Newspaper of Evening Star, January 9, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 9, 1862 Page 4
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THE F.YEMtVG STAR. ? OJI TO Jt !" By this time many of our citlienl hava beer m* letter acquainted with the diffieoltiet of war tba* they were whr* the try of 4,0? to Richmond !" waj so loudly repeated Many, jhoweTer, have zireo bat little thought to the sabjeetofwar?* *el?j?et which feasjurtly been aid u? be * owe ofUir moat complicated that man can study. ' They count the months airre tbe battle of Manassas. and sum up the somber of men that ' mast be by thi* time gathered aroutd Wellington,'' and they draw the there are men enough,and that tbe ra^fi have now been well enough trained and therefore they wnnt something done. In short, they want M:irsssas stormed and taken. Ihcy believe that it ean be done day, i? tae brave nei. now eager for. tbe A MI aVn AH! t.v 1 - ?1V IVU VUI W UIO ?lOUCll?&JU^ Let us look for a luomeot at the other aide of the question. The rebels bare many men on their side who ifltve been crying ovjft. "On to WaihTn^ton?'' and who now grumble terribly because the vast army at Manassas is not led forward to snatch the"coveted prize They think it only needs for them to move in order to take the city? Why da they not move? Those who cry, "<>n to Manassas!" have no idea that the rebels can take Washington. Why not? Bacaaee it ia too strongly fortified. Tl?ey know that it is no child's play to face tI>ose fertifioationj with which General McClellan has girdled it. They cannot be leaped over u Remas leared ovor the early walls of not even ov two hundred thousand men, end an those thousand* brave men too. But are the fortifications at Centreville and at Manama* lew formidable than those aboat Washington i These at Manassas have cen tualj beeu Longer in preparation. At any rate, who hat examined thtfm and compared them with those at Washington with a practised military eye ? For aught we ka?w, they tv.ny be quite as fonni lablo as tLo-c which we KftltorA ti? * roll a. f r, o?ti or.} /% U'oohin?*An v ? ?n s/v u *v .11 . ??r ^u>wu vw ii acmugvwui Impregnable by any force that the rebels can briar against them It certainly is contrrry to all the dictates of laiiitary prudence to underrate* either the enemy or the obstacles he may place in our way. What fortifications are, and how vast the prep*rauon4riiU<e*?*ry to attack those enoeessfu!!y, Sevastopol lias taught them who traced tiio prrgreaa ot tuat uuuiorabie aiege step by .j:op. Ihe Aii-od htu but faint idea ?t the vastres3 of thownk btnoro them when they sat down before the; place. It wad virtually an asaaul; oi. leinporury field fortifications, and they expeetc i to make an er.d of tho Uuk in a single d?y. Their assault by sea was n total failure. an 1 v?u may leC that \jtxn out of sight. They opened fire on the 17th day of October, IS' > tiih tiege butteries of une hundred anu tv. eiity-gix ^uus, and that first bombardment of twenty days amounted to nothing. It was not until the 8th of September, 1955, that they made themselves masters of the nlace. And when, at the eloso of what was to Lave been a brief d.iys work, they came to review their work, they found that they had been compelled to bring uj a the field two thousand live hundred and eiahty-seven gone of all calipers. two millions :'..*ee hnrdredand eightyore thousand aud f<?ny-two fhot and shell?, and eleven millions f ar hundred and eightyfour thousand ei^a: LuuJred and four pounds of powder. They had also, before the eiege closed, s^nt f?r ?ix hundred iuwrtaj-o, of which oniy a part ariivod ia season. Ail this wa* independent of millions of musket and rifle cartridges. To keep the^e vast batteries supplied with ammunition was of itself a gigantic tMk. annklnr railroad -**nm fr#n?rwn*?? lion of themTfrom the ]?orts indispensable. Our objeot iii presenting this view of the case is simply t<? su>rg??t to thuie who are so eager for an advance to Mur.a&i id some problems whioh they possibly have not maturely considered. We m?y rest a??ureu cf this, that Gen. McClellan has not o\. rlooked them, llij experience in Mexico, followed by bis careful study ot ail tbe details of tho Crimean campaign, have not been without their practical uip? Lk Kim in Kia -1- XT': *u - - hum > U Uta pivovui ItUi h. u no & irue soldier's eye he had scan nod all the detail* of the present war. ar.d be telh us that it cannot be a long, bat it will probably be n desperate struggle It" the necessities cf the ?amp9ign demand it, no doubt he will move on to Manama:?, even if it be to renew there the fierce aud costly ' raggle of Sevastopol But if the ends of the campaign cud be secured without it?and we think it will be proved that they ean?then, for the sake of oaf brothers *ons and friends, we hope he will attack .Maaaseds at some point far distant fr~'n the longest range of its heavy b?"eriea. At least, let it be left to him to dt*cido when, Mad wL ;e, and how U) strike. We ahill be rejoiced as the uiost jubilant when the (ienarai-in-Chief tccis hirncif entirely raady to cry u forward." and sound tbe barge?Phtla. Inquirer. lBCS) THE [l??a Pennsylvania Central Railroad, aaneons (with it! connectoas) IS A F'KST CLASS ROLTE TO ALL THE WESTERN CI TIES! SPEED, SAFET*' AND COMFOhT! SlONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH r IHJ.M ISA ' Ti.UORL I ,/?