Newspaper of Evening Star, January 11, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 11, 1862 Page 3
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I LOCAL NEWS. p* None*.?After bevlng far auy fan printed the lists of letter* remaining an called for In the poat office of this city, (ander the tew authorizing their publication In the newspaper having the largo* circulation within the oatffcl delivery of the oftee,) the proprietor of the Star haa at length felt compelled to decline their farther Inatrtlon, because of the grant apace they have com* to occupy, and of the ffcet thst for months paa? ho haa bom forced to lay over on each occasion, when priatlag the 1M, advertisements the intcrtloa of which would have paid at least double as much u tit law allowed him for the letter Hat. la addition to this positive pecuniary loos by their Insertion since those lists have cone to be as lsrce as the New York city letter lists, they hare entirely?on the day on which they were printed?defeated fata purpoae of traking the Star always a Mwipajw?a?ws being its well-known speciality. Amawvwa TA-Viauv Tiiim ?"Caleb Plummet"' and " Yankee Teamster." Benefit aad last night bat one of J. ? Owens. Cariuscit Hall.?The whole company In an entertaining bill of burlesque, extemporaneous songs, dances, solos, Ac., exceedingly attractive to pleasure seekers. The Ravel pantomime and Ward's feat of " Corde Volante'' again this evening. Ch*!stt,s ?Ethiopian aongs, dances and sidesplitting comicalities To conclude with the great extravaganza, " New Year's Calls," G. C. as ' Peter Day " Lookout for the skating scene. I.(vtnr? bv Rev. Dr. Cheever. of N. Y , before the Washington Lecture Association. Subject: "The Justice and necessity of military emanc'pation." It Is to be hoped that the managers will see that the large ventilator in the roof of the hall Is sufficiently opened to-night to avoid a repetition of the Black nole experiences of last Friday night. Kiife's Ampithbatkr ?Equestrian and acrobatic performances by the entire troupe, with Dan Rice, the dancing horse, the trained blind teed, and " them mules " Go early. a. uvic win 0o?Ksi?uocva* ?ur circua wmuilow afternoon, for ladles and children. Dan Rice will appear and Introduce hla celebrated trained sain Academy or Music.?Free concert* and excellent refreshments served bv pretty waiter girls. The best of order maintained. Acbictti. tubal Soct*tt.?Yesterdsy moruing, after oar report closed, the reports of the treasnr- i ?r, Hon B B. French, and the secretary, Ben Perley Poo re, were submitted In order to meet the emergencies of the present crisis, the Society has contracted its operations and expenses to a coiftlderable degree From these reports It appears that after the Cincinnati exhibition, the executive committee Dlaced In the hands of t?nti. adelpblan tbe ?um of #"2,366 45, for the ex press purpose of purr-basing at tbe mint tb? medal* awarded, and for baviag them engravrd A letter from tbe Director of tbe mint stated that the tedala were ready In November, 1861; a portion of them have alnce been received, but tbe portion of tbe fund* especially designated to pay for tbe enzravlng baa never been forthcoming. But neither the Society or lta secretary are in rault for tbe non-fulfllment of tbe delivery of tbe medals. Measures were taken to secure t%e payment of tbe reaui red amount.and to have the medals awarded "the following officers we*e elected : Pristd&nt? Hon. Win. B. Hubbard, Columbs*. Ohio. Vice Presidents?N. B Cloud, Alabama, A H. Myers, California; Mr. Bennett,Co>orado; Henry A. Dyer. Connecticut- John Pattee, Dacotah, Jobn Jones, Delaware: W. W Corcoran. District of Columbia; W. Hayward. Florida; James Howtkinson, Georgia; Jobn A. Kennlcoft, 1111 nola, W. T Dennis, Indiana; L. Dewey, Iowa; John T. Jones. Kansas. B. W . Cl*v. Kmtnrkv r w j , ? ? r | * * * Pope, Louisiana; John Lang, Maine, Anthony Kimmel, Maryland; William Sutton, Massachusetts. T. B. Crippen, Michigan, Cyrus Aldrlch, Minnesota, William Martin. Mississippi; J R Barrett, Missouri; Frederick Smyth, New Hampshire; J R. Dobbin, New Jersey; Wm. F M. Arny,NewMexic?s Judge Crad.ebaugh, Nevada; B P. Johnson, New York; W. T Brown, Nebraska; H K Burgwvn. North Carolina: J. H. Kllppart, Ohio; W . Holbrook, Oregon; Frederic Watts, Pennsylvania; EllshaDyer, Rhode Island; B. P Stsnlev, Sooth Carolina; M B. Cockerlll, | i cuuokc. j. i . ware, Texa?; Edward Hunter, t'tab; Frederick Holbrook, Vermont; i-rancls H. Pier point, Virginia; F. W Hoyt Wisconsin. Extrusive Committee? Marshall P. Wilder, Massachusetts; Isaac Newton, Pennsylvania: Frederick Smyth, New Hampshire; Le Grand Bvineton. Iowa; Charles B Calvert, Maryland; J. H tallfvut, Ohio; A. H. Myers, California. Treasurer?Benjamin B French. Waahington. Secretary?Ben. Perley Poore, office at Washington. Mr Calvert, of Maryland, paid a merited tribute of praiai to President Lincoln,wboae views on agriculture bad adorned the pages of the Society's traaaactiona In yews oast, and who bad. in kit message, acknowledged the propriety of s nai tloaal recognition at tbe cultivation of tn? soil, by the establishment vft department of agriculture On motion, Abraham Lincoln, of Illinois, was unanimously elected an honorary member of the Society Mr. Arr . . of New Mexico, offered the following preamble and resolutions: Whereas the agricultural interests of this country underlie all other interests, and are of so much Importance to the prosperity of oar country as to X?mat^ / 1 uk iu?ieiing care ua encouragement of our Government: Resole*d. That this Society reaffirms It*opinion heretofore expre*aed, that it la indi?penu'ole to the better development of the paramount interests of agriculture, that a department of agriculture b? established at Washington. Hetolced, tktrefort, That a committee?to conslat of three members, co-operating with the President of the Society?be appointed, and charged with ths duty of conferring with the Agricultural Committees of Congress, with a riew to the passags of a hill by Congress to create such a department After a protracted discussion, the preamble and resolutions were adopted: and President Hubbard, with Mean. Army, Titos and Bylngton, wen appointed u sucb committee. Adjourning at 4 p. m., theSociety met again it the roomi of the Society, whore the subject of agricultural education was discussed, and resolutions were adopted endorsing the "College Land Rill." At a late hour the Society adjourned ???? dU. The executive committee of the Society was In session this morning, projecting plana for the holding of a National *zk\b*ixon / nattvt