Newspaper of Evening Star, January 11, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 11, 1862 Page 1
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e f y V?. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C . SATURDAY, JANUARY U, 1862. ' ty?. 2,774. * "the evening star m PUBLISHED BVBRT AFTERIfOOJf, (SUNDAY KXCKPTED.) AT THE STAB. BUILDINGS, fcnMf 0/ ?<?U|f{tMM MMM Md ?14949tk St. n W. O. WALLAOH. Papm nrved la packages by owrien it Mi paw, or 9T (Moti per month. To mall cutMeriben tte prtee la S3 JO a year, t? S3 for 4x ODitu; 91 for utm rnontaa; in ror lem uu 1 ftm months s( the rate of U centa a week. Blafie ooptea, oh cmt; la wrapper*, two eaim. (17 ADVBBTtaawsjna should be wnt to the flee before IS o'clock m.; otherwise they nay aot appear until the next day. A STORY OF (ORNISH WRECKERS. ? ? How Med Smith Wen Hia Medal. Borne dosen years ago, before the railway* sow throbbing like arteries through the land were in existence. I went with two friends to lodge in Cornwall. The place was the most retired I ever saw. Far removed from the croes-coantry road, and only reached by venturing over a track?for it ooald net even be called a path?winding along the edges of clifis often two or three hundred feet above the beach, it was a place to delight all whose good fortune had carried them within sight of It. The southernmost end of the bay closed in a deen alone of lirinir rr*?n Viw lmH. slip, is which the tarf had slid down like a veil to hide the rain it left behind, of which oothiag vu seen from the beech bat a background of towering roefci- Like eeaae eld Iter-, man eaeUe, we fancied them still restating step v by step the advances of decay. It was near thia southern point that the traces of former lawless doings were still te be seen. A small hole, apparently only a fox-den, led into a cave where a thousand kegs of French brandy had often been stored in a single night. We were anxious to learn whether the tales we had heard of Cornish wreckers were true, and it was some questioning on this subject which drew frvm the old miller the following tory : "I can't say I never heerd of suoh things, but I never seed no such doings myself. I have lived here, man and boy, these seventy years." he said: "manv and manv'a tha ni<rht w?'t? been watching on these bleak cliffs for a chance to help the poor creatures as had only a frail plank between them and death. Scores of lives I've seed saved, but never one took; no. not even of a brute beast that came to shore from all the multitude of wrecks I've * seen. I'm not going to say that when the ships, poor things, are all broken up and the timbers oome ashore?I'm not clear to say there is not some small matter as never gets reported to the king's men Little I blame f them that lake it, for as the Lord's above us. I believe it is more the fault of those that keep back the honest dues for the salvage "I remember, in the time that barwood" ^ i and he pointed to some pretty things made bv his son. of the briirnt-enlnrnH Inowrwuil "wu coming in. there was those as worked night and day, landing it, and after all their toil thej wanted to paj them off with just a quarter of what was the right money. So if they that are so well off try to cheat like that, I'd ask your honors if it is not setting an example to the poor * " There's Ned Smeeth, now?he as got that fin* medal from that grand place ap to London?I'm sure he is as tender-hearted as a child, but you'll never make him believe there is any sin in taking a stray baulk or two the tide brings in, and nobody owns; while, after he'd been working for a whole week, they wanted to pay him with a little more man nothing. That's what I call stealing! " Bat my old head is forgetting the story. Well, well, you must please to excuse it. It does make my blood boil to hear aach falsities. " 'Twaa seven years last November?I mind it well?me end Ned waa standing aa yoar honor and me is now, by my old hat here. It had been a bitter night of weather, and waa still so dark we ooold not see even the elods of foam that kept flying in oar faces. I d just pat the mill a going with some barley, and waa minded to lie down for a nan (for you see I always wake when the eorn's down, and so don't trouble about the mill) when I thought I heard a gun. I could not make sure, for the wind waa lashinz the waves mountains high, and the rake ?f the beach waa most enough to tun a body. Saya I Ned, 'Ned, you re a more spray man than me, juat take a look out to sea.' Well, he'd not gone but a atep or two when the report came again fall and true.^ and iTin mw oM avaa <?nnU baa tka flaak T* clapped up and turned off the water, and Ned ana me went and called up the neighbors. I sent a boy on horseback to Trebarfoot to bring more help; and setting the ropea and things we should want, if anything could be done for the poor creatures en board the distressed hip, we went to the point we thought she would strike on. We had no help from our eye*, but were guided by our knowledge of the wind and tide. " It might be about fire, or between that ?ad six o'clock, when we got to Saltatone. We could not stand against the wind, but were obliged to lie down on the edge of the oliff to try to discover the Teasel. It seemed a whole k . A! L * * - " ? nigat, laoogn i rappoee it coma not M mors than an hoar, Wore we oonld see or bear anything mora than the flash of the gan and the roar of tha wind and waves. After a bit we touched hands, and went back to a more sheltered plaee to talk over what was best to be done. Some