Newspaper of Evening Star, January 9, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1862 Page 2
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THR FVF.NiNf; STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: * WFDNESOAY JANUARY 9, IS??. IL^TWogb Tm 5taji to printed on tba foateat *?*xn mm la om tooth of Baltimore. ito edition la ao large u to require H to be put to preaa at an early hoar: iau, therefore, ahould be ent la before IS o'clock otherwise they may may not appear until the next day. On Fiiuim at th? nrlou military cam pa and poaltlona will eoarfsr a favor by keeplag ua poated as to movemeata aad aflbtra la their Tlelalttea. Spirit of the Morwiaf Preaa. The I?ttllig?me*r rerlewi the Inataneaa of Brit, iah arjrreaalon upon Amerlcaa commerce and elxure of men on board our Teaela. Tbe Republican ir|(uei that by the extinction of slavery we would have made England onr friend. Their Ltil Move. We need hardly call public attention to the fact that the "Oawardto Richmond" party In and out of CongTea are retorting to every conceivable ex* pedlent to tarn tbe current war Into simply a cru* mde against slavery, tbe end and aim of their revolutionary labor* of tho last quarter of a century, which gave the oligarchy their Opportunity. Their ery of "Onward to Richmond," previous to the battle of Bulf Run. was dealened for the moot part to reader the country dissatisfied with (he measures and policy of General Scott, that looked to delaying Important movements until the war resources of the United States could be so gathered and prepared as to annihilate the rebellion past per adventnre, with a series of simultaneous overwhelming blows In all assailable q uarters. They do not want the rebellion crushed and the Union restored under the Constitution as it stood when the war broke out They prefer a divided Union, to a restoration of the U. 8 Government over the South with the continued existence of slavery there. Their grand aim is to reunite the South, free the neeroes. and hold the territory If they can, wholly by force of arm*. They rained the Inopportune cry of "Onward to Richmond" to drive Scott from hia position at the head of the army, as the great obstacle to turning the war into a naked crusade against .ttatirjf. They Justified and defended the frauds and in nuiwus Lvrruptivu iu iuc puvuc ?cr*icf ur.u^r Fremont, only because in the matter of abasing the Constitution and revolutionizing the Government, h? bade fair to be their willing instrument They fcnve Induced his call to this city to operate through the Immunity of an Irresponsible congreaalonal committee, that he may thus scatter broadcast through official channels, every false accusation against the Government and its military policy he o? either of his well-known California cabal or any of his host of red republican abolition co-worker? may pleaae to originate The -oles and articles of war in thia and every etkas laoil at*4<*t1u fnrKi*4 kim #mm V1UVI IBUU 9MIVUJ IV1VIU UIIU IIU1II UtlU^ a poi Iy to any such conspiracy against the Government and the I nion So, the shield of the irrespcnslblllty of a congressional committee s action la of course sought for him It Is not designed really to Investigate into the conduct of the war in Missouri; for none otbers but those deeply Involved with Fremont have been summoned here to testify concerning It The evidence of those who notoriously are able to prove his utter unfitness far military command, and the fact that his surroundings nsed him most shamefully for the robbery of the United States Treasury, is not sought. He is bronght here simply to frames plausible indictment against the Government, to be used to the end of forcing It to bow to their purpose of creating red republican revolution throughout the loyal S?a*fla. Gen MeClellan. too, stands firmly in their path, k and they are beginning to hound him with "OnI ward to Richmond" cries, that they may, If possible, depoae him from hta position at the head of the Army. Already they are, In private conversation a ad in their newspapers, demanding his displacement, and the elevation of Jim Lane, or some other such soldier or statesman; Fremont being evidently played out as a military commander. In the House of Repreaen tat Ives they have wised upon Gen MeClellan s reply to their resolution, as an excuse for raising a cry for his removal. That resolution wa< evidently conceived only to the end of producing dissensions in the army and distrust of the army on tbe part of tbe country Hl? reply to it wan, virtually, that, In his judgment, the tuillUiy exigencies of tbe Government made it his duty to decline lending himself to tbe work of defeating bia own measure* for the suppression of tbe oligarchic rebel* lion, by at tbla time getting up (in the service)! criminations and recriminations concerning tbe responsibility for a past disaster I'nlen the majority of the House are utterly witlcas men, they knew well, as everybody else knows, that Gen. McClellan long since thoroughly Investigated the Ball's Bluff affair, and tUat having tbus investigated it, he also lone since declared bia declension to stir tbe matter by further official publications concerning It, as being