Newspaper of Evening Star, January 13, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 13, 1862 Page 2
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y TUB STAR. WASHINGTON CITY: MONDAY .. . . JANUARY II, IMS. Spirit ( Ik# Mtrilaf Pr?u. Tb? Imltlhftuctr. treating tipon Government arreatt, think* that ?more weald be aecompllahed, In the wav rf repreaalng dialoyal proreed Inge, by jodlclal examlnatlor and punlabment, than by military arrrat and detent'on under ?uch clrcumatancee aa have come te lmpreea on the public mind a pretty general conviction that, beyond a temporary confinement, ao great discomfort la vlalted on parties guilty of grave offence* agasnat tbe Constitution and Liwa." The RifmklicmH glvea a column of apace and ed!W?|al endoraement to that remarkable bumW . . n o an T L.. Dam nog, -we IVr . \J. ?. IICWOM." I or i*c?. C. W D hvonllM fit pub lie an with a triumphant answer" (affirmative, of courae,) to the question, "Will (he contrabands work V Govibnmint Cm EDIT?Than the creation and maintenance of a solid Government credit, nothing can be more important; for, without It neither tests nor armies can be maintained. Nay. without money, the Government itself must perish, Not even a family, village, city, county, nor a State, far lcsa a nation, can be subsisted without money. Charity may sometimns subsist a family; bit a government, never. Por a moment, In an emergency, an individual or a nation may borrow money without providing moan* of payment. But on great occaaions. adequate means of payment muat be provided, and or money cannot be borrowed, even at e xtravagant ratea of interest Nations first mortgage their property and next tax their people. Our Government owna a thou and millions of acres of land. Thin, Instead of being girtn ateay, must be mortgaged and money raised upon it. Then taxes must follow to an amount that will. Dav the ordinary txnenses of Government, second, pay all Interest punctually a* It become* doe, and. third, form a sinking fund fully competent to redeem all United State* bond* and notes on the days when Government premiM* to pay tbein. This done, the United States can command, on ffcir terms, such urns of money as the public wants may demand. This Ml done, the securities of the Unltrd States will depreciate to a level corresponding with that reached by the securities of the rebels. We appeal to every thinking man and demand It not thisaoT ? . . - _ < ? ii money can ue ootamea ror ibeeapport or our fleets tod armlea only by making provisions for tbe payment of Interest, aud the ultla-.ate repayment of the principal, It legitimately follows 'hut Congreaa muat Impose the taxea, or dis>*:ad the armlea and recognize the Independence of the seceded States. To be efficient, tbe imposition of taxea must be t!naely. If tbe deaire to talk la allowed to acpercede the duty to act, until the credit of tbe Gov. eminent sinks 10 or IS per cent, a* unaided, it will la almost as many days, it la a p~obl?m ^bother Government credit could, even by a thorough tax bill, be uplifted to It* present position daring the entire war. beg leave to question whether the authorities have themselves a Just appreciation of the deterioration which t\wu will work en the public credit. A judicious tax bill, passed during the existence of a sound credit, Is a very different affair from one p<*asrd after public confldenoe baa received a shock, and peblie securities have been told at 10 per cent discount. Let action displace loquacity, and promptitude supercede delay, and an adequate revenue law will enable the President to maintain m tbe Held the present nnequaied army, Instead of disbanding It, ss he otherwise will have to do. Action?eonii ierate, but not tardy?Is now called for at the hand of Congress by every motive which ought to Influence public tneu COLLIBIOS WITH OSI Of TBI BraXSlDl F.XPBList Friday evra'n/ the brig Henry A. Dldler vu ran Into In Chesapeake Ray by one of tbe ships belonging to U?n. Buruside ? expedl^ tlon, completely wrecking the brigs rigging, It fcwaMag oWkm ?! ?i anm ?WWW Uh deck, and carrying away ber jib boom, a ^ portion of her foremast, and all her spars. No oh wai Injured, and on Saturday evening the crippled brig was towed up to Baltimore, her destination ^ r mra uaines, whom celebrated law suit the rlty of New Orleao*, wu decided In the Papreme Court just before the seceaelon of Louisiana, has received perm!salon to cross the lines to New Orleans via Portress Monroe and Norfolk. Opikatic.?We learn that Mlaa Hlnklay. Brl*noil, Mancual, Suatni, Manbaauer, Anarhutz and other artist*, will give three operatic p?'rfor man*4 aw? * ? vo mm ??? iiuumgion iceairr, ou tue :tti, '21st ad S3d of this month fTT Serious apprehension* are entertained fur tha safety of tbe British ihtp Etnaldc. which left ProTincetown on New Year'? Day with tbe rebel emissaries, Mason and Slidell. P*The Coast Surrey Bureau has detailed one f Its moat efficient officers to accompany tbe txpeditlon under Gen. Burnaide. Fiwajicul ?The New York ???? ? ?VI j v?KI iiT nya. In lta Saturday morning report: " The event of the day ia the collapae in gold, which fell to 3 per cent, thia morning, and was hard of sale at the price Some of the apecnlators who have been baying and hoarding will loae martly. Exchange cloaed pretty ate&dy at 114 % for alerting and 5 SM%*96 for franca Money la . very ea?y Indeed. The supply offered on call at 6 percent la in exceaa of the wanta of tbe market." The Szpritt aaya: i wu-v<-ar i Kunrr Notea sell at about