Newspaper of Evening Star, January 10, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 10, 1862 Page 1
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r 7 ?? ' . V " 1 ' ' ' - ' . I -? \ J ,--, ft ."" -- \T " " ' ?. J^ ^ I rn^mmrnrnrn * U?*?\ 1 Rp< 1 . t- >* '* ? *i ' ? -\h t. :' ?>'**? . ?rt r?r - ; / >,. , IBiSl Star. 'i V%. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C. FRIDAY, JANUARY 10, 1862. N?. 2,773. _ * P THE EV ENING STAR ^L PUBLISHED E VER.Y APTE&NOOIf, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.I AT THE STAR BUILOHSI, J >11 ?T / HWIM MMl ?i?*??tA ??. I W. D. WALLAOH. IPaftors served it packages by carriers KMl yw, *r 37 oeotsper moaih. To mall subscriber! tt" price ia 93 50 ? yew, t* Ummu*; ?S tor ?U Months; SI for throe months; u4 tot Mi threfc months at the rate of li o?ts a week, dlafle ooples, ohm cbmt; Is wrappers, two cum. iHF Adtsstubmbxt* cboukl be sent lo the Mo) before 13 o'clock an ; otherwise they may o* tppeer until the next day. TREE PLANTING. Dcab Star : Permit me through ths medintn of your oolamns to address a few words to those who lire on the open prairie, on the accruing to tnem from planting groves of forest trees on their premises. The first benefit to be derived from a grove %- on the prairie is shelter from the eutting winds whioh blow so keenly over the bleak wintry waste of a prairie oountry. It is well kpown to all who nave moved from the woodad hillsides of the Eastern and Middle Btatee, how maoh harder to endure the winters are on the open prairiea of the West, even while the thermometer marks a higher temperature. This is caused by the wind, which comes entirely unbroken from the ioy summits of the Rocky Mountains. Now let a person who is traveling over the prairie in the winter in the * _ *T A ?*- ?*? iocc "i nor wefier. jusc come mio iae soeitar of a few bushes, it may be thev are leaflew, but aa toon aa he paaaes them he ia made awara of the benefit of even a poor ahelter, ^ and can appreciate the comfort a person would take in doing hia chores in the shelter of a grove in a stinging cold day in winter. The second benefit ia the timber for domestic purpoeea. To many this is a matter of great intereat, and they would plant treea, only they think that the treea would be of no benefit to them, or else they put it off in a dilatory way till some more convenient season, which in m?st cases never arrivea. Now f a there are treea that will thrive and grow on Ttrtlria a/t 1 ama?in??1 w fait T V*wa a ovu uixa itigij ACWV. A u?? o ooou cottonwood set out about two feet high, grow in three years to be from 16 to 20 feet nigh, end from three to fir* inches in diameter at the ground. Now a few of such fast growing trees, to shelter and induce a more thrifty growth in the slow growing hard woods, such as the oak and maple, would soon make a beautiful grere, from which fencing and lirewood could be get in limited quantities, and in a few years in more abundance. The third consideration that should induce 1 the dweller on the prairie to plant trees, is the benefit of the fruit to both man and beast. A Amont the nut-bearinff tree* indimnona rn A moat prairie countries are the walnuts, black and white, and th*?hell-bark hickories; the chestnut will grow tti'bom* situations, and I doubt not, with proper eare and shelter, it will everywhere; and who will overlook the pleasure to be derived around the family Dearth on a winter evening over a few bat. ternats, walnuts, or the estimable chestnut. Then the aeorna and the nuts of the bitter (hickories will, if given due prominence in a farm grove, fatten poultry, and feed growing awin* as well aa corn, whila tk?v m*v <r>thap theao themselves. The fourth consideration ia to screen an orchard and garden from tb? wind and iqd V The gTeat troable in raising fruit treat in this country ia tha exposed aituationa either to the heat of tha wn or to the oold winds, or both In the warm days of spring the sun poors his * rays diraotly on them and starts tha sap; next day a bitter northwest wind fraeses them up, bursts tha sap Teasels, and thus blights, and e rant sail y kills tha tree; whereas, had it been sheltered from both inflaenaas by other trees, tk.. M.1J at. ? -* '* ? iuv/ ?rv?iu tiBT? ao|)i> fcuo avros njl Of ID# sun from it, and also the oold wind, protecting tbem from spring changes, laomir heats, and tb? fruit from the e?rly froeta of antamn. We also know bow hard it is to raise early vegetable# in an exposed si'uation; to oo? inee anj on* of the benefit to be derived from a grove on early vegetation, let him oompare tha wild plants on tha open prairie with thoee at the edge of eoma grove, where he will find them half hidden by old leave*, ~ gf%wing finely, while the others are hardly atarted. There are also many vegetables riv which grow much better in a sheltered sitn ation, oat especially is the shelter of a grove , v??ii au>o 4vii canj TOj^OllUlM. The fifth conaideration ia, that these groves will be a great benefit to fatare generations. This idea to a benevolent man ia one that will have considerable weight; he does not liva entirely for self, but ia willing, nay anxious to do