Newspaper of Evening Star, January 9, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1862 Page 1
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THE ?***NfcW 8T AB i^ u FUBLmrftiD b'?BilT AFT&RNOON, ? * <Bl*nAV BICKPTKD.) AT THS STAR BCfLDl^OS, ttmt ef srenH4 Mi ?U???iA *1. ?t V7. D. WALLAOH. Papers served In packages by carriers at 14 a T?r, or 37 cent* per month. To raali subscribers the price La S3 JO a year, m S3 tor alz ' Mentha; 91 for three moaths; aad for lea thta three months at the rate of 12 cents a week. Slafie copies, om can*; la wrappers, two cants. ID* ADvaaTiaa?jr?rs ahoaVd be aent to the eSce before 12 o'clock m ; otherwise they may not appear u&Ul the aext day. AFFAIRS II DIXIE. A Bl.UK LOOK From lata Southern papers we take the following : ALARM AT MEMPHIS We have received a copy of the Memphis Appeal, from which we make the following extracts of a report of a safety meeting held ia that eity a few days sinee : Mr A. P. Merrill, the ehairman, in stating ' the object of the gathering, said, that after moaths of preparation we foand ourselves in great jeopardy in reference to the defence of the Mississippi valley. Our force was hot large enough to proteet the city. The time had come when we had to endanger our own lives in the defonce of our firesides. Every bouse had arms to use when the enemy approached, but it was a sad mistake to suppose that Memphis was to be successfully defended when the enemy had passed Fort Pillow. Every one who had a gun should either use it himself, or give it to some one who would use it. It is now time to act, to organise. We need an organisation which will bring out our military resources?our guns and other weapons of defence. The enemy is marching upon us in immense force, and With iron fleets, and we owe it to ourselves to make preparations to assist and secure oar friends who are struggling for our defence. Mr Watson then came forward and said that, while at Columbus, he made particular inquiry ies of our officers and men, and all concur in one sentiment, and urgo upon us to come into the army and assist them. They had had a terrible battle, and found that the enemy they had to meet there was a different sort of material from those met at Manassas, Bull Run and Leesburg. They were men who would fight face to face until the last man was slain, as was shown in the first that one whole regiment was cut down except forty-three men. He said he knew all about the force at Colambus?that Bowen was at Feliciana, and so strongly fortified that they could whip the devil. The presumption now is that Lincoln's forces will be sent down the Mississippi from the Kentucky side They are expected to come down from f. Cairo and Paducah. and flank us oa the right and left. If they succeed in flanking Col Bowen. they have only a few miles to go to tear up the railroad, and go to the river and sink our boats, thus cutting off our subsistence supplies, and taking Columbus without firing a gun. He said that the privates in the ranks say that if they new our people here were doing their whole duty, it would enable them to do ten times as well. He said that the army at Columbus called upon us to organize and ceme and help them He appealed to every man to offsr himself and fill up every artillery company that has not now the means of being worked effectively. When the enemy takes Columbus, it is folly to talk about saving Memphis There is not an artillery company but what oan find accommodations for fifty men. Go and help the flying artillery?go and help the heavy artillery. Fort Pillow has not enough men to man the fortifications. There are plenty of guns there, but not enough men. Our great duty now is to go where the fight is to be at?Columbus and Feliciana?and attempt to keep them from flanking Bowen and Polk. He said that Gen. Pillow informed him that application to call oat the militia for the Western District had been made to Gov. Harris, and he hoped there was no man who would wail for the call of the militia. He said that resolutions should be passed to close business hours at 3 o'clock, te drill, and that men with rifles, shot guns, pistols, and even knives and blades, should organise, and by to-morrow night we should -know bow many guns we have in our midst. In conclus on, he urged every man, old and I young, speculators and all, to go to work, organise into companies, or join the ranks and fill up others, and resolve to figut and die by . those now battling for onr rights. This would encourage our men, and make heroes of all who can bear a gun or strike for their country. Mr Howard then came forward and briefly bat forcibly addressed the meeting. He Baid we ought to fight the enemy at Columbus, for when they passed Fort Pillow he was willing, for one, to make a Moscow of Memphis He feared that there were those among us who ought not to be here. Our movements were all known to the enemy. We ought to organize, and if we hare no guns, go up as a