teitut at this city, next January; and for offtring premiums for tne on at rntInn ?n/l D**tb? or Soldiisb?Tb? following deaths among the soldiers bare occurred sinoe oar last report: Edwin E. Edmonds, company C, Berdaa's Sharpshooter*, st camp. Wrn R Ostrum, company B, 3d regiment Fordan's Sharpshooters, at camp. Peter BediUn, company D, 11th Pennsylvania volunteers, at camp Musician J H Payne, 11th Maine volunteers, at Columbian College Hospital. John Knight, company E,9tb Maine volunteers, at Columbian College Hospital. Isaac Barker, company L, '23d Pennsylvania oiunicer*, at camp Wm Drager, company F. Anderson's Zouaves, at Colombian College Hospital Henry Adams, company D, 2d New York ear* airy, at General Hospital w. H Copp, company A, IItb Maine volunteers, at Colombian College Hospital. Cbas. Wsnger,company A,8th Illinois cavalry, at Colnaablan Collage Hospital. John L. Morrison, Harris' Light Cavalry, at camp. Isaiah Murphy, company 1, 89th New Vatk voiuoteers, at S*-tn nary Hospital. Mllo Charch, company H, 8th New Vork cavalry, at Colombian College Hospital. JohnS Hamilton, company B,0tb United states cavalry, at Eruptive Hospital Isaac Hollebaiuh. comnaavl.A7tn Pwiauita. nU volunteers, at camp James Stewart, prlaoaer at central guard hooae. . 8 Glllett, company C Mtb Pennsylvania volunteers at lnaane Hospital. Jse Devlla, company F 034 Pennsylvania volnatoers. at camp boepttal, Porter's division. G W. Col bath, compaay K lltb Maine TOlanteers, at Colambtaa College. Joseph Egger, company F De Kalb regiment, at Uoloi Hospital G. W Richardson, company D Jd Berdan'a Sharpshooters, at camp. Nicholas Bhya. compear ? 8th i?stvan is R?er?? Corpa, at camp Pkrpaol. Pouca. ? Yesterday, John Soter waa arrested by Patrolman 8held, for aeilina liquor on Sunday, aad waa fined ?10 M by Jaatloe Bernaclo Reb t Eari arrested by Patrolmaa Kelly, tor ran?* ? ?eb wIUkhU a number; be waa dismissed by Justice Drury John HInaley, de ; fined t* ? ?* and for ruanlnr a back with a folae number be waa fined ?10 98; upon wbicb be appealed to court John D?nk, iatoiloated. tamed ever le Uw military. W!U&a Derm, mreeted oa o.ptrtoa t larceny, waa dUmtseed by Jasttee Dunn Tii 0A.M10 ? *r Frank K Dotaoa. tto* |Nil I boioUt, la giving Imbom apoa that loatranaent I la thta eltf ^ Mr D^ haa been teaching in Baltl- I kL^Ii^wtiakMlais thnt city" 1 P & - * J.vt&rt.t %>&**! * * ?! *a?v. n ^ t f Hiiiwoutaii m Wamumtoii?to there ?wh an Institution la exlstrnre' If ??, we should like urine taformatlon concerning It. Number* of billa of the denominate of one dollar have been nut la el reflation here by soldiers, wboMf they have meet red them from their pay. tnmter*. Wa have before us two of them dated at the aaara Ume, February 3,1864, which have the signatures of the same Cashier but of two d' ATr-rpnt Pr#*1 rlent* th? 1 moranhv r?f all r?f which ia ao complicated that we cannot decipher the namca. Use of the hllia ia made ' * redeemable at Ne 7? Naaaau afreet, New York," end two othera that we here Been are not. The three billa under our lnapectlon are all torn plate A, and yet one of them ia dated "Washington, D. C ," In German text, another, "\^ahln?ton, District of Columbia," in text and ehaded letter*, and the third. "Washington, D C.," in acrtpt Some of the billa, ostenalMy of the aame place, have the denominational figure mm In red over the face of them, and othera are without it. Indeed the billa have not been worked on the aame aheeta, though tVl?v nrrtfeee (a Ka ia TVidfa Viaua Kaan anma banking swindles perpetrated at one federal "ten mile* square," and this looks as If It mlgbt be one of tbem. If tbe bills are genuine and at par, however, bow has It happened tbat they are paid out to the soldiers. Instead of tbe securities Bpproved by law? We hope our New York and Eastera exchanges will give ns full Information relative to this Metropolitan Bank, and also that soldiers who have received its bills from paymasters will let us haye tbe facts concerning such payments, and the name* of the paying officers. We will make an example of any one who has so groaaiy abused the connaence or the soldiers and violated the trust reposed In him by the War Department ?Louisvillt Journal. Our Louisville cotemporary Is right in supposing that the bills above described are swindles. There Is no "Metropolitan Bank of Waahlngton," aid the only bank aimllar In name Is the " Bank of the Metropolis," an old bank of high standing here, which issues no notea of a less denomination than five dollars, and redeems at ltaown counter, bnt has little of its paper afloat, as, alnce the last general batik suspension, it has called in nearly ita entire iaaue. Doubtless some scoundrels have sought to avail themselves of the hlirh atandtnir of this bank to perpetrate a fraud upon tbe public, bv tbe adoption of a somewhat similar name for tbeir bogus concern. We may repeat that none of oar rttv banks Issue notes of a less denomination than Ave dollars. The city banks, (of Issue) we may say for the information of strangers, are the "Bank of tbe Metropolis," " Bank of Washington." and tbe " Patriotic Bank." The only other bank of issue In the District It the Farmer's and Mechanic!' Bank of Georgetown. An I MfoiToa ?For several days a person who has the appearance of a military officer, and who claimed to be Colonel H. F L , has been dashing sbout tbe city, living magnificently and paying nothing; emphatically, living off bis " shape and talent." He took lodgings at a very respectable boarding-bouse, where his demands I for'the bett rooms occasioned no little inconventsnce to the Inmate* of tbe house. Wednesday evening he applied to a lawyer to draw up an ante-nuptial agreement, saying be waa in a great hurry, having orders to be in New York to go aboard tbe San Jacinto yesterday. The details of the settlement Included a farm valued at 930,000 in New York and ?34,000 In cash on deposit in the Park Bank. Moses H Grinnell was named an tbe trustee for its Investment. He said he had been to Mr. J M. Carlisle, but he had no time to draw op tbe document immediately, and recommended blm to tbe lawyer In Question Thedor. utnent waa wanted toy 9 o'clock Ttoe mention of the family of the bride excited the suspicion of the lawyer, who waa intimately acquainted there, and inquiring of a brother lawyer who boarded with the family he found out that the wealthy colonel ?u not exactly O.K. It waa ascertained that thia gallant colonel had gone with aome gay femalea to an txtenalve dry goods store and made a bill of 9679 35 for dresaea and amall articlea of wearing appartl for hi* party and himself