Newspaper of Evening Star, January 15, 1862, Page 2

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 15, 1862 Page 2
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1 Ht ?> rMMi START WAMUNOTON CITT: WKDRKRDAY .< JAIfVAKT If, 19M. - - - -it fl^Ttawfb Tm H?> to printed on tb? ffeatrat t?o*?n prraa Hi om touth of Baltimore, ?t? edition la ao '^rg?? w t?i require it to bo pot to prroa at an ml? htror: AJefttfmvmti, tb?TO?.?r?\ should bo Ml l? bofbre 1* o'clock m otberw1?* tber n*y r**r not appear uiUil the i?t day. Pn Ffcrwer* ?ttho^ro?i? mil'torrcampa and poaltlom will ronfbr a frmr by kooping na prated ba mmm and afbtra in tbolr *lelaltloa. Spirit ef the Warning Prru. tlw InUHigtnr?r notes It m .1 significant ftct ttiat tbe southern jouroala which were moat vehement In tbelr clamors for secession are precisely those which now confess to the moat diaaatafactlon with the administration of Gen. Jefferson Davis. Tbe Rtfublitan fa vera tbe bill of Mr. Fenton, cf N. Yto pay latereat on and!ted claim*. Thb Rkcxption, last meat.?Notwlthstand ing the unfavorable state of tbe weather last evening, the reception rooms at the President's House were crowded. Some Una* before half past eight o'clock (tbe reception boar), there was la waiting a considerable crowd on tbe portico, exposed to tbe eager and biting air. which came from tbe northeast, laden with sharp sleet. The expectants bore their probation good aaturedly; stamping tbelr fret upon the stone slabs to keep the vital 1uid in circulation through the extremities; ?-Biie a succession of stale jokes ana execrable puns about" a cool reception," and " Uncle Abe being longer even tban usual." helped to while away tbe tedious minutes. A number of Metropolitan policemen from each precinct were present, and helped to preserve order In tbe rooms sod outside. Marshal Lamon stood on the left ot the President, near tbe west door of the oval room, and presented visitors to him as they passed through, while Deputy Marshal Philips, a little further on. had the agreeable task of making presentations to Mrs. Lincoln \moo*hi tne Ul.->uugui*Iit<t character* who lingered In the reception room, we noticed the 9ecreUrv of State, Baron ytoeckl, the Ru.salan >11 nliter; Gen McDowell, Capt. Dahlgren, aud other* A great unmber of military gentlemen ww present, amongst whom were hall a dozen Brigadier Generals. Senator Hale, and several member* *4 the >T!wer' House were also present. There has nt>t been a greater jam any time du-" the season, and the scene in the east room waa br'illant in the extreme. Cj" From J. Shllllogton, ' Odeon Building/' wf hsve the January number (already noticed by ?' or tbe " uontinental Monthly," and the freth I ?ternary number of the tame magazine, a decided improvement upon the opening number, containing article by Horace Greeley. R B KimV^li. TVk?raan, J*b?lton, the Lelandi, and other prominent writer* Nominattoks ?Our New York totem cerarW 8r?- mistaken In announcing the con ?rtoation of Edwin M **tanton to be Secretary of War. and Simon Cameron to he Minister to Bus la, on the day 1-cfort yesterday Their noinlna *? * ~ oam dm d<h oeen reported cn to tbe Senate tip *" tbo botjr that tbe body adjourned yesterday " A *?ating battery ?40 feet long and of 3.000 tons harden. Iron plated to tbe thickness of four 1 nehea. la nearly completed Id Philadelphia Tbe battery baa seventy-live feet on tbe gun deck and fifty feet on tbe main deck. Pisses** KdwJn Forrest baa juat concluded % fjcc?a?ul engagement at tbe Academy of Mutic, Philadelphia, and is aoon to ? ome to Washington to fill an engagement at tbe opening of Ford'a new theater. Fiuxciu?From the New York Evmng Pott of yeoterdav we take the following : tmraey w cheapening. and the supply at 6 per iaticcH of the dtmud VVe near of ceniltoiblt balMM at per cwl. Prime paper acarce, and uaexeeptlonable names are wanted ? per cent Gold la rather atiffer to-day, though we hear of no active operations Most of the brokers are buylag over their counters at S\a3 per cent . in moderate rams, bat for round amounts of sav 00,00*. 940,000. and ?100.000, as much as 3^a3\ per rent, con Id be obtained It wain supposed there would be some activity to-dav, preparatory to tbe aalllng of the steamer to morrow, out thus far tlte engagements seem te have no marked effect on tbe price. Gold Is new freely sold "short'* on options of thirty days Private despatches from Washington to-day sfakeoaftdently of an Immediate passage of tbe f WO.OOO.U-O Treaaury note bill. Foreign exchange !a firm, but far from artive Flrat class bill* on'London are U4all4X< snd leading South atreet bllla l)3j{all3\ . The *1UU ()CO United Sta!?*? PiMinAn A# 1 . ?viiua ui IN61 mentioned yesterday a* lost have been recovered, they were ml?1aid by the owner, a prominent capitalist of l.x> bange Plac e Acktka ox thb a? ?air?On the 18tb December. Count R?ckberg addressed a romounleatlon to CLevator Hulaemann, Austrian Minister to tbe Halted States, on tbe subject of tbe Treat affair, In which be aaya:?" Without ex ring Into the qoeatlon. Aiiatrla rannot but acknowledge that, according to the principles of International law, adopted by all Powers, and which the American Government Itself baa often takaa H I. tk* -? "? - ? ? _ mil cuuauci, r.ngUDd eoald not la any wise, in the present race, refrain from complaining of Uw affront ftwn to ber flag, and from asking proper reparation of It " Austria tblnka there was nothing offensive la the Britlah demand Mr. Seward, in hia courteous reply, or. the 9th o! Janoarv, tranamlta to Chevalier Hnlsemann a copy of toe recent correspondence, and calls attention to two polnta: ttrac, that the United States arc not only Incapable for a moment of seeking to disturb the peace of the world, but are deliberately joot and friendly In their lnterrourae with all foreign nations; and. secondly, that they will y ~ ?a ?