Newspaper of Evening Star, 14 Ocak 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated 14 Ocak 1862 Page 1
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^ f . ' I i >) ^ ^ /? . r*fJ* a 4 gS ^vfi w fdra CR BW |OI g*f HH Kg mm \ BE i --. V5fe. XIX. WASHINGTON, D. C. TUESDAY, JANUARY 14, 186*2. N?. 2,776. h ' ? THE EVENING STAR w PUBLISHED KVBRT AFTERNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED,) AT THE STAR BCILOlltei, fcrwr of PfmtfinmU #mmm mtU Ei****4 St. T W. IX WALLAOH. pioera wrved la packages tor oarrlen itMi ftu, or 37 cento per month. To mail aabeerlhen the prtoe la 93 SO a fear, m admrnmu; m for aU oatha; 91 for three montha; and for lea than three montha at the rate of IS centa a week. Binlie ooplea, on cut; la wrapper*, two cxara. I 1^ ADvaanaam^t* ahooM be aeat to the B. eAee before 1* o'clock m ; otherwise they may i tot appear nntll the aext day. PREPARING FOWLS FOR MARKfcT. Those who hare traveled in Europe are aware ' of the clean and neat condition in which poultry it brought to market, presenting quite a [ contract with our slovenly praotice. It maj have been true in times past that purchasers j would not pay the farmer for the eare in fat- ] tening and preparing poultry in a proper man- j car, that good and bad all sold at the same \ {triee, but raeh is not now the case. All inteligent purchasers, especially those who bny for the New York and other Eastern market*, will pay readily from one to two eents per pound more fi>T good fowls well dressed, than for those brought to market in the ordinary condition. There is, therefor*, do exoase for iontinuirgin a prac tie# which is both unprofitable and slovenly. , Fattmwo?Young fowls that hare the run of the barn yard with plenty of grain, make healthy birda, which do one bat a gourmand ? weujd deapiie ; bat unlaws vary aarly chiokens, f t they will not become plump and fat, especially If a cross of the large Eastern breeds, which have become so maeh mixed up with oar barn yard fowls. They do not mature early, and while this admixture has doubled the sixe and weight of the bodies brought to market, we lo?e the plumpness and fatness of our old small kind, which, if hatched aarly, obtained maturity about midsummer, and tolerable degree of fatness daring the autumn months. With or- i dinary keeping the large fowls do not get their growtn until latorno, and if then killed with- < oat fattening, are heavy, lean, and lack juici- | sew and flavor. The only way to make them fit for market i? to subject them to a fattening process, just as we do ocr piga and cattle. We would by no means recommend the barbarous system of stuffing, once quite common amoBg poultry dealers of Europe, and still practiced to some extent. The idea of forcing cooked meal and grease down the throat of a fowl when the _ ..V. la -1 1 *_ II >V.k J-l! wiuitu ib an wi; su mil ici( Liu ueuuacj can tempt the bird to reoeive more, is too revolting for serious consideration. Neither would we advise confining fowls in a dark place, where * they will feel uneasy under the restraint, and ^ unless stuffed will lose flesh for a week or two until they become reconciled to the confinement. What we weuld advise is the confinement of the fowls designed for killing, in a comfortable, clean house, with small range attach^ ^ ed, where they shall be provided with plenty of fattening food, tfbch as eooked corn, oat or barley meal, with potatoes, Ac., a chance being necessary to indueo them to eat more freely. Killisa.?It is a miserable practice to stran* gle fowls. The head should be taken eff at a single blow. For tome markets it is best to l?are the heads on. and in this case cnt the jugular vein at the side of the neck just under the E'lls. Pick before the bird becomes cold, aiding injures the appearance of the flesh, particularly of the fat, and makes the skin tender, so that it peels, unless handled with Jreat care. Piok the wings to the ends, and 1 o not eat them off. After piokiup. remove the intestines, and wipe out tue inside with a dry oloth, but do not take out the gizzard ?TV. V-J_ .1 I J 4. V * * ? ? - ? iui wuj saouia not da wmaea, oai any oiooa oo the surface may be wiped off with a wet i cloth. After thia u done, hang up in a cool, dry room, until all are oool, and you have snffioient to carry to market. For some market dealers will not purchase fowls when they are drawn. Thia is a fooliah notion, as the excrements injure the fleah, if allowed to remain a great while, but must be humored by the farmer and poultry dealer, until people learn better. ' Caposuiho?Caponiiing. m oar opinion, is I a barbarous operation, and in this country we have not the epicures to make the practice profitable. We would not give the process, j r i? P < oat 11 m o?iiwi lur uj wmrermi mauines Dtrorc us. English works that treat of this subject J give a list of instruments necessary for the I operation almost sufficient to set op a surgeon, bat the peasant women of France are said to be most successful, and their mode of operating the moat simple. It is thas described :?The practice of the French country women is to i select the oIom of the spring, or the beginning of aatnmn, as well as fine weather, for the performance of their work. The parts necessary to be removed being fixed in the abdomen, and attaehed to the spine at the region of the loins, it is absolutely necessary to open the abdominal cavity for the purpose of their extraction. The bird should be healthy, fasting and about three months old. He is then to oe secured by an assistant, upon his back, his belly upwards, and his head down, that the intestines, P Ac . may fall up toward the breast; the tail is to be toward the operator. The right leg is then carried alons the bodv. and th? left brought backwards. and held in this poaition, so m to leare the left flank perfect!