%- T9n EAILT TBAI1H f?OH PHlL.Vl>t.LPHI A TO f>lTT?BlRGH Two o' tjieir makiuj C^OIB '^>X5KCTI0Sa AT HA.KBISBCRG wiUi trains cr. NORTRl.RN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, ami Cormier tue great central route FJOM WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all p<,iuta in the Wist, North w*ar xsd Socth-wmt. IZ^Kor Throjgh TioUfcU, app.y at the Oiftoe of Uie Northern Ceatral Kaii RoiU Company, Calve t Station, BvUmore. Sjpltndiil Slurping Carbon all N'pht Trains Snoiing Saloon Cars on ail 1 rains. FROM WASHINGTON. fua?a{t[i wui u*e tae 8 <v. iu. b p. m. trains. a rtvin< n Iia!'iinur?" a'.7.50 a. v. 6 4S p. m., vrnere eioee ??onu^ctintu are tra^e with liaise in the North?rr. Central K K.,a<jd arrive ia Harrish*-? ?. i ? - - 1 " - m , r, m. uu i. o a lit, uie.e cocueotiuc *!in the trams on tho Ptnr?rhrami Cfcnual tta.iruad lor si; part? cfike vest. FREIGHTS. By th.? r??ot", fraufcu of &! dcasnp'irne ean t?? forwarder to 10J from any potmoathe Kailriatis of 0_i >, K iLlaoh), lyiiana, iiliooit, YViacoaain, lo?a, o? Missouri. 6jr hnuroatl dir'ct Tutftnuf .nout CMtral teaiiroad >'io< natota at Pittsbuif wiiL i*itauti?ra, Lj wfl.cli t>o?ca-<aa bo forwarded to ary port on the Oh.o, Mutkmtum, Keotc 3ii. Tenneeeee.CiniD'hand, l)Ux>o>a. M1mnaippi, witcon?;n, Mi*?yuri. Kautaa, Armm. ixi R?4 M aid at Cleveland. *andnaky and Cuiea?o w.'h ?taainer* to a!t Norrhw*>t?'n i akea \' - - - - - u' poK oti u too ;r?n?for- I ta'.-n of ituir K?#nhi to thi Com?My,oin rely with oci-t'lence on it? y t tui'. TMti H. aTJs? u9 PliKlUH ' to Mid from any point m the went, by tHg Pennsylvania Central Railroad, av <u all ttmi* at /nvarabti at are Marjuiby HaUroad Company* tfr* B - pa^ioniar to mark pao*??e? " via Pass. C?<?ra?L rt R." MaUKAW * KOOIVS, Freight Agents, ? Tfo. ?*? North ?tr?-et, Ua ? ware. KNOCji LEW 1?, ??eo'l aapsnnf t. AUoona, Pa. B"""1 mrt-rt.... iSSaT l ? 9oaneu batter, last received and l?* *]? ;b*xp br P. B. HASTINGS A CO. m? W-?f D ?t . fm* m?c P*. IVIQOlhE'w WEST KMD DRCtf STORE. ! * 113 Pa Avawra 9mjnibiDa. A lart*?t??k jf pur* &o.,ah*ar> on hau4 Alto, Hair, 1 ooth mm! otfier Bra?bM,''oo|r*?i Wuti.fc*. Goal Oil Md L*t*p? for a*me. g? jl iw CI WAtCHUJ. tOLD JO?l> ?iuVKKRL^^l?i|. HWIHB iuw?el ^?<ee#t'stiwd and r*liat?toiHripMeri osq beati<*J<id mrj Cmfiptio* orf?? JKWELK t ? Maa;*ii mm miIm feoeivad M ooa ujpMUMMni a^d ofrnd at the IotmI Kcitc*. Pcxfcai Ai?o atroog 5 ' Tt,b*' "<f B?-d Cont uu):?n4 man* ottitt K.ia?a aaatai aad oraaaaaUl at 33* r?an?/'raitte "**** auH tf M. A. MOUJX A16LKR^fca^^S piaaiara to i&/om kit fri?ad? iud uj? fublic. ttiat ha kiu open*! a fcrat ?wi Rwafanrant, at tha >OMii uai &!? .- i-kuuwn m Aim ? ?' CuiMMlpwy ??!) !? "HJ .l HiVi.1 rr%Jf-?t ? jo n^???mm^rnrnmmrnrn??^ TO: T:>cot4| 1 8. If. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. ? i"W.SOt CK>>AS''T . ABT>*:.1 J1J la presenting this delicious beverage to the public, It Is not our Intention to herald It as a quack medicine, that will cure all diseases and affections that humaa nature Is heir to, but that It la purely a combination of most delicious fruits, distilled under our own personal super viiion, Having no oeieteuoua or icjunou* admixture* ao common with many compounds forced upon the Public In the ahape of Tonlca, Ac. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL will become one of the moat useful and at the earn* tin** healthful beverages that has ever been offered. We take mach*pleaaure in'thua preeenflng It, particularly to Soldiera, who are expoeed to change of weather, climate and hardahlp, aa the beat Invlgoretor that cin be found. 8AM'L. N. P1KK A CO. i | wWf" ' ' - . SOLE AOBNT IN WASHINGTON, I> C., I v * ful-- A lo f1 fiMILE Dt'PRC, : t' < -'t- ' ;>-T . . "J .1 320 PENNSTLVANIA AVEN-Ufc. k- . ?* . r 'vl bitM CiNcis.f ATI, October 29, 1S61. 1 hereby certify tbaf, In accordance with the law regulating the sale of Alcoholic Liquors in the State of Ohio, I have inspected S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL, and find It free from polaonout Impurities. 1 also believe It to possess high medicinal properties, of a tonic and astringent character. In testimony whereof, witness my signature this 29th day of October, 1961. DAVID O'OONNELL, M. D., Chemical Inspector ut Alcoholic Liquors for Hamilton county. - r i.i * x . ?? S. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! No Houiehould ihould be without it . . B'. :l 8. N. PIKii'8 ARMY CORDIAL! The healthful and aarful Tonic Mtt it. ? S. N. TIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Have the delicious Beverage at home. 