- ?? - ** uc uauiimoi ic iMit traditions and pollryas an advocate of the brosdest liberality in the application of these principles of international law to the eeadoct of maritime affhirs. The United States, he ava, will sincerely rejoice if the questioa which aas given riae to thla correspondence shall be embraced ao as to obtain a revision of the law ef nation*. Which will render more definite and certain the rights and obligations of States in time of war. Arraias is WzsTian Viaoima, Rom*by aw? CCMSBKLASD.?The Wke'ltmg Imtelltgtnur of Monday gives the following details of affairs In and about Romney, Western Virginia: Upon lean ing that the rebels were advancing upon Romney, ben bander, who is now in command, fearing a flank movement, fell back towards Camber land on Friday afternoon, having prevlouKlv telegraphed for reinforcement* The Fifth Virginia Regtment left Parkersbnrgh en Friday for Romney. The First Virginia Cavalry left Clarksburgh for the aame point, and all the forces hi rata ?? *??? , ? -V W?C uc?ug vuab?d forward to Camber land aa rapidly aa the railroad coald carry them It was understood on Saturday night that mvcb or eight thousand Ohio troops woatd cross the Mm Ohio river at Parkersburen ard Belial re, with -two or three batteries of artillery, all lor Cumberland. and the people are momentarily expecting o hear of a ight Too great Ixdyof the troop* ana./ Jackson, who wste marching upon Roaney, are said to be from Manassas, and It wsstnought at Cumberlar.d to be a bold and desperate stroke upon the part of th? rebels, to take and hold both Cumberland and Romney P. 8 -W e learn that Information was received yesterday (Sunday) in a reliable quarter, that Jarksoa with his rebel f rces had turned bock and gone la the direction of Winchester The Roehtacham (Va.) Register (Sscssh) growls over Iks draft for teoops about Winchester and says of the people: ' They will not submit to a draft Once they Tolaatared and cam willingly to the defence ef their homes, and they are willing to do It again. Remember what 1 ay- If thla hill becomes a lav. the volunteer* win lay down tW r arms and sos wfcsrs the power of the convention la to drive ' ??i?iw i Bfy wff nftctty in4 tet# tyranny, aad til rasta tk? aggressive K?i ?r the iMasnsc- ?sSsJs*fcr iwiei George ud Btnib* at boUi are tyrants "g The Register, alluding to toa Ualatt mo, ay*: "Ttatwe hsae ?neh snemles, tad a food many oca, la tba border cauatlesof Loudon, Jsffsrsoa. Berkaiy, Morgan and Ba?fatalre, to wail known, and wa (blabtba aooacr they are drlraa or? tba rtaar. laprtwiwd, .h<* or haagad, *** **** J* ua Thay are constantly furaiaU.t** ?uehtnfot?a? to the robber* and cutthroats prawtlag aiMg tba Maryland bard* as lasd to tba arraat ad capture after*! eittaew ta tbatMadbaor of atght. and to tba darfraettoaaf their property aoch daman, bd >?raad any loagarf*Mr a|Sg( -t ?M m .mm**-**Ok <4p orn MlUT4Kf B1IHJET. rmns is mxii We hate the following information aa to tbe price* of artlclm In Warrrnto*, Hem don, Cen? treviile, and Falrfhx Conrt House ? Boot*. split leather, (13afl5 per pair; sugar, 25a80c per lb ; aaA1** SkAKA* Im At nar IK * I LVMIT) HVIIC| IvHIIIIvll y *1 jwar* |"tl IW | con, 25a45c. per lb ; ?alt, per hag. 2 bushel*. SISa 95 per bag; at auction at Herndon 1 half bnsbel aalt aold at S5 50. Whisky In the Confederate cam pa la selling at *1 per pint, bad at that, and would bring more if asked. A ball of hemp thread would Mil at 91 50; aboemaker'a threada cnM le at Richmond. No dry eoods to be had at any price; great acarclty of thread, needle*, pint Soap. non? Oandlet. mould, 2Sc^)c ; adamantine candlea by retail, 10c. per piece Flour, W 50a*.? per barrel. Beef plenty. All the pror ander In the country taken for Confederate obligations, and the country generally cleaned out; but snail crop* planted In Loudoun, and none of any aceonnt In Fairfax. The tearoa have all been aeised, and there are no fences In Falrfhx, In con arquence of military occupation. JIAVT T*?D Meaara. 1'rlce and Walters, tbe pilots who accompanied tbe Pen*acola on her aucceaaful trip down the Potomac, left that fewl at Fortre*a Monroe, and have returned to the yard by tbe way of Baltimore. C?pt. Morrla complimented tbem blgblv on tbetr coolneaa and aklll The schooner Ocean Wave, with a cargo of lumber for the Government, wu cut through by the Ice a day or two since, and sunk opposite Marshall's Point. The tug Pussy bssgone to her relief. The brig Perry is being put in readiness for a cruise, and is expected In a shuit time to leave her anchorage below Alexandria The steamer Telegraph, sunk at the wharf at the foot of Prince street, Alexandria, a day or two i ?. ? ini t-. iias not ypi ueen raisea THJt PROVOST * A K? U A L? HIP, ETC., tTC Col Ulddle Roberta, who la expected to succeed (leueral Andrew Porter as Provoat Marshal of tbr District of Columbia, Ik a Pennsylvania volunteer otBrer, and stand? very bi?h In the aerFor months past be bas be?n Provost Marshal at Annapolis, where bis services in thnt capacity were very valuable. It >eema to be understood that General Andrew Porter la to command a division cf regulars in the army of the Potomac?Infantry, cavalry and artillery??nd which la to act aa the reaerve of the grand army In the Held. (Jen. Sykea will doubtlesa command Its brigade of Infantry. A DANGEROUS PRACTICE. Messrs. Corbyn and Bishop, veterinary doctor*, inform ua that they recently Inspected a lot of a t -* a a * - - uuiiureu ana nny ana mules condemned and aold by the Quartermaster' Department, and found eleven of the lot badly glandered It (snot possible that any well-Informed person belonging to the Quartermaater's Department cou'd b?ve known the fact, or they would have been promptly killed?not sold, to apread the loath-oinc disease broadcaat among anfmala and m?n. Greater care in thla matter la necessarv THK APJt'TAXT GSNBKALSHir. The correspondent of tLs Associated Presa la In error In a'atlng that Brigadier General Thomas la to be transferred shortly from the p? *ltlon of Ad jutant General, and Assistant Adjutant General Stth Williams to tafce hl? place. It Is not be llo?il In .1 ? 