Newspaper of Evening Star, January 9, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1862 Page 3
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LOCAL NEWS. None*.?After baring for many yews printed the liata of letter* remaining uncalled for In the peat office of this city, (under the law authorizing their public*tlo* la the newspaper having the largest circulation within the usual delivery of the office,) the proprietor of the Star ha* *t length felt compelled to decline their further Insertion, became of the great apace they have come to occupy, and of the feet that for months paat he haa been forced to lay over oa each I occasion, when printing the liata, advertisements the Insertion of which would have paid at least doable as much aa tLe law allowed him for the letter list: In addition to thla positive pecuniary losa by their insertion since thou* liata have come to be as large as the New York city letter lists, they have entirely?on the day on which they w-re printed-defeated his purpose of making the Star always a tuwspmptr?newa being Its well-known pvcwivf. Axtiixikti To-Nisht. Trutii Tb? Heir at Law" and a rich farce to night. John E. Owena in both. Odd Fellows' Hall.?Alleganlana and Swlaa Bell Ringers The entire company?Mlaa Carrie Hiffert, Miss Maria Boo lard, and Measrs. J.M. Boulard, A Bedgewick and G Galloway?appear In their choicest eelaatlona of ballads, songs, melodies and marches?i grand musical entertainment All muaic-lovera abould Improve thia the last opportunity of bearing the Alleganlana Ca:*tm*bu*t Hall.?The crowded booses of the Canterbury nlghtlv attest the popularity of tbia k favorite company. To-night, an original programme of oddities, with Harrison, Ward, Parker, Miaa Emma Miles, Frank Lafolle and all the old favorites Kim's Amfithiatib?The rush to see Dan Rice tad the other celebrities at this favorite place of amusement continues unabated, and hundreds are turned away nightly, unable to find seats or even standing room. This afternoon and to-night a splendid Dill of equestrian, acrobatic and rlb-tlckling performances. Rosmtual's Acadmy or Music continues to be thronged day and night. The bouse Is open for visitors from early In the morning until halfK?p m. and at 3 o'clock In tbe afternoon a free concert Is commenced, led off by such performers as Messrs Brandels and Hehl, on the violin and piano Pretty and tidy watterssses dispense Rosenthal's excellent refreshments to the customers; and officers are always in attendance insuring perfect order. Chuistt's ?Tbe New Opera House, still tkt resort of the fun-loving public, ia crammed every night with the largest and moat faahionabieaudience*, largely composed of ladies and families. Go see the rich skating scene In "New Year's Calls," to-night. OarHAJts' CoCJtT, TBSTUDAT.?THK BaRXSY Case, aqaix.?During the examination of witnesses in the Barney case before the Orphans' Court (Judge Purrell), it will be recollected that Mr Roach, then Register of Wills, was ill, and unable to attend the sittings of the court, which t was thus without a clerk. This being the case, it was agreed that the counsel abould keep a record of the evidence in the case The testimony of each witness was accordingly written down by Mr. Fendall, of counsel for petitioner, and Mr. Davldge, of counsel for respondent. The record kept by Mr. Davldge was read over to each witness. for correction, and was thin considered the oflcial record. When the evidence was closed and tbe arguments concluded In November last, the Court requested counsel to furnish for its examination a list of the autborltiea cited, and a certified copy of the record. The record was oot brought Into court until yesterday Yesterday morning there appeared In court Meur* Fendall and Blount, counsel for petitioner, and Messrs. Davidge and Winder, counsel for rcapondent J udge Purcell stated that he had been called on by counsel several times, to know if he bad made s decision in the esse; but it vrn Impossible for him to decide without an examination of the evidence, and a certtfled copy of the record had not been furniahed him, according to agreement. He was anxious to clcse the case, but the Court was not responsible for the delay. Mr Fendail stated that be had examined a copy of the original record kept by Mr Davidge. which copy was prepared for the court by Mr Winder, and that be found therein several omissions. He found tbst the evidence of one witness (Or. Johnson) wss omitted entirely. He could not therefore certify to the copy. He had interlined the omissions, and If the c jrrectlons were made would e?ftfr to It. Aner some aiseu?sion, in wnicn me counsel on each side disclaimed any intention to delay the case, It was agreed to compare the records at once and come to an understanding If possible. Counsel then engaged in the work of correction, and after some time an agreement wastrrlved at. No objection was of course made to the addition of the evidence of Dr. Johnaon inadvertently left out. Messrs Davidge and Winder then certified to the correctness of the copy with the addition, and without other corrections Mr. Fendall certified to its correctness with kit interlineation* [The discrepancies, it Is stated, are merely verbal, and do not materially effect the evidence ] Mr Fendall then stated that he bad received from France, and now presented for the conaldoratlon of the Court, the French record, properly authenticated. [This is the record of the proceedings for a sepa ration of Mr and Mr* Barney before the French tribunals, objected to and ruled out during the program of the case because it was not properly authenticated ] Mr. Da ridge objected to re-openlng the caae, and said that If the door was again opened he would call to the stand Dr. Blgelow, of Paris, Mr. Barney'a family physician, who was now here to discredit the evidence of Alexandrine Parfalt Mr Fendall said If the gentleman would state what