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! la distilled from delicious Fruits and Brrrlea.J . >' - S. N. PIK.K S ARMY CORDIAL! Sutlers In the Army supplied on reasonable terms. i S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Every Officer and Soldier In tbe Army ahou!d use the Invigorating Cordial. S. N. PIKE'3 ARMY CORDIAL! Not only Oficert and Soldiers, but the most delicate Lady, will find this Cordla a useful rONIC. ,'j; t i? r S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Ii not a ^n?rk medicine, bat th? n o*, beelthful nnrf nl?aian( !!&>uonno In i?*? ??? r? * 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! * \ .* ? " v ? ' : ?' Wt B?tter than French Brandy, Whisky, or any strong Liquor. ^ N PIKE'S r '".L: J ARMY CORDIAL! If you wish to keep In good health and iniriti w'mmu nri T .J _ | FOB. BALK AT THP. PBlvnPii noiin vnuu* GISTS IN THIS CITY, OR BY S. H. PIES & CO., It Ul HYCAMARE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. r>u- wv.t. hv?h? * SOLE AGENT IN WASHINGTON, D. C., j EMI LB DfPRE, PK V*ftYLVA*IA AVKMH d* n-im## *" * W*. coewtn burgy. JLiATE With the oM ?.n<1 w*M knovngoiM of wm. s eon win * co, N*w Yosk. tDtaler in -k*U* nrandiu, Wmtr Cicor*. 4*.. and Importer ef Ttnsan i Cki***? Fmnew Uotdt, .No. at Pm?tivasu ?rnn, (Kntyujoa tfuctli street,? Wtuhmttv*. D. C. ~ The attention of oonBt?iit?*or? immTi he jablic eenit invitou to my #t"rk of fin? BraeofM,WTms Cirwi. Teas, *o . e>njMi?tnr Hennessey Otard ana t?M?r I?rADdi?s, Widow Moot tc Obaocor, Mtim'f, He*<l?ioSc & Co , artd a Mori ate* iVeix'ueT, Ckarpp%?ae4; FermirtiHs, Amonfclvlo R^a V imrte fc<n?Krie*; V? 3LtWar> Ef?err? ud Keith Si'ia .Madeira*; If'rmotrr ind uanrarster V.?rt?; ttte colobmUil "WSC" Clnb Htffeaa Bin; lKiah. t?oovoJi, Bourbon aad Murj icahe'ii W)ubkio*; J?mu? aid ft. Crcix R am*; C-baca, Ficaro. LaKo?ade?s.7r:*s-o, I a ii?pa,no!aan>?.T--non? fcrand* of Ciraraarrd rary fine Young HttOr, Hy on. Imperial aud K.cgJifn Krwltftn T?m m catty IikVai im^irtnH hv mrtfllf i? fn? ua^mU h ~ die fa-iat' ~ ' ? ' SMITJ3 & BROTHF ITS .P A L. E O H K A M ALE, ; SUPERIOR AMBER AlB, PORUER AifD NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. i Tf0 above CELEBRATED AMERICAN | ALES areUrew<*i from tao CHOICEST ItAR- { LEY MALT ?r.d HOPS, and hifhly e?teeir.ed by : fcos? who have used them. Purchasers ar? rt~ quested to call and examine our inferior s?ook, 1 aaaured that they wil! find the BEST and PUREST [ articles. We have at all time* a lares stock readt for de- ' lirery. in vh?l9, h?lf and quarter oankg, suitable jfor the TRADE, HOTEL*?, and FAMILY USE. i 'which we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE , 7SRM4. SMITH A RROTHKR. Brewer*. No. 148 A 160 Weet 14th at, New York City. Order* by Mat or Kxtreas promptly executes. Ce IM^m fcj ORI UA Jj GIFTS. OiLVER SKRVlCK*. blLVKR URNS. SIJjVKR TIIRKENS SILVKK. BOWLS, tell Vfc'.R DI3HKS, firr Vvo oDnft%fa i j , (u OI V MIO ?uu r \J "A.", SILVKE PITCH URS, WAITERS, SALT GKLuARS, lr?<4 m great title tion oj nvnlt r drti'ltl m.ta b!? fty Fridnl tiifts | Thes* Rocda are&U of nnr own rmnnfootnre, of tbs must elegant worirm&nship arvf ti* i<*h, and ? do not beliero. for variety %n?i quantity, are nr- I pawed t>y any other collection in the coaotry. EPEEUKES DIAMOND JEWELRY, VINE WATCHES, 4"?-, For Mia by SAM'L KIRK &. SUNS, 17-J Baltimore St., Baltimore, M?f. F.atablfhed 1817. <ta 1<-I*t* f^)C) ELEVENTH STltCET. , ^(*9 ; E. FISHER & BROTHERS. FHBUCH STEAM ?COUHKkS. Baxtimosk, Ma. Th? only place thi? aide of New York,wh^ro too can get & Silk IVess c1?an?d. reatonnc the In?treMuc>l to new. Mortccea, Delaiuea. and all kinds <n L.r.diej Dresses cleaned without taken apart. Orape and other Shaw's, Table Covers. and Gent eraan's Ciotiing, cleaned in the beat manner. Leaving no substance in the cloth to injure it or make it more easily to soil. n. u vooda will ba *ent to Baltimore twice a ] week, and return with Iik*? promptness. <1*12 *w Vv M. P. SHKOD, Altert PHILADl'VIHA PROVISION STORE, 1W* I'KNN'Tr VANJ* *VKNO*, between IsiA aA<i 'Atk 3tf The nnderi-itiiHa, harm* loea'ed himaelf as above, ttke# thia method ?if irif;>rmin< the oit:> >na of the 1* irat Ward tiiat he t a* opp;.-:?J .\ first-ciass Pruviooa Store, con:noted sunnar to thoae (or arhioh f hil&deiphia ia famous. Here can be mum-'at ft.I !?rre *ur1 fr?*?h , snppjy of 1 <>i;i.TRV, 'f . ? Kr. MUTTON, Ac. tKUHSand Vbtii/J At{L,;:iin season. Particular attention ia oiied ta hta stock and priooa of KUTTKK, CHKKSK.Ao. PntladeipMa Hrint Gutter. Go hen and Western Reserve. Beiuc determined toeivnths strictest attention to the wa; t3 of ! cu tomers, and ti keep every article tn bis line of the best aua'itr, and sell at the 1 U->-> L L _ . iw?cb? iiiai ?cv \a iucs, us nopos 10 m?m & eti&re ol public patronage. Families will 1:5 waited upon daily for orders, if required, no'.: THOMAS R WILSON. GovernniMC Itoau Agency, Oit;ci or LEWIS JOHNSON & CO., BANKERS, CoftNKR OF PA. AVSMJK A.HD TKJITH St. UKWI8 JOHNSON, of our firm, bavin* been appointed a ?i ' i>onptii>n Agoi:t inr the National Loan authored by the act of ConirMi of 17th July, ICS!, we are prepared to iariiish, to parties of iii&king investment, an; amount ot 7 3 10 Treasury Note*, of oonveqient aizea. _noja_tl L^VVjJ JOHNSON A CO. 0ft, MILITARY BOOTS, arftl i Pf*' At WHOLISILI, ?