The merchant, however, did not aee proper to send the goods until the money waa obtained, and the bill waa placed in the hands of the lawyer In the ?H.r? 1 W .?? " " hvuov ?th?i v %uv wivuri uuoiuru iui coiircinn . Tbe presentation of the bill alarmed th* colonel, and hesloped yes'erday without paying hl? board. Tbe lawyers put an officer on his trail, but the chevalier managed to get off In tbe cars. Tbe police In Baltimore were telegraphed to arrest aim, and be may be captured there. He wore a military coat, vest and cap, and told various tales of bis wealth; claimed to be a railroad superintendent; bad an undivided interest in tbe St. Nicholas Hotel, and was generally magnificent in all his representations. A Wnn Rid? asd Scddkn Bring Up?Fredtrick Setzer, a soldier belonging to Capt Ay re's battunr. ant i ntnrl nn Wwl J J ^ wu T* IWUVMOJ CTCIIIII^I about sundown, and rode wildly up tbe avenue, running tbe gauntlet of all tbe mounted guards safely, aa tbey no doubt supposed from bla fait riding and tbe drawn sword which be displayed, that he was a courier bearing important dispatches. He continued bis career across Rock creek, and through Bridge street In Georgetown, fiercely brandishing bis sword to tbe great danger of ladles and children on tbe sidewalks and crowings, aa be was not particular in confining bis horse to tbe middle of tbe street. Just as he reached tbe omnibua stand, he daabed at full peed across tbe sidewalk at tbe corner of High treet, nearly cuttj^hdown some ladies who were passing, but as belHned, bis horse stumbled and fell, and threw him heavily forward on bis face. Ha waa taken up insensible^ snd lsid on tbe side won, wiia an ibuc cottrfa wnn airx and Dldodj the only sign of life he exhibited being a faint breathing A physician present examined him superficially, and was donotfnl whether his skull was not fractured. He was put In an omnibus and conveyed to the Seminary Hospital On inquiring at the hospital soon afterwards as to hla condition, the information vtf elicited that the patient was suffering from a contusion of the forenead, and the effects of a ' drunk," which was the extent of his injuries so far as ascertained. Affaiss Up Rivkr ?Camp Observation, Jan 6.? Ed Star: Thinking that a few lines from the California Regiment might be of some interest to your numerous readers. 1 sit down to give yon a brief sketch of our camp. Onr nmn fa situated thn? mfl?? ?hn?? llle, on tbe Adamstown road. Winter haa set In on ua for good. Thla morning tbe mow is two Inches thick. The boy* are providing themselves (at their own expense) with stoves. We have new Sibley tents and new blankets. The blankets are a good article, having the atamp of our good old Uncle Sam In the center. Company R Is the only Washington company in the regiment. Twelve companies are from tbe good loyal city of Philadelphia, and one company la from New vork. We have fresh bread from our own bakehouse. Tbe baking la conducted by the following experienced bake ra: John Macbeth, of Philadelphia, haa charge of the day handa, and George Myers, of Washington, D. C , has charge of the night hands; and tbe bread is universally pronounced ao excellent article Companies R, P, D and L are now on picket duty near Conrad'a Ferry, where they remain for ? couple of weeks. Yours respectfully, "Am Old Vktmam." Tu Fofilsof the t'cblic Sch%ls have taken full advantage of the "gift season" in the numerous tokens of regard and goodwill which they have presented to their teachers In addition to those noticed before, we can add several among the Island or Fourth District Schools. Mrs fn A Sktdmore, of primary No. 4, la the recipient _m _ m v?-* J a ?? ui uuc iuwi Kuuir>i >ua wTrru outer accepiable k1"* from hrr pupils. M1h Annie Adam*, Brlsaary No. 1, also bad a nlcs lot of presents om her Juveniles, and Miss Km ma Reed, of the male primary, bad al*o a similar manifestation from a like source. Mr John E Thompson, of tbe District School, had the gratification to receive as a Christmas sift, from tbe boys of his department, quite a valuable and elegant Bible. Lang may such pleasant interchanges of good featlag between teachers and pupils continue to animals and cheer both in tbe discharge of their important duties. vhm irn laoiuy eruiif next i great attraction will be offered the Aa6tt??? of tbe theater, by tbe management. We refer to tbe Atbut of Senorlta Isabel Cubaa, the beautiful Spanish danseuse. who Is at present fulfilling shir hi y succeaafal engagement in Baltimore. Tbe press of that city, as well aa Philadelphia and Boston, speak in enthusiastic terms of her as triumphant In her pases, and fruitless in precision and lightness of step. She la said to be one of tbe most beautiful artistes ever seen on tbe American stage. BuriBMi Cocbt, Ian. 8 ?Mr. Wm. B. i'frlne, of Maryland, Mr. Uewls Taylor, of Pennsylvania, and Mr Wm Bond, of New York, were admitted attorneys and counsellors of this Court. Mo. 68 Henry B. Cromwell et al., owners of tbe steamboat Western Port, fcc , appellants, vs. tbe barque Island City and cargo The argument of this cause wss continued by Mr Dans for tbe appellants, by Mr. B R. Curtis for the appellee, and concluded bv Mr. Dana for the aDMllanti a a Besom Dbath.?A colored woman, named Power or Powell, died auddenly at ber residence on D street, la the Second Ward, yesterday evening While atandlug at a table Ironing some clothing, abe auddenly complained of a chill. 8he waa told to alt down: but replied that aba could not Some one helped ber to a aaat, and she died la a few mlatitea. CBKTSAX GflABDHOTJi* CktXH?B'for* JuitXC* Clark ?Goo. W VV ooda. drank and dlaorderly; dlamlaaed A a thou y Mcinerny, do ; Inod fl.M. Leopold Bklraakl, drank; do. A J Raiaaworth, do.; tamed over to Uta ml 11 tart Mat hew Cold well, do ; fined S3 M Cbss Ahull*. drunk and disturbing the theater; do. ItiALTo Hows* For something good la the way of refreshments, oysters, liquors, cigars, ?e , call In at the Rlalto Hooae, corner of O and Ninth streets Sea ajnu't ReaaiAM iirwoiirei, advertised elsewhere, has the reputation of being S good sedieiaal article. ! 10,9 * * * :3 '2 ttiktf i* . ?