likely to develop keys to bis military plans, that must be be kept secret to Insure their success; and also as tending to generate dissensions among the officers and men of bis army, that must be kept harmo. nlous If any hope of quelling the rebellion be longer indulged. All the world (but the Houite of Representatives) knew these facts?all the world. Now, Is It not plain that the resolution in question was gotten up for the distinct purpose of setting the army and country by the ears, that General McClellan might be driven from the service?that a vent bole might thua be made (out of hla expected answer) through which red republican abolitlonlam may beat the air with tunning clamor for hia removal, auch as the New York Evening Pott already blurta forth, and aa the Trtbmu will blurt forth, in a few days, at furthest? Rbcvttios at thi Wuiti Hocai?The second evening reception of President Lincoln was attended by an immense throng last night, crowding the East Room beyond comfort, and blocking up the halls and vestibule completely, many orlng enable to effect an entrance into th? ? r tion room President Lincoln appeared In bis mhI health, though a little careworn, aa well he Ight. Tbo Cabinet, Foreign Legations, Senate, House at Representatives, and Army were well repre?tsd. especially the Utter, shoulder straps predominating la every apartment Among the distinguished officers present was General Shields, recently arrived from California. Not s little stir was occasioned by the rumor that Gen. Scott had arrUad la town and would be la attendance, ?> n?inw| uini i late boar expecting his appnrucc. IP" We leern from the New York papers that Lewla Gay lord Clark, who, with the November number, withdrew from all connection with the Mmicbtr^ektr M+gmxtnt, of which he was sole editor for more than twenty-Are years, will as ume. on the 1st of March next, the editorship of Clerk'i K*t*ktrb?fk4T Mage sum, to be published on mw type, with the old page and vignette, and 11 Ur cover restored, at the reduced price at fi per year. Tbts will be welcome news to the pabMc,aad we are glad to learn that all the old eSSMbotM Will rail* ?* *' " " fhrorlte editor Ctmrk'i Kmtcktrbotkwr, like the old monthly ?b*o It ?n under hla editorial management. W1U be kept utterly free from poll?<* Pn?onalb ?Secretary Welle*, Hon Horace fir?if, and arwral ottef promt nent personage* vMM the im?I printing establishment, Willi*? iMtll, Eaq., apeclal correapondm if Om !. < TImi, te BOW It the New York loW, anftrlng ftom an attack of typhoid TW ttw4? at C?1 WiiitU , raeanUjr la cotn Ud of th* nth N?w York re^lmaat, wlU be paiaed to Uam Jhai be baa b*w> ^aa*erou?ly ill TeoacMllM at tia luaga, at hU rOkOw, No^34w 1<Mf4ffal, tk* friand* of G?o tfclald* will .complluwvt kinky a wili, at tlM tyavadoaHa*? OFR W1MTA RT BTPflET. (IXIIiL irtKltDt'l BXPIDITION. Hnr Im 1 la that (iMAril Rnpfiflliffl Mill to-day from Annapolis, with the greater portion of hia expedition, now assembled there; tad that Lieut. Col. Hodaon yesterday bore to him, from headquarters here, the sealed erdeta under which he is to act. In addition to the force assembled and for months past drilled at Annapolis, It is plain to us that he will be joined by others, making the entire expedition, It may be, fifty thousand strong. tbi robbian itsiami. The good condition In camp af the foreign regiments In the army of the Potomac has been object of frequent remark. Among these, the Garibaldi Guard, recruited in the city of New York, and composed of the representatives of a dozen distinct nationalities, la one of the most noticeable. The health of the men Is remarkable. Up to the present date no hospital has been needed, and there has been less sickness In the regiment than in any other In the service. The men are hale, hearty, and in buoyant spirits, only eager to meet the enemy at the earliest possibly moment. The camp of the Garibaldi Guard abounds in the evidences of the exDerlencr and thoughtfulnesa of Colonel D'U tasty and bit fellowoAcera. Trained In the military bablta of Enrope, and enttauaiaatlc in their devotion to the regiment, they are unceasing in their provision for the comfort and convenience of the men By day and by night the mercurial Colonel la abaorbed In camp duties The provisions supplied the men, the arrangement of the tents, the enforcement of the necessary rulea and regulation*, are ail his constant and personal care There may be something of parade which Is noi nmmar 10 me American <>mceT, in the Garibaldi camp, but it is not to be found fault with when ofl'set by ao much of genuine and intelligent devotion to the loldiera' welfare as ia shown by the gallant officers. VVe are pleaded that such a regiment, wholly made up of adopted citizens, many of them scarcely able to apeak our tongue, is in the service. We need hardly pronounce it, and Blenker'a entire diviaion, an ornament to the service. When the advance is made, seceah will find our foreign-born regiments inspired with true loyalty and dauntlesa courage, among the most formidable combatants In the Union ranks. KERRIGAN COURT MARTIAL. Tbe cue of the prosecution having ended, the evidence of the defence commenced yesterday. Wm H. Clampit, a