aomething useful in the world; and one of the moat useful is to start groves of beautiful and useful trees on the prairies of joar neighborhood, directly, by your own hands, on your own farm; indirectly, by yoor example and sulrice, and if necessary, your help alao, on those of your neighbors. iThe sixth consideration is to add to the baautiea,the pleasures, and the attraetiona of home. What attraction is there, can there be, in a home which only contains the four walla at right angles to each other, and on a Una with aome principal meridian, or correction line, nothing to shelter it from the driving winda nar scorching ana; but aurround it wtth trees, make it pleee of oomfort, of raet. I and peace, and your children and dependents will feel the blessed influence, and instead of fleeing to the city to find employment behind the merchant's counter, or in the lawyer's ofice, they will be more likely te remain at home, and follow the business of an agriculturist, which is the most virtuous, as well as i ? that on whioh all others depend, on whioh the prosperity of the whole oountty is mainly uilt. Lahbda. * ROMANCE Or AN OLD COUPLE. The following somewhat remarkable narratire is related by a Western lady, now on a 5 visit to this city from Mariposa. She is her* self a character. She haa crossed the plains twice?first in 1849, during whioh her husband perished?and is the first American lady who returned to the East by way of the Isthmus of Panama. She is a genuine heroine, a fine specimen of stout hearted Western womanhood, and her adventures in tha >iMa nt tv. . * unpeopled Weit have keen numerous and exciting If the good folk* of Mariposa have misted a lad y from their neighborhood, they are hereby apprised that she is comfortably located at the boarding-boose of Mrs. Nesbit, on the corner et Montgomery and Sater streets, and will aot return to the mountains until Holmes, of the Geaetfc, eeaees to harrow the hearts of Mtripoea mothers by calling their little babies ' brats." Well, while the train of whieh this lady was a member, was encamped at a point on the Humboldt, where the Lessen trail interseets the Canon trick ef travel, she visited the tent of an elderly eoaple and one child?a daughter of fourteen or fifteen years. The old lsidy was sitting on a pile of blankets under the canvas, encouraging a most determined attaok of the "sulks," while the masculine head of affairs had planted himself on his wooden tongue, and wss sucking his pipe as leisurely as though he expected to remein there forever. A single glance developed the fact that there was a difficulty in that little train of one 'a ^ wagon and three persons, and that it had attained a point of quiet dee Deration bevond tfc* (reach of peaeefUl adjustment. Three days before tbej bed pitched their toot at the forks of the road, end ee they eoold not agree upon tho route by which to enter California, there they had remained The husband ex proceed a preferenoe for the Careen road, the wife for the Lessen, aad neither wonld yield The wife declared she wonld remain there all winter, the husband laid be aheuld be pleaeed to lengthen the sojourn through the rammer folio wfag. On the morning of the fourth day, (he wife broke a ralien lilenoe of 36 hoars by proposing a division of the property, whieh consisted of two yoke of cattle, one wacoa. eamv furniture. I ft small qaantlty of proriaioM, and $11 in ail* Tir The propoaal wu aooeptad, and forthwith tha "Blunder" wu divided, learing thft wagon to Uk* old man, tod tha daughter to tho Biothar. Tba 1 at tor axohaagad with * neighboring train tha oftttla belong h)g to her, i flax a pony and pack a*ddla, and piling tho 4Mgh?r and bar portion of tha diridod apoll pon tho aairnal, aha reeolntoiy atartod aoroea tho deftart $y tho Laaain trail, whilo tho ol+ , aaaa rflontly yokod tho eatUa *ad took tho other rooto. Vl Singular ft* thla may aaom, it ia nerortbeleee , - true. It is among the many occurrences of stranger than fiction. Of oourse both parties reached California in safety. We say, "of course," for it is scarcely possible that any obstacle, death Included, oould hare seriously interfered witb the progress of stnbbornnees so sublime. Arriving at Sacramento with her daughter, the old laay readily found employment-?for women were lees plenty than now? and subsequently opened a boarding-house, and in a few years amassed a handsome fortune. Two years a*o she went to San Francisco, and the daughter, whose eduostion hsd aot been aegleeted, was married to one of our most substantial citisens. And what became of the old man ? The wife had not Men or heard of him (inee thej parted on the Humboldt. They had lived happily together aa man and wife for year*, and she sometimes reproached herself for the wilfulness, whieh separated them after so lone a pilgrimage together through this rough life. But he wm not dead. We oaanot trace hia oourse in California, however. All tbat we know of him id^that fortune had not amiled apon him, and that for years he had toiled without hope. Finally, feeling aoaroely able to longer wield the pick and shovel, he visited San Francisoo, in the hope of obtaining employment