Newspaper of Evening Star, January 11, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 11, 1862 Page 2
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Ofmm** mi 1 HE EVENING STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: fcATrRDAY JANUARY 11, IMS. Though Tit* *tae it prints on the f**te?t W??ir ptm tn n? tooth of Ha'tlmore. tt? edition U ?o large a? to reqnlre It to be pot to pre?s at an wrly hoar: A*hnrU?tm?mt?, therefore, nhould be not In before 12 o'clock otherwise they may1 may not appear until the next dny. On Fmuvw at the vnrloua military camps and positions will confer a favor by keeping ns ported as to morementa and affairs In tkelr vicinities. Tke Oaslanght on the Secretary sf the ?lavy. The tendency of the legislation of the times? to " keep a pitching In" against everything and everybody instead of laboring earnestly as legislators should to discharge tbetr own important duty of promptly providing the Government the means of keeping np its credit (without which It must nrAV* ahArtlvA\ la antltr 111 natra(*H hu tko ittirV of tbe Van W yck committee on tbe Secretary of tbe Navy, and tbe corresponding use of that portion of that committee's report, in Congress: Tbe committee proceeded to make what they called an "Investigation" concerning the Department's purchase of vessels. They made no Investigation whatever, however; contenting themselves with becoming tbe mouth piece of various disappointed speculators, whose stories and griefs they aired without deigning to ask the Department for anv explanation of tbe charges thus brought against it. The main charge Is that the Department established brokerage upon Its purchase of ships, and that one of Its brokers paid ?55,( "O for the propel irr stepping stones, wnicn was more than she cost originally; and, further, that tbe broker employed at New York !i the Secretary'* brother-inlaw. It happens, fortunately, that all the facts invol/td are well known to hundreds here, and ronld have been known to the committee if iU members had been anxious to get at tbe truth, rather than generate a sensation by way of show tag dow aesperateiy valuable their labors are to he public interest In the crisis. These tacts are as follows. Viz: For years past all such purchases by the Department bare been made Indiscriminately. This br*d an army of well-known 'drummers," eternally hanging around it, each seekipg to make the most for himself by getting orders or contracts for his employers; charging the latter from to twenty per centum for so doing. To put a stop to this system of doing business. Secretary Welles rtsofUrd to the agency of navaj aKImm In - n..? It - -Ii-Minrn lu fuivuoiiu^. uui It WS9SOOB 101)110 that however honest and faithful they were?and none others could have bwn more so?their inexperience In commercial afl-.irs made th^m dis advantageous agents of the Government in matten of trade. T he Department therefore resor'ed to tke ?*??{ tomnt'Tctai predict in making it* future purchases cf ships; and In ho doing has doubtleee already saved tp tbe Treas'iry hundreds of thousands of dollar*. This cr?m? r . inl practice Is to mike the pur. ohaee through regular brokers. ina> * i~?i?J o j ^ ...vivuuiii b !n the commercial renters do. and to have the broken look only to the seile'* for their compensation?fixed at 2)4 per ceutuin by the iNew York end other boards of trade, to be paid bv sellers To that end a broker was aeltcted by the Department at each point where it sought to buy vessels; at New York Mr. Morgan, the brotherin-law of Mr. Welles being employed. It is not charged that he wa? ever paid sixpence mdre than the regular commercial price for his services, or that he was employed in any manner ditttrent from the way in which similar brokers are universally employed to great advantage to both buyer and seller, !n heavy transactions in the cities of commerce. ?l-- ? * dv iuiku iui iuc principle mvcivea. A* for the case in point?the purchase of the "Stepping Stones"?it illustrate* that In rexort1U to the service* of Mr. Morgan, the Secretary I (instaad of buying a* before through Commo dore Breefee) did well, Indeed, for his charge When purchased she was under a charter partly with the War Department at 110,000 per month, which that Department would gladly have renewed with her. She was a new vessel of 450 tons burden, and on Inspection was pronounced one of the very best vessels for the service desired Of her. to b? fonnrl In th? I'nik/t u?.?? It wss known that her original coat to Iter builder* waa leas than fSS.OUO; while It waa also known that but for some extraordinary facilities in thsir purchases of materials, machinery, the use of s ship yard, Ac , ahe could not have been built for S55,000 when built; and, more especially, when sold to tbe Government a few months afterwards, tbe price of materials, labor and machinery having gone up meanwhile Now, to illustrate the difference to the Treasury, between tbe Department's current rule of pur. chising ships through s single broker in New York snd elsewhere, and buying through naval cUlcers, we may take the caaes of tbe line propellers Penguin and Albatross, bought bv Com. jnodore Brew, shortly before. They are about :3M tons harden, (against 