resident of Washington, but wUote family resided on Mason's Hill, was the tirst witness called for the defence. He and bis son were allowed by Col. Kerrigan to pass through the lines, upon the urgent representation that hisdaughter was very ill, and perhaps might; not live Mr. Clampit, who appreciated Col K errlgan'ik ktndn^sn, invited him to dinner the | next aav. which was Sunday t'cl. Kerrigan took both their passes from them, but promised to return them, upon application to headquarters on Monday. On Sunday, bowevsr, the rebels took possession of Mason's Bill, and Mr Clamplt was obliged to make a precipitate escape Hisson, John W. Clamplt, a clerk In the Interior Department, corroborated the testimony. Capt Shaw was Introduced to identify Mr. Clamplt, as to whether be was the same person i who had passed through the lines without a pan I He was unable to do to, although the witness I positively Identified Shaw as ?he man who had I -a a (oppcu iaeui. AN INLAND >AVAL KECC\:;0IS8A!fCE Commodore Foote telegraphs the Navy Department, that yesterday be made a reconnoissance from Cairo, In tbe gun b^t E?sex, Capt. Porter, accompanied bv tbe gun-boats Taylor and Lexington, Captains Walker and Shirk, and Colonel Webster, of the Engineer Corps They proceeded down tbe Mlsstgslppi to within range of tbe se~ ce*ta batteries at Columbus. While reconnolter Ing tbe latter, one of the submarine batteries or obstacles planted In tbe channel by tbe rebels, was discovered, which did no barm. From the # * 4k.? n J * " * i?i ii?i v/ouiiiioaore r ooie iayi nouung about an engagement, great or small, we Infer that powder la very acarce at Columbua, otberwlae tbe batter, ie* there would have been 11 kelv to have opened on bis gun-boata SAVT TARl). The Kin# Philip came up from the flotilla yetterday afternoon, but brings no newa of Interest Affair* are unchanged In ths lower Potomac The Ice on the flat* opposite the Navy Yard U lour or nve incites thick. but the King Philip, with her armor. keeps the channel open. She la this rooming taking on board a superb rifled gun?an -u-pounder, lately finished and tested here?for the Penaacola A number of heavy gun castings are da'ly received per railroad, and the work of boring and rifling them goes on rapidly. Aa fast as finished, they are properly tested as to strength and accu. racy. A 1IW DflMI icw uwi.n>, wuu pit-aa mai mey Knew no better, of courae, have been telling the fuel they drew as auppllea to which they are entitled ' The (luartermaater'a Department areafler them " with harp aticka," of courae col. hakla* removed. Col. Harlan of the Eleventh Pennsylvania Cavalry, baa been removed from the aervice. Money Matter* is New You.-From yesterday evening'a New York papers we make up the following concerning monetary affairs : United States aecuritiea are dull, but toward! the close we notice aome Improvement Forth? coupon Uvea of 1874 78 ia bid'. These were offered yt?aterdav at 77 without finding buyers For the reentered sixes of 188187 1a bid, which la also better. Gold is irregular, but higher, and may be quoted at 3?3^ premium, while even higher raUa are named. The aalea are in small sums generally to broker*, and a leading uncurrent money h"use haa not paid over 2^ during the day, and obtained a considerable sum, which wan at once resold at 3 Leading dealinga are not free buyers, the rise being wholly inexplicable. | Wall street la expectant and feverish oendlnsr the action of Ccngreea on the new financial poll-1 cy of the government Frarn are entertained that the Tax bill will not be as stringent a* the emer- j gency call* for, benee the rapid rise In price of gold and foreign exchange. There la nothing new stirring at the Sub-Treasury. General business proceeds harmoniously, the demand notes being in much better favor. These notes are wanted by the banks to meet the Installments on the new loan. NOTICE ?A meeting of the Fenian BrothVLs erhood will be held at Patrick Niohols* Hotel.on nextfUNDAY EVENING.at7o'olook. All former aaembers who are anxious for the oaase are earnestly invited to attend. By order of the President. -5Z? THQ8- J PHILLIPS. B?o. rr^?THE FAIR OF THE LADIES OF 8T. Aloya ua Church. whioh iu ao undly patronized daring this week, will, bf rfaneat, be Ifttmnad wxt week til) iHUjtSDAY Et'fc-. ?SVL'u4Jr,o9thi whe.B 11 *1'I f?? oonalnded j .?FeaMraj. Pleaae notioo Epiphany Featival is poatponed to rJT?'ng _ Mu,,0? ?otertainmenta and v I vwiing it school rooms of 8t WfJ Churoh, oorner ?f North Cat i tot ud 1 0 M *"e,tl,r?l for the par >ohiai . ja 4 5t* J?g?NOTlCE TO TAX PAYERS. CoLLirTOE'a Orrici, i N?,?. .. . Wash.ngtim. Dtt$mh?r ui, 1861 < # . ?,r?" persona in arraara rorjaxea, whether raa, special, or annual tax. that UDimmm thm um? > miw # t "fT __ rw.~ ?. > uwun imura ID* III day of Kebraarr Mxt the prop?rtr on whioh the tu la da* will then b* adY*iUe*d ?u4 sold, a* th* law direct^.. Thoa* who with to th* heavy expenee of edveiUaing will flea** pa; within the time apeoit*d. William dixonT d* *4-eotFebl Colieotor. ||f MAYORS OFFICK, IL Sf W*bhi5?ton, J an nary 4,1M3. raraoaa d**iro**of beiuc vaooiuated fr*e ot exmd*< will b* attended to by ealliqc tpos cither of the Miowin named Ward Fhynoiana: Kuat Werd OLariee MrCormio*. M. 1) , Nine te?nth atreet,between I street and PennayWai.ia aveone ^oond Ward?J. W. H. Lorajoy, M. D., eoraer and Twelfth aw eta Third Ward?8. M De e, M D., L atreec between Nin'h and Tenth Ki/U,?SreeiVa,<1'~ ?