blank regiment and take the guns of the enemy as they fall. He thought we had about 4.000 men in our city who could be spared to fight at Columbus. He was willing to go with such weapons as we had. and he had some he would loan to his neighbors The meeting reawembled at 3.30 P. M., when Rev. Mr. Thompson, Chairman of tbe Committee, read the resolutions and address whioh we have already publishedMr. Somernlle moved to lay the address on the table. He regarded it ss calculated to raise a panic in the oountry. He subsequently withdrew his motion to enable the meeting to pass upon the other resolutions. The remaining resolutions were then taken up, and adopted, except the last one, whioh was laid on the table Objection having been made te the publiea t tion of the address because it would ereate a panic, Mr. Topp said it was only by oreating a Janic that soma people ooald be aroused to a ischarge of their duty. ^ Finally, the fifth resolution was reeonsidered and the address adopted with much unanimity. THIJfGS AT MKMPH1S [From the Memphis Argua, Dec 19 ] It is time, more than time, that the people of these States should awaken more fully to the dangers at home, and bend their eyes more on k their own Government and Generals and less on the relationships ?f foreign nations. Military movements .teem coming to a stand still; with inducement te aot, we are only industrious in doing nothing. Onr ambassadors or commissioners are seised and we look to others, instead of ourselves, to force their release. Not to the toooden walls of England should M look for the liberation of Mason and Shh doll, but to I As hay otitis of Beauregard. When Beauregard reaches Washington, and Johnston CoviL^'.n, Mason and Slidell will be nearer the Court of St. Jamas than they ever were on board tbe Trent. As it is, if our independ net is won for us by the strength, of England, our revolution toill stand on the page* of history in any but an (umaUe light; and when the passions and privations of the present are past, many an eye that now sparkles with exultation at the hope of foreign aid, will droop in ahame at the unneededoonfeaaion of weak patriotism and unenduring bravery its seeking proved. If there be a proud spectscle on earth, a * bright page in history, ft is the speetaele or tbe narration of a self-making nation. If there be a humiliating position it is the liberty that ? is dae to a protectorate de/ado. though not in name. The past of Great Britain is a guarantee w of the ultimate cost of her favors. But, be ? that as it may, England's business is not oars, and God forbid that it ever should be. Look we to things at home and cease this shameful avidity.for the aid of the foreigner, an avidity which we will one day weep tears of ahame and sorrow for having encouraged. This aid is not needed. With quick action we never would have cared a rash for it. Southern valor, southern wealth, and southern patriotism were adequate to a task tenfold more difficult, if properly led ; and if they are, or have been, forced to look with anxiety for foreign help, the fault liee only with these who paralysed our arms. THE DAM EXPLOITS [From the M&rtlonburg Republican, Dee. S8 J We have heard of several attempts te destroy *? the dams along the Potomac in Berkeley ooantv, so as to nloekads the canal, through which the Yankees receive large quantities of ooal t end produce. All these efiorts have proved i abortive, even to that recently made by the [ > far-famed " stone-wall brigade," if there be SJlA/i " KllOl oiits f m - - * * * i XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . THURSDAY, JANUARY 9, 18G-2. N?. 2,772. any troth in the current report! of the last few days. From those we hear that the boats are till running on the canal from above dam No. 5. This ia not a solid structure of stoie as is stated by the Richmond papers The dam has been materially damaged; bat from ali we can learn, until there is a freshet sufficient tn carry away the ? pile shaeting," it will act as a feeder to the canal. We make these statements because we have been disgusted at the lies whloh the dam exploits have occasioned. In imitation of Yankee exaggeration by southern writers, the false report found its way into the papers that Gen. Jackson had crossed the river, run off the Unionists, and captured several pieces of cannon. It is true trat tbe fright of the Yankees across the Potomae shows that they confidently expected a visit from Jackson. Xbey were in the greatest excitement at Williamsport and Hagerstown. Many left the latter plaee, and at the former they made every preparation to destroy their magatine and other property. One of their correspondents left for tbe camp of Gen. Btnka. and afterwards wrote that he had seen fifty of Gen. Jaokson's wagons unloading boats preparatory to crossing the river. Frtm Richmond Papers* WAX RUMORS. It was said last night that a dispatch had been received here, stating that General Jackson, with 10,000 