Newspaper of Evening Star, January 16, 1862, Page 4

Newspaper of Evening Star dated January 16, 1862 Page 4
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e-? ? THE E\ EM!N? STAR. Mia tlldall. The girl stood on the steamer a deck. While men la arms were thick around, And from Jacinto'a threatening aldea A aeore of cannon on her frowned J*b? bade them leave her father thereShe challenged them to do her hurtShe madly laid her boaotn bare. AndfearleaMy rxpoard her??hirt HOUSEHOLD RECIPES ' ROW TO MAKR A rHlCKK* IIS. Tho " Rural New Yorker" has the followa . JUff rrvI yvm . f Seeing an inquiry in a recent issue of your journal for information relative to getting up a chicken pie, let me send my mode. I take two cummon-aizod chickens,?old ones will answer, which ?rc not good to roast,?put them in a pot with plenty of water, some salt, and boil until tenaer. bat not to? much. Then make j? crust as you would for biscuit. I use cream, ?nd think it best. Roll about one-fourth inch ' (hick, and line the sides of a six quart pan with the crust. then dip in a layer of chicken, ?ea*onwith butter, pepper and salt to suit the taste Then another layer of crust, and again a layer of chicken, and so on until the pan is full Then roll a top crust large enough to ?over the pan, put into the oven, bake moderately one hour and a half, aad you will have Thicken pie enough for a dozen persons, and I ?k>ubt not but they will pronounce it good.? ATr*. A. Green, Amhoy, Ohio, 1861. S??ing an inquiry how to make Chicken Pie, 3 9?n<i mf r??in* ?Ilnil th? fowls unfit tnndrr prepare a crust, of buttermilk and cream, in the same manner as for soft biscuit; line your taking dish with a portion of it. then break the fowls in pieces, and place the portions around in the pie. Put in 9one lumps of butter, then pour in the liquid in which the fowls wer* boiled until the pan is two-third* full. It should be seasoned to the taato before putting in, but not have any thickening in, or it will dry away too much, Mold some butter into the crust reserved for the top Roll out and wet the edges where the crrot comes together. Make a hole in the top to let out the Fteam. Bake it moderately. . At least two fowls will be necessary for a large pie ?B. C. D.t Elihuru, Wis., 1861. Drees chickens in tne usual manner; cut up as email ag possible; put the pieces in cold water, and boil umil tender. Take up and set away to cool, as it injures the crust to put it over hot, as is the custom with some cooks. Take a tables poonful of flour and stir into half pint of rich cream: stir this into the water thechioken has boiled in, also season to yeur taste with pepper and a little nutmeg. Let it boil up & minute, and set away to cool; then make your crust with shortening and flour. Mix with water, as you would any pie-crust; teat up an egg and put in the water, which should be ice cold. Line your pie-dish with the crust; put about an inch of crust around the bottom, and put in your meat, with a great spoonful of chopped pork, which has been fried a light brown. Scatter in bits of butter rolled in flour, and turn in the gravy enough to come up even with the meat. I'ut on the top crust, and wet the edges, to keep it secure. Bake half an hour.?Mrs. Ci/nt/iia C Brown, Burii*gton,Ca/. Co .Mich., 18A1. Ftrdiiiji fer Brcf it. Milk. A writer in the Boston Cultivator speaks of tbe experience ot a farmer in Western Massachusetts on this subject, in substance as follows "8. B. has heretofore kept milk cows; but now stocks his pastures with farrow cows and other animals suitable to maka grass fed beef, and finds it, he says, more profitable than keeping a dairy. He make* from ?10 to ?20 per head on such cattle, often in three months time. Another farmer turned out one hundred head of such cattle into his pasture, and cleared $1,100 in a few months the past season. Last year Mr. B stall-fed oxen for the purpose of lecaing bis bay and grain on bis farm' This winter he is feviiug sheep, and has just purchased 72 grade Leicester wethers, from Canads, weighing about 111) lbs. a head at 4 cts. a pound?a very fine flock With these he intends to test the comparative profit of feeding beef and mutton. DUCKLEVS ARMY CHA1K. The sabsoriber* have ("cured the Money for Maryland, District of Columbia, and Virginia, for the sale of BUCKLKV'b CKl.KBRATKt) ARMY ^HAIR. A stro-e C%ne Seat Chair, witu Uacfc that folds up asoloaeaaa oommou Camp Stool.and has been pruQouriced b? ai who have aeeu it as the best Army Chair in ns?. The trade xutler's f*ra!?!.e.J at a libera; dis count. JAS C. MeOI'IKK ft CO . ja 10 fa. (R*?y.) Corner loth and 1) ?tro<>ts. |J UTTER! BUTTER!! m> butter ::: MB ! *? choice Gosiisn Butter, just received And for aale cheap by F. b. hastings A CO. no 25 tf .Ti3 U>t . facine Pa. avenue. Out) JOHNSON ft NAtiLE, 4>Q(I JZOiS IXrJBTERB OF AlO?J iriy?S. liqvoks. h \ vaxa cigaks, fise GROChRlhS, te, No. 999 Pa. img?, between 9.b and loth streets, Washington, 1>. C. No. 10 Roya st, near Kins, Alexandria, Ya. Soe Agents for tne SPARKLING HOCK and MOSELLE WINES of the Hockheini Joint Stock Co., in Hockheim on the Ktune. Constantly ui Hand their celebrate-1 Nparkl,tug HorX and Moselle Cabinet IVtnes. Connoisseur* are respectfully invited to five us i? i. M I. FRAJULLIS, ?d ^ 1 ^A=h SCIENTIFIC * PRACTICAL OtTiCHN, 844 Paaa'a^Minvrth aide,) t>et. lith auu utn ma. RPBCTACLKS and EYE6LASWK8, provided witit th? finest Penacopio and Pebble Leniiea. and suited with utmost care for every ace, ?ye sight, ac i actual condition uf the viwal organs. FIRST 1MB|] CLAtW ML.lTAf\Y riBLD-GLASSES, Mioioaoqsea, CoiopM*M, aud Mathematical Injat the loveat Eastern f rioes. ?* Jt JU8T RECKIVH.D AND FOR ?AI,K L<?\V. ^w?*atT five 1-hU. WfilTE ONIONS mi'! Iivo ' Me. HAVANA KKANOKS br BROWNING A. KKAT1NG, da 4 SUwtf I'* avenne. 