT IN WASHINGTON, D. c., EXILE DFPRE, 3JI0 PENNSYLVANIA AVENGE. e pnciKNATi, October 80, 1M|. 1 hereby certify that, In acccfrdanoe with the law regulating the sale of Aloeholle Llquora In the State of Ohio, I have inspected 8. N. PIKE'S I AR.\H CORDIAL, and find It free from poisonous lmpurltlea. I also believe It to poase*a high medicinal propertlee, of a tonic and aatrinI gent character. In testimony whereof, witness mjr signature I this 29th day of October, ltjfll. David o'connell, m. d , Chemical Inspector uf Alcoholic Llq tiors for Hamilton county. 5 n. pike's ARMY CORDIAL! No Househould should be without It 8 n pike's % ARMY CORDIAL! The most healthful and useful Tonic eaiant. 8. N. PIKE'S I ARMY CORDIAL! j Have the dellcloua Beverage at home. 8. n. pike's ARMY CORDIAL! Is distilled from delicious Prulte and Berries.) 8. n. pike'9 ARMY CORDIAL! I Sutlers In the Army supplied on reasonable i terms. 5. n. pike's ARMY CORDIAL! I E*ery OSoer and Soldier In the Army should j uae the Invigorating Cordial. 8. n. pike's ARMY CORDIAL! I Not only Officers and Soldiers, but the most delicate Lady, will find this Cordla a useful TONIC. 6. n. pike'8 ARMY CORDIAL! Ii not a quack medicine, but the most healthful nd pleaiant In use. 8. n. pike s ARMY CORDIAL! Batter thin French Brandy, Whisky, or aev strong Liquor. t 6 n pike's ARMY CORDIAL! t' If you wish to keep In good heelth and eplrits, uae thie Cordial. FOR SALE AT THE PRINCIPAL DRT7GGISTS IN THIS CITY, OR BY B. H. PIKE & CO., ?YCA*OM STREET, C1WMHATI, OHIO. SOLE AGENT X". . Of WASHINGTON, D. C., emile dvpeb, ,ao 4T9Imm. dee - A w > WM CORWIN BURGY, ATE With the old and well known \toma* of WM. 8. CORWIN ft CO., _ . , , . ? NEW Yoke, Dialer m tkoxc* Brandus, Wr?*? t Cirart, # ?.. mnd J*iPorttT of Terii and Chines* Fanty Goods, No. 357 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. (Entrance Mxth Street, > Was king ten. D. C. The attention of oonnoiaeeara and the pnblio ieneraiTy ia invited to mt atnck of fine Bracdiee.Winea *o .oomprising Hennessey Otard Sayer Brandies, Widow Ciioquot, Moct ft i nMdon, Mam a, Heidaick ft Co , and Aaaociatea Jotk'u?j1 Champagnea; PermartiM, Amont;lado S^ernea; Wanderer, Reserve and ooito Side Madeiras; H'rinonf and Bunnerster "WSC" rlut) House 6in; Inak.Sootoh, Bourbon and Monongahela Whiakiea; Jamaica ard St. Croix Rums; Cabana, Figaro, La Ko?ade Santiago. I a Espano'a an-i virions brands ofCiiarsand very fine Young hyson, H?eon. Imperial and English Breakfast Teea m catty L.'i"?l,n,?or myself expreasly for family use, Qt ?J'1W SMITH ft BROTHER'S P A L, E CREAM ALE, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, PORTER ajid NEW YORK BROWN 8T0CT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALjfiS are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARLEY MALT and HOPS, and highly esteemed by <Lo?j who have uaed th#m. Purchasers are req nested to rail and examine our superior atook, aaeared that they wil' find the BEST and PUREST artiolea. We have at all timea a large atook ready for delivery. in whole, half and quarter casks, suitable for the TRADE, HOTELS, and FAMILY USE. whioh we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. SMITH ft RROTHER. Brewere, No. 149 ft 160 West 13th at. New York City, Pro5?" or Exprcea promptly exeouted, ce rr- m Silver ?>"* SILVER URNS. SILVER TUREENS SILVER BOWLS. W\tk a great collation of small r articles. /hiit . b-e fy Bridal Gt/tt i.T"* * Ma areall of onr own manufacture, of toe moat elegant workmanship and finish, and * e . levf>' ??r vart,?t'r *?d quantity, are surpasaea by any other collection in the oountry. EPEKGNESI'IAMON 11 JEWELRY, FINE ? . H ATCHES, ft., jr. For aale by SAM'L KIRK ft SONS, Baltimore at., Baltimore. Md. r.