Newspaper of Evening Star, January 16, 1862, Page 1

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 16, 1862 Page 1
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w ; ' - ' i ( i # i1 i i i i I. i , 1 * ' ' - ? * *? 1*' BP PBw a^9 KB yasnsAtw t* J L:. Qk f ^ '*? / JB^L Bjp J^Al JHJB x ^ > v P\ C^pUt ,B?& . V%. XIX. WASHINGTON, D C . THURSDAY, JANUARY 16, 1862. N?. 2.778. f _ THE EVENING STAR M PUBLia Ht?D RrBRT AFTBRNOON, (SUNDAY EXCEPTED.* AT TH& HTAR nwr of P*nmsyl*m%ia ctmvi tt ?T w. n WAT.T.Anw Paper* termed 1a pictv' by carriera it Ml year, or 37 cenU per month To mail an beer 1 here Ike prlo? to S3 JO a yew, w u?mm; R for all oattu ; SI tar three montha; ao4 (or leaa Uu < three Bcatha at Uie rate of li cents a week Bta fie ooplea, oiti cist; la wrappers, two cum. IIjT ahould be aent to the ?c? before 13 o'clock a.; otberwtoe they may art appear oatll the next day. JL THE MISSION or THE BSftTISIDE EX* f TEDITION. I tv. rtu -i?? -? * ? ^ Img vn ruut oorrMpoouMii ui me now " York Tribune write* to that journal: I presume I shall violate no confidence if I i state on eommoa rumor and belief that the ? expedition will rendezvous at Hatterv inlet, and that Pamlieo and Albemarle Sounds will be the immediate field of opera ions. Of these operations in detail it is not proper to speak, an j further than that it is understood that the faroe, when fairly afloat on the waters of Pamlieo Sound, will address itself to Roanoke Island, which is strongly fortified. This is the key to Albeaaarle Sound, through Currituck, I f and it id supposed that the position is defended by from 2,000 tj 3 000 men. This taken, one of the faults following the taking of Hatteraa four or five months ago, when one thousand .... I A iV- ?-- _;ti UUUW IUO OBU1C tlUUg, Will bar* been retrieved. I presume the eloartng 1 !, cat of the rebels from all the Sounds will fol- * Air low, which might have been done with a 1 thousand men and two or three gunboats at V the time referred to. It must not be supposod that this is the whole work laid oat for the ^ expedition. It will be bat clearing away the n underbrush, and it will be time enough to c record the rest when it takes place. d It is understood that the 9th New York regi- f ment, Col. Hawkins, now at Hatteras, will ac- P company the expedition, and possibly the 48th ? Pennsylvania, also there. Some delay of the expedition at Hatteras is ^ more than probable, in consequence of several ^ of the steamers drawing too much water. The h depth of water on the" bulkhead ia less than o eight feet; whereas some of the steamers draw nine and ten. I understand that, inconoeiv- 0 able as it may appear, the getters-up of the expedition have been vnder the impression e that the depth of water on the bulkhead was nine feet. Everybody but those who ought to have known, knew better. This blunder was T discovered at once, as the steamers began to u arrive, by all who bad any knowledge of the (i J destination. Still, though the expedition m<*y ?r be somewhat shorn, its efficiency will not be 3 materially lessened, as the boats that will he unable to enter the Sound, if that should turn out to be the case with any of them, will be 1] transports principnlly. ' nit rrooaoiy a mora Heterogeneous congrega- j tion of water craft was never collected on an; 9 waters at any one time. I trust that in oar F future naval lists not many of them will be > suffered to figure, though without doubt, as a whole, they are well suited for the work for * which they are to be employed. All the odd 0 specimens from the Kennebeo to the Chesa- 0 peake appear to have been procured, the one it from the first-named locality being a stern- h wheel craft drawing 10* feet. Since she made p a the wh*le distance from the Kennebec to the M Capes, regular sea voyaging, in remarkably * quick time, and arrived all right, she is not to ^ bo spoken of lightly, even if she does look so v much like a wheelbarrow. _ h me terry noats Whitehall and Uoboken, ww n heavily armed gunboats, went oat on Friday a and returned the next day, thoroughly dis- v abled The expedition will not hare their service*. The other boats of the same descrip- J tion that sailed last night have not beeu heard 1( from. They probably will go through. 1, It will be the middle of the week before the f ^ejjpeaition will begin its work. This will be t the very best, and there is a possibility of ex- 4 raordinary delays that will protract the term 9 ^-expectation. ? .^rdiaj Car rats te Hinrs t vegetable is excellent for horses when n given with oats. Its value doea not consist alto ? gether in its nutritive properties, bat rather ! in its abilities to gelatinise allfl '? with which f it is mixed Thus, a horae fed with three J aaarts of oats and three quarts of carrot*, will da as well as if fed on six quarts of oat.