Newspaper of Evening Star, January 14, 1862, Page 3

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 14, 1862 Page 3
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T ?m?? ?? LOCAL NEWS. I. - ti None*.?After baring for nuy years printed , tbe U?t? of letters remaining uncalled for In the ? post office of this city, (under the taw authoriztnir their publication ia the newspaper having the largest clrealattoa within the uMal delivery of the office,) the proprietor of the Star has at . length felt compelled to decline their farther ; insertion, because of the great space they have come to occupy, and at the fhet that for months past he has been forced to lay over on each occasion, when printing the lists, advertisements tbe insertion of which would hare paid at leaat double as much as tLa lsw allowed him fsr the letter list. < In addition to this positive pecnnlsry loss by * fna*rttnn alnra thnaa 1 twtm hava Ia k* a* Urge the New York city latter lints, tbey entirely?on the day on which they were . printed-defeated bit purpose of making tbe Star alwavs a nntspmptt?news being lta well-known . speciality. J AlKIMlilTI TO-NI6KT. I r Tbkatbk ?Sheridan's (rent comedy of " Tbe I Rivals'' and tbe farce, "Tbe Poet of Honor.'* t Miss Snnn Denln In both. 1 Tbe danaueee, Cubes, la not yet sufficiently re- j covered from her indisposition to fulfill ber engagement here. ( Smithsowt aw.?First lecture of tbe Smithsonian 1 ?<?ir?e by Rev. Dr H W. Pierson, president of 1 Cumberland College, K? Subject: " Jefferson st Monticeilo.'' Admission free, doors closing at ' f o'clock. j Hvtchinsos Family?Odd Pillows' Hall, , Nam Yabd ?A superb concert of voesl music, Including national antbema, songs and charming t melodies, one to be enjoyed by every Navy- 4 Yarder Tbe Hutchinson's bad a crowded house . IMS >IOM ?I Ci5Tiikit Hall?Last nlgbt of tb* Ravel i pantomime, " Leu Amende* Alpes," and second enloj? of A. J. Talbot la an original bill cram- i m?i with good thinga Lookout for tbe nttloM j and f*28 silk dress to-morrow afteraoos. o C*ai?tt'??An entertain!ng melange of new music, aongs, dances, jokes and comicalities, by r V tbe entire company of sixteen minstrels, con- r eluding with "Tke Statue Lover," tbe immortal George Christy as "Jake" Kirs's Am phi thzath ?Eighth night of Dan i Rice, with bis blind oteed " Excelsior," ? them 1 molea," and the dancing horse ''Frank Houstonc with tbe whole am phi theatrical troupe in near t performance* Don't fall of seeing the beautiful child rider Eloise. t Acabihy of Mr?ic?Op<m Drnfund Evening ? I rree concert, wit a new music, selected from the belt operas, at three o'clock Superior refresh- 1 merits served by pretty and attentive female ' waiters * Pkockkvisos ot tb* Citt Cotscils. Jan. 13? < Board / Alderman?A communication was re- ? ceived from the Mayor nominating f?>r commit- C sioaer of sweeps of the Fifth Ward William W. Bean. and one asking that the committee before ? Congress be Instructed to seek from that body ( some relief from the great and increasing burden c Incurred by this Corporation uider the charter, { which obliges this etty to pay one moiety of the expense of opening and repairing road* in the t county of Washington east of Rock Creek leading I directly to It. The Mayor says that the law has been so construed by the Levy Court aa to impose c on thia Corporation one moiety of the expense of t r opening ana repairing an* road leading Into any I main road, or road leading directly to thiacity east of Rock Creek The Mayor contraata fhe light tax- I ation imposed upon residents of the coonty (from 1 12# to 25 cents annually on the $100) with the t - higher ratra paid by eitlfna of Waahlngtnn, (73 < ? centa on the SIOO,) and thinka the county la now c able to take care of ltaelf. and thia city should be i relieved from bearing any portion of the county t expense* These communications were appropriately referred - A petition waa received from the hackmen in thia city, representing that they now suffer from a two grievance*?one the cmel enforcement by the 1 police of an obsolete ordinance of the Corporation * compelling them to ait on the boxes of thai* < chicles, to the detriment of their health, and the * other the low rate* of fares lx*d by the law of ' the Corporation; and praying for the repeal of tie ( obnoxious laws 1 Mr. Brawn regretted that the obsolete law had beeo enforced by ths police. Mr. Wendell introduced a resolution referring 1 the petition to the committee on police, with Instructions to inquire into the expediency of r?- ' rialng the Corporation laws In relation to hackThe'petition of G C. Hathorn, jr., stating that 1 be has leased the large but Id tag (formerly an Epteeapal church) on Fifth street, between D and 1 E streets, to establish a livery stable therein, and 1 uaa B?*a ?i ronirarriDie expense in ailing 11 up, and praying that no obated* may be interpoeed, waa referred remonatr*nce from the property-bolder* on , the square. againet the petition, waa alao read r and referred The flaaace committee, to which the Mayor'* murage on the subject of the interest of tbia Corporatlon In the Waahlngton and Alexaadrla Railroad hod been referred, made a report in writing, entering folly into the history of tbe road, and giving their views (embraced In four several propositions) aa to the beat mode of relieving thta Corporation from tbe heavy liability it baa incurred. The propoaltlona of the committee were briefly: 1. To do nothing; In which event tbe road would continue to go to ruin, and the connection between Waahtngton and Alexandria would be made bv some other route, and thla city loae every dollar of principal and lntereat, which, when all due on the lat of January, 1807, will amount to the aum of 978,000. 9 To rr 4 ?a fl/voA (Ko nfklloo (a (Ka ? - ? ?v ?vw UVVIW ?V *UC ?l OUU have the road exposed to sale at public auction I under the deed of trust, if it can be legally done. 1 The city would, if such a course is adopted, incur | a very heavy loss, as there la really nothing even i now left to sell, except the mere right ef way. i 3 To urge Congress to purchase the road for < the use of the Government. The committee re- i W gretted to ny that the views of the War Depart- I ment had undergone an entire change upon the J subject, and it would ??w oppose, instead of ad- j vacating, an appropriation for the purchase, and I thua the application would be defeated. 