Newspaper of Evening Star, January 10, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 10, 1862 Page 3
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i LOCAL NEWS. ^ None*.?After having tar May f?n? printed J the Hits of letters remaining *n called for In the % poet office of thta city, (ander tbe taw author- ? Izlng their publication In tbe newspaper having t! the largeet circulation within tbe nsttl delivery ^ of the otace,) the proprietor of the Star has at tl length felt compelled to decline their farther * insertion, because of the great space they have u coon to oocupy, and of the tact thai tar months f paa? he baa barn farced to lay over on each C occasion, when printiag tbe lists, advertisements t the insertion of which woald have paid at least <1 doable aa much as tLe law allowed him for the j letter Hat. * ? ?>VU ?wnnlara lna Kw I H auu. VIUIl W Ml* J *vw "f J their insertion since thoM lists have come to be < s large as the New York city letter lists, they j ksn entirely?on the day on which they were I printed?defeated hts purpose of onaklng the Star , always a ntwipoptr?news being its well-known 1 peelality. insmiiTs To-Nioht. Ttiim ?" Csleb Plummer" and " Yankee ^ Trameter." Benefit aod last night bat one of J. t ? Owens. Cariuscit Hall.?The whole company In j en entertaining bill of burlesque, extemporaneous seogs, dances, solos, &c., exceedingly attractive , to pleasure seekers. The Ravel pantomime and < Ward's feat of " Corde Volante'' again this eve- i ning. Christt's ?Ethiopian songs, dances and side- 1 splitting comicalities To conclude with the j great extravaganza, " New Year's Calls," G. C. ? rrwi iray l>ookoui mr me iiiunn kcuc SiiiTHiosiis ? Lecture by Re*. Dr. Cheever, of NY, before the Washington Lecture Association. Subject: "The Justice and necessity of military emanc'pation." It is to be hoped tbat tbe managers will see that the large ventilator in the roof f?f the hall is sufficiently opened to-night to avoid a repetition of tbe Black nole experiences of last Friday night. Knw'i Ampithkatkr ?Equestrian and acrobstic performances by tbe entire troupe, with Dan Rice, the dancing horse, the trained blind teed, and " them mules " Go earlv ? There will be a matinee at the circus to-morrow afternoon, for ladles and children Dan Rice will appear and Introduce bis celebrated trained males Ac admit o? Music.?Free concerts tnd excellent refreshments served bv pretty waiter girls. The best of order maintained. Aonicri.tubal Socixtt.?Yesterday morning, after oar report closed, the reports of the treasurer, Hon B B. French, and the secretary, Ben Per ley Poo re, were submitted In order to meet the emergencies of the present crisis, tbe Society hSI rnntmrt#<1 i fa An*mH aha an/4 A* t. _ cot?ld*rable degree From these reports It appears that after the Cincinnati exhibition, the executive committee placed In the hands of a Pnlladelphlan the Bum of S2,368 45, for the expreaa 1 purpose of purchasing at the mint th? medal* 1 awarded, and for haviag them engnrnd. A letter from the Director of the mint stated that the 1 medals were ready in November, 1861,- a portion of them have alnce been received, but the portion 1 of the funds especially designated to pay for the enzraving has never been forthcoming. But ' neither the Society or iu secretary are in fault for the non-fulfllment of the delivery of the medals. 1 M easures were taken to secure tfce payment of the 1 required amount,and to have the medals awarded. The following offlcers wete elected . President?Hon. Win. B. Hubbard, Columbtfi, Ohio. Vice Presidents?N. B Cloud, Alabama, A H. ] Myers, California; Mr. Bennett,Co'orado; Henry A. Dyer, Connecticut; John Pattee, Dacotah. John < Jones, Delaware, W. W Corcoran. District of Columbia; W. Hayward, Florida; James Hot*- < kinson, Georgia; John A. Kennlcort, Illinois, W. 1 T Dennis, Indiana; L. Dewey, Iowa; John T. Jones. Ks.osas; B. W Clay, Kentucky; C W. 1 Pope, l^>ulsiana, John Lang, Maine; Anthony ' Klmntel, Maryland; William Button, Massachu- 1 etls; T. B. Crlppen, Michigan: Cyrus Aldrlch, ' Minnesota, William Msrtln. Mississippi; J R. I Barrett, Missouri; Frederick Smyth, New HampIhlw J B rukkl_ V * ? ? * ~i * . . wwwih* i^cw jciwy| o in. r itl. Arny, New Mexico; Judge Cradlebauah, Nevsds; B P. Johnson, New York; W. T Brown, Nebraska, H K Burgwyn, Nortb Carolina: J. H. Kllppart, Oblo; W . Hnlbrook, Oregon; Frederic Watts, Pennsylvania; Ellaba Dyer, Rhcxle Inland; B. P Stsnlev, South Carolina; M B Cockerlll, Tennessee. J T. Ware, Texa?; Edward Hunter, Vtah; Frederick Holbrook, Vermont; brands H. Pier point, Virginia; F. W Hoyt Wlaconaln. Ext'vtxvt Committte?Marshall P. Wilder, Maasachusetts; Isaac Newton, Pennsylvania: Frederick Smyth, New Hampshire; Le Grand Bvlngton. Iowa; Charles B. Calvert, Maryland; J H. ^olllwuj, Ohio; A. H. Myers, California. Tmturer?Benjamin B French. Washington. Sttrtuiry?Ben. Perley Poore, office at Washiafton Mr Calvert, of Maryland, paid a merited tribute of prat* to President L. tncoln, whose ?iewa on agriculture had aAorned the pages of the Society's transactions in years past, ana who had, in his message, acknowledged the propriety of a nai t; onal recognit ion of the cultivation of the soil, bv tne establlabmcot of a department of agriculture 1 On motion, Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois, wai 1 unanimously elected an honorary member of the ( Society, Mr. Arr . . of New Mexico, offered the follow- | lag preamble and resolution*: Whereat the agricultural interest* of this conn- 1 try underlie all other interests, and are of so much Importance to the prosperity of oar country ?s to demand the fostering care and encouragement of i our Government: Resolrtd, That this Society reaffirms its opinion heretofore expressed, that it is indispensable to ? the better developmentof the paramount Interests of agriculture, that a department of agriculture bj established at Washington. Kt*?iced, t lure fort, That a committee?to coo- ' sist of three members, co-operating with the Pres- J Ident of the Society?be appointed, sod charged with the duty of conferring with the Agricultural Committees of Cengreaa, with s view to the passags of a bill by Congress to create such a depart- ( After a protracted discussion, the preamble and f resolutions were adopted: and President Huhbard, with Messrs. Army, Tttns and Bylngton, ? were appointed sa such committee. ' Adjourning st 4 p. an . the Society met fpls at [ %?ic iwiui ui iue 9ociny, wotre me ?unjeci of agricultural education was discussed, and resolo- f tfons were adopted endorsing the "Collets* Land f Hill." At a late hour the Society adjourned ii?? dU. . The executive committee of the Society was In " session this morning, projecting plans for the holdtng of a National tzK\b%txon of nattv icmet at this city, next January; and for offering premiums for the cultivation of cotton and flax. I D?4TH? or Soldihs.?The following deaths f among the soldiers have occurred sinoe onr last f report: , t Edwin ?. Edmonds, company C, Berdaa's ' Sharpshooter*, at camp. * Wm R Ostrum, company B,3d reglmentBer- ? dan's Sharpshooters, at camp. Peter Bedllin, company D, Uth Pennsylvania J volmtoeis. at cam d Musician J H. Payne, Uth Main* volunteers, J at Colnmbtan College Hospital John Knight, company E~, 9th Maine volunteers, ' at Colombian College Hospital c Isaac Barker, company L, '23d Pennsylvania , vol u nlMr? at nnn 1 Wn? Drager, company F, Anderson's Zouaves, at Colosnbisn College Hospital * Henry Adams, company D, 2d New York ear- 1 aliy, at General Hospital. w. H Copp, company A, 1Mb Maine volun- t teers, at Colombian College Hospital. Cbas. Wsnger, company A, Sth Illinois cavalry, t at Colombian Collage Hospital. John L. Morrison, Harris' Light Cavalry, at , camp Isaiah Morphy, company 1, 89th New York vol- , unteers, at Rem n?ry Hospital. Milo Church, company H, 8th New Vorkeat- . airy, st Colombian Cohere Hospital JohnS Hsmiltoo, company B,6tb United (Matas cavalry, at Eruptive Hospital Isaac Hollebauxh, company 1,47th Fenn?ylva- c nla volonteers, at camp J uses Stewart, prisoner at central guard house, t A. 8 Gillect, company C Mth Pennsylvaula volunteers, at Insane Hospital. t; Jee Dtrlli, company F 03d Pennsylvania vol* t uateers, at camp hospital, Porter's dirlstea. o O. W. Col bath, company K 11th Maine volan- B teers, at Colombian Collegia. a Joseph Egger, company P Da Kalb regiment, at Unloa Hospital. &. W. Richardson, company D id Berdan's f 9harp*hooters, at camp* o Nicholas Bhya, company ? 8th Pennsylvania n Reserve Corp*, at camp Pterpoot. c g Pouca. ? Yeaterdav, John Soter waa arrested c by Patroloaan Sheid, ror selling liquor on Sunday, i aad waa laed glO 94 by Jnatloe Barnaelo Rob t Earl wm arranted oy Patrolman Kelly, for ruanlosc a bach without a number; he was dismissed ( by Justice Dfary John Hlnsley, do ; ined ft M <i by Justice Perfoooo, and for running a hack with 1 a false a amber be was fined S10 38; upoa which <J ha appealed to court Jeha Dunk, la toi looted, ] UrMA ANT lA tka mfUl.*. Willi. ? W - - - d rented oa aaspLrloa rf* Urt^y"wM dlaartaetri *7 T JmHtem Doom Tnw Banjo ?Mr Frank ??. Dofaeoa, the great } buWit, to !> > ( Immm apoi that !u?imfit ? la thlaeltr Mr D hat been teaching in Baltimore, very lueoeaaTully, u4 bring a blai wfa^taanaabag *iTn'* ^P^Ja^thai city e a. . a'? ? -? * 1. 'jocav. * u . * hbvi fa?v? r ;m > Mnumtlil But M WiMUMtOD-U sei* ?uch an institution 1b exlBlene** If m, we boald like acme taforaiation concerning it. I amber* of bills of (be denomtoattoa a one dnltr have beta But ii circulation bete by Midlers, rbo say tfcey oaV? rBoetvnd them from their peyimters. Wi haw Before us two of them dated t the aaaB time, Febraary 3, 1364, which have he signatures of the aame Cashier but of two ifereat Presidents, the ehirography of all of rfcich is so complicated that we can net decipher be names. One of the bills is made "redeemable t N? It Nassau street, New York," and two tbers that we have seen are not. Tbe three bills inder our inspection are all f^om plate A, and yet ne of them is dated "Washington, D. C In ternua tat, another, "Washington, District of Wi. 11 a.?4. _ _ -B _? a.a ^ -B it fiauwuin. IU Kll BI1U UHK1 WlfTf, BM lO? bird. "Washington, D C.," in aerlpt. Some of be btila, oatenalMy of the same place, have the lenomlnatlonal figure on* In red over the face of hem, and other* are without It. Indeed the bllla lave not been worked on the aame aheets, though hey profeaa to be ao. There have been aoroe tanking tWlndlea perpetrated at one federal "ten nllea aq uare," and thia looka aa if It might be one if them. If the bllla are genuine and at par, aowever, how haa It happened that they are paid rat to the aoldlera. Inatead of the aecnritlea ap>roved bylaw? We hope our New York and Eastern exchangee will give ua full Information elative to thia Metropolitan Bank, and alao that oldlera who have received ita bllla from paymaaera will let ua haye the facta concerning such >aymenta, and the name* of the paying officer*. We will make an example of any one who ha* ao grossly abuaed the confidence of the aoldlera and rlolated the truat reposed In him by the War Department?LouitvilU Journal. Our Louisville cotemporary Is right in aup(ksftiliA Kill* ?K?w A mmm ><11^ ?. >>g^ wxv VI1M ?WTVUV?VI ? wu BIC nWi UU1C* . rbere Is no "Metropolitan Bank of Washington," tad the only bank almilar in name la the " Bank >( the Metropulla," an old bank of high atandlng lere, which laaues no note* of a leas denomination than Ave dollara, and redeem* at lkown counter, ant haa little of lta paper afloat, aa, alnce tbe laat zeneral barfk (uapentlon, It haa called In nearly ta entire iaaue Doubtless some acoundrels have lougbt to avail themselves of the high atandlng >f thta bank to perpetrate a fraud opon tbe public, ay the adoption of a somewhat almilar name for heir bogus concern. We may repeat that none >f our cTtv banka iaaue notes of a less denominalrn than five dollars. Tbe city banka, (of Issue) we may aay for the Information of etrangera, are he "Bank of the Metropolla," ?' Bank of Waahn?ton." and tbe " Patriotic Bank." The only >ther bank of issue in the District li the Farmer'a tnd Mechanic!' Bank of Georgetown. An i hk>bto?.?For several days a person who to* the appearance of a military officer, and who lalined to be Colonel H. F L , has been lashing about the city, living magnificently and paying nothing; emphatically, living off his ' shape and talent." He took lodgings at a very respectable boarding-bouse, where his demands for the best rooms occasioned no little inconvenience to the Inmates of the house. Wednesday evening he applied to a lawyer to draw up an ante-nuptial agreement, saying b? was in a great hurrv, having orders to be In New York to go aboard tne San Jacinto yesterday. The details of the settlement Included a farm valued at S30.000 In New York and S242(J00 In cash on deposit in the ran oani Aioaet H urinnell was named as the trustee for Its investment. He said be bad been to Mr. J M. Carlisle, but be bad no time to iraw op the document Immediately, and recommended him to tta? lawyer In question Tbe document was wanted by 9 o'clock Tbe mention of the family of tbe bride excited tbe suspicion of the lawyer, who was Intimately arquainted there, ind inquiring of a brother lawyer who boarded Mrith the family be found out that the wealthy colonel was not exactly