<>?* d. M. D., No. 36? wbwsk^ ' i ' *' J >- . * CONGRESSIONAL. XXXTilth CONeKEI?-?cfn4 SfMba. fniTi.?Yesterday afternoon? The bill to Increaae the number of cadets at the Wert Point Military Academy.was discussed and rejected?yeas IS, nay* 25. After the consideration of the bill to prevent and punish frauds upon the Treasury, the Senate adjourned. Housx.?Wb'B our report eloeed yesterday? The House, In Committee of the Whole on the Civil Appropriation bill, discussed and left It with other unfinished business fTbe bill proposes a total appropriation of SI.891.?44 *4, divided as follows: Coast survey, S501 000; Lighthouse establishment, S?9S)1U6 S3; for the coasts of California, Oregon and Washington, S232.183 i0; Government Hospital for the Insane, S47,600; Patent Ofllce, S70.000; Exploring Expedition, *4.000; Botanic Garden, S8.C00 50; Survey of the public unds, SIS,000: Generalities, 8121,253 ] The subject of the Mason and Slldell surrender vu again taken up Mr Dixon, of N. Y.,thonght if the British government desirtd a war with the United States ahe could find pretext enough. Years bene* nobody will feel the hnmliiation that may attach itself to this question. Years hence, and ws may have occasion to cite this very case as a precedent. And in inch an event, we can appeal to the present example we have made. Mr Kelly, of Pa , said he In common voted with the whole House the other day, in voting a vote of thanka to Capt. Wilkes. He knew since then that the four prisoners that were captured had been surrendered, yet he did not regret that vote, for It was well given. Capt. Wilkes was an officer of our Navy; a Navy, alas, too often dishonored by Its officers. Cspt. Wilkes taw what he conrelved tn h? Hnl? ivitk?n( i?t? -- ? J " I >UUU WIKIU^ I U W consideration what personal circumstances It might Involve, bnt he conceived It to be his duty to arrest these rebels, and he performed it. The s?ecretary of the Navy had approved of the act, but admonished the actor. This must be considered as a precedent In the future for a surrender of a vessel under like circumstances The gentleman from Ohio seemed to be eager for a war with England. He would say to tnat gentleman that war was the most direful calamity that could befall a nation. It was the most expensive game that kings could play at; that in wuicu ii auojecu were wiie xney wouia ?eiQom allow them to engage* He contended that we are maintaining at a great expense an army of lome six rr seven hundred thousand men who were acting only as a police force to prevent the escape of the negroes from the rebel service, whom iDev were employing on work* of entrenchment as well as to bear arms. The men of our army were engaged In the hard work digging trenches when the rebel property were wlRlng to do this work If they could only receive something for It. Before we reach a victory we will reach a bankruptcy, for we are to day flooding the country with irredeemable circulation. Mr R Conkling, from the Committee on the DUtrict of Columbia, reported tbe following resolution, which w&* adopted: Resolved, That the Secretary of War be directed to detail aoine officer to confer with the Mayor of this city in order to effect the removal of tbe dead horses which ure lying unburled within and without tbe corporation limits. Adjournrd jnn _ . coal-coal-coal: xUU TONS of very superior Cumberland Coal for tale at in >ierate prions. Inquire a? BOUClihK'S Wood Yard. Offioe at the 2! brides on th* Canal ??st of th? IVlnrkpt Mniifitft ? 1 Cn B\RRELS EXTRA FLOUR. I JJ I 45/> hoi'i CHEEfeE, l'ti firkins New York Mate BUTTER, 26 barrels and firkins BOOL BUTTKR. 20 do DF1K|? APPLES, 50 boxes RAISINS. Just received and for sale hv O. VV. AN6ELL. ja 9 2w* No. 55 Louisiana avenue. Oysters! Oysters! THE OVERLANDOYSTEREXPRESS COMPANY Still continue to reneive dai y those famous planted PATUXENT RIVER OYSTERS. ^ Restaurants and private fami!u?fl^^o /_J would do well to oatl aid try them. wflU# Those oyaters are sold 36 hours after they come from the wat*r. Office No. 49 Market Space, below the Avenue House. ja?3ra QUQ JOHNSON Jt NAOLK. Clon mroiTiu or SO?^ WINES. LIQUOKS.HiVAyj CIGARS. F1NB OROCttRl AS, *e.. No. 8"9 Pa, avenue, between 9th tnd 10th atreeta, Waahington, D. C. No. 10 Roral't, near King, Alexandria, Va. Bole ArenU for the HPARKUNG HOCK and MOBKLI.K WINKS of the Hookhein Joint Stook Co., in Hookheim on the Rhine. Cona'antlv on hand their celebrated SjtarLling HoeJk and Moselle Cabinet Wine*. Cotnoitaean are reapeotfully muted to (ire a* a oai;. ja 8 I'WBUMiKRS AM) DEALERS IN ARMY 1 AND NAVY GOODS. ino oa?e? of Ion* grain Cava'ry Boots, which w? off r below th? lowest New York prioes; it will be to the interest of all Dealers to eximine our stock before purchasing ? ... , Also, a large assortment of all other kinds of Boots and Shoes.suitable for Ladies,' Gentlemen, and Children- ?r>out half price 1 Jon doien Woolen *hirH, Draws. Glr>ves,Sooks, and