450, the "Stepping Stones'" tonnage,) and bad been in use three year*, (against aa many months' previous uae of the Stepping Stones ) The pricea paid for tbe .Penguin and Albatroaa was 875,000 each : that ^peid for the Stepping Stones, a much more valu .able, larger and more aervlceable vessel, but ?Mi,000! Do not these facta forcibly illustrate that such Committee and Congressional charges aa those ^against Secretary Welles, should at least be received by the publlc-*?m grano Malit* ro r\i/2 too 1/1 kj * ? v V/A< UiV UlUOll/iV i*l Ld XllVlltk lOXORm-Srctnd Stuita. Bkhati ? After tbe cloae of our report yentetdty a bill p'ovidtng lor (he organization of the signal department of tbe United State* was paaa^d The bill to provide for the appointment of autlers la tlje volunteer service and to define their duties was taken up. Mr. Lane, of Kanaaa. movrd to aboltah the office of antler. He apeke atrongly agsiuat tbat elaaa of per?oo? being permitted to prey upon tbe soldier. Mr Wil?on also ahnwed tbat enorinnua proflta bad been made by autlera out of tbe soldier, and bo implicated cflir>r? n/ tK? ?- -- am I pi I.It la tba'lll-gotton profit*. Mi Carlile thought the cutlers should be abolished, and the men supplied with a ration of toII) Tba Senate finally adjourned until Monday next without diapoaing oi tba matter. Homi.?Yesterday wa? spent in the consideration of the civil appropriation bill In Committee of the Whole until 4o'clock, when the House adjoun rd till Monday, leaving the bill in an unfinDepartor* ml the Barnstde ? U?*m Fe??Mat l)ri?Md-AMtkrr Expi* dliita. [Correspondence of the Baltimore American.] Airaaroua, Jan. 10?The vessels eoutainiog the Third and Fourth Brigade* of Geo Burnaide's expedition i^ft oar harbor during yesterday afternoon and Us I night, and probablv by this tlOM the majority of the veaaela have rendezvoused la the neighborhood of Fortress Monroe. C^ulte a number of veoaels. containing uteres, 4tc ., for the expedition, have not as yet sailed, and It will probably uot sail for two or three days. For the last two or three da>s a (terse fog has tea hover lav sn* tk? a>??? " ... m nruir IMl II IUI been lmpoaelbia to diacefa ??k1 over a hundred <k two yard* from the wharf It appeara that three of the aoldlera who were In the boot which wu run dtwn by the tug on Wodnexdtv night, and who were euppooed to be drowi??d with four other*, who were wtth them, art alive, having managed to raak* their way to shore ?ome d'.aunce below the harbor, where tbey were dlacovered yeaterday moral ag by oao of the vpMi of tho expedition. It to fclghijr probable that another expedition will ebortly be Blied out here, as already a num ? mm mmupm mm MM iMwi b??,' among ttea Uum rigltah of cm**ir? , ,su Goim Bomb?It!? iteted that Mr Romell of fk* London Times, will return to ? * land about tto tret of Mil month H? complains of 111 toaltfc, u4 of tod trMttMBt at tto bands of mm of our Mill, wbo insist upon Tlslt'ng upon him tto lMl(MtlM ttor Ml at the recent editorial artklr? la tto Tboadaror, abuslTa of tto U ml tod Cyofcf fromttot torribiodtoiiomMditorra?oo ttol wwpredicted, tto W. Y. Bundny Tlmon Sotto*l>a^re?ofa/"rlrt* rMchodTto igfregitc of 1 f* ? J ? A Om MILITART BFPGET. INTERESTING PARTICULARS OF MILITARY MOVEMENTS IN SOUTH CAROLINA. Official Reptrti ?f Commodore OnPoat and Commander R?(rri-Th? Excellent Condnct of onr Troop*?High Compliment to Grnfrtl Stffrni?Effective Aid Readered by the Slsnai Corp*. Flao Shjp Waba*h, ) POft Royal Harbor, Jan 4lA, lb?. J 1 Sir I have the honor to Inform tbe Department that tbe attention of Gen. Sherman ana myaelf baa been drawn for some time paat to tbe dealgn of the enemy to abut np our troop* In Port Royal Iiland by placing obatructlona in Cooeaw River and Whale Branch; by conatructing batteries at Port Royal Ferry, at Seabrook. and at or near Boyd'a Creek; and by accumulating men In tbla vicinity In aur-h a manner aa to be able to throw a force of twenty-five hundred or three thouaand troona noon anv of theae Dointa at a abort notice. In a confidential communication of tbe 28th ultimo, tbe General lnformed\me that tbe time bad arrived for arresting peremptorily tbe designs of tbe enemy, and for doing it In aucb a manner as would serve a subsequent purpose; and be requested me to furnish mv quota of the force to be employed in the combined operation. The'plan of conduct having been fully determined in several conference* between the commanders-ln-chlef and the beads of the expedition, and the first day of the new year having been selected for the time of attack, I appointed Commander C. R. P. Kodgers to the command of the naval forces, consisting of the gunboat Ottawa, Lieut Commanding Stevens, Pembina, Lieut. Commanding Bankhead, and the four armed boats of this ship carrying howitzers, under the charge of Lieuta Upshur, Luce, and Irwin, and a .at. 11 a ir x?