Newspaper of Evening Star, January 11, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 11, 1862 Page 4
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p?11 - i i THE EVENING STAR. HOlirHOLP RECIPE*. ftntictfOHi rot mttve tkast a5D good ma. ? * ? ?- ???? n.nlUmin ? 8 "* H . 1 vnc VUUUII J VJCUWVUIBu, ? . "All housekeepers who deirire to make rood bread bar* only to foHow the receipt given Mow to seeure tbmt happy rmlt. I bare tested the matter, and I now that there is do humbug; and all tbe extra trouble about it is more than balanced by tbe superior quality of the article produced. Firstly r To Make Yeast.? Take two kandfull of hope, 3 pints of water 0 potatoes, and boil ?" ??tH the notatoee are soft: then pan them, mash thrar^H a cullender and (train theliooid. Pat it id }y%r preserving kettle orer the fire, and add 1 cul, ragar, 1 table poonful of aalt, and one or gf^ytr, add floor enough to make it of the consistency <Jf paste, and then let it boil fire minute#, itirrnigit all the time Tarn oat, and ahen partial.^ cool add half a pint of gaod yeOt. Let this ftotnd till fermentation take* plaee. and the job w done. In the winter I keep it in a atone jar in the cellar; bat in the summer I dry it by mixing it with eorn meal, and spreading it on the table exposed to the air, (not sun ) Secondly: To Make Bread ?Wash and pare 24 good potatoes; boil them with a large handful of salt till reduced to a fine pulp; strain through a cullender, add 3 pints of sweet milk, and when cool enough to bear your hand in it, stir in enough flour to make a thick batter; to this sronze add a coffee cnn of the veaat. makintr the sponge at night. In the morning I add six quart* of new or sweet milk, and 3 sills of lime-water, and knead it into a stiff dough. In two or three hours after kneading it will be m light and porous as honey comb; knead it down, and after it has again risen, mould it and put it into pans. Let it stand till it rises again; then wash the loaves over with cold wator?this prevents the formation of too hard a crust?and bake in a well heated oven. When baked, wash again, wrapping it closely in Vnn r K fa a ,1 *1/v+Vi ^lira tViia a fai * twtal o*\rl u ^W?| VI w ??'_* viviu . Xtif v bu(S < ton M l?l) ouu I will warrant satisfaction. SANDWICHES FOR EVENING PARTIES. Chop fine some cold dressed ham, say about a quarter of a pound, pu> it in a basin with a teaspoonfnl of chopped picklcs, and a teaspoonfulof mustard, a little pepper or Cayenne; put about six ounces of butter in a basin, and with a spoon stir quickly till it forms a kind of cream, and add tbe bam and seasoning, mix all well, bare tbe sandwich bread eut in thin slices; have already cat, tbinly intermixed with fat, either cold roast beef, veal, lamb, mutton, poultry, fowl, pheasant, partridge, Ac., either of which lay evenly and not too thick, on your bread; semwu with a little salt and pepper, cover over with another piece of bread; when your sandwich is ready, cut them in any shape yon like, but rather small and tastily, and serve. Ton may keep them in a cold place, if ] a I ? mi * ? inn. wioieg, u inej win seep gooa under cover for twelve boars.?Lady's Book. CHKh.ES SALAD. Boil or rout a nice fowl. When cold cat off *11 the meat, and choD it a little, but not very email: cut up a large bunch of cclery and mix with the chicken. Boil four eggs hard, mash, and mix them with sweet oil, pepper, Bait, mustard, and a gill of vinegar. Beat this mixtare very thoroughly together, and just before dinner pour it over the chicken. M AKING TEA. Water for making tea should he used the moment it boil*. The reason assigned, is that if it is boiled for some time, all the gas that is in it escapes with the steam, and it will then not make tea of the best flavor. Clear, pare, I oft water is beat. PAKSNIP FRITTERS. Boil partnip# until tender; maah and reason with batter, pepper and salt; make them in pati, dip them in batter, and fry in very little fat until brown. Or oover them with egg and cook gently. parss1p oysters To one pint of mashed parsnips, add three well-beaten eggs, a teaspoonful of batter, pepper and salt to suite the taste, and sufficient ^oar to hold the mixture together Make into little Hat halls and fry brown in butter. "Hk was a Stuappins liie Fkllow ahd K.xocied thx Old LaoT Dow.t."?The is no class of men more ardent and zealous at times in the discharge of theli duties than the reporters of newspapers, and It would appear that they are ftlvtoa i n - ?tl +? 