/ bare ; for it i? (bore that the inoisien is to be made. Tbe said inoision is to be directed from fcefora baekwardi, tranrersely to the length of the body, at the middle of the Aank and slightly to the side between tbe enda of the breast bone and vent, flaring plucked away tbe feathers from tbe space where it is intended to make the inoision, jon take a bistoarj or a scalpel, and eat through the skin, abdominal muscles, and peritoneum; it is better to do this at two or mora cuts, in order to avoid the possibility of woanding the intestines?a casualty that would, in most eases, be attended with fatal results. The intestines present themselves at theoriSoev but jou must not suffer them to come out; oa the contrary, you press them gently aside. So as to have room for action. I may observe, that the incision should have been vfiMantly large to admit of th? forefinger, previously well oiled, being passed into the abdomen, and carried carefully toward the lumber region of the spine; voa will there find what you are in toaroh of. Yon first reach th* left aubataaca, which 70a detach with your nail, or with jour finger bent book fashion; then joa arrive at the right, whiohvou treat similarly?bring both substances forth; yon finally return the intaatinee, sow up the woand with arilk thread?a Tory few stiehes will aufie?-~and smear the place with a little freeh batter. Tfee oomb of tne capon doea not grow to any sixa, ud always retains a pahd color. The process hariug been performed u above described. the bird is placed in a warm bouse, where there are no oerches, as, if such applianeea were present, the new-made capon might very probably injure himaelfin bia attempts to perch, and perhaps even tear open thesntares, and poMibly occasion the operation, usually simple and free from danger, to terminate fatally- For about a week, the food of the bind should be soft oat meal porridg* and that in small quantities, alternated with bread steeped in miik; ha may be given aa mush pore water as he will drink; but I recommend that it be tepid, or at least that the chill be taken eff it. At the end of a week, or, at the furthest, ten ? daya, the bird, if be k&J been previously of a sound, rigorous constitution, will b? *11 right, and may be turned wut into the walk eOmtnon to all your fowl. Tba Malaya are particularly ad a p tad for eaponieing. and, whan properly fattened, at a anttable time after the operation, attain a balk and weight that would surprise auch persona u have never teen a oaponiied specimen of thai breed; the bird*, in feet, rivaling the flneet turkeys." . nanism NX a a Panic, Mo.?The Mlaaourl Repabltcaa aeja: "Information baa been received by Col Harding, Adjutant General of the State forees, from. Gen Henderaon, lnadlaratcb dated at Mealco, , Audrain eennty, January 8tk, that Captain Mct./o?, vitk Capt Jobnson. Lieut Hardin and oae hundred and nineteen me a of Col Fagf'a ??Ml U? ?lllll?| ii UiMI If lHir OU I day (urprlac^ a rebel camp of l*? bnadrrd sad oa Elk Perk. fee ml tea southwest of Parla, , roattoff tbetn and taking lea prisoners and thlr- , Uea bareta Tb? rebel Toes was flva or fix killed . ?won ad ad apkaown The Pedaral bom was tvo . wouadad Tbe rebels ware aoamsadad by T^MipMa aad Palater " 3 *i all *vi oca I.ittlb Tiuu ?fqnallld ? *?|!ger?" Pray, Mr, take pity on a ml???rable a wr?leb. I bavr aw l.onlia ebiktraa.'V. <ieat? f "My peot fcl^W, accept my baartfatt t * k?v? I!?? faasty Kir J| m THE WESTERS GCHBOAT FLEET, die Projected Attack span Ctlimbit-The CkUM*. Cairo correspondence of St. Louts Republican ] The gunboats are naarly oompleted, the last Inishing touches being all now necessary. The Beaton, which will b? the flag ship, has had It* boiler placed lower in the nail, and floats npon the water the moat formidable river oraft probably ever made. From trial the jar caused by firing on the different boats is se slight as to be hardly perceptible, while the craft can be moved in position easier than was anticipated. They will soon thunder their broadsides before Columbus, and on tbair effect will hang the fate of the rebel stronghold. While the Federal gunners, undercover of the iron sides, will be working more safely than in casemates, their opponents, within open eartkwerka will be full J exposed to the falling storm ef abot aad ?h?h. The advantage poeaeased by the assailants in such a oaee wee fully skowx at Port Royal, and with the immense mortars and splendid gnns of the present fleet in full play. Columbus cannot be held. The country for a mile surrounding there oan in less than a day be made wholly untenable, a perfect rain of shell falling among its defenders, while not on? (hot in two hundred fired at the boats will prove effective, aniens setting at naught all calculations of science. Although underestimating the struggle necessary to take ColumHus would be worse than folly, the opposite view oan be rendered still more injurious by embracing the extreme and placing before Union soldiers the ghosts of impassible and barely imaginable terrors. Every slump of bushes around Columbus is not a masked battery, and their fljing artillery are not 128-pounders, like the " L?dy Polk" of Belmont fame, which burst, it will be remembered, Bome time sidce, killing so many, and nearly breaking the leg of Sir Bishop, after whose lady it was named. To show the difficulty of hitting vessels on the river, the case of the Lexington and Conestoga. which oocurred when I first came to Cairo, some months since, will demonstrate. Thena boHtji warn *ni7iicr?wl n*?r thr?? kmiM with several batteries, in all twenty guns. juf>t above Columbus, and although the