* with- M oat carrots; when fed on oats alone, he voids l them in part in an undigested state; hie dune y iwill be found to contain the shells of oata ana 11 whole ^ats. When carrots form part of his ? food, then the oata, instead of passing the * stomaca mixed with a quantify of water and ; in a condition that the peristaltic motion of ? the intestine* cannot operate upon them, will t! be gelatinised by the pectic acid of the carrot, b causing their entire digeetton and more perfect " appropriation; and thus three qnurta of oats 11 . i with rmrrnt* in for anil M mmm ?w??w> >UVi U? VI V HVlil lOUlllj^ IV the horse than ?ix quarts of oats alone. Horses a ^ while being fed on oarrota hare always a ?;Iky V coat and a soft skin. They are never troubled a with heaves; indeed, their general health ,ia o materially improved by the use of carrots, 1 When fed to mileh oows as part of thair food, * , carrots increase the flow of milk and give to the butter a superior flavor. Animals not accustomed to the use of oarrota, sometimes refuse a ithem if washed or cat. In suoh cases, they i uiay be fed to them a few times unwashed, n then partially washed, and then thoroughly waak^l .A 1 * ? -a ? ? uiu uMrwariu cm up ana mixoa who their food. We are in faror of pulping carrots e and all other root* before feeding them; with 1 each practice, there is no danger of oolic, which, by and the bye, seldom occurs with carrots, > although frequently caused by the use of other c t roots, particularly when not pulped.? Work- * tug Farnur_ " t Relation of Crops. t The Country Oentteman says that James Beatty and Sons, sucoeesful farmers in Cayuga county, N. Y-, adopt the following rota- , tion: TK.i. ? ?1- w. 1 1 ?u hvw ? j 1u bicsu'j* iwu t years, in pasture the third; the fourth, corn is a planted on the aod, the manure having been f applied the previous autumn, and the sod * plowed just before planting. Corn is followed * Ap the fifth year by barley, which if seeded to W clover by rolling. This clover is pastured | with sheep, the pasture thus obtained being ' | equal to the expense of seeding, until the fol| lowing summer, when it is converted to summer g J fallow for wbeat The droppings of the sheep, and the crop of clover, furnish an excellent preparation for this grain, which is harvested / the sixth year. It is followed bv a growth of timothy and clover, which constitutes meadow two years and pastare one year, as already mentioned. Underdrawing and this rotatton " have more than doubled the crops in the ag gregate" during the last ten years. e A Mistake in the Issue or the Treascrt t I Notes.?A correspondent of the Philadelphia ' Ledger makes the following important state- ( meat: tli* ftviifa^ tvaiittv* ru?va*? ??* (made a slight blunder in the coupons to the 7 30 per cent, treasury notes. For example . J Note 1.000 baa coupons payable Feb. 19th and August 19th?30 50 each?which is 182} days J each at 20 cents per day?for the year, 73. From August 19th to February 19th, is 191 1 days, from February 19th to August 19th ia 191 & days Therefore, the coupons due February / 19tb shoald be 36 80, and thoea due August t 19th 20 20?73, (and when the three years' notes are paid in 1864, August 19th, one mora t, day should b? added for leap year,) to that t # holders of notes of the fifty million loan, Febru ?ry 19th, will raoaiTa $15,000 /mi than their - 1aut, and the bolder*, August 19th, will receive $15,000 mere than tknr du4 T?? Divil ho Soldi**.?At the funeral ef the I ltU 9er<t Uixon, who vu murdered by ? Midler r in the 7*tb Regiment. *t the camp at Alderahott, _ Rev. Mr. .Hralltt, who preached the fuaeral e-rnien ?I4 he woald not call the murderer a t cldier, becaoae the word aoidler ?aa aa honorable title, bora* by Joehoa and David and other* 4 mentioned in tbe Btblr; he wtahed every one to r wn-mh?r that the Devil la nowhere in acrtntura cillrd by Utt honorable UUe of Midler- ' tET At tha ?ary apot wh'f Voi.J&? ?> 'u aaAoiitdtu the oiUar 4?y, H Kol&t of Rjcki.ho ^ W?a operating a few y*ara ainca u a oaaatar Iron manufacturer It > probable that the \ mm tbr old fatflac*" we'* eracted bv | Oenry ao*M ??M>a a*o tic h*d fiU-Mlw ',on ?, Ar- w? ka there, on both aidea of the rhrer, and la fa- i, aatllar with wry inch of tha gro-ind. L i Official Dlipitehti fr?n C?l Gar fir Id Lorisvilli, Jan 14?The following official llapatcbet have been r?-celv>d at headqu -rt~re: Paiktvilli, Jan 8. 18tt2 To Cap*. J. B. FVjr, A A G:? I entered ttala >lace yesterday, with tLe 42d regiment of Ohio, 4th reg'ment of Kentucky, and three hundred of be 2d Virginia cavalry On hearing of my ap>roach, the main rebel force left their strosglv intrenched camp and fled 1 aent my cavalry to be mouth of Jennia, where they attacked and 'rove the rebel cavalry, which had been left aa a ranguard, a distance of five mllea, killing three ind wounding a considerable number Marshall's whole army ia now. fleeing In u?ter conf ition. He >ad abandoned and burnt a large amount of his tore* We have taken fifteen prisoner*. Onr oaa was two killed and one woundt-d 1 start in tursult to-morrow morning J A. Garfield, Commadlng Brigade. HkalvCaRters Brigade, ) m Preatouburg. Jan 11, 1882 \ Cmpt. F>v. A A U : I left PaintviUe on rtiurnday noon with 1,100 men. and drove In the neroy's pickets, two mllet below Pr?stonhur?; rko in? n slept on their arms, and at \ o'cloc'k -efterday morning we muved towards the main >ody of the enemy at the forks of Middle cre? k. inder command of Marshal*. Skirmishing with lis outposts began at 8 o'clock, and 1 o'clock p. n we engaged his force of 2,500 men and three annon posted on the hill w e fought them until lark, having been reinforced by 700 men from aintvllle, and drove the enemy from all their loslticns He tarried off the msjority of bis lead and all his wounded Tbis morning we found twenty-seven of his ead on the field. His killed cannot be less than 0 We have token 'wenty-five prisoners, ten toroes, and a quantity of stores. The enemy urntmost of store* and fled precipitately In the lttht To-day I have crossed the river, and am now ccupyin? Preston burg. IlltP 1 n?a il rtVA Willan/I ??wanltf.4l?iA tBAiin/l * ? v atticu nitu iruuuu" d J. A