men, had marched Into and taken possesston of Romnev, In Hampshire county?the Yankees making little or no resistance A report prevall'-d in tbecitv laat night that the enemy? said to be 5,000?had taken possession of Hun'ersville, In Pocahontas county We did not levrn the particulars ?Richmond Dispatch, Monday. TBS WAR lit THB INDIAN COUNTRY. Memphis, Jan 3?A dispatch has been received from Little Rock, Ark , containing official Intelligence that Col James Mcintosh, In command of four regiments, had a fight with the forces under Opothleyholo, about 75 miles northwest of Fort Glbsonfon the 20 h December. Tbe fight lasted four hours, and resulted In the total rout of the enemy,who lost 200 In killed, wounded and misslug; 100 were taken prisoners. The Confederate loss was 12 killed and 20 wounded Col Mcintosh was still pursuing the enemy Opothleyholo was fleeing to Kansas The Confederates captured a large number of negroes, horses, fte. army or ths potomac. [Correspondence of the Richmond Examiner ] Manassas, Dec 27, 1861 ?Today our whole army 1s engaged In building log bouses for winter quarters, or In moving to sites already selected. Several brigades will remain where they now are, near the fortifications in Centrevilte, and the remainder will fail back a mile or two upon Bull Run. Gen Kirbr Smith's brigade is at "Camp Wlgfall," to the right of the Orange and Alexandria road, near the run. Near oy the whole of V*n Doro's division are making themselves comfortable in their little cottages, whi. h rise rapidly day by day under tbe diligent hands of tbe soldiers A few brigades are scattered down toward the Occoquan, where wood and water are plenty, the furthest being by Dav a' Ford Tbe artillery, with the exception of Walton s battalion, has already been located betwS?n Club Run aud Stone bridge. The cavalry tas fallen back a little, and they are now building stables and house* near Centrevlile. Gen. Stuart will remain In the advance. It is probable that Gen. Johnson will occupy the Lewis House on the battle-field, and Gen Beauregard Wler's, his old headquarters before the I8ib and 21st. Longstreet's division will, if I am correctly Informed,occupy the advanced position, and will remain where it is at present The artillerists de< .led to man the guas in tbe batteries will also remain by the fortifications In case of an attack by the \ ankee*. it will fake about two hours to get the main strength of tbe army across to Bull (Tub. Information of an approach would be given at least two houra before an enemy could come up, and In that time we could be well prepar?d to resist any force that can be brought up. This ia about tbe aituation of affairs for the winter, and it remains to be seen whether our men are ta have an opportunity of a brush with the Yankees, or whether they will be allowed to enjoy their new houses in quietness. INTERESTING FROM SOUTH CAROLINA?The arrival at New York of tbe steamer Vanderbtlt, from Port Royal, with nearly four thousand bales of aes Island cotton, has been announced in the Siar, together with a brief account of a successful demonstration made on New Year's day by the National forces against the Confederate fortlflcat on* at Port Royal Ferry, some distance above Beaufort. Letters in the New York papers give a full account of these operations, which have been misrepresented in the senthem telegraphic repots as a Federal retreat. The troth is precisely the reverse. The 8th Michigan regiment and the 79th New York, under Gen. Stevens, went up the Perry to clear out a rebel battery there which had been previously annoying our vessels and pickets, and after same skirmishing with the enemy he abandoned his fortifications and ran off to the woods. Our troops then took possession of and demolished the fortifications, and afterwards returned to their camp at Beanfort, taking the precaution to leave a small force behind them to give notice if tbe enemy should venture to return This affair took place, as above stated, on tbe 1st inst But, according to the Southern reports, there was a second and more Important fl*ht on the following day, which resulted in the advance of the Union forces to the line of the Charleston and Savannah Railroad, and taking poasesalon of one of tke stations Of this conflict we have no Intelligence by the Vanderbilt, which left Port Royal at five o'clock in the morning of the 3d lnatant Gen Stevens now holds possession of the main land, and awaits reinforcements from tbe North to proceed. At Tybee Island tbe men were still busily at work on tbe entrenchments The force on the Island consists of the 46th New York regiment and some laborers The workmen are occasionally interrupted by shota and shells from Fort Pulaski, which had fired on an average two shots daily Our men, however, had suffered no injury from them. The Demand Treasury Notes.?The bill'matured by the Committee of Ways and Means, authorizing the Issue of demand Treasury notes, provides that, for