Newspaper of Evening Star, January 8, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 8, 1862 Page 2
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THE FVFNiNK STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: " WKSIWDAT JANUARY % 1964. 11 y*TkcOf h Tbi 5tajl to printed on tb? fMt?t Una prea ta bm tooth of Bnltimor*, Its edition la so large as to require tt I* be put to prf*s at an early hoar: jrffirtumini, therefore, should be aent la before It o'clock otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. On Fbiuim a* th* various military cam pa and positions will eoafer a bvor by keeping ua ported aa to movements mad aflbtra la their vicinities. Spirit of tho Moraimg Press. The Inttlligtmttr reviews the lnataneea of Brit, iah srgresston upon A merles a commerce aad seizure of men on board our veaaela. The Ripublitm* argue* that by the extinction of slavery we would have made England onr frlead. Their Laat Move. We need hardly call public attention to the fact that the "Onward to Richmond" party In and out of Congress are retorting to every conceivable expedient to turn the current war Into simply a crusade against slavery, the end and aim of their revolutionary labors of th? last quarter of a century, which gave the oligarchy tktir Opportunity. Their ery of "Onward to Richmond," previous to the battle of Bulf Run, was designed for the moot part to render the country dissatisfied with (he measures and policy of General Scott, that looked to delaying important movements until the war resources of the United States could be so gathered and prepared as to annihilate the rebellion past per adventure, with a series of simultaneous overwhelming blows In all assailable quarters. They do not want the rebellion crushed and the Union restored under the Constitution as it stood when the war broke out They prefer a divided Union, to a restoration of the IT. S Government over the South with the continued existence of slavery there. Their grand aim is to reunite the South, free the negroes, and hold the territory If they can, wholly by force of arms. They raised the Inopportune cry of "Onward to Richmond" to drive Scott from his position at the head of the army, as the great obstacle to turning the war Into a naked crusade against .ttatirjf. They justified and defended the frauds and infsmoas corruption in the public service under Fremont, only because In the matter of abasing the Constitution and revolutionizing the Governm?nt W* W.J. #?(. U. * V. _1 . ..1 III a a mm, mk wtur iuir tu ?e wen willing msirumem j They bnve induced his call to this city to operate through the immunity of an Irresponsible congressional committee, tbat be may thus scatter broadcast through official channels, every false accusation against the Government and its military policy he ot either of bis well-known California cabal or any of bis host of red republican ebolltton co-workers may please to originate The "Tiles and articles of war in this and every ether land strictly forbid him from being a party tc any such conspiracy against the Government and the Inion So, the shield of the irresponsibility of a congressional committee s action is of course sought for him It is net designed really to InvMtltrat* into the conduct of th? war in Mia ouri; for none otfters bat those deeply involved "with Fremont have been summoned here to testify concerning It The evidence of those who notoriously are able to prove his utter unfitness for military command, and the fact ttut his surrounding* nsed him moot shamefully for the robbery of the United States Treasury, is not sought. He is brongbt here simply to frame a plausible indictment against the Government, to be nwd to the end of forcing it to bow to their purpose of creating a red republican revolution throughout the loyal States. Gen McClellan. too, stands firmly In their path, and tbey are beginning to hound him with ''Onward to Richmond" cries, that they mar, If possible . depose him from his position at the head of the Army. Already they are, In private eonversam-A In .4. J -* * ' *' .iv. *u <uv?i uc?? papci*, ucuiauuing a is ailplacement, and the elevation of J1 m Lane, or some other rack soldier or statesman; Fremont being evidently played out a* a military commander. In the House of Representatives they have seised upon Gen MeClellan'a reply to their resolution, aa an ex<*u*e for raising a cry for his removal. That resolution wa* evidently conceived ?oly to the end of producing dissensions In the army and distrust of the army on the pert of the country. His reply to It wax, virtually, that, In his judgment, the military exigencies of the Government made It his duty to decline lending himself to the work of defeating his own measure* for the suppression of the oligarchic rebellion, by at this time getting up (in the service) criminations and recriminations concerning the responsibility for a past disaster l oleaa the majority of the House are utterly witless men, they knew well, as everybody else know*, that Gen. McClellan long aince thoroughly Investigated the Ball's Bluff affair, and that having thusInvestigated It, heslao long since declared his dseleoslon