were for lighting a fire to try to faide them into Widemoath Sand-bay, but I new 'twas no use, for I was sure the vessel had not a ru of canvas standing to help her helm, even if the helm itself was still serviceable, and so she oould never make a reach to clear Dead man's Corner, and might miss the only ehanoe of running into deep qaiet water near the Clipboard Rock. " All at oooe, while we were doabting what to do, we heard a crash and a cry, sach as only stranded ship and the perishing tools on board of her can make. Ah you talk of Cor rush wreckers?but there *u wet ejes among uf then, and men i hearts that never knew fear flattered like leaves on the lime-tree " We stood right above where the vessel struck Sheer up from the beach?we measured it afterwards?two hundred and fourteen feet. A moose coald not have found footing down that oliff, and as it was within aa hoar of high water, no help eould eome to them poor soals but bj letting some one dowa from the plaee we stood oa. " The dim light of morning just enabled as to see eaeh other, aad the white liae of the shore-waves. Some thought they oould see the wreck; I cannot tall if It *u ao. For certain we eould hear now and than, fainter and fainter, the cry of mortal man " I can t stand thia no longer,' says Ned, at laat, 'I can't atand here in health ana strength, with mj two hands idle, while they, poor creatures, are beaten to death again*t the very rocks we stand on. Bear a hand, here?I'll go dowa thia place ' 44 We stood like men blind and deaf far a minute, and then ail tried to persuade him out of it, for we thoaght it was certain death. The rope moat likely would be out through fraying over the olio, or the wind might dash him with A fatal fore* against the rocks Bat nothing would step him: he knotted the rope roandhis waist, ana taking a short gaff in his hand, steod ready to slip off He turned a moment, and Mjshe: W " ' Give my lore to Marj and the ohildren, *nd if I never tee them more, den't let them come to the parish.' I " He shook hands all round, and stepped . S off, and in moment be was hanging alt his weight on the rone we held "' For God's like lower away!' ha cried,11 ee them ' " We ni them, too, for 8od rent the black clouds, and looked throagh to aee that noble deed In the eest there was a spaoe of clear ky, through which a stream of light fell on the aeene before na. ' Aa awfnl aeene it waa! The ahip wee broken to piece*, and with every tarn of the wavee her limbers toeeed and worrelled, and among them were the aailars. Home pest help forever, end two or three till striving herd for life. "Jest es Ned toaehed the beeeh, ene men was swept out from the narrow ledge they were trying to hold on to, with every third or fourth wave breaking ever them. " The maa Wed seme to tret wes just saeh soother for height end strength as himself, sad we held oar breath with terror, when we saw by his actions that he was (as is often the case) driven mad bj hie danger, and wu struggling with th? only man who could uie him. " For fall fire minutes thej wrestled together. Sometimes we thought of patting Ned up, and bo making aure of him; for 'twas a hard choice between that poor demented stranger and Ned's young wife and three little ohiidren. But then the water left them once more, and we aaw Ned had him down with his knee on hia cheat, and we knew if the tide cave him time he was his master. So it proved. He whipped a turn or two of rope around his ..4-1.2 v:? i:_Lt V: vi_ >iwo, uuvi VMWUIU^ UIU1 II^UV IU U1LU TT11U U IB left, he gave the signal to haul away. " They had barely left the rock?for we pulled easy at first?when the whole keelson of the vessel was thrown against the place they had stood on. We had them in oar lift, however, and if the weight had been twice as much it would have coma to grass if the ropes held. " We wore all too buoy drawing thetn ip to look to mo what happened on tbe way. I hold it as Bible truth that there's scarce another man but Ned would have brought that sailor up. He had, as I have said, one arm round htm, and, with the other, warded himself from the sharp face of the cliff, but he had some grevious bruises for all his'oourage and strength. " When the man found himself lifted ud in that strange way he got more raring than ever, and finding he could not use his nands, be fixed his teeth in Ned's cheek till they met. For all the pain and danger Ned held on, and I shall never forget to my last hour what I felt as we drew them in over the edge of the cliff, and I knew they were safe. 44 Poor Ned, we laid him in a sheltered Elace, and would have put the stranger with im, but we soon found he was too wild to be trusted free, so we bound him for his own safety. " In a few minutes after they were landed Ned's wife came. We bad sent a boy for some spirits and things, and be, youngster like, told what Ned was about. None that were there will ever forget that fair young thing as she fell OT> her knnna hv hur himh?nrl a cii)? an/) swooned away with tier bead on bis breast. " Ah, the man that bad just braved such dancer wept like a child, as he smoothed tbe golden hair of his wife. " As weak as a child be was, too, from loss of blood. Well, other women oame soon after and bound up their hurts, and we got a cart and brought tbem down to my house. " Eleven men and three boys were the erew of the Hesperus, as tbe ship was oalled, and only that one man saved, lie lay for days? very quiet at last?and scarce spoke h word What he did say was about his mother, and the name of