*rat>l'aheq IH17. jn n-]2t* 502 "ELEVENTH STREET! cqo E. FISHER ft BROTHERS. fRBNCH STEAM SCOURERS. Baltimore, Md. The only p ace this Fide of New York, where fou oau ^et a Silk Dress cleanod, restoring the lustre equol to new. Monroes, Delaines, and all kinds of Drease* c,ean*d without taken apart, Craje and other Shawls, Table Covers, and Gentleman s I totrwng, cleaned in the best manner. n? ubstacco in tha oloth to injure it or make it more easily to soil. N. II. #ood? will be pent to Baltimore twioe a week, and return with hire promptness. '* ** WM. P. SHKDD, Agect. Philadelphia provision store, 119 PK.INSTLVANIA Avenue. Rttwm 19th and ?uh sts The undersigned, harm* located himself as above, nkes this method of informing the citizens of the t irat \V aru that he has ope'i^d a firat-ciaes ! I roviaion Storei conducted similar to those lor I which Philadelphia u famous. Here nan be ioun ' at ail times a largo tnd fresh I auoply of MUUl.TR Y, GAM E, .KEF, MUTTON. ftc. FRUITS and VEGETABLE!) in aea- i aon. Particular attention >a called to Ins stock anf! pnoea of BUTTER. CHEESE, fto. I in.aie ph.a Print Butter. Goshen and Western Reserve. Being determined to give tte atricteat attention i to the wapta of his euatomers, and to keep every artiole in hia line of the beat qoaiit?,and aell atthe I lowest market pnoea, he hopea to merit a share of public patronage. j FamiTiea wilTt-e waited upon daily for ordera, if ref uireaa no 16 THOMAS R. WILSON. Governmtflt iLoan Agency^ Owics or LEWIS JOHNSON ft CO., BASKERS. Corner o? Pa. Avenue and Testh St. ?f our firm' havln<t been ?t,?>t?0"ption Agent tor the National ' th? *<2t ?' Coogreas of',7th r? 'o furnish, to partiea J? ?f niafcmg loveatment, auy amount of 7S 10 Treasury Nutee. ofeonvenient sizea. po a M LEWIS JOHNhQN ft CO. MILITARY BOOTS, ? fmN AtMy.$&i%?%<t., fmi WaNo. 16 Market Spare, Penn. av., hL between 8th and 9th ate. . ... , ? , J ROSENTHAL. Ladiea , Misses and Children's Boots and ^noea ol every deseription, lower than ever. de 13 eo DE. DUPONT'S Sl'G A R-COATED FE^ MALE REGULATING PILLS jg& Keaa the following unsolicited encoini mbt, I uma: "I oannot commend them too highly." V '|They are the best temale Pi!is extant." ..t.r ^n?ed them with oomplete suceesa." atlat."U D0^ without them upon any oonaider 'They operate speedily and effectively." Sent 6y niafi Sold by 8. C. UPHAM, SI0 Cheanut street, Philadelphia, and in Wath^SSStS* 8- C* FOliu- owner 11th atreet ami Pa. j *veDne- noiW-eolT Du'onokmh)^8a^ANT'DOTEwill cuke *, ??nORR H(K\ in six davs. No ohanteof diet required. It is an Eng-#?S&K liah Spooifio of aixty-five yea's stani ing and will not harm the moatdelioate con atitntion It oontai^a no minerals, Pnoe f hil5li i AM, 310 Lhasnut atreet, Philadalphia, and in Washington by S. C. FORD! corner llrh atreet and Pa a-? r.o2fi ' Jitot o TKAS-TEAH-TEAS! i ?; Received a prime lot new Teas. For sale l07.V? *r DROWNING ft KEATING'S, de4 Stawtf 3^3 i?a.avenue, near 6th at. |UBT RECEIVED A LOT OF THAT VERY J auperior OLD CABINET BRANDY,at ? .r BROWNING ft KEATING'S. de4-3tawtf 353 Pa avenue, near 6th al. pATAWBA GRAPKS! FrWhP.?..h. r CATAWBA GRAPES" 1 , Catawba Grapes in exoellent order and delioiona in flavor. Try them. Aml. KING ft BURCHELL. * " oorner 16th at. and Vermont avRv?dv _ JOB PRINTING. Y-D,>!l^.1't,0^ of JOB PRINTING required b? any bodj?oitiz^ns? oitII functionaries, fOT^R^rS?fr??r,s' *n?er,*- Ac.?exeouted al ,n Ati,?aciorT rty!6TREASURER'S OFFICE. ~~ DJ" Deoemher. 1881. Holders of the two years Treasury Notea, with LD^?Ie".V- V5i annual It, i?ane<i under the aot of 2d ol March. 1S61, are informed | mat the interest on suoh notea to the 1st of January, 1862. will be paid at thia cffio*, on and i^ Pu?viu i* lt'at 8U h notei with a . schedule, signed by the holder oj auoh n"tes, show- I nu'"t>?'"? date, and amount of eao)i note. I together with the intereit du? thereon to said first for veriQCAtmn. 1 here, one day beforenan.l. F- E.- spinner daa4 td Treasurer. II. ! rTllF? 8BB8^RJBER8 beg leave to inform their if*. an^ public generally of be- a. piffi'ilWiWTilVo'oTi'"""" "H ?wT../al"? re?pJTcrfu! T invite attention of W tneir Army and N*vy customers, and tliose"^ " ! outfits in that line, to their superior qualitieaof Swords, Epaaleta. Shoulder Straps Belte, 1 HaU< ^&?hes. and Go Id LA-es! i eente?" ?n ' w^c'1 are warranted as repre ^nderiag thanks for theliberal patronage ' 'is r.'lHKi'uTKu'igt'i;y.?*?>*?<?CITIZEN. Zi'MTARY TAI/LOKM. 364 Pennsylvarua Avenue. oo 16 eoSm JMPOR1ANT TO MILITARY MEN! Army Regulation Hats, MoCleilan Fatigue Caps, a ..wo- j . CUaaseurs de Paris Cap a. '"J* 10 i" . ,UtT Agency fnr Gitten'a Cork t ap Haveloek. el l reo?minended for the uae of our rank at A fi'e by Lieut Wen Winfield Soott. de M-im 0Np?ANOCf?r OH1CKEPJNG For sale upon eaay terma at the Mnsie Store oi 80,1Bwn ft Co ***'hiven. Baoon ft Co.'a Pla?u>a. <)e n VlASttEY, COLLINS ft CO.'8 "A . PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT MLR Whio*a we?iJi?mr^nH,^kii,y'PlT 01 A ie, whios we reeotnmend to be of a very superior qnal[[V Peraona wtahing to purnhaae. making .ui?i*di*te appueation, oan be furniahed. JU AKNV aat atook, now o >mplete in all deparrmerta. fVtlSy *l??