to stir tbe matter by further official publications concerning It, as being likely to develop keys to his military plans, that must be be kept secret to Insure their success; snd also as tending to generate dissensions among the officers and men of bis army, that moat be kept barmo. nlous If any hope of quelling tbe rebellion be longer Indulged. All the world (but tha Hou?e of Representatives) knew these facts?all the world. Now, la tt not plain that the resolution in question via gotten op for the diatlnct parpoae of setting the army and country by the ears, that General McClellan might be driven from the wrtlcf?that a vent hole might thua be made (out of hla expected &n*w?r) through which red republican abolitionism may beat the air with tunning clamor for hla removal, auch as the New York Evening Pott already blurts forth, and aa the Tnimn* will blurt forth, In a few daya, at furthest? rirwno* at th* w?i?? li ~?? ?" . ? ? ? rn?? M m KUVBBA Lie WC* ond evening reception of President Lincoln was a' tended by an tmmense throng last night, crowding the East Room beyond comfort, and blocking up the halls and vestibule completely, many o*ing unable to effect an entrance into the reception room President Lincoln appeared in his usual health, though a little careworn, as well be ?igW I Tbe Cabinet, Foreign Legations, Senate, House of Representatives, and Army were well repre?led, especially the Utter, sheulder straps predominating In every apartment. Among the dlstlngulshed officers present was General Shields, recently arrived from California. Not a little stir was occasioned by the rumor that Gen. Scott had Iina IB ?ow? (M woo Id be In attendance, maay lingering until a late boar expecting his appearance. ID" We lenrn from the New Yerk paper* that Lewis Key lord Clark, who, with the November number, withdrew from all connection with the Kmitk?rh*ktr Mage star, of which he was sole editor for more than twenty-Are years, will asname, on the 1st of Harch next, the editorship of Clark't Kmttktrbtktr AfegosuM, to be published ?m new type, with the old pege end vignette, and lilac cover restored, at the reduced price of f2 per year. This will be welcome news to the public,and wo are glad to learn that oil the old eoatrtbotoea will rally to the ooajstanc* of their fsverlte editor. Clmrk't " ? mw, use me ?14 monthly wh? It vm under hi* editorial eeegemwK, will be kept utterly free from politic* Pia?n?*L? ?{Secretary Wellet, Hon. Horace OrmUf, u4 itml other preraloeat peraraage* MM the Government printing establishment, m Moadey WllJiam H ftamell, Esq., apeclal eerreependeal ai (to L win Time, to bow at the New f?k Hotel, nflMag from u attach of typhoid The fii il? ^ p^l W?l?n r.>I- ? mmmd of tt? l?h MnrV?afc will be pained to lM/a ;hat be bw been &tngar<Mi?ly 111 TeMfMliM of ti^laag*, at hU ro^nw, N^J4M 1 <nri|bt, tke reload* ot Goe tLlald* will .com. M? by i avaaado,at t)M Rondoa Ho*? __ - . OFR W1MTA RT BTPflET. KMSEAL VSmiDS,a BXPIDITION. Our Impression U, that General Burnalde Mils to-day from Annapolia, with the greater portion of hia expedition, nowaaaembled there; and that Lieut. Col. Hudson yesterday bore to him, from headquarters here, the sealed order* nnder which he la to act. In addition to the force assembled and for month* put drilled at Annapolis, It la plain to ua that he will be joined by others, making the entire expedition, it may be, fifty thousand strong. TBI POBBl?N BMIMBKTS. The good condition In camp rf the foreign regiments in the army of the Potomac haa been anbject of frequent remark. Among theae, the Garibaldi Guard, recruited in the city of New York, and compoaed of the representatives of a dozen distinct nationalities, la one of the moat nouceaoie me neaiin 01 icemen i? remarKame. Up to the present date no hospital has been needed, and there has been less sickness In the regiment than In any other In the service. The men are hale, hearty, and In buoyant spirits, only eager to meet the enemr at the earliest possibly moment. The camp of the Garibaldi Guard abounds in the evidences of the experience and thoughtfulnesa of Colonel D'Utassy and his fellowoarers. Trained In the military habits of Europe, and enthusiastic In their devotion to the regiment, they are unceasing in their provision for the rnmfnit and rnn?rali>ni<? nf thai men Hir Han ? ?V ? v. -T ?-J and by night the mercurial Colonel la abaorbed In camp dutiea The provisions supplied the men, the arrangement of the tents, the enforcement of the neceaaary rulea and regulation*, ape all his conatant and personal care There may be something of parade which la not fimillar to the American officer, In the Garibaldi camp, but it ia not to be found fault with when o&'aet by ao much of genuine and intelligent devotion to the soldiera' welfare aa la ahown by the gallant officers We are pleased that auch a regiment, wholly made up of adopted cltizena, many of them scarcely able to apeak our tongue, la In the service. We need hardly pronounce It, and Blenker's entire diviaion, an ornament to the service. When the advance la made, acceah will find our foreign-born regimenta lnapired with true loyalty and dauntleaa courage, among