*JJ f f Hi At fiJaHM/aetur, r$' Prices. f SM " naNo. 1? Merits'. Space, l'enn, tv.,* ??e bet ween HtU and 9th *t?. J ROSENTHAL. 1 Lauiea'. Miaars' and Children's Boot* and >noea ofevery deao i p 11 "n. lowor tlian ev^r. ?lt?13pQ a. DU PUNT'S WC GAR-COATED PRAIA LE REGULATING PILLS /Ms | R'-vl the fol L,wmt unsolicited eacumi u|/,l am?: .. . 1 AAnnot nnmmABil ham *rvr* Ki-k 1? " " _ ?.VM? U1?UIJ? ^ f "They are the bett l"??naie Piiis extant." "I have lined them with o<>iri?.o:e nuo^eM." "Would not bo without ti?ew upon any contideratinc." "They operate rpeerhiy &n<l *tf>otiveir." Price 91 bent hj n;iul Hold by s* C. UPHAM, SIO Ch.->mnt "troet, Ptu!ad<?!ph'a, and ui Wa;i>mgton by 8. C. I ?JJ* J), corner 11th etrp??? ?cd Pa. avecae. noff- ?*>lt nR.GODFREV'8 ANTIDOTE WILL CURK i;(iMiiUuiiio. j ?? V W 1? V1% n UVi'i "V 111 Bll unj W? chanmof <i:et le^uir^l It is an Enr-MfgsQ^W ' llsta Specifis oi Bixtj-live yea ? sia.<< anrt wht not harm the incut delicate oon |tS&r^ vUtution lto>'Ltai k no wt.r*emj.s, Prie^ *1. Sold by S. O. U1* H AM, 310 Ch?sant streft, Philadelphia, and ia Washington by S. C. P<;RB, corner 11th ?*rr. t aTiri Pa ! > iw SB eoly J T KA8?TEA*?TEAS! UST Ucoesv"i a prime lot now Tea?. For s&ia low at BROWNING A HEATING'S, dej Stawtf 353 Pa. avenue, near 6th ?t. JUST ItECE1 VEi> A LOT OF TH *>T VKRV superior OLD CAMNKT J?R\NDY,at BROWNING A KEATING'*. ?le Sto'w'f 3.53 Ka a^r ut ear 6th si. C^atayvba GRAPfctf! y Catawba grapkb" ' Frnsh Catawba Gr?;> s in excel ent order anl delicious iu Cavor. Try ih.-m. , KI\ ?? fc BURCHFI.L, de 11 o<vn*r 15>h st. and Vermont EJOtf PRINTING. VERY Description of Juti PRINTING required by any ImmJj?citizens. oiTtl, arnir andMvtnftocri, antlers, &c.~executea at thertTAR OFFICE, in satisfactory style, at lov r?t?i for Cwh. 4 tf REASURER'rt OFFICE. Wachinotow. 1). vJ? December. 1861, t Holders of the two year* Treasury Notes, with I interest at <5 per o n* pN)ab>fpnii annually, issued under the *ot o: 2d of .Msrch. IS61, are informed that the interest on suoh notes to the 1st of 1 Oi1 ?.ill I ' J "? ' * * ?i??i>c?i r, kku. win i>? iiii'i m mil uinoe, on And after that day; provided, that *n h notes with & icMil(,iunM b* tnehoWerofsueh Dot?s, show- , iiiK 'ha number, date.nnj amount of each uote, tucether with the interest cu* thereon to said first of January. ?re lodged here, one day beforehand, for verification, (sigr e.|) F. K. fPINNF.R ?tr 24 td Tr<?aiiurer. li. TIhK 81'HSCR IBKRS bee leave to inform Uieir BStrOLI Allii LliA anlaim ? r .... v>Iw gvuviwi; vi 1 ins amply supplied witn \ superior ate ck of^53 FA 1.1-and VVINTKR GOODS SA They also respecifuly invite attention of ]fr their Army and Navy customers, and those"- " frr^uiriui outfits in that line, totheir superior sualItirs of Pwords, bpaulets. Shoulder 8tr%n? Belts, ' Chapeaus, Hats. Capt Sashes. and Gold Laces, I constantly on band, wluoh are warranted as repro | Whilst tenderini thanks for the liberal patrouac e enjoyed, th *y will endeavor to merit aocntinuauoe. F. J. HFIHKR??KR & COA I * (Sncceiisors to H. F. Louden fe. Co ,) CITIZEN, MILITARY tuut yi VaL TAILORS, 1 :l(\ u? '? * au? rca^>) iruis A vetltte. Iff *?Brn JMPORTANT TO M1UTAKY MKW! Army Regulation Rata, MoCletlan Fatigue Cap*. Chaaeeura de Paria Cava. ,Sf 0,M s836 Pa. arerue, near corner 13th at., Between Willarda* ana Kirkwooda' HotMe. H7* Agency for Gitten'a Cork Cap Havelock, rMmunitcdm for the na* of our rank ai.d file b? l.unt e?n ?- * J r - -f " iv*" 11-11p ONE NICK BOUliWOOD CHICKENING PIANO Ur tfi. -i One T oeti*?f<.ar round corner U&l!*tK5flR3 tt Davit Piano for "I *! 1 For Ml* upon ?UJ t?rm? at the Music of I W. O.MKTZKROTT fe<4* Agenc for ?t#inwa? and m'i an J Haven, Baoon k. Co.'? Piaroa. riy 18 MaSSKY. COLLINS * UO.'S PHILADELPHIA DKAVGHT ALB. We have iaat raceiveil a ?? ??l. ?t - wtuob ire recommend to be of"avery *up*riot * u&4ity. Person* wishtnf to porehase. ny inaJHng immediate appUaaUou, o*n no! | GoorgotoWa. SOLDIERS NEEDING DRY GOODS for tfce (7 "folks at borne" are eoh cited to inspect our vast stick, an* or mp'ete in all depar'moi* ta. One ?rio* only, tbe actual oaah atandard value, marked in plain ? t ires. An examination of stoek inours no obligation to carefully eaoked, for exprees or other oaveyaLoe, tree of oharge IT? PERRV A BRO Peon.av?uo* aud Ninth at.. da 14 ant '-P^rry Batlding." ^OUeH?. COLD-, HOARSEN E88, Jta. s&sssad'g, MSB8P w * DKNT1STBY. DR.CHARLES R. BOTELER, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. Bmrm Bti a>d lOti 8n. intcftl . HDR J. i.. eiBBONS h\lNG K?mn?