par, and clean 7-30 per centa are at a trifling discount only Demand notea can be bought at 5 centa per 9100 discount, wbicb hardly paya the trouble of handling them by broker*. ' Tb* ref naal of the Canadians to take American notes make* a demand for Canada money along the frontier,where people are purchasing produce. At Baflhlo, Canada bank notM are aold at par, aad 1b aome inataacea at one fourth per cent p'emlutn. la Roebeater there la 1 percent dlaccunt ra Canada money." T*? Wil in MliSOttl ? A dlanat^K Bedalla, Mo , Ju 9, aaya* Intelligence, known to be reliable and true, baa ?t been received bere from Johnson county, to effect that a party of Cel. Jennlaoa's rulmrnt ?M at B olden. and that they had made a descent ' oa the aeighborhood, where the government noas wees burned, sad had flred toe houses of i Mm aaoa* prowliwrt rshsla aaaMad la that aflklr, | as woll aa the attack ea MaJ. Hough's command. The house of tb? aotorioua Vard Cockerel 1, the Methodist preacher, and Tompkins Bradley, a Msthodlat class lsader la the same church, were < 4rod, together with the houses of rebels of lesser , note , The rebels la W arreasburgh are reported to be la a high eta's of exeltementconaequent upon tba 1 eeer approach of Jenjilsaa Gsn bcrlin s Expedition ?A portion of Gen. Botler'itxpeditlM on board the Constitution, at Boston, was disembarked on Friday last This 1 fact gavs rise to a variety of ramors, but the Bos- 1 ton Post of SatardsT aays : "In regard to the rumors afloat lsst even ng relative to Gen Butler's expedition, we have the highest authority for denying the following state- i meats 1st Tbnt the Csastltution Is to be discbargod fr<?oa coniirission; ltd. That the Massachusetts regiment is not regularly rganlxrd; Id. < That " ttoo men M are sn much overjoyed st their i release; and, 4'h That the " Butler expedition" . _ imtb im>in up fciietlng complication* rail for temporary delay la Bonding expeditions to 1 Southern MM, *mt Umporarjr omlf < Tan ExffDitioji Down int MiMiaairn.?A dlapatck from Cairo, dated the 10th Instant, autna that ?h? advanco of the expedition, composed of MoCiornand'a brigade, landed eight miles down i the Mtaaiaaippi, at the month of Mayftrld creek, oa the Kentucky aide. wberw they pitched their leata for tho night. Its ultimate deati nation la Taa PtiviTUi Smii -tipl Allen, of tLa achooaer J P Role*, arrived at Now York on Sat. urdiy from Nevta, upatta tho jximlaor steamer ... v. Aougoa, IMC a, bat the Governor would aot allow ber to eater (be harbor Antigua U OM of tbe Brttlab, W. 1 , peaaaaloa*. ? * 1 Cbambdbu o?:nio? ?Mr O. F. Tratn baa ( WI<? laother ipeecfc la ?aglaa4, la which ha acfcaowUdgrd hit political errora, believed tba Treat afkir Illegal, aid hoped Mw m4 fUdell 1 wT lnililwn^ / orn WfilTlRT RrDGET. THE BCRNSTDES EXPEDITION OFF. I 8 PECULATION^ 8 TO ITS DESTINATION, j PERHAPS A REAR ATTACK UPON NOR- 1 FOLK. i I Per Telegraph.] Baltimoki, Jan. 13, (Foktrkm Momkos, Ian. 12 )?Editor Star Moat of the Teasels composing the Burnstde expedition bare already sailed, and are outside the Capes Some of the transports, however, are not yet off, though by daylight tfcry will probably all have weighed anchor. Speculation cont'nuea rife here, with reference to ita destination, the weight of opinion being in fsvor of Norfolk. Genenl Burnside and whoever else knows certainly kerp their secret admirably, however. Yesterday we heard through a flag of truce from Norfolk that h%lf a doien I'. 8. gunloaU had jaat entered Hatteras Inlet. If that be true, it Is highly probable that they are but the **ant i f Iho ftnrnalilp exneilltlon. and that that ia designed to strike either up Pamlico Sound dl. rect for tbe tear of Norfolk, or to land at Washington and Newbern and make direct for Raleigh via Groldsborougb. Tbla ia buta apecuiatlon of mine, which I think the algna juatifv. navt t*.nn. Haft Passage of Ike Ptnsatola. Tbe ateaiuer Penaacola, which left ber anchorage opposite Alexandria about 6 o'cloek on Saturday morning, aa stated in tbe Star of Saturday evening, ateamed to Pohick Creek, whereahe caat anchor and completed ber preparatlona for runnil);' tbe batterica. A boat loaded with bales of bay?which bad been soaked In water after bein^ tightly compressed?was securely la* bed to the starboard side of the steamer?aext the Virginia shore?so as to protect tbo??* portions of her machinery likely to be damaged by shot from the Confederate batteries. The steam tugs Pusey, Resolute and Leslie thea ran alongside of her on the larboard or Maryland side and were made fast. the l'uaey being ou her quar'er, the Resolute ahead of the Puat-y, and the Leslie alongside the Re?olate. At half past I'i o'clock on Saturday night they started down the river, the Mount Washington accompanying them to Cock-pit Point. The Mount Washington then returned, and the Pensacola (with a full bead of steam on) and the three tag* passed on down. At a quarter before 5 they were opened upon by the Cock-pit battery?two shells from heavy rifl*d guns, both of which MteAil />V0> koa 1# ^ ? ? -- f?r.. v* v?ci bci . ?i woo uat * , ?iuu a uravy fog bad risen and bong along the Virginia shore, wbile tbs Maryland side waa comparatively clear This being the case, and the rebels firing single guns. Com Morris decided not to return the Are from the he Inferred that they could not make out his ?teamer distinctly, and be did not want to waste ammunition oaly to show them hi* tm! AnH uiuA an AnnA?4n?i?? ?... m **mmm >v <hv*m <*m V y ^-V1 mil Jt \ to take better aim. As