^ momra ao obligation to All parcel a oarefully aaoked, for expraea or othar eoaveyaioe, tree of charge PERRY ft BRO., A.P*nn. avenu?and Nimh at. de 14-801 ' Perry Baildieg." QOUBHB, COLIWyHOA RSEN E88, fte. COMPOUND 8? ft UP O# GUM ARABIC, GAS FITTING, Jtc. A.*.*. T DOVE * co^ WSNow prepared toexeeata my ardor* wltfc wcioh ?a?r m*r m {krort'Tin the PLVMBINd, #AS OR r'TEAM FITT1MC r?BUSINESS. rr store on tth street, a few door* north ( Pa, W~TI ?AS F1XID RES. S,r.^Itul.,,orBi aiiti are dai.y reoMTisi, 0AB rl?JURFS of entirely New PattiraTand D^irn. !S-.,fJi'VJ?ff."n^,2rin ?Ule to ?"?yt|iag heretofore i? f? j" We invite cmiecs general It to tail and examine our stock of Gas and Water Fix' ires, feeling oonhdent that we have t&a t?il i?oted toek in Washington. AilWork m the above line intraatoa to oar ear* Till be promptly attended to. _,.H MYERS * Mo?HAN, 8T> P street. DENTISTRY. I\EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION I ' OP ARTIFICIAL CHB0PLAST1 BONB TEETH, > Without Mktal Plat* o* Clasp*. ... D . fR. 3. B PTGESMOND, 910 BroaHyay, .Vet* York?*60 Pennsylvania A **** OOO *tt , Washtniton, .? !r attention of the public to the fallowing of hn improved system: 1. The Teeth of hfs manufacture wilnBSf ?eyer oorode nor change color by at;,w? acids. being thres fourths lighter than any other. _ .P? H*?"1 or root* need be extracted, a* the ? OB?* ow? be inserted over thi?m. I. The root* will be made inoffensive, an never o acne. 4. No temporary tee?h are needed, a* permanent one* oan be made immediately, thereby preserving the natnral ex*rs*sion of the face, which under ol<l system is frequently disfigured. h. mVnl'nTVi^ fe**b*?n pW over five years by many of the fcrct chemist* and physicians of this oounti y i Rr'i invented a white nndestrnotive w"h which the most sensitive teeth pan be filltvi without pain, anl can build op a per lect, sound tooth on any side roots, which will last through .ifetime. The host of references riven?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr. Doremus, Protessor of Cl.ernstry. N. V ? Hon. Judge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Washington, and thousands of othersCall and examine for yourself. no 8 6m p^e^k trmn, and fsuh WI NTEH SCHEDULE. flfeMPRSHMPB SPECIAL, NOTICE TO TRAVELERS. On and after Monday, December 9. 18S1, Pa? .^eei. Trains between WASHINGTON and BALTIMORE will run as follows: M , TRAINS MOV 1 NO NORTH. Morning Express leave Waahinetcn 6 OD a.?. Arrive at Baltimore 7.40 a. u.; Philadelphia UK) p.*.; iNew York ? p. m.; Harri*hurg 1.11 p. *. Morning Accommodation leave Washington 7.40 a.*. Arrive at Baltimore *je a. m. No connections at Baltimore. New York Mail Train?leave Washington at 11 a. m.; arrive at Baltimore p. Puiiadelphla t.27 r. m.; Now V ork 10 p. m. Afternoon Accommodation?leave Washington ^ 'r": Arrive at Baltimore 4 50 p.n.; Phiiadei! phta 10.011 p. n. Kvenm* Expre**?leave Washington i p. k. 1 Arr-.v# at Baltimore 6.4 p. u.) Philadelphia l'tja p. n.: New York 4 a. m.: Harrtsbnrg l a. u.

On Sundays at 3 06 and 5 p M.onir. '1 he J p. it, train from Washington connects ; through to New ^ ork every day during the week. TRAINS MOYINtt SOUTH. Leave New \ ork at 7 a. JO.; Philadelphia 11.*> a. m . L<a.tiinore 4 oo p m Arrive at Washington *^2 1 't^eave New York at6 p m.; Philadelphia lo*i p m.; Baltimore 4 30 a. m. Arrive at W ashing ton ^o A.K, Leave New York at 11 p. Philadelphia I JO 1 a. m ; Baltimore7 35 a.*. Arrive at Waeiiiogton i 0 <5 a. .< Aooommodation Trains laave Baltimore at t a *., andir.M ,for tVashington, arrive there at II a. m. and 7 p. m. : On Sunday* at 4 30 and 7 35a. * only. Passenger Trains leaving Washington at7.*i a. M. a<?d 3.1 >* p. m.. and Baltimore at7.3* a. M and 4.