#d from No. N?wTork KWnie, to No. 3T'J 9U itr?rt.?fe? doors from Nav York avenue. renew* the offer of nia prcfl1*aiontl aer?l i??. (Mda 134! and Surgical ? to tbs c t tsna of W&ahibftoa. Be may be found at his office at all hours.wnen not professionally ens ved. E?p?ci&'. attention wiH be paid to lema'e diseases. do Zi-cciw' . J^KW AND IMFROVEi) INVENTION ABTIFICJjLL CHK0PLA8T1 BONK __ TEETH, ?* j WITHOVT MHAL Plats ok CLAIM. DR. B. B Si&KRMOND. . 910 BromAwav, Xnr Tori? 5J60 Pinn.*tlt>amia d? mm, i itk mnd I8t* >li , WVi ?AmmIp?, Oalit tbe attoation of tfio pablia to Uo tot'.owing advantage* of hi* improTM ?TBt*m: 1. The Trutt of Mb inaar.]*eUre wiI;fcflSiv nsrpr oo- ie dot cLimd color by anjr^*"-w aoius. lie.n j ?t.'ree fointl* 'er than Mi*, t. No teeth or roots wed be extracted, u the arliftam' ort*+ m.r\ he meoriad over Wem. * Ths rocta wil! be mn le ad never 0 ac&e. 4. No tsmporftrr teeth *re p?eded.a* permanent r .- oaa be made inimediBtelr. tl era:.* ???> ~?4n? taa rvur&I expression O: t^e fvjf. whioh under the "Id system Is fr^aoBtjT diafigcrM,

(. This wort ha* i>een tm'ly trztr-l ever fiv? y*ftrs by qu; of the firet thetnists srd physicians of this ??P?. s.'ha* lls<i indented ft -white un<t extractive irpLA) ailint, with wuictt the movt senritive teeth o?kb? nllea without pain, an.l oaa build op ft per feot, roand toorn on any tide roots, which wilMast through lifetime. The fiestof references fiven? to Dr V. Mott; Dr. Doreiuua, Protei^r of Cheoiiitrj, N. V.; Hen. Judge Wayne, of the Suprn.s Court of Wftshiac wni bum uiuusc. 08 "i ciner?. Cb.II ao<l examine tor yoorselL no 8 6m GAS FITTING, Ac. Ah r. DuvK * oo. *E Now ?re/>?T<<i to pxeccto ?kc? ardera wltk VJ-.ieh ther m%j iw bkror*u in fLVMmNe. I?AW OK ?TKAM KIVTIKC business. R7" Store ob tth street, ? few doors norU of '.*1. veaatw whore rnar oe found & eorrjiete Msortsient f CHANDKWKHS azi other e?XK BTKAM WATKK PIXTUBKS. i?B-lr Wmm 8 AS Fix i u u b,?. K Hsro iti a tore, ana are aai. j receiving, VIS F1XTUH E.*?ofciit:reiy Nsw ratterr*and Dengue ami Kicisli. cvprnor in st*:? to anrt^inii hereto.ore ftfipfd in *1 M mftrkTAt vC^.-?* ? kli **il *P" cur ttook of fe*? and Water F4* tie?< continent tii&twa ti>a tjje :trl *;'H'sf*V*to^k in Wumcttno. A' Wc.-e ij. th#&:.orp i Q9ia:ra*ted IniirNti Wni be*r?ir#rly???adH tot ? MVUfes* *T" D rtrret i>a?sje.%^ek trains to and fuom t BAi/r-MOKIS. ITT T VT t* I > r>^t T r? r \ rt? v? 31'ECIAL NOTICE TO TRAVELERSOn ?.jid after Monday, D^cmrhsr % 1961, Pa*aenrer Trains between YTA5?HlNGTON and BALTIMORE will run ae follows: TKAIXS MOT! KG SO RTF. Mornint ^apretsieavo Weshi:!fton6(WA. tt. Arri ve at Baltimore 7.!" a. Philadelphia 11.40 r. U ; JVow York r. K.; Harnaturt 1.11 p. m. Mcnuoz Acconur.o l&ti^n lf?are Waei-ioftoe 7.40 a M. Arrive at I>*:tinioreS.?> *. u. No oo^naotior; r* Marti^cre. i\?w VorU Vp'.l T-atn?'^avr> VVasHnrton at 11 a.*.; arrive at Ha!*\rjore I' ?. St.; Philadelphia ft 21 r. New \ o?k 10 r. y. Allerrocr Ai3eorr?modation?!f)i.v* We?l?H*tnn S.? p.m. A nive at Baltimore 4 in ?. m.; Philadelphia ?o.oo t. ??. Ktotibi fcxpreK?icare VV'Mhinrton B p. w. Arrive f-i Baltimore 6/5 p. Piuia<ieipkiA 10.84 p. nr.; Nmt York 4 /. h : Hirr.sfcnrc 1 a. e. On Hnndayt at 3<i5a:id 5 p M.oniy. 1 ho 5 p. M. tr*in from Washington connects through to New York every dar during the week. TRAINS MOT I NO SO UTH. Leave N?w Yo-k at 7 a. i\: P* >'a'? phia UJ? a. m<( Ba.lracre 4 oo ?. u Arrive i? Wa?Warton t?2 ft M *L?ave New York at 6 p. m.; Philadelphia 10.50 p. M.; Bilticjore 4 30 a., k . Arrive at "A as hint ton t^n A ^ (^eave Ne^r York a: 1' p. sc.: Philadelphia 3 JO a. w ; Bailiraora7S5 a.m. Arnvaat Waihicjtun r* * ? M> A. X. AooomrnoflaUoc T-aic? :?avr> Baltimore at a n.,erd?p. m .for NVachmgtoa, airive there tt it a. m. end 7 p. *. On su^da?* a: 4 ?? and 7S5i. m only. Pa??eEeer Trains Im?iai vvunuwa at 7.40 a. m. and 3.1't P. x., and Baltimore at 7J? a. m ad 4.(0 ph. n>ake dueot connection* for Anuapolia ai tLe Junotioc. Trail}* leave Ann? join fcr Baltimore and W&&Uiaiton at ?_?> a. m. and 8 4" p. u f'a88tc?er Trail.* leaving \*.>rli?nrU>a at 6JJ0 a. m., 11 a. m., aL.ti 5 ?. x.. and Haumoib at 4.3" and 7.c3 a. m., and 3 vi t. m . will it(i> only at Annap?li? Juration crr.l ^Ynif'nttmm iMt(ag) Junction Way Pamcagers iau?t take the Accommodation T at*' only Tr.Mta will leave Wa*iun*toiT and Baltimore jt w.ppn rarer VV. P. SMITH, dft 17 M?>t*r of Trft.a?pottarion. Uait. NOTICE. BmtmmEs&mm ? ADA!W WfRESS WMM1." Thu Company oferc to fie public" Uue^uRlied Ativ?uti?,oe ' for the 8*ie> ana Quick l-i?pataii of Heavy Freight*, P*oias< i, V&Iu&uloa, Money, &.o. to., to &ii p&rts of trie United St&t"?. Exprea&e* to aud from the North end West dev?ftrf f rnm m r?r? m "U-T ? ? * *? ? *' ? r?. ? 