the Pensacola reached the lower batteries, however, the rebels opened again with shells, and fired nineteen or twenty In succession, none of which struck. The leadsmen all this time ware taking soundings every few minutes from the Leslie, which was the outside tug. The Pensaccla made a fine run, and her safety was owing as much to the precautions taken to secure It, aa to a combination of fortunate circumstances. She was obliged to approach the Virginia shore within leu than three-fourths of a mile, and the rebel gunners are certainly bad mark*men or bad too much fog In their eye. She dropped anchor at Liverpool Point, until it was quite Uqht.and then proceeded on her downward trip. As she passed Aqula creek two shots were fired at her frout the hills, but both fell short, at least half a mile. The Resolute and P jsey left her at Illar kUtone's Island, and returned to tbe lower flotilla, where tbey remained until a few minutes oefore moondown this morning, when tbev steamed tin n??t ? ? r r tb>- bdtu?rle?, without a ?hot being tired at them TUev itiried about half-paat four o'clock tbl? morning, reached the yard about eight o'clock. Several aalllog veaaala with oyatera, eoal, wood, Ac., have run up during the foggy weather. Sonne flue abota were made from the battery at the yard thla morning with a new DO-pouuder rifled gun, flnlabed a day or two alttce. Another 15<>-pounder. aimtlar to that on the Penaarola, haa juat been finished CAPTtRt.DAM) DEHTROVIl) TKa Ma.'.. ?t- - -- * uv ilav J i/rpaiiuiriil UflTP HilOrillttilOJl Iti&t On the Jlth ultimo the U. S ve?ael tietn of the Sena, Acting Volunteer Lieutenant Baxter commanding, ran on Mbore at the entrance to Georgetown (8 C.) harbor tbe Engltah arbooncr Prince of WaUa. from Nasaau, N. P., laden wltb a-ilt and orange*, and burned her She wan endeavoring to run the blockade and nm<l n? itt?n?i?? * I ? ?w - *%? ? vii ?u tur ordere to heave too. In her La?te *he rait aahore, when the Jumet Adger rameup within two i?l!ea and her rommander aent hla boata to the aaalatance of Lieut. Baiter, which together proceeded to the Prince of Wale*, aground lnalde, and found her abandoned and aet on Are. By laboring aame boura they extlnguiahed the flames and got afloat, when In getting her out *he ran aground again. The rt-belfl. to the number of 150, then coonmenced a lire oa the men and boata of the two U 9. steam?*M ao engaged. Tbe latter abandoned the attempt to get oif the Hchooner, and themao1w*? <? *? ?? * m iu >aia, m an nn nre, ere turning their attention to the rebel#, ? bora they shortly afterward* dispersed, without a alogle casualty from their shots. The Prince of Wales was completely burned, with her cargo On tb*31st ult, the U. S vessel, the Augusta, Captain Parmtt, captured the schooner Island Uelie, also of Nasssu, N P.. lsden with sugar snd molasses, ^heut thrive miles southeast of RnlDa I-1--J 11.? "Vl? ?---? mmu m itMini ngut d#u a clearance for Baltimore, but wben lirsl seen was standing In i for Bull's Bay. ?he was originally a Charleston vessel, tbe | General Ripley. H?-r British register beers date Ncwmber 4, ISGI | Last Friday night, a boat with seven men was j captured near Liverpool Point, down tbe river. One of tbe parties captured said be was a merchant of New York cltv. aod was on bis way i South for tbe purpose of settling some business of J t commercial character A second represented 1 himself as tbe Rev. Mr. Binead, recently of Bal. 11 more, and a (bird said bia name was John Rea, ion of Mr. Jobn H Rea, of tbe same city. He lou cap*. Frank tLat hla object In endeavoring k> get into Virginia waafor theparpoaeof making collectlona of accounta due their firm. Tbe other pirtlea were Marylandera, and had agreed to con- ] vey the three Into Viwlnl* '*? - 0 ?wui? V* 1VUI J hundred dollar*. The boat wa? confiscated, and j the party tent up In the Jacob Bell. FIKST MIIYLAND C1V4LRT Colonel AG. Miller, of the regular act vice, United State* army, baa been appointed Colonel ?f the lat Maryland Cavalry Regiment, vice J 1\ Craager, In wboae cams a court of Inquiry waa recently held In Baltimore. It waa generally inppoaed that Mr. Creager had aecured tLe com- . ml talon of Coloael, bat tb? Secretary of War ienied thla, adding that fcia proper rank w that of a recruiting aergeant tmk pataonns or th? wiaconaui kkojmkht. Amoogthenumberof prisoners recently returned ?v.i mvmiiuaii ?? iwcoijr-iorse aoiaiera of tbe ] id WlacoMln Regiment. Colonel Manefleld, the agent of tbia 8tai??, bu mad* arrangements to bave theee men taken to Arlington Height*? Oeaeral King's brigade?where tbeywlll be well cared for by Colonel Manafletd and their brave j comradea. RBTVB3BD TO ro?T WABRBN i Mayor Brown, of Baltimore, has returned to 1 Port Warrea, Boeten harbor, tola parol* of thirty < lays having expired. While relieved from lm> 1 priamisent ho wae vtelted by many of hla Baltl* | more frfnda, the terms of his parole not per. milting ?lm to leave the limit* of Maaaaehooette j w cotrmactt foe cattle. The Commlaaary Department has made a contract for four thouaand beed of cattle, with the privilege of taking ten tbooaand, at S3 80 per hundred, live weight, to be delivered at Harrl*borg, York, or Chamb?raburg, aa will ault the Government. UTVIKIB. Assistant Henry Mitchell, of the Coast Surrey, who, at the request of General McCleilan, w?? sent to Hatterss to examine Into the effect of tb? winter storms, and especially of the gr <; (ale, has returned with valuable Information. The released three-years' men, Union