he expected to prove by Dr. Blgelow, he would not perhaps object to the Introduction of bis testimony Mr. Dav.d^e aaid he objected to any reopening of the case. i ne uoun ma it wotiia bold tbe matter of the Frtoch record under advisement until Saturday next, which closed the proceeding*. [Whilethe counsel In thia caae were compering nocee, counsel in another long contested case?all about a hair trunk?were examining witnesses at the right of tbe Judge, who was st the same time deciding ordinary case* of administration, 4c., as they were presented ] Cxikihal Coc*t?Yesterday, Peter O'Day, Thos. Monoghue. Dennis 0'Kt*>fe, Thoa Saunders and Merrls Qulnlan. Indicted for participating In a riot at Swam poodle on tbe 3d ult , were tried and tbe esse given to tbe jury. Wm Dent, free negro. Indicted for the larceny of various articles of clothing, valued at 830, from Kdwd Bebb, on the 24th of September last, was found guilty, snd sentenced to on* year and alx isnn*tsAnisu.sit In the ? ii * Y~r" ? ^uucaiiuy. Tbe grand Jarv brought Into court a number of presentments, tbe result of tbe day's deliberations, smoagst which were fl*e for murder Tbe grand jury wsa then discharged until Monday next for tbe reasons stated below. Tbe jury la tbe S warn poodle riot case bad not returned a verdict at tbe usual hour of sdjournmeat, and ltwaa therefore ordered that when they agreed they should seal np their verdict, to be opened st the next meeting of the court. Judge Crawford addressed tbe petit jurors In court, stating that be was In hourly expectation of hearing or tbe death ef one of his gra ad-children, who was eery 111, and that two others were sick Under these circumstances, they (the jurymen) were dismissed until Monday next. [It will be recollected that court was adjourned orer a short tiSM since oa account of tbe death ef one r tbe Judge's grandchildren. tod tne family hu been afflicted with eoottaoed Illness amongst Its mwibtHiUo. The disease li Mid to bedlptherUJ . Court wh adjourned until Monday morning noxt at 11 o'eloek. Tit Wbmkt Wae.?1 mother Coup?Those who are familiar with tb? criminal docket daring tbe last rru know well that the crimen of Border, rape, aaaault and battery. Ac., now no commoo tn this locality, are, In ninety-nine cases oat fa hundred, tbe result of eicesstve indulgence la intoxicating drinks, especially after night fall, when the darknean aftorda a cover far the perpetratloa of erll deeds Judge Crawford, In psssfng sentence upon criminals this term of th? court, has had oeeaaioa to allude to the matter repeatedly, and has enunciated sentiments which show his coayictlona ai the need of reform la this essential point. Tha bets stated apply particularly to soldiers, aa hardly one haa been arraigned before the court wboee misconduct could not be traced to In Ism para ace The military authorities hfW tokaa tKd l*V?tt*r tfh KirsA n Guard, with commendable promptneee aad t1<1Um, are an fore I ng the central order* in relation to drlaklatr aaloona Night before last, at a late hoar, a detachment of the guard paid a n?lt to Bpriagmga's restaurt at, oo toe a venae. Bear Third iTfvt ina ?oniarated from 91,900 to fi ooo worth ef liqoors which, altogether, good, bad and Indifferent, was poured upon the ground. The proprietor, G A Sprlagwan, was lakcu into > u*todv, aad we belieee la still uudrr arrest. The as me eight, another restaurant oa the aquare belew, hep? by Jee Plats, was visited, and a llbetioo of all the sideat ta be kooee poored out as a saerltee la the eanee of coed order. 1 iitkil Gca?dhop?s ?No emea docketed at tbls station last ul?bt, which Is considered ss a good dga of ret anting qalet. May It coatlaae r mtwrikc of tw* Uhjtid Statu A??ic*ltwbal Society ?This morning the tenth annual meeting of the United State* Agricultural Society ww held at the Smithsonian. This Society ?u founded In inne, 1838. by a National Agricultural Convention, (called toy the direction of twelve State Agricultural Aaaociattona.)at which there were present 133 delegates, representing S3 States and Territories, and was Incorporated by Congress April L5th, I960. Since lta organist lion it naa oeen in scuts op-tsuod, lurnisuwijc yearly gratifying evidence of growing prosperity and uaefalneaa Annual exhibitions have been held at Springfield, Mass ; Springfield, Ohio; Boston, Mass.; Philadelphia, Pa ; Louisville, Ky ; Richmond, Kv ; and Chicago, III., each proving self-sustaining, the receipta meeting the diaboraementB of npwarda of S250 U00 for prem'ama and expenses In connection with thla Socletv there have been establlahed a Secretary's office, library and reading room on Pennsylvania avenue, the latter well supplied with Interesting and important agricultural newapspera, periodical*, and atatlatics. The political differencea now dlatractlng the country have not affected the membership of the Society, th? Secretary having received lettera from members in the acceded States expressing contlnned interest In the success snd welfare of the organization, and regret at their Inability to attend Its annual meeting. i ne society w*a cauea 10 oraer to-aav oy me President, Mr. W B. Hubbard, of Columbus. Ohio, and In the absence of a quorum adjourned until to-morrow morning at 10 o'clock. Among those present were Hon. Mr. LoTejoy, of 111.: Mr. Bylngton, of Iowa; Mr. Arny, of New Mexico; Mr. Calvert, of Md ; Mr Smyth, of N. H ; Mr. Newton, of Pa ; Mr SulllYan, of Ohio; and the Commissioner of Public Buildings, B. B. French, Esq., of this city. Miitins or th* Boabd or Tbv*tk<? or Pcblic Schools.?At a meeting of the Board of Trustees of Public Schools, held In the Aldermen's chamber yesterday afternoon, the Mayor presiding, the committee appointed at the last meeting to examino the accounts of the Mr. Harbaugb, the late treasurer of the board, reported that they had found the aald accounts correct, and that they found in his hands a balance of *40 68, which had a a ? a a. a r% m j i. a.