O.K. It was ascertained that this gallant colonel had gone with some gay females to an extensive dry goods store and made i bill of S679 35 for dresaea and small articles of wearing appartl for bis party and himself The merchant, however, did not aee proper to send tbe goods until the money waa obtained, and the bill was placed in tbe hands of the lawyer In tbe bouse where the colonel boarded for collection. rhe presentation of the bill alarmed th? colonel, md he sloped yes'erday without paying his board. The lawyers put an officer on bis trail, but the sbevaller managed to get off in the cars. The Eolice in Baltimore were telegraphed to arrest Im, and be may be captured there. He wore a military coat, vest and cap, and told varloua tales ?f his wealth; claimed to be a railroad superintendent; had an undivided interest in the St. Nicholas Hotel, and was generally magnificent in all his representations. A Wan Ride a.?d Scddki B*in? Up ?Fredtrick Setter, a soldier belonging to Capt Ayre's batten, got intoxicated on Wednesday evening, fcbout Rundown, and rnAf* wilHlo im ? , ?? ?- . ? ? ? * f ? f ?* ? ru ur ^ running the gauntlet of all the mounted guarda ?afely, a* they no doubt auppoaed from hla fast riding and the drawn aword which he displayed, that he waa a courier bearing important diapatcbes He continued his career a-.roas Rock :reek, and through Bridge street in Georgetown, lercely brandishing his aword to thegreatdanger ?f ladles and children oo tbe sidewalks and crossings, aa be was not particular In confining bia ttor*e to tbe middle of tbe street. Just as he reached tbe omnibua stand, be dashed at full ipeed acroaa tbe aldewalk at the corner of High itreet, nearly cuttMfcdown some ladies who were paaaing, but as helHned, hla hone stumbled and (ell, and threw him heavily forward on bia face. Ha waa taken up lnaenslble. and laid on tbe side__.1L. lAL. Ul- * - " " * * " " * mis, w1111 uii iicc tuTrrra wun airi and blood; the only sign of life be exhibited being a faint ?reatblng A physician present examined him luperflcially, and wsi doubtful whether hi* skull was not fractured. He was put In an omnibus ind conveyed to tbe Seminary Hospital On in{ulrlng at the hospital soon afterwards as to his :ondltion, tbe Information vtf elicited that tbe >atl*-nt was suffering from a contusion of the foretead, and the effec ts of a ''drunk," which was he extent of bis injuries so far as ascertained. Affairs Up Rivbr ?Cam? Observation, lan 6.? Ed Star: Thinking that a few lines rom the California Regiment might be of aome nterest to vour numerous readers, I alt down to [ive you a brief aketch of our camp. Oar camp ia aituated three miles above Poolesrllle, on the Adams town road. Winter baa set in >n us for good. This morning tbe anow is two nchea thick. The boys are providing tbemselvea at their own expense) with stoves We have iew Sibley tents and new blankets. The blankets ire a good article, having tbe atamp of our good >ld Uncle Sam In the center Company R la the only Washington company n tbe regiment. Twelve companies are from tbe rood loyal cltv of Philadelphia, and one company s from New York. We have freab bread from our own bakehouse. The baking ia conducted by the following expeieuced bskera: John Macbeth, of Philadelphia, laa charge of the day hands, and George M vers, if Washington, D C , has charge of the night unds, and tbe bread la universally pronounced n excellent article Companies R, F, D and L are now on picket luty near Conrad's Ferry, whero they remain for t couple of weeks. Yours respectfully, "Aw Old Vktmam." Thk Fqpilsof tri 1*cbucSch%ls have taken uU ad vantage of the "gift season" in the numer* us tokens at regard and goodwill which they iave presented to their teachers. In addition to hose noticed before, we can add several among he Island or Fourth District Schools. Mrs IVr V Skldmore, of primary No. 4, is the recipient if a floe silver goblet, and several other accepta?le gift* from her pupils. Miss Annie Adams, >rinary No. 1, also had a nlcs lot of presents rom her Juveniles, and Miss Emma Reed, of the nair primary, bad al?o a similar manifestation rom a like source. Mr John E Thompson, of be District School, had the gratification to revive as a Christmas gift. from the boys of bis iepartment, quite a valuable and elegant Bible, ^ og may such pleasant Interchanges of good Mli| between teachers and pnplls continue to ill mats and cheer both In the discharge of their mportant duties. Cffmas.?On Monday evening next a great atraction will be offered the kabitmt of the theaer. by the management. We refer to the Atbut >t Senorita Isabel Unbas, the beautiful Spanish lanseuse. who is at present fuUUllng a hirhly iuccesafal engagement In Baltimore The press >f that city, as well as Philadelphia and Boston, ipeak in enthusiastic terms of her as triumphant n her pases, and fsultless in precision and light lew ol step. Hbe U Hid to be ene of tbe moat leeutlful artistes ever seen on tbe American stage. guraMB Cocar, Jan. 8 ?Mr. Wm. B. 1'rrlne, f Maryland, Mr. Lewis Taylor, of Pennsylvania, ad Mr Wm Bond, of New York, were admlted attorney* and couneellora of tbia Court. Mo. 66. Henry B. Cromwell el al., owners of heateamboat Western Port, 4c , appellants, n. be barque Island City and cargo The argument f this cause waa continued by Mr Dana for tbe ppellanta, by Mr. B R. Curtis for the appellee, nd concluded by Mr. Dana for tbe appellants. Bcsdsh Dbath?A colored woman, named 'ower or Powell, died auddenly at ber residence n D atreet, la tbe Second Ward, yesterday ereInjj While standing at a table Iroalag some lounog, sne suaaeniy cotnpiainea of cam. the vru told to alt down: but replied that aha on Id not. Some one helped her to a aaat, aad ihe died Is a few minutes. CsxTtAA Guasdhous* Cas**?Biftr* Justie* lark ?Gao. W W ooda. drunk and disorderly; llsmtsaed Aothouy Meinerny, do ; load fl.M. joapold Bklxaakl, druak; do. A J Raiasworth, la.; tamed aver to the military Mat be w Cald*all. do ; io?d S3 M Cbas. fthnltx, drunk and Ltotarbteg the theater; do. Rialto Hovan.?For something goad In the ray of refreahmenU, oysters, liquors, cigars, 4c , all in at the Rlalto House, corner of D and Ninth KIPV. i _ J 8c? ***! ' Ho MIA* tivwoiiTH, ftdvertlMd I laawhere, baa the reputation of b#iag a good I Mdtclnal article. i HUM ~'Jkn- [-;i JJlH *4" - *4 *** a- *-a . -**<< iW ti-W f* w-t? ?V i * Arroijuxn.?William Moore, Kaq., aometimea known a* ''Judge Moore," who bu MM aarvlce _ In Utah, In hl> peculiar department, baa been ap- ? pointed, and It now nervine, aa antler In the 2d Maasachuaetta regiment in Dixie. ^ Foc*th Wtu Station Cana?Before Justitt Wilttr.?T. Tboraton. drnnk and disorderly; fined ?2 