oannonadiDg was kept up vigorously by the Confederate^ not a single shot took cffect. A gunboat, when in aotion, lies with tbe bow up stream, in which position it is motionless, and does not away with the current's action ; only the stern's breadth affords an object for its opponent's aim, and at a mile and a half, or even less, this appears small. At peaceful practice it would be hard to hit a similar target, and in the heat of battle it is much more difficult. So, with all the bragging and taunts of another Manassas, the most prudent military men stoutly affirm that Columbus can and will be taken. The Confederate irmy now there numbers about 30.000 strum?. and a deserter who eame into the lines night before last states that six hundred torpedoes are sank in the river between Columbus and Memphis. This last story serves to show how credulous a commander would be who should place any reliance upon the men who constantly arrive, proclaiming themselves from the secession army, and telling marvelous tales of hair-breadth escapes. LATEST NEWS FROM THE SOUTH. We have the following additional Southern news: , ANOTHB* SIGHT AT PB5SAC0LA, 1TC. Chicago, Jan. 10 ?A dispatch dated Mobile, the 3d. says Yesterday the guns of Port Pickcns opened on a Confederate steamer, when tb? Pentacola kuqs returned the fire The bombardment continued fifteen hours Nobody was burtononr ude What damage was done the hinrolnltea la not known The "abolitionists conttnuedfiring long after we c 'Med. REPORTED IIOHT Acscsta, Ga, Jan. 3 ?The Charleston Mercnry of this morning say* the enemy were repnised with the bayonet, and run In Bull Kun style, l^avinx their guns and knapsacks on the field. Four dead and many wounded were taken off the field. The dispatch doca not state where the fight took place. A New Orleans dispatch announces the surrender of a small force of rebels at Beloxle. Two cannon were captured. The dispatch also states that Gen Butler and his command were at Ship Island. As Beloxle is considered In possession of the Federals, Gen Butler's occupatloa of it ii momentarily expected. PAMLICO sorsD The Norfolk Day Book, of the 9tb, says: Infrrm?*toR reached tbec.ty last evening to th? efF-ct that a Federal fleet had made its appearance In P?ml!/?nSAiinH TKa flaat H - -w ? M?. BW VI ???cu?y pC u IIboats, drawing from five to tlx feel of water, and earrylne, some of tbem, five guns They were first discovered bf Cspt Hunter, who, while reconnollering wns shot at by them On bis return to the Inland be reported the fact, and our force proceeded at once to p'ace themselves In a state of readiness for an attack. Thta la supposed to be a portion of the Burnaide expedition, and It Is thought by some thai Its obj-ct Is to prepare for an attack upon Norfolk fr?wn the i*ar However this may be, one thing la certain, and that Is, that should thta b? theli programme, they will find It a hard read to travel oriore mey get 10 me eua 01 it. we trust idhi our friend* at Roauoke Island will make every preparation to successfully resist the foe, and thai when be ibovri battle tbev will keep themselves cool and their powder dry, and by thMr valor caus* another "masterly retreat" upon the part ol the Heaaiaos. Pa*aen?er? fr>ro the mountains say that Runtersvllle bss been burnt by the Yankees. Also, that heavy sktrtsUblng continue* above Win. theater There Is nothl rg official corroborating these reports ?Day Book. Affairs at Rsmney The Rooaney (Western Virginia) correspondent 1? t ? VI IU7 ?? OWill^ lUWUlg?UM[ WliWi J?n oio: Night before 1mt w* were Informed that we would moveob Bloe'? Oap during the night. At about roldolfibt the re?i soeat* began to oaoater and form, and by half raat twelve the column was In notion About half paat seven o'clock w? arrived at a height from wbleh we could ae? the Gap and the bridge. Col. Dunning, who ooraminded the expedition, seeing an attempt being made to burn fhe bridge, ordered the Stb Ohio regiment to advaaee at double quick. Thla waa done with a about, and in a few minute* they were on a bank Within two hundred yards of the brldga pouring ia bulleta at such a rate that the attempt to burn and tear up the floor were both abandoned. # Col Dunning then orderei hla men to charge on the bridge and over it. and compelling a negro woman at Blue'a house to show him the road to the left. He led the &th Ohio rapidly Into the mountain, to which the rebels had fled Th?? i harp engagement ensued, whole volleys of musketry ware heard, and It was sooa discovered thst the rebels were firing from behind breastwork on the top of the mountain As soon as Col. Dunning discovered this he ordered his men to fix bsvonets snd charge. While this was being dene, the rsbels left in haste for their camp at tbe foot ef the mountain and back of the Gap. While the above action was going on. Col. Mason charged u p the mountain to the right with tbe 4th Oblo, and drove the rebels from the rocks oa that side Some sharp firing occurred la that direction, In the meantime, but whea the firing had nearly eeased on the monatalns, the 8(h Ohio led the way down the Gap, followed by the 1st Virginia, 7tb Ohio, and the 4th Indiana. Col. Doming having passed eh and taken the two pieces of artillery with their caissons snd horses, ilso s wagon and horses, with the 5th Ohio reglmsat. r?