temporary purposes, the Secretary be authorized to Issue, on the credit of the United States, one hundred millions of dollara of them, bearing Interest oat payable generally without specifying any place or time of pay ment, and of such denominations as he may deem expedient, not less than five dollars each; and such notes, and all other Treasury notes, payable on demand, not bearing interest, that nave been heretofore authorized to be lsaued, shall be receivable for all debts and demands dne to the United States, and for all salaries, dues, debts, and demands owlag by the United States to individuals, corporations, and associations within tbe United States, and shall also be lawful money snd a legal tender in payment of all debts, public and private, and anail be exchangeable In sums not less than one hundred dollars at any time st their par value, at the Treasury of the United States and at tbe offices of the Aasistant Treasurers In New York, Boston, Philadelphia, St. Louis, and at the depositories in Cincinnati, for any of the alx per ceat. twenty year coupon bonds or registered bonds, which the Secretary of the Treasury Is now or may he-eafter be authorised to issue, and such treasury notes shall be received the same aa coin at their par value in payment for any bonds that may hereafter be negotiated by the Secretary of the Treasury, and such treasury notes may be Issued from time to time as tbe exigeacles of the public service may require. There shall be printed oa the back of the treasury notes which may be issued under tbe provlsiona of thla sot, the following words : "The within note Is a legal tender in payment of all debts, public snd private, aad is exchanged for tbe coupons or registered bonds of the Untied States bearing six per cent. Internet," Card tram Senator McDeagall. Astor House, New Yoek, Jan. 6,1963 ?I am advised that a quest I oa baa bean made concern log a statement made by me at Jackeonvllle, Illinois. Not having the paper making that statement before me, I can oely now repeat what I purposed ?o state at Jacksonville. What I then Intended to say was that Mr James Shields, la the fall of ia?0, stated to asa at San Francisco, California, that he approved tbe secession of the Southern (Cotton) States* that be thought tk?y b*d J oat cause far secession; that tbe South had both the will and the power to achieve success, and that It wae sound policy to favor them. If it Is aupp?sed that in discharging my official duty as Senator of the United States, in acting upon tbe nomination of Mr. Sboilda as a Br1i:<?u><-r General, 1 can be influenced by menace, I trust that all such hopes will prove unfounded. in' 1 j. a. mcDouoaljl. . , j.-tr ?- f * fjH<r a ?)0| wf? TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. I FROM EUROPE. Halifax, Jan. 8?The steamer Canada, with I dates from Liverpool to the 2vtb, and bringing I 300 BrH'sh troopa, has arrived Great suspense prevails in Europe pending the I arflVal of the steamer Africa with the response of I the American government to the British demands. I The steamship Hlbernla, which sails for Port- I land on the 2d January, takes nearly 700 troopi to 1 St. Johns, N B The steamship Africa, which sails from Liver- I pool on the 4th lnat , also takes a body of troopa J to Halifax. The ahlp Amonla, from New York for the I Clyde, was abandoned at sea December 10th. Lora Palmerston had recovered from hia recent I attack of gout. The Russian government la said to have sent a I note to Washington condemning the seizure of | Mason and Sllaell. ( The frigate Warrior haa her sails bent, and is I being kept in readiness to leave, pending theao- J lution of the American question Deputations from various religions denomlns- I tions, Including the Congregational Union and I the Baptist Union. Lave Lad an Interview with J Lord Ruseell on the subject of affhlrs with Amer- I lea. A body of trained nurses proceed at once to I Halifax Tbe Army and Navy Gazette says there Is a 1 prospect of trouble with the Selks, and that bat- I teries of artillery at Bombay, on the point of em- I barkatlon for England, had been stopped by a I pressing telegram from Bengal. In a letter written by Queen Victoria, she states I that the only consolation she can hope to find In | tbe rest of her life, under her sad and hopeless be- I reavement. Is to endeavor to carry out the wishes I and Intentions of her husband. J The cotton market r.lo?ed easier on Saturday. I Sa'es on Friday and Saturday amounted to 15,000 I bales. The Manchester market closed firm. Breadstuff's were ea?ter. Provisions closed I steady. Consols 90jfa90X. Arrival of the Steamer Bremen. N*w York, Jan 8 ?The steamer Bremen h?s i arrived, with dates from Southampton to the85th. I The London papers of the 24th published Count I Thouvenel's dispatch toM. Mercer, French Mln- I lster at Washington, on the Maaon and Slldell I case. Recruiting for the British army was going on I In earneat in England. The