Newspaper of Evening Star, January 13, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 13, 1862 Page 1
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k * ? THE EVENING STAR ta FUBLtHUED BVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUMDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAB. BtlLAINOS, sou* / Ftwatgflmmtrn ??mm amd SimMk tt. T W. D. WALLAOH. Paper* served la packages by carrier! at S4 a few* or 37 cents per month. To mall subscriber* tee price ! *3 50 * year, m adimnct; for tlx mouths; SI for three months; aad for lea thaa three months at the rate of 19 oenti a week. 81afle oopiea, osi casr; la wrappers, two canra. ITT" AnrxaTiaaMBifTa should be aent to the I Hk? before 12 o'clock m.; otherwise they may act appear oatil the next day. SEVEN"TY MILES Al HOUR. I had spent a night in a stage, a day in the saddle, a night in a sleeping car, half a day doing business, half a day in bed, and was, after supper, enjiying a cigar and a newspaper in the reading room of the R House, ?? F ? Indiana. The newspaper was uninteresting, or else I wm rather sleepy?and I guess it was a little of both?so that Iaoon neglected it to watch the fantastic curling of the smoke of my fine-flavored Principe, f didn't feel much like Ulking, and felt still less like reading; but I did feel as if I would like exceedingly well to hear a good story. I had barely come to this conclusion, and commenced wishing for some one of my ac?[uaintaaces to amuse me until the time was up or the train which was to take me to Q , when I recognised, in the person who sat next to me. a fellow-traveler in the sleeping car of night before. Bo was a very agreeable-looking man, with a clear gray eye, fight hair, sandy whiskers, * and smiling mouth. Indeed, he had so much the appearanoe of the man that I woulk like to hear tell a story, that I thought dame fortune had smiled upon me. when he recognized me with a genial? 44 How d ye do, stranger?"* I returned his salutation, and asked him some commonplace question about how he had enjoyed the ride we took together. lie said something in reply about the running being too fast for the poor track; and from this the conversation ran upon fast traveling in general, for some time. At last I remarked that sixty miles an hour was the most speedy traveling that I had ever done. Whereupon my friend informed me, with a pleasant but knowing smile, that he had traveled considerably faster than that. and. in fact, faster than he aad ever heard of beside. Ot course I was anxious to know where, > when, and how he had done it; and after the modest assurance that he feared his tale would not be interesting, my friend relieved my anxiety by relating the following story: "Iaiaa railroad engineer. In '57, during > the great panic, I was running on the F. and C. R. R. The railroad companies were growing tender, in all directions. Every day we heard of new failures; and quite often in a quarter where we least expected it. Our road ^ was looked upon as one of the most substantial in the nation; nobody seemed to have any great fear that it would fail to survive the general smash-up. But yet I did not fully share in the general confidence. Wages were cut down ; arrearages collected ; and a great many other little matters seemed to indicate to me that the road had got into rather deeper water than was agreeable all around. Among other things, the master mechanic had told me in the spring that the company had ordered four first-quality Taunton engines for the fall passenger business. The road was put in the very best condition, and other preparations were made to cut down the time, and put the trains through quicker than was ever known Wore, when the new engines should come. Well, there was but one of the new engines came. ? " I ?id there was but one eagine came, and eh* was, in my opinion, altogether the best ever tamed out at the Taunton works. And this is as much as could be said in praise of any engine. She was put in my oharge immediately, with the understanding that she was mine " It was Saturday when she came out of the P shop, and I was to take a special train up to Y . The train was to carry up the president and several of the other officers of the road, to meet some officers of another road, which crossed ours there, and arrange some important business with them. I had no trouble at all making forty miles an hour going out. The engine handled herself most beautifully. We were just holding up at Y when Ajdrich. the treasurer, who had come out on the platform to put th^ brake on. slipped ard fell. As we were yet under good headway, he was very much injured, and was carried to the hotel in**nsibl*. " According to the president's directions, I* witched off my train, turned my engine, and stood ready to start back to C at a moment's notice. 44 Aldrich'a presence was of so much importance that the business eould not be transacted without him. So all those that I had brought oat, exoept the president and Aldrich, went back to C on the three o'clock express > train. This was the last regular train which was to pass over the road until the following Monday. 