Comforu, with a larse assortment of S??p*n ders, Gauntlets, Legens, Night Caps. Haverlocks, Far Collars, Ac DUnW.i. tl-iT. l _ in-* ? " D dftoisi Dcn&iu noofi, no'M uovirit with a full assortment Fanoy Goods, Inkstands, Portmnnaie*. Pens and Ink, Pap*r, Env^lopss, Portfolios, Memoranda*. Facoy Soaps. Cutlery, Hardware, Pistols, Bowie Kmvea, Pistol Ca?s Ac. Also, Sweet Cider, Apples, Odious, Nuts, Dates, Raisins, Figs, Ourrants, all kinds of Candy, and Sweet meats For sale bv MARSHALL A PACK, Commission Merobants, SOU Seventh rt., ia8 3t at very reduoed prioes. jy| U S I C SIMPLIFIED! New Method of Musieai Education. Mr ALEXANDEH WOI.OWSKI, PIANIST AND COMPOBKI, Honorary member of the principal Priiharn.onic SuoirUe* of fcurope, eto , hat arrived from New York, and open* a oon**e of lesa >na by hta extraordinary method, which haasr- duoed the gr?ateat aen ation it Kurope and lately in Amerioa.for SinctOK and Piano Fort*. Br Mr Wilowaki'a methi d a peraon haviox on'y a aiifht knowledge ol mna'.o will be enabled in a very short time to read musie with great facility, and at ths ssms time sxeonte Operatio as we1! as Classioa' Muaio with a rare per eotion end m^e them aMe t > aooompaoy themselves from ev^ key by a mw ii i are a ui uarmon* . AllOlRt VOMI part, by HIS w\j of vooalisa ioa, he arr vea at m>at extraor dtnary reaulta, renders the voioe powerful, a> d the in?er ia enabled to ?ooalise the moat difficot Parnate* with great facility, aocoraoy. at.d fine quality ? f tore. Mr. W wi'l begin hia o arae of leaaona immediately in Wa-hmrto-?, and all persona who dealre to beoome fine aiDf era or exor 1 lei t rerformera oan apply at liia re?idenoe. No. 4*9 Haventh atreet, between K and F atreeta from 10 to 12 a. m? daiiT. Children above 12 years of age are aooepted. Loot a re a at seminaries attended to on liberal terms. jat lw Oculist and Aurlst. DR F. A. VON MOSCHZISKER, From Clinton Plaoe, New York, has arrived in tte city and op?r.ed hi* offices at No. 8 MISSOURI AVENUE, where he o?n be oooanlted on Maladies of the EYE AND EAR ic^uirini inouiufti sau nr|!OAI (TfllVWDl* Dr. Von Mohcrzipkh is the inventor and introducer into the medical praotioe of the EPHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate oases of DEAFNESS AHD NOISES IN THE HEAD He is also author of the letters published the New York and Philadelphia papers imtiuc on ?? fTBTennon of DEAFNESS FKOM THE FIRING OF CAN. NON, ft. Dr. Von M hM tor tne p&at fourteen rttri devoted his ipeoial attention to the TREATMENTOFTHE EYE AND EAR.

And pmnnh the testimonial* of torn* ot the beet known publio mm in the Union who h*vo been mut tuooeafuliy treated by hi* for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. Amonpt his letter* mty be found the following stain: Hon*. O Pugh end John Molxan ; Rev 6- 'J. Mullen, Major C. L. Rilbarn, U. S. Army ? Right Rer. B:?hop tileae ; George Gordon, Em.' Clarendon Hotel. New York ; Robert Ba-.e, Eh * President of the Good has P. I. Company, New Yo*k ; Robert Glover, Km . Direotor rf the Na non?i BUI Not? ConH"T, Now York ; G. B Lamar, Km., Proudest Buk of the Koviblio', Nov York ; ud many other?, amoncat vhteh wo medioal mea of vol! kaovn ropataiion. Theee letter may bo examined at kia ofioe, % No Miaaow Av*jrc* Patior ta wtahinc their fhaiily phyreiantOMoompiny them t> witnaee operationa or for the niyw* OI oon?uit%u?n are at liberty to brine t: em. Mf dioal ana will be U all tine* veleoaed to witaeee Dr. Von M '? operations, aa4 eiwlM owe r f the luetramtnt* ke tea lstrodeeed for to* feeilitatton of Oftoalaie aad Aeral Variety. Arti ftetai Eye laeert*d without otaaing My tola to the yeti?nt. OAo* ho ere from B a. m. to S p. m. Mil iron 3 to ?. a. to la V 0 ? __ TELEGRAPHIC, Frta MliHirl. St Lock, Jib. 7 ?In consequence of disproportionate lueiimenta having been madf on tbe aeceaalonlata of thla city, ander Order No M,Gen. Hal lock hat appolatod a new board at aaseaauia to revise the old list and make soeh thanres a* they mav|dwn proper All other proceed lnga will be In accordance with the original order, tad the board are enjoined toaaaeea no individual unjaatly, aa there will be no farther appeal from their decision There it no doubt that Win. A. Hall la elected to Congreaa from the third and Tfcomaa S Price from the fifth district. Bkdalia, Mo., Jan. 7.?An ezpreaa roeaaenger from Col. Nugent'a regiment, atattoned at \Veat Point, in Batea county, arrived here yesterday evening, on hia way to St. Louta, with Important lliMmtl >!