Newspaper of Evening Star, January 13, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 13, 1862 Page 4
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y i ? ?i THE EVENING 8TAR. THE BEST OP HTSBAIflH. [Imitatsd from the German J BTJ0H3 0 SAX I O, I have a husband aa good as can be; No woman could wiah for a better than he! Mometlmea, Indeed, he may chance to be wrong, Bat his love for me la uncommonly strong ! w? h*? one little fault that make* me fret, Be has always lw mosey, by far, than debt; Moreover, be wallop* me, now and tben,? Mut, excepting that, he's the best of men ! I own be la dreadfully given to drink ; And bealdes be la rather too fond, I think, Of playing at carda and dire; but tben, Excepting that, he's the beat of men! He loves to chat with the girls, I know, I'Tla the war with men?they're alwaya so) tat what care I for (bts filrttng,?when. Excepting that, be'i the bes^ of men I can't bat say I think be is rssb To pawn my pewter, and apend the eaab ; -? ? I maM mtj Marlfnor urh^l% J0UI UWW I K.v>? a*'T ?'Ft ? " ? -?J Excepting that, ne's the beat of men ? When soakpd with tipple, he's hardly polite,But knock* the crockery left and right. And palls my hair, and growls again? But, excepting that, he's the best of men ! Yes??ucb Is the loyalty I have shown; But I have a spouse who is sll my own, ^ As good, Indeed, as a can be; And who could ask for a tK. than he * [JV Y Ledger. ?? - "~ Tn* District hi Cokgr**s ?fv bill was considered by the Senate on Friday in rt.rar^to the administration of criminal justlca in ta? District Vf Columbia. It provides that all persons, except those held In final judgment, who were colli.''?*1 In the jail of the District of Colombia prior to tve last term of tbe Criminal Court, against whom no indictment bad u?en found, should be entitled to their liberty; and It to to be the duty of the Judge of the Criminal Court to cause an order to be entered on tbe recorda of the court, before the final adjournment of each term, making * general delivery of all against whom no Indictment baa been found. The bill having been amended bv excepting person* held In final judgment, Mr. Powell moved to add the worda "and fugitive slaves Mr. Crimea entered into a statement to show the objects of, and necessity for, such an enactment. He thought that there never was such a place as the jail of Washington as It was at the befflnnlng of the present session, (it baa been since Improved,) except the French bastileand the dungeons of Venice. It seemed that it bad not been osual to dJsrherK* persons who had been commit led for alleged offence* at tbe end of a term of th? criminal court, and tblt bill wm designed to provide for suet cases One white man bad been confined nearly six months, and although he had applied to the committing magistrate and In other quarter* he could not ascertain what the charge against him was. There were seveibl cases of colored boys being coniined for long periods on bo accusation except that they were runaways. There were many cases of this sort; if a flave wandered a certain distance from the master'* residence, even to pick berries or visit a friend, there were harpies lying in wait who arrested and Imprisoned the slave, and when weeks afterwards the master discovered the condition of his servant he could not reclaim him without paying jailor's fees, justice's fees, constable's fees, and *n "apprehension" fee, which was the temptation for such arrests. There were 170 persons in the jail, which was three times more than the capacity of the jail. .nr. uicimuia me ract tbat a man whether white or black, could be there on a mittimus for thirteen months, was a disgrace to our system of jurisprudence. The subject was postponed to Tuesday next. srprixb Court, Jan. 9 ?No. 67. Ferdinand N. Clark, appellant, vs. Wm. H Y. Hackett. This cause was argued by Mr. Hackett, the appellee, in propria persona. No. 71. Jesse Hoyt. plaintiff In error, vs. Edw G Thompson, administrator, with the will annexed, of Abraham 6. Thompson, deceased, and the Long Island Railroad Company, This cause wa^argued by Mr Hoyt, theappellant, in propria persona, by Mr. Stoughton ana Mr. Blatchrord for Abraham G. Thompson's administrator, and submitted on a printed argument by Mr De Forrest for the Long Island Railroad Company. Jaxcahy 10 ?Mr. Thaddeus H Lane, of New York, and Hon Timothy O. Howe, of Wisconsin w?r? ?/ImlttoH At* nmairs sn/l rsaII wihj ?. v? v * ?*v>* u< f uitu v> vuua^uui v Ul this Conrt No. 76 Robert Turner, appellant, v*. Andrew Faantgain et al. This cause waa aubmltted to the consideration of tbe Court on the record and printed arguments by Mr Barroll for tbe appellant, and by Mr. ferine for tbe appellees. JET This la miserable talk: we find it in a letter froua Washington to a Massachusetts paper, namely: "Mr Cbase, though evidently a little dispirited, is not in the least discouraged He will take the government along handsomely yet, vnlass be is paralyzed by tbe President or General McClellan'a non-action." 