*nraed aad ordered the cavalry to charge. His orders were obeyed with promptness, but the rebels had tskeh to the mountains The artillery zouiu ooi or ami, iw noi buoi wn nira irom sannon on either ?ide daring th? action. The rebels were surprised and it was a complete root. We found eight deed bodies en the held, or ether amongst the rocks; there may have been nore, but they were sot reported; ana sligularas t may appear, not a man of ours received evsn a crate b (ton a bullet On* ferae consisted of detaebmeats of the 4th, Kb. 7th and?tb Ohio, the 14th Indiana and the st V Irjrinla, together with two eota panics of eavIrv and Beam's battery, with e section of Hewrd*a be'ttry; In all, aboet t 800 men Oar Inormattwi led oeto eipeet about <x*) rebeli, but be iM*?ehand negroes agreed In statlag thslr DrseatfOO. TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. Affairs the Upper Pot*mac?Advice* treat Marti burg? Escape of I'aatrabaads, Ice. Feeskrick, Jan IS ?Private Intelligence from Hancock goes to show that one day last week a portion of the Connecticut Fifth and New York Twenty-eighth croaaed tbe river and advanced four of flvr mllea Into Virginia, to a bouse where they found and brought away one cannon, twenty muskets and sabres, alao a considerable amount of minor implements of warfare. Hergt. Bingham, of tbe Twelfth Indiana, was i killed the mouth of the Antietam last week by tbe accidental bursting of a loaded shell. It appear* that he walked across the river on the Ice. and on returning found one of the enemy'a shells, which, in attempting to ignite, \)urst, wounding him so severely that be died in a tew hours. He was a brother of Capt Bingham, asllltint AUMrt?rmiitAPnf Q?n UanVflf ittvialnn anil bid Ju?t previously received the appointment of id ltentensnt dvicaa from Mlrtinbqt; on the Oth ?'ar? thrt there we e n<> regulars of tb? Confederate army there. All the troops a^ Winchester, excepting 150 mll'tla, had left for Morgan county to Jeln Jackson's command, who, It w*s understood, wr.s to at'&ck Romn?r It was reported at Martinabury that a fliht hid actually taken placeat R moey, and their iota wai 1'-0 killed, and 70 wounded and 200 prisoners. Thia waa reported by a Confederate m'ltla captain. Coffee, wh>n it could b* ob'ain?d, aold for 50 centa; salt 89?810 per sack, and the only qnalttv t? he obtain d waa the sediment of last year * flsh barrel*<^s are lMued at Marttn*burg to wall-known secessionists only to visit otber places In the Interior They are printed on a very c?mmo'< kind df brown wrapping paper, two and a half by four inches In addition to the hitherto reported force under Jackson may be added Gen Carson'* mllitl i,wbo were present against their will at the battle of Ob neck The First Maryland, Col K^nly, have strongly entrenched themselves at Old Fort Freder'ck, above Hancock, where they are frequently reconnoitred at a distance by small bodies of the enemy He has sufficient ordnance to maintain himself there, aa Weil as to command the railroad opposite. Last night, while on guard duty at the railroad station, Lewi* Hoag, of company I, 3d Wisconsin, was accidentally shot and Instantly killed by ??if of his comrades. On Friday night a magnificent reunion was given to the officer* of our army by Col. Maulsby, of the Maryland Home Brigade It took place at the Colonel's mansion, ono mile from town, on the Harper's Ferry turnpike. Gen. Jackson's Army Returning from Rom* Doy, abd Threatening Hancock again. Frkdkkick, Jnn 13 ?The following dispatch has just been received from Hancock: Hancock, Jan. 12?Gen. Jacksou, with 15,000 regulars of the rebel army, 3.000 militia, and lb guns, after threatening Romnev, appeared before this place, at some distance, to-day, probably on bis return to Winchester. He had three days' rations left. lTp to the time this dispatch is sent he has made no demonstrations. A week yesterday he.with his full force, appeared at Bath, where there were but about 500 Union troops, being detachments of several regiments. The rebels made an attack with their whole militia force, and were twice repulsed byonr volunteers. Subsequently Jackson's regulars made an attack In front, at the same time executing a flank movement, wben our small force fell back on Hancock. The estimated strength of Jackson's force Is cor roDerated rrom aeveral aourcea , The Birnlde Kxpodttlon?Hailing ?f Troniport* for Port Royal. Niw Yokk, Jan. 13.?The traoaport Patapaco, from Baltimore, report* that abe passed on the 11th lnatant, otf Cove Point, a portion of tbe Barnslde expedition. Afao, on tbe aame day, off Cape Henry, paaa?t two ateamrrs, having each a achooner In tow, coming out of the capea, all bound South. The trantporta Baltic, Cah^wba, Empire City, and Marlon Bailed to-day for Port Royal New York Bank Statement. N*w Yobk, Jan 13 ?The weekly atatement of mt niv uinm idowi xue iouowing toiaii: L.oani, d<?crea?p, ?*2,333,641; ?pecie, increase, SI,->9,1(1*2; circulation, decrease, ?464,674; deposits, Increase, *2,100,5:29. Rate af Exchange in Canada. Toronto,Jan. 11.?Exchangeon New York has b*en reduced to IX percent, dlacount. Sterling exchange la easy at llO^alll. DRIED APPI.ES-2,nnn|h*.,in Bags and Barrels, Choioe and Bright, SHt'-LLBAKKS?10 bushels, prime. ! For aale by WM fl. CAMPBELL, ja H 3t* 3?ft Pennsylva la avenue. T PIANOS-PIANOS-PIANOS! HIS Morning received a tain a supply I ootave R ogf> woo<i Pianoi, amonc them very handsome carved one from the o?le HUH brated factory of W. Knabe A. Co., B&iti-MI ?Ti more, whioh 1 will cell or rent on very acoommo ditint terms. A seoond hand one of 6 octave*also ' for sale or to r*nt at my Piano Room, No. 498 Eleven, h street, , deS>-1m* F C. RICHKNBACff. ' IUST RECEIVKJD AND FOR ??ALE LOW, 1 J tweet, five bbls. VV HI c E ONIONS and five bbla. HAVANA ORANGES, by BROWNING A KEATING, d? 4-Stawtf 333 Pa. avenue, near Sttt st. ?pO THE LADIES Or WASHINGTON. MRS. M. A. HAMILTON, No 346 Pennsy'1 v? iia are., between 12th and ljth 8'reoU,^^Pi has just received a new a?sortm?nt of nan i fjmm some Hoonets. Ao . and as khe wiahes to oiose^^ i busmen in thi* city,she is no* se lug at very r dnced prices. The l adies will pleaar ca'l and ee her sew assortment. ja 19 eoSt* f ????????????????????????? [VOW IS THE TIME To * t >oar Winter LI Clothing at iow prioee, at 460 TOi. strait. 