4 vau wuv Wilt TW a V* ?o: I w IHO UW.J , All KxjrpJises are ln cUar(d of tzr*r\au*d miid riltibl* M??senferB. All r&ck&?3? for Th6 ftcldisrs earned at "ons llAlv" our usual rates. All Goodt fur the ?o-oal!ed "Corffderale SUta?" aid all Arliclfes " CcstrabaaJ of War" will be Kbfthbo. Oar bxpretaea leave Nevr Vorlr at 1. J, and I P. arriving m W^liisctoc at uA. M. and kJS P.Kl. Kxprestf* lea?e Philadelphia at 3J0 A. Et. ar 1 11 P. M., arriTiur it WaaiucjtoD ai I? P. M, and t A* M. Cxprewee leave Ha.tin,ore at *an A. M. ?ndS P. Mariivuc 'a wa'Hmton at 6 A.M. and ?ao p.k. Kspreevoa for all point* North and West leave Waafuustuc at 73) A. >1. ami 2JJ0 P. M. daily. Sp^oiil Contracts tor iar?? quantities ot 1 reisht oar. b? cia'e o. &r?!ieatio:i to thi? Offc*. Al! Gouoa called for irnJ oeuvoreu/??* <>t Lxtra Ahk?M ? ' *'" ?? < r Aiit-i.'iTC} Sup'tA'lftina' Exyra** Cororfecv. WwhiEfton, Attusi a. lo6i. kiid-it M 1. m^liXIR, n PT* rn r i kJ t/i Til f? ndriBrn?ni? " v/ m. x jl* iAti i v i^na b o 1Y i JLiV JU ML IL* 944 Penu,a&T.1!iiOita ?jej Ml.lSthaod U'h ?t?. SPF.OTACLK8, provided with renaine Roek OriBtaJ or Periaoopic L.ennca, mounted in gold, i'lrer or steel, and suited vitn utino?t oar?* for evarj age and ejeiitht. FIRST ^ 1 --|gB{] CLASS MILITARY riFLD-UI.ASSES, Mioroncopeg, Compas^e, ?nJ Mathematical In ctruineute, *t tuo loweet i .a*tern ?rio??. en 2:4-tr WH K OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a *?xe a?aortmentof GREY and BLUE I'LANN FL OVER-SHIRTS. WHITE SHIRT*. DRAWERS. CAMP BLANKETS, HALF-HOSE, &o? whioh we invite all cash purshasera to examine before m&ituit their neteotioqa WALL. STEPHENS * CO.. SS9 Pa. a*., between 9th and loth ate. wi ff rtntelliienoer and Republican.) WBOYB' CLOTHING. E Have rsoeivad within the last day or two a large aieortnteiit of BOYS' SPRING CLOTHI N?. eiQbraoiug ail aiylea of low-prioed, modi am, and fine an&litiea, which we areaMUag a t very low prieea for cash. WALL. STEPHENS * OO., 389 Pa. ay., between 4th and 10th eta. rati Osfe!li?">nner and R**nbncian.) rfTJ. CARU.IA9ES. x MB 9ab*ont?er bavins mads addltiena to tie bus lory n.akt nf it now one of the in the District, wtoere hit ? for inanuiaoturiac CARRIAGES ?ndJifcs?= LIGHT WAGON!* of all kinsla cannot be aur paeaed, and Irom hia lent exMvienoc n the buaiceaa, he hopea to general aatiafa^tion. All kind* of Carriage.* ?cd Lickt Wa?oaa k(?t ?VTREPAIRS neatly done, and ail erciera promptly attended to, ??~SS h. d 1? tr eonaer orF<>urt*?rth and K ata. ALL, STKt*Hkr*d * CO . ~~ ??*? raaMiTimt Aram. - ANB ?HAt?Y-#?AJ*B OLOTHfWtS, AJ1B EXTK|^lXftp^j^8_IW ?KNTL? :*/in o r vKnismritt BUUWJ, ct-n" | (law, yjWMb.) , UOOVS AMD SHOW TO BVIV VII jvm vg^ytsi&S iO?>r olMainx mad? work of sre^ d? BW<, SBra -. i#rf-.-or? fcirgotf ia uu? ?tjr for auk taiwiar I'eriOM la tut *f B**to u4 M*N of aasrara ? #!tr ma4? Ttrt. wi:i *iTWIxlajood imrlw B ?vsfrjsvwe , MM VIfl &? (] * ?Vl ~ TRAVBUNS TRUNKS. J? R Offer for MUf the tercetl ? RAVELINS TRUNKS U> U found ibMM this oity, oompnctKC w?#t Roie Lmt!? KSME aid Pitckia* !> ? , ho'.-, Cbu-Mt Bm?, Ac., wkMh w trt ??>v i?g LOCK KOIPlTALi A? MmntmC tk* men Cirt*i*, ffPfdf MMf ?Uy Mgtttfmi *rtW<V t? ft? tirU, FOR ALL DiaBABM OP 1MPRBAKNOK. Lit NO FALSm&SLICACY PREVENT. I ? APPLY OmEDIAmLY. A CURE VTARKAXTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN most ONK TO TWO 01TB, VNhmrf Mlut, Stnetma, > <) BWd4?.- _t IXJ Utbi.uT, Djactp**, Luntft LWmih rf U??i, Lav Sfin-.t. f:-ptuaau J th? Won. T\?idit?, tNaiM.irti PIUM * lirtiw tiiMutti, Piwm tf IM ftui, nmt, >m m Stan, Ae tcumrf tk? Lam, *cfc w k?iu- Imt Tmi'jii l)iNr*n fnm Ury Bat >: ? To?i?th??? iu.4 Du r*?.u?? Pi?tneii which ntdu Mirruft imfoffbU, u< Imnj Wife E?dy?r4Min4. YOUNO MEN fcyXilfr wh. hir? kK?ni J>? r,cu?. ?f Mturf TtM? uti (NtiWiMliMtntux ktUt vJMefc auaMUIv pi t? > uiiai!; ir>M v uatu- Jt ( Ti>r; g Mm W U? mm Itkad ttUa-.i Ke< Mt'.lUr.t ioi*:.?cuefce Miffcl eth?rw(H | w w??-w- i WW UJ? umoin m flfi*? *f Ifrutf ivr?( mtj till Vf* n?l CMlutMli iujt*jj?jr. H>lltlnrnil9i,irlok(HtD MUMttlif MuJ5l^.L^SSSL *'" in **""*?* l. mty rt lift ? ??-.M? v t bMor a ntUNHi ul mIIid'i OFFICE If*. 7,SOVTH FREDERICK ST. K- 2-1.V J'?*'*" Bl wmrwu.wH* tmn tnm . ?? mi on m ?aa?rvi MSI iM ftWMf 18 at bs paid tudtMUU nan p. DR JOHNSTON, Mr kti at iMRt;u i.'oi<4 (trtMM LmIm, raitats Ifm 00$ t tfct IJ?? tBiosti la th* tatm, ai>d ths rii' ir part af vVjss Ufs has Van tpaat ta tba boapitala of Loodan. Ptna, PkiikdalpUa acd t.aswbors, i has sftettd soma of ths moat astanishinf ears* that vara ar koowa; many troaUad rrj rw.jii f :a lha hsad aad in whan asltsp; rraa; uinosistu, bticf alaj?sd al saddtn acacia, baahfalnsaa with *rs<,?sot taahtuf. atuadad aoreatunss ?hb dara&csmsat ?f Kurd, war# sarsd lamI 4UU"' TAKK PARTICULAR NOTICE. Taaaf Mao and aibara whc kati lutarsd iW?ilna by a ssruiD prat ,ic? loduifad in vhsa aiaaa?a kabK fraaaaail j Isarasd freci ??il com gautooa. or at school, ths aLor-.s af I wtncti ara hifbUj fcit arsn vbsn aa!tsp, aad if no; caral. rsndtra raamart irapaaa'Mo, aad d rojw both Blot and I bad*, ikncid mr.r ! ? ln.Hb?i?talaU Ttooooro win* of ih? *r 1 ntlutM; ?fMUJKW(M4 ) ?ar!? b*lr.? if r'v\\., ? i: WoikneM* of tfct ?<ek a*4 I L.uut i, Punt iotht (its !, Dunrtoo of 0tjtn, Lom ofjlMIMI P?