screw corvette Satellte and the gunboats | Sheldrake and Spider bad left for tbe southwest I coast of America. The steam frigate Orlando I would take out winter clothing for the squadron I at Halifax The screw transport Mauritius was about to I leave with 300 tons of war stores for Canada, and I a battery of 12-pounder Armstrong guns and sOO I troops The Iron frlga'e Defense has been ordered to be I ready tn sail by January 2d, for Canada. The Government has decided to form a reserve I of troops at Bermuda. The whole coast guard Is ordered to bold them- I selvn in readiness for war The London Times of the 25th says that Count I Recbberg has written dispatches to the Austrian I Minister at Washington, fully Justifying the Brit- I lsh demands in the case of the Trent, and urging I the American Government not to complicate its I own aff'tirs by any hesitation in satisfying the! just demands of tbe English Government. j Farther Saccesses of the Union Trosps la I Western Virginia. Cincinnati. Jan. 8?a special dispatch from! Hnttonsville, Va , says that Gen MUroy'e expe- I dltion, under Capt. Lacy, into Tucker county, I has also dispersed 4ihi rebels, capturing their com- I missary and n large amount of stores; also a lirst I lieutenant and a private. Four rebels were found I dead, and a large number wounded. A deta^L-1 ment of th? forces were still in hot pursuit of tbe I routed enemy. A Battle betweea tbe Rebels and a pertisa I of Gen Kelley's Army. Wheeling, Va., Jan. 8.?A special dispatch I from Cumberland savs that a detachment of Gen. I Kelley's force* left Romney and attacked the I rebels UN strong, at Bine's Gap, east of Rom-1 ney, at daylight. The rebels were completely routed, with a loss I of fifteen men killed, and two pieces of cannon, I j wagons, tents, etc., and twenty were made pris- I oners, including one commissioned officer. Fed- I era) loss none. j It is rumored here that the rebels are in full re-1 treat from Hancock. i Message of tbe Gaveraor of Pennsylvania. I Philadelphia, Jan. 8 ?The message of the I Governor of Pennsylvania to the Legislature to- I day has been received It shows a balance In the I treasury of #51.000 on the 30th of November, In- j eluding *606,000 received from the United States on account of the war expenses. I After reciting the facte relative to the call for volunteers, he states that the regiments of Pennsylvania now number 115, and that tbe total number of men now in the service is 93,573, whilst tbe number preparing for service Is 16,038; making an aggregate of 109,615, exclusive of 20,615 of the three months volunteers, now disbanded. ^ RUt tn Newfenndland. St. Johns, n f., Jan 8 ?There was an extensive rlet at Carbonear yesterday, in which some twelve or fourteen persons were shot. None were killed outright. Troops were sent from here at midnight Fire. Pittsburg, Jan. 7 ?Phillips A Best's glass works wire destroyed by fire this morning. The loss Is estimated at S25,000, on whlchjthere Is an Insurance of 910,000. Benjamin dxwolfp. No. *84 Pan. Avenue, j\ Adjoining the National Hotel, f7U WaiAington, D C, AH Keeps constant! r on band a fine assortment o GOLD AND SILVER WATCHE-. GOLD CHAINS, JEWELhY,SILVER WARE. CUTLERY SPECTACLES. OPKHA AND FIELD ULAis&ES, N. B Repairing, done by F. C. Richard, l&te from No. 1028 Chestnut street, Philaoeiphia, a skilful workman In Chronometers, fine Wa<ohee, fco. ___ de 7 lm* FOR CWR19TMA9 PKE^ENTy: AN DKERCH1 KFS, HANDKERCHIEFS, HANDKERCHIEFS !?All s^rts, ?tock now un equalled. for ladies and gentlemen?ju?t the thing for Christmas FreMbU. SON,8At E. A. Uk* A Co,'. M.rbls Hall Biittr. deao Under Brown's Hotel. S1GGERS A HENKY'S ? ASH1NGTON ANI> ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS. Leaving eaoh oity twiee a day. Orders left on slate at Gregory's Stove Store or Mnr- , tin's Franklin Hoeee, Washington. will meet with prompt attention. W B r 'rz ias-?w? 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He also keeps on band and shakes to order MATTRESSES, PILLOWS and COMFORTS, | of a'l qualities. Come and render yourselves com- | fortaoie for the winter by a very smalt outlay ol I Remember the place. deal StawSw TVJEWS?NEWS?NEWS! J.^1 JUSTOpeskd, I NEW YORK OYSTBK AND EATING SA I LOON. The unders gned be* respootfnlly to inform their I friends and tho puhlio gem-rally thatjgfc. / N I iter lave opened their estabashmentw^i fI on New York av.. near 15th st. VSe^UV I shall spare no pains to procure for our easterners the best the market can alford. Parties. families and sutlers supplied at the I shortest n >tioe. Our establishment will be opon I ^Sm^' """"'WlAN ft SWORD r|Y THE WHITE HOUSE. 1 HE Well-known White House Restaurant, on I Huh street, near the canal, in tteorge A I town, has been tefitted, and parties canTCTHby I now be aoeoiiunodated with eomfortat> e I Wvate rooms. Game. Fish, Oysters, and Ujr best I ines, Liquors, and Segars, always on hsnd. I Families furnished with Oysters as usual de7-lm A. ROD1EK. Proprietor. : IMPORTED MEATS. FISH, F RUITS, Ao.