better adapted to his wasted strength. For three months he remained idle after arriving here, and then for want of occupation became the humble retailer of peanuts and orangee, with his entire stock of traffic in a basket upon his arm. This was ab?ut six months azo. A few weeks sinoe. in Dassinsr ?he open Joor of a oottsge in the southern part >f the city, he observed a lady in the hall, and lopped to offer his merchandise. As he stepped upon the threshold, the lady approached, and the old man raised his eyes and dropped the basket. And no wonder, either, for she was his wife?his "old woman!" She recognised him, and throwing up her arms in amasement, exolaimed : "Great Qod ' John, is thai you?" " All that is left of me," replied the old man. With extended arms they approached. Suddenly the old lady'soountenance changed, and she stepped back. "John," said she, with a look which might bave been construed into earnestness, " bow did you find the Carson road?" "Miserable, Sakey, miserable," replied the old man, "fall of sand and alkali." " Then I was right, John?" she oontinaed, inquiringly " You were, Sukey," be replied. "That'a enough?" said she, throwing her arms around the old man's neck; "that's enough, John;" and the old eouple, to strangely sundered, were again united. Both are living with their daughter on Second street.? San Francisco Mirror. THE MACKKREL BRIGADE ON A RECulf ?OliliAMt?. / FROM WASKWOTOJr. Editor T. 'jr.: Wben Britain first at Tupper's command, my boy, aroce from oat the sure main, this wu ber obarter, her charter of the land, that Britain* never, never, shall be slaves?as long as they have a ehanoe to treat everybody else like niggers. Suffer me also to remark, that, Britannia needs no bulwarks, no towers along the steep; ber maro^ is o'er the mountain wave, ber home is on the deep?where she keeps up her neutrality by smuggling contraband Southern oonfederaoies, and cussin' like a Presbyterian chaplain when Uncle Sam's ooean pickets overhaul her. British neutrality, my boy, reminds me of a chap I onoe knew in the Sixth Ward. Two olid men, who didn't get drunk more than once a day, were running for alderman, and tbey both made a dead set on this obsp ; bat they hadn't any money, and he couldn t see it. "See here, old tops" says he, "I'll be a neutral this time : eo no in Dor*i?? "' Well, my boy, the election cam* off, and neither of the old tope wm elected. No sir! Now, who do yoa rappoae was elected ? The Neutral Chap, my boy! Mad aa hornets with the hydrophobia, the two old to pa went to aee him, and aaya they: ''Confound toot pioture, didn't you promiae to be neutral ?" The ohap dipt hia noae into a oooktail, and then aaya he blandly : "I was neutral, old Peraimmonaea. I only went to fifty Demoorata, and got 'em to rote for me. Then, to be neutral, I had to get fifty rtf rtfk? f A1 I Dl 1. t? LI! j - wmwi i?uoi m iiioot Aipuuiiotus CO UU the Mint thins. Then I Toted twelve times for myself, and went in." It ?u a very beautiful out, my boy, and the old tops were only heard to utter?they were only known to exclaim?they were barely able to arttoulate?that neutrality didn't pay. Early yesterday morning, my boy, Company B, Regiment 3, Mackerel Brigade, went down toward Ceotreville, on a reoonnoisance in foree, uDder Captain Bob Shorty. The capUia is a highly-intellectual patriot, and don t get his sword twisted between his legs when he carries it in his hand. He led the company through the mod like a Christmas due a, until they eame to a thicket in whieh something was seen to ntors. "Halt, you Urriers!" says Captain Bob Shorty, in voioe trembling with bravery. "Form yourselves into a square acoording to Hardee, while I stir-up this here bush. There's something in that bush," says be "and it's _?i? a a <1 ?? - eimer me oouioern uomoaeracy, or aome otner cow." The captain then leaned up to a tree to make him steady on hit pins. my boy, and rammed hia sword into the btuhea like a poker in a fire. Nebody hurt on our aide. What folioved, my boy, oan be eaaily teld. At an early hoar on the evening of the aame day, a solitary horseman might hare been seen approaching w ashington It?u Captain Bob Shorty, with bis bat caved in and a rainbow pontine under hi* left eye Ho went straight to the headquarters of the General of the Mackerel Brigade, and sayi be: '-General, 1'va reoonooitered in force, and found the enemy both nnxneriom and eantan karoo*." ' BaaaiifolM71 th* general, "but where i* your company?" "Well, bow,"' uja Captain Bob Shorty, "you'd hardly believe it; but the laet I mo of that ere eompany, ii was engaged in th* parsait of bappiuMt at th* rate of six mile* an hoar, with the rebel* at th* wrong end of the track. Dang my ration*!" *ay* Captain Bob Shorty, "if I don't think that ore bob-tailed eompany ha* got to Biohmond by thi* time." "Thunder My* the general, "didn't th*y kill any of the rebel*?" "Nary a Confederacy," Mya Captain Bob Shorty. "The ballet* ail rolled oat of them *r* muikeu of their* before th* powder got fairly oa Are. Them luukeU," oontinaed Captain Bob Shorty, "woaid bo good for a bombardment. Too night poacibly hit a eitr with th*m t two