some young woman. When we atOTnriA/1 Kim.? kw ? ?1 ? ovitfi/vu utui MJ VUV 1I\A/ W1 S uiuc ra?w o found a little packet hung round bis neck by a black riband, and as it was wet with the gait water, we took it away to dry. My wife, who tended him more than the rest, said he seemed to keep grasping for something in his bosom, so she put it back round his neck again: and when he found it there all right, be never strove to rise and eall out aa he did before. It ia not for me to say, but my old woman always considered that packet to hold some true love token. She often said she wished she knew, for she thought how glad his mother and sweetheart would be to know he waa alive. " Well, he went on in that strange way nigh on three weeks, end we did not know bo much m the name of the sick man Just a* Ned was going about again all well, we thought the sight of him might bring the stranger to his recollections. So Ned went and sat by the bedside till he woke. It was getting near Christmas and we wanted the poor man to be well enough to enjoy the time with ns. When he opened his eyes Ned held out bis hand, and says he : 44 4 Give yon joy, oomrade. Ay, I gee you'll be more than a match for me the next turn we have, particular when 'tis grass we stand on.' 41 With that the tears came into his poor dim VT II- 1 3 L- -5 cjco, sua gawumg lieu a Dioa Q? Hll : 'I remember now. Were none saved but me?' 41 Ned was fearful to tell the truth, in case it might make him worse, so he just laughed and sail: '*' You've been se long sleeping off the effeots of jour wetting, that they're all gone and left you. But 'tis time we know'd your name, stranger, if it please you to tell.' " ' Gaaeoigne/.he said?Richard Gascoigne. Has no one written to my mother?" ' 'How should we,' says Ned, 'when we did not know where she lived?' u With that he got up to oome away, for he was afraid if he stayed he'd tell himself out about his shipmates, only three of whose bodies we erdV found. " He'd just got to the door when the poor man wanted him to oome back, bat before he eoald tarn aboat the parson came into the room and Ned got away. ' We never knew the particulars for certain, bat always believe to this day that the young man was no common sailor. " The parson used te oome and sit with him for hoars together, and a fine lot of letters they wrote between them. Bat we were never the wiser for any of their seholarship-doings but in one thing, and that won't be forgot round uwiw (Vi utvu^ a mo ivng UOJ. ' The Christmas day we were all standing abont th^ church door, ahaking hands and wishing eaeh other a merry Christmas and a happy New Year, when the little gate that led from the parsonage lawn into the churohyard was opened, and a lady came among as. so beautiful dressed and so beautiful herself that we all stopped talking to look at her. 41 I'm before my story, though, for I should hare teld yea that the stranger had gone to the parsonage as soon as he oould be moved. " Well, the lady came right forward into the midst of the erowd, and she said : "4 Which of all you brave, kind men is Edward Smeeth V " Ned was just behind me, and seemed ready 4^ _i: ?*- ??* * * UI Hiut mwmj, BUI A piUDN Dim '10re, IDd says I: . ' If it pi**** your ladyship, that's him.' " Well, Ned know'd manners too wall to ran away then, ao there he stood, blushing like a girl. " The lady took hia hand, and teemed going to make a ipeeeh; bat the had only past began her thanks when her heart roae in ner throat, and the tears stood in her eyea, and she only said ' Ood blees tou,' and pat a little box and a para* into Ned's hand, and then kiased his Kt rough hand as if 't been a baby's face, seemed struck all of a heap. He looked at the things ske had given him, and tarned nia nana uiint expected to see a mark where her beautiful lips had touched " Well, u the lady eould not (peak fer herself. the parson up and told us ell the mdm of it. Hew that there wai a grand plane np to London, with a great many grand people that subeeribed among them to reward them that tared life. " 1 And proud,' saji the pareon, 1 proud I am that sooh a token has oome into mJ parish.' ' He said a many kind and good werdt, and then told Ned to open the little box and show what was in it. There, sure enough, was a ~~l>l ?J?k W~l>. ---? ?V. mdx of th? man he saved, and torn* Latin wordf, which the parson Mid tai that he fhoald ever five up trying to tare life, for perhaps a Utile tpark of hope might remain, though nil seemod gone. "Ah! here eomss Ned, he'll be prond to show your honors the medal." So we walked to Ned'a cottage hard bf, and were doligbted to ftnd that, though seven long years had past?jeers that bad robbed him of | bis rair roung wife, and laid her with her new 1 born babe in aa early tomb?hi* dark tju weald brifhtea and hit ft a* form look taller as h? exhibited that well-earned medal from (he Royal Hamaae Society?Ones a WmJc. I I ?N | MM Ball's BlaB made aa mad-Bo 11-e bluff mm ue mad say the New Bedford Mercury. V MAHOMET. Mr. Muir, in his new "Life of Mahomet," thus describes his personal appearance and habits: "His form, although little above the ordinary hight, was stately and commanding. The depth of feeling in his dark black eye. and the winning expression of a face otherwise attractive, gained the confidence and love even of a stranger. His features often unbended into a smile full of grace and oondesoension. ilia w a ' am aJmivinia fnll awai> t nw, OOJ o ou <H?IUlllUg ivywffwi, *-* handsomest and bravest, the brightest-faoed and most