Newspaper of Evening Star, January 8, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 8, 1862 Page 4
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THE EVEMNG STAR. TO Jt nimt!" By this time maty of our citiienS bare beer m? tetter acquainted with the difficulties of war the# they were whew the ery of "Ob to Richmond !" was so louJly repeated. Many, however, have given bat little thought to the eabjeetofwar?? *?l?j*et wbieh has justly been aaiii Ia lk? M ana *?f tlia aar^t rArnr.n-ufwl thslt V nr vv Vi?v "? f?J V V |<?? ? man can study.:' They connt the months alrre tbe battle of Maaaasas. and sum up the camber of men that ''Bait be Hy tbi?? time gathered aroux.4 Vi^bingtun,'' and thej draw the conclusion th?t fhere are men enough,and that the mHi have now been well enoogh trained, and therefore they want something done. In short, they want Manassas stormed and taken, they believe that it ean be done any day, if the bray* met. now eager for. tbe at, arc led out to the undertaking Let aa look for a moment at the other side of the question. Tbe rebels have auany men on their *ide who lAve been crying out, " On to Washington V asd who now grumble terriVI. tk. .4 U - 1. _.t vij uwauro iuv twiv ai ujv 01 nu areas is aui j led forward to trneteh the"coreted prize. They think it only coe<l? ff?r them to move in order to take the city? Why do they not more? Those who ory, "On to Manama!" hare no idea that the rebels ean take Washington Why not? Becaoee it is too strongly fortified. Ti*ey know that it ia no child's play to face tuo?? fortifications with which General McClellan has girdled it. They cannot be leaped over as Remas leaped over the early walls of Rome, not even dv two hundred thousand men. and all those thousands bravo men too. But are the fortifications at Centrerille and at Mnnaasas less formidable than those about Wtiihinrton^ Thuce at Manasaaa havn c.ttr?. tutalj kNu longer in preparation. At any rait, who has examined th^iu and compared them with those at Washington with a practised military eje ? For aught we knew, they tnajr be quite ?s formidable as those which we behove t<> be a real safeguard to Washington, 1mpregn*h!e by any force that the rebels can brtoe afafn*t ?h?n It certainly is contrary to all elite dictates of laiiitary prudence to ondervaloe cilh- r the enemy or the obstacles he may place in our wsy. What fortifications ?re, and how vast the prap*rauoD0~i)oce*?*ry to attack those euoet-*rully, Sevastopol lias taught them who traced ino progrem ot tu?t intuiorabie siege step by step. The AU>im hud but faint idea of the vastress of tho w-wk buioro them when they sat down before the place. It was virtually an assault do temporary Geld fortifications, and they expected to make an er.d of tho Uik in a single d?y. Their iftsault by sea was n total failure, and we may let that pass out of sight. They opened fire on the 17th day of October, ISoi, uiintiege batteries of one hundred anu tv. euty-six guns, and that first bombardment of twenty days amounted to nothing. It was not until the 8th of September, 1955, that they made themselves masters of the place. And when, at the close of what was to have < been a brief day's work, they came to review + *u r 1 ii *.%. ? ? ? wu nyjL*, lUCJf 1UU1IU IDtl lUOy Qitll OCUIl compelled to bnngupon the field two thousand live hundred and eighty-seven goes of all calibers, two millions three hundred and eightyore thousand and forty-two >hot and shells, and eleven millions four hundred and eightyfour thousand eight bunlrel and four pounds of powder. They had also, before the siege closed, s^nt far ?ix hundred, of which only ? part armed ia season. All this was independent of millions of musket and rifle cartridges. To keep the^e vast batteries supplied witft ammunition was of itself a gigantic task, making railroad hlJ j'Min transportation of them from the ports indispensable. Our object in presenting this view of the case J- -? i * is siaipiy ; > suggast to tuo?e who are so eager for as advance to Muca&i is some problems which they possibly have not maturely considered. We m?y rest assured cf this, that Gen. M?Clellan has not ove rlooked them, llij experience in Mexico, followed by his careful study ot all the details of tho Crimean campaign, have not been without their practical uses to him in his present work. With a true soldier's eye he had scanned all the detail* of tha present war. ar cl he tells us that it cannot be a long, but it will probably be a desperate struggle. IfHFhe necessities cf the campaign demand it, no doubt be wiil on to Manassas. even if it be to renew there the fierce aud costly struggle of Sevastopol. But if the ends of the eampaign can be secured without it?and we tbink it will be proved that they can?then, for the sake of oi' brother?. ?ons and friends, we hope be will attack Manages at some point far distant fr~'n the longest range of its heavy bVeries. At least, lei it be left to him to decido when, and wL.e, and how to strike. We sh*?!l be r?>j ji ?