11m tth ?t. ULAt'K TKA' t> UL.ACK TEA! "9 cheats etaiidar?l Black T?* ha?e l?een received t?v<!a? Ai?*>. Gre*n Tea KING A BURCHKI.L, ja> C'-rner lMh street and Vermont ay. A AT R?DUCE1> RA iE?._ LL Cloaks aod 7bawls! All Pin* Dress Goods ? All Mffitam D'Ma Ale?>, on aieal fin* atosk of all tne Dry Gooda Re* nteitea for caimliee. Oae ph<M Mir. marked la fiain (U area. PKRRY BRO., lil tt Pwin. avenue an.) Ninth ?t L*DWAKI> c. UYKM. JCi IM PoRTIR 4N9 OkaI R IN 1VJj\ES, LIQUORS, and CIGARS, 9*6 Pa av., b?tVMD 12th aad ljch ata.. Hm ta Mora 300 oaaea of tae foltovinc choioa tranda (new importation*) of CHAM PAG N t8: Jalaa Momna'a Private Stook,(tha beat Wine on a.e in thiaoottntrr.) .. Imperial. Cabinet and Dry Verxenary, Veuve C Ua not. Moott * nh*n<i<w?'? C'? *?? Hetdseiok and Anchor. ?? 400 Casks Hook*, Clareta. 8?iUiu,CirMo Marasobins, jLbsTnta, Swiss Hsrb Bitters, "WrSO Club House Gin, 4o, M Cu i* Vtrr fin* Old Pinot, Oastilon A Co., and Jutes Robin A Co.'? Cue nae. imported in glass, A tm? M|iu<l general assortment at Brandies, wine*. Rubs. Whiskies, Ao, in wood and Ci<ar? in treat vanety, wholesale and retail. deSO eoM [litel 1 l. Towns J. m. Towaas. J.b. Towaas. L. TOWKR8 A COH STEAM BOOK AND JOB PRINTING ESTABLISHMENT, Carmtr Itsiiissa svmw mmd Sixth it. The attention of the bu?ioe*e oornmaiutj is ressesUuIlr invited to the New Book and Job Print ing bstablubmeat, winch has been fitted up with now material. ui the most eoaieiese meaner. is now >1 Spared to execute, in asautcsctory style, ever* ^*Boo &sjfrsScfty.' Pamphlets. Cards. Owslsis Tbo attootion of member* of Cungraaa i* ??? tftUy NfWatM for oar fee ilttie* for priotanc tjy jMii, ? W tovt Uw Imriiu iWMl ^w^.. rk*.60pKRK\^ ANTIDOTK WILL OUKK LTQiiNokitbtKA u> >* ?**? heep otjLm uir?d It la M tin* of MXtt-iTfl ?e?r? ?t?tw nig Wk. ikI ??ll mrt harm th? reoctdolteftlfroua III. ti?| || ' frl6* pi. 2&SAS w&ixi oertxu OKflSwt udPMT*. J, * 1 LIST OF CmAIMRD FREIflllT rOVKO AT RAILROAD DEPOT, And now in t)i? Government Warehouse, near th? Depot. II B 8t*rr, 47 Reft N Y Vols, 1 box P P Pitkin, Qrrar 3d Re*t Vt Volt, 3 boxM Col D H Willi&ma.Stit P^nna Vols. 2 boxpg W A Benker,S5th R?(tN Y Vole, J ke? < C C Dwtjht, 75th Regt N Y VoI?, 1 barrel 4 Rev K H Hewea. I4th Rest N Y.Vola, 1 tux ' Lieut V V Van Patten, 3d Re*t, 2 boxes Thos Duncan, Berdan'a fc 8.1 Ih>x Co! McL Murpby. 1 box * 74tli Rest N Y 9 V, 2 boxe# Maj P M De Zeuz. lit Re<t L I V, 1 box 1 Company K,35th N Y Vols, 1 l<ox Col U H Vinton.43.1 N Y Vols, 1 box \ J. W Mantel ne, mth N Y Volt, 1 box Co! S Black, 1 box l Col GWBTi mpkina, 1 box Miaa D L Dix, 2 boxes , Lt Cot Burtia, 5th Re*t Ex Brig, 1 box Col. Berdon'a Sha'pt hooters, I box I Company F, 5th Conn Regt, 1 box Capt N G Throc?p,57th N Y V 8,1 box M Btonhanu 43-1 N Y V i, 1 box Lt Col J A Sutter, 34tli N Y V 8, 1 box 3d Maine Kept. 1 box Lt Col Marsl>, 16th N Y Vol, 1 box - Lt Russell, Ci Mr 18th N Y Vol, 1 box Lt Col Benedict, 1 box Col WHH Davis, Comd Light Battery, 3 boxes Sick es Battery,80 boxes Company A,2d Rett N Y S Al, 1 box Lt Col G T Thorns s, 22J K egt, 1 box Capt Yeates, 221 Regt, 1 barrel and 2 boxes J H Cosliman,Q M 5th Vt, 1 box K Proctor, Q M 3d Vt,l box O B Uramerd.Q M 5th Vt, 3 boxes J W C arke, y M 6th Vt, I box Fenn Reserve BricaJe, Gen MoCall, 12 boxes De Kalb Regt, 1 tox Ca?t J H Jenkins, i?tli Rest, I lox \V Fletcher,2d Maine Rest, I l>ox H Hennessey, ,'d Vt Vols, 1 box 3d He?t N Y8M,2 boxes A T SSaveranoe, 6th Maine, 2 boxes Col MoCunn, S7th N V Vols, l box B Atkinson,23d Rett, 1 tox R L Batohelder, fNH.I bax P Rubl>?fi, ifcth K?gt. 1 box C?Dt F. D Bryant, 31 Mich. 1 box Co A and H, 6th Maine, 1 box Capt U W Lumbert, ctft Mich, 1 box Geu MoComb, 1 box w H Covert, 18th N Y S V, 1 box W Merrill, SI N Jersey, I box R S White, 2J Vermont, 1 box L W Prioe, Q M f-tli Maine, 1 box L H SnyUem, 33?1 Rest, 1 box Sidney Tiliejr, 2d Vt, 1 box Qr Mr Foots, 2d N Y S V,i boxes Capt Reynolds, 4th N J, 1 box 6th Mass Militia, 3 boxes M Suuth,6tli N J.l box A truest, 2t?h N Y, 1 box Miss Powell,Gov't Hospital, 1 box I ? ? II \\T : ? ? l. m.i t r 11 tr m ijfe n MS WW UMM lUlll il | O v ? I UOX M H Hioe, 18th N Y S V, 1 box J M Levn, Stewart's Engr R^ft. 1 box 0 F Watts 3d N Y Vols, 1 box y, Cala R'gt. 1 box Rev 8 Wilson. 36th Penna Regt, 1 box G H Guliok, Fire Zouaves, 1 l>ox Capt J R White, 88th P V.l lox C F Nicherson.2J Maine, 1 box H Draper, 13th N Y V, 1 box. D. H RUCKER, jaio-lw Quartermaster, 4.0. TO 1 SUTLERS AND RESTAURANTS. loo baskets very superior CHAMPAGNE WINE, for sale cheap by WM.CORW1N BUR6Y. , No. 357 Pennsylvania avenue, ja 7 entrance on Sixth st. ra>H18 IS TO G1VK NOTICE. That the sub- ( 4 soriber hath obtained from the Orphans' Courtof Washington County, >n the Distriot of Columbia, letters of aJmmietiation on the personal 1 estate of Georje O. Hrunh, late ol Washington county, deceased. Ail persons having claims against the said deceased are hereby warned to < exhibit the Mire, with the vouchers thereof, to the subscriber, on or before the fourth day 1 of January nest; thaj may otherwise by iaw be excluded from all Ueneht of tfce mk! estate. Given under my hand this fourth day of Janu ary. 1962. O. W. ANGELL, ja6-law3tr Administrator. ill Ullltary Boots ()|i AT W H O L E SALE. ? Wehare nowinitore1ft oases Calf Stitched Knaninl Lec Boots, 2" " Grain " 32 1 noh " " Quilted Hot. Le L. So " " t;avalrj M inok " 13" " " iieavfJoau. so!a 16*18 inch " 5" " Caif 16 inch " Also, a vanetr of Calf and Kip Bootst Bojs' and Youths' Boots, and l-adiee' Balmorals J. T. WH1TEHOUSE. No. i? Market Space, de28 Ira* Penn. ar., oetween 8th and ?th sts. ( KW AND BEAUTIFUL! 