1? "..I i J ? libiu uiutiai ojtvtcB kuai any mca ui Uinsicr* ring Geo. T. to another sphere of duty It ente^ talned Next to him In rank In bis corps Is Gen Buel, who, were Gen T called to the field, would be most likely to succeed blm In the de partment. RIJL1ASID. Capt. Tatnall, of the rebel navy, Chas Green, (the person who attempted to escape from Fort Lafayette tn a tub,) Dr Page, Llndaev. Johnson and Poole, captured at Cape Hatter as, aad one other person, were released from Fort Warren on Sunday last, and sent to Norfolk for exchange. DISTRIBUTION OF A.KXS. The Maryland Fifth reclment. nuartered at1 ?Baltimore, received their arm* from Government to day The regl ment number* 1,0M0 men MOT (O. Tb? floating atory alleging the resignation of Secretary Welle* la untrue. RAILEOAD rtOM GBOIGRTOWX TO BALTIMOKB The Washington correspondent oftheNew York Tribune aay* that the Senate Military Comnilttes will aoon report a bill for the construction of a new railroad from < Georgetown to Baltimore, and thence, vta the Pennaylvanla Central, to New York Th# mMlur# ll ftf th# ntmnat ' The new route will reduce the fare from Washington to Baltimore to 75 cents, and In the Mine proportion toother place*. Supplies can come to the army too, when needed. ,r* THE ANNUAL MEETING OF THE II ?i "*ookhold?'? of the AMERICAN TELEGRAPH COMPANY* wij be ue<l at the otfio* of the Company, No. 14o Broad war, in the City of New York, on WEuNKHUAV, Hie ?*th day of January instant, at IS o'clock in. CAMBRIDGE LIVINGSTON, jali^lw* _ ?eoretar?. rr^UCKN?Ki<FOR DOG-*. UJf R'iHttr'i f'jfiet, Jsi.. II, It6i \utic6 It h^ritif * IVAn IhAt iL.anaaM ' ? owwn of Doga expired December Stat, and that Mid lioenaea must be renawed. in oointliauoe with a lav to thia effect, in ten ?la?a. ja 1* 4t 8AM K DOUG LASS, Register. (TV*NOTICE TO HL'CKBTRRB. 19 Retifter'i (/H t, Jan. 14,1862. Notice it hereby given that nopneee leaned to Haokatera expired Deoember Slet, and that satd lioeraee mut be renewed, in ooiuplianoe with law, at thia office, within ten daya ja?4t BAM. K. DOU8LA?i?, Keaiater. |Y?"?UMON BriLUING ASBOCIATION.lL_3 Anadlourned meeting %iil be held a* the Con noil Chamber, on THlJRf<DAV KVMNIN6 next, the 16 J> inataat, at 7 o'olook, for the tranaaction ofimportant bucineaa. At UN aame time there will be offered and aold at auction, to the highaat bidder, two comfortable two atory Brick Hone's eligibly situated in the Nnrthftrn I ?? , .. .. ? w>vv> *?V?I ff MUIII|VUU. Terma: One third eaah, the halaroe id aix and twWvemontha. THUS. JKWK.1,1,, ja H ?* Secretary. rrv*ATTENTION, COMPANY c, NATL 1LJ5 GUARD BATT'N.?Meet at Odd Fellow? Balon FRIDAY EVENING next January 17th, at6H o'clock. It ia hoped that every member will hepreaenUaa basinet of importance will be before the Company. By order of the Captain: j ja 13 8t? JOS. S. TUCKER, Sec. |>? THE UNION PKAYER MEETING Will JJ5 be held each day this week in the New York ArenaeChnroh,(Rev. Dr. Gnrl*y'a,)oomm?noing at 4 o'clock p m., to be oontinued one hoar only. Treasury notes wanted for WASHINGTON CORPORATION MONEY?We hare ua hand a few hundred dollaia tn Wa? hincton Corporation money, which we will aell in aama to aait purohaeera (aa far aa it will go) at a difeou*' for Treasury note* ja 15-st W. m. f HU8TER ft. co. piANO AND VOCAL MUSIC ! MRS. EVANS, !ateof~New York City, will ba pleased to take a lew ?n?ila tn the elementa of Piano and Vooal Maeio, alter the method of the oeiebrat*4 teacher and artist, Madame Aura Bkauir. Turn. Piano and Vooal Mare, per quarter, evsh_? $10 A deduction will h? made to pupil* taking leaaoua in Doth b'ancnea. Applr at 470 Ninth street. between M and N. iais st* rvlSTRICT OF COLUMBIA. Waiminstor MJ Cocj?t\ Okpha.nm' Court. Jan 11th, 1682. Ordered that the adinmiatratrix on the pereoaal Ntiu 9i Georje Bopp. late of Washington oounty a/oreeaid, deceased, air* the uctioe repaired by lew to the o/editore of aaid dco^etrd, by adveriiaeroent once e week for three weeks in the fc vemng Star Teat: MUttfcls KkLI.Y, JalMf ] Keg later ofWille LOVKLL, COLLKM * CO., 1 WHOLESALE GROCERS, 86 Front Street, New York, and Sit K Street, Wukmilon, D. C., ( near Willard'a Hole'.) Having starred a branok of oar New York aetafe awni infinia oiij, w? luvtu l utitrt, Qtim. JIuiaarMlMfi, isi Hoitl K**pt's, to oa'l and IIUUM oar ato k yb.oh la veil ticor'od Mid Mnihied of cooda of too boat qntMy. We hit ordora for ?nrUnc( in oar lino, *ihJ umuU them prompt f t? 15 ? I N PRE ? S. IN PANTRY TACTICS FOR TBI INSTRUCTION, KXKKCI8F, AND MA N0TOVRE8 OK THE SOLDIER: A Coaopuy, Lis* ot Sktnniihora, Bttltlioa, Bnjidf.ct Cory* d'Arvoo. By Ert?. On IILAo CASBV, U.ft Aim*. In IVm Fttaawi. Will b? r?dy tho-ify. D. VAN NOSTRaND. PibMshar. J*!