- _?i _ m * ? - Acting itiaswr i\^iu[>o; mi 01 wmon were lo tDl^r the Coosa w by iieaufort river; and of the gunboat Seneca, l lent. Commanding Ammen. and the tugboat Ellen, Acting Master Commanding Budd, both of which were to move up Beaufort river, and approach the batteries at Seabrook and Port Royal Ferry by Whale branch The armed tug C. B. Hale, Acting Master Foster, under the command of Lieut Barnes, was afterwards dispatched to Commander Rodgers. The part assigned to the naval force was to protect the landing of the troops at Haywood's plantation, (the first point of debarkation,) to cover the route of tbeadvancingcolumn and the second point or debarkation, and to aaaail the batterlea on their front. I refer you with pleasure to the official reports for *he occurrence! of the day, and I have only to add that from th"e note of Brig. Gen. Stevena, (a copy of which accompanies thia report,) and from varioua other xourcea, I learn that the naval part of the expedition was conducted by Commander Rogera with the highest akili and ability. I have the honor to transmit herewith hts detailed report, which the Department will read with pleasure. Respectfully, Ac., ?. F. DcPont. U 8. Flag ship V\ ab\?h. / Port Koynl Harbor, S. C , Jan 3, 1862 \ Sir : 1 reached Beaufort at noon on the 3lsi of December with thegunboata Ottawa, Lt Comd'e mevens, ana remoina, L.t Comd'g Bankhead, and the four large boats of this (hip, each carrying a 12-pound howitzer, under Lieut*. l'p?hur, Luce and Irwin, and Acting Master Kempitf At sunset, Lieut Barnes of this ship, joined me with the armed steamer E. B. Hale, Acting Master Cf>md'g Foster. In order thst no Intimation might be given to the enemy of oiir approach, these vessels remained at Beaufort until alter dark, when they ascended the river to a point about two miles from I tne Coosaw, where we anchored to await daylight. Atfour the next morning, I moved on with the launches, and at daylight joined Gen Stevens, at the head of his column, at the appointed place of I rmii?)7unm The troops having all embarked, we crossed tbe Coosaw, and at r a m tbe ttrst detachment of volunteers landed, under cover of our boat guns, at Haywood's plantation, and with them went the two light howitzers of the Wabash, to serve as a section of li^ht artillery, under Lleut~lrwin, of the ship | At sunrise, Lieut. Commanding Stevens succeeded in getting the Ottawa through the difficult fussage of tbe -'Brick Yard," and in joining me n front of the column. Tbe Pembina and E B. Hale arriving h^rtltr ? * * ? ?? -.j ?-? . **? u?, wc (irotwapa to the next landing, at Adams' plantation, where tbe remaining troops were ordered to disembark. In our way up we thr.w a few shell* Into what seemed an out post of the enemy, near > long embankment. Anchoring the gunboat at 10 o'clock, ?o a* to covet lb* route of the advancing oolumn, and the second point of debarkation ~ where also our launches were stationed, I went np In the Hale to within range cf the lottery at Port Royal ferry, at which Lt. Barnes threw a few shot and shell; dislodging a body of troops stationed in (he adjoining field, but eliciting no response from Ute ha ttmrv At 1 3U p. is , General Stevens being ready to move, the gunboats shelled the woods in front of bis skirmishers, and tben advancing we threw a rapid Are into the fort at Port Royal Ferry, and anchored In front of it at '2.40 p. m., the Ottawa passing between the he*ds of the two causeways. The enemy had succeeded in taking off all their guns save one, but 1 couid not learn whether any except field guns had been removed on the day of the attack We found a quantity of 8 inch shells and 3(>-pounder rifled shells In tbe magazines. At half-past two the Seneca, Lieut. Comrn'g Ammen. and the KIIpd. Mm'^r , . ? VW.MM C. A_>UUU, (the other vessels which you bad placed under my orders.) having passed from Broad River through W hale Branch, rame within otgnal distance, and their comnianden came on board the Ottawa, having assisted in the destruction of tbe works at Seabrook, but their vessels were prevented by ihe lowneoa of the tide from joining me. The Ellen came up at 8 o'clock, and the Seneca the next morning. , Immediately after the Ottawa had anchored, the ferry was reopened, and tb" Pennsylvania Roundheads passed over and occupied the fort, where they were Joined about 4 o'clock by Gen. Stevens' advance guard The enemy appearing in force and in line of batt'e upon the right of our troops, at 4.15 tbe Ottawa moved down the river a short distance with the Pembina. an<i niwnwi Are wi'k 11 |?k 1 n t ?? ? ~ ti iiicu anu farroit guns, their shells falling anions tne enemy's troops with tireat effect, driving them Into the wood*, and clearing the Hank of our column, where the skirmishers had been engaged, and the enemy bad opened fire from a field battery of several piece# Soon after snnset we ceased firing for a while, and the enemy sent a fl'g of truce to one of our advanced posts, to ask permission to carry off their killed and wounded Just then the gunboats reopened, and before General Stevens' messenger could convey bis reply, that the firing should cease for an hour, to enable the enemy to carry off their wounded, the officer who had brought the flag had gallopped off At sunset I j landed our hesvy howitzers, directing Lieut. I I'pshur to place it in battery with the guns already S on shore, under Lieut Irwin; there beinir no I arnu-ry with the brigade but that of the Wabash At the name time, Lieut. Luce, with the aecond launch and its rifled gun, and Lieut. Balnea, with the Hale, were