44 Early in the evening I left the machine in oharge of my fireman, and went over te an eating house, te see if I could not spend the time more pleasantly than on my engine. The hour* dragged themselves away slowly. I was taking a game of dominoes with the station agent, when in came Roberts, the president, in a state of great excitement. " 'Harry,' said he to me, ' I want you to put ne down ia 0 at twelve o'clock * 44 A* it waa near eleven o'olock, and the distance was seventy-five miles, I thought he was joking at first; bat when we got outside the door he eaaght me by the arm and harried me along so fast I saw he was earnest. 41 Hairy," aaid he, ,4if you don't set me down in C by twelve o'clock, I am a ruined man, and .his road is a ruined road. Aldrich is dead, but he told me before h* died that he had embeazled from time to time, fifty thousand dollars of our money; and his clerk ia to start on th* twelve o'clock boat from C to Canada. If we doa't have that money on Monday morning to make some payments with, the road goes into other hands; and if yoa pat me down in C at the right time, so that I save the money, yoa shall have five thousand dollars. Understand it, Harry! Five thousand dollars?" 44 Of course I understood it. I saw now the reason why the wages had been oat down; I understood it all, and my blood boiled. I felt that I would save the road if I lived, and told Robert* to. ?4 See that yoa do it, Harry," h* replied, as he climbed ap the steps of th* coach which was coupled to my *ngin*. 441 sprang up into the foot-board, got up th* swit?h-tend*r to h*lp my fireman, opened th* throttl*, and Just as sh* commenced moving, looked at my watoh. It waa just eleven o'clock, so that I had one hour to make my eventy-fiv* mil** in. " From Y to C there were few carves in th* road; bat there were several heavy grades I was perfectly acquainted with every rod of it, so that I knew exactly what I had to *oooant?r; and wh*n I saw how th* ?ngia* was moving I had vary little f*ar of th* result. " Th* road, for th* first f*w miles, was an air lin*. aad *o smooth that my engine flew along with scarcely a perceptible jar. I was so busy posting myself as to th* amount of wood ana water aboard. *tc., that w* ffanced by th* first station almost before I was awar* e( it, having been five miaut*soat, and having flv* miles accomplished. * 4,4 Yoa are losing time!' yelled a voio* from th* coach I Toaked around, and ther* stood Robert* with his watoh in his hand. " I knew v*ry well that we woald have to tncrees* oar speed by some m*ans, if we carried oat oar pUnf of reaching C?? by midnight, aad looked anxiously eround to see what I could do to aooomplish that parpo**. Sh* was blowing off steam fieroely at 110 pounds, *o I turned down th* valv* to 200, for I kn*w *h* needed it all to mak* son* of th* h*avy grad** which lay b*tw**o as and C-?. ' It was thr** miles to th* next station With th* *xe*ptton of a few corv**, th* track was as good as th* last. As w* darted amend what commonly seemed to b* a rather long ourv*. at th* station, bat whi*h was, at oar i high speed, short mouth, I looked at my watch, and v* had don* Tt ia two miauUs aad half 44' Gaining,' I shouted back to Roberts, who was standing outsid* on th* platform of th* ;?Mb / *% # ' vgfe. Xix. WASHINGTON, D. C . MONDAY, JANUARY 13, 1862. N?. 2,775. " ' Look out for the heavy grades," he replied, and went inside of the oar. ' The next six miles rose gradually from a level, the first, to too and a half feet grade the last, which lay between as end the next station. My fireman kept her full; and now she began to get hot The furnace door was red, and the steam raised continually; so that she kept her speed, and passed the station like a streak of lightning in five minutes. *' Now oame nine miles like the last; over which she kept pace with her time, and passed the station in seven minutes. "Here, for ten miles, we had a twenty foot grade to encounter; but the worst of it all was, at this place we would be obliged to stop for wood I was just going to speak to Roberts about it, when I looked around and saw him filling the tender from the coaoh, with wood which had been placed there before starting, while he was cone after me. 1 believe he would have made his ten miles at the same speed as before; but through the carelessness of the fireman the fountain valve on the left hand side of the engine got open, and the water rose in the boiler, so far as to run the steam down to one hundred pounds, before I discovered where the difficulty lay. "At first Roberts didn't appear to notice the decrease of speed, and kept at work at the wood as if for dear life. But presently he louked up, and seeing that the speed bad decreased, be shouted : " 'Harry, we are stopping !' " And then, coming over to where I was, be said. Why, hera we have been ten minutes on the last ten miles, and I believe we will come to a dead stand if something is not done. The speed is continually slackening. What is the matter?" "I explained the cause. He was apparently satisfied with my explanation, and after having tied down the safety-valve, he climbed back over the tender, exhorting me to put her through for God's sake, er we are beggars together ! ? "Just then we passed the next station, having taken nine minutes for eight miles. We were now more than half over the road, and we had lost nearly ten minutes time, and had left only twenty-seven minutes to do thirtyfour miles in. J had shut the water off from my pumps a little back, when I discovered what was the matter, and she was now