*or, Pali of ?ro Ho n, Dr?poi ??, N?r?o?? irrrt*bihtr, Oaraaftniti.t of tii? D (>w? PMtMu. tiotiorol 3owic?, Syupton of C< wrwartion, kt Ml.iTiLLY.-Tl;> r*ir<U lixu oa (ho rated or* o.*ck to ? drtidoJ? i nf Met.ory, Corfrtioo of Idoio, Dtproooioa of Bpirita, E?" Crtmi ?> AT?r?i?wi of Bcrif.j, itlf Dioifaot. Lo*( of *o:i.?o?, TumAity. ow., tri mom m tho o?ite pndacod. ' ??'VU| v?llll 1 MUU.II lu aa? |Mp wkat M tha eiHi of thair declining *a-Uh, Uwiaf tfeait nfar, baaav | tnf w?tk, f?l?, i tricaa ird c:i- :?ua, h??lL| a aiagmlai irpMiuca <W?i tho #r?t, ?n|t or *jrry\ma? of taaawfDISK AS US or IMPRCDBSCB. Whan ti>a mitf ai.ltfl and irr pradaai?otary ofpiaaaaaa toAa ka ht a irebiiad {iia atcda of thia p?mf?l diaaaaa, it loa aftaa kuppina IrfilaBii' .ad ar uaa cf ahiuat ' r c *aod ol diaco?or? datara hnn fror. applyirg to thaaa artio, from adaeauac aaa roapaet?M1i*.?, can alona bafrtaad hta? Na IWIa tcaa tt>a kaoda of ignorant mi daufruag pia\a?4ara, who, taaapakla aI earnfilth Jr> pacari-ry otra-irta. kaap Mm trUbag ko?u>, or u ivatu um aiua j aa; faa ua bo o4tatna4, and in daa^nir laaaa bin vuk raioad kaaJU to aixh aaar rra rilling dia?rr~!r truant; or by tta ?aa of tbat daadTj poiaar?Martarr?haaun tha cocautstiooal lyaMOMof tkia I lanr.bia diMu^nck -.a At ar t*im e! U>a aan.Tbroal, Baad, kin, *t., proftaaai 'f ? iu frtfkltaj raptduy, ull doolk fWaa Sarad ta hia draadfol aifirufi kj aanduig k tal tkoi iktaeavarad caar.trr frwn vboaa kaama no tnoalar ratarna. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAENrsS AND IX.FOTENCJ y tbia rraat and Important ramady vaaknaaa of tka orrui tn apaadlly ear ad and fall *raotorod. Tkraauda or tka oat Ejrrms and iiaMii?aia4, wko kad laat aU kopt, aa?a Ail tmp lilmtLiia uKunift.Fbraifaj a* Maaial DtacaalHitl r'i Iim af rr*er?~u?t raV??. Kaxaaa ImtakiUy. Ttaimklii.f and Waikaaaa at Xtaiuuu a( ika MX faarre! Mad apaadilr Hi FNDORSBMFXT OP 1HX PRESS. T?> Mint Tiouiium r?r?d ? tMi tnatr.ayan vnkta Hi iaat aaaaataan vaan, and (M eaaaaraaa lay am < larrlaai api'Uma ptr'aroad y Of. jMfiiao, w?t? aaaat ky tLa Mfatura W ibi pcpari ?-4 aaaaj au-at i a nana, aaatcaa ml whlc* k?r? arcairad ifitb ted again aa'ara taa rvkuc, kaa In k'? aUciilaf aa a gat '.!?>- r r af thira: :a? and raapanaiMIHt, la a iiluai'. faouiai (a tka alKui BarlHy TI1IEBB M ^ H. Prot'.rud by Rtyal Lettirt patrmt #/ E?glmmd, <.? . 7y k< drun or i?? jico.t at marmvu d* Paris, and tkt Jmptrtml C*ii*g? of Itlidicine, Vienna. TR1E8EMAR No. 1 Is the effectual r<-iredr for Relaxation, SrnXAIORRHCKA &D?1 kxHACCTIOH OB TBS StSTBM. TK'KSKM AK No. 2, Completely and p-.tir?ly cradicstea all tracea of those duorde>a, fur C< paiv& ncd cibebc fcave geneia It t?o i t .ought ai the mm of the heal:h of a vstt portion the popalat OD. TRIKSEMAR No S. { the great and aor* "tnedy >f th* civ,.iced world or ali .liipuntiea of the btttein. u we I aa tooood?'j ajmptoin*. obviating the destructive in of Mercury, a* wo1! s' othe- d?l?terir<aa niradtenla, and which ail the Parrapanlla m tlie world oancot remove Tkieszm a No*. 1.2 and S are alike devoid of tut# or ame l. umI ?il ?li " tin*. Tiiey are in tne form of a and may lie on the U nci utile without tn?ir ue being a??pected. ir. tin cases at $3 each, o- foar Si ?a*?a in ore for 59, and in $.7 r&c*a. thus aawi^ Si M ndiuirmered ty Vvpeao, I *ir.and. Koai.&c.. *c. Wkoi?Ml? a*d retail fey L>R. H. aTb^RKUW, l?4 Uieacker ?rre?t. ( ?loora from MaoLh)uk&I atraeti. New York, lmmatiia'ety on raratbt of remittance# l>r. H*Kh"w w li forward Tneieaiar tr? any tart of tbe wcr 1. aeonrely packed,a:.d addresiej aeoordinc to the oaUnobona of the wxter. PnMt?k*d alto by I)R BAR ROW, that popu'ar and ti-autifn llv i ,n?tratad mcdiral w -k, Ho man Fri'ity. Hrioe i5 oer.t?. Tuasemar a> d book caa l>e obtained l.y apvoial authority from !* C. FURU, Wathington, 1). C. deU Sm LEA k FERRI1I)' Worcestershire Sauce. Pronouooed by EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS ftl of ? Lettar from ? tobatha IJ Mtdital UmiUmA \ k tt Maura* ** ONLY GOOD ?!\ To Hi, Urotk* SAUCE." i?P3Eq itWorwUr. mm appuoic;e to - re 11 TZt?*every cms. r<x^,azssst ZTfjTSr tn India, and ia, in VARIETY - rny opinion.the moit nm P& attbis, m veil u or dish. iSpc?Rirgjyjs"' The thoTe SAUCE i? not onl? the BMT*nd mort FOPPtA*C0*T>!*X3jTkuo*a,but the mos* Ettrnom*cnt, ti & lew drops IE Smf, (rrary. or with Fuk. hot &cd cold Joints, Bt'J Sua*. Uame, tt., ae extaiaita *ekt, vr^ioh unrrinci-pi*d ?JUioe manuf&ctnrors havp in rmjn ndeavor?i to imitmi*. On the ?r$akfastt Luncheon, D.%?er, or Sum* Ttiblt, a crn<?t conta<nicf "LEA tc, PERR1N9* WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" u mdupenaable. To appreciate the txttlitnt ruaUtxtt oJ this d*licions preparation it ia oiuy ii<oetaan to parohaa* a omtii l.ottie of the rentrtne. of a roapectaite grooer or<,ai ir.any Hottl aud Rtummmnt proprietors ac- Join place the P-rs Sauoe before tneir guests, Mil eutst.tutea centime bottlt tiled with a tyuriov.! nuxtare. F"ur aaie,by brooarsan*. Fruiterer* everywhere. < JOHN DUNCAN * BO*8. Dntm Smart and lttA ftr*t, Ktw York, Sola Wholesale Arr?eta'for the United Stataa. A Stock always in atore.?Alao orJers reoeirad for direct shipment* from Eaglard. ILT Jbewor* (J Lem*i$r/eut mmd m? S-ly^o |f? TOPHAM'S 1U r K E M I r M T B 9 If K ?UO MANV FACTORY, ? ? ftnm mm, WnmiMna, D. o. nuni ?w?"Uii "7 HNJHMnMn j&timora, Mov*?b?r 7, USD. AiM.HodaibT M?"tTopo.;UjOMocnaxaoa'Inatitate, Wuhwfton, D. 