sent to the lower landtag, to protect th? boata and ateamer in which our troops bad crossed, and to superintend their removal to the ferry, which was accomplished about midnight. At sunrise we re-embarked our boat guna. At 0 30 on the mornln* of the 2d, the enemy a^ain appearing in the wod, we opened a hot fire of shot and shells from the Ottawa, Seneca, Pembina. K11 *n in it Half ?"' ? '? -* , .v, ?t?ci uilMg UIlift* lv for a time, slackened the fire, so as to drop a shot or shell Into the wcoda, about once a minute. At 9 4o our troopa begun to recroaa the ferry, and were all over bv noon; our field puns hawing kx-en landed, at the r?qu at of Gen. Stevens, to cover the rear of the returning column. The enemy made no further demonstration. The scows which had been used lu crossing were taken to our veaael*. to be towed to Beaafort, and at 2 p m. we got under way, and moved down the Cooaaw, to a point near the Beaufort river, where we were compelled to wait for the morning's tide, to paaa through the "Brick Yard" channel. I beg leave to eipreas to you the great aatlsfoctlon 1 found In ''? * - ... nnu urn. OMSYeni, and iriy admiration of tbt> skillful manner la wblrh be handled bla troop# and made his coin- 1 bt nations. About 2 50t> of our volunteera crossed tlieCoosaw. Their conduct and bearing were excellent. 1 have to thank the commanding officers of eaaela for the skillful art prompt support th?y g*Te me The manner In which tbelr gum were 1 erved and their veaaela handled, under very dlf- ] Lcult clrcuinuance*), shows the highest profea lonal merit 1 The manner In which the boat and Held suns of tte Wabash w re managed by the officers In .V.- 1' * * uu??c oi lucm, aia moae omcfw much credit. Lieut. Commanding Airmen will make a separat* report of the service of the Seneca and Ellen, xt Aeabrook, before I met him at halt putt two on New Year's day. It It unnecessary for me to ay to you, that his work wm thoroughly done. The channel of tho Coosa w la ao narrow, and ao nhallow la many parts, that It doea not afford a vessel room to torn by the ordinary methoda, and oar gunboats were consequently very often uground: but so admirably are they adapted to tut* kind of service, that we never Celt anv solidtude for their safety. Lieat. Cogswell, a signal officer of tho Army, was directed U> report to me for doty, and furnished me with tne means of constantly commun(rattan with ' ' ?i*w - ' rapidity unknown to the naval service. I tiki tbls opportunity of recommending that the code of signals Invented by Major Meyer be at onoe lit* uoduced into tbe Navy. I have the honor to be, Ac , C. ? P. Roezas, Commander. Flag-oAcer 8. P. DvPoit, commanding a? nth Atlantic blockading squadron. Haajx}oaaTiaa, Sbcoud Bbioadb, E. C., >, 8. C , >an. 3 18M. ( My dee." Commodora : 1 would da greet lajoa lice to mf own feelings did I fhll to ezpitM my satlsfaetlar and datlght with the recent co-opera Hon of the command of Cmpt. Rodger s, la oar celebration of New Year's day. Whether regard be had to hlsbeantlftal working of the gunboats In the narrow channel of Port Royal, the thorough concert of action established through the signal officer*, or tbe masterly handling of the guns against tbe enemy, nothing remained w o*" aesirra. Such a cooperation tenda to elevate and Inspirit both services, and augur* everything propitious for the welfare of our cause In this quarter of tha country. Truly your friend, Isaac t Stsvkiis, Brig. Gen. Com'd'g. Commodore 9 F. DuPoiit, Commanding Squadron, Port Royal. whi8tlino to soke pubpofll. Brig. Oen. Win. Mahone, C. 8. Army, was formerly an engineer on the Orange and Alexandria Railroad, afterwarda Chief Engineer of the Norfolk and Petersburg Railroad, and recently President of the Company. He Is a nan of OTP*t pnprav In ilva la anm*(Kfn? 1 (We ? m p,- ?- J . ?1?V UV I* VIHV?HIU| * ?V A. H. Stephen*, of Georgia. When the Goeport Nary Yard was burning in May laat. he caused all tbe wblntles of hla locomotives, which were standing on the outaklrts of Norfolk, to be blows at once and continaoualy, thereby producing the belief that a large force of Virginia troopi were In sight and advancing, and so hastening tbe departure of the (J S forces from the navy yard. This fact bas doubtless materially aided his reAanl rervM rv?r*rw?*l ? wvr""""""' | LIltTT. C0L03IL PSGRAM. Yesterday, Lieut. Colonel Pegram, of the rebel army, and recently released on parole from Port Warren, left Washington for Dixle.vla Baltimore and Fortress Monroe. Col. Pegram is to Immediately visit Richmond, for the purpose of effecting his exchange for a Federal officer. BZTVSJTSD. Gen. McClellan'a two French aides?Captains, the Comte de Paris and the Due de Chartres?returned to Washington from Niagara, to-day, and re-entered on the discharge of their duties; their 1??. Af .K.. v?) 1 a ivw * b *?* uuuc uaviug CApiIrU rVTB?REV DR. KAY, of London, is expected to Ik preach in Wwln ChapM. orner ol Fifth and F streets, at 11 a. m. TO MORROW. It* rrt^l. O. O. F.?The Resnlar Quarterly ComLL5 munnation of the R. W. Grard Lodge. District of Columbia, will b? held at "dd Fellow*' H?ll, Sevnth street, on MONDAY, the 13th mst, at 7 o'olook p. m. JOHN T. BANGS, ja ll-tt Grand Secretary. rflr^L O. O. F.?The members of Ridceiy Knk_3 camptneat, No. 6, are requested to atterd t"ie r?