making steam finely down a slight grade. From less than one hundred, with which we started over the ten mile stretch, she had two hundred before we finished it; and as the gage indicated no higher than that, and tfce valve was tied down, I could not tell how much over two hundred poundsshe carried, but she certainly carried none less the rest of the journey. And well might she earry such an enormous head of steam; for after passing over that ten miles in eight minutes, there lay ten miles of a five feet up grade, and fourteen miles twenty-to-the-mile depression between us and C , and it was now eleven o'clock and forty-seven minutes. "Now the engine was hot in earnest. The furnace door, smoke-arch, and chimney, all wore red, while she seemed to fly onward as if the very evil one himself operated her machinery. '* Sl* minutes carried us over that ten miles; and we darted by the last station that had lain between us and C Now we had fourteen miles to go, and my time showed 11 o'clock and fitty-three minutes. . **'If. T ? f if w:it jnoifit, and we plunged down the twenty feet graae with all steam on. Persons who saw the train on that wild ran say that it was soon after they heard the first sound of her approach, when the strange object, which looked as if it was a flame of fire, darted by, and then the sound of its travelling died away in the distance, that they eould hardly convince themselves that they had seen anything. It seemed more like a creature of a wild dream than a sober reality. "And new let me tell you that no engineer never beat the time that we made on those fourteen miles. Those great wheels, eleven feet in diameter, spun around so swiftly that you oould not begin to count the revolutions. The engine barely seemed to touch the track a? she dew along, and although the track was as true as it oould be, she swayed fearfully, and sometimes made such prodigious jolts that it required some skill for one to keep his feet. No engine oould hold together if crowded to a greater speed. "Well, just as I oame to a stand at the J'pot in C , the big clock boomed out twelve, and the steamboat was getting her steam on. Roberts got on board in time, and nothing to spare. "And he saved the money, did he T I asked, when I saw that my friend had finished his story. "Yes! he found it hid away in some old boxe*, as Aldrich had indicated." " If you are a passenger for G said a waiter, "the bus is ready." So I thanked my friend for his story and bade him good bye.?Literary Emporium. How te Build a Smoke Heme. In answer to a correspondent, the Working Farmer gives the following directions:?"A smoke house should be fquare, its sise varying from four to eight feet in diameter, according to the quantity of meat required to be smoked; the lower portion, to the bight of five feet, should be of brick, with a door lined with sheet iron. This may serve both as an ash-house and as the proper place for the fire to furnish the smoke. Fire should be plaoed in the middle and covered with the material to be burned, so that the mass, being surrounded by ashes, may maintain the ignition for a long time, giving of tne smoke with regularity. The upper part may be wood, and the separation from the lower part by joist*, covered with soantling, so as to leave spaces, averaging three inches in diameter, for the ascent of the smoke. The height of this upper portion may be four feet, besides the aeoent of the roof, and should be furnished with a door that may be looked, so that the door to the lower portion will not give ingress to meat-room. This separatien bstween the two portions need not be locked, so as to enable the frequent removal of ashes from the house and the proper attention to the fire to be mere readily performed. Sawdust plaoed over a few ignited ooals will furnish the neeessary material for smoking the meat. The sawdust, however, should be from such wood as is most free from resinous matter; the pyroligneoas aeid evaporation is of a better flavor from hard than from aoft wood, while the amount of ereoeote, whieh fs the preservative property, will be the same." Leek te the Cellars. The Germantown Telegraph says that those who have in charge the oare of the household, should frequently think of their oellars, and though they may not be often exposed to the eye or strangers, take care that thev are always kept in a cleanly oondition, free from annoyances and nuisances of all kinds. A tidily kept eellar has much to do with the health of a family, especially in the spring of the year, or wherever "heaters" are introduced into bouse*. No vegetable except potatoes should be stored in tne cellar. Especially should cabbages, beets, eelery, and turnips be exeluded. All these are offensive in themselves and injurious to health, while at the same time they are all preeerved in a much superior manner oat of door*. A oellar should b? thoroughly whitewashed at lea*t once a year, and swept and pat in order twice a month. The air In a properly kept eellar will not become impure when the weather becomes sufficiently oold to render necessary the closing i op of the open windewi; while, oa the other hand, the air of a cellar ao closed op, whieh if ' untidily kept and filled with vegetable*, some i of them in a decayed state, may well be Imag ' ined. All eellar*, however, should have tbe outside doors thrown open for an hoar or two in midday, in clear day*, when tbe temper* tore is above tbe Greeting point. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. I The War la Kentucky I Cincinnati. Jan. 11.?The Gazette of thiscity I haa the following: From the editor of tbe late Sandy Hook Valley I Advocate, now one of tbe proprietora of tbe I Louisville Democrat, who arrived bere from I Sandy Valley yesterday, we learn tbat tbe second rebel Invasion of Eastern Kentucky has ended in a rout. On Monday last Col. Garfield's forces, in- I eluding the 42dOhlo regiment, and 1,800 cavalry, | had proceeded up the Big Sandy to Paineovllle, within seven miles of the rebel camp, when they I were met by a flag of truce from Humphrey Marshall, aaklng If matters could not be arranged without a fi^bt. Col. Garfield immediately re-I plied tbat be could offer no arrangement, and I that they (the rebels) must either flgnt or surren- I der unconditionally. Humphrey Marshall then addressed his men telling tbem they bad tbe ?lr I ternative of surrendering or disbanding, and I giving tbem tbelr choice. Tbey immediately I collected and set fire to all their wagons, tents | camp equipage, Ac , and then each man was per- I mltted to take care of himself, and tbe whole force scattered in confusion. The rebels made no attempt to save anything I except tbelr cannon, which was hauled cff. Col I Garfield hasdispetched his cavalry In pursuit, and I tbey expect to capture the guns,and perhaps pick I up many of the flying rebels. The rebels in northeastern Kentucky, from the I high estimate In which Humphrey Marshall's I military abilities were held, bad strong hopes of I success under his leadership. A sufficient Federal I force will be left in that region to secure ltsfuture I peace and safety. A BRUSH WITH TBI REBEL GUNBOATS. Wairo, Jan 11.?Thts morning three rebel boats from Columbus attacked our gunboats Essex and I St Louis, lying cff Fort Jefferson. A brisk en- I gagement ei.sued for a short time, when the rebels I retreated, and our boats pursued until they reached I the batteries of the enemy at Columbus It is be- I lieved that one of the rebel boats at Columbus was I disabled. Deserters who arrived here this morning report I great alarm at Columbus among tbe rebel troops, I in apprehension of an attack by the Federal forces. I No movement has been made by our troops since I yesterday. Message af Gsv. Ramsey, of Minnesota. St. Paul, Minn., Jan 10 ?Gov. Ramse.- was I inducted into his second term of office yesterday I H is message shows a prosperous condition of the I State finances. Minnesota has raised four full I re^lou nts of infantry, tbreecompanies of "avalry I and one of artillery?numbering in all 4,4**0 men. | A aftii regiment is forming. The State nowssnds I to tbe defense of the Union a force greater than I her whole population in 1S50 lie recommends I military training in schools, and in conclusion I says all which the laws of war and self-p eserva- I tlon warrant must be made >o fall upon tbe crimes I of the criminals of this infamous rebellion, even, I if necessary, to the extinction of human slavery. From the Upper Potomac. I Frederick, Jan. 11 ?There is no further ad- I vices from Romney. A heavy but irregular can-1 nonading has been beard in the direction of I Hharpsburg this forenoon, but the cause is nu- I known. ) Frederick, Jan. 12.?Rumors are circulating I that tbe town of Bath, Morgan county, (about ten I miles south of Hancock,) bas been burnt by tbe I rebels. Tbe rebel army, under Gen. Jackson, Is I in and around Bath, and tbey burnt a grist mill | and some other buildings yesterday. There is no I demonstration along the lines. ! Rumored Csptir?of Rebel Steamers. j Louisville, Jan. 11? The Bowling Green I Courier of the 2d says tbat Floyd arrived at Nash- I vllle on tbe 1st, en route for Bowling Green. I A rumor prevails at Lebanon that tbe Federal I Cumberland river with 7, rroceedlng up the lng and provisions for Zollicoffer's lorew. 1 fie I locality of the seizure is not stated. I Tbe Democrat has advices corroborating the I acco-snt of the disbanding of Humphrey Mar- I shall's forces, near Painesviile. No furthCT par-1 tlculars have been received. J Tbe War In Missouri. 8t. Louis, Jan 10,?Gen. Palmer telegraphs! Gen. Halleck, from Ottervllle, that, on the 8th, 1 Major Terrence or Hubbard,with 450 troops, at-1 tacked the rebel Poindexter, with 1.000 W 1 300 I men, on Silver creek, Howard county, totally I routing tbem, with a loss of seven loft on the field I and many more carried off. and from fifty to I seventy-fivtf wounded, and thirty prlsonees. Our I loss was four. The rebel camp was destroyed, I and a large number of horses and teams were I taken. A heavy fog alone saved them from com- I plete destruction. ? ; Town In a State of Siege. St John's N F., Jan. 9 ?The rioting at Car- I bonear Is only kept down by the presence of the I military. The town is in a state of siege, and I business is entirely suspended. Both parties have I been largely reinforced, and hostilities will c<>in-1 mence the moment that the troops are withdrawn. I A magistrate was shot on Tuesday, but bis wound I is not dangerous. The whole trouble arose out I of tbe animosity between the Catholics and Pro- I t: slants. j British Troops Permitted to Land In Port- I laad. j Portland, Me., Jan. 11 ?The steamship HI-1 bernian will come bere first and land her mails I and passengers, and then go to St. Johns, N. F. i Mr. Seward has telegraphed permisson for the I British troops to ha landed here and conveyed to I Canada or elsewhere. 