Geo. Btoell, drunk; do. SI 38. Robt. 1 Johnson, a aallor, do ; sent to bla ship Joaepb Kelly, do.; tnrned over to the military. Chap Lm ?Oar friend W. H. Godey, of } Georgetown, has received per canal four boat loada of fine llmeatone. and la now prepared to * a?ll th* hpftt nimlftv nf hnil/^lna llmK at it *2/> Mr i Z? *7" ? i? " * i barrel. t * Ms Rdito* :?In noticing the ao-called "Melg* j fire Ping," your report atated that It has been aleflilnly adopted In thla city. I wl?h to state that the Corporation of Washington, after a f thorough teat of the "Melga Plue," and one rat j down at the corner of Ninth and D atreeta by Mr. Joseph L. Lotpry, the original inventor of the four way stop-cock and fire plug, ordered that no ? more of the "Melga Pluga" be put down, and , that tboae already down be altered to the Lowry plan, (eufe council proceedlnga National Intellf- ' genccr, Jan 18th, 1861 ) Mr. Lowry, the Inventor of thla wonderful Are t plug, la a citlcen of Pittsburgh, Pa., a mechanic. and a man of exqulalte geniua Although not " bare to defend hla lntereata, he haa friends who will act for him. Thla Corporation also paaaed a bill ordering one hundred of "Lowry'a Pluga," (vidt Intelligencer, Nov. 10th, 1860 ) By lta 1 adoption the use of engtnea could entirely be done ( ?"" j. The citizen*, members of Congress, of tbe Corporation, and the press are invited to wltneaa j an exhibition of "Lowry's Fire Plug," corner ^ Ninth and D streets, on Saturday afttnotn, at four o'clock. (It) A FSIBHS. Whit*hukst, 434 Penn. in?e, famishes \ photo*rapha from miniature tollfe alie Hla collection or carts <U citite likenesses embrace all 5 prominent men of tbe countr/. Remember, Whitehurst received seventeen premiums In thia country, and a medal at the World's Fair at Lon- A don: alao, at the French exhibition at Paria. See ( hlarancyeaaesfor holiday presents. de'21-eolm* ? Diakkhoa akd Dtskjitikt will decimate the a Volunteers far more than the bullet* of the enemy; } therefore, let every man see to it, that he carries with him a full supply of flolloway's Pills. Their 1 use in India and the Crimea saved thousands of J the British soldiers. Only 25 cents per box. 213 1 [advxktiftxmxnt. Takk no mokk cnplka*ant and unsafe Midi- c ciNts ?For unpleasant and dangerous diseases, J use Helmbold's Extract Burhu, which has re- ? celved the endowment of the most prominent " physicians In the United States, Is now offered to a afflicted humanity as a certain cure for the following diseases and abuse of the urinary or sexu- , al organs: General debility, mental and physical depression, lmbeci'lty, determination of blood to the head, confused ideas, hysteria, general irritability, restlessness and sleeplessness at night, loss j of sppetite, absence of muscular efficiency, dyspepsia, emaciation, lew spirits, disorganization * or paralysis of the organs of generation, palpitation of the heart, and, in fact, all the concoml- i tants of a nervous and debilitated state of the < Vfciem. To insure the genuine cut this out. Ask for Hembold's Take no other. Cures guaranteed. Se? advertisement In another column. 3t * India Rubber Goods. 1 Rubber Blanket*, for soldiers, 81 25 each. i Rubber Ponchos and Blankets combined, 82.50 each. 2 I ndia R ubber Coats, white or black, 82 50 each. India Rubber Legglns 81 per pair. And all kinds of Rubber Goods, including Rub- j ber Boots and Shoe*, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, t Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds in sickness, , Ac , Ac., at manufacturer's prices, at H. A Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 3(J8 Pa. a v., between , Ninth and Tenth streets. jan 1-tf Thk Indian Hkhb Doctob, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell his patients the nature of their complaints or ill- , ness, without receiving anv informs- < tlon from them JVo charge for Consultation or Adviu. on* motto. We uk such Balms as bare uo strife W 1th Nature or the Laws of Life : With Blood our hands we never stain Nor poison men to ease their pain Our Father?whom all goodness fills, Provides the means to cure all Ills; \ The simple Herbs beneath our feet, \ Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from the dewy Lea? These, these shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Washington Buildings, Pa avenue, about fivs i minutts walk from Brown's Hotel. ?V.* /I ?l * - ?-?? 1 nu Luai^c tur vumuiiaiiUU JS 1U ZW* } MARRIED , On the 6th irstant, by the Rev. J. R. Effenger, ( JOHN W. W ETHKH ALi. to Mi-s L.IZZIE N. 1 STEPHENS, all of YVaahmgt >n, D. C. * I I Baltimore San o;>py] On the 8th instant t>T the Rev. George D. Curamini, Lieut J AMhS B. HOUSTON, y. S. Navy, ' t" Miaa HELEN Ml DDL, EI O.N. a!l of Washington. * On the 9th inst., by the Rev. Mr. Lanahan, Mr. . E. A. ADAMS, to Mis* CONELIA DIXON, daughter of Wm. Dixon, Es*? ail of this our. * oieu, ' In Georgetown, on the 8th instant. after a short but revere il neaa. Mrs EMILY MEREDITH, in the ? h year of her ag?, consort of R. L. Meredith. Wife. <hou art cone to rest, , And this shall be our prayer, | That, when we reaoh our journey's end, , Th? glory we mar share , [ Baltimore Sun and Petersburg papers oopy.l On Thursday evening, the 9th instant, of aoarlet fever, ANN IE B Ai,L, a*ed 7_y ears and 11 months " juuu|pii cniiu ui vy m, ii. d&n. Her funeral wi I take plaoe from the reiidenoe of < Mr?. Tuoker, No. 336 Nicth street, at 10H o clock to morrow morning. * * On the night of the 9th instant, after abri'f llln*e?, ofo"Bieffion of t?'e lungs, B FRANK, in fknt eon of B. F. and Eiixa A. 6 alia her, aged 6 mont h' and s dare. The funeral will take plaoe from St. Matthew's Chareh, H et, to-morrow, at 11 o'olook. ? AdO ? WERTHEJMKR A CO, AftA tDM NO. 463 and 464 Ssvxhth ST., 4Di Opposite the Pott fljlet, Offer their atook of WINES, BRANDIES, GINS. CORDIALS, eto.,alao their targe aaaortment of I SEGARS, TOBACCO, FANCY GOODS, etc., 1 for aale at Wholeeale Pnoes. c They keei constantly oa hand fine PHI LA DEI.- c PHIA CREAM ALE, in kega and bottles, for bare or family uae The piblio m general are re- queated to give them a oall and examine their splendid atook of goods. 8 WERTHEIMER & CO , 462 and 464 Seventh etreA, de 71 -Sm oppo. Post Oflioe. JMPORTANT TO LADIES. The sabtcribera have opened the atore No. 16 Market ?paoe. Pa av. bet. 8th and 9th sis. aaafirat ol&aa Laoe and Faner Dresa Cap Depot, consisting in part of Point d'Alencon. Appuaoe, Meckler ana Valenoiennes Laoee, anon as collars, Sleevfa, Handkerohiefa, Cape*, Financing, Cape, Caps, Coiffure* and made up goods of tke fineat Quality, and at New York prtoee v COHEN * DU88ELDORP, from New York. N. B.?All aorta of Laces waahed. mended, and done np e*ual to new,at abort notioe. de?1m* h v AXT B. B T R O N a MAJTUFACTURKR or TRUNKS, HARNESS A MILITARY GOODS, 2 235 Pkhnsylvaiua AV?NU?, I South side, bttvne* 12tk and 13t4 struts. I fTT" Trunks, HftrnMa and Military Equipments i repaired at shortest notioe. ae30 lm* t RENAUDIN BOLLINGER fcCO'S ? OHAMPAONB. LEFMAN, KIEFER Sc. TBOMA8B. t SOLE AGENTS jj for the 1: UNITED BTATE8 AND CANADA. * 139 Dvari Bnm, r ja?