yard* rang*; bat in personal eneoanter* they are inferior to the potty-blower* of oar innoeent childhood" Aj the captain made thia obaerration, my boy, he atepped hurriedly to the table, lifted tumbler oonUising the Oath to hia pallid lip*, took * mi' in the ooal-aauttle, and carat into i flood of Mora. Daeplj affected bj thia t?ohiag dkpUy of * beauufol trait in our oommon nature the g*o ral plaoed a email pieoa of ioe oa lfc? oaptain'a alanting brow, and bid fail own amotiona in ? bottle holding about a quart. ? " t . <"t Toon, ftr high old art, i \ ' ? ^wumO.Kibk . ei L7- mrt yon baard of the ftllcrw who no aboard a ateamboat at St. Loula. with aa atdar for a BMMitoth "Ml?arlt" "Tklalanot lb* Mlaaourt, air," Mid Ue captain. " What* , ?taln't tbe Mlaaaarl?" ? No, air, It la not." ' What do yon bava It printad on bar fbr than ?" I'W? don't bav* U printad aa bar, air?" ' You . iont: Wb*t do yoa call M m c-g>f. If that don t apoll Mlaaoury, I'd Uka to know wbat It I ' ioaa pell*" TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Cuitellclt Pslltles. Haittoxd, Jan . 8 ?'The Mass Union State Convention which wm held In this city to-day, was not as largely attended u was expected A full 8tate ticket was nominated. Got. Buckingham was nominated for re-election The candidates for Governor. Secretary and Comptroller are republicans, and now in office. Tne LieutenantGovernor and Treasurer are Union democrats It is expected that the Republican Convention will adopt the same ticket. The resolutions adopted were In fftvor of sinking all party lines and nhttlngwlth one heart and hana In the one great objeet of sustaining the government In the vigorous prosecution of the war. They also denounce a "conditional Union man" aaan unconditional traitor. Tk? War la Kemtacky. Louisville, Jan. 8.?The Democrat ! Informed that a Federal scouting party brought five prisonera Into Columbia who were endeavoring to join Gen ZollicofTer. The party report Gen. Zollicoffer, with 4.000 men, between Creelsboro' and Columbia. Greensboro' had been almost depopulated by the rebels, but Gen. Wade's Federal brigade had gone there to take possession. The rebels captured five soldiers who were guarding Boralis Ferry, killing a man named James, and taking fifteen or twenty eans. The guard were surprised by rebel detachments on each side of the river. Aa Advance Movement from Calr*. Pt Louis, Jan. 9?a special dispatch from Cairo to the Democrat savs:?25,000 troops are now on their way from different points, and as soon as they arrive here a column of from 60,000 to 75,000 strong will march from here and Paducah, under Gen Grant Destination, Nashville, whence, if a junction can be made with Gen. Buell's command, the entire army will proceed to New Orleans. Frsai the Upper Potsmac?All Unlet Frederick, Jan. 9?Ail Is quiet everywhere, as far ?s we are advised here. There Is no news of the least interest to report. The weather has become quite pleasant again. The Latbst. P. M?Affairs continue unchanged along the line Stages leave here en the arrival of the cars, dally, for Hancock The latest from Martlnsburg say that only 150 mllltla are there, with uo disposition to fight. Fires Chicago, 111., Jan. 8.?a lire broke out in the clothing establishment of Isaac Marks, at the corrcr of Lake and Welles streets last night. The stock, which was valued at S25 000, was badly damaged by water. The loss Is fully insured. Msmdota, 111 , Jan 6.?A fire last night de ?k? O.ntiil Mill. SUi ?* onujvu >uc raui"i innu, iu mi? cuy. i oe csu* mated loss wn 843,000, on which there wu an iusuranse of 815,000. Financial Affairs. Boston, Jan 9 ?The banks <t this city have appointed a committee to act In conjunction with miliar committee* on the part of the banks of New York and Philadelphia to adjust with Secretary Cbase the payment yet to be made by the banks to the United States or from the rr??asury to the banks The committee will leave for Washington to-day. Timely Hint to Congress. Albany, Jan. 9?A resolution w? offered in the A?semblv to-day stating that while New York has furnished more th?n her quota of men and money for a vigorous prosecution of the war, she is opposed to Congress wanting precious time in f)*K:itincr tho ams nol nati nn nf lanfls AfKot unconstitutional measurer Laid over. Giving Aid to the Enemy Boston, Jan 9 ?The brig A. II. Cook, Capt. Perkins, has arrived at Holmes' Hole In charge of the United States authorities, on the allegation of supplying coal to the privateer Sumter In the harbor of St Thomas. She sailed from Ellzabethport, New Jersey. The Steamer Parana nst Lost. Halifax, Jan. 9 ?The steamer Parana, falselv reported as lost, was st Sydney to-day, and will reacll here to-morrow. The steamer Cleopatra has arrived with troops. Lost Overbsard. Nxw York, Jan 8.?The ship Anglo Ssxon, from London, reports that George Wheatland, of Baltimore, second officer, was Tost ovsrboard on the 8th of December. Arrivals frem Eurspe. Niw Vni> Jan Q i and Kangaroo are both below from Liverpool. Their advicea have been anticipated. Ha Military Boots cii ill AT W H OLE SALS, fli We have now la atcre? _ in oun Calf Stitohed feaaawl Let Boota, 20 " Brain " S3 moh ** " 40 M ? Quilted Bot. L. L. " M M " Cavalrj M inok 140 ** " heavy doab. aole 16&18 in oh " 60 " C?lf 16 inch " Alan, % variety of Calf an l Kip Boota, Boya' and Yontha* Boota, and Ladiea' Balmoral a. J. T. WHITEHOU8E. No. 16 Market vaaoe, de JB-lm* Peon. av.. between Sth and 9th ata. DENJAM1N D* WOLFF, U No. 3?4 P?K*. Avmui, Iv Adjoining the National Hotel. /JM Washington, D C, WmA IT A* Ml Ann??a r>?l? /?? ? * - u wu uauutuao MionrntDi Oi GOLD AND SILVER WATCHR*, GOLD CHAINS. JEWKLhY.SlLVKR XVARE, CUTLERY SPECTACLES. OPERA AND FIELD GLASSES, fe-, #e. N. it. RepwrUK done by K. C. Richard, late from No. 102S Chestnut street, Philadelphia, a skilful workman in Chronometers, fine Wa ohes, &o. de 7 1ti? HFOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! A.N DKERCHIKFS, HANDKERCHIEFS, HAN DRERCHIEFS!-A11 sorts, .took now an equalled, for ladies and gentlemen?just the thing for Christmas Presents. At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. Lake A Co.'a Marble Hall Basaar, de30 Undsr brown's Hotel. W~SIGGERS A HENRY'S ASB1NGTON AND ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS. Leaving eaoh oity twioe a day. Order* left on elate at Gregory's Stove Store or Mu-. tin's Franklin House, Washmgtun,MBpi^?^? will meet with prompt attention. SBEMJEzJEIz MMW* l__ J^EW AND BEAU TIFUL! 460 NINTH STREET. I have Jut reoeived from New York a very ohoioe selection of the following goods. The attentlon or those la want is solioited. PAPERHA N61N6S rot Parlors. Bed Rooms, Vestibales, Dime* Roobm, and Cetlings. Gold Band l , and er sty *^INDOW BHADE8. Bhade Lines and Trimmings, Pioture Loops. Tassels and Cords, Shade <*ords and Taasela. MATTRESSES AND CUSHIONS

Of Ml descriptions, made to order. UrHOMTUV Wou A.HD ParnHAKOIM. in Mi lUjrjrtoM atylM, exaovt?o prompt! j, &fc the a^irrLm?*t$ Po<,rtU Pricti.UJl 8 rOR B giiDtS Mult and LSuend. JET Term? OMh. de flSawSw L. J. ROTH ROCK. R. f,?ftSS?ii%t~*S8"VE8'BlAN" KINO * BURCRELL. d? 19 oornar Ftft?ntn ?t. and VwrroontaT. JMPOR1ANT TO MILITARY MBWt J A^R^l^j^.rSZ?'vfiWjarM*r,: . ,lCr A**noy fl?r (RitMSV Cork C?? H* value*. . refc rararaauras,'1'? /.I'.r1 ! TmWI^WZS o. w ? *K3&,.0>s5- 5* : |^flT^'fu7nir;ed^OTTu;,rJ^rn "au f * M * 1 A. fcoDlk*. i*ro?rl#tor. j -Si&glS^-^WIBISfSS I THE DOLLAR STAR! INDUCEMENTS TO CLUBS! NOW 18 THE TrMETo"SUBSCRIBE! The Fallen and Heat Reliable Newi frem the Seat ef Geveraaeat! t 0 Reading Matter for th* Firtrid* Circle! roe present year la undoubtedly the moat eventful in the political hlatory of thla couhtry, and the record of occurrence tranaplrlng at the Federal Metropolia la naturally ol atrlklng and remarkable interest. The public deal re to receive prompt, full and rtlittblt accounts of aH that passes k$r? la moat inteaae, and we have consequently made alterationa and Improvement* in the weekly laaue of the Washington Star to meet thia want moat aatlafkctorlly In compliance with the wiah of the public the paper haa been changed from a quarto to the more convenient folio ahape, and now appeara ? kandsomt shut of thirty-two columns, filled with choice and carefully prepared Reading Matter, and bearing the name of the " Waihington Dollar Weekly Star." At indicated by the title, we now furniah the paper at the unprecedented low price of ONE DOLLAR PER YEAR!! Or barely more than the price of the paper upon which it 1> printed. It ia our determination to make the Weekly Stae not only the largest mud handsomest Dollar Nawapaper !fi tbe United State*, but that it ahall abaoLu^iy be The Bebt Family Weekly Newspapee is the World!!! It containa the very fullest, freaheat, and moat important detalla of all that tranapirea at the Seat of Government; editorial* on all tbe impor Unt topics of the timet; the news ox tbe week; interesting correspondence from all parts of the world; capital stofler, humorous and grapolc sketches, and the pick of the floating miscellany of literature and gossip. The Dollak Star has as a permanent feature a carefully prepared AGRICULTURAL DEPARTMENT, embodying whatever may be of intereet to farmers In the transactions of the Interior Department, the Smithsonian institution, and the U. S. Agricultural Society. Gardening and Horticulture also receive due attention in this department of the paper, and we also give each week a .W_t u.. J a ti u . i J n s m ? i_ J cuuicc uuugci ui nuuKuuiu necifxa ior our ikuy reader*; aiao, Reclpr* for tbe Workshop, together with an official list of all the new inventions iaaued from the Patent Office each week. In short, it ia our purpose to give our readers a varied, rich, and sparkling variety of the reading that at once instructs and entertains, but aiming to make Washington Nswj asd Gossip our spteiality, in accordance with the views set forth above Heilevlncr it to hp hrftn tn ?**)! nrmnv minor* at a low price than a few at a high price, we have determined to offer the following Extraordinary Inducement* to C'uls. To Single Subscribers ....81W> per year. To Clubs of Five....... 4*5 cent*. To Club? of Ten 9u cents. To Club* of Fifteen... 