*- ? - No. ! ? Broadway, N?v Yot*. CONGRESSIONAL ] JKUVIItk COH8REM^4kc??d ShiUi. Pixati?After the cloae of oar report jmtor- c kr- I the Vice-President laid before the Senate a J communication from the marahal of the District J of Columbia, (Mr Lamon,) stating that the oil- ] cera In charge of the Jfcll in thla city and the prisoners had been much troubled bv the frcqaent visits of persons to that establishment, and'pee- * scribing therefore certain regulations to be ob? aerTfd in tbat regard hercafur By them, the Prea dent and members of the cabinet and the presiding officers of the two Hou*es of Congrga are permitted to visit the Jail, but the membera f the Houses can only do ao on written pastes granted by the said presiding offlrera The reading of the paper gave rlae to evldeacea of tome little feeling among membera, and Mr Hake airid tbat if tbe marabal bad laaued a nkaae forbidding tbe membera viaiting the public lnstltntlona. tbe Senate should rebuke the outrage, * Tbe bill in relaUoA to the adminlatraUon of criminal Justice in the District of Coltucbla waa taken tip. Mr. Grime*, chairman of the District Committee, recapitulated many objectionable features, which the case presented, particularly the arrest ?i twiuiru imipie uy coniMDia ina justices, woo, j from mercenary motive* engaged in that humiliating business For the condition of the jail i Congreaa to tome extent waa responsible It had i been Improved within a few months, but how long it wonld continue Improved he could not J aay, after Senators and members of the House of j Representatives were excluded from It bv the , Marshal, who had given an order for their ex elusion. Brought here from a distant Mats, Mr. t Lnmon was made Marshal, and he had to dis- ? charge dutiea of which he knew nothing, and*to administer an office among a in-ople with whom , he had no sympathy Instead of attending to hi* c dutiea here, he wax figuring in the West in the t h tbillmenls of brigadier general, which office he f did not hold He quoted largely from the report v of the Van Wvck Committee on that point to 1 show that under that assumed character Mr. Lamon had Incurred expense for special trains, a and caused the transfer of a regiment from Illinois ^ to MafrlanH ?t ?n ?*npn?? nf flfiA tarilVmn# * J ? ? ? - % 1 J" H"V ?-?? " * "*" * V authority from the War office and for no public good (laving been excluded from the jail, d though a Senator and chairman of the Committer 15 on the District of Columbia, be attempted to ( communicate with the Preaident of the United t states on the subject For the tirat time in six a montha he attempted to appro eb the footatool of 7 power enthroned at the other end of the avenue, n but he could not procure admission?the Preai- 0 dent's aervantadeclined to carry his name to him, v and for that reaaon be made utatementa here which t he had intended to aubmit to th? President. p Meaara. Pearce, Powe'l, Pomeroy, Carlile, Mor- a rill, Wllaon, Sherman Fe*aetid?n,"Latham,Howe, Collamer, and other* diacuaaed the bill at length, 0 which whi finally pasaed without the amendment of Mr. Powell to exclude fugitive alavea from _ l .-i a ?4 ?? Al? u?bc tiiscuar^vii Biicr tac uajuurnmeni 01 ?ae ( grand jury, against whom no Indictment may a nave been fotnid The bill to indemnify in $1,0U0 the owners of * the British ship Perthshire for illegal demotion * l>y the block* de was pnaaed. and the Senate adjourned. p Hocsk.?After hur report olo*ed yesterday? J The bill abolishing the franking privilege was * pasted?yeas 107, nays 12. f The blil making an appropriation to carry into ( efl'ett the joint resolution, approved July 27,1W1, i in relation to the international exhibition to be t held in London, wn? dlft-uMed and laid on the table Adjourned. Notice to livery stable. expreb?. [ H AC K\iEN, SUTLERS. Ao.?The subseri- 1 ber. havi t, opened & shop at the Pioneer Mil', . oorn?r t?e*enth street and the> south side, is refit -<J to build a; kinds of Express and t*?tler?' J Wagons, Carts, Ao. Particular attent on paid to ' Repairi'-f, ho;#; shoeing, and remitting in gene-al. ials )>' a. ? blood. 1 STAK YORE SlUKlSt CMi and ?ee m? *1 ISo ?H1RT**, with aH with- ] ont Co'iar^ TWEED SUITS! 1 Fashionable Suits. ready-made or made to or^r. LINEN COLLARS ' . Fine COLLARS of the latest styies. CLOTHING ' A jenera' assortment ?t fait prioes. at HENNJNG'S, ia 15 st*_ __ Seventh street .Island UH^I FURNITURE ' f* FURNITURE: BHD FURNITURE ' ' * 1 Look to yoor Interests, Purchasers of CABINET FURNITURE, And oa' at tl* Iron Hall, where you will find the largest and te-t assorted stock to be ftund in Washington, embracing evsry conceivable varie:y n?oessary to fbrnish a hou*e complete, aad at priori which defy competnion BOTELKR. ft WILLSON, Pennsylvania avenue, bet. 9tn and 10th ste. ja 15 ??6t Second and Third Floors. dO > e. I BUFFALO ROBES! 500 Dozkn Buck awd Sh*sp Skin ARMY GLOVES' JU*t reooived from New Yo?k and will be told at low prioes at J. PEARSON'S < City and Sutler*' Supply Store, J jn is 4t 491 Eighth at., near Penn.av. i THE COPARTNERSHIP Heretofore existing , under the name of L Huyce A Co., has this day hf?n dissolve* by mntuai consent. , Leonard Huyck alone 11 authorised ta settle the . business affaira ot the firm. ! L. HUYCK A CO. January 13.1862 ja 15 St j WASHINGTON, JANUARY 14. 1*0*. No 517 Seventh Street. The andersigned have this day formed a copartnership, under the name of Sweeny A HuYct.for | the pmpoM of oonduoting an Exchange, ColUotion, Land Warrant.and General Banking Bun I neae. By prompt and faithful attention to businese we ! bope to merit the oonfidenoe and eapport of the public. H. B. SWEENY, ja'S eo2w _ LEONARD HUYCK. rhEPOT QUARTER MASTER'S OFFICE, I" Washington. D. C., Jan. 14th, 1862. Sealed Proposals will bereoeivedatthie CAce until 12 o'olo :k m , 19th instant, for plaoiac in uepot at a point to be designated by the Depot Quartermaster, near the Railroad Deeot in tin. ?it. (JUW*> FIVE THOUSAND CO If DH OK HARD WOOD. the woo^ to he ont four feat long.and split to the sue of ordinary oord or merchantable wood, and to be corded in ranks loir feet high, the whole to b* delivered on or before the 20th day of Febrn rv, 1862, and at the rate 01 (IdO; oca hundred and fifty oords per day, the delivery to ooinmenoe withiii five da** after signing the oontraot; payment to be made on the delive.