<d as ; he most jubilant when the (ienerai-in-Chief feci* blrvielf er/irely ready to ory 44 forward," a^ sound the barge?Phila. Inquirer. I *.? ?! -rue Pennsylvania Central Railroad, inn (with itr coanecttoiu) IS A F?KST CLASS ROLTH TO ALL THE WESTERN CITiFS! SPEED. SAFETV AND COMFOkT! Si ONE BALLASTED AND FEES FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CEEOKLD THROUGH FROM BA? n.UOREl i'<vraSntillT TliU' FBOM PUILAOLLPHIA TO PITTsBlRGH Two o' tiieni makiuj CU>?1 'J>X*KCTIO!M AT HA.RRISEURG wiUi train* or. \riUTflrP V nL'ifnn * . ? * ? ?*** WM * vcttil AAL HAIL KUAUi and formic r 'rut. great central route FBOM WASHINGTON AMD BALTIMORE to all p< iuti in the West, Norte war asd Socth-wiit, C7Kor Tnrojgh at tue Officio of Uie Nortaern Ceutral Kaii Road Conipany, ta!ve.t station, iiiitimore. Sylfndni Sluping Carbon ail Ntp/?t Trains $ noting Saloon Cart on ail 1 rains. FROM WASHINGTON. (MHipri w.i iu? tae 5 a. m. o.u i p. m. trains, v rtvins in Ma! !l inure a; 7.50 a. gi. awl 6 4S p. m., srnef*e!o??ooa^cetiDtn areir*i? with tiaUsin the NoMhorr Central K K-.aod arrive iu Harris fn-g at t p. m. ai^d 1 15 a ub, kiieie conuecUoc ?!li! tfrc trains on tho Ptnt>?'!vanii Central Ka.i oad tor at: parts of tho west. FREIGHTS. By iL.s r?.at?, fr?utt? t?f a!' dsssrsp'ioni e*n be forwart'e* to and froia any pom* oa the Kailrcails cfOJii, K>i.taoaj, 'leiiana, Illinois. Wisconsin, io?a, or Missoen. by ktttroi4 direct ri:?fenaa> van a central bauroad a'soo naeots at Pittabujg wiili s*teaui*rs, ty which i>?ocs-<aa be r?rwardsd to ary port on the Oh.o, Muskutcuca, Ksetc ;Ei.'I>nneeeee, Cemo-riand, llliDO'e. Miss usippi, W: coiis.n, Misswuri, Kaunas, Arkansas, atKi Rr4 M ivera; a.d at CleT<?iand. ^andutky and Ci'ica?u with steamers to aM Northwestern i akes. Morchaiits aod sir ;per* eatru4t.BC toe iraniporta*.< n of tb>.tr Kreifhi to tins Company, can rely with c<.i.i'!?nce onm 'P^eoj t tui'. 1MK MATKt* %*9 PrtKlUH r to and from any IKi nt in th? ?*-? *????' ? " * ... Wj * OIJUIJ J * auia U'DUAl Rulroa/!, <*r? <u tUi txmtt as furtrablt at are ?tjitj try 01Jut ttailroad to m/>a*w .< irr y paf*io*l?r to mark p&o*?je? "via Pins. C?!?T*?L It R.** MaUHAW * ?00*S, Pr*ifbt^r?nu, > Tfo. M North ?trr?t, U* * m?re. KNOCji LE W ie?, t?*a't aapsnnt'i. Altoou, Pfc. i. L, Ht>LPf U?a'i Tiofcet Af t. Pa*?d?iDiua. v,bg.ut,"o:<-6w' i",wi" *"gair TCTTKr- BUTTBB2 l ? k?r> to?t?? 9o*nen batter. jn?t received lad lor Wr P. B. HAHTIN6S k, CO. <> M-tf D?t . f?*wc H>- >wn??. IVlQOlhtx MTE?T EXD DRC? STORE. 1?1 ' IIS Pa, Avajrra a iftrf* <jf pare .MMllmiN. to., %] ?* on l.aurf, Hair, 1 ooth and otr>'r Hrv?bat,'*-onir?*i Watei, Jlo. Coal Oil ud l^arnpa for mm <ia *w * i2 .watch m i*OU> siuVIKK L^LI^a, awiss tOVvfll pWWf Ha AM ro 1 ISuiV lnu6 sMvOn cau b* aCw -od at; ma4 rtrj <Saa*ri?tio? or fi-a JKA'tLK > in *4ou;ali now ?tyt? Hflilld m oca ujpaaa<aouira4* mrnd offarad at the Lot?i ri H?vf>lvBr*. iSwor^i. ?a?>if?. B?Ha, Bo?w oivaa. Pck ket Coni*aa?*?. * ? ??. A!*o itrotif Arw Trvnka and B**4 co?b?fcrir??'4 man? ?ca* i'-.f ?- ** "a/ruflaff* *5? *p??w??f^ I II /Drf.<foT ifidlaoiiiJ to": T5c:oT.i| 1 8. IV. PIKE'S ARMY1 CORDIAL. vO>.?OT JABT^ai <iU 0'>>A8' T . ABTVMJJUl In Ikia <Ia] li? (Alii KAUi>f? rro (a tViA IU r nuu(s Nil* V* ?l.t ?v >UV public, it is not our intention to herald it as a quack medicine, that will cure all diseases and affections that human nature is heir te, but that it la purely a combination oI most delicious fruits, distilled under our own personal supervision, having no deleterious or Injurious admixtures so common with many compounds forced nrvtn thp Pnhlflr In th? shun* nf Tnnirt A- n PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL will become one of the moat rueful and at the same time healthful beverage* that ha* ever been offered. We take mach pleasure in'thus presenting It, particularly to Soldiers, who are exposed to change of weather, climate and hardship, as the beat lnvlgcretor that can be found. ~ ; V ' '* SAM'L. N. PIKK * CO. m??o SOLE AGENT IN WASHINGTON. D C., -> r EJ9ULI2 DiPRCj 390 PBNNSTLVANIA AVENiJ fc. 9*' ' " '* r *?r;- 'tf| 'mum Cincinnati, October 29, lb61. . . . - i ^ JXA'X/ni fiti. ... .. i aereoy cenuy mai, in accordance wiid the law regulating the sate of Alcoholic Liquors In the State of Ohio, I have Inspected S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL, and find It free from pol onoua Impurities. 1 also believe It to posse?s high medfclnal properties, of a tonic and astringent character. In testimony whereof, witness my signature this 29th day of October, 1961. DAVID O'OONNELL, JU. D , Chemical Inspector vt Alcoholic Liquors for H&mUtnn aounlw -- ? ? J ' ; S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! No Hcu?ehould should be without It . . fr 8. N. PIKiJ'S ARMY CORDIAL! The most healthful and useful Tonic extait. . S. N. TIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Have the delicious Beverage at home. 