'Paralyied by tbe President or General McClellan"' Here is another fool outside of the N . Y. Tribnne?Boston Pott. U"7" A correspondent of tbe Glasgow Herald mentions that In a certain church the other Sunday, the singers inisht have been heard Droclaim lag an entymologlcal pursuit la tfce lollowiig line of a hymn: "And we'll catch the flee, And we'll catch the flee, And we'll catch the fieet-ing hour* ! Pat or Nos-CoMnminjiii) OrricsBs or tbs Akmt.?Senator Wilson's bill now before Con. great, to increase the tfflciency of the army, provides for tha increase of the pay of non commissioned officers of the army per month. The act of last Congress, increasing the pay of privates to #13, made a private equal to a corporal In point of pay. fiT"S!nce tha b?ard and moustache followed tha wake of lager and meerschaum, and became Americanized, the number of barber shops in Philadelphia bas fallen from over two hundred to about eighty. There are not over one-sixth aa many shaving rushes manufactured, and the Importation of razors has declined In a correspond lag ratio. Ca*!?os to bk Placed at Suspx.nsioii Bkidok. The Niagara (Suspension Bridge) Herald Is apprised from trustworthy sources that a military company bu teen organized at Clifton, C. W , and that an application bad been made at the proper department for two cannon. to be stationed at some point near Suspeuaion Bridge. fTT Mr*. Timothy Bradiee. of Trombull county, Ohio, recently gave birth to eight children?three bovs and five girls; all lived Poor Mr. Bradiee baa the sympathy of the community and bears up as well as could be exported, Mrs. B. bearing better. Jeff Davis'* bogus Confederacy bu already acknowledged iUelf bankrupt. The Secretary of the Treasury baa Informed Tennessee that the ' Government" cannot pay the sum that State has expended for the war !t is rather questionable whether Tennessee herself can pay the amount. A AT REDUCED RATES. * LL Clocks and en*wis ! All Fine Dress Goods! All Medium D-ess Uonda! Also, our aiua! fine atook of ali the Hit Go?da Requisites for families. One jrioe only, marked 1a ^4*BR o jl9M Pwn. avenue and Ninth'*! NilltWf Boots att) VII AT W H OLE SALE. ! ? We have m* in tor#? 10 oum Oa.f Stitched fccainel Let Boota, ** Grain " S moh ** " t" : aMi*1- : l? - heavy uoaV ?uie 16al8 inch " ? " Caif " "16 inch ' 1m, a variety of Cai f aod Kip Boots, B >y ' and Yoatha' Boota, and Ladiee' BalmoraieJ7T. WHITEHOUBK. No. 16 Market Pp&o4. de aim' Penn. av.. between tth and feh eta. DR. DUPONT8 SUGAR COAT BO rBMALE REGULATING PILLS , Read U10 foUawiag eaaohcited enooau una: f "I cannot oommend ?hem too highly. Wr "They are the boat t emale Pills extant." "1 have uaed them With oomptete inoneta." "Would not be vitaont them upon any oonaideratict." "They operate aneedi'y and effective!/." _ ? Pfioe $\ Seat byimil Sold by 8. C. UPHAM, SIO Cor.nut itreet, Ps:laJelf bta,and in Waahln<ton by S. C. FORl), oorner 11th atreet and Pa. aW* laRwh S3$.V8E51YcAA,:rat A.L^?B re of diet repaired It ts an Kn*??eoifio of euttr-five year a atan< and will not barn tne moat delioate eon-^^E^ stitnrioa It eotitai?e?e mintralt, prio? (1. Sold by S.C. UPHAM, 310 ibeennt atreet, Pfciladelakia, and in WMhington by S. C. PoRD, aanxr nth atreet aad Pa. a?e, ao? eolr ^T^IiNTlON.^TJLBRfc.OFFICBRS AMD A largattoekofCAMP STOVES, mMabotared aa4 for ml* at Sill Panuarlvama ^twu, bmi Center Market. dall-tf 1. J. GREGORY. J LTB'f R-Jv^wnm^ivV-^Jor mi? ?ow at BROWNING k EEAtflfG'8, de 4 Sbkwtt _ 3*3 Pa.aTtoaa,?r?U >. JUBT RBCE1VED A LOT OP THAT VERY porioT OLD CABINET _ J U*wtr 339 Pa >wMi?a M?r Oh >1 miam^ssve u. , / a. y? j ?. H? PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL. ? In presenting this delicious beverage to the public, It la not our Intention to herald it as a quack medicine, that will cure all diaeasee and afltoctlons that human nature la heir to, but that it la purely a combination of moat delicious frulta, distilled under our own personal supervision, having no deleterious or injurious admixtures so common with many compounds forccd upon the Public In the shape of Tonlca, Ac. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL will become one of the most useful and at the same time healthful beverages that has ever been offered. We take much pleasure In thua presenting It, particularly to Soldiers, whs are exposed to change of weath r, climate and hardship, as the best lnvlgorator that can be found. SAM'L. N. PIKE A CO. 8OLK1 AftENT IN WASHINGTON, D. C., EHILE DUPRE, 330 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. ?? I Cincinnati, October is<h. 1 hereby cArtlff that, in accordance with th? law regulating the sale of Alcoholic Llqaora in the State of Obho, I have inapeeted S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL, and find it free from poisonous imparities. 1 alto believe it to poase*s high medicinal properties, of a tonic and astringent character. la testimony Whereof, witness mv slanntur* this 29U> day of October, lyfll. DAVID O'CONNELL, M. D., Chemical Inspector of Alcoholic Liquor* for Hamilton county. X I 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! No Houaehould should be without It. 6. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! The moat hevithful and uaeful Tonic Nfait. 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Have the dellcloua Beverage at borne. 8. N. PIKE S a ?r\TXTx-r ? ? AttMI Li<'Kill AL: la dlatill?d from dellcloaa Frulta and Berrlea.) 5. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Sailer* In the Araoy supplied on reasonable terms. B. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Every Offioer and Soldier in the Army should use the Invigorating Cordial. 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Not only Ottcera and Soldlern, but the moat delicate Ladr? will And Utla Cordla a useful TONIC. S. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! I* not a quack medicine, bat the moat healthful and ple&aant Beverage In uae. ~ 8. N. PIKE'S ARMY CORDIAL! Bettor than French Brandy, Whlaky, or any wvng i-iquor. 8 N. PIKE'8 ARMY CORDIAL! If you wl?h to keep la good health and spirit*, use this Cordial. FOR BALE AT THE PRINCIPAL DRUG* GISTS IN THIS iiitv OR BY 8. *. PIKE & CO., 10 U< S3 SYCAMORE STREET, CINCINNATI, OHIO. SOLE ARKMT IN WASHINGTON, D. C., EMILE DTPRE, 430 P**N*YI,VAN1A AyE,HV?, . . ' . j | d?e *l-l?,?od % ? ?. *>> w s* < r-*-fW i ?*FRZVATZI. PRIVATE P"HI V ATB DR. LA BONTA Ctrn all Veneria! DicoaaM permanent!* and i t?toKly. without this use of disgusting or poisonons drugs cf any kind. No dieting or interference with business. Consultation* fr<>e. It is saying quite enough in it* favor, when I say that mv praot'oe is that whioh is tn us a in all the New York citj hospitals. New York City College and Hospital Testimonials famished. Ladies with Whites and Diseases ol the Womb cured and saved a consumptive's grave by my treatment. Th?re is nothing offentiv* or iiswublt in any part of the treatment. All cures warranted, or uioney refunded. Communications in writing, with return stamp, promptly attended to. Meaioinee for travtlers and others packed, with fall instructions for use. and warrauteo. Office? Roonn No. 8 VVa?! ingto* Building, Penn. avenue and Seventh St., Washington, D. C. de *l-ly _______________ SOMETHING NEW ! /A . |^^GBSAT*?T Di?covk&T i At 381 C strut, rwrotiu I ~ tKt Tke*ter. I U YPTEK8STK VMKD in the Bhell ai,d Thoroughly Cooked (far superior to a ro**tt in two minut*?, tk* fastist tim* on r$eord. Call and see. The undersigned reapeotfully inlorme his friends in the District, and visitors to the city, that he has refittec his olt> aud wkll ktiow* k?tap;.i8Hmi?t in a moat tkorourh manner, and has made ooniplete arrangements to furn:?h OYSTERS in acr tyleand in asy quantity, *00 to son ga lonashuokea j per day. 2 000 to bans of Spvoed and Fresh j put up daily?oans hermetically sealed. Furnished ! In the shelf by the hushe! or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oysters furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore prioea, without fear of failure, should call and make arrangements at onoe. Freight, time, and money saved by purchasing of me, as 1 furnish an article e?ual to the oelebrated Baltimore establishments, at prioea just aa low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardines, Clams, Strawberries. Tomatoes. Pira' -ts-i-.. * - ? _ F ? .m? - ?/ , ft. I Ijrw( UVl Also, Piokies, Catsup. r>ajcas, Brandy l'eaobe#, ftc. Also, Game and Fresh Fish. i'urties, Terrapins, Freeh Lobsters, Cod, Halibut, fto. In &ot, o*<3,y thine for sale in the Noithrrn markets a!w*ys on hand, at reasonable pnoea. Hotels and families snpp^od witii Outers, delivered without oharte t > any part of tne District, in season. i( the money is sent with the order. My establishineut is open from 5 a. m. to 12 at j night, every day, exoept Sunday, when 1 oloie at l<? o'olook &. m. ja 2 tt T. M. HARVKY. I WM. CORWIN BURGY. I a ATE With the old and we'l known house of WM. t? COKWIN tt CO., New VOKK, Dealer in choirt, Rranliet, Wintt (Start, &c., and Importer of Tens and Chinese Fanry (foods, No. 3ST P*KNHTLVA!flA AVOM, <h.ntranne Si*fh Str??t I Wa.-hinniuA, j). C. Tho attention of oonnoissenrs and the publlo i en- j erallr is invited to my stork of hne Brandies, Wines Cigars, Teas, *o , comprising Hennessey Otard and Sayer R'andies, Widow Clicquot, Moot k. Cbar.don, Mum's, Hoidsiok & Co , and Associates 1 Verz?uey, Chain pannes; Permartins, Amontilacio and Ynarte Sherries; Wanderer, Reserve and South Side Madeira*; Htdh tit and Rnrmerster Porte; tno celebrated "WSO" Club House Rin; Irish. Sootch, Bourbon *:d Mono: gaheia Whiskies: Jamaica a: <i St.. Croix Rums; C*bar.a, Figaro. La Rosade Santiago, I a Kfpano a an various brands of Cigars and very Cue Wung Hyson, Hyson, Imperial and English Breakfast Teas m oatty boxes imported by myself express ly for family use. de 13 1m \ SMITH ft BROTHER'S I PAL K rj Vt. v. a vr a i l.1 aa. *??. + m. A_J ^ J 9 SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, PORTER akd NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARLEY MALT and HOPS, and highly esteemed by those who have used them. Purchasers are requested to call and examine oor superior stooir, assured that they wil! find the BEST and PUREST articles. We have at all times a large stock ready for delivery, in while, half and quarter casks, suitable for the TRADE, HOTELS, and FAMILY USE. which we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE TERMS. PMITH A RROTHER, Brewers, No. lftS A 160 West 13th st, New York City. Orders by Mai or Expreia promptly uaoatad, Ce 9-6 m A BALMORAL SKIRTS. NEW and choioe