- I 1 Pati defoi Gras. Truffes, Conserve Ginge',1 Canton Ginger, Ris de Veau, Truffled Sausage, I Olive Farcies, Sardines, Anohovies in oil, Peute I Pois. Champignons, Yarmouth Herring, Anehory I Paste, Asparagus, Ao.ring ^ UURCHELL. I de 19 oorner Fifteenth st. and Vetmont av. j Look out for stormy weathf.r.I and send your orders immediately to HAMIL- I TUN, the renowned Giasier. who wil wager that I he oan glen* more lights of glass m a day than any I other man in America, ar.d as cheap. ! N. B. Large jobs of c a?ing done at great'y re- I dnced price-. Shop-S6i 7th St.. opposite Center I Market, in the rear. dels eo8W I ^ ISAAC HERZBERG. /f\ /W1 The Only Liosnsed I m % PAWNBROKER. V , *11 10,000 to be loened on Gold and Silver Watches. I Jewelry, Guns and Pistols. Silver Ware, and I Wearing Apparel?at the old stand. No. Sal CI street, back of the National Hotel, between Oi I and 6tn sta. de lfr-fim I COLUMBIA MARKET, , I Pa. ar?SM. corner Thirteenth st. The subtcriber wouid most respeoiiul'y inform I the citizens of Washington t.' a' he has returned to I his old euerter, where he intends keeping a first-I rat* market in all its hranohes, as in times gone. I He will be liappy to greet his old friends and ous- I ^rS -Goods sent free cf eharge to any part of I the city. de 13 C. MALLARD. I J TO THE LADIES! I ULES JOLLIVET. Ladies' Hairdreeser, from I Pane, just arrived, informs uie ladiee of Waah- I ington that he has opened a large (assortment of I pAlx Head Dressee, Wreaths and Hrides' Wreaths, I the most splendid ehoioe of F lowers for tireesee; I also. Gold and Chenille Nets, aillkinds of Hair I Work ; and attend to dressing adies' hair. 3D | street, between 9th and loth. de 18 lm* YWOOD AND COAL. i O0 Will surely *ei T?a?" money's worth by I oalUng at the PlONKKft MILLS, sont%wist ser I wsr cf S***nth strut mad Canal, (6EO. PAGE, I Agent.) They sell oheaper and give better measure I than any others m the ?ty?att, slut, aod deliv- I ered free of oharga. If toe hoc 11 eh eve ?i ve I tbe Pioneer Mule atna^and be satisfied. I t-Itj I WA CARD. E Are now preeated to execute all orders I promptly, having made extensive arrangements to I I increase our manufactory heavy orders havirg I dea;ed as m tteir exeeatioa. CompleteoatSta I oan now be delivered in ive days, made in the beat I style. WALL STEPHKNS A CO., de 19 tt Pean. av.. between 9th and 10th sts. I CRf?SS A BLACI^ELL-S P1NALITT1,1 Mixed Piokies, Chow Chow, Gherkins, Wa1 | sets, Spanish and Free ah Olives. Freeh Kasphsr- I sir?STk*t>? :'vr' de W oorner Vermont av^aud Fifteenth st- I Selling out below^cost to clo** THE ENTIRE BU?iNEbSj-l'ke large and fine I fbeok of Hale, Cav*. and Qenttemen'a rurnisking I SwarffHTiSi! u ?oi. I Ud Show fc. - J corner StAtkrt mj| F#'b AvTV>etween I ;dea*-?e4w "" ' and Nmbonal Hotels. I C VER Y BODY GOES TO MfilTITS, No. I fc?/asrw?yhe"ci??- 'dVSSn / QENHAL OR D ? R. Navy DntiTMin, Daoember 0, ML Tn Navy Dxpaxtxckt tu a rwdtnou lor ghipping men at each of the fo;'owing p aoea: Portamooth. New Hajrpahire Bosto* and New Bedford, Maenacbnaetta. New York. Philadelphia and Eria, Penary; van ia. I'vu.-nore, Maryland; an i Waahington, District 01 Columbia. ^eaicen. ordinary seamen and iaadamen who oan Pan* the nana! aargeon'a ciamination, by preaeatiag them eel vee a: the rendesmua neareet their reaid-noe.wita an oftetal o-rtifioate from the aity or town olerk eignifying that they are reetdea'u an 1 hare ex pre seed a drsire to leave to enlar the nary, will be received on the following term a: J , lat An allovaooe o! tires oeuU a muefor trava'.line e*?en?e?. ti. An&i'vanoe of tkrt* mortf-s to seamen and orifiaary seamen, and ofrve m<-n'h? to landsman. i ?t. permiaaion to leave an aJMment of hxl<-pay to their fauui.ea, W> oi inmencc Uie data of them an- i liat-iant 4vh. fo goon board ahip in their ordinary ciothe*. where an outfit wi.l bo fn'niahed and charted as par 11 at. being the preaeat prices, via: One pea Jacket..... ?u < One pair b.aeeJoU <rcwaera J? One blue flannel oveishiri .. 101 Two under flannel ahirta - Two paira woollen draws . i? Oae maitreea. - 49a Two blanket* 3 90 , One aeamleaa oap . 1 m One Llaok ailk handkerchief 1 ne SI 27 j The pay of petty offioera averagee ? to MS per ' moth I The pay of aeamen.......... flf per month. Do. ordinary aeainen ... 14 do. .9?- latdaaaa. u do. And food fonnd. No landsman will be allowed to take the benefit of thia regulation who haa not been f >ur montha at aea or on the lakea or nvera. , . GIDEON WELLES, de 8i-eo0t Secretary of the Nary. ' 562 ?SV?WTH STREET. 5f)l> ARMY OFFICERS AND CONTRACTORS ' TAKE NOTICE. Juat arrived M Windowaof Sash, of altaisee. aaoh aa 8, S, 4,5,6. 