Garfibld. Colonel Commanding Brigade. All continues quiet down the road. The Bowling Grew correspondent of the NashUle Courier says Gen Johnston baa called upon be Provltlonr.1 Government of Kentucky for 25,000 n fan try and 5 000 cavslrv for three yeara. Floyd'* brigade, from Virginia, are going to icottavllle, Kentucky. Thk ?It Is apprehended thatthe Britih ?u-am gunboat Rlnaldo, which left Province:>wn on the lat Inst , with the rebel coramlssionra, James M Mason, "Minister to England; ' ohn Slldell, "Minister to France;" and their ecretaries, James E McFarland and George histis, is lost. We are informed that \he. hail hut ix days coal on board, and if destined for Haliix, as was reported and believed when she sailed, rith a safe voyage she would have arrived inside f sixty hoars, so that the is more than a week verd'ie at that port. It will be remembered that n the afternoon the Rinaldo left Provincetown, I was blowing a gale, and one of the moat fearful lirvira niMl ananr.J V? * ninVvt Una ? ? - ? ?v/? ?*. vunuru tuai iii^uv ?uai uao ITXH CA* erlenced for many years on the Eastern coast The British Couaul in this city says that the niled under sealed ordera, which Capt Hewitt, er commander, waa to open after leaving port, tut we have good reaaon to believe that Halifax ns to be the deatlnation of the Rinaldo. She ad a heavy armament of guns mounted on her aain deck, which would greatly tend to disble her In the itorm Two of her cannons relghed over ten thousand pounds each, nd the remaining fifteen were 32-pounders. ler engines were of 200 horse-power, and she waa uanned bv 200 hands She was a gunboat being ing to the American station The following i a list of her o flics rs: Commander, Hewitt; Mrs! Lieutenant, A Arlington; Second Lieueaant, K Turton; Master, C Snaythe; Surgeon, i Archer; Paymaster, A. Thompson; Assistant surgeon, A. Nelson It la just possible that the steamer took the St. 'homa* route for England; but with the facts in ur possession there is reason to fear that she was tound to Halifax, and, becoming disabled In her machinery, la either making for port under sail, r has been lost?New York Tribuni. Fooliiabdy ?A letter from Lleutenaut-Colo el Hawiey, or the Hartford Press, from Tybee, ives the following Incident: "Day before yeswday a party of (iermans went p to Goat's Point. One of the privates stood on he summit of a sandhill, perhaps a hundred 'irds less than a mile from Pulaski (that is as ear as we can get), and waved hia hat The tbers went back out of sight, but could sec the tebels bringing a gun to bear They warned belr comrade, but be would not heea As he tood with his back to the fort a barbette gun ent out a little cloud. Then came the thunder, be rushing ball, and the rash man lay dlsemiowelled and cut in *wo on tue sand. It was a fiend'<1 shot, and could not be equallvd in a nonth's practice. Thbs, and Now?"England ? * * unku m t???i Uic ?u Krv u|jpui?uiiiMC? vi asMimi^ ncnuu TC?tli, wh induced to have recou se to strange, d. at It proved, Ineffectual mrann of carrying a hostilities. Such was the attempt at destroyng the harbor of Boulogne by sinking in the nads ships loaded wltb stones ?[pott's Life of iapoleon, Bonaparte, Vol. II., p 83, New York, k J Harper 1827. An act like the above, wben England is the ctor, is merely 4<strange;" performed by the In:ted States, it Is "a crime against the human see," according to Brlttsh authority. What Nixt?? The Washington Sunday :hroulcle has the following extraordinary bul tio: Senorlta Isabel Cubas, the celebrated Spanish latiaeuse, will, by special invitation of Father tagulre, attend high mass this morning, at 11 ''clock, at tit Aloysius church In Baltimore be attended r.hurrh anil an orrmt ur>m th? HmI? o see her that the street in?ront of the church ru to blockaded with cltizena that the police lad to Interfere. (]j" An eccentric old gen'leman died suddenly if appoplexy In the fulleries garden. la Paris, he otn>r day In his will he provided tbat after its death hia face waa to beccaUdover with pltcb, its mouth and nostrils hermetically sealed, and n lnrlslr n made In his heart He left a little ortune of i.W> a y?ar His mon"tmnlo was the ear of coming (o life again after interment. Soldlert' Pay. UlE ADAMS ExTRESS COMPANY WILL ??1WA D IOJLD1ERS' REMITTANCES TO THEIR FAMILIES, any place on the lines of their Express, it a on* jo ot twenty hvd otuti for any aim not ?te*?<liuc fcfty doiiare, and a proportionate additional oharae to piaoee reao.ed bj connecting Kxpresiee. The money, whether Oeid or Tr%aiury Notes, komd if enoloeed id au envelop* ai d aeonrely ealed.and nave thefail adJreea,(ino udini town, 'oat Offioe, and States and la eitiee, the atreat ana lumber,) of i*e person to whom to be eent. and tie aawunt legib.y narked thereon. Knvelopee or thm porpoee may ba bad at our oftoee. To faoi itata pratnpt delivery, (fee oharge for ranittanoe Mould be pre Mid. AUAMS KXl'RESH COMPANY. Waskintien, Jan. 9,1883. ja9-lm 11 <e?tabli?hbd ik 1939.) k*g i wre to inform the pub'io that they have exsnd'd their kxpreee to waehinfton. and ere now repared to Transport Merchandise, Bank Notes, 'peoie, Jewelry, jto,to all pa-ts of the Middlt, v?w England and wtsttm Statu anfl Canada toaneo'iiik with the moet responsible Exprerses hroughontthe country, w are enabled to offer ?e^uaU*d fatilttits to all who may favor with heir patronage. For terms and further informaion apply to e. f*. smith, Agent. Third at., 2d door below Pa. a venae, ja> fcs wai h ngton, d cOysters! Oysters! the 0verlann^vhtke express 'till oontinue to raoeive u?i ythoeefkaona planted atuxen* river oy8ter8. JSSvvaM, sKf^Sr^O ThoM AfiUri kri mid Si hniiri afbr ** 8^,. b27L LTwmHnn. , J??