assortment of select oolors am patterns, msny style*, not found elsewhere. la addition a fine aid ample stook of all kind* of Foreign and Doineatio Drj Goods in ail the departments of ismiiy wants. An in peouon of Bt ?ck mcurs no obligation to pnrohase. One pnoe only* marked in plain figures ; hence, no purohaser is deceived. PERRY A URO. ja7-6t Penn. avenne and Ninth st. P~ H1LADELPHIA PROVISION STORE, 119 Pknnstlvania avksub, Betue.en 19rA ami stt. The undersigned, having located himself as above, takes this method of informing ttie eitiiens of the First Ward that he has opeued a first-class Provision Store, oonducted similar to those for arhioh Philadelphia is famous. Here can be loun<* at ail times a large and fresh supply of POULTRY, GAM E, KEF, MUTTON, Ao. FRUITS and VEGETABLES in season. Partioular attention is called to his stock and nrioes of BIITTKB cnt-L-ui/ - - Pniladelphia Print Butter. I Goshen and Western Reserve. Being determined to give the atrioteat attention to the wanta of hia ouatomeM, and to keep every artiele in lag line of the beat ?ua!ftr, and aell at the loweat market prioee, he Itopea to merit a ahare of public patrona?e. Families will be waited apon daily for ordera, u required, I no 16 THOMAS K WILSON. 1 PATAWBA GRAPES! Lv CATAWBA GRATF.?'! Freeh Catawba Grapes in exoellent order and dehoioua lu flavor. Try them. KING A BURCHELL. I A<> 11 ? ' " . uoruet I3II1 st. ang Vermont av | Ejob printing. VERY Description of JOB PRINTING re- j quired by any bodj?ostiaens, civil functionaries, arm? and navy officers, sutler*, Ac.? eieouted at the STAR OFFICE.ln satisfactory style, at low r>tf? for < tf I E?T GRADES HOOP SKIRTS Opened tms day. Aleo, our usual full stock of all k'nds of select Dry Goods for the general and special wants of families and housekeepers One price only, maiked in plain figures; henoe, no purohasdr is over charged. PERRY A BRO? | i* 7 6t Pwnn. avenue and Ninth st. THE SUBSCRIBERS beg leave to inform their patrons and the iuhim ??rA??ii- i J P, --VI Wi IJ VI ins amply suppUod witn & superior ft' ck of^flB FALL and WINTER GOODS. , 1* They also respectful y invite attention of WW their Army and Na*y customers, and those -mm r^uirint outfits in yiat line, to their superior qnalitiea of Swords, EjMlets. Shoulder Straps Bults, Chapeaus, Hats, Caps, Sashes, and Gold Laoes, constantly on hand, which are warranted as repre anted, W bust tendering thanks for the liberal patronage enjoyed, the* wi i en.leavor to merit a continuance, Y. i. HKIBKRGER ft CO, (Suooeesors to H. F. Loudon 4. Co ,) CITIZEN. MILITARY ami NAVAL TAILORS, 363 Pennsylvania Avenue. oo 16 eoSm > ONE NICE ROSEWOOD CHICKERING PIANO lor 375. One? octave four round oorner Hal etlCSVfq At Davis PIR?a IM ? . . .. MV |W1 (few. ' I For aale upon eu; leimi at the Mnaio Store of W. G. METZEROTT. Sole Ageno? for Pteinway and Bon'a and Karen, Baoon & Co.'a Pianoa. <i? 18 M ABBEY\ COLLINS A CO.'S PW [LADS LP HI A DRAUGHT ALB. We have joat received a aupply of the above A le, which we reoomniend to be of a very auperior 4 oality. Peraoua wiahmg to pnrohaae. by matins immediate applioation, can be fumiahed. ARNV A BHJNN. noT >i?oritetowp. SOLDIERS NEKDING DRY GOODS for Wie ?3 "folka at home" are eolioited to mapeot our vaat atook, now oomplete in all departmenta. One anoe only, tne aotual oaah atandard value, marked in plain ngurea. i An ' vi uflii inouri no ODIIftOos to purohaae. All parcels oirefally aacked, for expreea or other oonveyatoe, free of ohaige PERRY A BRO., Penn. avenn* and Ninth it.. de U at ' Perry Bmldipg." WTRAVEL1N0 TRUNKS. K Offer for aam the largest aaaojtnent SRAVELINS TRUNKS to be fonnd ingHM la oity, eomprjaing beat Sole LeatherMMNI Ladiea' Dreaa and Packin* Trnnka, Va-^^*? uoes, Carpet Bag a, Ao., wbloh we are now ae ling at Terr low pnoea, W4Lk. MKPBKNB A CO? Utt "W Pot. ?OUSHB, COLD?yHOAR8ENES8, Ae. COMPOUND SYhUP OF BUM ARABIC. Thia (loaaant ana pop alar Cough R?medr hac boon ao long Iraownand exW" naively aaod that moat persona have beooise familiar with iu extraordinary MOMy. It oan bo had at all thepn:io>p I 4xu atorea. at 9t fid *< ?? >* A* -<>><*> UEAD QUARTERS for Clothin*. Puraiahinc ?T Good a. Bui and 0&^i, at No. 4o? 7th atrwt. bla, aafe and etf^otnal onra for Ouf ha. Hroaohltu, Croup, Ao. Only trra iS o?nt bo* Sold at MOORE'S Wait End Drag Stora. ja*-2w 113 P?no awm*. aontli aid*. A 1MT GLOVK8: A ARMY GLOVES!! t tha Glor* Dagot of B. BASTING'S A CO., 3*3 D at., fiboinx Pa. 4 DENT18TBY. DR. CHARLES R. BOTELER, DENTIST, NO. 336 PENNSYLVANIA AVRNCK. Bxtwm* 9th a.9d 10th 8t?. Ja4 eoftn HDR. J. U81BBON8 AV1N8 Removed from No. 338 Nov York avenue, to No. 3T2 9th ?treet. a tew aoort from New York avenue. renowa the offer of hu professional servioee, (Medio&l and 3ur?.oal.j to the oit.xeoi of WasbiE.-! in. He may be fonad at hit office at all honra.when not profeMioaauj entH#ed. fcspeoial attention will be paid to female diseases de 23-oo2w* ' |\EW AND IMPROVED INVENTION * 1 - 0* ARTIFICIAL CHEOFLAST1 BONE TEETH, WlTHOVT M*THL FLATB OX CLASH. DR. 8. B SIGESMOND, 910 Bfondwv, York?'J 60 Pennrylmmic Xt Mw, 6 ?!!# ?* li;i and IStk ttt , Calls the attention of the public to the following advantages of h'? improved srstem : fc. 1. The Teeth of hfa manu?otnre Wi UMf never oorode nor ohange oolor by any^**"^ Midi, heint three fourth* lighter than an; other. t. No teeth or roots need be extracted, aa the artificial onee can be inserted ever them. | 3. The roots "wiil be made inoffensive, an never o ache, <. Notempcrarj te?th are c^fJed, as permanent ones can be made immediately, thereby preserving the natural expression of the face, vhioh under the old system Is frequently disfigured.