prisoners recently arrived from Richmond, have all been granted a thirty-days' furlough, to enable such of them as choose to visit their families and friends ere again going upon acUve duty. AKKtVBD. The U. 8. aloop-of-war John Adams arrived at New York on Saturday last, from the East Indie*. arbxmt or srgpiciocs character*. During Friday night last, the attention of the pl-ketsof the Sixty-third Repiment.Coi Enright, which was on outpoMf duty In front of Oen Sumner'* division, vrii attracted by frequent whistling and the ringing of bells In the bruah In front of them. One of the pickets discovered two men, with n dark lanteru. dodging In the woods. He challenged their, and failing to receive an answer be tired. The lantern was immediately obscured. Lieut. Sullivan of Company K, Capt. Hranagan, with rome of his men. Instituted a search, hut nothing could be found. Saturday morning, about ten o'clock, just before the regiment returned from picket duty, two men were Keen outaide our lines under auspicious circumstance*, and w;re srreated. Their names are HenryC. Brown and George Washington Hu'.chlns. One of them had sixty dollars in gold, with plenty of Southern shin plasters They represented that they belonged to Alexandria, had gone South in June last to collect some money, and had previously made two ineffectual attempts to escape. They were sent to headquarters. 4KCK8H PLOT FRCSTHATXD On Thursday night, between 8 and 0 o'clock. VI 1<. tkA <v# tlw. ? 1 J c __ wuur mg army ui lur r"i'iuiac won riiTeioIira in a dense fog, a mysterious occurrence took place In some of our divisions across the river. It was ascertained that the baiters of many of the bows in the Firat N>-w York Cavalry regiment, in Gen. Franklin'* division; of the Eighth Illinois Cavalry regiment, in Gen Sumner's division; and of the batteries, were cut, the horses running loose all over the encampments. 1'pon examination It Was found that the baiters had been cut with { harp kn've*. and that several Individuals must have been engaped in the business. The First New York Cavalry had neartf two hundred horses cut locse, five or six of which have been lost It is believed that thete was seme secret plan on foot, the successful execution of which wou'd bave redounded to the benefit of the rebels It is said that a demonstration on our pickets that evening was contemplated, but the attempt to Impiir the efllclercy of our cavalry and to cripple our artillery was discovered in time by the horses running through the camps. Certain residents of the vicinity, known Southern sympathisers, and susp:?ct*>d of complicity in the affair, have been arrested by Captain Boyd, Provost Marshal of Gen Franklin's division. ron L.Tf?is, va., jan. y.? nm:or star A moat painful aTldent took place at the fort yesterday Mr Patrick Gaflney, a private in com panv F. Captain Weatmore. 26th Regiment New York Volunteers, came to his death in the following: manne*: He wu standing on a plank which was over a bomb proof that waa tone slxeen feet deep, when the plank wm struck by a of; drawn by a team, throwing Gsffnev into the pit, and in the fall he broke his back. He lived some six hours, In great pain. Gaffney was from Frankfort, Herkimer county. New York, and has a father in the Morgan Artillery, who took his body to New York for burial His remains were conducted to the Washington boat by his company, this afternoon He was a good soldier, and much r?>*p#cte<1 ^y his comrades. Tfce61?h New York Regiment,which is attached to General Sumner'a division, came to the land of Dixit on Tuesday. They are a fine lot of man, mostly Irish. We had a heavy rain last night, The snow Is all gone and roada very muddy. Richards. AFFAIRS DOWN HIVIE U S steamer Stepping Stones, ) Off Blacklatone's Island, Jan. 6, 1802 } We left Liverpool Point at 4 o'clock yesterday morning, and tandins down the river arrived at Cedar Point about half-past 7, having passed our pickets at Boyd's Hole, and other places, without molestation 1 mention this, because we btd oeen cauuonea now we approached too clone, even the Maryland abore, aa oar yeasHi had been flred into, under tbe auppoaltlon that they may belong to tbe aecea?lonl?ta After breakfaat, wo wont on *Lam a llklU bolow 1* wa? bitterly cold, but pleaaant notwftbitanding, aa the aky vu delightfully clear. Flocks of wild iwam and ducka were diaporting theraielvea on the water or flying in the air, enjoying themoelvea in an atmoaphere that would aatonlab a Hottentot: hut It ia all * m???r ?f nr" landed, and walked along the beach toward* a comfortable-looking mansion, a little above. Arrived opposite the mention, we vialted some of the cabins of the Degroea. to lay in *ome small mock, in the shape of chicken*, winter vegetables, Arc. Weancceededtoa charm. And, here, let me bear my testimony to the Intelligence, the comfort, and the jollity of the alave* on Mrs. Harris1 plantation. Well clad, well fed. and good looking?they are the beau-Ideal of Maryland negroes The mother of one sable fsmllv deserves credit for her exuberance; and were she a daughter of I*ra?l in ancient times, when Joab, King ?* J * ? * * ' " i?T?u-a urnerai-in-cniej, eiprenwd I wUh tb?t tbe Lord would "add unto the people, how many soever they be, an hundred-fold," ahe would bave been canonised. Having concluded our bargaina, we paid a visit of courteay to the manalon houae. and were kindly received and hoapitably entertained. We are now placing atorra on board the acboon? Dana, Acting Maater Streat,, and the steamer Coeurde Lion, Acting Maater Hamilton When we have got through, bo ! for Point Look Out. W.R U. ATTENTION, COMPANY C. NAT'L llj? OI'AMD BATT'N.? Meet at Odd Fellow? Hal on FRIDAY EVENING next January 17th, atBXoclook It is hoped tliat e?ery member will he preaent, aa basme<? of impirKnoe will be bef ?re the Company. By order of the Cattatn : ill. 13 It* ?