-3m rTHK BILLIARD HALL. HE Undsraiined, havmx puroh???d from (Mara. Jdarr A Flahar Um? Blflard Hall at the oot r of Peno. awr.naaa-1 K ovenUi atrMt, and refityJ the aama entirely with new oiotha, bulla, Ac., mtaa lua Maada and tba pabho taparallt to [it* tottdk ia? dm JOHN W. EARP. y"OX EXCELHIOR CRACKERS-A frMh a?t?r of Fox'i Olctratad Ex a'nor Craokn ]o*t r*oc,vad. W? can ?ai?ly d?*l*'?n tha pr t c? 4ffi?lswatk,, TELEGRAPHIC NEWS. The War la Keatacky. Lottisvilli, Jan 14?The rebels of Hammond'a command curne up the river ou Sunday nlgbt and burned the depot and blacksmith shop, and took all tk? good* from the store of Mr. Muatiu, at Horae Cave. They also burned the Woodland depot, Cave City depot, and Cave City hotel and stable. The citizens at all theae points were notified, and escaped to viumfordsville, aa the rebels stated that they intended to return on Monday nlgbt and burn orrery house that could be used by the Federal army In Ita advance, as hospitals or qoarters They also burned up all the hay, oata an<* fodder stacks along the road, and drove off or killed all (he cattle, horses and mult-s to be found The Uowlinu Green correspondent of the Naahvllle Courier says G-u Johnston has called upon the provisional goverunieut of Kentucky for 25.000 in/autrv ud 5 (MO rsvalrv for thrw veara Floyd's brigade, from Virginia, 'are going to Scottsvllle, Ky Inancumttsu ( b<v. Todd, of Ohio. Clkvelamd, Jan 14 ?Gov. Todd was inaugurated yesterday at Colun>bus Hi* message wai brief I'he Governor has confidence in the purity and patriotism of President Lincoln, and commends him for his determination to restore the Government to its former harmony and vigor, irrespective of the domes'ic Institutions of any of the States He recommends a reduction of the salaries of all State officers except the auditor and treasurer Also a reduction of the per diem compensation of the Legislature, and a reduction of local taxation, the object of tnese retrenchments being to enable Ohio to furnish men and money to prosecute the war. He recommends a new system of taxing railroads, and a continuance of the tax to support the families of volunteers. He adv'ses that the banks be allowed to suspend specie payments, and finally a thorough organization of the militia of the State. From Fortress Momoe. FoRTRKsg Mohrob, Jan 14 ?Between one and two thousand troops of the Burmlde expedition, Including the D'Eplneul Zouaves, areaclll In the Roads detained by the storm. A severe storm, with snow, commenced last night, and a high wind has been blowing all day. The snow was three Inches deep this morning. Persons from Camp Hamilton cay that very heavy firing was heard yesterday morning in the direction of Yorktown. It is supposed the rebels there were practicing. Dispatches have been received here directed to Brig. Gen. Hatch, and others of his stall, and it Is supposed that Lis brigade has been ordered to this point. The payment of the troops of this 'department has commenced. The 10th New York regiment received their money to-day. Railroad Accideats. Delaware Citt, Jan. 15 ?A wood traiuoi the Delaware road went through the draw of the bridge over the Delaware and Chesapeake canal this morning, near St. George's Station The cause is not known, and the loss of life bud not been definitely ascertained. There were not more than fifteen persona on the train, all employees of the road, not passengers Troy, N Y., Jan. 11 ?This forenoon, as the Troy and Boston train was about twenty intles above this city, It ran Into a farmer's wagon at a crossing. The occupants of the wagon were Jno. (jrantand wife Mrs G was killed instantly, and Mr. G. so horribly mangled that he cannot survive. Fire in ' Boston, Jan. 11?A Are broke out to-day in the attic of the mercantile block oq Commercial street which was speedily got under, but not until the contents of the building were damaged by lire and water to the amount of afcju.uuo. The low was fully insured Silas Pierce k. Co , West India goods; 8. W . Cliff >rd, dealer In cordials; Boynton A Ticket, provisions, and others suffered by damage to goods. ? T ? AND EAR. No. *2?T PENNSYLVANIA AVENUE. OPPOSITB WILLARD'S HOTEL. Oculist and Aurlst. DR. F. A. VON lUOftt'llZIS&EK, From Clinton Place, New York, ha?> arrived in the city and opened lus offices at aarPennsylvania avenue, where he cm be consulted on Maladies of the eye and ear requiring medical and surgical treatment. Dr. Von Moschzukbr is the inventor and introducer into the medical praotioe o| the EPHER1AL EAR ISHALATOR, for the trftatmmt of obstinate o*sea of DEAFNESS AND NOISES JN THE HEAD He ib also author of the leit ra publ sued in th [ New York anl Philadelphia papers treating ou th* p event o i of DEAFNESS FROM THE FIRING OF CAN NON, fc. Dr. Von M hM tortus p*st fourteen years devoted hi? ?peoial attention to the TREATMENT OF THE EYE AND EAR, An" p>saea??a the testimonials of aoine ot the beat known public men in the Union who h*ve been 111 at ?uoo*sf<illv tre*te^ by lu * for the RESTORATION OF S1UHT t{ HEARING. Am >nf*t'lis letters may b? found the fo'lowin* names: Hons 0 Pugh and Jotin Mo Lean , Rev. G. G Mulen- Major C. L Kilbum U. 8 A'lnj ; Righ? Rev B 'hop Wane ; George Gordon, E?