85 rent*. To Clubs of Twenty-five. 80 centa. To Club* of Fifty 75 centa Address W. D. Wallace, Publisher of the Star, Washington, D. C., with subscription money enclosed, or for specimen copies, which ^111 1 ? J J Ai. win dc iorwnrueu grails. A TTENTION, RANK AND FILE! ROTHROCK'S, At 460 Nisch Struct, Nbar E. Is the place, ofall oth?rs, to supply yourselves with ?!1 ktrxiii of CAMP FURNITURE, At tbi Vbk? Lowut Pricks. He also t?epi on hand and makes to order MATTRESSES, PILLOWS and COMFORTS. of ill qualities. Come and render comfortable for the winter by & very email outlay of money. , UjT Remember the place. de Sl-Stairtir NEWS?NEWS?NFW9! Jeer OriMKD, NEW YORK OYSTER AND E ATI NO SA LOON. . The underlined beg reepeotlnlly to inform their friend* and the public generally that^^. /?\ Uier tave opened their Mtab.iahmentvS| / on New York av., near 15th ?t. WemlUf hall epare no sain* to proonre for oar ou? turners the be?t the market oan alford. P&rtiM. fB.rnill?e nri eulUva m Ike shortest n->tio'e. Our establishment w'.. be open daily. Sucdaps exempted. de84-)m* DORIAN ft SWORD. IMPORTKD MEATS'. FISH, FRUITS, fto.Pati defoi Sras, Truffes, Conserve binge-. Canton Ginger, Ris de Veau, Truffled Sausage, Olive Faroies, Sardines, Anchovies in oil. Petite Fois, Champignons, Yarmouth Herring,. Anonovy a*te, Asparagus, fto. KINO ft RURCHELL. de 19 oorner Fifteenth at. and Vermont *t. / V ISAAC HKRZBF.Roi A IW1 The Only Lioensed % 9 PAWNBROKER. W #10.000 to be loaned on Gold and Silver Watches. Jewelry, Guns and Pistols, Silver Ware, and Wearing Apparel?at the old etanU, No. 361 C street, back of the Nation*! Hotel, between 4)4 and 6tn sts. is_sm? COLUMBIA MARKET. Pa. avenue, T%trteeutk ft. The anbaoriber would most respeoUully inform the oitliens of Washington that he has returned to his old suarter, where ne intends keeping a firstrate market in all ita branohea, aa in times cone. Ue will be happy to greet hi* old frienda and easterners. IX. B ?Goods sent free of eharge to any part of the oity. de 13 C- MAT.LARD. W Tn TU L' v i moa i JA V &UO UAI/ICtOi (JLE8 JOLLiVET. Ladies' Hairdresser, from Pari*. ju?t arrived, informs the ladies of Wiihiurton that he has opened a lar*e lassortrneut of Felix Head Dresses, Wreath* aiid brides' Wreath*, the most splendid ohoioe o( Flowers for ce??es; also. Gold and Chenille Nets, ail (kinds of Hair Work : and attend to dressing ladiee* hair. 332 D street, between 9th aod loth. delSlro* YWOOU AND COAL. OB Will surely got your money's worth bf oa. nii at the PIONEER Ml LL.S, iwImui tm U4r of Bammtk iItnI aad Canal, <6EO. PASS, AfMt.) They eei: cneaper end five better measure than an; others in the oity-out. split, and delivered free of charge. u ro? aou 11 elieve -1 re thePioMerMiliastruutBtf be satisfied. 1-lTJ CROSS A BLACRWELL'S PINAUTTI, Mixed Piokles.Chow Chow, Gherkins, W'a luU, *paauh aod Preooh OUves, Freak Kaspberries, Walnut Catsup. Mnshrooss Caiaaa. Harvm'a Bwioe, Ac.Ao. " KING 4 BURCttELU' " da 19 oomer Vermont >v. >nd F ifiaanth at JJlGBEST PRICE_PAIDld FOR U. S. TAMASUHY NOTES of the different miiM.&nd No'thern Cnrrenoy. Exot>*nge onthe principal oittes Nortn pajabie in cold or onrreoor sold to anit poroaMers. RITTENHOU8E. FANT A CO., B&nkert, No. 369 Penn. avenue, _J? 1 lm near Brown'a Hjfl. tfJREAT ATTRACTION 8.-Grand rum lor "I 7th street, to in tne new Hook of Clothing, last reoeived at 8J*ITrt'8, No. 400 7th street. da UIb (Rep.) inn . ... .11ALA6A ORAPES. . _ ONK AND ALL, To the People'* NOr.CE^, WAtCHMAfKfg. JBWRU B/woa nftM, tiuom fit >t?pk of WitoiM, Jmiij, Wuab Male Aill ? i?Ia, *?., M tbe lowwt whoteanie p iaw. vtkUt ( rork don* lor til* trade PoairiTSLY ho Good* Soldo* Woreocy?at >! *?- . CAKKS.rO* THE HOLIDAYB-Ui* baatfwt ohtapaat, M the Pnmdelphia loa Cr^tm Da ot, fTWf ltth P ?tr?M>ta Everybody gobb to smith's, n0.4&0 Tth itr*t, la cat their Clothln*, F urwtbiM rood*, B*u M C*p?- <)UfJ da U-lm f~\ SOMETHING NEW! Jfc. P4/|jttmTi.T Piacoraay ^Sar i> SSI C strut, orrentt T^sxnm, OTgTEKS STKAMED 1b the She!! and Thor<>?chlf CookaC (fcr anterior to ? roaat) in ik? fttHti Sim* mi ruord. CftTI ftn< eo*. Th? asderaif nad re*p?ctfu:!y inform! bM fnenda in th* Uistriot. and viaitora to tha oity. that ? tea refittAd hi* old and viu-ixovit i?ta?uaiiMft>T in ft moat thoroac h manner, ftcd hfta inftde oomfiete ftmniren>enta to farniah OYSTERS in fttj tyle and in ftny quantity. ?OCi to SOT * a lor * taiokai per day. % ?00 to 3 oon cana of Spieod and Ftrah bui up ou:;-Wii ntrmninii;; wnmiej r iirmsuwi in the shell by the fcu?b?i or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly throve h tho winter, at Haiti mora snoes, without fear of failure, shumd oa.. and inake arrangem?nts at onoe. Freight, rime, and money saved by purchasing of me. as I famish an artiola equal to the oeleb rated Da. U more ectabushuscVi, at prices just as low. TO 8UTLER8. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines, Ctams. Strawberries, Tomatoes, Pigs' Feet. Tripe, Ac. *o.,4c, Also, Pickles, Cats us, Sauces, Brand; Peaches, to. A!?o. Game and Fresh Fish. Turtles, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters. Cod, Halibut, Ac. In fact, every thing for sale in the Noithrrn markets always on hand, at reasonable prioos. Hotels and families supplied with Oysters, delivered without otiarge w any part of the DistnoU id season, u in? money is sen wiui tne order. My establishment is open from fi a in. to IS at nitht. every day, except Sunday, when 1 close at in o'ctook a. m. ja? tt T. M. HARVKY. IHDIA RI RBER GOODS. OF ALL KINDS-FOR THE ARMY. A iar?e stock just reoemsd. JOHN B PUDNKY. 