-lwi N?w York. T W A TP. M Kl W iTPU P? I I HEREBY Take fTeaeure in informing the pub- ? lie of my return to 017 old stand at w. Von', Iv Pa. *v?hb?, between 12th and 19th atreeu. fTtj Having ei> joyed tne refutation of be ng an fx 4Mb I penenoed European Watohmaker. I mm now pic- I pared to repair Chronometer! and fine watches at ti short notion, warranted to give en'Ire aatiefae ion. n JOb. KILINSK1 tl Persons desirous of obtaining Jewelry and J Watehes/will fcod it to their advantage to exam- o ire my exoeilent stook. Ail kinds of Hur Jeweirr h nj,,,.,,..,,,.,.... W. VOgg. 486 decVk A^oNa, 486 ? A eboioe selection of Piper hangings, warranted S Gold ?na Imitation Gold Band Window Shades; 1 also, Buff, Hreeu, and Blue Ifollaad, Dy the yard or * .1 m8 into w uiov snaaea; Kiotare < ;ord and T?- 7 Mil, different aixM tad oolora; Pioture Naiia. J Rinc*. *? ; alao the handeonieet faaortm-tt vt t Orml Pioture Framie in the oity, from tbe beat maniilaotorf in the eon 1.try; Blao, Paaeepartouta <

*U a^ol? wiai52?M rewwBlad, or bo e*le. {? Parohaunc f?r oHh, all (ooda will be aoid ai the li lowest remunerative anoea ? ^MStoEto'i j 1 ^ I? "g WANTS. \Xf ANTED?A f?x># COOK: will apply at tti< Depot Honae fjf information to d?y. It* L17 ANTED?A c?M Pi?%nd Cftka BAKER. Ap ? plTto JOHNF. HAVIiNNKJt, Tanthatr^i oath * bstween_Deod Eatr. It* LV ANTED?A ammtMAN. Nom ?* < ap>l] " uaieaa veil reoomrr.euded. A. P. HOOVER. Ja 10-St 311 Penn?yiv?nia avwiua. [IT A M T it n iuin'rti iTi'i v a w WOMAN toTOct'wMh andiron. Inaoin . 44S D atreet, between 2d and Si. _ it* fcOfin WILL BK GIV^N TO ANY PKH p*MHI r?r> tecnrirg a Ooreri m*nt ?it?4'ioi rorth four tiroea that amouut. Addrea* . D .," (x?r ( ffiae ja 10 3i* WANTKD-Bt a rwtMUbli yoang tirl. a SIT UATION to do general houaewort in aimti nntly. Good referenoe r%n be giveu if re*uir*l Iddreea ?'W. A.." Star Offio*. U^_ A GENTS WANTED?A few reajeotableagen'i tjl to canvMs aaVableartiolee to aat'rra. Arp ] wmodiatw y at 34 S P^nnayivar.ta avenue, betwe?i 2th ard '3th atreeta. 2d atory. It* UUANTED?A SITUATION, by a ree?eotabl< young man of bnaineaa habit* ; la willing u nake himaelf generally uaefn:. Addreea "A. L ,* Mar Office. it* L*/ANTFD-To chop wood, f'ora SO to 19 " ? HAND8 : the htthnat ?f|j? given. PIERCE SHOEMAKER. ja 10 St* on Root Creek. LV ANTKD.-Alj party having a small HOUSh '? (or part of a hou<e) to let oan hnr of a _*oo< enact by addressing C. C. 6ARRK fT, 51 Lon liana av. Family oonsisU of three persons. It' r>IE, CAKE, AND BREAD BAKER Wanted L To one who thoroughly understand! hi* ban es? will be riren oonstant employment and rooi ragea. _ P. G. MURRAV, ? n uoraw t ana 9tn atrretaLV7 ANTED?A steady and competent WOMAN " Moo^kwdto w**h, to whom good ,nd a rood home will be given. Apply at No 4.>t "weifth atreet, ??t aide, between i> and H ata. ja 10-St HOOK'S SITUATION WANTED, b? an Ed* L' liah wom%n, who parfeotlr underttanda un >aaineaa; aonpa, meats, came Mid deaaerta; hai ood reference* Apply 4S3 1>?treet, between lei nojid. It* UMANTED?A respectable middle-aged WO ?* MAN with a good disposition, to nurae ar nfantanddo sewing. Any auoh person. oomiDi rell recommended, will he*- of a good home* <in 253 F at-e?t, between 13th aod 14th ata It* LI7ANTKD?Rr & vonnr miui SI turn of at#. vv who haa had five year*' exp?nenoe in arm. i?rjr store in this ciiv, a SITUATION as eales nan or assistant bookkeeper in ecme respeotab'i msinesa. and in willin* to make htmselT cnerallj i?efnl. Beet of referero* given. A note add-es?e< o "Clerk," City Post Oflloe, will reoeiva rromp .ttentlon j\ if MANTED-A respectable 6IRL, to do wuh " ing, ironing, and housework. Apply No 41* tixth street. between <i and H j* ?-Sf A SITUATION WANTED, by a rospec'ab. fa. young woman, as nurse and to do plain sew nc or assist in housework. 482 Pennsylvanii venue. ja9 A N EXPERIENCED TEACHER OF CLA? r\ aioa and English brauoties desires a situation Joo<l rrferenoe given. Address Star uffloe. j* 9 2t* >1) 1 M Tl'll A VdlTTU k>t>un ><( ?l ... - V1*/ i Li i ? n v wv? w ecu I I nuu *' jrpi i " o'd. in a crocery in the Kirat Ward ; mutt b< ictive and well reoommeniied. Apply at No. Ill Jenn avenue. j>9 St* WANTFD?A GIR L about 16 years old tomnki herself useful in a small family. Apply 39! !f>th -treet ja 9 St* BOY W ANTKD, about 16 vear* of age, aa hous servant, and oooaaioually to drive a rarna?e *in?ly at !3sl Washington street, Georgetown ;o it thia office. ja 8-3:* |\7 > N TFD.?A WOMAN to cook, wash ant *? ir >n for a (mat! family. Grod refeienoeso eoommendations required; none n?*l applv with>ut them. Inquire at No. 494 E at , bet. 5th ant tti. ja 4 tf WANTED TO RKNT?<Unr?rniali*d) eithe: ~~ a amal!i gentee! HOUSE of five or six rooms >r four Room- of a house, with convenience to >o.-kine, and two rooraa for aervants.?location t< ie between C ard H street* and Utb and ffth ata >y a pacotcal tenant. Please addreu notes ti w" Star Office. jn 4 lw 1%7ANTED?Inadrng ttore.a YOUTH betweei " " lb and ao years of age. Candidate* must givi latisfacfory reference m to ^ualifice.tions an. sharaoter. Th? preference will be gives to one wh< im been encaged in the drugbusiness six or twelvi months. Address "A B C,'Washington City Poc Jffioe. ja 1 lm* WANTED IMMEDIATELY, at the U. 9 Navy Yard, Washington, a numlier o LANDSMEN. CeX Im D|7 ANTED?Every person to know that 1 arn ii " the market, ready to pay oash for aii artiolei n tho housefurmshiug line. Those leaving tn< >itv, or having a surplus, will do well to oa f. R SUCH LY, 439 Seventh *t .between Sand H sts. :ast side.) Dealer in New and Second-hand Fur utnre. co 18 WANTED.