* , 'lUren 'on tio'el.New York ; Robert Ba e. Esq , Presiden of th* GooJh-ie F I Co . pany, New Yo k ; Robert Glover, Has Di eotor of the National Bank Not* Compa t, New York ; G. B. Lamar, Eaq., President Bank of the Republio, New York ; and many otho's, amougst which are medical men of well known reputation. These letters may be examined at his office, Patie ts wishing their family physician to ao oump ay mem b wiuioii operations or ior in? purpose of ooasultetion arc at liberty to bring tbem Medical men will be at all time* welcomed to witness Dr. Von M's operations, and examine some cf the instruments he has introduced for the taoilitation of Opthalmio and Aural Surgery. Arti fiolal Byes inserted without oausing any pain to the patisot. Offtoe hours from 9 a. m. to 2 p. m. and from 3 to & p. m. jaB lm Soldier*' Pay! THE HARNDEN EXPRESS COMPANY Will remit suits of FIFTY DOLLARS AND UNDER, From Soldiers to tuiir Families, At a charge of TWENTY FIVE CENTS. The money shonld be plaoed in an ENVELOPE and ?ecu rely sealed. The full addrees, {itulud\%s Post Cfc4,; mlso, strut mud **mber, in m lame city,) of the person to whom to be sent, MUST BE LEGIBLY MARKED ON THE ENVELOPE. IT HAS BEEN DEMONSTRATED _ THiTTBB H JL F & ? S S FURNISHES THE MOST RELIABLE MEANS FOR SOLDIERS TO SEND THEIR MONKV HOME. ENVBLOPES AND BLANKS WILL BE FURNISHED ON APPLICATION TO OUR OFFICE. E. 8. SMITH, Agent Hamden Express, ad at, Moontf door below P? at*,, WMtunfton. D C. JTEAS-TFA.*-TRAS UST Keceirod ? priir.* lot new Te*#,. F>u e?ie lurif BROWNING A HEATLNti'S, . tie 4 SUVtf 3*3 Pa. kTOtine, ne*r 6th at. J

! AUCTION SALES. By BARNARD % Rt'CKbY, Anotioanri, D, C T*UPTKFS' SA J -By virtue of a dee<1 of 1 t?oat from Wm. W McNwr. dat?.<1 A^r'l 54? MM, and of r^eor i. we wi!' off*r at Motion on the lltta day of F?b a&rr next at 3 oMook i? m . on the Kamisee a'l thtt lot of ground >n G'O ueotn keown as tiie eas ernmO't part of lot numb >r one ttniredatd twenty-*n?ht, < 173 )in Bea I'aaddi'ion to Georgetown fronting Uteeton Unn arton street, fcadrnnn ok l ack north of the aame width, l?> feet, with tn* lmproveuten'a, conaiating of a two tor? frame hone*. Terms of saie; One-th rd of the purchase mon*T too* paid tn cash; and the residue at three equal mata'men*a at ihree.aix aud nine months, with Mareat to be aecared. waltkr s. cox, HUUH CAFt-BTON. Trustees Georgetown L'uild'r \ssoci&'n. BAH <AHD A MUCKKY, A.cU. Kt UAKNAKD * BIJCKK^, Auctioneers. ,i Otorgeiaw*, D. V. I RtdTCBT t?ALK.-?r rirtne of ? *?-<? of trust from Je^* Cluck. date>' May iS>. 1865 aud vfr?cord. we will ffir a aujtmn, on tellih day of KebrBa-y. at S1^ o'clock p ra.. ou the premis**, that lot <>f grounu u G?orgrtown, hounded as fo' low*,?-iz : at "h" end of tw 'ty-six leet m asured e& t oo tho south line of West meet, from th southeast int-i s?ction of West a d North streets. ai d run int thencs easterly, by and witu tho south line of West street, tw stj ieet. th noe outhardh and paral.el with said North st i-et eighty six fret, thsnoe westxardly, and pa allel with said West street, twenty feet, and thence north eighty six feet to the beginning, with th? improvements. Terms of sale i One-third of the purchase money k. ?: J ... L I 1L. J iu uc piuu iuuun,!tnu me resume in ir.rec f<i'iai instalments, at thre^, six, and nins n.ontns. with interest, to be secured. Tiia terms o sa e must be complied with within one we**k after sale, or the property mar be reio d. after one ? eeks' notice, at the risk and cost of the first purchaser. WALTER S COX, HI'GH CAPKKTON, Trnstee't Georgetown Building Association. ja 6-2awt? BARNARD A BUCKEY.Auots. By BARNAK D % BUCKEY. Auctioneers Georgetown, D C. TRUSTEES' HAL.E.?By virtue of a deed of M. trust from B. Hntchins, dated Sestember 22, 1856. and of record, wa will nfiit *n?Hnn on th* llt.'i da? of February. 1862. on the premiss, at 4 oTjIook P m,, that part of lot number ninety ole, (91,)in Beatty it Haw kins' addition to Georgetown, beitinning for its bound* on the south fide of Prospect street, in Georgetown, at a point distant 6S feet, measured cast, from the went oorner of said lot, and running thence south and para'iel with the w-'st l ne f ^aid lot 5S fp*t, n.ore or less to thelir e of Mrs M?sher? lot thenoe east on the line of sa d lot 21) feet, and thence north 53 foet, more or ess, t > Project street; thence wUh Prospect street 25 feet to the beginning, with the improvements, consisting of a two-stor* frame house. Terms of sale: One tM'd of the purchase mone? to be paid in c*sh; and the residue in three equal instalments, at three, six and nine months, with interest, to be seoureo. The terms of sale must bo complied with within one wee* after sale, or the property may be resold at th* expense and risk of the puichaser, after one week's noti.e. WAI.TF.R ? ? rU?* HUGH OAPEKTON. Trustee" Georgetown Build'* Aasooia'n. j* 6 ?!awts BAKNAKU A BUCKKY, Auc?4. By BAKNAKI) A BUCKKY, Auottoneeia. Ue-:r*ttoicn, D t. TKU9TKE8' SALK.?By virtue ol a rteed of trust from Henry Dade, date I April &, 1857, and of record, we wil offar at auction, on the ltth day of February, at o'clock p. in., on the premise*, part of lot No. eight?, in Holmead'a addition to Georgetown, i.otinded as follows, viz : Braining at the northwest corner of said <ot. and run ning thence south, along North street, forty feet, thence eastand at right a-.gles with North atreet, forty B'x feet, thenoe north forty feet, and theuoe weat forty-aix feet, to the t<eg inninx, with thetmCrovemouts, conricting of two two atory frame oases. Terms of sale: One-tlnrd of the purchase money to bo paid in cash, and the residue in three equal instalment*, at tnree,aix, and nine months, with interest, to Lie aeoarrd. The terms of sale m jst be roroplied with within one week afer tie, or th<* property may be reaold, attl e risk and ooat ot the hrat purchaser, af er one VflAkfe' nntinA. WALTER S C?X, niGH CAPERTON, Trustee's Georgetown Muildin? A*aooivion. jab 2awta UaRNARDA BCCK--Y. Aools. tfy WALL 4 BARNARD. Auctioneers. TRUSTEES' PALE?By virtue of a deed of trustfrom Chafes Williama, dated April 23, 1*56, and of reoord, we will offer at a ction, on THURSDAY the 13th day ol February, at 4 o'olock a> m , on th* pram: ea, that ot o ground in Washington known and deaon bed as the tortn- ! ern part of lot No twnty-a x,(29.