generous of men. Yet when anger kindled in bis piercing glance, the object of his displeasure might well quail before it; his tern frown was the oertain augury of death to many a trembling captive. la the later years of his life the formerly erect figure of Mahomet began to stoop. But bis step was still firm and quick. His gait had deen likened, to that of one descending rapidly a hill. When he made haste it was with difficulty that hfe followers kept pace with him. He never turned round, even if his mantle caught in a thorny bush, so that his attendants might talk and laugh freely behind him, secure of being unobserved. Thorough and complete in all his actions, he never took in hand any work without bringing it to a close. The same habit pervaded his manner in social intercourse. If he turned in conversation toward a friend, he turned not partially, but with his full face and his whole body. 'In shaking hands, he was not the first to withdraw his own; nor was he first to break off in converse with a stranger, n.or *?.*urn away his ear.' A patriarchal simDlicitv nervaded his life His custom was I to do everything for himself. If he gave an alms he would place it with his own band in that of the petitioner. He aided his wives in their household duties; be even cobbled bis sandals. His ordinary dress consisted of plain white eotton stuff; but on high and festive occasions be wore garments of fine linen, striped or dyed in red. He never reclined at meals. He ate with his fingers; and when he had finished, be would lick them before he wiped bis hands. The indulgences to which he was most addicted were 'women, scents, and food.' In the first two of these. Ayesha tells us, he had his heart's desire; but when she adds that be was straitened in the third, we can only attribute the saying to the vivid contrast betWf>An thft friicrMl hnKifa nrornIonf t tho r?an ?-. r- ~ ~" ?- ",v of Islam, aud the luxurious living which rapidly followed in the wake of conquest and prosperity. Mahomet, with his wive?, lived in a row of low and homely cottages built of unbaked brick?; the apartments were separated by walls of palm branches rudely dobbed with mud; curtains of leather, or of black hair cleth, supplied the plaoe of doors and windows. His abode was to all easy of access?'even as the river's bank to him that draweth water therefrom.' Vet we have seen that be maintained the state and dignity of real power. No approach was suffered to familiarity of action or of speech. The prophet must be addressed in subdued accents and in a reverential stylo. His word was absolute, llis bidding WAD lnw A r?marlraKla footMro waa # .1 r -? * swmvibwviw ivhiui v n ao vuV u| banity and consideration with which Mahomet treated even th? most insignificant of his followers. Modesty and kindness, patienoe, selfdenial and generosity, pervaded his conduA, and riveted the affections of all around hio?. lie disliked to eay No ; if unable to reply to a petitioner in the affirmative, he preferred to remain silent." How Somk Choirs Sihg !?Church choirs, in these hard times, fare but poorly. It is curious to observe that in retrenching a father of a family usually firs$ begins by contracting his liKarulitrr in L ^ ? ... ...vL.iy mm ivugiuui uiancra?VJ UlklUK a half a pew in place of a whole one, or else give it up altogether. This, of course, affects the revenues of the church. Then the trustees hold meetings, agree that it is a bad thing to get into debt, suddenly remember that they cannot afford to keep a choir, and so the singers are dispensed with. This is the very obvious reason why so many choir singers in New York, Brooklyn and Jersey City, have been lately notified that their services are no longer required. Under these circumstances, while it is difficult to see any remedy fer the state of things, it is just as well to laugh at a good thing, even if it be old?such a? the following, for instance, in which a clergyman, writing to the leader of his choir, says: "This is what you sang; for our short-hand reporter, whom we had detailed for this express service in the loft, took it down verbatim.: " ' Waw-kaw, ?waw, daw aw waw, Thaw saw, thaw law aw waw, Waw-kaw, taw, thaw raw-waw-waw braw Aw thaw raw-jaw-saw aw.' "Now that is what to the eye looks like pious Pottawattamie; and might be a translation for the sacred edification of that lost tribe. But to the ear, of what advantage was it ? Not the most careful listening coulcfdetect the faintest approach to articulate, intelligible sound. And, dear chorister, what you really ought to have sung were words that did not need to be thus cloaked. They were full of the spirit of the Sabbath, a very ointment-box ef psalmody. These were the words you travestied : ?'Welcome, sweet day of rest, That saw the Lord arise; Welcome to this reviving breast, And these rejoicing eyes.' " Benjamin Dkwolpf, No. S84 Pl.NX. Avasui, Iv Adjoining the National Hotel. rXl Watk\ntton, D V, Keeps oonttaiiU? on bandafiue anaortmen' 01 GOLD AND SILVER WATCHK*. GOLD CHAINS, jewel* y.s1lv?-R WARE, CUTLERY SPECTACLES. OPERA AND FIELD CLASSES, 4C; kt. N. B Repairing done by K. O. Richakd, late from No. 1028 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, a skilful workman in Chronometers, fine Wa.ctiee, Ac. de 7 If* H~ for christmas presents! andrerchikfsT handkerchiefs, HANDKERCHIEFS!?All >rU, >took nov unequalled, for ladiee and gentlemen?ju.t the thine for ChrMtmaa PreeenU. At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. Lake A Co.'a Marble Hall Bmsr, de 20 Under Brown's Hotel. WMGGKES tHENRTS ashin6ton AND ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS, Letnni Mah ait* twin* <uv nrH?r, i?ft at Grefory'e Store Store or . lia'e Franklin Houae, WaihinKtoD.MjiHg^# will with prompt mention. ww JaSJw^ NBKW?