1 \ 4 To authorise the Ma, ur to negotiate with any ( Individual or parties who will for our Interest in c the said road, purchased at private sale, lmmedl- ( ately rebuild and equip It for use, assume the po- t I, sttlon of the city, secure, if possible, the principal r inH I nUvaa< air <41? rv*(<l ?? ? ?. iv^ vi bv icucvr uio r orporatlon from all farther liability (Including tbe Bum due on the lat lnitant) oa account of Mid guarantied bond*. Thla, alibough involving a beery loaa, would be an ultimate earing to the eitlsena of Waahlogtoa of 141 800 for which we arc undoubtedly reeponelble, and which we will hare to pat within the next Ave year* The committee farther aay: Which of theae alternative propoaitlena it would bo wiaa under tbe eircamataaeea for tbe Board of Aldermen to adopt, year committee leaves to the refecting Judgment of each mem bet to determine for himself " Signed by Meters. J. Y. Brown, Thomas J. Flakcr aad C WendellLaid on tbe table, and ordered to be printed. A communication was received from the Mayor, enclnainc one from Mr. Alexander Hay, making an offer for the purchaae of the lien of thla Corporatirm mm lK? W hini/'An mr%A A l?tranXHa DaiL rmid, sad asking action on his proposition before 1 Tuesday next. c [Mr Hay represents the judgment creditors of I' the read J n Mr. Wendell offered a roeolntton accepting the * proposition of Mr. Hay,and advocated Ms passage I fa a few remarks Mr Meore said the Corporation had got late , d'Acuity by hasty let tela tl on, and be did aot want It to get tnte farther dlAcalilee by pre ma- I tore action new. Mr. Weadell said the city con Id lose nothing ( la accepting the proposition, aa Mr Hay offers a deed of truet, and the Corporation weald be as J well secured as It Is bow. If we did not take * prompt steps the opportunity would be gone, and gone forever. M r Bred head advocated a reference of the mat- \ ter to the finance committee Mr Richards thought we had better not harry the matter threegb He had beard some revela- n cons 10 r?va:a *? *? maiier, ana was or opinion that tkf action of the Corporation from the flnt c waa Illegal 2 Mr. Wendell explained why that was the reason y he waa anxtoas to vet the matter through . Mr Richard* said that the debt was illegal, aa m tt waa a larger amount than the Corporation had & ? * right to Incur without submitting It to the tt people, under the charter. He saw nothing tt wrong la repudiating debt incurred under p auch clrcomstaneas. f?Ir Dove *u In the board* when the matter j waa pr eased through, and foogbt It then with all ri the ability be poaaeaaed. The bonda had ao vtlae until the Corporation guaranteed them We had aaaamed the obligation, and most gat j, at mt it ( the beet war wa can We can bene ? ?araa aff tf we aeoept Mr Hay'? proposition, tin 0 der aay poa^tble combination of clreumataaeea & Mr. Lio. d said It waa a new qneatloa to htm, n nd he woald like to have time to conalder It. n Ha waa ted It referred, and If neceaaary the boarda ? tu meet again thla weak h Mr. Bobrrr waa oppoaed to hasty legislation, p *ad wm la favor of the reference fj *' warjjent did not reel autnorizea 10 act wun- n "* ? report from the proper committee of this board. Mr Wendell aid that Mr. Buy promised if N pr?mM action 1* taken by the Corporation, be ol *xald have tbe reed la running order by ths 90th t> iaat * Mr. Doe* ?u willing to wait tf there was a 01 P?rnibMltf we could do better, bat If thee* w*a i? we ought t* act promptly rt After further debate tbe eubj^t waa referred to V r* ?iaee committee, aad the paper* were or.*d te he published with the prrve^d! nga It wa* further agreed that when the ho^rd ad- bl Jjara It be until Thursday evening neit at four t? to consider the subject pi * A memorial from Wm. Out, taking compenrtlon for aervlree reodered In connection with i* water distribution, waa referred. A bill ? regnlate and license livery atablea waa ebatod and yaaatd [Itdlffmlnbatfewnapeeta o<s the preaent law.] As act to pay the aaaeaaon for correcting tbe oil llat waa paaaed. Joint reaolutlona lnatructlng the committee beDre Congress to aak of that body to authorize the iaae of notaa of a leaa denomination than five dalin by the Corporatloa of Waahlngtou to the mount of f100,000 were debated and paaaed. An act to provide for the retirement and cancel' ition af tbe certificate* of indebtedness of thla 'atpeiatloo now In lta poawaalon, so that tbe ? may not be again paid out, waa passed A. joint resolution (from the lower board) Inducting the committee before Congress to ask an mendment to the charter requiring the several ffleers, elective and otherwise, to sweer or affirm llegiance to the Constitution, was passed. The act (from the lower board) for procuring tomographic likenesses of the ex-Mayors, and ppropriatinr $100 for the same, was rejected The bill (from the lower board) providing for in assistant to the Register, tc., was reported >ack with an amendment striking out the 2d secion, and was then rejected by a tie vote [The ectlon stricken ont was that Increasing the com>enaatlon of the Register to Si,000 per annum 1 An art far the relief nf John M Hnlhrnnk paying him for tbe breaking of bla carriage by he bad condition of a street where the Goyernnent was erecting a hydrant) was paaaed. An act for tbe relief of F T. Sands (for burial if amall-pox caeca) was paaaed. An act for the relief of James Caaperla (refundng the amount he pud for a license for Keeping i ten-pin alley) was rejected. A resolution that a Joint committee be appointed o watt upon the Secretary of the Nary In relation o conatruction of machinery for some of the naw teem Teasels it tbe Waahtngton Nsvv Yard, and bat the Mayor cooperate with the committee, vas paaaed The bill for the aettlement of account* for contraction of tbe Central guardhouse, was post wm4 tUl J bumUr next, aad made tbe special refer. A communication from tbe Major, inclosing a eport of tbe Water Registrar in relation to the ?cent trial of fire pings, was referred. Adjourned. Common Council ?A communication was preented from tbe Mayor, approving a certain resoutton of instruction to tbe committee before Congress; also a petition from Geo Eckhorn, in relaion to his pay as laborer at the Northern Market Tbe police committee were discharged from be bill authorizing tbe Mavor to lease certain pro>ertv of the corporation to Mr. St. John O'Doyce. The hill amendatory to the act providing for a rwvm 1' ? ? vuiv??ut vt^aiiiftatiuu ?I ?UC pUUliC KQOOIH, rti reported from tbe committee, with an amendnent striking out tb* prominent features of tbe >111, and inserting provision for tbe appointment >f a general super) Ltendent of tbe public schools; llMHsaed, farther amended and referred back to iommittee. A Joint resolution that when tbe two boards idjourn It be ontll Thursday next, at 4 o'clock p. n., was adopted; alao, a resolution instructing tbe ommlttfc before Congress to urge tbe Immediate >aasage of an act authorising the corporation to MA fpnm |(MA !?