i This vork hae been Juliy tested over five yetrs by many of the first ohemists and physicians of this AAHII#** invonted a white nndratruotive metal fiUioc. with which the moat aeaaitive teeth can be SUea without pain, and oan build up a ?er f?Jt, aonnd tooth on any aide roots, which will laat through lifetime. The beet of reference riren? to Pr. V. MotUDr. Doremns, Promisor orCheiniatrj, N. V.; Hon. Judge Wayne, ot the Supreme Court of Waahiufton, and thousande of othersCall and examme for rouraelf. no 8 tm GAS FITTING, 4c. Awm ?. dove * co. 8.K Now prepared U> eaeoate anr *rtf?n with wnioh t'ne? maj be favored in th? plwmuin?. ?as or steam rittin* business. I tn" on # ** iv? V4WV1 UUi IU Vi I Bi *??>;iie, where may be forzd a oomxtote M sonnies I ot CHANDKLliSRS j.nd ottsr AS, 8TKAM an4 WATER FHLYWKK.8. jar-lf WO A B P I X 7 V R I? 8 . K H&t? ic store, and are daur reoeirinf. IMS I flXTURESoientirely New Patterns acd Doeifcs and Firu?Ji. pup?nor in ?tj:e to anything keretoiora I ?ffei-<d ir. this maricet. We inriteoitiiem ecr.rral I It to eali and exanuce our stock of Gas ard Weter j t ix urea, feeiint confident that ve tare tie 1 Mt aclected atock in Washington. All Work in tbe a)sore Tine infracted to ear* ! will be attended to. MYERS * MoCHAN. ; mari tf 376 D atTeet. iwm A Rrnnm nnnnc OF ALL KINDS?FOR THE ARMY. A iarse atook juat receiucd. JOHN B PUDNKY, 324 Pa av., < back room) or S55 1) at. WOOL C A PS COMFORTER*. GLOVES 'T GAUNTLETS. SHIRTS. DRAWERS. Ao., freah ?ooda, at JOHN B. PI DNEV'S 355 D afreet, t>etwen 9i-h and l?th. Buffalo * wolf robes, lap robf.s, HOFSE BLANKETS, and CAMP BEDS, ju-t reo?ived at JOHN B. PUDNKY'S 3*4 Pa. av. i back room) or 355 D atreei, bet 9th ana l<Hh. SUTLERS!?Sutlere you will alwaye find ehe\p and dpairable aooda &t the Sut'er'a Supp y Dep.t of JOHN B. PUONBY, 356 D at.,between 9th and l.'Hir I OLANKETS. BUNKKTS-I.?rr. .t lr K. 13 the bale or pair. JOHN B. PUDNEY. de 20 3>'5 5 D street, between 9th and ft>th._ QENERAL ORDER. Navy Depabtmknt, December 21,1961. Thk Navt Department na? a rendezvous lor ahippinc men at each ol the following places: Portsmouth. New Hampshire Boston and New Bedford, MasaaohuaotU. , New York ' Philadelphia and Erie. Pennayivania. Baltimore, Maryland; an i Washington, District of Columbia. fceamen, ordinary seamen.and landsmen who can pass tie usual surgeon's examination, by preaentinr themselves ai site r?nd#>*wnn? no*r??t ?? reiiideDOe, witn an official ocrtifioUe from the oity , or town olerk signifying that they are residents and have expressed a desire to leave to enter the nary, will be received on the following terms: 1st. An allowanoe o! thres oecU a rune for trave,U?.*jMBtoee of lirM month* to seamen and ordinary seamen, and of two months to landsmen. 3d. Fermiss<on to irave an allotment of half-pay to their families, t > c< mmeuce ttie data of their enlistment. 4.h. Tofoon board ship in their or'ina^y clothes, where as outfit will be furnished oharged ae per list, being the preeeat prices, ?ix: One pea jacket? ...$11 f>0 One pair h u* cloth rowsers. 3 99 One blue flannel overshirt..... 1 fiO I Two under flannel shirts 232 Two paire woollen draws 2 16 ) On* mattrega. .. 4 90 Two blank eta. 3 90 I One seamless cap ? I 00 ! One black silk handkerchief 1 oo ftsi 27 The pay of petty officers averages 930 to ?25 per mot th. The ptr of seamen ....#18 per month. Ik). otdinarr seamen.... 14 do. Do. landsmen.. ? 12 do. i And lood fonnd. No landsman will be allowed to take the benefit of this regulation who has not been four iroaths at e& or on the lakes or rivers. GIDEON WELLES, 1 de 24-eofit Scoretary of the Navy. FIREMEN'S INSURANCE COMPANY or WASHINGTON AND GEORGETOWN. Capital. 717... 9300,009. Q#Mt irwr O (If?<l mmA I-mn'immm mm., mr BmmM tf W*jkt%iion. INSURE HOUSES AND OTHER PROPERTY AGAINST LOSS BY FIRE. Diaxcvoxs. Geo. Sno?rnaker, Samuel Redfern, Samuel Cropley, William Wilson, Rioh&rd Jctiaa, John D. Barclay. Jfcoob Gideon, Andrew Rothireu, Tiios. P&iker, Riohard Barry, 137 B. Frenoh, Dr.C. W. Dana. I No ouarie for Polioiae. JAMES ADAMS. President, AllL 6. Davis, Secretary. aa l-eotn NOTICE. fliiwiit) mmm< "ADAMS' EXPRESS COMPART." This Company offers to tbe >nblio14 Uuo^uailed Advar.taces'' for the Safe ana Quick Dispatch of 14 MW P.-Al mhtrn Paii?a<*> V?l?.kl? ** - J . f twu?UlO?, muucy) ao? Ac., to all parts of the United States. Expresses to and from ihe North and Wett depart from and arrive m WaiMagton tirio* daily, AH Expresses are tn oUari* of txrcrtmctd *n4 rtixabl* Messengers. All Paokagas for The Soldiers carried at Mom UAL?'* our usual rates. Ail ttoous lor the sp-oa!led "Ccafsderatp State*" and all Articles " Contraband of War" will be Rktuskd. Onr Expresses leave New York at 1.1, and I P. M.. arriving in Washington at 8 A. M. and P. M. Expresses lm?e Philadelphia at SJf> A. M. and ll^P.