1 Arrival af the Sloop?of?War John Adams* I Naw Yoaa, Jan 12 ?The U . S. sloop-of-war I John Adams arrived yesterday from China. I Tbe bark Nightingale, from Rio, via St. Thomas reports tbat the privateer Sumter was off St. Thomas, December 24th, and landed one of her officers Oculist and Aurlst. DR. r. A. VON MOSCHZISKER, From Clinton Plaoe, Now York, has arrived in tbe city and opened his offices at No. 8 MISSOURI AVENUE, whore bo can be oo vaulted on Maladies of the EYE AND EAR requiring modioal and surgioal treatment. Dr. Von MoscHzinaa is the Inventor and introduoor into the medical praotics of the EPHERIAL EAR INHALATOR, for the treatment of obstinate oases of DEAFNESS AND NOISES IN THE HEADHo is also author of the letters published in the Now York and Philadelphia papers treating on the prevention of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OFCAN NON, #e. Dr. Von M- has tor tao past fourteen yoars devoted his spooial attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, And possesses the testimonials of some ot the best known publio men in the Union, who h? ve been m>et suooesfolly treated by him for the RESTORATION OF SIGHT f HEARING. Amongst his letters may be foand the following names: Hons. 6 Pugh and John MoLean ; Rsv. 6. G. Mullen, Major C. L. Kilburn, U. S. Army | Right Rev. Bishap Blano ; George Gordon, Em ? Clarendon Hotel. Naw York ; Robert Bate, Esq , President of the Goodhue F. I. Company, New York ; Robert Glover, Esq., Director of the National Bank Note Company, Now York ; G. B. Lamar, Esq., President Bank of the Republio, Naw York ; and many others, amongst whieh are modioal moa of wall known reputation. Those letters amy be examined at his oAoe, No. S Missouri Avmua.

Patients wishing their ftuaily physician to aooompany them to witness operations or for the parpooe of eoasultatioa are at liberty to bring them Mediaal awn will bo at all times welooawd to witness Dr. Voa M's operations, and exaauaa oome of the instruments he has iatrodieod for the facilitation of Opthalmio aad Aaral Surgery. Artificial Byes Inserted without oaasiag any pain to the patient. Offioe hoars from ?a. m. to 1?. ?. aad fiom 3 to 5 p.m. jallm list of unclaimed freight FOUND AT railroad depot, And note in the Government Warehouse, near the Depot. H B StaT, 81 Regt N Y Vote, 1 box P P Pitkin, Qrmr 2d Regt Vt Vo!?, 2 boxea Col D H Williams, 31st Pcnna Vols. 2 boxea W a. Henksr, 35th Regt N Y Vol?,l keg C C Dwight, 75th Regt N Y Vole, 1 barrel Rev K H He wee. 14th Regt N Y Vole, 1 lox Lieut V V Van Patten, 3d Regt, 3 boxea Tho? Dunoan, Berdan'a & 8.1 box Coi MoL Murphy. 1 box Iftth Regt N Y 8 V. 2 bcxea Maj P M De Zeo*. lat Regt L I V, 1 box Company K, 3>th N Y Vole, 1 box Col l> H Vinton,43d N Y Vola, 1 box i W Mantel ne, 18th N Y Voia, 1 box Col 8 ?v B ack, 1 box Col O W B Ttmpkms, I box Dix, 2 boxea Lt Coi Bartia, 5th Regt Ex Brig, 1 box Col. tferdeii's Sharps hooters, 1 box Company F, 5th Conn Regt, 1 box Capt N G Throop,57th N Y V 8,1 box M Monhflm, 43J N Y V 8,1 box Lt Col J A Suiter, 34th N Y V 8,1 box 3i Maine Regt, 1 box Lt Col Marsh, 16th N Y Vol, 1 box Lt Ruanell, Q Mr ;8th N Y Vol, 1 box LtCol Benedict, 1 box Col VV H H Davis, Com<1 Light Battery, 3 boxes I Sick e& Battery,3) boxes Company A,2d ReitN YSM.l box Lt Col G T Thomas, 22d Regt, 1 box Capt Yt>ates.22i Regt, 1 barrel and 3 boxes J H Cushman, Q M 5ti Vt, 1 box R Prootor, Q M 3d Vt,l box O B Brainerd, Q M 5th Vt,3 boxes J W Clarke, Q M 6th Vt,l box Penn Reserve Brijade, Gen MoCall, 12 boxes Da Kalb Regt, 1 tox Capt J H Jenkins, 17th Regt, 1 box W Fletoher,2a Maine Regt, 1 box H Hennessey, 3d Vt Vols, 1 box 3d Regt N Y 8 M, 2 boxes A T Seve.anoe, 6th Maine, 2 boxea Col MoCnnn, S7th N Y Vols, 1 box B Atkinson,531 Regt, 1 box . K L Batoheider, 1st N H, 1 bag P Kntben, 35th Regt. 1 box Capt E D Bryant, Si Mioh, 1 box Co A and H, 6th Maine, 1 box Capt G W Luinbert, 6th Mich, 1 bcx Gen MoComb.l bcx W H Covert, 13th N Y8V,1 box W Merrill, 3d N Jersey, 1 box R s White, 2d Vermont. 1 box L W Price, Q M 6th Maine, 1 bcx L U Scydem, 331 Regt, 1 box Sidney Tiley, 2d Vt, 1 box Qr Mr Foote, 2d N Y 8 V, 2 boxes Capt Reynolds, 4th N J, 1 box 6th Mass Militia, 3 boxes M Smith, 6th N J, 1 box A Ernest, *9th N Y, 1 box Miss Poweli, Gov't Hospital. 1 box Lt A D Winoh 16th N Y 8 V, 1 box M H Rioe, 18th N Y SV, 1 bcx J M Lewis, Stewart's Engr Regt, 1 box 0 F Watta 31 N Y Vola, 1 box 8 Bennet, Cala Regt. 1 bol Rev 8 Wilson, 66th Penna Regt, 1 box ! G K Galiok, Fire Zonaves, I box i Capt J R White, 88th P V, 1 box ! C F Nioberaon, 21 Maine, 1 box H Draper, 13th N Y V, 1 box. D. H RUCKER, jalOlw Quartermaster, Ao. j Quartermaster general's of-| F ICE. W ASH INS TON ClTT, Dee 1M>1, I n<!A'k?k? of-.M'ar, I Government are in aotive servioe. , , The attention of all Quartermasters of the Reg- I nlar and Voluateer Army is oalled to the above I order from the Secretary of War. M. C. MEIGS, de 2T-eo10t Quartermaster General I). 