*- ? - * * M ? - - muc ? vui uiur iu I11UO UU C? UI iCM uenonnnalon than five dollar*, to aa amount not exceeding MOO, 000 The bill providing for a secretary to the Board f Health was referred to a select committee of hree, consisting of the President (Mr Richards), dr. Morgan, and Mr. Mulloy A bill to pay tbe assessors for correcting the >oll lists was passed; also, a bill to regulate and icense livery stables; also, a joint resolution authorizing the Kegls*er to farnlab the members and >n"ers of tbe two hoards ear-b a copy of tbe oath if allegiance to tbe Constitution of the United States, signed by the Mayor and countersigned >y the Register Adjourned till Thursday, at 4 o'clock p m. Wobldb'i Accbft vhx Apoloot Yesterday, i vnnno ih/uima tro* 1*7 n>D.u? ...u - ,J? * - . j ? ,.wvi y ?? \/ uiini, v*au i ciiurs in bat portion of tbe Fourth Ward northeast of the 3ity Hall, known as Limerick, or Swampotxllf, taught hia wife, Klary O'Brien, Jit grant* dthttu with John McCabe, a soldier of tbe Chasseur Regiment Tbia, of course, was considered by 3'Brlen as an Innovation upon his reserved rights, ind be Intimated as much The Chasseur said be wasn't aware tbe lady was r. O'Brien's wife, and offered to make amends ay an apology. Mr. O'Brien couldn't see it in bat light, got madder and madder the more he bought about it, and a row ensued. A number of soldiers, who claimed to be tbe Eovost guard but were not, took sldea with cCabe, and arrested O'Brien and a friend he aad with htm Another person slipped off and informed U>e police, and a squad was soon on the ipot The soldiers misted ths police, and a icuffle ensued; and from the bloody faces and cut heads of two of tbesoldlers. It was evident somebody was hurt. The party was taken before Justice Donn, who committed J McCabe and Mart D'Brlen to jail for a hearing Also, Thos. Carberry and James Quinn, of the 37th Pennsylvania Regiment, as parties to the resistance of the police. Mary O'Brien had with her a young child, which she refused to give to her husband, ana ssrrled to prison with her O'Brien did not leem to be greatly vexed by the separation. Tax Bray Rosbibt ? Some days since sn nr.. count of the burglarious entry of the store of O. W. Dray ic Co., on Seventh street, and the robbery of wstcbes and other valuables amounting to near *3.000, was given In the Star. Since thai time various detective oflleers have been engaged In trying to detect the thievs and recover the property From the first examination of the premises, and the manner of the robbery, the ietective* have been satisfied that no one but a person Intimately acquainted with tbe store could aave committed the act. The first arrest was that of a jroung man named Hlenst, upon sus picion oy uetecuve Allen, and Hlenst was com? nltted to jail by Justice Doon for further bearing. No other arrests were made for several lays; but Detective officers Allen, Buaher, King ind Kimball, were conatantiy on the alert, marking every suspicious circumstance that occurrad. Detective* Allen and Bnsfcer yesterday arrested Mr. A. Blnnle, a workman, and King and Kim>ali arrested another named Grouse They were >otb taken before Justice Donn, and after a partial tiamlnatlon, which tended to show the Innocence >f the workmen, Mr. Blnnle was released and irouae committed Should no stronger evidence m elicited, It Is probable that the detectives will ?ka? Wk V- Jl v^vtHiHvuu ?uui w*u uavuvg ?uu uciuai UC ail* barged from prison. Prom Obut Fall#.?The Pennsylvania Tkirttntk savs: From Cantonaoent Rowley, it Great Fall*, Md , re learn that the he*lth of the detachment conInuea excellent?there being bat one case of fever n the hospital. On New Year's day, Captain M'Firland, comnandtng the poet, made a descent upon Cavalangh's restaurant, and with Sergeant Folwood nd a (quad of six men, captured three barrels of le and two demijohns of "redeye"?with one ;eg of the latter, which Mrs. C. had suddenly lumped oat *( a rear window. Csptaln M'Farand, much to the surprise of the Amazonian Dro irietrees, caved in the beads of the ale barrels, with aa ax, deluging tbe squad with tbe fosmng beverage,) lest some of tbe boys might get ktir heads "caved to" through over Indulgence, its predecessor took another coarse, and (ilke be disconsolate widow, whose unfortunate busland's body was found In the river filled with ela,) spilled the liquor, and set the barrels for 3ore! A week or two more of seizures contra* and fluids will prepare the detachment for Jolnajt the Patriotic League The TaA?*foaiATiow to WaaBmaToa.? rb? trsnspoitation to Washington daring the ml week has exceeded that of any period slaoe November last, when one hundred and flfty houaand tons were peeeed over the road. The rmy stores and other trelghu Is not allowed to ^cumulate at the depot In Baltimore, bat Is sent orward with as much dispatch u can be comnanded by the large number of can at the dispo>1 of the railroad company. The probability of be closing of the Potomac by loe baa accelerated be movement of freight, bat the amount In Vssbiogton at any time el ace November has iot exceeded the demand A SmiLAa Cask ?"Lookont" writing to the Baltimore Cltpjttr of the bigamy case of the fair it and forty wife of an ex-batcher of this city rtth her apprentice says; "I have known for year* n almoet exactly aimtlar caae In Georgetown, rhere a man sold oat bis stock In trade, hla wife, nd two children to his apprentice, and went back ? Germany for his health, with no purpose of reaming hither. Everything bas gone on with erfect smoothnees for years, all parties being aarely saUsAed and keeping true to the bergaln. believe there was no formality of a second marlage by the lady in the Georgetown case " Eti and Eaa.?No man in his oocupatton^a jy? t higher ua mora awrrM reputation tou >?. F. A. Von Moechaleker In hie specialities, rallst and aurlat Tk? operation* performed by lm for the restoration of sly ht and hearing, have pealed ly been the theme of praiae from the reaa He cornea to na with the highest recommendation, and we eommead all wbeee night or earing la affected, to avail themselves of bla rofeaalonal MrrlcM He haa opened III operaag rooms at No 2t7 Pennsylvania avenue, dt ctlf oppoalte Wlllard'a Hotel. T?? Doom* fob tbi Catvm ?A letter from Innlch aayt: "The work oa the grand gateway r the Capitol or waamogtoa la on ua point 01 flag terminated in tbe royal fbaadrv, and la bout a fortalght will to publicly exhibited la ae of the large rooma of tbe eatabllabmeat. It i a work of the graadeat atyle, aad tbe beaaoaiavo repreaentlng tbe principal acaaea la tbe far of Indepeadeace excite great adiairatioa." Tea PtilTf?Tbe aew tea plaati are sow la loom la tbe N?tloo*l Coaeereetorv; they bear a bite flower aad 111 the air with a delightful prfome. i ?? i Foc*th Wa.rd Station Casks?Btfort Juttxct Waiter.?Patrick Mack, insulting ladles in the atreet; fined S2.94. Jack Wentworth, drank and disorderly; do. 91 58 Andrew J. King, asaault and battery with intent to kill a man named Fran, eis. on the corner of Third and L streets Suuday tight, catting his throat with a razor. Francis low Ilea in a very doubtful condition; and King and a companion named Wm. Johnson, all colored, were committed to jail for farther hewing. Joo Kidwell. drunk and dslorderly at Canterbury Ball; fined 91 94 J as Pratt, drank and disorderly; do 92 M. Jas. Johnson, do ; (in the guardhouse cells his secession proclivities leaked ont in rebel songs ana burrabs ror tbe leaders 01 me rebel gang;) do. S5 SM. Rxrueits.?Two more refugees from secash misery snd starvation took tbe oath of allegiance last night, and were placed under tbe protection af tbe "good old flag." One of them was a smart, active youth, sixteen years of age, wbo had been In several actions. His uniform consisted of an old red flannel blouse, trimmed with blark; a pair of grey pants of what Is known down South as "negro cloth," and of very poor quality at that. After taking the oath, the little fellow turned to the group of bystanders, and, with an air of satisfaction, ejaculated, "Well, gentlemen, I reckon I'll pass how!" The other was a man of about forty yean of age. C?