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL: Is distilled from delicious Fruits and Berries.] . > S. N PICK'S ARMY CORDIAL! Sutleri In the Army iupplled on rtuonable terms. i S. N. PrKE'B A. I* If TT /->i/^TXT\-r - ? - AM Mr UUKU1AL ! Every Olflcer and Soldier in tbe Army should uje tiie Invigorating Cordial. S. N. PIKE'S 4 nAfV nnnnr * r AIl.U X V^UXVUIAii I Not only Ofiicert and Soldier*, but the most delicate Lady, will this Cordla a useful TONIC, n.. - *? r S. N. PIKE'3 ARMY CORDIAL! Ii not a quack medicine, but tb? healthful and pleasant Beverage la u*\ 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! . r , 4 Better tliin French Brandy, Whisky, or any strong l-iquor. N PIKE'S r J ARMY CORDIAL! If you wish to keep In good health and *plrlU, tfeft Cofdtel. MM i FOR BALE AT THE PRINCIPAL DRL'O GIBTS IN THIS CITV, OR BY 8. N. PIKE & CO., It Ul M fefCAMORI STREET. CINCINNATI, OHIO. "! y I >/ ?"?1/ lix/ IV: ^ ? , U*> ?? ' r -r -it. t. SOLS AGENT IN WASHINGTON, 0. C.. BMILB DVPRE, Pl^mVLVlIU AVEMti d*c n-im^od ' 1 f W*. COR WIN BLR6Y. JLiATE With the old mm! w?U known novae of WM. S CORWIN Sc. CO , Niw Vou, Dta'c in Koit* nra<\iiiiuWin*$ Cinrt, ft., and Importer Ttntnnd CktAwt Fmnt* Uotdt, , : No. 347 Pwsmvi5i? aviso*, ,"&SKWS?,?r-' it ? Th? attention of oom>0ii>**ara imkTthe ?ab!ic *bb e^al! j it i nvited to htt ft>rk of fin# BractHM, Winea Cigara. Tea?, *o . >njrriinr Henneeaef OUrd and SajaT BrAcdie*, Widow Mont k. ObaniJo*, M?mV, Hetiluok & Co , and Aaaociatea jVeizmej, ChatppH&Mi J>ermnrtiH?lAmonfcl??lo aua Vrnrtt p.wnee; \V3L<lefar> Epaerre and hoath Side Madeira*; tf'rnionr s.nd 5anror?l?r rort#; t'ao celebrate! "W*0M Clnb Homs ttin; Irish, Soovcli, Bourbon aud Mooancakwa Whiakio*; Jamaica atd ?t. Croix R urn*; Obara, Figaro. La Rota da s&c'iaga. I aKipaao'aaaHTifiooa fcranda of Ciraraard rerr fine Young Htaor, Hyiod, Imperial aud Knglisn Kwlrfkrt Teat m catty twi?i imported by myaeu crprn?Uy lor i?wia!y uae. , * U-lnt SMITH & BROTHER'S PALE O K K A M ALE, ottbpO r/in j M-ocn i ? \J m JLm *v i Xi- At'iS, PORIER XSD NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. i > Tne &bov? CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are B re woo front ti?? CHOICEST DAKLEV MALT atd HOW, and hifh'y e?te?ir,ed by hot? who have used them. PurohaserB ar? rt~ queatei to call and examine our inferior stooi, aaanred that they wil! find the BEST acd PUREST We have at all timet a larice stock read? for <1e- ' livery. i" wh"l9, half aid quarter oankg, mi table I ?or the TRADE, HOTELS, and FAMILY USE. ) rkioh wo offer on the MOST FAVORABLE j TERMS. SMITH A RROTHKR. Brewer*. No. 146 A 160 West nth at., New York City. Order* by Mai or Expreaa promptly execvted. e? g-6m fcj BRIDA UIFTrt. OiLVER BKRVJCKS, blLVKRURNS, SILVER TbRKENS 81LVK* BOWLS, t?l I Vt.R DISHKS, *ILVKR SPO"NSand KOWIC*. SILVER PITCH URS, WAITERS. t 1i.VowTi.1m ITit\ a great edtle tion tvnll r'nrti-tts. suit* ! b!e fv* Fridal (rifts The?? Roods are all of onr i)*n nunnfaotore, of tba must elegant yrnrtrmanship am? firi*h, and ?e . do not believo. fr?r variety *n<f quantity, are eur- ' t passed hy any other collection in the country. EPEEUXES nlAMOSD JEWELRY, MNE WATCHES, 4"<., For a&la by SAM'i, KIRK A MJ.N?. 17-J Baltimore st., tisluroore, Md. KtUWiahed 1817. ae 14-lst* ELEVENTHJ3T11CLT. \ "" E. FlSH?!t & BROTHERS. ! FHEUCH BTEAAf SCOVHKHS. Bjxtimobr, Ms, The only ^plaeethi^ side cT Npw \>rk, Trh-ro | ..'ij vwh * cmi? cTf*n?a. tedionn* the | lustre eflu7>i to new. Mor?Dcea, Delaicen. anJ ail i kinds oi Lndiej Drosses cleaned without taken apart. Crape and other Shaw's, Table Coror?. and 1 ?ent'eraan'a Ciotting, cleaned in the beat mann?r. { Le&Vine no substance in the cloth to injure it or : make it moro eatilj to toil. N. li Good* will ba sent to Baltimore twioe a week, and return with like promptness. d?12 iw V? M. P. SHKPD, A?er.t. PHILADTV IfIA PROVISION STORE, lit* PHNN4T* V?.N1* AVXNUX, Btivntn \*tk aAti AHk stt The underpinned, barmc located him*?!f aa ! ab'-va, tske* thia method of ir.f.>rniin< ti>* oit:x >na of the l-ust War J t.iaV lie i a* opp;.-:d afiret-oiasa Provieio.i i*tore, conducted to thoae for srhioh Philadelphia is fanioua. Here can be rmn" at R.l Tim^s a larjn rrrt fr??h i BPP1T of COUliTlV. ItlMR MHP TON, Ac. t KU11S and V fctii TAitCilAfa ?eiaon. Fartionl&r &tteot>on is oniled to hia stock and prioes of BU I I KK, OH KKSK, Ao. Pntla'leip^ia frint Butter. Goshen Mid Western Reserve. Beiuc determined to en-etna etucteat attention to the vr&: t3 r.f i > toniere, and to keep every article In bis line of the best qua'itr, and Bell at tne lowest market prices, ha hopoe to men: & share of public tt?troc?re. Families wiU waited upon daily for orders, if required. do 13 THOMAS R WILSON. GovernniMS iLoaD Agency, Off ck ov LEWIS JOHNSON St CO., HANKERS, ? ?n- . ? ? vuuss ur i a. a?5m'j TKJITI1 si. LEWIS JOHNSON, of our firm, havm* been appoimetl a * i. ' i?<?ripti?n Agoi:t ior the National Loan authoriael bj the act of Con*ree? of '.7th July, 1281, we are prepared Jo furnish, to parties < of making investment, any amount oi 7$-10 Treasury NotM. of ounveqieut sizes. _uo<9_tf LfltYi -' JOHNSO.M A CO. .Hfe* MILITARY BOOTS, m&iV i ETI2 AT Wholssali, Figjl | 1'IM'f At ManmfnetuTcri' Prices. fm" * wQfe No. 16 Mar ire: Space, l'enn. tv., IPb? betweeahui and 9th ?t?. J ROSENTHAL. ? Ladies'. Miaaes' and Children's Boots and >noM olevery tfewo iptn-n. iowor than evr. rie i3 >*o Da. DU FONT'S SLGAR-COATED fkMA Li'. REGULATING FILLS R-vl the fol o?iQi uiuoiicited eacvmi-^HU . un?: Qr f "I oannotoommend ?hem too highly." W t-> "They are the beft pemaie Piii? extant." "I have ined them with o<.in?.o:e nuoceee." * Wottld not bo without ueu. upon any considerate*:." "They operate epeedily end effectively." Price 91 tent by n;ail Hold by t* C. UPHAM, SIO Che?nut etroet, Philadelphia, acd in Washington by S. C. FOKJ), oorner 11th street acd Pa. | avenue. no ff. ?k>1? nR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE GONORK HtE\ in six <lar?. | chant* of ihet ie*uir^l It is an Enc-jHSQPfc lUh Specific ol 8ixt J-(ive ye* r slAiii I and will not harm the mont delicate 0011wlittttii-n 11 cu tai k no Prioi fl. SoidbyS. O. UPHAU.310 Chasant Btreft, Philadelphia, and ia Waohingtou br S. 0. PORD, Uth nfrc^t arid Pn a?