> in aauare No. one huudred, (100,) fr ntinc forty -eight feet on Twentie th st eet, and fifty feet on M street, with the improvements, ooHaiatuig of a two atory fra:ue house. 1 orm? "f sale : Wne third of the puroha*e money to l? paid in cash, the reai<<ue in three 'qual in Rtalmenta, at three, six, and nine months after date, witn internet, to he teoured 'J lie terms of sale mutt be complied with within one week after sale, or th* property may be reaold, at the risk at d cost of the fust puro. &s_r after one weeks' notioe. WALTKR S. COX. HUGH CAPERToN. Truateo's Georgetowu A?soo.aUon. ja 7 awi By WaLL & BAKNARL). Auotioucers. TRUSTEE*' "ALE?By virtue 01 a Md of trait lrom N W. Wa Iter, dated Feb'ua y 22, iBW, %nd of record, ?e wtll cff r at auoti- n, on FhlDAY.tbo Uth day of February, at 4 i.'oli 0* p- rn , oa the preimaea, th?. t lot of g ronrd in W tla1 (ton known and deaorli>*d se lot D, in aeuare No 434 beginning for its bounds on Eighth I eet, S8 feet fr >m the northwest oorner oi said aqu re, and running thenee aoutu with the line of tig' th street 18 feet; thtcoe eMt 4SSf-et 8 inonea to a 3f et alley, thenoe north with the line >( aaidaiiey 16 feet: th noe weat es fset 8 inohea to the beginning, with the i provementa. Terra* of ale: On* third of the purohaee money to paw in cash; and the residue in three equal ldatvme three, six and nine months, witn int rent, to l>e secured. The t: rma ofaa e inu*t be complied with within OLe w ek afer ssle, otherwise the property may be resold at Um . lsk and coet of the first purchaser, after < ne week's notioe WALTKR ? COX, HUGH OAl'KRkUN, Truetees Georgetown Uuild'c Assooia'n. j*.7 ^awts VV Li. <fc B.\KN >RD, AuoU. By WA L 4 bAR ' AKD, Auctioneers. TRU-1>E>' SALI-;-B? virtue o a need of tru t from Cynthia B *Ta ou a..d '.tiers, uat^d %<&ro 13,1857, and f record, w* wi 1 o e' at auction,on SATURDAY, the 15th day of Fe ruary, at 4 <> o ook p. nt. ?<n The premi -e?, that lot of r rou d in Washington known as ot N" a <ht*eii, (:8,>in square Mo seventy three,(73,> with the improve UIDUIi?< Terms of sale: Ore third of the purc^a. e money to be paid in oasu; and the residue i. threw qu\l instalments, at thro-, six and nine months alter date, with interest, to be secured. i'be term* of tale must be oomplied with within one woek after tale, or the property n.ay be resold at the risk and oost of the first purchaser WALTER H. COX, HUGH CAFKRTON, Trustees Georgetown Build's Asfoo a'n. ja7-3awts WALL. & BARNARD, A'icU. Wall, Stephens & Co., MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, And Dkaxirs in SWORDS, fASHhS, BELTS, EPAULETS, SHOULDER STRAPS, GAUNTLETS, GLOVES, to. And every variety o( READY-MADE CLOTHING. At Rsasoiiabls Pricks. WALL, STEPHENS A CO., 343 Pennsylvania avenue, between jail (Intel. A Kepub.] 9lh and 10th ata. BO O TS! BOOTS!! BOOTS!!! WHITEHOUSE A UNCRLES, 348 Pa. Avrici and 311 C Stiiit.BU (Tkt A?w York Wk9l*sml? Branch //??<*?. Have on hand, and are daily reoemng,* IVk large lots of CAVALRY AND SOLDIERS' BOOTS AND MARCHING 8HOE8, mostly of their ?fui manufacture, to be sold at the iowput n.arkst mfifc. A oall from alTOG&lera so.iciteJ. Bntlera liberally dealt with d? 24-1 m* f ADIE8', GENTLEMEN'S AND CHILLi OREN'8 FURNISHING GOODS, UNDERGARMENTS. GLOVES. HOSIER k. H A.NDKEROH1EFS, SCARFS. TIES, CRAVATS, EOT dett K. A. Lahe A t&>?e Marble Hall Bnt?r. THE BULLION 'bSI^wIII oni their nev Ben Iti n< Hobm in the CokMUSabon Bailding. oor GrUi'n* on'~rfONDaTy~ 7?ni??rfk,the"6th, MR, for the toryoM of tnuuaoUnc a generalbankiB> lu mnoil. Trs.- *""" NEO. TIES NBUI TlK8! to^uuJXKSS-yj^ i *? I,??'SESSBkUi. A Ohio wink9 and r* andik?. Havinc received aoonairninent <>f Zrmwvrmmmn t Co.'s Ciuoi^cati Ofc'o WiDetftrtl S'ai < ie? : we therefore offer to Drn?i?t*. Grooer*. Hotel and Sa'oou K?e??r?, Ac , DRY CATAWBA WINE, Light aud Mroni?the former in loxee for labia tie. aud the latter ia half barrel* I-r uuxiag and cooking pnrpoiei. 8wfet catawba ok ladh??' wink, in l?arrel? and ha f-barrei*. for table bm?a very superior article for tfee aoliiaj*. CATAWBC BRANDY, au onaurpaacabia cfcwjtant. and ver* uaefti! for Biandy Pnnoh. kYLE ft C??PFSN, de 16 1m C? Lomaiana aenne. . 'pO MILITARY OFFICERS AND ?tTHKRR. U A TV* utri nD'c lit'vrrrvo it * m ^vr. i- u "oi? n jgi i\ Mf I At The B?et >u the World. r%? (Miy Rtlinblt am<1 H*rmU*3 /fit- />y? Known. ?nld 1>* all Orncfie'a. Mrbkktok'? Patent Medicine Store,< p. fateat Office, cor F k. nh, U ?(!> Hwr Store. Ml Penn'a avenue, here Ladiee can !t app lird, if deetrea. Factor* -91 iiaroikj M.<i?t? -3U broadway) N. V i>Q 1-1T | CLOTHS, CASSIMBRES AND VESriNGS*v. a tuilaiuck of ohoio.; faorioa at teaa than the llttuV H'M On* pnoe only, marked in plain figure*. An examination ot ?tock guhoiled ; uo oli ig*tk>n to purchase incurred thereby FERRY k BRO., ja7 6t Ponn avenue a-d Ninth at. ^UAMS1 KXFKtSij COMPANY. XOTICB OVHEMOV/L. The delivery cfliee of thia oompany ia removed from Third atreet to the iarge depot on H ?Ueet, between 2d and 3d ate. de 9>tf TO OFFICERS, SUFLER9, Ac.