-y of everv <600) five Hundred corda. Separate bida for (8.600) twenty five hun d>ed oorda of the wood will be reoeived. 6otd security wili be r<qui'ed for the feithful fulfilment of aaid oontraot The undersigned < e erve* to him?elf the rig it to r<-jeot ail bids that may be considered too high. D. H ttrCKKR, Depot Quartermaster, j ja 16 U. 8. Army. | f AD1ES REAL PARIS KID BI.OVKS. Vnr* l J best quality, all uses and oolorss. Also, a new and stilish lot of Embroideries, at many hades under former prions. * One price only, marked in slain genres. PKRRY A HROTHKR, ja H 6t Pa. avand N inth strset'JTHEATRICAL SCENERY FOR SALE, The Scenery, Wing*. Curtain Pulley*, etc.?all n?w?be onging to the hall ims usrd by the Christy Minstrels, embracing FIVE NEW 8 :ENKS, with all ihe Fixtures, for saielow. Apply teJNU. WK.LLf. Ho lida* street Theater, Baltimore, or JOHN P. SMITH, at the Hall, Tenth street. Washington. ja U M SHKPHERD'8 PLAIDS, fr ladies dresies and suits : Cloaks Huawl',au1 fines Dress Goods, all plaoed on a redaned scale of prices. Al?o oar usual fine slock of all kiixUofDrr floods for <he general and speoial wants of families and housekeepers. One price only, marked in plain fignres ; hence, no pareoaser is overcharged. PKBkV*Runrurs ja 11 <t Penn avema md Nln^k h Tib H1818 TO GIVE NOTICE.Tiiat the eubeori- \ I b?r littii obtained from the Orphaaa' Court of 1 Waahintton oounty,in the Diatnot of Columbia. J Mtera or a4inimatratioa on the personal eatate of I Oeorco Bopp,late of Waahingt- a oonuty aforesaid, . deceased. All persona having olaima agaiaet the I aaid deoe*aed are hereby warned to exhibit the J

name, with the vouohera thereof, to the aubuert i ber, on or before the eleventh day of January n uaxt; they may otherwise by law be axoloded from t a l benefit of th? aaid eetat*. | Given under my hand thie elereath day January 1MU. Ll'BURN M'ZZ } Ja M St* admiiiiitmui* pOR HOO*EK'^DmSH^N, MATTAWO > The itttm propeller C*RALPH havlngbeea ' oi.artered to run ou'tue above roo'e. _ in pleoe "f the Tele?ra?h, vbioh i?^^3?k? uiiderioing repairs, in*.:e ueoeaearj^^^^^^ t to oonseqnenoe of the toe. will leave Carter's WHaf, loot of bH ?*ri MONDAY, 4 WKDNKSDAY mo FRIDAY, at ?o o'o oek. " Rami!ot tune SH hoars. , In a lew dais toe Telegraph will ba ad<foj to the J line. Thoee b**inf freight are rcquee'ed to Mad it to the wharf the afternoon before aa far a* a?aa- 1 tioab e. to enable the boat to leave p'omptl? to the e {J,.,. r,, " ja U K* 47?im ?tred,(up stairs.) A NOTICE. Ti 5" I n Lib Hereon* having aoooanta vith me ane*ttl?4 t i ~"? ? ?- ?? c^sjst."- isfefftHit N. It. Partitahaviaebillaacalnet m# will tltut 5 ?reee?t th?m for pay meet. )alU.? 1 Harvey Hai just received a 1 tbonaand traahela of tMU OHKE-^^. /^\ t RYBTON e. OV KTERa. by the Poto-ffSft f?J < mao. to be Mrrwl i|? at kia b^mim mliJf i w Cim *-? - ?v-. f pR0P09ALS?0* STAMPED ENVELOPES Pobt CrriCB Oiraktmsat J*n. is. IMS. Skalkd P*oro?*.L? win b? r?eeiTWt until 3 p. m id th* 3th dti of Febratry.1862, for form ihicg ?' he "Stamped KnTelo?*?," 'Letter Sheeti UK ?dt* opm d "Ntvtm'r Wi?r *r? vbiaH tkia D?p*'troent nty rtqmr*. df tef ??n ' of four )?r?. soaatnafx 1 ?t A aril t*:. vis: 3TAMPF0 KNV8' OPBS. No. 1, or ooteaize, JJf by mohea, of whlt< No i. or lot tor ru \ S\ by 8H iroboa, and #xtn att?r me. 3H t>j ? mo Sea, of white. biff. 01 ir'-am-ooo'-ed paarr, or in each proportiona o lithor aa mar bo required. No.3 or officii r*e STj by f\ inohea. of th< arne co'.ora as No 3. and under a uke oonditicn ai to the proportion of eaoh. No 4, or ext a Hiatal aiae, 6 f 10 by 9 4 6 iaebea >f the i aire o>Ior as No. 2, and ca!er a like oondi jor. aa t^ the proportion of each. No. I and 2 to he eait?>eaed wit It the tf ree or ?a >tnt posta'^ctanip, > <.3 with ?ix cent, acd No. < fwl * *" ' .wr,,o w.-mj, iwrmj-iopr, tm lorry cem a I of style and color nnulisr to Umn mi n u?<9'er ahesti acd itamped envelope# oombtned >f white or bit.* taper. Noti akeet* and a amp'C or (op*# cnrabwed, of white or bine pap*r, bo:l tiaee emooaaed with the three seat a tamp*. Stamped new ?taper wrap per a not leas than I bj 3-6 iLohea, and or bo* paper, emhoaeed with th< roe oent pottage tarn-, or any other denomaadon that may he required. Proporaia are a ?o Invited for firni?hin( atraw 01 sanilla board box?e, or othera of e?ual o- eoperioi itreccth, for paokicc paroela ofenvel^eea, of lette iheeta ard en re ope# oimbined, and or newpapei rravpera. containing from one hundred to fin lundrefl eaoh, aixl ,'nr water-proof wooden oaeet or raokinc parcels of four to twenty five thouand. The envelope# an?l wrapper# are to he made ii h 0k hAtt m nnar ?f mm -?? J - * .... uwuvi , VI |W|>S| ul sppiuini IUIIIJ nanufactured apeoialiy for the purpose, and witi urh water marks at the Postmaster Gereal m* lireot. Th?y mast he rumm'd for sealinf, th? ormer at least <nchee on the point and oae end >fthe latter ;th?i muit be ban el in paroeisof twenr five, packed witboat ohwje lux packing, and rniabed oumplMo in all respects, reaay for an nth all reasonable dispatch, and ia snch suantiles as may be rtqmred to fill tne trdsraof poatnisters, and most b? deliverei either at tue pKx >f manufacture qr nt