4<i0 NINTH STREET. I have just received from New York a very choice selection of the loilowint goods. The at- | tention of thoae m want is Kolicited. PA PEK HANGINGS FOB Parlors, Bed Rooms. VaatitiulM. Dining Rooms, and Ceilings. Gold Band and other styles of I WINDOW SHADES. Shade Lines and Trimmings, Picture Loops, Tassels and Cords, Shade <'ords and Tassels. | MATTRESSES AND CUSHIONS Of ail descriptions, made to order. L'PHOLSTSBY WoiK AND PAFHRHAH??I!<?, In ail its various style*, executes promptly, at the inr Lcwitt Po$sib!t Prices. J_U STORK SHADES >la?eand Leuered. \]y Terms oasn. .le^l-3aw3?r L. J. ROTHROCK T THE WHITE HOUfE. 1 HE Well-knswn White House Restaurant, on I Huh street, near the oaual, m (ieorte. . A town, has been lefitted, and parties oiuiWrSAW now : ? acc<nnino<1sted with comfortable private room*. Game. Fish. Oynters, and tn - tiest Wines. Liquors, and Segare. always on hand. Families furnished Willi Oysters, as usual. d?7-lm A. RODIEK. Proprietor. tf"? . WATCHES. ml iJTOLD AND 81LVKR ENGLISH. SWISS11 AND AMERICAN. I I have ikiv on hand a large slock of all the most eelehratod Watches, that I am selling at the very lowest prices tnat g"o?l and roliable tirue keepers can ' ? atfonled at; and every description ol fine 1 JEWELRY on hand,all new styles received as soon as mviulactured, and oMered at the lowest fatM. Silver ware mmnfmyi r*.l i> ?? " __ - vx. >m an un it auupi All kindeof MILITARY (iOOMon haiid.aiioh a? Revolvers, Sword*. Saahea. Delta, Bowie 1 Knive*. Pocket Coni^tuca, Ao.. Ac. A!a<>ationc I Army Trunks ami Bed Combined: and many other thiuca naelnl and ornamental at 33** Peuueylvania 1 avenue. no30 tf H. A. HOOD. i GENTLEMEN'S LINEN COLLARS,LINEN *1 COLLARS, LINEN COLLARS.'-AI?out7i?t i dozen now in at?>re, alt atylea, at atwoit naif fie usua! prioe for the name iiodt? all ol <?ur own manufacture. At THOMPSON'S, At E. A. Lake A Co.'a Marble Hall Bazaar, _?le 2" Under Brown's Hotel. WD. S T R O N G. I MAftrrACTCRMOV TRUNKS, HARNESS A MILITARY GOODS, \tii Pk?!??YI.VANIA AvrifCB, Seulk aide, beiveten l&k and 13tk strut;? IET Trunka, Hameaa ai*l Military Equipments repaired at ahorteat notioe. tie an lm* IWATCHKR-WATCHE6' HEREUY-Take pleanur* id isfnrininjc tbe publloof my retnrn to my qM aland at VV. Voaa', Jv Pa. *vrnui, between fcth and 13th atreeta ffni i 1 ? ? : - - - - - Having enjoye<i the refutation of t>e ng nn ex 1 peneoood Kuroaean Watchmaker. I am now prepared to repair Chronometers and fine Waltu^a at abort notioe, varraated to give en'ire satisfaction. JOS. KL'LINBfcl. Parsons desirous of obtaining Jewelry acd j Watehas, will iiod it to their advantage to exam i . m? exoellent stock. A'I kinds of Hair Jewelry neatly and promptly executed. 1 defl tw W. VQ8S. 1 SHAWLS AND CLOAKS?Many stylish and other standard styles at largely aud reoentiy re dnoad ances. PKKKY tc. HKO.. ja9 <ft Penn avnn* and Ninth at PR1MKKS POtt NKKDLfc tiDNS.-J. H. KLh IN. A Third avenue, New * ork City, original patentee of the Prussian Needle Hun, fers his latest improvement iu Primers or Fuse* | Lw the earn*. Ha will guarantee mat not one of | hta primers will miss Era. 4he Neadla Gun is I worthless without them. ja 9 St* | /^HKKSK! CHEESK f j fill U l'm a> sss ~ LlgUO |TiP<^*CRACK K K? I ft ?>?? -5Rsvsaf?^ss2:- 1 i 11 - optnuMMwif and rdMtivlr." ? I of ton hy 8?C. FOp I), ^onwH 11th ?tr**t md |'l V**4** ________ "* JVtfT HKtVfci a U)'?' OK I'HAf Vffe,lt V izz? FRXVATB. PRIVAT11 FRIVATX PR. LA BONTA L'utm &!) Veneria! Discmm ppraiuieniit ami iniakly. without the na?(Pr<ii?sii>tiac or poison>u* ilruts of anj kind. flo dirtin* or intfrferenos with bviineta. Consultations fr*?. It i? kfttiu* qnite pdou^h id iu lyror, vhco I Mr nBO HIT y vutivo im liiot W HIV2I1 ?? in ?? in ail *1IV V?ir York city huspitala. Now York City College and Hospital Teatnuu itale farnraheri. f .adieu wifk Whiteaand Dimmw ol the Womb orod su<l sAvfni a oonanmptiTe'e grave hy jut treaunect. There ta nothing nfmsi ? or AimnruaitU tu any part of tbe treatment. All ourea *arrart?d, or money refunded. rommuL" atioaa in writ ut. with return tUmp, proinfiy attended to. Me?1ioinea?>>rt'avcler?andoUiera packed, w?th full iQBtrnotio'ii for nae, and warranted. Office? Hoo? No.8 Waa' innton Umldmg, Penn. iv?n?e and Se\ enth at., Waafaiagton. 1>. C. de 21-1 y HOMKTUIN6 NEW I I >J6ruti-t DiM?n?T oiTatlgJ XlHf THR Ana! \lUf At ?81 C strut, orrosii? tktTktattr. ? OY8TKRS !<TKAMh[l In the Shell and Thoroughly Cooked (far anterior to a roaot) in two minutes, tk*/atttsi timt on rtcord. Call and see. Th<? nndArtirrA*! rAanArrfii 11 * in<ATtna k?? in the District, and visitors to the city, that he ha* refitted hie old and will-know:* ??tablishmbnt in a most thorough manner, and has made complete arrangements to furnien OYSTERS in any style and m any quantity. ?"o to 80" ga lonaahuokea per ilsy. 2 t?K< to 3 ?*) oana of Sptoed and Fresli ut up daily?can* hermetically s?aied. Furaiabed in the stoliby the bushel or barrel. Persons wishing to have Oystera furnished regularly through the winter, at Baltimore prioes, without fear of failure, should call aud make arrangements at onoe. From tit. time, and money saved by ?uroha?ir:i: of me, aa 1 furnish an artiole equal to tne celebrated Baltimore estabhahaents. at prioee j uat as low. TO SUTLERS. Canned Meats, Lobsters, Sardinea, Clams, Strawberries, Tomatoes, Piga' Feet, Tripe, Ao. ?Vo.,Ao. Also, Pickles, Catsup, Sauces Brandy Peaohes, fco. A Iso, Game and Fresh Fish, Turtles, Terrapins, Fresh Lobsters, Cod. Halibut,4.0. In fact, every thing for sale in the North?rn markets always on hand, at reasonable prioes. Hotels ard families supplied with Oysters, delivered without charge t? any part of tne Dlstriot, in season, if the money is sect with the order. !V^y establishment is open from 6 a. in. to 12 at msni. ovary a&y, except fcuacl&j, when 1 oioae at 10 o'clock ?. m.? ja2 tt T. M. HARVRY. IWM. CORVVIN HURGY. jATE With the oM aud well known nonte oI WM, tt. OORWIN tt CO., Niw York, Dtaltr in ckoict Brandm, Wints Cigart, fc., and Importtr n) Ttasand Ckin?