1,8,9, in aod It light aaah.juat the thing for barracka, and for aale eheap by H. W. HAMILTON. Arent for Northern Maan facta rare, No. 6B9 7f* <yro. Cut-.r Mark t and m tki rtmr ' "/ Mvet's Wine, Liquor and Cigar Btort. de 16 eo2W < L Towns. J. M. Towim. J.D. Towim. I L. TOWERS A. CO? STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ES- 1 TABL1SHMENT. Comer Louisiana avenue and Sixth U. The attention of the bu?in?aa oommamty ia reapeoUallv invited to the New Book aid Job Printing Establishment, which haa been fitted up with new material, in the moat oompiete n.anner. ia now I prepared to execute, in a satisfactory atyle, every variety of Printing, via: j Booka. Speeohea. Pamphleta, Carda, Ciroulara, , Sut rrs' Blanka, fco .Ac. The attention of membera of Congreaa ia cepacia' y requested for our faeilitiea for printing Speeches, aa we have tne largest ateam power ia I the city. de7-law6m < r n i v a t e. PRIVATE. PRIVATE. ] DR. LA BONTA Curea all V-nenal Dif^aeee permanent'y and auickiy, witUout the useof diaguatinc or poiaonoua drug* of aaT kind. So ditfaug or iuus ioteuce with buaineaa. Coanmllena free. It 18 ?aymg quite enongh in ita favor, wher I aay that my practice is thai which ia in uae 11. all the New York city boejutala. New Vork City Couese and Hoapital Teatimoniala iurmahed. Ladies wr.h White* and Diaeaaeaot tie Wcmti oured and saved a coaacmptive'a grave by my treatment. There ia nothing cfensiri or ditatrttab'.e in any part of tbo treatment. All cure* warractad. or money reftr ded. CommuDioationa in writing, with return ttamp, I promptly attended to. Medioiaea for travelera and othera packed, with fall instruction for nee, and warrantee. O?oe? Roor" No. 8 Wa?> mgto" Building, Penn. aveuae aud SevaLtli at., Waahiagton, D. C. de?-lr l I SEALED PROPOSALS Are invited till the 1"tn ' day of January. I8S2 at 12 o'clock in., i >r aup- I ?ing the (iovernnient with BEEF TATTLE. 1 e Catt e to be delivered at Harriaburg. '"hafi berabnrc, or V'ork, ha , aa a >on after the 16th oay of March, 1862, a? the?iovernm?rt may direct The (joven nient will reoeive under thia oontrart 4 oni heal, and reaerve the right to call for any addition a1? umber up to lo.noo. Each lot of Caitie delivered aha!! average at leaat 1 pounds groaa weight; and no animal will be received winch we gha leaa than l.noo pounda groa? weight. Goverament reaervea to ltaelf the right to pay in Treasury notea, and to ?eject any hid for any cause. So bid will be entertained unieaa the bidder ia preeent to respond. The Nda to be directed to Maj. A. BECK W TH, C.8. U. S. A., Washington, D. C , and endoraad "Propoaala for Beef." Fokm ov Bid. I, A B, do herebr propoae to deliver to the Gov- 1 ernment good Beef Catt e on the hoof for per hundred pounda groaa weight The Cattle to be delivered at . according to the terms of the enc.mert advertia^ment. The Cattle to he weighed 1 on the acalea.and theweichtao determined to be the atircnaae weight. 1 hereby agree to give a good and sufficient bond for the falli! latent of the 1 contract, and to receive Treasury notoa or other Government landa in payment for the Cattle. de 24 td 1^OK HOLIDAY PRESENTS-C.oaks.Shawie, r " M Si!ka, ^1 k Robaa 14 fine Dre?a Good a " M " Lace Seta, fine H " K m b r o ideriaa, 44 ' Embroidered ** M Qollara. Kmroi" " dared Bandker" * M cniafa. Medium .JJ M ilr?i6c da,low " " * price Jren M " * Goods, all other * 44 kinds Dry Go di at onr'proverbially loir prieea, marked m plain figurea. One priee only. An mapeotiou of atook impliea no ob'igabon to purchase. PERRY * URO., Penn.avenae and Ninth ?t., de 14-2?>t ,4>Jerry Bui ding." SOMETHING NEW?SUP EH IO K HULLED CORN ? The subscriber, having got the agency to aupply Washington and Georgetown with thia d??.ioate preparation of Corn, would reapeotfully aak of hia frienda. and the public at large, to give it a trial. Alao, Popped Corn, alain and sugared WM. BRmOLY, Agent, Pa. avenue, between 18th and 19th eta. N, B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantlea. Monument?, Table Topa, fro. A large aaaortmer.t aiwaya on hand. oc ;i Sw CLOAKS! CLOAKS.'! CLOAKS!!! We have at laat reoeived the la ge aaeortmeat of baautifal aty e Sleeve rtloaka. in Beaver. Traoo and French Clotha. Ladiea wi'l plea*e oall e*rty. TAYLOR A HUTCHISON, de 14-eot No. 48 Center Market Space. Heavy wool bose. shirts and DRAWERS, and ARMY SHIRTS, at S?4 Pa avenae, baok room; or Mi D atreet, between 9th and Iftth de 4 tf A LL KINDS OF FANCY GROCERIES AND. A SutiflPb Goods on hand and for aale low by BROWNING A KEATING. de 4 Stawtf MS Pa. avenue, near 6th at. Jl^XS?msS VAWIft ?gf.'7JS2 old, warranted. Also, prune Monongahala Whiakiea for aale at 353 Pa. avenae. bv de 4 Stawtf BROWNING A KEATING. Ohio wines AND BRANDIES. Having reoeived aoonaignment of Zimanranas t Ce.'a Cincinnati Ohio Catawba Wiaaeacd Bran aiea ; we therefore offer to Drmggiata, Grooera. Hotel and Saloon Keepers, Ac , DRY CATAWBA IVINE. Light and Stroag?the forma* la boxea for table aee, and the latter ia half-barrela for mixing aad cooking purpoaee3W V ET CATAWBA OR LADIES' WINE, ia barrela and ha f-bikireia, for tahlr aee a vary aupenor article for tAe holidaya. j CATAWBA BRANDY, I """^gaSiESL1"1 ? ?BUY FOR A HOLIDAY PRESENT a a?r op LADIES' DRESS FURS, R. H. STINEMETZ, deQ-t)?fll tM Pa. av.. near corner l?th at. 1 CHEESE, ?H K E*> :-New York Oreaaa . Cheese, Wiltahire do.; Hamncrsb da.: Bap Sago Gnoeta do^ Pataiaeaado v,n a pa a ^n3aSFSwsS& . 