the most formidable combatants In the Union ranks. KERRIGAN COURT MARTIAL. The CMC of the prosecution having ended, the evidence of the defence commenced yesterday. VVm. H. Clampit, a resident of Washington, but w'uoee family resided on Mason's Hill, was the tirst witness called for the defence. He and his son were allowed by Col. Kerrigan to pass through the lines, upon the urgent representation that htsdaughter was very 111, and perhaps might not 11vp Mr. Clampit, who appreciated Col K errlganV kindness, Invited him to dinner the next day. which was Sunday Col. Kerrigan took both their passes from them, but promised to return them, upon application to nennquarifra on Monday On Sunday, bowevsr, the rebels took possession of Mason's Hill, and Mr Clamplt was obliged to make a precipitate escape Hisson, John W. Clamplt, a clerk In the Interior Department, corroborated the testimony. Capt Shaw was introduced to identify Mr. Clamplt, as to whether he waa the same person who bad passed through the lines without a pan. He was unable to do to, although the witness positively identified Shaw as ?he man who had stopped them AN ISLAND NAVAL KECOS.'iO'.JSASCl Commodore Foote telegraphs the Navy Department, that yesterday he made a reconnolssance from Cairo, in the gun b^t Essei, Capt. Porter, accompanied ov ' or gun boats Taylor and Lexington, Captains Walker and Shirk, and Colonel Webster, of the Engineer Corps They proceeded down the Mississippi to within range of the se* ce?h batteries at Columbus. While reconnoiter ing the latter, one of the submarine batteries or obstacles planted in the channel by the rebels, was discovered, which did no hsrm. From the fact that Commodore Foote says nothing about an engagement, great or small, we infer that powder is very scarce at Columbus, otherwise the batter, ie* there would have been likely to have opened on his gun-boats. navy yard. The King Philip came up from the flotilla j yesterday afternoon, but brings no news of In* | terent Affair* are unchanged In tha lower Potomac. The Ice on the flat* opposite the Navy Yard la four or tlve Inches thick, but the King Philip, with her armor, keepa the channel open. She la thia morning taking on board a superb rifled gun?an 80 pounder, lately finished and tested here?for the Penaacola. A number of heavy gun castings are da'ly received per railroad, and the work of boring and rifling them goes on rapidly. As fast aa finished, they are properly tested aa to strength and accu. racy. A *kw dodce A few officer*, who plead tLat they knew no better, of course. Lave been telling the fuel they drew as supplies to which they are entitled ! The (Quartermaster's Department are after them " with sharp sticks/' of course col. raftla* removed. Col. Harlan of the Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry, has been removed from the service. Monet Matter* is New Yoke.? From yesterday evening's New York papers we make up the following concerning monetary affairs : United States securities are dull, but towards the close we notice some Improvement. For the coupon lives of 1871 78 Is bid These were offered yesterday at 77 without finding buyers For the registered sixes of 1861 87 Is bid, which is also vt ? * Gold is irregular, but higher, and may bequoted at 3?3X premium, while even higher ratts are named The tales are in small sums generally to broker*, and a leading uncurrent money h^use has not paid over *2)* during the day, and obtained a considerable sum, which wan at once resnldat3 Leading dealings are not free buyers, the rise being wholly inexplicable. Wall street is expectant and feverish pending the action of Congress on the new financial policy of the government F^r* are entertained that the Tax bill will not be as stringent a* the emergency calls for, henee the rapid rise in price of gold and foreign exchange. There is nothing new stirring at the Sub-Treasury. General business proceeds harmoniously, the demand notes being in much better favor. m i - * - i new noif? are wanted r>y tbe banks to meet tbe lnatallmenta on tbe new loan. NOTICE ?A niMtmi of the Fenian BrothUJs erhood will b? held at Patrick Nichola' Hotel.on nextJ?UNDAY EVENIN6.?t7o'olook. Ail former aiembera who are anxious lor tha oauae areeari:eatly invited to attend. By order of the Preaident. _ia7 2t? THOS J PHILLIPS. Beo. rr^?THE FAIR OF THE LADIES OF 8T. li. 7 Aloyaua Cbaroh. whioh waa ao Kindly patronized daring thia week, will, bi rraneat, be continued next week till IHURSbAY EVENING, January 9th, when it will he ooneladed with the ?rand Epiphany Fea'ival. Please notioo that the Grand Epiphany Keatival is postponed to Tnuraeay evening Muaio, entertainmenta and ?!