*? Fancy Hood*, j No. 32? PlNXHYLVANlA avxxdl, (Knt'anoe fc*ixth street,) Wil\Kington, I). C. j ne attention ?>i conno;a?eurs and the pubiio ten- ] eraliy ts invited to my tuxk of fane Brandies, Wines Ciea-s Teas, Ac . ounprimng Hennessey Otard j and Sayer Brandies, Widow Clioquot, Moot A. Chando", Mum's, Heidsiok A Co , and Associates I Verz*uey, Champagnes; Permartini, Amontilado and Ynarte Sherries; Wanderer, Reserve and South Side Madeiias; H rmony and Bormerster I'orts; the celebrated "WSC" Club House Gin; Irish, Sootob, Bourbon aad Monongahela Whiskies; Jamaica a: d Nt. Croix Rums; Cabana, Figaro La Roiiade Santiago. ' a Kepano!a an>i various brands of Cicars aud very fine Young Hyson, Hrson, I;r.peri?i and English Breakfast Teas in catty box s imported by myself expressly for family use. de 13-lm SMITH & BROTHER'S j PALE CKKAM A L. K, SUPERIOR AMBER ALE, i'OKTEK ahd NEW YORK BROWN STOUT. The above CELEBRATED AMERICAN ALES are Brewed from the CHOICEST BARLEY MALT and HOI'S, aud hichly esteemed by Ihose who have used them. Purchasers are requested to call and examine our superior stock, assured that the; will find the BEST and Pl'REST irttoles. We have at all times a !ar*e stock ready for delivery, in wh?le, half and quarter casks, suitable for the TRADE, HOTELS, and FAMILY USE. which we offer on the MOST FAVORABLE 'f fc* H \l ?i SMITH ft RROTHER. Brewers, No. 159* 160 West 13th St., New York City. Orders by Ma. or Express promptly executed, lie Mm j A BALMORAL SKIRTS. I NEW and ohoioe assortment of aelect colors & d patterns, many styles, not found elsewhere. In addition, a fane and ampie stock of all kinds of Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods in all the departments of family wants. An inspection of stjck incurs no obligation to purchase. One price only, marked in plain figures; henco, no purchaser is deceived. PERRY 4. BRO , _ja 7-6t_ J'enc. avenco *nd Ninth st. PHILADELPHIA PROVISION STORE. JL lis pk!*nayivania Avknvb, iinvi'tn l'Mfc and Wth sts The undermined, haying located himaelf u above, takes this method of informing the citizen* i>l the First Ward that he ha* opened afirat-olass Provision Store, conducted iimilar to thoae for irhioh Philadelphia is famona. Here can be toon'* at at! times a lance and fresh , supply of POIJI.TRY, GAM E. ' EKF, MUT- I TON, Ac. FRUJTSand VEGETABLES in *ea ; son. , ! Particular attention is called to his stock and price* of MUTTER, CHEESE. Ac. j Pniladelphia Print Butter. Goshen an<l Western Reserve. Beint doterrained to kito the strictest attention to the wants of his customer*, and to keep every srtiole in his line of the best qnaiitr, and sell attbe lowest market pr-.oes, he hope* to merit a share of . public patronage. Families will t* waited upon daily for orders, if I required. _ I no m THOMAS K. WILSON. \ PATAWBA GRAPHS* ^ CATAWBA 6RAPK8!! ! Fresh Catawba Grape* in exoellent order and deltoioua in flavor. Try them. KIN6 4t HURCHKLL. de 11 eomer 1Mb at. and Vermont avEJOU PRINTING. VERY PeaonpUon of JOB PRINTING required hy any body?oiUieni, civil functionaries, army and navy oflfoera, autlera, Ac.?exeoutod at th^ STAR OFFICE, in aatiafactury ityls,at low nt?> for Oaah. no 4 1/ IKSr U<ir>l> U1/1D1.Q .. -I ?. ? - - ??wi cmnio Up?ucu (nil D day. Also, our usual ruii stock of all k>nds of ?eleot Dry Goods for the general and special waats of families and housekeepers > One pnoe only, marked in plain figures; hence, no purchaser is over charged. i I'ERHV A BRO., ia7 6t I'enn.avenneand Ninth ?t. I rpilK SUBSCRIBKRS l>eg leave to inform their J. patrons mi?1 the public generally of >e-a* me amply supplied with a superior stcok of^Bl FALL and WINTER 6OOD8. WK Theralso respectfully invite attention of mm their Army and Navy customers, and those"-^ fsuinpi oiithta m that line, to their m-erlot?aa!itiMol ^worcln, Fpaulete. Shoulder Strata Beltn, Clj?p?ans. Hata, Cap*, Saahee, and Gold Lao?#, CKiialantlf on hand, which arc warranted aa rep re en ted. Whilat tendering thanks for thehberal patrouace pnjoyed, th*r will endeavor to merit aooniinuAnoe. Y. J. HKIUFR6KR k. CO., 1 (Suooeaenr* to II F. Loudon X Co.,) ClTlZhH. M1L1TAR Y mmd NAVAL TAILORS, 1 3fi'i Pennsylvania Avenue. oo 16 eo3m ; ONF. NICK KOUKWOUD CHICKF.R1N0 ! PIANO for 975. ? m ? : One7 octave four round corner Hal etBSHSI i Dave Piano for ?2oo. mTTTi tor aale upon eaay terma at the Muaio Store of W. (>. MKTZFROTT. Sole Akodov for Steiuway and Bon'a and Raven, Haoon fcCo.'s Pianos. <t? 18 I\l A**rH'lLAIlkLP^/A^K d VOHT ALE. We have jn?t reoetved a supply of theabov* Ai?. wf.icb we recommend to be or a very superior quality. Persons wishing to purohase. t>y mating immediate application, oan b?f"ni?hed. . AKI>I X C cilijNIit no 7 GeorgetownSoldiers needing dry goods for the "folks at home" are eohoited to mcpeot our rast ?t"ck, now complete in all departments. One prio^nnly, the aotual cash standard value, marked in plain figures. An examination of stock incurs no obligation to purchase. All surcels e*.r?fnll? f"- --? -* Bouveyacc*, frw of oh oiaer PERKY ft BKO., "--nayfa ff-r-. Wi i??r.TftAVP;LfN? "UNKS. .RA^KUNS-tRUNKS * EM^ar-ftis ** ? ? *? . Whioh WO ?r? now M lltii f?i y iww priooB, Wtu. WVKi'HKNtl * OOm A* II >?4 I'M* ROUGHS, COLDSyHOARBENESS, Ac, COMPOUND SY&bP OFOVU ARABIC. This jleasaut and popular Cough R?medy baa >een so lone Ircovn anil exteiuivelf used that moat Mrioni have b?w>iii? (amiliar with iu extraordinary effioaoy. it can be had at all the pneoip 1 1 rug stores. at 3* aod *' canta a bottle. UEAD QUARTKRH for Clothing, Furnishing IX Bonds, Hate and Caps. at No. Tth street de H lro (Ree l UcoueM-cnusB-cyuw!