*tral Gcaiphocsi Casks?Be/or* Juttict Thompson ? Eiisa Connelly, drunk; expreaaed a wish to rusticate a abort time at (^uoenatown for the reformation of her habit*, and waa accommodated bv a commitment to the workhooae for M days. Charles Coomes, diaorderly and profane; fined Sl.94 James McDermott, drunk and diaorderly; do. SI 94. James McKenzle, drunk and Srofone; do. SI M. Kenner William*, do ; do. 1.94. John Mnrphy and Joaeph Wilaon, do.; turned over to the military. Th> Lobby.?We noticed In the Aldermen's Chamber last evening a considerable anmber of backmen, who were Interested we suppose in the fate of their petition, noticed in the proceedings of the board. They state their esae very fnlly in the document mentioned, but ao doubt Inferred that a little persnnal nrglng would do something towards accomplishing their object, especially as election day is not many months ahead. Pouck.?The Fourth Ward patrolmen arrested the following cases yesterday: William A. Page, beating his wife; jail for court bv Justice Barnaelo. John Drunk, soldier, drunk and lighting; turned over to the military. Geo. A Sprlngroan, selling liquor on Sunday; fined 825 by Justice o ?? * *- ? iiinci . runifj n<TK,?iDii?u)! oari refutation; paid 58 cents coata Thomas O'Donnel. do ; fine S15?. John O'Hare, larceny of a watch; dismissed. Formal ?Yeaterdav afternoon a large assemblage of cltlxens attended the funeral services of the late Mra Uutler, wife of Rev John O Bo'ler, pastor of the Engliah Lutheran Church. Rev. Mr Finkle. Rev Mr. Mvera, of Cal , Rev Dr. Stark, of Philadelphia, aiid Rev. Dr Sctawartx, of Baltimore, aaalited In the ceremonies; at the conclusion of which the procession proceeded to Oak Hill Cemetery, where the remains of the deceased were interred Disosdbrlt ?Last night, about ten o'clock, the crv of "watch!" on D near Thirteen-ind-a oau Birf-ei, canea id* ponce 10 me vicinity. wnen tbef discovered that a soldier had entered the bonne of a respectable family, and alarmed the Inmates by drawing a knife and making other violent demonstrations He was taken to the Central guardhouse and tamed over to the military authority DiiTH or a Vktiran Orricsa ?Lieut. Col James Kearney. of tbe corps of topographical engineers, who has resided for several years past on tbe corner of Fayette and Prospect streets, Georgetown, died in that city on Friday laat, at the ad. vanced age of 7a years. R i- bel Gckjimt?Thirty-two ahota were fired by the rebel batter!** at tbe oyster punga Wild Pigeon, ve*terd-?y afternoon?none of the ahota taking effect. Secesh whisky is evidently a bad medium through which to aim at Union craft. Chasitablk ?The fair and the festival of St. Alny?ius Church, for the benefit of tbe Sunday and Parish schools, closed a few evenings since, tnd It is estimated that tbe nett yield will be bout eleven hundred dollars Boswell's Medicated Candy?Se* advertisement elsewhere of thli excellent medicine for coughs, colds, and all difficulties of the throat and lungs. It Is one of the best remedies extant. The Gomez Electeic Scbxabine Pose Train, The most powerful Engitit of War known, for the Armv and Navy. Also, fat Land and Submarine Blasting. In In lta use fifty per cent, of gunpowder can b? saved. Velocity of Ignition under the earth or water la at the rate of one mile In fourseconds. N.B?This Fuse Train has one continuous chain of fire, and is unaffected by dampness or by being in the water Remains serviceable for any length of time. It will explode powder at any distance with unerring certainty. Weight per mile one hundred pound* The undersigned will be happy to furnish additional Information and give full directions as to the mode of application Endorsed by high military in Europe and in Al IT-ll a we unuea suites. For Bale bv Edwin Gomxx, 338 D street north, Washington, D C . It* 82 Amity street, New Y ork city. Soldi**s to thx Rxscux ! ?Yonng men rushing Into the exposures and dangers or a soldier's life shvuld prepare themselves for the fatal fevers, the dysentery, the sore* and scunrf, which are almost certain to follow. Holloway'a Pills, used occasionally during the campaign, will insure sound health to every man. Only 25 cents per box. 214 India Rtbbxr t?oons. Rubber Blankets, for soldiers, ?1 25 each. R nKKo* Pnn/>V> sn<l RlanWota a Am Kin A/f # ) Kfi ItUWWI A VUVUVO UUV* Viduat M VVUI ViUCU) ?4>.W each. India Rubber Coats, white or black, f2 50 each. India Rubber Legglns 81 per pair. And all kinds of Rubber Gooda, including Rubber Boots and Shoes, Rubber Stoppers for bottles, Door Mats, Under Sheetings for beds in alckness, tc , 4c , at manufacturer's prices, at H. A. Hall's India Rubber Warehouse, 306 Pa. av., between Ninth and Tenth streets. jan 1-tf Thi Indian Herb Doctor, From Canada, will describe diseases and tell his patients the nature of their complaints or 111ness, without receiving any Information from them. Aro charge for Comultaticn or Advice. oca MOTTO. We use such Balms as have no strife W4th Nature or the Lawa of Life: With Blood our band* we never stain Nor polaon men to ease their pein. Oar Father?whom ail goodness Alls, Provides the means to care all ills; The simple Herba beneath our feet, Well used, relieve oar pain complete. A simple Herb, a simple Flower, Call'd from the dewy Lea? These, th?se shall speak with touching power Of change and health to the. Watktngton Buildings, Pa. avenut. about Jitt minutes walk from Brown's Houl. No charge for Consultation. ja 10-8w* vltD, On the 13th instant, after a long and painful illMu.ri.ABl Rnt'DTnM toHMiMri Her fn?[.da and ao?uaintano?< are invited to attend her taoeral, from her late reaidenoe, 439 1 street. Navy Yard, on lo-aorrow afternoon at 3 o'oJoolc. InOeorretown, D C.,on Fn<Uy. January loth. tenant Colonel JAM Kb KEaRNKY.oJ the To?ofraphioal Enjineore, U. 8. A., in the Ttth year of hie aye. M. I. V&AN1L1N, SCIENTIFIC * PRACTICAL OPTICIAN, 944 renn'a aT?, north ?4e.) bet. Utn ana urn Big. anDnTi m vq wonv a ma oo ti. j or DV/ii>i/ii?io uu picv i>AD3rjOi pruTiaea with the finest Perisoepio sod Pebble Leneee. and salted with utmost osre for every age, aya sight, and aotssi oonditioa of the rissal organs. FIRST CLAW MILITARY FIXLD-QLASSES. Mioroeoopea, Compasses, and MathamUicaJ Ia truments, at the lowest Eastern pnoes. ia ll tr Bl'RNSIDE'S Patent Portable House.