11 .. WVwwH, uiiaivuciv iur iuc marveLlous In order to give attraction to their departiPcat of the Joarnsls for which they writ*. Sometimes, however, in their eagerness to secure items of iter*st, they overstep the bounds of propriety and set hut little X?r their pains. An instance of this character occurred a few evenings since en Lombard street, near Eutaw, of which the following are the facta : Two old retired merchant*?Messrs K. and V.?were passing along towards their residences, and Mr. K. was detailing an account of a street flght to his friend, during which he remarked, ' He was a strapping big fellow and knocked the old lady down." A reporter of a city paper chanced to be passing at the time, and, bearing the remark, concluded taat something of importance had transpired and determined to get the facts. A few rapid strides soon brought him alongside the parties, when the following collo vjujr hki pacf: Reporter?"Gentlemen excuae me; I am a reporter for a reapecUble commercial journal, and and anxloua to aecure tbe domeatic eventa of tbe day for my local column. 1 think 1 h?ard you aay that 'a atrapping big fallow hauled off and knocked an old lady down.' If you will be kind enough to ralate the facto, 1 will walk along with you " Mr K?"Certainly, air; I will tell vou all about It. You aee the a'rerU were crowded with people anxloua to aee the aoldiera, -bear the mualc of (be band, and have a glimpse of tbe General. At the aanw time two men got into a tight, the cauae of which I do not know, but one of them, a atrapping big fellow, hauled off to give hla opponent ? lick - und in dnino "a y *?- -1 ^ * - * ?0 -? ??uwacu iuo via iiay down" Reporter?"W&s the old lady seriously in* land?" Mr K ?"Well, the sustained a shock to her Internal system, as well as a contusion on the back part of her head." Reporter?here did It occur ?" Mr. K ?" W?y, near the front door of my real* dence, on Sharp street, near Lombard." Reporter?"Could you tell me the name of the lady, air ?'? Mr. K?"Why, certainly; she Is my wife, Mrs. K." Reporter?" Wktn did It ormr >?? Mr. K ?"Why, man, as for that, It took place the day Gea. Lafayette visited the town." Tbe reader may Imagine the reporter streaking it like the devil for the Lombard street Infirmary, anxious to make his laat call. As for the old gentlemen, they could not have laughed louder bad they dravra the capital prize in a New Jersey State Lottery?Baltimort America*. Tsovbli i* tbi Coax KxcHA.ies.?On Yesterday afternoon a large meeting was held of essoinees of the Corn Exchange who were disaatiiAnd by the action ef that bodv in ? .W.UIllg politic* by the election of a wcwton LM rectory. The majority of Ue member* of tbe Exchange IN *ald to be Union men and they could, If they bad *o ddlrod, have elected a loyal ticket to the OMiro exclusion of political opponent* But they were unwilling to mix up polities with bu*ii.eaa, and anade no *och attempt. The "regular tick et" pot la nomination waa the old board, consisting ( *lx or aeTen loyal men, and tbe balance? comprlsiag a majority?gentlemen who are opposed to the General Government. Bat the aeceealoniBU, If as generous in their view*, not content with tbl*, ignored lialon men altogether, or at moat, there 1* a ainala nrr?mi?? *" - *-*? ? ? ?. IBC UDIOD m(o in lailKiul, ud determined to rebuke the mat ( itMtodty. A Committee wu appealed *1 tu? UMctiaf to lake Ike matter- tat* cowl deration, aad re peri at an adjourned meeting to be bald on Friday afternoon The withdrawal of the majority and the for mat Ion of a new Exchange la talked ef?Sail Awurxcm. 9tk Anoiaaa Cotton Ptoiicus Covntbt? AjmooM the Iteaa of the lata aewa la the intelligence that the 0 rill ah atearoer Callao, at Paaama, had a large ahlpmant of Peravlaa cotl? on board, and that Targe (^uaoutiea from the aacne aource were on the way le Europe by way a< Cape Horn. The quality of the cotton ralaad la Pen? ta elated to be very en pad or, and the people of that country contemplate eagagiag largely la lta prodacUwo during tke preeent year. It has been ascertained that cat too growing caa be carried on profitably la a large portion of Saotb A oner lea. gfij MlUtarfBMti a*. vm ir wholesale. jw1 Bosu? - ^QulttiB^LL * "g: ?E^*tgs*i . Alao. a variatr of Calf Md Ki? Boou, B i* VomAkm' fir - - ---* ?" ?-" L' V UI BOOT SOBS fW M? *.?o. ? toiaMdstr" c? - ?. A ..J 0 '' ' * rof /.] 8. If. PIKE'S I ARMY CORDIAL,. ? ? ' t. ]a presenting thla delicious beverage to the public, It isaot our lutsatloa to herald It as a quack medicine, that \rlll cure all diseases and affections that human nature Is heir to, but (hat [it is purely a combloation. of most delicious fruits, distilled under our own personal super| vls*s?, having no delsterlotv. or Injurious admix tare* ?o common with mat y coco pound it forced upon fhe Public In the iba; * of Tonics, Ac. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL will become one of the moat useful and at the same time healthful beverages that has ever been offered. We take iir*b pleasure la thus 'presenting It, particularly to 3oMiers, who are exposed to change of weath_ ? - - - A_ ? a?v ?_ ? ?? - - - er, C11 ?? ? ?',u ?*? * lip, ma hm oeat invlgorttof that 04a P* *>?nd. SAM'L. N. PIKE A CO. * ? J , SOLE AGENT IW WASHINGTON, D. C., EXILE DUPRF, 320 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. CinctiftrjkTi, October 99, ISttl. I hereby certify that, 3a accordance with the law regulating the sale ?/ Alcoholic Liquors In the State of Ohio, I hay* Inspected 8. N PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL, and find It free from poisonous Impurities. I a'ao believe It to posmss high medicinal properties of a tonic and astringent character. In testimony whereof,, witness my signature this 39th day of October 4 1801. n t tni\ a? n ? ? - - ? vaiiv ?/oimniibii) 01. 1J.| Chemical Inspector vf Alcoholic Liquor* for Hamilton county. S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! No Househould should be without It. 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL I The moat healthful and useful Tonic ettant. # S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! 1 ' / Have the dellclou* Beverage at home. - - ?* ? * t 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! la distilled from delicious Fralti and Berrlea.f S. N. PIKfi'S ARMY CORDIAL! Butlen In tbe Army (upplled on reaaoMbla term?. a. a. ritui s> ARMY CORDIAL! Every Officer and Soldier In tb? Army the aid aae tbe Invigorating Cordial. 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Not only OAcera and Soldiers, but the moat delicate Lady, will find tbla Cordla a wful TONIC. 8. N. PIKE'S a ta -m w * ? AitMI UUKJJIAL! ' . la not ft quack medicine, but the moat healthful and pleasant Beverage In uae. 8. X. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Dcitvr taw rmca oranay, wDWf, or any strong Liquor. " " B. N. PIKE S ARMY CORDIAL! If yoa wish to keep la go+4 health and splrlte, use thla Cordial. FOR SALE AT THE PRINCIPAL DRUGGISTS IN THIS CITY, OR BY 8. M. PIKE ft CO., - - - i ' i i _ 18 aad 99 SYCAMORE IffRUT, ~~~ " !CINCINNATI, OHIO. ..." ' .* r r, SOLE A6BNT IN WASHINGTON, D. C? KIHWEJB DUPRE, 3M rciNIYLVARU 4VKNVK. J MCK ARB WOOIfOM WUIIU IN HOIPITAL. f*kKtkm11m umftrmitf with tit rutMw if Us Bmmu cf Jttif 16, 1861. At Simimmf Jfnfitml, Onrgtown, Jam. 3. m v. d. itu?utry J9(OrfnD.VOlUDl06fl. 1 5th do Cavalry, 1 36th do do 1 3d do Artillery.... 4 42d do do 1 MhVermontVolnnteers S 33d do do 3 1st do Cavalry... 1 I04thdo do 1 1st Rhode Island Art. 1 1st do Reaerve.... 6 4th do do.. 1 3d do do^tita 3 6th N Hampshire Vol. 10 6th do do...(c) 1 17th New York Vol... 6 7th do do 1 90th do do. ?.. 1 11th do do. .... 9 91st do do.(?) 1 1st do Rlflea. i 22d do do.... 1 1st do Cavalry..... 1 ?2d do do.... 1 4th do do...*.. X 64th do do....10 Uth do do 9 2d N YorkCavalry(ft) 3 1st do Artillery... 1 m 4a " ? -nr A 1 %U Y ?J 8th do do 2 5th Wlacoaain VoL... ? OneldaCoontjCayalry 1 (Hh do do.... 3 8th Penn. Volnnteera. 1 Excelsior Brigade.... * 9th do do 1 27th do do a Total 1S9 (?) One officer. (6) One officer (e) One officer. At Otntral Hospital, Union Hottl, tom*r Bride* and Was4t*gfo* itriid, Giorgetown, Jan 3. 17th New York Vol ...11 |3d VermontVolunteer* Jt ,j. <i?"- - iwu uu uin 1 Din UO QO. 1 10th do do.... 2 5th New Jersey Vol... 1 22d do do.... 1 8th de do.... 1 25th do do.... 1 9tb do do.... 1 29th do do.... 1 '2d Michigan Vol 5 33d do do.... 1 4th ,4P do 1 35th do do.... 2 2d Wisconsin do 3 37th do do.... 1 5th do do 4 44J ? A * o 111 minneiouao 1 44th do do.... 2 lit California do 2 46th do do.... 1 lit Eicelaior Brigade. 3 do do.... 3 2d do dol??. 1 5*d do do.... 1 3d do do.... 6 54th do do.... 2 4th do do.... 1 55th do do.... 2 5th do do.... 3 5?th do do.... 2 lat Maryland Vol 1 38th do do.... 3 lat Indiana Rlflea 1 79th do do.... 3 Kane's Rifles 15 BOth do do.... 1 Cameron Rifles '2 2d Penn. Volunteers . 3 New York Mounted 4th do do 2 Rifles 1 th do do 1 Stockton's Nftch Vol. 4 ?th do do 2 Garibaldi Guards 1 8th do do 2 De Kalb '2 11th do do . 2 1st Penn. Cavalry.... 1 12th do do 2 2d do do 5 ! 23d do do...... 1 5th do do ...... ? 26th do do 1 Harris' Light Cavalry 3 35th do do 2 1st Rhode Island Art 1 40th do do 2 2d U. S. Artillery""...' i 45th do do 2 i?h do do........ 2 V2d do do...... 6 5th do do........ 1 57th do do 2 1st New York Artillery 3 104th do do 1 Mott'a Battery 1 2d Maine Volunteer!.. 1 Home Guards, D C.. 1 7th do do...