<* -? o ? i uv/HLiti r*ec. 0. O. F.?The Regular Quarterly ComIJJ munioition of the R. W. Gracd Lodne. Dietrict of Colombia, will ha held at ?id<l Pe'lowa' Hull. Seventh atreet, 011 Ml>NDA V, the JSth mat, at 7 o'clock p.m. JOHN T. BANGS, ja1l-2t Grand Secretary. O. O. P.?The membera of Ridgel; Bn1L3 campment, No. 5, are requeated to attend the recu'ar ireetiuf of th? Knoanripm*Lt on TUE8 DAY EVKNlfctt, the 14th of Jarnarj.at7o'o'ook, tor the tranaaotion of important buaineas. ja tl-2t* B_A Kl DDKR, Poribe. rr??SMlTH?M?NIAN LKCTURK8?Rer. Hl 3 w Phi . ^ a?a?* - * ?11 ___ r .. . . I loaiuouk UI CoTTece. Ken.uckf, will Jfoture on TUKHOAV EVKNING, January J4W. 8nbjeot-"Jeff#r?on M Montioello." The pu>> 10 are invited. A-mitlai.oe free. The doora *ill he opened at 7 p. in., Mid oloaed at S o'o'ock, when the lecture will #ommencs. ja l<Mt JjJERMAN FELT HHOBH! Air*. H CL1TCH, N ?. 89s* Pennajlrania aveme, between 3th a- d 10th atreeta.haa reoeived a argeiotof ttERMAN FELT BtlOE*. ja U St* l/OR BALK?A t>eaotifu!, thorough trad blaok T aud tan TKRK1KR. on? of the finect a o n the country, weighing only 4 poundt 8 mouth* old?a good ratt*r. Jnqui'e it r " he .Monument Reataurant, oorner 14th afreet and Pennaylvania av. )a 13 St* Five hundred b&rrbla new 8weet cider, < F<?f MIM by i LOVKLL, C?f LK8 * CO.. Wholesale Grocer?, 1 316 E street, J* 13_lf neer WjUard's Hotel. 1 HARVEY HAS JIST RECEIVED A ( tnousend bu?h*i? of fine*'. CHKR-^. 1 &YSTON*. OYSTERS. by the Poto-?fc /.J nao. to be served ap *t his Kst%t>l:sbmenr, on C ste^t.&tthe ola noei ; uotwiths'a >dlcc they hev? ed- ? rancec elsewhere o 01 60 per bushel. j? is FIVfc HUNDRED BARRELS 1 NEW SWEET CIDER. J For Mie hj _ _ rll ijiivKbLi UOLLI'S Jt CO., W hoW eale Oreotrt, < 31? R j? is tf ae>f WlUird'a Hotoi. nOAL OIL-COAL OIL-COAL OIL! ' COAL AND KTHERIAL OIL At Rbdtcid Pmcu! 8. W "'LAOGHLKN'8 Coal and Eiktrial Oil Manufactory, Corner New Jora*y av. and b at. JjUSJ m* FIVE HUNDRED BA?RELft NEW eWKET CIDER, tor tale br yELL COf^B9 * CO.. W Grooeri, . SIC E atrMt, , _ . jais-tf i?i ?<- ! TT ninra * flO{jiL TDK. J H . 9CHKNCK BE Celebrated Lang D otur o! Philsde pha. rill be in Waehincton, at the Drng Store of Mauri. 8. B. Wait* corner of 7th atreet and

Uoeia ana avanar, on Wedaeeday, January 15th. All ibat are oomplaintng with Couth, Co!de l oniumptiooi Liver Complaint, or lsyapepua, mould oall on kin. Ha only oan atay one day Me [ivee adviee free, but ebarfee three dol ara for a ihomugh examination with lila Reeplroca* or. gqidi*ra will be examined for ooe dollar each. / T E GRAPHIC. THE REPORT DISCREDITED^ Philadelphia, Jan. 13 ?The LohIstIIIo Journal discredits tbe story of tbe disbanding of Humphrey Marshall's rebels DEPARTURE OF GEH. ROSECRAHS. N?w York, Jan. IS?Gen Roaecrans, accompanied by his aid*, left this city last evening for Wheeling, Va. He received a dispatch late on Friday evening which compelled htm to leave Immediately. The Baraalde Expeditlaa at Fartress Maarae. Fortress Mokkoi, Jan. 10?The long expected Burns'de Expedition has arrived bere The advance, In command of Gen. Foster, came Into Hampton Roada at about one o'clock tbia afternoon, and the remaining vessels have bean arriving op to the preaenttime. The greatest enthusiasm waa manifested here when it became known that the expedition waa coming np, and the ahore, wharves and rhmparta of the Fortress were soon crowded with spectators. Knthuaiaatlc cheers were exchanged between the troops on the transitu and the crowd on the shore, and the various bands of the regiment comprising the expedition performed a nnmber of patriotic airs, ' Dixie' being the most prominent. Tbe unusual excitement in the Roada this afternoon woke np tbe cariosity of the enemy and a steam tug was sent out to reconnoitre. She came out some distance and after taking observations of the fleet returned. Tbe destioalou of the expedition Is as much a secret as ever. It will probably remain here a few days, or until the final arrangements are completed. Gen. Burnstde will arrive here tbla evening. The fleet wan detained some twelve boura in the bay by tbe heavy fog pievalling. Gen Foster and staff paid their respects to Gen. Wool this afternoon. Tbe steamer 9 R. Spau'.ding arrived from Hatteras Inlet this morning. On tbe 24th of i>ecember there arrived at the Inlet in an open boat, from Roanoke Island, fifteen contrabands, and on tbe day before tbe &oauldlng left five slaves arrived from Plymouth, N C., who bad been five days on the voyage. They sav that they were fired at as tkey passed Roanoke Island They report that much privation existed among tbe people. 9nme of the soldiers at Hatteras are employing their leisure time in conducting en adult school for the instruction of negroes. The school is under the charge of Patrick Kelly, of company C, U. 8. Artillerv, a man deeply interested in the cheme, and every way qualified for his difficult rvrv*t Mayor Brown. Bo?tox, Jan. 1*2 ?Mayor Brown, of Baltimore, returned to Fort VN'arreu yesterday, the lime of his parole having: expired. ? Notice to Watch-Makera. S. i J. M Y K RS, 10 WASBIN6TON BUILDING, Curlier of Pa. avenue and Seventh st. Jnat received a fine assortment of WATCBES ai vboiM&ie. Gold chains at wholesale: 8. A J. MYERS. 