(0 p. m . make direot connections for Annapolis at the J c notion. Trains leave AnnapoJis for Baltimore and WastI ington at a. x. and 3 40 p. m Passenger Trains leaving Washington at 6.00 a. m.. 11 a. a?t<i 6 p. m., and Ba'timore at 4.30 and 7^45 a. and 35.) p. will stop only at Annapolis Jvnctttm and Wasnrngton (He lay) Junction ?Way Passengers must take the Accommodation Trams only Trains will leave Washington and Baltimore promptly upon card txm*. \ H.,, a. . ? W.P.SMITH. oe 17 Master of Transportation, Bait. j iY OTIC E. & agigBtyi'mii mmm 14 ADAMS' KXPRKSS COMPANY " This Company offers to tM publio " Une? nailed Advantages'' for the Sale ana Qmok iMspatfch of Heavy Freights, Paoaates, Valuables, Money, Sto. Ac4,to all parts of the United States. Expreaeeij to and from the North and West doP?Jt frprn and arnvo,u W'ashington twioe daily, A'1 Expresses are in charge of trp*rts*c*d and : rtltabl* Men?engers. All Packages for The Soldier* oarriea at "of* Ualv our usual rates. All (*o<nis for the so-oalled "Confederate Statee" and all Artioles ' Contraband of War" will be Rurvawv. Our Expresses leave New York at I.?, and ? P. ^ j^UTiviiig in Washington at 6A. M. and ijo i Fx'presse* leave Philadelphia at 8 JO A. M. and I * air1" *rnTUS? iB Washington at * SO P. M, and ? A* ills Expreeee* leave Baltimore at 4 20 A. M. and 3 P. M.^arrmng in WasLington at 6 A.M. and ? JO ..Expresses for all points North and West leave WaahinaUin at 119) A. M. and 2.30 P. M. daily. Speoial Contraots for targe quantities of Freight can be made on application to thi* office. AH Good* oalied for and delivered Jr?ol Extra onarges. E. W. PARSONS, ... t 8up t Adam*' Express Compaqp. Washington, August 23.1861. an ?-tf (1?, ? WATCHES. vlold s^kkrenol,8h. swiss I have now on hand a la^e stock of all the most celebrated Watches, that 1 am selling at the very lowest prices that good and reliable time keepers 9?P.?,*.a.a:;<l at; and every description of fi*e JEW ELR\ ^n hand; all new styles reoeived as soon as manufactured, and offered at the lowest rates. Silver ware manufactured in ray own shop. All kinds of MILITARY GOODS on hand, such as Revolvers. Swords, Sasbes, Belts, Bowie Knives. Poeket Compasses. Ac.. Ac. Also strong Arm* Trunks and Bed Combined: and many other things uselul and ornamental at 33S Pennsylvania avenue. n-xio tf H. A HOOD M. 1. rHANKXIN, OPTICIAN TO THE PRESIDENT AND MIL? . ITARY STAFFS. 844 Penn'aav.,(north side,) bet.I2th and Uth *ts. SPECTACLES, provided with genuine Rook t rystal or Pensoopio Lenses, mounted in gold, ilver or steel, and suited with utmost care for every age ana eyesight. first M|m|j] CLAS8 MILITARY FISLD-OLASSES. Miorosoopes, Compasses, and Mathematical la struments, at the lowest Eastern prioes. oc a?-tr WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a arrs assortment of G R E V and HLUE FLANNEL OVF.R-SH1 RTS, WHITE t^HIKTS, DRAWERS CAMP BLANKETS, HALF HOSE. Ai., wntoh we invite a ! oash purohaser* to examine before makii.g their seleotions. .oo WALL, STEPHENS A CO., saa Pa. av.. b?tw?en tth and 10tA sta. m TS (In*"*'.itcroer K' ?nb icai..> W7T BOYS' CLOTHING. E Have raoetved within the last day or two a large assortment of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHING, embracing all stvlea of low priood, tnedinm. and fine (ualities, whioh we are *t>Uinx a t very low prioes for eash. ALL, STEPHENS ft CO., ,.'J? P*. ?v., between 9th and 10th sta. mP (tntelhreiieer and Revnhltnan.* THE Subscrtbo^hivi^^e* addition* to hia I factory, making it now one of the largest in the Disrriot, where hi* faoililies^H39& for manufacturing CARRIAGES and*?=E*E? LJ8HT WAGONS w all kind* cannot be ear passed, and from hi* long expsrienoe ia the bn*ine*s, he h<-p*s to give reneral satisfaction. n AH kinds of Carnages and Light Wagon* kept Ad REPAIRS neatly done, ?nd ail ordor* promptly attended to. Seoond hand Carriage* Uken in exchange for new o?et. ANDU KW J. JOYfnS, 11 '* tf eorner of Konrteenth and K si*. WALL. STEuPHKM? A CO.. '? 548 PxnmTtvama Avxnvb, AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS. gOOVS AMD wo sviv IU Rv/r!iBVr kinos of BOOVI M? SHOES, and constantly reoeivtn* a^d^ apply of eastern cade work of every do-BKf? k^^^tore *Kar(c4 in tai* uty for rnsck laferiet gBBHIftMF W# ""tv'nnn t?^a4 WJkl UojSjOjM>etjE^g,*?., wkioh v*are now se ling Bob ioitiUToii, Aiimoii H? ddtomored tkt mni Car mm, Suttdy mid mtg x/kimj Mtmtdf tea tkt World, FOE ALL DISEASES OF IMPENDENCE. LET NO FALSE DELICACY PREVENT. ^ APTLY 1<MK1>U?LY, A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CKAE&M, JN FROM ONE TO TWO DATS. WtthiiM af Ji Back, kncum, AficdtM ( the Bid"ft tod Bladder DtMama, Iwyxiw?, t? era I Debility, RmminM, Oniipii, Lunar, CWM af Mm, u?