*?. 4 ?? 2d VermontVolunteera 2 Total ..164 At Hosfttai at Columbian CoUtgs, Washington, Jan. 3. 4th U. 8. Cavalry 1 Lincoln Cavalry 1 5th do do t McClellan's Dragoons. 1 id Maine Volunteer*.. 1 Cameron Dragoons... 6 7th do do 1 2d Berdan Sharps'rs.. 2 9th do do t 1st New Jersey Cavalry 2 11th do do 40 2d do Vol.... 1 2d Vermont Volunteer* 1.3d do do.... 1 5th do do.... l'Atb do do.... 1 10th Masaachusetts Vol 1 1st Penn.Artillery.... 2 Rhode liland Butt.... 1 4th do Cavalry 0 IstNew York Artillery 1 1st do Volunteer*.. 2 2d do do.. 2 3d do do 8 Hamilton Artillery...*1 3th do do 1 Rocket Batt 2 13th do do 1 IstNew York Cavalry. 1 23d do do 1 2d do do.... 4 27th do do 1 7th do do.... 1 31?t do do 1 8th do do....20 52d do do 9 Harris Cavalry 1 57th do do. ..(b) 1 17th New York Vol... 8 96th do do 1 22d dn do.... 1 1st California Vol 2 33d do do.... 1 8th Illinois Cavalry... 5 36th do do.... 1 2d Wisconsin Vol... 2 37th do do.... 2 5th do do.... 1 43d do do.... 1 7th do do.... 1 6IUl dO dO 'jl 1?1 ? 77th do do.... 4 2d Michigan Vol 3 79th do do.... 1 3d do do 1 87th do do.(a) 1 4th do do 2 69th do do.... 1 8th do do 1 Anderson Zonavea.... 3 Stockton's Mich. Vol. 1 1st Excelsior Brigade. 1 2d do do.... 1 Total...... .174 De Kalb N. Y. Vol ... 1 ( ) One officer. (6) One officer. At Gmnal Hospital, (CircU,) Washington, Jan. 3. Oflcers 1 Cameron Dragoons... 1 Engineers 1 'M Penn. Volunteers . S litll.9. Cavalry 3 5th do Reserve.... 1 2d do do 0 45th do Volunteers . 1 4th do do 4 -id New York Vol... 4 5th do do 2 yth do do.... 1 nu ao ao........ 7 15tta do do.... 1 8th do do 1 ?2d do do.... 3 1st do Artillery.... 3 24th do do.... 1 3d do do........ 1 44th do do.... 1 3d do do 1 5th N. Hampshire Vol. 7 5th do do 3 2d Vermont Volunteer* 1 ist do Inihntry 1 4 th do do.... 1 2d do do if 6th Maine Volunteeta. 1 3d do do 7 7th do do.... 3 4th do do 7|4th Rhode laland Vol. 2 6th do do filSUmnfloM'a 10th do do........ 4 New York Vol"7.'.'.' 1 l?t D C. Volunteer*.. 1 lit Wisconsin Vol.... 1 Total 103 'id do do 1 At St. Blixalttk Hospital, Eastern Branch, Jan. 3. lit KxceUlor Brigade. 111st Penn. Reaerve.... 1 m ao ao.... 1 Sinta do Volunteers. 1 4th do do ... 3 8th New Jersey Vol.. 1 53d Penn. Volunteers .15 Excelsior Artillery Vol 4 8th New York Vol... 1 Harris Light Cav.. (?) 1 29th do do.... 1 52d Penn Volunteers. 6 Cameron Rifle* 2;4lst New York Vol... 2 35th Peon. Volunteers. l^Sth Penn Volunteers. 1 5thVermontVolunteers 5 2d New York Cavalry. 2 Brtckel's Art. Batt. .. s|6th do do.... 1 Dsnn new York vol... 1 57th do Vol 1 2-M do do.... 1 ? 36th Pen a. Volunteers, a Total 57 (a) One officer SUM rHumming t? tht Hospital for Erwftimt Dutasts, at Kaloratna, Jan. 3. 2d U S. Infantry 1018th Penn. Reaerre.... 1 fit -A _ / ?1 ~ - " m ao wavairy 3 45tn do Volunteers. 1 6th do do 2 52d do do 4 7th Maine Volunteers. 3 53d do do 2 11th do do.... S hath do do...... it 3d VermontVolunteers 1 Ottth do do...... 1 10th Massachusets Vol. 1 104th do do 8 14th do do . 2 1st Michigan Cavalry. 1 1st New York Artillery S 3d do Vol 1 3d do Cavalry. 3 7th Wisconsin Vol... 1 44th do Vol 1 19th Indiana Vol 5 56th do do 13 Quartermaster's Dep't 2 57th do do 1 Officers' servants 3 77th do do 1 ? tat a cuu ncwi ?e ... X| 1 OQ11, * ??} At Gtntral Hospital, AUxandria, Jan 3. 5th U. S. Artillery ... 3 fll?t l'enn Volunteer*. 1 2d do do..?*.... 3 4th do do...... 1 Sth do lufontry.... 1 Cameron Rifles 1 8th do do........ 3 7th Penn. Volunteer!. a 2d do do 2 !6th do do...... 5 3d do do 1 20th do do 1 4th do do 5 ?nh do do 3 in*v J - a- ? - * ivui uu *........ i qo ao .... 8 6th do Cavalry...'., l 3d do do 3 3th do do 1 104th do do | 4th do do 1 534 do do 15 lrt do do 1 35th do do a C 8. Engineer* 1 83d do do 1 37th Ntwr York Vol... 4 29th do do 3 2M do do.... 1 99th do do 4 19th do do.... 0 40th do do...... t 59th do do.... 1 11th do do a 98th do do.... \ 8?th do do 8 18th do do....29 54th do Fire Zouaves 1 32d do do.... 4 11th do Reserve.... 1 Mth do do....10 4th do Cavalry.... a 79th do do.... 1 let do do..,,., i 97th do do....27 11th do do...... 9 33d do do.... 1 lit do Reserve.... a Slat do do.... 3 lit do Artillery.... o 25th do do.... 9 Lincoln Cavalry...... i 54th do do.... 1 2d Michigan Vol ie 38th do do.... 5 lat do do...... i 14th do do.... 1 5th do do 9 40th do do.... 6 3d do do......n 17th do fin 19 lat M ?rhnantta u.? i ?tb do M do Voi.90 44th do do.... * Uth do do..10 A3d do do.... 1 9th do do.. 1 15th do do....101 Lit Minnesota Vol 1 58th do do.... 1 lM New Jersey Vol.... 1 15th do do.... 1 5th do do.... 6 rtJ.t A? atkDW^.u? - WW ?? > ? lmnuvnciuiua Ol . 