4* 11 1 m i|j>t i N NEW MILLINERY. UW On hand anu oor.ctiot:> reo?ivln* Dew auppl'ee of Wl!NTfc,R BoNi\KTS, oonpiii*-^0S inc the rewwt and moat ? olfXa the HUTCHINSON 4Ml'NRn>^ Kancy Store, 310 Feun. avenue, between 9th Mid 1' th ?tree;? w ere Mtaa Thompson la prepared tj xeouu promptly ali order* left with her. [ Aiao jaet received anew aupplr of Head Dr***. ea, Artificial Flowera. Feathers, A.O., to whloh we is rite the attention of the ladiea. de 18 L. Towaaa J. M. Towua. J. B. Tow?a. L. TOWEHS A CO., STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Lrwr tnuxMia mvtnut aim atxt\ tt. The attention of the bmineea community ia reapeetlally invited to the New Book and Job Printing Eetabliahment, whioh hu been fitted ap with uw material, in the most complete manner, i* now prepared to execute, in a aatiifaetory atyle, orery variety of Printing, via: . Booka. Speeches. Paraphleta, Carda, Cironlara, Sutlers' Blanka, fto.Jto. The attention of memt>era of Congreaa ia especially requested for our faoilitiea for printing Speeches, aa we have the Imrgut steam power in theoitv. - - de T-lawtim pENBION OFFICE. ifwi 6th, 1b61. TO ALL WHOM tt MAY CONCERN. 1 Application having bam maae under tne act of Sd June, 1860, for tha reiaaue of the Laud War- I rants described hereia, whioh are alleged to have tjfen tost or destroyed. notice ia hereby given .that 1 at tha data following tha deaonption of each War rant, % new Certificate, of like tenor, will be leaned, u ao valid objection shall thea appear No. 07,810, for 188 aotaa. laaaed under the aot of March, ia56, ia the name of Hannah, widow of < Jamee w uaon, and granted on the ftth day of February^ ttST?December SO, 1861. 1 NO.MJSO, for 130 acrea, iaaned nnder the aot of |lar?fcLitf6.1n the name of Martha, widow ofAn draw Itteiloc, and granted on the 16th day of April, MM.?December J1,1861. No. wna, for iff) aorea. iaaned nnder the act of . Maroh, MM, in the nam* of Samuel R. Jack way and granted on the let day of Aagnst. 1856. No. 3 104, for 190 aorea, issued under the act of. \ Maroh, 1MB, in the name of William H Tarranoe, and^grantea on the 13th day of Jaly, lMA-Deoem No.*14.946, for 90 aorea, iaaned nnder the act of September. I860. in Um aaaae of Levi Trnadwell, ac t granted September Mtn. 1851. No. SI,CM, for 40 aorea. tesaed under the aameaot, in the name of Abel Platta, and (ranted November i No.^m^^iw^WMfiaaaed nnder the act of i Maroh, 185J, in the name of Thomas Johnson, and I granted on tne 9th day of September, '867.?Jan- i &&.' NoTiMM!%r'lM aorea. Lenrt awler the apt at 1 Mamh. MM, in the name of William Scott, and was i rraitet on the let (toy of Nay, Mfe-i-Ia-nary 11,

#2882. < i . JOSKPH H. BARRETT, (W-liv Commissioner, 1 AUCTION SALES. I Br BARNARD & KUCKfcY, Anctioneera, freyrnetovm, D. C. fRUBTKES' BAI.^.-Br virtue nf a deed of 1 tru?t from Wm. W. MoNeer, dated Afnl 14, Ml. an4 of reoord, we will off*r at aaotion on the Ml oar of Feb* nary next at S o'clock ?.m,on the pauses, all that lot of ?roand in Georgetown known u tue eaaterrmo?t part of lot numb?r one Kindred atd twenty-*lght, (128 ) in BeaU'saddition *> Georgetown, fronting U Iwt on Dun arton atreet, and mnn ni hack north, of the name width. 12*) < feet, with the improvements, cocaiaitng of a two ftorj fraa.e hoeae. ' Terma of ?aie: Ono-th'rd of the parohaae monev k> be paid in ca*li; and the reaidne at three e^ual fcataimenta at three.aiz and nine montha, wita mterest, to be aeoured. l W iVL. i B. UOit HUliH CAPER TON. Trnat??? Georgetown Buiid'r Auooia'n. jl?i?TU BARNARD & BUCKbY. AfcoU. BARNARD * BUCKKY, Auationeora. <#?orr#?ow?. D. C. ir RITSTKIP^SALE.-Hy virtrm of a de-d of ?rmt from j3?? f)?iolr dM??'May ??. IS55 and r>f rec-o-d. we ?i l IT?? auo'ion.on t eltrh day otKebru?M * SJtf o'elook p m. on ti.e prfmifi. hatlo> i fujronnn > < Georgetown, bounded as "o U>w*,*ix: Bofirnna at'lr arid of tw??ty-#ix teet m nanredea t ou the roath line of \V.->gt Mreef, from rh? ithe&a' int-?'arction of W<>?t a d Norti ?freet* *r d ran int thecc-* easterly, by and with 1 tlienojth liwe ??f Weit itreet, twntj !eet,th n??e aoutn^rdi*, ar.d paralrl with ta'd Nor'h ?t ?"et. utity-asx I et. th^nse w?t*?rd f, aud ra aM?l 1 with said Wet htr^t, t?enty feft, and thenoe north eicbty six feet to tbe be^innim, the imnroveme- ta. Termaof Bale : One-th'rd of the purchase mone* to be paid iu c*ah, and the renidne in thre* #qaal liatAlmeita, a' thre- . tix, cni mud luontha. with interest ?ob?Mon-ed mi 4.? - i - - * t- * * - ? nw ioi iu< o sa ? mun DToupuM witn wittnn on* w??k tft^r sal , or the property irat be rero d after one - eeke' nutios at me risk aud oottofthe first purchacor. WALTER S rox, HTOH OAPERTON, Trnstee's Georgetown Baildirr Association. jVfrMrt- BIKnaKDA BUCKEV.Ancf. By tJAKNARI) t BUUKKY, Auctioneers. Otott toxen, D C. TRUSTEE'S SALE.?By Tirtue of a deed rf triutfrum B. Hutchms, dated September^, 1856. Mid of recr rd. we will offer ?t auotion on the lU>i d*? of February. 