-NEWS-NFWS! J08T Op*W?D, JVf W yofi* OYSTEJl^AND EATIXV SjL The ondereigned beg reepeetfnliy to inform their friend* *nd the pnblia getfrail* that^^. /?v ther tare opened their e?tabUshmectJ3i f mJ on New York ? .. near 15th at. WewfljJf hall apare no pain* to prooure for oar onatomera the bent the market oan atford. Parties, familiea and antlera anppiied at the abortaat n-Hioe. Our eaUbtimmeut will be opea daily. Sendapa ezoepted. up ?-m- UUK1AN k. 8WORD. /m\ ISAAC HKRZBEKti, A ffijVkrrtR. 4% 910,000 to be loaned on Gold and Silver W&tohes, ??arelry, Guns and Pistols. Silver Ware, and bearing Apparel?at the old stand. No. SSI C street. t>aek of the National Hotel, between 1H and 6th its. de 18-3m* COLUMBIA MARKET, V Pm svhhm, cortur Tkxrtumtk it. The subeeriber voald most reepeotlully inform the otUsens of Waeoinctoa tfcat he has returned to hssoia eu?rter, where heintends keeping a fir straps market in all ita branohee, at in times gone. He will be happy to greet hit old friends and ossto inert. N. B ?Goods aest free cf charge to any part of the oity. de U C. MALLARD. |MPORlANT TO MILITARY MEN!

Army Regulation BaU, MoClelan Ftbn* Cut, rSSf BBKr ^ , aSk. >lFbIy rmonnmdm for th? dm oI our rank ftnd fii?hv Li*nt Ami. Winfi?ld Ooott. J* if-1m AUCTION SALES. 'fry BARNARD * BUCKLV. Auctioneers, a Gearrttoten, D. C. rrRU8TKES' SAI>".-By virtae of a deed ot ? t?oat from Wm. W MoNeer, dated Ajril 54, UN, and of reoord, we wilt offer at auction un the UH day of February next atSoVlook p. m , on the Vfcmaea, aU that lot of ground in Georgetown Own m tfce easternmost part of lot nnmbnr one hudred aud twenty-^uht, (128.) in Beail'a addition t?tte?wgetjwu. fronting 14 lest on I>anr arton atreet, in rnnnma KaaIt u i?m. ? 'up m. py > uui vt ? iiv aviiiiD w lUkUf f**t, with tno improvements, consisting of a two i%r? frame house. Tarn* of sale : One-third of the purchase money to be Mid in oaah ; and the residue at three e*ual instalments at three.six and nine months, with later est, to be secured. WALTER 8. COX, HU?iH CAPERTUN. Trustee* Georgetown Buiid'r Associa'n. ja6 2awts HARVARD A BUCKKV, Atots. Dj BARNARD A RUCKKY, Auctioneers. Georgetown, D. C. TpllU?TKE'* SALE.-By virtue of a deed of * trust from Jess- Chick, date<* May 20.1866. and of record, we will ffer at auotion, on tae 11th day of Febru?*y. at 3^ o'clock p m., on the premises, that lo; "f rround in lieorrptown. bounriad *.? fol lows, viz : Begi&nm* at tfte e:.d of tw?">ty-six feet measured ea?t. on the south line of West street, from tha southeast intersection of West and North streets, and runtime thauca easterly, by aad vith the south line of West street, twenlj ieet, thenoe soutbardly, acd paral.el with said North street, eighty-aix f-et, thenoe westwardly, and parallel with said West street, twenty feet, and thenoe north eighty six feet to the beginning, with the improvements. Terms of sale : One-third of the purohase mone? to be paid in otsh, and the residue in three equal instalments, at three, six, aad nine months, with interest, to be secured. The terms of sa e must, be complied with within one week after sale, or the property mar be rero d. after oue weeks' notice, at itie risk aud cost of the first pure hater. WALTER S COX. UmU P 1 DL'DTnV mm % u vni r<iv JUii) Trustee's Georgetown Building Association. j*6-2awt? B A R ^AKD A Bt'CKE Y.AucU. By BARNARD A B1JCKKV, Auctioneers. Georgetown, D C. TRUSTEE'S SALE.-By Yirtre of a de?d of truut from B. Hutching, dated September 22, 1?56, and of reocrd. we will offer ?t auction on the lMn da? of February. 1862, on the premies, at 4 < *?!o3kj>. m., that part of lot number cu.ety on?, 191,iin Beatty A Har kins'add'tion to Georgetown, beginning for its bounda on the south ride of Fro*p^ct atr?et, in Georgetown, at ft point distant 6* teet, iuea*ured cast, from tho west oo^ner of aaid lot, and ru ning therce roath and para iel with the w-st 1 no i f; ai l lot ?3 feat# more or less, to thelir:fl ' 1 Mrs M&slier's lot thence east on tie line of a d lot 25 feet, and thence north 5S feet, more or 8*, t Prospect ctroe:; lh?.rce with Prospect street 25 feet to the (>o^iinin)r, with the improvements, confuting of a two-ttoy frame house. Terms of sale: One u ird of the purchase money to t>e paid in cash: and the residue in th-ee equal insta inent*. at three, six and nine months, wiUj interest, to be sroureo. The terms of sa e mu:t be complied with within one week after sale, or the property may be resold at the expense aud risk of the purchaser, after one week a noti.e. WALTER ?*. COX. HUGH CAPEKTON, Trustee* Georgetown Bnild'e \s*ociarn. ikft9awt> RtRNlUII 1 D.l^UfV ???!. w ? ? ?w m *?** 1* v ?v li u \> 11 1j x i xi uv i bl Br BARNAKD A BUCKEY, Auctioneer. (it rutovm. DC. ' TRUSTEE'S SALE.?By virtue of a deed of t-u?tf<-om Henry Oade, daiei April 25,1857, ai:d of reoord, we will offer at auotion, on the 11th da; of February, at 3% o'clock p. m.. on the premises, part of lot No. eighty, iu Holmead's addition to Georgetown, honnded as follows, tiz : Beginning at the northwest oorner of said lot, and ran ning thenoe sooth, along North street, forty feet, thenoe east and at right angles with North street, forty six feet, thence north forty feet, and west forty-six l?