BE MOORK'S PRMLL DROPS,an afreaa>le, safe and ed>otual oure for Coughs. Bronchitis, 'ron A i\ ll?l? * , MOOAkVw^Fn' IWS^r., . J.4 118 I'hw. tvtmw, mniii iij^, A HMY WI.OVKH' rWfflfiKA!Xi.. ; A . f DENTISTRY. | 011. < HARLESR. BOTELKH. NO. 3a6*?KNN?YLVANI?" AVENDfi. Bitwbk* 9th 10th 3ts. Ja4 eogin fJ ? DR. J. JU GIBBONS IxAVINB Kemored from No. 3>t* Sew York avenue, to No. 3T? ?h street, a ffew d?or? from New York avenue, renews the <>fler of hie ?rofe?sioual aervioee, (Medical aud MMM > to the citizens ot Waehinitoa. lie may be found at hi* omoeat all hour*,when nut profeeeion&ily ennMed. h?peoid! attention will lie p?id to female <li??**e? I >iO-eo2w? |\]EW and7mprovki> inventioni ^ or AHTiriClAL CHEOFLASTI UUVK TEETH. Wl*HO?T M*TAI. I'l ATI oa CfcA"M. l ?.,? u . DR. H. H ?I?KWIQNU, I W10 ty'tuuiteay, A?? York-'JbO PtnusyiraMit /(? I i!***?* 12t* *!< 1SU tls , WiltKtntton, J L*;l? Uie attention of the puMio to the iollowmc 1 vtmntAff ?i of hi* imerorer) *y?tein : 1. ihe Teeth of hit manufacture ?i Mb? new ooroae nor change color hf hjt***' ?* old*, beine three fourth* Itfhtef than %nj oilier, I. Np toe*h orroote need be extracted, &? tfc? 1 *rti6cnl ones oan be inserted o?er thein. ' ?. The rooU will he mtwl* inoffensive, au never o ITHA. i 4. No temporary (Miii Ara resiled. & permanent 1 ?!?* ?^u **? "' d" umwdiMwr, tb*r*by freMroeg r\*tnr*l *xpre??ion ol th? racr. which nuder I .*?? Mtemia frequently disfigured. < * This work hM been full? teaUh! over five ;Mri ' ny man? of the first ohemiata and piiysioiau of this country. invnted a white nndettruotive , TTlAtAl tilling wi'h wkmS (K? m/>a* *^4L. r- -v ""?i ?? ? " u^vu ?uv ni"oi vonaiuvf VWvll I can be filledwitbont pam, an J can bmld oa a ?er i jeot, aoupdtooth on auy aide roota, which will laat i through lifetime. Krhe beat of referonoea aiTen?to Dr. V. Mott; Dr. < 'em". i'rofeaaor orChentiatry. N. Y.; Hon. ' dge Wayne, of the Supreme Court of Waahinaton. and thouaanda of otnera. Call and AV&mlnJt fnr vntiriair nn o ?m M" o will n i iiHfivmvn l. viao nilll"Nvt, ?C. A WM *. DOVB * OO. RE New prepared to exeonte any eriera Villi ?tuh they ina* be favored in the rfcWMBIN#, OAS OK STEAM FiniM BUSINESS. HT Store on ?th street, a lew doora north *f Pa. ???a?e, wherf may ba foa^d a aasortroMt ?A "vlt? W?AS FIITIRE8, E Have m store, and are dai.y receiving, 010 fl 1 TO RES of entire! j New Patterns and Denies and Finish, superior in style to fnything heretofore offer <1 in this market. We invite oitisena general It to sail and ex&nune oar stock of Gas ana Water Fix ?rea, feeling oonfident that we have the btet eleotAd stock in Washington. JLll Work in tW?i T?h a ???? - ? ? ? ? ?W . IMV MtN ?V-4 WW VI. ?w > Will be prtinpty atte&ded to, MYERB 4 MjSHIN. I url-tl 376 D street. INDIA RUBBER GOODS," OF ALL KINDS-FOR THE ARMY. A large I atock just reoeiusd. JOHN B PUDNEY, 324 Pa av? < back room) or 33d D st. Wool oats comforters, gloves. GAUNTLETS. SHIRTS, DRAWERS. Ao., fresh goods, at JOHN B PLDNEV'S 335 1) sueet, between 9th and loth. Buffalo a wolf robes, lap robes. HORSE BLANKETS, and CAMP BEDS, ju treoeivedat JOHN H PUDNKY'S S*4 Pa. av, (back room) or 333 D street, bet. 9th and l"Ui. SUTLER*!?Sutlers yon will always fin-1 clie>p and desirable goods at the Sutler's Pups y l>epot of JOHN B PUDNEY, 335 l> st? between ^ 9 th and 10th KlvAWKklS, HLAIMKKTS-Large stock, by the bale or pair. I JOHN B. PUDNEY, | de2Q 353 D street, between 9th and 10th. QENERAL ORDER. Navy Department, Dooember 21,1861, The Navy Dkpartxint ha* a rendegvou#tor shipping men at each of the following places: l'ort*rnouth. New Hampshire Boston and New Bedford, Massachusetts. Now York' Philadelphia and Erie, Pennsylvania. Haiti more, Maryland; and Washington, District of Columbia. Seamen, ordinary seamen>and landsmen who can pass t'ie usual surgeon's examination, by presenting themselves at the rendezvous nearest their residence, witaan official oertificite from theoity or town olerk signifying that they are residents airi have expressed a desire to leavs to enter the navy, will l>e received on the following terms: 1st. An allowanoe o! tiue? cents a mile for travelling expenses. | 23. Anadvanoe of tkrtr months to seamen and ordinary seamen, and of two months to landsmen. 3d. ('emission to leave an allotment of half-pay to their families, to commence the date of theix enlistment. 11 h Tn vn nn Ka? ..... uu LTV01U Uif Iu men Ul II tufti f CIOUIM, where an outfit will be furniaiied and charged aa per iiat, be in* the present prioes, vis: One pea jaoket ??...... ...$1100 One pair b'ue cloth 'rowaers 3 89 One blue flannel overahirt.... . ion 1 Two under flannel ahirta -? 232 Two paira woollen drawa 3 16 Ons mattre*a ?... ? 4 90 Twoblanketa ~ 3 90 ] One aeamless oap ? 100 One black silk handkerchief 1 00 91 71 The pay of petty officers averages *> to 925 per mo'th. The par of seamen #18 per month. IK). orWln?.rw aMnuin " Do. landsmen. 12 do. And ioo<* found. No landrman will be allowed to take the benefit of tins regulation who ha# not heecfour months at sea or on the lakos or rivers. GIDEON WELLES. de 24-eo6t Scoretary of the Navy. piRKMLN'8 INSURANCE COMPANY WASHIN6TON AND eEOKSEYOWM. Capital. 777... t H00, tM. QH*t ssriMr O ttrttt imiisM ?., ever B*%M *f W*tktnttom. INHIK HlllNH ?Mn/ITDL'? D?lkUL'B? A9 A1N8T*LOSS BYF1RK.' ' * DllHtOM. 6eo. Shoemaker, Samuel Redfera, Samuel <'ropier, William Wilson. Richard, John D. Uarolay. Jao?b Gideon, Andrew Rothwefl, ?os. Parker. Rishard Barrr, i*. French, Dr. O. W. Davis. No charge for polioies. JAMES ADAMS. President. ascl 6. da vi*. Secretary. au 9-eota " NOTICE. "ADAMS' kipress tOMPAJIf " This Company offers to the public" Unequalled Advantages" for the Sale ana (juiok DupatcJi of Heavy Freights. Paosatea, Valuables, Money, fto. ft o? to all parts of the United State*. Kxpreaeea to and from the North and West dePSJtfr orn and arrive >u Washington twioe dally, I i All Exproaaos are in oharge of ixymMr?