*niar meetini of th? Encampment on TUE8 DAY EVENING, theMth ol Ja- uary.at7o'e!ook, tor the transaction of important business. jajl^t^ ___B A KIDDER, gcribe. iWBUlfinONIiN LKCTUI Rt) ?R?w M IL5 VV. Pikrson, President of Cumberland CoTlete. Ken ucky, will lecture on TUESDAY EVENING, January Wth. Subjeot?"Jefferson at Montioello." The poblio are invited. Admittance free. The doors will le opened at 7 p.m., and closed at 8 o'c ock, when the ieoture will oommecc^. j% 10-it |V*f?THE UNION PRAYER MEETING Will IJJf t.e held each day this week in the New Yo'k Avenue Churoh,' Rev. Dr. Gurley's,) oommenemg a' 4 o'clock p m., to be oontinued one hoar on'y. d??t FOR SALE-35 or 40,000 BRICKS. 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BOSTON CRACKERS. WATER CRACKERS, SODA CRACKERS. WATER CRACKERS. LEMON BISCUIT. Celebrated~MlNCE PIES. Hotel keepers, Heads of Families, and Sutlers are invited to try our exoellent MINCE PIES. TESTIMONIAL. Gamt Scott, Sept. 9 1861. Mm. Dattoh? Sir: All of us, both olBoers and privates, have ate freely of your Pies. I o*n cou eieDlionsly state that no man is on the siok list from partakincTof them. To tell the tTath, vs are neart-eiok because we oan't ge'. enough of them They are the only real luxury we. have had siooe we left home. k. Tiji?l*t, Surgeon. IL/ 1/iiQOiai in IDS I fMtJ. L. DAYTON. J\ ll-lm 456 Eleventh ?t, Washington, D C. COAL OIL-GOAL OIL.! 8. W. "'I.AtJGHLKN'8 Coal and Etherxal Oil Manufactory, Corner Now Jersey ud fc. st.

A!ao, Sntlere aappiied by _ E. B. BURDGE. ja K-liri* Agent for W. U'Lautnlea. JLIME?LIME?LIME ! LIST Receiving and for sale a choioe artiole of j'otomso l ime, in lota to suit customers Also, keep oonstantly ou hud SAWED WOOD of all kinds. COAL. BLASTER. CEMENT. HAIR. Ao., Ao. FEN WICK A STEWART, ja 10 ?' ooroer of 7th at and the oacal. gUOKLEY'8 ARMY CHAIR. rba nubwlbar* kar* a?o?rod Ut umct t?r Maryta<^. Dutriot of Colombia, and Virginia. BUCKLEY** CELEBRATED ARMY ^HAIR. a itro^i C?m vat Chair, viU baek that folda ay aa cloaa a* a oomrnon i^amy tKool aaAhaa dmb aronoaarod by all who kamm it aa tha baat Tha^rade d aatler'a fl rata had at a llbaral dis ooaat. JAB. 0. Mod (J LBS A CO.. JaJO-H (Boy.) Conor iota aad P atroota. i m M. WAIHIN6TOH, D. C., JANUARY, IMS. REMOVAL. ATI RBMOVBD TO Na. 310 PRMMVITiMU OFFMITB WILLARDS' HOTEL. ?? We invite the attention of oar friend* and patrons to the Card below : IMO. 81* PimilTlUSU A VINCI, ) (oppoiiU Willmrd'i Hettl,) { The Subscribers, hiring opened a Branch Establishment in tbla City a few months alnce, and feeling encouraged by the liberal petroaage already received from lis friends and the lovers of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, and other articlea in their line, have determined upon a continuance and extenaion of their bnsiness. Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age, brands, and districts,) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac. Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel complaints, fever and ague, headache, and the like. MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE, AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA SEGAR9, (Wall ".I v?? uit ? m uuu r i ten. FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac., Ac. The Stock waa particularly aelected to ault the want* of Hotel-Keepera, Sutlers, Restaurateurs, Ac. They are Invited to vlalt (be establishment, wblcb la under tbe direction of Mr. Joa. P. WlLSOH. Owing to the fact that they Import moat of the articles direct, and to their many buaineaa facilttlea, they are enabled to offer their stock Good* at ery low price*. Your obedient servants, A. BlSINGER 1c CO., Importers of Foreign Wines, Liquors, ft. J* 11-tf Niw Yo?* and Washik?tor. LIST OF UNCLAIMED FREIGHT food at RAILROAD DEPOT, And now in the Government Warehouse, njkj?r tit* Tt.-,,, t H B Starr, 67 Reft N Y Vola, 1 box I P P Pitkin, Qrmr 3d Reft Vt Vole, 3 boxea Col D H WUliama, 31?t Panna Vol*. 3 box*a i W A. Banker. S&th Reft N Y Vola, 1 keg C C Dvlftat, 75:ta Reft N Y Vola, I barrel R?t K H Hewea. Uth Raft N Y Vola. 1 lax Lieut V V Van Patten, 9d Reft, 3 boxea Thos Duncan, Berdan'a & 8,1 box Col MoL Murphy. 1 box ' 7*th Reft N Y 8 V. 3 boxea MaJ P M De Zeoz. lat Raft L I V, 1 box Company K, 35th N Y Vola, 1 box Col U H Vinton,43d N Y Vola, 1 box J W Mantekne. 18th N Y Vola. 1 bo* - Col 8 B ack, 1 box Qol OW11 Tc mpklna. 1 box Min O L Dix, 2 bcxea Lt Coi Bortia, 5th Rett Ex Brig, 1 box Col. Berden'e 8harp?hootera, 1 box Company P, 5th Conn Reft, 1 box Ctpt N G Throop, STth N V V S, 1 box M Monham, 4SJ N Y V 8,1 box Lt Col J A Suiter, 34th N V V 8,1 box SI Maine Rect, 1 box Lt Col Marah, 16th N Y Vol, 1 box Lt Ruaaell. Q Mr l>th N Y Vol. l hoi Lt Col Benedict, 1 box Col W H H Davis, Comd Light Battery, S boxM Sick es Bittery, %) boxes Company A, 2d Regt N Y8M.1 box Lt Col G Y Thomas, 22d Regt, 1 box Capt Ybates, 83d Kegt. 1 barrel and 2 boxes J H Cushman, Q M 5th Vt, 1 box R Proctor, Q M 3d Vt,l box O B BrainerU, Q M 5th Vt, 3 boxes J W Clarke, Q M 6th Vt,l box Peon Reserve Brigade, Gen MoCall. 