^1.. arriving in Washington at tin p. M.aad presses leave Baltimore at 4-in A. M. and 9 P. Jf.^arnving in Washing ton at 8 A. M. and tJO Expresses for alt points North and West leave Waohinfton at 1J)0 A- M. and *.90 P. M. dail*. npooial contract* for large quantities of freight oau be made on aeplioation to thie < ?flce. All Goods called for and delivered /res of hitra charges. ?. W. PARSONS, 8n?t Adama' Express Compane. W ashington, August a. 1M1. au I> t! OVER-8HIRTS, WHITE SHIRTS, DRAWER8. CAMP BLANKET?. H ALP-HOSE, Ac., which ve invite all oaah jiurohaeers to examine before making their selections. WALL. STEPHENS * COS'JJJ Pa. av., betwr<?i. tth and 10U eta. m B (Intetligenoer and Republican.) T CARRIAGES' I HE Snbeeriber having made additions to his factory, making it now one of the largest- am* in me uistriot, tMri ki? f*oi lrtietHSOBg Cr manufacturing CARRIAGES and*tea?= I8HT WAttONS of all kiada cannot b? anr pawed, and from hi* lone nw?rieoce in the bnalne#?. he hopes to giro general aatiaaction. All kinds of Carriages and Light Wagona kepi on band. All REPAIRS neatly dore, and all ordora promptly attended to. Seoond hand Carriages taken In exchange for new ones. AN DREW J. JOYCE, d 1ft tf corner of Fourteenth and T. eta. U/ALL. STKPHKMS * CO.. ~~ " 3HU PamwTLTaHiA A v anas, ""lUiAMrf UUMf'4,1 AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, AND EXXKS LUl fiKALERS IN 6ENTLK Jtan-B ruKmSBINC BOO08, ? -if (latal. k Repob.) gOOTI AMP *0 81 IT 111 jiTofg ^TSSikVr%s^JSSS U? of tutn mads work of ovorr do- IH psntaos, (SAdeexpreM^ftoordor.a^d v(llvH9 feaoidaia uun :of? MMthaahM booav m iorttotoro enriM la tui aity fcrbui ia?no? fe'tora la waai of ? * *z<t aaoo* ol wnm ? i?j mad# work. will at vara I cd ajood mm?haw E""""4,U| vMrcttsT MM fi# ??--*>f4 M"ll" ""{JWCB MEATS dfll oornor 1Kb at aod Vonaost ? , V % BM JUHRITOR, ilTIMUIII flu diMt?rtd tk* most Omw,aU wto Efmtmml Etmtdf to U* wirU, FOR ALL DISKABESOF IMPSVOENCE. LET NO FJL1.SE DELICACY PRETEXT. APPLY 1MMEDIA?LY. A 9WRE WARRANTED. OR NO CHARGE, IN FROM ONE TO TWO DAYS. WtUciM W 'Jk? Iwk, ItnwtH, IfHUm W Ik* KM iff *?d Eladdir inimitr' D-.tcstrf *?, ImpMtacv. (maral P?btl)ty, Hwmwiin, ?>??r?p??, Lanrwar, C?f? f Id***, U? Vpinu, fiipuMu ar Um Inn, Tuiiditf, Trembling*, Piran*** *' Stf at ? Giddia***, Dm**** *f lb* id, ThrMU.No** or Bkw , Aff*tuon? W Lk? Laay*, >l? ict *r B*w*l*?ih*M Timk!* Diaard*n arutag rr*m MlUrj liMu *f Yo?th?lh*?* Dr**dfal and DMinrjn PraaUc** wbich r*ed*i Marnag* lip***ibi?, u4 iixnr M MiuiMil TO UNO MEN Zifclall/ ??* kav* b*corn* lb* nooa* *< BaUury ? *, thai dr*?df*l *ed d*?tr?t>?* b*bi; which aucaally *v**p* La an ?k?>?M.- ?* XaMad talarta *r,d brilliant iataiUet, ?4m mifht atkarviaa U>a uinaMd Ixtannf ?naa*> wiU ika tkacd?n af omdci a? vaktd w toatacy the lyr?, nay ull vilfe rail cat>td?ota. MARR1AQE. Mill I ID FU?ONS,ar Tear.f Man aaalaapWtlrf Kuilui, kainj iTiri if pfcy??c*l vukiM, ar fvala (iMItt;, 4iKrBiiiii, Ac, tpatdilr carat. wba plaeai bmiMM aodar th? mm af Dt J. ai; raliftaaaiy tor Id* in bit kanor u a (uiliau ud mbMuu; mIj apac hi* (kill u a ph/aiciaa. OFFICE No. 7 SOUTH FREDERICK ST. lalt band (id* rotof fram htenML a Hm dun fr? tha camar. Pail not to tbtirri dm* an? iibMi. Uttin ait ba p?ld at. j cmuii a iuop DR JOHNSTON, Mawbaraf lb* Herat Co!:*f* of arrooot, koodae, rradwati from or a of tha moat amutact Collafaa in tha toKod una, and tha rtaator part W whooo ufa ku baan apoat m tha hoy>tu.i? of LotidoD. Paria, Philada:pbu and alaawbara, ha* alactad aoasa of tha moot aatoaiiahibf caraa that vara a?ar hen; many treat,ad with nnfinf Is tha haad and oar* wbao aaiaap; jtaat narroaanaaa, baiu alarmad at aaddan aoanda, baabmlnaaa with fra^aaat biaa&lof. attaodad aauatimaa with darufuaant of nand, wora caxod kaoattatall. TAKE PARTICULAR NOTICE. To?d( Mart and othar* who haaa ta)arad tbamaolaaa by a aantia prac tica ioduifad la whoa alooa?a ha bat fraqaaoai j loaroad fraa. aril coaapaaioaa, or at ochocl, tha alacta of which ar* aifhi'.f fait a?an whoa aaiaap, and if aot car ad. rai.dara oarn&fa inpoaoiblo. and daatroya both auad aad bod t, ahoald apply lanmodiataly. Tbtttara torn* of tbt tad and roau.DC.hoiy afactt trtdacad by aarl? habita of ireatii. ?i? i Waakraaa ?( Lb a Back and Limb*, Paint lniht Haad, Dimattt of Sif+it, Lata af Powtr, Palpitation af u a Ma art, Dyapapar, Narrtaa irritability, Dtranf tai tat of tit rhjttu't Faoctiaoa, litntral Dahility, Symptorot of Cocaamptton, Ac MlSTiLLT.