*t, ? th* beginning, with the improvements, oonsuting of two two atory frame honees. Terms of aale: One-third of the purchase money to be paid in oash, and the retidne in three equal instalment*, at three.six. ard ninn months w th intercut, to f>e secured. The terms of sale mutt be complied with within one week sa.e. or the prope't* may be retold, at V e Title and coat ol the first purchaser, one weeks' notice. WALTER 8 COX. HUGH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown Building Ajsooia'ion. ]*6 2?wt? Barnard k buckky, aqcu. fcy rt'ALLt BARNARD. Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE? Bt virtue of a deed of trust from Charles Williaw-*, dated April 23, I*"*, and of reoord, we will offer at auotion, on THURSDAY, the 13th day ol February, at 4 o'clock p. m , on th* premie*'?, that lot or ground in Washington known and decern ed as the northern part of lot No twenty-six, (26.) in square No. one hundred, (100,) fronting forty-eight feet on Twentieth street, and fifty leet on M street, with mo improvement, ooMiMUf oia two story trr.:ue house. Term* of eale : One third of the purohase money to be paid in cash, the residue in three fqual in stalmenta, at three, cix, and nine months after date, with interest, to ba secured. The term; of *ale mutt be oomplied wth within or<e week after sale,or the property may be resold, at the risk acd oo*t of the fiist purchaser, after one w?ek?' notice. WALTER 9. COX, HUGH CAPKRTON, Trustee's Georgetown Build's Association. ja7 2awts By WALL Sc. BARNARD, Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' fALK-Hy virtue 01 a dfled of trust from N W. Walker, dated February 22, 1855, and of reoord, we wiil ofT>r at auoti<>n, on FkIDAY, the 14th day of Februnrv. at 4 o'oloa* p. na , ou tue promise*, thit lot ol g roar,d in Waiilngton known and descried &i lot D, in ssuare No. 424 beginning for its bounds on Eighth tt'eet, 52 feet from the northwest coruar ol said tqmre, and running tuenee south with the line of Eighth street 16 feet; thex.ce east 63 feet 8 luohes to a 3f"?et E" , thence north with the line of said alley ]6 th-nce west f3 feet 8 inches to the beginning, the improvements. Terms of sale: On* third of the purchase money to be paid iu eash; and the residue in three equal lusta ineutj, at three, six and nine months, witn interest, to be secured. The terms of sale mutt be oomplied with within one week after sale, otherwise the property may be resold at the risk and cost of the first purchaser, after one week's notion WALTER 8 COX, HUGH CAPKR'gUN, Trustees Georgetown Buiid'g Associa'n. ja7 2awts WaLL it BARNaRD, Aucts. By WALL * BARNARD, Auctioneers. rTtRUSTEES' 8ALE ?By virtue o: a deed of x tru't from Cynthia B. Ma,on and others,dated Maro?> 13,18.57. an)* of record, we wi 1 o 'er at auction,on SATURDAY, the 15th day of Fsl ruary, at 4 o doek p. a., on the premi> es, t'.at lot of rrou t d in Washington known as ;ot No. a nhteen, (It,) in ? lai A* ?- * * <iu?[oiiu ?oveiiij uirce, na,i wuo me improvement I era.a of sale: One third of the purohaee money to be paid in ease; and the reaiduein three equal lU'talmeata, at tire -, aix and nine montha alter date, with inUre?t. to t>e aeoured. The term* of tale must be oomplicd with within one week after aale, or the property may be reaolJ at tha r?k and coat of the fir?t pnrohaaer WALTER *. COX, HUGH CAPERTON. Trnstfea Georgetown Build'r Aaroo a'n. jaT iawta WALL A BARNaRI), Auota Notice to watchmakers, jewel?ler?. 4no pedlars. ? J ftl V b.K?, or 90 Washington atreet, Hutton, will..pen their Branch < >ffioe, Kuom ft No. 10 WaabingtoR Building. Pa. avenue, on TaeeOay, December Slat, with a large J stock of Watohea, Jewelry. Watch Materia* nala, fco., at ?be lownet wholeaalc p'ioee. w*toh work done for the trade. Pobitivkly mo Goods goLD oa Wokk dowa at Rktail. dt? an lm* J TO THK LADIES! ULKS JOLLiVKT, Ladies' HairdreaeerHrom Paria, jnat arrived, inform a the ladxea of Waakicgtou that he haaoppieda large |aa?ortment of r^liw ra "Wf - ??> - J* - ^ * * ?r?u i/iwtnfifUreftiai ?oa onae?' w retim, Ihe most splendid choice of Flowers for dresses; ajto. Gold and Chenille Nets, aillkmds of Hair Work; and attend to d'essiLg .adies'hair. 352 D street, between 9th and lotto. de 18 lm* Y?? .. WOOD AND COAL. IiHi zz as# yr nf Srpntk ttrut mmd Can*i, (GEO. PASS. A*ent) The; aei. cheaper ami five better measure titan an j other* in th? aity??at. >eht. at J delivered free of oharr*. 1/roa doo t leiioTe ,in the Pioneer MiilsatruL.*a? be satiated. PR088 * BLACK WELL'S PINALITT1, v> Mixed Piekles, Chow Chow, Gherkins, Wa> nats, asanith and Krenoh Olives, Freah Haspber a* 19 ooraer Vermont ar. and Fifteenth ?t. JJ1GHEST FUCy WOR V. 8. TRSASUHY NOTES of the different uauea.and Northern Currency. Kxohange ob the priVoipal oitie* North payable .. ..m vArr?,... Bankers, No. IAS Penn. arenne, J? ? lm mar Brown'e Helot. i^REAT ATTRACTIONS.?Grand rath mr sassy???? da 11 lm (KVi inn MALAGA GRAPES. 1UU LB8. Of Um iftWt importation and of an? BUICHELL. )? 4 Corner IWb at km VanaoBi av. f \ SOMETHING NEW ! nif^GUiTVT DucnrnT or^ILw ^ij^r i< #91 r rtrwi, erroutt OYSTK(iS*5TPA.MED Is the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (fa/ rayerior to a roast) in twommutu, tk* /?Usl tim* on rttord. Call *r.d tee. The nnderaigned rMpeotfaily iBionu hi* friend* in tue Dlltnct. and viaitom til th? nitw thai K? Ku refitted hia old and wntx-Kiwrws **ta.bli?hmbst in a mnit thoroneb manner. aod hM made ootn plete arrangement* to furniah OVSTEKtt in ut atyle and in any quantity, too to aoo gakma afeooked peruay. 