12 boxes De Kalb Regt, 1 box r&nt J H J*r.irin? l*fk 'l ? r - ? ^ ? <> ?f A W* W Fletcher, 2d Maine Regt, 1 box H Hennessey, 2d Vt Vols, 1 box 2d Regt N Y 8 M, 2 boxM A T Severanoe, 6th Maine, S boxea Col MoCann, 97th N Y Voli, 1 box B Atkinson,2SJ Regt, 1 bcx R L Batohelder, 1st N H, 1 bag P Rabben,2Sth Regt. 1 box Capt E D Bryant, 31 Mich, 1 box Co A and H, 6th Maine, l box Capt G W Lambert, 6th Mioh, 1 box Gen McComb, 1 box w H Covert, 12th N Y 8 V, 1 box t*T %m II m-* 9- - w niernu, aa n jersey, 1 dox R a White, 2d Vermont, 1 box L W Prioe, Q M 6th Maine, 1 box L H Snjdem, 38J Reft, 1 box Sidney Tiliey, 2d Vt, 1 box Qr Mr Foote, 2d N Y 8 V, I box* Capt Reynolds, 4th N J, 1 box 6th Mm* Militia, 3 boxes M Smith, 6th N J.lbox A Ernest, 29th N Y, 1 box Miss Powell, Gov't Hospital, 1 box Lt A D Winoh 16th N Y 8 V. 1 box M H R lath M V a V i V-? J M Lewis, Stewart's Enjr Reft.1 box O P WatU 31 N Y Vols, 1 box 8 Bennet, Cat R'ft, 1 box R*t 8 Wilson, 36th Penna Reft, 1 box 8 H Otlitk, Pire Zouarea, I box Cajt J R Whit?, 88th P V. 1 box C P Nichereon, Si Maine, 1 box H Draper, 13th N Y V, 1 box. D. H RUCKER, jaioiw QiwtsraMt?r,4o. OUQ JOHNSON k. NAGLK, AQQ imfjktkxi or fioJ WINES. LIQUOHS.HiTANA CMill ViK* GROCMRlbS. #e.~ No. 989 Pa avenue, between 9^h and loth streeta, Waanington, 1),C. No. 10 Rural at, near King. Alexandria, Va. Bole Agenta for the SPARKLING BOOK and MOSKLLK WINKS of the Hookheia Joint Stook Co., in Hookheim on the Rf^ne. Constant It on hand their celebrated Spar Hi Kg HoeI and MostlU Cabitut Wins*. CoaDoiMeara are reapeotfally invited to give n? a oalL )a? pKADiNfiAI.K A M? LAStR BIER DKFOT C?. of mo ooiobrttod brewery of Mr. Foil*, to bo id in lajfo fccd ?mall qiitntitiea. Also, Piokloe, Cfttaup, Pifkl'd Onion*, P?p?or Hano*. VinOfftr. .?d doll im* oorner Pa. axoouo and Tfird at FilRBiN"* STAGED .CALE., ggargJS'sgu^ft.K.-' "iff i MU-,T"Y TOHftfWmmv I j-?r ao or ?do to ortior. TlWgM wtUn !? UJl'T ooutMtiy on k?ad, nagiaf fro* MB to fA. OvorootU, Draw ud Pitifi* Com, Puti, ud Vasta. mm to ordor, oa abort oottoo, M omr uuj low yrwti, lor OMh, . 1Y. NOAH WALK EM A CO* dawtwtf (Intt.) iWTt itmh. QO^DAND UNCURJtBN? JCONEJ OUB*j-VS2L4 CO , AMUSEMENTS. | T'HEATBR-Mr John E. Owu'i LMt Amir-1 1 UN Mi*a S*uwm Denin U Dot- BATUk-I DAY. lltk, the p?rform?r>M *1 oom j men?# with tie B'O* of JOHN DOBB8? f?t?- I PUirnNtor, Mr. John E. 0*?m To oonclnd* I witfc the drama of QaLEB PL VMM KB?Caleb I nsMiir, Mr. JOftn E.WIII; Dot, Mid Bmi Denun ]_J If CONCERT! THE HatchlBMii Family, JOHN, HENRY, VIOLA. AND >R?NK, By r^cNt, wi 1 (ireftiother Co-oert fct the Toang Men's Chriiiian A?c>otfttion Rfoi?, P nr. op?o?ite B owr/t Hotel, on SATURDAY EVENINO, January 11. Tiok'tsttthe door, B Mcti |o ft of tus toon. oboioe p ofrtnme w^iil THE UNION MUSIC HALL, Count Ntirra tin D 8r?., Will open shortly with ft Munmoth Company of Ktftr Performer*, oonioMd or ti?e feist ftrtistM m thooonotry. Also, * host of Prsttr Wftitsr Girls. BI'UMI Agent alfiic Innn Huhit ...Jon MAjrar Ad mi?ton 2b waU. ja ?-tf ^ANTEIBUIY HALL! FIRST PRESENTATION or TBI GREAT RAVEL PANTOMIME. LBS AMORS DBS A LP ES WARD III Bit 0BKAT CoBDB VoLABTB' AfUraoon ^PorfonnBCM. Wednesday Afternoon izo oiocK, nr Liaiaa and wltt qaantitiM of ProMnU A raparb M Silk Draw. ID" All of tha Ibibidii Compear at err *terainwiit )?7 ASHINGTGN ACADEMY OF MUSIC, Pekn. Avijcn, (sforxh Sid*,) No. *8?, B*tw**n 9(4 and lAii ?tt. Ktwt main ? rwitrUblr fin* PrM Conocrt, embracing **lectione from th* b**t elaaaio made, and the moat popular opera*?rendered in better tyle than at any other A inert oa a oonoert aaioon. Th* gnoat*?and the pubho are fr*?ly lnnted, vi f Knnf t\ Km r?a fn? - VHWIR, IVI VUNVUVV, HWJ ? ?!/ FVH U* ? log every oomfort thry deaire. In addition to Um fineet mu?io in Waahintton, they will obtain, on otli, from the attentive attendant*. dectaociy tit beat Refreshment* for aale in the Metroaoua. HENRY ROSENTHAL, ja6-lm Pro?netor. J^ING'S AMPHITHEATER. T. Kin* Sole Le**ee and Manager C. SooU. A**ociat* Manager F. WBittaker ..Equttrua Mutftr J. Proton - ? Maaio* Director The micM?wnt re?jeotfully annooaoei a brief ec(&cem?ct with DAN RICE, The Celebrated AMERICAN IUNOKI8T, who will iatrodeee the BUND STMED EXCELSIOR. JR., TBI 1 )**ci:*e Hons PliRI Rc?fTOff. Asd ' THEM" Ml Lfc.8 : The whole Amphitheatnoal Troape will aunt in the utertaiom??nta to be civen by DAN RICE, Whon en(M?neDt will oonuneaoe oa Monday. Jaoaary ?,iw, And oontinae Evket Evimse Diking thb Wm. Admission. Reserved Seats ? ... 78 oenU. Dress Ciroie JIomIi. Children under 10 years old, ., S8 oents. Ballery -25 oents. olored ?aliery.,? 25 oeots. Colored Boxes... So oeots. Doors open at 7 o'olook; performances will commence at a quarter before 8. On WEDNESDAY. DAYLIGHT DISPLAY! ja6 /" EORGE CHRISTY'S ll OPERA HOVSM. Tmth Stuxt. Bitwkbn K uni F. Hun M..k? .irk georgerchklsf yil mln'st*kl? From Broadway. ,Vr?r York, Comprising 16 of tue Picked Stars or MsiiiriiUT ' The entire entertainment mnder the immediate direotloD of GEORGE CHRISTY, Tke acknowledged, Planter of Mimttrury ! Thia Evening, and ever; evening until farther notioe, will r? produoed George Chriaty'a ureal Extravaganza entitled NEW YEAR'S calls. Peter Day _ George Chnaly Other character! by the oompacy. The nanal me.ange of Singing, Dancing, Bar leMne Opera. Ao, Ac., by the wiiole oompany. dmibsiox? Parquet, ao oesta ; Gallery, 36 centa. Banjo taught-banjo taught: L JByPRAIMfp. DOBSON. IT um tn - o% umort utliT UIll(*r, INO- 12, 196' ) "Thb Bijijo.?Mr. Fr*ni P. JViNton, for m?B7 TMri oonnected with the miaatrel profeeaioD, ia now in tbia oity teaching the baalo. Me la a aoieotifco plajer and a akilifnl teacher.'' TVrww?Six ieeaona'eaoh Immb a tone proloiaoti for 93. in advance ; alter aix leaaona a thorouga idea ia tua ran tied Apply to FRANK P. DOBSON, 43 Louiaiana avenue. jaiott* ^M^? BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. Ttakk notick. HE THIRTRtNTH GRAND A89KMBLY ftf tkAMiKArniA P1*K ?WUk ?