-'Tba faarfal af?cu on tba mlod art sack w tt draadad?Loaa of Matnory, Ot faataa af Idaaa, Dtpraaaiao af Spiriia, E?il Krrabod.nft, Atarataa af Sacitty, t!f-D?aU*at, Lota af Soiitsit, Im.idiiy, tic-, ara aatna af lb a t?ilt wadvead. MkTol'i Dmilitt ?Tbaatxntlt can caw )adja trhat ta tba eaaaa cf lhair dacliniof httlth, ioamr tbair rtfer, ktctalef wttk,, otrtvat u.d truaetattJ, baticf a ainfaiaf appaaruca a beta tba a7 at. caafb ar ayraptaiaa af laattayDISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE Whan tba mtafaidad and iirpradao*. totary af plaaaart tnda M Ml ibmdm HI Midi or tbil painflj duiui, it tM aft a a kippin liit ia ill-timd Hull of ihunt or draad of diltl'iry ditira hire from ipplficf tl tbwi who, frits adaciuaa u) rupicubilitj, c?ia iIodi bifnaad him. fin iota tbi kaiidi of ifnomot and diufmnf priundari. vba, iacip?bli if csni f, S1-:h hia paccnury iat, knp bin truing ninth afiir month, ar u long ai to* imalliit fn c*r. ti ikuunid, and in dupntr lam bin with rainad hiilth M aurk ?ir on nlliag diuppoinirnant; ir by tfii mi t4 that diadiy aoiiwi?Stircarj?hutiii tba cauatitatiiaaj lyroptenii of tbu rfinikli diiian,iach u A Yictiar.i of thi Inn. Tbraat, Mud, kin, A?., BMffTiMinf with frif bt/Bl reptdtty, till daatb pan a Bin ad ta hii art i J f a [ ujinngi by landing bint a ibat ?nUHanrid ciuur fram wimi baaroi tnvaiar num. DR. JOHNSON'S REMEDY FOR ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENCY By lbii rnat aad lm partial rimdr vaaknaaaaf tha a?g aai an ipiidDy farid and fall *1 gn mwid. Tkmuda a? tba m uKtm and dibil't*tid, ?ki had tan all b*pi,ban baia Innidiataly rallnad. m.u uitpiMii~?nti .? ?airr^(l, n^UMI OT MkAtA! UUOMJlluliKi, k?M ?f PM4TH1I1I rawar. R(i'M( ImuMlltr. Tramkluir sod Wiubmi > Iiiiuun ?f it* mi ( Arret ktad apaadily eind. ENDORSEMENT OF 7 HE PRESS. Mawt Tbociawdj c.mrad at Lbu lnatitmiaa wtOia Ua laat ta?atuaar. tiui, And tha rtvrcar??t imptrtALt ?rfiaaI miauao'?arf?rrn?d ? Dr JahtiatM, viu aaaad fcy the rap*r.ara ( iba papara u>d ieaoj athar mimoi, cttiCM at vattk hara aypautd afuio u< ay i.b ftatara Oa pabuc, kali k ? alAi.dl?( At A faotltuao ?f AbATACltr abo raapmalhlllty, It a ailaiant fiaradi** la U>a aBicu4. mar It-ly TRZEBBMAR. Protected by Royal Letters Patent of England, and secured by ike Seals of the Ecol* de Pkarmade dt Paris, and tkt Imperial College of Mtdtcine, Vienna. TR1ESEMAR No. 1 la the effectual remedy for Relaxation, Hp?*tiiToikiidi and Ilxhauitioh ob m 8t*tkh. TRIF8KMAR No. ?. Completely at J entirely eradioatea all traooeof tuoae disorder*, for whioh Copaiva and Cabeba have ceceiailr been thought aa antidote, to the ruin or the hoalth of a vaat portion of the popalaTRIE8EMAR No S. Ia the great and aare remedy of the emlisad world for all laaanntiea of the syatem.aa well aa reeoadary aymptoma, obviating the deetraotive aee of Mercury, aa w-?.1 aa other d^ieterioBa mgradienta. and which all the Saraaparilla in the world oennol rem <ve Tkibskm* a Noa. 1, 2 and 3 are aliie devoid of taate or amell. and of all nanaeating analitiea. They are id tae form of a losenge, and may lie on the toilet table without their aee being auep oo tedSo d in tin oaeea at 93 each, or foar 93 caaea in one for 99, and in 9/1 oaeee, thaa saving 99. ae administered by Vaipean, Lallemand, Roax. to., Ac. Wholesale and retail by DR. H. A. BARROW. 194 Bleeoher atreet, (4 doora from MaoDoncal atreetl. New York. Ii?t?j. ? ceipt of remittance, Dr. uabkow will forward Trfeaemar to an; ?art of the world, aeourely picked .and addreaaed aooordinj to the inatructiona of the water. _ Publiiti^d aiao by DR RARROW, that popular an'. beautifully i. uatrated medioai wo k, Humac Krai ty. Prioe 25 oenta. Tneeetrar and Bonk oaa be obtained by *p?oial authority from 8. C. FORI), W aeuingtou, 1). C. de I2>m LEA k PERR1N1* c1lbbrat1d Worcestershire Sauce. Pronounoed by ^If EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS ( of?L*tt?rfro?a to b? the I] MtMeml OtmtUmimm at Madraa - ONLY GOOD ^ Hu ?r0tJur SAUCE." M^KjH at Woroeeter. and applioabie to . fell lZ?JpI ? VKHV I?~hi7hTy""?it?>*miJ ? 1 lin India, and ia, in VARIETY k:?ril?~*|my opinion, the tmwt Mf? M w?li aa ?F DISH. The above SAUCE ia not only the it? nod moat popular condiment known, bnt the most 1mmtieml, m a law drop* in 5e?r, or with Ai*. hot ancLoold Jonas, BW St?M, G*wu, ft., impart an ex<uiaite seat, whioh mnprmcirUd Saaee anoihoturera have in Tain endeavored to tmuara. On the Brt*kf*tt, Lwmclum. Dimmtr, or Snrpm Tnbit, a cruet oontaining " LEA A PERRINS' WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ia lndiapenaable. To ippreoiate the titsilmt fuaiutu of thia d*heious preparation it ia only neoeeaary to pirehaae a amtll bottle of the ient?uu. of a reapeetable grooer or dea er.aa many Hottl and RufmrmtU proprietor aeidom plaoe the Pttrt Sauoe before their guttata, rut substitute a genuine Bottlt filled with a !??rums mixture. , For sale by 6rooers and Fruiterers everywhera. JOHN DUNOAN A BO*B, Union Smart and Utk strut, Pint York, Sola Wholesale Agents for the United State*. A Stock always in store?Aleo orders reoeirad for direct shipments from England. irr Brwrt tf CtmnttTjtitt and ItUSImsi. eep?-ly.eo ?U TOPHAM'B |?| SD r A E M I W M TM W M E 9BD MAN UFACTQRY, 4*9 BBTBMTH 8TU2T, WISHIMIM, D. O. AM.u<S ^ ' every oeeoriptiee of r"'pii]j?2$!i??.w? - Mnbffi Of ConrriMUd traveler! will pl?M exMcine my tool, before eurol>?*'i'? anliMl Tr?ick? that are ipade m other o;tiea. ^QK'ior Leather end Dreee Traaks made le Truck oorered end reealted et sbert mom. G ?o<U delivered Irs* of oharre to anytpa" of tki "" I*S??.Tor?A?. UWf?o^mS?2Kl??S boxea for one dollar.? ray, red or fiaxea hau ean EsSPS and okeaeeet ia the world, procluciac, tie motLaat SMwa&sifi ani rresxsu sSSi m muob katr ilyi m others Mil Tor mm tUllmr! treet aadPa. ave. ee?>-ooly 1CA8H NOTICE. N Ooaeeqaenoe of oar ha viae to pay aaek for every artiele el ioodeweearch?ee. we we foroec to retiaM oar bieinwee to caek xelaelvely, for th< !f KTA^V ^ Krovrr^'.t.rrsv.c ( HJLlK STORK, Sifc;?