The iavMtor eails the attention of Sutlers and othere to this neefal invention A Hoase oca be bailt by this Inventor w thout n*Je, serews, or mom Barnes aad Stables built in the same way. It tui he Hi &nd LA kin dawn without minrv to * bo?rd?;^ * Orderi out b? left with SAMUEL WISE. Bailder, 11 imWo-846 E'^ raterft b. Wall, Stephens k. Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MBRQHANT TAILORS, Ann Duliii in 1 SWORDS, * ASHES. BELTS, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES, Ae. And twrr rsriety of READY-MADE CLOTH I Nd. r / BALLS, PARTIES, Ac. T NOTICE! HE CARTRIDGE BUNDLKR9 of the Colombian Armory annonnoe to their friends tX ard th?aubhe that they will live thair firat H $R ANJ) BALL on Tf SDAY, Ju'r at T?aperai-ee Halt. TiokeU St. admittmrloB gentleman and 1adi??. For particular? ae? futn'e averti??ment. By order of Committee. If QCTH ANNIVERSARY BALL Oil or thb Franklin Fire Company UT?U be tiven at oar Hall, oa FkIDAY EVE PliNU. 17th of Janaary. when we thai! be JA noit happy to meet the friend of the Con- JR any. gaaraateeinK that, if oar exertionaoan^^t beoT avail to aleaae every one preaent, noth- UMR inr a hall be left undone to arrive at that end Tioketa,admittinr * fentleman and ladies, 91. Hmem. O raft on Powell. A. 8 Dant, W. H. Beardaley, J. W. Huttcn, W. H Fanmng, L. W. Horaey, n 6. Fekloff, J. Maddo*. Henry Km*, R. E. Mooney Tioketa oan be h?d of any of the above-named. W. H. FANNING, Ja 7,9,1114,15,16 Treaanrer. CASH ION ABLE DANCING ACADKMV AT J. Teraperaooe Hall.(in the main halME atreet, between 9th and loth. Ciaaeea every Tuesday and Pi id ay Afternoon and Evening.^^ All of (he faahionable Daflcea taught. Pri-HB Tito elaaaea attended to. for circulars, terms, Ao? inquire of WM H BARNES,atThompaon'a Genta' rurniah:cc Store, 370 Pa avenue. C. T. BAKNB8, de IT 1m* Profeeaor of Dancing. WAJNTS. WANTED IMMEDIATELY?Twooompotent WATCH MAKERS. Appljr to J. T. Dl ArvrnD n k dAM r? ?? vunv n r uny ?. jm li-9%. WANTED? A ?mall brick HOUSE within five mintitet' walk of the White Home ; rent Lot to exoerd 2"o per annum. Address "P. D." Hn 3S0. Po>t Qffioe j* U 3t* WANTED IMMEDIATELY-A nicely furvv nirh'd HOUSK, for a small f*mil? of adults, f r the rent of whioh amsle seoaritv will be riven jaU ?? ARKSPECTABI.K GIRL Withe* a Situation a* corse and to do light charaberwork ; can he een for several days at her present plar.e, No 4*7 K treat. It* WANTED?A eteady and competent WOM AN as cook and to wash, to whom rood war"* and a rood home will be riven. Apply at No 450 Twelfth street, east ?'?e, between G and H sts. jau-st BOARD WANTED, in a rMpeetahle pri?ate family wh?re there are few or no hoarders, by a r*ntleman, hi* wife, and two children; term* mu?t be icorterate a- d ti e acoommodwtto* rood. AddrM* fbT note) WILLIAM HAMILTON, Willaid-.' Hotel. Ja 14 it' 11/ ANTR. n? A RflV tn 1 Mm K?.fKar K??i_ W n*?ss. at 8. FISHER'S. No. 591 Seventh * ., ne?r Maryland avenue. 1 gland. Ja'S-2t* ll/ANTEP-B? ayoun* man. on* SEAT in a y T pew in the Church rf the Epiphany, for which a *< od price will be paid. Address "J.," Jlox No II. ja 15-tf WANTED?A sinple MAN who understand* farmiac thoroughly. Cal at corner Seoord and F streets couth. Island. ja 13 8t? GEORGE F ADAMS. SUTLER"*HIP WANTED?Any sutler wishing to dispose of hi* position will find purchaser by applyinc to C. H. C JOYS.earner 8th street ana Pennsylvania avenue, Rooju 13,at 9,3,or6o'ol'k. M13 St* WANTED?By a single rent'eman, a we!l-fnrni'hed PARI.OK and 13ED HOOM.on one of the lettered street*. not too far from l?th st. If fmnd oonvfnient, woo'd be engaged for a long time. Address Box 39 General Post Office, ja 13 St* WANTED?t^'erg to know that they can buy CAMP STOVES fo'? 18 p*r d"S*>n at nONTi A. GRIFFITH'S. ja U 3t 369 7th street, between I and K. 1r?r<'MUAii".n ?y a i r. u 01 Mwrsm McKeman. By oa;linc at No 2^6 H ftre?t, between 17th and 18th, ahe will hear of her abater Ma- f. ' ja H-3?* /"\PFICE WANTKD, on or near P*nnaylvari* v a?enne. on eeoond floor. State location, ale1* of room or roomi, with Toweet rant. Add rem Hox 884 Washington Po;t Office. jail 3'* TENTS WANTED.?Wanted, two aeoondhaod TenU?one large enough to m?aa and aoennmodate f>ur iu?n.the other targe enoujb for fif'een or twenty. Inquire of J. T. STRONG, 519 Seventh atreet. ja ?1 3t* A SITUATION WANTJED. by a retpeotab e young woman, aa nurae ana to do plain tewing or ajsut in homework. 442 Pennsylvania avenue. J* 9 WAN TED.-A WOMaN to oook. waah and iron foraamall family. 6ood referenoea or reoommendationa required; pone need apply without them. Inquire at No. 494 E at , bet. 5th and 6th; ja 4 tf %J|7ANTED? In a drag ftore.a YOUTH between "" lo and 90 years of ace. Candidate* most kit# sstisfaotory refereno*s as to qhalifioations and character. The preference will be give* to one who haa been engaged in thedrugtmiinesssixor twelve months. Address "A B C,' Washington City Post Ofioe. j % 1 1m* WANTED IMMEDIATELY, at tke U. 8. Navv Yard, Washington, a number of LANDSMEN. Me 26 1m WANTED?Every person to know tnat I am in the market, ready to pay cash for all artioles in the housefnrmshing line. Those leaving trie oity, or having a surplus, will do well to call. R. BUChlY, 49J* Seventh st.,between Sand H sts., < ant side,) Dealer in New and Seoond-hand Furnitare. no 18 WANTED.?We are now b*yi?i< SECONDHAND FllRNITURK. BTOVF.Sa.nd Rkll DIN?, for whioh ire are payint the highest ouh prices. Families declining housekeeping, or having a surplus of furniture, will find it to their ad vallate to give us a nail. BONTZ Sc GRIFFITH, Je 13-tf \o. 369 7th at., betsr. I and K eta. 171V E^HU N DR K D BA R R E LS r NEW SWEET CIDER, For sale by LiOVELL, COM.ES & CO., Wholesale Grooers, 316 E street, ja ij-u pear \v ii aia * tiotei. Soldiers' Pay! THE HARNDEN EXPRESS COMPANY Will remit aurta of FIFTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, FtOX SOLDIKRB TO TUIft FAMILIM. Al a charge of TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The monev ahould be nlaoed in an ENVELOPE ud seoursljr sealed. The fall addreu, (iutludtmt Post OJlet. State; mite, strut mnd number, in a largt city,) of th* person to whom to be sent, MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED THAT THB EXPRESS FURNISHES THE MOST RELIABLE MEANS FOR SOLDIERS TO SEND THEIR MONEtf HOME. ENVELOPES AND BLANKS WILL BE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. K. B. SMITH, Aiant Haruden Bxpr?aa, Sd at., second door below Fa. are., jat Im W'a?lunfton, D. C. EMVK HUNDRED BARRELS r NtW SWEET CIDER For aaJa by LOVELL, COLLES k CO , Wboleaale Grooara, . _ SI? E a treat. _ j? u-w near wni>ra'? uotei. Soldiers' Pay. THE ADAMS EXPRESS COMPANY WILL VOtWAID SOLDIERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, At any piaee on the lines of their Express, At a oha-je of twenty five cents.for any mm not v??o?uiug unj uuu?rs, acu pr< poruooaM additional chance to alaoea reac ad by connecting Expresses. The mocey, whether Gold or Trtasury Notts, ahoald ba enclosed in an envelope and securely aealed.and hare the fall ad iree*,(ino adin* town, Post Office, and State, and in oiuea, Uie street and number,) ol the person to whom 10 be Bent, and the amount lafiblj marked thereon. Enve'opee for this parpoae may ba bad at our oAcea. ? To liaei.itate prompt del vary, the onarce for ramittanoa aaoa.d be are pa>d. _ Al>aHs fcXl RESS COMPANY. Waski*tto*. Ja.n.9. I=b2. iaa-lm EMVE HUNDRED BARRE1P r NEW SWEET CIDER, For m1? by LOVELL, COLLK9 * CO., Wholesale Grocers, . ? . 316 E street. j?H tf near Wtllard's Hotel. |JUTTER ! BUTTER !J D BUTTER!!! 100 k*?s ehoioe Goshen Batter, jast rnsind ud for sal* siur&p bj P'VK BUND.KO CIDER, Novell, coy^c^ 316 B atrMt, nmr WiHsrd'* Hotel. UOR8B8 *BALK, . v? j?S-? . .**u?l.? LOST AND FOUND. I 09T?In Geo'retow". on Sunday rrwlnf, JiaLj aary 12th, at 7 o'otock. a lady'a FL'E TiPPKT. (anpaoaed on Huh or ?eoond street > The ?Dder ill M rawarted OB laavia* the mm at tk? oM? of Captain Diakf, Provoat Marana . on Bride* atreot. It* CTOLEN.?On the night of the IS h. from tha C atahle or ffarah Gamt, bftwwn M and jv N atreeta. a bay HORt*E. with targe head and neck; kNTt m&or; and amal a tar ia forehead; on? white hud foot: light rtaaka. A reward of iU wli! l?e ?iv?n for the reoovei v of tha ume, or tlie apprehen" ion of the thief SARAH X 6ANNT, in irk. ja 14-3f Alley <63 10th it., bot. L and M._ Q " RE WAR D.?Van t*t< from the aubaonber, on "atnrdaynjgt.t, tuellth inatant. ft r\ dark (trey GELDING, between S *n<1 4 Tears old, hind feet white, with ??' of har ^** ^ neat. Inquire at F. HYUER'S, ??b beveeth at, between L and M. ia 13 ? ^JTRAV HORSE.?Strayed oaSaturday.the ltth ^instant aiithtdm HORSE. aN>nt II cv hand a hi?ch; about 12 years old; with thinjJ^A black mane and tail. HehaJon* Mm:mr ttZj. saddle, with Ifather'cirtii. and a since * rattle hit bridle. It is known that ne was sV peed ty ??oith near the corner of ?th street east and B street south, and given nr to some soldiers, who claimed hitnu belonging to the arm*. A liberal reward will be given for the retara of 'fc* horse to the reeideaoe of the Hon. Joseph Holt. 490 New Jersey avecae. cr for sooh icfnrniaUoD as will ead to tu? recover* communicated to the subscriber at ttie Poet Office Department. ja THOS. P. TROTT. CU AME TO M V PRKMISKS.on the 4th instant, asma'l bnndle HEIKfcR. rhe owner is requested to oomeforward, prove prop-^Mr^ rty, pay charges, and take her away. JUm d. hohiqan, ja II 3t east end Weet st-eet. Georgetown. | OST?On Thursdar. a small Maok tan Terrier i Bitch, toiveTi to the nam* <?t 5 "Tiner." A liberal reward will be by iea?ine It at tfl4 Pa. arenu*. G. 8 ???^ PARKER. ja 11 St* tfTRAVED-V'it?rd*? ev?wai about half past 5 o'clock a sorrel HORSE, 10 tears ?14. rv, H?hada new ret of oa't hamea" oa A H liberal rewa*d will be *:ren to the finder on hit return to L strsst, between 1ft and New Jerrey a v. IJall-at'l W M.BlKNt*. STRAYED OB 3TOLKN-On Pnnday. the Sih instant, a I lack HORSE, with a omali <cv white ?tar in th? foret<e&d; and lout heavy *uTp mane asd tai'; U. ?* C. was rlifh^Y per-rw/;i ceivnble on tlie left hip He had a f?w scare on the rujlteid*. The Order will l?ellh-railr r?ward?d bjrltkTiDghinat JOHN O'MEAR A'St'"ion Hating House, Rati road Depot. ja 11 8t* IB OST?On Srventh etreet. between O and canal Li h't<lr*,on tr,d??. the loth in-.tant.a u*?aive GOLD PKNCIl?, wph psn attached The finder will receive a libera' reward r?tnrn n? it to J NO A UAKKR.?tJ. P. Hattholow'a Agnoultural wnrehotue 556 Stveuth it., between I) *U ar(i o*nal. ja 11-St" LOST?On the Rockville turnpike, abou* two milee north of Georgetown, a GOLD FKNCIL net in tu<quoi?e, in the ahspe of a ?e?. wth a -o'd watfh ke/ and mnail nhain attached. If left at JACKSON. IJKOTHKH A Co's. opposite Kmwna' Hcit'l, a suitable reward will be given. ja ? tf II OST-A SKAL RING, and a POX HEAD i SKAL. attached to % nag. with corneal an eet. $5 reward will be gives to wnoever retarna the articles to thi? office. de2 tf FPU KAJufe AxSiD 'ASST. URNI^HED POOMH RFNT. with Ko*rd.atNo 54*9 G rtr*et, between ltth and 14 h Btrofta, near State ami Treasury Depart uie.j?a. ja_l4 4 * EU!RM?HED ROO^-i-Twooot-foitablf furV Ei.h d Rooms. wi*'h or without Poard, ai No. 345 on Fi st ?treet ejyit. north aide of the Capitol, in he roar of the Rai road D?tH't. Apply on 'no premise. j? 14-3.* U?OR RENT?HOUSK on Twentieth trrea', h? twe t. U ar.d H. Inquire at M. 1. FRANK ^44 j* TS-2t | OFT TO RKN r, accond floor 316 B atroet, I < i_ ** -i-i ^ i ? 1 m- i,-v Mirjras- nuic.Hri) i'"ieei l.