% a wrn iranHcrrea 10 j sewora, jr., me preseni treasurer, with the books and paper* belonging to the office. Mr. VValah presented a letter from Mr. Anthony Hyde, of Gorgetown, In reference to physical development, accompanied by a copy of Lewis' New Gymnastics, a Boston journal, and moved that It be referred to a committee of one from each school district, to report on the subject of physical education at the next meeting of the board. The Chair appointed on said committee Messrs. Miller, Wilson. Ellis and Wight A resolution that no extension of the regular holidays, as prescribed by the rules, shall be allowed without the sanction of the board was debated, and rejected by a vote of 5 to 5. Adjourned. RvhOyk*.?Yesterday afternoon, a hack passed along Pennsylvania avenue, In the Fourth VVard, driven at an unlawful rate by a colored man named W. 6. Thomaa Two gay young females were aented In the coach enjoying the ipeed of the teem. One of the aentlnela on the avenue atarted to atop the driver, but before he could do ao. the horses came In contact with Mr H. A. Olcntt and knocked him down, bruising but not aer1ou*lv Injuring him. The driver was arrested, and thla morning It waa ahown before Justice Walter that he wa* driving furiously, drunk, and hla coach waa without a number. Mr. Olcctt did not dealre to aend the case to court, and Justice Walter ordered Thomas to pay a fine and costs of S1'2 17, and Issued a warrant for the owner of the coach for running the same without a number. Timiii Accisint raoM Camphknk ?Last night, Elizabeth Moulton, a colored servant In the family of Mr. Barrow Frere, on D near Tenth at. south, whilst engaged In fllllnff a lamo. near a stove. from a can of camphene, accidentally spl'led a few drop* on the Are, which caused an explosion of the liquid in the can, and in an instant the woman was enveloped in flame*, in h?r terror, she ran to her mlstrec* for aid, and the flames communicated to the clothing of Mr* Frere, who tried but did not succeed in extinguishing the flame*, and waa badly burned In the attempt. A son of Mrs F , trying to rescue hie mother, had hi* hands and arms badly burned. The colored woman ran into the street, and fell; a gentleman near came to her relief, and wrapping his shawl about her, carried her back into the house. It is feared that her injuries will prove fatal. till new york t wkstt-8i xtii. Fort Ellsworth, Va , Jan. 7, 1862 ? Editor Star: The officer# of the'iGth regiment of New York gave a ball at the Liberty Wall, \lexandria, last night Several ladies and gentlemen of Washington and L'tica, N Y., were present, and several officers of General Franklin's division. Everything passed off finely, and the dancing was kept up until the early hours of morning. Music by the regiment band The weather is cold here, with som? two inchet of snow oa the ground. Richard*. Chahsk or Horsk Stealing ?Last night, a young man named Thox Rock ww arrested by tbe Fourth Ward Patrolmen upon suspicion of being concerned tn the larceny of a horse belonging to Surgeon Laughran. Tbe horse was taken from the front of J 8 Topham's store, on Seventh street and the parties were traced as far as the first toll-gate. Rock was taken before Justice Donn and committed to jail for further bearing; but subsequently gave bail for bis appearanee for a bearing. Fourth Ward Station Casks?Be/ore Justice Walter.?Thomas lMscoll, drunk and disorderly; 93. C. W. Campbell, digging a gutter contrary to law; dismissed Mrs Mary Perkins, profanity; fined S3 56 John Galloway, drunk and disorderly; dismissed Henry Fisher, do ; dismissed Bridget McCallagatt, profanity; fined SI 58. Henry Midderman, charged with swindling; dismissed W. 6. Thomas, fast driving, fined SI* 17. Ds. Laughrah's Horsr Rkcovered?This morning two small boys carried Dr. Laugbran'a borse to tbe Central Guardhouae. and delivered the animal to Sergeant Glttinga. They say they aaw the advertlaeinsnt in yesterday's Star, and in accordance with the directions In tbe paper, brought them to tbe station Tbe officers are close upon tbe trail of tbe thief, though he haa not been arrsated. Trial or Firi Pl^os ?We are Informed that on to-morrow at 2 o'clock p. m , there will be an exhibition and trial of the efficiency of the Melga fire plug, which has been extensively adopted by tbe Corporation. Tbe Intersection of Twelfth and E a'reets, just in rear of tbe Klrkwood House, is tbe point selected for the experiments, which we Have no doubt win b? very Interestinar and useful. % ???i*??? cocstbritajidid?Since Monday laat quite a number of coata of the military cut and color, which were worn by persona not in tbe service, have changed color and ahed buttons Yesterday the mode of disrobing the unauthorized wearera of military clothes caused some mirth on the avenue The order for tbe disrobing of auch persons by the sentinels has been countermanded, we hear. We call the attention of our readera to the advertiaement of tbe Overland Oyster Expreaa Company. Thla enterprising company baa undoubtedly some of the finest and fattest oysters thst come to this market. Private families will find It to their lntereat to try them. A Naw Stacb Like.?We are glad to learn that a line of stages Is to be put upon the route between this city and Fall's Charrn, to leave the Franklin House (corner of Eight snd D streets) every afternoon at tbrr* o'clock. Returning, leave Fall's Church at eight o'clock. f Diabkhcba &md Dtsintiet will decimate the Volunteer* far more than the bullets of the enemy; therefore, let every man eee to It, that he carries with him a full supply of Holloway's Pills. Their use In India and the Crimea saved thousands of the British soldier*. Only 25 cents per box. 213 lUHHIKi) On the Tth m*t?r t, at St. Alorsius Churoh, by the ton, L>. C. * [ Baltimore. New York nod Fredsrioksbarg papers plwsoopy.] milh In thu oity. Jftnaftry 7th. Rev. HENRY