8. I TTHE WHITE HOUSEHE Weli ktihwn White House Restaurant, on I High street, near the canal, in George A town, has been refitted, and parties oany(7TB>|Y I now be aooommodated with oonifortable JiiJB&J. I private rooms. Game. Fish, Oyaters, and the best I Wines, Liquors, and Segars, always on hand. I Families furnished with Oysteis, as usual. de7-lm A. ROPIER, Proprietor. g ^ WATCHE8# 1 VJOLD AND SILVER ENGLISH, SWISS I AND AMERICAN. 1 have now on baud a lar*o stock of all tha raoit I celebrated Watche?, that I am selling at the Tary I lowest prices ttiat good and reliable time keepers I can b* afforded at; and every description of fine I JEWELRY on hand;all new styles received as I soon as manufactured, and offered at the lowest I rates. 8ilver ware manufactured in my own shop. I Ail kinds of MILITARY GOODS on hand, such I as Revolvers, Swords, Sashes, Belts, Bowie I Knives. Pocket Compasses, Ac., Ao. Also strong I Army Trunks and Bed Combined: and many other I tilings uselul and ornamental at 33*? Pennsylvania I avenue. no9> tf H. A. HOOD. I / 1 ENTLKMEN'S LINEN COLLARS, LINEN I \Jt COLLARS, LINEN COLLARS :-About7?0 I doaeu now in store, all styles, at abont half tie I usual price for the same goods--?i 1 of our own I manufacture. At THOMPSON f*. At E. A. Lake A Co.'s Marble Hall Baaaar. de20 Under Brown's Hotel. I WB. 8 T R O N G. i MA!?tJ?ACTtJRK* or I trunks, harness a military goods, iii Pk.ibsylvaiua AVtHU*, | South stde, between I2tk and I3tk strut*. ! IIT Trnnks, Harness and Military Eoipmenta I repaired at shortest notioe. ae3Q lm 1 WATCHES-WATCHES' L w | HEREBY Take pleasure in informing the publio of ray return to my old stand at W. Vosa', Pa. avenue, between 12th and 13th atreeta caj Having enjoy vi tiie reputation of being an ex mmm perienoed European Watchmaker. Iam now p.epared to repair Chronometers and fine Watohea at short nouoe, warranted to give entire satisfao'ipn. JUo. MlLliNshl Persons desiroua of obtaining Jaweiry and Watches, w:U f.nd it to their aovantage to exam ii e my excellent au>ck All kinds of Hair Jewelry neatly and promptly executed. d*31 2w W. VOSS. SHAWLS AND CLOAKS-Many strllsh end other standaru style* at target? and recently ?eduoed prices. PERRY A BKO. ja 9 6t Penn avenue and Ninth at OC SUPERIOR SADDLE AND HARNESS ?!j HORSE" just in f om the 8iat? of fjV New York, at the New Stables on Sixth TSft a reel, south of the Avenue, near the Na rw/ ^ tio a1 Hot 1 Persons wanting wi 1 please call and "IKy*""- J. c. COOK * CO. DRIMERS FOR NEEDLE GUNS.? J. B. MT KLKIN. ft Third avenue. New \ork City, original patentee of the Prussian Needle ban, offers his latest improvement in Primers or Fuse* for the sam He will guarantee tuat not one of his primers will miss fire. J he Needle Gun is worthless without them. ja9 3t* T NOTICE. HE BULLION BANK will open their new Banking House in the Colouiiation Building. corner of Pennsylvania avenue and 4K street, Washington, D. C., on MONDAY, January the 6th, 196J. for the purpose of transaotmg a general banking business. Banking honra between 10a m, and 3p. m ja4 lw WM. T. THOMPSON, Pree't. CHOICE OLD HAVANA RUM, ^ Vy In Derauohna, MINERVA WINE?a celebrated Spaniah Wine, VERMOirtH WINE?an Italian Wine, much used as a tonic, CHAMPAGNES, CLARETS, CORDIALS, Ac., of various brands. _ _ ITALIAN MACARONI and VERMICILLI, Moiler'u New York Pat-nt Cut LOAF SUGAR. For sale by C. G. D?GARMENDIA, Importer and Dealer in Havana Segars, de?-lin* No. IS Commeroe at. Baltimore. 1 f A BARRELS EXTRA FLOUK, 10U 450 box*a CHEESE. l?vi firkins New York *tate BUTTKR,_ 26 barrels and firkins BOOL BUTTER, 20 do DR1KU APPLES, 50 boxea RAISINS. , j ... to- ansell, j?8 2w* No. ft ft Lcuiaiana avenue. w k h.t. 4sjs sfesj lilfew large assortment of BpYB^ 8PRIN8 CLOTH IN6, embracing aU atyleeof low-priaed, median, and ftne ?aaJiti*e, whiok we are aMUac a t vary nec" t,ra neck tin: i""01 Ohio wines AND BRANDIES. . Ravine received aeocaignrnent of Zimmirmann t Co.'t Cincinnati Oh o Catawba W inee ard Briofliea :wei therefore offer to Druggiaia. Grooera. Hotel acd Saloon Keeper*. Ac , DRY CATAWBA WINE. Light and Strong?the former in boxes for table use. and the latter in tali barre t for muint and cooking purposes. svvket catawba or ladies' WINF, in barrels and ha'f-barrel a, for table aee?a very superior article for the nolidays. CATAWBA BKAXDY, an unsurpassable sfcaalant. and verv useful for ***"* LYLK A COFFIN. ae 16 lm *9 Louisiana arcnue. pO MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHERS. BATCHELOR'S GENUINE HAIR DYE. _ _ , _ The Beet in the World, Only Rt'.tablt Mi Harmitu Hair Dyi JTmiisw. Sold bT Druggist*; also, at BaaxsTon'a Patent Medieine Store, t p. Patent Office, oor. F A nh, _ tkmd ftt Quae's Hair Store. Ml Pean'a aver, a e, where _ 4 Lad?eeea? have ft nepheri, if desired. Faetorv-Sl Barony ft, (&e 238 Broad way) N. Y. oo 8-IT f^LO THS, C A SSI MERES AND VEST1NGSA mil stock of ohaioe furies at ten than the usual ra'es One price only, marked in plain fignrea. An extm:nation of stack s>>iioitea ; no obligation to purchase inonrrej thereby .,e, ? perry a bro., J* 7 6t Pern avenue and Ninth at. DAMS' exprees COMPANY. NOTICE OF REMOVAL. The delivery offioe of thia oompany ia removed from Third street to the large depot on B street between 2dand3d its. de *>-tf TO OFFICERS, SL'FLERS, Ac.-For sale, at a moderate price, a New York bui.t four wtieeled light oovered WAGON, with handsome lea'her cusliona, 4o , having been used three times.oust 9183 Also,a New York made set of Double Barnes:, with plated fittings, which has nevt r been used at all. Alto, a let of plain Sicgie Harness, quite new Applv at 4S7 Sevsntsenth street, corner of I, for address of stable and groom- deal something WEW?SUPERIOR HULLED CORN.