the Post Offioo Department, ,t tne option of Me Postmaster General, to an tigem cly authorised by the latter to inspect and receive hem. An agent of the Department will furnish the adrABi for A?nh narnol wrntnh tm ?a Ke ? ? r?. ww.f n Mtwu SO ?? ?? ' JiUlkWJ UU MiV ox bv the mauu'aoturer without charge. The die* for embotaing the pontage stamp* on he envelope* ar.d wtappera are to be executed in he beat style, and th^y are to bo provided, renewed, ao kept in order at tue expenae of the oontraotr-r, Pne Department alco ^ea?ive* the right of requir ck new deromiaatiun of stampa and any ohangea f the dies or oolora wi'hout additional charge. Bidders are ex?ectoi to furnish sarplesnf paper rith their bida of the quil:ty Ihey intend to u*e in he manufacture of the envelope! which tney prooaa to Busply. ani alto specimen* of thaenveiopea inatamp* d, aad of fcoxea. In addition to bids for furnitkint plain en eel p?? Of tht fix** ana colors abottdti rxbtd stm an roposals art invited to furnish envelopes pro nd'dxcitk pitent diisolring lines, (rnrfteaint tki *op>r roMtion tor the superscription.) to substitute he plain or unruled envelopes, in tekole or xnpart, s tke Department may tleft-. frupotai* areat?o invited fordevioea other than rater mark*, (i r additioua. to auch mark*,) 'o itfjrd protection against counterfeiting?*p?oi aoca to t e sub it^ed. The oont>a~t Will be awarded to the bidder vhoce roposai. although it be not toe lowest, ta oonidered moat advantagecua to the Department, akinc into aoooun* jhe pnoe, the au&htt of ttta amp ea. and hi* auffioieicj and abf.itj toutm vcture and de'iyer envelope* in acoordanoe with he tsrma > f this advertiaemect; a*<1 no prop^aaU rill be eonaidertd nnleaa aooompameri by (oaran wn B*fore oloainc a eontraot the aaooMafal bidder nar he require?t to prepare n?w diee and aubmil peeunen imprrasiona thereof. The uae of the i'??fntdiOB mar or may not be continued, bot nc adical oh%"te in the device of the atamp* will H /lop ted. Bonis ard if rarity will be remaned for the ?aithuT performance of the oontraot and payment* luder it will be made quarterly. The Poetmaatei jeuerat'e*rr*ee t<> himee!f the ri^ht to annul il rheneverhe shall discover that the ume orani >art thereof ia offered for -Ale in the market for th< >urpoaeof apeouiat'on. and he wi 1 not, many case lacotMu a trauafer of the contract to any parti ?rbo *h&i! be. in hia opinion, leas abeor teaa ?u*U lemnin the ong<nM bidder or contractor. Th< lrht isalso reserved to annot the ooctract for i lailure to perform faithfully any of ita atipmatiom Tha number of enve opea of d ffereot sues an< if wrappers iisaed <o Postmasters during the fis-a ear ending June 30,J8tl, la fail? set lorth in th ast report of tha postmaster Gwueral. The bids shou'd be muked "Prrrosais fo Stamr*d Envlopts and Wrapper?,* and sh:nla b *1dre?/ed to th? "Third Assistant Pos'm&ste General, Post Office Department." M. BLAIR, ja 15 w4t Postmaster General. J.J A C K N E V O A_R K 1 A G K 8 . la aooordaooe with the requirements of th* snt leoiion of an act in relation to Hsoinsr CtmuM Caba, A.C., (approved March 30,1342 ) tfie !o!.owin i?ct on* of >?id aot are pub.iahed tor the benefit o thoe* oonoerned : 8eo. ? And be it matteH, That, from and afte the ptteage of thia aot, the loi.owing rates of far jt charges for the oonveyauoe ok p-raona from on ?laoe to anoihor lit the city of Washington, 1 fia kney carriagea, cab*. Or other vehicle* carry in puaenc*ra for pay or hire, b^tweoi daybreak am sight o'olook p in., thai! not be exoeede:?, that ta t< tay, fur each una *v#>ry passenger. for any diatanoi tot over one ml a half mi.e, twenty-five oenta ror any distance over oue and a i.aif mite, and ao pioeedtue three miles, fifty oenta: P*ovid(d, Ii saae any nacknev carriage, cab, or other veh el iha'.l be detained for a lonrer pe-i'vd than five mm jlea, the driver thereof shall be allowed lorthi whole haok, oah, or other vehicle, the sum o t we. ve and a half oenu for every fifteen minutes n letaice), and for all oonveyauoe* or other deten ion later than eight o'oiock p. m, the owner o Inver ot hackary carriage*, e\ba, or other vehioi* msr HAmiLn.i tntl t th* A Mbiam od the foregoing ohargea in addition there to. Seo 13. And be it tnarted, Thst no owner or dri rer ul a hackney carriage, e*ti, or other vehicl< arryinif paafeacer* fit pay or lure, ?hal. reiuae t< sa.ry a paatenger or pancfuueri at to* foregoini atea or d?maad or receive ai y greater mm for tbi 5<;nv? yance of any pera< n thaa the rate* of far* bj :bi? a.t eatahliahed; nor ahall the driver of an; taokney osrriane,oab, or other vehicle carryit.j >a?aeiifteni for pay or hire, when carrying any Bum>er of paaaengera more than t?o. or when th< ra*stsnK?r' in the vehiole agree to pay for ih e? leata therein, be a!luwed to take op acy other pa*tenger on the way, without the permiaaion of th< eraont id the aaine, under the penalty of fivedol*ra lor each ai,d every ctfenat; Provided, alu-ay* fhat nothing hert-in ooiitained ahaa be oonatraed u pi c- v on * ifciij uwn-i ui unvor oi a nuciary car* lag*, cab, or other vehiolefom reeeiv ng any volintary oornpensatioa, for the conrejanoe of perloua. over ana above the run hereby eetab isned lut it ' ail nevertheless be the duty of theownei >r driver aforesaid to inform the person offVini moh extra compensation of the rate* of fare fixed >y this act; otherwise the said owner or dnvei ilia'! be deemed gaiity of demanded extra 9eo 14 And be tt enacted, That when any owner )rd'i<er of any haokney carriage, oab, or othei rehiole is applied to. to t'an?port any passenger oi >assenters within thia eity, and shall refaae to dc