H. BUTLfcR, aged (IfMri A* ft nuniaUr, Mrneit and devoted ; u ft Chriatiftn. eonaiateat; fta ft hnibftnd ftod /ftt* er, kind ftnd %ff?cti<jnate ; fta ft mftn, ronNt ftnd prompt with hn fallow man. Ha lived to adorn hia Cbnatian profession, ftod hia death ta lamented by ftll who know him. Hia funeral will take piaoe from the First Colored Rapiist Churoh, oorner 19th ftnd I atreeta, on Thursday ftt 2 o'olock p. m. Hia friends and tela ti ves ftre invited to attend, witho at farther notioe. On the morning of the Ttn ina tfto t, Rev. H &N R Y H BlTi'LER, ftced SS, in the hope of busafnl immortality beyond the grave. Asleep In Je?ns! O. how sweet To be for sank ft a ao'er meet, Witd ho r ooufidenostosjn* Th*t Defttk hfta lo?t hia Teaom'd a tine ! Thefuenua ofihd dwoeeeea are reepeo'fully in nt d to attend hia fuaral, from the 19 h street Baptist Charoh, to moriov (Thendfty) ftt t o'ol'k. NNEW MILLINERY. OW On tiMid ftnd oonatantlr reoeiving new auppliee of WINTER BONNETS, ?ompris-^K lag tkereweet ftad most deairable auiea theeeeeon.ftt HUTCHINSON * MUNRO'S^T Kanoy Store, 310 Peqn. avenue, tee twee a 9th ftnd l?>th atreete, vi.ere >liaa Thompson la prepared to ezeoau promptly alt order* led with her. Aiao juai rron?w,?new auppiT 01 tlMUi Ur?m m, ArtiaoiaJ Moven, t oat liar a, to., to wluoh wa ( Tito u? MMatioo of UelidiM. a* It | APIWV glWTLEMKWi A N D CHIL Mmrmm WANTS. U/ANTEIV-T*^ CHAMBERMAIDS. A?>lj " at the Ebbitt Hon ?e. It* A RESPECTABLE MIDDLE AOED LADY deeirea a situation m ? am aeanmtraaa or hoii>ekee?er. Adqrmg Pott Office Box 1*6. It* WANTED?At 398 L atreet. between 14th and ISth. two WOMEN?o at oook. the other aa general hoa*0n>aid; tlamor German preferred. II* BOY W ANTED, ahont 16 years of age, * houM errant, and occasionally to drive 4 carriage. Apply at 133 Washington street, Georgetown ; or at thu office. Ja M'.' c ann WILL BE PAID by the advertiser te (JlfcUU any person of iniluenoe who will assist him to secure an appointment as assistant paymaster il the Nary. Address "New York," Star Office It* WANTED TO RENT-A small HOUSE with ? f^nr or six rooms. Any one ha?ing snch a one will hear of a food tenant by addressing H. J. D , a' the Star Oflf'e. ja ? ft* ASETTf-ED AMERICAN WOMAN Wishes a situation in a smal' family as oook and to arsist in general hoasework, without washing ; oan give good reoomm?nda'ions. Address Box No- IS, at Star Office. lt? WANTED?A GIRL to oook, wash and iron for a family of two persons. None need Apply who r&nnot noma wall recommended : ?ooh An one will have the o?>mfort? of a home and fair waces. Apply at 431 Eleventh street, between 0 tad H. ja 8 St* WANTED IMME01ATELY? 8everai *ood PANTAI.OON HAND&. Noneothersneed apply. E. OWKN, 866 Pa.av. j?7 3t? ll/ANTED-A rioe middle ace or your* WO" MEN, ?o do the work ofa sma.1 family. Apply at No. Ail fl h street, between E and D street ja 7Jtt* WANTED? A la'ce. handsome famished omnn furnished HOlTSE in the western part of the city, for a desirable tenant. Address "House," Star Office. ja 7 8'.* POOK WANTtU ?A fir.t-fil* Cook o?n find V-/ a situation hy applying immediately at *29 New York avenue, between 0th and NKh st? ?10 per month will be pmd. ja7 3t* \\T ANTED? By a respectable ri'l. a permanent vv HOME, to do chamber-work and plat" sewing. Can hrin * rood references. Apply to 399 ti street, between 9th and l"th. ja 7-2t* A gentleman of neat and quiet hvbits. witbea permanent hoard in a genteel private laniij, where he o?n enjoy the conforta of a home. A New Eiulaad family prefered- Addreag Poat Offioe Bo* No. B8H- ja7 8t* WANTED?A younc and hea'thv wet NURSK for a ohild 2 mnn'ba old. None need ap?!y without being well reoominended. App y to 454 Sixth at. ja6 3t* YV^NTED?An energetic BUSINESS vv MAN may be\r of employ meet by applying to JOHNSON, FRY A CO.. 4T6 Seventh ft. j%o V17ANTED?A BOY. Wanted, Hooks. Old " Documents. Old Pspers, old Coins. Libraries purchased, Letters, Autographs, to. Overthe Bank of Washington, where I hav? removed niT stock of Books and will '.are them for sale, IP.OHO Government Books, Reports, Ac. Cheap Books for serilars. ja6-8t? ALFRED HUNTER. A YOUNG MAN of good eduoation, enter vising and induatrious, desires EMPLOY MENT at some reepeotable business, in any ojvp*oitr that he oould na<? himee'f useful. Has a praotioal knowle1g? of architecture and f uilding, and would therefore prefer a situation ?s draughtsman or clerk of works. Address "J. M. S oare of W. Stewart, Post Oilioe. j a 6-3t* WAN TFD.?A WOMAN to onok. wash and iron for a small family. 6"od references or recommendations required; none need applr without them. Inquire at No. 494 Est, bet. 5th ana 6th. ja 4 tf WANTED TO R ENT?< Unfnrnish^d) either a small, genteel HOUSE of five or six rooms, or four Rooms of a house, with convenience for oookiok, ?na iwo rooms ior wrvuu.-ineau 'R n be between C and H a reets and 14?h and 8th sta by a pnrotual tenant. Please address notes to "W.,'rStar Uflioe. j? 4 1 w YVANTED~In,kdrn? etor?>? YOUTH betwe-n *" lo and 20 years of aee. Cacdida'ea must *iy? satisfactory referenc * as to sua! fixations and character. The preference will be gives to one who has been engaged in the drur huainesa six or twelve montha. Addresa'^A B C,' Washington City Poet Oftioe. jal lm? WANTED IMMEDIATELY, at the U. S. Navy Yard, Wa?h;ngton, a number of LANDSMEN. de26 Im WANTED?Every person to know that i am in th? market, ready to pay cash for all artiolea in the houspfurnishinc line. Those leaving the city, or having a aurp'.us, will do well to oali. K. BUCHLY, 42!* Seventh ?t., between 6 and H at*., (-ast Fide,) Dealer in New and Second- hand Kurnitnre. no 16 WANT!'.D?7'A/LOliS, TAILORS? 