1 0 THE WftfcKLt HTAR. aa Friday morale*. **T U *"hUrt? Jln*l# copy, pw um *1 M (MMa, 9 9B HtmrtaMytNiitiithr"W?MMtia Neva' ttal kn moAc T%t DnUy Enomtng Stm cl tenia* ID reacraUy UmiirkMl Um omatry crsivl* (la *iu?mi| rutem. cared at Um omuIr, lmmiamy mtkn thi In. of tAe paper Prtoa-THREE CENTS uklmbold's eBNuurc preparation. M mhly concentrated* Compound Fluid Extract Bmohu, A fwthw ?U 9?tc\JU Bt?if . Far Dimum ?f um BLADDER R1DN E VS. GRAVEL, iM DROPSICAL SWELLINGS TJt:i MacUoim Inoreaeae Um rower of r"~ - tea excitne the tuonriTi latn *-' ?*T .? . r " by which the wiTnioi cucbxoca deeo^oca vnd m l rw*u?>i Muiinun iri rfflnj' M Well M fAI!f ARB INF! AVKATIOII. ' HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV For \V*tnM?M Attond*d with til Followi?# itimytean ; [ OfM^oato EBBrtM*. U>mof Povf. v^NSST- ofTR^;2* Horror of pieeaaa, " -L-fi im' Ptmneee of Vision, Pais lb th? * raiAip romiiiinn. Tneee II a laved to go ni, waieh Um medicine m vanatly rmom, eoon foilowt IMPOTENCY.FATUITY. EPILEPTIC FIT8, M 01u of wkici Ui Potitnt my Eoytr* I Wh.?. *T th*t they in not fo* lowed by thoae "MllfTL PlUBAtBe." " INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Mibt are aware of the oaaee of their eafariac, but Ron will roiirue. rHK RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And Ik* Xtlonrkoly Dooukt t>? Omimwum, xax i*n,i wiTi**?e ro rn ticti or tsi AHMM "" ^.NAT,JiGTiWc?v?^AESf.CT,B require# the aid of aiedioiae to etreocthen * ad Itviforate Um Syetaa which HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCUU w?en?Jt4?M a taial will re*vines raa hoct mrriciL FEMALES? FEMALES-FEMALES, 3LD 88A^%TS??Mtti^ In Mo?y ^ficttMi fmlw to F'moUt the Extract bttc um la BDMMli?d by aa; other remedy, aa id ChloroeM or ReteoUoa, lrr<fu.anty Paialalneea. or Sayrreaeion of Cuetowiary Evao uatiuLe. l ioerated or Sclnrrova state of the Uterae, l-uoorrhea or Whitea. Sterility, and for all ocnirlfcii te incident to the ee?. whether artauM Iron Indieereuon. Habiu of Iheetpatiom, or IB the DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! aa eiMPToMe abovb. NO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT. Tmki no men finhnm, Mtrrmrf, or Deylnwal Mtdxttn* for CnfUotomt ond Oomg*r out Ditonooo. HELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCHU caaaa SECRET DISEASES In ait taetr Sta?ee; At little Exrene* LiUie o; no cnauge t> Diet; No iDoonvanietMo And no hxrotm*. It oa.uera a fr^n nt de%ir? and givee etrencth to Urinate, tue. eij Removing ?< oetruotioLB, Prevents.j aua Curios Stnoturee of the I'reSaa. Allaying rain and Inflanuaaaotr. eo frequent in the claee of diexaaee, auo ex^e tm( oAi Potsonouf, Dxf?itd, ond wor% o*t tin*. thousands rros tmockarim WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACE8. And who have raid ktooyj?i to be oared ia a abort Line, have found they were drceived. aad that Um "roiaoN" hae. by th# nve mrwiieir been dried up in the ajatom, to break oat ia aa ariravated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MA/lRlAtrM, Vae HELMBOLD*S EXTRACT BBOSS all aneoL?ua ani dieeaa?<e of the urinary organs, whether exietinc la mali or rbiralb, from whatever oaaee oncinatuu aad no matter of how long standing Diaeaeee of theee Orrans require the aid of a Dr rarric. HELMBOLD S EXTRAC1 BUCHV IB THE GREAT DIURETIC. ipd it la certain to have the deeirad effeot ta Diaeaeee/er w??ca W u ruommondod. TiBaflca or raa hoit aaapoattau an aw LiAXLa cxAEAcraa wi'I^vooomracy the medicmea. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. From B to V year*' atanc tai WUh AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE." wi a ax a "so bbcebt ' or "lasamDiaara." HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU m oomroeed of Baeha, Ca^eba aad J ameer Berriaa. aaleoted with rraat care by a oomretect dracciat. PREPARED IN TACVO. BT H. T. HELMBOLD, Practical aad Analytical Chernial, aad Sole Mas ufacturer of hilmbolds eiKuun prep ajlatiohb AFFIDAVIT. r?agsrts betas daiy ewcrn.Uotn ray. hie ^reearatiur.e eoatain no narcotic, no mereary.or other imtmrmmm UELHPULD. tFirnftvii*'" Aldenaan, Ninth et.. above Raee, philk PHYSICIANS IB ATTENDANCE FROM b A. M TO * P. M. Price SI par BatUa, er aix ler |4. |Dyveirad to aay addraaa. eeearWy paakad trom Diml m South Tenth aC, balew Chaataat Pklla bewajie or covirvftirsm AND VMPRINOIPLMD DEALERS wn^vsj:?vtfet&russ g* u m Rmtroot Bmoka, u JaraapardHa, a ? JiiBpi i i?ii *? wma . Bold by S. B. Warn, * P. H*a?? *mm W i lxv , 8. C. Foaa, B^Bfcrrwim a. B C,* H Ajoa. D. B. CLAU, Earrnmx b h>B?Ba. A. \AND dLL DM 9&HISTS iniftllR*. TAJlI WO OflDL M AJU> AVOLBlMPOCITKiro ai R*Pl*WR* Hy^ ' ' * \ *

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