- 4- ^ - -u" ^ at Franklin Hail, on the oorner of Ninth and B D itreet, on the 2>th, will now take plaoe at JJA the Hall of the Kraaklin Engine Hoa i.oiHI MONDAY, the 27th of January. Tieketa <0 oente. admitting a gentleman and ladie*. By order of tbe jaio 3f COMMITTEE. QCTH ANNIVERSARY BALL OJ OF THl Franklin Fire Company Will be given at oar Hall, on FRIDAY EVENINO. 17th of January, when we alhall be aa moat happy to meet tbe friend* oi the Cob- ^9 pany, guaranteeing that, if oar exartiona aat./^B be of avail to pleaae every ona preaent. noth-fcp? ina ahall be left undone to arrive at that end Ticket*, admitting a gentleman and ladiea, 91. MAKASKE*. Grafton Powell, A. 8 Dant, W. H. Beard.ley, J. W. Hutua, W. H. Pfenning, L. W. lku?ey, i' G. Vrkloff/ J. Maddox. Henry King, R E. Mooney Tioketa oan be had of any of tne a^ove-named. W. H. FAfNINO, ja 7,8,1114,15,16 Treasurer. IT'ASH ION ABLE DANCING ACADEMY AT r Temperance Hall, (in the main hall) E g% afreet, between 9th aad loth. Claaaea every IH Ttma/lav ? r\H I? iHa* A #! ????- ? All of i?* f**bion?&le D?fioe? taught. Pri-CHk v?U o1*ua? attended to. For oireaUwa, tf n.p /to., ineuire of WM H BARNEB,atThomMoi'> Genu' Furnnrui.t Store, 370 P? itmb6. C. T. BA*NE8, denim" ProfMeor of D?imib(. Soldiers' Pay! THE HARNDKN EtPBRMnOBPANV Will remit aame of FIFTY DOLL ARS AND UNDStt, From Soldi ? to Tram Fajuum. At a oh&rie of TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The moner should be plaoed is u ENVELOPE and veoarelr ?ealad. The fall address, (( dWtv Phi CJUt, St&u. (1m, ilrwi mmd mm"% 6?r. tit a iarfi tityj oi tbe pet son to whom to be not, MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED TUT TXB e j r r b a a FURNISHES THE MOST RELIABLE MEANS FOR SOLDIERS TO BEND THElft MONEY HOME. ENVELOPES AND BLANKS WILL BE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUft OFFICE. S. 8. SMITH. A|Ht Htndti Bz^rWt ad it, teeond door telow Pa. ovo^ jallm WmUvIm, D. C. Soldiers' Pay. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY I WILL mwitc ouia/iAno tttaaritaaukb xv TiiEiH FAMILIES, At mny plat* oh tk? lints of tkmr Erprtst, At toll* IB ol twenty in ocnta for uy im not *? fifty deilarm. mkI ft jr. pornoa*** ftMltlOu&i ohftTC* tO lltOMNM.ld by ooiuMotiac EifrMMi Tfc* mty, whether OoU m Trtaiwrt JV?(w, ho aid Ni noloMd ja fta huIom tu MMroiy Mftlod.ftftd unU* fill ad inoadin* tows, Po*t OBoe, and State, and id eiUea, tfea at/mi ftud Mrioi to wko? to bo ml u4 voe UM?? M|ID<| MTIN (MNO|. IlTWByi _ ada ml} kxfrew company. wvkmitm, ju. i, ims. j* ma b?otbiooti!! and boumkbt boots makovttfs 8hok8, (Mftii of Uwr ova MiMift, I* to wM M um \m AUCTION 8AUSS. tFfr ikm Auet%mn ?m Jirtt y+ft THM AWTKKNnnN A "Wi-lf/iMgn* | ^ ? V Br WALL * BARNARD 4a?t>oo?o^ V ARChTA*D"*LEGAwVoOLLitCTI?N li OF 8BA Pb?LL?. MIPVKAL*. V*m, T*i * Puno Covg*?, at < i? Ft I DAY ORMlNO.Ntk inBtAPl At M v? will Mil. At lb* AActioB ItooBi.A tArr* ao4 J'fAel oollcot oo of ov*r on* thot?A- " ??-ciro?>n? of SfcA PBEI.LJ* AMD MINERALS Tho mma. ao4 Itkio* forticalafi?,a'o invito* ?o OXAMI'i* thU ploodld 0 UmUOO of U* ?nid?l Of th? mighty doop. th? lArraat And ?o?l (nMtifa oollooboB otot < forod ia tkw oitv. _Al*>. A oo lootloo Of b?AAUiol VA?A?. T?rfc??k Tab.a tad Pltao rorar?, of P??i? Pit* Oilt Card Cum, MaaortadBBa. tad Pocket Hooka. Terma tail ja-9 WALL * BARNARD. AtaU. uK EVKN1NU, ftt 7 o'oiook. WALL ft BARNARD, Aaot'ra. By GR KEN ft WILLIAM*. Aifiian. SAI E BY ORDER OP THE HONORABLE OiriiNt' Cormr. or tbb ritaaui Erf ITTa A* ftaSASAB A A tiow -On rftm DAY. we lath inUat, i shall Mil at K o'o.i c k a. m , at the Mtore l?Mr omiHM i t the oorner of I rtrMt io?U. lit Tt? treot fMt. Nary Yard. good anl (MermJ luor'neiit of GroanlM Md Siort Fix tores Alto, a fcvmj Hor?e and Spnn* Wa?on, *a4 Bar dm*. TermaoMh. O W. ANGELL, Admaisirator. J>9 ? ORKBN k. WILLIAMS. AxUa. FTTTTTRK DAYS By J. C McGUIRE A CO., AmUobmb. PAIR STYLISH * RBY RO*?S*. TOP Braoy. ?!.* on am) H?a*raaaT Avcm*b ? Ob &ATLRDAY MORNING, J%am*r> Mik. at 1 0' oc?, la trbnt of taa Aaotioa Room, wa?Ba)l II? i L*1'' CTM'h $2* _ .. ? 1 T?>? Baccy *Va*on, 1 aet DoaMa H*r?iw. 1 ?>*icn, tor Booonat of *ko? u may aeaaara, for limy die 1 er<n? o**b _ JOHN eREOBON, Malmpt'ttoB Li*m fitaim Jall-aou J. C MoOUIkE A Co.. A?la. Br J. C. McGUIRE A CO . Aaatioaaava. pxn NSMVF. AND PHRHMPTORY BAI.E Ml* or Fmmicm ?(m FRIDAY MOR^fWG. Jmufj loth, u 10 o'oioek.oa th? &r*( floor of C*m?r* Saloor. ooraw of Elavanth and D otraati, w ahall oal', without raaarv*. for Movant of wtooa it may cocoorn. a arc* aaaortmaut of MV Fare l tor?, ooirprinnj? Mah<?ganj acd Walnut 8ofaa and T?t?