* wo 26 *oly JTBAS?TEA*?TEAS f UST Receive a prime lot new l eap. For sale ! low at BROWNING A HEATING'S, dejStajrtf 383 Pa. avcrine, near 8th ?t. JUSTTRECEIVED A LOT OF Ta\T VLRV superior OLD CARlNKT IIR ANnv B HO w MING A KB ATI NG'>, ?1c Stsw'f 333 * -< n-, t ear 6th ?1. (CATAWBA GRAPHS! J CATAWHA SRAPB8!! ' Fro?h Catawba Gr^j> ? in excel ?nt order and deJicioui iu flavor. Try KI \?? fc BUKCliKf.L. de II corn?t ;s>h gt. and Vermont av^ EJOtf PRINTING. VERY I>eacr?pt?un of JOB PRINTING roauirad b* an* I mm!*?p;ti?m ?i"' -x V?*M IHUWilVBOtl iOO. irmt ana navy o#?o?r?, tntlera, &c.?eiecutea at theHTAR OFFfOK, in satisfaotory style, at iow I rtlm for Cwh. n# 4 tf 'T'KiiASURER.'rt OFFICE. j 1 Wachinotow. D. u.. December. 1861. t Holders of the two year" Treasury Notoa, with iatereatatc rcrc.-n' psyib eaomi aunuaJly, issued tinder the *ot ot 2d ol .March. I?61,are informed that the interest on auoti notes to the 1st of January, 1962. will be paid at this offioe, on and alter that day; provided, that mi h notes with & cchedale, sicned b* tnehohJerofunch Dotes, show- , in* 'he numt'er, date, and amount of eaoh uote, tnrtthor wi"h th? intA^.t n __ _ - .... .W. w * ? u? U1CIC4IU Id BCkiU il' 81 of January, are lodged here, one day beforehand, j for verification, (siftr*l> F. K. PPINNF.R ?< - 24 trt Treasurer. IJ. THK 8CJBSCR IBKRS bee leare to inform tfceir patroLa and lite pubno ?*ueraiiy of inz amply supplied with a superior at; ck 01^53 FA LI. and WINTER ?OO0S. The* alao reapectful y invite attention of wT their Army sndrVavy oustoipera, and thoae"- " r>4Uir!iif outfit* in that line, to their superior tnaliti<*a of Pworda, hpaaleta. Shoulder Strapa Bi ita, Cbapeaua, Ha'*. Cap; Sashee. and Gold Lace*, I constantly on band, wiuoh are warranted aa repro , Whilst tendering thanka for the liberal patrooace enjoyed, th?y iril! endeavor to merit a continuance. F. J. HFIHKR*?KR & CO-, * (SccceMaora to H. F. Louden fr- Co ,) CTT1ZEX. MILIT4HV?*S< Viril TjVmnc I - & ai| 362 ."eausjtvnnia Avenoe. Iff *"grn JMPORTANT TO MlulTAKY MifiMl Array Regulation Rats, MoClellan Fatigue Caps, Chuienri de Ptrii Caps, Staff Caps made to ordfr, with app"<p/:iite dsvioos. Bt fi. 8TiNKME fZt 336 Pa. mverae, near oorner 13th Between Willards' ana Kirk woods' Uot?le. ITT* Agency for Gitten's Cork Cap Havelock, " ulilj reo<>iuniei.d<wi for the as* of our rank a<.d Jjle by Li?Bt fi*n Wiufteld 3oi?tt. de il-Xm tflNE NICK h?WOOD CH1CKERIN6 IP Uliko i ^ ?vr JJWi OneT c?i??i .ir round corner lIal!*tff0Kfl tt Darn Piano fur &&*> filXfl For upon aui ttrai at ?he Mesfe Stn^ of i w. o.metzkrott Boi* Aveoo* for 9t*inwa* and s?n's Ud Fiwn, Baoon & Co.'s Piaroa. rte 18 IV1 assky. colliNa a. co.'s lTl PHILADELPHIA DRAUGHT ALB. We havejast received a su t>;<ir oJ theabove Ale, which we recommend to be of a vert *uperioj <uaiIty. Person* wishtnf to pnrehaea. l>r majtlog inmediate applioftUoo,can bi^|fflT no 1 Goorftowm. Soldiers needing dry goods for the "folks at home" are eohoited to inspect our vast st?ck, now onmp'ete is all dvpartmei.ta. One eno* only, the actnal oaah atandard value, marked in plain An examination of stoek inours no oblifatxon to carefully eaoked, for express or other I DUO. ???UU" alKl H 1BI !.. dd U ant ' Pfrry Bat'ding." ^ 0OUOBS. COLD-, HOARSENESS, Jto, 0 DK NT1STRY. DR. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Bmrin Bti 10*th St*. JK eotm ' . - ^ H~~ DR. J. L. eibPONH ^ AVIN6 ?on?oT?d from So. JWS N?Tork fwnn, to No. ST-i 9tk ?tr??t.?f?* doors from \.4W Viirk *1.^ - -<* 1 - V W a V( ? I* I uuv I | CUV W k .O UUOi Ol 11 IB I < I *BiotUu ?<j?i >o?, (Mddiaft! and Surgical # to Uu o:t ??n?of Waaiub^too. H<* mj be found at nia otfiecat sli huurs.when not profnsioaa :> en>. vr< ' E?pecial attention will be paid to {etr.a*e disease*. d<i 23-coiw* .. J^EW AM) IftLFROVED INVENTION A*T1F1CIJLL CHE0PLAST1 BONE TEETH, WlTHOVT MklAL I'ULTl Oft CLASW. 910 Br0*4 J*. !V>V ?Yort-$>0 <u??i A* mm* litk nn4 lit* ?U , itf/i Oalls tbe atteation of the public to Uo following au rant age? of. lu? improved system: . 1. The TMtk of hfe niaanjaetore wil never ? ' ie cor cLiptd cofor by uy^nw acius. M;n( '.tree fomtRT'jnler than k&i other. ?, li'j vemn or roots wed N? extracted, u the