-For tale, at a moderate price, & New York bai t four wheeled light covered WAGON, with handsome leather, Ac , having been used three times, oost $182 Also, a New York made set of Double, with plated fittings, which has never been used at all. Also, a set of plaiu ait^.e Harness, quite new Appiy at 4S7 Seventeenth street, corner of 1, for address of stable and grow. de 31 SOMETHING NEW-SUPERIOR MULLED CORN? Tne subscriber, having *ot the Agency to sawpiy Washington and Georgetown with this delicate preparation of Corn, would respectfully ask of his friends, and the public at'arge, to give it a trial. Also, Popped Corn, plain and sugared. WM rfRADLY, Agent, Pa. avenue, between tstii and I9tli sts. N. li.?Manufacturer of Marbie Mantes, Montimeets. Table Tops, Ac. A large assortment a wa?s on hand. oc H 3ni HEAVY WOOL MQ3K. SHIRTS AND lilt 1 Wtbd >n/l>MV 4UIU lu > MJ ? ?- A/ I* II ? ? AJItUf WW* < |? I . ??J| Bl ? !>a avenue, back rocst; *: 435 1) street, between Sthjind Iwtli. de4 tf All kinds op pancv groceries and Sut'.er'a G< iwIr oq k?\n<3 aud for saie low by DROWNING A KEATING. d*4 3lawtf a?3 Pa. avenue, near Ctti ?t. JUST RECEIVED TEN BBLS. S. IIORINE S superior OLD RVb WHItfKV, eight jeare ol?l, warranted. Al^o. prune .Vlononganela Vvhukies for sale at 353 Pa. avenue, by de 4 frtawtf BROWNING A KEATING. CCHEESE, C H E K tf L !?New Vork Cream / Cheese; Wiltshire Jo., Hamburgh do.; bap Sago do.; Gruyeredo.; Parmesan do ; Pin* Apple do KING A BURCHELL. de H corner Fifteenth at. an?l Vermont a*. Benjamin Dewolfk No. 3S4 Pbnm. Avimci, Jv Adjoining ti.e NaUonal Hotel. if c, dHff Keeps constant!* on hand a fine assortment of GOLD AND tflLVER WATCH E"*, GOLD iniiiun icwvinv un vL u WIDL' v/ Urt i ? IJ Tf IMJII I | >'I U ? ' IV * CUTLERY SPECTACLES. ftPEHA AND FIELD dLASSES, *c . ft. N. B. Repairing dons by P. C. Richard, lata from No. lOiJS Chestnnt street, Philadelphia, a skilful workman in Chronometers, fine, Ao. de 7 It* HFOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS! AN DKERCH1KFS, H ANUKEK< H1 EES, HANDKERCHIEFS!?Ail aorta, etock e >w un equalled, for lad.os and gentlemen?jnft the thine for Chrntmas Present*. At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. Lake A Co.'s Marble Hal! Baaaar, de2<i Under Hrown'i Hotel W^SIGGERS A HENkY'S ASHINGTO.N AN i# ALEXANDRIA EXPRESS, Leaving each qity twice a day. Oi-ere left on ?late at Gregory's Stove Stor* O' M rtin's Franklin (louse, Washington will m?*t with prompt attention. iww r*!** jsHt* News?news?Nt wsi JfST Opi.NKi) NEW YOHK OYSTEu i.\b EATING *A LOON Tha nndAraivnAH Iji# rAi a?u>rfn 1 ! In ? n f/tr nt thai r UW W11V>?1 vw IHIVI Ml friend* and th> pot ho jsen*ralTV that^^. /"N the' i ave opened thfir e-tabn?hment f ?J on New 1 ?>rk av . near 15*h it. We^^Aftflr hall spare uo cam* to pruon'e for our ou?tom?t the be?t the market can at- ? ford., faan i*? and ?at< rt aupptiei at the eh^rteit n tio? <>ur eatabliahmei.t vul be open dail?. Su"dap? except*). deM-lm* UORIAN ft PWORD BALMORAL BOOT8~ ft) VT Tippea Rouble eoie B?imoral ,..?1 Sfl ^all Kid do df do ??? 61 ore Caif do lift' A ?o. a ! othei ttyiee of Lad e*' and Mia*ef' Baimoiai doou.the cheapoat and aaeo.tment mueoity. J ^o. 11 Market *peo?, ja7oj Fecn a?"^?U. /#S ISAAC HERZ8KK6, /m\ AmX. The On!* i ioen?e?J Awi 9 PAWNBROKER. V * ?1(1,1*10 to be loaned on Void and Silver Watohe*. Jewelry, Guna and Pictois. Silrer \y are, and Wearing Apparel?at the od stand, im 301 C street, back of th? Nationa. Hotel, l.?w?c 43k and 6tn ?ts. de COLUMBIA MARKKT, Fa are nut, conur Thirteenth jf. The subscriber would moat respeottelly inform the citiieus of Washington f a he has retained to his old su*rter. were heintends ke-ping a firstrat* ina.ket in all its branches, &a in times gone. He will be happy to greet hir old friends and ous toners. v. B ?Goods sent free cf charge to any part of the city. de 11 C MALLARD. ?MrOR I ANT TO MILITARY MEN! Army KetutMiou Ha'a, MoCleiian Fatigue Cape, Ciiauaurt ue l'anat'apg. Stall Cap? made to order. with appropriate de moea. B. H. 8TIN EMETZ, 436 Pa. avenue, n?ar eorner istn at.. Between Willard-!'ana Kirk woods' H?tele. |L/~ Agenoy for Utteu'e Cork Cap Havelock, Highly recommended for the uee of oar rank and file by Lieut 6ep. VVinfield Soott. de ll lm WOTICE T<> WATCHMAKERS, JEWELLERS. AND PEDLARS. S. A J MYERS, of 90 WMhinfton Mreet, Boaton, opened their Branoh tjffioe. Room W No. In Washington Building, Pa. arena*, on Tnesday. Deoember 31st- with a large took of Watohes, Jewelry. Water. Mate flaft rials, Ao., at tbe lowest wholesale pnoea. Watch work dona for the trade. Positively no Goods Sold ok Work dowb at de 3t>-)m* A TTENTION, RANI AND FILE' ROTBIUCK'B, AT 460 Nimr*ST^i*T, Nm E. Ia the place, of all *?