* f f# - ? %M i # * ArromTXD.?William Moore, Kaq., sometimes known a* "Judge Moore," who bu mm aarrlce In Utah, In hi> peculiar department, has been appointed, and Is now serrlne. aa sutler In the 2d Massachusetts regiment in Dixie. Fomth Ward 8tatio:? Casm? Btfort Justitt W*it$r.?T- Thorstou. drunk and disorderly^ fined *2 Geo. Stoell. drunk; do. SI 58. Robt. Johnson, a sailor, do ; sent to his ship Joseph Kelly, do.; turned over to the military. Chap Lm ?Oar friend W. H. Godey, of Georgetown, has received per canal four boat loads of fine llmeatone. and Is now prepared to sell the beat quality of building lime at #1 25 per barrel. t Ms Rdito* In noticing the so-called "Melg* Fire Plug," your report stated that it baa wen extensively adopted In thla city. I wlata to state that the Corporation of Washington, after a thorough teat of the "Meigs Plue," and one rat down at the corner of Ninth and D atreeta by Mr. Jotepk L. Lotpry, the original inventor of the four way stop-cock and fire plug, ordered that no more of the "Meigs Pluga" be put down, and that tboae already down be altered to the Lowry plan, (eufe council proceedings National Intelligencer, Jan. 18th, 1881 ) Mr. Lowry, the Inventor of thla wonderful Are ping, la a cttlcen of Plttabtirgb, Pa., a mechanic, ana a man of exqulalte genius Although not ncr* 10 anena nis interests, be nas rnenaa wno will act for him. This Corporation al*o paaa?d bill ordering one hundred of "Lowry's Plugs," (vtdt Intelligencer, Nov. 10tb, 1860 ) By Its adoption the use of engines could entirely be done away with. Tha citizens, members of Congress, of the Corporation, and the press are invited to witness an exhibition of "Lowry's Fire Plug," corner Ninth and D streets, on Saturday afternoon, at four o'clock. _ (It) A Fbibhd. Whitkhubst, 434 Penn. ^nue, furnishes photographs from miniature toltfe size His col lection or carts de vttue likenesses embrace all prominent men of the country'. Remember, whltehurst received seventeen premium* in this country, and a medal at the World's Fair at London: also, at the French exhibition at Paris. See his rancy cases for holiday presents, de '21-eolm* Diakbthxa amd Dysk!?tk*y will decimate the Volunteers far more than the bullet* of the enemy; therefore, let every man see to it, that he carries with htm a full supply of flolloway'a Pills. Their use in India and the Crimea saved thousands of the British soldiers. Only 25 cents per box. 213 [advkrti*kmxi?t. Take ho moke cnplea*ant and unsafe Medicine* ?For unpleasant and dangerous diseases, use Helmbolds Extract Burbu, which baa received the endowment of the moat prominent pbvalrlana In the United States, la now offered to afflicted humanity as a certain cure for the following dl vases and abuse of the urinary or sexual organs: General debility, mental and physical depression. Imbecility, determination of blood to the head, confuse ideas, hysteria, general Irritability, restlessness and aleepiessne*s at night, loss of appetite, absence of muacular efficiency, dyspepsia, emaciation, low spirits, disorganization or paralysis of the organs of generation, palpitation of the heart, and, in fact, all the concomitants of a nervous and debilitated state of the system. To insure the genuine cut this out. Ask for Hembold's Take no other. Cures guarsnteed. See advertisement in another column. 3t India Rubbkr (joods. Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, #1 '25 each. Rubber Ponchos and Blanket* combined, 82.50 each. India RubberCoata, white or black. S'2 50each. India Rubber Legglns 81 per pair. And all kind* of Rubber Goods. Including Rubber Boots and Phoe?, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds in sickness, Ac , Ac , at manufacturer's prices,at H. A Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 308 Pa. a v., between Ninth and Tenth streets. jan 1-tf Th* indian Hkbb Doctoi, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell his patients the nature of their complaints or 111ness, without receiving any inform* non irom mem. iVo charge for Consultation or Advict. on* MOTTO. We uk such Balms as bare no strife W 1th Nature or the Laws of Life : With Blood our hands we never stain Nor poison men toeaae their pain Our Father?whom all goodness fills, Provides the means to cure all ills j The simple Herbs beneath our feet, Well used, relieve our pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Cull'd from tbe dewy Lea? These, thrae shall speak with teaching power ui cnange ana ueaun to me. Washington Buildings, Pa artnw. about fivt minutes walkJrom Brown's Hot'l. No charge for Concultation. ja 10 *2w? MARRIED On the 6th irgtant. by the Rev. J. R. EITenrer, JOHN W. W ETHER ALt. to Mix L.IZZIE N. STEPHENS, all of Wa?hingt >n, D. C. * [ Baltimore Son oopr-] On the 8th instant by the Rev. George D. Cammine, Lieut J AMfc-8 B. HOUSTON, y. !*. Nnvy, to Miss HELEN Ml DDI. ETON, all of NVaahiugton. * On the9th inst.. bv the Rev. Mr. I.*nii.hii.n- Mr E. A. ADAMS, to Mias CON ELI A DIXON! daughter of Wm. Dixon, Esq., ai! of this city. * 1*1 Ell, In Georgetown, on the 8th instant. after a short bat revere it neae. Mrs EMILY MEREDITH, in the W h year of her a*?, contort of R. L. Meredith. Wife, thou art cone to rest. And this shall be our prayer, That, when we reach our journey's end, Th? glory we mar ahare [ Baltimore Sun and Peter*burg papers oopy.) flT, t>?U .?-r > VH 0T?um?i hio fill lllBVaiJIii ui Boaroi fever, AN.Nib BAi,L, aged 7 years and 11 months youngeat child of Wm. N. Ball. Her faneral *i I take place from the reaidenoe of %Ira. Tnoker, No. 336 Nicth street, at 10>g o clock to morrow morning. * On the night of the 9th instant, after abri*f illn*s?, of onaieflion of t'-e lungs, 0 FRANK, in font son of B. F. and Eliaa A. Gallaher, aged 6 month* and 3 days. The faner&i will take plaoe from St. Matthew's Charoh, H et, to-morrow, at 11 o'clock. A fit) ?. WERTHEJMKR A CO. A 4 No. 463 AND 464 SlVXXTH ST., tOJ Opposite the Post djfict, Offer their atook of WINES, BRANDIEB, GINS. CORDIALS,eto.,also their large assortment of S'EGARS, TOBACCO, FANCY GOODS, etc., or sale at Wholeeale Prioes. 6They keep constantly on hind fine PHILADELHIA CREAM ALE, in kegs and bottles, for krs or family use The pablio in general are re ?W? - II ? " ^hciwvi ?v |i*o luoui a Mkii ftUU OJLUD1H6 III61T splendid 8look of good*. _ 8 WERTHEIMER & CO., 462 and 464 Seventh atreM, da 21 Sm oppo. Poat Oflioa. JMPORTAN T T O LADIES, The sub?cribera have opened tha atore No. 16 Market Spaoe. Pa av.. bet. 8th and 9th ale. aaafirat olaaa Lace and Fancy Dreaa Cap Depot. oonMating in part of Pomtd'Aleaeon. Appuaoe, Meckleoana Valenoiennea Lao*a, auoh aa Collara, Sleavea, Handkerohiefa, Capet, Flouncing, Can, Caps, CoifTurea and made vp gooda of the fineat quality, and at New York prkea . COHEN A DUtJSELDOR P, from New York. N. B.?All aorta of Laoea waahad. mended, and dona up eqna! to new,at abort notiee. da 96 1m* 117 B. S T R O N f? JCAinJTactcrsb of TRUNKS, HARNESS A MILITARY GOODS, 855 Pennsylvania Avinui. South side, betwten 12tk and 18<4 struts, (DT Trunks, Harness and Military Equipments repaired at shortest notioe. oe 3D lm* RENACOIR BOLLINGER k CO 'S OHAMPAGNB. LEFMAN, KIEFEE A THOMAM, SOLE AGENTS for the j UNITED STATES AND CANADA. 