ftrtifUin' o?1 r*.n he inserted over I Thsrocwwi!' # iDcC>??ive, an ?erer ache. *. Mo tizntortry teeth *re needed.ft? permanent o&n he made immediately, tl ere;* preferring tha niiural expression o! the f*ce. whioh under the old Bytteai is fr^aeutlT disfigured, *. Thi? work hi* i>eei. fu'lj tr:?r.j ever fiv? yeftr* br mnty of the fcret ehemita and phrsiciMu ol thi? country. Di-. ?. hi* ileo iefented ft wh.t? unneetnictire nuMft! ftilint, vritl: wuicu t: o irif>*t eenntiTe teeth idU hilea withou: p?tn, fto-i o&a buld np ft perfect. f^nnd tooth on ft.iy ude rooti, which willlMt through lifetime. The heetnf reierencee given? to Dr. V. Mottj Dr. Dorotuat. FroIeMor of f u *??? Judge Wayne, of tL* Susr^n.e Court of Washington, an>l thouss. ds of ctners. Call nod examine tor yoorselt no 8 6m GAS FITTING, Ac. .. f. DOVK * (H?. RT. Now ?reftT- d to rx? :!."vj *?? srdsrs wttk v: iOh ther inny be fnvor?u in ti)f> rt??*/>IN i. *A* OK ?TKAM KIWllfV BUSlttSSS. VTT- Store ob Mb etrret, a f?^r doors norU of pa, vesvo, i?hof n nay be found a Bofna'?t# a**r>rt?n??? I UHANOKLIER8 ?:1 ?th#r 9~?*\ Bf KAM aSI WATKK FlXTtfRKS. ;ar-1v W?AS F I xi y it b. ? . K Havn il au>re, &B-1 &r? ri&i.y rcociriM, VA.B F1XT(JR K5of erif:reiy N?w Fattsrea&nd Designa Mil Finish. rup?ttor n st*'? to anything heretoiora fiend >n thi? ra&rifal. We ;n*iteciti*W'# .T to vi 1 * <1 diamine cur atrKk oi Has and Water Fix tiea. (scant conlidcnt thatwa bare the teat ?r rtock in Wmuic>to-. At' Wet . thav Ir?lQlraated toaaraart ta! barratrf;!? to, &YKR8 * fc-HHAN. uarl-tf 37 ? D rtrr^t PA^SjE.IcKR TKA1NS TO AND FllOM UAl/F'MOK li. WINTER SCHEDULE. fX mmm I i ? " ? LWimfi9BiREI 31'ECIAL, NOTICE TO TRAVELER3On *nd after Mor^sr, IVoeir.ber <?, 1961. Pu ecrer Train* between Tr^SHINGTON and BALTIMORE will run asfollowt: THAINS MOVTNO NORTH. Morninj .arret* if av# Washington 6 00 a. m. Arrive at Baltimore 7.1" a. m.; Philadelphia U.M> r. M ; .Now York r. >*.; Harneourj 1.11 r. J*. Alorciuj Accomn.o'latijn leave Waetioftoc 7.40 am. Arrive at Baltimore SJn a.m. So oour.eotjors r* fiilti^crei\ew York v.f'.l T-sln? '?av? WaaMntton at 11 a. *.; arr?ve at Mr.1* nvr? i;.<> ?. Philadelphia t 27 r. New V ork 10 p. v. Aitwr.oor Aiieorr.mortation?If*T? Wuhinjton S.? p.m. a nive st Baltimore 4 5n ?. m.; Phiiadei>hia 10.03 ?. ?*. Evening _fcrpre???leave WuliiaitM 5 f. W. A*rivs n yammers 6/5 r. n.j lOJi f. *.: n*w Y ork 4 a . m : Hirnsfcnrt 1 a. k. On FnndajE at 305&:.d 5 p M.onir. 1 ho 5 p. m. tr*in fYnn Washington ooniifcta through to New York every dar dann< the week. TRAINS MOYIXO SQUTH. Leave ?<*w Y'ork at 7 a. !*.; PH'a'e >hia lljo a. M , Li.i; ~cre 4 00 ?. m Arrive a* W?-?Wnfton t.52 r. it. Leave New York at 6 p. Philadelphia 10.50 p. v.; Eaiticcre 4 30 a., k. Arrive at Washington a. n. IjeaveMe'sr York a: It r. * : Philadelphia 3 JO a. vi ; U? ti:3or3735 a.n. Arr;v<sat V?a itacztvn 9 *5 a. h. Aooon>">ofi)itioK T_air? ieivc Baltimore at a a k.,erd p. m .for Waehiajtoa, airive there at it a. m. acrt i r. *. On su^du* at S? and 72-5 a. * only. pmiifefor Train* itavioj wasuUicion at 7.40 a. m. sua 3.'>& p. m.. aaa i*a :umore v7Jii. m arrf 4.10 p.m. tvak? ducct connsctioaa tor Anuapolis aitLe Junotion. Trftiui leave Ann? ?o!u for BVunicreand W'aaliiaston at CjO jl. m. and 2 4" p. u Paasecrer Traiti lomviag VVactiinctoa at &00 a. Mm 11 i.HMa. iii ?. x? and iU>tii?uie at 4.3? and 7.C3 Mm and 3 Vi t. m. will ii.? onlvat Annnpoiit Jurttto* arr.l TYaif'nrtom (Htlag) Junction W?f Ha^atukcia rauitt take t*e Accommodation Train* only Ttmlu will leave WaMiiiugtof and Baltimore prompSiy */>cm rartf W. P. SMITH, da 17 Ma#ter of Trw.n?p<>ttarion. l?a:t. ?nrrr?B saqHsasBsm t'AMWI' ?**PRKSS rOMPAWT." Thia Company offer# to tie .public" Unequalled AdvantA-joa 7 for the Sfcie&na Quick l-ispatab uf Heavy Freight*. Pao*a*n, Valutiiloa, Money, &.o, &.e? to ah p&rts of tne United Stat-*. Expreaae* tu and from the North end West depart from and arrive m Washington twice daily. All Expresses are in cuart& of axymttutd ??4 rtltnbl* ere. All Packa^oa for The gcldiars carried at "oits VAir" our usual rates. All Ocoda fur the ao-oal'ed "Corfederate States" aid a:! ArUclos " Contraband of Wur" will te Karvajo. Oar txpresaea leave New York at 1,1, end < P. M .^arriving in \Va?!iinct&t at &A. M. and tsS Kxpresaea leave Philailripliiaat 3? A. H. ar.1 11 P. erririug it Washington at I V? P. M, and bXprflMM iwive Ha,tin,ore &t 4 30 A. M. sndS P. M., ar.ivii s iu \va?Hngto? at 6 A.M. and *30 F.k. Kimwm for all point* N?rHi and West imt< WatEirieUic at 7,9t A. >1. auJ 2 JO P.M. <1ai!y. Sp?w?iaT Ocutracls for "ar?e quanliti<w oi 1 reisht oar. b? tia 'e o acphcati": to this Al' Oooda c&llad for lud uduvore<" _/??? of Kxtra ?banc,*. E. VV, PAftjiONf, Suj't A 'laws' Ezyroaa Coroner. WaaUiCfton, ArtuaiS. Ib6l. ?u Zl if M. 1. OPTICIAN TO THF PRESIDRXT AM) MILITARY STAFFS, 944 Pena'aar.,tuo4ta aiUeJ Ml. lSttt and llth ata. SPF.OTACI.RR- >rnmd?l with o?w . r., . ?? - ivMMMio ni'ci Crvet&J or Periftoopic Len*ea. mounted in gold, B.'.rer or steel, and suued Witb utir.o?t oar* for every aee and ejeiitht. FIRST i HBO CLASS MILITARY FIFLD-Ul. ASSES, M:croncop??, CompM<s<*e, ?nJ Mathematical In etrumeuu, mt tuo !<>wwt i.Mtorn pno?a. co 23-tr WHK OFFER TO .MILITARY MEN a larze anomrentofUREYand BLUE FLAN N KL OVER-SH?RT?, WHITE SHIRT*. DRAV/T ERS. CAMP BLANKETS, HALF-HOSE, Ao., whioh we invite all cash purafcaaers to examine before m&Jciuc their Mtaotioua ^ALL^STEPHENS k CO., umm ra. mw., l?lWffD nn UII IOW Ml. raft ftrteilitenoer and Re?ahJioan.