* tA r.nvarnnf <U?nKU U. YmM county od Friday, and reports that Col. Jena toon bad burned the Tillage or Austin, In Caaa county, Instead of Rom Hill. Jenntaon, afler leaving Auatln, went in a northeasterly direction. Tbe Union men in Johnaoa county ware ao much exasperated at the outrages that nave bean committed by tbe secessionists, that nothing but tbe presence of the Federal troops will save tha tnWni Af T^vfnartAii >nil WapMitahnra fornn burned. The movements of Colonel Jennlaon are kept secret, bat enough la known to warrant tbe opinion that certain notorious rebels la Johnaon county, snd their dopes, will be bagged. A Government train of sboat twenty wagons snd seventy-live men Is reported to have been captured about five miles northeast of Georgetown, by a party of rebels. Tbe Intelligence was conveyed to Col. Thayer of tbe First Nebraska Regiment, at Georgetown, who promptly despatched a party In pursuit. rr*m lair*. Cairo, Jan. 7 ?Flag Officer Foote, with the gunboats Essex. Lexington and Tyler, made a reconnoisaance down the Mississippi this morning. He went within two bundwKl yards of the range of the rebel batteries. On hit return he was fired at by the rebel guaboat Mohawk, to which he replied, but the shots all fell short. The flag officer Is highly satisfied with thereconnolssance, and has examined all points on the river as near as two miles to Columbus. A dispatch from Cape Girardeau to-day saya that a detachment of the Seventh Illinois Cavalry, while acoutlng, had captured M*jor Williams, of Jeff Thompson's band. The Surveyor of the port of Metropolis haa seized a large quantity <f gold lace, morphine and other costly drugs intended for the rebels. The goods were from Cincinnati. F. S. COZZENS, WINE MERCHANT. BRANCH OF 73 WARREPI STREET, NEW YORK, Wlt.Jj REMOVE FROM THE CONSTITUTION BUILDING. OK FRIDAY, JANUARY 10th, TO 994 E Street. ) two doors ' J. FEOtl Pron*TlvtBli A*en?ri i WILLARD'S. jan 7 3t rpo BUTLERS 1 AND RESTAUR ANTS, 101 buketa vary auperiorCHAMPAGNE WINE for aale oheap by WM. CORWIN BURGY, No. 34T Paoneylrania iranue, ja7 entrance on Sixth at DISSOLUTION OF COPARTNERSHIP. Tha oopartnerihia heretofore axiatinc b-tireen the nnderaianed under tha firm of Lvtz A Bull, la thia day ditaolved by mutual oonaeot. F. A. Lu'i i* alona aulnorztd to uae the name of tbe firm m liqidatlon of the baiineaaof aaid firm. F^A. LUTZ._ B 7 ?- BUKATIO BEALL. UCOU6H?COUSH?COU6H! BE MOOR K'S PR UI1.L DROPS, an ble, aafe and effectual oure f >r Ccucha. Bronchiti?, Croup, &o. Only try a 25 cent box Bold at MOORE'* Weet End Dru* Store. ja?-2w 113 Penn. avenge, eouth aide. J^LOAKS! CLOAKS! CLOAKS! Vv bHAWLS-SHAWLS! FANCY SILKH. SILK ROBES, HOSIERY, GLOVKS, GAUNTLETS. MOUSLINS. REPS, MERINOS, PLAlDS, With a oomplete a took of DOM EKTFC GOODS! For aale low by TAYI.ORA HUTCHISON, jag flteo No 48 Center Market Hpaoe. RENAL'DIN BOLLINGER It CO <S OHAMPAGNEI. LEFMAN, KIEFER A THOM ASS, SOLE AGENT8 for th? UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 DTIANB ST&kit, J* 4-1 w N>w York. CHARLES S. FOWLER fc CO., IMPORTERS, WHOLUt LI AND KITAIL DIAL ERR IN CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE, FINE CUTLERY. PLATED WARE, au1.l Jn MS. I AL. IrUU VS. BLOCK TIN GOODS, TIN CHAMBER SETS JAPANNED WAITERS, ETHERIAL AND SOLAKLAMPS, COAL OIL LAMPS, LANTERNS, #? ??*' 9?? Pillows' Hall. Sbvknth *.? _ja4-lnMf Washington City. RBADIN8 ALE AND LASER B1BR DfcPOT. oFthecelebrated brewery of Mr. Felix, to be bad in la-ge and mall quantities. Aleo, Piekles. P^okJeKl Oniona. I^pper Sano?, Vinegar and busr Krout, by thi barrel Ka'lon,or in jars,at CHARLK8 MADK9* Rieta.rant, de? in>* oorner Pa. axenueand TMrd si WH8IEAB MY W1P?, A LICK JORDAN, ..hM f,,?en *Hf for ? eeparation I hereby oau ion all pereona from har bo ring or'rnatinc her on my aooount, as 1 will pay no dei<U of her contracting Ids PAT'R X JORDAN. ja6-3t* 4Si at, laland, between M and N. IPOR 8ALB?A two horse WAP'?N, with H*rnesa; one CART and 6BAR. for wood or aoa : rrond pairiaar fnr am a? ( AnVim horeeel two good anf reliable WO*JE^?3l MARES. 7 and year; old, aoeattomed t- work affcJi* ssysur r.t'sisssfr ?-* nor K and 15th aU. )>*<* pAIRBANKB'8 gTANDARD 8CALB8, B^2'?Ro\Tfflo*sa4w?ffcMlLITA,Y ?MS3?"RyO? KBCOAT8!! Read r-a* de or made to ordor. The moat extanii?e inpM oonataatly on hand, ranging from ? to #?. OverooaU, Dreee and PatiKue Co%U, Pante aad Yeeta nade to order, oa a^ort notioe, at oar aaaal ,<- ,rt~'*" ~Wn Walike *. CO.. de27 2wif (Intel.) 36? Pa avenae. G0i?AMWcJJf5.V^5SSBIJSS: oteneflfoidej^iWra acyr Browa'a HoUL ?od 4* itrMt.Wuk :3?sE^?ssiut , ssri.'ftMaaw % -. ?* ti--< . ?* ,4 ?-WS |l. u?. J , AMUSEMENTS. THKiTBK-U night of th? r> WMiimt of ? ^L2VRi?<1iIi0,^ P.iJ,!ffS5S ? .i? - w wi 01*1"??<?rrit?rK?Uf, Mr. J. E. Own>. H* ^ANTEKBUK V H ALL! FIRST PRESENTATION or turn 6RKAT RAVEL PANTOMIME. LBS AMORS D K S ALP E S f WARD ik hi cmiat Coiti Vouirri! AfUrsoon Perforate o? Wednesday AfUrcooa tt S o'olook, for Ltdiaa Md C r?ildr?*, with q aeatiUN of PreMSU A superb BM Silk Drm. \ S3 * All of the ImmooM Coiopaoy at ?*rj aatartainm*nt. 7 .wgiaaniHfnH ip- . ^RinccIs^ ODD FELLOWS' HALL. FOR ONE NIGHT ONLY. WEDNESDAY EVENING. Janaary?th. ja 7-2t II' THE \> ASHINGTON ACADEMY OF MUSIC, AvBHCB, (tfoPTH SlDB.) No. 9*9, Between 9tk and lWfc ttt. Every evening a remarkably fine Free Conetrt, embracing seleotinns from the best ols?sio mnaio. and tbe moot popn ar oper?e?retdered m beter style than at any nth r American oonoert saloon. The kdmU-and the pubho are freely mvifd, without charge f >r entrance ? may re! j spon has 1 n( every comfort th y desire. In acditloa to the finest mueio ic Washington, they will obtain, on oall, from the attentive attendants, decidedly the best Refreahmmts for sale in the Federal Metropolis. HENRY ROSENTHAL, ja6-lm Pmyimw. I OOK OUT FOR THE THIRTEENTH (3RAND ASSEMBLY Of the jm HIBERNIA CLUB. ?l To b? held at Franklin Hull. com*r9tk mnd Dili., On MONDAY, January 20th. Ticrete 8n oenti,adm rtinn a gentleman ami ladi?. jat at* J^JNG'8 AMPHITHEATER. T. Kin* Bole Lessee and Manager C. Soott Aeeooiate Manacer F. Wbittaker -- ..Eqaeetnan Manager J. Prosper! Musical Director The maragement respeotfully announoes a brier cu cog c?mwui wun DAN RICE, The Celebrated AMERICAN HUMORIST, who will introduce the BLIND STEED EXCELSIOR. JR., Ths DiiiciNft Hoksb Fkahi Rom ton, A id 'THEM" MULES Tbe whole Araphithettrical Troche will unit in the entertainment* to be jit?o b? DAN RICE, WhoeteccMeir.ent will oommenoe on MONDAY. January 6,1862, And oontinne Evbkt Eviniso Dummo th? wiu. Abmisbior. Rfesrved Setta 75 oenta. Dtm Circle M oenta. Children onder 10yearaold__ >6 oenta. Galiery 2$ oenta. Colored Gallery. ... 