139 Dua.hi Bnm, ja4-lw> N?w York. I WATCHES-WATCHES HEREBY Tike pleasure in informing the pnblio of my retarn to my old stead at w. Vou', Ea. avenue, between 12th and 19th streets. fyl] aving enjoyed Uie reputation of Doing an ex miMi penenoed European Watchmaker. I aa now pltpared to repair Chronometers and fine Watchea at short notice, warranted to give en'ire aatiefae ion. JUS. EULINSK1 Persons desirous of obtaining Jewelry and Watohes,*will fend it to their advantage to exaran e my exoeiieni stoo* Ail kiads of Hair Jewelry uawij ?uu pruupur BMOtiea. de 11 ?w W. VQB8. 486 d KC>QtK' fiS oni, 486 A ebolo* Mleetion of Pa?*rhanciaia, warranted Gold ?na Imitation Gold Band Window Shade*; aleo, Buff, Hraen, ud Blue Holland, Or the yard or nada into Window Bhadea; Picture Cord and TaaMii, diffwwt aiiea and colore; Picture Naila, Rmre, *?.; alao the handeoroeat aaaortm-ct cf Oval Picture Framae ia the aity, from the boat manufactory In tka eoar.try; alao, Paaaapartouta uai/kra vmurruM* _ All artiolM WKiMrtd u ratrMMtad, or no Ml*. rtrokMiic for mm. *u |<kmu will b* nld m th? "2"ja-?u?ud. ^ mnfevufftc-q

N*0" "rjjBHIHB NECK TIES! AB wr%llalM iMOTtmMt I * i # 14 T ,-J? I 1 ?? > WANTS. WANTBiy-Aio0/COOK; viU i?plr it tfci '* Depot Home for icfjrm*tion to diy lt*_ W ANTED-A K?d Pioind Cik* BAKER. Ap ply to JOHN F. HAVKNNfcJL T?OiBtr*#t aoitk, bstween_Deed_Eete. 1 f V17ANTKIV?\ mivint MAN. Nomami ?p?Jy * * uaieee well reoommended. A. P. HOOVER, jfcio-st 331 Penmyivania avemie. WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A Colorwl " WOMAN tooook, vuh and iron. In?Btre a* 44S D street, between 2d aixl 31. _ It* will be giV?-N To any pkhtJJOtHf ?on a Goreri m*nt citvt'ion worth four times that amouut. Addrea? D. J.," b*ar t ffioe ja 10 St* WANTED?Bt a ree?eoUb!e Toanf firl. a SITUATION to do general houfeworK in asma>l family. Good refer#noe can be given If re^oir**. Addreee "W. A.." Star Ogee. It* AGENTS WANTED?a few respeotableacen'a to cantmi ?a>able article* to sutVra. Arpy immediate, t at 34 3 Pennsylvania avenue, between >2lh ard '3th streets. 2d story. U* WANTED-A SITUATION, by a rasaeotabl* young man of bnsinesa habit* : ia willing to make himself generally naefal. Address "A. IStar Office. It* ll/ANTPD-To ohop trcod, f om 80 to 100 * * HANDS : the hit neat arts* given. PIERCE SHOEMAKER. ja 10 St* on Roolt Creek. ANTED.?Any party having a email ROUSE " (or part of a hou<e) to let oan hear of a good tenant by addressing C. C. GARRETT. 51 Loniaiana av. Family oonaiau of three per eon a. it* PIE, CAKE, AND BREAD BAKER Wanted. To one who_thoronghly understand* his busij uoBc win uo uuuBuuik cuiBiujfnrni anu ivuu wagaa. P. G. MURRAV. H* -^Corner F and 9tn streeta WANTED? A steady and oompetent WOMAN a* oo*k and to wash, to whom good ncm and a good home will be giren. Apply at No 450 Twelfth street, ea?t aide, between i> and H eta. ja 10-St COOK'8 SITUATION WANTED, b? an English womtn, who parfeotl* understands n?-r bnsineaa; soaps, meats, came and desserts; has good reference Apply 4?? D atreet, between let anOSd. It* WANTED?A respectable middle-aged WOMAN with a good disposition, to nurse an infant and do sewing. Any such person, ooming well 'eoomm^nded, will he*- of a good home at No 2.Vi F st-e?t, between 13th and 14th sts It* \JMANTKD? By a yonng man 21 years of age, " who has had five year*'exp?rienoe m a grof>?ft atnrA lit thta All* ? M ITII A TTl IV > sa I M. vwi | */ iu "to vi?t ? wm 1 ? u n M- ? "i? ca a cm man or assistant bookk'eper in riw r?spectab'e business. and in willin* to make himsHf e?nerally u?eful. Beet of referero* given. A noteadd-es?e<1 to "Clerk," City Po*t Office, will receive prompt attention j*fegr* WANTED-A respectable GIRL, to do washing, imnicg, and housework. Apply No 419 Sixth street. between tj and H ja?-St* A SITUATION WANTED, by a rospec'ab e young woman, as narte and to do plain tewing or assist in housework. 432 Pennsylvania avenue. j*9_ An experienced teacher ofclasaioi and English brauone* desires a situation. Good rrftrenoe given. Address Star uffloe. j%9 2t* WANTEI>?A YOUTH between 17 and *>year# o'd. in a crocery iu the First Ward ; mn?t be active and well reoommended. Apply at No. Ill Penn avenge. j*9 St* WANTED?A GIR Latout 16 years old tomaka herself useful in a small family. Apply 399 2*>th "treet ja 9 3t* BOY W ANTED, about 16 vaar* of age, aa house servant, and oooaaionally to drive a rarna?e. Apwly at last Washington street, Georgetown ;or at this office. ja 8-at* WANTFD.-A WOM.\N to cook. wash and ** ir?n foratm*ll family. Grod refeienoesor recommendations required; none n?>ed applv without them. Inquire at Mo. 494 E st , bet. 5th and 6th. ja 4 tf WANTED TO RENT?<Unfurnished) either " a sma! | gentea! HOUSE .of five or aix rooms. ur iuui i\uum- ui a iiuupc. v<in ouavcnjpncB tor oot king, and two rooms for servant!.?location to be between C and H atreet* and 14Ui and 8th its by a pacctcal tenant. Please aU drees notes to " W.," Star Oflioe. 4 lw \%7ANTED?Isadrpg (tore.a YOUTH betwe-n * " lb and V) years of ace. Candidates must c,T* satisfactory refereno-a aa to qualifications and character. The preference will be gives to one who has been encaged in the drngbngicess six or twelve months. Address "A B C,'Washington City Post Offioe. ja 1 tin* WANTED IMMEDIATELY, at the U. S. Navy Yard, Washington, a numlier of LANDSMEN. de? Iwi tl7 A \T l<* f 1 l>'r?rw nAf?nn tn frnnv that I n m in WV * ?-> Li I VI J |?VI ?vu ?V " ?'">? 1 ? * IU the market, ready to pay oash for ai! artioles in tho housefurmshiug lino. Those leaving tne city, or having a surplus, will do well to oati. R. BUCH LY, 439 Seventh *t .between Sana H at*., (:a?t side,) Dealer m New and Second-hand Furniture. co 18 WANTKD.?We are bow fcoying SECONDHAND FURNITURE,STOVES'and BEDDING. for which we are paying the highest cash price*. Families declining housekeeping. or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their advantage to give us a nail. BONT7. fc GRIFFITH. Je lS-tf No. 369 7th St.. betw. I and K sts. BOARD IX 07 TWO OR FOUR PKRSONS CAN BE AOcommodated with Board in % orivate family, . _ r> 2 a.. , n:n t ? if. nnnnu/\atia j cm apuni HIM. i' quire ai mcrnr* ur? tore, Capitol Hill. ja8 St* LOST AND FOUND. CAME TO MY PREMISES, on th??th intent, auma'l brmd'.e HEIFER. rhe owner l" requested to oomeforward, prove prop-J|ay erty, pay charge*, aad take her away JUa D. bOKlSAN, jalQ St east end West steet, Georgetown. FOl'ND?On Moada* night last, near State Department, a HORSE vithaaddie and fry bridle. The owner can reoei*e said horse b? proving prrperty. paying expenses of^CZ^. keeping and of advertisement Apply to Headquarters Army of fototnao, oorner 15X street and Pa. avenue it* rpAREN UP?On Sa'nrriay night last, a smsll 1 bay HORSK about 14* hands high; ?rv wini i<MMir uu? fcwo winve n m iwj wmte e'ar in forehead; U. 8 alifhtly perceivable"-" oa left ahonlder. The owner ie re?seated to mid* forward, prove proowrty, par charges, and take him away W. R. FOWLER, oorner of Bridee ud Green atreeti. Georgetown. u. C. ja 10 St* Jm 09T? On Sunday mcht, the 5th inat. oomicf j from the Ch^roh of the Aao*naion to uMr the corner of 18th and H ft*., a FUR CAPE. The firder will be weM rewarded by leaving it at 380 H atreet, between 17th and 18th. ja ft St* C*TSAYED OR 8TOLEN-Prom the owner, January 5th, a large dark brind.e COW. ahe had a nerd with a hook at tached. around her horca. 