~2a7K5?'V bJ'XZSi 3^aSrbmT3?J5 / a f TRAVELLERS' DIRECTUMY. mMKN?EK TU A.ND FK'H 1 BAtTiMOKE. WINTER SCHEDULE. Ttkc5^*oticK^SavbleiiT Ob and after Monday. pe?m\m ?.J?, P?? MU*r Train* b'trwi W *hHIN?TON m4 BALTIMORE WlL ran aa fotiovs: THAI If 6 MOT I Pie NORTH. Momiif Eprwileave >> Minrjtontno*. . Arrive at Baltimore iM a. K-; Phi!a2ffl*lua VXM r. ; New York r. M.. Harmt uri m. Mo rain* Aoc n.irfxiR'.ion leava artitftot. 1.#* a. m. Arrive at Baltimore Ijr> a. . No ooaaM . ot? at Baltimore. Nrw York Mail Train? save Waahinftea at 11 a. arrive at Baltimore 13.** p. a.. Philadalphla LSI P. M.; New York 10 r. a. .. - 4 Afternoon Aoconnr,oi'ati on?leave Washington r.m. Arrive at Ba'Umore 4 Sf r. M., PhuaOe' aV.a irM* w Evening Fxpreee?lea** VVuMcxtoi I p. m. Amn at L'alujnote a*S p. Philadelphia ln-M p. m.. New York i a. m.i Harna^arg I a. m. On ?endny? at SOS and s r u. only. The S p. m. train from t*aabiagU>a eoasMl* thrcagh to New York every day daring the * *( nii>5 MOT I SO SQVTH. Leave New v ork at 7 a. *., Pfci'afr'pi;* 11 jn M ; ba.Uocr? 4 00 t u /rnT6 at Wa-.l^tot *a ''Leave New York at e f. ?- Philadelphia 1MB r M.; Baltimore i SO a. . A.rn?e at W aa king ton ai" i'l"*Te Nif York at 11 r. Pb-%!e.pkia a jr a. m ; Baltimore7.3S Arrive atVf aibtngtoo MA a.*. ooowmodaUor Trama ia? Ba tioore at t a M., and i p. m , for wnahiiigton, arrlva there at 11 a. u. and 7 p. x. On Sunday# at 4JO and IX a., u only. Paseesger Trama leaaing v\aanicgwr. at 7.r a. m. and *.< p. and Baltimore at iJt a. m aad C? p. , make direct oonnootiona for Annapoaa at Um JBDaUOZL, Trains A cc*po!i? for Bfclliiaor* and W Mh inrtoK at fJ> a. m. aw1140 r. m F&esr .trr Traiulatrmi &t 11 a. u., ** <> * r. k.. an<1 Ba'timor* at u a#" 7.35 a. m , and 3Af r. u.. wiii ttow unit mi Aunm??lt$ Jmnttton and lT?Mi?itw (JtrVoy) Jumctxom W?i nwmw Mw Auommtdmtim < Trttm? tmlv A " Tram* vill >ar* Washington and Ba'timor* promptly upon cord Ittrv*. W, P, SMITH d? 17 MMtir of Trantportatioti. Halt It**] THE [IM3 Pennsylvania Central Railroad, (with its oonn^ctionO 18 A FJK8T CLA88 EOl'TK TO ALL THE WESTERN CITIES! SPEED, SAFETY AND COMFORT! STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUST! BAGUAGK CFKCKKU THtOLT.H FRl'M BALT1MORK! TITEKl TAtLT TlilKI TIOM PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBTROH ! Twi o: thorn mount clou cosnacrion at baiiiibim with tnilM ?n tb? NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILROAD. and forming THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTS mi WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE to all f< lcta to tho Win, Noiti wwt at Bovti wbt. For Tkroaca^T M U* 0?N of A 1 U>e NvrtOara central Mail Rofcd Co? r 1 pouj, uoivert Motion, U&ltimor* I O f I * J OI ? ?? " optrnaia vurping carton all i>? ?M4 I rami Smo&ing Saloon Can on ail Train. from Washington. Phmdiifi wnl utt the 6 a. m. aao 6 p. a. trains, a- riving id Baltimore at 7M a. m. aid 6 *S p. m.. where cl>ee connection* are n>a.e with trains on the Northern Central K R ,aid arrive m Harr libera at I p. m. and 146 a m.. there ooaaeotioc with tiie trains on the PenuiylTaai* Centra Railroad for ah parts of the we*t_ fe eights.. By this route, freignts of a. deeonptions can be forwarded to and from acy point on the Railroads of Ohio, Rectaoky, 'Ddiana. Illinois, Wiecoasic, Iowa, or Missoan. by RoUroad dutci The Penney .vania Central Railroad a.eo cnneeu at Pittsburg wi'h Steamers, by whieh Ooods ?aa 6 forwarded to any port on the Ohio, Matkintsn.. mtuoky, Tennessee. Camt>*riaad. fKiaois. Miss issippi, Wisconsin, Missouri, Kansas, Arkansas, and Red Mirers; and at Cleveland, Sandasky sdc Chioaco with steamers to al Northwestern Lakes Merohacu and shippers entrusting the liaaspor. tat ion of their Freight to this Company, eaa iely wjth oonfidence ?0 its "peecy tansi'. THE RATES OF FME1GH T to and frtMB Uf point in the Weat, by the PwcnaylvMua Ontim) Milmi, ?r? at mil imwi ?? f*+wrmkU M arc ckvt?4 bt Mktr Rmtlrmmd Ctmpmmiti t |tr B* Hr'ioiltr to Mrk ptokifM PnR. I i CruitL it R." MaUKAW A Kr?ONS. Freight *genU. No. SO North lUoM, Bt t inore. ENOCH LEWIS, ? u*! Sopwin t, Altooaa, Pa. L L HOUPT (jm'I TiikMAt't. P?i'Mleteht*. h H HOUSTON, Gm'1 Freight Agent, pjukjw^lll |> 44ly ^OfcTHERN CENRAL RAILWAY. 3TU Skorttii, Qmdust mmd B?tt KmUtfrmm B?HiWEST, NORTHLAND NORTHWEST. WINTER SCHEDULE Camel n? 'I im? On aa4 attar PVNDA\ . Mb No?mh?r. Pumd car Trains ?i!l*mn and depart iraa Calvart station M foliowi: T*aii*? NOBtv Lbavb Mail at Ma. in. | Sum Kipreti y. m Barktoe Aoo< nunndation 4 a. a. PittebnrgaLd Harriabari ExpraMtJOp. a. TlAlX* 80VTH Aklivi Parkton AooommodatioL at a a. | Bufialc Lxproaa I SO a. m. - ] Pitwhnrj and ha'naburf Cxarara 3 a. a. I1 ! Mailt so p. a. The i a. m. train froa Waafciagton aoaaaota with the ft) a m. tiaie from Ba tinore for tfca Weal and for Buffalo. Elrnira. R?ch?*tar, i>ui>- ^a Jurk^Cauadaifua and Niagara Fain, and lor Nrw ~ a. train froa Waahinfioa oouwti n ^VSKASSmassnzsst u feHHES T ^?^*sae?s2.?.' VLamJm ^ a _. i- ?K . st j H K&l.morioi ta* I1? JAB. C clabkKT ? ? lj SapOTMUndMit Tm* p"2IICI? 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