10 Washington Building. yy ATCH MATERIALS ^Tr WHOLESALE : 10 Wa<huitton Bui Ming. WATCH GL\SSK3 AT WHOLESALE! V? 8 A J MYERS. 10 Washington Bui ding. WATCH-MAKERS'TOOL8 At WholM?>! 8 A J. MYKR*. 1? Wa?bing ton UuiMing. SILK GUARDS. LEATHER GUARDS, Ac., at Wholesale! 8. 4 J. MVE?8, j\ 18 2w* 10 Washington Bm'dipg. *1. i. fka.mcl;*, SCIENTIFIC * PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 944 i'enn'a %?.,-. n^rth aide,) bet. I2tu and i*tu sia. SPECTACLES and EYEGLASSES, provided with the fineatPeriaoopio and Pebble Lenaea. ard ?Dited with ntmoat care for every ace, eye sight, and actual oondition of the viaaa orta a. first jt-a-JHLy cLA?? miuu AtiY rjKl.U-ULASSKSK MlorocoopM. CompMi?*. and Mathematical Laatrum?ate, at the lowest Eaatei a trioea. Ja 1?tr FOK 8ALp-55or ?n,noo BRICKS. A pp'y on E treet, third door from the oorner of 4*.n ?t. jail at* K70R 8ALK?A bla^k MARK. 6 i#a. oli. kiad r in a'.ncle or dnnn.a nirrp>F, Ji .S nj * ?v _ laay to nm; e*n pace or trot in 2:50 Cor- 1-.P ner of geoond street atd Pccii?ylTania?-"a venue. j \ 11 8t* Attention, si ti ers' 100 CAMP STOVES. At $ I.#0 Each. t _ BONTZ & ORlFFlTH'f. )a 11 at sbm 7th street, between I and K. A NOTICE. LL> Persons having accounts with me unsatt'ed Will please osli and settle th m by note* or other wiee. if not they wtll be plaoed in the lianas of a oolleotor to be made. ROBT. H. OR AH A M, Coaohmaker, Eighth at eet. N- B. Parties having bills against me will pleaae present them for payment ja 11 6 * 486 P,CT VTA*?BLsP AND 486 Different Po'ored Picture Cord and Taaseis, from Photograph to Portrait Bias, Pioiare Kings, Nails, fce. Cheap for oaah *.t JOHN MARKRITKK'S, N?. 4^6 7th at.^ight doors above ja 11 8til* Odd Fellowa Hall. VVAGONS! WAGON8!! v? WAUONS!!! I have row on hind a lot of very author new WAGONS, which will be told very cheap. Alio, Poles, Shifti, Lamps, Ao ROBT. H GRAHAM, Coachmaker, fcithth slreet. lU' Repairing of all kinds prompt.? attended to Ja lUf 486 ?^AL picTURK FRAMfcS.48G The hand'omeat >aaortm*nt of Oval Picture Frames 111 thia oitv, from the best manufactures in the noubtnr, whicn (accord icc to the material and workmanship) w?'l be sold oheap for cash. Also different Patters Card Visit* ^ J. Mi* RKR1TKRC, Remember the number No. 4*6 7th atreet, eic ht doora aN?ve lal'-8tifr Odd Fellows' Hall. BtRNSI DE'S Patent Portable House. The inventor calla the attention of Sutlers and others to this useful invention A Hoate can be Kll 1 It K? tkia 1 r .ilk*..# ?? 1 - ..... ..... wituvut nam, igrevi, or groove*. Bam?s and Stables built id the ?ame way. It stab* pot op and taken down without icjnry to tfio b.ia-ds. Order* can t>e left with SAMUEL WISE, Boilder. No, 346 E street, n^ar Th?'t*'*ntn, jail Im Washimton. D. C. Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And Dkalbrs in SWORDS, PA8HK8. BELTS. EPAULET*. SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, And every variety ol READY MADE CLOTHING, At Riasoiublb Pricks. WALL, STEPHENS* CO.. ?9? 1 > fwuaj T?ui* BTOfiUO. uviwren J* It [lotel. A Kepuh ] tfth and loth sts. f\l?SOLUTlON OF COPARTNERSHIP.? 1/ The Co partnership heretofore existing between the nrdersigned wee fiRtolred by mutual consent, on Wednesday the ad of May laat, and by th? terms of that dissolution the nettle-neat of the affairs of the firm wa? left to?and tfce bosinesa has since then?a^d will hereafter be oarned on I by the undermfned. Maria Tavlor. Ail persons i:.debto<l to t&e iim who have ant ulosed their aoocunts, will please do so without further deiay. , MARIS TAYLOR. ] Jan.9th,!??. EPGAK ? HliToHIgON. 1* A CARD I HE Undersigned r*tnrnahis sinoera thanks to the patrons o: i o late fiim of Tailob A Hctcb i*r>n, io tin liberal patroaace cestowed on thorn ' luring their oopartsersh'p. and hopea br s'riot at t^rtion to basmees.and to the wants ofthieoom- , inanity, to merit a oontinoanee of toe same in the ? [uture. MARIS TAYLOR. January ja l? St ( Rn? vt n.i 't Medicated Cough Candy, F*r COUGHS, COLDS, BRONCHITIS. INFLUENZA, . ? . . HOAHSENBSS, And all intnpitnt ttagt tf Consumption. I For aa , whole*;* and r?tail, by * O. 809WKLL. Drwrriit. 1 D u.curt, VI. , ? v \vr;l' j. w Nil . h V J. ? O'Djmmu. - \ iv8AOV(L^'' J.^fiSKL ! hy~i-?c.. rs: Sja.TAM'V z. B. otex Pons. mm nefti Brown's Hotel. i M%XSlwiZZi* T-CtaM,l> ' L- -w?> 1 AMbiDrantmulg?u?iiwanUr. MIMr* i WASHINGTON, D. C , JANUARY, 1M?. ^ REMOVAL. *A. BINHGER & CO. AT* REMOVED TO N?. 310 PENNSYLVANIA AVENl l!, erroitTi WILLARD9" HOTEL | We Invito the attention of oar frloada and ^ patrona to tbe Card below : No. 919 Pmhitlujiia Avixn, > (eppoittr Wtliard'* HtUl,) > Tbe Subocrlbera, having opened a Branch Eotobllahment in thla City a few montha Mnce, and feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage already received from l?a friend* and the lovera of pure and genuine WINES, LIQUORS, tad other articles In tbelr line, have determined upon a continuance and extenalon of tbelr bu%lneea. Their assortment embraces? FINE COGNAC BRANDIES (of various age, brands, and district*.) BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES. JAMAICA RUM, WINS, Ac Also, several valuable Tonics, Bitters, and Stomachics, which are remedies for bowel complalnta, fever and ague, headache, and the like MADEIRA, SHERRY A PORT WINES, CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE, AND GERMAN WINES. HAVANA ?EGARS, Of all Varieties and Prlcrt. FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEE9B, PRESERVED