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CALVKRT FORD, ootmt lift tret aad Pa. n. ee?>-eoiy | CASH NOTICE, EN Comeee aeaoe of oa r hana?le pmj oaah In van article o. cooda we Mrohiaa. we f forced to r*iaoe o%r be tineas to Ca?h exc.uaiTalj, for the tntfew. t( 1^ vK^fjrvrSTrJSf*?.?I IMPl Iftmp'i ttfc and MU M . |?? ?T???r * tr?>?.?>i ' l *tfi eewaiLer ee<le ?c on?> n :;> - ? ^jauff'krisa '.ra ^ * | travellers' dulbctubt. ^OITHKt.1 C&HEAL RAllWAV ??t ?? - " L' :* " * 1 M ** KST aijmm SCSMDOLt Cuiti ? Tims. bks. no?t? lxatx i tau P*r?t??r Acc lak^ftuM^a. * is? * ' F?t?bnri ft i4 iftirnhvi Ikipntltf ? Mail 6?f.m TM I k . ti?l# fw? Wu lftctoa Mf*'**1 Vftv tfc? ?? % - tr??* fro* MlMMfrr a. a * * ** *" " ^^JsuBsn^swabfsi TEVa p. an. tmii fro* WukiDftMsmmmi wttk the kJO ?. m. Iraui from bicmurt for FiiUbnr*. b*rmb?rr udth* Wmuvii direct mm&*a f?r~ 1 ?>? ' oa, 1Mtor AlirntowL im N?w **?"? ? *>? 2?i^SS?flS!!tCff,lSS?S5!c& ?m 17 g?yrit??1 T< JtVTkCK TV TRlvtLUf 1 B? 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OFTICE.I 8yjKgWgg^wr<'mi' * WRfinSEN <&NT?aL * AIU$7T? n~ W ?X PR ESS*M SJPP. If. SAEElSHtR# ACCOMMODATION MIP. Th? t.lft A. M. trEiB ?uDDe?ta 1 R*i*? How* ^fthtr*?a?oB Lh? W*t?r?: Maryland **. ?t Bmctm Jarctton witli Ha.-?*?r *11 ti?tuUtu( at\ 2!^L?t-Yw*?,t" VnJK^ai Wniktiv:'; ?U 'ov At H* iSnrf v^tK l>_:i road for all pacta of UeVVaat. ai*Twttli"l^*"?rwv? Vaiiay H.a''t<?ad lo Amv Y<rkdw*t; at North*a< t*rW vithL. and B. HaWro^d for Kinc?t?? m? aisr^r's BSrv? Nor k a Pranaylva&ia and New York. The IS P. M trafn mak*# al! tt abora oona*?bona axoept Rancrer Raiirrad, W riflittTiiU Ra. road at.d tha i^abaaooD Va!: * Ra. ro*?. T;el P. M. train utMi inaci "i.i with Paan T .Tania Railroad for a. wti of tUa Waawa&d direct oo an acta far N?v \ ork. TJUIXS AhKITM. , Mall at 10 IT MTt*?rw at 7 U A. Ma Ehmabarj Accommodation at 2 43 f. M. For Tfokata ?? tBiriao^E ta??tra at tha Tick* Oflaa, Caivart t?, Haitiaiora. i. C. 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H..M.MU for Ooekira. urn iBterawdtaU Statioc*?Jl:Ui Traia fmrnuortf ni?ht aikwrnira, ud BrooMds ibe morniHf. I.sf j m .TMIT.K daiTT, for Oto?nll?. a&d intermediate Station*. II.B0 a. tr , ACCOMMODATION. daily, for Port 'TSVtTwSV! SSIiKil?.. N?rh?,k. S^NlSBT^^xi'llKPa. daily, for Dukirk, Bnflalo. Canaadaicwa,and prineipa StaUosa. TUe Tram of Saturday rU>p* at aii Mail Train StaWo?.Mid mn? only to ttlmira. cno*.m.. AC(-OMM<> D A T10 N .for HorawnlK aad principal Station*. CH AS. MINOT, Gea'i NAZJLANIEL MARSH. K?-iv?r nifTr"" i VmSIM By Im and awpervw Staamera METKO^OLI^, KWPIKK SVaTF, B A Y H I at K. an4 87 AT l? OF mai >k,u( treat trii^th ml M>?d, but piwuca.arlj adapted talk* uvumaobof Loot ii (, o Sobcd, rutung in ocaD*>caoB with tfce Fa'l llnrer and Old Co!oej Rail roa-1, ditteooe of MmnenetiJy to l>o?t<>n Pier No. a North River cwr th* Battery. The Steamer EM T' I It i: STAT fc.Capt. Braytou, Plonda/a. Wada-^iAje.aiid Friars, at 4 o'clook KMmiouefcincatNeveorteach waf. nrSHtlHBM METRO rot t*,Can. Brown, on Taeadan, Thuradare aad Baterdava, at 4 o'e'oel P. tobthin* at Nevpurt eaeu w.r. Tmw Steamer* a- Zttaa win cumr:^ atate room*, and ovary t."irirrMJ Sot ti ty and ooajort cl ?%*?? r. re e. who r,i ? F** <5>^T-.?nd oiirnib t F?.i Rlw trpewd ?*r Stwunboat Tr*ln.r??ct mf Boston oirij th* foi lowing* \norrJftf : or trj*f ; ! oa bwrt Wtjli*T? of tue Aoc-mr.odftmboutUfl W^U ^*y ?|Pw?'? 9*niM tfce uru to tta d?*??.iT,auoT, A rtwuner raaa in owkcmCiob wtti tbta Mm b? tWMo tail R.Ter ud Pren4eeee daii?, ese?H miRinrmn Mnnoi, ftaodftrv exempted, e? TV o'<*ook fair BoiUts tnil N#w Bwfcrd, ?rnviB| ante deetiaaboaat aboatll A M ofsg' .swrnsarxr tsi? ?? awl berth* fcf piy on board, or if deurea to "oer* tflem 10 adTaooe, to VfM BOF DKN.Ai'i *W> aad T1 vC' eet etrxot. II. Y. V*NV ^iCfcO*1 AND For Abaor^tl^ trSa fraa *For*l>^Ter Ptaloe?a- m- ele??i&g at Wwto Plains and station* oortt to DotT/ f>ii?-froa Hth itrMt rtation (Ttue train will ru to MiUerU* erorr Bataroar R*lU-fct**- ?*?> ??? ** * ? * tooMBcrtr. <>f Fomham Ma ??k HrwTMa.t.0* For W hile P^m udM?> a ?u>rMl at al itAai'Li froir. SPti, itrtM lUtioi Do^'K^Ss^a'A^""""4 For Wilhuu Bri&f?TJfi, llrlS fltop?!ce at a atatior * fron CTtfc mtr+M Maura. Aiba?y SKMIwa Dover Piatt*?ie& a. b. <Th*? traia laav?a Mu CtoI^'fI i ' Mrwii at*a. il.) ?;? ? m. W^CT* * ' ** ??)%*' TgMr?gi.m5rtfr WL? rnrnm/mmssi _awtm ff, Twqsrt?~i_ 'IVitSsWJt' " 8-"M?; Nuumhk MIB(. tftsi B. . ?.rn :.?? ? tfc. f y f m 4j?? swsOTKr-r- T MJ" ? k~>T7rTT - -

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