* Spiata, ?? piiaua,. af the Inn, Timidity, Yremblinfe, Dimneee < B jri or Glddineee, I>w*u? ( the Bead, Threat, Nni ? 8kie, Afecuoae of the Lun, haech ar Bowele?theee Terrible rhaordere enainf fraea BaltItry Babita T *tb?theee Drttdfil and PMimtm hutKM which render Marr age impneaitla, aad deeuwy bat* Bedy and Hied. YOUNG MEN Eepecially who have become the ncuat a? Baiitary Vice, that dreadfhl and dectrac ire habit which annaally aweepe la an aatimely grave thrcoaade of Tearg Mao af ib? Mat tiaktd ulaata and bri'.laaat intellect, vha might aUarviM ba.e entranced Uatauaag Beaatea with tha thaodere af i*qaeoce ar waked la ecacacy the Itriag lyre, My hail with fail cabldanca. MARRIAGE. BiMIID PKBsea*, ar Yawnf Blea caaUmpUtlag Hw rail, being aware af phyeical weaknaae, organic dabtUty, defonniuee, Ac, epeedilv cared. a who r icm hirceelf andar th? aara af Dr. J. may religtaaely cosBde id bie hoc,or a a (ioiiibu aad aaaMeauy rely apan hu akiil aa a phyeieiaa. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICZ ST. left hand aid* ftncf frare Baltuaora etreet, a few daara fraaa tha earnar. rail oat to cbaarra nana aad aeabar. We tie re ail bt paid and eat tain a ttarap. DR. JOHNSTON. Maaibar af tht Bayai Collkfe af Btrf ear,a, kar.dea, rrada ata from act af tfch meat amiaant Collegee la iba tinned BUiab, and tht ritattr part of wboae Ufa baa baa a rpaat ta tha hoaptula af London, Pane, Philadelphia aad alaawbara, baa egtcted tome af tha moat aaumiahinf aara* that vara ever kiaaa; many troartd with ringing ia tht btad aad tart whtn aalttp; great ntr*jaeceat. beiag alarmed at aaddtu to an da, baahfaineee with Ireqaant Meaning, attaadad aaiatumtt with daranfaiaant af and, wart cartd laaaadiately. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. Teang Men end ethere who bare injared themeelree by a ttrtaKi pracuca indulged in whan alone?a habit frtoaaaiiy Itamtd from aril eoinpemone, or at aebocl, tht tBtcta af whien art Mghtly ft.t itiu wkrn aalttp, and if eat cartd, rtndtrt marifere impoeeitla. aad deetrere bath miad aad bade, enoald apply in.mediaielr Tbeee art aoiua of the aad aad melancholy egeete predaced by ttrly habiu of tooth. ?i?: Wtakoeet of tha Back aad Limba, Paine ia tht Htad, Dimaaat of 81 f h , Lo*a of M atr a,a ? Powar, Palpitation af ma Htart, Dvaptpty, Ntrvaaa limability, Dtranftmtm af tha Diftati't Paacuant, Otutrai Dttiiily, Syanptomt of Cor.aampiiea, Be. tn *^T ally.?Tha faarfal fQ?c'.a on tht mind art mach ta bt drtudtd?Loot of Mtmory, Confntiaa af Idtat, Dtrrtttiaa af Bpinu, etii Porabadinca. Artraraa af Bacitty, Btlf-Dittraat. Lo't af Bolusdt, Tinjidr.y, ate, art taaaa af tha a*ila atadactd. NBRTOC* DkllLlTT.?Thaaaasdt can aow )adft wbalta tht caaat af thtir daclininf health, loainc thtir rift, btctaaInf waik, palt, narToat aad amaeiattd, ha?m( a tmfaiar appaaraact ateai tht ayaa, coofh ar tymptaaat af caaaaaipDISRASES OF IMPRUDENCE. WhaD tht ir.itfBKlad aad impradan; votary af plaaaua tadt bt hat toibabtd tht taada of thia painfal ditaaat, it taa aftaa bapptnt that an ill umtd ttutt of thaait or draad af ditearary dttara tiro from applying to thott who, from tdaeauaa aad ratpteubility, ean alone ttfnand him It ftllt ieta tht handt of ifcorant and dttifning prtttndtrt, arfca, iacapablt af carmr, ftlch hit ptcaniary aabataact, kttp him tnliaf mamfa aittr month, or aa loaf aa tut amaiiaai ftt caa bt abtaintd, and in deepatr laara> ia with raiaed fcaalih ta tijrh trtr fit r?llmf dianppoia'.rrtui; ar by tha ata af that dtadly paitor,?Mtrcary?hatttn tht f *<ttr! tymptomt af thit ttrnblt diaaata, acch aa AVacuanaaf tht Htart,lliraat, Btad, kin, Be , proptttinr with frtf hcfal rapiditv, till dtath patt a atrad ta Lit oraadftr taftru>|a by tending hist a ihat atd.teetered caautrr fram whaat bear t aa lra?tltr rttarne DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By ihie (real aad imaartaai remedy weakatttaf tht arraae are epeeJily cared an' raii eiptr reaiared. Taaaeaadee7the mtei I W'lii and debilitated, wha had laet all hape, hart been iirmtdieltly ratiertd. Ail impti'.untnta it Marr;a(e, Pbyetaal at Meatal Dia-aalI taa Liana, L*?e af Pracreaure rawer, Ber'aBa lrritabUiir, Traiakiiar and Wetkneai ar Kiaaaeuaa af tha maat faarfal klad ayeidiiy eared. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE PRESS. Tf I Mm Taot'taltDl r.ared at thia ineutatiaa withla the iae: aeeeateei. reare, and the tiamtrtat irapartaat Barrital eptratiaca performed ba Dr. Jetonetao, wiiaeeeed by the repertera af tha papere and many ether ceraaoa, natieea af which hare appeared again aad afaia kefare tha pablic, btt det fe e atanding aa a (tntltman af characur and rttetntl hUlty, It a eafltient fBtruiiae la the aB.cied. mar ll-ly TIlIEa?MAn. Proteetti by Royal Litters Patent of England, and stcured by tkt Seals of tkt EcoU dt Pkarmatie dt Paris, and tkt Imperial CoiUge of Mtdictne, Vienna. TRIE8EMAR No. 1 Is the effcotcil rtrceoy for ru.aza.TION, ?pbematokrhcea and 1 xhacstios ob tbb stitbm. TR1E9EMAR No. 2, Completely Bnd entirely erMicatea all traoea of those disorders, for whioh Copaiva and Cnbeba have cenera ly l>?en thoucht ac antidote, to the ruin or the health of a vaat portion of tha popoiaton. TR1ESEMAR No S. } the great and but* remedy or the einlned vorid or all unpuritiea of the syst?m,a? veil aa moohary aymptonie, obviating the deatrnotira use of Merovry. as arell as other deleterioaa ingredients, and which a the Saraaaariita in the vo'ld uannot rem j?e TaiKAsx?a N?s 1.3 and S are alike davoid of taste or smell, and of all naae?atin? analiiiea. They are in tiM form of a Inserga, and may lie on the toilet table without their aae being aaapeotad. Sold in tin cases at $3 eaoh, or four 93 oasea ia one for 39, and in ?? oaa?>s, thus saving #9. aa adiuiciatered by Vaipeao, Lallemand, Ronx. to., Ac. Who.eaale and retail by DR. H. A. BARKO\N , 194 Bleecker street, (4 doora from MaoDms&l street). New York. Immediatefy onreoeipt of refhittance, Dr. uabrow will forward Trieeemar to any rart of the world, aeonraiy packed And addresaed acoording to the inatrnoOona of the writer. Pnbliab'd aiao by DR BARROW, that popalar and b^aatifalty illustrated medioal work, Uiman Fra<!ty. Prioe 25 oents. Trieseu,ar and Book oaa be obtained by apaoial authority {rooHj. C. FOR l>, Washington, O. C. daU-Bm LEA A P E R 11 I If ft' CBLBBRATBD Worceslerfthlre Saace. I'rononnced by EXTEACT CONNOISSEURS ?1 o/aLatUrfroma to be tha i| Utdtc*1 Jt A. at Madraa -ONLY GOOD ag V SAUCE." M Woroeater, and applicable to ? r#ll l'vvd v ,'r-*';''' rial that thair Sswi EiVERV hUhly eat?ad in India, and ia, in VARIETY my opinion, tha moat 'm paiatobia, aa wall aa OP niSH moat whoieaoma ok uidh. thatrs mads." The above 8AUCE ia not only the bbbt and moat PorVLAB COITDIMINT known. bnt the moat laesmteal, as a few drops in Sour, Gravy, or with Fuk. hot and oold Jcnnts, BeeJ Steak, (r'aaM, de.. impart an ez^uiatte aeat, whioh uesprmcxrUd Sauoe manufacturers have in wain endeavored to imsiiato. On the Breakfast, Lunckton, Dinner, or Sappaa Tablt, a cruet containing "'LEA A PERRINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia indispenaabla. To appreciate the extellont of thia delietout preparation it ia only neoeaaary to parohaaa a sm?U bottle of the remieuar, of a respectable grocer cr dea er, as many Hotel and Restaurant pro prietors ae'dom p.ace the Pure Sauoe before their guests, bnt anl?titntea genuine Bottle tiled with a erurxous mixture. For sale by Grocera and Fruiterers every w#are. JOHN DUNCAN ft SO>!8, Unton Square and 14th street. New York. Sole Wholesale Agents for the United Statee. A Stock always in atore-?Alao ordera reoeivad for direct shipments from Englaod. IlT Bewurt of CounterfeUs meed Imttatious.JZ0 aep>-ly^o srae topham's kbb PREMIUM T R V N E BE MANUFACTORY, 49ft Bbvbittb Stbbbt, Wasbimtob. D. C. Silver Medal awarded by Maryland laaUtata e Baltimore, November 7,18BB. Alee, Mecal by Metropo itw Meoharuoa' iBBtltata, Washington, D. C? lMV, 1 am eonstantiy making, and alwaym have aa haad. of the beet material, every deaoiptoBB af Fine Sole Leather, ""iarb -. Wood hok,and Paokiaa Tranka, Fellieter. Carpet, aad Caini Trsrt lj Baga, School BatchJsTAe* 41 Lew Prites. Meabera of Cocgreaa and traveiera will plaaaa examine my BUx?k before purohaaing elsewnera Trunks that are made in otuer citiea. Superior Leather and Dress T ranks mad a ta order. Tranka covered a:.<: reaa: red at abort BOttae. '.'.a delivered f-ee wf oharce toacyfpan ot tka aitv ?orgetown, aad Alexandria. james 8.TOPEAM. fTPHAM'S HAIR DYE l-TO COLOR BLACE *J OR BROWN!!?Only JB oanta a box. Throe boxea for one dollar. 