- The aub?onber, naving got the agency to ajpply Washington and Georgetown with this delicate preparation of Corn, would respectfully aac of hia friends, and the public at largo, to give it a trial. Aiao, Popped Corn, plain and sugared. WM. BRADLY. Agent, Pa. avenne, between 18th and 19th eta. N. B.?Manufacturer o". Marbie Mantles, Monuments, Table Tops, *o. a large aaaortjiect a ways on hand. op 19 3m Heavy wool jnosk. shirts and DRAWERS. aafARMY SHIRTS, at 3-24 Fa avenne, back roes; *r 353 D street, between 9th and iiHh de 4 tf All kinds of fancy groceries and Sutler's Goo'ls on land and for sale low by . BROWNING A KEATI\G. ( de 4 3tawtf 353 Pa. avenue, near 6th at JUST RECEIVED TLN BBLS. S. HORINE S , superior old RYE WHISKY, eight jeara old. warranted. Also, prime Monongahela Whiakiea for hale at 353 Pa avenue, bv de < 3tawtf BROWNING A KEATING. CHEESE, C H E E S E !?New York Cream ' Cheese; Wiltshire do.; Hamburgh do.: Sap Sago do.; Grnyeredo.; Parmesan do.; Pine Apple 1 do. _ KING A BURCHELL, de 19 corner Fiftieth at. and Vermont av. Benjamin diwolff. No. 384 Pas*. Avemvb, Iv Adjoining the National Hotel, fra) Wash n<i?. i> o, _ (Mfi constantly on hand a fine aaaortraent oi GOLD AND SILVER WATCHE*. GOLD CHAINS, JEW ELhY.SILVKR WARE, CUTLERY SPECTACLES, OPERA AND r FIELD GLASSES, 4e . fc. N. B Repairing done by F. C. Richaxd. late from No. 1029 Chestnut street, Philadelphia, a skilful workman in Chronometers, line W&'chea, Ac. de 7 lir* klANDKKRCHl EFS, HANDKERCUibf?, ' HANDKERCHIEFS!?Al! aorta, ?took now un equalled, for ladies and gentlemen?just the thing for Chrietmaa Presents. At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. Lake A Co.'a Marble Hail Baxaar, < de an Under Brown's Hotel._ W SI6GERS A HENRY'S . ASHINGTON AND ALEXANDRIA exPRKSg, Leaving each city twice s day. Orders left on slate at Gregory's Stove Store or Mar- . j tin's Franklin House, Waahington.dBMpb^^g j will meet with prompt attention. W W irm' * . ja S-Sw* NEWS?NEWS?NKWS! just Opbsid. NEW YORK OYSTER AND EATINO SA LOON. The underaigned beg respectfully to inform their friends and tne public general!? th&t^^. the? i ave opened their establishment'*^ fa J on New York av.. near 15th st. We%l|lf shall spare no tains to procure for our *!gJHjg|P , ODstomeis the best the market oan afford. Parties, families and sutlers supplied at the shortest n -tioe. Our establishment will bo open , daily. Sundaps excepted. de34-lm* DORIAN A SWORD isaac hbrzberg, /?\ Aw A Th e Only L.ioensed A.w A 9 0 PAWNBROKER. W <i $10,000 to be loaned on Gold and Silver Watches, , Jewelry, Guna and Piatola. Silver Ware, ana Wearicg Appare ? at the oid stand, No. 351 O street, back of the National Hotel, between 4K and 6th sta. de 18-3m* Columbia market, Pa. at<ss<, corntr Thirteenth ft. . The aubaoriber would moat respectfully inform the oitisena of Waaaincton that he haa returned to hiaold auarter, wnere he intends keeping a firstrate maiket in all its brauchea, aa in timea gone. Be will be happy to greet his old frienda and oaatomers. N. B ?Goods aent&ee of charge to any part of the oity. de 13 C. MALLARD. JMPOR1 ANT TO MILITARY MEN! Army Regulation HaU, _ MoCiellan Fatigue C&M,.. Ciiaascura de Pans Cava. Staff Capa made to order, with appropriate devioea. B. H. STINFMETZ, 436 Pa. avenue, near eorner 13th at, Between Willard*' ano Kirk woods' HotMs. fry Agency f??r U ttea's Cork Cap Havelock. highly reo ?mmended for the use of oor rank aud fi'eby Lieut fien. Winfield Soott. de ll-lm Notice to watchmakers, jewellers. and p< dlars. S. A J M YKRS, of 90 Washington street, Boaton, opened their Bmnnh office. Room No. 10 Washington Building, Pa avenue, on Tuesday. December 3lst with a large C_> J stock of Watches. Jewelry. Watch Mate Jw rials, Ac., at the lowest wholeaale pnoes. v* ?tch work done for the trade. Positivelt ho Goooe Hold oa Woaa powa st Rktail. de 30 lni* ^TTENTION.RANK AND FILE! ^ rothr OCR's, At 460 NlNtTH STKBKT, NXaK e, Is the place, ofall ota^ra, to aupply yourselves with all kmds of CAMP FURNITURE, At thb v*v.y Lowest Paiccs. He aiao keeps on hand And makes to order mattresses, pillows and COMFORTS, of all qualities. Coataad render youraelves oobfortabia for the winter bp a very small outlay of money. if/- Remember the ptaaa. aa 81-3taw3w J TO THE LADIES! ULES JOLL1 VET, Ladiea' Ha.rdreaeer. irom Paris, just arrived, informs the ladiee of Washington that he haa opened a large (assortment of Felix Head Dreases, Wreath* ard Brides'Wreathe, the m??st *p et.iiid ohoiee of Flowerafor cessea; also. Goid and Chemile Nets, ailtkmds o( Hair Work ; and attend to dressinc ladies' hair. 35? D street, between 9th and Mth. de It It* YWOOD AND COAL. . ^ OV Will Rarely jwt yjmr money's wortt by oalliag at the PIONEER MILLS, sesahms* ear asr e * fiTtnxh ttrut aad OmmtU, i bEO. PAGE, Agect.) They sell chaiBer and rive better meaaare than any others is the atty?flat, aaht, aad aaliverei free of charge. If voa doe 11 eljeva . i vs the Pioneer M ilia a tna., aad be satisteC <-1vjt CROSS A BLACK WELL'S FINAUTT1, Muod Piahlea, Chow Chow, Gherfcina, wai nuts, Spanish and Freooh Olives, Freak Raepbernea. Walnut Catnip, Maahrooa Cateup. Harver*B Saaoe.Ae.Ae. KING A BURCHELL. de 19 corner Vermont av.and Fifteenth at JJlGHEST PRIC^ p^h)ld FOR U. 8. TREASURY NOTES of the different issues, and Northern Currency. Exchange on the principal cities North pa) able in gold or nirrency sold to auit pureaaeera. RITTENHOUSE. FANT A CO., Bankers, No. #6* Perm, avenue. Ja ? las eear Brown'aMoteL firkat attraction#.?Graad ra^h tor u 7th street, to eee the new stock of Clotaiag, Juat reoeived at smlth'Swo. 4f>0 Tth street deu In (Rep.) 100 ^ .