1E62. on the premises, et 4 >'9lo?k p m, that part of lot nnmber nirety cm, (9l,?in Beatty 4t Hawkins' addition to Georjetown, be.iunin* for its bound* on the sooth side of prospect street, in Georgetown, at a point distant 65 feet, measured cast, from the wrst co'ner of saia lot, and ru^niiig thenoe south and para lei wuh the rue of raid lot 53 fe?t, more or less to the lite <lf Mrs Master's lot thence east n?i t^'6 line of sa d lot 26 feet, an* thecoe eorth 58 feet more ?r ess, to Frospect street: thence with Frospeot street feet to the beeiumnt, with the improvements, nimjialinar r.f B ^ra>?a Terms of sale: One ti.ird of the money to tie pa:d in cash; and the residue in th^ee equal insta inert-, a? three, aix and cine months, with interest, to be secureu. The terms of sale mu-t be oomphed with within one week after sale, or the propertv may lie resold at the expense and risk of the purohaser, after one week's notice. WALTKR 9. COX. HUGH CAPERTON, Trustee* Georgetown Bnild'a Assoc.a'o. ja 6 2awts BARVAR1) A BWCKBV, Ancf. By BARNARD a Bl'CKKV, Auctioneers. Uf.Ttet<ncn. D- C. TRUSTEE'S SALE.?By virtue of a deed of trust from Henrv Dade, dated April 25,185?, and of record, we wi'l offer at auotion, on the llth day e>l Februarr. at 3>6 o'clock p. m., or. the premises, part of lot No. eighty, in Molm?ad's addition to Georgetown, tounded ax follows, viz: Beginning at th? northwest corner of said lot. and run aing thence south, along North street, fony feet, thenoa east and at right a-igles With North street, forty s.x feet,'fcerco north forty feet, and west forty-eix feet, to the beginning, with the im- ,, consisting two two story innxic Term? of sale: One-third of the purohase moo?? to be paid in cash, and the residue in three equal instalments at tnree.six, and nine months, wita in'ere*t, to be secured. The terms of sale mu?t bo complied with within one week ai>er sate, or the propert* may be r??oM, at the risk and cost of the first purchaser. oce Weeks' notioe. WALTER 3 COX, hl'GH caperton, , Trustee's Georgetown Building A*?ooiaHon. ja?2awts Barnard* bpckky.auou. fly WALL* BARNARD,Auctioneers. TRUSTEE'S SALE-Bt virtue of a d*?d of 1 tru't f-oiri Charles Williams, cated April 2i, lSSC.and of record, we will offer at auction, on THURSDAY, the 13th day ci February, at 4 o'oiook p. m , on th* premises, that lot oi grooud in Washington knowc and described as the nortnern part of Jot No twuty-six, (J6,) in square No. J one hundred, (1<X?,) fronting forty-eight feet on i wenuetn street, ana titty leet on M street, witn the improvements, consisting ofatwo story frame house. Terms of sale: One third of the parohase money to be paid in oash, the residue in three eaual in stalments, at three, six, and nine months after date, with interest, to be scoured. I The terms of sale must be complied with within , one week after sale, or the property may be resold, , at the riskaLd oostofthe hi st purouaaer, after one weeks' notioe. , WALTER 9. COX, HUGH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown Bui.d'f Association. 7 aawts By WALL & BARNARD. Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' PALE ?By rirtne ct a <1oeJ of trust lr<>m N W. We kar, dated February 2J, | >856, and of record, *e will cff>r at auoti' n, on FnJD\Y, the 14th day of February, at 4 o'olock p- m , on the premise*. tint lot of g round in \V aa!iir (ton known and deaorit ed as lot D, tn sauare , No 424 beginning fur its bounds on Eighth t-Ve.'t, | 32 feet lrnfn the northwest, corner of tam squire, and running thenea soutu with the line of tig4 tb street 16 feet; fhrtoe ea?t (53 feet 8 in3ttee to a 3f?-et a'ley, tbence north *>ith the line <>f eaidailey 16 feet: th noe veatfS feet 8 inohea to the beginning, I with the ia proveuidiits. 1 Term* of ?a!e! Un? third of the purohas* money i to be paid in cash; and the reaiOue in three equal iasta iaei t>. at three, six and nine months, witn I interest, to be secured. Thetrrmaofaa'e mn?t be complied with within I rtoe w-ek after aale, otherwtse the propTt* may be retold at tht i uk and oo?t of tbe first purchaser, after one week's notice wai tbd s rr?v HUGH CA ttloSf, TrusteesGeorgetown Build'* Aacocia'n. ^7 2awt? VV LI A B A R N . KD, A uen. By Wll L & KARX ARD, Auctioneers. TRt??Tt E-? i'ALK ? B? vntu* o' a f?e<1 rf tru t Tom Cynthia l^l^a ou a*.id >itii"r?,dat U Varc 13 1857. aii?t > f record w- ? i I o < - r.t auction, on ^ATUtf DA Y. the 15th day of Fa ruar?. at4? o ook p m. (-u'hep em e*. that lot of r?ou J in Waeninjton krown re of N<>. * nhteeu, ( S.tin quart IMo. M?auty,('.J,J wtiu tha liii,rovemarts. 1'erme of sae: Ore third of the pureba<* morey , to t*? paid in caao; and the reti uain threefqntl in'tainenU, at thru . cix and nins month* alter , date, with mt re*t, to be eeoured. , i re term= of kale mu?t be aompiud with within one week after tale, or the property iuay be reeoid at the ri?k and oust of toe fi rat purchaser WALTtM H. COX. HUGH CAPKRION, Trustees Georgetown Buid'g Assoc a'n. 4 qain(a 11/ .it a. u i ii ivi n n * j<? i con u> *? AiiJJ 0& 0AIV11 AIVl/( AUUIB LADiES', GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILOWEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, CJNDKR GARMENTS.GLOVK8, HOSIER'.. HAND KERCHIEFS. SCARFS. TIES, CRAVATS, LINEN COLLARS, SHIRTS, to , Ac. THOMPSON, under Brown's, -deM E. A. Lake A Co.'s Marble Hall Buur. ( Thr m?40?.W will opea their sew I 1 Bankta* House in the Coloni?%ti?n Hcildin*. w>rner of Pennsylvania avenue aud 4>? street. Withiictou, I). C., on MONDAY. January the 6th, 1162, for the purpose of trtnsaotins a ieaeral bankiDK business. , B?DkicK hours between 10 a m. and 3 p. m ja? lw WM. T. THuMPsONi Pres't. j pHOlCK OLD HAVANA RUM, Vi In Demijohns, | MINERVA WINE?a oelebrate>d SpaLien Wine, VERMOUTH WINE?an Italian Wine, much n?ed a*atonic, CHAMPAGNES, CLARETS, CORDIAL9, 4o., of variona brat da, ITALIAN MACAKON! and VERMICILL1, j MoUer'a New York Pat nt Cut L<> a F SUGAR. For sale bjr C. G. DkG A KM EN UI A, Importer and Dealer in Havana Sefars, de 30-lm' No. 18 Commerce at, Baltimore. I CA BARRELS EXTRA FLOUR, I lOU iso box'i CHEESE. . (HI firkin. V? V/?h kl.l. DI1TTDD ?? W a V# ? v a L1|\? * bftrrai? ?o4 firkin. BOOL BUTTER, I *> do, SOboxaa RAISINS. J ul reoai vad ana for *!? by 1 O. VV. ANGELL, J Jft? hr* No. ftfct<omalao? avon?. |V ?? BOYB'CLOTHING. , " K iUn raoairad within tee !ut day or two ft , M* ftasortment of BOY5^ SPRING CLOTH- 1 NG.embraoini ali atria* of low-pncad, media?. Ltd flea cn&litiac, which wa ara Ailing ft t vary K < W (lBtftlli?