6ray,red or aaxea aair eu be changed ib a few aeoonda to a W Kaok or brown, by aaingUpaam's l. suio Ha:'Dra, tie beat and obaapeat in tbe world, produoi t.g, tie mon ent It is applied, a rich catnrtl appearanoe. Eaoh Biox ofUPHAM'S HAIR DYK ia warranted to contain aa Bub katr dye as otbera aeli for erne < < Hold : t S C. UPHAM. Jio >ieaoat auoot, b la delphia, and B. CALVERT POED. oorner Utk atreot aad Pa. ave. aep 4-aoty 1CASH NOTICE, ? Coasaaaoace of oar having to pay aaab for every artiele of gooda we Mirebaea. wo araforoai to redaoe uurbat ceaa to Oaah exclaaNwp, for tbe preaent. We have m ato-a a very large aeanilaiaal of READY-IIADE CLOTHING for mm aad 399 Pa. avoaaa. between Ub aad Mb at . io * a. i always on hand, or made to ardor at tae ahorwt ! TRAVELLERS' DIBECTOHY. I NoaTH?1N cknral railway. I Tk* Sktrttsl. Qwitkut aad B?t riimr But* mr* m ikt WINTMM BCngDVLE Caumot li?y onjuki after pun da v. wnw^, mm, i iw Tniti will trnn am drnrt lro? Ctlttrt i Station m follow* : Tea ma flom Luri m*l> mimlh. i baflklo kxk*** i^.b. park tot Aocrmmodatjon 4 p. m. PilUbarg iti Bamebarg m i Tkatks porn Aaniva Pa-ktoa amoaaoimhnktlt m. hugau kifim| i f i. m I m?u ?V^ *Cd *** * t p. m. tli* a. m train fro* wukimiu nocaista I ptl th# 9JD m. tine from Bifiiaort for (! i wfit and for bduo. Elaura. Rochester, l>?r>i kirk, Canadaigua aad n\k<aii Falia. u4 forNtv i y or* city. v The xi a. m. train nn wuhiifiai routeti i with the 3 p m tram frrjr Ba.umort to wml i North a-d Northwest aod EInure and baf!aK> and i Rochester. tl? ft p. m. trail from Watkitftoa eoceeoU with i tbef>*p m train i'om Baltimore for Piitonri, i Marrisharg aid th? wwt ace ta a direct oonn*ei won or Lebanon. Kaaton a ] i at to wn and Naw i York via c?htra f a. road of ne% JWaey. tr i thia root? fbr flaw York. c3t The only train leaving Baltimore oa Paoday i la.tna 3 i. m. tram, for Uai ruuarg, Pitts bar g, Chii oaco and tfcs w en. the only tram arriving in Baltimore on Paaday i lath 190 a m train. jap. itclarll^ i no? ly ftwEriBtopdont. i 'i' notice to travelers. 1 rt Ixsti ia*tti 4?ewra. tiav lig ordorod the mai. terrioe between washington, . | Baltimore, acd Old pc nt ititli nai ^ m f Monroe)to be resumed, ot ar.c Monday, the lath mstaat. the Bay i ta* of stressor* will je*v* Umtimor* every da f i?a*e* bts day)from th*ir wharLfwot of i r..or. Doak. at 4k i o'clock p. m., or immediately alter th* arrival of the wakmr.cton Train, which leerea YVaahingt^t attKo elook p.m. . ??-tf m. n- falls. pre**t. | ss^mwasss' i l.anding and embarking passe: gers at i Qneenstown.lretud i n* liverpool. New York and philadelphia Stvimship Company intend flispatonns thsir full i powered CJyd^bsiit iron Steamships aa foilowa : 6w..........Sate rdar, a a gnat sd. CITY of baltimore. ?' ~ inth. kangaroo. " " uu. And every Pat a r day, at noon, from Pier 44. North I nw. 1 . _ _ ? . utu or faauaa Pirat CabuL.. rib Do. la London aa Do. t mft Do. to hmh?n ? PHsrage ? |? ix>. to loadul m Do. to i>-ia 9 Do. to h?barg. .. a? p assentwis forwarctd to Havre. Bremen. Hot tordam, Antwerp. ao ,at reduoed throagh laree. Persons wishing to bring ont their friends oac buy tiaketa at low rates. For farther information apply at the Captama i OCo*. john 8, Dal . Aaett, i Or to q. a. herring, a>'aoia Ezpreei BaJti1 ?ra. _ northern central railway. superintendent's ophce,# Calvw*t Ptatiow, Batimore. May ig, itpi ( Ob and aft?r ?odde?. May Wtt, l?fl. Traina oa t the northern central RAIi.wav ar- ^ i rive and depart aa foiiowa. nntil fcrtuer uotioa. r TRAINS NUKTH. p'pr espum ?5>. m. ^harrisbl rg accommodation at p. i The t.lft a. m. train oonoocta at r*iay Uoaee i with trains on th* ^v*et*rn Maryland Rai road; i at Hanovsr ju'.cUoh with Hanover arid Geiubarg i r&ilroadt; at York With York aad Wr.ghtavi.ia rm'road;at Hamabor* with Penney ivania Raili road for all parta of the Weet. aieo with Lebannoa i Vall*y Railroad le a?aa Yorhdtrtei;at Northn? i her.aDdwitbL and b. ?h"cm for k ingetoc and i all parta of Wyoomiag VaUeyaad atkaoban with i the ph. adelphia aaa en* Railroad lor ail parta i Northern peni.?yivania aad New York. Th* sjo p. m trai t makaa all th* abov* oocaaa"iii* 8 p. m* train makea cotrx^-t oaa with p*aai ay Ivan la Railroad for al* parta of th* Waot,aad i direct oonnaota for New York. TRAINS ARKITM. i Mall at m p. m~ Expr*?a at 7.4ft a. m.. Harn*i barg Aoeoainadktion at 2.0 p. m i for Ti0k*t?