85reward wil'JfcJbr be paid to tl.? wton who can five irfirmatfon of her wtaereabou<a,or retu'n h-r to 171 South B atreet. between ?th and 10th. laland. ja9 St* TAKKN UP-I.att night, about 9 o'clock, a J* lar??j folac* fif?RSK, marked TI. t*.. acv Iir?'i r% Bfcl ?I S&UU e ODi I owner 19 requested to ocmt forward, prove propertv.^ZX cay charted, and take him away CHARLFS MILI.ER, No. 679 uh tt, between I> and E, I aland. ja9-?t* r?^>KEN UP AS**t"R AY? By the and'rngued,in Prinoe George's oounty, Md., on the jtv _ 19'h December betveen George Dig? ' and H ?iT* Jam*i Owen*' plaoea. a bay MARE. 15^" hands high, abort ear?, large mane, lo-1 ta-l. and very amall ?tar in tlie forehead The owner i? rrqnested to pr ve property. eharee* And take her ?*ay. Addree* aDWAKD P. PlTKlN, Box 79. Waahmgton, D. C. ja9St* Lm OST-Two MEMORANDUM BOOKS, obtaining 8u tier'* ao ounu and paaa, o? the way from Kalla Church to Waahintton. Tke finder will be auitebl* rewarded bi leaving tke tame at me rranEiin tiouie, ooraer of Eighth acdOhts.. or rofi.rert New York volunteers, Upton Hill. i* KLI FKR6UBQN. rkWTRICT OF COLUMBIA, CorwrT o? U V* <gH!N0T0H, To hereby cer ?v tify that Weston B.Turner brought before liSfk bay HORS< .about 14 ode high; abort 18 years old: blinrf id left ere: a tie white on left hind leg; thin in fieeb; oonaidera?ij soarred by working in harneu Witness my hand and seal this ?th da* of Janaary, 1862. ,TH2,MA8 C. DUNN, J. P. for Washington county,!). O The owner of the above deeoribed hone will i? 8 3t* Metropolitan Ponee. |)IHTRICT OF COI.UMBU. Cocstt o* 1/ Wa?Bin*tok To fit -1 hereby oer-cv tify that Henrietta Biet? brought UforeT^SI me. the eab*oribei, one of tlie Juttio~? ol A./A me r?w in ?aa lorwa county, t*ie am day of January, INi, m a stray, trespassing sera her enoiourM, a light bar IIORSK. about 14 hands high; having a white *pot on bis forehead; white (fetlock OB tne l?ft hind leg. Given mder mi band. W. THOMPSON, J P. The owner of the above deseribed horse it reSm nested to prove property, par charges, and lake im ay ay. Ja? at' LOST?On the Rookville turnpike, a boat two miles north of Georgetown, a GOLD PKNCIL set inturquoiBe.ln ths shape of a sey.with avoid wst?h ker and small cbsir attached. If left at JACKSON,BROTHER* Co's, opposite Krowns' Hotel, a ssitaWe reward will be given. Ja 4 tf RKWARD.-The store of th? sabseri tj> ?OU b?rs, on Hersnth street, near Odd Fellows' Hall, having been robbed on the night of the 1st Jaaaary. IMi,and Watcbes and Jewelry to A large amount stolen, they will give fsso fur the r?covsry or the goods, and ?50 for the epavietioa of the thief or thieve*. (#. W. BRAT A Co, 518 Seventh street. ja 4 IV I OUT-A BKAL BINS, end m. PnT.uiiin ? "** t,ui *>fkis? mi. | i .*.jp4ilT09? .?/, -i v) % FOB BALE AND RENT. T?0 KENT?A l*rg? FURNISHED BOUSE. I on Perm*mm* W?"*a tl* oo4 MT troots, No. 99. For fvtMr portioolot oo I oo tho ' i*10 *l* fcttfR^HEP ROOMS TO RENT, too wtt r |out onion, to % priMtto fuuly. lr.?i'r* for "K>USt&rACw. i?Wt' FITKNI*HRI> ROOM* FOR RKNT-No. It MtaeoaH av*nu*. Mw*?d 4H uJ 4U iUmu. Alfv a Parlor and Bod Room (ovmmanioatin* ion lit floor jfcfn* FOR ?A LE.?Iir.mNJiately, or rot at all. The 6<?od Wi!l of the neat looated Store oa P*e?a?lv*r?a nrcrtf. Addreca with real n?<t>e. Box 36T Po>t Office. >>9 11' ROOM* TO LET ?Two room*. PAR L.OR and BEDROOM. Pflrniahod: within f t* mind*m w?Jk of the City Hall. Poet and Patent Offc*a. Cm ho obtained b? ftpplioatiOB at No. J4T 5ta atre'L ketweoc H and 1. Either oar. he had aeyarfctoly. j? ?-? VALUABLE REAL RSTATk FOR SALE.Two valaaNe and ooaamodioua Buck Ho?m otfc-ed at pnvai? tale. Oco of them allotted oa 9isth atreet. Fourth Ward, between H aud I eta , No. 348, oontainmc 9 rooms. inclodinc parlor, dtninc Toom, 6 oh*mf>ere and a kitchen?3 hcsm hi(th. The oin-r dww.iuf i? or mans. arein'S botwern6th and 7th eta., No. 4?ft. Fourth Ward, and oontainslQ r< om?, inolndin* parlors chamber*, dininj: room ao*l kitchen, ar.J 4 atone* high. 'f httaa H?al:ina>i rfirM (<.r aa a ara RR a' aw m w viuii>? vmi i * ivi "<a w v v? ? * v ? w?li a? firat-claaa awellinga for private rMtdM?M. Alio, for ta'c < ?mal' two atory Fram* Honae on Fir?t etreeL, Th.rrt Ward, together with wureral valuable Bui'dtng Lota welllocated. For lnforma ticc ot With meot'eat No. 4AA Mau avnje.of BEN J. L BOGAN, Agent. TO LFT?Very desirable ROOM?, wall fur niahed, at No. 24 Louisiana arenas, between i)i and 6thjta., near City Hall ?qaare. ja_8 St* I71RST-CLA&8 HOUSE FOR RENT, (farF rj?Efd,) No 311 F aTeet. between 11th and '2th Pta. Inquire at the oflue oorrer of l<*h ?tr**t and Canal Ja^J i \FFICE FOR RKNT, auit*bie for payma?t*r, "/ on a'oond floor of building No S10 r' atreet, opposite P&ymatter Genera','a offioe. App'? to C. A WOOD A CO.,on th9 pre:ui?*? j%8-lw* TO RKNT?FURNISHED ROOM?, with or without Board, to let at No. 399 Eighteenth trAAf hAtwA-'n ! ' ?nri ? alrMAta rAftr (h? Tr?t?nrt and War Departmenta. j%8 3t* WANTKD?A DWBIjLING-HOU&E of 4 or b rooms, at a nn dsrnte pno*. for whieh half cash aod half to low pnoed buildin* lota will be paid. P'eferenoe will l>e given for a kwnte between lftth ard 15 h streets, no^th of Pennsylvania avenue JOHN D CLAKK, No S2T Twelfth st-eot. A*ent for the warehase and aals of Real P'op?rty aod for Boldiera* Claims. 8 PKW IN EPIPHANY CHURCH FOR 8ALF. betnc No. 100, oertral looat~r>n. Inquire of J A ME* F HA LI OA V. 391 Sew York av>-nn?,or of the Janitor of the Churoh. ja6 6t* FOR RENT?With or without Board, a neat1* furnished and comfortable SITTING ROOM and a fine BED ROOM afaehed. at No 490 Twelfth street. ea.