-We are now buying SECOND HAND FURNITURE,STOVE?and BED 31NS, for which we are paying the high** sash prices. Families declining housekeeping, oi saving a surplus of farniture, will find It to then kd wantage to give as a nail. BONTZ * GRIFFITH, le lS-tf No. 369 Tth St.. betw. I and K sta. BOARDING. rwo OR POUR PKRSON9 CAN BE AC. commodated with Board ip a erivatp family >n Capitol Hill. Inquire at McPHERSON'S* dr*| tore, Capitol Hill. ja8 St* LOST AND FOUND. HAME TO MV PREMISES, on th*4th intant U a ima'l brindle H KIF E R. The owner ? requested to oomeforward, prove proprty, par charges, aad take her away InJh D. taOHISAN, ja 10 St eaut end Weat ateet, Georgetown. POl'MD?On Moada? night last, near State De partment. a HORSE withaaddie and g\ rldl*. The owner can reoei*e said horse iy proving prrperty. paying expenses of^ZA :eeping and r{ advertisement Apply to Headquar* era Army of Potomio, corner 15H street and Ha .yenue it* "PAKEN UP?On Sa'nrday night tact, a amal A bay HORSK abont 14>* hand* high; c\ nth alter on; two white h td fee'; white 1-T^ 'ar in forehead; I'. S. slightly pereeirable^CZl n left shoulder. The owner ia reqnestfd to oom< orward,j?ro*e pro??rty, pay ehargee, and take him way W. R. K. sorntr of Rriiir* &nri ireenjitreete. Georgetown, D. C. ja 10 St* f 09T? On Sunday night, the 5th ioit, oonucf Li from the Ch-ron of the Aao?naton to uear the oroar or ?8th and H ?t?., a FUR CAPK. Th? irder will ba weM rewarded by laavmg it at S80 H treet, between 171 h and 18th- jaft >t* 2T2AYED OR 8TOLEN-From the owner, j J&nnary 5th, a large dark brindie )OW. ?he had a nerd with a hook at m?p ached, around her horca. 95 reward vil'JUh* >e paid to ti e waon who ean glva irfirmation ol iar whereabouia,or return h-r to 171 South E treat, between ?th and 10th. laland. ja9 ?t* PAKKN UP?f.a*t night, about 9 o'clock, a 1 tarn* blaek RORSK, marked IJ. H., gy ia<1 a bri<1ie aid sadde on. Th? owner ' 1-J oqueetrd to oom? forward, prove property,<CZ\ ay charge*, and take him away rHARLFS 4ILLER, No, 679 fctb it, between I) and E aland. ja9-?* ?>AKEN CP ASTRAY?By the nnd?r?g Tied,ii Prince George'a oounty, Md., on the arv 9'h December between George Digrs' and am?a Owen*' plaoea. a bay MARE. 15 anda high, abort eara, large mane, lo- g la'l, and ery amal' a tar in the forehead The ownor , r?. ueated to pr ve property. ?ar eharcea jind'talu raway, Addrea* liUWAMD P. PlTKIN, Boj '9. Washington, P. C ja 9 St* f OBT-Two MEMORANDUM BOOKS, om Li taining Sutler's accounts and pass, on toe *ti rem Falls Churoh to Waahinxtoc. Tke findei rill be auitabl* rewarded b? leaving the aame al he Franklin House, ooraar of Eighth and Ut-U. r at the Qua'termaater's of thaClst regiment New fork volunteers, Upton Hill. Ja8 3f KLI FERGUSON. rhlBTRICT OF COLUMBIA, Cochtt 01 U W xshirston. To Wit:?I hereby oer arv . ify that Weaten B. Turner brought before ie, aa an eatr?y. a bay HORSt .about 14^*^* aotla high; abont It yeara old: blind in left eve; a itile white on left hind i*f; thin in fleah; oonaidraMy aoarreu by working in harneaa Witness my hand and aeal this tth dar of Jannay.lMS. THOMA8 C. DONNJ. P. for Washington county, 1). C. it ? - ? - - - ? z n? ovDtr ui uie ftDovt a^aoriDM hone will SI&S& """WW TWi^a.""1 ja 8 3t* Metropolitan Poiioe. [ klHTRlCT OF COLUMBIA. Cocstt o? if Wa?HI!?*toh To wl .'-l hereby oar- cv [fy that Henrietta B?fU> brought belore"LLfl a*. the aubtoribei, one of ti?? Juationa ne Pmm in kud for Mid county, thia SUi fa; oi anuary, IMS. m a atrM, tree panting ?pcn her en;omrH. a light bar IIORSK. about 14 handa hub; aring * whiteapot on bn forehead; white fetlock n Uie left hind le?. Given inder m? band. W. THOMPSON, J P. The owner of the above described borse 1a re oea?*d to prove property, pay ohargea, and lake im ayay. Ja t at* [ OAT?On tbe Rookville turnpike, abo?t two Li milee north of Georgetown, a GOLD PKNCIL at in turquoi?e, in tke shape of a key. with a rold rat?h kev and anall chain attached. If left at ACKBON. BROTHER * Co'a. osooaiUi Hro?n.< [otei, a aaitaMe reward will ba given/ Ja ? tf 1KWARD.-Tb? (tore of tk*iib??ii J>?OUb?r?,on Herenth ?treet, near Odd Fet>w?' Hail. having been robbed on the night of the it Janaary. I86i. end WatehM and Jewelry to ? kr|( amount tolen, they will give 9350 far the r?orery of the goodi, ana ? for the opittwoi of le thief or tfcievee. G. W. Bit AY * Co , 511 'LVSZSu&JT' to 'Io"" a ?u?j hi iiwu ? mm**** "' FTb. UASTIW8 410., m <i<t y?>..*/. ss .?**'? ,<# -v.i ? t) <.V ? ( ?;> \ FOR BAIiK AND RENT. 1 T? ^.?.S'A JL Oil r fftPfTiTMla ?c"Dp '**t1 s! VI wn ?Pn traeta, No. ?. For faitMr partiaala-a oa'l oa the | g10 ** ROOMS TO *r*T. to* <?iet r cent ?iuii. la a priwM funtly. ln?atr* for r ,R..Vat9U.rfSffl^ ja*-S'* FIKNI9HK1) ROOMS FOB RKNT-Na. ? Mteeoan av?wae, between aad 4th itr?u. A'.f. a Parlor and Bed Rooa(*vmmanioatinc>on | lit fl^or >a? ?*_ FOR i*A '.R.?Irrm*diat?lT, or rot at all. The 6<**1 Wi!l of the *??t located Store ea Paea thr?r?? ar^nac. Addrect with real r*'T ? . Box > 367 PwtOfioe. va9 tl* DOOMS TO LET ?Two room*. PAR LOR and il BEPKOOM. Pn'niahad: wirhjn ft?< mini n?es walk of the Cit* Hail. Poet and Pate at 1 Offo?a Cu ha obtained b? application at No. 347 51 a stre?t. hetweet H and 1. Either ca; he had . separately. ? VALUABLE REAL PSTATk FOR SALE.r Two valaaMe and ooaamodious Buck Hu?m 1 olfp'ed at private sale. Ore of them situated oa j*i*th street. Fourth Ward, between H aud I sts , , No. 338, oontaimnc 9 rooms, inoladinc parlor, , tit runt room, 6 ch*mbera and a kitchen?3 stonae > hiih. The oth?r dwiiiiic is on Ms??. avrnu*. botwernfith and 7th ate.. No. 4 Aft. Fourth Ward. and oontains 19 rooms, inoladins parlors 6 eham> bers, dinini room and kitchen, acu 4 atones high. Th<?se dwell in** cfferen for sae are d^airabie as wel. a? first-class avHIincs for erivate residences. Al?o, for ?a'c tC amal* two tor? Kram* Honae on Fir?t aueeL, Th.rd Ward, tot??thar with aeyerat ' valuable BttiMinf Lota weluooatad. For it forma ' tion ol t?mn inqoirwat No. 4AA Maa* of ; BEN J. L. BOGAN, Aient. TO LFT?Very daairable ROOM?, wall furniahad, at No. 24 Lonuiana arecu?, between j 4X and 6th ata, nearCity Hall square. ja_8 St* I7IRST-CLAR8 HOUSE FOR RENT, (f?rF m-Eed,) i*o 311Fa'raot. between 11th and : '2th ata. Inquire at the ofiae oorrer of l<*h atreet | ?d Canal. Ja?JJ > f\FFICEPOR RKNT, auitibie for p??ma?t,r, "/ on a'oand floor ol building No. 810 f" street, opposite P&ymaater General'a offioe. App'? to C. A WOOD & CO., on ths premises- ja8-lw* r T'O RKNT?FURNISHED ROOM'S, with or ? I D?. - 4 a., l^a .a M ? 9AA L*..i.a^.*L. ? m wii'w?ai n"iv"ii iu ici ?? JT =? nif nwwi in t street, between F and t? ?ueet?, tear the Trea?nry and War Departm^nts. j*8 3t* WANTED?A UWEI.LIMO HOl'fK of 4 or b ro 'mi. at a nndsrate price. for whiah half c cash aod half in low prioed buildmc lota will be t paid. Preference will be ?i?en for a h<>u?c between l?th ard 15 h streets, no?th of Pennsylvania avenue JOHN D CLAKK, No 32T Twelfth st-wet. * Afent. for the vnrehase and aals ol Real Property " and for goldiera* Claims. ja 8 ?* ? r>KW IN EPIPHANY CHURCH FORSATF. ' IT bHn* No. 100, onrtral Inquire of 1 J A.ME** F HAL.I DA Y. 391 New York avnne,or t of the Janitor of the Church. ja 6 6t* EM>R RENT?With or without BoaH. a neat j r furnished and oomfortable SITTING ROOM * and a fine BED ROOM attached, at No 450 Twelfth street, east side, between G and H s's. * The location is one of the most pieasan* and oon9 woient in Washinrtoa. Ai?o. the rooms are **ry " desirable. No children in the house. ja6-iw x ? ? w ? ai i kui ? aa L? PI viiciilT\ U #at > ai u & HAiUW'mn riR^irnnu nwn^i orxi door to Willard Hotel?