^aad iiforiaiioii inaaira at the i TickrtOMo*. Calvart Ptatioa, Baitimcr*. i j. c. clark. paat. I philadelphia, w1l siflbk mington and bal11 'm m timore railroad. i Traina lor Phuadalphia will leave Pr*eid*Lt atreH , fvpot aa, ? *ioept r*nd?ya)aa fo. owe, via: i KapreeaTrain at6 15 a. m., Way Mail Tram at i m6 a. m.; Evening Mail at 4 45 o'olook. On pl'ni dayt*at4 45 p. m.only. All traina correct with i New York traina exoept 4.4ft p. m. train oa Hater i , a Freight Train with paaaenxer ear attaoh?d i leavae at 5 p. m , atopping at all Stationa between i Baltimore and Havre de-Grao*. Paaaengert for d* aware acd the Eaetera r'hora i if ma^land will Sad the moat *zp*ditio*a roato by i way of w 'lrnington. |l/"All Color*d Peraona muat giv* bond b*for* i *nleriug th* oara. i wm crawford.ataac ,>tw yorr and erie railroad. i Paaanger Traiaa leave via Pavo i nia Ferry and Long Dock, from foot of Chamber* i atreet, New York.aa follows, ru s 7a0 a. m , ex hr k88,for Dunkirk, and Buffalo i aad prinoipal intermedial* Btatio? 8.00a. m. mail,for Dankira. and intermediate i Ptatioca?ThM Tiaia reaaiaaover nigbt at einuim, i and arooMda the p*zt moraine. i m6a a.. milk daili, for Otiaville, and inter i mediate Ptationa i llaia.a, accommodation,daily,for Port i Jervia. and p-iaoiaaj Htationa 4 00 p. m., wav, for Miod.etrwn, Newbargh, aod murn.edliato Station a. " 4 ft.00 p. m.. m . hfkxpr ess. daily, for Da ai kirk, ftufalo. Canandaigna*and principal Ptationa. i The Tram of Sataroay atops at all Mai< Train i Stallone, and ranaonh to e mira. aao p.m.. accom MODATIONJorHoraeevfll*, t nathaniel m jk^h fll?'?t;r** " ' ^grru.1.ivfe?ro" i By th* a*.end id aad euponor i atrength aad aa**d, bat parucu at.t aaaptad to u* naauation of Loci Iimdc Sob ad, running in ooaLection with the rail River aod Old Colony Rauroad, maUroe of aulea only to Boeton Leave P1er No. t Nom h Ivor near the Battery. tor a tea mm em pirk state,Cap*. Braytoa, Monday*. Weaue*oaya, and Fndaya, at 4 o'olook o. tn^dari. Thcradara, and Patnrdaya, at 4 o'clock i p_m., toacr..rt at Newport?mah way. i^m* Htaawiri ar* attofl with aommod < l? i atate rooma, and evary arrangement for the aeearii tr aad oomfort ot paaaacgera. who are afforded by i una roat* a mghta' r**t on board, and on arrival i at Fall River proceed per Stearr.l- at Train."eaohi ing Bo?toa early the following morning : or may i remain on board aatll atartmg or the Aeoommoda> tioa at i a. m., by Which Uiey may reach Boetoa abontMftA.lf i a baggac* maitar la attachod to each ateamor, i who r*oavea aad tickata the baggage, and aooomi aatuee the eame to iu desnnatiou, i a steamer rani in connection with thia Line be i tween Fall River and Providenoe daily, exoept ? i tp>bvp? . ... Freight to Boston la forwarder through with i great disp&ton t.y aa Express Tram, wkloh leave* i Fall River everr mortiLt, Secdaya exo*pt*d,at i TJi o'olook for Boston and n*w BwiXord, arriving | at iu dercination ataboat 11 a. m For freight or passage, apply on to&rd. or at tb* i ofloe on Pie.- No. t North River Foi state reoma x:*r,?izzz.z i 10 gtac 71 w **t atreet. n. y. hihr. harlem and flbheii albany railroad leaving new york. for AuuMitimt Coiun.encia* Mondaf, May X7thTML For Abany?u?t a. m. fast erprees train from i "?o?cw Plain*?4? p. m. skappiag at Whlts i Plains aaS alaiin? aarth to Dow.- plain* from i Mth atraat station. _ (This train Will ran to mi!l*rtoa every Satardap i *,For"5rotoa Fall*?*;lfta. ta. stopping at all atai tiona north of Pordhaaffrom Vh street rtatiot i For Whits plains iri, c-t? a: d fteon p. m. atop i ping at all etationa from JSth atreet etatioa. k i For What* PWae-*ift?. m. stopping ata.1 stai boa* from Wkit*etr**t *tation. ForWtlliama Bridge?'tjn, 11:15 a. auaad mb p. i m stopping at ail statioce from *7th street atatioa. Retaraing will leave? i lerton ev*ry Monday aaoming at ft a. u..) w hite p 1 a m. 4t?o kwf a. wi Iiams Bridge?fc?\p*0t. i . Bandar trains anil i?avc 4th Aveaa* ey?*r sm i rtieet, for Central Park, Yorkvile, i'arletii a*4 mpaa i Aad w ks r< traibs l*av*: i From Chamberea . n y. frow m ^ i kkpr***.7 aad 11 a. '"fd * * "" i Troy AlLaai pvith llj^/ia", 'Peadaya la eaepiag earl l*1 is p-ai elacm.) i rnngikanpeie tram . a > a. m., am* '.?*? I bmsw ?!>*? av " *** w rtavy8./ r. min?s I iT

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