*t side, between G and H e'a. The location ta on* of the moat p naaan* and oonvoient in WaaMnrtoa. Ai*o. the room a are rtrj desirable. No chiloren in the howie. ja6-lw HANiJttOMK FIRNISHKD ROOM<*. Mt door to Willard Hotel?Peonit enue ja3-iw* F^OR SALE?Proir ?.?r> 5 W>?ord? of WO'?D atandinc within milea of He't^rille. lucre of J. R. 8TEVtiN*. Wood ana (M Lea er, No. 469 Fijret at ja 3 1w*_ FOR SALE?An old enab'Uhed RF*TAURANT, well rooked and prorHed, ciniated on Ponnaylvania arenae, in an eluible lmaine?n looalitr. Tiiia restaurant laon the fi rat floor of a :?rie and commodious three-atory brick dwelling on whtoh there ta i three-rear e'ae and which will he inoindeu in the ?al? of the ahore. For farther particular* apply between the hcur* of 9 and 8 <>'c ock at No 3^ I.oqiaiapa*" ,nfarB?h ?t ja3-1W I70R ^ALK OK JCXCHAN9li.-JJM0jorM r of ae'eotod LAN 0. in the Nortn W*at, will h*> sold or -tohansed for property in the City of Waahmtton. the land i* well timbered, cor.?&ins vat??r p .*rer. an<l is a sure inveitm-n'. AuDroh--. "Exchange," box No. 30 Washington Poet Offoa. __ de >9 lin FIH>K RKNT-Twn pleasnnt HOOM", neatly furrishe*!,in a li rat-class residence in SaorgeIo?d. with hoa i. To a permanent taunt terms will be moderate. Apply at 151 Wast st ,{?eorge town. de 1? tf L' RNHHKD ROOMV TO RENT-A Parlor F and two Chamber*, ooromanicating, on K.even th arrest north, between K and F art. ln?ntre at WM. B. KNTWISLE'3 drug store, corner Penn. avenue and 12th at. ja 7 e?3t* F^UKNISBKU ACAKTMKNTO IN THK 1 FIKST WARD FOK RE.VT.-A comfort ably Furnished Panor and Chamber, oonimui eating. Also, one or two separate Chainbera. Enquire at the premises No. 110 oo">er of Pa- ave. and T'.h street, coith aide, First Ward. si ?/>*? FM>R R K!NT?A neat'y and well furoi-bai ^AR LdK orCHAMBEK. pleasantly locatW, in a private 'aim'??460 New York avenue. olIt a few yard* from the fetate Department, or Mipca k Co. a Back, or toe omntbtia Hue from the Oapi to to Georgetown. Rest.vary low, (by the week or month ) ji4 Ffrni-hkd rooms to rent-a p%'!or aud Chamber, commumoa'u.*, on firit floor. Tenna reasonibie. Inquire at 344 C, between 43{ and Pth aU ja4-8teo* HANl>SOMt?ly furnished rooms.Foar aandaorriely Fnrmahed Kooki, ecppued with eaa and water, and convenient to the Patent and r -st Office Dep&rti&enU, for rent. App j &t 49nn Maeaaonosetta trenne, north aide, between 4th arid ttb eta. mag EDUCATIONAL,. Chrgaray tvstitutk, lA'iT asd 15*29 Sfkvck st.. Philadilphla. Tula institute, ooodueted tor two rear* p*?t in the citr of Philadelphia tjr Madam* Chegaeay and her cieoe Madamb d'Hbh villi. upon 'he aame principles a? the one in Mew York, *?tab U*h*d there inlP1?, will reopen,after theChmtmna k.-kli Arnmm rtn MnrtWaw Tannara tit h With itl nill&I U"'i<iaT vu i*ivuv?j i ^ o.i um ? w?n i ?u ????' ample and complete provi?io?< fur trie education of Ycung Ladies, nnoer the direction of Mafeme D'Hsrvilly. Circular*, and all requisite information, can be obtained on application to the Principal. _ j< 7-lwi JVIOMN ANU VIOLONCELLO. OHN K. GOODALL, Professor and Toaoher of the above, tender* hi* s-rv;oes to the pub ic. Terms 1 per l;?ion References to any tnusioian in the eitv. Several of hie pupi'i sre now the best violin mt? in the world. Vis: Le Petit Ole Bui. Fred. Buokley, Ac. Ao. Address Knilman's Hotsi. Fa. avenue, near 4K street degl lm* P educational. ROF. C. F. B\RNE8* Daaeinr School at Teroperaaoe Hall, E street, b tweeti 9th and loth, v ill onmneBM TUESDAY, Deoember Jf S4th, and oontinue every Tseeds? aed * ri JIB day?afternoon olas?es at S o'clock, and eve-MH ming classes stfiX o'oloolt. All of til* fashiobatite dance* Trill be taucnt during the season. The best Biusio will be in attendance under the direction of Frof. George Arth. Call for acireular. dell-lm MADAME LEONTINE BLANCHET, I"I db Pahs Will Give PRIVATE FRENCH LESSONS. Apply at Id I West street, Georgetown ; or 407 V ft'.ta Waskimatnr Am P W kf M ^UlUKtVUi uw IV-1 III GEOHGKTOWN AjDVEBT'MTS rr^NOTICE-L1CBNS E 8?Ail ptrNH LLs whoee lioenee* from the Coporation of Georgetown expire on the Slat icetant are hereby notified prompt.!* to renew the tarae, otherwise tuey subject tnemaelrea to a fine.ate the law la compulaorj on ttie proper officers to enloroe said law agaiuat all delinq neat*. ^e^StawtJinl^^^^^WM^LAlRDjCterk. BU C K f KI A L1 N TLETN WuoHi Giovee, Wooien Half Hoee, Pturta and Drawers, White and Co'orad ?u?pondera, .Colored HlankeU, Blue Beaver Cloth*. With a general ai#ck Of Dry Goods for sale at tb? lowest prices by WM. B. KILKY fc BRO , Mo. Sfi Centra' Store*. Between Tth an<i Sth etreeU. rieST-gw <>??"?ito I'wtof Muttt. NNEW MILLINERY. OW Ob hand and ooBetaatiy reoetvinf new mpf pi of YVINTHR BONNL 1 S, oompr..-^(Pk ing UNNNM ana looet deeirabie striea oIBi the aeaaoB,at HUTCHINSON A MUJiRO'S^ taaor Store, 310 Fei^a. avenue. Mtmd 9tb *ud i"tk ?tr?eu, wi.ere Miu Tbcnipcon i? prepared to execute prompt. ali ontore left with ber. Ateoviuit reoeived, a new eupply of Head Dreavee, AruLoiai Floware, Feather*, kc., to wkich we iavite the attention vf the ladiee. oe U_ f ADiKS*. GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILIS DKEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, UNUbfGARMENTS. GI.OVB8. HUMERI. HANDITL'IIOCIil? i_*a? an a o ru T *_? u vi r> A- if *"* < - ? ni.i\vunoroi ovaii r o? a l DO, I n 1 V A 1 Oi LlNEM COLLARS. SHIRTS, to, to. _ THOMPSON, ut.der Brovs'i, de ? K. A A Co.'? MarMa Hall fi?iur_ TV PIANOS-PIANOS-PIANOS! HIS Moraine retired mm a supply octave loMVuod Pitaot. tmoui t&Mna^^M^ varj handaome oarveii oia fr m Che eel* tirated Mctory of w^ulab* a Co., more, whion 1 will tell Ot rent on very MtPtrmo daUac Urm?. A Mtoai au 1 one of ? oetavoa auo for aale or to rt nt ai uij Piano Room, No. 4#8 Eleventh street. _ d??-1n,? F. C. RICH EN BACH. JM liST RF.CE1VKD AND FOR *AI K LOW, tratf ir? bbli. WHITE ONIONS and At* bbla. HAVANA i?