< and rtltabl* Meesengnrs. All Packagea for The Soldiers earned at "oki h?u" oar aaual rates. mi fiotxt* I<T me i.v 0*11*1 "Confederate states" and all Articles " Contraband of War" will be Rarveav. Our EipiwiM leave New Y?rk at 1.*, and r. M.. arriving id Washington at S A. m. and *J> F. M. Kirrwim l*ave Phtlar1el^)iiK ?r # jn A.M. and II T. M., arriving in Washiugton U ftjo I*. M.and 1 A. M. E*pre??es leave Kaitiraore at 4.20 a. M.and i p. M.^arnving id Washington at 6 A.M. and * jn Expresses for ail point* North and WM Imti i V asawxtnnat7jn a. M.and ajn p. m, daily. HpeoiaTContract* for large qnantitiee of Freight oan be madeonafplioatmn to thie "floe. All Goods called for and delivered tru of Extra charges. E. W, PARDONS. Buj't Adams' tlx press Compaqp. Washington. August 3.1*61. auSJtf WE OFFER TO MILITARY MEN a lane HA^F CsfvOs vAll^r DLA.i AC. 1 c? KlALr*nUDo? ?6>i which we invite all cash purchasers to examine I before making their eeleotions WALL. STEPHENS * CO., 39? Pa. av? between tth and 10th tie, mB (Intel ligenoer and Resnblioan.t TCA1UABK8, HK Babeenber having made sdditienslo Kla factory, mak t ug it do* one of th>! la the Di?triot, where his fyH.iii*cBKS8?? for manufacturing CARRIAGES i LIGHT WAGONS of all kinde oannot be ear paaaed, and lr?n hla long experience ia the buaineas, he hnpeak give general aati?faotioL. < All kinda of C*m*gea and Light Wagou kept d hand. All REPAIRS neatly done, and all erdara < jroinptlr at'encJc-J to. Seoood hand Carriagea Ukec Jn exchange far new ob*. ANi?RKW J. JOYCK. d ts tr onrnar of Ponrteenth and K ita. ALL, STEi'HCJW * CO., ] 3?a Pbiomylvajiu avinva, MILITARY AND NAVAL MERCHANT TAILORS, AND READY-MADE CLOTHIERS, E5?rsTJl?&ttSgWo8f.NTLB- i ae 6-if (Inf 1. k. Rayah.) i gOU*l AMD ?M^ *0 1111 III H?yt; of mlm work ?f ?y?tt BHK er^iion, Siede expreeely 60 erde,eod willF*1 E^'srSnr&xi^^Jft! ?s?!Sjggg?, ttl ' *?- ???* ????? ITMU Ml N 0 k MKAt! 1 MINOG MKAI'!! I "'""''jMa.. I; BO* JOBN9TO*. UTIMHRR 4% ^ ^ ^ _ _ a tfM OlmwW ii? ??K fVn?, as4 m% ] $fH*wmi Rtm?4f M? Iti Wtrli, FOE ALL DI8?JL8K80r IMP*VDKfltft. A*T WO >j<r.S? DgLJCACT rKETMirr. APPLY IMMKDIAWLV. ft ??K? WARRANTED. OR NO CHA1WM, IN FROM ONE TO TWO OATS. lut, liriC'.itM. Af aauaaa W u* *M>?rt Budfi?T jmmmmmr iwacbatj>fwmr, ?r?l DtHlit*, Han'Man*** La'^Mt, Oi'min 4 IJiu. U* tpinu, PpHaiia* <4 Ut t.rt, tWW>, . NaMufi, Dmmm af h(? w M<kMi, Dmmm af IM i ui, 11irM,RoM n lki>. AIkuomW U< Ltnn, liw ith a? Ba?aU~thaaa Tarnbla l>i*ar4af* tntut fna Mtuj ItHu af Yaatfc?thaa* rhaadfal and DiivtcU'l Pr?*- , mm vhicfe raodar lUrrui MimmM*, u4 Imnt 1 Mr IMrovNv nay i Eapatlaltj Vk* U'l ticwi th* ritum af Mturr Tua, * .hat dr#?df*l ai.4 4??tr*cu?? babH vkicb inmU; imp , ? an ?tw?lT jn?a tiicuaaeda af Tw|Mui( ib? nasi 1 naked talaau *a4 tnllta?< ifitailact, ?ba r?l(M athirw ? I UM atr.raacad Uataatrf Saaatat ?tU tka tMadara af aiaratat* ar ??k*d va atatat; itf li'inf Ijra, *ay Mil vtU J 'ili aaaldtBM. > JtAKKlAVE. Mai*iIP rni?l,nT??|llii aaatavplaUaf ?u hut, Vaief aaira af rfcytical vukiHa, rrfaata 4aMUl/, t lakniDH, U, ipatdll; cart*. a vka plicaa htiaaatr audar (ka aara af Df. J. ?? talkftlaaiy aaolda la hit haooa at a gtru.aaaa aad aaaMaaUy . raly apao hn ikitl a* a pbyaitiaa. OFFICE A". 7 SOUTH FREDERIC* ST. i - A. i. 1 _ ' ? " " i?ii luia * jrmag rrw? aanmara ajaat, a ( v 4mh bM I Lb* ?*rn?r fail aat t* rturti nam* tnd iinkii kttun i mi b* paid * * untoH a nam#. V* JOHNSTON, *' Mavibtr af th* JUyai Oat;*r* of hrfwi, kacdaa, rnii- 1 il* fr?a aca af iba roaat nuiri Caafaa i* ;>- Silu4 luui, and th* rii'ii part of vbaaa lift baa baar. opaot la j Lb* bawtala of Loudon, raria, Pfciladalpbia aad aaavkara, 1 baa ifm>a< mm a# tha mm aatantabinf ?arti that vara tar ki??o; y troatUd with nafinf t* tha haai aad tar* whan aalaap; rrau aain?m, niu alaraa4 at 1 add an aaaod*. baahmlnaaa villi fraqaaol blaaainf, aitaadad 1 Maoaiuuaa with daraofaoact af Bind, vara aarad waidkataly. TAKM PARTICULAR NOTICE. I TaVbf MaaaafaUiari vtakara ia)ared tbaiaalaaa by ? aartun practic* i?dalff*d in vbau aiaaa?a babal baqiaMT 1 laaruad froaa aril carapaatoiia. at at acbaal. the aiacta af vhich ara niftuly fait a?an vban aalaap, aad if sat cared, rand an marriage impoeai'le, and deeuwye balk aind aad badr, ahoald apply immediate I r Vbaaa ara eotae of tha aad aad malaalbaty affaeu predated by aarlr hahita af roach. ?ia : Waakuaaa af lb* Back aad ,, Pain* in the Head, Dimo*a? of ifht, Loae af Maaca<ar 4 fever, Palpitation af u* Haart, Dieyapey, Ner*eea irritability, Deranf amant af tb* Difaetire Tancuana, ?aoarai Debility, Symptoane af CaoaauDlien, MINT41.LT.?Tb* faarfal electa ea tb* miad ara Back (a ba dreaded?Loae of Mamory, Cocfaalaa af Idaaa, Darreaetoa af Spirtta, K*il Fortbaduif*, Araraioc af MacUty, i*lf-Diatraat. Lav* af Miiad*, Timidity, *te., ara a an* af lb* *?il* ptadaeid. HU'?ui DeeiLiTT ?Thawaad* taa aaw)e4ge wbaila W? VI unr aaciuung roaiui, loainf ICMt Ti|N, MMBlof ?Mk,pkli,Mf<ou and tntcuul, barinj > ] appaaranca ikrat lb* ayaa, coafb ar aymptaci* af (?uu^ DISEASES OF IMPRUDENCE. 