*? frm* - ?1 1 * r. ..w? ?tvi/ -j?vuiuft vcnooi rooms Of ?t. Aojbiu* Chnroh, oorner if North Capitol and 1 u. Benefit of Fair and Festival for the par 'chiai ohools. ja?M* J^-NOTICK TO TAX PAYERS. CoLLif Toa * Orrici. I Wafkiation. Dtttmbnti 1,1861s Notioe u hereby given to an persons m arrears for taxee, whether gaa. special, or annual tax. that an lee* the aama ta paid at thia oftoe before the lat day of February next the property on vhioh the tax la dae vill then be adveitiaed and sold, aa the lav direct*. Those who wish to avoi4 the heavy expense of advertising will plaaae pa* within the time aeeeifeed. William dixonT de M-eotFebl Col ieotor. \IW MAVOES OFPICK, LL"i W**hihstoji, Janaarr 4, IMS. Peraona deeiroeaof beiuc vaooioated free of expense wi'l be attended to bv ceiling upon either of the f.'liowtrg named \V%rd JVMMIi r n?i n era - uuatim MrCormiok. M. I) , Nine toeethetreot, benrotn 1 street and Penn?yWn,i& one t<*oondW*rd?J. ?V. H. Lonjor. M. D., eorner K.D. No. ?M Fut^Wsri- Geo MeCoy, M. D , Penney 1 vanio venue, horveoo Meoood oad Third etreote eut. Hlxth Word?Jno. M. Robert*, M. D..G etreot, between Seventh owl Eighth street* Seventh W?ri?1. 0. Croctin, M. 0., Seventh A"i' j (Tharau, Rev. l-r. G>r?y'*,)oomin*ncin< 14 0 eiojIi 9 m., to bo oonttaned ono hoor only. A CONGRESSIONAL. XXXTilth CONeKEI?-?cfn4 BfuUa. 8kiat*.?Yesterday afternoon? The bill to Increaae tbe number of cadeta at the Weal Point Military Academy.was diacuaaed and rejected?rm IS, nay* 25. Aiier uie con m aeration 01 me oiu w> pnrni and punish frauds upon tbe Treaaury, the Swat* adjourned. Houax.?When our report closed yesterday? The Houae, In Committee of the whole on tbe Civil Appropriation bill, discussed and left It with other unfinished buaineaa. [The bill pro. poaea a total appropriation of S 1.891.#44 44, divided aa follow*: Coait survey, #501 000; Lighthouse establishment, #7&5,106 S3; for the coaannf California, Oregon and Washington, #233.183 10; Government Hospital for the Insane, 947,500; Patent Ofllce, #70,000; Exploring Expedition, #4,000: Botanic Garden, #8 000 30; Survey of the public lands, #12,000; Generalities, #121,353 ] Tbe subject of ih? Mason and Slidell surrender was again taken up Mr Dixon, of N.Y.,thought if the Brltlahgoveminent deslrtd a war with the United 8tateaahe could find pretext enough. Yeara hence nobody will feel the humiliation that may attach Itaelf to thin nnMtlnn Vp*r* inii w? m? Km wucMkOB to cite this very caae aa a precedent. And in inch an event, we can appeal to the present example we have made. Mr Kelly, of Pa , aald be In common voted with the whole House the other day, In voting a vote of thanks to Capt. Wilkes. He knew since then that the four prisoners that were captured had been surrendered, yet he did not regret that vote, for It was well given. Capt. Wilkes was aa officer of our Navy; a Navy, alas, too often dishonored by its officers. Capt. Wllkeasaw what he conceived to be dutv, without taking into consideration what personal circumstances It might Involve, bnt he conceived it to be his duty to arrest theae rebels, and be performed it. The Secretary of the Navy had approved of the act, but admonUbed the actor. This must be considered as a precedent in the future for a surrender of a vessel under like circumstances The genueman rrom Ublo seemed to be eager for a war with England. He would *ay to tnat gentleman that war was the most direful calamity that could befall a nation. It was the most expensive game that kings could play at; that in which if subjects were wise they would seldom allow them to engage* He contended that we are maintaining at a great expense an army of some six rr seven hundred thousand men who were acting only as a police force to prevent the escape of the negroes from the rebel service, whom they were employing on works of entrenchment as well as to bear arms. The men of our army were engaged In the hard work digging trenches Ulhan ..V?, 1 I t ?in? au< I WW mm?mm *u? icuci pi Uptl % f WCIO WilliUK IU UU UI1B work If they could only receive something for It. Before we reach a victory we will reach a bankruptcy, for we are to day flooding the country with irredeemable circulation Mr R Conkling, from the Committee on the Dl*trict of Columbia, reported tbe following resolution, which wa* adopted: Resolved, That tbe Secretary of War be directed to detail some officer to confer with the Mayor of this city in order to effect the removal of the dead horses which -re lying unburled within and vvncoui tbe corporation limits. Adjourned - I II I ?? /ifta coal-coal-coal: *UU TONS of very superior Cumberland Coal for sale a? in derate prions. Inquire a< BOl'ClihK'S Wood YanJ. Offioe at the 2<! brides on th* Canal west of the Market Mouse, Oeorteto*n. 1a ? 3t* 1 b\rrel8kxtra flour, IOU hox*s CHfcjiteK, 1?" firkins New York Mate Bl'TTKR. 26 barrels and ftrkins BOOL Bl'TTKR. I an do DPlKu AFPLliS, | 50 boxei RAISINS. J ust received ana for sale hr O. \V. AN6ELL, j*9 2w* No. 55 Louisiana avenue. Oysters! Oysters! THE OVERLAND OYSTER EXPRESS COMPANY Still oontinue to receive dai y those famous piloted PATUXENT RIVER OYSTERS. ^ Restaurants and private /.J would do well to oatl aid try them. Those oysters are sold 36 hours after they come from the wat*r. III/-* Oflioe No, 4S Market Space, below the j Avenue House. jal 3m OUQ JOHNSON A NAOLE, OQQ iOJF iMPomTitEe OF WINKS. LIQUOKS.HiVAyj CIOAM8, FINS O ROC MR 1 MS, *?., No. 8*9 Pa. avenue, between 9th .nrt inth . Washington, D. C. No. 10 Royal ft, near King, Alexandria, Va. Sole ArenU for th? SPARKLING HOCK and MOSKLLK WINKS of the Uookhein Joint Stook Co.. in Hookheim on the Rhine. Constantly on hand their celebrated Sjtarihng Hoel and Moselle Cabinet Wine*. 