50Tailora competent to work on military goods. Apply e ITiU D >? L /l- f? Ar j? nwur . ai ?i aiu ;.!i a, \*u. B. BOS? WANTED.?We are now buying SECONDHAND FURNITURE, STOVES and BEDDING, for which we are paying the highest cash prices. Families declining houziekeep.. /, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their adtan>age to give us a call. BONTZ ft GRIFFITH. Je 15-tf No. 3b9 7th st.. betw. 1 and K sts. "boarding. TWO OR FOUR PERSONS CAN Bfc AC1 commodated with Board in a private family, on Capitol Hiil... Inquire at McPHERSON'S drug lore, uapitoi tun. jas st* Aao 8. WERTHEIMER A COj A OA iUi No. 463 AMD 464 Sbvknth St., tO? Orpositt the Post Offer their atook of WINES. BRANDIES, GINS, CORDIALS, etc.. ?l?o their large assortment of SE6ARS, TOBACCO, KANCY GOODS, eto., for sale at Wholesale Prioes. They keep oonst&ntly on hand fine PHILADELPHIA CREAM ALE, in kegs and bottles, for bars or family use The public in general are requested to kits them a call and examine their splendid stock of goods. 8 WER'i HEIMER A CO , 463 and 464 Seventh street, de 21-3m oppo. Post Office. v ** n r\ n m * &i m m ^ m v\ t n a | m r u n i a ii i i u liauims, The subscribers have opened the store No. 16 Market Space. Fa av. bet. 8tb and 9th sts. as a first olass Lace and Fanoy Dress Cap Depot. oon?isting id part of Point d'Alenoon. Appusue Meoklen ana Valencienne* Laos, suon as Collars, Sleeves, Handkerchiefs, Cape*, Flouncing, Caps, Caps, Coiffures, and made up goods of the finest quality, and at New York price*. COHEN A. DUSSKLDORP, from New York. N. B.?All sorts of Laoeg washed, mended, and

done up e^ual to new,at snort notioe. deSS-lm* ittl Military Boots fit fll AT W H OLE SALE. fWi We hare aow in st re? 1" oases Calf Stitched Enamel Leg Boots, 2? " Grain " X2 inoh ?o M " Quilted Bot. L. L. *' SO " ' Cavalr/ M inci " 150 " heavy aoab. sole 16alS mob " ? " Calf " " 16 inoh " Also, a variety of Calf aad Kip Boots, B ys' and V ouths' Boots, and Ladies' Balmora's J. T. WHITEHOU9E, No. 16 Market Hpaoe, de 28 lm" Penn. av.. between 8th and 9th sts. OLD MADEIRA. SHERRY AND PORT WINES. Import td and Bolt ltd by W, S. Corttin t Co., N. Y Wanderer Madeira, bottled 1832. Reaerre " " 184", Bouth Side " " 1844, Imperial Sherry. " 184", Burmerater Port, '* 1840, Harmon* " 1844, lmp'1 White ** " 1840 Por tale by WM. COR WIN BURGY, SAT Pennsylvania avenue, de 30 Entranoe on Sixth at. ^LOSING OUT SALE OF FIRST QUALITY (No. 1 > NEW YORK BUTT8R.?The uu deraigned have on hand, in kega of different aiiea. 3,w<0 pounds of beet New York Butter, which they will aell extremely low, to oloae it oat. It will be to the intereet of all pnrohaaer* to call prompt!* at theatore of P. B. HASTINGS A CO., under Phiiharmomo Hall, Penn. avenue, near corner ol Elertath at., next door adjoining the Star Offioe. de28 lot rjLOVKS BUCKSKIN3 oLO^ES, mTutary aUNTLETS, . ujlBE RHATS. hfevmoil'S'h. bootimbwii. WATCHES?WATCHES1 HEREBY Take pleasure la informing the publio of my return to my old stand at W. Von', Iv Pv avenue, between 12th and 13th streets FX} Haviag enjoyed tbo reputation of being an ex wmm. perienoed European Watohmaker. I am now pitpared to repair Chronometers and fine Watohes at ahort notioe, warranted to give entire aatisfaoion. JUS. KULINBKF Persons desirous of obtaining Jewelry and Wa'ches, will find it to their acvantage to exam ibe my exoeilent stoox. All kinds of Hair Jewelry neatly and promptly executed de 31 ?w W. VQ8S. 486 d E CViPAVI O N s. 486 A choice aeleotion of Paperhaoxiaca, warranted Guiit una lmiiauod Gold Baud Window Shades; ai?o, Buff, Wreea,and B us Ho l&nl, by the yard or .. into Wimln> P..-a t.. Mia, differeat ?ibm and o..lora; Picture Null. K'oii, *# ; alao tbe haudaomeet aaaortn?nt if Oval PioUre t runt la the city, fr-un the ban Z\%c*TvWZ p5Ti,u,; 'l"?- i',,,"ino,u A t articles warianted u represented, or no eale. Pnrclia?ing for oaan, all gooda will be eoM at the kOweet remunerative price# Allowing do old atook to aeon ma lata, peraoua needing tbe above gooda will ind new and deairab'e artielaa. A 0*11 Kiionwi. No. 4S* 8?TMith atrMt, | d? 30-3wif# IdwrikbonOddKtllovi' HuL I 100 LBS. * B0B0B?LL. j?4 OotMrttthM. im Vermont??, I LOST Aft? FOUND. f 08T?On Pennr?'r*ni? y.Til'-***?.1* L< ?tr^U?p?ir of GOLD KYKC?l'4?9ES T*? ,ait?b,T rewarded by thjai C5TR AYED?A BORSEand WAGON.L>*t??^ C7 nine, from No. SOX Fern, avenue. Oarv_ the rurtaias of the wagon was painted T.TJ T. Mm'i #trre oondensod mUk. ice I bar Horse, b'ac* ooveredl Wagon. with buffalo robe and horse biSQkM. Any mfirmaMon would heanitabl? rewarded by ANTHONY BUCBl.Y, No- 303 Penn avenue It* LOST-TWO MEMORANDUM BOOKS. obtaining Sutler's accounts and fan, on the war frowi Kails Church to Waah'srios. The finder will be suitabl* rewarded by leaving the same at the Franklin House, oorner of Eighth and DsU., or at the Qua'tartnaster's of the 21st rogiment New York volunteers, Upton Hill. ja8-.1t* _ Kf.I FERSUSON. District of Columbia, cophtt o? W ASHi56TO!t. To'tcif .'?I hereby oer cv tify that Weston B.Turrar brought before me, asan e?tr?y.a bay HORSt-.about 14^^^ha Js hishj about IS ye^s old: blind in left ere; a lift 1A vKita nn ' m f\ K i r A la* tkin tat * k anaalil er*My Marred by working in harneea Witneaa my hand a"d tea! this 8th day of Jaaaayy, 18C2. THOMAS C. DONN, J. P. for Wacbisfton oounty, D. C The owner of the above deeoribed bora* will oome forward, jrore property. pay ohargea and take him away. WE8TON B. TURNER, Ja 3 at* Metropolitan Po ioa. rkl^TRICT OF COLUMBIA, Cochty O? 1 " W a shi kg ton . To wit:? I hereby oer- cv tify that Henrietta Buete broncht before me. the tnbreriber, one of the Jnatioea of"-"the Peaoe in and for said county, this 8:h day of January, IMS, as a strvr. treepaaamr up?n her enclosures, a Mf lit hay HORSK. about 14 hands high; having a white spot on hia forehead; white fetlock on the left hind leg. Given jnder hit hand. W. THOMPSON, J P. The owner of the above described horae ta reaueated to arova Droeertv. ear oharcea, and take fiim away.' Ja? ?' \ AKEN UP AHTRAY?On Saturday morning, * & sorrel HORSE about nx TMi old CV The owner is reeueeted to rome f???"