324 Pa av.t ( hack room i or 333 D st. WOOL CAPS COMFORTERS, GLOVES ? GAUNTLETS. SHIFTS. DRAWKRS. Ac., fresh foods, st JOHN B. PL DNKV'S 333 D s.reet, berwen 9th ard U'H>. Buffalo a wolf robes, lap robes. HORSE BLANKETS, and CAMP BEDS, juit received at JOHN H PIDNEWS SiU Pa. av.( back room) or 333 D street, bet. 9*h act M;h. tJUTLERS*!?Sutien ton will alwaya find chmp and deairable good* at (lie Sutler a Mipp! j Depot of JOHN B. Pl'DNEY, 345 i) between 9th and 10th BLANKETS, BLANKETS.-Large etoofc, by the bale or pair. JOHN B. PUDNEY, de 20 3H D street, between 9Ui and 10th. ^po MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. Di?viirpr adio ?i p vrrrvo *r j r u nv? jdaa t/i h jukfix o ctbii uj^b /iflla vidl The Beet in the World, 7Tk? Oni? Rtlxnbl* and hat mint Haw Dy* Known. 80id by ail DruifiiU; also, tt Bkuitor'i Patent Mediouie Store, c p. Patent Office, cor. F k. 7th, *>nff it Gibbs's Hur Store, MS Penn'a avenne. where Ladiee one have it applied, if deeirea. Factory ? "1 Bareiap et. < late 233 BroaawayiN. Y. oe B-rv CLOTHS, CASSI MERES AND VKSHNGSA lml stock of choice fabrics at test than the canal ra-es. One price only, marked in plainjicarea. An fximnation of stock eoii.jit?d ; no ob 1 rat ion to purunaae inoarrea thereb* pl'ddv 1 u d 4 \ ? unn i u j?7 Penn wuritMd Ninth at. PRIVATE. PRIVATE. PRIVATE DR. LA. BONTA Cures all Veneris! Diseases permanently and quickly, witiioot the use of disgusting or poiaonobs drugs of any kind. Nc dieting or interference with business Consultations frr*. It is saying quite enough in its favor, w&en I say that nr practioe is tnat which is m use in all the New > ork citf hotsitats New York City College and Hospital Testimonial* furnished. Lsdits with Whites and Diseases of the Womb cored and saved a consumptive's grave by my treatment. There is nothing offensivt or dttarr**abl< in any part of the treatment. All cures warranted, or money refunded. Communications in writing, with return stamp, promptly attended to. Medicines for tiavelers and others packed, with full instructions for use, and warrantee. Office? Koo* No. (5 Wm? ingto" Building, Penn. avenue and Seventh it., Washiagton, D. C. de tl-ly piKK.MEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. C?pi??L |SM,0M. Q0U* Mm?f 0 utrut md Lmi'mm ?., *mt Ba*Jk ?/ IfuiMIIM. INSWRE HOUSES ANDOTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. PlSlCTOUf Geo. Shoemaker, 8*mae! R*dfem, Samuel Cropley, William Wi.iot, Richard Joaeg, John D. Barclay. Jivoob Gideon, Andrew Rottwefl, Tboa. Parker, Rish&rd Barry. K B. Frenoh, Dr. O. W. Davia. No charge for PolioiM. JAMES ADAMS, President. A?il G. Dans, Secretary. au 9-eoCn ^DAMS' fcXPKKSS COMPANY. NOTICE OFIREMOYAL. The deliver? offioe of this oompacT la removed from Third street to the large depot on B street, between 2d and 3d ?ts- de 30-tf BfclKJOMFORTB AND ^ BEt) BLANKET?. Table Linen, Napkins, Towels and Sheetings. With all kinds of Dry Goods for family use, for sale at the lowest pnoes by WM, R. RILEY * BRO , No. 36 Centi a! Stores, Between 7th and 8th sts , de tr 2w Opposite Center Market. TO OFFICERS, BUFLKRS, Ao.-For sale, at a moderate prioe, a New York baiit loir wheeled light oovered WAGON, with hatdjoro? leather cast, *o , baring been utel Three times, ?ost fl?2 Also,a New York maae set of l>ouhie Harnee., with plated fiuiogs, which has never been used at all. Also, a set of plain 8irt!e Harness. quite new. Apply at 48T Seventeenth street, corner of I, for address of stable and jWMfc _ de ?1 ^OMKTHlNe KKW-SUPERIOR HULLED C? CORN.?Ttis snbsoriber, haring tot the agenoy to sapplj Washington and Georgetown with this delicate preparation of Com. would respectfully uk of hit friends, and the publio at large, to (ire It a trial. Also, Popped Corn, plain and sugared. WM. BRAOLY.Agent, Pa. arenne, between 18th and 19th sts. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantles, Monflm?nU, Table Tops, Ao. A large assortment a ways on hand. oe 19 >m WW KA VV WJ f OAC L' a a i o T a 1 An I nm-m ?? ? M. t? wu i r1 u i n AO A11U DRAWERS,umIrMV 8H1RTS, at 3*4 Pa avenue, back room; or 344 D street, between 9th and loth de4 tf A LL KINDS OF FANCY GROCERIES AND /V Sutler's Goods onkatd and for ssie low by BROWNING A KEATING. de4 Stawtf M.t Pa. sreuse, car >th st JUST RECEIVED TEN BBL8. 8. HORINE S superior OLD RYE WHISKY, eunt tears oid, warranted. Also, prune Mononshela Whiskios for sale at 353 Pa. avenoe, by de 4 Stawtf BROWNING A KEATING. Ohio wines AND BRANDIES. Hanoi reoeived a consignment of Zurmwim t Ce.'