*oaar and Republican.) j, ESSM#**""""' i i HOMPHON'I, p In pftrt of E. A. Lake * Co.'a, Undar Brown'i flotai. i Ohio wines i AND BRANDIES. Hanoc reeeireri acnnsignmect of Zimmimuaii t O?.'t CiaoinnauOfcinCatawt* Wnmud Brandiea: we therefore offer to Droggiata, tirooort. Hotel and Saloon Keeper*, to , DRY CATAWBA WINE. Light an ! Strong?the former in boxes for table ae. and tne latter in half-barrela for mixing and oooking purpurea BWKET CATAWBA OR LADIES' WINE, in barrels and hftif-tarre.s, for table nee?a very apenor article fur tka holiday a. CAT A WKL BRANDY, an nnaurpaesahla ?fca*a!sat and very useful for Brandy Puuoh. LYLK A COFFIN, , de 16 lm 49 I rjpo MILITARY OFFICERS AND OTHKRB. BATCHKLOR'S ItKSViyR HAIR DYE. Trie Best in the W>>rld. b Tk* Oniy aiui Harm its $ Haw Dti Known, ? Sold by tl' DruggiMa; aiso, at Hliltrwi'i * MeUioine btoce. c p. 1'aunt Oiboe. oor. t A nk, at Qibm*? Hwr t*Wa, Penn'a areraa. vbart Ladies can ha** tt applied, if tie*,red. Faotorj ?t?l Barolay t iata Broadway) N. Y. ne S I? CLOTHS, CASSIMERKS AMI VK3UN6*A I'nl mock of chotoe fa.irioa at test tuan the J usual :a*es. tine prioe on'y, marked in pla n figures. An xmr: ration of cuct nuitea ; no ob lotion U> purchase incurred th*reo? PERRY A BRO., ja7-6* Perm avenue ard Ninth ?t. ^DAMS' KXPKLbS COMPANY. ynriCR nr KFMor;r The delivery office of this company la rejnovfd frcm Third street tj the larga depot oc B <treet, . etveen 2d &..<! 3d its. de ?wtf g rpo OFFICER?, SUKLFR9, Ao.-For.aJe, at ' 1 a Rioierate price a New York bsit lour wheeled i*t.t covered VVAliON, with hatdsooie lea her cut: 10 ?, Ao , having been uei thrt-e , t uirs. cost S^82 Al^o, a New \ ork in* e set of, with il&tad fifing*, which has n^vcr been u*ed at ail. Also a **t of plain Si i g e Harness, quite u*-w App ? at 4 87 s?v?nUeaih street, corner of I, for address of stable and groom. de 31 ' SOMETHING XKW-SUPEIHOH HULLED . CO/J.V ?The subscriher, having tot the agency 1 to *jp?ly Washington and 6eor?etown with this de.ioate preparation of Core, would respectfully 1 ask of his friends, and thepubl'c atiarge, to give it a trial. A so. Popped Corn, cia'a ard sagan*d. i WM. BRADLY^Agect. Pa. avenas. between 18th ana I9tb sts. N. B.?Manufacturer oi MarMe Mantee. Monu- 1 meets. Table '1'om. Ac. A i&rce ?.Bsrtn. ?rl* wa*s on hand. oc 19 3m Heavy wool i*vse. shirts and DRAWERS, t^JUlMV -HIRrs, at >94 Pa. avenge, Laci rooxs; cr Aii D street, between **th a>r< "*h. de< tf ALL KINDS OP F?HCY GROCERIES AND i Sutler's Good* on caiid ar.d Ijr *a e !ow by BROWNING ft KEATING. < de 4 3tawtf S43 Fa. avenue. ne?r 6tli ?t JUST RECEIVED TEN BHLS.S BORINE S t operior f'Ll) RYE WHISKY, eight r?tr? old, warranted. Aleo. prime Mononjaheia Whi?- 1 kiea for sale at 353 Pa &wnu?, bv de 4 Stawtf BROWNING & KEATING. f (^HEESE, OH E E ^ E I?New York Cream c. J Cheese; Wiltshire do.; Hamburgh do^ Sap 1 Sato do.; Grujere do.; Parme*an do.; Pine Appie do. KING * BL'RCHELL, de 19 oorner FiftixMith ?t. anf* Vermont ay. ^ I> KNJAMIN DiWCILFF, m _ Qk> A II A __ _ r*o. rni.Avi5ili A4toiiuac tue National Hotei, Kr+j Wcihington, D C. wkHm INM oo&st&ntlv on hand ?tnf a?w>rtmerit of Sold and SILVER WATOHEs. GOLD r CHAINS. JEWEUV.SILVKR WARE. J CUTLERY SPECTACLES. OPERA AND FIELD (rLASSES, *r. N. R. Repaiuiii by F. C. Richard, iate from No. 1028 Chestnut street. Pnilarielfhia, a ski.ful workman in Caronomet?ra, fin? Wtc.m, ka. de 7 lrr* HFOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! AN DKERCHlKFS, HANDKERCHIEFS, 1 HANDKERCHIEFS.'-A!i s;rU. Mock now un . equalled. for ladies and fentlemen?jutt the tlust for Christmas Pregetta. At THOMPSON"', 1 A* E. A. Lake A Co.'m Marlll ? Haii Bazaar, < de20 _ Unil-r iirown's Hotel._ j \V SIGGERS A HENRY'S ? ASHING ION AND ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS, Leaving eacn city twice a day. order ten on slate it Gregory's Stove Store or Mar- * tin's Franklin House, Washing tot f rill meet with prompt attention. BTM ir^V* jmw* t T\T E \VS?N E WS-N FW8 J0PTOpK!fRD yEW YORK OYSTER AND EATINV SA LOON. The undersigned be* respectfully to inforai their friends and the pnbiio generally that^^. the* I ave opened their eytablishiiiearwva f r-J on New York av.. near 15th at. shall spare no pains to procure for our suatoroera the best the market oan al ford. Partiea, families and sutlers supplied a4 the shortest n>tioe. Our establishment will be open dailv. Sucdapa excepted. de34-lm* DORIAN A KWOP.D / i ISAAC HERZRER6. fl X X The Only Licensed X X P ? PAWNBROKER. 9 (I r #10,000 to be loaned o^ ttold acd Silver Watohe*. Jewelry, Gnn? and Pistol*. Silver Ware, ana Wearir.u Appare.?at the oid stand, No. 331 C street, back of the Nationa; Hotel, between Ok ana 8th ?ts. de le-am* COLUMBIA MARKET, 1 Pa nre??e. e?m*r Thirteenth U. m? int)sor ber wou d siost reepeoilully inform 1 the oituens of Washington t? at be has returned to bis old su*rter, where tie intends ke pint a first- t rafit mft.rVAt in nM its hriknnhAa in timM mm He will b? happy to rreet hi* old frienda and customers. N. B ?6ood? sect froe of eharfa to any part or tlie oity. tie 13 C. MALLARD. JMFOR1ANT TO MILITARY WEN.' Army Regulation Ha'a, MoUellan Fatigue Cap*, Cbae<-enr*d? Parte Capa. Staff Capa mads to ordfr, with 4. p opr>nte cenoet. B. H. ST NFMKTl, 836 Pa. *v?Tiue, near o:>rn<?>< lath at., Bwtweoc Willard** an'J Krkwooda' H"t'la. 117* Age 'cy f*r (i tten'a Cork ap Hivelocfc, Mihiy reoimmended for the us? of our rank and ? fi A hv*nt iif>n \V ft Ha lY.lm A (V'OTICE TO WATCHM4KKRS*, JtWtLi> LER?, A>?> P DLAKs % M J MYFRS.of 90 Washington atraet, Boston. ren?