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Also, Sweet Cider, Apples, Onious, Nuts, Dates, Raisins, Figs, Ourrants, all kmda of Candy, and tiweet meats For sale by MARSHALL & PAGE, CommisaioQ Merchants, .50-J Seventh "t.. ia 8 3t at very reduoed prices. U S 1 C SIMPLIFIED! J\T J?jT_- I . l f a* ? w-a . .iTrw meifioa oj musieui Education. Mr ALEXAtlUEK WOI.OWSKI, PIANIST AND COMPOSKB, Honorary member of the principal Prilharn.onic Societies of fcurope, eto , has arrived from New York, and opens & oon*?e of ten >na by hi* extraordinary method, which hispr duoed the greatest en ation n In rope and lately in Amerioa.for Hinging and Piano Forte. Br Mr Wilowaki'a methi d a person having on'y a ?li|ht knowledge of mus'.o will he enabled in a very short time to read music with great facility, and at the asm* time exeonte Operatio as wel as Classioa' Muaio wi'h a rare per eotion and m^e them aMe t > aooompany themselves from *rWj key by ft new march of harmon>. As to the Vooai part, by hia w-ty of vooalisa ioa, hearr ves at m>st extraor dinary reaulta, rendera the voioe powerful, d the ainger ia enabled to ?ooa!jse the moat diffionit paseaces with great fvsility, aocoraoy. at.d fine quality ' f tore. Mr. W wi'l begin his o urse of leasona immediately in Wa'hintte->, and all pera >ns who desire to beoome fine singera or exoellei t ferformera can apply at his retidence, No. 4*9 Eleventh atreet. between K and F fmn. to to 12 a. m., dai t. Children above 12 jeva of ace are aooepted. Leoturea at aeminariea attended to on liberal terma. ja 8 lw Oculist and Aurist. ?R r. A. VON MOStHZISKER, From Clinton Place, New York, haa arrived in tte city and opened hia oflioea at No. 8 MISSOURI AVENUE, where he o?n be oooaulted on Maiadiea of the EYE AND EAR requiring medical and aarBioai treatment. Dr. Von MoocHzt'Kim la the inventor aad introducer into the medical praotioe of the EPHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate ease* of DEAFNESS AMD NOISES IN THE HEAD Ho ia also author of the letter# published in the New York and Philadelphia papers treating 011 the prevention of DEAFNESS FKOM THE FIRING OFCAN. NON, *e. Dr. Von M has tor the past fourteen years devoted

his tpeoial attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And p-?sseaees the testimonials of some ot the beet known puMir men in the Union who h?ve been mist tuooesfully treated by hii> for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT # HEARING. n>u"ui? m> mMri m>r m lugna ine ic'iowinc nam** . Hon*. G Pngh and J ohn MoLeaa; Rev 6- G. Mullen, Major C. L. Kilbnrn, U. ?. Arm? i Right Rev. B.ahop rilano ; George Gordon, E?*.? Clarendon Hotel. New York ; Robert Ba-.e, Em President of the Goodhas P. I. Connaoy, Now Yo<k ; Robert Glover, En , Direstor rf the National Bank Not* Company, New York ; G. B Lamar. En., President Bank of the Reenblie', New York ; aad man? others, amongst whiek are msdioal men of well known retatatioa. Theee letters may be examined at his oftoe, % No Missovni A varan. Patients wishing their fkmily pbysieian to aeaomMn? them t> witness operations or for the psryose of ooaanltatioa are at liberty to bring tt em. tnm ? - - - -? - mraioai ana will ba at all tima? walaoawd to wits as* Dr. Von M'? oparationa, aa4 torn* ft lit iaatram?at? ha tea iatrodaaad for Ua teailitation of OyUaisia aad A*raJ Bmrgary. Art) fiatal Kyt laaart?4 witbaat otaatnc My pain i to tba pati#atOftoa hours from 91. m. to I p. m. aad from 3 to j 6p.m. |a la i 0 0 TELEQBAPHIO. Freaa Mlmwl. St Lorn, Jan. 7 ?In eonaeqaence of disproportionate BMeeementa having been made on the aeceaatontata of thla city, under Order No M,Ofn. Halleck hat appointed a new boerd of awe?on to revue me oia utt ana Mn den cbanges M tbey mayfdeem proper All other proceedings will b? In accordance with the original order, and the board are eqjolned to mm no Individual unjustly, aa there will be ao farther appeal from their decision * There ia no doubt that Won. A. Hall la elected to Congreae from the third and Thomaa S Price from the fifth district. Skdalu, Mo., Jan. 7.?An expreaa meaeenger from Col. Nugent'a regiment, atatloned at Went Point, in Batea county, arrived here yeaterday evening, on hia way to 8t. Loaia, with Important deepatchea to Governor Gamble. He left Batea county on Friday, and reports that Col. Jenalaon had burned the village of Anaiia, in Caaa county, inatead of Roee Hill. Jennlaon, after leaving Austin, went in a northeasterly direction. The Union men In Johnaon county were ao much exasperated at the outragea that have been committed by the aeeeeaionlsta, that nothing but the oreaence of the Federal troona will aave th* towns of Lexington and Warrensburg from being burned. The movements of Colonel Jennlson are kept secret, bat enoogh la known to warrant tbe opinion that certain notorious rebels In Johnaon county, and their dopea, will be bagged. A Government train of about twenty wagons and seventy-five men is reported to have been captured about five miles northeast of Georgetown, by a party of rebels. The Intelligence was conveyed to Col. Thsyer of the