MEATS AND FRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS, SWEET OIL, Ac , Ac. The Stock was particularly selected to suit the w&nta of Hotel-Keepers. Sutlers. Restaurateurs, Ac. They are Invited to visit the establishment, which 1? under the direction of Mr. Joa. P. WiLtow. Owing to the fact that they Import moat of the articles direct, and to their many business facilities, they are enabled to offer their atock Gooda at very low prlcea. Your obedient servants, A. BINIHGER A- CO., Importtrs of Foreign W\n?t, Liquors, fc. ja 11-tf New Yokk asd Waihinsios. tMVE HUNDRED BARRLL* 1 NEW eWEET CIDER, For s&le by 1 L.O VELL, COM.ES A CO , Wtoeaale Gr<o?rr, 316 ? atreet, ja 15-tf peer WUlard'a Hotel. Dayton's Bakery. VBOM NEW YORK. BRANCH, No 466 t. lev'nth at., betxeetn O and H, WASHINGTON. D. C. DAYTON'S PIC NIC A OYSTER CRACKERS, SPONGE BUTTER CRACKERS, ? OOBIU.l URA< &E/RS, WATER CRACKLRS. SODA CRACKERt1. WATER CRACKERS. LEMON BISCUIT. " Calehra ted~M INCE PIES. Hotel- keepers, Hiade of Families, aad >utlers ar? mvitrd to try oa* excellent MINCE PIES. TESTIMONIAL. Camt Scorr. Sept, 9 IMi. Me. Daytoh?Sir i All of us, both ofloen aad privates, hare ate freely of yoar PIm. I oao oosscienuonsiy itati that no man is oa the aiok list from partakinc*of them. To tail the tmth, we are iiDMi-tioi D?o?tM we oui |?* enovcfc of them. They are the only real lexer? w* hare had aiooe we left hone. k. Tin#lit, Sergeoa. ITT Diaooant to Uie Trade J. L. DAYTON, J* 111m 436 Eleventh at, Washington, D. C. CMVE HUNDRED BARRE1S r .vfcW tWKET CIDKi, For aale by LOVELL, COLLE8 * CO , Who.eeaie tirucers, 316 E street, ja IS-tf nw Willard'a Hotti. COME ONE ANIL ALL. To the Peoele'a Clothing Store. No. 4 mi ?th atreet. aa1 get your 6ooda at aetoniahiu?'ow prieea. |)ED BLANKETS, COMFORTS AND I) 8hMUn(i. W silts. Tick iocs, Towels, Table Linens, and all otner kitdi ol HoivkM^ri1 Diy Goods, all at our proverbial!* low ir.oti, marktd lu plain &( '??. PKRRY * BKO., ja7 fit Penn.avenue and Ninth ?t. Black rta i BLACK TEA! 50 ohMta standard Btaek T?* ha*? bean raoeived to-day. Also, oboioe brtn Tea KINS A BURCHELL. ja3 Corner 15th street and Vermont av. AND B 1^A_U T I F 0 L! 460 NINTH STREET. 1 have jut reoeived from New York a vary ohoice selection of the to.lowmc rood* Th? attention of those in want is soiieitM. PAPERBANG1N6S roa Parlors^, _ Bed Rooms, Vestibsiea. Gold BiSi '1 KOO?,, Ce,hn?-Md other atyleeof Line, and Tn??liDtiVIWDOW BBADB8 Plotere Loom. Tamil and Corda, Si.&ds ( ordi Ht' Tftiflilt. MATTKSSSMS AND CUSHIONS Or ail descriptions, made to order. la yy,OEI ARB PaF*?*4.K?I1??, la all ?U various style*. exeeatea trumptiy, at the fTT" 3 laired. ai?213aw3w - L. J. ROTHKOCK. ouniiftEO BNK?rE8WEET CIDER. I For aftle by LOVELLt COLLE9 * CO.. Wholeatie Groena, 316 E it'NC I ja W-tf atw ?V iHird'i Hotel. OQQ JOHNSON * NAOLE. fiO fiuJ iMFoftrm or iO?7 WIN MS. LIQUOKS. H *TANA CIGARS, FlSM QHOCAR1 Mb, tc , St. 869 Pa a**niie, betwaea ?ih ud MU I'.rNto, Wa* rung t _ q, D. C. No. 10 Royal >t, near King. Alexandria, *. ' tola Agenta for the SPARK LINO HOCK and MOSELLE WINKS ot the Hockbein Joint Stook Co., in Huekbeun j on the RniDa. Cooetantly oa kaad U?ir MjlHi 'Sparkling Rod and MotdU Cabin# Wtmm Connotaaaar* arc UTiM to civa toftU. Ma READING ALE AND LAGEt BIE* DH POT. of the NltbntM braver; of Mr. r aMx, to t* tad ia layr ud mall quantiUaa. Aiao, JPioklae, . Satrap, Piokled Obiom. Pepper 8mc?, Vinacar, 1 uid ttomr aroat, bj the barrel ca loa, or io CHARLES MADt8? IReataarast ( da 38 Im* aoraar Pa. axaaaa and Tfird it j .^2"LttQPfc ?5 tSttlfe- 1 ae jggjarc.riifcKtM' ""tag I M,UT"T TJHStfWoO* .. . Ready-aida or mada to orfar. Tka atoat axton (Btfir HI???? ?. ] Ovorootu. Drw* M4 P?ti|i? Coau, Puti. ui a Plate. Mid* to ordor, om t ort BOtM*. at o?r ?? ?] "!T^; ,~V- j * MViWOMdr Market 4?lM?r n V ? r , l GT10N SALJfcv. THIS AFTERNOON ? TO-MOKKO . \XXVZt G^VKENMENT BALE OP HOKStr AND Mfm at Algft!-Will ba aoM at aao ion ,a- irjsjr^rssi; am***.>t HnraM a ad Mula*. Alao. tw(l?? H<ooil(x) Mara with toa!, aoadair n?d aa arlt for pakht iiniia. C to ro 'inftnM Aft lA ?'?lrAfc T?w ctik ia ?>wn. By order 01 1 DANA, Capt*in AMKMt U iart*riMol*r. ja7 WAUL a HAhNAR u. A acta. Br J. G. MoGUIRK * OO . a. Extknsivk and PUKMPTntV baij or Peanut a*.?( n FRiDAY MORN IN 6. JtLiirf loth, at 10 o'a'oek.oo ?ho tr?t floor of Oar?il'< Saloon. ooraor of Klmntk and D we shall ao!!, without roaorva. for aooiant o? whop it ma? oocoorn. a arc* a?sortsoat oI now Faroi % tur?, coaaniiBC? i Manogdor and WaJnut Sofra aad Ta? Td- n or Tknovi patterns. doz-n IV e arat and back look id* Cfcairm, 6 do Case Mat aad back Norae Roe**-.. Can* *ea- Ck<ura, Tario?? rfrlta M df??n Oak Fn>nok Dinar Ckat*a. M Mahocany and M'tut ffi?aiatlaraaaa. IS do do do Hjokoatf*. 1? painiro Draw'"! Round Leaf, and Chamber 10" Double ?rd Sir.tie Cottar* Brd at?a.? Chjl Beaded Btdeteada a-?d Oiba. 6n doaeo < ana aad Wood Mat Ckairr, O D W 2 o?! H'B W\v%fmw T?, VHJV vwirp Chi'dror'i Chun oI rnMit kind*. B.o4?. Toy Ctiti, Portable \Vntinc D#?kr, Tcw*l Rieki, P.a#h oororod Mo* c fctoola, Hkr d*j"Ke Gotta** Churbw SoU, Toi*tler with mao othor artioloa of Faraitar* ALSO? 4 800 Hoary Double Comfort*. On Wintlo Paather Bods and Pil)?va. attention of tfc? trad* la partioaJarlr oallod to Lbi* Mie. vhioU will ko a*4o ia lota u "V*7-d 4. C. MeOCIEB A CO., Aact*. C7"THE ABOVE BALE I8UNAV >1DA BLY Polled anbl Ti^DaY MOUSING Jaaaatj UUi, ubn hoar ipd plaoe >J? _ i. C. MeGUIBK k. CO. tMfn, Br J.C. MrGl'lRE.