o, under the plea tnat ha la already engaged, h? ihali state t*e name a .d place of residence of th< terson by whom he is engaged; and if the owner >r driver shall reluse to state suoh name and resilence.and refuse to carry the peraoa or personi naking the application, the owner or driver of saoh rabi^le shall forfeit and pay a sum not exoeeding ive dollar*; and if, on giving the name and realleooe of any person, it shall appear that the lnforLaUon was and there was not an actaa. bona id* engagement, the owner or driver of said vehfelc ihall be liable to the above penalty as above atatrd b?o '5. And be it enacted, Tnat ween an* owner >r driver of an* backney carriage, cab, or othui 'shiole, oa mng passengers for pay or hire, shall lemacd or reoeiv<* any greater sum for the conveyance of persons who *hall not have resided twelve north within theeitv or Wathing<on than is eatabiahed in the sates of fare eetab.ished b* this act tr shall refuse to oarry such pe'fons at the said atee, he shall forfeit and Day doable the penalty tesonbedb* the thirteenth atetioi of thiaant 8eo. 16. And it it enactM, That ih a act be ap p led .nd the aame la bereiy deo ared to apply, to ale ghi unmng for hire within this Corporation; ana it ibell not be lawful for any peraon or pereona lo rut isle ghoi aiei*h? for hire within the oily nfWMt< ngttin, unlepc suoh person or persons abaU hav< ireriously obtained a lieerrae under th's act. with >ut incurring the penalties praecribed for ranntni isokney carriages; provuttd, Tnat tottung In tnii lootion oontsined shall be eonatmed to require ?nj teraon who ah si! both* owner ol a lioena-d h%ck lev carriage, eab, or other venio.e to take oat I icenae to runasieigh. t*ec. 17. And bt it macted. That any hacknej taxeor omnibus, thedinretuioaa of wluoh aball bi uBoient for the oomfrrtab aooomraodatlon and ionveyance of six passergers or more, rnnnini .etwee n Washington city and Georgetown, or ii .uy part of Washington city. ii said atage or om ubus rnna on a stateb route, and the owner 01 wnera thereof take ont a lioeose conforn ably t< his aoU laid atage or omnibus shall not be liabh o any of the provisions of thia act relating U laokney esmages. ezoent that arovialon whmi itakee the owner or owner* liable for the m?o; hfir driver*. ja H-St LpOR SALE?A beautiful, thorough bred bl&ot L aodUn TERRIER,oneo? the n the ooaotry, weighing only 4 i9indi^iMf 8 months old?a good r*tt*r. Inquire at r lie Nmirnut Reetauraut, oorner 14th itroot *iK 'enneylvania av. ja >? St* i\f ASON?! WAGONS!! ?V WAGONS !!! I have row on hand a lot of v'-ry anpenor nev R. AmtMkl a>UU. ?ill L- ? * ? ROBT. U GSAHA'M, Oooohniaker. fcitkth vtrMt. IWR*tamng of *11 kinds pronptij attendee ? _ jatt-** ^0 OVAL riCTIKE KKAMtB. The kurfiomMt imortmut nf CHii Piotnri 'r?me? in till oity, from Ue beet raunfaoturoe u he ooBBtry, wbioo t aoooroioc to til* Material tK rorknanaU*) will he eold ohea* for oaah. AIM liferent Patten Card Visit* *- J. Mj? RKK ITKK '0, Remember the number No. 486 7th street, lfi? .,? *?P. AHA BVM 1?VI ?? AID aSTUTl SV*? ems mi^frMrtisK msm iM&Wfft """I" "* Vwiikl HRIMEK * CO. 404 Md 464 ?tf?g*. te &4u? ii" offo>PldOAM. TREASURER'S MOWTHLY IYAY1 Showing tko mmcmnt to kit ertdit. ai tho daut of I IVMOry, mmd wuk tko ttvoral jinMil TVmiw /or wkick draft! twi bars i?<m4 prur > lii 4m | mm4 tko kmimmcot ramninimg mt tko mum raiyn ?U from depotxtorft, ordtrtd bf tko tiirilwy i cr'dxud, and alio tkt tmwi) I* 4ii erodit mv KtX Mi brnmekot, and tko ??*MU wi>>iW *9 MH niir IM?rfKtMI?|r tOtUTOl. I 1 k f la vtat plaaa. I I , Treasury of the I'nitad States, Waahiofton. KC Assistant Treasurer, Boeton, NWMMjMtU Assistant Treasurer, Nw) orltl?(?* York.. ?. ?.. Assistant Tr^tiurer. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania : Aaeistant Treasurer. St. Louis, Mlwowi ? I AwiiuntTreasurer, Su FrtMiwo, Oliifornt. t Depositary at Baltimore. Mainland ? ' I>?po?iivT?t BafUo, Nsv Vork..M.n^M?...>. Depositary at Cincinnati, Ohio..... Depositary at U>uiiTiUa, Kentucky 1 Depositary at Pittaborg. Pennsylvania ?. I Depositary at Chioaco. llliaoia.. Depositary at Detroit, Michigan r Depositary at Kalis of*?t- Croix. Wisoonajn i rv- ? ? - a a ^a. a? aj ?a ? a? u UIUMI HIT, niwMa. Depositary at Olympic. Washington Depositary at tiatha City. Ore* (G llooro L Depositary at PaMeoftft Croix, (Reymsrt.J Depositary at Baltimore. ,..... Depositary at Ciixxiinati (Bberloak) Depositary at Loatsvilis,< Haldema&l ? Overdrafts Assistant Treasurer, New Yorfc, N't* Overdrafts Assistant Trsasuror, Philadelphia, Psi Overdrafts Assistant Treasurer. Baa Praam too. C Overdrafts Depositary at Baltimore, Overdrafts Transfers ordered from Assistant Treasurer, New ?r*nafera ordered to TreMary of the UuUd Put* rautfer* ordered to AMiftant Trimrw, fiu r? w Bullion i Aiur vffioe of the United State*. New York...... i Mint of the Uajted State*.Philadelphia, P*. ......... Brunch mint or the l/nited State*, tfaa Franoiaoo, CeJ. 1 m U N A V A I L r . r? - - _ - ?' ? * in aiaies note nnatr ins Branch mint of the United State*, Charlotte, N. C Branch mjnt ufthe United States, Dahloneca, 6a Branch mint of the United States. New Orleans, La ... Assistant Treasurer. New Orleans, Louisiana .... Assistant Tr?a nr^r. <"haMes>on, Boat* Carol's* Depositary at Richmond. Virginia Depositary at Norfolk, V lrginia..... .. .. Depositary at Wilmiucton, North Carolina. Depositary at Savannah, Georgia. . _... depositary at Mobile. Alabama.... .. depositary at Nashville, Tennessee.._. Depositary at Galveston, Texas Depositary at Little Rock, Arkansas........ ... Deoositar? at Tallahassee, Florida. Depositary at Norfolk (Sawyer).. ? ....... ?