* H ?P provs property, pay ohargee, ar<i away. J. BRfcNNAN, ja 7 3t* Corner Seponl act. H ste. WTRaYKD OR STOLEN?From the City Hall on Mondyy evening.9th inetant, aho a t 7H o'olook. a email nay HORSE: white vL^Bk mark in Ire face, interferee in front Ha>1 ***-L on a new MeCleflan paddle, etirrupe oovered with enameiied leather. The bridle wae new and made of white leather. A cuitable reward will be paid if returned to the iu>>aoriber, or for suoh information ai will lead to their recovery. T EDW. CLARK, jan-3t* Va. av? bet. ?th and lftth ft* east. ?<TOLEN-A Sue black HORSE. 15>* hands C5 high; year* old; entirely biaok except fcv one bind Toot, whioh wii white op to ank'e; T-.A the property ol Surgeon Looghran.of the^*^-^ 2ith Regiment N. V. S. M7. looked at Upton Hill, V*. Was rto en while tied in front of the harnea* utore of Jamen 8. Topham. on Seventh at,, on yesterday afternoon. He traced by his owner np Seventh atreet aa far aa the first toll fate, turning on the firat road to the right, after which traces oou'd be h%d of him He had on when taken a military bridle leather halter atd oair of martinga'ea harrier l?Oie from his neck. Any peraon having information of the hor?e will be amp'y rewarded by saving it at the Polio* Headquarters, or at the ffioe of Brown's Hotel. ja7 3t* rO*T OR STOLEN?From the Washington j Depot. Saturday. January 4th,1862, sole leather TRUNK, medium size, m*rk*d with oard on one end, Geo. A. Parker; and also, a tag with S. M Feltor. A lib3ral reward will be given by returning the same to Willard'a Hotel. jaS-3t LOST?On the Rookville turnpike, about two miles north of Georgetown, a GOLD PENCIL set in tu'q uoi*e, in the shape of a key, with a 'old wat"h key and small ohain attached. If IeA at JACKSON, BROTHER fr Co's, opposite Hrowna' Hotel, a suitable reward will be given. ja 4 tf ? ^ REWARD.-'The store of th"?ubaerib*ra, on Seventh street, near Odd Fellows' Hall, having been robbed on the night of the 1st January. 1862. and Watches anc Jewelry to a large amount stolan. they will give $250 for the ricovery of the goods, and 55"> for the oonviotion of the thief or thieves. G. W. BKAY A Co , 516 Seventh street. j% ? 1 w* IOST-A SEAL BING, and a FOX-HEAD -i SEAL, attached to a ring, withoorne*lian set. $5 reward will be given to whoever retarnathe ai tides to this office. de 2-tf KOH SALE AND liKflf. TO LF.T?Very desirable ROOMS, well furnished, at No. 44 Lou'?iana avenue, between 4>% and 6th sts., near City HaH S^are. ja 8 3t* FMR^T CLASS HOUSE FOR RENT, (furii'hed,)No 311Fstreet. between 11th and '2th sts. Inquire at the office corner of Iftth street and Canal. jaa 3 * , OFFICE FOR RF.NT, suitab'e for paymaster, on s?oond floor of buildmj No. 210 K street, opposite Paymaster General's office. Apply to C. A WOOD & CO., on the premises. ja8-lw* L?OR RENT?A HOUSE eontain'n* 8 roomr. I with lar<e stab'e attach d.situat Seventh Ward, near Smithsonian Institute. For particulars inspire at FEN WICK t STUAKT'C Wood and Coal Yard, corner Scvanth st. and Cans! 11^ HPO RiNT-FUKNISHED ROOMS, with nr I ithniif Unarii In 1*1 at Vr> QQQ ITicktAAntK ? W S ?? *? ? ' U| tv I w? W* VI u ?/ V lilft II ?WU?II street. between F and 6 atreeta, rear the Treasury and War Departments. ja8 3t* WANTKD?A DWELLING HOUSE of 4 or 6 ro >ms, at a mcderate pric?. for whioh half oaah and half in low priced bmldinr lota will be ?aid. Preferenoe will be given for a house between "thard 15 h atreeta, north of Pennsylvania avenue. JOHN D. CLAKK, No 527 Twelfth street. Agent for the purchase and sale of Real Property and for Soldiers' Claims. ja 8 ?t* FOR RENT?Two large furnished ROOMS on the a*o<nd floor. Inquire at 460 Eleventh at, between F and G ja 7-8'.* PEW IN EPIPHANY CHURCH FOR SALE, b*iog No. 100, central looat on. Inquire of J \MEH F. HALIDA Y. 391 New York avenue.or of the Janitor of the Church. ja 6 6t*_ FOR RENT?With or without Board, a neatly furnished an<l comfortable SITTING ROOM and a fine BED ROOM at'ached. at No 450 Twelfth street, east side, between G and H sts. The lo-iation is on? of the most pleasant and oonvoniont in Waihincton. Al?o. the rooms are varr detirable. No children m the honae. jafr-iw HANDSOME FURNISHED ROOMS, next door to Willard Hotel?214 Pennaylvaniaavenue. jaS-lw* FOR SALE?From 4.000 to 5 000 oorda of WOOD atanding within 2% milea of Heltaville. Inquire of J. R. STEVENS, Wood and Coal Dea ler, No. 469 Pint at Ja? 1W P)K SALE-An old eatabltshed RESTAURANT, well a ookcd and provided, situated on Pennsylvania avenue, is an eligible business locality. Thia restaurant uon the firat floor of a large and oommodioua three-atory brick dwelling, on which there ia & three rear le*ae and which will be include^ in the atle of the above. For farther partioalara apply between the houra of 9 and S o'o 00k at No. 3^ Lomaiaaaav.. near 6th ?t ja 3-1 w* LP OR SALE OR EXCH ANSE.-l .?0 aorea F of aelected timber LAN D, in the Nortn Weat, will be sold or exchanged for property in the City of Washington. The land 1 a well timbered, oontaina water power, and ia a anre investment. Addreaa "Exchange." box No. 30 Waahington Port Office. de 19 lm FOR RENT?Two pieaa*nt ROOM*, neatly furniabed, in a firat-olaaa reaidenoe in Georgetown. with boa d. To a permanent tenant terrua will b? moderate. Apply at 161 West at, George town. de 17 if UANDSOMELY FURNISHED ROOMS.? K1 Four handaomely Fnrniahed Rooma.aupplied with iai and water, and convenient to the Pateit and Poat Offioe Departmenta, for rent. Appljr at BO>( Maaaaohiraetta aiemt, north aide, between ?th and tth ats. maSS EDUCATIONAL. fHEGARAY INSTITUTE, v> 138T asd 1329 Spkcc? St., Philadelphia. hpl : _ * j.. .i. i a *. & iiiiiuiuiuw, ouuuuoieti iur iwo j?ri puim the cit? of Pti; iwlelphia Ij Madami Chkca&aY and her niece Madams D'Hbrvillt, upon <m ?me principle* as the one in ftew York, 'stab liih?d there in 1814, will reopen,after the Christmas holidays, on Monday. January 6tb, with its usval ample and complete