1 69th do do.... 1 4th do Bat.. I 3Qth do do.... 1 7th do Art.. 1 ISlh do do.... 1 6th do do., t 79th N Y State Mil.. 1 5th do Bat" l ,4?^. 6 5th Maine Volunteers. 8 9d N. \ Plr# Zouaves 1 4th do do...... 3 3d NewYock Artillery 1 ?d do do 3 8th do Cavalry. 1 3d do do..^ 3 Ut do do.... 1 S7th Indiana Vol 91 Sherman's Artillery.. 1 5th Connecticut Vat ,.*) 5th N. HamnahtM V?1 1 <M u.. .'. Cameron Dragoons... 3 W do Ik... 2 Hurli Llibictnlry. 1 #th Wisconsin Vol.... 14 8th illlBOU CtTtiry... 1 Mb do do 7 U6thPm. VoloaMtn I 3d do do 7 33d do do 10 M do do 1 9*h do do 1 8th Vermont Vol 31 53d do do..***. 2 3d do do 1 57th do do ? 5UJ 4o do..,**. J Total 487 / i At Wlftk District Sck?l H?mi Hospital, Bramtk if Osnstol Horpuai m S ilml, Jam. t. 3d Michigan Vol 1 4th Penn. Cavalry .... 1 5th Rhode Island Vol. 1 Ohio Cavalry, (unal). 1 59th New York Vol... 1 Kentucky Cavalry.... 1 82d do do.... 3 4d W. 8.Cavalry...... 1 id Vermont Volunteers 1 8th do do 1 87th Pennsylvania Vol. 1 Cameron Dragoons... 1 104th do do.. 1 ? u.i;. voiunieera SI Total 19 3d U.S. Artillery.... *| At Indian* Hospital (Pattni OJU*), Washington, D. C.y Jan. 3. 19th Indiana Vol 37 id Berdan Sharpa'ra.. 4 3d do Cavalry.. 1 1st do do 3 lit New York Art. < ) 5 53d Penn Volunteer*. 5 7th do Cavalry 3 1st Michigan CavUry. 4 9th do do... 3 Stamnfield's Battery.. 1 27th do Vol.... 1 ? 4th Rhode Itland Vol. 1 Total 71 11th Maine Volunteer* 3

(a) One officer li~r vvaMinpxon pa pen pieaae copy and teiia blllii to the War Department r J, ?_3f La^? ,.WM. COR WIN BURGY, ATE W itb tbe old and veil known hoaae of WM. S. OORWIN * CO., _ , . N*w York, D?a itr t? tkoitt Hrandut, Wmis Cigar*, fe., mtkd Importer of T*a? and Cktnm Fanty Goods. No. 34 7 Pennsylvania avknvb, (itntraroe Sixth Street,) IfuiMitM, D. C. I M The attention of oonnoiaaeara and the ?nbiio generally ia invited to my atoek of hne Brandies, Wines Cigars, Teas. &e . oomerising Henneaaey Otard ana Sayer Brandiea, VV idov Clioqtmt. Moot k. Chendon, Mom's, Heidsick & Co., and Associates Verxeuey, Champ?gnes; Permartins, Amont.lado and Yriarte Sherries; Wanderer, Reserve and Sooth Side Madeiras; Harmony end Bannerater Ports; the celebrated "WSC" Club Houae 6ia; Irish, Scotch, Bourbon and MonoLgah'ia Whiskies; Jamaica at d St. Croix Rums; Cabana, Kiga'o. 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B mi determined to five tne strictest attention to the want* of his easterner*, and to keep ererj , article in bis line of the best ^uaiftr, and sell at the lowest market prioes, he hopes to merit a share of puuiia pairuc&go. I Families will be waited upon daily for orders, if i required. no 16 THOMAS R. WILSON. | L. Towkks. J. M. Town*. J. B. Towns. L. TOWERS ft CO.. STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Comer Louisiana avtnut and Sixth tt. The attention ol the butinMa oommimtv ia respectfully invited to the New Uotk aid Job Printing Katabliahment, which has been fitted up with new material, tn the most oomplete manner, ia now prepared to execute, in a satisfactory style, every ; variety of Printing, vix: Hooks, Speechee. Pamphlets, Cards, Circulars, . Sutlers' Blanks, t9.,4o. The attention of members of Congreaa ia espe- 1 oial y requested for our faoilities for printing i Speeches, as we have the Imrgttt steam power in i theoitv. de 7- lawf.ra f\R. DUPONT'S SUGAR COATED FKLr MALE REGULATING PILLS Mm Read the ful.owing unsolicited enoomi pr, nm? ~"I cannot commend then too highly." Tt* "They are the beet fremale Pilis extant." "1 have uied tiiera with complete tnoceis." " W ould not be without them upon any oonsider- i atioc." "They operate speedily and effectively." Pnoe 91 Sent by mall- Sold by 8. C. UPHAM, 310 Chesnut street, Phtladeljhta, and in Washington by 8. C. FORD, oorner Uth street and Pa. avenne. no 1& eoly DR. GODFREY'S ANTIDOTE WILL CURE GONORKHlKA in nix daya ohanceof diet repaired. It is aa Erglish tKpeeibe of sixty-five years stam lnitfjQMlL. and will not harm the most delicate oonstitution It ooctai' s no minerals. Price oi'? ^41 ?. ' j Ur HAM, 310 Cbaanat atreet, Philadelphia, and in Wa?htniton br 8. C. PORD corner nth atreet and Pa >?? ao38eoly Ju?.r d TEA8-TEA8-TEAS! \ JUST Reoeivetf a prime lot new Tea*. For sale BROWNING A KKATINB'8, ? 