2 000 to oaua u( bptoed aod Kreah rut up daily?oana hermetioally sealed. Kurniahed n the shell by the fcnahe. or barrel. Persona wiahin* to have Oyatera furniahed reolariT through the winter, at Baltimore eneee, without fear of fai'ure, ahonld oal! and make arrangement* at onoe. Freignt. tine, and money aaved by aurokaain* of me, aa 1 forniah an article equal to tuecelebrated Baltimore eataMiahmenU. at prioes juat aa low. TO SUTLERS, Canned Meata, Lobatera, Sardines, Clams. Strawberries, Tomatoes, Piga* Feet, Trpe, *0. to.. Ac. Also, Pioklee. Catena. flajam. Mrandi Peaches, 4.0. Also, G?m? and J^rwh ftih. Turtles, Terrapins, PrMh Lobsters, Cud. Halibut, As. In foot, every thine for *ale in the Nortii*rn markets always on hand, at reasonable prioes. Hotels and fomiliee supplied with Oysterp. delivered without oharge tu any part of tee DTstriot. in reason, if the money is eent with the ord?r. My establishment is op?n from 6 a. m. to IS at night, every aay, exoept Sunday, when 1 eloee at |0 o'clock a. m. . ja2 tt T. M. HARvKY. IIVDKA RI BBER GOODS. OF ALL KINDS?FOK THE ARMY. A large stock iust receined. JOHN B PUDNKY. 324 Pa av., (back room lor 355 I) st. WOOL CAPS. COMFORTERS, .GLOVES GAUNTLETS, SHIRTS. DbAWKKS. Ao.. fresh goods, at JOHN B. PIDNEV'S 333 U street, betwen 9th aod U'tto. BUFFALO A WOLF ROBES. LAP ROfiKS, HORSE BLANKETS, and CAMP BEDS, ju't received at JOHN B PIDNK\ S 3a4 Pa. av. (back room) or 355 D street, bet 9th aod 10.h. SUTLERS !?Sutlers you will always find cbetp and desirable goods at the Sutler s Supply Depot of JOHN B. PUONEY, 335 U St., between 9th and loth BLANKETS, BLANKETS -Large stock, by the baie or pair. JOHN B PUDNEY, de20 355 D street, between 9th ami lotn. rjH) MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOICS BEN VINE HAIR DYE. The Best in the World, Tit Only Rtliabl* and HarmUtt Ha\r IK* Known. Sold by all Druggists; also, at BekkktoiTs Parent Medicine Store, c p. Patent Office, cor. F A 7th, aad ai Gibp?V Hair Stor?, 949 Pecs'a averoe. where J-anee can ha; a it capital, if desired. Factor;?91 Baroia; aCdaw 233 Broadway) N, V. oa 3 it CLOTHS, CASSI MERES AND VESTIN6S? A full stock of onoioe fairies at leu tuau the usual ra?es. One prioe only, marked in plt.n fit urea. An examination of stock solicited ; so obligation to purchase incurred thereby PEBRY A BRO., /-oi ronu ayrnup anu ninm r( PRIVATE. r> n i v a t b PHI V ATEI DR. LA BO^TA Cure* all Venerial JJiseaaea permanently and quickly, without the use of diafuaUnc or poiaonous drugs of anj kind. No or interference vith boaineaa. Consultations fr*e. It ia saying quite enough in lU favor, whan I My that kit practiceia that which ia id use mail tlie New York citv hot sirais. New York City College and Hoapital Testimonials furnished. Ladies with Whites and Diseases ot the Womb oared and aaved a consumptive's grave by mj treatment. There ia nothing ojfenswt or dxtagr?able in any part of the treatment. All carea warranted, or money retarded. Communications in writing, with return stamp, promptly attended to. Medicines for travelers and others #aoked, with foil instructions for use, and warrantee. Oflioe? Koom No. ? VV a?' mgton Building, Perm, avenue and Seventh at., Wasciagtot. D. C. de Zl-ly JMREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY WASHINGTON AND 8EOR6ETOWN. Capital. 1300,009. CJUt HfMf C ttrmt mud Lommm ?., #*?r B+mi tf 1N8VRG ?8?Sg/fA8KB|aOPEBWT Dimctois. Geo. Shoemaker, wwnaeJ Reafera, Samuel Cropley, William Wi.iot, Richard Jonee, John D. Barolay, Jaoob Gideon, An<ir*w RothvelL ?oe. Partef, RuhardBarry, ii. French, Dr. C. W. Dans, No charge for Policies. JAMES ADAMS, President. Am G. Dim,Secretary. m9 eotn A DAMS' EXPRESS COMPANY. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. The delivery offioe of this company u removed from Third etreet to the large depot on H street, between 2d Mid 3d ?U. de 30-tf OLD COMFORTS AND D BED BLANKETS, Table Linen, N&pkina, , . Towels and Sheetinga. With all kinda of Dry&oodafor family aae, for aale at the ioweat pnoea by WM. R. RILEY A BflO , No. 36 Central Storea, Between 7th acd 8th ata , de 27 2w Oppoaite Center Market. Tm O OFFICERS, SUTLERS, Ac.-For aaie, at a moderate prioft, a New York bo it foer wheeled light oovered WAGON, with haudaome lea her ousiiota, Ao, having beeh artd three timea. ooat #183 Al*o, a New York aet of Doable Harue**, with plated fiUinga, which haa never been used at all. Alao, a aet of plain Stogie Harneaa, quite new Apply at 467 Seventeenth street, corner of 1, for addreaa of stable and groom. de 81 SOMETHING N E W?SUPERIOR HULLED CORN.?The aubaonber, having cot the ageoey tn ' i nai* W aahi an<i wiftW tki> delicate preparation of Corn, won id reapeelfolly uk of hit friend*, and the pablic at .arte, to ?it# it a trial. Alao, Popped Corn, plain ai.d ?ucared. WM. BRADLY.Aient, Pa. aywnre, between 18th and ifth eta. N. B.?Manufacturer of Marble Mantlee, Monument*, Table Topa, 4c. A large anuruncsi a vara on hand. oc 1*> ?m HEAVV* WOOL JtQ&E, SHIRTS AND DRAWERS,aadAkMY FHJRTS, at 394 Pa avenne, back room; ar 33? D atreet, botveen 9th and uwh d?4 tf A LL KINDS OP PANCY GROCERIPS AND I\. Sutler'a Gowda a'.d fur aaie lov bj BROWNING A KtATI-vG. de 4 3tawtf Ml Pa. avenne. near ?th at JUDI Kfiubivbu i tn BBLe.B.iJumnih.'B penor OLD KYK WHISKY, eight iwi Old, warranted. Also, prime Monongahcia Wfajekiea for ?ale at 363 P?. avenue, b? de 4 3tawtf BROWNING A KEATING. Ohio winks AND BRANDIES. Hftrinr reoeived a chjdiii ament of Ztmwtiiwm* t Co.'s Cincinnati Ohio Catawba Wiaeeaad Branaie* :we therefore offer to Driggista, Grooora. Hotel and Saloon Keepers, Ao , DRY CATAWBA WINE, Light and Strong?the former in boxes for table ae, and the latter in half barrel* fcr mixing aid oooking purpoeee. 