provision for the rduoation of V<mng Ladies, under the direotion of Marame D'HervilW. Ciroular*. and all re^maita information, oan be obtained on applioation to the Prinaipa j?7-lm JVIOMN AND VIOLONCELLO. OHN K. GOODALL, Professor and Teacher of he above, tenders hise*rviees to the pnh'io. Terms 91 per leaaon. References to auj munoiau in tha oity. Several of hia pupils are now the best violin i?ta In the world V11: Le Petit Ola Ball. Fred. Buckley, Ac Ao. Address Rullman's Motel, Pa. avenue, near 4X atrfet- deai lm* P_ EDUCATIONAL. ROF. C. F. B MINES' Dancm* School at Temperance Hall, E street, between 9th and g% 10th, v ill oommenoe TUESDAY, December it Mth. and oontinae everv Tueeday and day-afternoon c4i>ti at 3 o'o oak, and ere UH ning clasaes at 6* oV >ok All or the fhahioiiabla danoaa will be taught daring the aeaaou. The beat mutio will bo in attendanoe under the direction of Prof. George Arth. Call for a oiroular. dell lm j^fADAMfc LK ON TINE BLANCHKT, Will Sir# D* , PRIVATE FRENCH LESSONS. QEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTB TW ONION LKASUE. OB' RGhTOWNJJs There will be a meeting * fthe Union Laagiie TmiltSDAY EVKN1>C, January 9lh, aTw, o'olook. By order of the Preaiiient j*7 3t 1MAAC KNTWISLE.Sec, fVNOTJCK LICENSES. ?A! I per?on? I H vhuM hoetiMi from U? Corporation of Georcetowo exfire on tb<> Slat inatant are herabj notified pronptlj to rene# Uia same. otherwise tt-oy subject themselves to baa. and Ifte lav ta c nifulsory on Uia proyar cfeoeta to anioioa aaid law acaiuot all delinq ueuts. da t> nawWaaW WM. LAIRD. Ctacfc. POI BALE ?An txoallaat lightoorarod WA#a Agency for Lilienth&l'f Tpbaeco. LILIENTflAL'8 TOBACCO ! - ' ' - . 1 ULIENTHALV TOBACCO? LILIENTHALS TOBACCO! LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO! " STANDARD" BRAN D -A rrrj rlcb, Mellow and full-flavored Tobacco, pat ap ta tin foil, with bloc paper wrapper*, printed In fold brtwe and packed la quarter and balf-f roaa bona, wit*. Illuminated labels. LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO! LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO! LI LIEN TEAL'S TOilACCO LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO: ; ? YOUNG AMERICA" BRAND.?Thla brand la an entirely new article, tu aurpaaalag la atyla and quality anything of the kind heratadaia lntre| daced. Tba Tahaeeo la of a bright color, wry mild, with a delicate inor. II la pit up la tit foil, with U1-colored paper, la quarter sod ba)fgrxm boxet, be?otl fully labeled; aba la 6 and Miounce foil packages, feme price aa " 9 tea dud" brand. LILIENTHAL'8 TOBACCO! LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO ! LILIENTHAL'P TOBACCO! LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO! FINE UUT CAvenmisH chewing. Tin Foil NONPAREIL (wnbcesed > ? SAVORY (bronxe ) < MEDALLION (blue ) Theae exceedingly choice Tobacco* are of the best stock, very handsomely put up and labelled, and are for competition with the beet brands In tbe market, and at half the pric*. LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO' LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO! LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO! LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO! All the above put up In tin foil In 2 or. and % lb. packet* LIUENTHAL'8 TOBACCO' LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO! ULIENTHAl/S TOBACCO! LILIENTHAL'S TOBACCO! SMOKING TOBACCO. GENUINE TURKISH SMOKING * I. W-l' -I? AM ? - - " in uui iiK square un 1011, aanasome label*. SPANISH CUT Id h&if-aize square tin foil, handaonoe labcla. BRAZILIAN SMOKING In half-alzeaquare tin foil, bandaome labela. And a great variety of other brand* manufactured from the best VIRGINIA LEAF. A LIBERAL DISCOUNT MADE TO THE TRADE. FREDERIC t. COZZENS, WINE MERCHANT, CONSTITUTION BUILDING, E STREET, | B*tvmm Eu tenth and ttrut*, WASHINGTON, D C. BRANCH OF 73 WARREN STREET, NEW YORE. f AGENCY FOR v T.nwnvnitron nnrn vtvk AND AHIfCY POR C. H. LILIUTEAL* TOBACCO. IMFOSTBB OV FOREIGN WINES PROM THE BEST i HOUSES. i .. > i V iJ ^ w JULES MUMM A CO.* CHAMPAGNE ' RHINE AND MOSBLLE WINES i _ 1 .'"Ktr u 1 I BRANDIES, LIQUORS, LIQUEURS, Ac. I Of the ckoieaal quality 1 ?<"* U HAVANA QI0AES, *e., At. V SECOND EDITION TURKIC O'CLOCK, r. N, OUR MILITARY BUDGET. m Sim rotrioi W? am wtta?c4 ttat tte mil partita mt mm Burns)de expadttloa wRl mbrwx fully Sweety " ill of war?meat of tbra tte M?Aet>n Upa la thaa?rrlea. lathy rkon ?ixtm W? fc?Te before as the Norfolk D*f B?k (fWftldaa) of the 4ijr MM wKwtiy fti M tost. On tbe previous mornlof mr-atU IB tM Norfolk nary r*rd wu IfM by am I>en4twy It ww, bowrm, extltyittM wltb iimto *ii?h? Tbe mldMct sod ontboosos of FlyMi McMul iM-blitbtnkyMac WftMeoutj. V? , were destroyed by Ire on Wtdoadir Morning last tk? UiIM States?at ace ??hir of tU "CwM** Coagrraa, d:ed 1b RtchaMed, at the KwfcHj Hotel, on Saturday aciii| tut, the ttk loot Nobody will owr forward Is tab* the ettce Oj collector of the war tax 1b the NirMk iMrtA, u4 H T. Garnet!, "Chief OeKotftor of C?aM> erate War Tax for Va fa a for?1 iliaW nt, threatens to appoint mm ?m tnm mL Ida the dldrtot to perform that duty, which la hla proclamation he admits to ha odleos to tha people there. There have been several Ires la ChvMM, j C.,ta tha past tew day*. Oaliom a tkewrataiof the M last theeeseaMM fiia wariey, Capf. Swasey, rsa tkt blMkail ? CbeAr-aton, from Nwno, N P. She was r board and tred oa by the blackadiag sqMadron, witheut harm to fear. Bar paMa^ara were all KngUsh and Scotch, except B T Blab la, |?te Confederate bearer of despatches to Ewrope.. The N aasaa authorities forced the Flaaabaaa out af the harbor to coal, which gave the EUa Ward* ley the opportunity to eecape. Important from South Carolina. -? - SECESH ACCOUNT OP THE LATEST OPERATIONS OF THE UNION PORCKS IN SOUTH CAROLINA W> ?V_ ?