First Nebraska Regiment, at Georgetown, who promptly despatched a party in pursuit. From Cairo. Cairo, Jin. 7?Flag Officer Foote, with the gunboat* Eaacx, Lexington and Tyler, made a reconnoiaaance down the Mlaalaalppl thla morning . He went within two hundred yards of the range of the rebel batterlea. On hla return he waa fired at bv the rebel guaboat Mohawk, to which he replied, but the ahota all fell abort. The flag officer la highly aatiafied with the reconnolaaance, and haa examined all polnta on the river aa near aa two mi lea to Columbus. A diapatch from Cape Girardeau to-day aaya that a detachment of the Seventh Illinois Cavalry, while acoutlng, had captured Major Wllliaraa, of Jeff Thompaon'a band. The Surveyor of the port of Metropolla haa seized a large qunntlty <f gold lace, morphine and other coatly drugs intended for the rebels The goods were from Cincinnati. F. S. COZZENS, WINE MERCHANT, BRANCH OF *3 WARREN STREET, NEW YORK. WIT.Tj REMOVE HCM TUK rnVUTTTl'TInV oi l r miun ~ ?KHUWIIW, OK FRIDAY, JANUARY 10th, TO $94 E Street, ) two doors , raoM Prnn*yUaiiia Arena*, j WILLARD'ft. Jan 7 3t T*0 SUTLERS 1 AND RESTAURANTS, 101 baaketa very anparior CHAMPAGNE WINE for sale oheap by WM. CORWIN BURGY. No. 347 Pennsylvania avenue, _ja7 entrance on Sixth at DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. The oopartnerihia heretofore exiatinc b*tiraen the nnderticned under the firm of Lvtz 4 Bull, la this day diiaolved by mutual oonaaot. F. A. Lu'a i? alone autnorizedto use the name of the firm in liqidatlon of the boaineee of aaid firm. F. A. LUTZ. Ja 7 St* HORATIO BBALL. UCOU6H-CnUOH-COU8H! SE.MOORJi'S fKUIl-L DROPS.anatreea Die, eare and effeotaai oare for Couch*. Bronchi ti?, Croup, Ac. Only trr a 25 eent box Sold at MOORK't* w?t Knd Dim Store. ja?-2w 113 Penn. avenoe, ?ouih tide. CLOAKS! CLOAKS! CLOAKS! Vv bHAWL?S?SHAWLS ! FANCY SILKS, SILK ROBES, HOSIERY. GLOVES, GAUNTLETS, MOUSLINS. REPS, MERINOS, hLAlDS, With a oomplete S(nok of DOM EiTfC GOODS! For sals low by TAYI.OR A HUTCHISON. ja3 8tao No 4a Center Market Hpaoe. RENAL DIN BOLLINGER * CO 'I CHAMPAGNE]. LEFMAN, KIEFER * THOMASS, SOLE AGENTS for the UNITED STATES AND CANADA* 139 Duanb Stint, J* 4-1 m N?? Vort CHARLES S. FOWLER fc CO., IMPORTERS, WHOLUtLl AND KBTAIL DIAL1R* 15 CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE, FINE CUTLERY. PLATED WARE, ROLL METAL GOODS, BLOCK TIN GOODS. TINCHAMBER SETS JAPANNED WAITERS, ETHERIAL AND SOLAKLAMPS, COAL OIL LAMPS, LANTERNS, *- - - 9'- *? 504, Odd F*llow?' Hall. Skvbnth bt., ja4-ltn,if Washington City. READING ALE AND LASER BIER DEPOT, of tbeoelebratod brewery of Mr. Felix, to bo had in l?j;a and email quantities. Also, Pioklsa, Catsup. Pickled Oniona. Pepper 9auo*, Vinecar, and tk>?r Krout, b? the barrel ca'lon.or in jars,at CHARLES MADE8* Reatanrant. d?2?-lni* corner Pa. axenneand TMrd at. WHKIEA8 MY W1F?, ALICE JORDAN, haa civen oauae for a separation I hereby oan'lon all persons from harboring or trnstanc bar on my aooonnt, as 1 will wit no daiita of bar am mark. Ja6-Si* <>? at, MmI, batweea M and N. 1r>OR SALS?A two horea WA0ON, with Harneu; one CART tod 6 EAR, for wood jpv_ s^ssi'g??riit' AarwisSas MARKS. 1 and yaara old. Mcuttomad t? work JKftSnE? iSSr'Str SliS.SSSHf. ner K and 15th ata. ja^St* PAIRBAN?8^8btandajii) B<jALg8> For aaJa by T P. BAITHOLOWf, Sol* Ac est. Hardware and Agricultural Warenoua?, fifBBorenth atraat, botwaoo Pann. ar and Oiakl.sMo. ?lf iwmt ?wx) of n*af r Market d> lf-V \f 1LITAEV OVERCOATS! 1>1 MILITARY OVERCOATS!! Koaiy-a'deor madetoovdor. The aaott extenai?e inu'f oonataatlr on hand. ranging from ? to #76. O verooate, Dreee and Fatigue Co?te, Putt ut Vmu made to order, oa a sort notioe, at oar anal lo** "*Wn WALJM * 00.. dantwlf (letel.) 36Sra av?nu?. nOLl> AND UNCURRENT MONEY PUEchased. Specie aad U. S. Currency Aoeoaata ? '"?"iE^oSe_E./tV;T*co jaUai nor Browa'e EtrtaL m&mmm gff,All PKNM Miitili^UaaMiHd,?to MINN OwSkOMj^SlM. I-1 i .. ^""fr-- .<> * * ?? * AMUSEMENTS. I THKATER-M Bight of U? ro w?i|KM?t of Mr. J K Ovhi Mirt Pvu DmauCioirit. W?dBMd*T, Junur tu. iriii bB ??rt< ra?4 U>? C .?TBd7 of the 11EIE ATUW-Dr. PumIom. J.'^uvs^ir^r.krrslsr?t? PBteraotUr, Mr. J. E. Owai. H* Q ANTERBUR ~Y~~ H ALL! FIRST PRESENTATION or tn 6REAT RAVKL PANTOMIME. LBS AMORS D US ALP E S WARD m his ctUT Co?db Volaitti ! Afternoon P?r format o? Wednesday Aftarcooa at So'oloak, for Ltdiaa and Cruldr??, wit* <iutiUMofPrM?nU A scf?rb SSI Silk Dr**a. C * All of ite Immt&M Coiayanj at itkt ?ter&inm-nt. )> 7 :ti(ohanii^ ?s ODD FELLOWS' HALL. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. WEDNESDAY EVENING. Janury ?th. js 7-2t iff THE ABHIN6TON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Pbnn. Avikpi, (South Sina.) No. 8*9, Between 9tk and \Mk stt. Every evening a remarkably fu.e Free Conoirt, embracing aeleotiona from the beet ela*eie moeio, and the moat popuar operat?rendered in berar style than at any oth r American oonoert aalooa. The gaeeta?and the pubho are freely lnrifd, withou*- chart* f >r entrance.?may relr upon ha* ing every comfort th j deeire. In addition to the finest musio it Waahmgton, thay will obtain, on oall, from the attentive atteadanta, decidedly the beat Refreahmruta for sale tn the Federal Metropolis. HENRY ROSENTHAL, ja6-lm PioyrlWDi. Look chit for the . THIRTEENTH URAXD ASSEMBLY Oftha M HIBKRNIA CLUB. M r? m n?ia at mm Franklin Hull. tom*r9tk mnd Uttt., UM On MON DAY. Jannarr 3Tth. Tioret* tn oenti, adm ttini ft ifrt rm&c tnd ladie?. )?ir J^INO'8 AMPHITHEATER. T. Kin* ... Bo!? Lessee and Manager C. Boott Aesooiate Ml water F. Whittaker -- ..Equestrian Manager J. Prosper! *ufioa Direotor The maracement respeotfully announoes a brier engagement with DAN RICE. The Celebrated AMERICAN HUMORIST. who will introduce the BUND STEED EXCELSIOR. JR., Thi Da Hoksx Piuii Rom tor, Aid ' THEM" MULES! Tbe whole Amphitheatnc?I Troupe will aeaiat in the entertainment* to be ciT?n by DAN RICE, Whoa) ece?g?ir,?nt will oommenoe on MONDAY, January 6,1862, And oontinoe Every Evijiino Dcamo tsi Wm. Abmissioh. Rtesrved Seeta TSomU. Dreaa Circle to oenta. Children nnder 10yearaold__ JSoenU. n.l.^ U?ncry .ZD wuV*. Colored Gallery. ? 2Soent?. Colored Boxea. ? 50 oenU. Door* open at 7 o'elook, perforin an oee will oommeiioe at a ^narter before 8. On WEDNESDAY, DAYLIGHT DISPLAY! _2S? C'EORGE CHRISTY'S I _ OPERA HOUSE. Thtb Brim. Birvm K ajn> P. Open Every Nicht with GEORGE CHKISTVS M1>ST*EL8 From Broadway. ?Vete Ytrh, Compminc 16 of tne Picked Stabs or minstkxlit ' The enMre entertainment under the immediate di reotion or | OEOR6E CHRISTY. TK* ack*owUdg*d Pion*er Mmttrtlty ' This Evening, sod every evening antll further notioe. will he prod coed George Christy's great Kitnniuu entitled NEW YEAR'S CALLS. Peter Day George Chnsty Other characters by the oompary. The usual melange of Singirg., Bar leeqoe Opera. Ao , Ac., by the wnoie oompanj. Admission? Par*net. 60 oents ; Gallery, SS cants. J?J (FASHIONABLE DANCING ACADEMY AT F Temseranoe Hall.tin tlte main haJDE ftA street, between 9th aad loth. Claseee every JH Tuesday and Fiidsy Afternoon aad Eveamg.J^A Ail of the fashionable Daftoes taught. Pn-jpA vate olasses attended to. For circulars, Wim, Ao., iaeaire of WM H BARNES,atThoapeon's Gents' Furmshin* Store. S70 Pa. truu C~ T.RVi.NRS, de17ln>* Prof?Mor of Du?in(. R1TTENHOUSE, FAMT <t CO , 3.12 PE5!*?TLVA5IA AVBHCl, (*?ar Brown't Hetil,) laaue DRAFTS on alt part* of the United StMoi, inaumato emt Offioeraand Soloi?r?. Alao, Draft* on Loadon. Ireland, Soot land, Walea, and all parte of the Cent tent of Europe JaS la Rial to Hons*, Basement corner D and Ninth strtett. O'BRIEN Ac UENGEL, PaopRirroju Where do yon get the beat of OY8TKR8 IB At the RIALTO HOUSE, Comer of 1) and Ninth *ta. Whan ao rom get MKALS at all hoar*, tad REFRESHMENTS of every kind ? At the RiALTO HOUSE. Corner of D and Ninth at*. Where do yoa get the b?*t of LIQUORS and CltiARS at the ohe* peat prioe! Atthe RIAi.TO HOUSE, ja 4 6 > Comer of D arfl Ninth ?t? jt/l ETROPOL1TAN HOTEL, WASRINGT'N, 1*1 (LATX Beow.VI > The ?nder*ign?d bee* leave to inform hi* tneade and the traveling publio that he ha* leased for a term of year* the well-known Hole kepi for many year" by Mr Marahai i Brown, and to aaeere inea* that they wilfind m him a host determined to kaef in erery-partioular a &rat-eiaea Hobm. Ha reejeot?"?" ?* ? .. POTTO. }>5-1W Proprietor. V1IIOII FI EL DEPOT. COAL-COAL-COAL! We, the and era if ned, inform oar ea?tomere aad the oitiaena of Waahiaftoa jrenerai It that we are eellinc COAL. <H*d aod White Xah fcfs aad Wovewie,l d*hm*rtd, at the few lowing enoee. m: Set Ton <*AJO I be.) for ?7M roee Ton iSJCO I be.) for ?|l S A laa aele - Miw IVI MNV, UUUIVf IW? UI HICKORY, OAK, AND PINE WOOD. MoKNEW k. MAR IX)W. irr oio# lorMT Ttk IL ud Cm?T_ )* S ft YV B. STRONG. TRUNK8, HARNE8$TMILITARY GOODS, 344 PlRRITLTilU iT'lTI, S0utk suU, tonmm ink mmd IMk strmtt. fCT Trankt, H?hmm ud Military Kiurawti reMir?ci U akortMt nwtiM. ?i ?Ti? IKS* - Iiiiaiun iwn niwns Mia r llty -IOir, | f^EKAT SACRIFICES FOE 30 DAVE?Mr VT (took wii; be ?<Mi WltDon r*f?r4 t? oort, oob iatiD( of Co?u, Vmu ud Ploti of tk? Inwt u%htj. m?de it and trlwwl in Um Uami atyiM. ???'? o'srrj.iTSsi. N,OTTir..^!igt?fe,w?c?T.?^ ("CHOICE OLD EAVANA EDM. _ . . MINERVA VK^MOTTH WINK-M IMH WIM, Mtk CH^5pAG*NM?'CLARET8, CORDIAL*. Aft.. 4ft H BOfW WflWtMlM' V-f?wt?' wr^2wri AUCTION SALIC-. THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MKHLKQW. D. O ??" ? " gssaw maKs iuu& a??at! Mil. at oar Am*i^a &ot? oontr of Md D tt-rti,?t?o> < ?? v?,- ' 14 Mm Huflvo RobM oftM K??t aMltr hmtm. T*??^ofl?r|? Mi Mat ?* m ' M al *nT?'? ml*. & itrra DqUm. T Stirs'; Br walla Barnard, amdomm Cm. ttmtk tid* P*. mt mmd 9th St. 17XPftK?S WAOON9 AT AUCTION.?TkrM Ed Ur?* M4 MV?r?d Kxrtil n ifom. of v?rr iiMrior v?i kauuiy. mk m ar? oo*d br frf&ma A Co.'l Ei?r??i ComMar, viT k* io;d on HLRPOA Y MORNI.Nfc, faMM.a* w o'oiock, u frost of U>* kutwi Boom, TkrM Mta r?ry ? pari or Uvmi. Tar mm out. It WALL A BA?NA?D A.ct. By^WALL JkJIAILNAID^Mtoiwi ffiagy&toiB, 17 9m. ?nmu3IBf U l? o'olook, W* WW Mil, 01 tfcft firat floor < r?r A not o? t???, vitkoal nmtt*. ft lftrt* itMk of ttroMfiMMi Li??ors, Ae. puohft*? Qurtff oftakt Lo**r Vr-r*. ftftd OtftH Brftadioa, tftr1! DavoMftrt'B- Wuil'i. ni??'< T^1 Whiskeys.' ' Bar'ats M oaonrafc*la. C?k Jamaica SpmU, 9D oa?k Boarboa aad Old Ry* Whiskays. 