3tawtf 333 ^a.avenae, near ?th at. IUST K ECEIVED A LOT OF THAT VERY , J superior OLl> CABINET BRANDY, at BKOVYNINIi * KktTI^K d*4-3tawtf 333 Pa avenue, near 6th il. PATAWUA GRAPfiS! H ? CATAWBA GRAPES'! . Catawba Grftpea m excellent order and deuoioua iu flavor. Trr them. KING a. RiTRrnr.i.i. <1e 11 oo-ner l&th at. and Vermont aV | P JOB PRiNTIN?. HiVERY Dasoription of JOB PRINT1N8 m- ! quired by any body?oitiseaa, eivll functionaries. . arm* ana navy omoeri, aaUert, to,-executed at ths STAR OFFICE, in aaUiIaotory rtyie. at ,ow for P*?h, ? tf i orauls uooi' SKIRTS Opanod thia \ lao'oarnnalfall atook fall kinds of Mlect ' Dry Good? for the general and ?p?oiai wants of families and housekeepers Uno price only, n.srked in f'ain fif?a:ee ; henoe. ?? pirotiMer is oyer ^ BR(( ia7 6* P?nn. aveuue ted Ninth at. ; THE SUBSCRIBERS hec leave to inform their I patron* and the pabuo generally ol t>e-_ a* j 'i* arapiy aupptied with a superior stock of^M FALL and WINTER GOODS. The* also reef?cttal;y invite attention of YY their Army and Tfavj oustomera, and those reeairint ouffiUin that line, totbeir tnperioreualitieeof Sworda, EpaaleU. Shoulder 8tr%?? Beita, Chapeaua, Hata, Cap a, Saakea. aad Gold Laoee, constantly on hand, whion are warranted aa repre "wblat taadenai thaaka for the liberal patronage (Sflooeeaors to It. F. London * Co J CITIZEN. MILITARYtmd NA Va L rA V/ nntt 36* Pennsylvania Avenue." oo 16 eo3m . ONE NICE ROSEWOOD CH1CKERINO PIANO for *7S. Oner octave four round corner HlllttMIB A Dsvis Piano for "1111 For sale upon easy term* at the Mine Store of W. G.MBTZEROTT. Sola a Renor for Bteinvay and fecn's and Raven. Baoon A Co.'e Piauoa. as It Massev, colunb a co.'s PHILADELPHIA DRAVQKT ALE. We have just received a supply of the above Ala, which we reoommend to be of & very superior Quality. Persons wishing to purohase. oy making immediate application, oan be fnrni?h?d. ' ARNY 4 8HINN, noT Georgetown. SOLD1KRS NEKDIN6 DRY GOODS for Um "folks it bom#' are solicited to inspect our nit stook, now oomplete in all departments. Una pnoe only, the actual sub standard value, marked in plain fig ores. An^exanunation of stook moors no obligation to ,BI?1 parcels carefully sacked, for nxpr?M or other oonveyaioe, free of oharge PKRRYjt BRO., Penn. avenue and Nintk St.. d? H-20t -Perrr Building." ""??? . WK^.^>00^ ^joueaa, COLDS, HOARSEN KBS, *0, comfo urn ailW%'? ?urn akjlbic. Ttu? ilniut &na popular Coujh RxtnMr U< SrSlwey! T^oSa tehSl 1 <ri| Si So K> ?nu Horn#. ?? ????? DENTI8TBY. Oft. CHAftLES ft. BOTILftft, T> ?MTjJIT, NO. PENNSYLVANIA AVftNUE. BrrWUK Ijl i? 10TB 0TS. J>?-W U PR. J. L. eiBBONB KlATtNA ? n.?T M- ?* avenue, to No. 3T8 9th iumL a few ^oora Iron New York ?naw. rtxvi the oSkr of hit erofee* aional aervioee. (Medioal and Bunioa. , to tM eit xena of Waahincton. He mar be fonnd at kn office at alt koiri.vm not profeuiona'ly ratneed. Eepeeial attention will be raid to female diaeaeee dsa-wiw j^kw and improved invention ARTIFICIAL CHXOFLAST1 BONE teeth. Winon Mitu Pun ea Clun. ... ?j. ?mm, b*tw*n 12u m*4 1*4 ill , ittmmuim. Ca!la tkc attention of the f?bl>o to the lollowiac edvantacee of hie improved aratem i .. 1. The Teetk of bfa macefhotare wi |M never eorode nor ohaa?e eolor by any^*1'1'v acids, beinc ttree fccrthi lighter than at* other. S. No teeth or roote need be extracted, u the arUbAai onea oan be meerted over them. S- THe roote wiU be made izjoffenaive. an never Vftw? teeth ara needed, aa permanent onee nan be aad* ?w.. > ? the natural exsreeaion of the So*, vldtk under the eld system la frequently disfigured. k. This work bu been tally tasted or?r years by many of the first ohem.iU and phTSioiani of this country. Dr. 8. bMklM invented a white uadootraotiec metai filiinc, with which tho moat sensitive tooth can be filled without pain, and can build up a aor feet, sound tooth on any aide root#, whioh will last through lifetime. The boot or reforenoeu riveo?to Dr. V. Mott: Dr. Doremua, Professor of Chemistry. N. Hon. Judge War no, of the Supreme Court of Wauhinfton, and thousands of othersCall and examine for joureelf. ao > ha GAS FITTING, Ac. AWM T. DOVE * OO. K.E Now prepared to exeoute any era era with ! vmeh tbev may Mfavorodtnthe j PVWMBlN#, tAS Oft BlEiM PITT IN# BUeiNKW. fy Store ob Ith nmt, a few door* sort* ( P*. avenie, wr.ere mar be fo*t.4 a oomi -tc u> -ureei I /CHaNDELIKHS and oU?r 9A&, 8TLAM im | WATER FIXTURES. JaW-lv WCAS FII7IRE8. E Have ib ?U>rw, and are dai.y reoaivin*, 9 AS FllTChSSofactiflj New Patterua and Dane ann Finiah. superior in aij.e to anything heretofore efler ?i in thia market. We invite ciUaena teoe-a. It to tail and examine oar a took of &aa acd water Fix uee.feo.inj confident that we have the b?ft Mieot*d a took in Washmxton. All Work in the above Tine mtraated to *ar ears Will be ffttpiT attended to. MYERS * Me HAN. mar l-ti 176 D street. QKN ERAL ORDER. Navt Dxfaxtmxst, December JJ, 1961. Thx Navy Dxpaxtmii?t baa a reodexvoaa lor shiDpinc men at eaoh of the following places: Portsmouth. New Hampshire rtoatoi and New Bedford, Massachusetts. Pew York hiiadnithiaand Erie. Pennsylvania. Baltimore, Maryland; an J Washington, Dietriot of Colemb'a. boa men, ordinary seamen.and landsmen who oan pas* tt-e usual aargenn's examination, by preeentmic themselv-s a: t?