*AfJj?ES, b* BffoAVNING A KEATING, dll-StkVtr 3HPl-H????.u?r?fc?? Con* to U?a cilotUaf Su>re Nnatwr Thr*e Hundred and Putr-fomr, (l)? it&ira ;> Hu there ion yr ! nnu Good and ohesp Clothing ef every kind ! G?J&W$^EW3 &A.S5S ataunc Oeaia. Veete aad Patu of tha bM SSass- MUswtettS^*?Ut*WL(iaairtV A.LL Paraona to notea, dae Ulia, SSf, 4 ft . / SECOND EDITION. _ Tni1 **c***** *' ? THE LATEST BY TBLBQRA*iT~ FROM POU T tQTU.. OEN. STEVEN* 9TILL IN POMESmON ON THE MAINLAND OF BOLTS CAROLINA. Niw Yon, Jan. 1? ? Tb? Mwi OrtaaW, from Port Roval on tha #tb lnrtant. baa airload her*. Sbf met tu# Atlantic going la Nothing special bu occurred b1bc? tb? sailing of tb? Vanderbllt. Gen St. vena atlll held poaafaaloa of the na'.aland, aad wu awaiting reinforcements Two r*Kin?ea?? *>t4 returaod to HUtoa H?4 The strainer Ocmi Quaes would mi Itin Port Royal for New York. FROM FORTRESS MOJROE. BtLtiHAii, Jan 10 ?The Old Poiat Sent tea arrived. There was no letter received to day fhwa oor correspondent. The flag of trace from Norfork WoogU Aewa ome prleonrr* bat no aewa. DEATH OF tlMl'tL COLT. Habtvobd, Jan 10?Col. Sanuol Colt A?d this morning. The firearms factory will be carried on by Me present corporation CO PGR KM TONAL. XXTTIIth CWgW-?yj fteeetea. FaiDAY.January 10 Fihati ?After tbe usual presentation and ref erence of abolition and a few otber petittoM, athe in trod action and reference of a single Mil Tbe resolution for the expulsion of M<* Jobnaon and Polk. fVnnior* from Mlaeourl. fr >u the body, rtmr up on the report from the Jt.u clary Committee in tta f v?r After a f?w remarka from Mr Bayard, In fnvor, it wm adopted, without a dlaaentH (M's*ra J and P now being actively engag? In the rebellton ) Tbe motion to rofer the credent taia of fc Starke, a Senator from Oregoa,to tbeJudiclt Committee, together with certain lettora a affidavits charging dialovalty upon that coot man. to Inquire whether be la eetlUed to oe a. mltted to hlaaeat, neit coming op, waa debet by Mr Sumner in l a favor, and Mr. Baya a|alntiL Horn ?A communication wu presented froi tbe Secretary ??f \V ar In roapoiioe to the H#u? reaolutlon calling for information r*tatl*? to ttBaU'a Bluff dlaaater atatlog that an tnveatlg* tlon Into the affair 1? In pragma, bat that a pub llcatlnn of the facta at tbe prevent time would prove Incompatible with the pubMc Inter eat Mr Oawea effered a reaolutlon InaUoctlng tbe Committee on Military Affalra to Inquire whether any leglalatlon la ne.eaaary to aecure a decent plic? of burial for th? aoidlcre who die is the A .mil */v K. Y.?l I ^ uiwpi m at Airxan?iiB? ?uu ?v irpvii uj uiu vi olbrrwtv Adopted A resolution of inquiry with regard to the number and q laliflcatioua of P?vmaa*er? in the U D Amiv wu i^rerd to Tb? Houae reaolv^d ttaelf into Committee of tbe Whole, (Mr Camptwil tn tbe chair.)and took up tbe Civil Appropriation bill Mr Mc Knight moved a reconsideration of the rote bv wblcb tbe appropriation for tbe Com! t-urvev wu utrlckea out or the bill, upon which a prot. -ited debate apruug up LATE LOCAL NEWS. Shaip Dodo*?Yesterday afternoon, a mo*' kowlnn To>.aan r w A r* ft aonf It k* Ana nf urviri . uo i IIK ? i* " j WI ?m?, ?vmI I? wy VHV v| hit driven to the Department to be cashed The driver notWd a young man atandtag at tbe door aa be went into the offlce room, who appeared to he connected with tbe oftoe. He (the meal man) got hia money and waa about driving off, when tbe young man aforementioned ran *ft*r bim and called him to atep.anylnp the money waa net right. The driver tarned to go bick.and tbe youag man to!d htm to glee him tbe money and harry op Tbe driver did ao. aopptelng the yonng man a rwmrngrr, but on re-entering the oflce to km the " money fixed right," he discovered that the young man had sloped, ltd was nowhere to be aeen, and that be wat ml nut sixty dollar* by the operation. The detect)Tea were I at Bed 1 ately notified, but have not succeeded ! captorlng Uie t bar per. who probably left the building by another exit after aecuring the money. thi waisat Wan in (iiotoirown?The Proroat Guard la Georgetown laat night vial tod in aucreOTion the drinking boua?s of Alexander Gllea. (on Bridge ttreet. near Green.) of P. Jonea. (on Herring Dili,) and of J Ridley and Iieorj* Varnatl, (near the ma-ket houa*".) and at each place made a clean sweep of all Intoxicating drlnka oa the premises, pouring them upon the ground Affaira in Weatera Virglala?Exciting News twm Roattey?Rant of the Rebels Irsas Bins'* Gap. From the Wheeling at the 8th wa extract tne roiiowing nasi or imam : Lieut Colonel John G Kellev, who ) now la the city, yesterday received tbe following dlspatch from tbe Colonel of hi* regiment Romnkt. Jan 7?We have routed tbe enemy from Bine's Gap, killing seven Jams* Evajm, Colonel ?th Virginia Regiment. rrKTHKE PAETicrnna. CtHBULHD, Jan 7.?E4* . A detachment of Col Kelley'a force*, commanded by Col. Dunning, of 'he Mb Ohio Ref meat left Romnev lfc"t nlgbt at 14 o'clock, and attacked tbe rebels, two thousand strong, at-Blue's Gnp, east - ? a ? -?.a et.a_ Tk- r - Of Komney, u o>tii(bi aun u?y. _^i i were completely rooted, with Iom of lfteee killed, two piece* of cannon. their wagon*, to eta, 4c , with twenty prisoners, Including MM 0MsiNloord ofllcrr Oar le*?MM. It la rnmored bene thU p. m. that tbe nbda are la fall retreat from Hancock. 1 M Pwrnit. [Blue'* Gap la Ifteen mile* from Romney, mm tbe Winchester rood at tbe North river, ud baa been tbe advanced poet of the rebate for two mcntb* It la a gorge la tbe mountain* of great natural strength a* a military position ) We leara from a letter received yesterday from Cumberland, that Captain AcheU* oompaav. (company I, 6th Virginia reel meat, 1 wore net cut to pi err* in Hardy coonty aa reported Tbey were attacked on Punday moraine abeetdur r aut tbey received Information of tbe "pproech of the rebel* about an hour before Tbev retired from the charch In which tbey were quartered and took to tbe thicket* on the atde of tat Mean Uin overlooking Um> building. The rebate approached on the opposite eld*. and also got late a thicket *nd waited nntl! daylight. uppo?;ng SchaU'a men to be quietly aleeplag ia the church They (the rebels) d *ch*ry?d their p'eeea laUtbe windows Schells nen then returned the Ire from the thicket The Ire was kept ap for some minutes, wben the rebela broke aod ran Foor dead rebels were found la the boabea, aad mane others were supposed to be badly wounded Shell's men did terrible exacatloa They wound#d Bom# of tbt our airy aad their hems whoa half mil* away from than Lleat. Cei John G Kelley. who to wm in this city, yesterday rrcsitk! a letter from hla fatter (Gen. Keiicv) announcing that Gen LdUtder tad been otdawd to relieve Gm K , Instead at Gn Reyaoldt. who baa resigned The Ohio river to closed by Ice up at Brown's Island The atreem at thto point la full ef lasting Ice, and the chore tea la heavy and abandaat. 0 nfeiHfa. iNUIA RBHHKH HA TP A tares aasortiai* fo sate at _ deft-fiw hKTliloCIH. ?ulna a. POOT WAlMtKs FOK CARR1A6K8 OR ' ? --Jr.?^? ._.. w# imt* uia a?r <]?? - ? Ki<,t wWbuCT? z&Zi l%7 Ml ?1? It? HMi. "\|Ol'RNIN? GOOIM-A fcUi Moot (JHEBSK! bEKM?! P?X KXCJtLftlOft OaACKKAM-A trmm F, "STfr1 *""fjg t?> iipl? ??=3X jfaawwr??3n? ciuij&*fi?rtisxvaum? "TOm? I? u * i r i i ittf ?ni 0 * 11,1 itur? iKsr: '?.- . - y ; *.**** >4- B ? i# mn ^ 5 . i in . ^

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