< ~ '"'"' "" '."""'KING S BUKCBELl.. ja 4 Corner uth at aaa Venaoqi??, I .? % THE WEEKLY STAR. fto rr?111 Phmily ia4 Mew* Jawaai Vrlda j onlaf. " ^ **" J?**** Slajcto oopf, per iuuu....M...Jl M F*lVB COplflB .??????M??t?wmii?M 1 T?B coplea,**** ? ?? 9 99 Twfljty-ftf 99 99 M la variably ooatalaa the " WMklaftaa New*' that baa mate The Dmilp E*m*mg Sum circulate to Rraarally throughout the oeulrf l^TSln?l?? cor're (la wrapper*) su ki r?? cared al the counter, Immediately alter ike teoc of the paper Prloe?THRtK CENTS. GENUINE PREPARATION. ? HIOHL T COyCXJTTRA TED ? Compound Fluid Extract Biehm, A Potu**t aad Sp*c\JL* Raaaedp For Dmiin of tha BLADDER, KIDNEYS. 6R A VEL. Bad DROPSICAL swellings. ahta M?dioine Inoreaeea the ?*r oftt|Km, ezettea the abbobbektb fate bea,tfcT aetioB. by whioh the watebt or ctu-mti Sapomjjot* ud aJ eMiiciiL uuuimina are mum, aa vail aa pair abb iktuhutioh. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU For Weaknea*** Ariaiag fr?m KyiiM. Habita of DMpMMt, Earl* Itd'?or?tion or Abaaa, Attended teith tkt Following Sfmptemt: Inditpoaitioc to Lxertion, Loaaof Power. 1/oan of M^morr. 11 ffi c u ty of Breatkiag, Weak Nervec, Tripblln, Horror of D'acaee, WakvuMM, Dimr.M? of Vision, P^ia il the Back , Umwria1 Laaaitude of the Mnacaiar Brat?a. Hot Hauda, F'.uabing of the B<^y, Drrncn of the fitln. FrBptiona oa tha Flee, PALLID POCHTEWAPCB. ^ ^ Theae, U allowed to gooa, whiahthla medicine invariably removee, aoon foiowe 1MPOTENCY, FATUITY. EPILEPTIC PTT?. In on* a/ which thi Pntitni way Eapfre. Who oan cay that they are not fraaaailtly followed by thoae "DiaarrL disbabbb." "INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Many are avara of the caoae of thaii aaferiag, bct Nona will conraaa. THE RECORDS or THE INBANE ASYLUMS And tkt Mtlnmtkoly Deaths fr> Oamytiw. BBaR AMPLE WITBBBB TO THB TBtTTB OB TBB aaasBTiOB. THE CONSTITUTION (1NCE AFFECTED WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS, Requires the aid of medicine to Btreagthea and Invigorate the Syetem whioh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBU fcaoaria'fcdeea a TBI AL WILL COBTTNCB TBB MO?T BBBPnCAL. FE MA LES?FEMA LES? FEMA LB*, [>LD OR YOUNG. SINGLE. MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE, In Many A? tenant Ptculmr ta Ftm+Ui the Extract Buohn la aneaualled by any other remedy, aa in Chloroeie or Retentioa, Irrrgaianty Painfuloeee, or Suppreeaion of Caatoaiary Evacuation a. U!oerated or bchirrona atate of the Utarua, Lenoorriiea or Whitea, Sterility, and far ail Bompiaiuu incident to the, aex. whethar arietng Irom indiaoreuon. HabiU of Dieeipattoa, or ib tha DECLINE OR CHANGE OF LIFE! aXB BTMPTOMS abova. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Tnk* no mora ?<!??, M?rcwrp. er Vmf 11 a a?? Mtdicitu for VnpUatrnm aad Dmmgtromt Xnaaaaaa. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU CBBBB SECRET DISEASES - -n n, *?* **rr It oaaaea a fre^n?nt deaire and givaa atraafthta Jrinate, thereby Removing ObaUaaUoaa. Preventing ana Curing Striotoree of tha LreSira. Allaying rain and 1 n flair. maBtoB.eo [rr^uect ib the olaaa of diaeaaaa, and exyaJmg nil Potioncm, Dtstnttd, and tcom ont Matter. TBOCBANDa CPOB TBOCBABDa WHO HATE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QVACES, led who hare paid htart /aa* to be oared in a ahort 3me, have foand they ware deoairtd aad that the poiaoa" baa, by tha uae of^aemar/ai aimaiwii t>aen dried ay is the a*atam, to break oat is a& agtrarated form, and PERHAPS AFTER MARRIAGE. Ua* HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT EVCES kll adeotioua and diaeaaee of the IRINART ORGANS, whether existing in MALE or female, from whatever oaaaa ohginabng aad na matter of HOW LONG STANDING. Dieeaeea of these Orgaaa reaalre tha aid of a D?IBBT1C. . UELMBOLD 8 EXTRACT BUCHU IB THE GREAT D1UEETIC. and it la certain to have tha daaired afaal ta Diaeaaea/er waua it it rntrmm*nd*d. TISBBCB 0* TBB BOBT BB1POIIIHJ AM* S? liailb CBABACTBB wlll>ceempany the madieiaea, ""^fc'BSsSI'Aj.o ruu. ?FHYSICIANS" PLEASE "NOTICE ' _ WB BAIB "BO bbcbbt' OV "? * ?? ? ' HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBU laoompoaedof Baaka,Cabof and JaaipmSarrma. aaleatad with gra? ^ aoam?<?w **???? PREPARED IN TACOO. BT u. T. HELilOli, Pracuoal and Aaalyvo^Cheepet. and Sola Maa HELMBOLD'S tilNUari PRXPAEATI0E8 affidavit. taia no narooUe, no meroary. *r otaar laj draga, t.atare pareiy vagriAi'-a, mhqlD. PHYSICIANS IN AJJf1iDiJ9CK FROM 8 A. M. TO 9 P. M. Price SI par battle, or ?iB tar *. ,vareo to aay addrooa, eaeara y paahed fram BEWARE or OOlNTEEfEII* and unprincipled dealers nLsttxJiir-sususa s4 MtimUW* Biariii h EauhprnfEa, m ? jMpnaed liw Fnk ^?w \ c. yr? VJTD^LLL DE WHISTS eteetwmeeb. iBinouDim IAUI0 9CUE AMD AVOID IMPOSITION gi KP099I9 Hill.* ^7^" ' 4 4 ; r:

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