-o-Trt??, of rarioao patterna. I Co??n Ci > ?e*t and back Roakinc Chajra. 6 do Cao* Mat and baok Nirit ftootwa, Sn dosan Can# *eat Chain, varioua otylaa, M dogan Oak Pr*noh Dirinj C?aii, Ik Mahogany and Ma ml f)ra?iaio? Baraaaa. U do do do Bookoa***. 16 paintad Draaa<ng Bureaus. Round. Leaf. and chain bar Tab aa. 100 Doahiaabd 8:nc!aOMM H?cataa^?. ChiT 'a Boadad B*dat?ada and Cnba, 60 dozen Cana and Wood aeat Chaira. Barton Kookara. Offsa Chaira P.kl ' H rttn'fl O r) rm nl vrpiaki k?nwa k ~Am Cart*. * Portable Wntins Desk*. Towel Rack*. Plath covered Mnnc Stool*. B&ndanme CotUkge Chamber Seta, Tot ether with many othor artielee ol Farm tare. Al.HO9?i Heavy Ttoob'a Comfort*. Hi Hm?|e Feather Bads aad Pillows. 7>rrr,? cMti N. K. The attention of the trade is partioalarlr oalled to this sale, whioh will be nude ia lota to sait u ja7-d J. C. McGCIRE k. CO- A acta. A C7*THE ABOVE SALE 18 UNAVOIDABLY PoVtpoaea onti; TCEKIJa V MORMNO Janaarr Uiti. same hour sod am *ja iQ J. C.MoGUlRE ft CO.. A?ot're, By J c. MoGL'IRE ft coi, AoobotMri. 17XTEN8IVE BALE OF A VALUABLE Hi Iiuuit or Bmu-Ob WEDNESDAY EVENING, January iSth, At 7 ooi'Ck, At Uia Aaettot Roo'ni, corner of Teeth And D treet*. weahAll aell the ValuAble>r*ry of t*e late 6*r.. Walter J?n*. beinc a "?ileouon of An:f o?x ud Forties Worka, o.Aaaifiod in two pArta, vis: PART I Aft teinn mi * > Wtrii. In Hiatorv. Antiquity. Aneient tad N?4m Lac cBAcaaJknoiont And Modern Cl*eeia?> Writer*, EncyolojwdiAa, Military Booka Novala, Ac PAST II Jmmcan mud Fnrl>?k Lmm B?k? Of erery aarcription. inoiaoiuf the LftWiofWtr at-d Peace, Right* of B?lli?'roct? ud Nmtrkli, Adninlt; Uwi, Uw of Pnaoa, Coart Marta ?, ft o The waola fondacg a oolleotio") of aboat MM olaraa*. to beaold wiU-out reaerre Tenia ouh. THOS MILLER, Exmor. j?l*4 J.JX MoOUIRK * CO., Atrtfc By J.C. McGl IRE.ft CO.. Anetionoara. pER KM PTORV BALK OP TALUABLK JT Bramaaa ro*. Cokhbk or F irun *.jir Pim?r its kit WiiT.?On TLK8DA \ aPTEM NOON, January 14th,at 4 o'clock, on the >rtm ! , we ahaJl mIL to 'He hi(b?et b?ar, l/>t No. 1. in ^itrt No. 467, froating so tot ? Pitit atraet weet. at the ooraar of North P atr?M.aid runcidc back lot fjet. This Lot is we ! ii'oat'd for baaiaeee faiMW*. b?in( near the Railroad Depot. with a braoeh road runriLi .min<?*!y is front of U>? prmiM*. Terms: One third cash, the remainder in six and t*an months, with interest, seourec b? a deed of trast oa tie premises. ial?-d J C. MeflUIRK A. CO , Aaeta. Ht WALL * BARNARD. Aaetiene^ra. Cvrwtr Seutk t%4* Pa. ae. mmd Ntmtk ttrtt. Government sals or hor?ks and Mens atAcctos ? Will be ao.c at aacu< t oa TUESDAY, January 14, 1*6?, at the Corra i near the Obsarrstorj a lot of oo a dawned Sot wttt iMl, oond??ned m anit for pur c Mrri**. f lit to M9MBM U 1* o'olook. Term* euk in By order of I J. DANA, ILTARN DEN'S EXPRESS II (E*t*sl?ksd ill 1919.) Km )9 tva Ia inCnrva t k* mKIi? f K?! ? tondrd tlwtr Bt|ri to #idua|toa. m4 4i* ?* A eparcC to Tr?M?orl Mrobvi^M. bank Notoa. ?p*c e,J?w*lry, Ao., to all (tta of the >i* tnglmmd ud wtturm St+ui igi t\m<i C'>D??!im with lb* nod roapoMlbl* Rifrr*M throaghoat the oobbUj . w? in tuHiri to if'r mmimalltd fmcilit *t to all who My favor at with their pA'rnnac*. For teraia tr d hirtfcor inform* Uon to K R. SMITH. Agent. Third it*Si door Mow fa. ktMU, ialto WMkiitoaTiTC. Oyster*! Oyster*! THE OVKELANDOYfTKREX PR KW COMPANY SUi^??ntuoa_t^f*ooiTarta.i y Uooefomoai pk&ntfd Ree'ao-acrta and private woald do well to ca : and trv tkea. Those oy?tert are eod JS bonr* after they oome from the water. lLT o|m No. 48 Market Bpaoe. Mow the Avecae Boana. )a !-*? ^ U 8 1 C SIMPLIFIED: New Mnkod of Musieai Education. Mr ALEXANDEK WOLOWIKI, PIANIST AND COMPOSES, Honorary mmnbor of the principal PHlharmotiir Society of hnope, e<c , haa arrived Irom New York, and oeenea oonreeof 1Mb >ne hy hie extra V ord.uarT method, whioh haaarrc uoed the greateet eer. abort in Bampe. and lately in Ajwriw.for Mtuiw mmJ Piua tmU M> Mr CilaMki'a mukod * ponon teTincon'r"* all* kt kmon*<ii* at mm viil b* s?ni *4 in 4 rmj ikart Iibm to B T^SrSSL&j?S tij of TOMlm'loi, b( vrirti tt no?i Mtrftor ciawyiMMLMrioritlwT^'' K'Ttrfa,,*^ lit sincor is MWIM to tiii!im U? Most A ftet t MMIM trltk i ?t futillt* mflirut. ud 4m flulitr of mm. Mr. W will tofiB kl? i'M o? i?ooD? iMMiUWf il Wfhiicte , ud ?U MTnm who tealr* to Mtom Im uutri or MbMiUct tfzsnzt ai'js tZiri?:?:,,.%?! to U*. at. 4?uvCkU4r?a I* r?rt of m* w* aoorplm. lmurt* i( mwtvlm itv t>4*d to oa hb*rslterms. jit Iv mo 1 SUTLERS AND _ _ RESTAURANTS. ?bHM T?rj opener vj CHAMPAGNE . . WINE, for cr^%p f' WM. CORWIN Bl'RG Y. N?.IIT PMHTITUU tmM, j>T ?tru?*on >i*isi RITTLNHOl'SEi EAMT A CO . Mi PuRMiTifii Armvi, % Jmm DRAFTS^ *i M.rt. ofu>? Uaitotf BMn, in to ami OBoera ?nd r*"]'-0 ?. f i*n, utftru M L 'taoD.IrilMc 8t?iu4, Wm.iwii ,p?rli o?thf Coat MtUtjhiirof* jft t iwj CHARLES a. ruWLU * CO., IMPORTERS, VWLIUUaB MTAU MtlUI IB CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARS, nifi cvtlemt. plated ware, roll metal goods, block tin ooodb.tifrchammeb bets n Viirrtt ETHKMIAL AND SOLA* LAMPS, COAL OIL LAMPM, LAXTMMKS, ft f* NOW IS THE T(MK 5? i l )M Wi?t?r

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