> WBOVtt' CLOTHING. K Hire reovi v>l within the iMt day or two a lirie assortment of BOY?' 8KIIN6 CLOTHINtt.eiubraoiuc ail sirles of low-prioed, mooiurn, and Ene an&htiea, which we are attlinf a t Tory low rices for oaeh. WALL, BTKPHKNB * OO., W2 Fa. ar., between <?th and iota na. ra tS nnte!lir*>nce? and Be?wbHoan.) TCAIKU?E8, HE Sobsoriber having made addition* to hia factory, n.akinc it now ooe of the larr^t^ ?c in the Dtstriot, wtiere hit faoii'.tieeUKKg: for macuiaotu.iac CARRIAGES inilBSBS LI0RT WAGON? o' all kinds cannot be enr I passed, and irom his lone exeen?noo .n the busi- I ceu, he hopes to (lv* general satisfaction. a: kinds of carnacksand LichiWacoaa kept | ~ ATT-REPAIRS neatly doaa. ud all ardor* promptly att?od?wl to. d 1? tr oorfi?r orFourt??rth and K *ta MILITARY AND NAVAL merchant tailors, - *NB f?BA?y**AJ*8 CLOTBftSRB, cfe-ti | (law. UOOV8 AMD MOiv^ TO BVIV VU jrBH^iaw an*'-saaf jes? tmwflj >> eUWTE riMt WTl Of VTCrT trsi-a >^-^1)11 ccArtod in Uu? aitj tor riu J*f*riar i'eraona in tut af 8Mb ax* 0h?M of aaarara at ltr raaUe vark. will aiwaya Id J ijcos mn If Pr-* - * ^vjjwsvmSF I mm at a < 'ar ntrlvftnil 1 Tlpli I ?Vl ~ TRAVELING TRUNKS. ITT ? Offar for aala U? tarcect UMxtWtl fTKAVELiNS TRUNKS to Ns found i^mn |ua oilr. o< :r,priaiRc l"*?t ?.*? La-he*" nro*s a id Packm* T Oca, Ofurfei Baca, Ac., wmc& w w a?*w ? Ium lock k os p1tal, U*i tk? m*ft Ctrimim. Of*Um tmd ?Up Efttrmml H-rmtlf t? tki WfrU, rot all pia*x?uaoF imp&iwknok. LKt IfO FAL&SJJSLICACY FRMtXITT. apply ijimftdiakely. f A CURE WARRANTED. OR NO CM A ROM, /ir wo* riro tun, i ii m?fi UltMti _i.Tvii- .u;? Jic-uid) ?aa r*l Dtbi. -jr, Htmw.m, djiMHt, Lumtt Cmttmm If U*m, Law Sf.r-.i ? 71 w.ic< J tf.? Von, Tl?iditT, Tn?M.i|I| P?i? hi a? lifkttr uiddio?w, fhwm af UM llU, Tkrni. Mom N Mu. Af tcuon* af tfca Lmi, Iw >a ar Tmibit On.f?n I nw M?IU7 Bat :? af To* t?-.h?M Pn>. -fa! u.d i'4* r%cu*? Pi??t?c?i which rmdii Mimut unooaaitia, u4 <wt?; M4 Mru4MML YOUNO MKJf BapaatUl? <M bar* btcMi Ui? af Mtaavy TIM, Uat d*a*d?ai aaU4aatmeu?? fcatU vhdefcauaMllv t? ar< aounaly ar*? ihuaaaolaaf YecrgAiaaaf tfca ?aal ?ak?<J t*lanu .m:< WliaM iauUtct. ?*? oifit atharwiaa k'M aatraaead UaUifcf Btu?t?? with U>a iMadan af ?W tiwct *r wakatf ta kkm; tha Uatay l?ra, at; aall an* nil caaidaaaa. MARRIAGE. [' Maitu rnuii,* r?( Mas mmimMu Hu nui, mii( ??i? rf phjtical ktiH, irfua dablUty, iafcrtainaa, *c , apaad'T* f arad H* who r'.acti bimaelf j?r tba wn tt Dr. |. mi r?!Urtaaala aa-.lda m k baaar ? a ftcttmmi i>( aaatdaaQy rtij apan An akOJ u a pb jaieiar. OMCE N?. 7 SOOTH FREDERICK 8T. Itf: h?r ' tit J*"-C '*? Ba.;u?nraairaat, faw ton trmm t'a Mmir. Fat! aumtwiK mm u< i?Ni. ktwn aat ki paid aad?aataia a *<anip. 1)11. JOHNSTON, Mtaibaiaf iki R??i CaiUft rf Iwfwaa fcntoi, raadaiu <r?b ail of ih? nM aiatca< i Colltfaa ta tin VaUa4 Vtatva, aitd tha rinnf pan of ?hoa* lift haj l>aao apaat la tba ftaapital* of Londan. Ptxta, PbifcdalpUa aad llHvtm, baa afaetad aerna af lb* moat aatanubmf ear** that vara T*r knawo; naap tfeaUad *rj rwifutr 1a ika laal M< aira *Na aalaap; *raai .artoaaatH, taw* ala?ad at aaddaa acacia, baabfalnaaa with fraqaaat blaabiaf, auasdad aaraatiana* ?nb daraafamaat af card, vara earad kaal diatalf. TAKE PARTICULAR HOT1CM. Taaaf Mao ana athara ?lt ha*a lutarad toanaalaaa by a aartato pracuea ladaiffad in whaa alaaa?a babH fraaaaa : j laaraad froL a?il com gnuiou*, ar at acbaal, tba atfjt it wbicti ara tuphuj fcIt ??an vbao aa!aac. and if aoteand. rtndtn raarrtar* tmpnorblo, u4 Ml ?io# ud *?d?, ohocd \y imi?<l?l??yTV.m? ar? mil of ili< ul jiikctMi tf nu H?dKt4 kr ??r!? babitt of jmtb, tic of lb* B<tt u4 Li.r! t, intht flt? Turartoo of 8tj! Loo* omniwi P???r, Pa>jHr?tk? of tr.o H? n, I>T?j?o|.??t N?rr??* irrm* nlu?, Diruftnit.t of tha Dfiun fiuttnt, (iinifil OoWtCr, Symptom* of Ci n??ri f'.ton, Ac Misiill*.- 7>.? frirfkl C?tta ca iba ntto4 ? a>ac? M ? drtad* J?J. -?i nf Mctcry. Cor fr?i*u of D?Dr***i*a of Bfiritt, Ell KortooO; fi Avtrsion of Secirt*, itlf-Diauw. Lo?? #f fto'uaOa, Tunfclj, in., tn mm of tha ??ito paadacad. Ntfcroig 1>?*1LJT*.?ThMiuiiHi aaw >*4f? what to tha Caaa* of t?.*ir declining J-t Jib, iooiaf tbui npr, k?ll? Inf ? ?*, f?!?, i ?rtt? utd ?icici*ua, 6??lcf a nanta* appaaranca abv?t tba ?f?t, ?o?|t or tywfimat ?f tWWfD1SRASKS OF INPKUDBSCB Whm tha fDitfUdadaadirrpradaatrauryofpioaaaraAoAl b a h> imbtbod Uia ?ee<5? of thia priufli dt?aaa?, it tM oft OB hafjxua iket u u'-t.nitd ?rutt i f ah&ta? or craad of d.*co?ory datara him from applying to tho?? wbo, from tdaculMB u< raapactabfli'.y, can aiora bafrtand hn Mo tWIa tota t*1 kudl of ifMltM Ml! ^tiifiilli eteteeders. Who. leaaaefcU f caru.r, f.ith Jtta p?cimcn'i^nnni, katp tnlaf cwih uiir i?x,it, ?r u lu?| u u>a araa iaa'. Fm ut b??kUiii<4, and is dia?nir lt*?? hira wuk raioid fcaalti w iurk r era r-tllmf tasfp rrw?nt; or t j tta aaa af tfcat daadry paiaor?Marearr?hiitin tha caeatitsfooal i^nRtat ( tkia tarribta ^aaaaa,"aacfc - ? tka l?n,TnrM(, laU, kin, kc., prajTaa. am m iU tngkiMl rapidity, ulldaatk f?u Sinad ?a hit driadfa] atf arisf a bj aaodinf kul tkai Bctaea?irad caantrr fnn vkaai knrm traaalar mini. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNVSS AND IXPOTENCY I j ibia (tt? at and !ftr art* nt raraady wtt I im?