25 oenta. Colored Boxea. so oenta. Doora open at 7 o'olock, perforin an oea will commence at a quarter before 8. On WEDNESDAY, DAYLIGHT DISPLAY! _!L? /'EORGE CHRISTY'S _ OPERA HOUSE. This Stbbit, Bittiih k ajn> F. Open Every Nijrht with GEORGE CHRISTY'S MINSTRELS From Broadway. ,Vw York, Comprmnc 16 of tne Picked Stabs or Mi.iaTXXLaY ' The enMre entertainment under the immediate di rectlon of VDVMVIl LiIIIIIDI IJ Tk* aclmottUiitfd Piraecr if Mmttr?Uy ' This Evening, and every evening until further notioe. will he prod coed George Chriaty'a great Extravaganza entitled NEW YEAR'S CALLS. Peter Day George Chnaty Other characters by the oompary. The usual melange of 8?ngirg., Bar lee^ue Opera, Ao , Ao., by the wnoie oompany. Admission? Parguet, ? oents ; Gallery, 35 cents. J?J I? ASH ION ABLE DANCING ACADEMY AT F Temperanoe Hall.<in the main haiDE ?. street, between 9th aad loth. Claseee er#ry JH Tuesday and F>iday Afterwwn and Evening. A iof the fashionable Daflees taugr.t. Pri-lpA vate olasses attended to. For eirenlars, ffrat, Ao., inquire of W M H B A R > K8, at Thompson's virni r umiaai&f Diore, ?ru ra arena* C. T. BAKNF8, da 17 1 m* Profeaaor of Dutini. KITTEN HOUSE, FANT k CO , 353 P?*5?tlva??ia Avircb, (iwar ?rotm'i Hetil,) Ihu? DRAFTS on all parts of th? United 9Ut?f, inaumato anit Ofiioera and Solciara. Alao, Draft* on Loadoo. Ireland, Soot land, WalM, and all parte of the Cont cent of Uurope ja 8 la Rialto IIouNf, Basement corner D and Ninth struts. O'BRIE.I fc DENGEL, PlASfitWAIta Wbw? do yoa jet the beat of OYSTERS in every ?tyle ? At the RIALTO HOUSE. Corner of D *cd Ninth eta. Where do too get MKAL8 at all hoars, and REFRESHMENTS of every kind ? At the RIALTU HOUSE. Corner of D and Ninth ate. Where do yon get the beet of LIQUORS aad CIGARS at the ohe* peet priot! Atthe RIA'TO HOU*E, js 4 6 8 Comer of D ard Ninth ete. iVI ETROPOLITAN HOTEL. WASHINGT'N, 1*1 I LATS Biows'K ) The ?adereign*d boce leave to inform hie frieade aadthe traveling jtubllo t hat he baa ieaaed for a verm U1 ;mra inn weii-?U'JWn HOWi Kepi IOT BID; iwri by Mr Marshal! Brown. and to M?r? that that they wi'l find in him a ho?t Qcterrr. aed to kt?r in every-particular a firat-etaas Hoiw. He reepeotfatly eolioits their patronage. ANDREW R. JPOTT8, )?S-1w Proprietor. UNION FI EL DEPOT. COAL-COAL-COAL! We, the andemgaed, inform omr ei*toMn ami the oitiseoa of Waahinctoo reoeraJ It that we are Allcw nr\ A I / DI nrwl.. I-W ?? ?? *tuve*t*r?e,7tUliwtd, ?t the'fcNlowioc"?rio??. rHT Net Too (l/M) lb?.) for f7M 6roM Ton(3,M0ltM.) for Alao for m1?, a oholM lot of HICKORY, OAK, AND PINE WOOD. MoKNEW A MAR I/OW. ny_Oftoe ornOT 7th at. tod C4ul. J?S ? Vy B. STRONG. TRUNKS, HARN^Tm %ARY QOOD6, 9ii PunuTLTAjn* Ar?rc>, S0tuk suU, tiiiiiw 13m amd IVA . ICT1 Tranki, HarMMud M Hilar? Bf u jmect# repaired U ahorteet pMioe. <? >! * Com to the Clothiac Store Number Ttiree Hundred ud Fifty-foar. aS^niiru i rj?K*T w"?i0|!^ TO|1 *? v* itook w. . be ?old witcoui reierd toeoat, eooaiatinf of Coata, Ve?u and Puu of the ftoeat ismS? w.-si.'ssrsriij.^c^r;^' M< N ra,$iISttRbWTI?! A. idhMW M MtorumttI m " lEEgBBBL, ? HOICK OLD HAVANA KPg, _ NERVA VDf^l^lSt^ VB^LMoTth WlMi-w IMkl WiM. Mtk chJ?s5??ELc.laret8" <*>*****>-> P GORDON * coy PR?HER V BRAN ' Jvftfe * BURCHELL, <U y* oor?r Ftfl*?tw *. V"-?w?'t AUCTION SJLLRV TH1B AFTKBUiOOIf ? TO-MOKKOW. Bf 6EBF.N * WILLIAMS. iwwm rpvvuii ''' *1 " ? _ . . .v... kUSM AT Al>CWNNHk ud 0 it vti, at 1* o'olook ft. 1* Kim BafWo Rotas of u? twn taut T^rTni ph*^ W? Ut< fti?o. ftt ynn'i ? l?rr? DouSU ?r By WALL4 BaINARD. AMrmm . Cm. Btmtk *id* P?. m mmd )U <1. t,XPIK*8 "WAGONS AT AUCTIOV-Tkro* ?i Ur?*M? tao*yoov?r#4 Eik*n vtrr iiHrtor viii kawuii. Nik m ftro oood by A<1ftraa A Co.** Ex?fW CompftfiT, vil ta ??H on THURSDAY JmORMNh. ttk inamat. ft* 10 o'olook, u froatof Uw^A?otioa Room, Throe Mta rory aaporior Bvdmi Ttrwouk. It WALL tt BA?NAKD. Aacir Bt^WALL ? BAlNAIMwtKm?. }J!S: ?r* tu. rimiMc sing ?t I* o'oloek. w tnP Mil, oa tliftralloorafoir lutt oi Kmwl *ilko?lr* mti, ft Urge stock of ttroMriM ud Li?aora, fte.. ?ueh m? Quarter etiki L?c*r Fr*r?. aa<S Otmr* BraadiM. Bar's Dimrorc'i, WinJ'i. Cm*!, Pik*'? Wkktaii F*r*?? Monontab*!*. Cuk Jamaica J*nnU, SB eMtl Boarboa ikd Old By* Wkiakofi. 9 larralt N*w York Mrap. Rav?? pikft'a n??ur? ?<! * p * b*Swii^Wi2we?rBi*?l?e. S<K?en hM?y lnd?r Shirt*, Boi*? Borriofa, 20/?o Cig?r?, cffretl brazda, 1 Iron Cut, With unr other roods in UraGroocr? Ium. AH ofwhjoh wiil b* Mid arif-oa* f ?i ?