9 Urol* N?w York Hrap, _ Boz*s Pike's Oystars acd Pnnrwd PimIm. IN p*trs HMH Moota, ft doMD Wool lac !*ock?. Sdcien heavy L'ndar Shirts, Boxn Harriets, ao.rao Gig?rt, diff rett breeds, 1 Iron Safe. With many other roods in thaGrooary liaa. of which wlil be sold wit?oa? laearva. 7 WALL k. BikNAtl). Aaets FUTURE DATS ~btwa^T^En^ ABMWlWjfttSS&'W: jjjy(53| ^ BarMrt,? orl|if)4i ifcir? Stock 11 th> N?* M'xiou Mimri Comwii ? ?. titUoc th# hcid?r to tvieo iL&t nmh?r-i2< ilarM 'koit M? iddjtlOMl (ttrntDU Thia oomp&ny holdi t irut from Conm?fnr W fSLraJ'*f >?r?5ffiF3Sj miiM Of 8MU Faboaadmg ! rvion kiad* " Taiuaoie niuer*.a. pnnelpa If (oid UM*flk?W mirer, the * Orti* * is now liaesd to ft responsible oompacy f ?r ?8?' aer ?tcn'h THOMAS H. LANE, Adainitrttar. _ WALL* BaRNARD, AaeU. Br GRKKN A WILLIAMS, Aaattoaeers. TRUSTER'S SALE OP VALUABLE REAL KiTiTioi Tiillm Yaid ?Ob THUBfT DAY, the 9th day of Jaaaary, IM at ? e'eloe* p a., by nrtse of a deed of mat to the aa bearing date on the 4th da* of DtMabar.i. D. 4 lHO. and recorded in Lib?r J. A. B , No. M, nkoa aa etc., one of the land records of WukiMtcs oonnty, I aha!! sel'.st piklio uoU<w, ii front of the premises, the folio* int property in tk? city of Waahingto", ns: All of lot of groiaad anMral eighteen,(It,) in M?are numbered one thossand and forty-three.ilJNt.) (exoept that part of eaid lot eon*e*ed to Robert M. Con be, (aa by refer*? oe to the deed will appear.) Thia property ia en the corner of Thirteenth street eaet and eonih ? street'tef tenare naabered nine ha ml red and twenty eight, "28 ? beginning for the eaid part of Hnare at the ''latanoe of 32 feet fro* the so eta west corner < f said a^s%re. and froating oi Kighth street east sixteen u6> feet, tnene* east forty (40) feet; ther>ee sooth sixteen' 16)feet, and thenee weet forts ltf)leat lothe olaoeol haciMiu. mm de#rnhad in a octal n deed from Hoberf M. Conbi ?do v;fe to Michael Snith.tovhichrrfrreooeiamade. Thi? lael itMboxd property fror.U on Kick to *tr??t tut, be:? mu ecath I and *o*th K treeta. tntAXhe bmUdmga and layroroninu thereon. Thi* prop'rtT ia veil looatsd. and offer* treat in dneemenu to mrrhaafrra. Term* One third oaah. the reetdne in 6 aal U aonth*. note* aeoar?t to the eMiafaetioa of the Traatee, and bearing interest from the day of aal*. A deed giTen and a deed of traet taken. AU oon eranoinc at the oo*t of the perehaeei. If the term* of aale are not on* plied with wlihia ire day* from the day of aale, the Traetee rpeerr** the right to reae'l the aaid property at the rielt aad ooet of the defhalbng pnrohaeer. on ( !&( one day*' rotioe in tome newspaper pabUahed ia the *a>d oity of Waahi&ftoo. GREEN A wh?LlAkV.UA^u _de X aUwAd* By J C. MoGCIRE A CO., Aeetioneer*. EXTENSIVE AND PEREMPTORY BALE Ju of FuKMiicas.?On FRIDAY MORNING. Janear* loth, at 10 o'e'oek.on the aret floor or Carafi'a Saloon. ooraer of Eleventh and D atreet-, VR atlAjl Ml Villwuit f fof mi it Mr ooooera. a targe MiortMBt of M* Parai tara, coieeruing? Mah"gan< Md Walnat Sofia ud TKi > THw, of unovi pattern*. dos'n Ca a a^atand back Rookiag Chaira, 6 ao Caue aeat and baok Ntrtt l?ek*n, M do sen Cane ?eat Cham, nrion striae, M dosen Oak Pranoh Dicing Coat's, 18 Mahogany and Wa Dot Creasing Bmwm. 15 do do do Book bhi. 16 pain tad D reset ng Bureaus, Ron ad. Leaf, and Chamber Tables, 100 Doable and Single Cottage Bfditeads, CtuT** Bsaded B*d?t?ads aad Cnba. 0 dosen Cane and Wood seat Cbaira, Barton lookers. OAs* Cbaira. Chi d ran'a Ctairs of ranous kinds. Sleds. Toy CatU. Portable Writing Daskt, Tovel Racks. Plash oorsred Moaio Moola, Handsome Cottage Chamber Beta, Toxether vitk mai? otWsrtidea at Vamtare "ALfeOKW H?*?t Ooubie Comfort*, o Sin?le Featkor b?Ja and Pillowa. Bh H?Tbe^ttmtioD of the trade la partiaelariT oalled to Uua ea.e, whioh will be oad? in lota to aait j?7-d J. C. MoGUlEE k. CO.. AaaU. R? WALL * BAR.VaKD, Aeettonoora. Corner S??(i iul< Pa. or. mmd AiaU itfMl. GVKBNMENT BALE OF HORSES AND Mclc* at Auction ? Will be eoid at aaeuoD ob TUESDAY, J an ear? 14,1*62. at the Corrv i, near the Obaanratorr, a lot of aoatwai Gorernirant Horaee and Ma lee. Aleo, twelve B.ooded Maree with foal, oonAmmmmmm EM nnftt fnr aaKliA >fm to co.r.mMo* VtTt o'elooL T?na? ?Mfa n ifMit. By ordar oT J J. DANA, C*?t?in AMirtftot UMrMrmMMr. j47 wall a baknard. a??h PERHAM'8 GRAND EXCUR8IOI * HEW YORK AID BOSTOJT. EXCURSION TIC LETS Tr?m Itltuntrt u BwtN, u4 r*tars, If #11.4? ? V..1 .^1 i? . **v ** * WB? a VMiaa *? ^ ^testesciJsusis: from New Y o'k o Boctoa by (M Momnftoo Lin*. M?*IM Sm* York by Uo mnmi CounmIU tad Prmoith Rook, mt 4 o'elook f. b.,oihi d?T. (8?nd*y? ex Mooted.) UP TO JANUAftY ?. 1MB, AND TO UTTU IT I AX I BOTTI ON Oft BEOftE MARCH lrr. lin^nivirss^s. tr&MKStS u zs sxrstk rrsr* r itmm. I1VDI1 RrBBKB fiOOM. OF ALL KINOe-POK THIS ARMY. A iv|? low i?a( rtMiitl. JOHN B PUDffJtY. IM r* wMibMkroMl?rllli?L XMflSSTOfflSB D?tr?t. (wtywW lKk. WV.Yteek rooia) irlll Bi^NKgwjuSieH=rS? ? > > JZjSSUU&Si* DUClfKIN f UNTLBT^ B S^i^Ev:,"KS~: > - W.UMS.? ? .>.-? cJBr, JSSIXoMaiM l*"~ "UtttSSjS&L. jk w&riBnS^rztt jjUMM rot 8AU. 3r^Sg^tSarSst

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