>ital balanoe to the credit of the Treasarer otal unavailable. Available balance Taaasrav Dxr aktkki*t, Jan. lit IMS. WASHINGTON, D. C , JANUARY, If*?. 4 j! REMOVAL. ? il A. BIlfUVGER h CO. i l AT* RFMOVHD i, N?. *19 PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE, orrowTB WILLARDS' HOTEL 1 ' g We invite the attention of Mr friend* and patron* to the Card below : * i o No. 219 PiiRiTLnaiA Aram, > i (oppttiu WtUcrd't Hotti,) J The Subscriber*, hiring opened a Branch Eo0 tablishment is this Cltr a few month* since, and J 0 1 feeling encouraged by the liberal patronage al- j ? J ready reoeived from I t frteod* and the loreva of J *. pure and genuine Bf WINES, Uqt'OES, 1 and other articlee in their line, have determined . 4 ^ upon a continuance and eztenaion el their buai- ' J r neaa. Tbeir assortment embrace*? PINE COGNAC BR AN DIRS 1 (of various age, brands, ud districts,) . BOURBON AND SCOTCH WHISKIES, j JAMAICA RUM, GINS, Ac. J Also, several valuable Tonka, Bitten, aad Stomachics, which are remedies for 1 bowel own plaints, fever and am ? headache, and the like. f madeira,sherry * port wines, : : CLARETS, BURGUNDY, CHAMPAGNE, AND GERMAN WINES. havana segar8, Of all Varieties and Price*. FINE NAVY AND OTHER CHEWING TOBACCO. ALSO, PICKLES, SAUCES, CHEESE, PRESERVED MEATS AND PRUITS, SARDINES, VINEGARS. SWEET OIL, Ac , Ac. The Stock ?u particularly (elected to nit the wants of Hotel-Roe pert, Sotlert, RaaUaratoara, Ac. The? are lnrlUd to Ttait the eetabllehmeat, which ia under the direction of Mr. Joe. P. r niLIQH. J Owing to the feci that they Import moat at tho articles direct, and to their many baatneaa faclMtlea, they are enabled to offar their ?toc)reoe4a at very low pricoa. Your obedient wrrante, A. BIHIHflKR A CO., * Importer I tf Fortign Wtmu, Liqurt, ft. , } ll-tf N?w Toaa am Wukhtoi. i ' Rlalto Hmm, k Btuement eornsr D and Ninth atrmU. O'BRIEN * DBNSBb, i Pwmnoii Wh?ri do foi got Um boot of OYBTSRt m l ?rary ?tylo! _ i Aiu-C^'.?vsflyav Where do job got tfco boat of LIQUORS u4 t CIGARS at tit oh?*p?ot prtoo / At the R1A4.TO MOIR | k IHKUUU Cwm of D a?*Nl?a?L. a notice to WRtch-Mifcuw. ?. * J. MYIRI, J r 10 VVAAHINe-XON BUILDIN*. Corner of Pa. avenut and Simntk *t. jinrmiTMUM tuoruMnt or WATC1B ?t whol?X. 1 #^OLD CHAIN# A.T WBOLfcBAljB! j ; 10 Wuhfoit'oB BUMibc. 1 i w atch nmMT* 1 \VATCH 9L??f* < v. -* 10 WtHuuloi Bai diag. i 1 ; 486 """tu?8"*? 486 i , 3s5iSire Jcs? f^Jsss;:; I liMf'ii nab* t w ^ ^ Mm, MctmR si, mi. *? NNTti iMf riMmi, M ftiJU4 k*i?w, ? uU 1i<j ifci i Uu itM'MMU, kutrnm pm ttprnud u mW, tl m drm/t, mmd ml** aft* mmhn V 11w *f Iks fV?Mvry. hmt mat jr?l ? mW w , ^jihj |j^| (MMmi |J^| T2?ysStit ?*ugj?t ;':iE*!iSs Ml-.?*? KOWlC ^ ? ? smm* 1 *jm 44 3M.7I4 47 rk ?4>lB Til. *711 .TT:. i?j*7 r cum m m,4*i 44 rr~ ?iiSS ?*!t: .SB 4SJM 79 _ *> 44iV? M r?AHw rjstt V* ? T? (?1W? 11JM *1 ?M9 ?.?w it M?* * .V?M 5 77 i>-4? 4ij?? n* t* J ?4? ?* 44 ? ?M* tUV yr#* M?? mw?I 1 .1 *> * |JV?? ?#? T" 1.00 54 ?,U? ?l | ? "N 1.W1T r>.?s.ui a . n ' Yflrk..m M. lifls wo w Hjm 44 tllfof1114.. M. .? 411.198 IS .073 M York. Nnr Yft-..~ I, WMfcmjttm. D. C |?^w m 9Mt.Hr m? Fmn*. ......J f??.Sl3 no L J fW.MS ou J M0.6M It ... J ?4>&4 16 .......I ?uo,oooao! 4 soo,o??o $1,* isl . 1 $\ MW7 I* .ABLE. rurr$ctioiuiiy Control. $njM? 00 |t.lU 57 cs r.oa^oai. ?..j 389 857 46 SH.2F7 4* 146.2* >4 ujua H itusu m> ? ? ? ? ? ? m m m ? ?? 14 tl 2.308 "1 11,TOR ? 11.795 & 1 0? 70 If* ,732 ?0 6 0*a? 7i7 W 5 961 7* IINI1 1,1*' AS S.TBJ* - 10 ? 3S 3.4.S6 10 14.7?0 ? ? MH 00 Mi 96 4.6U 08 ? tOUW l.??6 ? 1,0116 73 S3 692 29 4,107 10 m? 679 Of M3CI l.4'3 ? 719,0(8 < nwM mmjm 11 14 ?4C U1 10 #S.04U4Ji ? r ? *.*m l ii <14 af M ? _ , J Ml 15-lt ADOTION SALES. THIS AFTERNOON fr TO-MOKMjOW. Br J C. MoGUlKK k. CO.. Aootioooers PXTENSIVK SALE OF A VALUABLE Cji, /JHABT or Boon ?Oa WEDNESDAY" KV KNi\G. Juur; iSth, at 7 - look, kl tb? knetjon toomt. corner of Tenth nod O etreatg, w thai! sell the Vocable Mbrar; of the late Gob. Walter JoBee. being a nolleotion of Aa?n?u w* Formes Worke, olaaaified in two parte, n?: PART I. MuflUm?ut Wirti. Id Biitort. Antiquity. Anoint ax a Modern Las m&(MUknoi?atMKi MoversC1MHC& Writer*. EnoyoiopodiM. Military Booka, Norei?, ko. PART IL i??. ,n/fl% ; h*i>-s.k i nir f oo? Of very Ctoenption. ibciudinc tto? X twi of War and P?aop. R.fhtg of 8* .*?r?rt? tad Nn tra. i. Adm-'a tT Law*. Law ofPnsM, Covrt Tk* whole forimnf* ooliMtion ot aboat M*1 o.iiom, to baaold wlthoat reaar?e. Teruatik. . THOS MILLER, Emiw. )>i?d J. C. MoeUIRK A CO , A a Otafly WALL k. BARNARD, Aiotionaara CHESSWHT-. VsttttStKWttS II the btlUM of ? Dwchut ttuor, ooanor *::** Mow Soek CoMa. K^>r. Plaok Cu?i>Mr Voata, 81art Mlk Vaata, fucj 8uk aidgiik v?)t?t vmtoi rMlMMW, CMMBtrt, 4 a. j?Q d fBfry) WtLLt8llM.^i?>, FUTURE DATS. AWNOttifc ?\T?2.0.,fci!,S,&K Mil St ABBBpoll* JlBottOB. on MttanUv, Jftr.tHk. Mi. IS) aero* of Wood L*od. bindi&c oa tB? rail ou. Wood oobtrmt^ra v* (btu?4 v> UtoM. For nrijoin apply to M. BAMO^. *9 Wt, Psal at., BaJ timer# ?bb 1S-I1 * By J. C McGUIEE k CO.. ABOtioBMB. PAIR f?TYLI?B ?BBY BOKBU. TOP Bdmi. !<u a*jj Humi it Arcnon ? >n BAIL EDA V MOR.NlN<3. Jaaaar< ) >' look, iafront oftno A u oboe Roomb, w tkmil oil? iBir firtr Horiri, Tot Bun Wbcob. 1 bm Dob bio HarMsa. 8>ifh,Tor BOOOUBt of VhoiB it BMJ OOBOBTB, for livery <1bb Tar? a oMh i/tBu nB rr?AM jvnn oi?ihjo\/H, Metropolitan Liwy BuMM. JUi-trti J. C. MoQUlKE 4 CO.. * ??. FAIRBANKS STANDARD 80 ALES. I -fr V il^ j. la^^H .1 FOE IALI BT v J. P. B AETHOLO W, Bote Ai?t, ItHvtrc k ifrhiliiral VartkMi?t 448 IfTtaU StrttL. Pmtmstlrmmm ???m mmd tk? Cmm* I, xpfotiU mat end of C?tn Market. 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