1 Wku tha roiafBulad and imf. -?1an< rotary af plaaaara tolU ba bu imbLtxd u>a aaada of tbta ptinfml diaoaaa, it loo oftaa bappana that an ilt-uraad aanaa of ahan.a or draad af dtacararr datara him from applying ta lhaaa who, from ad act 1MB ana raapaetabiluy, c&o a'lorko tafrtood bus faila iota (fee ] ban da of ifnarant and doaifmi^ praiandara, wi>a, tncapabia af tariff, tlcb bia pacamary aahaunca. kaap htm tniinf Booth /tar man lb, ar aa loaf u to* amailaat raa caa ba obUunad, and In daapair laara bin witb rain ad haaiti U at/rb mi aia aralluf diaappou.iruaot; or by tba aaa of tbat doadly paiaan?Marcary- taitic tba caoauiatiaaal i^apuni of tb(a tarrib: diaaaaa, tacb aa A f acuata of tba II a an, Throat, la ad. kls, Ac., prajiaaainf with frlffatfbl rapidity, till daaib p*u a aanod ta bia draadfa! oaf arlofa by aanduif hint tbat aadiacorarad eaanirr from wboaa knna do traralar IMMa. DR J0HN80N>S REMEDY FOB. ORGANIC WEAKNESS AND IMPOTENUT By tbia rraat aad iiapartaat raiaady vaaknaaa of tba atfua ara ayaadily car ad and fkU rtpat raalarad. TMauada af tbi oot narraaa and dobil>tat*d. vbo had loot all baya.ii'i baaa Iramadtaioly rallaood. All Irapadlmaota ta Marrlafa, Pbyalaal aa Maaul DiaaaalUaatlooa, koaa of Paatraaura Power. *ar?aai IrntaMlJiv, TraabltDf aad Waatataa o? Kitaaauaa of tba aaat foarfW ktad apaadily carad. ENDORSEMENT OF 7HE PRESS. Mtn ocianoa c.vad at tbia meutatioe viikta ika aavaMaan mmm mm m m.A ik. - * * ?-- i?f i.?m?r??? mpvnui ?Wfl* Ml ?y?T?u?m pirfirmii k* Dr. JitniiM, viutM?d by tb? tiHrjx W ii fiptn and many ttkit Mrxm, DtUCH rt viitk h?T# ipp?&r?d tftin u< if&lo k**?r* uk? pakitc, k? in ki> tu?dis( ti t ftoiltnui ?f fciracur ul nipwilMllty, U a [uiuiii m u? ilicud. ati li-ly TZIIESXIMAR. Protected by Royal Letter* P fit tut of England, and secured by tkt Seal* of tks Ecolt dt Pharmarie dt Paris, and tkt Imptrial College of Medieint, Vienna. TRIESEMAR No. 1 Is the effectual remedy for Rbla:u.T101I, Srn- < matokrh'X* and KxHAr?Tio*? oa rn System. TRIESEMAR No.'J, Completely and entirely eradicates all traoes of those disorders, for which Copaiva and Cube** have seneraily l>een thourht an antidote, to the ruin of the health of a vast portion uf the pnpalaton. TRIESEMAR No 3. Is the (reat and sure remedy of the oivilned world for all impurities of the system, as well as reoond- , ary symptoms. obviating the deatruotiTe use of Mercury. a? wil as other d*.eterioue in*reo eats, and whiohall the Sarsapar.lla in the world o*!,n<>t Tb;i?sm. r Sob. l. 2 and 3 are alike devoid of taste or smell, and of all nauteaiir.f qualities. They are in the form of a loaet*e, and may ' lie on the toilet table without their use being suspected. __ ' ouiu 111 uu tiu? m j3 eacn, or lour |lBMW in one for S 9, and in #*7 oum, thni savins ft. u , administered by Vaipeao, Lallemand, Roux.& ., Ac. Wholesale and retail by DR. H. A. BARHOW. 194 Bieeclter afreet, ?4 door* from Mao- 1 Dongal street). New \ ork. Immediately on receipt of remittance, Dr. Bs&aow will forward Trieeemar to any eart of the world, securely , packed And addressed aooordinf to the instructions of the writer. Published also by DR HARROW, that popular and beautifully i,.ustrat?d medioal work, Human Frailty. Prioe 3S cents. Tneeemar and Bonk oaa be obtained by special authority from S. C. FORD, Washington. D. C. de 18-Jm LEA It PERKINS* CKLBBRATID Worcestershire Sauce. i Prouonuoed by U EXTRACT CONNOISSEURS ! of a Lottor fro? a to be tne I Mtatemi trmiitmmm "ONLY GOOD ** *KlrM ? . To Hit Brtiktf SAUCE." fife* * Wo ruin. sags - mi siv?- , BVEKY 3^ay?siS?a vtBit'tr in 1 !'<!'?. and ia. ID 1 VAHlfclr mj opinion, the moat MBfftlMpelaUbte, m veil u < OF DISH. ^^ ^^ the moat wholeaoroa t The above SAUCE la not onl? tiie iut and moat ropvLAKcoNDminr knovn, bat the moat Mtenim iral, u a few dropa in Sow?, tfr#try, or with AiA. j hot and cold Jointt, FuJ St$nk, Oamt, ft . impart an exquisite Mt, which mrrtncirUd Sauoe man- 1 oiaoturera have in vain endeavored to imiuu*. On the Brtakfatt, Lmkeon, ?hnn*r, or Sapeat I 7V>i?. a oruet containing " LEA A PEKRIN9* < WORCESTERSHIRE SAUCE" ( mdiapenaa- , ble. To appreciate the txtttlenJ futUiiut ol Una Mi- \ c?o*.< preparation it la only neoaaaary t<> purchaee ft am?ll bottle of the (miliar, of a reepeotabie *rooor or dea er.aa many Hottl and SuMwoai prop. letora aeldom plaoe tbe r?r? Sauoe before their Kutata. out anl>atitatea genuine ?oitU hi led with i a .?ruri<?*i3 mixture. For aale by Grooera aud Kraiterera everywhere. J JOHN DUNCAN A SONS. t Cmtom SntMri mmd latA ttrut, Ntm York, Sole Wholeeale Afaote for the Uafted Btatee. A Stock alwaya is atora?Aleo ordera received < for direct ahipaienta from England. fTF Btvrnr Cmmiir/nts aad iaiMiuai.^]| I 1 BlOPfliX'8 BQ r K E M 1 V M TM W NK SB MAN UFACTOR T, 4*9 Birwri Btuit, WmiMrtR, D. I, 1 l am MnBtutir makiu, and tiTtn h?v* ?t y-1 nw&tVS&w. every 4*515* ? lroc Pr*m?, [ fcoi.ii Trmaks, l VI rt ?i _ At Urn Pr%tu. Nnbtn of CoBcroas and tnnltn will iInm oiffliM my atock before pR'ohaatn? alaaVkara Vr Buia that are mada in other oitias. enpenor LnUitr ud Draaa Truta mada to ( row. , , I Tranka oorared and raaairad M ahart MbM. Sockh delivered free of olitrca to acytoert of tha 1 I T CHAM'S HAIR DYE l-TO COLOR BLACK 1 U OH BHOWHOnly oonto a box. Ttr<* boxes Tor om dollar, tiray, red or flaxao hair oac , sagta a 4a^iauS5?a 1 UMt oheeaeat IB the world. producing, tie moment . i u ma oh 4a?r dv* aa otbera Mil for MM dollar' Hold by 8 C.UPBAM. SIP rmoBBBt BtrMt, Th la lelphia, aad . CALVERT FORD. eoraar Uth itreat aoil Pa. aw. n?M?I| If! Co^aaa<Sffiy ? Jftjp? fo? lo r*^iTo?oa^rVbB?iB?M^ l^nolutTS^jwK 1 j S'iWS?SW3R <*%)? UM 1*1*1, vr ultJe t?> ftuln +< U.6 ?b..l 1**\ c \ * * v TRAVELLERS' DLRKCTORY. and ,",M t 1WIlfTMM SCHMDVLB BPEC1AL NOT1CK TO TmAVfcLBR* Oa M^afjtor Jt?wt?y. I)>rmlllAJiL fv ?nr jniM MfHM WAffllNWH BALTIMORE will m aa fo *i TKAirrs Morrjf* hokth. Motuibj Kir?M !? # >\ M?i!n?tor a. n. A' <nMMUwni#i.i-; HJir. Yaw York T. H-i HtrruMii l ilt . _ Motrin* A <V>nn!!B<v1?tlOB Teav# ? a**l|.(t??n 1# W 1 i. r. Arrive at Baltimore kjr *. m. No covaor \ at Baltimore Now Tort Matl Tram- leave WMhiattoa at It l. arviva at Haiomnra IS.?* r. Pmiadolalua JVT. u.. N*m?Vark V r. a. M Amraooc AtMawwiN-lMfi WMhiMW>? \M r.u. Arrive at Ba unora ? v r. PkJ.a> a ih>a !?." r.?. tvuiu Wu' ipftrr a v. a. Irrlva if; FhuaOa^bia >M? ?, I.; N?? York 4 i. Hirrut-iri 1 4. V r Ob Pnodaji at 3*tt*Dd > r w.nnlr. Tha i r. *. train from V\ aahmtt"n ?vn?i?acU it roach to Now York rvary da? danag the vtel. TRAINS MOTirG BOWTH. Laava New > ork at v a. Phi'arta ?h>a llje a. 1.; Baltmoro < n* r. A rnw at Wa?Mciton ?.? 