8WRET CATAWBA OR LADIES' WINK, in barroie and jMif-temU. for table use?a very aaeerior artiele far tfeo heUAan. CAT A WW A B HANDY, ?BUY FOR A HOLIDAY PBE8ENT A lit O* LADIES' DUES* FURS, B. H. 8TINEMKTZ, de 23-tjanll SM Pi ??., Miamir 1SU *. ST * da It oonxr yat. *?* ?> ?wl ?y. M 1 N O " "b4IVkc? *?at = Ml| ptnN Uti) at, Md Vermont ?v, _ ik THE WEEKLY STAR. m FrUiy MonLag. ?1*> ? n 9 99 SWeBty-fleB (IplM^MMOMMtHtxM il o g??rally throughout tb? oeutoy. DT8l*?t erf'n (la wrapper*) ma fee procured at the coaatar, immediately altar Ike tame of ttc paper. Prloe?THREE CENTS. HELMBOLP'S GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HIOHLY CONCENTRATED" Wiuj>v UilU X 1 UiU UUSOl SSCDl, A Potitirt ?U SfrijU Rtmtif For Dimhm of Uo BLADDER, KIDNEYS. 9ROF81CAL SWELLINGS. Tht? Madioin* IneriMM the mtt of Di(Mt>os, and exeitea the mounri into MoJtt? Mbei, by whioh the witnt om ciunori MpMboM, Ad Oil UWittUL BNLOMKMBim M rffltM, u voll oa p*m arc i^flammatioh. 1 HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV For WtUneMM Amine from Excesses, Habits of Dissipation, Earl* Ir.disorenoa or Av sse. Attmd'd with tkt Followtag Symptom*: Indisposttioa to Exertion, Lcnof Pow Loss of Mrnorr, DiAoalty of Hrsatfciag, Weak N"rr<w, TrMabUac. Horror of D'teaas, Wakafaloaas, Dimness of Vision, Pail la the Mask, Umv?r?a Lassitude of the Muscular t*Tstsm. Hot Hands, Flushid( of the Body, Dryneta of the !*kin, Fractions on thsFaos, PA1LID COCRTSNA.MCB. These aymtu ms, il a. owed to go "E, whioa Uua medicine invariably removes, soon foilovs IWPOTENCY. FATL'ITV. PPILIPTir R1T? - ?- - ? ? - ? - ? ? - ? ? w In MM of lekiek tkt Patitnt maf ?<rp?r?. Who oan it; that they are not fVetaentiy tel iowev by those "dibbfcl di?ba?b?." *' INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are ma t of the nauaeof their suffering, BTT HONK WILL COHFMS. rHK RECORDS of THK INSANE ASYLUMS And Ike Mtlmntkoly D*ntkt by Connimpttmn, till 4 MPL1 WITBBHP TO T1TB Tim OF TBI MMBIMHi THK CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. [ Require* the aid of medicine to strengthen and Itviforate the Syctant whioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU tmr+rta't* d**l a TBIA.l will CajtVU?CB TUB host SKBFTlCaL* I7P HA A r fC CP A.I A f ro 170 *# A T DO z-iiiiAiiUU? rojuniiuw? (uiuyi L<i>U| OLD OR YOUNG, SINGLE. MARRIED. OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many AJTfettens Ptrultar to Ftmnjti the Extract Hutnu is uneenalled by any other remedy, a* iu Chior? ?i? or RetefcUon, Irniuvit; Paiufuln^*?. or S>uppreei:oc of CuetomarT Knctiatiou*. Ulcerated or Schirroua rtate of ue U(* rut. Leuoorrhea or White*. Sterility. %b? far all oomjiaioU incident to the i?x. whether truing from lndiicretion, Habit* of Diaaipatioa, or ia the DECLINE OK CHANGE Of LI WE f aa iymptoim uovi, NO FAMILY SHOULD BK WITHOUT IT. Tak4 no mors Balsam, M*rewr% er riflumf M*d\ tin* for Unpleasant and Vnngtrmui MMM. HELMBO LDS EXTRACT BUCHV CCKBS SECRET UilEllEI In all their Stage*. At uttie Fnmi Little or bo caauge in Diet; Mo inoonveueaAe And no hxjftur*. It oanaee % fr?^u?nt deairtf a ad gives strength to Uri&?ta, thereby Removtug obetrucuona. Preventing and Curing Strictures of the UreAra, Allaying f ain and luiai?^eti? fr^uent in the olaea of dieeaaee, and expe.lMg mil Prisonous. IM.'tastd. and tram out Mmttm. THOT9AKM VP09 TBOVIAITM WHO HAVE BEES THE VICTIMS OF QVACE8, and who have paid ktavfjitt to be oared is a abort time, have found the j were deceived, ud mt the Toieos" baa, by the use of "?co?rfW tifnifU3 been dried up in the a jstem, to break eat to HW(rarated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MAURI ABM. Dae HKLMHOLD'S KXTRACT BDCHV all affaction* aad diteaeae of tae I K1.11KT OESAML whether exieting ia MALI OR FMAil, iron whatever hum ontinaUac m* bo mtttw of HOW LOlie STANDING. DiiMm oftheee Orgaaa require Ua of u fh nine. liELMBOLD 8 EXTRAC1 BUCHV 18 THE ttRKAT Dll RKTIC. and it is oertaic to have the deeirad affect la Dieeaaea for which it it rtcemmundtrt. arieaaca or ?n *cbt asspoMsiBLB a?b aa L1A1LX CBAJt ACTKH vtlQftooomptny the mdioiBM. 9 CERTIFICATES OP CURES. From I* m retn' aWtiM with Nam5Jc^JgB AIW) FAME. .A "PHYSICIANS" PLEASE -NOTICE." HELMBOLD'8 EXTRACT BUCHU uoomfoted of Buchu. Cntoba and JtiuMr B?mw? oleotad witt (mt oara by a oomjoUot 4ra<f ML. PKSPARSD JJf VACUO, BY H. T. HELMBOLO, Practical and Aaaly uoa. Cfaoaiist. and Sola Ma* Htaotaior of HXLMBOLD'8 &ZNUUTS PEKPA&AHOSB. AFFIDAVIT. Personally UHvm uefoni me, an Aidereee el the city of rluiadeialua, H. T. tiuapu, who being duly swcra,4oti ny.kli K*>wmon wUm no narootic, no mercury, or otfeer injerioM drags, bitw pnrely HK[ ^-n) j Sworn ud ?o been bed More me, Uietfeday of NoTMtwr, MM. WM. P. BIBft?ft07 AJdermaa, Ntntt sC. above Kate, puk PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM 6 A. M. TO M. Delivered to ?aj addraat, imwy ?rtMl boa ofaaanratioa. A44l*"i. T. HKLMBOLD. flUil, lto Boath TMUmbtov C>i?laaC rkua BKWUI OP OOlNTUmn < and wmimnrlmd dmalmmb vko NdWTor to diaaoac -of tMr ?in" aad "otiSr* artiolM oa (fee reytonoa flail oy ** ** '* 8mrr u ? Ja^rmmd Mam Vhii Bold br B.B. Wars. Z. a mail, Jma Ww, 8. a Fou, ft. B. brv*B4 A. o MAJM, D. B. niiii,?! ! ft t*naw> uj<ri) xlx BEwSHorm inimiM. .? mn? BVTirani TMl XAX1B0 QtSML AHBAWDIIKroanDII til&rOMIB mi*

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