-- ? * - - ? ? ? iiuui IUC nonoiK i/oy />ww OT KM OMJ before yesterday, thofollowing: T? Wll OR T? SEAC04ST, The long agony of suspense la over, and we have now every reason to believe that the enemy baa began the active operations of the Invasion. Late In tbe forenoon or Wedaaaday. the lat last , the Yankeea approached tbe mainland fa their boats at Chlsholm's snd Page's Points Tbeae places are on oppoatte sides of Port Royal Parry, j and about four miles apart One of these attempts to land appears to hcvs been a feint, as we bear of sharp floating only at one of the polnta named Here the enemy, 3.900 Strong, was met by Col Jones' South Carolina regiment, and a sharp skirmish ensued, daring I which Col. Jones waa reinforced by a Tenneaaea regiment Oar troope, though still Inferior la numbers, determined to try tbe rfllcacy of cold steel, and advanced with the bayonet The enemy Immediately fell back A portion of Col Jones1 regiment, In the beat of pursuit, ventured within range of tbe boat bowitzera of tbe Yankees, which poured a sudden Are into our ranka. killing ? and wounding 12 of men The enemy rallied under cover of their guns, and again pressed forward. But thia time they were met by a still more impetuous charge, our brave boys pursuing them to their very boats. So precipitate waa the flight of tbe Yankeea that they Incontinently threw down and abandoned their guna and whatever elae encumbered the r valuable persons It Is said that in the second charge of our troops not s musket was fired. But the ConnecUcutltes did not fancy the porVtutoua tramp of our com pa tiles and the silent glitter of our bayonets; so they broke and run la tbe true Rtill Run atvU Oar loss, fceyond those killed and wounded by the shell* of the boat howitzer*, was but trifling. Of the enemy's lorn we have no definite account When they finally departed in their boats, they left four killed and many wounded upon the field: but it i* known that, oesldea these, they carried c 8 with them numbtre both of killed and wended Early yesterday morning, the enemy again apr -ok. Lt d the maiu In much heavier force than on the preceding day. Gen Gregg's brigade, which waa stationed In the neighborhood, tell beck a short distance to secure an advantageous battle ground, and, at last accounts, the Yankee forces were hdranclng up the Combahee road, the skirmishing between the pickets being heavy and continuous Of the results of the action yesterday we have no news whatever, but the firing was steadily maintained until quite late in the afternoon. We have given the above account* brought by passenger* from the *~ene of action. Up to a late hour last night no official dispatches had been received In relation to the events which we have mentioned At 5 o'clock p m yesterday, olficl U dispatches were receivea, announcing tbat tbe enemy's guaboata bed agnin opened a aharp Ire of sheila upon White Point, but for what purpoee wna not known. We have advices tbet on TuesdayfLsst a Yankee gunboat entered Bull's Beyond chased a schooner tbat waa coming from San tee by tbe inland peasage The steamer waa crowded with armed men on deck She ran tbe achooorr np a creek, but finding the water too shallow, ceaaed the pursuit THE LATEST BY TELEGRAPH. LATFK FROM THE IPPER POTOMAC. Fkbdkkick, Jan 8 ?There la no new movements here or ap the river. It la believed here that Gen. Jackson baa been joined bv Anderson and Lorlne'a brigades, sad that they have gone to attack Kelly. All eyas ar# now turned towards Romnev Jackson's force will probably exceed 10,0M. Gen Hamilton, of our second brigade, la recovering from a severe bilious attack. Last night was the coldest night of tbe season, bat tbe troops are all comfortable, and there are no complaints of hardship*. ARRIVAL FROM EUROPE. Halifax, Jan 6 ?Tta? Canada, with Livarpoal dates to the 29th alt., has arrived, with three hundred troops. Great anxiety prevailed In Europe pending tbe arrival of tbe Africa with the response of tbe American Government There was no cotton market on Saturday. Manchester ?Firm. Breadstnffe easier. Previsions steady. Consols M*attK. FROM rORTRUI MONKOI. BaITIMobb, Jan. 6? The Old Point boat, which arrived here thla morning, bring* ao news of any importance whatever, nor haa uf letter been received by the general praa frM any of lb correspondents CONGRESSIONAL. V VVVIIak rAllAB vaa * J a * AA mm * i? ??n a? nni MiniB* WmnuT, J aaoary ?. Senat* ? In the Senate lo^ir after the precaution tid utewot of abollnea and aaudry other petiticoa, the Hooae Mil making en appropriation for the co?Huctioa ot twenty Iron-clad gunboaU. when the pending Baaala Mnadwat thereto propealag to auhetltala the Freatdeat for the Secretary of the Nary aa ike pornea to he charred with the duty of making the ceo tree la therefor, waa debated t>r Mr Hale . lta moeer) for It, nod Meaara Morrill, Faater.aad PowoUMtMt li. until the expiration of the mar nine how. The report of the Judiciary ComuNn in the Oi motion at Mr Pnnnoodno ft wm po^wMd; ud the Boom hill to oaoad tbn not loci?lag tho dutloa on too, coffon, nod oognr won tnkoo op, id4 Itn prompt poonngo won Mvooolod k* Mr. PnnnoMko, nod oppoord by Mr. Bote Hoctn?Reoolatioon. roquonttof tho BocMvt of Wnr to 1 of or a tta Houno who! pnyonoott, u noy, hnve boon m4o for tmonportodoo oftroopo, to rollroodo to wboai pobltc Vnndn bnvo booo do nntodoo coodiUon of transporting iroopnnod ?onltloon of ww Iron of cborgo; nod autbortstag tbn Conoautton on ^ J udtetory to^nnadJh^jwown toiogrepH'e dlnpot* ben ootnod loot yoor, ood Cor otber purpiiw, to toclUtnto tbn iavooti?nttoo Into tbn eeonornblp ndtbotokogropb, totttBtod km A MotuUoo >001111 tho Ci?Uto oo Mil K*/y Affair# to laqolrn toto tbn mpodtoary of ^nrebnoiog tbr bitttdlof koo?ro oiubo DoagUn yiiM. ? i mnm in iui e?y, ? nanw AUo, Mil miking m pproprinjor, to carry lbm> t fleet tbo Mat nmIuUob of July mk, imi, retell vo to tbe laterutlooai EihlMiUa tm la MM. ^ ulow mi4 awiwi F 9 -V

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