* CO. AotOoMrt. PEREMPTORY 9ALK OP VALUABLE BVMNEt* I OT. (OMIl or P T???T A*I' Fir?t miir Win -On TtKPDAY AFTE* NooN, Jai.unr? J?'h, at 4 o'o oek. oa tbe frf? isa>, we itiaii ? Lto 'he h gh?et b ddec. L?ot >o. 1, m ?q-ar? No *67, fronting jn fact ??n Ptret street wait, at ib? o<rner of North F aireet, aid ruBuiax tack ine f+t Thin I ot ia well n'nat'd U?r buataeen pnreoee*. bmcc near tbe Railroad Oopot, with a braoeh road runr u f immediitely in fr> at of the preaiinea Terms : One third o%ah. the rerr.ainder ia nix anC tweive noatha, with interest, aeonred b? a deed of treat on the premise* ja l?-d J.C. Mo?mRK k. CO . Aeeta. FUTURE DATE. By WALL A BARNARD, Aootooaoora. C ^Clo?h OBVH lVSDA Y &SMMK5 It o'oiook, tu? bvance of a Bare Mat tailor, aoa lft ng of? Superior quality B^aror Sack Coats, Bx'r* p*nor B &ok Oiiiiiaa, " '* Pm?k Coat*. Rlaok Cus'mw VmU, B!?ok t?ilk Ve*to. Pucr Bilk and Bilk Voir* Ve?u, Toilaaett*, Ca<iimoro, Ac A ?o, a lew n?o<eof i awiewro. jalSd (H>H WALL A BARM K D. Aoof. Br J. C. M CURE A CO.. Aaeuoaeo*. P'ltt STYLISH .REV hOnlKf. TCP Brtor. "li 9B *rj> HiimtAT Arciion ? Oa ?A I t RDAY MORNING, Jtcatr? MUt. at *1 o' nek, faralM too Auction Rcoaw, wa oaali ^ all- ^ V 1 lairr y'i hOr?j Bo"H, 1 Top Bucfy \Va*on, 1 en Doob!? Harnom. _ 1 * "f n. li>r leaoant of vhmn it m> ??? hi fe? liv? "j die i r<na ca? h JOHN GRFGSON. Metroix- it.*D LiT?rr StaMae. Jall-aote J. C MeOUIKE * CO.. Aae??. Br J C. MotiUIK K * CO.. AoobuDMre. Extensive sale op a valuable I mtlT or Boon?On WEDNESDAY KVfcNlNG, January i5th, at 7 Ooiock, at the A uctii - Rnoni, corw of TMlkand D ?tr*U. (ball eel: the Valuable i.ibrar? of the Imte G?t. Walter J "nee. bem* a "OUeettoa ot AstrNU ud Fo eifB Worka,oiH?iiM id two parte, vis: PAKT I. \ JfliflflttftUMU W if&L In Hietory. AnU^eit?Anci'ut apt Modern Lib asKva^a'iaivnt tea ratoaers < ltMIM >V r l?ti, EsojoloiadiM, Military Books Nonli, 4r PART II. J m 11 ii? cutd Emgltik Im Books Of every denerietion. inaladi&t the Law* of War %-d Peao*. Right* of He i??rerU u4 Na^ trale, Admiralty Lavs. Lav of Prises, Coert Marty's, *o. The vhole a eollaatios of aboat MM tp d me., 'o bo sold wittoat reeerve Tfraa oast. TH09 MILLER, Kxeeaor. Ja?0-d J. C. MoUUIRk a CO.. AaeU. TH?A^^2T?5i V? ftZZ- '"f Court of Waahu?U?? County, la the District of Oo.Brnb.a, oa U?e personal estate cf George O. Brash, lata of Washington ooactyj deceased. All pereoas haviag claims Htiui jus mm gtotuM in twtkr watd to exbibit the saire. with the fuocyri tliiriof, to llM iiburibtr, on or bafore the fourtt day of J an nary next: Umt any otherwiee by IftV be xoiadad frotr all beoafit of the mm) eatata. tiiean under mi hand this fourth fey of Jut ary.lM O.W. ANfe). JtHtwiw ? Atoimtrater, 11 ARM DEN'S EXPRESS II (KlTltLIfltD in 19S*,> ti*f !'? ? to inform the pub ic that they hare ei tendt d 'heir * xereea to Waakiaaton. and mrm maw paparrd to T'tci ort Merchandise, Bank NotM. fcpec a, Jawalry, to., to all lata of U?? Mtddie, 7v?w Etui at%d ard iTu(?r? Statu aai Camada. Cocc?o<lBc ?ith thf Boat ra?poB?ihie Rifrv* throaghoat the count?; w arm ecaHwd to eflk* *MA<ruall*d fmcilit >?> to *11 who at) favor a* with their pa: ronage. Fur term* art* further in for ma tiunappjto KA SMITH. Afant. Third at.,tl 4oor below fa. a\enaa. * I J Jat > > Waahiitoa. D C. Oyster*! Oysters i THE OVRRLANgOYS^KR EXPRESS Still oontinaa to tw>?tve dai y thoae fa?oaa plant*) PATIIE.M RIVE* nv>Tkn? ? ? Ke?t?u iota and private ZV^ wonld d? well to ca' ano ?rv the*. M Tli0M0T>t?n?r?iul<l K bonri after I# the? com* from tbe wator. . nV u?ee No. 49 Mark* Spaoe, Wow tk* 4r?co? Hoait. )t l-lm ^ J U 8 I C SIMPLIFIED! Nrtc Mrxkod of Musical Education Wit \LEUNbEH WOLOWIKI, PIANIST AND COMPOSE*, Honorary member of the pnueipil Pfclltaarmoaio ndiUim of Karope, eto , haa arrived fro* N?w York, and oieiiaooirHot mm >na by kia extra ordinary u*th?d. which haa ar- ducad the grrateet eo atioa in Enropo. and lately ib Amerioa, fnr t)ia|ii( and Piano Forte. ? iae w iiueti1* method a peri on having oa'y ft tut kit knowiedie of maa o will be enabled in a vary abort tine t<> read muaio with jr*at facility, and at the Mm* time execute Operatic aa we la? Claaaioa Muaic wi'h a rare per eotion and make thema' ie t > ao oompan? tbaireeiTae from every tar ti a new maroh of t arnon . A? to the Vooai part, by hie wij of v oviaa ion, he arrirae at m<>et extraot dinarj retu U. render# tiie vjioe aowerfal, a d u?e inter la enablao to voaaliat the moat diftoait paiaacea with r^eat facility, aooaraoy. aid laa K , aaality rf tone Mr. W wi'l beaia hia a-araa M * * leaaona immediately in W??hinctOfl, and all par oaa who deal re to beooa* fine ainf era or exooHePt performer* oaa apply at hi* reaidenoe. No. 4M Eleventh atreet. between E aad F at-reta from In to 12a. m. daily. Children above 18 ye?ra of age are aooenied. l^aotarea at i?mirwa attended to on liberal terwa. |at Iv TO 1 SUTLEBB AND L.bMfcH. EECTAUEANTB. for stle ilmf by WM. OOlWIN BURGV, No. UT PKKJITUM tTMM, J*? ?urn? ? BUlfc 1 CHARLU POWLKR * C?.t IMfOtTIU, WBOLBBJ LB A.KD mBTA.lL DBALBB IB CHINA, GLASS, AND EARTHEN WARE, TINE CVTLKMY. PLATED WAKE, AA MOLL METAL GOODS, BLOCE TIN GOODS. TIE C H AM EES BETS JAP ANN Eb WAIT EES, ETHEE1AL AND SOLAS LAMPS. . lAJAL OIL LAMPS. LASTS&N8, ? i ?.r - * ik PINWICI ft BTKW1KT, )*!??' >of,iro"TUrt.M<bM>>l. gUCKLET'S AftMY_CBAi* .i&aftjSft traasi tt*vsat ] SMS; :*? iv-r"4W"V-? TM mm t 4 ' Mr a riniHM BX A UMw ? '^??SX>f?t?Li. I MOLD AND I'NCl'EJJKNT MONEY PI ? + IT ?huM BrowMfP a CmritMi Anoisii I Pfwl^ WPI|

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