<? reodesvoaa nearest their reaidenoe, witn an o&oial oertific ite from tbe oity r.r town cier* signifying that the; arc raridenu ani have expressed a destre to leave to enter the navt. will he reosived on the following terms: lit. An allowance o! thres oeLtt a muelor travailing expenses. 21. An advance of tkrt* months to seamen and ordinary seamen, and or two months to landsmen. 3^. Permission to leave an allotment of half-pay t<> their families. to oemmenoe the data of their enlistment 4.h. To go on board ship in their ordinary clothe?, where an outfit will be furnished and oharged as per list, b?mt the present pnoes, vis: One pea jaoket_ .. ...$11 00 One pair b>ue cloth lrowNn._M.M..... 14 One blue flannel overshirt 1 SO Two under fiannel shirts 39 Two pat rs woollen draws 316 Ons mattress......... 4 90 Two blanket*. .... .. 390 I One seamless oap ? - - - - - 100 One black silk handkerchief 1 00 31 2T The pay of petty officers avoracec 930 to 935 per mo'th. The par of seamen.918 per month. l)o. ordinary seamen.... 14 do. Do. landsmen 13 do. And food fonnd. No landsman will be allowed to take the benefit of this regulation who has not been foar moiths at sea or on the lakes or rivers. GIDEON WELLES, de K-?oSt Secretary of *^Navy. I FOR HOLIDAY PRESENT??Cloaks,Shawls, * 3 Silks,Silk Robec M 44 '* fine Dress " M M |xm H.t . (u M " Efflbroid*n?f. M M " GmbroidtrM '* Cc..ara, binbroiM - dered Hacdker* * * ohieia. Medium " " M l>re?a6oode,lov " " " irioe Dr'ii " " " feooda, all other " " " kinda Drr Oooda at oar 'proverbially lo? prloee, marked in plain fi IS area. One priee only. An mapeetion of a lock impliea no ob'igation to pnrehaae. PERRY * URu., Penn.avenue and Ninth ?t.? de 1? ?>t " *Perry Bo ding." NOTICE. ? ADAMS' EXPRESS ^Thit Company offeri Ui the jubio" Ud?<u1M nw*?nvoi(w ivi uio cmtoua ynioi uigpnon 0( Hmtt Freifbu. PkoutM, Valssbles, Mosey, Ao. fco., to ali parts of the United State*. Kxpresaea to sua from the North sad Weet 4?part from snd arrive is Washington twice daily, AU Expresses are 1B charge of ?gperifced mmd Messengers. All Packages for Ths Soldiers ttrntt at Moirs half ' osr usual rate*. Ah <ioods for the so-oalled "ConMsrato Statas" snd ail Articles " Cootrabaad ox War" will be Ksroess. Our Expresses lea re New York at 1.1, and P. M .^arriving in Wsahisgton at CA. M and M$ Kxpressee !** Philadslshiaat *SB A.M. 11^P.^Marriving in Waahiacton at i.SO P. M, aoS ExpreMM leareBaltimore at <.? A. M. aad P. JjT^?m?tBj in Waahiagtoa at e A.M. aad tin EiirMM for all Mints North and Waal laara Waabincton at7JD A. M. aad 2J0 P. M. danr. Speoial Contracts tor targe * entities of Fralfkt can be made oo aeaiieation to tiiia < >fioe. All Gooda called Tor ar.J delivered Jr%* of kxtra eharsoa. E. W. PARSONS, 8ar*t Adame' Kipreea Com*aqr? Waahincton, Aacaat a. 186.. aa M-tf M. 1. rRAAKUil, OPTICUS TOrTHKJRK8WKNT AND MIL M4 Feua'? ?v., i DOi Ui aide,) bet. liu aad ISUl eU. j UPECTACX.K8, jromled arlth cenaine Roek Sry?tftl or Peneoopic Leneee. novated la goi4? iver er~eteel, and aaited with atmoet oere for every at* ftnd eyeeighl FIRST tU^flKU CLJUS? MILITARY FIBLD-OLAB8M3. Jttoroeeopee, Compaeeee, and MataemftfieM la ^ trumenti. at the loveet Kftetera ?rioee. \VE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN ? lftrja ft?aortrti?iit of 6K E V and BLl'E KLANNEX. QVER-^HlRTt*. WHITE SHIRT"*, DRAW. | KR?, CAMP BLANKETS, H ALF-HCHSB, fee., which we iBTite all eaafi yorohaeera to enalM iJK?I i . b W^m BOYS' CLOTBlNe. b Hat* rooolTcd witluB U? jaal day ortyo a Itn* inortD?at of BOYr BPRlNfi CLOTHIN6. 9xl .racing all rtrl? of wt iiW, ?di??, ad in* ?*alltiom. vkiah v* art mlug a t nrj MV jr.ce>t for ouh, I? n. w., (mtmd 9U IM IWJI (iBtollicon^r %Bd ??bh?*C.> T HE 1*11 b^-nboPhErftf ^255* MtdltiOIMto hl? Ma, h? kopM to clre cm*A aatidaotUa. All klcci of Carnac** aad Li(biwi|OH leapt B hand 11 REPAIRS Matty doM, u< aU ?r4an pronptiy ati?od*4 to. Booood hand CarriaiM takaaja wahaaao ter w^sptfssr.Lgpi . ",Ivl?A!|i?*?JkSAJ4L AND RBAUT-MADK CLOTHIERS, ||OOT? AMB ?0 ?1? TH JViUE aRfisartLKii!'