( Ik I Hrua in if ? Ji> etf?4 u) fall r>0* t aai?ra J. TWttuti ? tka mi arrival aatftikfc! 'taiad. *k? kad laat all kajt,aa?i kaiu Lucditul; nlMTtb. Ail UapadimtDU ta Karnafa,Pkraieaj a* Maaial DtMMi(<nl n Uii af rr?cri.U?i PaVa?. > < lr?..ak.iY. T?i xklii.f and Waakaiaa at Exituuu af ika bmi faarni! ktad ipaidily cuti. ENDORSEMENT OP I HE PRE88. T?i Minr TmociaKDI 'arad ? tMi laatr.atian artkkla tfea lut aifnuic nut, and rba raaaaraaaa lay acta al Barri| Ai.1 ???r?(t*nl BarU?T?a(4 ka fl- l.k-??. ? A 1 iliriiri W tki ftftn auijKbu umM,MlicM U ?rfiie? Un ?rp?nrt J nfmtn u< t gain ??f?r tas cskuc, k? do k i lut^lng u a |?rtl?rr*n ?f thir*e!?f ul imjmmIMlhr, li? ntuiat r?>ui>? u tk? tlltMi atrlMy TniEflEMAR. | Prot'.rtti by Royal Letters patent ef Emglmmd, and recur, d fry the Seals 9/ the Etole dt Pkartna-u dt Paris, and tK* ImftrxtU CHUgt / Medicine, Vienna. TK1ESFMAR No. 1 Is the pfTootml r<*rr?*ir t>rr Kelaxat;on, UrnMAIOHKHCE*. aild hxHACSTIOH Ol THE SYSTEM. TK'KSEM AK No. 2, Cornp.t?!y and p ;r'!j eradicates al! traces of those disorde.s, fur whi&a C>>p&iva an4 Cubebs | fcave ceneia It l?c 1 t .ought au antidote, lo the rma of the health of a vast portion <-f the *o?ala I OO. TRIK3EMAR No 3, la the treat and aura of the civilised world lor fcii .mpunties of the avstein, aa we'j aa teooodf'j ?jmp?oin.?, obviaticg the deatructive dm of Merour*. a* wo'l ae othe- d*!cterioaa nirediaota and which ai! the f*arra?ari!la in tiieworid oantol remove 1'hiesjm. a No*. 1.2 and 3 are alike devoid of taste or ame;l. and of all e'anaeatint aienti?a. 1 liey are in trie form of a loiwia. and aitr lie on the U'liot tai>Ie without tuetr u? being aaapeetfd. in tin cajea at #3 each, o- four $ * sa??a in ore fur 59, aaJ in 5-7 case*. tbua iaviL| $9.aa adi,;iri*tered ?y V* prno, ! a., ir.and. Koax-Ac., *c. Whonwl* a'J retail fey 1>R H. A. BARKUW. 194 B ?acker srre?t. (? <loors from MaoDoagal traet). New >'orlt. IminMiaety oiraraibt of reauttafloe, l?r. KakK"W 1 11 forward Tri??eai:ir to any iart of tbe wcr i. seocreiy pvkeu.i d acidfened according to the natruoboaa of the vitnr. PaMi?h?d also by I)R ** A.R ROW, t^at popular irri beaatifallv i n?trat?<1 mcdical w> k. Hurt an Fra'.ty. Pnoe ^5 certs. a>d lioot rat ?>e o: tin w i y sp?ciai autuo;;t? from r* C. FOR I), Washington, i). C. deUt-Sra L ? A fc PERKINS* CKLKPRATED Horceslert-hlre Sauce. rrononnoed by KJ EXTRACT? CONNOISSEURS fl of a Letter from a to bo the ? J Mtdical Utntlimmm "ONLY GOOD atMauras A3jt* % To Hi* Brmkm SAUCE." Ogffr* u WoroMtor. . rwl gl'i'%everv ,jgs nn&fzssa V a S3 tcvv , in it* ib " - my opinion, the most pa at?b'e, m veil u OP DI8H. the most vholesoB-e ^Bii tuatr? udt.'1 Tl;* above 8AUCE i? not only the BxsTand moot poppLa* co*t>i*xxt kuova, but the most Economic), as a l?w drops ic Srmp, Gravy, or vitb F%*h, hot acd oold Joiait, B*<f Sunk, Uame, ft., impart ac exquisite aett, viiioii unprincipled Sauce manufacturers have in vain eadeavoro-l to imitate. On the Brtakfan, Luncheon, Dinner, or Suppm Tnblt. a cruet content** "i.ka a- pvrrina1 Worcestershire"sacce** ? indupenaable. To appreciate the *xc*Umt f?altuu oi this d*i\eioms preparation it ia ouly t <oM?n to purohaae & ismiii t'OttJe of the **?? ??. of a respect*. ie grocer or <>#* ?r, m ir.any Hotel aud RtMmmnnt proprietora Bf- dom place the P-r* Saaoe beiore tneir guests, tut sat statute a genuine hottlt tiled with & Sj>*rtont iiaxtare. For t> rooera ai*. Fr?it?ref? every where, JOHN DUNCAN A BO*?. Vnitm Simn and 1? A meet, Nnt York, Sola Wholesale Areata for the United StatM. A Stock alwaya m atcre ? Aiao orJera reoeireO lor direct shipment* from England. LL/~ Etyart <if Loum$r/eu? and ac? 3-iy^O I mi tophamu am MANVFACTVRY, 499 BliMil Wliit, WiinMni, D. O. Btlvar Medal >vi(M by Marylaadlastttala Baltimore, November 7,1Mb. Aiae,~feteda: ly Mftro^o'.iUu Mec:.*?UO?'Inakt?la, Vk aafclUftoB, D< C., 1897. 1 am constantly makta*, and always bar* kaaK, of tbe beet umwnai, arery deeenybea af rise BoteLaatb*.-. wooa iMX.tfid C?rT?iTHT?;;:.r Bui, Sohool 8aiob?WVew At Lm fridi. Hmberf of Coctreet and tr*T?Jeri will pleaae examine my itocx before pur?hMinr elaowkera T aai that are made in other ciU^i. Pawnor Leather and Drew Tranta made ?a * Trankt eove-wfl acd re?air?i ?t ?bort notaoa. troodi deliverer free of qharie to acytpart of U? ?. JU?.? ? ? J ? ' ? ? ** ? uuio" iut uao aona *. vntT.rea or sura hair wo] b* oh&nf*#i in a few **oond? to a W black or brovn. by u?ioi Ufnara'i Li?ni4 HairDye, tha boat and ohaapeat in U? vorM, prodaoinc. tha ButaiaBt It ia a?pLi*l.a rich natjtraJ appearaoo*. Kaob Hoi of UPHAM'8 HAIlDVK i? v?rraut*d to oontaia * cash Nona. IN CoUMMM or oir kanu to *? **** ?? err artioli# oL |ood< w ? ruLi*?. we forced ko rtdiMOir bmuMn to exclua,** j, for ti? tf^R'tfiM^vs^rsra EgS^Hgra^ftsia^g."* iiln, ^WKpe^ between nh a Ad tot* m . k obiiAal,*; n?d?tr on?> v tfi?- -H i??| THAYELLEB8' DIRECT t \ Y. ????? J^OftTHKftN C&J1K.AL ftlii.WAY * timnmts7*m'"1j' J IJfTKM aCNMDOLM cn?i?'l;?. moiti lsatb i . ^WKWaKSV * ' " IVrtirAwaayOlnwiHU m. WS?^?" "* TH ( h a. trim Iran W'w MUa (MWiti ? WitV th? ? ? a. m f-oro |t? timm? f? r r \trat tul { >' &*>*.