? Cinci i, nau Ohio Catawha Wimuc Bran oie*: we therefore offer to Druggist*, ttrooer*. Hotel and Saloon Keeper*. *o . DRY CATAWBA WINE. Light and Strong?the former la bozo* for tabto u*e, and the latter in half-barral* for mixing and oooking purpose*. SWEET CATAWBA OR LADIES' WINE, 'A^stam^sau: m,": CATAWBA BRANDT, (n unrpambte *>iia'*nt.. and rarj a*ef*J for tJr&nojr runoa, L,YLsK * COFFIN, <U 16 lw . >* LO?UI?B> ??. - BUY FOR A I ^ KB^ HOLIDAY PRESENT . a op jarn^-y LADIES' DRES4 FURS, B. H. ST?NEliKTZ, 83-t)??ll KM P? *r . n?r porww Uth *. n*ESf? SI515?isaj3S3#. |yj 1 N O B MB AT r ^ Jg T a j d.ll wn^mhrt-wa^rmoifo, , . ?.?-' J ? % F? m^arnrnmma? THE WBKKLY_ STAR. a - ? HMf MnHf* Stmgle oopr, pm uioi m fit OO^lM 4 M *? ooptas. m to g?flly UiMfkmM tba u?ny. CTB1??4? oftm (la wrmprtn) em to f* fteptp*. Prtt^TIREBCBNTI. HELMBOLD'S GEN I'IN E PREPARATION. " BIOHLY CONCWWTLATBDCompound Fluid Xxtrmot Bmohu, A f?iitr* mm4 Jtiniy For Dikuh of tM m BLADDER, E1DNEYB, OE A VEL, Mi DEOF 8JCAL. BWKi.L.INO?. Th? Mfcdwm Imthh t?i? MW?r af DiiMboi, a:.d txciu*? U?e ab*pebk<<ts le%o M&uiy Mbn, by whioh the wtniT ot rtur*or? dlpMUMa, and a : bsiatte a l BNL*??ni?irts art rAiMM, u v*il m pa!5 arb iwf lammatk'b. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV r or Anting t orn Kiewtt, dibits of DMyitwa. fitrlr lLditorafaon or Alww. Atttndtd ieitk lit Fc'l+wtng Sfmptem*: India position to Exerfeoa, Lots of Povor, l.oaa of Mtinorr, PtlwItT of BrtMbing, Weak >rrv*a, TtlfjiitSI Hc-rror of D ?"we, WsktralMM, Dimnesa of Viaion, _ fui in ths Book, Ut1 veraa' LAsaitudtof tbt ttyatooi, Hot (foods, Flushing of tit* H- dy. Dryness of thePkin, Ernptiona on tbt riot. ra? Lin cotrjrr** sue*. These tyrant"ma. U a <owsd to go on, vbMfc Ui* msi:e;ne invarmi ly removes, toon fotlowt IMPOTENCY. FATUITY. EPILEfTIC FIT*. In an* of which th* Pan ml ?Mf tayir* Who oan ray t?iat they are not f^oowrtly IMloved by thoae "DiEErci. di?*a?e?," "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Macr arc awara of the oause of their anfferu* BCT WOW* WTLL COWTMS. THK RBCOKDSorTUE INSANE ASYLUMS And th* Melancholy Dtntht fc? Cnaiwipli?. BlAE AHfLl WITWKM TO TH TEVTB O* TWW AUftftTlOX. THE CONST1TIJ ION_ONf E_AEFJtCTED W ITH UKUA.MU ? t A K> EBr, Requires the aid of medioine to atmifthra sad lBTi(?r?M th? Sr?tM which HfcLMBULD'S EXTRACT BUCHU tmwtmt ttdm* A TXIA.L WILL C?f?v:WC? TBI KMT aKETTlCAk m * FEMA LES- FEMA LE&? FEMA LBS, OLD OR VOUN9, HINCLK. MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Many Affections Peculiar ( FemnUi the Extrfe t Bnsiu is o nee nailed by fcny oilier re? edy, a? in unioroeu or K?tei>u?ii, irr>(ui*nty Peir uiiue**. or &upprr>*?u>n of CuctoftMu-T Ltm ufttioc*. Ulo?*t?l or ?chirrous ?t*te of the I'U ras. Leeoorrtir* or Wh:tee, gtomuy. %ad for ail compiuM* looideut to tbe aex. whether from lndi?cr?*tion. Habiu of Dissipation, or ib U* DECLJJfE OR CHASOE OF LIFE! ? > STMPTOM ABOVE. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. 7kfc? no wiori Fnl<am, M>rewry, or r?pl$m?aml Mtdic.n* for Lnvleatr.nt rnnii Otktrnu OiMWM. 11 ELM BOLD '8 EXTRACT BUCHU ma SECRET DISEASES la all taeir 8ta?ee; At uttla Kxpeaa* little or no cnange in Diet; No icoonvetuecoe And r.r cj7?iwi. It oaneee a fre*u-ui u??ire a ? give* atrengU te Urinate, thereby Renuviug ( btt uot.uLi. Preventing and Cuhiii 9trieturee of tbe l'reS.ra. A iaiin( rata and ibfKimuaaoa, eo frequent la the ciute of disease*, and expe .tag Potfonous. Dmastd, and worm out Matttr. TBOrMNM CPOH TluriiRM WHO HATE BEEJV THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, and who have paid ktar? ft*i to be eared ib a iMrl time, hare found tht? were deceived. &lc thnt tbe "poison" theaMof"pMMr/?J been dried up id Uie system, to brsa* obi in M mgrerated form, and FM&HAPB AFTER MAMM.1AOM. Us* HELMBOLDTJ EXTRACT BVCBV ali affections and diseases of the CKINAAT OftOAM, whether existing in JULK OR PKNALI, from whatever onose originating and no wetter et HOW LOFIQ aTANIXNe Diseases of theee Organ* require the aid of a DtraiTic. rrfr MruAr n^o r TTD i/?f Dfrr?UfT ililLiiaDUJUi/ 0 AA A Ail v A 18 THE GREAT DIURETIC, and it u owtiiii to hare the aenrml tffeol la DiMU?i/ir wkicA & ii ruommtndui. Tnnci or thi most aaaroaaiau an *?l1ablb cbaract*b wil^aooompany Ue medioiaaa. CERTIFICATES OF CURES. _ From I to SO yeara'ataadlBf with Names kr<?w to SCIENCE AND FAME. "PHYSICIANS" TLB ASS "NOTICE." w? mi "eo ice it" or "iBEBBBiBErr" HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU taoompoced of Bucbn, Cu^ta ud JuntMr Bmmm, MlMWd with fr?Et oar* by a eompeteet 4ikf(i?L PREPARED IN TACVO, BT H. T. HILHIOLP, Practioa: and Analytical Chwuat. ao<3 Bo.e Mu taatam of EJSLM13OLD'S QKNUIKE PREPARATIONS. ? A V91 T\ MW T+ Personal!t wpowrt oofor* m I idw? mt the oity or h. TT Uumious vm being duly nrcm. doth ai. kia proMranoM M?la. r no memory, or other lljtrMM drm#, bnt m pure ? A ?erm?u, N Into ftaee. PiO* PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 8 A. M. TO 8 P. M. Trie* ?1 F?r MUt, wiiktU, ^Delivered to uy tddreM, iMiitiy pmM ttmm Addr^T;?i^^^r~. Dcfol, lot loith TmU aC, bitt Ofcwj Mil HE WARE OP OOVfrrSRFKiTt AND VVFKINCItLMD DMALMKM w*o wdyirM to di?? "it IMr ofi" m4 B9*??r* amaiM OB tEeroituoi mhni * ?*&*** fliBiiiBi Nywiiw, m ?? jBn m Bmtkm, m QmrwmjmrtMiy * u M I^mr?d J Ml bid by I. B. Win, Z. IX uui, J?u Wow, ft. a Fou, ft. ft. 14>'D ALL DRmiBTt ETMRTWBMK*. < TAX* 00 TTTTT1 - '^*it tisbi. vet. v ' j P?Nf*ii SHMHU ^ Cmmhmmmmm i 4 via* n.^ ?Hm