*d thai*1 Brtnch ' ffioe, Ko"m I No. I? >v &?iu gio? tfuirimg.ra avenuw, on Tu??<!ay. Daoambar Slat w.tha l*.r?a C> 3 i stock of Watohaa, JeweUj. Watch Mate Aav riala, *o.,at tha Iow*at ?fcol?aale p isaa. v\ atch won doon (or the trada PoairivaLT no Good# Sold oa Wokk dow a at Retail. de 80 lm* ^TTKNTiON.RANK AMD FILE! t ROTH ROCK'S, At 460 Ninch Stubt, Nbak E. la tha p.aca, of a 1 oth'ra, to auppl? jourael vaa with Q ail kind* of CAMP FURNITURE, , At tii Vb? Lowiit Pticn. He alto keepa on ^aad And makes to order (VIATTR ESSES, PILLOWS and COM FOR T8, _r _n .iu /? a a ? i t i q uanues. v ami ih renaer yoorsei ves oo intertable for the winter by a very email outlay of money. U~ Remember the flaas. defl-Stawtw J TO THE LADIES! U LE9 JOLL1VETV, Ladies' Hairdreew. from Q Pane, jast arrived, informs the iadiee of Wasbi niton that he hae opened a large |aa?ortio?at of P*iix Head Dresses, Wreath<ta< d bride*' Wreathe, the meet splendid ol oioe of Floirerefor creeses; uao. Go d and Chenille Nets, aJl(kinds of Bair r Work ; and attend to dressing .adiee' hair. s*8 d itreet, between9thand loth. dell 1m* Ywood and coal. OV Will surely tat your money's vortt by aallinc at the PIONEK* MILLS, temtkwut ?er Mr V Stvtntk strut m*d CteMJ, (GEO. pave, 1 Arent) They sell cheaper and five better miuin than any others in theaity?onl, split, and delivwed free of charga. If vos don t! eh eve _ \ re lie Pioneer M flis a tr.a_ and be satisfied. t-ltj ( pROBS ft BLACK WELL'S FlffAUTTL L Mixed Pickles, Chew Chow, Gherkins. Wat mu, Spanish and OUres, Prech Kujb?rlrs, Walnat Catnip, Mo?hroom Catsup. Harrer'a _ laucc, fro , Ac. K!i\G A BlROHELL, * da 19 ooraer Vermont ar.and Fifteenth st. 1 H,OBESTPRIOWAJOB ? FOR U. 8. TREASURY NOTES ? of then.tferem issues,and No'tLem Caircac*. Sxofcangc on Ue priocipal eitie* North pajabie a (old or oitrrenav sold te sut pnrotasers. *irTKNHOU?E. FaNT A CO., Bankers, No. 349 Per.n. awue, j* * Ira Bear Brown?s H >?et. HRKAT ATTRACTIONS.?Brand reek Mr LT Tth street, to see the new stock of Clstttii. st reeeiTod at SMITH'S. No. 4<M> Tth atoeac ? KING A BURCHELL. ;a Corner lfth n. aaa Venaoai at. ? **. * ' ^ ?i " I. ! , THE WEEKLY STAR. , lag tku cu be IWU U uy Nher > fa Friday Moralag. Sia*lecopy, per ? * F>e f* Tea ooplee.. Tweaty-fTr copla ^W|?e IHMItMMl II It iarartably ioMAi?Weeklajrtoa Wwi' Uit tee made TktDmxif Mm mnmg ft* ill?>?I lo neaatily Umragboot the ooeatry. C7" single eoplea (la wrap para) eta he prerared at tbe oeaater, lirmediately altar the taue of tfee paper. Prlee?THRKR CENTS UL'T UDAT n?3 ??? *? i iii kjyjxjMj o GENUINE FK EPA RATION. it ? HIOHLT CONCENTRATED" Cob pound Fluid Kxtraot Buohu, A futttn mad SftiJU Riwudf For Dimum of tho (LADDER, KIDNEY, GRAVEL,as4 DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. Thra Mvd;?in? Immmm the power t/p^Mbot, d eieit-*? uw ABaniBCKT* into boaJthy Mtioa. if whion the watut ? caLcbbocs Ad &1 CKSaTCRaL BKLtftSRM ?KT? in rHlwwi, M weil M PA.11I OB INFLAMMATION. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBV For Weakn?fi?e? Lriainc from iowh, H? t? of Dihim1 *. Karl* I disarMion or Abuse. Attenitd with the Following Rfmptomi. ndiapoftiuB tu txertion. l,on uf Pqw,on of M'-moiT, D (Boa ty of Wrettstitr, iVetk Nrrr??, TrapMia*. I error of D , WftkafuA*-'-, )imr,??i of Viiion. F?i? in the B* k. Lassitude of tb? Miscuiar HtbMi*. lot Hands, t lushinc of the tiryij, Jryners of the PUn, F>?ptl<?ns ob the Fao?. M UD COtn?TKSA*C?. These ?ym-t' mu ll a owed to go <">n, vhieb Uk nedietne in vans! \j naori, boob fe lows .M POTENCY. FATUITY EPFLEPTIO FITS, In ont / which tht Patient mnf fitpin. Who oan mt tn? they are rot frequently Miiwii t?? thoee "DiRirrL diikaics." " INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." >! at. t are avate of the oa.ui>* of their itftriif, BCI SONS WILL COKFLSa rHK RE'JOii DS or THE INBANt ASYLUMS And tkt Melancholy D*atKt fcy Conrmmiftimn, ie*r ampli WITNKaa to tbi ticth ? t tib asasktion. rHE CONSTITUTION ONCE AFFKCTBD WITH ORGANIC WEAKNESS. tequiree t:<e aid of medicine to atrengUiflii and Invigorate the Syaten rhieh HELMBOLD*S EXTRACT BUCHU tarana1 /? do*t 4 TKTAL WILL C01VIHCB TBI KOfT IIirTXil. ( ?|t I FEMALES? FEMALES? FEMALES, JLL) MR YOUNO, HIMGLK. MAKKIKD, OR tClNTK.M PLATING MARRIAGE, In Many AJfttti?*j PtMliar to FtmmUl he Extract Buctau is uneeual]nl bj any other ren*1y, as in Chloroeie or Retention, lrrno:%nty 'atnfameu. or tfiiMreeeton of C?u>m?i? Etmlatione. Uici-ralt-u or Schirro?i? state of the L'teui. Leuoorrhea or W hi tee, Sterility, and for all lompiamta incident to the eex, whether aneiaf xom ludiacreuou. HatuU of i>iaaipatioB, or la (ha LECLIXE OR CHANGE OF LIFE I SKI fTMFTOlM ABOV1. JO FAMILY SHOULD BX WITHOUT IT. raAi ao mere baimm, Mtrcwrp, m Peylnml Jutdtcitu fat UnpUatamt >U Datum. HELMBOLDS EXTRACT BUCMU CDftES ?rRET DISEASES a an their Star?*: At little Einm kittle or no oa&oce id D?t; No iboobmambm And no AXfontrt. t c?m?* a fre^u'et deeire a*!d rtvee strenrtb to ;ricat9. thereby itemeviuf obetiiieUona, * * >revectim and Cur.n Smoturea of the llxethra, AMarint rain and Icfiammafioa. eo request to the cImi of disease*. ao4 n c Mi Pouoaottj, Dutatid, and worn out Mautr. THOUSAND* UPON TBOtUSM WHO HAVE BEEy THE VICTIMS OF Q UACK8, ,nd who have paid hear* ft*' to he cored in a abort line, uavb fuBkU they were deceived, and Utfll the roiaow" has, by the use ofpoivtrful nnrinnntt" *en dried ay in the elatem, to break oat in an acrarated form, and thU.tiArt> AtiMti MAAKJAVM. x b Bo- HELMHOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHV iLl aflMtious uau diieMM of th? UKIN ART ORGANS, rketMer ex. tint in BLAliB OR FKHALI, rom vUtsrtr oum origi&atiac Hd no Mir of HOW LONG STANDING. 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