-*'^ fai d i|| ^ o^iL * TRAVELLERS' DIRECTORY. j P*?" ??? *"B WntTM* 8CHMDVLM. SMICIAL NOT1CBJTO TIAVBLUa m&ttk Hfr 155 tkainb motjjw nohTB. rS.?ssi KrTiprsksxufrtfiX.. Nfw Yort ?. .. Him?t<irc l.Ur m. Morx;cj Aoo. rr.roCMion <?t? WmIijUi 1# , a.m. Arnv# *t H>lttfiwUI a. . N* ooimc TWVA'SSfW-? a* arrive M B*Unu>r? 11?0 P. ., PhilfrMlpfei* UP r. m.; New York lo r. m. m Aitornooa AoooqudoCMiob?imt? WjjhipgUm 1 U M. Arrive ?l Bftittmore ? an rktt MM p. M. Kvnuf Jqrw low WMkiartta I t. " Amre u BtlllMrt MS p. PkuaM??te MUH r. fitrw York 4 ?. Harriattri 1 a. . x Ob Svixiaya at 3 ? and S r m. onl?. Th? t P. ft. train from Wa*hiMrU>? ooanaeta tkrooxh to New York ry uay danni the vMt. L_ UM v Baltuaor*? ? p. *. Ajr.raat Waahn?ton*JI T'Eb*t* Nr? York at? p. *? P?:lad*?k<a 1?J? p. m.; BaltimoreIMa. u. ArriraMWartuftoiU* New York at 11 p. Ph ^.pfcia ?jr 1. H : BkltlmsrtlJI a.m. *rrl?? u W??n???..r HK.E AeeommodsttoB Ttuii 1mt? Baltimore at a ana I r.? . for Wadu&ctoa, arrive Um u 11 a., h. and 7 r. *. On ^nadayt at 00 and 7J6 a. M oaly. PlWMIr Tra>aa leaving vVaaaiuftoi. at 7. at* a. m. aad SA r. and Baltimore at 7 Jt a. and *.r* r. unmake duaot ooaneotioca for Anaapolia at Ue Train*ieave Anaafalia ft>r Ha^bstore aad Willi in*toe at ?JP a. u. aad r. Faaeecf er Xraiae laavini ? aatuaf U>c at 1*0 a. 11 a. and I p. k.. and Ra'ttmore at Uf aad 7JS a. and sy r. M will We? mtlvrnt Amma^tUs Jtnuntm mm4 Wasmtmgfm i AtlmwI Jwuiim. W?? PtMfDfvra nasi take tae ittmn<?h?a TVe?a.? oai| Trains trill leave Wanking ton aad fialbaor* promiptlv *T9m cmrd it?u. do 17 Mutt of TrmM?orttSoiT&ii. 1S*3] THE [1W2 Pennsylvania Central Railroad, (with it* onrnecbOM) 19 A FIRST CLASS ROl'TE TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAG'iAGK CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! m? riiLT Tkiim rioa PHILADELPHIA TO FITTSBIEGM ! Two of Uiee eskieg CLOtl rO>J?*CTIOH? AT HAEE1 *BTlff with tniu on tl>? NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD. and for mice THE OREAT CEyTRAL ROUTE FKOM A WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE * to ft.!I < inta in th? WlIT, NoiTB-WMI A.AD SOCTH WMI. I^TKor TiiroufU Txt-ti app? at tre OSaa of th? Northern Lentil Kail Road Cob- A> pauy, Oa vert Station, Kiitmor*. Splendid Sleeping Car? on all t Train* Swtoiing Saloon Cart on all Train*. FROM WASHINGTON. PuNDitn will tu? the 6 k. m. ano 6 p. m train*. a riving .l Iia.Umore at 7.S0 a n. auu 6 41 j. m.. where oloeeconnection* are male with train a on the Northern Centra; K R..atd arrive in Harna bort at I p. m and 1 45 a m.. tbere oonneetiLi with the trains on the Prnnayirann Central Railroad for ah paru of tha wwi. FREIGHTS. By th.a route, freif t.u of all deeonptione oat 'f forwarded to and fr< a, any po.r,' on the Ka..roada nrrtk>n ?r? ?-- . ?-- ?*r -v- VB>V| aouMiVk^i maitWi 11 lIDOl>? WHSHIK 1o?i, or Miaaonri. mr hatiroad dxrtti TbeFennnyiTania Central Hmlroad aisoe->na*ota at PiUaburt wur s?t*an?*rs, hT which Gootaaaa t forwarded to any port on uoObio. Muik.Licn , ?ntuoky. Tennaaeee., IKinoia. 8i? laaippi, WnooniiD, Miaaoun, Ktaua. Arkataaa, ud Red Hirers; and at Cler-tand. Sandoaky and Cbioago with teamera to at< Nortkvoatoro lakea. Merchants and ihippera ectraattng taa iraaaportatinn of their Freight to tbia Conaaay, oan ra y with oontidrnoe on ita *?e?<cy t-ai.?i?. THE RATES OF FREIGHT to and from any Emtm the Weat, by the Fecnay!*ania Ontra! ulroad, art at all tim*t as fararobU a? art charged fry oik*r Raolraad Cwmhh Cr He pwneaiar to nark packages "ru fnm. Cunti H R." MaURA w k KOONS, Frotght A?anla.^^^^^^J No. SO North street, Bi t Don ENOCH LEWIS. ?ee*l S*pwint't. Altooa*, P*. L L HOl'PT. G? I Tiokef Ag t. Plii *<! (? hi* a. M HOUSTON, 6ec'l Freight Agent, Pm.edelphifc. je *-4iy J^OKTHEKN CtNRAL RAILWAY. TV* Sk+rttti, QwieJMtt and Bttt Rtmtifrtm WEST, NORTH"AN1J NORTHWEST. WINTER SCXED CLE Ceo?i or '1 ikb. i mm IM ?1 pWMT.Ift Not?ibr, fi?w( r TruM will irrm Ml depart trom OHNrt Station M fo. ow? tkuri noiti liati Mail at III. m. Bnfffclo Kxpr?M f. m. P?rlto? Aoeommodation 4 f. m. PitUbarg and b&'ri?b?ri fc.x r'* ??* * m. Ts Aim Sosn Aum P?rkton Ao*oano4?uut at a wl. H sflaln Lir*** S an a. m. Pituburf and Mmr:tLar| Ifipr? The 6 am. train fro* Wuk nttot wumH wit* U>* SJO a m. train from ttamaora ikrtM ^<sila?!&hSS?y!cWJ^ Yjr? 0)27- . _ _v?k *kf i ? %OB Winitf'OL eouiota ? *M|( fcwCTc htfas ?&?"* ? "iMifwr.ftf' ?u? i? BtywWwit T NOTICE TO T&AVKLKftB. ---kSi .firac** ?wt2? ?r^ssa?tt* Monro*) to ki >? ?*.01 Mi Monday, Utf ?!> i?tMMk UfBy Ijyf Owin bsS?5 o'clock p. m., or immediately imr the arrtTmi of tfco WMbidctoe Train, which Imtm Wukit(U>i m+-d M. H.FALLS. PWl <tm. Leading ul wwim |ih?|iii at QKTRT2^?^- v--# ^ *rhnr or MLttiEcttf^' Aarm^s tAN6A?oo. - ? mfc. n??r. *5 I to Ha!att>mr( Or to Q. . HBt RITtfl, Adui Ex?r?M ^^FOl BQfTQN Vl\f^WP?IT -*L rr?* ?'r f- Ft HnaMol of Lou liMtpd mmmi. tiHM xa?o?>ogn g^Sr^pturaigss: ^ES5SSSk?5 cSc* oc ri?r Nu. 5 Nortk r * ; tci.iu w^jana &^s3iJ38H?r

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