*J 14 Penna? vntiaav" enue ja3-iw* FM)R SALE-^roir ?,niv> tr^ 5 W>?or?l? of WO<?D atandine within 2K milea of He't^riile. Inquire : of J. R. 8TEVfcN*. Wood ana Ooa. Lea er, No. J 469 First ?t ja ? ltr* L fT?OK SALE?An old e?tabtl?l>ed RF*TAURI ANT, well a*ooked and prorKled, nmtml on . P'-'unnylvania av?rue, in an elicible buaiaena looaU ? itr. fnia restaurant iaon the fi rat floor of a larce and oommotiiooa three-atory bnck awelhtif, on whtoh there ia t thre*-year ;?*ae and winch will be e inoindei: in the a*le of the abore. For fnrtderpari ticuiar* apply between the hcu'-* of 'J and s ?'o ock r at IMo 3^ l.oqiaiaBaa^ ,nearB*h ?t jaS-lw* I^OR >5ALK OK KXCHAN8K.-1.M0 aorea 1 r of aelectod tirr.ber LAN I). in the Nortn Weat, r will be aold or "Tohansed for property in the . City of Waahinfton. lhe land ia weli timbered, i contains water p >war. aari ia a aure inveitm"n>. Ad.lroh.-. "Kxciiangfi," box No. 30 Waatuncton Fjat Offce. de ?9 lin r CH>R RENT-Two pleaaict ROOMS, neatly r" I furriaher!, in a firat-claaa reaidance in eaorge , vown, wnn no? a. 10 a p*rm?nem *rrrrs . will t<e moderate. Apply at 151 Waat at , George3 town. de 17 if rL'RNISHKD ROOUft TO RENT-APurior ? r and two Chamber*, ooinmanicAt>ng, on Eler. eith srreet north, between E and F art. ln*mre at ? WM. B. KNTWISLE'S drog store, corner Penn. ? ?yfnucaod 12th ?t. ja7 e?3f ? I^URNISBKD AfAKTMKNTi* IN THE t r FIRST WARD FOR RENT.?A comfort a'>ly Furntabed ano'-aDd ClmniDer. oonmiui eating. Ai?o, one or two separate Chamber*. Knf qaire at the p'eml?eii No. 110 oo^er of Pa. ave. 1 and J"?h street, coith aide, Flrat Ward. deal cost* L^oR R ENT?A neat'y ana welllurBisbei^AR r LuK or CHAMBER, pleasantly locatW, in a ? private 'amiW?460 New Yorkarenue. olIt a ft w yard* from the Mate Department, or Migg* ? Co. a Back, <>r toe omnibus line from the Capito to Georgetown. Reut vary low, (by the week or H>?nth ) j* 4 3*-> FLRNISHKD ROOMS TO RENT-A P^or aud Ch?mt>er, communicant.*, on first floor. 1 Te m? reasonable. Injure at 334 C, between ?){ r anc f;u ?U ja4-Steo* Handsomely furnishkd rooms.Four naadsorriety Furnished Kooms. ecepiied With eat and water, and convenient to the Patent 1 and r-st Office D?p&-tu??&u. lor rent. App j at 4WH Maasaooaaetts irenne, north aide, heiwccu 4th arid Sth eta. maJJ EDUCATIONAL, t ? CHKGARAY l>8TITUTK. 1 *'21 amd 1539 !?prccb st.. philadelphia. This Institute, oooduoted tor two year* past in the citr of Philadelphia tjr madams chcgaeat and her nieoe ma&axb d'hbbvillt, upon 'he aame priccip'e? a* the one in New York, estab ' tt?h*d there mlPM, will reopen .after tha Christmas holidays, on Monday. Januar* 6tn. with its usual ample and complete provi?ior. lor the education of vchm Ladies, unoer the direction of Madame D'Hervilly. Circulars, and all requisite information. ran h? nhtAinpd on ansliaation to the Priccl - {aJ. ji 7-1w JVIO'.IN ANU VIOLONCELLO. OHN K. GOODALL, Professor and Toaoher of the above, tender* hi* - r v;ces to the pub ic. Term* 1 per l;eson, Feferen^ea to any mueioian in the ' eitv. Several of his pupi'a are now the beet violin ists in the world. Viz: Le Petit Ole Bu i, Fred. 1 Bnokley, 4o . *o. Address Kuilman's Hotel, Pa. avenue, near 4*6 street degl lm* P EDUCATIONAL.. ROF. C.F. B\RNES' Danoinc Sehool at Temperaaoe Hall, B street. b-twee?i Mil and 10th, ?ill oommence TL'ESDAV, Deoember J9 94th, and oontinue every Tuesday asd t ri day?afternoon olae?ea at 3 o'olf ok, and eve-UB Blue classes atfiX o'clock. Allofth* frahionabte i dano?? wi.l be t?u?ut during the aeaaon. The beet i mueio will be in attendance under the direction of [ Prof. George Arth. Call for acircular dell 1m . (VIADAME LEONT1NE BLANCHET. . l"J DX Pamis Will Gira PRIVATE FRENCH LESSONS. Apply at 131 Wait etroet, Georgetown ; or 407 f F rtroet, Washington. deio-lm* I ??s??????a?? ; GEORGETOWN ADVEBT'MTS fY"*^NOTIOE - LICENSES?Ail Mrtoaa LL*5 vkoie lioense* from the Co-porauon of ; Georgetown expire on the Slat icetant are hereby notified prompt!? to renew the MMotherwiee tuey subject tjjeiu?elv*a to a fine, ate the law ia compulsorj on t tie proper oftoera to enloroe ?ai4 1 law againat ail delinq ueaU. de ZT 3tawtJa.nI0 WM LAIR P. Cterk. BUCKSKIN^AlJNTLKTSs WuoHti Giovee, , Wooien Half Hon, Phirte and Drawera, White and Co'orad ?ueperdera, .Colored Hianketa, Blue Beaver Cloths. With a general ai0ck Of Dry Gooda for eaie at tb? loweat pricee by r WM. B. KILKY * BRO , t No. Sfi Centra. SL.>roa, , Between ?th atH Sth atreeta. 1 fle4.t-7w l actAr Vink^t. NNEW MILLINER*. OW On hand acj oonataativ raoaivinc arw ' anppliaa of W INTER BONNETS, oompna-^K in* therev*ki and moat demrabie atvtea of^Bp HUTCHINSON ? MUNRO'8^% Fancy Store, 310 Faqa. avenue. l-etwaen 9tb *ud ' l"th ?tr?eu, vLtreUiu Ttoiupaon la prepared to exaoata prompt. all ontora laft witn bar. Atao, iuat reoeiwd, a new aapplv of Head Draaaea, Artiboial Flowara. Panther a, kt., to vkich va invite tlia attention vl tfaa ladiea. oa it LADIES'. GENTLEMEN'S AND CHTLTDK EN'S FURNISHING GOODS, UNDER1 GAIMKNTB. SI.OVKS. HOMER*. HANDKI ROHltKB, SCARFS. TIES, CRAVATS, LilNEN COLLARS, SHIRTS, Ac , it. ' , _ . ?k THOMPSON, ut.dar Brovn'a, d6 ? K. A. Lile & Co.*! Mar hi# Hal! B&iur, PIANOS-PIANOS-PIANOS ! HIS Moraine received acaia a budsit r oet&. p Roiewtwd Pium, fcmoii* tfinn varj handsome o?rte4 on? fr>m u? oeU BBM rirated tiotorjr of WTRaabe A Co., Ba*ti-"? * more, vhien 1 will m>1I or r?M on very aeeoicmo dsUai terms. A end Had 1 ou of 6 ooum %ko for sale or to rtnt at mj Piano Room, No. 4*0 , F. C. RICH F.N BACH. JUST RF.CB1VKD AND FOR *A.LE WW, twmtr ?r? btolB. WHITE ONIONS tud tn bbi?. Havana DROWNING fclEATWO, ds?-3tawtf 383 Pa. iw?u, ftsatfrfa st. ' Com* w u? Lilotiri?? S*oro r Nojo!?r Tkr*? Hundred ana Fifty - fov, (Up stairs;) tu theraioa will nuo Good and cheap Ciothia? ?f mrj kind ! GREAT SACRIFICES FOR SO DAT&?Jty too* Will baeoid without retard to cchlmisisUoc a# Coats, Vesta aadPaata of UtelUoal "" -iKsW.rfa&.. All hrtou li4l^uftou to HtHt<Mtalfck and nMa moouiU, tr? iwiwwuli minM %i Mil aatfMttie th* him by tie l?t of/uWr.lltl, at viifk tim? ail aooomat* oa ow book* will bm f*lE NM. WIM ptow inlb? kaart . ot aoalTastar rsKMCUMMat wltSeet miociiiuitti llrr ^ . fc \ 5^. 