^ply youraelvea with CAMP ^UR N/TURK, At th* Vaa^ Lowmt Paicn. He also keepa on t^aad acd makea to order MATTRESSES. PILLOWS and COMKORTB. of *11 qualities. Comud roader yourselvesoomfortable for tiie winter bf a very small outlay of money, VTT Remember the ptay. de21-3tawtw J TO THE LADIES! ULES JOLL1VET, Ladiee' Hairdresser, from Paris, just arrived, informs the ladies of Waahiucton that he has opened a larjs (assortment of Felix Head Dresses, Wreati ? s d Brides' Wreaths, the most splendid cioioe of Flowarsfor Creases; also. Gold and Chenille Nets, aillkmds of Hair Work: and attend to dressing ladies' hair. 358 D street, between 9:h and MCfc. de It-la* ciij& nuU. Hpaaish and French Olives. Freeh Rassber nea. Walnut Cattnp, Machrooi; Cstsei, Hirrtr'i Hum, fco. Ac. KING 4 BI K CH ELL, do 19 oornor Vermont > Fifteenth ?t. U1GMEST PRICK PAID il IN SOLD , . FOR U. S. THE AS CH Y NOTES of the different iHMLud NortfeMCwTCLCT. Exc: &nee on the priooiMlioiuet North ID gold or onrr^uof aold to lteurousMrr BITTEN HOUSE, P\NT * CO., Broken, No. 3S4 Peun. aronao. t "JREAT ATTRACTIONS.?Grand rill tor vJ rthatteet, to tM Ui? n?w took or Clotiiin*, jo?t rooeivsd at SMITH'S, No. 460 7th itrwt, 4? 111a > J 00 LBS. lad of ?* BVBCHELL. ja 4 <Joiner 15th M. ana Varmont ?r. f I THE WB1KLY STAR. wVSSy Minlu *** prtn?11 o^FT. fm ? Fll 00p'. t m??**HIIH*?H??O?< 4 W t'l 00pl6i_ ?. * I II Fwity-liJ' 'hat Mt na4t TV D*?4? Star ilmlM . to gr?orali/ van/on boat tat ooaatry Uy Siairie co plot (la wrap port) oaa to p*?-uud U tfct co:jt?r, immediately altar (to tall Itfc* pap?* i'rloe?THREE CENTS i ????? HELMBOLD'S GENUINE PREPARATION. HMDHLY COIfCENTMATMD" Compound Fluid Xx tract Biefci, 4 frniiM imA !< <? Foi Dumm of u?e PLAGUES, KIDNEYS. GRAVEL,DIOT BICAL BWELLINet. Tb;? Medicine IncrMsec the r?*vei of Jhfw&e* . ?u<1 ?cit*a the *r*orbi^ti> fate Le*:tny btuol b; *b>?jitii?w*ruTrtr*Lrncci aepaflM&Mf ? tod kt riNtt l'Rai w,uhi*viti mi tad bom . U *' I \1* ami IKTL?lt>?AT10I? ? ? UKLMBULV S EXTRACT BUCRU Fur W ?*k ' . ve AriiiDf irutu Ei?.-e??e. He # ol i'ttipaUr*. Ear!* ! diftoretiua or A uee. Atitndtd ieitkikt Follow *g Hffinptomt: ludi pos'tior. to Kisrtnu, boti of Po*ei, I M^morT. Difficulty of Kreathic(, W*ek Nfrrs, Trafwui, m,?. < n??.r? .- .. wwt liimuroa <>1 Viatos, fats tu tiir BMk( I7niwera?! Lassitude ol tut M< "t&did. Hot Bauds, of the Body. Dryness of the ""kin, * - upf r * "r the Faes. PAILID COVXTUUW I. These ijmj: ma. 11 a ow<mi to go on, whioh Uus medicine invariably removes, soon follows IMPOTKNCY, FATUITY EPILEPTIC FITS, Ji one of w4k4 tkt Pattmt swf Kayirt. Who can mlj that t h?y are sot frequently followed by Utose"DBivrL disbasu." M INSANITY AND CONSUMPTION." Man; are ivua of the oaase of Ihe.r suffering, BCT HOItB WILL CONVBS*. THK RECORDS or THE INSANE ASYLUMS And tkt Mtlanckolv Drmtk* by Conruw&tton, lltl AMPLE vmsr" TO THE TEtTH OF TIB aaattTtos. E WfSmW&tfKK'1"* H uir?M th? n;d of mediome to atreorthan and IcrifDrat* the Sratwn VhioL BKLMBOLD*9 EXTRACT BUCBU tmtmrim* ty do*t A T1UL WILLC*mriNca TW> MO*T ??**T1CAL. FEMA LES? FEMA LES? FEMALES, OLD OR YOUNG. PING Life MARRIED, OR CONTEMPLATING MARRIAGE. In Many A fit 11 ons Peculiar to FtmmUl trie Extract Buohu la nneaufclled by any other r*m edy, a? in Chlororia or Retention. Irregularis Painfu'ueaa. or Suppreaaioo ot Ouatomarr K*~ . o&tiuna. U, cerate J or Bohirroua at&te of k<* curua, Leuoorrhea or Wbitaa, Sterility. And for tit oumylMB'a incident to the aqp. whether anaitu from Indiscretion, Habits of Diaaipation, or in tba DECLINE OK CHANGE OF LIFE! CSS BY IrlUIII* Aru VI. HO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. ?m^m 0 T*k* *8 Ufl Bnhnm. Mtrnry, or l'npl?+MMat Mtdxtm* /or I/h|!iUMI ?*<4 Vamgtrnu iniMiw. UELMBOLD S EXTRACT BUCBV cnat SECRET JUL* EASES In all their Stagee At litt> fcxf-?e Little or no ohanc in Diet: No inoonveatenoe M ?0?NI>I. It oanaee a fre*u ni deaire a d (itm strength to Urintto, thereby Removing ?-bsti uetione. Preventing and Chung Striotnrea oj the Ure'hra, Allaying rau and frequent in the el<v?a of diaoa ea, an<i xpe ling ali Pottomou>, and wont out Mttwr. thousands upon THorsadDa WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIMS OF QUACKS, mi.a trao i ave piia Heavy jett iDMet'UiLi short time, havofoun.. tlx*i wire deceived, fcd that liie *roi?o?'' ha?, by J??- tifof'-Nw/t tjtmmuin b?eu an d up m t. e ij tan, to r .-at out U. mi a?f?T?W form, And PERt APS AFTER UARE1ABM. OK* HELM HOLD'S EXTRACT BVCBft al! aiTeoti^ur ar dieeaa * of the ( KlftAAY OB.GA.Hft, whether exiatin* in ItlALI OR rEIALE, from whale**' Actuating Ud no matter of r.uvr Loie iTiRMNe DtNWN of these Oriane require tfe? Bid ot a P>nnlc. HELM BOLD '8 hXTRACl BVCUU 19 TUK eREAT DIURETIC, and it ta certain to have the cwred affr* ta Dieeaaea/er Mia .1 u riowwiedtrf. ITltUCI Of TBS MOST HBirO?SiabB AB9 WJb LUILI CBAxlACTBK vi:?*oeonLp*DT the mwliauMs. - "-RffiRfANOFAUK "FUJSlCIANk" tLKMMK -NOTICE WB KASS "BO CftCKVT Or 'MJ*?R*nT*irT?. " HKI.M HOLD'S hXTKACT BtJCRU u ooiupoMd of Baetia, &Qu Jani?er 8*ma?, e.?ct?<l w.;c treat o&re b? a cotcp-*etf PREPARED lit VACOO, HI H. V. H E L 1*1 H O L 1>, Practical and Asalyt.oa! CLtr it. and ** i? Mm ufhotaror ??f HJCLMBOLD 8 OKNUIHS P&EPAKATlOatf AFFIDAVIT. PrtontliT wHftrM oafqca aa. an Aidaratan a< tbe city of Pliiiadal?lua,T. T. baiv daly itrora. dofti My, Us prtapratMM aoatain no naraotio, no mdtoarr, or otuar lajartoaa b?" "' yV HELMBOLO. ??? m.m* .nhunkaJ *- - -1 IM. ikuil aiu at NoTMbcr, 1M4. WH.~pnmftT? UK AMwou, Hath ?bm R?m, rul*. PHYSICIANS IN ATTENDANCE FROM b A. M. TO 8 P. M. Prle* SI ft Mtlt, mt six tw H, D?liv?r*4 to mt Kid raw, Moaroi? pwM tnm baarvttwa. ddraaa laOva for lnlorwtm la mMnw a. I. HKLMBOLD. Cktm%*. Dapot. IM SomU Tastk St.. bakr* Ch?1 Pfeia mxwark or covNvsarmrvt AMD VltFMJMOirLMD DKAI MMM HtlmkwWt OhmJ ii ^^ Iiibi, H . ? 44 ??r-f ,-| J ? u u JUm Vbit Boht kr 8.B. Wtiii, *. ft. Ciuuii jmh W m> . ?. a r?Mk t i. tanrimi. S. C |4JfD XLX DM WB^im ItTMMTWHMMUi. AMK YOB OUDQUK tAUlOOBDIL AM ATOOOffOVION II J(VO?t< T r"

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