*u;r- r. theatore jaia |^<?R RKNT?Wito or Witsout Hoard, a neatly r furnished \nd comfortable SITTING ROOM arid a fine BKD ROOM attached, a. No 440 Twelfth street. east aide. between G sad H ata. The location is cne of the m<>st pleacaat and convenient in Washington. Aleo. the rooms are v?ry deMrable. No cluidren m the house. jalVlw AM RUK CHA.NOK?FOH SALE?The Gool Will, Co*>kmr Utenat a, Ac. of a R*?txnrar.t? the Ratine Bar Heat n* Apparatus icoiaUed in rent Satisfactory reaaona jciven for sellinc. Apply at 533 Pennsylvania av. Rent only #lf> per month. jail 3t* pARM FOR SALR.?I will aali t exchange for r eity property a Farm of 1*1 a?re? rf land, 190 aorea improved, balance in wood, ? t&aed one mie f om the railroad at Reltaviile enrl twolve ir.i'oa from Washington. Pri #35 per aore. Apply to H O. HOOD, 333 P*nn.av. i?11 1?* ROOMS ro LET ?Two room*, PAH LOR and BEDROOM. Furnished: within five minates walk of tha City Hall. Poet and Patent Offio's. Can he obtained bj apfiioation at No. 34T 5th street, between II and I. Either oan be had separately. ja9-6t* VM A LIABLE REAL ESTATE FOR8\LKTw" valuahle aud commodious Brick Houses offered at private nale. One of them situated ?b Sixth street. Fourth Ward, between H and I sts , No. 35'i, containing 9 rooms, including parlor, dming room, 6 ohamhers and a kitchen? 3 stories high. The oth?r dweiiinr is on Ms?g. avenu*. between Bth and 7th ?t?.. No. 43S. J-'mirth u'?r,l and oontaioa 10 room*, inoliidinr parlors, C ohanibera, dining room and kitchen, and f ato'ies l.igh. These dwellings offered (or sae ai * desirable aa wall an first-class dwellings for private rNidracM. A no, for ?a e. a amall two story Frame House on Firtt street, Third Ward, toeethar with several valuable Building Lots wen located. For information ot terms lnsnire at No. 45ft Mass avenue, of Bb.N J. L. HOG AN, Agent rpo RKNT-FUKNISHED ROOM#, with or x without Board, to let at No. 399 Eighteenth street, between F and 6 streets, tear the Treasury and War Departments. ja8 7t* / kFFIHF FOR RF.NT. ?iiimh m fnr uimulir. " " on s*oondfloor of building Vo. 210 r s'-reet, opposite Paymaster General's omoe. Apply to C. A WOOD A CO., on the premises- ja i-lw* L^OK SALE OR EXCHANtiE?1 .NOioiti r of selected timber LAN D. in the Nortn West, will be sold or exchanged for property in tie City of Washington. The land is well timbered, contains water power, and is a sure investment. Address "Exchange," box No. 30 Washington Post Office. de 19 lm FOR RENT?Two pleasant ROOMS, neatly furnished,id a first-class residence in ?eorgetown. with boa d. To a permanent tenant terms will be moderate. Apply at 161 West st .George town. de 17 tf Handsomely furnished rooms.Foar nandaomely Knrniehed Room*. ?dj>plied vithruudvtter.tsd convenient to the Patent and Post Oftce Departments, for rent. Apply at *90* see us areune, north aid*, betweea tth and >th ?ta. w??.n EDUCATIONAL. f^HKUARAV INSTITUTE. vy 14?t ahd 1529 Sfkcck St.. Phil*delphia. This Institute, conducted lor two jears paat in the citf of Philadelphia ij Madahi Chegaeat and her niece Madam* D'Heevult, upon the ame princiDiee aa the one in i\*ir Y ork, ratab luhed there in 1814, will reopen,alter tl<e Chriitmaa holidaya, on Monday. January 6to, with ita uau&l ample and omrpiete pruvuio' fur the rduoation ot Voung Ladies. uncer th<* direction of Madame D'Hemlly Circular!, and all requisite information, can be obtained on apylioation to the Prii.cip4l. j*7-lnn Jm VIOUN AND VIOLONCELLO. OHN K. GOODALL. Profraenr and Traoher of I he above, tender* hui'rvicM to the pub ic. Terma per ISMon. Rf fercn-e? to any muaioian in the eitv. Several of hie pupi are m>w the beat violin uta in the world Via- Le Petit Ole Bull, Fred. Buckley, Ac <*0. Addreaa Kullman'a Hotel, Pa. avenue, pear ?trctt dell lm* Pm EDUCATIONAL. ROF. C..K. BaRNK?' Dancin/ Pchoot at i amperauoe Htii, b treat. wtwesr. Mb and & Wlb, * ill oonm^noe TUESDAY, December Jc! >4lb, end oontinue every Tuesday and t n / ! day?afternoon cle??e? at 3 o'o.uoc. and "if T ning oiaeeee at6X o'clock AUofthe foabiouaoie danoes will be taught daring tb? mmvi. I he beet Bioaio will be in attendant under the direction of Prof. George Arth. Cell for aoircula*. dell in QEOHQETOWN ADVEBT'MTS GEORGETOWN CLOCK DEPOT! J T B! ACKFORD 4 BON are eor>i-a->t y re? oeivicg all U>e new stylee ot Ci^OCRd; a :arge as?ortmeiit now in etcre A good Watch Maker wanted lmmedia'eiy 09 Bridge etreet, Georgetown, D. C. ja It IT P)R 9ALP-S5 or ?n,000 CRICKS. A pp>y on E atr*?t. third door from the oorner of at. j*H 8t* KITTfcVI HOUSE, FAJfT k CO . 339 Pkkhstltahia Atikii, (?wr Brotm's Utttl,) laana DRAFTS on oil ytrtt of th? (Jnltid RttN, lnaumato anu Otfioera &ud Soloie-a. Alao, l).afu on London. Ireland, Sootiand, WtlM, and ail pirli of th? Cont cant of Kuropa ia 1It QfiQ JOHNSON * NAGLE, OQQ 6nJ mr, lrni n? ?<1^J WIXSS, LTQUOHS. H iTAXJ CIGARS, FiIfM UROCbHlM>, te . No. 9?9 Pa arenm*. between ?sh and lOUi atreeta, Wauungtoa. V. C. No. 10 Royal at, near King, Alexandria, Va. Sole Acenta for (lie SPARK LINO HOCK aad MOSKLLK WINKS ol the Hoekfteim J out Stoek^C 0.^1 a Heekaoua Conataotly on naa<T their celebrated i Sparkling HoeJk and MattiU CmMntt Wimst. Coanoiaaoara are reepeotfklly invited to give pivTHUND*?D^5v^WrE*T C?D??,I r For -i. JroVBLL. 1 I n? E I SECOND EDITION. Thoth Teat* limn Niw Y*u u> WAIIlMfOI.-W? BMlMUW M ?IH1? menu arc being mad* by the varlooa railroad oompanles for the running of dally riprtn train between Washington and New York mad New York aad Washington, (fbr paawaagm only,) through In eight boon aad ataklag bo stoppages between the two rltloa. OUR Mn*FTARY BUDGET . ? i TBI BCBHS1DB BXPKMTION. It aeema to be the lmpre?loa la anllHary rirelaa K?r? thai nnthlna mar IimhI frnm fKa Dnvti. aide txpedlUon for tome day* yet ntrmi inxt. Ac Cmr Mil ALiiimu. Va , Jen 13 ?K4*tm Star ?The hoepital of tbe Morgan Artillery, Col J Palmn, wm oomuidhI by lit m 9uadif all M All the Inmate* were trot out, a ad moat of lb* medicine* aud bed clothing. Tbe flre took from the chimney. The hospital waa the property *f Gen Lee, of tbe rebel armv. and waa attoaled between Fort* Worth nod Ward, la the rear of the Semi nary A general court-martial for the 20th regiment artillery la now being held at the Qnartrrmaeter'a iwparimem, Between