<<. I.ttKkirk, Ur.MU(U ud Sia?v? Fin*, u4 f. r >tv York anty. Tm ti ?. m. train from Wuhigroa roacMta tnth tkafli ? *-a?B f><'to aif'Bior# to Norjtkv4Nviui?Mttfril iu.n?La BaSaieaad thT A? trta* l^WB*i. too'" TuTTv taberg. Harriit orr Aid tne %\ ?--l ai< i* a direct onraeHot: io' MM'sa. V ?*tcn A !:nie?i aro M York Tia^Cohtja^F* JJ?4 U Saw Jetm- 1 ry o*!y timir irrirlnj la P&lttMor* Pnday to th *>* ?. I r*:n. JAPT CLaKKK. V NDTKK TO TRIVLLUI1. 1. M'. Pmiium tr 6?.?rti MM( i rortMU E?^^^^rBE*i6ieC Mea<1?r? to??xa lurtunt. ib? i<?? J )Mol*(nfr? o'drt^t t a.. *r :r t.'V uTe n.-ri>?' oi . - r fc-r. w I - ? ?' fc %tz\ rt p.m. M. n.FALLA, t^wt I*a?d.nt %?* ?mi*r| i.| |MH ( i at Qliu?Wl ii. Ireiaad. TM Litm^oo.. >rw York mm Pbttadvipk StMUBKh > Coinpany u?t*p4 oiifMcm<? i!.?nr in.. i^B^SSar STY OP BALT1MOKK. - " 1*k. . \??A K OtK 44 - UN. mi ?w9rj 8ttcr4ft)f*(aMt,ir(Ni Piitm. Noitt nw. rum or ruu?L tn? n g|aferz=z=: 8 . L*>. B .. JV>. to ^I'll V bo.. to Hnaborc ? PHMKtri hrvwiiMl to Htm Hrratr.Rol SS'Ss&tt wrs ssnaasu bay ticket* at low rates. For farther information aptly at the Captains Ottoa. JOBS ft. Dal-, Ai-ct, ^OM? Q. A. HERRING, Baltimw*m c*?Mtfjzr&A7r superintendents office,i CiLmt ^iTiw. Bminkit*. Hit H, im. ( uvv^^krnn^ntk all' wav* a? M^RBMjedR^il UUIWVM ACCOMMODATION at r. The l.l* A. M. tr?LA oonoeoti at RW?f Hoim With traiae OB tho Westerj Maryland Raoroad; Bt Haat>ver Junction With Hanover ard yetubwn Rai!road?; at York w tn Y':k Bad Wr.f utayl!!* Railroad; Bt HBffKBrg ~vh Pernor* ?b Rid1 road for ail parta of the woe*. al*> with Lenewnoo Vauey tfaiiu>adl U Amv Yo^tdtrtft: at ber.asd vilhL- and ii. K alroad to* KiuttM n< g.waJSsrrs' zs?s5/@ffis Northern Pecn*jivs.Lj6 ao<l New York. The MB P. M trafn mak"? a'' ttieahoire conneetioni cxoept Hanover Rai rtad, Wr.tMn; 4 Railroad ai.d the L?bauson Vai:?? Ri rotu Th? P- M. trn? lfc? ?- * *th# w~^ "- a ??* i. c. ci.Am.ffwt. a?B *??JIfr STAIN8 AND SUM* EH AhJ^ANUKMANT. i&ZtTZ&ZSXZ Depot <>aiij_leioeH Sunday? <m foL< * i, vje: WW A? m a ' vm in mm ?t * W O'CfOCI. IF? 5UW|)AY?w 4 v> P. fiflT oelf. All train* eom*?t with New York uim uoeyt44t P. M. trtii on 8Mai rr Freifht Tmjb with puMsipr ur attached Imvm iti P. M, Hopping it all rtaUoi* beUree*. Batimor* &! d Havre de- nu>?. PMNiiiiri for at d the Eastern f kor? ?f Marjiatd will find the moet expeditioae roat* t>r *iri| WihmBitot, iL^Au Colored Pertona out civ* toad tofora atariox the can. _ WH CRAWFORD. Agent. Mfc* YORK AND KRIki RAILHK9 ROAD PuM(? Train* leararia Pa>'nta Ferrj and Lo' c Dock, from fool nf Caaat>*rB treet, New York, as follow*,vi? : , EXPRESS, for ^Denkn^t, and Buffalo I t^a^B^llML., for Dnakira. and utonwilftU Btatioc*?Thm Train r?-?n*intov*r nig lit alt,, aura, nxTHrrsnB%?uto.^ ??.. mediate Stations. ll.? a m , ACCOMMODATION. daily, for Port Jerri a, and frtpcifai ?at>?na, SBd"' ItraMd &tok8uu?r N**rb'ir?h. *MoV il^NlGB^klxl'RiiM. <Sai.?, far Dukirk, BcffWo. Cananducua,' ^t'>a:.i. Tue Tmi of Saiurti&y ru>pr ti alJ Mail Trafc Statmnt. and rum o?!j to K'mirv I oi> p.m.. ACCOMMODATION .for Honmrill#, Ud Ki?a?paJ Station. CH AS. MIN(IT.6?B'i Hifl HATUiNlKt MARBH. Revivm. J^rOK 28Sf?A vL^^vroE T JBHBB By m eafornid m?<1 aaaerw* Staamen METROPOLIS. KMPiltK SVATI-, BAY STAT K, and STAT EOF MAI >h.ol i re*t tTBQcth awl Baaed, but pa. uouiarlj aU&pted to tr.e na*i?atloa of Loot la ?j.d SonrU, taeniae is ocaneotier v.thttie ra 1 River and Od Co >xj Bn... roa-1, 4i?tanee of m iri'e? only to i>o*t>>n Leave PieT N?. ^orth Ri?er r?ar the Battery. The Steamer EMI'lRil STATfc.Caet. Brttton. mondATi. w 0db~U*ie,abd Fxid*T;, At 4 o'ciook ss, m.1, Tmdiri, Thure<i?r? e?Kl tJat?rc*?e, at ? o c'oel P.M? teaching at Newryrt tm?b v-.t. TWw ttimi'T1 a-e^tie* with wmra<liuw tote room*, ud every aifkniMaMU Set ti ?- c .ty and ooaJort c 1 jaeeerrert. Who we a?i?r<ieu ' ? tin* rouie a nifl.ti' rwi on boar<!, and oc am* at Fall River jroeaed f feteiunboat Tmis.m? Boeton eariy the foilowinf ineriJnf : c r n-ay reaiu ou Uarf mrtil etarttEc of tue Aoo-mm?ai tiOD at I A. M., by vtUbii t. ey <aay reaoh liortoa about Mi A.M. A baccage muter ii attached to eacb et?, who reeaiTee and ticket* the term*. >mm> - pftniM tt* hm to til d?dnataom. ^ MMnxir mo* in omumiiob with th)? Mm boCmd Fall R.ver ud Providanoe dun, ukH riff Fmikt to Boston > forward*! tkr. srU wit* rvatdupttoh bj an Kxiriu T*?n, whioit > ** ? fctjU deatiattioa at aboat 11 A. M Jzsrriivrtzz&z' irr.^: xjs aod berth* Up j on bofcf'Vor if daurao to a?oar? tnen in advanot, to VvM. BoRDt V Ai't m and T1 *>mt T. gjHjplN b^^b^Y' A> ? ^^jss^vsag^tsxx: MKkrtrMt atatioa. I i bii ran win ru wo HiiwrM ertry ttataiOar muL) For Croton Fall*?tlU m. ato^inc at all nattoM north of Pordkam (raa Mk ?r?*t atatto*. For W niU p &,l? *10 acd M? p. ?. Mopping at ail staaoaa iro ra SU atraot ataUoa. For Wbit* Plata*?t.ifi*. *. atoypingata atadoci from 'Whit* atr*o? station. For WiIImbm IMta-IJn, 1HI a a. and kP ^ Mof*iS( at a'lalatior ( fro mi mfc *trM< ?a*tiPB. Roteraing wH\ ?a*ojgyaa ?. lerton two Mocdaj n.ormct at ? a. *.} fEgresSS!*? . ??* - ilMti traiaa wiu ,?av? <u Amw oarw W tr^iTRir Contra* f%rk, V *k*?l?*. a?4 obbi US WR. -NTS*. M'"cl *K*?Vsf, *

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