'llaai-a Nov York at * r. ??., PfciliO^oh'a t*j? e **- '" ? i m Loav* N?V York at II r. rAi.%>lph. % IJT l. * ; BaJUmorelJS *.?. ArriT*M Wm1 .?|t?a i j6 a., a. AeooaBOdaUoc Trtiu \m** Haiti nor* M i udi r. m , for Waofctactoa, amr# tfcora at (*rAnd 7* a k only. FupOMr Tmu I?tibi Waejinxton mmi *. a. and ?J? p. and mliM a., m and 4 <" r. m , make diraot i??olioa? for A?pom at tbo lopetion. Trains laav? Anuapo.ia lor liaiumore aad Wait ln*?j* at *Jn a7 m. and t - p. m s Trains leaving Washington at 6*. n A- M An/1 A ? * ?< ?! ???* M-* * ' r-iia. ..aadg.M p. M-. w.n nmmUat Annwl*' funs rum m+4 Wantnt'rm < k>.my Jwmctf* Wt; KUIt uk< Ut irrMUnWllIM wl JVam.t only ? I V Train* will leave Wuhiurtos and llatimor* rromr*lt mr+n emrd ttmu. W. P. SMITH, da 17 Maato- of Traoa^ortMioa. Bait |H??9] THE [l??t Pennsylvania Central Railroad, with its oonnaetiooa) IS A FIRST CLASS ROUTE TO ALL THK WESTERN CITIES SPEED. SAHCTV tNn noMiNUT' STONE BALLASTED AND FREE FROM DUPT: BAGGAGE CHECKED THROUGH FROM BALTIMORE! THtn iailt tiaiii* no* PHILADELPHIA TO PITTSBURGH! Two of thorn nnkinc CLOIB connacnom AT BAlllliri? d < with trains on tbo f t NORTHERN CENTRAL RAIL ROAD, ft THE GREAT CENTRAL ROUTE fmi WASHINGTON AND BALTIMORE ^ to *11 pointe in tbo West. Noitu wbt arc SoriH wmi. For I nfUfh Tickets, am'T At the Oft? of ^ (be Northern ( eutrt! KaiI Roa<i CobPAlj. Calvert StAUot, BAltimore ^ g Sirfendid Sletptar Cart oh mil Ntwki Trmimm I f Smoli/ig isaluon Cart on all Lrrnxu* iff FROM WASHINGTON. i'UMDctri will take the ? a. m 6 p. m. trains. arriving in Baltimore at 7.Sf> a. m. and 6U>.m., where close conneotion* are male with traits on the Northern Centra) R. R.and imre is Hw it "ff **1 P* m- Lff a m.. there oonneetinc with the trains on the Penn?)Irani* Centra Railroad for aJ, pa."to of the west. FKK16HT8 r By tlm route. freight* of all deeortjtionj can be *? a"d from anr point on the Railroads of Ohio, Kentucky, 'Of tana. Illinois, Wiaeoaam, I'ijra, or Missouri. bp Kmilroad direct. i oermnij vau atwini Kanroad t.M o- UMti M Pitubnrc wit h whioh ooodi m E> forwarded to act pert on uieOhio, Mntkitifain, entuckjr, Tenueaeee. Cuml^f .and, Ilitaoie Him laaippi, \Viaoonaiu, Miaeciiri, Kanaaa, Atkacaaa. ud Red Kivera. sad at CI* . -iaad, A ud Cbioa?o with ataawera to a Norihvmera i.un. HerohanU and ahippora animating U>? transportation of their Freight to thia Company, can (('r with ooiifcdenee on ita *peed) tranar. THK RATfcS OF FKfclUH r to and frow any point in the Weat. by the Pannaylvama Ontrai Railroad, mrr at ail tttnat a* fararaiiU as o?? charted by other Katiroad Crmr+nu 177' tie particular to mark packages **ria Pnf *. A . L 1>tk*i K K." mm MAGKAW * KOONS, Freight h **nU. \f No. North street, Ralt-aere. tNOOB LEW IS. beol e>uporint't, A twna. fa L L. HOtPT. oen'l Ticket A*'t. Pmla4olphia. 5. H HOUSTON, Gan'l Freigut A cent, Philadelphia ja 4 Jly ^ORTHKRN CFNKAL RAILW AY. T\* Short til, Quukttt and ?wi Ko*t* from Bait*mart te tht U' L'kJT V'i kD T1I - a fk " cci, nvAin aiiu iiunm^LPi. 8MB wnp WlNThlt Bi NX DOLE CHinei or iimb. Ocawl after SUN OA Y.3?U? Norewt^f, |'m*h Train. will arrive and depart from Calvert station m follow* : M.i . - ? T*AIW North Liars Mail at s ? a. m. Buffalo Expreeef p. n. ParfctoD Aoo' mmoonion (J. m. PitUbnri end Harris burg Express 8> p. in _ . . . Taaijti Socth Aasivs sasoo"tAIr~,s?vt,ic" ? fin?. ?vs. **** ?? ? -U 5MAi4r;N^vr^,rfera? I tv rat ?m ior diduo. r miia. Koobftw, Dan I kirk, Cacadaigua and Niagara Fa:is, asd for New York oity. * The 21 a. m. train from Waahinrton connect* nth the 3?. m train frcm Baltimore to Eorth a*>d N orthwMt and fclmira and Buflalc and oohaeter. The 6 p. m. train from Washington oonneots with f LheSjnj. m train from Baltimore lor PitUoUrg, m harriaturi and the Weet ana a direct oornec * Uoa lor Lebanon. Fasten A lien town aod New York via Cehtral Railroad of Na* Jersey. Try Lhis route for New York lT7"The only train leaving Baltimare on Sunday isjfh? 2 p. m. train, lur Harnsburg,Pittsburg, Chfcho and the West. The only train in Baltimore on Sutdsr is th 8j? a m. train. JAS. C CUKKK. only TNUTICK TV TRAVtLKI^ K I'ostraaner Genera. he*.!* ordered the mat MTT1M k'?(? WMhlnftOL, ^ Baltimore, and Old Point tFortran Monroe) to be reaamed, on and aft* Monday, thetKjnnstant, the Bar 1 inaofsteay mil leave Baltimore KVKRyTJaY 'except Ril lay) from their wharf, foot of Union bock, at 4* ?'olock f. m., or Immediately after the arrivai of the Washington Train, which leaves Washtnptoa "ilfctf' ' **" w. w. fail*. raft TCvw^araWjViHHaMr 4 IaMin and embarking peonagen at 3oeenatoWB, Ireland. , ^ V The Liverpool, New York and Philadelphia Steamship Company intend iispatohiat tisir fill towered Clyde-bnilt iron Steamships as follow*. GLASGOW Satarday, Asfsst MT S?>XVfc\^LTlMORlr- - mk. I Aad ertrj Saturday, at noon,fro* PwH, >o u ri*?r. uti> or ruuii. nmjMu ? Do. to Lorxla* ? Do. loPini - - - u Do. to Huobvi- M BXWiie . 9m m to botaoii... M Ki vo H^jkws^irizrr * PlINUlri fo'ir*rdec to H??'f H'fmr.lM1*P^i?om ?w tafaiVc^to briag "oat *tm m^vmkI oaa )bt ticket* at low rata*. "3orTo"Srfi!'ift:1r.<ifsr It Braafjvay. N. Y., Or to Q. A. HKRR1N6, Adam* Ex?r?aa BaJtif 555^tS'..^. frifi-w ?w I tT.k ?T*T Wa A f o*<i. dwt?DM of mi :? onJy to Bo?toa, LeerePiiTNo.ljNo'U Riwir ce?r U? Bottory. liif.VjJL'T'jKJi^ JrfaBtoto*- MKTR0POrTS,p?rt. Brova, op rj^^IinJTirJ*' ^ M4 ' * Oto room*,aad r?jy<m?lit?Ji?i iStCmmm 7 aod omfort ot MMcm, who in tforiaAr : or mt ask * W I Par uti, tt or M?u, ?. ?M!| > Mtrl or m m fftoo ob Pior No. % W.hvj, R it?i io'nwtic i..

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