r oni Ljron mo bioworu, Col Willian; H Christian, Prudent, Lieut. F. Binder, or Company O, Judge Advocate Captain* Blacknell, Sherley, Davis, SalfU, Smith. Nell. Harlow, and Gardiner. compose tbe rest of the Board They have conaide b?? boetnea oa band, among which Is the trial of four deaartars Several nftanh In Sen Sumner's division re Being pa a on, id? ww win gei meir money . on Thuraday. Yoora, ^c., Rick&izw ' * arratne in uiuaatu. Albxandbia, Jan. U?Edter Star Taa ka4 informed your readers do haturday ot tte aalllBf of the Penancola, and all tbe 1'aloa mm berefet anzioua to learn of ber ps*aln? tbe battertna tbat ae, eab bad for toot time been trying to peraoade tbemaelvea abe dare not attempt to paaa; and ao confident did they Mem to be oo tbla point tbat tbe first thing to be beard from them ywtrrday morning waa tbat tbe I'eaaacola bad been auak by tbe bntterien at Cockpit Point or Evaaaport In ibe course of the morning we learnt to onr tire aatiafactton tbat tbe good ahlp bad pn??-d tbem all without being Injured In tba leant Juat In tbla way will all their hopea van lab. andnit* Government baa now apparently got tbe met pretty well spread, 1 trust tbev will be able to b?g tbe game pretty fast Two m-o?Brown and Hutcbine?wboleftber# in May l?at In tbe employ ol tbe Orange Railroad Company, returned Lome yesterday 1 bave oot y* t seen them, but learn from s friend of oo? of ihrm that tbey aay they bave bad enough of speech, and d" not Intend to try It again We hm arrtrals of wood, cy<ters and Sab; and a large cargo of lumber llkewtae arrived your day. So you s^e tbe blockade la a humbug. A. AM Jut ii/1 A A-0KJ A AJ A A XJ i il . FROM FORTREM MONROE. THE BIRNBIDE EXPEDITION. ARRIVAL OF THE PE.\5?ACOLA AT FORTRES* MONROE. Baltimore, Jan. 14?The G*d Point boat baa arrived, and bringa tbe following n?w?: Fortkk-i .Vojt*o-> . Jan. 13?The tram porta I,<>u;aiana and New Brunswick, with the r?nainInu troopa of the Bnrw'd* eipedition, left here lastnignt. A few tug boats are still here and are said to be part of the expedition. The ba k John Trucka, with the Depineuil Z juavrt, which went a*Lore on her paaaaye from Annapolis, baa arrived and la still here Tbe propeller M stanza*. from Port Royal, baa also arri ved The ateamahlp Ppauldlng Ml led for Hattma and Port Royal 1 art evening Com Goldaborough was a pasaenger. The i'enaacola arrived here thia afternoon. THE GREAT WES1JERN EXPEDITION. MOVEMENT TOWARDS COLUMBUS HEAVY FIRING HEARD. ^ Cairo, Jan. 19?Two or more colomaa will BOTf mio Kentucky to-morrow. Fifty prlaonera wto were taken by Gen Pain* were brought to Blrda'a point to-day, umi( tticm wa? Col. Bird He contribute WJM la aid of tbe rebellion, ud voluntarily Mat Ma alarea to work on fortiflcatloaa. A nephew of Gen. Polk baa been arrested by aroutlng party, lie bad dtapetcbea te rebel aptea at Colnnaboa. A reconnolaaance In the direction o( Columbia from Fort Jefferaon yesterday drove la tbe rebel pick eta At tbe aunt time tbe gna boots Raara nd Sl I .nil ia ?pnf Hnwn IK* rlvar fnumMa Pa. lumbar Heavy firing heard In that diracttaa. THE noV??KNTS OP JACKSON NEAR HANCOCK. Finnici, Jan. 14.?It la reported atthla place, but not authentically, that Gen. Jackaon threw at rer&l ahelia Into our llnea at Haooock, yaaiatdajr. a t m CONOR ESS TONAL. W V VI 1th CO NOR EM-lwwI Seaalaa. TTesdat, January 14 Si*atb ? After the usual presentation of abolition and other petltlon* (among which waa one from New York, presented by Mr. King, against the dlacont) nuance of the usual appropriation tvr (he prosecution of the coast survey), and the Intro dOction and reference of unimportant bills, th* pending resolution of Mr. Powell, celling on the Secretary of War for the names of all persons with whom the Department bad made contract*, with Information concerning the prices paid, the nature and circumstances of the said contracts, 4c , Ac., was taken up, and was debated bj Mesors. Powell and Trumbull In Its fsvor, an? Messrs Cowan and Wilson against It; when It was adopted?yeas 33, nays 3?the Utter being Messrs. Browning, Cowan and Harris Hocsb ? Sundry communications, and the bills reducing the expenditures of Cosgrea, and the pay ol the army were referred. /T* V\ tx a ruu< 4 u 1 r\r A at Will a Vwsil 4 a hi 5 it *v (Ks * ut vpoviiu VI UC* ? ~m 1~rr i i (HV ?! ? .? . privilege, was taken up and discussed by M??n Porter.Trowbridge, Wlck'lfre, Hutcblns, Blake, and others. LATE LOCAL N?W3 CBimxAl Cosbt ?J<tm?s Van SUversen. Indicted for larceny of certain letters containing money the property of soldiers, was tried yesterday and acquitted. To-day, Benjamin Franklin Jobneon, free oolored, is on trial for the larceny of a letter containing money Thi? 1- the Individual whose case was full? reported in tbe Star some time since. He wax a servant to Rev. Mr Beecber, coaptaln . of tbe 1st Long Island regiment, and is charged ?i>v .1? i 1 mm > ^nfimm Mr Willi ?u? ian;cu j ut . m Betcbet'i ibwnce from tbe reglnewX BOOTS! BOOTS!! WBITKHOU8E * CNCKLK8 >46 Pa. Arnn *? 311 CStmr.BBI (T%* An* Yor\ Wk ?U?eZt Bt met //mm. fW" Ha. eoL Legend er*aeliy reoembg," Nk Itrf t !<>* w CAVALRY" AND SOLDIERS' BOOTS MARCHING SHOtCS, tost,? of their on nenafeotare. to be sold et Ue love*! merkst retae. A eel I from ell deelera eeitettotf. Sutlers liberally deelt vitk de M-la* |\Jfc W^LOAIS, ^ f}? v AT LOW PEJCIB: ' Ovi*gtotheeimauelotm%MlfarClo*fcs, weheve Ja*t reeetved ei.otber leree eafply, whiak Eve ' > ? #?rchu?fl et eery r*feeed erieee, ted wil ee soM eetouehiM low. Oer etooSof MNtY *n i? uui l.TniK*' ntCMfcgiiohi uei (uod. ana wili be ?old~at i ' ?c#d inoM. M UYLU?4CO, ja lI-ao<t 8aoo?nr? to Taj or A '' k: rr' nhousb. r*NT * co, B*kk?r?, No. ?4? F?Dd irnii, jaVliw a?ar Browi'? Hotel. pTTIStuT 486 '"d'c rfUv'?2mtm* n?Miirt??u ^gaeaB^^iararfearjfe ^i^wfiswahaas to***** tdoor?F?i ' wV H? i \foURNlNO Guc lM-i f*: ?toc* l .V* ?*%" 3Srntes*&? -

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