4 r * > SECOND EDITION. TDLKI Vcidtm, P. M. THE LAT&8T BY TKLBQMJLPE. FRO*f fnWT ROYAL. GEN. BTEVEN* 9TILL IN POWRWOK ON THE MAINLAND OF M>UT? CAROLINA. Niw York, J*n 10 -Tb? Mart OrtiiW, from Port Roral on tha 8th Inrtant. baa artlTai here She met tbe Atlantic going ia Nothing *p?etal ha* occurred dace tha mli'.n* of the Vanderbllt. Gen RUvena still held peaaeealon of the mil land, Hd ww t?nltli| reinforcements Two regiments hid returned to Hilton Heed The steamer Ocean Queen would soon leave Port Royal for New York. FROM rORTREIS flOSROE. fiiLTm?ai, Jan 10 ?The Old Patat beat ku arrived. There was no letter received to day trftu oar cor respondent. The flag of trace from Nor fork brought down some prisoners bat an newa. DEATH OF ItMl'EL COLT. Habtvobd, Jan 10?Col. Saoiuol Colt died this morning. Tbe tl rear ma factory will bo carried oa by fea pinnl corporation CO PGR K!*s TONAL. XXTTIIth COWftKKM-fteeelea. KbidaT, January 10 Pskiti ? After the uaual presentation an4 reference of abolition and a few other petittoM. athe Introduction and reference of a alnfle Mil The resolution for the expulsion of Mm r* * ^ i -a ii.iw a m M * ??a ? J vuu???n inu run, nrHiwii iron m innu i, n ?. the body, rtmr up on the report from the Jt.u clary Comnolitoe in ita f vtr After a f?w remarka from Mr Bayard, In f*vor, tt wm adopted, without a diaaentH (M*s?ra J and P new being act Ively engagt In the rebellion ) The motion to refer the credential* of fc Starke, a Senator from Oregon, to tbeJudiclt Committee, together with certain letters a affidavits charging dlalovaltv upon that gent man. to inquire whether be la entitled to be t-. mitted to bisaent, neit coming np, was debet by Mr Sumner in Its favor, and Mr. Baya agaiaat it. Hot *i ?A communication waa presented ftoi the Secretary of \V ar in rewponee to the Hou? reaoiution calling for information relative to tt Ball'* Bluff dlaaater atatlag that an lnveatlga Ion into tbe stralr is in progr*ai. bat tnat a pun llcatlon of the facta *t the preaent time weutd prove Incompatible with the pubMe Inter eat Mr Oawe* cffered a resolution Instructing tb? Committee on Military Affair# to Inquire whether any legislation la ne eaaary to eecore a decent place of burial for th? aoidler* wbo die la the hoepitaia at Aleiandrla. and to report by bill or otherwise Adopted A reaolutlon of Inquiry with regard to the number and q lallflcatlous of Paymaalers In the U.B Army was agreed to The House reaolv^d ttaelf Into Committee of the Wb*le, (Mr Oamps?ell In the chair.) and took up the Civil Appropriation bill Mr Mc Knight moved a reconsideration of the rote by which the appropriation for tbe Coast M;recv was stricken out or the bill, upon which a prot. -ited debate epruug up r * V * t a r wr m 0 L.A 1 a i,ULi! Li iicrco. 9b Air Do do i?Yeatrrday afternoon, a mea' dealer. having a Trt-aaury draft, aent It by one of hla drivers to tb? Department to be cashed The driver notwd young man atandtnjj at the door aa he went Into the offlce room, who appeared to he connected with the oSce. He (the meal man) get hla money and waa about driving off, when the young man aforementioned ran after htm and called htm to step,mylnpth* money waa aetrlfto, | The drtver turned to go bwk,aad the yeaag mm told him to rive htm the money and borry op I The driver did ao. aupptelng the voartg men a rneeaenger; hut on re-entering the cftce to have the " money fixed right," he dlaoovered that the young man had sloped, and waa nowhere to be aecn, and that be was minus sixty doUar* by tbe operation. The detecOeee were immediately notified. bat litre not succeeded tn caot aring the sharper, who probably left the bulldlag by another exit after securing tbe money. Tax wiiiit was ii GiuIsitowr -Tks Proroet Guard ia Georgetown last algbt rial tad in aucreaaioa tbe drlt.king bouat* of Alexander Gllee. (on Bridge street, near Green,) of P. Jooea. (on Herring Hill,) and of J Ridley and George Varnall, (near the maket boua^.) and at each place made a clean aweep of all Intoxicating drinks oa tbe preoalaee. pouring them upon tbe ground. A ? !? I - ITulara V r?l Klrltiu NeWS tram R?Bae)-R?a* of tko Rtkfii trvm Bins'* Gap. From the Wheeling ImttUtgtuctr of tbe 81k are extract the following Items of Intern* : Lteut Colonel Joba G Kellev, who ts now ta the city, yesterday received tbe following dispatch from tbe Colonel at his regiment Rom5?t. J*n 7 ?We have routed the enemy from Bine's Cap, killing seven Jambs Evabs. Colonel 7th Virgiais Regiment. rr?thu f ab ticflabs . Cf mbeklaxd, Jan 7 ?Ed* IutUUfnet. a detachment of Col Kellev's forces, commanded by Col. Dunning, of rheStb Ohio Ify nifot. left Romney last night at IS o'clock, aad sttarked the rebels, two thousand strong. at-Bloc's Gap, east of Romney. at daylight tbta day. The what* were completely routed, with a loaa of ftfteeo killed, two piecea of cannon, their wagoaa, teata, Ac , with twenty prisoners, 1 Deluding mm oommiaatoaed oAcer Oar loaa uuea It ia ramored here thl* p m. that tbe rtbda are In fall retreat from Hancock. I. M PritmiT. {Blue'* Gap la ift^en mile* from Romney, oa the Wlncbeater road at the North river, in bee been the advanced peat of the rebate for twe month* It la a gorge in the moantalna of great natural atrenctb aa a military poettloa ] We leara from a letter received yeeterday frees Cumberland, that Captain RcheU'a oompaav. (company I, 6th Virginia reel meat.* were aet cut to pteeee In Hardy county a* reported. They were attached on Sunday moraine abeot??v k iout tbey received Information of the upp roach of the rebel* about an hour before Thee retired from tbe church in which they were quartered and took to the thicket* on tbe atde mi Ike MBta n orrrlook a* the building. The rebate ap proacbed on the oppoalte aide, and also ^ot late a thicket ?nd waited until mHtt, aepposlag Schell'i men to be quietly aleep'.n# la the church Their (the rebel*) d.*rh??y?><l their pieces lota the wlnatwi 8ehell:a men then returned the ire from the thicket The Ire was kept ap for aome minutes, when the reheia broke and ma. Pear dead rebeli were found la the bushes. and many ethrra were suppoaed to be badly wounded ' 5chell's men did terrible execution They wounded aome of the oaealry and their horses when haif a ml le away froaa then. Lieut Cel John G Kelley. who U ww in this Clly, yesterday received a letter from hla father (Gen. Kellev) announcing that Gea Lander had been ordered ?e relieve Gee K . laatoed ef Gea. Reyaolda. who baa reetf ?ed The Ohio rlw te closed by Ice up at Breva'a - - * ? ?- *in -m m Iiand Tbe atreani at mil pout u nu m ? tec, and the abore tec it bemry w4 ibuodaat. QLOVK8 . , 1ftIMA SibB't H HAT* A large tMortn>?at for a*J? jg ' HKTMlMlfl. ?>!! a. pOOT WAIMCR* FOE CARRIAGES OR AVUURNIftR GOODA-AfeL?o?t tbr??ch<nrt i'l U*?bit|?r. fY*n***HT PhUlLV 4 ItuinnK, fW ajjTwiwtt *r?I {JHEB8K! J""" CB^ICMS' ?uf MutfMur ?e*7 ll ?5m SM^3eJF$^*Y8M$ -era U? V ft t P V ft Ulr R: ? . *|

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