>. U7 WALL A BAfcNAED. A?U FUTURE DA T8 Bj WALL A BARNARD, AaeUonrara Cmm* r P*. ??. mnd M tt. A r\ M I M IC?? * ,a * * * or<iLROr nitw m 11AVS ".IKSHS" AT Awrnon ?o* HATu * DA V . ?t IS oolock ., th* llUi loMut, by or4? r "f th? Orpbaca' Co art, I wlJ Mil at th* A oboe Rouma ot Wail A R*raarti,(B original ihtrrt of Stook in th? FUw M'xiaac Mining Coirwtry. ?>. tiUln* th# hcid-r to twioe that at* h??124 mirN without any idditiODtl pa?m*nta b?i<,? ?. i??t from Conrr**for **yt ryt |?f miniat land within'wenty l Maffwta t-'.aboandimr in wioii kind* ? Talu*bto?inera.i jriaaljarr foJJ. On* ?f tk^t mir ef. tb# Orti*/- i? now leaned to a ranpoc*iM? oompaoyf ?r ?f- w?rn*h THOMAS . LANE. Adaimitntw. i?H wall a Barnard, a?u. Bt GREKN A WILLIAMS, A???. TRUSTEE'S !?ALE OF VALUABLE REAL Evtatboh tbbNatt Tat -Oi TBlHf DAY. the 9U day of JkuMn, tM at 4 e'eloek p by nrtoe of a o??d of treat to the rah""-, tor, beannc date on the 4lh da? of Dwabtr, A D. ** 1M0 and recorded in LiberJ. A. B ,No. M, foiiu* 963 etc.. one of tha land reoorda of Wukiniii n oonnty, I a hall eel', at pnhlie aao'i?n, in from of tke promisee, the follow (nt property m U* city of WaahiDfto'i, n?: Ail of lot of croand Miml+xl e*chteen,(It,) in ataare numbered one u.oeser.a and forty three,(ljMt.) (except that part of naid lot oon?eyed to Robert M. Conbe. (as by reference to the deed will appear.) Tkia property la on the corner of Thirteenth atreet aait and aonih K street.'tof sanare ccn.! ?rrt nine kani-ec and twenty eicht, ?? > beginning for the said part of Hoare at ike o stance of 33 feet from the aoatk wett comer of said iq a%re. and fro a tint on Eighth atreet eaat atxieen u6>feet tneno" east forty (?> pet; ther.oe sou th aixteen < 161 feet; and thence wee* lore* ivinM to the piaoaot begtaning. m da?crthed lnaotrt&ao Jr d from ot^rt M. Cumbt and wife to Michael Smith, to which rrftrMMUiMde. Tfcn laat mwUoMd property frucU on Kuhtn rtre*t cut, b?:? eon aoetb I and oath K atraata, witluthe ui..11 lk* ??d lmprorewtaaU thereon Ttaia arop rtx ia vail located. aad offer* great iadaeeinenu to parokaaara. Term* One third oaah. tba raaidae ial aa1 U onUi. notaa aeoarwt to Um ?tiaiauttoa of the Trnatae, and hearing mtaraat from tba day of aala. deed giren and a deed of trmat tUM. Ail oonTmBoim at the ooit of tke parohaaar. If the lerma of aale are not onmalied vita within i?e day* from tba day of aala. the Traet*e rpaarrai tba n*ht to raaaU tba aa c property at tba nek and oat of taa i^illlai NrafeMar. am ??! ( amm d*T?' !>otio? in OID* MViptKf pntoMLM utto ??'d city of WMhififtoo. GREEN A wHTl?kV.' amu _d? * auwA.<i? By J- C. MoGUIRE A CO- AitboBMn. PXTKNSIVE AND PEREMPTORY BALK H< or Fckniic&b.?On FRIDAY MORNIPTg. Juur; lotk, at 10 o'o'o?k,oD Um first floor of Cara?r? 8a! ood. oornor of EloroaU D ilim-. v* ahaiJ aoi , viiiiuut roaerve. for mood at of vboa it Mr ooooora. a ivgi utortMBt of Mt Pirn tmro, con^'itici - IM Wllllt BOBI IM X? > TWSS, of venous pattern*. do??n Cai e s'-atacd L^ck Rookiat Cbaira, 6 ao Ctue M?t ud beck N vn Imcx*, M do sen Cue ?eat Chsirs, nnon sty iee, M doien Osk Fr?ucr. Dirnr Ctsi% 11 MeJiofet j end We out Dreeemi Bums. 15 do do do Bookeaeee. 16 painted Dreisms Bureaus, Huaad. L?u, end C hem > rr Tebiee, 100 Double end Smile Cottece B?dsteskis, Ctul *s Beaded B*3?teeds and Cribe. 60 dosen Cane end Wood seat Chairs, Barton Hookers. Off se Chairs. Children's Chairs of various kinds. Sleds. Toy Oirtti Portable Wntmc Desk?, Towel Rsoks, A i??H BUTflW H1IIIO CWUI?, Hirdiom* Cottage Chanibor Sato, Together with many otAor aruolea of Furaitare WW Hm>; Double Comfort", ?o Smale Faatkor Umi and Pillowa. Tcrmi otik. N. H. The attention of the trade la parties larlp oalled to tAia aaie, whiok will be nade in lota to it ja?-d j. C. MeGflKE A CO., Aaeta. Rt WALL A BARNARD, AaetH>no*ra. Corner Scutk tid* Pa, ?. mmd Nimth ttrttt. G VKINMKNT BALK OF HORSK8 AND Men* at Avctior ?wiu be eoid at aaauoo ob TUESDAY, Juaary 14, lti.ti the Corr* , Mar tka ObaerrHory, a lot of aoUoaaai Goreruirent Horaoa and Male*. Aiao, twelve Biocded Mare* with foal, Oondevned aa unit for pibho aemoe. faie to oo.naoaoo at M o'eloek. T*rmi Mil ia By ord?r of J. J. DANA, CtpUm AMiitut Uurttriuiu". J*7 WALL A BAKNAKP. A?> . PERHAM'8 GR1HD EXCURSION * IIW YORK AID BOSTON. EXCURSION TICKETS Fr*m liltiatrt U BhM, ta< wtars, ralf. - ,rr 111.10 T? NfW Yark and r?tira -- (*.00 Tiek-U food to l?n Boaltinore from tb? Pipct oftli* Northern Central Esi!w?y,on Celrertetrwt, yMMM dw tto Norteern Central Rniiwny. L*b? fro N?w Yo?k o Boston br tit tMonmfton Lid*. MamiLg Nov York by the Coaunon wealth and P ymonth Book, at 4 o'clock p. ..onaey dir. (Bnndaye exeoepted.i UP TO JANUABY a.WB, awo ro asrran ar um noeTi ON OB BBOBB MABCB tor. TIAWA*. Mt* U ? *- - - I n Al IkA js "5 ou'r'i ^ j5JR^S^u si: RtMB WMlUBftN mat INN IB MM ( I.I BBfl * turton ib tkeeeeitw. ~ "?Klw ITOIA EFBBKB fiOOM. or ALL EI.NDft?POK THK ARMY. A tvp Mock Jait rtMiitd. JOHN B PUWfEY. IM r? ?f.,itiMkro?i)trlAl(L HSHB2ititeBBeiAS m. b, ' JOB* B- FUDWEY, Mil Ut p?tr?t, Miw ?tt u4 Nth. bi'c^Iot1ets' WlUftfW*^ ?uxU of Dr, &ooda for MM* at U* " %fWSLU9Z* i I

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